Angelina Episode 8 & 9

Episode 8
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
'' Your house? ''. I couldn't believe my ears heard that,such a small girl owed that house.
'' house. Can you leave? I need to enter, it's a remote control gate so leave my entrance ''. She said and turned back to leave.
'' Madam! Please, am so hungry,can I have something to eat? ''.
'' What? ''. She said and turned back to me.
'' Please,I beg you,am homeless and an orphan ''.
'' Whose child is that? ''
'' It's a long story...please ''.
'' Hmmmmmm...''. She said that cunningly. '' Enter the car...enter into my car with me ''.
I didn't care who she was,if she takes me for rituals and killed me,I didn't care. I wa stored of life as it was. I slowly walked by the side of her car and opened the gate to the backseat and sat there quietly. She entered and blew the car horn and her house gate,opened by itself. It was amazing and I was surprised. She drive into the magical compound and the gate close and locked itself up.
We both got down and she ushers me into her hall with my dirty self. I was surprised, who was this girl really? She leaded me into the dinning hall and !ade me to sit. My baby was already asleep in hunger. But I had to get strength to breastfeed her. She looked around and saw that no one was in the room. Then she went closer to a certain door and switched on the lights in the hall. I really had no time to notice the hall because I was feeling hungry and sleepy.
'' What would you eat? ''. She asked with a smile.
'' Rice please. Or if there's anything else,give me and I will eat ''. I replied in a hurry.
Lady Nash as she said her name was,clapped her hands three times and a woman like my Aunty's size came running from my left side from a certain and arrived at our side.
'' Welcome madam! ''. The woman stammered.
'' Where you sleeping?! ''. Lady Nash asked harshly.
'' No madam ''.
'' Better. What food did you cook today? ''. Lady Nash asked.
'' Rice and cabbage stew madam ''. She replied.
'' Go and bring some for the girl. And also,add some fruit juice! ''.
'' Okay madam! ''. She said and raced off to the kitchen.
Lady Nash sat down on my opposite, starring at me with wonder.
'' Is that a new born you're holding? ''.
'' Yes madam! ''
'' Call me Lady Nash ''. She said in a clam tone. '' What was your name again? ''.
'' Angelina... Angelina Jordan ''.
'' Interesting. The baby will get anemia if you don't cover her body. She's too weak and tiny.
The woman quickly brought the food and fruit juice and I was in wonder,the last time I saw this kind of food was when my parents were alive.
'' Comfort! '' Lady Nash shouted.
'' Yes madam! ''. The woman replied.
'' Take the baby,and clean her fresh and dry...then cover her body with white sheets and bring her back to the! ''.
'' Okay madam ''.
I didn't hesitate to give the baby to her. She left with her and I quickly tacked into the food. Gosh... How delicious! This was tasty. I sipped the juice and ate more. The checked was delicious!. I turned into flash. I didn't spend five minutes on that food. It was quickly don't with. And I drunk the whole juice and licked my lips on top.
After this meal,Comfort brought back the baby,and she was smelling really good now. I carried her in my arms and smiled at Lady Nash.
'' Thank you abundantly Lady Nash. I will never forget this gesture ''.
'' Do you have anywhere to go tonight? ''. She asked.
'' No..I have no one to go to. I will just walk around the streets ''.
'' I will let you sleep over tonight. I'm very tired. I had a long day. So I will let you sleep,then tomorrow morning, we can continue our conversation ''. She said and stood up.
'' Thank you so much ma! I can't thank you enough,you have fed me,and now you're going to give me some place to sleep,thank you so much! ''. I said in tears.
'' It's okay. Comfort! ''
'' Yes madam ''.
'' Take her upstairs and show her to one of the guest rooms. And come back then clean this table ''. She said and walked upstairs into her room.
'' Let go young lady ''. Comfort said,as she ushered me up the stairs and walked me on the walk way to the rooms,I saw so many doors, quite beautiful, we reached in front of one of the doors and she opened it and let me in.
Oh my word!!! This room is amazing! Only this guest room is much more beautiful than my parents mansion put together. There was everything I needed in there. The bed was massively big and beautiful blue bedsheet was made on it with two pillows. I entered,holding my baby.
'' Okay young lady ''....
'' Call me Angelina, please ma ''. I said with a smile and she smiled back.
'' This your room now Angelina. The bath hour is at your left. There's soap and newly made sponge there with a clean towel. You can clean yourself there. Give me a minute,I will go downstairs and bring you some new clothes to wear for the night from the store room,okay? Just feel at home,I will be back ''. Comfort said,she closed the door and left.
I couldn't stop looking around this pink room. The air condition, the flat screened television, the little fridge and woolen mat besides the bed. Everywhere was brighting. I layed my baby on the bed and quickly went into the bath house and took a cold shower. The water washed away all my sorrows and tiredness.
I came into the room and saw the new clothes Comfort had layed on the bed. I selected and wore one for the night. I was feeling like me again. I was feeling like Angelina again. I hadn't had a good night sleep in a very long time. I slept besides my daughter and sleep quickly came for me.
(Next Day).
I heard someone tapping my tights. I opened my eyes and it was Comfort wearing an apron with a smile.
'' Good morning Angelina ''.
'' Good morning Comfort ''.
'' I hope you slept well ''.
'' Yes I really did ''. I said and slowly sat up.
'' Well,break fast has being served,so Lady Nash wants you downstairs right now ''.
'' Really? Oh then let me bath.....''
'' Mo no...just go downstairs first ''. Comfort suggested. '' Wow,so you are this beautiful,aww...and you looked like beast last night ''.
I laughed silently and stood up on my feet then looked back at my baby.
'' I will be back,Katherine ''. I said.
'' Don't worry,I will take care of her, I will give her some baby food here for now ''.
I named my baby Katherine. After my late mother. I walked down the stairs and got to the dinning hall and sat opposite Lady Nash like last night.
'' Good morning ''. She siad while eating her toasted bread with braised eggs and white coffee.
'' Good morning ''.
'' How was your night? ''.
'' Amazing. I haven't slept like that like,almost a year ago,thank you ''.
'' Serve yourself please Angelina, don't be shy okay? ''. She said and sipped her coffee.
I took the jag of hot offer and served myself. There was enough bread and egg to eat,I did at also and started my breakfast.
'' You know,in the United States and Kingdoms,they eat first, before brushing their teeth,and Africans are flexing about their own ''.
'' Hahahaaa...yes Lady Nash, you're right ''.
'' You're a beautiful girl. I have now seen you properly. Who is the mother of that baby? ''
'' Me. I am the mother ''.
'' How come? Tell me your story ''.
As we ate together,I didn't waste time at all to tell her the entire story. I told her everything, I didn't deduct some,I didn't add some.
'' don't say. So your uncle Tom destroyed you like this? He raped you repeatedly, got you pregnant,his wife maltreated you,and threw you out of the house? ''
'' Yes...and you have no my heart thirst for vengeance Lady Nash ''. My face swearts and turns wicked.
'' Wow..I love that tone you just gave Angelina, actually you know what? You and I have similar stories. But the different here is,it was my father..that raped me ''. She said.
How shocking. She told me her mother died when she was being given birth to. And when she was growing up,her father always blamed her for her mother's death. So her father took her as his wife and raped her more often. She never got the normal childhood as other children did. And so she swore to make her father pay,until one day, she met a certain woman,who introduced her to secret cult which gave people independence and free life to live their dream lives and power.
'' What?! Secret cult?! ''. I shivered.
'' Yes...they helped me finish my dad. I killed him. Hahahahaa...that was the most enjoyable time of my life,when I sucked the life out of him ''.
'' You killed your own....''.
'' Angelina!!! Do you wat to gt revenge on your uncle and aunt or not?! They deserve more than death,after what they did to you! Do you understand?!!! ''
'' Yes..they do ''. I frowned miserable.
'' After I killed him,the money I got,was bigger than earth. This secret cult,has made me rich,and fabulous and free! Wouldn't you love,to be like me? ''
'' I do..I really want to get my life back back please! ''. I said.
'' How old are you? ''. She asked.
'' ''.
'' I am 15...''
I wa very shocked, so am not the only person older than my age.
'' I assure you Angelina, you will never regret it if you decide to join the secret cult. They only require young girls like only have to obey the rules...that's all ''.
'' There are rules?! What rules? ''. I asked in wonder.
She quickly ignored that question.
'' So tell me girl....are you ready to join the cult,and make your uncle wish he wasn't born? ''

Episode 9
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).

After the breakfast conversation, I had agreed to the suggestions of Lady Nash. She made it clear to me that,she always had important visitors so she needed to tie me out to the spa,saloon and boutique to transform my look. I didn't hesitate. I took my bath immediately and dressed up in one of the clothes Comfort brought me last night.
We left Katherine in the care of Comfort and left. I was feeling quite shy that I was being graced that way. Even though my parents used to pamper me a lit. We both arrived at the spa and even though I felt some pains in my abdomen, I layed down and got a warm soothing massage. It was so relaxing, after that,they took me straight into the saloon and used expensive creams to wash my messed up hair,they did my nails. My eyes were closed when all this was going on. They did my make up and when everything was due,I looked into the mirror and I was extremely surprised. I had completely transformed and looked like an adult.
I looked charming and the resemblance between my mum and I was visible. She took me out to the boutique and shopped for my clothes,shoes and bags. She was really rich. Money was nothing to her...and I craved to be like her. I was super pampered that day. We got out from the boutique and drove straight back to Lady Nash's home. She then told me to take some rest and get ready. She told me to prepare my heart and mind to get ready for a surprise visit. I kept wondering what kind of surprise it was.
(Jordan's Mansion).
Back at the Jordan's Mansion, Gina arrived in the mansion from abroad in elegance and entered the hall since all her knockings headed no permission to be allowed in. She looked around the hall in all smiles.
'' Katherina!!! Katherine!!! Kelvin!!!! ''...
Aunty Ikere walked down the stairs from up there.
'' Who is there?!!!......Gina?!!! '' Aunty Ikere shouted in shock as she reached in front of Aunty Gina.
'' Helena!... Helena is that you? ''. Aunty Gina asked in surprise.
'' Of course it's me,are you blind? ''. Aunt Ikere rudely replied. '' Unwelcome guest,what do you what here? ''.
'' Hey! Wonders shall never end oo. See Helena,what are you even doing in your sister's matrimonial home...and also,where's Katherine herself? ''
'' Hey hey...stop shouting madam! You're disturbing. Also,Katherine is not here. You call yourself her best friend and don't even know that Katherine has died for a year now ''.
'' What?!!! Katherine? Dead? No no...''
'' Both she and Kelvin were in involved in a fatal accident. My sister and her husband died instantly. Everyone knows and they all came to the funeral ''.
Aunty Gina was absolutely shocked. She bent down and seeped her best friend who me she didn't she ever since they last visited her in abroad. She wiped her tears and stoop up.
'' My friend my friend, this isn't a funeral ground to weep okay? As you have now heard the truth,you may leave now ''.
'' If Katherine is not there....then where's Angelina? Why is this house quite like that? Where's Angelina, Helena?!!! ''
'' Am I. Angelina's mother? Did you come and meet Angelina here? Gina please get out! '' Aunty Ikere shouted.
'' Oh shut up there!!! I wonder how you must be treating the poor girl for the hatred you've had for her mother this whole years. You better tell me where Angelina is now!...Angelina!!! Angelina, Darling!!!....''. Aunty Gina kept shouting.
'' Gina shut up there! Don't dare involve yourself in our family matters okay? You're not part and was never part of this family ''.
'' Well,I was so much more important than you. So much part of the family to Katherine and Kelvin to the extent that,they made a documents from the law court with my lawyer and Katherine's lawyer to make me the sole owner and guardian of Angelina when they are not around.....''.
'' You're lying! You? They made you Angelina's guardian? Impossible! ''.
'' Believe what you want! But they came to America four years ago and gave me the documents to keep themselves. I have full evidence, which the court can testify to my favor, that it is only I alone,who have full custody of Angelina, and this !mansion as tell me! Where's Angelina? ''. Aunt Gina asked in a bold voice.
'' Look,Angelina run away from home! She's not be found since. I don't know where she is...she's not my priority okay? I can't add her to my headache ''.
'' You're so heartless Helena! All because Kelvin could never live you! And chose your sister over you,is that the reason you've harness so much hatred in your heart for her and her whole descendants? Well,for your information, I am back. I suspect something fishy here. And I am going to find out. You better watch out,I know you must have mistreated her for her to run away. But I will find her! ''. Aunty Gina said and left.
'' We shall see Gina. I won't allow you,come from no where in just one day to destroy, what I have suffered and gained ''.
(Lady Nash Mansion).
That big,I had wanted to rest,from the long day,but Lady Nash told me it as time to meet the queen mother. I was frightened. We left the mansion in her brand new car at exactly 10pm. And she drive us to the beach. I was very much confused. Why should she bring me to the beach by this time of the night. She told me to just keep quiet until the time comes for me to talk.
We walked slowly to shore of the sea and the air was cold and wild. It carried the soft sand on the beach to and fro. I was starting to begin to wonder,what was about to happened as we stood there like statues without doing anything. She told me to remove my slippers. I did as I was told and she also did same. This was a strange beach,quiet,with no one around to supervise it and I was worried.
When we became barefooted, she told me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes and I realised she stars walking me into the sea. We were walking forward and forward in the water and she told me to open my eyes. When I opened,behold,we were in the middle of the sea and I was so scared. My legs were now in eater and my head was outside, looking at her opposite me.
'' Oh my God,plea let's leave now! Let's get out of here! ''.
'' Shut up Angelina! We don't make noise over here,and don't mention that name here again!!! ''. Lady Nash warned. '' Is that clear?! ''.
'' O..oh..okay. Sorry ''. I whispered.
'' Now,close your eyes again ''.
I closed my eyes and she pushed my head down into the sea.
Strange thing was,I could breath under water. This is the shockest thing I have ever seen. At last,in some minutes time,she told me to open my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes,and behold....I was in the marine front of the all famous, marine queen.
This was the most beautiful I have ever seen. There were all kinds of fishes swimming around me. Ladies in silver gown and gold feet surrounded the queen in her throne. They were holding trays filled with roses and snail shells. Men with very big masculine features also surrounded the whole kingdom. I looked around me and I saw Lady Nash, sitting among seven other ladies of our age on the floor,bowing to the queen repeatedly.
I was under water. The maidens surrounding the Queen mother separated themselves from her and walked to Stan behind me. The Queen spoke and her voice echoed around the whole place.
'' You! You are welcome, to the kingdoms of the marine world! You are in deed welcome!!! ''.
'' That..the..thank..thank....''
'' Don't be afraid Angelina!!! Don't be afraid! ''.
'' How did you know my name ''. I asked in shock.
'' Because I am an all knowing goddess! Angelina is thy name! But henceforth, your name shall be called...Lady Sona!...