Angelina Episode 7

Episode 7
By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
The way I shouted the uncle Tom, was so loud that,it blew my aunt and cousins away๐Ÿ˜‚. My aunt stood there for a while and looked at Uncle Tom for a second and then looked back at me. She held my clothes and made me to stand up. She caught hold of my long black natural hair and pulled me to Uncle Tom.
'' Say that again! ''. She shouted.
'' Aunty, am telling the truth! I swear that uncle Tom is responsible, he has being raping me all the time I swear!!! ''. I said boldly.
'' I told you this Martha,I told you she would by all means accuse me,didn't I? ''. Uncle Tom said and slapped me anger. '' After sneaking out in the nights to go to your boyfriends, now you are accusing me of this disgraceful acts? Are you not ashamed of yourself? ''.
Aunty Okereke quickly went upstairs into the guest room and brought out my bag and all my other belongings, I tried stopping her but uncle Tom held me tightly, my aunt heartlessly stepped out the compound, opened the main gate of the entrance and threw my things on the streets. Danby begged her in tears and I sa how he felt sorry for me. But Ellen helped her mother and father push me out if the room and threw me out into the streets that cold evening. I was in tears and agony.
'' And as I have thrown you out,don't ever,return! Go and look for the father of that bastard in your womb and let him take care of you! Foolish girl!!! ''. Au t Okereke said and slammed the big gate in my face.
I was so weak. Where was I to go that night. It was getting to 10pm. I was always afraid of the dark. I quickly took my language and walked to the store keeper's shop. But shockingly to my eyes,there was a post there which was written...'' For Sale ''. Oh my God! It seem she was selling the shop,also,their house was locked. This was the saddest moment of my life.

So did I have to leave the estate to live in the slams? I guess I had no choice. I looked back at my parents mansion and waved it good bye. Buy I knew,one day,just one day...I would get back there to get my revenge. Where was I going to go with this pregnancy? Should I go and abort it? Because it's just going to destroy my dreams and slow me down in life..
For a moment, I started hating this baby in my womb. Why did it have to come?
I walked as long as I cloud to the station, and I removed a small amount of the 5000 I had and took a bus into the rural areas if the town. I saw so many hawkers and traders surrounded the area. My luggage was very beautiful, so anyone would think that I had valuables in it. I walked in foot till I arrived under a bridge which had cars running on top of them. It was a road bridge. And under the bridge,there were so many homeless people, men and women who slept under it. With sack clothes and others. It was a dirty place to be. But when I look at my front or back,I see no other place. And I don't have enough money to rent a room,nor enough energy to work and cater for myself.
I placed my luggage there and sat there for quite long before falling asleep.
Early in the morning, I woke up,so that I could take the number Nickel had given me,borrow someone's phone to call for help, only to find my bag missing and no where to be found.
I was puzzled,I was troubled and confused. I cried my eyes out because the little money I had was also in the bag. How could I have being so careless? I had all my clothes in that bag. I went around asking everyone around about my bag but they all ignored me.
I was hu try and thirsty. I had not eaten for the past 1 week. So what great sin did my mum commit against my aunt at all that made her treat me like this? I would never understand this matter. My mum was such a good person and wouldn't even kill a fly. I sat there,thinking of what to do but the ideas wouldn't come.
I saw a pure water vender passing by and begged he for a sachet. She took pity on me and gave me two sachets. I drunk to my satisfaction, the two sachet all together. I stood up from that horrible place and stared walking. I took it upon myself to walk for the hole day,and wherever my legs carried me till evening time,I would sleep. As I was walking, I saw the whole world like an ant. I was beginning to feel dizzy. But I had no idea where I was and where I was going.
I reached at a food joint where many customers of thee vender had mad a long queue. I sat in front of the store while all the people turned their faces to me. I begun to weep bitterly, and one man standing there walked to me and asked if I was hungry. I nodded with pitiful eyes and he bought some rice and stew for me. I finished eating and he gave me some money to buy food in the evening.
So good people still existed? Why didn't mum and dad leave me with good strangers than evil family members? I knew mum and dad would never have left me with aunty Okereke. They would have even left me with one of my mum's rich beat friends who lives in the UK. Aunty Gina. She was such a good woman,even though I had seen her only once when mum and dad took me to visit London at 11 years old. We went to aunty Gina's house and she was such a nice person. Mum and dad gave her some papers and hamper when we arrived in her house. But I don't know where she is now,because she didn't even come to the funeral.
It so strange that,aunty Okereke made my parents funeral some secret thing? Any way,I walked around the slams,checking things out,and finally it was night time,I got to a bus stop and saw a woman lying on the bare floor,she was asleep. I hid the money the man gave me well in my underwear and slept being the woman.
Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned to hours. Hours turned to days,and days turned to months. And it was nine months time. My stomach had grown so big and long as if I was carrying twins. I was weak and wretched, I looked dirty and smelly. Everyone that saw me was disgusted by me.
No one would love to help me by the way I looked. My hair was messed up,my fingers were dirty MD my clothes were half way thorn. I wore no slippers and I was classified a s a mad woman. !y nine months were horrible, I vomited so much and slept a lot. I had started stealing people's food when I was getting to my forth month,so all the stores were aware of me. I had only had just a loaf of bread with me and a big bottle of water.
I was feeling pains in my abdomen and I knew that,I could give birth at any moment.
I had some small amount of money to buy one last food. But I used it to go and buy scissors. I had learnt a lot about pregnancy back in school. So I thought I was bold enough to do this on my own. I ate my last re!raining bread and drunk the last wate I had. I was quite strong now. It was getting to night time.
I went to a quite place were no one walked or passed. There was a big mattress shop there so I went behind it and bent down.
Thunder clapped suddenly and it started raining heavily. My abdomen was tearing apart. The baby was coming. I started pushing silently. The rain became heavier and heavier as I screamed louder and louder and was pushing hard. Lightening was in the sky and thunder wouldn't stop rumbling angrily. I pushed till I was then weak,then I sat on the soaked floor and leaned my back against the store and pushed my last strength out,and there came out,was a beautiful baby girl.
I was shocked, she was so little and so fair. I made used of the scissors and cutter off the tube hanging its way in my womanhood. The rain was washing away the blood from my baby's body and myself away. I was weak and in pain. I carried her in my arms and her eyes were close even though she was crying so loud. I forced myself to stand up and stepped on the streets. My legs couldn't carry me and my baby was naked with no cloth to cover her. I was wet,all over and I stood in the middle of the lonely dark streets. I was fainting.
I looked left and saw a bench in front of someone's store,I went closer and layed the baby there.
'' I am sorry I have to do this baby. But I won't be able to take care of you. I can't even take care of myself. I will leave you here for someone who wants you ''. I seeped and turned my back.
I was not sire of this decision. The baby was so tiny and innocent. I couldn't be heartless like uncle Tom. No way. I turned back and took my baby back and I walked through the rain that night. I had no idea,where I was going. The rain had blinded my view.
Before I realised,I came across the most beautiful building I had ever seen. This was an empire. It was tall and elegant. It was painted in white and the main gatebalck. Even the entrance was cemented in tiles and flowers were all around it. Even the walls to this building was taller than Goliath. Security cameras were around it,which made me scared.
But there was no one around. The rain was subsiding, and it was dark,and I was feeling sleepy. So I layed in front of the gate of the beautiful house on the bare floor and put my new born baby on my stomach and slept off.
I slept for quite long,then I suddenly heard a tap on my shoulders. I panicked in fear and carried my baby,then stood up. And I saw a young beautiful fair lady in her elegance. Her larbogini was parked eight behind her and the lights of her car was brighting hot in my eyes. She was in a very tight jeans,in heels and T-shirt.
'' Who are you? ''. She asked. '' And why are you sleeping over here? ''.
'' I'm sorry..please ''.
'' I said,who are you?!''.
'' My name is Angelina ''. I said weakly. '' I'm homeless..''.
'' I am Lady Nash. And you are sleeping in front of my house! ''...
I was shocked.....
To be continued....