(knowing the unknown) Ajadi stood up and tune on the lamb , ‎eventually the creature was no where to be found  he forcefully lift the lamp, took a few step  and said out loud.. "Hey who are you? Show yourself " he was a bit scared but he had no choice than to face this for now.. The creature did not say a word... "Who is there ?  " he said again to confirm if  it was actually a human or  a  monster or something  of sort, he step forward and turn up the light  to get a clear view of who was there. Immediately a strong wind stormed the area from where the creature was to the edge which ajadi was standing, ajadi quickly stepped backward till he get out of the storm-filled area..  within a short period of time the storm was over. The creature move closer to ajadi until he gets the clear picture of what was there..ajadi looked at him for a while but the creature  standing before him doesn't look familiar to him..he is tall, huge and it has a grayish hair , fully dressed on a white outfit, he looks like a man who is old enough to begot ajadi.. Ajadi : who are you? And what do you want from me? "Am Marvel the god of winds " he replied ajadi was shocked but he quickly calm himself and try to understand what was going on.. Ajadi : so what do you want from me? "He stepped a bit forward to have a clearer view of him.." Marvel : nothing! But am here to help you.. Ajadi : help me as how? I don't need your help.. Marvel  looked at him and walked a bit closer to him.. Marvel : offcus you need my one of your great grandfather's agent,I am quick and accurate,I travel around the world within 5 minutes   "he move around the room as he speak " Ajadi : sorry I don't understand you.. Marvel : many years ago your great grandfather  build a city called ayetoro ,.. and he was blessed by the heavens with a powerful dragon which he use in winning battles!  he was the first king to rule the great city , he was powerful and influential, he could  hear from the wind, the sun, the moon and he is also immortal against the fire. Before he died, he knew the evil he had held will still rise again, so he cast the dragon back to stone and he created wrist band, he connect the egg with the band .. (he paused and continued) Marvel  : he  hide the handband in a spiritual realm, saying "when the choosen one comes, he shall have the key".. after his death, his sons pass the stoney egg from generation to generation looking for the main person who will have the golden handband, but none did until you arrived.. Ajadi : am sorry sir, you might have mistaken me for someone else, am not who you think I am, am just a commoner, my father is just a hunter and he never mention anything relating to dragon to me... moreover, we are not from the royal family, so you are getting it all wrong... Marvel  : I know you really well, even more than you know yourself. You are Ajadi the son of alaran, your mother's name is tinuade  . that's what they told you right? Ajadi mouth parted ways when he heard this, he stopped walking.. 

 Ajadi looked back in full surprise "How do you know about my parents? " he asked!  Marvel  : because I know you more than yourself .. Ajadi : and what do you know about me? Marvel  went ahead to tell him everything he knows about him, he made mention of his origin and his immortality against fire.. ajadi could not believe his ears. He never see himself as powerful as marvel  had described.. He stood mute for minutes, but he still find it difficult to believe what marvel  was saying, perhaps maybe he was dreaming he thought within himself .. Ajadi : am sorry I still can't believe what you are saying.. Marvel  : am saying nothing but the truth my lord.. Ajadi : but how do you expect me to believe you, when you said am from the royal family of ayetoro? Am barely 15, and you are not also a human, you are a strange creature   who just appeared from no where.... Marvel : the truth is, you are the true prince of ayetoro, your mother was the queen not until your father was attacked by his brother..  Ajadi : sorry I still don't believe you .. Marvel  : you don't need to believe me, I guess you know where your mother is?  Ajadi : *surpised * my mother? No please tell me.. Marvel  : your mother is with your uncle loki the king of ayetoro , and very soon he will be here for you.. you need to act fast, get the dragon flying and have as many as possible soldiers to attack him  .. Ajadi : but I don't know how to do that... moreover, am just a boy, how do I fly a dragon, how do I control him? And how do I make grownups work as my soldiers?  Marvel  : all you need is to believe in yourself and start seeing yourself as a leader who you are.. your great grandfather trust you, and that's why he gave you this opportunity.. Ajadi : marvel am not sure I can do this, am sorry I failed you. But I can't help it.. ( he returned to his bed) Marvel : are you sure you want your mother back?  Ajadi : yes! I want, but how do I do that? .. can't you see am futile and not strong enough to face them? Marvel : that's why you have me and the egg, with that you can conquer the world.. *he whispered * Ajadi : am sorry, I don't want to conquer the world.. I think I have sleep now, I have lot to do tomorrow.. thank you.. (he said and return to bed) Marvel wander around the room for a while before he finally left ‎, Ajadi tried all his best to  decipher what was really going on,  but all his efforts were futile and  baseless , during the process he overheard someone's footstep  approaching, he stood up out of fear and search earnestly for any source of defense in case if it's another strage creature , he picked a wooden pole  and hide himself behind the door  spying  from a hole to get an eyeful of who it was. as the person approach and move more closer, ajadi positioned himself firmly  aiming to knock the person down  , but luckily for him as he approaches ajadi's room the light reflecting from other room captured alaran in his full image..Ajadi quickly hide the wooden pole behind the door and make his way to his bed.. Alaran : ajadi! How are you my son?(he asked as he made his way down to ajadi's bed) Ajadi : am fine sir..(he adjusted himself from the bed to make space for alaran) Alaran : what are you still doing awake at this hour?  Ajadi : am actually thinking about my mum, I really can't sleep cus I don't know what they are doing to her over there..  Alaran : hmmm! Calm down my son, am sure your mother is in safe hands, am sure nothing will happen to her, just don't bother yourself on that...  Ajadi : how sure are you about this? Those people knocked me down when I tried to attack them and you are telling me my mum is in a safer hands.. am sorry I don't believe you.. Alaran : Ajadi! Just trust me! Nothing will happen to her.. go to bed we have a bigger task to handle tomorrow... (he stood up and walk towards the door ) Ajadi : do you believe in dragon?..  Alaran stopped immediately.
He threw a straight look at ajadi "Yes! I believe in the existence of dragons, but the last one was casted to stone for decades ago.. so why do you ask?"he replied!!  "Hmmm! Nothing just want to know if possibly they exist "‎ajadi stammered.. alaran : ok! Take care of yourself ..  Ajadi : one more question sir... please do you know anything about immortality against fire?  Alaran was forced to wait for a while with Ajadi's questions.   "Yes! It about the first king of ayetoro,he has the ability to control fire and he was also immortal against the fire.. why are you asking dose questions at this hour? " alaran asked suspiciously Ajadi : it's nothing sir.. it's just that I  want to learn more from you ..( he smiled and resume his bed as alaran exit his room) The response alaran gave him started bothering him about what marvel had told him and he thinks all is turning out to be true, he quickly jump up from his bed and head straight to his mother's room, he search earnestly for the dragon egg until he finally saw it, he carried it and rushed down to his room, he tried all his best to cast off the spell on the dragon but it didn't work.  After few minutes of trying, he finally got tired and he went back to bed. .             (THE CITY OF AYETORO)  Loki stood besides the window withing the palace watching the environment from the top chamber.. *ogidan  entered with two soldiers *  Ogidan : my lord, message  from the city of light.. ( he paved way as two young ladies accompanied with three men entered the palace with big basket on their head each) " greetings my lord, his royal majesty king Marcus of city of light asked us to present to you  his monthly  due " one of the visitors said on his kneel  They dropped the gift and and walked out of the palace with the soldiers leaving alone loki and ogidan..     (adigun entered) Adigun : greetings my lord!!! Loki : have you interrogate the queen about where she kept the dragon egg?  Adigun  : yes my lord, we have tried all our possible best to make her talk  but she refused .. Loki : hmmmm! I believe you know how much I need the egg, if I could lay my hands of the egg, I will have the world under my feet.. (he walk around the palace as he speak) we need to make her talk before it's too late...  Ogidan : my lord I suggest we use the three witch to interrogate her, if they bewitch her she might tell us where the egg is... *  Adigun : no.. I don't think that will be a nice idea.. I know she love her son very much and  she will do anything to Protect him.. Loki : nice idea.. bring her to me (he ordered)  Ogidan walked out of the palace and return few minutes later with tinuade,she was looking very tired and  exhausted.. Loki : beautiful queen, why are you suffering yourself?.. the truth is we know about your son and if you refuse to tell us where you hide the egg, you will pay for it with your son's life.. (he threatened)  Tinuade : please don't touch my boy (she screamed with tears rolling out of her eyes) he is just an innocent..pleasee don't touch him... Loki : you will have to decide if we should or we shouldn't.. are you ready to tell us what we want?  Tinuade : yes! Please don't hurt my son. Loki : sure we won't if you tell us what we want. Now talk..(he barked)  Tinuade : *crying* i kept it within the wooden wall in my room..  Loki : good! Now you just save your son's life, I will surely keep my promise  not to kill him.. now get 10 men and horses, head to the city of light and bring me the boy and the egg.. (he ordered )  With immediate effect adigun exist the scene and they head straight to the city of life.. 

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