PHYSIENTS:Episode 10
(city of light)
 the north wind  swirl around him and clouds of dead brown leaves  kick up from the ground with a faint small rustling sound that reminded him of roaches scurrying in a cupboard. "I should keep this egg away from myself  because it is brings me nothing than  evil "  Ajadi thought as he made his way down the forest behind his room, when he got to a certain point he dig a mini wild hole and wrapped the egg with a black cloth, he deeped it into the hole and cover it with his leg.. Few minutes later he got home, he stare at the wrist band within his hand, but all he could do is just to stare because he had tried all his best to remove it from his hand but it doesn't work.. after few minutes of meditating he resume his sleeping position and he doze off..  The sound of heavy footsteps landing on the wooden floor summoned ajadi back to life as loki's men arrived with adigun.  He quickly jumped up to see what was going on, but unluckily for him he ran into one of  loki's men hand.. "And where do you are running to " the soldier asked But ajadi never made a response, he rushed back trying to escape from the backdoor but the same person  hold him from behind.. "I told you, you can't run from me " he said with a sinister  smile on his cheek .. "Let me go,let me go " ajadi screamed as he battled to get himself out of his hands.. "Listen boy, I will let you go if you give me the stoney egg" "What egg are you talking about? "Ajadi replied "The dragon egg" he explained!  "I don't know what you are talking about, just let me go" ajadi screamed!  The soldier look a bit confused, but due to the selfish interest he had for getting the whole glory and probably some promotion from loki, he decide to get the egg secretly and later present it to loki with the boy.. the soldier  took him back into his room and he pushed him with full force as ajadi dazzle like a lifeless cloth and he fell smashing his head to the chair.. "Now give me the egg, or I rip-off your head with my sword " he threatened as he pulled out his sword! "Please don't hurt me, I will give you the egg" ajadi replied out of fear. "Good boy, now get me the egg" he stretch forth the sword to put more pressure on ajadi.. Ajadi quickly stood up and he head straight to the door. "Where do you think you are going? " the soldier quarried  "To get the egg"   "Look here boy,don't try to play any trick with me, cus if you try it. I will rip-off your tiny head with this sword of mine" he said as he dragged ajadi closer to himself  He pushed ajadi out of the room ,as ajadi staggered into the passage. He followed ajadi calmly as he stretched forth his sword in order to sanction any intruder.. as this was going on, someone from behind hit the soldier with a wooden poll which made him fall to the floor lifelessly, the person continue hitting him till he finally give up the ghost..  His hands was filled with blood as he lift up his face.  "Dad!" ajadi screamed.. Alaran took ajadi's hands and he looked at him with eyes full of tears.. "Ajadi my son, I think now is the right time to tell you the truth, am not your father and you did not belong to the family of the demon hunters, you belong to the royal family of ayetoro, your father is the true king of ayetoro but loki overthrowned  him. Please forgive me for keeping this secret from you for a very long time, I surely did that just to keep you out of thier hands" tears gushed out of Alaran's face as he conclude the statement.. Ajadi was left in total confusion, all he could do was just to keep mute and watch in perplexity, before he could utter a word, adigun and his men were already close to them.. "Run!" Alaran screamed!  "But what about you, I can't leave you here all alone "ajadi protested  "Run, don't worry I will be okay,just go, if those people meet you here, you won't be able to save your parent" alaran whispered into his ears.. Immediately ajadi dashed out of the scene and hid himself within the leaves.. Few minute later adigun and the soldiers get to alaran.  "Where is the boy?" adigun asked  Alaran who knew there will be no mercy even if he show them the boy replied by hitting one of the soldiers with the wooden pole in his hand, the soldier fell and died immediately, before he could raise another hand, adigun chopped off his hands with his sword, he fell to the ground shaking like a fish out of the water.. adigun dropped from his horse, without much time wasting he ripped alaran's head out of his body with his sword.. ajadi screamed from where he was.. He pulled himself out of the leaves and tried to attack them, but someone stopped
 (strange room) He woke alone, in a room, surrounded by pole of candles . He look around to observe where he was, but everything look strange and new to him. His throat felt dry and raspy. He had dreamed … what had he dreamed? He did not remember. Outside, voices were speaking in a tongue he did not know. Ajadi swung his legs through the curtains and hopped to the ground, to find Marvel standing by the horses with two riders looming over him. Both wore shirts of worn leather beneath cloaks of dark brown wool, but their swords were sheathed and the fat man did not look to be in danger. “I need a piss,” ajadi announced. He waddled off the road, undid his breeches, and relieved himself into a tangle of thorns. It took quite a long time. “He pisses well, at least,” a voice observed. Ajadi flicked the last drops off and tucked himself away. “Pissing is the least of my talents. You ought to see me s--t.” He turned to Marvel . “Are these two known to you, marvelous ? They look like outlaws. Should I find my axe?” “Your axe?” exclaimed the larger of the riders, a brawny man with a shaggy beard and a shock of orange hair. “Did you hear that, Haldon? The little man wants to fight with us!” His companion was older, clean-shaved, with a lined ascetic face. His hair had been pulled back and tied in a knot behind his head. “Small men oft feel a need to prove their courage with unseemly boasts,” he declared. “I doubt if he could kill a duck.” shrugged the old man. “Fetch the duck.” “If you insist.” The rider glanced at his companion. The brawny man unsheathed his sword. “I’m Duck, you mouthy little pisspot.” ajadi cursed! ” Oh, gods be good. I had a smaller duck in mind.” The big man roared with laughter. “That’s enough!!” marvel ordered! The two men became silent afterward. ” I appreciate your efforts, now you can leave ” he suggested as the two grownup galloped away with immediate effect .. “This place doesn’t look like one of the villages around, How did I get here?” Ajadi quarried! “I brought you here” confirmed marvel “Oh! The egg!” he screamed as if marvel response titillate his memory back to life.. “Don’t worry about the egg, I already have it” He move a bit forward and he look around “why did you bring me here” “To learn ” replied Marvin. “Learn what? You can’t just teach me what am not ready to learn, you know ?” ajadi protest “Sure! I can’t, but how do you differentiate what you need from what you want ?” Marvin asked! “They are both the same, all I need is surely what I want ” “Sorry! You are wrong, most times human mistake what they want for what they need” “Sorry! I still don’t need it, can I take my leave? “Ajadi asked.. “You are free” Marvin replied He walked out of the vicinity into the market of city of light, he dazzle and dance his way down the market road as he pass myriad of shops and tents, on his way going he saw 3 men following him with horse . Immediately he stop walking, and he turned and opt to take another way out . “He is running away” one of the men announced. Immediately the three men focused their attention on him as started chasing him with horse ‎, ajadi increased him running velocity and dashed among the woods down to marvel’s place. One of them who was close to him threw a wooden rope at him aiming for his leg, ajadi fell to the groud like a tree .. “You think you can run from your shadow? ” one of the men asked as ajadi was crawling and rolling on the ground. “What do we do with him” asked the second man “He will be a good sell, for king loki” the third man replied.. They tied him and pull him on their horse and they gallop down to ayetoro.

(the jailed king)
The cloud ran after them as the three men rode with high speed on their horses. “Seems someone is following us” one of the men announced “Who could that be?” replied the second man “I don’t know, I think we should checkout ourselves ” Immediately they stop riding and await the person following them. Suddenly Marvin appeared to the scene on a white horse. “Who are you? And why are you following us?” one of the men quarried “If I were you, I will drop the boy and run for my life” marvel warned “Larm Did you hear what he just said?, this man thinks he can defeat three of us” he said mockingly The three men laughed out loud.. ” drop the boy and go home safely, or I take him from you after I rip off your heads ” marvel warned again “Let’s see you do that, you white looking piece of s--t ” “Let’s cut this fool into pieces” one of them angrily suggested! The three men angrily threw ajadi to the ground and they attack Marvin. Marvin jumped down from his horse, he knelt and fill his left hand with sand,he threw them to the sky . Immediately, the weather turned black and storm covered the whole field leaving the three men in total blindness , Marvin quickly collected their swords and he quickly untied ajadi , he pulled him up on his horse and they rode away.. (ayetoro palace, down in the dungeon ) The rat squealed as he bit into it, squirming wildly in his hands, frantic to escape. The belly was the softest part. He tore at the sweet meat, the warm blood running over his lips. It was so good that it brought tears to his eyes. His belly rumbled and he swallowed. By the third bite the rat had ceased to struggle, and he was feeling almost content. Then he heard the sounds of voices outside the dungeon door. At once he stilled, fearing even to chew. His mouth was full of blood and flesh and hair, but he dare not spit or swallow. He listened in terror, stiff as stone, to the scuff of boots and the clanking of iron keys. “No, no, please gods, not now, not now.” he thought as he cried within himself, It had taken him so long to catch the rat .”If they catch me with it, they will take it away, am in trouble , Lord of the dungeon guards will hurt me.” He knew he ought to hide the rat, but he was so hungry. It had been two days since he had eaten, or maybe three. Down here in the dark it was hard to tell. Though his arms and legs were thin as reeds, his belly was swollen and hollow, and ached so much that he found he could not sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, he found himself remembering his wife tinuade . He thought of how Loki and his men had locked one of his chief away in a tower and starved him to death. In the end he had eaten his own fingers. He crouched down in a corner of his cell, clutching his prize under his chin. Blood ran from the corners of his mouth as he nibbled at the rat with what remained of his teeth, trying to bolt down as much of the warm flesh as he could before the cell was opened. The meat was stringy, but so rich he thought he might be sick. He chewed and swallowed, picking small bones from the holes in his gums where teeth had been yanked out. It hurt to chew, but he was so hungry he could not stop. It had been a long time since anyone had come for him. There were other cells, other prisoners. Sometimes he heard them screaming, even through the thick stone walls. The women always scream the loudest. He s----d at the raw meat and tried to spit out the leg bone, but it only dribbled over his lower lip and tangled in his beard. Go away, he prayed, go away, pass me by, please, please. But the footsteps stopped just when they were loudest, and the keys clattered right outside the door. The rat fell from his fingers. He wiped his bloody fingers on his breeches. “No,” he mumbled, “noooo.” His heels scrabbled at the straw as he tried to push himself into the corner, into the cold damp stone walls. The sound of the lock turning was the most terrible of all. When the light hit him full in the face, he let out a shriek. He had to cover his eyes with his hands.
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