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Chapter 186 - When Did You First Start To Like Me?

"I told you not to run so fast, geez," Yuhi said as he unrolled the bandages and tore one up.

"Sorry." She laughed awkwardly. "I guess I was jealous."

"I don't mind that, but, earlier you...could you explain that?"

Sumire looked away. "Was it wrong?"

"Well, no, it was great, but I am serious. You shouldn't provoke me too much. It's a good thing Hino came. I would have ended up breaking my promise."

So he would have continued?

Yuhi dropped the bandages and leaned forward. "Tonight, do you have some time? You could go back with me."

"Arent we staying at Atushis tonight?"

Atushi said he wanted to discuss something.

Yuhi bit her ear, and she flinched. "You don't want to? Continue what we did earlier? We stopped, but that doesn't mean it's over." He placed one of his hands on her thighs. "I want to do something fun. You don't want that Sumire? You seemed willing earlier."

Uhh-- she needs a time out! What is with this person? She thought she was good at teasing people. But Terashima Yuhi takes teasing to another level.


"I don't know what to say," Sumire admitted. "This stuff is new to me."

At that comment, Yuhi pulled back. He suddenly flicked her forehead. "When you respond like that, even I get confused." Yuhi trailed off. "Well, forget it. I understand that you're different. Your not controlling like Touko or seductive like Makino."

The second part bugs her. If that is what Yuhi likes, she ought to work hard. But uhh, for now, she ought to deal with his random kisses. Those are bad for her heart.

"This will sting." Yuhi lifted her hand and put the cotton bud with ointment towards it.

She flinched slightly, but she was too busy looking at his face. "Yuhi, you're a bit too handsome."

"Crazy girl, what are you saying."

To her surprise, a light tint of red appeared on his face. Ah, quite some time has passed since she last saw this. But she is speaking the truth here. He has a good looking face, and she unconsciously looked towards his chest. Whenever he wore T-shirts, she could see the muscles through his clothes.

Sumire quickly looked away. She needs to stop eyeing him like a creep. Even if she is his girlfriend...

"You know if you wanted to check me out, you should do it when we take a bath together."

She raised her eyebrow at that comment. "You mean we will do that again?"

"Yeah, it's relaxing."

Is that so? Perhaps Yuhi wants to do some other things with her too, but he hasn't said anything. This person holds a lot of things back for her sake. If she considers the people he dated, he is tolerating a lot of stuff. He treats her differently from them, that shows she is special.

Just now, what upset her was seeing Yuhi speak so casually with another girl. Aaah- now that she thought about it, she probably looked very rude there. That woman even backed away when Yuhi introduced her. Touko probably isn't a bad person. Well, the cheating factor aside- she is probably a normal person.

"What are you thinking about now?" Yuhi sighed. "Don't think anymore, weird things."

"I won't, but Yuhi, I do have a question for you."


"When did you first start to like me? I mean, you weren't interested in me when we first met." She trailed off. "Or were you? You had bad intentions bringing me home that time.." Her sentence fell short when Yuhi flicked her forehead again. "Ouch, that hurts."

"Quit messing around. Does it matter when I started to like you? You already figured out that I liked you for so many years. That information should be enough for you."

It should be, but she isn't satisfied. Perhaps Yuhi knows something. The accident she ended up in when she was younger. The accident that led to her losing her memories. Does Yuhi know something?

Sumire slumped her head in his arms. "Yuhi-san, will you pat my head and console me?"

Yuhi puts the antiseptic down, and she felt his hands on her hair. A content sigh passed her lips.

"You okay, Sumire?"

"Well, I am repenting for my behavior a few minutes ago. Jealousy is a monster in disguise. I should know better."


"Just a little." Sumire trailed off. "You two get along better than I thought."

"Well, she was my rival for the longest time. I guess I feel comfortable around her. However, Sumire, you don't have to worry. I said all that stuff about Touko cheating, but there was more to it than that. I didn't hate her when we broke up. But when I thought how toxic our relationship was, I ended up hating her."

She raised her face then. "Toxic?"

"She was controlling and possessive not so much me but my art. If I painted something different and not like my usual style, she would get mad. This prevented me from exploring other themes."

"Ah, the thing you mentioned before about weakness?"

"Yeah. Honestly, it didn't bother me as much back then. I didn't have you around, so I did not need to paint such gentle pictures. But things are different now. I want you to smile more."

Her eyes widened when she heard those words. So that was the reason why. When she saw that painting, she immediately felt happy. The painful feeling in her heart and her other concerns vanished. That warm and gentle painting, his use of soothing colors, it was all for her? No wonder she felt so strongly connected to it.

Sumire stood up. She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his neck. For a moment, she does not say anything. But in the next second, she gradually placed light kisses there.

"Mm, comforting me?"

"Yuhi, were you lonely all this time? Waiting for me."

It was something she wanted to ask him this entire time.

Chapter 187 - The Right To Express Themselves
There was a brief moment of silence. For the next few minutes, Sumire felt tense. Was it a bad idea to say that?

Yuhi never told her specifically that she was the one he was waiting for this entire time, maybe she misunderstood? But she understood from his words and actions alone. This person has always thought of her.

"Hey Yuhi, I have an idea."


"Drawing on the old school building walls, you sure are bold," Yuhi commented as he placed the last bucket of paint down. He took a seat on the stool beside her.

Yes, this was her idea to paint on the walls of the old school building. Now that Touko woman is back, Sumire understood that many people would doubt her place by Yuhis side. The only thing she can do to bypass that is to paint with Yuhi again, to work on another piece.

Sumire tilted her head confused. "It's old, and nobody comes here anyway."

"It is still part of the school grounds."

She laughed softly. "I wonder how long it will take before somebody realizes. Besides," Sumire picked up the brush. "Were you not the one who said that every artist has the right to express themselves?"

"Why do you remember something I said such a long time ago?"

"Well that's because I like you, of course, I will remember."

At that comment, Yuhi looked down. His sudden silence made her curious, so she glanced over at him. Her eyes widened when she saw him blushing. Sumire grabbed hold of his shirt. "Are you embarrassed because I said I like you?"

"Like hell."

"That isn't it?"

Yuhi sighed deeply and flicked her forehead again. "Quit being so cheeky; you already know how I feel about you."

"Do I?"

"Damn you.."

"Besides, why are you hesitating? Arent you the genius painter Terashima Yuhi? I don't remember accepting the confession of such a boring guy."

His eyes twitched, annoyed, and Yuhi pinched her cheeks. "Brat, your talking like this even though your--" Yuhi paused when he looked over at the small part of the building she already painted. "I can't even call you a normal person, damn."

Sumire laughed at his reaction. "Do I have your approval, Mr genius?"

"Of course you do." Yuhi trailed off. "I know your doing this to prove a point. But I find this exciting."

"The thrill and danger of getting caught?"

Yuhi shook his head. "More like painting with you is exciting."

Sumire saw the bright look in his eyes, and her gaze softened. It seems like he defeated her once again. She wonders if Yuhi understands. Only a short time has passed since she came to Tokyo, but he already made her experience so many happy and joyful things.

No matter what dangerous things happen from now on, at least she has experienced happiness beforehand.

She glanced over at Yuhi, who was painting away. There was something different about him right now. She rested her head on his shoulders, and Yuhi paused. "Should we go back inside? You must be tired."

"No, I just want to flirt with you. Do you not like it?"

At that comment, Yuhi chuckled. "Why would I hate it?" He trailed off. "I am sorry for making you uneasy even if it was only for a moment. I don't want you to end up with some sort of inferiority complex to Touko."

"Yuhi, you know that girl doesn't bother me. I mean, I told you before, it is easy for me to deal with my rivals. But my main concern is you getting hurt for my sake again, and you get dragged into my mess."

"Like I told you before, I already got myself involved in something bad." Yuhi cupped her cheeks and brushed their forehead together. "I love you too much. You don't have to think of anything bad, you have me, and I will never leave you."

Sumire laughed softly. "Your amazing Yuhi-san, you know what to say to calm me down." She trailed off. "Then there is something I want your help with. You see, I don't have any memories from before I was seven years old. It seemed like I got caught up in some kind of major human trafficking case."

This was the reason why her parents treated her awkwardly. They blamed themselves for what happened and didn't know what to do.

"You want me to help you find the truth?"

She nodded. "But its more of a support role. I want you to support me just in case I have a mental break down or something. There must be a reason why I cant remember. Something traumatizing must have happened that led to me sealing away the truth." Sumire trailed off. "The reason is, I am looking for someone. Back then, there was somebody with me."

At first, she thought it might have been Ru, but he told her it wasn't when she asked him about it. The hand she held that day, that small and yet large hand. "I only have vague recollections of the time. Most people would want to burry away such an accident."

But the badge she saw that day on Rus accident remained in her head. When Sano allowed her to look at it properly, Sumire confirmed the suspicious thoughts she had in her head the entire time.

It's the same - it's the same as the vague fragment she recalled that day.

Yuhi grabbed hold of her hands. "Anyhow, are we painting this thing or not?"

Sumire laughed softly. The unease she felt from moments ago vanished immediately. "How do we paint like this?"

His gaze softened, and he kissed her forehead lightly. "Follow my movement."

"Okay--" Sumire paused when she noticed something. He was trembling. She bit her lip when she realized that. This person isn't any better than her; he is just as weak at times. But no matter how weak they both are neither show weakness.

It must be suffocating for him too.

She wants to tell Yuhi that it was okay and that he wasn't alone either. But something prevented her. In the back of her mind, a voice told her not to; if she were to say it, then something bad would happen.

Chapter 188 - AUTHORS NOTE - Temp Hiatus -
Hi everybody.

After much discussion, I will be taking a long hiatus. For awhile I noticed how bad my health was getting. So I cut down the number of books I was writing to two, but even then I ended up sick.

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After much discussion with my family, we decided I won't be writing until I recover.

For my readers: Eternal Melody's premium date and we will meet again end date will be postponed until I return.

I won't be very active.

Again, I am sorry about this.

Chapter 189 - I Want To Try The Impossible

"So what is the story behind that sculpture at the front gate?"

Yuhi who was eating his meal looked up. He tapped his fingers against the desk. "How did you know that was my piece?"

"For one it isn't strange considering how the school treats you." She noticed it from the moment she transferred. Yuhi could get away with skipping class, he even had his own atler. The teachers never say anything when he does attend class and sleep.

Despite his words earlier, he seemed oddly calm at her suggestion even if meant vandalising school property.

Yuhi raised his eyebrows and was about to argue with her, but she cuts him off and presents more evidence.

"Well I suppose so. The story huh? There isn't much to say."

"Are you sure? That piece is different from all the others."

"I was thinking about my family."

Yuhi nodded. "Indeed they abandoned me. But I do have vague recollections of my mother singing to me gently. If she disliked me so much, she wouldnt have done that. I could just be delusional about all of this. But even so, I hear it occasionally, a voice telling me to stay strong."

So that is why that sculpture is a woman holding her child. Others may see it as a girl carrying a basket, but she wasnt like them. They see it that way since they only looked at it briefly. But she stared at it for a very long time.

"Do you miss her?"

It was a stupid question. Of course Yuhi missed her, otherwise he would not have made that piece. Family huh? Its not like she is any better than him, she missed her family too. She missed them a lot, occasionally she would look around and expect them to appear.

But it is already too late.

Sumire quickly changed the topic sensing that the atmosphere became odd. "So it isn't just painting for you?"

When she learned that Yuhi was the one who sculpted that piece, she was very impressed.

"As artists we have the freedom to express ourselves." Yuhi mocked and she rolled her eyes. "At the start I only wanted to paint. As an artist yourself you should know how time consuming certain mediums are. I wanted to focus on becoming a better painter. But at some point I changed my mind."

"Now you're an artist who is good at everything." Sumire finished for him.

His lips curve to a smile. "Well I wouldn't say everything, there are certain mediums I can't handle."

Sumire rolled her eyes when she heard him say those words. What mediums can't he handle? As far as she is concerned Yuhi is good at everything. But she has to admit that he does have his clumsy moments.

She picked up her cup and drank some of the coffee. Caffeine is bad for pregnant women and yet she needed it desperately. Recently it feels like her thoughts regarding Yuhi are going out of control. Whenever she went to sleep, she would see the nightmares but there is something different now. She would end up being saved by Yuhi and then-- her cheeks grew hot. What on earth was with that dream? She isn't that desperate or needy is she? Is this what people would call unfulfilled desires? But why would she even have such thoughts in the first place.

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi edged closer to her. "Are you okay Sumire?"

For a moment she didn't understand what he was saying until he brought his free hand to her cheeks. "Your face is red."

Ba-thump, thump - Sumire clearly heard the rapid sound of her heart.

"Are you embarrassed? I didn't even say anything yet.."

"Ahhh, it's because you're too handsome and you randomly kiss me. Plus you give me that strange look too--" Sumire covered her red stained face with her hands. "I sound like an idiot."

Even though she is usually so calm and collected. When she is with this person she ends up behaving like an idiot.

Yuhi to her surprise did not make fun of her. He did not reply right away. After a few minutes passed he kissed her forehead softly. "I understand that you're nervous, the same goes for me too. Let's take things slowly and get used to each other. You will learn to be calm with me."

"I don't think that's possible, you drive me crazy."

"Mmm, I get that too."

Yuhi is trying to say that it is the same for him. But is that truly the case? How can it be the same? How is it possible that he has the same feel- her thoughts broke off when he removed her hands from her face. He kisses her fingertips slowly.

"You're so beautiful Sumire and you're mine. It feels like a dream."

They are both acting like idiots. They will end up regretting this one day. There is no such thing as a love that will last forever. Sumire understood that better than anybody, and yet she still wanted to give it a try. She wants to try that impossible love with this person.


On the way back it was quiet. Sumire didn't know what to say to him. After that she barely spoke to him, a few nods, yes and no. How does she face him? She isn't used to somebody treasuring her this deeply. It is a new feeling that she does not know what to do with.

"We have arrived."

Sumire looked up and realized they were in one of Yuhi's other apartments. It did not take long for her to realize that Yuhi had apartments all over town. It seemed like he never stayed in one place for a long time. This building was slightly older and only had one floor. But Sumire liked this place more.

He unlocked the door but Sumire wrapped her arms around him. She buried her face in his chest, mustering the remaining courage she had.

The next few minutes they remained that way in each other's arms. Yuhi caresses her hair softly and places a light kisses on her head.

But then she hears his phone go off.

Yuhi chuckled at her attitude. "You know I could stay here all night and not let you go. But I think Hino will kill me if I dont attend the conference."

Sumire didn't say anything, but she dropped her hands to her side and yet don't pull away. She mumbled softly. "For some reason I don't want you to leave."

He raised his eyebrow. "So you don't mind Hino killing me."

"I don't actually, just stay."

She felt something brush across her forehead. It was his lips again. "Alright, but you explain when he shows up angry."


Chapter 190 - I Think I Like Your Surprises
Hino showed up like Yuhi said. He was furious.

It was around seven thirty in the morning, she woke up to a large bang on the door. But she ignored it at first. Sumire looked at Yuhis arms wrapped around his waist, his lips were on her forehead. "I think I am getting too attached to this."

Yuhi only asked her to live with him because of her current situation. If she wasnt so fragile, would he ask a random girl to stay with him? No matter how much he likes her, normally one would not ask somebody to live with them so easily.

Others would say it is normal for guys to ask a pretty girl to stay with them. But is that genuinely the case here? If that was all Yuhi wanted from her.


Sumire blinked when she heard those words from his lips. It was vague but what other word would end in ove other than love? She leaned forward slightly.

"I love you Sumire.."

Her eyes widened. Is this person an idiot? He must be a fool. He shouldnt love her this much, she does not deserve this much love and attention.

Another bang, followed by yelling.

Sumire knew she had to snap out of this blissful dream. She sighed deeply. She picked up her clothes and slipped them on, and combed her hair back with her fingers. Her dress from yesterday was wrinkled slightly but it would have to do.

Sumire took a deep breath and she walked over to the door. The distance from the door to the bedroom was not a lot, this was a regular flat. The moment she opened it, an angry Hino greeted her.

"You finally opened up you bastard. How could you skip like that? I thought we discussed this properly a year ago. You said you would make an exception for this event." Hino was still ranting, clearly he didn't have a look at who he was speaking to.

"He is sleeping. Stop yelling."

Hino looked at her. "Sumire."

She closed the door behind her and walked a few steps ahead until she arrived at the set of stairs at the end. It was colder than she thought it would be. But that coldness vanished immediately when Hino draped his jacket around her.

"Aren't you going to--"

Sumire half expected him to yell and get very angry.

"Well he stayed because you asked?"


Hino looked frustrated but nodded. "Alright."

"Alright?" She repeated puzzled.

"Sumire you know already that I investigated you. I know about your..situation." Hino chose his words carefully. But Sumire found it useless.

"That's not--" but the words were stuck in her throat. He was absolutely right. She had a moment of weakness and as a result asked Yuhi to stay with her.

Silence fell on them for a few minutes before she broke it with an apology.

"Yuhi will prioritise you before anything else. I thought I already knew that before, but it seems like I underestimated him. He would sacrifice his career and any opportunities just to help you."

Sumire knew he did not say it deliberately but it felt like a jab. It is exactly like what Sano said. She will stand in the way of Yuhis career, his dreams and his future.

"I would do the same for him."

Hino sighed again. "Well I guess thats that."

"What was the conference about?"

"You will find out soon." With those words said Hino quickly left.

Sumire could only look at his retreating figure with a flash of disappointment in her eyes. Who was she disappointed at? Yuhi? Hino or maybe her self. In the end she cant do anything for Yuhi but hinder him. That is the undeniable truth.

When she returned to the apartment, Yuhi immediately backed her against the wall and started to kiss her all over. It felt nice and warm, especially after the cold she experienced briefly. Hinos jacket slipped from her shoulders onto the ground. Yuhi lifted her dress.

"Yuhi." Sumire interjected. "Not now." Her voice was firmer than usual.

"Sorry." He apologized and drew his hand back. "Do you not feel well?"

"No." She actually felt fine for once. It was a rare change, her feeling okay.

"Then is it me? Sorry, am I scaring you?"

That isnt it either. But she just felt that doing this now was wrong. Yuhi brought his lips to her neck. He kissed and bit along the soft flesh and she shuddered.

"Dont be scared Sumire."

"I know you wont harm me."


"Yuhi, I just want you to clarify-" She trailed off when he traced her lips with his fingers. "--are you hiding something from me?"

"Yeah I am."

At that comment she sighed. "If you immediately say yes, it is difficult for me to get mad."

Then again she finds it difficult to get angry at him. No matter what stupid thing he does, she finds it hard to get mad.

"Okay, lets try this again." He mumbled. "I love you Sumire. So can you please do me the honour of letting me touch you?"

"Where do you want to touch?"

Yuhi scooped her up and brought her to the bedroom. He placed her down on the bed. "I guess you will find out love."

"I think I like your surprises."

"I know you do."

She wants to ask him why he knows. But that thought is washed away when his lips fell on hers and he was hovering over her. His shirt discarded onto the ground. When did he take that off?