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Chapter 191 - You Trust Me Right?

When she woke up again, it is well past lunch time.

To think she overslept, but then again this is normal.

She still found her current situation strange especially since no signs showed stomach wise. Sumire looked around. "Where is Yuhi?"

The door was half open. Yuhi was talking to someone.

"I dont care what the Principal says. Sumire is my partner."

"But she--"

Despite her half sleepy state, Sumire understood the situation. She got the gist of the conversation immediately and slowly got up. It occurred to her to cover the love bites Yuhi made but decided to be petty. She walked over and opened the door, halting the conversation.


Yuhi left Toukos' side. "You okay?" He lightly brushed their forehead together. "Fever."

"Mm, can you finish here?"

"Yeah." He squeezed her hand. "I was about to go shopping so I could make you a feast."

Sumire laughed softly. "I'm sick though, I dont think a feast is appropriate."

"You're underestimating this chef." Yuhi jokes.

For the next few seconds they crack jokes about cooking when Touko coughed. She almost forgot about this woman.

"Yuhi, think about it. This girl--"

Sumire immediately interjected, sensing Toukos tone.

"This girl got into an accident, no she murdered somebody."

Touko flinched when she heard that reply. "You--"

Sumire sighed. "Honestly, I heard you were smart. But it seems like those were just rumors. Do you think Yuhi does not know?"

Actually, she never confirmed this with him before. But this is the best time to have this conversation.

Yuhi immediately followed her lead and nodded. "Well, of course, I knew. I was working as a member of the underground world, so I knew." He pinched her cheeks. "I am still with this idiot, regardless."

She frowned when she heard his words and felt the pain on her cheeks. "Ouch!" Sumire exclaimed. "What is with the name-calling?"

Isn't this the perfect opportunity for him to praise her in front of the ex? Why is he insulting her instead?

"For stopping me earlier."

Her anger vanished immediately. She felt her cheeks flush red completely off guard. "Your saying this now?"

What is he doing? Even if it is Yuhi, his ex is right there. Sure this sounds contradictory after what she said. But Sumire felt very weird about this.

"Of course, I am." He hardly seemed bothered by Touko's presence. "You know I can't wait any longer."

"This isn't the time for this." She kept her head low and avoided his gaze.

"Then let's go back inside and talk." Yuhi lifted her face and cupped her cheeks. "Okay, Sumire?"

"Yuhi-" Touko spoke up.

Yuhi glared harshly at the woman but did not say anything else. He quickly led her inside his room and closed the door. They waited for a few minutes before they both hear the sound of footsteps fading away. Yuhi dropped her hand the moment the sound vanished.

"Sorry about that, but she wouldn't go away and kept insulting you."

"You were..." Sumire didn't know what to say.

"No, actually." He backed her against the wall. "I was serious."

"Mmm serious?" She is already tracing her hands on the collard shirt he clumsily slipped on.

"Yeah, so.." Yuhi paused. "Quit teasing me."

At some point, her other hand made its way to the zipper of his pants. "Well, it's not like I don't want to." Sumire nodded. She is prepared for something to happen. They live together and end up kissing a lot. Of course, eventually, something would happen. Sumire understood this better than anybody. "But, you said it before about the law."

Yuhi sighs deeply. He tassels his hair with his free hand, and the other kept her against the wall. "I want to break some rules." He brought his lips to her ear. "Don't you?"

"Well, the offer is tempting, but you know my current state. I also think we shouldn't."

No matter what crazy desires she has towards him, she has to keep herself under control.

"Sumire, please." His voice sounded needy and desperate.

It was hard for her to ignore his other hand, which left his hair. His hands felt cold, but she didn't mind it, the hand roaming on her chest. She didn't know what to do. Despite her confidence, she knew it would be challenging to proceed unless she...

"You trust me, right?"

Now that would generally be the ice breaker. The words that would lead to her going along with the flow would lead to something romantic. But she wants to treasure him and not rush things.

"I do, and that's why." She lightly kissed him. "I want us to treasure each other, to treasure this love. Just wait, Yuhi, soon I will be all yours."

Yuhi slumped to the ground. A defeated look on his face. "Soon, huh? Can I at least do other things?"



Following morning - Iro Road High School.

Sumire was busy reading No longer human for the fiftieth time since the time in the library. She didn't understand what was wrong with her recently. This is the first time she has read a book this many times in a row.

"Word on the streets is you like to seduce men." A familiar voice said.

She glanced over and spotted Shin. He wore his usual lab coat, and she noticed the large stack of documents by his feet. He must be marking papers again.

She laughed. "I heard already."

"But have you--"

"Twice with Yuhi, once with Ru and a few times with Ren. Now, does that make me a slut?"

Does that make her one even though she was in a relationship with all of them when she slept with them?

"The first two aside, you--" Shin didn't know what to say.

"Well, nobody really knows. I think Asuka suspected something, but she isn't the gossip type." Sumire trailed off. "Hey Shin, lately, Yuhi is indirectly pushy. "

"That doesn't sound like him. Are you sure your not the one deliberately stirring him up?"

How rude! He makes it sound like it is her fault. Sumire recalled what happened the other day. Okay, so maybe it was her fault there. But it was natural after all those strange dreams she has about him recently. Those strange dreams, huh? If she asked Masaru-senpai, he would be blunt with her and say something about unfulfilled desires or something. Is that what this is? In the seventeen years since her birth, Sumire never thought of such things before.

Chapter 192 - I Like You More Than I Thought

At the start, Sano was his usual snarky and snakey self. But recently, whenever they meet, there is something different about him. There is a sadness in his eyes that she did not see before. Sumire frantically shook her head. No matter what happens, she cannot allow him to sway her. The moment she sympathizes is the moment she lets her guard down. If that happens, who knows what he would do to her?

She cannot risk it even for a moment.

"Alright. I will let you see Sano. Go after school, okay?"

Sumire nodded. "But what about--"

"I will wait for you at the company."

For a moment, there is an awkward silence. Sumire wanted to discuss the stuff Shin brought a bit more but noticed Yuhi put everything away. It seems like she won't get a chance to look at that until he finishes analyzing it. Well, he is doing it for her safety and all.

"Sumire..." Her serious thoughts broke off when she hears Yuhi call her name.

"My lips..you'll graze them again."

"Let me." Yuhi covered her mouth with his.

Sumire laughed. "If we don't stop kissing, we will go crazy."

"I like that, go crazy, eh?"

She rolled her eyes. "Okay, enough being silly. We should go back to class."

"Don't want to, quit struggling when you like it."

"How do you know that?"

"Well, your hands."

Sumire paused. "You look hot."

Yuhi chuckled. "Alright, I guess I am. Continue."

She fiddles with his shirt for a bit before she paused. She raised her hand to caress his cheeks. "Yuhi, do you think I'm weird?"

"Mmm, very weird."

"But you still love me?"

"I love you, silly girl." He kissed her eyelids softly. "Do you understand?"

"I think I do."


For a moment, nobody said anything.

Disturbed by the sound of the bell. But Yuhi didn't let her go; instead, his arms tightened around her waist. 'I guess we aren't going to class today either.' Then again, she isn't in the mood to attend class, so this works out for them. She usually would lecture him; at least one of them has to be sensible.

He kisses her a lot these days, and maybe it is to make up for the things he can't do with her.

"Sumire, Sumire."

He calls her name repeatedly like this when things get too intimate.

"Mmm, you okay with this?"

Sumire played with his hair. "Yes, we're only flirting, right?"

Yuhi laughed. "I suppose so." He placed his head on her stomach, and awkward laughter escaped her lips. "Is it moving yet?"

"I guess I do feel kicks sometimes."

"I see."

'Does it bother him? It must do.' Sumire leaned forward and kissed him. "I can't wait till my birthday."

"Your birth--" Yuhi paused. "I see, well, we should start planning. What would you like to do during the day?"

"The day?"

"Yeah, day."

"What's happening at night?" She asks, but she already knows.

Yuhi brushed his lips against her ear. "Well, you should know."

"I do. Will it be special?"

"Yeah, I have a great plan."

A plan, huh? She traces his chest with her fingers. "Yuhi, do you go to the gym or something?"

"Not a gym fanatic. But I guess I do a lot of exercises. Why?"

"I like it..."

'I like your...' Sumire stopped her sentence. What is she thinking? She needs to control herself. If she continues acting so shamelessly like this then— Yuhi cupped her cheeks.

"You okay? Don't get so embarrassed, even though I would do anything to see you flustered all the time. I don't want you to stress."

He is as considerate as ever. Sumire sighs deeply; she needs to stop acting like a fool around him. She is almost eighteen, and then it will be two years until she is legally an adult.

"I'm sorry for behaving so strangely. I liked you more than I thought I did, so I am at a loss on what to do."

Yuhi chuckled softly. "Well, if that's the case, why don't you write it down?"

"As lyrics for a song?"

"Yeah, your comeback will be official after our performance. So you might as well get a head start."

Her comeback, huh? With everything else going on, it is difficult for her to even think about that. But if Yuhi is saying this, who is she to disagree with him? Besides, she does miss singing. Maybe if she sings and jots down all these feelings in her heart, she will stop behaving so strangely.

But then what happens after that? Is she truly ready to return to the stage? Is she ready to sing again? She shouldn't make reckless decisions. Singing is important to her, and she will never give it up. But can the current her sing like she did before?

Will she break down even though she is performing with Yuhi? Will she finally realize things can't return to normal?

Yuhi kissed her lips again.

"Well, forget about it for now. Tell me what happens after school."

"Yuhi, you keep talking about after school, but the day just started."

"Time goes by when your having fun." His lips curve to a devilish smile. "Do you honestly think I will let you go, Sumire?"

No, she already knew from the moment he came inside. Sumire pressed her lips against his. "I think I am going crazy, but that's fine, right?"

Yuhi laughed. "Honestly, what do you want me to do, silly girl? I am already head over heels in love with you."

To be loved and treasured, this much is a blessing. Yet Sumire understood this happiness is temporary. Something is already starting again in the shadows. If she isn't careful, she would get swallowed whole, and then everything will come to an end.

Something will break again.

Something will break, and this time, there will be no way of fixing it.

Chapter 193 - It Was Planned

Why would such a thing cross her mind? Sumire never thought of love before. To be accurate, she didn't believe in it. Look at her parents; they got married due to an arranged marriage. They got married due to convenience. It's not like they married each other because of their feelings. Even if feelings did blossom along the way, it still started strangely. After her kidnapping incident, the relationship between the two seemed strange.

"Yes, I think so." A familiar voice said, lifting her to her feet.

The owner of the voice was none other than her boyfriend, Terashima Yuhi. Sumire rolled her eyes. "No touching."

Yuhi whined and kissed her neck. "We should just show."

Sumire knew what he meant. Just show the other students. She may be brave and bolder now. But doing something like that is still out of her league.

"Yuhi." She laughed softly when she realized what he was doing. "Okay, quit it."

"Mm no, smell nice."

Shin coughed. "You two--"

"Oh, you were still here, Shin?" This time it came from her and not Yuhi.

"Seriously, you quit teasing," Yuhi mumbled as he nuzzled his face against her forehead.

"I found the location of one of the other hideouts," Shin said.

She glanced over then. "Did you report it to your boss yet?"

By boss, she meant the SF leader. Sumire has yet to meet him, but she already got terrible vibes. She doesn't understand exactly what it is, but the man seemed even more ruthless than her from what Shin told her so far.


"Hm okay."

Shin raised his eyebrow. "You don't seem interested today."

"Uh how can I? Dont you see my current predicament?" Yuhi had his hands all over her, and he kept kissing her cheek and neck. He was acting like a huge lion who caught its prey.

"Well, I guess as your teacher, I should stop him but as your mutual friend. I will walk away."

Shouldn't it be the other way around? But she didn't get a chance to say that since he walked off, leaving her with the huge lion.

Yuhi turned her around and kissed her deeply.

"Pretty, your beautiful Sumire."

"Alright, alright, I get that but you—" She stopped when she realized something. "Stupid, not here." His hands were touching her in places he shouldn't. The strange thing was that she liked it.


"Tonight but just a bit." She knew what he wanted; of course, she did. After all, she wanted it too.

Yuhi nodded and pulled away. He picked up the documents Shin left on the table and unsealed the envelope.

"Huh, so there was something weird about that place."

"Weird?" Sumire quickly made her way over. When she saw the photos Yuhi was holding up, she blinked.

"Isn't this club—"

"The one where I met you again? Yeah." Yuhi nodded.

So that place was actually one of the hideouts? A coincidence? No, it cant be. She strolled into a random bar, so she found it hard to believe that it was planned. But what were the chances of Yuhi being there too? How did he know she was there? There is something wrong here.

"By the way, Yuhi, how did you get into that place?"

"I have ID."

She almost forgot that he was older than her, so he does not need a fake ID. Whenever they are together, and they end up talking about their mutual hobbies, she thinks they are the same age.

"Yours was fake, right?"

Sumire nodded and noticed an odd expression on his face. "What's wrong?"

"The security check for that place is good. So I find it strange that you could enter that place so easily." He trailed off and looked her up and down. "Maybe that ID check was just for show, and they use something else to verify."

Something else? Sumire thought for a moment, and then it came to her. The strange thing at the entrance. It looked like a scanner at the door.

Yuhi kept frowning. "I see." He mumbled. "No wonder."


Is he thinking the same thing like her?

"The Queen will never stop running." Yuhi balled his fists. "So it was planned?"


"That night, they were supposed to trap you, and you would end up saving everyone. They wanted you to demonstrate your power. But I took you away before that happened."

"So, they will cause several incidents to drag me out until I use my ability?"

Yuhi nodded.

"The thing is Yuhi. I know I have something, but I haven't been able to use it for a while." Sumire glanced down at her stomach. "I think it was actually around the time I got pregnant."

She felt something blocking her power.

Yuhi sighed. "Go see Atsuro."


"Sumire," Yuhi said sharply. "Right now isn't the time to be stubborn. If you don't go and see him, I will drag you there."

"Why do I have to?"

"You know the answer to that. Atsuro is a doctor, he may be an underground doctor, but at least he knows your condition well."

"There is another doctor that knows about my powers."

Yuhi slammed his hand against the wall startling her. "You want to rely on Sano than Atsuro?"

"I really don't want to see him." She mumbled. She would rather suck it up and ask Sano a favor than go to Atsuro.

Sensing his anger, she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yuhi." She said softly. "Please, you know I can't meet him."

Sumire does not trust herself. What if she says something hurtful again? What if this time he doesn't forgive her? To her surprise, Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist and caressed her hair. She could still feel his anger, and yet he was trying to console her.

"Yuhi." She mumbled against his neck. "You can do something else to me. Just please don't let me go to Atsuro."

At that comment, she heard him sigh deeply. Yuhi placed her down on the couch.

"Do you think I am that cruel?"

Sumire shook her head. "I know you will listen to me."

"The reason why I want Atsuro to have a look despite what happened between you two is I don't trust Sano. I don't think he is innocent."

Sumire understood that mindset very well. It is not surprising for him to think like that. She also thinks the same as him. But Sumire recalled the words he said in the hospital that day. He seemed desperate about her choosing him. Why is that? There must be something wrong.

Chapter 194 - Like Dancing In The Rain

April 26th 2014

Just when she thought the weather would be fine today. Sumire ended up taking shelter at a nearby bakery. Why does that hospital have to be so far away? Sumire looked at the message on her phone. Maybe she should call Yuhi. When he saw the rain he messaged her asking where she was.

Sumire sends a pouty emoji and Yuhi sent a laughing one back.

Should I come fetch you?

The offer was tempting. She wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around his back and burry her face there as they rode on his bike. But it is raining heavily today. It would be better to get a car. Yuhi probably has one but she does not want to disturb him.

Just as Sumire debated about this, she hears the sound of a car beeping, A car slid right in front of her. The windows opened. "Need a ride?"


Sano sighs and opened the door of the car as he stood up, with an umbrella. He strolled over and extended it toward her. "My driver is inside too, we wont be alone."

Sumire managed to nod.

"Where to?"

"Actually, I wanted to see you."


"Get yourself dried up. I will run the bath for you."

Sumire stood stiff as a board when he said those words. Sano however didnt notice anything unusual.

"You came to see me?"

"Well, I didnt have much of an option." Sumire mumbled.

Sano sighed. "Kusaji Atsuro? You want to avoid him that much."

"Like the plague."

"Even though you hate me more?"

Sumire didn't say anything. "Is the hospital really closed today?" This is the first time she is hearing something like this. A hospital closing."

Sano sighed deeply. "Do you think that little of me? Do you genuinely think I would trick you over something like this?"


"Come here."

Sumire hesitantly followed him into one of the rooms. To her surprise the entire place reminded her of a typical hospital room, except here there were rows and rows of medical bottles. Drawers and cabinets most likely filled with equipment. For somebody who claims to have no interest in this side of his family business, he sure seems serious here. Then again, he always seemed serious whenever it came to work.

She took a deep breath and sat down on the chair.

"Terashima allowed you to come to me?" Sano asked as he rummaged through the cabinets.

"We argued."

"Ah." Sano nodded. "Now that would make sense."

Even though he said he would respect her decision, Sumire noticed how bothered he was by it. She understood the reason why. Sano isn't exactly a trust worthy person. But even then it is better than going to Atsuro who if she may add will most-likely push some boundaries that he shouldn't do. Yuhi has never seen Atsuro when he gives her treatments, thats why he doesnt know. Kusaji Atsuro prefers using very physical means to treat her.

"So you two argue?"

"It is human nature to argue."

"It is also human nature to stay away from vile men like myself, no?"

Sumire sighed. "What are you trying to say?"

"For somebody who claims she hates me, you came here willingly."

"Don't talk like that, empty threats dont work on me."

But they did in the past. She knew Sano wanted to say that but he stopped in mid-sentence. She watched as he continued to rummage through the cabinets. For a moment nobody spoke. "Say, when did you become a doctor?"

"It was a few months after we broke up, I think around two. My fathers brother died and so nobody from the main branch was running the medical business properly. As you know the medical business consists mainly of the branch families. But usually we slip in someone from the main branch. With the death of my father's brother, they decided to bring me in."

"Maybe they realized you were failing with your investments that year."

Sano almost dropped the bottle in his hands. "—and how do you know that?"

"When I stayed over I saw your work reports. It's not like you hid them from me."

"Indeed. Well I suppose so, I wasn't doing that well that year but my studies for medicine was going well. I could finish up that year too. Normally it takes six years of medical school, but due to my family I graduated that year."

"Was it difficult?" Sumire still found it hard to picture him as a doctor. If she didn't see it for herself, she would not have believed him. Besides back then he was always complaining about his medical studies.

"You seem strangely talkative today." Sano picked up a few more bottles before he walked over to her. He placed the bottles onto the table in front of her and pulled up a stool.

"Maybe its the weather."

"You always hated rainy days."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. "How come you—" She had to stop mid-sentence. How come he knew? How come he knew about something she kept to herself this entire time.

"It was obvious from looking at you. Moreover you always stayed over when it rained. Those were the only times you came looking for me on your own.Most of the time it was me—" Sano sighed. "Well no use saying it now."

Sumire however was curious. What was he about to say? Or rather he must have a sharp memory. Indeed he is right, she only came to look for him whenever it rained. During those times she felt the most vulnerable and weak, thats why she went to him. Even if it was to engage in actions she did not understand. It was better than being alone. She recalled how she allowed him to do whatever he wanted then. No matter how strange it was, it was better than being alone.

After such intimacy Sumire cleary recalled how different Sano behaved.


Chapter 195 - The Sound Of Another Sin

Monday XX 2013 -

It frightened her a lot these days whenever Sano touched her. Ever since that time at the bar, she no longer knew what to think of this man. Was he always this possessive and frightening? One of the police officers investigating her case called her secretly. He told her to be honest. At first Sumire didn't understand why. But then the detective explained to her how they believe Sano set her up. When she heard that she immediately understood. Her face grew cold and her body trembled but she still lied. She defended him, even though she already knew the answer.

It all vanished, the usual fear and she ended up getting lost in his scent, a groan passed her lips. Grunts escaped Sanos lips. For the next few minutes similar sounds fill the room. It was hard to believe that they weren't doing anything but pressing their bare bodies, and kissing a lot.

Contrary to his scary nature these days, he does not step over that line.

Sano ran his fingers across her cheeks. "Today, you seem a bit meek."


He shook his head. "Want some food?"

She remained still and then pulled him closer. "Hug." Sumire knew Sano hated weak women, hated cuddling too since it showed a sign of weakness. But even though he hates it, he always does it.

Sano got off her and laid next to her. He pulled her into his arms. "Better?"


It was a rare and sweet moment but Sumire still felt slightly odd so it was difficult for her to enjoy it. She wonders what Sano genuinely thought of her. After that day, things seem distant between them. She wanted nothing more than to ask him. Ask him if he really tried to — her thoughts broke off when she felt Sano kiss her hair.

"Sano, tomorrow...there is a party. Could you come with me?"

"The one richard corp is holding?"

"Mmm, did you get an invite?"

Sano shook his head. "Why would they bother with a small business like mine?"

"Did you want to come?" Sumire noticed a flash of disappointment in his eyes. He clearly wanted to be picked by his own ability.

She wasn't completely clueless when he asked her out. She already understood that he had other intentions. But that didnt matter to her, as long as he loved her.

"If its an escort you need, then you have other options, no?"

He was referring to senpai. Whenever she invites him, Sano never fails to mention Arashi-senpai.

"I want you to come."

"Then I shall."

"It's raining tomorrow too." Sumire mumbled.

"Stay over?" Sano asked.

"I have a room at the hotel where they are holding the party, since I don't want to go out."

Sano nodded. "Then I will stay with you. But a hotel room huh? That would seem misleading." He trailed off. "If I didn't know any better I would think you arranged to meet somebody."

At that comment Sumire frowned. Is he showing his jealousy again? Jealousy is indeed a monster in disguise, look what it did to Sano. Ever since that time he is so cautious of every single little detail. Then again maybe she should have told him about the other guys. But something in his behaviour prevented her from doing so.

Something prevented her and she learned of that during this incident.

"What are you thinking?"

"Nothing." She rolled over so she was on top of him. Sumire extended her hand out and played with his hair. She glanced over and found the chocolates she bought last time still on the headboard. She picked one up and undid the wrapper, and extended it towards him.

"Sano, recently—"

"I was thinking we could. I mean it is about time don't you think so?"

"Well…" She trailed off. "I don't actually mind too much." After all look at their current situation, they have already seen each other's bodies. Yet something in the back of her mind kept nagging at her, she didn't know exactly what it was.

"Then lets wait until your birthday."


Following morning

The rain seemed to love her today, she entered Sanos company building completely soaked. It was strangely quiet and she glanced at the large clock. Ah, people have probably gone home by now. Or some people here may have been invited to the party or another social gathering was going on.

Sumire made her way to Sanos office.

But along the way, she noticed something on the ground, scattered looking garments.

Sumire paused. Her entire face turned cold, she felt her heartbeat increase. But she looked through the creak.


Instead of running away, she simply went to the lounge of the company. She informed the receptionist she arrived just now. It seemed like nobody had seen her go to Sanos office which was good for her. Surprisingly she only had to wait five minutes before Sano appeared.

He was still sweaty, face flushed. He clearly ran all the way down here. She would have found that sweet if she didn't recall what happened a few minutes ago. Sano walked over and wrapped his arms around her. "Hey sweetheart, this is a surprise. Weren't we meeting at seven?"

He even forgot the time.

"The party starts at seven." Sumire corrected.

"Ah." Sano nodded. "I must have mixed things up."

"Are we still going?" Sumire asked. Maybe he wants to go back inside and fool around.

Sano nodded. "Sure, give me ten minutes."

Sumire realized he was heading back upstairs and extended her hand out. "I want to get changed too." Her clothes were soaked. It was a good thing she didn't come here dressed in her party clothes.

Sano looked her up and down, then nodded.

It was quiet on the way back upstairs. She noticed the employees giving her odd stares. She wondered if the rest of them knew already. The receptionist seemed strangely nervous when she arrived, not that it mattered now.

Sumire wondered what happened to the woman just now, was she still there?

The room Sano brought her to was a room on the second floor.

If she listened carefully would she still hear movement from above? Sanos office is right above this changing room, she knew that very well.

"San—" Her sentence fell short when he lifted her soaked shirt.

A few minutes ago he was doing such things with another woman and now he is doing this with her? It felt wrong, she felt disgusted.

But right now that didnt matter, the sound of the rain seemed to drown out all her worries and fears. The sound of the rain covered her voice, and the sound of yet another sin.