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Chapter 196 - Yet Another Rainy Day

It was on a rainy day where she discovered Sano cheating on her. She already suspected it before, but it was the first time for her, seeing it with her own eyes.

"Do you still see that secretary of yours?"

"Which one?"

"The one with the turquoise coloured hair."

"Ah, well occasionally I see her. But she isnt a business person anymore. She works in the entertainment circle. Perhaps you have heard of her? The mysterious cold beauty?"

"Alicia?" Sumire's eyes widened at that revelation.

"By the way she wasn't a secretary to begin with. It was just a ruse."

She did think the woman was too pretty. Somebody from the entertainment industry huh? What a coincidence. It seemed like the woman is an actress, no wonder she isn't too familiar with her.

"You knew about her?"

Sumire sighs. "Do you genuinely take me for a fool?"

Sano chuckled. "Well if you knew then you must have known she was my favourite."

She doesn't even know why they are talking about this. Her gaze fell on the stuff Sano wrapped around her arm. "I said I would trust you on this. But if you harm me in any way then Yuhi will have your head."

"I already know." Sano mumbled.

The last person Sumire expected to see was the very woman they were just discussing. She looked slightly older now and no longer wore her hair in the same hairstyle but Sumire immediately recognized her.

"San!" Alicia said angrily. "Didn't you say you would pick me up at the airport today?"

"I was on my way."

So this must be the reason why the hospital was closed. The reason why he was heading that way. But he stopped because of her? Sumire blinked. If he had prior engagements, he should have just rode off. It would have made no difference to her.

Alicia glanced over and sighed. "If you want to fool around you just have to wait for—" the girl paused in mid-sentence. "Ibuki Sumire?"

She slowly nodded her head.

The girl frowned and looked over at Sano. "What's going on? Why are you with.."

"Cia." Sano mumbled. "Go pack your things. I will explain it to you another time."

Sumire blinked when she heard the nickname escape his lips. Now this is surprising, he used a nickname? He must be fond of her then.

Alicia clearly wanted to stay but one look from Sano was all it took for her to leave. When the doors closed Sano sighed. "Sorry about that."

"She is.."

"My cousin."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words.

"I say that but she is actually adopted so we have no blood ties."

Ah-huh, so that's why he could do that? Then again she already learned that this man was capable of anything. He hurt her so badly when they broke up and yet still had the nerve to claim her as his.

"So, did you want to ask me if your child was affecting your ability?"

Sumire slowly nodded her head.

"If you recall what I said the last time I said the child protected you correct?"

Again she nodded.

"The little one seems to think that your powers are harmful."

Her sweat fell. This child in her stomach is smarter than her. "I wonder if there is a way to.."

"You want to use it?"

"Well with the current situation I am basically defenceless if something happens. Sure I have abnormal strength. But what good does that do against people with superpowers?"

Sano paused. "It's actually more effective than you think."

She was about to ask him what he meant by that when she felt her vision blur. A pounding sound appeared in her head. Sumire lost her balance and tilted sideways, but Sano quickly rushed to her side. He picked her up and sighed.

"Your more troublesome than before. But I guess thats why your more interesting now."

When Sumire woke up it was well past midnight. The first thing she did was pick up her phone and saw the numerous miss calls from Yuhi. Aaahh- what was she doing? She wanted to call back but the minute she clicked his name her phone went off.

"Already fretting about huh?" A familiar voice said.

The source of the voice did not come from the door but right beside her. Sumire turned and saw Sano, she immediately looked at her body and realized that she wore different clothes. "Liar!"

Sano sighed. "I only changed your clothes, we didn't do anything."

Even if that is the case, he shouldn't have done that. "Why did you stay beside me?" Sumire asked cautiously.

"You're the one who climbed here, not me."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. She tried to recall it but her head hurt a lot. Not just her head but her right eye. Sano extended his hand out but she flinched.

"You were fine earlier, why are you afraid now?" Sano mumbled. But he slowly got up. Thankfully he was not fully naked, just his torso.

Sano returned to the bed and tossed a thermometer at her side. "Check."

"Okay." She was still cautious but did as he said. Sure enough when she took her temperature it showed a high number.

Sano frowned and laid her down. "Go to sleep."

"I need to call Yuhi but my phone."

"I called. That person who hung around you a lot in middle school, I think he was your classmate answered?"


"They are coming. But the heavy rain is causing problems. Stay put here until they arrive."

Stay put here with him? She acted all brave earlier on but as she suspected, she does not want to be alone with him in a room. Sumire tugged on the nightgown and tried to pull it down, but it was unfortunately too short.

"That dress probably doesn't fit you anymore."


Sumire looked at the outfit she wore and realized something, it was one of her outfits. Now this is a surprise he kept some of her belongings? Sumire thought he would throw it out. After all she did the same. Who would have thought that he would keep it? She truly does not know anything about this man.

"I've grown a lot."

Mamoru made sure she ate a lot, and Ren often cooked for her.

Sano was still watching her and she felt very uncomfortable. Why isn't he saying anything? Why is he looking at her like that?

"By the way," Sano broke the silence. "You suspect me don't you?"

"I do."

"Then I guess I should just tell you up front. Yes I am involved in the underground world."

"Ah, mystery solved."

Sano sighed. "They helped out a lot when I lost your support."

Sumire rolled her eyes at that comment. Why does it sound like he is blaming her? Does he not remember the reason why he lost her support in the first place? Their break up destroyed her. But after she got to know Ren she cheered up. First she made sure to contact all the people she introduced Sano too, second she made a list of the investments she helped him with. It took awhile but she managed to take everything from him.

After she did that, Sano turned to the underworld? No, Sumire shook her head. No matter what the occasion is he would never resort to that. Somebody must have approached him.

"Why didn't you ask Alicia for help?"

Sano sighed. "That's another story." She watched as he took out a lighter and packet of cigarettes.

"You still smoke?"

"Occasionally." He trailed off. "You should get some more rest before your companions come."

Chapter 197 - Pure Torture

Sumire doesn't know if she got some rest but by the time Atushi came, and Jae she was already dressed and ready to go. She wore the same clothes from earlier, except they were now dry. Atushi immediately pulled her to his side, frowning deeply. She could already foresee the future. He will surely lecture her later.

"Sano." Sumire called out.

The man turned to her.

"I will call you tomorrow?" She asks un-certain. For some reason Sumire felt that something was different now.

Sano nodded. "Call me anytime."

Atushi was hurriedly tugging her arm and pulling her away. He clearly didn't want to stay any longer. Jae bowed and said thanks, then the three of them were on the road.

"So we initially came here by car. But the roads in this area are affected as you can see. We couldn't come in with the car otherwise it would get stuck, so we parked it." Jae explained.

Sumire only nodded. She glanced over at Atushi who seemed very disturbed. He must be thinking weird things again. Atushi never liked Sano, he seemed to have a strong dislike for him. Then again it turned out Atushi was right about Sano so his suspicions were not wrong. But Sumire felt there was more to all of this.

Along the roads affected by the heavy rain, she spotted the car in the corner. But it wasnt just the car. A man with black hair wearing a grey coat and white fur coat leaned against the car, a cigarette in his lips as he looked up at the sky.

Her eyes widened when she saw who it was. "Yuhi?"

Yuhi glanced over at her and sighs deeply. "Cmere."

She immediately rushed over and landed in his arms. They were quite close already so she didn't have to dramatically flung to him but she did. The moment she landed in his arms, Sumire wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss him.

Yuhi broke the kiss after a while and laughed. "Man, overboard."

He seemed happy but the moment she thought that she felt a flick on her forehead. "Overboard and nice. But you're still getting a lecture."

Damn she thought she could get away with it. So Yuhi is the one who will lecture her and not Atushi? No wonder he refrained from speaking this entire time.

"Now King you say that, but you will probably just kiss her a lot. If you want to punish her you shouldn't kiss her for awhile."

Sumire looked horrified at Jaes suggestion and the smiling man laughed. "The Princess likes you that much it seems."

Not kissing Yuhi even for a day was pure torture for her. Not a single day has passed since they started dating did they go a day without kissing.

"Unfortunately that would be torture for me too." Yuhi trailed off. "She already promised me that we could do other things tonight. So what else can I do to her hmmm.."

Her cheeks grew hot when she heard him say those words. Sumire proceeded to hit him but he grabbed her hands and looked at her seriously.

"You agreed, right?"

Sumire averted her gaze but slowly nodded. She feels like a huge fool when she is around this person. Since she came to Tokyo she hasn't acted like herself at all.

"Hey Atushi, I think the car is busted."

At that comment Atushi snapped out of whatever daze he was in and rushed over. She was in Yuhis arms so it was difficult to see but she did see some smoke.

"I guess we should stay here and fix the tire." Jae glanced over. "King and Sumire-chan you two can go ahead."

"Eh? But—" Sumire seemed uncertain but Yuhi placed her down on the ground. He grabbed her hand and pulled her along. Sumire didn't get a chance to say anything since he was increasing his footsteps.

Once they were completely out of sight. Yuhi lets go of her hand and slumped to the ground.


"You know I have so many things I want to say to you. But for now, I am glad you're safe."

Her eyes widened when she heard those words. He must have worried about her a lot. The love and care he has for her, she has underestimated it. She only went missing for five hours and yet look at him, he looks like a mess. Earlier she didn't get a good look but now she could see things more clearly.

Sumire crouched down and brushed her forehead against his. "Sorry Yuhi, I won't do it again. I will be good."

Yuhi laced their hands together. "Are you sure? Maybe I should lock you up somewhere and keep you all to myself."

"Yuhi-san you have strange hobbies like that?"

"I feel like I should start."

Sumire laughed. "Um, that would be a problem."

"Sumire." Yuhi suddenly looked at her seriously. "Can I kiss you?"

Nervous laughter passed her lips when she heard him say those words. Uh what is he doing asking her so seriously? Normally he would just - no he wouldn't. Now that she thought about it Yuhi never does things without asking her.


Yuhi made them both stand up. He looked around and then backed her against the wall. She felt his eyes roaming all over her, eyes filled with desire. For a moment Sumire stopped breathing, there was something breathtaking about this sight before her. It seemed stupid for her to get nervous but right now her heart is beating so loudly.

He slowly reduced the distance. "Damn, my heart is beating like crazy."

They are both idiots but it seems like their feelings for each other increase as the day goes by. After kissing for a good few minutes, Yuhi eventually let her go.

They walk hand in hand down the slope.

"So I think we should forget school tomorrow or should I say today?" He lifted his phone up with his free hand.

Three am.

In a few hours they would have to get ready to go to school. But after spending practically all night out, indeed she doesn't want to go either. Sumire nodded but sighed. "I fear for my attendance."

Yuhi laughed. "Dont worry about it. Attendance isnt important, passing everything at the end is."

"Are you confident I will pass then?"

"Mm, I am."

"Yuhi, why aren't you asking me if Sano and I did anything?"

Yuhi sighed deeply. "Well I already saw how much you disliked him. Moreover I know how much you like me." He ended his sentence with a red stained face and Sumire laughed softly. "Brat, quit messing with me so much."

That is her line, she feels like she is the one being played.

"So Sumire, are you tired?"

Sumire shook her head and a lopsided grin appeared on Yuhis face. "Then lets go have some fun."

Chapter 198 - Make Up For Loss Time
It never occurred to her how much of a childhood she missed out on, until she hung around Terashima Yuhi. Then again the two of them lived completely different lives.

When Yuhi suggested to go and have some fun. Sumire didn't think it would be at a bowling alley.

"Why are we here?" Sumire said, puzzled.

"Well didn't you tell me before that you never went bowling? So here we are."

Sure she said something like that but why on earth are they here now? She didn't think he would take her seriously.

Yuhi walked over and picked up one of the balls. "These are quite heavy, you still want to try?"

Well forget it, since they are here already it won't do her any harm trying. She took the ball from him and put her fingers in the holes. She never bowled before but she saw this stuff in movies. Yuhi was right, the ball was heavy but she lifted it easily.

She doesn't have inhumane strength for nothing.

Yuhi pointed to the lane. "Well there is no trick to bowling but the good old fashion hunching down is a great start." He trailed off and shook his head. "Let me teach you."

He probably realized that having a pregnant woman hunch down was a bad idea.

Yuhi appeared behind her and grabbed her hand that was holding the ball. "Alright, on the count of one...two.." Before Yuhi finished the count down she already raised the ball and threw it.

She watched as it travelled down the lane and in the next few seconds- all the pins fell.

Sumire tilted her head confused. "That's all?"

She doesn't understand what all the rush and excitement about.

Yuhi laughed. "You're lucky it's just us here, otherwise I am sure the fanatics would surround you."

"Well." Sumire nodded. "I guess it has something to do with arm strength."

She picked up another ball and threw it down the lane.

"Yuhi-san what made you think we should go bowling?"

"Hmm? Well, I realized that since you came here you haven't relaxed much."

"I see." Her gaze softened. "So this is a date?"

His lips curve to a smile but he nodded. "Yeah. During the day we always end up interrupted one way or another. But at night people are usually sleeping."

So that is why he makes arrangements during the night. Well she supposes that made sense.

"By the way Yuhi." Sumire trailed off. "I know it is late and all, but the fact that we are the only ones here makes me suspicious."

Yuhi hugged her from the back. He brought his lips to her ear. "This is an odd thing to be suspicious about."

"It is?" She plays with his hands.

"Yeah it is. Besides you." He kissed her cheeks softly. "-are mine. So I can do as I please."

He makes a valid point there.

After bowling a few more times, they left the bowling alley hand in hand. She glanced over at Yuhi who was fiddling with his bike keys. "Yuhi?"

"Ah, there it is."

Sumire looked up and saw a familiar bike at the car parking lot. She wondered where it was, so he left it here? It seems like Yuhi goes to these places often.

"Yuhi, I would rather walk."

Yuhi nodded. "If thats what you want."

She rested her head on his shoulder. "Actually I want to kiss for a few minutes."

He rolled his eyes. "So many requests dear. Next thing you know we will be on the ground and kissing like crazy people again."

Sumire laughed softly. "I think I am getting a bit addicted Yuhi."

It wasn't a bit and they both knew that. Lately it seems like she can't go a day without kissing him, but then again not a day has passed where he hasn't kissed her. Even before they dated he was already claiming her lips as his own.

Yuhi gently kissed her forehead. "Let's do that at home. We have all day later."

"All day? What about work?"

"Ditching. Knowing Hino he still hasn't calmed down, I would rather hide out for a while."

He didn't look angry when they parted ways though. When she thought about it, Hino looked almost disappointed. The bond those two share is something special, something she doesn't understand.

"So you're choosing to ditch with me?"

"Nice to know you have my back partner in crime."

Sumire laughed. Yuhi is so silly at times. But it is during times like this where there is no distance between them. During these times they are just like normal people. "Do you really not want to kiss me?" Sumire mumbled.

She was dying to kiss him. She wanted nothing more than to have his lips on hers like before. Nothing more than to have his hands all over her, and to have his --

She paused in mid-thought. What crazy things is she thinking about now? To think she would even have such thoughts. For the past seventeen years such thoughts never crossed her mind before but now its all she thinks about.

Yuhi cupped her cheeks. "Well Sumire, I think I know what you're thinking. But control yourself a bit."

"I don't think I can, there is something wrong with me."

Even now the way Yuhi caressed her cheeks drove her crazy. She must be making up for the past seventeen years of inexperience. For all that loss time she spent trying to pick up the mess her family left behind.

Yuhi awkwardly lets go of her face and scratches the back of his hair. "If you say it like that even I don't know what to do."

Uh-oh, did she scare him? Indeed her behaviour isn't normal. If she wanted to kiss him so badly then why doesn't she allow him to do it with her? It doesn't make any sense.

How can she be so obsessed with kissing? If she has that much passion and pent up feelings then she ought to let him do it with her. It would be that simple.

Chapter 199 - He Cares This Much For Her

"Sumire." Yuhi said softly. In the next second, he is kissing her deeply. She was completely caught off guard. From his behavior she thought she scared him, but it was not like that at all.

So much time has passed since she last gave herself completely to another person like this. Sumire actually forgot when was the last time. It wasn't with Ru or Sano. Ah yes, it was with that man - the man named Kanagawa Ren. She only knew him for a short amount of time but he understood her far better than anybody else did.

Sumire felt Yuhi's hands on her stomach. It was cold and yet she didn't push him away. He deepens the kiss while touching her. Sumire almost let him do whatever he wanted but they hear the sound of a beeping from a truck.

"Damn." Yuhi pulled away from her. "This really isn't the best time to seduce."

She wasn't though, she only wanted a normal kiss. It was his fault for going overboard.

"We still have time, let's go to the next place." Yuhi suddenly said interrupting her trail of thought.


The next place was of course food.

It seemed like Yuhi skipped his meal to come and get her. While she was flattered by the thought. Sumire didn't like the idea of him skipping meals.

The place Yuhi brought her to was a small restaurant at the edge of town. It was in such a shady looking location though and looked shabby from the outside. It would bother her a lot more if Yuhi wasn't with her but he was so she simply stepped inside.

There were a few tables, a dead plant on the side, and paintings on the wall. The paintings looked so out of place in contrast with the bright orange walls.

A counter that looked like it belonged to a bar. A few drinks out on display, behind it was a tall man with long black hair. "Ah, so the challenger has arrived."

"Hey Rein, what's that about challenger?" Yuhi pulled up a seat for her and she immediately sat down.

"Word on the street is that your—" Rein paused in mid-sentence when he saw her. "—dating the Ibuki Sumire...Woah…"

Yuhi rolled his eyes and quickly explained to her. "You're famous in these parks, that's why I never brought you here before. The guys in this area are actually good people who worship you."

Sumire blinked at that piece of news. As a member of the entertainment industry people admiring her shouldn't be new. But Sumire felt something odd about this. "Could I ask why?"

Rein looked embarrassed. "Uh..that is.."

"Apparently," Yuhi interjected. "They saw you rescue someone from another gang. Since then the people here have idolized you as an idol fighter or something."

Rescue somebody from another gang? Sumire tilted her head puzzled when she recalled something. Now that she thought about it, the day before her debut concert she was in a very bad mood. She wanted to let loose before her live so she bought a ticket to Tokyo. She hopped onto the train with no particular destination in mind, got off and wandered around for a bit.

She wanted to avoid getting into a fight before her big day, but it was difficult for her to stay calm unless she fought. Sumire wandered around the dangerous looking parts, hoping to find a fight. But instead she ended up finding somebody getting bullied. All of them were members of the same gang, but they treated one individual differently.

Sumire understood of course. There is always one in every gang, a goffer. She just happened to stumble upon a bad situation where one was getting abused.

"I see."

Yuhi chuckled at her response. "Not very interested?"

"Well it was a long time ago. I was in a bad mood that day too so I wouldn't exactly call it heroic." Or rather she didn't hesitate to break some bones even when the bullying stopped.

Rein looked at her dumbfounded but nodded. He glanced over at Yuhi, "Uh you two are actually a couple?"

Sumire answered for Yuhi by pressing her lips against his.


"Yes, we're dating."

Yuhi chuckled. "She has me wrapped around her little finger. As you can see, she likes me a lot."

"It isn't like Yuhi, its love." Sumire corrected him. It still felt strange for her to use the word love. But she understood that she could only use the words love to describe her feelings for Yuhi. Even if the world condemns them, this is the only word she can use to describe how fond she is.

"As the wife said, it's love."

"Go die Yuhi, quit showing off."

Yuhi laughed.

Sumire looked at the scene interested. This is the first time she has seen Yuhi banter with somebody other than Hino and the guys from the flower arrangement club. So it seems like Yuhi has friends after all. The people in school portray him as this god they cant get close to, so this was an unusual sight.

"So what's on the menu?"

"Pie, all sorts." Rein said with a huge grin on his face.

"You cool with that?" Yuhi asked her.

Sumire nodded. She wasn't exactly hungry so a cup of coffee or tea would be fine. But it seemed like Yuhi wanted to eat with her. She glanced over at him. Now that she thought about it, she doesn't have much of an opportunity to stare at his side profile.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Sumire mumbled. She needs to calm down. This isn't the first time she has had a boyfriend. Yet these days she acts like a girl who is in love for the first time, she needs to get a grip on reality. What on earth is she doing behaving like this for? If those people learned of her current situation then they would certainly mock and scorn her. Sumire glanced over at Yuhi, she wondered what this man would think if he knew — she paused in mid-thought. Since this is Yuhi he should know already.

The thing Touko mentioned was something everybody knew. But it still involved a little bit of digging. She said all that stuff about Yuhi knowing already but she was testing him. It seemed like her worries and fears were unnecessary. Yuhi he doesn't care - no it's because he cares for her, it doesn't make a difference to him. To think he cares that much for her.

Chapter 200 - Something Different

Indeed it seems like something happened between them in the past. Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi brushed his hand across her forehead. "I think you need some milk not coffee."

Sumire blinked. "Uh…"

"Or maybe juice? Grapefruit?"

"Yuhi-san I am not a child—"

"Grapefruit is good for you." Yuhi nodded. He turned to Rein. "Get her some grapefruit instead."

Rein looked at her with wide eyes. "Wait is she—"

At that comment, Yuhi nodded. "Yeah."

"Yuhi you work fast.." Rein almost looked impressed.

Sumire wanted to say something but she felt it would ruin Yuhi's reputation among his friends. She is pregnant with another man's child and yet she is still shamelessly clinging to Yuhi like this. What terrible behavior. She ought to let him go, but her gaze fell on Yuhi who slipped his hand on top of hers. It is difficult for her to do that since not only is he attached to her but she is attached to him too.

"Sumire? Are you okay? You're a bit quiet."

"Ah well…"

She isn't good around strangers. This Rein person doesn't seem like a bad guy. But she still felt weird about all of this. Yuhi must have understood since he squeezed her hand.

"It's fine."

Rein rolled his eyes. "Ibuki-san please rest assured, the only person you have to be wary about is Yuhi. He is the most suspicious person here."

She raised her eyebrow at that comment. "Yuhi is?"

"I don't know how much you know but this guy is very dangerous."

Yuhi sighed. "Well, I think she already knows about it."

Sumire nodded. Of course, she knew. Actually, from the moment she met him that snowy day several years ago, she sensed something different. A powerful and strong aura.

When Rein left to go to the kitchen to make the pies. Sumire finally relaxed. Yuhi kissed her lips softly and pulled back.

"Rein is a nice guy, don't worry about him."

"I can see that." She sighs. "I know it's weird and rude of me. But I just don't feel comfortable."

"Nobody finds it strange, so you can relax." He trailed off. "So, what are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Going to school?"

"We have a holiday, a small one for a few days."

Sumire blinked. She didn't hear about this but then again she still hasn't read the information pack from the school. With all the events that happened since she arrived in Tokyo, it was difficult for her to concentrate on school.

"Relaxing with Yuhi?"

His lips curve to a smile. "Yeah I was thinking the same. Cuddling in bed all day, maybe going on a few walks. But at night we can do something like this again."

"Something like this?" Sumire repeated puzzled.

"Yeah." Yuhi was still smiling and yet she felt oddly nervous.

No, not nervous but self-conscious.

Watching him now Sumire realized that she didn't know much about Yuhi. No, the things she knew about him were rather superficial. She knew the basic information that a fan has. Back when they were partners and he was a member of the same underground organization as her, she didn't ask him about his hobbies or anything. After all they faced life and death jobs every single day. They didn't have the luxury to get to know each other like they did now. But despite that Yuhi seemed to know everything about her.

Sumire always wondered why that was. Why does this person know all these things about her? Why does he know her better than herself?


Like Yuhi suggested they spend most of the day cuddling, making out and other things - basically flirting all day. Taking her out on strolls and having romantic meals. During the night it was different, they would go to different areas in town and have fun. Sumire didn't realize so many things were open at night here. Tokyo is completely different from Star Town. Here nightlife doesn't just consist of going to bars and the occasional twenty-four hour open restaurant. There is so much to see here and Sumire looked at her surroundings. When the lights are all lit up like this, the town looks completely different.

So beautiful..

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi appeared with a drink in his hands. He passed one to her. "Sorry to keep you waiting, the line was long."

"It's okay." She extended her hand out and brushed a leaf away from his hair.

Yuhi laughed. "Well I see nature is attracted to me."


"You still okay?" Yuhi asked.

They slept a lot during the day but Yuhi seemed to think it wasn't enough. For the past few hours he kept asking her whether she was okay. Sumire didnt think it was necessary though but he is strangely fussy these days. Her gaze fell on her stomach. It must be because of this child, if she counts the days then she ought to give birth soon.

"Not okay."

Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "What about now?"


Recently something else has changed too. She would lie and tell him she wasn't okay, so he would give her more kisses. This agreement happened a few nights ago when she randomly said that his kisses healed her. Since that time Yuhi kisses her a lot more.

It seemed like he wanted to do this the entire time. But he needed some kind of excuse. Sumire sighs against his lips. An excuse huh? Why does either of them have to search for an excuse just to kiss? It made little sense to her. She ran her hands on his chest.

This blissful moment is interrupted by the sound of a group of people shouting. "Go get a room."

Sumire pulled away and looked down nervously.

Yuhi sighs. "I already have one." He called back. "But it is on the other side of town."

Sumire hits his arm hearing his serious reply and he laughs.

"Don't believe me darling?"

"I believe you." Sumire mumbled. This is the pattern from the last few days and knowing Yuhi, he won't deviate from it.

She still doesn't know how to feel about him openly expressing his desires for her. It still felt strange to her knowing that he wants her as much as she wants him.