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I'm pregnant? (Chapter 176)

Now that she thought it through, did Ru not mention something like this before in one of his unusual stories? Ru often rushed off and went somewhere. Whenever he came back, he would bring back stories from different lands.     
Among them, Ru spoke about a man with an unusual ability. No matter how clumsy he aimed, it would still hit the target. Sumire did not see from the start how Hino aimed, but she could see now how bad he held his gun. He clearly has never used one before.     

Does Hino have an ability too?     

Yuhi pulled her to her feet. He took her to the minibus shelter nearby and whispered a few things in her ear. "Stay here."     


Yuhi turned to Hino and sighed. "If you're going to do this, can't you take it elsewhere?"     

Hino kept his gaze on the man. "You should thank me; this person was after you. Your, lucky; he didn't charge into the bar."     

"Well thanks I guess. If he charged in, somebody would have had his head anyway." Yuhi looked back at her. "Sumire, close your eyes and don't open it until I tell you."     

I am not weak. I can fight too.     

A voice whispered in her head. But she understood now was not the time for this. She reluctantly closed her eyes. The moment she saw nothing but darkness, though, Sumire regretted it. She hated closing her eyes when she was still conscious. It would remind her of her dream, and she would end up panicking.     

The same applied to this situation too. It did not help that she was standing up. The entire time she felt something grab onto her leg and dragging her down.     

This was why she disliked sleeping unless she knew she would pass out immediately. Closing her eyes and trying to sleep did not work with her. Her subconscious and consciousness would play games with her, and by the time she realized what was happening, the situation would be irreversible. Seconds turned into minutes quickly.     

She could hear everything from more gunfire, to a strange gust of heavy wind. The skies rumbled every time the strange wind appeared—the movements of that cloaked man. Perhaps Yuhi should have told her to block her ears out too.     

After hearing those sounds for a long time, eventually, she felt somebody pick her up. That person placed a gentle kiss on her temple. "Open your eyes."     

Sumire hesitated but did so. She opened her eyes and discovered that the landscape changed. On the ground were traces of the fight that just took place. Traces of gunpowder and Sumire glanced over at the trees.     

A scythe? A large dent like slices on the center of several trees. She tilted her head, puzzled when she saw that sight. What on earth is going on here?     

"You okay?" Yuhi asked.     

"I am--" Sumire sentence felt short when she felt the throbbing pain again. She thought it went away already, but it suddenly started up. This time around, it was louder, her rapid heartbeat and her unsteady breathing—the scorching pain in her right eye.     

Yuhi parted her bangs and brushed their forehead together. "--hanyou fever." He mumbled. Despite the mumbling, she managed to catch the last two words that left his lips.     

She looked at him, puzzled at the unfamiliar term. Hanyou fever?     

"Hey, Hino, come back with us."     

At that comment, the purple-haired man frowned, he walked over to them and grabbed her hand. "Ouch..." Hino replied as he pulled away. "Hey Yuhi, Sano's family hospital is nearby here. Why don't we go there?"     

"I don't trust the Nagawa family one bit."     

"But it is one of the only hospitals that deal with this kind of thing. Relax, I will come with you."     

Sumire did not understand what either of them was talking about. She suspected for a long time that Yuhi knew what was wrong with her. But it seems like Hino knew about it too. Exactly what is wrong with her? Sumire wanted to speak, but she felt herself gradually lose consciousness.     


Hospital - Several hours later -     

When she next woke up, she found a wire on her arm attached to an IV drip—the familiar white walls and ceilings from a typical hospital room.     

"How are you feeling?"     

The first voice she heard when she woke up was not the one she wanted to hear. But she recognized it. "Sano?"     

Dressed in a doctor's gown was Nagawa Sano. He held a clipboard in his hands and pen. "It's me."     


"I sent your boyfriend to wait outside, and he was far too loud. How are you feeling?"     

How is she feeling... It took a moment for those words to even register in her head. She felt terrible; she couldn't feel the strength in her body; her arms and legs did not feel like hers. She felt paralyzed, and her throat felt dry.     

"I will guess you feel bad from that silence."     

"What happened?"     

"You encountered the man Hino was chasing down, and that person's ability affected you," Sano explained. "Normally, something like that would not affect a normal person, but..."     

Sano did not say anything, but Sumire knew what he was getting at. A normal person would be somebody without evolved genetics. But her? It seems like she has something. Ru knew that, and that was why he did his best to protect her from harm.     

"Don't stress over it; it will harm the child in your belly."     

For a moment, Sumire froze. She thought she heard things.     


Sano looked at her, puzzled. "You didn't know? Your pregnant Sumire."     

Is she pregnant? Sumire glanced at her stomach, but she saw no signs.     

"It's Yuhis?" That was the only thing that could come to mind. If it were that person, her stomach would be larger.     

At that comment, Sanos gaze dimmed, but he shook his head. "Unless you slept with Terashima five months ago, then it can't be his."     

Five months ago? An image of that rainy day where Ru appeared at her house after their fight appeared in her head. The words he said and his gentle touches.     

Rus child? Sumire could not believe it. But why would Sano lie to her? He would not do that now.     

"The reason why that man's ability affected you is because of your child; it reacted to defend you."     


Sano cut her off. "The child is okay. But it seems to also be an ability user."     

Right now, so many things were happening. So many things revealed one by one. Not only is she pregnant with Rus child, but this one also has an ability?     

Chapter 177 - Come Back To Me

Ru's child.. that sentence kept echoing in her head like some trance, and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. Oh no, this isn't good. She does not want Sano of all people to see her like this.

But, right now, she cannot hold her tears back. Right at that moment, the windows burst open, and a strong gust of wind blew. But there was something gentle about this wind. It lifted her off the bed, and soon she was in a familiar person's embrace.


"Sorry." Yuhi hugged her tightly. "I should have been the first person to tell you since I noticed it, but I didn't due to my feelings. I thought if you knew it was his, then you would leave me."

Despite her weakened state, how could she miss the fear in his eyes? His trembling shoulders? She wanted to scold him for doubting her, but right now, that did not matter at all.

Just now, she was shocked and afraid. There is another life inside her, but the child will not have a father, she would have to take care of the child alone. No matter how mature she is for her age, she is still young. She did not know what to do...

Yuhi kissed her eyelids. "But that is not important. Let me help you, Sumire."

She already knew what he meant by those words. He would help her raise the child. Even though Yuhi is just as clueless as her, he said he would help her out.

"Close the window already. She will catch a cold." An icy voice destroyed this moment.

Sumire recalled Sano was still in the room. She could not miss the hostile look in his eyes. She quickly left Yuhis hold. "Um, doctor. Could I eat something? Or am I not allowed to.."

"You can eat. I will get them to bring the food here."

"Thank you."

Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist. "Your still unsteady on your feet, let me help you."

At that comment, she hears Sano tap his pen impatiently against the clipboard. Yuhi helped her back onto the bed and closed the window. He grabbed the chair from the side and sat down. Her sweat fell when she looked back at the two. What on earth is this situation?

Sano is the doctor here? Sumire knew that his family ran a hospital business. But they mainly focused on business, so only some of the branch families ran the hospitals. Something must have changed. He often complained to her in the past that his relatives are unreasonable.

Why do I have to study both business and medicine? Do they think it is that easy?

Sano quickly changed the drip and attached it to her arm again. Sumire noted that he was careful not to touch her arm.

She blinked, puzzled at his actions. Since she opened her eyes earlier, something seemed strange about him. Her gaze fell towards Yuhi, who kept looking at his phone with a frown on his face. "What's wrong?"

"I need to step out for a bit and make a few calls." Yuhi sighed. "Do you mind?"

Sumire shook her head. "It's okay." She felt content and at ease after what just happened.

Yuhi looked very reluctant. He leaned forward and kissed her again. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. But hurry back, okay? You have to feed me as punishment."

"Sounds good." With those words said, Yuhi quickly rushed off. She watched him until she could no longer see his back. The moment he left, she turned to Sano.

"Could you stop behaving like a child?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Your behaving like a child. You weren't upset about me being pregnant, but Yuhis decision just now, right? It is up to me who will help me with this child."

Each word she said with authority, she does not want this man to think he has an advantage over her.

In the next second, Sano has her arms pinned against the bed frame. He hovered over her with a menacing look on his face. He loosened his tie. "I told you before not to provoke me. Do you think just because I am nicer these days, I will allow you to step over me. Do you think I will allow you to continue cheating?"

"Sano, I—" Sumire paused when she saw the look in his eyes. She wanted to say that she no longer belonged to him. But it would be far too dangerous for her.

"Good girl." Sano brought his lips to her ear. "Do you know how crazy you drive me? How dare you find somebody else. Did you think you could escape me? Sumire your already mine."

These words, she occasionally heard them in the past. After her relationship with Sano became strained. Sumire quickly noticed that he often said such possessive words. Sumire was not the type of person to judge, so she didn't think much of it. But such possessiveness and desire. She wondered if he was like this from the very start.

"Sumire." He said gently. "I am serious, so come back already. I will treat you well. Your pregnant now too. No matter how good you are at taking care of yourself, you cannot raise a child alone."

"I have Yuhi."

"Be realistic. Terashima has his career and his education. Do you think he will throw that way to take care of you and the child? He already has problems taking care of you now, let alone the future. His career is on the rise, and he is very successful. Do you want to destroy it?"

Each of his words echoed in her head, and she clenched her fist. Just a few minutes ago, she felt happy when Yuhi said those words to her. But Sano is right, isn't he? Yuhi is older than her, but he is still young, he has his entire life ahead of him. Could she destroy that just for the sake of her happiness?

Sumire understood how unreasonable that sounded. Did Yuhi consider all those things before he said it? She knew how reckless he was, but would he say such words without thinking it through? Maybe she ought to accept Sano again? But for what? Only to be abused and thrown away the moment she gets too attached?

She already made a promise before.

Chapter 178 - If

She made a promise not to go through that same pain again. Why is this man trying so hard? Does he genuinely just want somebody to possess and claim as his own?

There are many other girls out there who would agree to be his plaything for the sake of his money. There are girls out there who are purer than her and would love him regardless. So why on earth would he continue going after her?

To her surprise, Sano suddenly let her go, not before kissing her cheek. The unfamiliar contact of his lips made her shudder.

Sano picked up the clipboard from the ground. "I know you would rather have somebody else. But I will be your doctor during your stay."


"Also, I meant what I said, so think it through." With those words said, he exited the room.

The moment he left, Sumire sighed deeply. The sensation of his lips on her skin still lingered. She weakly sat up and placed her hand on her neck. It does not make sense to her, after all. Why is he behaving like that? An irking feeling in the back of her mind told her that she was wrong all this time.

Did she make a mistake somewhere and didn't realize it? Sure at the start, she blamed herself for Sano dumping her. She felt so much self hate and self-loathing. But after she settled her feelings, she started to blame him instead.

Maybe she is missing something. Sumire hesitantly took out her phone and was about to do some research when the doors opened.

It was Hino, his hair seemed slightly messy, and he had kiss marks on his neck. Sumire blinked. "Did you go out and have fun?"

"Like hell," Hino muttered as he sat down on the chair. He extended his hand out and brought out a bouquet.

Her eyes brightened. "How beautiful!"


"Thank you, Hino."

"Did Sano do something just now? He left a mark on your neck."

At that comment, she put the flowers down. She placed her hand on her neck and turned to the bedside table's mirror to confirm his words. A troubled look appeared on her face when she saw that. "Yuhi-san will get angry."

"Your reaction is low."

"I dated Sano for quite some time. I know his behavior patterns and mood swings very well. He often did this in the past." Sumire kept sighing. It seems like that man has not changed. But just now, she saw something in his eyes.

"I see."

Sumire raised her eyebrows when she saw how quiet he was. Why is everybody around her acting so strange today? "Did you know I was pregnant too?" She decided to change the topic as swiftly as she could.

"Yeah. I have an older sister; when she was pregnant, she showed the same symptoms as you. Also," He looked down at the ground. "When I investigated you, I found out."

At that comment, Sumire looked at him even more puzzled. How did he find that out during his investigation? It's not like she ever visited the hospital and left such records— visit the hospital? She visited it plenty, but she did so when she checked up on Ru. Who would occasionally tell her to do some blood tests, and get some other tests done? 

Back then, she assumed that he only did it because he worried about her health. Could it be that he knew? How could he, the short amount of time when they did it, and his accident wasn't too far away. How did he think to check those things?

But if it were like that, then it makes sense. "No wonder you treat me like a gentleman when you're cruel to other girls."

Hino rubbed the back of his neck. "Even if you weren't, I would still treat you well. Your not a bad person, after all."

She chuckled when she heard the end of his sentence. Indeed it seems like she has underestimated this man a great deal. But there is plenty of time to fix that and learn things about him.

"So, how do you feel?"

"It doesn't feel real to me." Sumire sighed. "If I am what four months pregnant, why does it not show? I don't understand this very well. How come I didn't notice?"

"Maybe because you never thought about it?"

It cant be that simple. Sure, a lot happened in the last few months, but is this not too much?

"Sumire, you went through severe mental trauma and strain after the incident. Of course, you wouldn't think of being pregnant. It was hard for you just to survive every day." Hino trailed off and extended his hand out. He patted her hair. "Don't blame yourself for not noticing, okay?"

Whenever Hino pats his hair like this, it reminds her of her elder brother. He was cold-hearted to others, and he did not hold back against her either. But she often recalls moments where he would pat her hair to comfort her.

Her older brother, huh? It seems strange thinking of him now. After the accident, Sumire tried not to think of her family. She did not attend the funeral, either. She already decided that she would strengthen her resolve.

.From now on she is alone, there is nobody else there for her. No matter how close she becomes with other people, they will never compare to her family. The things her family could do for her, nobody else will be able to do it.

Despite the strained relationship and atmosphere at times, those people were her family. They let her live under their roof, gave her food, clothes, and anything she wanted. They gave her everything, but in the end, she could never repay them.

'If only I spoke up back then. If I told them what I really thought, would my situation change?'

"Say Hino, where's your family?"

"My family?" Hino repeated. "Right now there's only Yuhi."

Sumire immediately understood. So this person is going through a bad family situation too. "You see Yuhi as your family?"

"Is that bad?"

Chapter 179 - I Have To Face The Truth

Before Sumire could ask him anything else, the doors opened, revealing Yuhi carrying a bag. Sumire blinked, but then she caught a whiff of the items. "Give me."

Yuhi chuckled. "You still have a craving for these, huh?"

"Yuhi," Hino said sharply.

"Pregnant women get cravings. Sumire craves these pastries the same time every day."

Sumire tilted her head confused. Is that why she gets cravings for random things recently? Well, whatever it was, she opened the bag up, and inside was the usual pastries.

"Don't eat so fast; there are plenty."

"Yuhi." Sumire extended one towards him.

He bent down and ate the piece of pie from her fingers. Her eyes widened at this action of his. Thump-thump, Sumire felt the rapid sound of her heartbeat again. It felt stupid getting nervous, but she glanced over at Yuhi and saw a foolish smile.

This is him; he is different. Is it truly fine to accept him and give him everything? If she were to do that and he left her like all the others did, what would she do then? She still had her doubts. But one of the reasons she accepted him was Ru. Ru would not allow her to go to somebody who did not treasure and care for her.

Sumre buried her face in his arms, dropping the other pie she was about to eat.

"Ah, what are you doing? That's a waste..." 


"Hino, leave us alone for a moment."

Hino stood up and left without saying another word. She could not miss the clouded look in his eyes. Maybe she shouldn't have asked him that. But she wanted to test him a bit.

The moment Hino left, she pulled Yuhi onto the bed until he was on top of her. "My dear, what kind of games are you playing?"

"Mm." Sumire traced his lips with her hands. "I like it when you make an effort to spoil me."

Yuhi sighed. "Well, I wanted to get some fresh air and think for a bit."

"What were you thinking?"

"How to make that pie, so you don't have to bother me to go there."

Sumire laughed when she heard his words. Honestly, this person. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, and she buried her face there.


"Yeah?" She felt his large hands gently caress her back. "What is it?"

"I want you to know that I really like you." She liked him for the longest time, but she could not say anything. "Even if I become a monster, I will still like you."

Eventually, she has to face it, the truth.

"I know already, don't be so silly. Finish your food up."

Sumire paused when she heard his sensible reply. "Yuhi-san, here I am trying to make a move on you, but you're pushing me away?"

At that comment, Yuhi raised his eyebrow and sighed. "Why are you even making a move on me? You need to rest."

Sumire pouted. "Fine then." She let go of him and buried her face under the blankets instead.

At that comment, she suddenly heard movement. Yuhi wrapped his arms around her. "You know I am just nervous, Sumire. What am I supposed to do if you act this way?"

Nervous? Yuhi is? It never crossed her mind that Yuhi would get nervous. After all, he is as equally as bold as her. He is equally as bold and equally as clumsy, honestly, what are they both doing right now? It does not make any sense anymore.

She can't let him get any more involved. Sumire tried to push it to the back of her mind. But it was hard for her to forget about that blood-stained letter. Shortly after the accident and she locked herself up in Rus home, that letter - no several blood-stained letters arrive.

This was one of the reasons why she did not want Yuhi to get involved in this. It seems like this is more serious than anything they faced before; she also recalled Shin's words. That organization is openly targeting her. He learned that from his recent job at the SF.

If she continues to get attached to Yuhi like this, there is no doubt that he will get hurt. But if she were to let him go, won't he do something careless just to get her attention?

Sumire turned around and buried her face in his arms. Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her closer.

"I understand that you don't want me in danger, Sumire."

Huh? Her eyes widened when she heard his words.

"But you should know something. The reason why Hino is sheltering me is because I did something stupid in the past. Something that will potentially harm me, that's why it is stupid for you to protect me. I know your thinking of my safety, but the people I offended are just as bad."

Sumire blinked. Exactly who did Yuhi offend? This man, what is he doing when she isn't with him? Back then, she did not have the kind of relationship with Yuhi like she does now. It would be difficult for her to intervene in his matters.

"The organization after you, and the one who hunted me down several years ago are most likely related. But even then we do not have enough information. If we act carelessly and the general public finds out about superpowers amid investigating, there will be a riot."

Indeed, this isn't a simple matter. But that is exactly why, why she has to get involved. If it is something complicated, she should be able to solve it. Up till now, that is how things have worked.

"What will you do?"

For now, she could not reply, almost like he understood. Yuhi brushed his lips against her forehead.

"Sumire, I don't mind you having Mamoru's child. Bit," His lips curve to a devilish smile. "-- you'll have more with me, right?"

Sumire looked at him, dumbfounded. 'He's so shameless!'

"Yuhi-san your--" Her sentence fell short when he pushed her down onto the bed.

"I want to kiss you. Will you let me?"

"Why are you even asking?"

Yuhi kissed her forehead gently. "I don't want you to hate me."

"I won't hate you. I like you."

"So, I hear."

He then gave her what he called an adult-like kiss. Strange enough, she didn't mind it.


Chapter 180 - A Treasure

Following morning, Iro Road High School

"I already told you to go back to Star town!" Sumire exclaimed. "So why on earth am I hearing that your having a concert here?"

The person on the other end of the phone is Tachibana Masaru.

"Lady your so cruel, why can't it be here?"

Sumire sighed. "Are you doing this on purpose?"

There was a pause followed by laughter. Sumire clenched her fist. Whenever she spoke to this person, she would end up getting angry.

"Anyhow, lady, something exciting will happen soon. We will see each other then." With those words said, he cut the line off.

That person--! Ah, forget it; there is no use getting mad. Besides her gaze darted towards her stomach, it will not be good for the little one. She still found it surreal.

Sumire felt herself getting drowsy and looked around for a quiet area. She found some benches right at the side and quickly sat down. Yuhi hasn't told the school about it, but if they find out, the situation could escalate.

Should she find an excuse to take leave from school for a while? She could ask Atsuro. He is definitely around, and Shin is always sneaking around these days. But if she were to ask him, it would mean having to meet with him. That is something she wants to avoid for as long as possible.

Sumire pulled out her sketchpad from her bag and sighed. When she went out the other day, she thought she saw him and managed to capture the back of someone similar. If he is coming to see her without saying a word, she will get mad too.

But does she even have the right to meet with him after saying such hurtful sounding things? This is too complicated. But if it is that person he should know, shouldn't he? Shin mentioned a key to Rus investigation notebook. He said no matter where they looked; they could not find it.

A key, huh? It felt like she may have seen something like that before, but right now, she could not think where. She felt very tired, and she wanted to see Yuh-- her thoughts broke off when she saw an approaching figure.

"Mmmmm, hey." Yuhi took a seat beside her and slumped his head on her shoulders. "Five minutes."

Sumire laughed. "Good boy, you went to class."

"Where were you?"

"Mmm, I got asked to help the freshman." Sumire caressed his soft black hair. "I missed you Yuhi."

"Well, if that's the case." He lifted his head and cupped her cheeks. "Let's do something exciting." 


"Like me kissing you senseless."


Yuhi blinked. "You sure?"

"I said I'm fine with it. Don't make me repeat myself."

Yuhi lowered his face and gently kissed her lips. She wonders what this person is trying to do to her, she goes crazy when she is around him. Then again maybe it's okay to go crazy and lose it for awhile. Since Ru passed away, she hasn't had time to relax. But ever since she met Yuhi again, she is gradually returning to how she was before.

If it's this person, he will accept everything about her. 'I already knew that from the beginning though.' But due to the Sano incident, she ended up not trusting others.

"Yuhi, stop for a moment."

At that comment he drew back. "You okay?"

"I just need to catch my breath." She trailed off. "--and remember were outside." Sumire didn't realize the cafeteria was visible from here until half way.

Yuhi sighed. "Well, that part doesn't bother me."

Sumire felt her cheeks grow hot understanding what he meant. "Dummy."

"Yes, I'm a dummy. But lately, your becoming too popular. That news article was a bad idea. Now many people come here just to get a glimpse of you. Most of them being guys."

He seems genuinely bothered by it. Even though she won't look at other guys.



She likes burying her face into his neck. This way she can smell him -- she paused in mid-thought. 'I probably shouldn't say this out loud.'

"I know you're getting comfortable. But your phone is ringing."

Sumire tu

rned her attention to the phone on her side, then back to Yuhi. She quickly switched it off. "Mmmm, continue?"

"Such a selfish girl."

She likes him so much.

"Quit sniffling me for a second."

"But it's nice."

Sumire quickly realized what she said but Yuhi didn't make fun of her. "Yuhi...I like you so much."

"Your so honest these days." Yuhi gently caresses her hair. "Do you need anything?"

"I'm not craving anything today."

Yuhi kissed her lips. "Not even me?"

She leaned forward and kissed him back. "I do crave something."

He laughed. "So good. Well, I am glad that you're being more open with me. I told you before that you can rely on me and stuff. But, also you can do whatever you want to me too."

"Whatever I want?" Sumire mumbled.

"Mmm, whatever you want love."

She does want to try something. But unfortunately they are in school so it will have to wait. Yuhi however brushed his lips against her ear.

"I don't mind."

Lately it feels like her desires towards this person has increased a lot. 'What has changed?'

"Sumire, don't kiss me there." At some point she found herself kissing his neck.

"Nnnhh, but I want to."

"Damn, what are you doing to me? Don't do this stuff Sumire, you'll make me want you."

"I'm sorry, is it bad?"

"It's not like that." Yuhi trailed off and gently ran his hands through her back. "I just don't want you to regret anything."

"But I like you."

'In my head I'm trying to remind myself. Yuhi went out with plenty of other girls before. So it's normal that he is experienced.' Thump, thump - Sumire felt her heart beat again. But this time around this beating felt painful. What is this?

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi let's go of her. "Sorry, let me answer this call for a second."

Sumire nodded.

"Don't give me that crap, I told you to leave me alone. Hah? I don't care if Touko sent you."

Despite Yuhi talking in English, Sumire immediately understood when she heard the last sentence. 'Touko?' Isn't that Yuhi's ex girlfriend.

Yuhi sighed. "We've already broken up. Whoever I date now has nothing to do with her. I can paint the way I want yo without restrictions." Yuhi scoffed. "So why would I regret things?"

At that comment Sumire extended her hand out. To her surprise Yuhi pulled her into his arms.

"My new girlfriend is cuter, smarter and ten times better at art than her. So, please tell me what is there to regret?"

Cute? Sumire blinked at the unfamiliar term.

With a few more exchanges Yuhi angrily hung up the phone. However his anger vanished when she held him tightly.

"Sorry about that."

"Your ex girlfriend?"

"Saw the news and wanted us to break up. She said something like 'The Yuhi I know doesn't paint such gentle pictures.' She criticized it a lot."

Sumire paused. "What's wrong with painting gentle pictures?"

"For her it's a sign of weakness."

A sign of weakness?

"Think of it like this. When your singing, you try to convey your current emotions. It's the same with art. People who paint gentle pictures are usually very kind hearted. For Touko, being kind means people can step all over you. I don't disagree with that logic, I've had it happen to me before. The moment I let my guard down, people used and threw me away like garbage."

Sumire tried to look at his expression but Yuhi wouldn't let her.

"I don't want that to ever happen again. So I painted dark images that showed how cruel my mindset. Powerful pictures that would frighten people."


"But, I want that to change. Even if people try to take advantage of me now. I will know I'm not garbage."

"How will you know?"

"Because I have a treasure at my side."