✍️✍️✍️✍️ 🖤🔞 HOLY SH!T🥵🔥 (Head Over Heels...) Chapter 43 - Final Chapter ✍️✍️✍️✍️


(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾




Wanted's motorcycle rode into the compound. He parked in his doorstep and Everly got down from the motorcycle.

"Thanks." She said hastily and made to walk away when Wanted held her back.

"I'm still waiting for your response." He said and Everly furrowed her brows, feigning ignorance.

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

"You know better." He said with a mischievous smile.

"And I'm saying I don't know what you're talking about." She said stubbornly and Wanted chuckled, drawing her closer.

"Just know I won't control myself anymore." He said and she gulped down.

"And I'll always keep reminding you that you're mine." He whispered to her ears, and she froze for a moment.

"Go now. Your dad is waiting." He let go off her hand and she rushed inside.

Wanted chuckled.



Daphne placed a soft knock on the door and her calm voice gave a simple reply, "Come in."

Daphne looked at Rissa and Everly, then she pushed the door open and the three walked in.

"Daphne?" Miss Penelope called with a smile, seeing her.

"Good day ma'am." The three greeted.

"Good day dear." She replied and they nodded.

"You can seat." She said and they took their seat.

"So what brings you here Daphne. I don't think I'm having a class with you guys today, am I?" She asked and Daphne shook her head.

She was actually the Miss Penelope's course rep.

"No ma'am. That's not why we're here." Daphne said and Miss Penelope nodded.

"It's actually the assignment... Concerning Mrs Lina Garcia." She added.

"Oh... I already cancelled the assignment. You shouldn't-"

"That's entirely different from why we're here." Daphne cut her off.


"How do you know Mrs Lina Garcia?" Daphne asked, looking very serious.

Penelope arched her brows looking at her.



"Hah." Jerry sighed in defeat as he lost to Max.

"I told you, you can't beat me in this game." Max smirked, grabbing all his money.

They were actually gambling.

"It's alright babe." The bítch beside Jerry said and kiss his lips. He smiled kissing her back.

"Who else wants to compete with me?" Max with a smirk.


Just then the door of the hall bursted open and Elvis walked in. His facial expression wasn't friendly at all.

"Elvis! What a surprise visit." Max said when he got to them.

"What's with the look? Were you sent to kíll one of us?" Jerry asked and they laughed.

"Where's Viper?" He asked coldly and Max chuckled.

"Why asking like you're new here?" He asked and Elvis glared at him, before walking into Viper's room.

"Geez!, He's always acting like a ghost." Max said and they laughed.

"So where were we? Oh, you wanted to compete with me, let's go..." 



Elvis walked into the room without knocking and met Viper with four girls on him.

One was giving him a bj, and two were massaging his body while the last one had him all to herself. They were smooching and smoking.

"TF! How dare- Elvis?" He called.

"I was about calling you, but you're already here." He chuckled but Elvis didn't smile at all.

"I want to speak with you Viper... Alone." He said the last word seriously.

"Hah- Girls." Viper called and the girls stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

"Leave daddy for now okay." He said and the girls nodded with a smile and walked away after wearing their clothes.

"What's wrong Elvis?" Viper asked buckling his belt as he stood up from the bed.

He picked up his alcohol and the powder substance (Indian hemp) he was inhaling and began walking to his couch.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked, his voice very deadly and emotionless.

Viper paused on his track and turned to face him.



"I have no close relationship with her. I just happen to stumble on an old newspaper where I read her story. It sounded so absurd and untrue, like a cooked up story so I had to ask you guys to investigate it but since she already passed away. What's the use?" Penelope asked.

"There's a use." Daphne said.

"Why are you interested in her case anyways?" Penelope asked and Daphne sighed.

"Thanks for the information. We'll leave now." Daphne said and they stood up.


They left before she could say any other thing.

"Ha... What should we do next?" Everly asked as they walked down the hallway.

"How do we get more information about Mrs Lina?" Rissa asked.

"There's only one way we can do that and that's the police station." Daphne said.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Everly asked.

"I mean, from what we know. It's no doubt that they kílled Mrs Lina because they found out we were interested in her case and if we go to the police station to ask of her personal info it will definitely raise more suspicious eye." She added and Daphne nodded her head.

"You're right Everly." She muttered.

"Then I have to come up with another plan as soon as possible." She added.

"Right??" Rissa said and she nodded.

"Yes and that will be very fast coz-" She paused when she saw Lewis from the far end, entering the basketball court.

"I'll be right back girls." She said and scurried off before they could say a word.

"Where is she running off to?" Everly asked.

"To Lewis her crush of course. My baby is crushing real hard." Rissa said smiling foolishly.

"Crush? Tomboys do crush too?" Everly asked and Rissa chuckled.

"You can ask her when she comes, I've got no answer for that... I also have to go see my crush yunno." She said, flipping her hair.

"That reminds me, you still haven't told me who he is." Everly pouted.

"It's a secret baby girl." Rissa smirked.

"C'mon, pleaseee." Everly pouted cutely, making a puppy face.

"That won't work on me, try something else." Rissa said and Everly bit her lower lip.

Geez. She smiled as an idea popped in her head. She rushed to Rissa who had continue walking and began tinkling her.

"Ah! Stop... Stop it Everly. It's kílling me!... Ahh!" She laughed.

"Will you tell me or not?" Everly asked.

"Fine!" Rissa gave up and Everly freed her.

"You're such a curious cat." She sighed and Everly smiled.

She tucked her hair behind her ear, waiting for Rissa to spill the beans when her eyes suddenly darted forward and she saw Marcus.

Her eyes widened.

"It's-" She flew to a corner hiding there.

Rissa furrowed her brows.

"What's wrong Everly?" She asked walking to her.

"Marcus...  He's coming. I don't wanna see him." She said and Rissa frowned.

She looked around the whole place and turned her.

"And where did you see Marcus?" She asked, confused.

"He's there. I saw him." She said and Rissa slapped her forehead.

She dragged Everly out of her hiding spot.

"Rissa ple-"

"Do you see Marcus around??" She asked and Everly looked around but she didn't see Marcus. The boy she thought was Marcus wasn't him.

She slapped her head in frustration.

"I thought it was-"

"Don't tell me you've started hiding from him." Rissa said and she sighed.

"What can I do? I plan on hiding from the two." She said and Rissa arched her brows in surprise..




"Where's he?" She asked herself as she walked into the empty basketball court. 

She thought she saw him walking in here? So where could he be?

"Nah." She shook her head and made to walk away when she sighted his bag on a bench.

"I was right after all." She released a small smile and walked to the bench were his bag was laying. A book was placed on it.

She picked the book and it turned out to be a drawing book.

"Wow, he draws as well." She muttered and began flipping through the book and admiring his artwork.

"He's so good at it." She smiled.

"Weren't you taught against going through people's things without their permission?" Lewis asked behind her and she gasped in surprise.

She slowly turned to face him, hiding the drawing book behind her.

"Let me have it." He said and she raised a brow.

"Have what?" She asked, feigning ignorance.

He shook his head and walked to her, then he collected the drawing book from her.

"Oh, were you talking about that?" She asked and but he didn't reply.

"You're really good at drawing, I must say." She said as he sat on the bench.

She sat down beside him.

"I didn't ask you to sit." He said, not looking at her.

"I know. No one asked you to sit but you sat down, so same here." She shrugged and Lewis looked at her surprised.

He shook his head, ignoring her. He brought out his pencil and made to continue drawing, tho he was just shading his half finished drawing.

"You draw from your imagination?" She asked but no response.

"Wow, that's good. I wish I can draw too. Yunno drawing is a talent which I don't have but admire." She said and Lewis faced her with a glare.

"Am I talking too much? That's just my nature." She chuckled and Lewis shook his head.

"Do you know when I was a child I wanted to-" 

"Shut up!" He shouted and she chuckled.

"For a moment I forgot you were not dumb." She said and he rolled his eyes.

"But why don't you like talking too much, I know you to be talkative. Right from highschool, you used to-" Lewis held her lips, stopping her from uttering another word.

Daphne smiled and touched his hand. "I fell get to feel your hand." She said and Lewis quickly let go of her lips.

She smiled.

"Actually, my birthday is on Friday. I'll be expecting a gift from. You can make a drawing of me, right?" She asked and Lewis didn't reply.

Daphne chuckled standing up. "I'll be expecting my gift and it was nice talking to you. Have a nice day." She said and began walking out.

Lewis stared at her retreating figure and a sigh escaped his lips.



"Get down." Wanted instructed as he stopped his bike in front of the hostel.

Twilight slowly got down from his motorcycle. She was wearing his hoodie which he handed to her.

"Remember you dare not voice this out to anyone unless you want your name to be history." He warned sternly and Twilight nodded slowly.

She never knew he was this dangerous. Now she regretted messing with him. She lost her virginity to some freaking b@stard. It was so disheartening but she dare nit utter a word.

Wanted scoffed before riding away.

Twilight blinked the tears that was slowly filling her eyes as she began walking to her hostel.

Her face was covered in the hoodie so it was hard for the students to recognize her.

She got to their room to meet Winter and Butter, they immediately recognized her the moment they saw.

"Twilight!" Butter called rushing to hug her.

"Butter." Twilight cried in her arms whilst Butter patting her back.

Winter scoffed at the drama, still pressing her phone.



Immediately Everly got out of the restaurant when someone pulled her to corner.

She gasped and almost screamed but stopped when she saw him.

"Why are you always like this?" She asked tiredly and Wanted smirked.

"You made me this way." He winked, brushing the stands of hair on his face backwards.

Everly gulped down, pressing her lips tightly, then she bit her lower lips.

"Remember I told you I'm not gonna control myself whenever you tempt me." He smirked and she immediately released her lips.

"But I do not do it intentionally." She said lowly, looking down at her feet.

Wanted chuckled and held her chin, raising her face to his gaze.

"I know. It's a habit of yours." She said and she bit her lips again and he chuckled before leaning closer.

She shuddered, feeling his hot breath on her neck, giving her a tinkling sensation.

"And I like it." He whispered to her ears.

Slowly, he took a handful of her hair, pouring it on the other side of her neck and he brought the hand sleeve down, revealing her shoulder.

Everly rubbed her sweaty palms against each other, wondering what he was doing.

Her breath hitch as she felt his warm tongue on her neck. He nibbled on it slowly sucking it. 

Her head fell to the other side at the new found feeling. Butterflies hosted a party in her stomach and her legs wobbled, suddenly feeling weak to carry her weight as he teased her with his tongue.

Wanted wrapped his hand around her waist, to support her standing as he kept smooching her neck down to her collarbone, giving her several hickeys.

"Wan...Ted..." She didn't know when she moaned his name and Wanted broke the smooch with a smile.

"You finally called my name... Alone." He said and Everly looked away shyly.

He chuckled and whispered into her ears. "There are so many naughty things I wanna do with you, but not now. First I have to teach you what you ought to know." He smirked, slowly covering her shoulders and she gulped down.

He look at the hickeys on her neck.

"These are my marks of possession." He smirked.

"Let's go." He said holding her hand and Everly smiled.

They had walked some metres away from the restaurant when Everly noticed something.

"Your... Your motorcycle?" She asked and Wanted smiled.

"I felt like walking you home today. Have a problem with that?" He asked and she shook her head.


He suddenly stopped walking and turned to her with a pout. 

"Call my name, just once please." He said and she chuckled.


"Please." He blinked cutely and she laughed.

"Okay Mr Wanted." She said and he shook his head.

She sighed. She don't know why but she really didn't like calling him Wanted, she prefers sir Wanted or Mr Wanted to it. His name sounded so weird to her.

"Wanted." She called and Wanted smiled broadly.

"Yes!" He squealed, hugging her tightly taking her by surprise.

"Thank you." He said when he broke the hug.

"You're something else. What an absurd name." She said and he nodded.

"I know right?" He said as they resume walking.

"But seriously, don't you have another name? I mean... Wanted cannot be your name, can it?" She asked and he nodded.

"You're right." He said.

"Then what's your real name?" He asked and Wanted smiled.

"It's-" He paused looking at her face, thick curious lines were drawn on it.

"I'm not telling you now." He said and her face fell.

"Why?" She pouted.

"You'll have to do something to impress me if you really want to know my real name." He said and Everly gritted her teeth.

"To hell with your name." She sneered and began walking away.

Wanted chuckled following her. "Wait for me!"



"Ever!" Her dad squealed hugging her tightly as soon as she stepped into the house.

"Dad... What's up with the excitement?" She asked curiously, noticing her dad's face which was filled with smiles.

"Guess what Ever." He said and Everly chuckled.

"You know I suck at guessing dad. Just tell already." She said and her dad smiled.

"Actually, your dad got a job." He announced and Everly's eyes widened.

"Wow, that's a good news." She said, hugging her dad.

Her dad nodded.

"Tho, it's a menial job. But the pay is good." He said and Everly smiled.

"What's the job?" She inquired.

"Gardener for the Flores." He announced and Everly's face fell.

"Gardener?? Isn't that a bit stressful?" She asked and he shook his head.

"I can manage Ever." He assured and Everly sighed, her eyes suddenly widened as if recalling something.

"Did you say Flores?" She asked and her dad nodded.

"Isn't that Daphne's surname?" She muttered.

"What's wrong?" Her dad asked.

"Nothing, it just happens to be the same as my friend's surname." She said and her dad nodded.

"Okay, you should go freshen up, you need to rest." Her dad said stroking her hair.


"You must be tir-" He paused when he noticed something.

His eyes widened when he saw hickeys on her neck.

"Ever? What's this on your neck?" He asked and Everly's eyes widened remembering Wanted's words.




 ðŸ–¤ðŸ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



"Wh- what??"

"The last time I checked. You only have poor eye sight, or have you suddenly developed ear malfunction as well?" He asked and she gulped.

She touched her neck and rushed to rushed to the nearest mirror. Her eyes widened when she saw the redness on her neck.

"Oh my God! It's still here, Ahh! It hurts." She pretended to be in pains holding her neck.

"What happened Ever?" Her dad asked, walking to her.

"I got stung by a bee early today. I thought the redness must have reduced... It hurts." She winced.

"Bee?? How come? I mean-"

"Ahh! I'm in so much pain dad. Can you please get me a balm to apply on it? Please... Ah!" She yelped and her dad slowly nodded, walking inside.

Everly heaved a sigh of relief. She can't believe she lied to her dad again... Geez.


<3DC ** LH>

🗣️ Whoa! Twilight is back!

🗣️ She looks stunning, as always.

🗣️ Is it just me, but why do I feel they split up?

🗣️ Same here, Winter seems to be drifting away from them.

The students murmured amongst themselves as Twilight and Butter walked into the class. Winter was already there.

Twilight simply smiled at the students, eye searching the class like she was looking for someone. Immediately she saw her, she smiled walking towards her with Butter following her.

Everly and the girls furrowed their brows when they stopped right in front of their desk.

"Hi Everly." She said in a surprisingly calm tone that was weird.


"Why are you here?" Daphne cut in, her interruption very rude.

Twilight chuckled lightly.

"I know, you have every right to be angry at me considering the awful things I did to you, so... I have come... To apologize. I'm... I'm... I'm sorry." She said, as if the last part was very difficult for her.

🗣️ I think I've got faults with my ear.

🗣️ Same here, is this Twilight apologizing??

Rissa closed her eyes and opened it, she shook her head to be sure she wasn't dreaming... Hell no! It was f**king real.

Everly blinked... 'Did she hit her head somewhere or what?' She thought.

"We're sincerely sorry Ever... Please forgive us." Butter pleaded and Everly batted her lashes.

If this a dream, then she doesn't wanna wake up.

"Wow... Wow!" Someone said behind them, clapping her hands.

"Another charade, wonderful! I love this!" She exclaimed and Twilight and Butter turned to see Winter clapping with a fake smile on her face.

"What's this Winter? You should be with us, what have come over you?" Butter asked and Winter scoffed before walking to Twilight.

She stopped right in front of her, staring directly into her eyes. "Wow Twilight, you never seem to surprise me. Another fake apology, really?" She asked and Twilight furrowed her brows in confusion.

"What do you mean by fake apology Winter? I'm truly sorry for all the bad things I've done. I wanna change." She said and Winter scoffed.

"Change?? Wow, you really wanna change after all the contemptible things you've done. Really, is that how disgusting you are?" She asked and Twilight furrowed her brows.

"What do you mean?" 

"Don't act dumb with me you bítch! After killing my best friend, you wanna change wítch! Do you think I'm gonna take that?!" She barked like an insane woman.

The students gasped in surprise.

🗣️ What's she spurting out?

"What are you talking about Winter? Which best friend?" Butter asked and Winter chuckled.

"Does the name Maria Smith brings a bell?" She asked and the two's eyes widened.

Maria Smith!



Maria Smith was Winter's best friend in highschool. She was an ugly girl from a poor background and that made Butter and Twilight hated her.

They made life unbearable for and only Winter was her friend. She stood by her and gave her the support she needed as a friend but Twilight did something disheartening to her.

She made a s*x tape of her and uploaded it on the school's blog and that broke Maria. She got hate from the students, she was expelled from the school. Her parents were very mad at her and they threatened to disown her. No one believed she was innocent and they all turned their back on her.

Only Winter was there for her but that wasn't enough for her. She was been ridicule and was used to sight a bad example. Not been able to bear the shame again, Maria committed sucíde.

And winter lost her only best friend for life.

She hated Twilight and Butter because of that and she promised to avenge her death. In order to achieve that, she became friends with them in their final grade as she was also from a rich home, it wasn't difficult being their friends and since then she has been looking for way to get evidence against them but the girls were smart enough to eliminate every evidence that could be used against them.


"Just know I won't stop until I avenge my friend's death, got it!!"

Winter shouted before running out of the room.

They actually dragged her here.

"Damnit! Why didn't I think of this since??" Twilight asked no one.

"A mess."



Daphne checked the address on the piece of paper she was with and checked the one on the wall.

The same.

She exhaled before placing a light knock on the door. The door opened and a young lady appeared.

"Good evening ma'am." She greeted and the lady nodded.

"Good evening, how can I help you?" The woman asked.

"You're Anna Mark, Lina's best friend right??" She asked and the woman looked at her.

"Are you a cop as well? Why are you here?" She asked and Daphne was about replying when someone appeared at the door.

Her eyes widened.



Daphne was surprised when her dad informed her that he was gonna be hosting a birthday party for her in their house. As per this, her friends were invited and the mansion was filled with students from 3DC.

"Happy birthday Daphne!"

"Happy cake day birthday girl." Rissa said in a manly voice, walking in with Everly. 

The three laughed.

"Thank you girls... you both look stunning by the way." Daphne complimented.

"You can say that again." Rissa said, flipping her hair backwards.

They were dressed simply but breathtakingly.

Everly was wearing a simple black off shoulder gown, her hair let loosed and curled at the end. She wasn't wearing glasses. She wore a moderate size heel and was holding on to a silver purse. She wasn't on make up, yet she was a sight to behold.

While Rissa was wearing a blue crop t-shirt which exposed her flat tummy and a matching pair of blue mini skirt to go with it. She wore a white trainers and a white socks in it.

"Let's go enjoy the party." Daphne said holding their hands. She was filled with all smiles. This is gonna be the first time she'd be celebrating her birthday party with her friends. She never celebrated it coz of her dad. 

She was so happy that her dad finally let her celebrate it.

"Wait, don't tell me you're wearing this on your own birthday party." Rissa said, finally taking notice of her cloth.

She was wearing a baggy trousers and a big polo shirt on a white sneakers.

"Of course, what does it looks like?" Daphne rolled her eyes and Everly chuckled.

"Aiish, not today of all days you hoyden!" Rissa gritted, holding her hand tightly.

"Let's go." She instructed and made to drag her away when...

"Happy birthday Daphne!" Butter and Twilight said behind them and they turned around.

Daphne scoffed.

"I didn't remember inviting sore faces here." She said and Rissa nudged at her.

Twilight and Butter chuckled, like her word meant nothing to them.

"Don't tell me you're wearing this on your own birthday party Miss tomboy." Butter teased.

"Not funny." Daphne said dryly and Rissa pressed her hand.

"Don't mind Daphne, she's changing this right away. Let's go!" Rissa said like she was her mother, dragging her upstairs.

Everly made to follow them when Twilight called her back.

"I'm sorry Everly, for everything. Please for forgive me." She pleaded and Everly smiled at them.

"I already forgave you since, I really didn't hold any grudge against you and I'm happy that you'll stop bullying." Everly said with a smile.

"Thank you." The two said and Everly nodded.

"So we can be friends right?" They asked.

"Are we enemies?" Everly asked and they chuckled.



"Aren't you going to Daphne's birthday party?" Lex asked, coming out of his room already dressed.

"No." Sienna simply said, her eyes glued to TV.

"Don't tell me you're still sulking." Lex said and she scoffed.

"Sulking? Of course not. I just can't go." She said with a shrug.


"I'll appreciate if you don't ask." Sienna said and Lex shrugged.

"Suit yourself, I'm off." He said and left.

She picked up her phone, scrolling through her contacts. She couldn't attend Daphne's birthday even if she wanted to... She doesn't wanna see that old man's face.

Just then, a call came in. "Mom." She muttered seeing the caller's ID.

She simply swiped green. "Mom-"

"Don't tell me you're not coming for your sister's birthday Sienna? Do you know how happy she would be if you come, this will cement you both's relationship. Elsie isn't coming and you also aren't coming, really?" Her mom's angry voice blared on the phone that Sienna was forced to put the phone away from her ears before she damages it.

"I can't come mom." She said nonchalantly.


"Come to think of it mom, why would that old man let Daphne host a birthday party knowing how much he hates her, don't you find this whole thing fishy?" She asked and her mom scoffed.

"I find nothing fishy here. In fact you're the one who's attitude is fishy, really?" Her mom complained.

"I'm in no mood for this mom, please. I'll talk to you later, bye." She said.

"Sienna, hold on, don't you-" And she hung up.

"Ha..." She exhaled before dialling Daphne's number and to her amazement, she picked up at the third ring.

She smiled, "Hey baby sis." She said.

"A mistake phone call?" Daphne asked instead and Sienna chuckled.

"C'mon stop it, can't I call my kiddo anymore?" She asked and she held Daphne sighed.

"Was thinking."

"Happy 21st birthday sweetie, much love." She said.

"I doubt." Daphne said and she chuckled.

"Can you loosen up a little bit? You're too stiff." She said and Daphne chuckled.

Sienna smiled, she finally got to hear her chuckle after a long time, even tho she couldn't see her, she was happy.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to come." She apologized.

"No new thing. That's what you and Elsie have been doing." Daphne said over the phone.

"C'mon, yunno I've always been there. Not to worry, I got you a gift. I'll send it to you okay." She said and just then she heard someone's foot steps.

"I'll talk to you later, bye." She said and hung up.

Without turning to see who it was, she already knew the person... Reddy.

Her gaze shifted to TV.

"Hey big head." Reddy said, sitting beside her and Sienna stood up to walk away but he held her wrist.

"Don't tell me you're still up with the silent treatment... Really?? What did I do wrong?" He asked, standing up.

Lex told him it was because of that day but he refused to believe. I mean, it's not today Sienna knows him to be a playboy so why would she suddenly pick offence. 

He missed their constant fights, their everyday quarrel and picking up on each other... She just started giving him a silent treatment which was making him feel guilty for what he knows nothing about.

"Let go." She said, coldly and Reddy shook his head.

"Not until you tell me what I did wrong." He said and Sienna scoffed.

"Really?? You wanna know?" She asked and he nodded she chuckled, shaking her head negatively.

"Let go." She said instead.

"I'm not gonna let go until you tell me what I did wrong. Why the silent treatment? How did I offend you? It's making me go crazy, you're not saying anything and it's making me feel guilty for what I know nothing about... What did I do wrong?" He asked and Sienna forcefully yanked her hands off him, and began walking closer to him.

"You really wanna know, isn't it?" She asked and he nodded.




"All done!" Rissa said when she was done with the finishing touches on her face.

"Wow!" Everly exclaimed.

"You look beautiful Daphne." She complimented and Daphne stood up.

She was wearing a white long sleeved gown which stopped on her thigh and the makeup made her look very beautiful.

"You owe me for this." 

"Whatever." Daphne rolled her eyes. But smiled when she saw her image on the mirror.

She missed this feminine version.

They went downstairs afterwards by then the living room was already filled up.

"Where's your dad Daphne?" Rissa asked, looking around.

"I can't find him, let me quickly go call him down." She said and just then Everly's father walked up to them.

"Dad!" Everly squealed hugging him tightly.

"Ever." He called stroking her hair.

"Is he your dad?" Rissa asked and Everly nodded.

"Wow... Good evening sir. I've been meaning to see you, I'm Everly's friend." Rissa introduced and her dad smiled.

"Rissa right, Ever really described you well." He said and they chuckled.

"What did she tell you about me?" Rissa asked.

"She said you're a talkative and-" 

"Dad!" Everly pressed his hand and he chuckled.

"Really Everly? I'm a talkative?" Rissa asked with a fake frown.

"Isn't that what you are?" Daphne scoffed and they laughed.

"Happy birthday Daphne." He wished and Daphne smiled.

"Thanks sir."

Just then her mom appeared.

"Mom, where's dad?" Daphne asked.

"Isn't he here yet?" She asked but she shook his head.

"Lemme quickly go call him." She said but Mr Wilson stopped her.

"Don't worry ma'am, I'll do that. I'm actually going that way." He said and they nodded.


He left.

"Enjoy the party sweetie, lemme quickly run around checking things." Her mom said and she nodded.

"Happy birthday Daphie!!" Lex squealed behind her. He was holding a package.

Daphne turned to him with a smile. His mouth dropped at the transformation.

"Thank you Lex." She said with a smile.

"You look really beautiful." He commented.

"Thanks to me." Rissa flaunted her hair.

"Here's your gift." He said and she smiled broadly collecting it.

"Thank you." 

"Hey girls." He waved at Rissa and Everly.

"Hi Lex."

"Why are you wearing suit like you're the celebrant?" She asked and he rolled his eyes.

"Duhh, my choice. Why did you dress more than the celebrant?" He asked and Daphne flipped her hair dramatically.

"Coz I'm the celebrant's bestie." She said and Everly chuckled while Daphne hissed.

"You wish." She muttered.

"Emotional damage." Lex chuckled.

"I hate you guys!" She squealed.

"Am I late?" Wanted asked from behind.

And they turned to him. He was wearing a ripped jean trouser and black designer shirt. He had changed his hair dye from red to black, and it was neatly brushed.

He wore a white sneakers on it.

"Sexy Prof." Rissa winked.

"That's the spirit baby girl. But it should be sexy Wanted instead. We're outside school." He winked at her and Rissa chuckled.

"Whoa! Who's this angel right here or am I perhaps in the wrong venue?" He asked and they chuckled.

"Happy birthday damsel." He said, stretching his hand for a handshake and Everly glared at him.

Why's he always being flirty?? 

She thought with a frown.

"Thank you Prof." She winked.

"Wanted would do." He smiled cutely and Everly scoffed.

"Someone is jealous." Rissa teased and they laughed.

"Whoa!, No one told me my heartbeat was a jealous fellow." He teased and Everly rolled her eyes.

"Errmm, let's go guys. Some people needs privacy." Rissa said and grabbed their Daphne and Lex's hand and began walking away.

Wanted held Everly's hand when she was about going with them.

He wrapped his hands around her waist, smiling mischievously.

"You look pretty as always, why don't we do something unholy." He whispered into her ears making her shudder at his words.




Mr Wilson climbed up the stairs and was now walking towards Mr Flores' room.

He got to the door which was slightly opened and was about opening the door when what he heard made him stop right on his track.

"Do whatever you know you will do, but no one should ever find out I kílled Mr Garcia and his wife." Mr Flores said to whoever it was on the phone.

His voice sounding very deadly and dangerous.

Mr Wilson froze at his spot, what did he just hear??

Mr Flores murdered someone?? Really??

"I'll handle my daughter, you take care of the rest. Kîll anyone if need be but my secret must never leak, got it?" He warned sternly.

Mr Wilson gasped, he staggered back and his hand hit the flower vase that was sitting on a cupboard beside his room and that attracted Mr Wilson.

He quickly ended the call and rushed to the door, he twisted the knob open and his eyes widened seeing...


(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



'Something unholy? What does he mean by that?' Her thoughts were interrupted when he lifted her off her feet, taking her to a nearby stool.

Everly arched her brows as he placed her on it. He smiled at her, a mischievous smile that made her wonder what he was up to. 

Her silent question was answered by his hand which ran on her thigh, slowly going underneath her gown.

She gasped when she felt his hand on her panties. Wanted smirked, leaning closer. Slowly, his lips met with her hers.

He smiled, smooching her lips. Everly found her eyelids closing on their own accord, like she was been cast a spell on. She tightened her hold on his shirt.

As he kissed her, his hands slithered through her panties and he shoved a finger into her tight hole.

Everly's eyes flew opened immediately and a surprise gasp almost escaped her lips but due to his lips in hers, it only released a muffle which could hardly be heard.

They weren't the only ones in pairs so it was difficult to decipher what was going on between this two.

Wanted smirked, diving his finger into her again and she squirmed. He chuckled breaking the kiss.

"Ah..." She moaned as his finger explored her tight walls while his tongue did magic to neckline.

"Oh..." She moaned again at the new found feeling.

Something in her told her what she was doing was wrong but, f**k it! She  couldn't stop him... For some reason, she liked what he was doing to her. The pleasure was one she couldn't fathom, like she was in cloud nine.

It appeared so weird to her but she loved it.

Her eyes rolled in it's socket and she squirmed as his tongue teased her neckline.

"Ouch..." She moaned as he stylishly added a finger. She felt her p*ssy getting wet at the steaminess, like she was about to pee.

"Ah... Wan...ted..." She moaned and that fueled him up. Hearing her moan his name, brought out a new energy in him.

"Ah... Gosh Wanted... I want to pee..." She said and Wanted shook his head.

"Not now kitten, not now." He said and he continued fingering her.

"Ah... hmm." 

"Ouch... I want to pee." She muttered.

"Not yet... Not-" Just then she orgasmed, wetting her panties and gown.

"F**k!" He grunted, removing his fingers from her.

"I told you not yet." He muttered before licking his fingers.

"Hmm... Juicy." Everly grimaced, was he licking that?...

"You're tasty kitten. Makes me hungry for more." He said and Everly frowned.

"Di-did you really lick that?" She asked and Wanted chuckled.

"Don't tell me... Geez, you're so naive." He said, cupping her cheeks.

"Guess, I'll have to teach you from the scratch my little kitten." He said, stroking her hair and she frowned.

"Little kitten?" 

"Yes, that's what you are... My little kitten." He said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Marcus was at a corner watching them. He balled his fingers into a fist. He felt like walking up there and punching the idiot's face, but no!

He couldn't. He was restrained from doing so.


"You?" Mr Flores questioned, looking at him surprisedly.

"S..sir." Mr Wilson stuttered with wide eyes. What he heard was still making him tremble in disbelief.

He was a murderer?!

"What did you hear?" Mr Flores' asked coldly.

"Me?? Hear?... I... I didn't hear anything... Believe me." He stuttered, shaking his head.

Mr Flores scoffed.

"I swear I heard nothing, I only came here to call you down... I'll go right now." He said slowly, making sure he doesn't stutter.

He turned around and began walking away when a perfectly built guy blocked him.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Not so fast Wilson." Mr Flores said from behind and before he could assimilate what was happening he was knocked out.



"You really wanna know, isn't it?" She asked and he nodded.



🗣️ OMG! Isn't that Sienna?

🗣️ She looks so beautiful today.

🗣️ Wow, damsel.

🗣️ So curvy!

The students complimented as Sienna walked into the class, she was wearing crop top and a sexy mini skirt exposing her thighs. She wore a black heels on it and her hair poured on her back.

"Wow, Sienna you look beautiful. Why don't you always dress like this?" Lex asked as she took a seat.

"I love your dress Sienna, I wish someone can imitate you and dress feminine for once." Rissa said, rolling her eyes at Daphne who glared at her.

Sienna turned to Reddy who didn't even act like he recognized her presence and that infuriated her because she dressed solely to impress him. He keeps calling her a man so she wanted to prove him wrong.

"What's with you and your phone?" She scoffed, grabbing the phone from him.

"Give me back!" He said and made to collect it when he noticed her dress. His face first went void of expression before he bursted into laughter.

"TF! Why are you wearing this? It doesn't suit at all, remove it... You're a guy period!" He laughed, and her face fell.

"This is hilarious." He laughed, grabbing his phone from her.

"Little advice, wipe up this make up and go back to your normal dressing, this doesn't suit you one bit." He whispered and she gritted. 

He resumed pressing his phone and she peeked at it to see him staring at a lady's photo...

"F**k you!!" She shouted before running out of the class.


"Since our childhood days of friendship, I've loved you Reddy. You've always been more than just a friend to me. I thought this feelings would go someday as it was just mere feelings but it keeps getting stronger with each passing day... I've been in love with you for long now but you never saw me like a woman whom you could love... You consider me a guy, you know how much that hurts?" She questioned, tearily and that shook Reddy.

"It hurts watching flirt with other girls, it hurts watching you compliment other girls but it's different in my own case. Tell me, do you really see me as a man? Am I not woman enough for you to love?" She inquired and Reddy stared at her speechlessly.

"What are you saying Sienna?" He asked, completely surprised.

"I'm saying that I love you Reddy! I love you so very much! But I know I'll never get the love back, I don't blame. I blame the f**king thing called heart... That's why I'm gonna keep avoiding you. Please don't make this too hard for me and simply stay away. I can never be the woman you want me to-" Sienna gasped as she felt his lips on hers and that gave him  entrance for his tongue into her mouth.

She batted her lashes in disbelief, was Reddy... Was Reddy really kissing her??

She thought with widened eyes, not wanting to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity, she raked her fingers into his hair, kissing him back.



"Ma'am, you have a package for you." A maid said handing Daphne a neatly wrapped package.

"Oh, Who is it from?" She asked, collecting the gift from her.

"He didn't say his name." The maid said and she nodded before telling her off.

"Aww... What's that? Open it." Rissa said to her.

"Shut it, of course I know I'll open it." Daphne said with an eye roll.

She tore the package open and a gasp escaped her lips.

It was a frame. A drawing frame of her. And at the side of it had, "Happy Birthday Daphie."

"Wow, who could have sent this?" Rissa asked.

"The person is really a great artist. Wow!" Everly exclaimed.

Only one person name rang on her brain.

Di-did he really do this for her??

She thought and immediately, she began running out of the hall with the drawing in her hand.


Daphne ran out of the house with the drawing in her hand, she wanted to see if he was still there. He couldn't just leave, at least he should stay to see her in person.

She thought inwardly and almost laughed at her illusion. 

Stop over thinking it Daphne, it's Lewis we're talking about here... "I should be glad I at least got a gift for him not wish for more." She muttered sadly and was about returning to the hall but stopped when she felt a presence behind her.

She turned and without anyone telling her, she already knew who it was just by staring at his back figure.

"Lewis!" She called and he stopped right on his track.

She ran to him and stood in his front.

"You came..." She said with a smile and Lewis simply nodded.

"No need to be super excited, I'm leaving already." He said and Daphne chuckled.

"I know... Thanks for this. It's really beautiful. I appreciate." She said and Lewis simply shrugged.

"I didn't expect you to do this for me honestly but I'm glad you did. This is the best birthday gift so far, thanks." She said and Lewis just maintained his straight face.

She pressed her lips. "I guess I'll get going now. Thanks." She said and walked past him.

She took steps away from him and paused observing something.

That familiar scent? That scent, where did she perceive it before??

She thought and her eyes widened when she remembered where...

It was from the unknown guy who kissed her... What??

Hell no!


Was Lewis the guy that kissed her?? She thought and turned sharply but Lewis was no longer there.


Wanted sat at the counter, drinking while he watched the activities going on in the hall. He suddenly felt the urge to use the restroom.

He dropped his glass and walked upstairs, he already asked Daphne the way to the restroom.

He got to it, did his business and walked out. He was about going when he saw the window leading to the balcony and he felt the urge of going there, so he simply went.

"Wow, it's airy here." He muttered, walking to rails. He held it and looked down and his eyes widened at what he saw.

Two men carrying a man into the trunk of their car. Mr Flores' stood there watching them.

They men got into car and drove off. Mr Flores smiled evilly before going back into the mansion to complete his mission.

Wanted furrowed his brows, trying to fix the puzzle.


Two minutes later, Wanted could be seen on his bike chasing the black jeep.

When the men noticed they were being chased, they increased the car's speed.

Wanted brought out his gun, aiming it at the car's tyre while riding with one hand.

He shot the tyre and it deflate, causing the car to stop. He speedily overtook them.

He got down from his bike, removing his helmet before walking to the car.

He opened the driver's seat and shot the driver.

The other two men step down from the car, pointing their guns at him.

Wanted chuckled, walking closer to them.

"I give you five seconds to shoot me." He said and the men exchanged looks.

"1, 2, 3, 4...5!" Gunshot was heard and the two guy dropped on the floor.

"Useless things." He actually grabbed one of the men's gun while he was counting and shot the two at the same time, with two different guns.

He walked to the car and opened the car's trunk. He was surprised to see Mr Wilson.

"Mr Wilson??" 

Immediately, he saw the gangs of men, coming after them.

"Sh*t!" He cussed and tried waking Mr Wilson.

"Sir please wake up." He begged, looking at the people were coming in a jeep, they were still far from them.

"Sir?" He tapped him and just then Mr Wilson opened his eyes.

"Where am I?" He asked.

"Good thing you're awake sir, let's go." He said and held his hand, taking him to his bike.

He gave Mr Wilson the helmet and got in, while Mr Wilson sat at his back.

Then, the gangs had already gotten closer and they began shooting, Wanted ignited his engine and rode off in an intense speed, then a deadly race began with the gang shooting at them and Wanted dodging every bullet.

His bike sliding left and right in safety.

"Drive faster!" Elvis instructed, aiming his gun at Wanted. He hasn't shot a bullet since, he hated missing his target, so...

Wanted touched the airpod on his ear. "Out!" He instructed whoever it was before taking a turn.

The gang followed him but when they got to that road, he was no where to be found.

"Darn it!" Jerry cussed, stopping the car abruptly.

"How did we lose him?" Max asked.

"You're asking me, you all were here with me... Where did he go?" Jerry asked cluelessly.

Elvis scrutinized the place in silence. "Hmm... Take the left path Jerry." He said after a short silence.

"But he went this way." Both Max and Jerry said.

"Will you do as I do say?" He asked and Jerry nodded before igniting the engine.

They began treading the left path with no sign of Wanted and they were already beginning to think they had taken the wrong path when Wanted popped out of a side road, entering the main road, he was no longer with Mr Wilson.

"That's him!, But where is the old man?" Max asked rhetorically and Elvis aimed at Wanted's motorcycle, and shot at his tyre.

It went flat and Wanted fell from the bike.

"F**k!" He groaned as he fell to the ground, crashing his hand in the process.

He immediately stood up and began running into the bush.

The men got down and started chasing him, bullets flying around.

"Y'all searched the other side he came out from. I'll go after him." Elvis said the men nodded before leaving, he began running in the bush looking for Wanted.

"Come out you idiot! I know you're hiding in here." He shouted, walking around.

Wanted hid at a spot watching him. He furrowed his brows at the surprisingly familiar voice.

But as it was getting dark, he couldn't see his face clearly and he was backing him.

"Where are you??"

Elvis shouted.

Wanted shook his head, he already lost his gun while running. He came out of his spot, walking quietly towards him without being noticed.

He knocked his hands and his gun fell off. Elvis immediately turned in a flexed manner, ready to punch him but Wanted held his hand and his eyes widened immediately he saw him. 


He gasped in surprise, just then someone shot his hand.

"Arghh!" He yelped holding his arm and Elvis pushed him off and ran away.

"Sh*t!" Wanted cussed, turning to see who it was that shot him.


 ðŸ–¤ðŸ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


          {SUDDEN OUTBURST} 


Reddy broke the long kiss, cupping her cheeks. "Fish! Do you know how much I love you huh? Do you know how crazy this silent treatment is making me go? If I could slap your face, I'd have done it right now. I love you Sienna, more than you would ever know." He confessed and Sienna stared surprisingly at him.

Was- What's he saying? He- He loves her?? Really??

"Reddy?" She called his hand on her cheek.

"I really do fish brain, I f**king love you!" He said and Sienna just stared, still finding it hard to believe.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sienna asked and he chuckled.

"Because I was scared if rejection, what if you rejected my feelings... I didn't want any to ruin our friendship. Even tho it was half, I was better off with it... So, I used other girls to distract myself. I'm sorry, I had I known you loved me as well, I wouldn't ja e hurt your feelings." He apologized and Sienna released fresh tears.

"Sienna... Why are you crying?" He asked, wiping her tears.

"I... I don't know what to say. I'm speechless Reddy. You're making me emotional." She said, pouting like a baby and Reddy chuckled pulling her into a tight hug.

"I love you so much Reddy. Don't hurt me again." She said whilst he patted her back.

"I will never Sie... I love you as well." He confessed for the umpteenth time. 

A tear drop from his eyes and he smiled widely. Today was the happiest day of his life, no doubt.



"Bang!" The sound of gunshot and crashing of the glass vase shattering into piece was what opened the scene.

Viper aka Mr Flores turned to the trio in front of him. His eyes were bloodshot in anger and his breath roughen.

"What the heck did you mean by you lost him? Huh!" He shouted and the three kept mute.

They knew better than trying to defend themselves in matters like this. It only spelt death.

"I gave you just a simple task to do, and that is abduct the old fool and if any sh*tty thing comes in the way, end the idiot and you came back with some silly story, seriously?" He yelled.

"We're sorry boss." Max apologized.

"Sorry for your darn selfs. And you Elvis, you've never disappointed me in any task given to you so what happened this time?" Viper asked and Elvis kept mute.

"You've been flopping this days and that's unlike you. New mission, find Mr Wilson wherever he is, dead or alive. My secret must be save with me, understood?" He questioned and Elvis nodded.

"Damnit!" Mr Flores grunted before leaving the living room.

Jerry and Max released the breath they've been holding.

"He's very scary most times." Max said, collapsing on a chair.

"Exactly." Jerry affirmed before turning his gaze to Elvis, who was still standing there, like he was in a deep thought.


"You??" Wanted uttered in disbelief.

Were his eyes playing a trick on him or something?? 


Just then he was shot on his arm and a loud shrill escaped his mouth. 

Marcus cussed immediately he saw who shot him. It was a cop.

He pushed him aside and ran off.


He was an orphan who got shelter in the hands of the deadliest assassins in Las Vegas. He began his training at the age of 15 and when he was 18, he became one of them.

Kílling was his hobby and he has never regretted it, not up till now. It was something he found passion in doing.

Going to college was also something he admire so he had to do combine the two. Going to school while working as an anonymous killer.

'Hmm... Good thing he now knows who I am... He would stay off my path for sure.'

He thought evilly.



"You'll stay here for the time being. You heard what you're not supposed to hear and resulting that, those people won't let you lie low." Ryan said to Mr Wilson who was sitting opposite him.

"Who are you?" Mr Wilson asked.

"I'm inspector Ryan. Senior Inspector of Police (ISP) Las Vegas police station, Nevada." He introduced and Mr Wilson just stared quietly.

He was still shaken by what happened earlier.

"What about my daughter? Won't they come for her?" He asked and Ryan nodded.

"You need not to worry, we've got everything covered and besides, Wanted already assured me of her safety... Ma'am Anna will take you to your room. You should get some rest now." He said and Mr Wilson nodded.

Then, Anna came and took him upstairs.

Ryan sighed bringing out his phone. He dialled a number on it and placed the phone on his ear.

"Hello. Inspector Ryan here..."


Everly walked into the compound, she couldn't find her dad after the end of the party so she simply came back home to see if he had already gone back.

"Dad!" She called as she got into the house but it was empty.

"Dad!" She called again, going to his room, but he wasn't there.

"Where's he?" She asked herself, before bringing out her phone to call him as she walked into her room.

"He's not picking... Tsk!" She shook her head, before leaving the room.

Immediately she got out of the house, she saw Wanted at his door, trying to open it. Her eyes widened when she saw he was bleeding seriously.

"Wanted! Blood!" She shrieked and rushed to him. Wanted turned to her.

"What happened to you? You're bleeding seriously." She panicked and Wanted chuckled.

"It's nothing. Just a small wound. You shouldn't worry too much kitten." He smirked.

"Really?? Small wound? And you're bleeding this much?" She asked worriedly and Wanted made to counter her but she gave him a look which stated, "keep shut!"

She took him into his room and made him sit down on his bed while she rushed to get the first aid kit in her house.

She came back and sat beside him, she helped him rolled up his sleeve and a gasp escaped her lips as she saw the wound. It was bigger than she thought.

"How did you get this?" She questioned, and Wanted sighed.

"I got shot. Don't worry, I already took out the bullet you can just tend to the wound." He said and Everly raised a brow.

"Did you steal again?" She asked and Wanted scoffed.

"Of course not." He objected and Everly rolled her eyes. She gulped down at the gory sight.

She hated blood. She couldn't believe she'll be doing this but she still couldn't leave him just like that.

She took out a cotton wool and applying an antibiotics on it, then she started tending to the wound while Wanted watched her do it lovingly.

She suddenly sniffed and Wanted furrowed his brows. 

What?? Was she crying??

Just then her tears dropped on his hand and Wanted gasped. She was truly crying. 

He held her chin, raising her face to his gaze, her cheeks were stained with tears.

"Really?? Are you really crying? But why?" He asked and Everly sniffed.

"It- it's nothing. Something just got into my eyes, that's all." She lied flatly and Wanted could see through it.

She made to tore her gaze away but Wanted held her chin firmly.

"I'm not daft to believe you. Tell me what's wrong? You're making worry as f**k!" He said and Everly broke down in real tears.


"What if the bullet had hit somewhere else? What if it had hit some vital part of you??" She questioned rhetorically and Wanted just stared at her.

"I was scared that I'd have lost you had it hit somewhere else. I'd have lost you without being able to confess my love... I  wouldn't have been able to confess my love to ever again... It will be losing my first love forever and I'll-" She paused when she realized what she was spewing out and her eyes widened.


Wanted stared at her completely surprised... "Yo-you love me?" He asked and Everly slapped her forehead in embarrassment.

"I... I'll leave now... Bye!" She rushed her words, standing up from the bed.

"But you're not- hah!" He breathed out when she had already gone. A fulfilled smile crept on his face as he remembered what she said.

She loves him?? Yesss!

The joy in his heart was exhilarating. He felt a new aura within him. She loves him after all. He always thought of it but wasn't completely sure.

"Ahhh!!!!" He squealed in excitement, throwing his hands and he regretted it almost immediately as the pain in his arm intensified.



 ðŸ–¤ðŸ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


         {THEIR NEW TARGET} 


"What have come over you Jackson?! Why are you doing this??" Mrs Flores yelled at Mr Flores who sat on the couch, nonchalantly.

"What have these children done to you? Is it their fault that they're females?? Why making life complicated for them?" She yelled but Mr Flores didn't act like he was the one being talked to.

"Why do you want Daphne to leave Las Vegas?? She has life here which you can't just cut short all of a sudden. This is not right Jackson! Say something!!" She shouted and just then they heard clacking of shoes.

They turned to see Daphne descending the stairs with the maids carrying her luggages.

Her face was void of expression as she climbed down.

"My baby!" Mrs Flores squealed rushing to her as tears slowly welled up her eyes.

She got to Daphne and held her hands. "Please baby, don't do this. Don't leave please." She begged in tears and Daphne swallowed the heavy lump in her throat.

Tears slowly dropping from her eyes.

"You can't leave me all alone in this house. Elsie already left, Sienna also left and you?? Are you gonna leave as well?" She asked and Daphne sniffed before looking at her.

"Take care of yourself mom. I'll be back soon, okay?" She asked and Mrs Flores shook her head before hugging her tightly.

"No you can't leave me here. You won't!" She cried and the maids watched sadly.

Why was Mr Flores making her leave the house all of a sudden??

Viper rolled his eyes. "Will you stop acting like she's dying? Mtcheeew." He hissed.

"Daphne??" He called and Daphne immediately disengaged from the hug.

"Your flight is by 12am. Let's go!" He instructed and Daphne nodded and made to walk to him but Mrs Flores held her wrist.

"Why are you doing this Daphne??" She asked tearily.

Actually, Mr Flores got to find out that Daphne was the sole behind getting Mrs Lina's justice so in order to get rid of her, he is sending her out of Las Vegas and America as a whole.

She was going to Australia. A land which she knew no one in. Of course, Daphne won't just go like that unless it was something serious or she was under a threat and that was the case.

After coming to realize her father was a very deadly man as he had exposed himself to her, she couldn't afford to risk life so she was leaving.

He has cut all the connection she had now. Her cell phones and all connection in it has been broken.

He was gonna keep a close watch her,  on all calls she makes, where she goes and who she mingles with. All these were gonna be watched by him.

"I'll be back mom. I just feel like leaving Las Vegas, that's all." She lied, removing her mom's hand from her hold.

"No! Daphne!" She fell to the ground, crying as she watched them leave. Immediately they opened the door, they met Elsie and Sienna.

It happened the two got there the same time.

"So it's true after all." Sienna chuckled.

"Jackson what is this?? I already agreed to get married against my wish so why taking Daphne??" Elsie question.

She was a beautiful lady, probably in her late twenties. 

"I have no answer for you, out of my way!" He said sternly and Sienna slapped him hard, shocking them all.


"You old fool! I've been keeping it cool for long! What makes you think you have the right over us all, you evil man!" She shouted and Viper groaned.

"How dare you slap me?!" He questioned, grabbing her neck tightly, strangling her.


"Jackson!!" Elsie and Daphne yelled trying to release his hold from her but he was darn too strong for them. He pushed them away, still strangling her. His eyes red in anger and Sienna was slowly losing breaths.

Her hands wrapped on his trying to release his hold.

"Jackson!" Mrs Flores called rushing to them.

"Dad please you'll kîll her!" Daphne shouted. 

"Jackson stop this madness!" Elsie yelled.

"Jackson!" Mrs Flores yelled trying to push him off, instead he pushed her and she fell off the short stairs of the entrance.

"Mom!" Elsie and Daphne screamed rushing to her. She was laying on the ground, with blood oozing from her head.

"Mom!" They shrieked in fear and Jackson let go of Sienna, pushing her roughly. 

She fell on her butt gasping for air.

Viper walked to Daphne who was on the floor, holding her unconscious mom and dragged her arms roughly pulling her out of there.

"Her luggages!" He shouted and the maids rushed with it.

"No! Mom!" She cried.


"Da-daphne..." Mrs Flores stuttered weakly before loosing consciousness completely.




"I wonder why Daphne didn't come to school today. She's not type that misses school with any telling anyone before hand." Rissa said as they walked into their LH.

"And the worst of it is that I can't even get through to her." Everly said sadly.

"Me too. Since that Friday I got back from her party, I wanted to call her and speak with her but I couldn't." Rissa said.

"Same here. Something is not right." 

"Hi Rissa! Hi Everly!" Lex waved as soon as they entered the hall and they smiled, walking to the available seat there and they simply sat on it.

"Hey." They simply said.

"I don't see Daphne with you guys, that's weird." He added and they sighed.

"She's not in school." Rissa said.

"Why??" He asked.

"We're clueless." She replied and he mouthed an 'O'.

"Even Sienna isn't in school." He said.

"Why??" They asked.

"She mentioned something about going to see her mom." He shrugged and they sighed.

Everly turned to face her front only for her gaze to meet with Marcus.

"Hi Marcus." She said with a sweet smile and Marcus replied with a charming one.

"What's up Eve?" He asked and Everly smiled widely.

"I'm cool." She said and Marcus ruffled her hair.

"I can see that." He said and she smiled. Her eyes darted to his palm which had a cut.

"Marcus? Where did you get this?" She asked, hold his palm and Marcus recalled hurting himself that Friday, when he remembered seeing her her with Wanted.

"It's nothing. Just a minor wound." He lied, withdrawing his hand.

"This isn't some minor wound... It looks deep. Wait, let me check if I have..." She paused, before opening her bag and began rummaging it.

Marcus watched her keenly, as she brought out a cream and began applying it on his palm.

He could hear his heart thumping loudly as he watched her do so.

"All done." She smiled but Marcus didn't seem to be listening and so she had to flick her fingers on his face, jolting him from his reverie.


"I'm done." She said and he nodded.

"Oh, thanks." He said with a smile and Everly just smiled back.

She remembered what he said that day. About loving her.

"Marcus?" She called and he turned to her.

"Do you really love me?" She asked and Marcus face went void of expression.

"Why do you ask? Do you think I was lying?" He asked and Everly pressed her lips tightly before releasing it.

"Actually I-"

"I wasn't lying Eve, I really love you." He said calmly and Everly swallowed hard, speechlessly.

She can't reject his feelings and also can't accept his feelings.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning sexy Prof!" The students screamed excitedly as Wanted walked into the class.

He winked at them and the screams filled the air. 

He got to his table and dropped his briefcase on the table.

He smiled immediately his eyes fell on her and he winked at her with a naughty smile on his face.

Everly's eyes widened, and she could feel her cheeks turning red.

She quickly looked away blushing hard. Marcus saw this and gnashed his teeth in anger, clenching his fist.


Everly was walking through the hallway with some books in her hand. She was going to submit the assignment, a lecturer gave them since she was the course rep.

She was still walking when Marcus blocked her path.

"Marcus?" She called in a questioning tone. His facial expression wasn't friendly at all and that made her wonder what was wrong and his sudden outburst made her surprise.

"Do you love him?" Marcus asked, his voice cold and dangerous and that sent chills down her spines.

This was definitely not the Marcus she knew.


"Do you love him? Yes or no!" He yelled walking closer to her and she moved back till her back the wall.

"Wh-what are you talking about Marcus?" She asked, trying not to stutter.

"The psychology lecturer... You love him, don't you?" He said in a husky voice.

"Wanted you're-" 

"Answer me!" He yelled and she flinched, the books falling from her in the process.

Marcus sighed, touching his head, regretting his actions.

"I'm sorry." He apologized and Everly just stared at him dumbfounded.

Just then, Wanted walked there.

"What's going on here?" He asked, professionally.

Everly exhaled before bending to pick up the books.

"I'll leave now." She said and hurriedly scurried off, brushing Wanted's shoulder.

Wanted turned to meet Marcus glaring at him. He chuckled, walking to his.

"Hi two-faced." He smiled at him and Marcus gritted his teeth.

"I see you aren't scared." He said, glaring.

"Me?? Scared??" He laughed.

"So long I'm still Wanted. I can never be scared of any man. And when you speak of danger. I'm the word itself. And you should be scared instead coz I'm your doom Marcus. Your days as an anonymous killer are numbered. Just watch me bring you down." He said seriously and Marcus laughed.

"You suck at acting. Geez..." He said laughing and slowly his face changed to a very serious one.

"This will be the last time I'll be warning you... STAY AWAY FROM HER!" Came his cold voice, counting the words. If it were to be someone else, they would have been fidgeting but it was different in Wanted's case... Instead, it sounded amusing to him.

He walked closer to him, staring directly into his eyes.

"I won't and let's see what you can do." He said to his face and the two engaged in a serious glaring competition.



"Does he have a daughter?" Viper asked, releasing thick smokes. He was sitting on an armchair, with his legs crossed.

A guard stood beside him.

"Yes boss. And we've got the details you want." Max walking to him.

"Her photo?" He requested and Max nodded before walking to the projector on the table.

Viper watched him inserted the drive in it and in no time, it projected Everly's picture on the screen in front of them.

"Everly Wilson. Only daughter of Wilson. Attends 3DC, works as a part-timer in Lisa's restaurant." Max explained and Viper nodded interestingly.

"She looks familiar. I think I saw her at my daughter's birthday party." He said and Max nodded.

"She's your daughter's friend." He said and Viper nodded.

"Interesting." He muttered, smoking heavily.

"I want her here. Once Wilson finds out she's missing, he'll crawl out of his hiding hole." He said, smiling mischievously.

"Sure boss. But there's a problem. She's always with this guy call Wanted. And he happens to be the same guy who took Wilson. He must probably be on watch for us, getting her would be difficult, we could just- bang!" Viper flared up in anger, shooting at his arm.

Max groaned in pain, holding his arm.

"You don't counter me! Get me the girl, and you have until the end of tomorrow you pay with your life." He said coldly before walking away.


(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾




The maid placed a soft knock on the door and went in when he gave his consent.

It was his study room and he was currently sitting on a couch, smoking as usual.

The maid coughed softly.

"Sir, you have a parcel." She said and Mr Flores didn't reply her.

"It's from the court." He said and Mr Flores' eyes snapped towards her.


"That's what it says." She said and he hurriedly sprang on his feet.

He rushed to her and yanked the envelope from her. He tore it opened and his eyes widened immediately he read the content of the letter.

A case has been filed against him??!



RR for Ronald Reagan!

Barrister Ronald Reagan is a popular lawyer in Las Vegas. He is known to be an excellent and a very smart lawyer as he has never lost a case.

He owned the biggest law firm in America. Currently, Ryan could be seen in his office.

"The first court hearing is Friday." He announced and Ryan exhaled.

He had raised up Mrs Lina's case.

"That's great." He said.

"Mr Flores will be in court on Friday, same as Mr Wilson, he's the witness." He said and Ryan nodded.

"That's right. He'll be in court then." He said and Ronald nodded.

Ryan stood up.

"See you in court then."



"Two cups of ice cream. Chocolate flavor please." Reddy requested and the attendant nodded before going to get it.

She came back afterwards with two cups of ice cream and gave him, while he paid and left with it.

He went outside to meet Sienna who was sitting in a bench.

"Here." He offered her one cup, sitting beside her.

"Thanks." She said, collecting it from him and Reddy smirked.

"I love this cool side of yours. You should keep getting sad everyday, so I can get to see it everyday." He said and Sienna glared at him making him chuckle.

She sighed tiredly.

"Still won't share?" He asked and heaved a deep breath.

"It's my dad again, who else?" She rolled her eyes.

"What did he do this time?" He asked and Sienna sighed before explaining everything to him.

"Oh no... That's sad." He said.

"I know right? I'm just wondering what's up with the old fool! Sometimes I wonder if he is truly my father, I mean I can't share blood with that animal. I hate him so f**king much! I feel like strangling life out of him whenever I see him. And to think he raised his filthy hands on me, ahh!" She screamed frustratedly and Reddy patted her shoulder.

"Calm down Sie." He urged and Sienna sniffed, she was already tearing up. She's been holding in the pains for so long.

"Is it bad being a girl child?? It's not even our fault! It's his f**king fault! The gender of a child depends on the father and he couldn't do his job well, he takes it out on us, it's not fair." She cried and Reddy pulled her to a hug, her face buried in his chest.

"It's not your fault Sie, it never has been. Don't worry everything will fall into place at the right time, okay?" He said and she sniffed.

"I hope so, coz I'm tired of all this problems." She muttered as Reddy stroked her hair.

"It will be fine soon. Just a little patience. You're a strong girl remember, you shouldn't let all this bring you down. This is just a phase of life you'll soon be done with alright, so cheer up." He urged and she raised her head from his chest.

He used his thumb to wipe the tears on her cheeks. "You shouldn't cry okay, smile for me." He pouted and Sienna chuckled, slapping him.

"When did you become sweet with words?" She asked with an eye roll.

"Since today." He said and she chuckled, before she began eating her ice cream.

"I'm glad you got to smile again." He said and she nodded, sniffing.

"Smiling is my hobby yunno." She winked and he laughed and began eating his ice cream as well.

"The weather is friendly today." He said and she nodded.

"I know right." She said and he nodded with a smile, before turning to her.

He dipped his spoon into her cup, scooping from her own cup. Sienna held his hand when he made to go with it, shaking her head.

"Not mine, you have yours." She said.

"So, can't I eat from my own girlfriend's cup?" He asked, emphasizing the possessiveness in his words and Sienna raised a brow.

"Girlfriend?" She muttered and he nodded.

She almost forgot they became a thing that Friday. Even if, it still sounded weird to her. Calling him her boyfriend and vice versa... Arghh!

"Will you let go now?" Reddy smirked and she shook her head.

"Never." She said and they began dragging till they spill the cup of ice cream on themselves, a whole lot of it spilling on Sienna's face.

Reddy laughed as he looked at her ice cream stained face, she looked so funny with it. 

Sienna gritted her teeth, her eyes closed. "Clean this off right now!" She ordered, trying to maintain her cool.

"This is ridiculous, I should take a picture of you first." He said and brought out his phone.

"Reddy, don't you dare! Reddy! Reddy!" She shouted as she heard the clicking sounds of camera.

"Wow... Cuteness at it's peak." He giggled while she fumed. 

"Get this off my face first and trust me, you're dead." She said sternly.

"Okay ma'am." He chuckled turning her to face him.

She still had her eyes closed expecting warmness of a wiper but instead she felt the warmness, but not of a wiper.

Her eyes flung opened as her brain assimilated what it could be and just like she thought, he was licking off the ice cream from her face.

God when 😩

She felt her bones stiffened like she was frozen to a spot as he licked off the ice cream, his hot breath brushing her face that for a moment she forgot that ice cream were cold coz all she could feel was a hot sensation building up around her.



Everly yawned for the umpteenth time that day. She was so hungry and tired and luckily for her she was already done.

She packed her things and left the restaurant and as always, she met Wanted outside waiting for her.

With smiles on her face, she walked to him.

"Hey." She called and Wanted smirked.

"Most times, I wonder if it's a dream. It just feels good to get this warm affection from you." He said and Everly just stared at him.

"You didn't come with your motorcycle today as well." She said.

"Nah, I enjoy walking home with you." He said and Everly sighed as they began walking.

"What's wrong?" He asked and she shook her head.

"Nothing." She muttered and Wanted raised a brow. 

"Really??" He asked.

"Yeah nothing. By the way, how's your arm?" She asked instead.

"Are you that concern? Wow... I'm blushing right now. Please repeat that statement again." He requested.

"What statement?"

"Your undying love. Please profess it again. I wanna hear it." He said and Everly rolled her eyes before walking away.

'Seriously? Is she playing hard to get now or what??'

He rushed to her. "C'mon kitten-"

"Can't you see that I'm-" The growling of her stomach completed the statement for her.

"Oh." He smirked and she flushed in embarrassment.


"Thank you." Wanted said to the waiter who dropped the food they ordered and left and Everly didn't waste time before jumping on it, devouring it like an hungry lion.

"Careful... Bit by bit." Wanted said as he watched her eat. She really was hungry, since her father wasn't at home, she couldn't cook.

She doesn't know how to cook and because of her ailment, her dad never let her into the kitchen.

"Why did you choose me over Marcus?" Wanted suddenly asked and she choked on her food.

He quickly offered her water and she gulped it down.

"Why did you ask?" She requested instead.

"Marcus is obviously a good guy, I mean... People like you, love good guys but yet you chose me over him." He said and Everly stopped eating to look at him.

"I didn't choose you, my heart did. Left with me, I would never have chosen you. A thiéf and trouble maker." She said and Wanted chuckled.

"I'm worst than that." He said.

"How worst can you be other than that?" She rolled her eyes.

"You don't know me well. I'm deadly, than you think." He said and she stared at him for a while.

"You'll change won't you?" She suddenly asked and Wanted just stared at her with a blank expression on his face.



"Sh*t!" Wanted cussed.

"What's it?" Everly asked.

"I left my wallet at restaurant. Stay right here, I'll be back." He said and Everly nodded, then he scurried off.

Everly stood up waiting.

"It's time. Let's go." Max said to the Jerry and the boys and they came out of the corner they have been waiting for her, walking to her.

Everly furrowed her brows when they stopped right in front of her. She scrutinized their faces and needed no one to tell her they were of no good and then,she became alert.

"Who-who're you guys?" She asked slowly, trying not to stutter.

Max looked at the guy in his right and gave him a 'go ahead' nudge.

The guy walked closer to her and she stepped back immediately and made to run away but he caught her.

"Let go off me!!" She yelled as he crossed his hands around her neck with her struggling.

He placed an handkerchief on her nose, rendering her unconscious after which he carried her on her shoulders. 

He turned to Max and Max nodded.

"Let's go." He said and they all turned to leave only to see Wanted right in their front.

His facial expression was blank and the aura around him was unfriendly making their blood froze. He had that depressing aura which was capable of scaring even demons.

"Let the girl go." He said in an extremely cold and deadly voice.

Max stared quietly before suddenly bursting into a loud laughter which got Wanted extremely angry.

"Really?? Who do you think you are? Her knight?" He scoffed and Wanted clenched his fist in anger.

"You can't order us fool! And before clenching your fist, look we're ten against one." He smirked and Wanted suddenly chuckled.

"Yeah... You're right. Ten against one. It's being long I spilled blood yunno. Thanks for making my kitten fall asleep, I can't let her see this." He said with a smile and Max and Jerry's eyes widened.

"What are you saying?"

"Exactly what you're hearing." With that, he kicked his groin and Max fell.

His gang then rushed to Wanted, except the one carrying Everly. They all were with different weapons ranging from different sizes if knives, spine, rope, heavy chain and pistol.

The first one attacked Wanted with the penknife he was with but Wanted was fast enough to grab his hand, he twisted it behind him and he took the knife from him, shoving it into his neck.

The guy fell down and díed instantly. The second threw the thick chain at him, he caught it and began wrapping around his hands, walking closer to the guy that threw it.

The guy gulped down saliva at the deadly glare Wanted was sending him. 

Like a flash, Wanted loosened the chain from his hand, wrapping it around the guy's neck, when he was done, he tighten his grip and the goon turned red, blood dripping out of his nose as he fell to the floor.

Just then he fell someone running towards him from behind and he quickly duck, the goon fell on the ground.

He dragged a goon, and the bullet which was meant for him shot him. Wanted ran to the Jerry, the shooter and kicked the gun of his hand and they began fighting.

Max watched in disbelief as he took down the eight men all on his own and fear took over him.

Everly eyelids batted as she slowly woke up due to the loud groans and grunts which filled the air.

At that moment Wanted dug a knife into the last goon's eye and he dropped to the floor, he was covered in blood right now, blood from all the people he múrdered within the time space of 15 minutes.

She shrieked and her eyes widened in shock. Max shook his head remembering Viper's word. "You have until the end of tomorrow to bring her otherwise you're dead." 

Fear gripped him, he knew Viper's word wasn't one to joke with. Jerry was already dead.

"Hand over the girl." Wanted said, in a warning tone.

Max shook his head, rushing to Everly. He pushed the goon holding her and held her instead, placing a knife on her neck.

"Leave or I slit her throat." He warned seriously and Everly flinched in fear.

Wanted looked at him and chuckled.

"Really?" He asked and Max furrowed his brows, tightened his grip on the knife.

"Do I look like I'm playing here? Leave!" He shouted and wanted smirked.

He was standing metres away from them.

"I won't leave! Slít her throat." He commanded in a serious tone and Everly's eyes widened.

Wh-what was he saying??

"Huh??" Max furrowed his brows.

"You have just three seconds to do it." He said and Max chuckled.

"Does this looks like-"

"1... 2... 3..." 

Wanted threw his own knife and it caught Max's neck, diving into it and he fell to the ground.

Everly eyes dilated and she held her neck in shock, she thought he threw the knife at her.

She slowly turned back to see Max who was already dead on the floor with his eyes opened. Her lips trembled.

This was the first time she'll be seeing such an awful death.

The goon on the floor flew back in fear, he hastily stood on his feet and scampered off. Wanted dropped the knife he was holding and began walking to Everly.

Everly stared at him with widened eyes, her heart thumping loudly in her chest... 

"Kitten." He called and she shook her head, moving back in fear.

He just killed all ten men with no remorse in his eyes. Was this who he truly was? A múrderer?...


"No... Don't- don't come closer... Yo-yo-you..." Her lips trembled greatly with her hands fidgeting.

She was very scared now, he was very dangerous than she thought. She thought he was only a random street thief, never did it cross her mind that he was an assassin.



"No." She muttered, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. She shook her head before running away.

"Ever!... Sh*t!"


(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾





Marcus dropped Everly's picture on the table in front of Viper, looking very furious.

"What is this Viper? Why didn't tell me you were gonna abduct his daughter?!" He barked and Viper looked at him surprisedly.

"I don't understand Elvis. Since when do I have to consult you before taking a decision?" He asked.

"Consulting me is not the case here, you cannot abduct her!" He yelled and Viper stared at him in disbelief.

"Are you challenging me now Elvis!" He yelled as well, standing up.

"I'm sorry boss. But you can't do this, you can't abduct her. I know you want her dad, I promise to get her dad for you but please you shouldn't bring her into this." He pleaded and Viper stared at him suspiciously.

"Why are you hesitating? Do you know her... Sh*t! Why didn't I think of this earlier?? You both attend the same school isn't it??" He asked but Marcus only looked down and Viper chuckled evilly.

"Wow... Do- do you love her??" He asked and Marcus quickly raised his head to look at him.


"You heard me right Elvis, do you love her." He asked and Marcus slowly nodded.

"Yes boss. Please don't hurt her." He pleaded.

"Wow! Wow! Just wow!" Viper exclaimed, laughing hysterically.

And just then,the room's door bursted open and the only guy who survived Wanted rushed in, panting heavily.

Viper furrowed his brows seeing him. 

"Lucas! Where's the girl?? And Max?" He asked coldly and the guy shook his head.

"Sorry boss. We couldn't get her... The guy kílled them all." He said breathlessly.


"Yes,,, I'm the only one who managed to escape." He said and Viper scoffed.

"Really??" He asked and the guy nodded and he huffed.

"Why then did you come back?" He asked and the guy raised his head to look at him.


"You should have just let him kill you rather than coming here to spew this rubbish!" He yelled, bringing out his pistol.

"Bo-" The next thing which followed was a gunshot and the guy dropped dead.

"Sh*t!" Viper cussed, ruffling his hair in frustration.

Who the heck was this guy?? How dare he keep ruining his plans??

"Pfft!" He groaned, trying to come up with a new plan.

He stopped as if remembering something and he turned Marcus.

"What??" Marcus asked.

"Bring her for me!"


Wanted watched her leave, he wanted to go after her but he shook his head against it.

Not now, she's in deep shock right now as it is her first time witnessing a murder scene.

He couldn't go after and try explaining things her. He was gonna give her time to recover from the shock but that doesn't mean he was gonna leave her alone.

He has to be by her side coz Mr Flores will not stop until he gets her in his captive.


Everly got home still in shock. The scene earlier kept replaying in her head... So many questions running through her head.

He was deadlier than she thought. He killed all those men right in her front with no atom of remorse in his eyes. 

What if he was an assassin?? Maybe the assassin that is been wanted. Who knows if that's why he gave himself the name Wanted??

What has she gotten herself into?? 

All these thoughts ran through her head as she wept in her room. How could she have fallen for him?? 

"Dad..." She muttered as the tears kept on rolling freely from her eyes.



"Hi Riss." Lex smiled sitting beside her.

"Hey Lex." She smiled back.

"How're you doing?" She asked and he smiled.

"Cool... Daphne... Isn't she coming today?" He asked and her face fell.

Why's he always asking of Daphne?? She thought with an inward eye roll but nevertheless, she smiled.

"I don't think Daphne is coming back to 3DC." She replied plainly and Lex turned to her with a surprised look on his face.

"You're joking right?"

"I'm dead serious. I went over to her place yesterday and was informed she's out of America. I'm angry at her right now, she did inform neither I nor Everly of her departure. I thought we're her friends." She pouted and Lex sighed.

"She left before I could even say it..." He muttered.

"Say what??" Riss asked.

"I was planning on confessing my feelings to her soon but she left." He muttered and Rissa just stared.

He loves Daphne?? How come she never thought of it?? The signs were there.


Everly was walking to her LH alone, she haven't seen Wanted since the incident not like she was gonna run into his arms if she did, but she expected him to come to her,maybe to explain himself but he didn't.

She sighed when she realized what she was thinking and slapped her head.

Why should she care?

She was still walking when someone pulled her into a corner, a classroom to be vivid.

She gasped and her face scowled up immediately she saw who it was.


Speak of the devil.

She immediately freed herself from his grip and turned to leave.

"Are you gonna leave just like that? You have nothing to say to me??" He asked and she stopped on her track.

She turned to him with a blank expression on her face.

"I have nothing! Absolutely nothing to say to you!" She lied flatly and started walking out.

"Your face says a different thing from your mouth. Do you really have nothing to say?" He asked again and she stopped walking but she didn't turn to look at him.

Does she really have nothing to say to him?? She couldn't lie, in as much as she was scared she just still couldn't deny the fact that she has been longing to see him.

He must have an explanation, that can't be who he truly was... She turned to him and began walking to him.

"You already know what I want to ask... Is that you, I didn't know of? Is that the deadly you talked about??" She asked and Wanted just stared at her blankly.

"Why did you lie to me?" She asked and Wanted scoffed.

"Nah, I didn't lie to you. You never asked. I'm not good at faking attitude and I've never played the good guy. You just had to see the good guy when you had to add I'm glad you did. Now, I ain't scared of you finding out anymore." He said and Everly just stared at him, tears slowly welling up in her eyes.

"You won't change, isn't it?" She asked.

"I already told you, I can't change my personality even when I want to." He said and she sighed. She slowly wiped the tears in her eyes and look at him.

"It's fine. This is what will happen. You'll stay away from me. Whenever you see me, pretend you don't know me okay? And I'll do the same." She said and Wanted chuckled.

"You sure you can keep up with this? You won't run coming back to me." He said.

"I will never! So just stay away from me! Please!!" She yelled in tears before running away.

Wanted chuckled and slowly smirked and slowly the smirk fell and his face contorted an unreadable expression.

Meanwhile, Everly ran out of the classroom in tears and she bumped into a masculine chest.

"Everly?" Marcus called worriedly and she hugged him tightly.

"Please... Can I stay in your arms for just a little longer?" She asked and Marcus slowly nodded, stroking her hair as she sobbed.



Reddy walked into the classroom to see Winter waiting for him, immediately she saw him, she rushed to him hugging him tightly.

He gently took off her hands wrapped around his neck and broke the hug.

"Why did you call me here?" He simply asked, his eyes void of expression and Winter furrowed her eyes at his odd attitude.

"What sort of question is that? I've noticed you've been avoiding me for days now which is weird... I've missed your little man and I'm hungry for it." She bit her lips seductively as she said that, rubbing her hand on his manhood from his trouser. Reddy stared at her coldly before taking her hands off him.

"Isn't it obvious?" He asked and Winter furrowed her brows.

"What??" She asked and Reddy sighed before looking at her.

"Let's end all this here." He said and she stared at him with a blank expression on her face.

"I'm no longer interested,,, let's call it a quit. I love someone else and hurting her is the last thing I'll do." He said and Winter stared at him for a while before she began laughing loudly like she has gone cràzy.

"Oh my God Reddy, you're so funny!' She exclaimed still laughing and Reddy just stared at her expressionless.

"Wait, are you serious??" She asked when she noticed he wasn't smiling at all.

"Bullsh*t!" She suddenly roared.

"You think you can just dump me one day with some useless story of falling in love?? Hell no Reddy! Hell no! You're mine and mine alone! Your d*ck is something I've grown addicted to and you cannot ditch me for some useless bítch, got it!" She screamed like a mentally deranged woman.

"Are you done? I'll take my leave now." He simply said and made to walk out but she grabbed his hand and he yanked it off.

"You can't d*tch me Reddy! Get back here! Reddy!!! F*ck you!!" She screamed insanely as he walked out.

Reddy got out of the classroom to see Sienna waiting for him.

"Good job!" She smirked and her stared at her in disbelief.

"Don't tell me you followed me here to eavesdrop?" He said and she smirked.

"Maybe." She shrugged and began walking but he dragged her wrist.

"Not so fast." He said and before she could say a word, he claimed her lips.

She slowly gave in to the kiss.

🗣️ Awwwn... Gross!

🗣️ Get a room you two!

🗣️ Oppression successful!

The students around muttered.



"Where exactly are we heading Marcus??" Everly asked for the umpteenth time as they got down the taxi.

The environment they were in right now was one she couldn't decipher, it looked so strange and odd that she could hardly believe if human actually resided there.

It was solitaire.

"Just a little patience Everly." He said and she sighed.

"You've been saying that since. Look here Marcus, I'm no longer comfortable with this journey anymore. Let's just go back." She said and Marcus shook his head.

"We can't go back, we're already there." He said and she furrowed her brows.


"I'm sorry Everly." He said and she frowned.


And the next he did, was bringing out a handkerchief which has already been dabbed and before she could ascertain what was going on, he already placed the handkerchief on her nose, rendering her unconscious.


"Bring her here!" He instructed and Marcus eyes widened.


"You ain't deaf Elvis, you have just two day, or you'll regret it trust me not to go back on my words." Viper threatened.

"This isn't right Viper."

"Since when did we start doing something right Elvis, do not counter me. Bring Mr Wilson's daughter for me or you pay dearly." 

"What am I supposed to pay dearly with?" He asked and Viper smirked.

"Surrender yourself to police as the anonymous assassin. You dare not include my name." He said and Marcus sighed.

If he surrenders himself that simply means leaving Everly for Wanted... Never!

It wasn't worth sacrificing. 

"Promise me you won't hurt a strand of hair on her head." He warned sternly and Viper chuckled.

"You can trust me on that. I only need her to get her dad out of his hiding hole before the court hearing day." He said and Marcus nodded.


"I'm sorry." He apologized to her sleeping self, and with that he heaped her in a bridal style, continuing their journey.


(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾




"Wake her!" Viper instructed and the guy nodded, before walking to Everly who was tied to a chair.

Marcus was standing beside him. The guy injected a syringe into her neck and she winced.

She slowly batted her lashes, opening her eyes and the first person her gaze landed on was Marcus before it moved to Viper... Daphne's dad!

The look on his face wasn't one she could read and she slowly looked back at Marcus, his facial expression was blank as well.

At that moment she recalled what happened earlier, he... He brought her here.

"Mar-" She paused as the rope tied around her hindered her from getting off the seat.

Her eyes went down to the rope tied around and that was when she knew what she was done for.

"Mar- Marcus... Why have you brought me here?" She asked, wriggling her hands around the ropes.

"Because I asked him to. And if I were you, I'll rather keep shut." Viper said instead and Everly simply did as he said.

He was with a gun, and that got her more scared. She only slowly nodded, with tears in her eyes.

Marcus betrayed her! She thought he was a good friend but never did she know that she was wrong to have thought that.

The pain in her heart was second to none as she whimpered silently. She shouldn't have shooed Wanted away. At least she knew his true color

"The password." Viper suddenly said and she looked at him.

"I hate repeating myself. The password?!" He asked, louder than the first and she flinched.

Marcus sighed.

"What's your phone password Everly?" He asked calmly and she almost glared at him but then she understood what Viper was talking about...

Her eyes darted to him and she saw her phone with him. She sniffed before telling him her password, which was WANTED.

She watched him unlocked the phone and began scrolling through the phone, then he dialled a number.

"I must say, you're so eager on hearing your daughter's voice considering the fact that you picked up at the first ring." Viper smirked.

"Mr Flores??" Mr Wilson called slowly from the other side wanting to be sure he heard well.

If he did, that means he has his daughter. No way!

"I'm glad you actually recognized my voice. No need for long talks. Like you already assumed, I have your daughter right here with me. Show your yourself or I won't hesitate to kíll her." He threatened and Everly's eyes widened.

She looked at Marcus who gave her the I'm sorry' look and she felt broken.



"No please Flores, don't hurt my daughter. I'll do whatever you say." Mr Wilson said despite the fact that Ryan was giving an eye, not to give in.

"You know exactly what to do Wilson. Get yourself to me, I'll send your location otherwise you want your daughter dead." He said and Wilson slowly nodded.

"And remember, not with the cops." He warned sternly and Wilson slowly nodded before Viper ended the call.

"My daughter, Ever." He mumbled falling on the couch and Ryan sat beside him.

"Still you shouldn't have given in." He said and Wilson shook his head.

"He is going to kíll my daughter if I don't. Flores is a very evil man, I can't risk my daughter life for anything in this world. I'll go, my daughter must not be harmed." He said in tears.

"No one is going anywhere!" Wanted said entering the house and the two turned to him.


"I repeat, no one is leaving here." He said seriously, sitting on a couch crossing his legs on each other.

"What are you saying? My daughter's life is at stake here! I can't sacrifice my daughter for someone I don't so don't force me into this!" Mr Wilson shouted.

"And my words remains the same. No one is leaving here!" He said in a tone of finality.


Viper pocketed the phone when he was done with his call before leaving the room.

Marcus followed behind and the other guy with them behind him.

He closed the door behind him, bringing her to a total darkness.

"No! No! Open the door, please! Marcus! Please!! Let me out of here!" She shouted, wriggling her hands on the chairs.

The room was a stuffy room with no window and very dark, more like a dungeon.

She couldn't survive such an environment.

"Let me out of here! Please! Marcus, please!" She cried, batting her lashes but her eyes only met with total darkness.

"Let me out of here! Dad!" She sulked and just then she remembered Wanted and that moment she realized she was very wrong to have pushed him away like that.

At least he came out clean but Marcus. Who would have thought he was indulged in such activities?

She should have just stuck with Wanted, and now more than ever, she wished he could find her but she know it was never gonna happen.

This wasn't a movie neither was it a novel where the male lead runs coming to the female lead's rescue whenever she was in danger.

He didn't even know where she was. She was sure this place was in the solitaire of the city.

But still, she wished he finds her.

Suddenly, she heard creaking sounds and then small lightening penetrated into the room, she squinted her eyes trying to get a perfect view but her vision was blurry but she could tell that it was a window, one she didn't take notice of.

She waited for someone to pop up there but no one did. It appeared the person only opened the room for her to get ventilation and tears rolled down her eyes when she knew she was in deep danger.

No escape root!



"You're playing dirty with me Wilson. You dare keep me waiting for five hours, I can see you don't value your daughter's life. You're hell bent on sending me to jail, good and fine. But your daughter must pay the price for it!" Viper bawled, glaring at Wilson's face on the projector's screen.

"Please Flores, leave my daughter out of this." Mr Wilson begged and he chuckled.

"You're the one playing hard here. I know ways to get people like you. If only you know what I've done to your daughter." Viper smirked and Mr Wilson's eyes bulged.

"What have you done?" He questioned and Viper laughed wickedly.

"You really wanna see?" He smirked.

"You rascal! What have you done to my daughter?" Wilson yelled.

"C'mon, be patient little man. Don't tell you're so eager on watching your daughter's death." He said and all blood drained from Mr Wilson's body.

His daughter's death?

"The camera Marcus." He instructed and Marcus nodded before going to turn on the camera which showed Everly in a warehouse.

A time bomb was installed in it and she kept roaming round the warehouse, looking for the way out.

"Is anyone there?! Someone help! Get me out of here!" She cried hitting the door.

Marcus looked at the video surprisedly.

"Boss??" He called.


"What are you doing Flores?! Not my daughter! Ever!" Mr Wilson shouted.

"Shouting won't help Wilson. It's already too late coz she just have 30 seconds left. I'm ready to go to jail like you want, so I hope you're ready to bid your daughter goodbye." He smirked evilly.

"This wasn't the plan Viper!!" Marcus shouted.

He couldn't lose his first love like this, no!

"You don't dare raise your voice at me young man!" Viper shouted back.

"My daughter! Flores don't, I'll surrender myself." He said and Viper smirked.

"Too late Wilson. I'm tired of my sins and I want to pay." He said.

"This isn't right."

"Someone help! Please! Dad!" Everly screamed.



"No Flores please!"


"Someone save me!"


"Please Flores!"

Marcus just stared sadly, tears dropping down his cheek.





(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋

CHAPTER 58💝 59

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


                 {GAME OVER} 

"BOOM!!!" Wanted said entering the room and Marcus exhaled.

It was as if everything went standstill at that moment. Everly slowly opened her eyes when she didn't feel the explosion.

Mr Wilson's eyes remained widened as he watched the scene.

Viper arched his brows in confusion. There was supposed to be an explosion. 

"What just happened? Marcus?" He questioned and Wanted smirked.

"Surprised??" He asked, sitting on a couch, crossing his legs on each other.

"Who the hell are you? And how did you get in here? Where are the guards?? Marcus??" He dropped so many questions at the same time.

"Shush! One question at a time." Wanted told him, smiling evilly. 

"I'm the Wanted guy."


Marcus left the room together with Viper and the guy with with them.

"Keep an eye on her Leroy." Viper instructed and the guy nodded.

"Yes boss!" He replied, standing by the door and the two left.

"I'll leave now Viper. Remember your promise, do not hurt her." He said sternly and Viper chuckled, sitting on a couch.

"I'm not guaranteeing that." He said and Marcus glared at him.

"Don't!" He warned before walking away.

He got out of the house and went to where he parked his bike. He got on it and rode off.

Wanted came out from his hiding spot, he looked at the mansion before looking back at Marcus, and he went to his bike before driving behind him, then he shot his tyre and Marcus' bike lost balance, and he fell off it.

Wanted rode to his front and stop there.

Marcus groaned in pains standing up.  The bike was pressing his legs.

He slowly raised his head to meet Wanted's dangerous glare.

"You??" He growled.

"Me..." Wanted said, getting down his bike and Marcus stood up as well with so much difficulties.

"How dare you stop me?!" He growled.

Wanted walked closer to him. "You shouldn't have touched my girl you rascal. I may be calm but not nice." He said and Marcus laughed, hysterically.

"Really?? Your girl?" He scoffed and his expression slowly turned to a serious one.

"For your information, Everly is mine got it! I will, read my lips. I'm never leaving her for you. I love her and I'm never good at giving up, okay?" He said and Wanted scoffed.

"You amuse me. You're more foolish than I thought, honestly. Do you know what matters to a person? Do you know what family is to someone? I guess no coz you never had one. If you do, then you'll know the effect of what you're doing to her will implicate in her life. Do you really think she'll ever love you after this you're doing to her, huh?" He asked and Marcus rolled his eyes.

"It's none of your business. F**king stay out of it." He warned and chuckled.

"I wasn't wrong when I thought of you as stupid." He said and Marcus glared.

"Well, I haven't come to reason things with you or anybody. Let the girl go." He said and Marcus chuckled.

"You think I'll do that? You have her dad. Bring him out of whatever hell hole you've kept him and Viper will let her go. Viper won't let her go without him." He smirked.

"Viper should do his worst but he should remember that I'm his doom. If he touches a strand of hair on her head, then he should be ready to face my wrath. I don't joke with my words." He said sternly.

"Make sure nothing happens to her as well, otherwise that which you're avoiding will come to you." He said and Marcus creased his brows.


"I have all the evidence which I need to prove you as the anonymous killer." He said Marcus' eyes widened.

"I'm not Viper. My words should never be taken for granted. Do as I say and your secret will forever be safe with me." He said and Marcus stared at him.

"What do you want?" He asked and Wanted smirked before telling him the plan.


"You gat to sacrifice for someone you love dude. Love is all about sacrificing." He smirked and Marcus stared at him.



"Marcus! You betrayed me!" Viper roared clutching Marcus' shirt.

"Aissh, no time for that. It's time to go to where you should be. Come in!" He said and a five cops walked in with inspector Ryan, walking in front as the leader.

"No need for self defence. All your weapons are with me, right Marcus?" Wanted smirked and Marcus glared.

"Mr Flores and Marcus Desmond, you both are under arrest for kidnapping and attempted murder-"

"F**k you!! I'm not going anywhere!" He shouted.

"Arrest him!" Ryan instructed and three constables walked to him and handcuffed him, despite his struggles.

They handcuffed Marcus as well and started pushing them out.

Just then, the door flung opened again and Everly ran in tears, she looked rough and unkempt.

"Wanted!!" She screamed running to him and Wanted felt his heartache, seeing her in that form.

He opened his hands and she ran into his embrace, hugging him tightly while crying in his chest.

He held her small body tightly as she shook vigorously in his hand, crying seriously.

"Wan...ted-" She mumbled.

"It's alright, I'm here now, don't cry." He begged.

"I'm... Sorry." She apologized and Wanted let out a soft chuckle.

"You shouldn't be, I should. I let this animals take you." He said and she broke the hug.

She had already drawn a map on his shirt with her tears, and her face was soaked with tears. Her eyes were completely red from hours of crying and Wanted cupped her cheek, wiping the tears which won't stop coming out of her eyes with his thumb.

She held his hands.

"I shouldn't have chased you away Wanted. I've learnt my lesson today. And I'm sorry..." She cried.

"It's alright kitten, geez... You're such a cry baby." He chuckled and she hugged him tightly like she was scared of letting him go and truly she was.

"I'm sorry." She said for the umpteenth time.

Mr Wilson smiled in tears as he watched them. 

Viper kept gritting his teeth as he watched and Marcus could feel tears slowly building up in his eyes as he watched.

"C'mon, stop with the tears. You're making me feel guilty." He said and she hiccupped.

He broke the hug, cupping her cheek again.

"Don't be scared, you have me here okay?" He said and she slowly nodded.

"Everly?" Marcus suddenly call and that was when she noticed their presence.

She quickly hugged Wanted tightly.

"Please tell them to leave." She said and Wanted nodded.

"Inspector?" He called and Ryan nodded before dragging them out.

"I'm -" 

"Shush!" Wanted placed a finger on her lips...

"Don't." he said and she smiled out tears.

"Ever." Her dad suddenly called and she turned to the camera smiling.

"Dad!" She squealed.

"My baby, I'm glad you're okay." He said and she smiled.

"Me too. I'm glad you're fine as well. For a moment, I was scared. I thought I won't get to see you all again... I was really scared, of losing you two." She said and Wanted smiled sheepishly.

"You didn't have to be scared. It was a fake bomb. I had Marcus install the fake one." He said and she smiled.

"Thank you Wanted. I owe you." She said and he smirked.

"You're right. You owe me that sèxy lips of yours." He said, licking his lips and she tuck in her lips, looking down shyly.

She suddenly look up, biting her lower lips.

"Sh*t! You're doing this intentionally. Old man I'm sorry I'll have to-" 

"Don't even dare with my daughter!" Mr Wilson said strictly.

"F**k! But she's-" Everly dragged his shirt, slamming her lips on his before he could even complete his speech taking the two by surprise.

Wanted blinked his eyes repeatedly to be sure he wasn't dreaming again. It was f**king real.

He didn't wasted before clasping his hands around her tiny waist and taking over the kiss since she wasn't a good kisser.

"You two! Stop right away!!" Mr Wilson shouted.

They both turned deaf ears with Wanted deepening the kiss, enjoying the sweet taste of her lips in his.


The court hearing took place as planned. Viper was proven guilty for kílling Mr Garcia. The two happened to be business partners but when Mr Garcia started getting more shares than him, it led to envy and he had to clear him off to take his place but Mrs Garcia found so he pinned the blame on her.

He was able to bribe the judge who took her case seven years ago as he had everything planned out so that led to her being imprisoned for years.

Mrs Flores and the rest were shocked to find out this. Daphne returned the very day he was arrested and she testified against him in court.

Marcus was sentenced to life imprisonment as well. Everyone was shocked to discover that he was an assassin all this while. He looked so innocent. Even Lewis who was his friend never for once suspected he was indulge in such dirty activities.

He was the true the definition of the innocent devil.

Humans are very sneaky. They should never be easily trusted.

And they got to find out all thanks to Wanted. Once again, he saved the day. 😅



Wanted parked his bike metres far from the clan but he could see the gate vividly but whoever was at the gate won't easily notice him.

He took off his helmet and brought his phone before dialling someone's number and whoever it was picked up at the third ring.

He talked to the person on the line for about ten minutes before ending the call and in less than thirty minutes after, trolls of cars swept out of the clan, driving speedily.

Amongst them was Don Grey Stone.

They passed Wanted without noticing him.

Wanted smirked and got down from his motorcycle.

He brought out the gun with him and his smile grew more mischievous looking at it. 

He held it firmly and began walking into the clan, the guard let him in. He smiled walking in and immediately turned back shooting the four guards at the gate at once.

It was a silencer.

Rather than making use of the front door, he went through the back door, kílling every human he spotted in sight.

He got into the mansion, and met the emptiness. He chuckled, they were obviously aware of his arrival.

He went in further, passing the big living room and when he made to take the stairs up...

"Look who we have here!!" Riley's voice buzzed behind him and he turned to see all the mobsters with their weapons, they weren't up to twenty as some already left with Don including Jimmy.

Wanted smirked.

"I can see you're already expecting me." He said.

"I've always knew you were a betrayal you motherf**ker!" Riley snapped, shooting at him but Wanted was quick to dodge and the bullet hit the rail instead.

"Get him!"

And the mobsters began shooting. 18 against 1.

Wanted skillfully duck as he ran towards a pillar. He kept shooting as he climbed the rails running up with the mobsters shooting after him. He threw a backflip, getting down from the rails and quickly ran to hide behind a pillar.

He opened his gun and brought bullets from his pocket, which he inserted into his gun and just then, someone pointed a gun on his head.

"Gotcha morherf**ker. Get ready to kiss the world goodbye." He said and Wanted smirked.

"You'd be the one doing that." With that, he slapped the guy's hand off his head and his gun fell.

Wanted quickly grabbed his hand, twirling it behind his back and the guy yelped. He quickly turned the guy over him and he took a stray bullet for him.

He threw the guy and quickly shot the guy who wanted to shoot him. The fight went on, loud eruptive sounds filled the mansion as objects kept crashing and bullets flying around. 

"Sh*t!" Wanted cussed as he ran out of bullets, he looked out to see he still had five more people who weren't down.

"Hehehe... Found you!" Nikky said, walking towards him pointing her gun at him.

The two were the only ones in the hallway. "Give me that c*ck of yours and I'll let you go." She smirked and Wanted smiled.

"Is that all?" He asked and she furrowed her brows.

"What more should I ask of?" 

"You should have said that since come here." He said and she smirked walking to him still pointing at him.

He held her hand and slowly led it to his trouser. She smiled as her hand rubbed his manhood on it.

He swiftly yanked the gun from her and shot her head. He walked out of that place, looking for Riley and he killed the remaining mobsters in the house.

He got downstairs to meet the living room in a complete mess, tons of bullets on the floor, broken objects.

"Since when did you become a scaredy cat?" He teased seeing him behind a pillar.

"You scoundrel."

"Save it! Killing you with a gun it's gonna be super boring so let's do something more fun. How about a little fist fight before you bade me goodbye forever?" He asked and Riley smirked.

"I guess it will be the other way round." 

And immediately they attacked each other, throwing punches.

Riley kicked him on his groin and he fell on the ground, groaning in serious pain.

He quickly took his gun and made to shoot him but Wanted rolled and grabbed his leg, making him fall on the ground.

He stood up and marched his balls angrily and he could hear the crumbling sounds.


Just then Don rushed into the mansion alone and his eyes darted at what he saw.

Wanted smirked when he felt the presence behind him. He simply let go off Riley but not without dashing him a bullet. Then, he turned to Don who was staring with mouth agape.

"I see you already got my surprise, seeing none of the boys with you." He smirked.

"B@stard! You f**king betrayed me!" Don shouted.

"No I didn't. You're just so dumb. I expected you to have a very high IQ since you're a very cunning criminal, but I guess wrong. Maybe you just trust me too much, so I'll advice you. Don't trust human." He said and Don ruffled his hair before bringing our his gun and shot at him but Wanted duck and quickly ran to him, kickin' the gun off his hand.

Wanted chuckled, breathing heavily.

"It's game over Don Grey Stone. Your hide and seek has come to an end." He said, Don was also breathing roughly.

"Who are you??"


(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


               {HIS IDENTITY} 

A word to describe Alessio Grande. Patriotic.

He is a dedicated citizen whose country and state interest are placed before his.

He wasn't born with a golden spoon in his mouth but he had a golden heart.

Las Vegas being the town which he grew up and is of, has been nothing but a chaotic city earning it the name, The Sinful City.

Ready to change this history and restore peace back to Las Vegas, Alessio became a cop. 

An honest officer who is rare to find in this 21st century. He took up the task to go undercover, to find those who were violent impersonate.

He was given two months to fulfill this task and exactly what he did.

He brought them to book without them sensing anything off.



Not much students could be seen around the school's environment coz it was the revision week, most were preparing for their upcoming exams.

As they walked around one topic of discussion was in each and everyone's mouth...

🗣️ Marcus is the anonymous assassin who has been rugging the town.

🗣️ The sneaky Don has been apprehended.

🗣️ The VC has been arrested for embezzlement and a attempted murder.

🗣️ I wonder who is this anonymous that got them apprehended?

🗣️ Me too, but it has been announced that his identity will be revealed on Friday, 4pm.

Everly could be seen walking to the class with Rissa who was looking sullen. It appeared like she has been sulking for days.

They walked to the class and met Daphne already waiting for them.

"Hey girls!" Daphne smiled at them and only Everly returned the smile while Rissa just sat down sluggishly.

"Are you alright Rissa?" Daphne asked.

"I guess..." She dragged before resting her head on the table.

Daphne pursed her lips before turning to Everly with a wide smile, which made Everly creased her brows.

"You being overly excited today is so weird." She said and Daphne chuckled.

"I'm just excited Everly, about so many things. I got to attain justice for Ms Lina, thanks to Wanted. It was like a responsibility which if I hadn't performed, I'd have spent the rest of my life living in guilt and I'm glad I did. Sadly, my dad was the killer but I don't feel bad, I mean I didn't expect any less from him. Even tho it's bad, I'm happy. At least, we all will live in peace now." She said and Everly smiled before hugging her.

"I'm happy for you baby girl. You got the happiness you deserved at last. But I'm still angry you didn't tell any of us." She faked a grimace, breaking the hug and Daphne chuckled.

"I'm sorry sweetie. I just couldn't bring myself to tell anyone what was going on in my life. It was a life experience I hated sharing." She said.

"Even if, we're your friends." Everly battered.

"Tell her. She doesn't even take us as friends, I guess we're the only ones who do." Rissa chipped in and Daphne turned to her.

"I thought you were sulking just now?" She asked and Rissa rolled her eyes.

"Whatever." She said and resumed resting her head.

"What's with her?" Daphne asked and Everly shrugged.

Just then Sienna walked into the class holding Reddy possessively.

Winter clenched her fist watching them, she felt like going to Sienna and designing her face with slaps but that will be disgracing herself.

She can only imagine beating Sienna coz she knew Sienna was way stronger than her.

She simply stood up and ran out of the class. Twilight and Butter followed her.

"Hey girls." Sienna smiled at the girls and Daphne rolled her eyes.

"Could you stop with your PDA, coz it doesn't suit you." She said and Sienna chuckled.

"Oh my, someone's jealous. Come here Reddy." She said and dragged Reddy closer and the two began kissing.

Everly simply rested her head while Daphne feigned a yawn and they laughed, breaking the kiss.

"Get a boyfriend baby sis and stop being jealous." Sienna said.

"I'm still finding it hard to believe you two are sisters." Everly said and they chuckled.

"I always knew they were sisters from day one. The resemblance was there and the tomboy nature. I didn't just wanna say anything because I hated being wrong." Rissa chipped in and they all stared at her surprisedly.

"Wow." They muttered.

"Ms right. I thought you were sleeping just now." Lex said and she hissed at him before standing up and leaving the class.

"Huh? That's new. Did you two fight?" Reddy asked.

"I don't think so. I wonder what's up with her." He said and they shrugged.

"You should go talk to her. Maybe you've wronged her without knowing." Sienna said.

"But I don't remember offending her." He bickered.

"You shouldn't be over confidence. It might be because of one childish stuff, who knows?" She shrugged.

"Not you indirectly calling Rissa childish. She shouldn't hear you." Daphne said and they laughed.

"C'mon Lex, go find out." Sienna nudged and he nodded before leaving.

"Erm.... That reminds me... Everly have you seen Wanted today?" She asked and Everly shook her head.

"No, I even wanted to ask. I've not seen him since that Friday." She said and Sienna furrowed her brows.

"Me too." She affirmed.

"His line isn't connecting." Reddy said and Daphne cleared her throat.

"If you guys wouldn't mind, I've got somewhere to be right now." She said and they furrowed their brows.

"Bye." She winked before leaving the class.

"Excuse me guys." Everly said before running out as well.

"What's with the two?" Sienna asked.

"Ion know, all I know is that we're the only ones left here." He said and Sienna furrowed her brows.


"So this." He made to kiss her but Sienna slapped his face to a side and chuckled.


"What do you mean by he resigned?" Everly asked and Miss Penelope shrugged.

"I'm not the boss. I only heard other staff talking about it. I don't know his reason for it." She said and Everly shook her head before running out of her office.

She brought out her phone and tried dialling his number but it wasn't connecting.




He placed his palm on head as they added a star to his badge, completing it three stars.

He looked super handsome and smart in the police uniform he was putting on.

The commissioner smiled when he was done.

"Congratulations Alessio for a job well done." He said and Alessio nodded with a smile.

"Thank you sir."

"You're truly a rare gem. It's hard to find honest officers like you who put their country first, keep it up." He said and Alessio bowed a little.

The commissioner nodded before leaving.

"Congratulations bro. You did it!" Ryan said and shook hands with him.

"Thanks. I didn't do it alone actually. You helped. Thanks." He said and Ryan smiled.

"You're always welcome buddy." He said and that was when Alessio took notice of his dressing.

"Where are you off to?" He asked and Ryan raised a brow.

"To your event of course." He said and Alessio rolled his eyes.

"The last time I checked, you were not invited." He said and Ryan frowned.

"Do I need an invite to your ceremony again?" He asked.

"Of course you do."

"Alessio!!!" Someone called and they turned to the direction of the voice.


(For those who have forgotten, Sofeya is also a cop. Their colleague.)

She rushed to hug him tightly and Ryan cleared his throat.

"Congratulations Ales, you did it. I'm so proud of you." She said and Alessio smiled.

"You should be, considering the fact that I'm always the hero." He bragged and Ryan cleared his throat again.

"If you're against it, challenge me openly rather croaking like a frog." He bawled at Ryan.

"Just because I let you win doesn't make you the hero, I helped you remember? So let's go now Alessio or should I say... Wanted?" He said and the three laughed, walking out.



Dignitaries, sophisticated individuals, celebrities all over American were all present for his event.

They wanted to witness his event, they all wanted to see the one man who was able to bring down Don. 

The president was also present, it was a big day. All satellites and news channel had the event live.

Every home in Las Vegas had the occupant in it seated with their eyes glued to the TV.

Those who do not have TV, went to their neighbors home and some youths were watching live on their mobile phones.

Reddy, Sienna and Lex were in their apartment watching. Everly and her dad also watching. Daphne and her mum, also had their eyes on the TV.

They all wanted to see who the city's hero was.

After the opening speech was made, it was time for the hero of the day to be ushered into the hall.

"As we all know, it's time to meet our hero. The pride of Las Vegas! He is no other than...

The loud thumping of hearts could be heard from both those watching at home, in the restaurant, workplace and the hall as he kept them in a short suspense.

"Inspector Alessio Grande alias Wanted!!!!" He screamed and an outstanding ovation filled the hall and the large door of the hall opened and Wanted's face came into view, the clapping increased immediately.

He was smartly dressed in a police uniform which hung tightly on him, showing his sexy abs. He looked smoking hot as he walked in, in a slow mo. His complete badge on his uniform stood out. The dark shade he wore adding to his daring and boldness.

Girls couldn't help but drooled helplessly at his handsomeness, they were getting wet underneath and some were already passing out.

"Welcome to the show Wanted."

"Thanks Sir." He replied showing off his perfect dentition.


"The hell! Wanted??!! A cop??" Sienna screamed with wide eyes.

"My eyes are probably playing tricks on me." Lex said, refusing to believe as well as Reddy.

"It's his lookalike. When did Wanted become a cop?" Reddy rolled his eyes, refusing to believe it.

"This is probably a prank. He's fooling us."


Immediately Rissa saw the news, she put a call across Daphne.

"Daphne did you see the news??" Rissa screamed immediately Daphne picked up.

Daphne simply rolled her eyes.

"I knew long ago." She said.



Daphne checked the address on the piece of paper she was with and checked the one on the wall.

The same.

She exhaled before placing a light knock on the door. The door opened and a young lady appeared.

"Good evening ma'am." She greeted and the lady nodded.

"Good evening, how can I help you?" The woman asked.

"You're Anna Mark, Lina's best friend right??" She asked and the woman looked at her.

"Are you a cop as well? Why are you here?" She asked and Daphne was about replying when someone appeared at the door.

Her eyes widened.


What was their psychology lecturer doing here??

"Are you a cop just like him? You're probably here to interrogate me isn't it??" Anna asked.

"A cop?? Him? You're a cop??" She asked, completely surprised and Wanted sighed.

"Let's go in. We'll talk about that later."

Wanted said.


That was when she knew of his identity of being an undercover personnel.

"Damn you Daphne! Why didn't you tell any of us!" Rissa complained.


"My suspicion was right after all." Mr Wilson said, watching the show.

That period of stay with Ryan, he suspected Wanted being a cop or an undercover agent, maybe crime agent.

He wasn't wrong after all.

"Wanted is a cop?? A cop?? How??" Everly asked, in total disbelief.



He walked to the special seat already reserved for him and sat on it.

It took alot of effort to calm down the spectators who were screaming cràzily.

"Getting a mafia Don like Grey Stone is not an easy task but Alessio here did it. Sacrificing his life mission just for the love for his people. This shows what a patriotic citizen he is and we're proud of him. The police force are proud of you Alessio. You're a rare gem." The Chief of Police (COP) said.

🗣️ We love you Alessio!!!!

🗣️ Thanks Wanted!!

Wanted just smiled at them.

He was proud of himself. He got to apprehend Don. It was discovered that Don was an Australian and he is 52, but his frequent changing if face made him look young.

He was into drug and human trafficking, molestation, kidnapping and other illegal activities.

He has sentenced to life imprisonment at last.

Tho those were the only terrorist he was able to apprehend but he was sure this will scare other uncommon terrorist and he was glad.

Las Vegas was gonna reduce in it's crime rate.


 ðŸ–¤ðŸ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


             {HIS NEW BRIDE} 


"Phew! Exams done and dusted! End of first semester... Second semester, we mueve!" Rissa squealed as they walked out of the exam hall with Everly and Daphne.

Sienna withdrew from school, she only decided to attend 3DC with Wanted but since he already left, they've decided to put through with their lives.

Sienna registered into a culinary school, one thing you must know about Sienna was, in as much as she acted indifferent and not female like, she loves cooking.

Wanted decided to sponsor the two boys (Lex and Reddy) as they're orphans. Reddy changed school. His actual dream right from a child was to be a model and so he decided to pursue that dream.

Lex also had a dream of his own, and that is to become a popular musician. And he enrolled into one of the best music school in America and currently, he's in Miami.

Life has taken a round turn in their life within two weeks and for the best.

"I know right?" Daphne said.

"So any plans for us today?" Rissa asked and they shook their head.

"Nah, I don't think so. I've got somewhere to be." Daphne said.

"Me too." Everly added and Rissa sighed.

"You can hangout with Lex, he's returning to Las Vegas for the time being." Daphne suggested and she shook her head.

"Why? Is there something going on between you two?" Everly asked and she chuckled sadly.

"Nothing of such. It's just that-"

"You love Lex but he doesn't love you... He likes me isn't it? And the whole thing is eating you up and making you confused isn't it?" Daphne said and she sighed.

"C'mon sweetheart. Don't give up just like that, keep trying to get his attention. Take Lewis and I for an example. Don't give up on the one you love that easily, okay?" Daphne advised.

"And I think Lex has a soft spot for you." Everly chipped in.

"He only sees me as a friend." She muttered with a deep sigh.

"C'mon sweetie, it's alright okay?" Daphne said patting her back and they continued walking.


"Final touch... All done." Daphne said and touched her face, smiling.

She just finished applying the make up on her face and she stood up. She was beautifully dressed up, like she was going on a date.

She picked her bag on the bed and began walking out of the room.

Her mom's face popped up immediately she opened the door and she looked awe seeing her.

"This is definitely not my daughter. Who the heck are you and were have you hidden my daughter?" She asked, squinting her eyes around the room and Daphne chuckled.

"Stop it mum." She said and her mom laughed.

"You look so beautiful. Are you really my daughter?" She asked and they laughed.

"Anyway, your boyfriend is outside waiting for you. Enjoy your date. Awwwn, I can't believe my daughter has grown." Mrs Flores said.

"Mom! He's not my boyfriend, and it's just a friendly hangout." Daphne said.

"That's how it starts darling. I was once there, anyways... Have fun." Her mum said and kissed her cheek before leaving.

Daphne smiled widely before rushing downstairs and outside the house to meet Lewis waiting for her beside his car.

She smiled, admiring him, he actually had his back on her. She couldn't believe she was now friends with him... More than friends to be plain.

Truth be told, he actually liked her but has just been playing this hard to get all this time.

She got to know on the day her father was proven guilty, after that court hearing.


"A cup of ice cream please." Rissa requested and the man selling nodded before going to bring a cup for her.

He handed it to her and she paid and left with it. She went to seat on a bench, it was an amusement park but it was empty right now coz it is night but few people could be seen, hanging around.

She took a spoon of ice cream and sighed. Her mind drifted to few weeks ago.


She walked out of the class. Tears was slowly building up in her eyes and she blinked it back.

"What are you doing Rissa? Are you really crying for a guy??" She asked herself, flickering her lashes and she chuckled.

"I was stupid to think he'd like me. Daphne was right after all. As long as it is me, it'll always end in tears." She said, and swallowed hard as the tears fell from her eyes.

She laughed and quickly wiped it off. "Silly girl, don't cry. You've always endure it, you can do it this time just like you've always done." She sniffed as she walked.

"Riss!!!" She suddenly heard her name from behind and she needed no one to tell who it was...


She immediately hasten her step while he ran fast to catch up with her. She made to start running, but he caught her by her wrist just then.

"Caught you." He said, breathing heavily.

"Let go Lex." She said, wriggling her hand on his, without looking at his face. Her eyes were on her hand on his.

"C'mon Riss. What's with the cold attitude?" He asked.

"Nothing. I just feel like to be left alone." She said and he chuckled.

"I know you too well to know that's a lie. So what's wrong?" He asked and she chuckled sadly.

"Really?? You know me to well yet you know nothing." She said, now looking at him.

"I... Don't get, you've not told me anything." He said and she chuckled.

"Let go Lex." She simply said.

"I won't until you tell me what's wrong... Maybe I can help."

"Really?? You can help? Even when I tell you the fact that you like someone else even when I like you is the problem?? Can you?" She asked and Lex's eyes widened.

"You like? You like... Me?" He asked and she rolled her eyes.

"Now you know, what will you do?" She asked.


"No need to feel bad. It's not my first. I'll get rid of it just like I've been doing." She said and forcefully yanked her hands off his before walking away leaving him standing.


"Oh Rissa. Love, crush... It's just not your thing. You just need to accept that fact and continue your life without it. It's not for you." She said to herself and sighed.

She looked at the ice cream and sighed again. "I lost my appetite for it." She said and dropped it on the bench.

She stood up and made to walk away but she bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry."

"I'm so sorry-"

"Riss??" Lex called and she made to walk away but Lex held her hand.

"I'm sorry Riss. I didn't know you were crushing on me. I only saw you as a friend, nothing more. I'm sorry." He apologized and she sighed before turning to him.

"Why are you sorry. It's not your fault. I mean, we're not able to control our heart from beating for who it wants. And as it is now, I'm trying to get over the feeling." She said.

"Thanks Riss. Honestly, I felt so bad. I really cherish our friendship and I don't want anything to come in between. I'm sorry I can't return your love." He apologized and she chuckled sadly.

"It's alright. Friends won't hurt right?" She said and he smiled.

"Sure, so BFF?" He asked opening his hand and she smiled.

"BFF." She replied placing her hand on his. He held it tightly and smiled.

"I promise to be the best friend you will ever have. To fight, respect, support and always have your back." He said and she nodded.

"How about an ice cream for a new friendship?" He asked and she shrugged, then he dragged her to the ice cream stand.

She smiled all through. She felt like a burden left her. Even tho she couldn't get him as a lover, she got him as her best friend.

It wasn't bad. At least she have come to realize that love isn't for her.

She just hopes this new relationship lasts for long.



"Dad! I'm off." Everly said, walking to the door.

"Okay dear! Don't take long!" Her dad shouted from his room and she nodded.

"Sure dad." She affirmed and walked out. Her eyes darted to Wanted's apartment and a small smile appeared on her face.

He doesn't live here again.

Her phone suddenly dinged and she quickly brought it out of her pocket.

It was a text from Alessio. She started calling him that, according to her , she loved it more.

*WHERE ARE YOU??* It read

*ON MY WAY TO WORK*  She sent her reply and immediately a call came on, from him.


"Really? I thought you quitted your job?" He whined.

"Not yet Alessio. I'm quitting by the end of this month." She said and continuing walking out of the compound.

"Where are you right now?" He asked.

"Still walking out of my house." She replied.

"That's good. I'm waiting for you." He said and she arched her brows.

"Waiting??" And just when she walked out the compound, she saw his car parked right in front of the compound.

"You're here."

"I couldn't wait to see your face. Hop in." He said and Everly shook her head before entering the passenger seat, beside the driver's seat.

"You should be at work." She said.

"Wanted goes to work whenever he likes and no one has the right to question him." He bragged and she rolled her eyes.

"It's Alessio remember."

"Whatever. Wanted is the real deal." He said and she chuckled.

"I missed you." He pouted leaning closer and he kissed her lips. How much he loves kissing it.

She chuckled.

He suddenly broke the kiss and looked at her.

"Let's go home and do something more fun." He said and she raised a brow.



Wanted drove into his house, his face beaming with smiles, his mind already thinking of the numerous bad things he was gonna do to her today.

The two got the house alone to themselves.

He was so excited but his excitement dwindle the moment he got into his house and saw them.

His mother, sister and a girl he doesn't know... How they got in was the question he was finding difficult to answer.

"Welcome home Alessio Grande." His mom said with all smiles which he found suspicious.

"Welcome home big bro." Claire, his sister grinned making him doubt their presence.

Something was not right for sure.

He knew his mom to be very strict and troublesome, her smiling only spelt something fishy.

"Mom?? What are you doing here??" He asked.

"Oh... Seeing my own son now has suddenly become a crime." He said Wanted shook his head.

"Do not misinterprete me mom... It's just that..."

"Well, that's not the reason why I'm here." She said.

All this while, Everly's presence wasn't acknowledged.

It was as if, she wasn't there. She pressed her hands on Wanted's hold.

Mrs Grande turned to the girl who was sitting with legs crossed. She was cladded in all pink. Her pink hair, packed in two pony tails. She wore a pink crop top and pink short skirt which stopped on her thigh.

She wore a white sneakers on it and her phone... Pink! She seems to be a huge lover of pink. 

"As you can see, I've brought you a bride. Her name is... Diamond Zayne." She said and the girl smiled widely flipping her hair backwards.

"Pink Baby Diaynë." Claire chipped in, grinning like a fool and Diaynë chuckled.

"Hi Alessio Grande. I'm the one and only Diamond Zayne, aka Pink Baby Diaynë and I'm your new bride." Diaynë said in her well polished British accent, smiling her dentition and immediately Everly's hand fell from Wanted's grip and her face went sore.

His... His bride.



(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



His... His bride??

He had a fiancee?? What are they talking about??

She looked at Wanted who had an unreadable expression on his face and her face fell.

"I... I think I'll leave now..." Everly said and turned around to walk away.

Wanted looked at them, slowly his face turned to an amusing one, slowly he broke into a chuckle and slowly like that, it turned into an erupt laughter, his knees almost giving away.

Everly furrowed her brows.

'Why is he laughing?'

"Seriously Diaynë? Is this what you spent your three years in theatre learning? You suck." He said and Diaynë gritted her teeth as she stood up and began walking to him.

"You punk! How dare you say that?!" She half yelled, glaring at him but he looked unfazed.

Everly turned to face them, trying to understand what was going on.

"Do you know I now act supporting roles? Do you know the number of fans I have? Do you know how many people rush me, just to get my autograph and here you are saying I suck! Aunt, did you hear that?!" She threw tantrums.

"That's when you're surrounded with fake people. I ain't good at telling lies so I'm being honest." He smirked.

"Stop it big bro. You're hurting her feelings. You needed to see how eager she was to show you her acting skills by coming up with this plan." Claire said.

"And I'm saying she wasn't good enough. Put more effort Pink... what did you call it again?"

"Baby dummy." She completed and he chuckled.

"Whatever, and what's with the childish pink?" He asked and she smirked, touching her hair.

"Well, that's my new trend. I wanna be the pink goddess, second barbie." She winked and Wanted rolled his eyes.

Such a drama doll.

"And I can see you came with your girlfriend. She must have been hurt when she saw me." Diaynë chuckled looking at Everly.

"Hi, I'm Diamond Zayne aka Pink Baby Diaynë and I'm Alessio's friend nothing more. Screw what I said earlier. Just wanted to show this jerk here my acting skills and the best he could say is rubbish." She rolled her eyes and Everly chuckled.

"Oh... You were great then." Everly said and Diaynë twitched her head proudly.

"Thank you. Don't mind some people whose name starts with 'A." She said, glaring at Wanted with a side eye and Everly chuckled while Wanted rolled his eyes.

He just wanted them to leave ASAP.

"I'm Everly by the way." 

"Nice name for a cutie." Diaynë said with a smile.

"Hi Ever!" Claire waved.

"So Wanted this is my daughter in-law isn't it?" Mrs Grande asked walking to him.

"Isn't it obvious." He rolled his eyes.

How the heck did they get here? They've ruined all his plans for today. Hmph!

"Be nice for once." His mom said and as she got to Everly.

"Wow, you're so cute. I'm glad my son has a good eye when it comes to ladies. Welcome home daughter." Mrs Grande said hugging her and Everly smiled hugging her back.

"So when are you guys leaving?" Wanted suddenly asked and they raised a brow.

"Seriously? Are you now chasing us out of your house?" Diaynë asked with an eye roll.

"We ain't going anytime soon big bro." Claire said, sticking out her tongue at him.

"We might stay for three days." Mrs Grande shrugged.

"Three days??!" He shouted.


"I want to get acquainted with my future daughter in law." Mrs Grande replied.

"My house can't accommodate more than two." He said and they looked at him surprisedly.

"Since when did you become matter that occupies space?" Diaynë asked and he glared at her and she glared back.

"Mom, I'll be away for some days so-"

"We can stay here in your absence." Mrs Grande cut him off.


"They're your family Alessio, don't send them away." Everly chipped in and Wanted feigned a chuckle.

"I guess so." He said.

"Have fun. I've got to be here somewhere." He said, burning inwardly and they nodded.

He left.

"So tell us Everly... How did you meet my son?"

"Where did you meet him?"

"Have you guys had your first kiss? How was it?"

"Who was the first to confess their feelings?"

"What's the best moments with him?" They bombarded her with questions and Everly just kept looking from one person to another not knowing who to answer first.

Damnit! She should have just left with Wanted.

"Tell us Everly."

"We're curious." Claire said and she smiled.

"Actually-" Diaynë's phone suddenly began ringing.

"Aish, who is it?" She said, checking the caller's ID. Her eyes widened seeing it was her director. She quickly picked up.

"Hello sir. What? Oh no! I thought that- Okay I'll be on my way." She said and ended the call.

"I'm sorry Everly, I gat to go right now. I'll see you some other time. Bye Aunt." She said and scurried off.

"Bye Pinky!" Claire shouted.

"So talk us Everly." They returned to her.

"Well-" Mrs Grande phone began ringing and she picked up as well.

"Hello Eliza Grande here, who am I on to? What are you talking about?? You- Damnit! I'm coming right away. Don't leave there!" She instructed and quickly hung up.

"Claire let's go." She said and began rushing out.

"But mum-"

"I said let's go!!" Mrs Grande shouted and Claire reluctantly followed behind after bading Everly goodbye.

Immediately Mrs Grande opened the door, she came face to face with Wanted and Wanted furrowed his brow.

"Are you leaving already?" He asked.

"I've got to rush somewhere Alessio. I'll be back some other time." She said and rushed out.

"But-" He began laughing hysterically that he didn't know when Everly came behind him.

"You're behind it right?" She asked and he turned to her with a smirk.

"I guess."


"Coz when I set my mind on something, I don't back down till I achieve it." He said, wrapping his hands around her waist.

"And today, what did you set your my mind on?" She asked and his smiled mischievously.

"You." He said straight forwardly and that led her speechlessly. A deafening silence took over with only the sound of their heartbeat in motion.

Their eyes locked and they stood there gazing lovingly at each other.

Wanted slowly began leaning closer not breaking the eye contact as his mouth claimed her lips.

Everly's eyelids shut on their own responding to the slow kiss which slowly turned to a crazy and passionate kiss.

He kissed her roughly trying to satisfy his unquenchable desire, it was as if it the more he kissed her the more he longer for her.

Everly could feel her feet wobble at this rate, luckily she was standing close to a wall and her back pressed on it for support.

Her hands went into his hair, raking it as the kiss became more and more intense. Igniting more fire in them as their body wanted more... More than just a kiss.

He slowly lifted her up her feet, taking her to a table which placed her on, all this while, they were still in the kiss.

His hand trailed under her skirt, slithering through her panties into her honeypot and that led a moan to escape her mouth, breaking the kiss.

"Ouch... Wanted..." She moaned as he dug his finger into her hole.

"Ahh! Hmm..." Her eyes rolled in his socket as his finger kept moving in and out of her whole arousing an unexplainable feeling in her.

"Say my name kitten." He said.

"Wanted..." She squirmed as he continued fingering her till she orgasmed.

He pulled out and licked his finger. "You're so tasty under there kitten, makes my desire insatiable.

He said before carrying her from the the table, taking her to his room.

He moment he dropped her on the bed, he resumed the kiss, his hands going underneath her shirt, crawling to her b**bs.

He squeezed on of it from the bra making her moan in the kiss.

He broke the kiss to take off her shirt and then her bra and he licked his lips as his eyes fell directly on her b**bs.

It wasn't that big neither was it small and it stood firmly on her chest.

He cupped his hands on her b**bs and smile liking how it felt in his hand. 

He wrapped his mouth on her right b**b, sucking on it slowly while his other palm teased on her other b**b.

Her head twirled back as his warm tongue did wonders to her b**bs, he bit softly on her nipples, teasing her.


She quivered at the weird things he was doing to her. The waves of pleasure she was deriving was second to none.

"Oh my Wanted... You're tickling me..." She moaned.

He released her b**bs, his tongue exploring her stomach down, to waistline.

He slowly, peeled off her panties getting a better view of her p*$$y. He looked at her and she quickly looked away shyly.

"Smooth." He mumbled before burying his head there, mouthf**king her. His tongue rolled into her cl*t, sucking on it like his life depended on it.

Her eyes rolled in her socket as he was literally eating her p*$$y, as the feeling was overwhelming.

"My... Wanted..." She moaned as he ate her undone.

He licked all her fluid, not missing out any and then, he raised up his head, licking his lips.

He resumed to mouthf**king her again and she felt like she was taking to cloud nine. The butterflies in her stomach gave her tickling feeling and her eyes kept rolling back and forth in their socket.

The feeling was completely out of the world.


"My bad! F**k!"

"My! Wanted..." 

She moaned and he suddenly stopped  and her face fell. "What happened? Why did you stop?" She asked.

"I wanted to do something else. I wanna use my d*ck instead. Can I?" He asked.

"I'll be deflowering you by that." He told her and she kept quiet.

"Don't worry, I'll wait whenever you're ready." He said and made to continue business but she stopped him.

"Do it!" She said and he raised a brow.


"Deflower me, I vowed to give it to the man I love and that's you. Just promise me it won't hurt." She said and he nodded.

"Trust me."

His hands went to his belt and he removed his trousers and boxers next and his huge manhood came into view.

Everly's eyes widened seeing the long fat length, was he??

"Is this-"

"Don't worry, trust me to go easy on you." He said and came on top again.

"I promise not to hurt you."  He said and she nodded, she positioned himself, slowly he plunged into her.

Just like he expected she was damn tight. "Ouch!!!" She winced, holding Wanted tightly and he stopped. 

"I'm sorry. I can stop if you want." He said and she shook her head.

His d*ck remained in it's position, waiting for her to adjust.

"Continue." She said and he nodded, before adjusting his size in her and she winced.

He moved deeper again, breaking her hymen and an earsplitting scream left her mouth and he quickly covered her mouth with a kiss.

He kissed her passionately as he thrust into her slowly and gently. She shook her head as all she was feeling was more pains than pleasure. And he broke the kiss.

"I'm sorry." He apologized and she held him tightly, her nails dug into his skin.

Her resumed the kiss as he continued thrusting, slowly her walls adjusted to his size and she began feeling the pleasure.

"Ahh... Wanted..."

"Oh... My..." She moaned as he f**Ked her gently like a good boy till he reached his climax and he pulled out and release his fluid on the surface of her p*$$y.

And then, he fell down on the bed, beside her, the bedsheet was already stained.

Everly rested her head on his chest. Her legs were still spread apart as she was still hurting down there.

Wanted drew up the duvet and kiss her lips.

"I love you kitten." He confessed.

"I love you too Alessio." She said, her eyes slowly closing on their own and she gave on to the darkness calling her.




A pair of long slender legs could be seen walking into the building, wearing a black heels.

The steps of the person seems to be very bold and confidence. The view slowly moved up, she was wearing her black robe and she held her wig in her right hand.

Yeah, she was a lawyer.

She got to the front of the court room and heaved a deep sigh. This is gonna be her first case as a degree lawyer.

Everly's face slowly came to view, and she had grown more beautiful with a shape to envy.

Her face had that skeptical look as she stared at the courtroom.

"Fear is the beginning of destruction. Face the crowd as if they were nothing and if you ever get scared, think of what makes you happy and you'll do it! You can do it kitten! You can do it!" She remembered Wanted's words and she smiled before going into the courtroom and taking her seat 

Soon the judge arrived and they proceeded to the case in hand.

Her opponent lawyer stood to greet the judge.

"Your honor, members of the jury, my name is Cora Crawley, representing the prosecution in this case." She said and sat down.

"Your honor, members of the jury, my name is Everly Wilson, representing the defendant in this case" Everly said and also sat down.

And the case took on, with the two lawyers bringing up hot point to defend their client.

Few minutes later...

"We, the Jury, find the defendant not guilty of thuggery as charged in Count 1 of the indictment." The judge announced.


She just won a case. She just won her first case.


"Congratulations baby girl." Her friends said over the phone. She was making a video call with them, Daphne, Rissa and Sienna.

"My Esquire. You rock." Sienna said.

"Thank you guys, I'm so excited." She said.

"Get home soon. We gat to party tonight." Rissa winked and she chuckled.

They talked for a while before the call was ended.



Everly got to her apartment with so much smiles on her face. Winning her first case was so exciting.

She got to the door and turned the knob and she met with a total darkness.

"Huh?? Dad?!" She called as she turned on her phone flashlights and made her found her way to the light switch.

She switched the lights on and her jaw fell and her eyes widened in amazement at the big board her eyes first caught.

On it had the word, "MARRY ME KITTEN." She quickly turned her eyes dilated more, kneeling before her was wanted with a ring box which had a shining diamond ringing sitting magnificently on it.

Her eyes ran across the room seeing all her friends, her dad, Claire, Mrs Grande and Diaynë.

🗣️ Say yes!!!

They screamed excitedly.

Her hands flew to her mouth, unable to utter a word. Her feet slowly walking towards Alessio.

"I'm not really good at emotional talks. I mean, I never even knew that one day, I'll be so deeply in love with someone and I'll have to say sweet words like this but look at me now." He chuckled.

"I remember, vividly, how much I hated girls on lenses. They were too pure for my liking, but how I became attracted to you was what I still can't understand. How I managed to show self esteem even when my intentions right from the start was completely different is what surprises me... But I came to realize what it was... Love." He said.

🗣️ Awwwwwwwwn!!

"I came to realize how beautiful love is with you in my life. All the moments I spend with you, everyday are one of the best moments in my life and I cherish it to the moon. I always wanna be with you. Whenever you're away, I miss you like cràzy... I'm addicted to you... Your voice, your presence, your touch, your scent, your body, everything. Yes! You can call it obsession if you want, that's the bad guy's obsession... Today, in front of everyone... I'm saying that I, Wanted Alessio Grande loves you Everly Wilson, my kitten!" He shouted and they screamed.

🗣️ Yesss!!!

"Will you marry me Everly Wilson?" He asked calmly and a tear drop from her eyes. She smiled widely.

"Ye- yes!! Yes!! Yesss!!!" She screamed nodding her head like a lizard and a loud cheering followed.

Wanted smiled and took the ring sitting in the box and slowly slithered it into her finger and stood up.

Everly looked at the ring and smiled, then she hugged Wanted tightly. Her eyes producing so much tears... Tears of joy.

Words of congratulatory filled the air that moment as their friends walked closer.

"Congratulations baby girl." I can't believe you're getting married before me." Daphne pouted, holding Lewis's hand and she chuckled.

"Love, love, love. I keep convincing myself that it doesn't exist but whenever I see you two... Where do you guys even find this love?" Rissa asked and they laughed.

"Believe baby girl." Sienna said.

"Congratulations dude. I feel left out." Reddy said and Sienna raised her brows.

"Am I a joke to you?" She asked and they laughed.

"Congrats man!"

"Congrats baby!"

Then Mr Wilson came forward, "Congratulations Ever. I must say, today is the best day of my life. I'm happy to got witness this day. I can't believe my daughter has grown." He said with teary eyes.

"Jeez, I think onions eyes runs in this family." Wanted said and they laughed.

"And you, if you ever make my daughter cry..."

"Trust me you'll be meeting your old man that very day. I already know." Wanted said and they laughed.

"I'm happy my son finally decided to settle down, tho very late." Mrs Grande said.

"More, I'm only thirty." He said and Mrs Grande rolled her eyes.


"Congratulations big bro." Claire said and Diaynë came forward.

"You getting married before me is another pain which hits differently but anyways, congratulation." She said sniffing her dry nose and they laughed.

"You're a real drama queen." Sienna said.

"Honestly." Rissa affirmed.

"So today Everly won her first case as a lawyer and Wanted also proposed to her... wow! Let's pop champagne to a new beginning!!!"

🗣️ Yeeeee!!!!!!!

While everyone carried on with the celebration...

Wanted wrapped his hand around Everly's waist turning her to him and she smiled, curling her hands around his neck.

"Thanks for this surprise. I must say, today is the happiest day of my life. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me." She said.

"Thanks for coming into my life kitten. I love you to the moon and back. And I promise to always love and stand by you." He said.

"I love you too Alessio, my Wanted. Trust me to never leave you." She said and like that...

They sealed it up with a long passionate kiss.


Yahhh!!! 🥳🥳

Pen down! ✍️