✍️✍️✍️✍️ ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY SH!T๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿ”ฅ (Head Over Heels...) Chapter 21 - 42 Complete Chapters ✍️✍️✍️✍️


๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 21๐Ÿ’22

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ



           {LUNCH TOGETHER}


"Ahhh!!" Butter screamed, throwing everything on her bed on the floor. The room was in a complete mess, every thing in it has been disarranged.

She was in rage, and whenever she was angry, she vents out her anger by crushing anything her eyes came in contact with.

"He didn't only insult me, he raised his hand on me! Bcoz of that classless b*tch! He humiliated me coz of her! How dare he! Ugh!" She bangef her fist on her table angrily.

"I told you to give up already. Which guy hits a woman?? I wonder why you're head over heals for him, he's not even that handsome." Twilight rolled her eyes, pressing her phone. She was sitting on her bed.

"Shut it Twilight. You know nothing about love that's why." Butter said to her.

"Whatever. Since you know much about love, goodluck in getting this Marcus guy, I need to freshen up." Twilight said and stood up from her bed dropping her phone on it.

"Yes I will. Get out!" Butter yelled at her.

"Sulk harder baby." Twilight stuck out her tongue at her before running into the bathroom.

"I hate you!!" She screamed and Winter chuckled on her bed.

Butter looked at her, she was staring intently at her phone. She has been with it since she came back from only God knows where making Butter wonder what she was doing with her phone.

Winter suddenly began laughing.

"Why are you laughing all of a sudden?! Have you gone mad?" Butter asked and Winter faced her before rolling her eyes.

"You should learn to mind your business, will you? Jeez!" Winter rolled her eyes and got down from her bed, leaving the room.

"Wait, what's wrong with them?? Jeez! Why doesn't he like me?!" She resumed sulking.

"I love him! I love him!" She yelled, collapsing on her bed.

A sudden knock came in but she didn't reply it.

It came again.

"Who the heck is it?? F**king get out!!" She yelled angrily but the person knocked again.

She angrily stood up and walked to the door.

"Why th-" She paused seeing who it was and a frown formed on her face.

"What're you- Ahh!!" A loud thud followed her scream as she was knocked out.




"Ahh!!" Butter screamed, jolting out of her short slumber immediately Sienna poured her a bucket of cold water.

Sienna chuckled dropping the bucket on the floor.

"Good morning margarine, I mean... Good evening. How're you doing??" She asked with a broad smile on her face and Butter gritted her teeth, wriggling her hands on the chair.

She was tied to a chair actually.

"Who're you?? And why have you brought me here?? What do you want from me??" She asked coldly and Sienna chuckled.

"What do I want from you? What do I want from you?? What could I possibly want from you?? I don't settle for expired Butter okay?... He's actually the one who wants you." Sienna said pointing at a corner and Butter followed her hand gesture.

Her eyes widened when she saw Wanted. He was sitting on his favorite seat in the warehouse, 


Wanted stood up swinging the long fat whip on his hands he walked to her with each step he took screaming danger.

He got to her and squat to her level then he smirk looking at her,her wet hair stuck to her face, same as her clothes.

"They say never touch the tiger by it's tail... I guess no one ever told you that." He said and Butter gulped down.

"Wha- what do you want from me?? Why have you brought me here?" She asked, obviously scared.

"What else?" He asked showing her the whip and she gasped in fright.

She quickly shook her head.

"No no...you can't whip me with that thing... I promise I'll do anything for you, just don't hit me..." She begged and Wanted smirked.

"Anything??" He asked and Butter nodded her head, desperately and Wanted smirked looking at Sienna who also smirked.




The whole vicinity was noisy as always. Students could be seen buzzing around the major, going from one end to another.

Everly could be seen sitting outside her LH with Daphne and Rissa, looking sullen.

"Is everything the matter Everly, you don't look alright." Rissa noticed and she sighed.

"What's wrong?" Rissa asked while Daphne looked at her with curious eyes.

"Girls, I'm afraid I might dropout of school." She said in a mutter.

"Huh?? Why?!" Rissa asked and she looked at her. Slowly, water started gathering in her eyes.

"What? Everly? You're crying..." Rissa said.


"My dad... " She began explaining everything to them.

"This is bad." Rissa said when she was done narrating her current predicament to them.

"But you shouldn't be worked up about it. Every problem has a solution." Daphne said while Rissa patted her back.

"So what if your dad can't afford you going to college? You can sponsor yourself. You can engage in some part time jobs if you really wanna study." She said to her.

"You're right Daphne." Rissa affirmed.

"My parents aren't in their best financially otherwise I'd have helped." Daphne told her.

"Me too." Rissa nodded.

"Thanks guys... But where do I start the job hunt from?" Everly asked, pressing her lips together.

"Really??... Alright, we'll do that for you." Daphne succumbed.

"Really? Thanks." She gushed, pulling Daphne into a tight hug.

"C'mon, it's just a friendly help. Don't be so touchy." Daphne chided, rolling her eyeballs.

"Try to have some emotions, jeez." Rissa said and they laughed.

Everly broke the hug and stared at the two with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you so much guys." She smiled and Rissa chuckled.

"Is that tears? Really... You're so emotional. Jeez!" She said and Everly laughed out tears.

"Such a crybaby." Daphne said and they laughed.

The sweet jovial atmosphere was interrupted by Butter's sudden presence.

Daphne frowned seeing her. She thought she was just passing by but was confused when she stopped right in front of them.

"We probably don't look like those Bread of a friend that you flock with so why are you here margarine?" Daphne asked and Butter rolled her eyes at her then she turned to Everly.

"Everly..." She called in a surprisingly calm voice.

Everly looked at Rissa and Daphne who were looking at Butter skeptically.

"Yes?" She replied and Butter gulped down, clenching tightly to her phone.

She wanted to walk away but no, she couldn't. Wanted was watching at her. 

Her eyes went to Wanted who was standing at a corner watching them and he gave her the go ahead sign, making her grit her teeth angrily.

She turned to Everly and feigned a smile and slowly she went on her knees shocking the trio.

The students around gasped out loud.

Everly stared with her big eyes looking bigger.

"Wait, wait... What's going on? Why are you kneeling Butter?" Rissa asked with wide eyes.

"I... I... I'm sorry Everly... So sorry for insulting you. I wasn't in my best mood. Please forgive me." She begged and Daphne chuckled before she began laughing hysterically.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ OMG! Tell me I'm seeing things!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Did Butter just...

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ I'm seriously dreaming.

Rissa was looking so shocked, when she couldn't take it in any longer she burst into laughter as well while Everly was looking so surprised.

Just then Twilight came there with Winter and she gasped at the sight in front of her.

"Butter!" She called but Butter didn't even spare her a glance.

"What're you doing Butter? Why are you on your knees?" Winter inquired while Rissa and Daphne laughed their ร ss out.

Butter kept on clenching and unclenching her fist as she watched them laugh to their heart content. She wanted to stand up and give them an earful but she couldn't... Wanted was watching her.

She feigned a smile and resumed. "Please Everly." She begged, ignoring Winter's question.

"Wait... Ion get... Butter kneeling, I mean almighty Butter Denzel on her knees... My camera!" Daphne said and quickly unlocked her phone and started making a video.

"F**k!" Butter groaned and immediately stood on her feet.

"Are you going yet? C'mon let's make a video." Daphne smirked.

"F**k you!!!" She yelled and ran away angrily.

"Butter!" Twilight and Winter shouted running after her.

Butter got to where Wanted was standing and shot him a glare before continuing running.

Twilight and Winter ran past him without noticing his presence.

He smirked satisfactorily, returning his gaze to Everly and the two who were laughing whole heartily and he smiled.

He remembered yesterday when he had gone to her room.


He peeped in through her window and his gaze met with her back. She was sitting on her bed, he could hear her low sniffles making scowl his brow in confusion.

Was she crying??

He climbed in and took slow steps to her. He got to her bed and sat beside her.

"Hey." He said and Everly fluttered her eyes opened in shock.

She slowly turned to see him sitting beside her and her once confused look turned to a frown.

"What are you doing here? Did you sneak in again?" She queried and Wanted chuckled.

"You were crying just now remember? C'mon go ahead, rather than scolding me coz it won't change anything." He said and he broke down.

He just watched her cry for about thirty minutes before breaking in with a question.

"Mind sharing?" He asked and Everly looked at him before resuming crying.

Wanted sighed before looking around the room, he wasn't good at comforting someone so he decided to feed his eyes around till she was done sulking.

But it didn't appear she was gonna stop anytime soon so he thought of doing something.

He sighed before looking at her and he began...

"I don't know what the problem is... But whatever it is, know that there is always a solution to it, okay? Don't be too hard on yourself alright?" He asked and Everly looked at him.

"Smile now, you look ugly when you cry." He said and wiped her tears with Everly staring intently at him and he smiled.

"I'm not always like this so you should be happy you get to see this side of me." He said and she scoffed.

"What's that? Wasn't my motivation enough?" He pouted and she made to reply when her attack came.

Her eyes widened and she quickly covered her mouth... 

Damnit! She knew very much that crying wasn't good for her health. It triggers her asthma.

"What- what happened??" He asked worriedly.

"My- my... My-" She stuttered pointing at her drawer as she fell on her bed.

Wanted eyes widened when he understood what was happening...

She was an asthmatic patient! F**k!!

"Where's it??" He asked, rushing to her drawer and he began rummaging it.

"My- he..l..p... M..y..."

He searched it the drawer fast and frantic, looking at her at intervals.

"F**k! It's not here." He panicked greatly and just then the door opened and Mr Wilson walked in.

"You!! What're you- Ever!!!" He screamed rushing to her.

"What happened to her? What did you do?? My God! Get me her inhaler!" He yelled at Wanted, sitting on the bed and placing Everly's head on his lap.

"I can't find it sir." He said and Mr Wilson looked at him with widened eyes.

"What the heck are you saying?? Check her bag!" He yelled, pointing at her bag which was beside her drawer and he nodded, hurriedly picking her bag and began searching it.

So that's what she was saying all this while...


"Hold on Ever... You'll be fine in no time." He assured but one could tell he was very scared. 

Everly clutched her chest tightly, gasping for air. 


"Here sir!" Wanted said, handing out the inhaler to Mr Wilson who quickly took it and placed it on Everly's mouth.

He pressed the cap and Everly quickly inhaled the gas it exuded and slowly her breath started coming back till it stabilized and Wanted sighed out in relief, for a moment he was damn scared.

The rest event were history...


"It's sad she's an asthmatic patient." He muttered at Everly who was still with Rissa and Daphne and she was smiling at what they said.

Earlier today, Sienna informed him of what Butter did to her, that was why he made her apologize to her presuming that was what made her cry yesterday.

He only threatened to whip her because ordinarily, he doesn't hurt a woman.

"I'm glad I could make her happy." He mumbled before leaving there.



"Good morning students." Wanted greeted walking into class.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Oh my! Sexy Prof!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Morning Mr handsome!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ My crush!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Has his lips always been thin pink or I'm just noticing it??

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ My breath...

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ I must f**k him today! Darn!

"Winter give me- Ahh!!" Twilight gasped immediately she saw Wanted.

At that time, Wanted brushed his hair with his hands and winked at the girls who were drooling insanely.


"Oh my... Winter... My... Breathe..." Twilight mumbled drooling hard.

"What- Ah! Twilight!" Winter screamed as Twilight lost consciousness on her.

The students attention darted to her.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ My gawd! Did Twilight just pass out because of our lecturer.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Who wouldn't?? 

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ I'm losing it as well!

Someone said before you know it, most girls were already passing out.

"Someone do me a favor and inform the ambulance that their attention is needed here why I start the class." Wanted said and some students laughed.

He smiled when he saw Everly and winked at her and he was surprised when she smiled back at him that he almost passed out like those student.

'Did she just smile back?? OMG! Seems I'm making an improvement, good thing.' He smiled at himself.

"So today we'll be discussing on the topic personality ." He said, opening his briefcase and he brought out a book.

A while later...

The class was already going on smoothly, the students who passed out has been moved out of the class including Twilight.

"Sir!" A student raised her hand.

"Yes?" Wanted said and the girl stood.

"Sir, could you please explain what you said on the theories of personality? I really didn't get you." She said and while she spoke she kept on arranging her already arranged hair and licking her lips and Wanted nodded, getting her intentions.

"Can someone help her with her question?" He asked, looking at the students and no one raised a hand.

"You mean no one knows?" He asked and Everly raised her hand.

"Go on course rep." He said and Everly stood on her feet.

"Okay... Actually, he said... There are seven major theories of personalities which include, psychodynamic theory, humanistic theory, biological..." As she kept on explaining, Wanted unconsciously sat on his table, watching her lips move... It was looking so enchanting...

Her voice, was it always sounding melodious or he was just noticing it... It was sound like music to his ears and watching as her lips move was giving him a feeling he couldn't understand... He just felt like kissing those thin pink lips...


"And that's all about theories of personality." Everly rounded up and the girl feigned a smile.

"Thank you." She said and start down defeatedly.

Everly sat down as well.

"Wow... Wow... that was fabulous. You should be the lecturer, while I the student." Wanted said and she chuckled.

"Okay, we've come to the end of this class... Do have a nice day." He said and picked up his briefcase then he left the class.

Everly sighed and stood up, walking to Rissa and Daphne. She was actually sitting on the new seat Wanted assigned her.

"Hey girls." She said.

"Can't you just change your seat Ever. Why seat where that lecturer assigned you?" Rissa asked and she chuckled.

"Left with me, I wouldn't." Everly said.

"Hey Ever... Wanna join us for lunch?" Sienna asked walking to them and Everly smiled.


"We don't want... Go away." Daphne retorted and Sienna frowned.

"I wasn't talking to you she-male." She said and Daphne rolled her eyes at her.

"And I was planning on talking to a b*tch... Everly, let's go." Daphne said and began walking out of the class with Everly and Rissa.

Everly gave Sienna an 'I'm sorry' look before leaving.

"I hate that girl!" Sienna said with a grimace and Lex chuckled.

"She's cool." He said with a smile and Sienna furrowed her brows.

She shook her head and turned to Reddy and caught him winking at Winter...

What the-


"What!" Reddy shouted and she glared at him before walking away.

Everly and the rest was almost at the door when Marcus stopped them.

"Everly!" He called and Everly turned to him.

"Hey Marcus." She called smiling widely.

"Didn't see you in class." She said and he smiled.

"Was at the back coz of this d*ckhead beside me." He said referring to Lewis who rolled his eyes and Everly chuckled.

"Hi." She waved at Lewis who smirked at her.

"Sรจxy." He said and Marcus hit his head.

"You better get your eyes off her." He whispered and Lewis rolled his eyes.

"Copied that." He whispered back and smiled at Everly.

"I can see you're going out." He said and Everly smiled.

"Yes, we're going to the cafeteria." She  said and Marcus nodded.

"Mind if you join me instead." He pouted his lips at her and Everly opened her mouth to say something but couldn't form a word.

"Please." He pouted cutely, giving her that puppy eye which she couldn't resist.

Everly looked at the girls, Rissa had a no expression while Daphne only shrugged.

"It's alright you can go with him." She said and Marcus flashed her a smile.

"Thank you so much... So can we go?" He asked and before Everly could reply he was already taking her out.

Before they even got to the door, Wanted walked in and he frowned seeing the two with interlocked hands.

"Where are you going??" He asked.

"Lunch... Bye Mr Prof." Marcus winked and walked passed him, still holding Everly but he stopped when he felt Everly wasn't bulging anymore and he turned to see Wanted holding her other hand and his face scowled up.


"Can we have lunch together??" Wanted asked Everly ignoring the look on Marcus's face.

Everly's eyes widened as she looked from Wanted to Marcus and from Marcus back to Wanted.

The two was holding each of her hand, looking at her with an inquisitive eye.

Who should she choose??


๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 23๐Ÿ’24

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ



Who should she choose??


"Sir..." Someone called from behind and they all turned to see Twilight, holding Wanted's other hand.

Wanted arched his brows, looking at her.

"Let's go Everly." Marcus said to Ever and dragged her away.


"OMG! How can someone be so handsome." Twilight gushed, moping at him like a fool.

Wanted frowned at her. "What do you want?"

"I- You're hot!" She said foolishly and Wanted frown grew thicker.

He yanked her hands off him and left but not without sending her a deadly glare.

Twilight stood transfixed, staring at his retreating figure.

"My gee... I must get him." She smirked.


"Thanks for the lunch Marcus. I really enjoyed it." Everly said with a smile as they walked back to their LH.

"No problem. You're welcome anytime." He said and she smiled.

"Right?? You're really a vibe." She said and he chuckled.

"I'm just being me." He smirked and she laughed.

Her phone suddenly beeped and she quickly checked it. It was a text from Wanted... 

'How did he get my number??'


'Why does he wants to see me?' She thought.

"What's that??" Marcus asked peeking at her phone.

"Oh... I see it's the psychology lecturer." He said and she nodded.

"Do you know him from somewhere?? I mean from somewhere apart from this school?" He asked and Everly swallowed hard.

"Uhmm... No! I don't, I just know him here in school." She said and Marcus just nodded.

"It's alright. You can go see him." He said and she smiled.

"Thank you." She said. 



She placed a soft knock on the door before opening it, she peeked her head in and saw Wanted scribbling something in a piece of paper before walking in fully.

"You sent for me." She said and Wanted slowly raised his head and for a moment, she was dazzled.

Her jaw dropped and she began staring at him dreamily. He was looking so cute... His shiny red hair was neatly combed and his thick brows stood out.

His pointed nose was something to gawk at and his sharp jawline, and then his lips...

Why was she noticing it just now??

"Still aren't done checking me out??" Wanted smirked and she let out a low gasp, noticing how close they were.

He was now standing less than an inch away from her, any slight move she was surely gonna bump into him.

She gulped down nervously staring at his face, he was smiling sweetly and for some reasons it made her heart fluttered.

"You- you sent for me." She said in a very low tone, more like a whisper and Wanted smiled mischievously, taking a step closer while she took one back.

"Wh-hat- why... are... you coming closer?" She asked walking backwards till her back met the wall and Wanted kept moving closer.

He smirked, placing a hand on the wall, caging her in between him.

Everly gulped down looking down, she could feel the hair on her body standing at the closeness, giving her that goose feeling.

Wanted still had a smirk on his face as he stared down at her. He was very much taller so he had to look down at. He could see her playing with her fingers nervously while staring at her feet as if there was something interesting on it.

He held her chin with his left hand, slowly raising her face to meet with his gaze.

Everly swallowed hard for the umpteenth time, staring at his face even when she was trying so much not to.

"Why did you go with him?" Wanted suddenly asked and she raised a brow.


"Why did you go with him? You know who I'm talking about." He repeated his question while Everly just stared not having an answer. 

She felt like the question didn't need an answer.

"You're mine and mine alone. I don't like seeing you with someone else. It makes me very jealous." He said and Everly arched her brows.

What was he saying??


"I only came to this school because of you. Stop moving with him, it makes me mad seeing you with another guy which isn't me." He said and Everly eyes widened and she slowly closed her agape mouth as she was speechless.

He came to this school because of her. She was his... Does that even makes sense??

"If it's because I'm a gangster, I'm ready to change for your sake." He said and Everly just stared at him dumbfounded.

Was this love profession?? She thought inwardly.

'No no, it can't be.' Her subconscious said to her.

She bit her lower lips, perplexed at the awkward situation.

Marcus smirked and began leaning closer, his hand was still holding her chin.

Everly's eyes widened, she made to utter a word but it appeared like her lips were stuck together and then she resulted to using her hands to push him away or better still run away but it was if her both hands and legs had gone numb.

Her eyelids began closing on its own Accord as his face was only an inch away... He leaned more closer, his eyes glued to her face all this while.

He was about kissing her, their lips was just a jolt away when the door opened and as if Everly got back to senses her eyes swiped open immediately and she sharply turned to the door, her hair slapping Wanted's face in the process.

She gasped immediately she saw her human affairs lecturer who was staring at the both of them skeptically.

Everly turned to Wanted and she quickly pushed him off and ran out off the office, passing by the lecturer.

Miss Bethel, which is lecturer's name, stared at Everly's retreating figure and returned her gaze to Wanted who was smiling wryly and she could smell something fishy about everything, although she didn't see anything but she was suspicious of the two already.

Wanted was jubilating inwardly if not for Miss Bethel standing right in front of him, he would have been screaming right now... 

It worked!!

When he left her, he came up with this plan.

'She will surely be feeling like... "He loves me.", "He even came to this school because of me.", "He must truly love me to want to change."... Damn you Wanted, you're so intelligent... Yeah!' He squealed inwardly, throwing a fist in the air with a fulfilled smile on his face and Miss Bethel raised a brow.

He flashed a smile at her which didn't move her soul. She just gave him that look which stated, "Explain yourself." And he chuckled.

"C'mon Miss Bethel." He said, walking to his seat.


Everly stopped running when she was close to her LH and bent down to catch her breath, coz she was panting heavily.

"Geez!" She muttered, standing.

"But was he really serious with what he said??" She began thinking.

"Phew!" She exhaled, shaking her head tiredly.

"I shouldn't believe what he says. He's a tout. Geez! I need to get to class right now. I can't believe he called me to spout such thing, seems I'll start ignoring his calls." She said as she walked into her LH.


"Hurry up!"

"Table 7!"

"Fried rice and chicken with veggies." 

"Here." -"Thank you."

"Your order?" 


Those were the background sounds of the restaurant with customers buzzing around it as  Everly made her way into it.

She slowly walked into restaurant fully, inching the nape of her neck as she walked in.

The place looked filled with so many people making her feel uncomfortable. She had poor skin for crowd.

She got to the service station and one of waitress looked at her and quickly recognized her.

"You're the new waitress right??" She asked and Everly slowly nodded her head.

She came here yesterday with Daphne to get the job. Daphne actually helped her greatly with it.

"Okay, quickly get changed. We need more hand." The girl said and she nodded and went into the changing room which Anne, the girl directed her to.

She came back few minutes later dressed in their uniform which was a black polo and black jeans trouser. She was wearing a black face cap on it and a white can.

She quickly joined them and they began attending to the customers.

Few minutes later, their boss who was popularly known as ma'am Lisa walked in.

She looked classic and sophisticated in her outfit and she appeared to be rich.

"Good day ma'am." The waitresses greeted as she got to their station.

She nodded and made to walk away when her eyes caught with Everly and she raised her brows.

"The new waitress??" She asked and Everly nodded immediately.

"Yes ma'am." She said and ma'am Lisa nodded before walking away.



Daphne was walking past the basketball court when she began hearing sound of a bouncing ball and she stopped walking, her attention was now drawn there.

She actually stays in the hostel and currently she was taking a stroll.

She walked into the basketball court and her gaze met that familiar masculine back which was bouncing the ball in the court.

He suddenly caught it and ran towards the basket and he threw the ball into it. The ball went in and fell down. He caught it again and began bouncing it and Daphne smiled staring at him.

Basketball was his hobby and she could tell that just by seeing the happy smiles on his face as he played diligently.

He was wearing a blue jersey and had a blue bandana tied around his head.

He was handsome, only seeing his side features, one could tell that.

"What're you doing here??" Lewis asked still bouncing the ball without even looking at her and her jaw dropped.

How did he know she was here??

"Well, I..." She said, walking closer to him. Lewis ran towards the basket and threw the ball into it.

"Great shot!" Daphne said behind him and he turned to face her but he ended up bumping into her and she was about falling when he caught her by her waist.

They remained in that position for a while with Daphne staring at him dreamily while Lewis stared back with no expression on his face.

"Thanks for saving me." Daphne suddenly broke the silence and Lewis let go off her and she fell on the floor, hitting her butt harshly in the process.

"Ouch!" She shrieked but Lewis went to pick his ball and began walking out of the court.

"While did you save me if you know you were still gonna leave me!!" She yelled at him and he stopped on his track.

"Stay away from me!!" He warned sternly before he continued walking out.

"That @sshole! Damn, my butt." Daphne winced, rubbing her butt as she stood up.

"Why can't I just stop loving him like he wants me too??" She asked herself and sighed tiredly, touching her short hair and she sighed again.



"So how much is it?" Rissa asked the shopkeeper after she had packed everything she bought in a bag.

"$2000." The shopkeeper replied and she nodded before paying.

"Thanks for your patronage." The lady said and she flashed her a smile.

"Welcome." She said and took her bag and began leaving the supermarket when she bumped into someone.

"Damnit!" She cussed lowly.

"I'm so sorry dear." The person quickly apologize and she raised her head to see who it was.

"Lex..." She called with a smile.

"Rissa." Lex called, looking surprised.

"What're you doing here?" He asked and she raised a brow.

"I came to book a ticket for a movie." She said sarcastically and they both laughed.

"Okay, I'm coming. I wanna quickly get something. Kindly wait and we'll leave together." He said and Rissa shrugged.

"Thank you." He smiled and rushed to the shopkeeper.



"What will you like to have sir?" Everly asked the guy on black who was putting on a black hoodie and pressing his phone.

"Menu please?" The guy said, not looking up at her and she passed him the menu which he took without looking at her.

"You don't have what I want here." The guy said, frantically glancing through the menu.

Everly arched her brow finding the voice super familiar.

"What is it that you want sir?" She asked nevertheless.

"I want soda and chi-" He stopped talking abruptly as if remembering something and slowly he raised his head to look at her.

Everly gasped.

"You!" They both screamed at the same time.

"Whoa!" Wanted smiled...

"I guess this is fate." He said and Everly frowned.

"Are you stalking me??" She asked, frowning slightly.



๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 25๐Ÿ’26

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ


                {IN TROUBLE}

"Are you stalking me??" She asked and Wanted chuckled.

"Stalk you? C'mon. I'm too busy for that... I guess it's just our destiny... We're made for each other, don't you think?" He asked and Everly hissed and left.

"What- where're you going? Come take my order!" He shouted and Everly came back.

"Your order?!" She requested.

"Have anyone ever told you how cute you look whenever you're angry?" He  asked and Everly glared at him.

"I guess you have nothing to order." She said and left.

"Hey wait! I actually have something-" He paused when he noticed he was now the centre of attention in the restaurant.

He flashed a smile before going back to his seat. Shortly after, another waitress came to attend to him.

"Hi handsome. Mind telling me what you'll love to have??" She asked, bitting her Lowe lips seductively and Wanted knew that instant that her words meant something entirely the opposite.

He rolled his eyes and picked up his phone and bike keys from the table and left the restaurant.

Everly sighed in relief as she watched him leave.


Everly let out an exhausted sigh after she finished attending to the last customer. She went into the changing room and got changed into the clothes she came in with.

A while later, Everly came out of the restaurant and she stopped on her track immediately she saw Wanted seated on his bike, pressing his phone. He seemed to be waiting for someone which was no doubt her...

She creased her brows staring at his figure and just as if Wanted noticed the peering eyes on him, he raised his head and smiled immediately he saw her.

"You finally came out, I was beginning to think you're working night shift." He said as he walked towards her.

Everly continued walking, looking at him. She stopped when she got to him.

"Why are you still here? I thought you left." She said and Wanted smiled.

"Nah." He shook his head.

"Where you waiting for me??" She asked and Wanted smiled.

"Isn't it obvious?" He said and Everly rolled her eyes before walking away.

"Wait- what! Where are you off to?" He asked as he saw her walking towards the road.

He quickly rushed to his motorcycle and hopped on, then he rode it to where she was standing.

"Don't tell me you're about boarding a cab. It's late, and you won't find a cab anytime soon." He said but she didn't look at him, instead, she tried flagging down the few cab she saw but none stopped for her.

"Told ya, you won't get a cab. C'mon hop on." He said and Everly glared at him before looking at the road.

It was very dry, no cab seemed to coming and if she saw one, it was already filled. 

She sighed checking her time. 8:08pm. Geez! Her dad must be worried about her... Tsk, and she couldn't go with him.

"Just let me take you home, I don't bite." He said and Everly rolled her eyes and began walking away.

"Hey!" Wanted called.

"Tsk, so stubborn." He muttered and ignited his engine and began riding slowly behind her in other to meet up with her pace.

"Are you really gonna trek home?" He asked but Everly didn't reply, instead she increased her pace.


"C'mon hop on already."

"It's not safe walking all alone in the dark streets of Las Vegas."

"Are you really snubbing me??"

"Hey!" Wanted called as he crossed her with his bike and Everly stopped abruptly.

"Why are you-"

"Don't you get it! I don't wanna go with you, simple! Is it so hard for you to understand!" She yelled at him.


"Don't follow me!" She warned sternly and continued walking faster than the other time, she even began running.

"Geez, she's so stubborn." Wanted muttered looking at her retreating figure.

As Everly walked home, she came across a group of boys, seating by the side of the road. It was an alley actually.

Her nervousness multiplied at that very instance. She held tightly to her bag and took in a deep breath.

'You can do this Everly. You can do this.' She said inwardly, closing her eyes tightly. 

She opened it immediately and exhaled softly and began walking pass the boys.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Whoa! 

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Wow... Who's that beauty?

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ She's new to this street I guess.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Yeah, I've not seen this face before.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ She's so ladylike.

She could hear them say as she walked passed them but she was very happy she was able to walk pass them without anyone approaching her.

She released a sigh of relief. She was able to pass them, gawd! She almost passed out due to how nervous she was.

She was still walking when...

"Hey!" She heard someone called and she abruptly stopped on her track.

Her eyes widened as fear enveloped her again.

Were they referring turned to her?? She thought and slowly turned and she saw the group of boys walking towards her.

Her eyes widened more, already sensing the trouble and she needed no one to tell her before she took to her heels, running as fast as her legs could carry her.


"Stop right there!!" The boys yelled and they began chasing her.

"Oh no! God please save me!" She prayed inwardly as she ran faster, she looked back and saw the boys were almost getting to her.

"No." She muttered whilst running, clutching her chest as she was slowly running out of breath.


"Ahh!!!" She screamed as she ran into a motorcycle with the driver shining his headlight on her face.

Everly quickly blocked her eyes from the reflection of the light with her hand and slowly raised her head to see who it was...

"Everly." Wanted called and she rushed to him and was about climbing his bike when Wanted rode away from her.

"What!! Help me! Save me from those boys!" Everly said desperately, rushing to him.

Wanted looked at the boys who had already gotten to where they were and smirked.

"You said you could go on your own. I think you should do that now. Bye." He said and rode away.

"What!! No! Damn you!" She gritted her teeth and turned to the boys.

"Got you!" The guy who seemed to be the leader said.

"Gawd." She groaned and continued running.

"Get her!!" The leader said and the boys began chasing her, they were about six in number.

"God please save me!" She said lowly as she kept running, her feet were slowly giving up and her breath was already hitching.

She might lose it any moment from now.

"Ahh!" She groaned falling to the ground her glasses fell in the process. She held her chest tightly, gasping for air, she was slowly losing her breath.

"Got you." The leader said and crouched to her level.

He began stretching his hand to touch her whilst Everly shook her head in disgust.


Just then, someone wearing a thick black boot kicked his face harshly and he fell to the ground.

"Argh!" He groaned in pains, touching his nose which was bleeding.

"What the heck! How dare you-" One of the guy began and he quickly swallowed the rest of the words in his mouth immediately he saw who it was...

Wanted! They knew him and how dangerous he was. It happens him and the guy ok the floor don't get along.

"Wanted??" The leader who was on the ground, called in a surprised tone as his hand slowly fell from his bleeding nose.

"You tried laying your filthy hand on my woman, isn't it Mark?" He asked coldly and the Mark guy chuckled before standing up.

"Wow Wanted! Long time no see." He said and Wanted glared at him.

Everly used that moment, to search for her inhaler in her bag and took it.

"Since when did you settle with a lady or could this perhaps be one if your slรบ-" Wanted punched his stopping him from completing his statement and Mark staggered.

His friends caught him and they turned to Wanted, and the whole six attacked him at the same.

Wanted skillfully dodged them and they all fell to the ground. He rushed to Mark and kicked his stomach and Mark groaned in pains, falling.

Wanted climbed him and began delivering him with punches with Mark groaning.

His friends rushed to Wanted and tried pushing him off but Wanted shrugged them off, his main focus was Mark.

"Get him!"

"Let go of him!"

"You rascal!!" They screamed dragging him off.

Mark coughed out blood, his eyes turned red seeing his blood and he immediately stood on his face.

"You scoundrel!" He charged towards Wanted who were held by his friends.

Wanted jumped and kicked him on his stomach and Mark fell down. 

He raised his hands swiftly and all the boys holding him fell then he began fighting them individually.

Everly looked marvelled as she watched him take down all the boys. They were seven, seven to one.

"Ahh!" The boys yelped in pains when Wanted was done with them. They were all laying on the floor.

"This is what you get from touching what is mine." He said to them and turned to Everly.

"See that." He smirked.

"Let's go." He said pulled her by her hand, taking her to where he parked his bike with Everly staring at him all through. He got on it and wore his helmet and gave her the second which she wore before climbing the bike.

He ignited the engine and took off immediately in a crร zy speed making her head hit his chest.

"Hold my waist." He said and she slowly did that.

Wanted smiled feeling her warm hands around his waist.


Wanted stopped the bike outside the compound and Everly got down from it.  He couldn't take her in because of Mr Wilson.

"Thanks." Everly said and Wanted smirked, taking off his helmet.

"Thanks is an odd method of showing appreciation." He said and Everly arched her brows.


"Don't you know? Geez! You're really old-fashioned... Look here, in this generation we don't say thank you rather we-" He paused and looked at her, then he shook his head.

"You what?" Everly asked and he chuckled.

"You shouldn't know for now. Just know that you owe me a favor to repay today's favor." He smirked and Everly stared at him surprisingly.

"C'mon go on. Your dad must be waiting..." He said and Everly turned and started going in.

"Bye. See you in the room." He said and she stopped in her track, she turned to look him and he smirked. She just shook her head and left.

Wanted giggled like a teenager who just got a kiss from his crush.


"Ever." Her dad called hugging her tightly.

"Dad." She called, hugging him back.

"You look so tired, and I'm guessing your first day at work was really stressful." He said and Everly nodded.

"Yes dad." She said.

"Do you really have to do this? I already told you I'll look for a job myself. I don't want you stressing yourself, remember you can't trigger your ailment." Mr Wilson said and she nodded.

"Noted dad. Like I said, it's fine. I'll just go freshen up and come back for dinner." She said and her dad nodded.



"I wonder the sin I committed in my past life that made God hated me so much and decided to curse me with three female children and not just any female, useless female children!" Mr Flores yelled.

"Calm down honey." His wife said, holding his hand and he pushed her off.

"Mom!" Daphne screamed, rushing to her.

"Don't f**king tell me to calm down, you caused all this! Had you given birth to a male child all these wouldn't have happened." He shouted at her and Mrs Flores sobbed.

Daphne gritted her teeth, as she faced her dad.

"How dare you push you?" She asked calmly but coldly.

"Are you- ahh!" He screamed as a shoe landed on his head.

"The heck!" He grunted and they turned to the direction of the shoe and it was.

Sienna descending the stairs with an angry look on her face.

"How dare you touch her!" She barked.

"You foolish girl!" Mr Flores yelled and raised his hand to slap her but she caught it midair.

"You animal! It disgusts me whenever I remember we share the same blood. I also feel like I'm cursed having you as a father. Where were I when good and responsible father were been shared?" Sienna asked rhetorically and chuckled, letting go of his hand.

"I'm sure my recklessness caused this. You hate us all coz we're female child, have you ever wonder what we feel? I don't know for others but for me, my daily prayer is that you sleep and never wake up!"

"Sienna!" Her mom shouted.

"Yes mom! I hate this man! I hate him so much! Just look at Daphne, since when did Daphne fancy being a boy but she did it just to gain his attention, his love. She changed her looks and everything but what did she get? Still the same hate! And Elsie, he's forcing her into a loveless marriage just for his own selfish interest?? Just tell me why I shouldn't hate him??" She asked angrily.

"You keep telling us how much you hate us, do you wonder how much we hate you? I hate you with everything with me! I hate you so f**king much! I hร te you!!!" She shouted and Mr Flores slapped her hard.

Her head fell to the other side and her hair sprawled on her face.

"How dare you talk to me in such manner??" He yelled at her and Sienna chuckled, raising her head.

She slowly touched her red cheek and smiled.

"Slapping is the worst you can do. Nothing you do will ever change the fact that I hate you. In fact, I disown you! I don't wanna have anything to do with a reckless man like you!" She spatted on his face.

"Sienna what are you saying??" Her mom asked.

"From today, I'm no longer your daughter, and you're not my father, got it!" She shouted and Mr Flores chuckled.

"Wow... I love your gut!" He laughed.

"Fine! From today, I cut all ties I have with you..."


Daphne swallowed the heavy lump on her throat. She wiped the tears that was slowly blinding her eyes with a thumb.

That's how her family has always been. A perfect description of a broken home. 

Yeah she and Sienna are sisters. Her mom birthed three girls with Elsie being the first, Sienna second and Daphne the last child.

And since they were born, they never got father love. Their dad hated them with everything in him just because they were female children. He preferred male child to female.

She thought changing her looks would make her dad love her but she was wrong. It didn't change anything.

Sienna got angry with her since she changed her looks and their relationship broke since then, three years ago. She hated the fact that Daphne had to change herself because of her dad.

And Elsie, her dad was forcing her into a marriage just because of his own selfish interest.

Everything is just not right in her family. More reason why she hated coming home.



Everly slumped on her bed, releasing a loud sigh at same time. She was so weak from today's activities and just wanted to go to sleep.

"Phew!" She mumbled after removing her lens, closing her eyes and letting sleep take over when her phone beeped.

She groaned inwardly and stretched her hand on the bed, searching for the phone.

She caught it and took her lens which she wore and turned on the bed, laying on her stomach.

She unlocked her phone and saw it was a message from Marcus. And immediately, the sleep which was nudging at her flew away as it came.

The message read:

๐Ÿ’Œ Hey baby girl ๐Ÿฅฐ You're home? ๐Ÿ’Œ She smiled reading it and typed her reply.

๐Ÿ’Œ Yes. Just got home and I'm so stressed out ๐Ÿ˜ช ๐Ÿ’Œ

๐Ÿ’Œ Oh. Sorry baby, I wish I could help ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’Œ

๐Ÿ’Œ No qualms ๐Ÿ˜Œ So how're you doing? ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’Œ

๐Ÿ’Œ I'm bored ๐Ÿฅฑ Wish you were here with me ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’Œ

๐Ÿ’Œ ๐Ÿ˜‚ What would I have done? ๐Ÿ’Œ

๐Ÿ’Œ Seeing your beautiful face is enough to kรญll boredom for me ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ’Œ

๐Ÿ’Œ ๐Ÿ™ˆ Lol ๐Ÿ˜… I'm now a clown, is it?๐Ÿ’Œ

๐Ÿ’Œ More than a clown. Someone very special to me.๐Ÿ’Œ

She smiled sweetly reading that last text, she could feel those happy butterflies in her stomach. 

She was about typing a reply when she began hearing creaking sound in her window and her eyes darted there and she saw Wanted jumping in through the window.

"You again??" She said, sitting up and Wanted smirked.

"Yeah me again." He said walking to her bed.

He sat on it and she frowned.

"I didn't ask you to seat." She said.

"Don't need your permission kitten." He said.

"This is my room thiรฉf!" She shouted.

"Oh really? Thiรฉf??" Wanted asked turning to her.

"Of course, who sneaks into someone's room at night?" She asked.

"Someone who is in love and so badly wanna see his love's face." He said and Everly frowned.

"Get out right now!!" She shouted, getting down her bed and Wanted did the same.

"Why heartthrob? Aren't you happy to see me??" He asked.

"I'm not happy to see you, got it! Now get out!!" She yelled and Wanted quickly covered her mouth.

"Keep it low, your dad might hear us." He said.

"He should hear us! I want that to happen, you thiรฉf! You'll be a deร d meet once he comes here, now leave why you still have time." She said and Wanted smirked.

"You will be the one to regret this, trust me." He said and Everly arched her brows.

"Wh-" He grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall.

She gasped as he began leaning closer, and he whispered to her ears.

"Stand still and watch the show... Your dad will come here and meet us like this and I'll tell him I'm your boyfriend, trust me he will believe me." He smirked and Everly's eyes widened.

"After the countdown of 5, I'll kiss you and your dad will walk in just then-" He winked and she blinked her eyes.


"Everly!" That was her dad's voice.


"Are you alright??" She shook her head.

She looked at Wanted who was smirking, alot of naughty thoughts already going on in his head.

She looked back at the door.



"No!" She pushed him and rushed to the door and quickly locked it then she dragged him to her closet.

"What are you doing?" 

"Shut up!" She yelled and opened the closet.

"Get in!" She instructed.

"What!!" He asked with widened eyes.

"Get in fool!" She shouted and pushed him into the closet.

"Hey, what are you doing? I might dรญe!" He complained as Everly forced him into the closet.

"You'll stay here till dad leaves, got it!" She said and slammed the door on his face.

She quickly went to close her windows and opened her door, then she climbed her bed, she drew quilt up on her body.

Just then Mr Wilson entered the room. He sighed when he saw her sleeping.

"Geez! I thought her heard her voice. Strange he said and turned to leave but he felt the eyes peeking in him and he turned his gaze to where he felt it from just then, his eyes caught the closet closed on it's own which was weird.


He furrowed his brows and began walking to the closet. Wanted eyes widened he saw him coming towards the closet.

The closet was slightly opened, it was hard to notice actually.

His heart began racing very fast and he almost soaked his pants as Mr Wilson got to the closet.

And slowly Mr Wilson's hand went to the closet and he...



"No please!"

"Spare us!"

"Please don't kรญll my husband!"

"Name your price, we'll give it you please!" Mrs Sanchez begged in tears as she watched the masked guy pointed a gun on her husband's forehead.

She was tied up with her maids, all their guards were down. He kรญlled them all.

"Please don't- Ahh!" She screamed as he pulled the trigger, shooting Minister Sanchez on his forehead.

Her lips trembled as she saw blood dripping down his head with the deep hole he had gotten as a result of the shot.

"RIP Minister Sanchez." The masked guy said with a hidden smirk and closed his eyelids with his palm.

"Such an awful sight." He muttered and began leaving the villa, passing about 20-50 dead bodies.




๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 27๐Ÿ’28

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ


                 {A STRING}


"Here." Lex offered her a bottle of wine, which she requested for.

"So in one short sentence, your dad disowned you isn't it?" Lex asked, sitting on the couch.

"I disowned him, not the other way round. I hate what I don't like." She said with a serious face and Lex chuckled.

"And where will you stay now? Since you're no longer leaving with your parents." He said and Sienna frowned.

"Here of course." She said and Reddy who has been pressing his phone all this while raised his head to look at her.

"You say what?" He said and Sienna looked at him.

"There's no way I'm letting you stay with us!" He added, looking very serious and Sienna scoffed.

"Do I look like I need your permission??" She rolled her eyes.

"Of course this is my room." He bickered.

"Like I care." She scoffed.

"Goodnight Lex." She said and turned to Reddy.

"Rather than being bitter, you should try to get better." She winked and went into a room.

"Wait, what were are you going? Not my room!" He shouted, running to the door but before he got there she already locked the door.

"F**k! Open up Sienna!" He shouted, banging on the door.

"I hear no one speak!" Sienna shouted and he gritted his teeth.

Lex chuckled from behind.

"What's funny?" He turned to him.

"Everything is funny. You two..." He laughed again and Reddy rolled his eyes and went back to his couch.

"I just hate her guts." He muttered.

"That's how it begins." Lex said and he furrowed his brows.

"What begins?" He asked.

"What else... Just know I'll always be there to remind you of this day." He winked and Reddy shook his head.



And slowly Mr Wilson's hand went to the closet and he was about opening it when someone held his hand.

He slowly turned to see Everly standing right there.

"Ever?" He called and Everly chuckled, letting go his hands.

"Dad... What're you doing here?" She asked and her dad arched his brows...

"You were sleeping just now." He said and she wriggled her brows, battling her lashes cutely.

"Yes... I was sleeping when I heard you... Anww!" She feigned a tired yawn.

"I'm still feeling sleepy as you can see dad. I need to sleep, you should also sleep now okay." She said and started pushing her dad out.


"No but dad. You need to rest. Goodnight! Love you!" She said and pecked him before closing the door.

She closed her eyes and rested her back on the door, then she exhaled lightly.

Wanted released a sigh of relief in the closet, resting his back on it.

Everly quickly opened her eyes and rushed to the closet. She opened it and dragged Wanted out of it.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Wanted asked as she pushed him towards the window.

"Leave already!" She said and Wanted smirked.

"What if I don't?" He asked.

"What will you do?" He probed further, sitting on her bed. Everly closed her eyes and opened it.

"Why are you pestering me?" She asked calmly and Wanted smiled widely. He stood up immediately.

"Because I like you... you got me smitten." He said, walking closer but Everly didn't move back this time.

"You stole my attention the very first day I saw you... My body, my soul my mind... Everything wanted you... My heart only skips beats because of you... You're the missing rib I've been looking..." He said and Everly bursted into laughter before he could finish talking.

"It's funny isn't it... But I'm dead serious." He said Everly bursted into another round of laughter.

"Geez! You're one hell of a character." She said and Wanted chuckled.

"I know, you made me so." He said and silence ensued between them, which each staring directly at the other's eyes.

Everly shook her head, breaking the long eye contact.

"Just leave already." She said.

"Why are you eager on me leaving?" He asked.

"This isn't your room, is it?" She asked and Wanted smiled sweetly, staring at her.

She looked at herself and back to me.

"And why are you looking at me and smiling? What's funny?" She asked with a frown.

"Your desperation." He said.


"Did you know that whenever you push me, it only increase my drive of getting you." He said and Everly quickly pushed him to the window.

He climbed on it and jumped out. Everly was about closing the window when Wanted held her hand.

He dragged her closer and leaned to her, whispering in her ears.

"Dream about me." He said in a husky voice that left Everly dazzle.

He winked at her before going to his own room's window. He climbed it and got in.

He looked back at Everly who was staring at him and blew her kiss before giving her that charming smile then he left his window.

Everly blinked her eyes, staring at his window. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest.

"Wh-what was that??" She asked no one in particular.

She chuckled and shook her heads. 

"Ever, you're so stressed out today, you need to get some rest... Yes, I need to get some rest." She said and locked the window, then she quickly rushed to her bed.

She put away her lenses and laid on the bed, drawing the quilt on her body.

"I need to sleep." She said and closed her eyes.



"That's the plan I have for Las Vegas, after which we'll leave." Don said and smirked.

They were in a large hall, all his mobsters were gathered there. 

"May 25th, will be the day I carry out my mission. A month from now..." He said and they all nodded attentively.

"We'll move all shipments all the 24th of May and we'll carry out the plan on the 25th of May." He said and they nodded.

"Don." Nikky called.

"Who will be heading the team this time?" She asked and Wanted smiled.

"Wanted and Riley." He said and both Riley and Jimmy looked at each other, completely surprised.

The two has always been the ones going on this type of mission.

"Don, I thought I..."

"I know Jimmy, but this time you'll stay back and watch the sales of the new slaves. Wanted and Riley will go on this mission." He said and stood up.

He began walking out of the hall but stopped by Wanted and touched his shoulder.

"I'm entrusting you this because I trust you... Show your worth to me." He said and patted his shoulder whilst Wanted smiled.

"Sure Don." He nodded and Don left.

Riley and Jimmy glared at him before leaving.

Nikky walked to him.

"I wonder why Don picks so much interest in you. He's not the type that fancies people." She said

"It's not my fault that some people have an zero IQ." He shrugged when Nikky glared at him before walking away.

Wanted smirked.



"Don't push me, I can walk on my own."

"Shut up rascal... Get in there." Clasping of the metal bars of the prison could be heard.

"Sign the undertaking form." A police officer said and the guy did just that after a constable took off his handcuff.

"You can leave now." The officer said and the constable pushed him out, to his family members who were waiting for him.

"Scallywags." She mumbled and left the counter she was standing and walked into an office, she a girl typing engrossingly.

"C'mon Sofeya, take a break already." She said and the Sofeya girl sighed without taking her gaze off the laptop.

"Being a detective isn't an easy job Rina." She said and Rina chuckled.

"I know... And right now you have another case to look into... Minister Sanchez has been murder." She said.

"I know... By the same anonymous killer." She said.

"I see..."


"Another assassin attack. This is making it the fifth attack this month."  A well built man probably in his early fifties said. He was seated on his swivel chair and on his table was a small board which had his name and status.

'Noah Williams .R. 
Deputy Chief of Police.'

An young manly guy, smartly dressed in a police uniform stood in front of him with his hands crossed behind his back.

On the breast pocket of the uniform, was a batch with his name, Inspector Ryan Smith.

"Yee sir. We still haven't gotten any interesting fact on this but we're walking towards it, trust me." Ryan said.

"Time is something we don't have this rate of this murder is alarming. We need to bring the culprit to book as soon as possible." He said and Ryan nodded.

"Sure sir. I made it my top priority. First which we already know is, accosting Don." He said and the DCP nodded.

"What's the progress in Don's case?" He asked and Ryan smirked.



"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Let's seat over there." Rissa suggested and they walked towards the window side, with their trays of food.

They settled on it and began eating.

"Did you guys hear the news?" Rissa started a conversation.

"Which news?" Everly asked.

"Minister Sanchez was murdered on Saturday by the same anonymous assassin." She said.

"What, Minister Sanchez?" Everly asked.


"I wonder what the police are doing about this anonymous assassin case." Daphne muttered.

"They're trying their best, so they say." Rissa said.

"It's a painful demise." Everly muttered sadly.

"I know right?" Rissa said and just then Sienna walked up to them with her food.

"Hey guys!" She squealed.

"Sienna." Rissa called.

"Yo baby! Wassup?" She asked sitting beside her.

"I'm good, you?" She asked.

"Good as new." She giggled.

"Wassup Ever." She nudged at Everly who smiled.

"I'm okay." She said and Sienna smiled.

She turned to Daphne who wasn't even looking at her, she was just picking on her food.

"Wassup with she-male?" She asked and Rissa shrugged.

"You should know Daphne by now, grumpy." She muttered the last word.

"I heard that." Daphne said while rolled her eyes.

"So was your weekends... Mine was super fun. I did away with an accident in my life... I'm so happy honestly." She squealed and Daphne just looked at her.

"Accident?" Rissa and Everly asked.

"Yes... I feel so refresh." She winked before flipping her hair backwards.

"Geez." Rissa laughed.

Daphne cleared her throat before standing up.

"Where are you off to Daphne? You ain't done with your food." Rissa said.

"I lost my appetite." She said and left.

"Is she sick?" Rissa asked while Everly shrugged, cluelessly.

"So Sienna, you had a gist which you wanted to tell me." Rissa said and they turned to look at her.

Sienna feigned a smile. "Uhmm... Er.. I'll he right back guys." She said and hurriedly left.

Everly and Rissa exchanged looks.



 ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 29๐Ÿ’30

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ




"C'mon chill man. You shouldn't be hovering around her all the time. Girls get sick of clingy guys. If you want her attention, you should try doing things that will sweep her off her feet, not unnecessary clinginess... Geez." Reddy said, sitting on a couch.

"He's right Wanted. Girls like affectionate guys, so in your steps to making her fall, you should learn to show her affections and care... Show concern but you shouldn't be that clingy." Lex said.

"You all know I ain't good with those f**king emotions stuff. It's hard pretending to be caring when I'm not." He said and they chuckled.

"Come out clean with us Wanted. Do you love this girl or you're just obsessed?" Reddy asked, facing him.


"Answer dummy."

"Why are you asking me?" Wanted asked, rolling his eyes.

"Because I'm beginning to see all this as obsession." Reddy said.

"Really?" He said.

"Yes... It's obvious, for real." He said and Wanted chuckled.

"Look who's talking about love and obsession..." He said and Reddy rolled his eyes. 

"I forgot you were a punk. I should have minded my business." He said.

"Yes do so." Wanted said and sighed.

"Lex, do you have anything to say?" He asked, keeping a pleading expression.

"Me?... Uhmm, I actually agreed with what Reddy said." He said and Wanted just rolled his eyes while Reddy chuckled.

"Hear that. I'm very good at relationship advice and stuffs like that." Reddy said proudly and Wanted scoffed.

"And you still haven't been able to get your hit on Sienna." He said and Reddy widened his eyes.

"What do you say?"

"Don't play dummy. I know you like Sienna." He said and Reddy eyes were about popping out.

"You knew as well." Lex chuckled.

"Who wouldn't... It's very obvious with their frequent PDA." He rolled his eyes and Lex laughed.

"You're all talking nonsense!" Reddy objected.

"Me like Sienna? Absurd! Geez, I can't even imagine it. Never say that again." He warned and they laughed.

"Why then are you blushing at the mention of her name?" Wanted asked in a teasing tone.

"Me? Blush?" He asked, touching his cheeks.

"Look at his cheeks, it's freaking red." Lex laughed.

Reddy gritted his teeth and brought out his phone. He turned on his camera, and like they said, his cheeks were freaking red.

He was blushing.

"Sh*t! F**k you guys!" He shouted and ran out of the office, completely embarrassed.

Wanted and Lex laughed hard.



The door creaked open and Sienna walked in, she locked the door behind and turned to Daphne who was sitting on the floor, with her back facing her.

"Why are you here?" Daphne asked without turning back to face her.

"Daphie." She called and Daphne chuckled.

"Being long someone called me that." She said and Sienna chuckled as well.

"Why did you leave?" Sienna asked, walking to her.

"Stop acting like you care." She scoffed and Sienna chuckled.

"Funny enough I care." She said and Daphne rolled her eyes as Sienna sat beside her.

A short silence ensued between the two.

"How's mom?" Sienna asked breaking the silence and Daphne gave a short cackle.

"Should you be asking that when you're no longer her daughter?" She asked and Sienna smiled.

"I only broke ties with my father. That ร sshole doesn't even deserve to be called a father, he is so inhumane." She said.

"And so you left mom and I with him, isn't it?" 

"C'mon Daphie, you're a strong lady." She said and Daphne chuckled.

"You've changed alot Sienna. You're no longer the lovely sister who would do anything for her little sister's happiness. You wouldn't let a single scratch get on her but now... Just because I changed my dressing style." She said and Sienna sighed.

"You know how dad is... Very selfish, changing your looks was childish." Sienna said.

"And you think you cutting me off for three years coz of that wasn't childish?!" She shouted.

"I know we don't have a good father but does that have to tear us apart. We already have bridge with Elsie and you... You know how dad it is to be alone... Changing my look wasn't my fault but you chose to be mad at me for it... We all just spilt up and to make matter worst, you also cut ties with dad... What sort of family did I get into?!" She yelled in tears.

"Daphie..." She made to touch Daphne but Daphne stopped her with a hand.

"Please." She said and stood on her feet, wiping her tears.

Sienna sighed as she ran out of the restroom.

She remembered their happy moments. She remembered how much Daphne loves being a girl. 

She so much loves her long hair and beautiful feminine dresses but then one day, she changed just because of their dad.

Sienna tried talking to her against it, she even went as far as threatening to stop talking to her if she doesn't continue doing what she love but Daphne was obstinate, and to prove that she was also stubborn, Sienna also took her threat seriously.




"Everly, can you help me with that book, 'Midnight Nightingale.' It's the one at the upper shelf." Rissa said to Everly who was standing at the shelf rack, obviously looking a book.

"Geez Rissa. You come get it yourself. My hands can't get to it." Everly said and Rissa turned to look at her.

She was actually seated, reading a book. 

"Please Everly. You're a bit taller than I am. Try, you'll be able to get it... C'mon." She pouted, making a cute baby face.

Everly shook her head and turned to the shelf. She stood on her toes and tried reaching for the book.

Rissa chuckled and turned to the book she was reading.

Everly was still trying to reach it when someone help her with it. She turned to see Marcus smiling with the book in his hand.

"Hey." She smiled at him.

"You didn't reply my text last night." He said and Everly's eyes widened. 

She remembered she was about replying when Wanted came in. Damn him!

"Oh... I'm sorry, It-"

"C'mon Everly, the- hah! Marcus!" Rissa gushed seeing him.

"Hey Rissa." He called ruffling her hair and she giggled.

The two went to seat beside her.

"Here." Everly gave her the book which she collected.

"So what are you doing?" He asked.

"Reading a novel." She replied.

"What's the name?" He asked.

"To die for love." She replied showing him the book.

"Whoa! To die for love by Eleanor Rogers?" He asked and she nodded.

"Wow, I've also read it. Eleanor Rogers is my favorite romance writer and this book is my favorite, I don't mind reading it over and over again, damn!" He squealed.

"Really? Eleanor Rogers is also my favorite writer." Everly said and he smiled.

"Guess we have the same taste for novels." He said and Everly chuckled.

"I guess." 

"Can I have the book?" He requested.

"Of course, sure... I'm done reading it actually." She said and gave him the book.

He stretched his hands to take the book and their hands brushed in process.

They both stared at the hand and looked at each other, their eyes locked.

Rissa looked at them and cleared her throat loudly and they broke the stare.

He smiled at her before taking the book.

"Uhmm, Everly. I'll be in the class." She said and Everly nodded.


Rissa smiled standing up then she began leaving the library. She paused at the door and turned to look at them, then she smiled.

Maybe she and Marcus didn't have any destiny and besides, they look good together with each other.

She thought as she watched them talk and laugh and that brought a smile on her face.

Marcus isn't a bad guy, he will be a nice pair with her. She thought.


Sienna sighed coming out of the restroom.

She was walking past the male restroom when she began hearing hot moans of pleasure.

She frowned. "Geez! Disgusting." She muttered shaking her head.

She was about walking away but paused, she turned back with a creased brows.

Her feet began walking on her own towards the door. Just immediately she got there, the door opened and Winter walked out, arranging her hair. She paused when she saw her.

Sienna scoffed seeing her. She has always thought of her as a bรญtch anyways.

Winter rolled her eyes before walking away, swaying her big @ss.

The door opened again and Reddy walked out, adjusting his belt. Sienna's mouth fell seeing him.

"Sienna." Reddy called with widened eyes.

Sienna let out a fake chuckle.

"Of all girls, it had to be her... Geez, you really lack taste of women." Sienna said and started walking away.

"At least, she's better off than a girl who dresses and act more of a man." He said with a smirk, walking behind her.

"Then go be with her." She huffed before walking away.

"Geez! She really has a temper."



"Lewis!" Rissa yelled, waving at Lewis who was at the far end of the hallway.

Lewis smiled walking to her. "Yo girl, where are you off to?... Without your friends?" He asked and Rissa chuckled.

"They left me... Everly is busy with Marcus and Daphne,,, ion know." She said.

"Where are you off to?" He asked.

"LH... You?" 

"Same." He said. 

"Alright, we could go together." He said and they started walking there with Rissa blabbering on and on.



"Seven years ago, Mrs Lina Garcia was accused of murdering her husband. She was trialled in court and found guilty. Then she was sentenced to life imprisonment... Rumors had it that she was wrongly accused... Make out an investigation, proving whether Mrs Lina Garcia is guilty or not." The lecturer said.

"She has already been proven guilty, why waste our time on this?" Lewis rolled his eyes, saying that aloud.

"Don't question me Lewis." She sent him a glare.

"Your assignment must be submitted two weeks from now." She said sternly and picked things and left the class.

"Geez, this will be one hell of an assignment." Rissa exhaled.

"I guess we'll be paying Mrs Lina Garcia a visit." Everly said.



Everly walked out of the restaurant to meet Wanted already waiting for her in his bike.

She furrowed her brows. "What's he doing here?" She asked herself and just then Wanted turned to her.

"Finally, you're done. Let's go." He said walking to her.

As he walked towards her Everly couldn't stop herself from swaying. She began noticed his physical appearance and his charismatic walking steps... His handsome face which had a smile on it was enough to give her butterflies.


"Hey." Wanted flicked his fingers on her face and she jolted.

"Dripping already?" Wanted smirked, brushing his hair backwards with his fingers.

Everly gulped.

"Wow... This is new." He smiled wryly.

"Let's go." He said holding her palm and Everly could swear she felt a spark immediately his palms touched hers.

Unlike when Marcus held her earlier today, this was completely different. It was like an electric spark...

She quickly withdrew her hands from his.

"What's wrong?" Wanted asked as she was staring at him with wide and puzzled eyes.

Everly shook her head when she couldn't utter a word, then she began running away, hurriedly like she was being chased.


๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 31๐Ÿ’32

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ



              {GOING CRร€ZY}

She ran towards the road and luckily for her, she saw a cab. She flagged it down and got in.

"Ever- Geez, what's wrong with her?" Wanted asked himself.

He shook his head and went to his bike, he mounted on it and drove straight to the clan.

Everly got home and rushed straight to her room, without even greeting her dad.

She locked the door and laid on the bed.

She touched her racing heart, and folded the hand that Wanted held.

What was that??

This is crazy. She shook her head.

But why is my heart racing??



"Hey girls." Everly said, walking inside.

"Hey Everly... Your night?" Rissa inquired.

"It would be better if you don't ask?" She said and Rissa furrowed her brows.

"Hi Daphne." She greeted.

"What's up?" Daphne asked.

"I'm good." Everly flashed a smile.

"Erm, Everly. I completed the book." Rissa said.

"Really?" Everly asked.

"Yes... Oh my gawd, it's freaking good. Awesome! You should read it." Rissa urged.

"An highlight?" She inquired, taking a bottled water from her bag.

"Sure, sure... So it's a historical fantasy romance." She started while Daphne rolled her eyes.

Story freaks!

"It all started with a spark." She said and Everly's even widened.

"Just a collision of their hands sparked up so much feelings bringing about their love story." Immediately she said that, Everly spitted out all the water in her mouth.

"Sh*t!" The student in front cussed as the water really affected her.

"What the heck?" The girl shouted.

"I'm deeply sorry." She apologized.

"Sorry? Will sorry solve this situation?" The girl inquired and Daphne looked at her.

"I'm so-"

"Get out!" Daphne said to girl, coldly.


"Out!" She shouted and the girl angrily marched out.

Of courses they were scared of her.

"Thanks Daphne." Everly said and Daphne nodded.

Rissa scoffed. "Always feeling like a boss." She said and Daphne ignored her.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ BTW!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ My, Twilight is dressed to kรฎll!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Butter dressing for me.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Isn't that the latest Chanel bag with Twilight?

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ I love Winter's trainers.

The students said as the three girls walked to their sins.

"Fake hypes are really good honestly, coz people who proof that ugly lives matters needs to motivated with these fake hypes." Daphne said as the BTW walked past her.

"What do you say?" Twilight asked stopping beside her.

"Geez, ugly and deaf... I've always known this God to be a wonderful God." Daphne said.

"Seems you've forgotten your place in this school boy. Thank your stars I'm in a good mood today otherwise..."

"An excuse to avoid being humiliated." Daphne smirked and Twilight glared hatefully at her.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ It's Marcus and Lewis..

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ My crushes!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Keep dreaming, Marcus is mine!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Lewis for me.

The girls muttered as the boys went to take their seat.

Twilight glared at Daphne before going to her seat with Winter and Butter.

"Hi Evie." Marcus called and she smiled.

"Hey Mar-" She paused when she suddenly remembered something.

"What's wrong?" Marcus asked and she quickly took his hand.

She interlocked her hands with his and looked at him. Marcus stared her with a crumpled brows.

What! Why didn't she feel the spark? This is crร zy!

She thought shaking her head.

"What's wrong?" Marcus asked again.

"Hold my hands Marcus." She said, staring at him.


"Just hold my hands." She said and Marcus extended his hands towards her.

Everly closed her eyes, praying inwardly that she does feel the spark otherwise she might go crร zy.

Her face feel and her eyes flew opened when she felt the warmth of his hands on hers.

He smiled at her. "Happy now?? Geez, your hands are so soft and small." He said and Everly quickly withdrew her hands from his.

"What happened??" Marcus asked but she shook her head and ran out of the class.



Everly stopped after running fee meters away from the class, she bent down breathing heavily.

Geez! How come she felt nothing when Marcus held her hands. What does this mean??

She thought deeply before letting out a chuckle.

"No no Everly. You're getting worked up for nothing, it's just a normal touch. I just felt the spark because I didn't expect him to hold me. That is it." She assured her self raising up her face.

"Yes, that's-" She paused when she spotted Wanted with a lady talking and laughing. At that point she felt a weird sudden pang of anger welled up in her.

"That douchebag!" She gritted her teeth, clenching her fist.

Thought he said, he was into her, what was he doing now? Such a punk. She scoffed before rolling her eyes.

Her eyes widened when she noticed her actions.

"Sh*t!" She cussed inwardly and began running out of there.

Just Wanted turned to see her running away, what's wrong with her??

'She shouldn't be running so why was she??' 

"Sh*t!" He cussed and began chasing her.

"Sir!!" The girl called but Wanted didn't turn back. 

"Where did he run off to like that?" She asked her herself.


"Evie!" Marcus called when he could catch a glimpse of her.

Where did she run off to??


"Marcus!" Butter called from behind.

Marcus rolled his eyes and made to walk away but Butter hugged him from behind.

"Don't go to her Marcus, please." She begged.

"Let go." He instructed.

"No Marcus. I won't let you go for her." She said, holding tightly.

Marcus rolled his eyes, before forcefully removing her hands from him.

"Marcus!" She yelled and rushed to him.

"Get away-" She cut him off with a kiss.


Everly stopped running when she was sure she has gotten far from there. 

Gawd! She was breathing heavily.

She bent, resting for a while.

"Everly?" She heard that familiar voice and she stood up, her eyes dilated.

She turned back to see Wanted panting.

"Oh no." She mumbled and began running. She could face anything but not him.

"The heck!" He grunted and made to continue to running after her when someone held his hand.

He turned to see who it was... Twilight.

"I found you again." She grinned and Wanted rolled his eyes.

"What??" He asked, impatience could traced in his voice.

"Nothing, I just want to talk with you... Yunno nice conversation." She said and Wanted pushed her aside, running off.


Everly rushed into her LH panting heavily. Daphne and Rissa furrowed their brows staring at her.

"Who's chasing you Everly??" Rissa asked, looking confused.

Everly hurriedly grabbed, "See you tomorrow!" She shouted and rushed out of the class bumping into Marcus at the door.

"Evie?" Marcus called looking surprised.

"Bye!" She shouted and ran out of the LH.

Rissa and Daphne exchanged puzzled look.

What's wrong with her??



Everly served the last customer before going back to the service station. She couldn't go back home coz her dad would question her so she had to come to work.

She sat down and began thinking about.

"Uhmm... Anne." She called and Anne turned to her.

"Can I ask you something?" She asked and Anne nodded.

"Of course." 

"What does it mean to feel a spark more like chill, if a guy holds your hand?" She asked and Anne furrowed her brows.

"Huh? I don't really know but according to movies... It's a sign of love... More of a connection... But it's mostly between two partners that love themselves." She said and Everly gasped.

"What happened? Are you in love?" She asked and Everly quickly shook her head.

"Of course not."

"I'm asking for a friend of mine."

"Oh... There are also other signs of love, like getting jealous seeing your partner with someone else, sweaty palms, nervousness whenever you're around them, irrational heartbeats, butterflies in the tummy." Anne said and she smiled.

She was worried for no reason. Those signs are only what she feels towards Marcus and not Wanted... She can never fall for that scamp.

She smiled happily.



"F**k you Don Grey! The goods are mine... The drugs are all mine! Tamper with my thing and see the worst of me." Viper threatened on the call.

"That threat isn't threatening enough, try something else. Rather jealous others, you should work on yourself." Don's voice boomed from the other side.

"You'll regret this Don! Mark my words!" Viper grunted before hanging up the call.

He placed the fat cigarettes he was holding in between his lips and dragged in some smokes.

"Boss." Max called.

"Where's Elvis?" He asked.

"He still haven't arrive." He said and Viper nodded looking out of the window.

He smirked.

"Oh Don, you won't know what hit you." He smirked, releasing smokes from his nose.



"Bye Everly!" Anne waved walking out of the restaurant.

"Bye Anne!" She waved back.

"Gawd! I just have to clear this off and I'm done for today's work... And I'm already exhausted." She yawned tiredly.

"Mind helping you?" She heard someone asked from behind and she gasped. She prayed inwardly that it wasn't who she thought it was.

Like a slow mo, she turned to see Wanted standing there, with that charming smile of his.

She could hear her heart thumping loud in her chest and her palms became sweaty and at that moment, her feet stood,ready to go on a marathon.



๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 33๐Ÿ’34

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ


             {LOVE IN THE AIR}

Her feet stood, ready to go on a marathon.

'Don't run Ever. Dad always say you should face your fears isn't it? Hmm... There's nothing between the two of us. He's just a naughty rascal, okay.' She smiled as she thought inwardly.

Wanted just stood staring at her, he looked very innocent right now. Anyone seeing him would think he was the calm and gentle type not knowing he was a complete opposite.

Everly blinked her eyes when she was almost falling for that look.

"Why are you here?" She asked maintaining a straight face.

"I think you might need a help." He said and she looked away.

"No don't bother, I'm fine." She yawned and Wanted chuckled.

"See? You're tired. Now go and rest, I'll help you with the rest." Wanted said.

"Who said I'm tired?"

Just then Ma'am Lisa walked into the restaurant.

"Everly, you're still here- OMG! Who's this handsome dude? Is he your boyfriend or a customer... He's so cute." She gushed like a teenager.

Wanted chuckled.

"Well ma'am, he's-"

"I'm her boyfriend." Wanted said, holding her possessively.

Everly eyes widened, did he know the effect his hand on her waist had on her?

"Awwwn... Wow. You both look cute together. Everly why didn't you tell me you had a boyfriend?... My bad, I didn't ask, no problem. I see your boyfriend wants to be with you... Aren't you done yet?" She asked and Everly shook her head.

"Alright. You can go, I'll assign someone else to do it." She said.

"But ma'am-"

"C'mon, go go... Ermm-"

"Wanted... Wanted is the name." Wanted said when he noticed she wanted calling his name.

Ma'am Lisa furrowed her brows.

"Wanted??" She asked and Wanted chuckled, nodding his head.

"Wow, weird name." She muttered but Wanted held her clearly and he chuckled.

"Alright now. Bye!" She waved at them.

"Bye." Wanted said and began walking out of the restaurant with Everly.

Immediately they got out of the restaurant, Everly forcefully removed his hands from her waist.

"What was that?" She asked, her heart pounding.

"Why do you look scared?" Wanted asked and she gulped down.

"Scared?" She asked and chuckled.

"I'm not scared... I... I just wanted to go home. Bye!" She said began walking away and Wanted could see through the lie.

"Are you perhaps avoiding me because you realized you have feelings for me?" He asked and Everly stopped right on her track.

Her eyes widened and she slowly turned back.

"Am I right?" He asked and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

"What are you saying? God forbid I have feelings for you... Geez, you're unbelievable..." She muttered walking hastily to his bike.

"C'mon let's go." She said and Wanted chuckled because of her behavior looked funny to him.

He got to his bike and hopped on it. He handed Everly a helmet and wore another.

She wore hers before hopping the bike. "Hold my waist." Wanted said and she did just that without arguing.

Wanted kicked the engine and the bike started off immediately

An unaware smile formed on Everly's face in the helmet as he rode off.

Immediately they got home, Everly got down from his bike and made to run into the house but Wanted's next word stopped her.

"I don't know what your fear is, but whatever it is, learn to face it rather than just running away from it." He said and Everly looked at him before running into the house.

Wanted chuckled, touching his chest. He could feel his heart thumping loudly on his chest.

"Geez, if only she knew the effect she has on me... I wonder how long I'll be able to play this good boy... Seeing you everyday freaking day, I really wanna do so many naughty things with you... But, I guess I'll just have to take things slowly." He said looking at her house, just then she appeared on the window and Wanted smiled at her.

She quickly closed the window and Wanted chuckled.




"Reddy, have you seen my green flip-flops?" Sienna asked walking into his room.

"What am I supposed to be doing with your flip flops?" Reddy questioned with an eye roll still looking at his phone.

"I asked of you've seen it not with it!" She shouted at him.

Reddy scoffed, not given her a glance.

Sienna resumed looking for the flip flops in his room. "What are you searching for? Your flip flops isn't in my-"

"Shut the f**k up and press your phone!" She shouted at him.

"Yeah. Sure. My bad." Reddy muttered and resumed with his phone.

"Whoa!" He said out loud, probably because of what he saw on his phone.

Sienna furrowed her brows looking at him. "What is it?" She asked and Reddy scoffed.

"Learn to mind your f**king business." He retorted.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes.

"Whoa! Awesome. My God." Reddy laughed as he watched his phone.

Sienna pressed her lips, wriggling her brows as she thought of what he could possibly be watching that was making him laugh.

She tried to peek again but Reddy quickly hid his phone.

"Have turned into a spy or what? Why are you peeking into my phone?" He asked.

"Shut up you punk! I wasn't peeking." She rolled her eyes.

Reddy just shrugged, looking away.

He continued smiling and Sienna arched her brows wondering what he was looking at.

She made to walk away but stopped. She turned back and rushed to him grabbing the phone from his hand.

Reddy dragged her hand as she made to run away and she fell roughly on him, her head hitting his chest.

"Ah!" Sienna winced, raising her head up, slowly opening her eyes to meet Reddy staring at her.

Their eyes pierced into each others. 

Just then, the door opened and Lex walked in.

"Reddy, did- Hah!" He gasped.

"I thought you two were- When did this happen?" Lex asked and Sienna tried to stand up.

"No no don't! I'm sorry for interrupting the moment. Go on." He winked before walking out of the room, grinning.

"F**k!" Sienna groaned and quickly got off him. She unlocked the phone and saw that he was actually playing a game on his phone... Nothing special.

"Happy now? Did you see what you were looking for??" Reddy asked, sitting up.

She rolled her eyes before throwing his phone at him.

"TF! Why did you throw it?" Reddy said and Sienna scoffed before marching out of the room.

"Such a bunch of trouble." He mumbled.



"Is anyone around?" Rissa asked behind Daphne.

"No. Come in now." Daphne whispered and let Rissa get in first.

They actually went clubbing and they're just returning and it's already lights out.

They both tiptoed into the hostel, walking quietly and softly so as not to make a single noise.

Rissa got to her room, her room was the first on the lane and they weren't staying in the same room.

"Bye Daphne." She whispered bit Daphne didn't reply her, she kept walking to her room.

She was still walking when she kicked something hit something and it crash, making noise.

"Who's there?!" A loud voice asked and she needed no one to tell her it was the warden's voice.

"Sh*t!" She cussed, quickly turning off her flashlights.

She began hearing the warden's footsteps and the reflection of her light.

"Damn Rissa. I shouldn't have listened to her." She muttered and and began walking back, looking for where to hide.

With every step of the warden getting closer, caused her to panic greatly.

Someone suddenly pulled her to a corner and she gasped. She fell on the person's arms and their lips collided in the process.

Daphne's eyes widened as it occured to her what just happened. The person just stole her first kiss.

She wanted to pushed him off but the person pulled her closer, kissing her deeply.

The warden turned back when she didn't see anyone.



"Another bottle of Hennessy." Butter demanded, drinking from the bottle that was already with her her. 

Three other empty bottles of Hennessy laid on her table.

She was clearly drunk already but she didn't mind. She just wanted to drink wine off her sorrow.

Remembering the way Marcus pushed her and humiliated her when she confessed her feelings to him earlier today was hurting her so much.

Ever since the very day she stepped foot into 3DC, she had loved Marcus.

Love at first sight, that is what she would call it.

She met him that first day she got into the college, on her way to the class... She bumped into him, he was with Lewis.

But from that very day, Marcus never liked her, like she was kinda leech to his body.

"Another bottle!" She yelled, drowsily. Thinking about it was hurting her honestly.

"Ma'am, that's enough for you now. You're already drunk." The bartender said and she chuckled.

"Give me another bottle, I'm not drunk... I'm perfectly alright... A bottle please!" She pouted.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I can't." She said and Butter's smiling face turned to a frown. She stood up.

"What's your problem? I said I'm not drunk. I want another bottle... Give me another bottle." She pouted, poking his chest.

"You're drunk." The bartender said.

"No I'm not drunk." She pouted cutely.

"What's wrong Kingston?" Ryan asked, coming there. He was also dressed in a bartender's uniform.

She's drunk and keeps insisting for a bottle.

"Give me another bottle... Just bottle, I promise not to bother you anymore." She said drowsily.

"See that?" 

"It's alright, hand her to me... You go attend to the other customers." Ryan said and Kingston nodded, handing over Butter to him.

"Where are you taking me to??... I said I want to drink." She whined, staggering behind as Ryan was literally dragging her.

He turned to her and shook his head. He went back and carried her in his arms.

Butter giggled staring at his face. "Marcus, is that you?" She asked.

"Gosh, I knew you were gonna come back for me... I love you Marcus. I love you... Please don't hate." She mooed, cuddling on his arms.

"I guess she was served breakfast... Poor thing." He muttered at the sleeping figure in his hands.

He walked some distance to where his car was parked, kinda far from the restaurant.

He placed her in the car's back seat and went to the driver's seat. He put on his seatbelt and ignited his engine.

Soon, he was outta the vicinity.



๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 35๐Ÿ’36

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ


           {MRS LINA GARCIA}


Butter rolled on the bed, from one end to the other.

She wondered why the bed was so soft and comfy. This wasn't how her hostel bed was...

Her eyes flung opened, and just like she thought, it wasn't her room, it wasn't her hostel.

She was laying on a king-sized bed and the room she was in right now was very big and looking luxurious.

"Where am I?" She asked herself, holding her head that was banging greatly.

"F**k alcohol." She muttered.

She took the quilt off her body and got down the bed. She wore her shoes which were laying beside the bed.

"Damn this headache." She groaned standing up, just then the room door opened and Ryan walked in.

Butter's slowly dropped from her hand from her head immediately she saw him. She blinked her lashes slowly and her jaw dropped staring at him.

Handsome face? Check.
Abs? Check.
Height? Check.

'F**k it...' She said inwardly.

"Done drooling?" Ryan asked with a smirk and Butter batted her lashes, coming back to her senses and that moment, her expression turned to that of a frown.

"How did I get here? Did you kรญdnap me?" She asked, with a scowl.

"Kidnap?" He scoffed.

"I don't kรญdnap unattractive things. You won't you sell." He said and Butter gritted her teeth.

"Pig!" She sputtered, and began walking out of the room, brushing his shoulders in the process.

"Such an attitude." Ryan muttered walking into the room. He was about sitting on his bed when he remembered something and his eyes widened.

"My jacket!!" He rushed out of the room but she was gone.

"Ma'am Ann... Where's she?" He asked his maid.

"She left already. Why?"

"F**k!" He cussed. That jacket was a gift from his late girlfriend. He valued it alot and he only wore her the jacket last night because it was cold.



"Who have done their assignment?" Rissa asked and Everly shook her head.

"I haven't. Planned on doing it today." She said.

"Me too... Gonna make my research on it or better still visit the police station."  Rissa said.

"Let's go together." She said and Rissa nodded. 

"Sure." She said and they continued eating.

Rissa paused, looking at Daphne.

"What's up Daphne? You're not with us." She said and Daphne sighed.

"It's nothing." She replied.

"C'mon, it can't be nothing. Talk to us, we're your friends." She said and Daphne scoffed.

"Friends my foot... Arghhh!" She shouted ruffling her short hair.

"Oh my gawd Daphne... Don't tell you're going crazy... I don't have a psychiatrist number so please not here." Rissa said.

"Shut up! My head..." She winced, ever since last night her mind has just been wandering about the kiss.

She couldn't see the person's face immediately the warden left, the guy flee.

Just who could it be?? She wondered, if she ever lays her hand on whoever it was, God save that person coz she was gonna break laws that day.

"Daphne..." Everly called.

"See you guys later." She said before walking away.

"What's wrong with her?" Rissa asked.

"Don't know." Everly replied looking at Daphne's retreating figure.



"We're here to see Mrs Lina Garcia." Everly said to Rina who was standing at the counter.

"And you are?" Rina asked and trio exchanged looks.

"We're her family members." Daphne answered and Rina arched her brows.


"Yes. Why?" She asked.

"Nothing. It's just I thought she doesn't have a family member since no one ever paid her a visit." Rina replied.

"Oh... But we're her family members." Rissa said.




"C'mon, talk to us ma'am. We might be able to help you." Everly said to the woman who was reluctant on speaking.

She just kept an indifferent face.

The three sighed tiredly.

"Damn Miss Penelope... If she hadn't given us this assignment we wouldn't be here." Rissa said in whisper before turning to look at Mrs Garcia.

She still had that nonchalant look. "What's the point of even doing this? Look, she's guilty of what she did... Let's just go back home and write on our investigation. She's guilty no doubt." She added.

"I don't think so Rissa... I feel she's under pressure." Everly said and Daphne just stared at Mrs Garcia, watching her closely.

Her eyes darted to her hands underneath the tables. She was rubbing her hands on her knees. She looked at the girls then looked away still with the straight face.

Her eyes slowly darted sideways and immediately she saw him fear took over her. She gulped down looking away.

Daphne noticed that, she turned back to the cop she looked at and back at her.

'Why do I smell something fishy??' She thought within her, looking at the woman and back to the cop.

"Time up!" The cop with them announced as she walked to them.

"Let's go." The cop said and Mrs Garcia's face fell. She looked at Daphne with an expression that says, "I'm innocent."

Daphne furrowed her brows as they took her out.

"I guessed we won't be able to do anything. She's guilty as we can see." Rissa said.

"Ion know what to say. She should have at least said something." Everly added.

"Something fishy is definitely going on." Daphne said and they arched their brows.


"Let's go." She said.



"Finally, I'm done." Everly sighed out.

"Bye Anne!" She waved.

"You're leaving before me today." Anne said and she chuckled.

"I guess so." Ever replied.

She sighed immediately she got outside and met him waiting for her as usual.

"I guess I can't avoid you." She said tiredly.

"You sure can't baby doll." He said, and was about holding her hand but she quickly hid her hands behind.

"Don't worry, I can walk on my own." She said and began walking to his bike.

"Such a character." He said as he walked to her.

Everly paused when she didn't see his bike.

"Wait! Where is your motorcycle?" She inquired and Wanted itched his back head.

"It developed a tiny fault so I had to get it to a mechanic for repair." He said and Everly slapped her forehead.

"Really??" She shook her head and began walking to the road.

"It's late, you won't see a taxi." He said and Everly shot him a glare and he raised his hand in surrender.

"Fine. Do what you want." He said.

She stood on the road and began flagging down a cab.

"So stubborn." He muttered, staring at her back figure. A smile found it's way to his lips as he watched her.

Everything about her was just so fascinating. Her stubbornness was another he admired more.

Everly sighed. Were this cab drivers doing this intentionally?? It wasn't that late but she never gets a cab home.

"Told ya." Wanted said behind her.

"Let's go. If you're so tired, I can give you a piggyback ride." He said and Everly twisted her lips, before adjusting her lens.

"No problem, I can walk with my legs." She said and started walking away.

"Geez Wanted." He muttered and began hastening his steps towards her.

"It's so good walking in the night of Las Vegas isn't it?" He asked but Everly didn't reply.

"The night breeze and chirping of birds is just-"

"Can you just stop blabbering on and on already?" She snapped.

"Really, am I blabbering?" He asked with a smile and Everly pinched a skin on her brows.

"Well, it's not my fault I like talking... Infact, I'm not a talkative. I tend to be so whenever I'm with you." He said and Everly raised a brow.

"Really?" She asked.

"Yes." He pouted.

"Then stop being with me. Your presence irritates me, honestly. I detest it... Stop hovering around me, it's annoying." She literally lied. 

In as much as she wished it to be true it wasn't. She couldn't believe that today she was waiting for him to come to the restaurant and now he was here...

Geez, it's driving her nuts.

"Your eyes says otherwise." He said and after a short silence.

"Wh-what do you mean?" She asked slowly to prevent herself from stuttering.

"You should know by now that I'm good at telling people's emotions just by looking at them." He said with all seriousness written on his face.

"Wh-wh-hat did you see?" She stuttered, her heart racing loudly as she impatiently waited for his response.

"I see..." He said seriously while Everly's looked at him eagerly.

"I see... Malaria and typhoid fever... You should get it treated before it takes over your brain." He said and Everly's shoulders fell. 

She gnashed her teeth angrily, clenching her fist.

"You jerk!" She gritted, hitting his chest and Wanted began laughing.

"You think it's funny? Huh? How dare you scare me like that?" She asked as she kept up hitting his chest.

"Did I scare you... Damn, you should see the look on your face right now." He laughed hard and Everly punched his stomach and he groaned.

"Ouch!" He yelped and Everly rolled her eyes.

"Where did get such strength from?" He questioned.

"My stomach... But were you expecting to hear something else?" He asked and Everly eyes widened.


"Why then did you get angry? You said I scared you? What were you expecting to hear?" He asked her and she gulped down nervously.

"I was expecting to hear I see love in your eyes. Pure love which you're trying to hide from me... A burning love for me. That's what I was expecting to hear but as a jerk you are, you didn't see it." She replied his questioned, inwardly.

"I asked a question miss." He smirked.

"I hate you!" She shouted before running away.

"Huh?... Oh Wanted... You've seen her from all sides." He sighed.


"Are you perhaps waiting for me?" He asked when he got to her.

"Not at all... I stopped to get fresh air." She said and Wanted shrugged.

"If that's the case. Goodluck getting fresh air. I'm on my way home." He said and began walking and Everly gasped.

'Wasn't he gonna try getting her to talk further?? Aish! That punk.' She rushed to him and held his hand.

Wanted turned to her and smile.

"What?? Where you lying just now?" He asked and she rolled her eyes.

"Of course not. Actually, I want to eat grilled meat." She said, pointing at the shop opposite.

Wanted looked at it and looked at her.

"Sir, two sticks." He requested.

They were currently at the man's shop. The man gave him.

"Thank you." He said and gave Everly one but she shook her head pouting.

"What?" He asked but she didn't reply, just looking at him with a puppy eye.

He sighed before giving her the two.

"Thank you." She squealed, collecting it happily.

"Another stick please." He demanded and the man gave him.

Just when he was about taking it, Everly grabbed it from the man.

"Thank you sir." She smiled at him.

"What the- you already have two." He whined.

"I was the one who requested for grilled meat remember?" She stuck out her tongue and Wanted shook his head in disbelief.

No one ever told him she could be dramatic.

"Your girlfriend is really jovial and cheerful." The man said and Everly looked at him.

"I'm not his-"

"Sure, sure sure sir. She's also a pain in the ร ss." He said and Everly glared.

The man chuckled watching them.

"Give me a stick." He requested and the man gave him.

He took it and was about eating when he saw the way Everly was munching very fast on hers. Not minding they were outside.

Her cheeks were smeared with the sauce but she didn't seem to mind. He looked 

"Can you eat like you have some ethic even tho you don't, you're embarrassing me." He said and Everly glared at him.

"At least I'm not a thiรฉf!" She retorted and resumed eating.

Wanted itched his brow and looked around, luckily no one was looking at them. That was a relief.

"C'mon, won't you eat yours. I can help you with it if you don't want." Everly said and he glared at her.

"Glutton." He said and began eating his own stick.

She threw the first stick and took the second.

"It's not bad." Wanted said and she raised a brow.

"Don't tell me it's your first time trying this." She said.

"Sadly it is." He told her and she widened her eyes.

"Really?? Where were you born? Mercury I guess." She said and Wanted scoffed.

"Just because you know what I don't know doesn't give you the right to tease me." He said.

"Ah, whatever..." She rolled her eyes, eating her meat. She stopped as if remembering something.

She took her stick and rubbed it on his cheek, smearing the sauce on his cheek.

"What the heck!" Wanted shouted and she giggled.

"That's the look." She said, laughing. The man selling saw him and started laughed.

"You??" He gritted.

"Come catch me if you can." She smirked and started running with Wanted chasing her.

The man smiled watching them. "They look cute." He gushed still smiling.

His eyes suddenly widened remembering something.

"My money!!!" 



Daphne was outside the police station. Her plan was to sneak back into the police as an inmate. She needs to talk that lady.

Something was not right at all.

She was hiding at a corner waiting for an inmate to walk out and just as if her prayer was been answered, two female inmates walked out with a trashcan.

They walked to the trash and disposed the content and then they began walking in when Daphne threw a metal which attracted them to where she was hiding.

"What's that noise?" One of the inmate asked.

"I don't know, maybe it's the security." The other replied.

"But what will security be doing there... Let's go check." The first girl said.

"I'm not going." The other quickly dejected.

"C'mon Alma... Please." 

"Geez Nina, your poke nose brought you here, still you won't change." The girl said and the two began walking there.

"See anyone here? Let's go back already." Alma said.

"Oh... I thought someone was here. Let's go." Nina said and the two was about walking away when Daphne came out of where she was hiding.

She grabbed the two girls by their hair and they shrilled in pain.


She collided the two's head on each other and they passed out.

Then she dragged them to the corner and took one of girl's cloth, wearing it.

She left there afterwards, into the prison.

Immediately she got into the prison, her eyes dilated at what she saw.

Mrs Garcia was been carried out in a pool of her own blood. She was been murdered.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ She was fine just a while ago.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Who could have kรญlled her?

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Mrs Garcia is a very quiet woman that minds her business, so who could she have offended?

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ What's happening??

Daphne eyes widened more in shock as they passed her with her corpse.

Her eyes trailed with her and she saw her left hand fall from the stretcher she was been carried in, and a paper fell from it.

She looked around and saw no one noticed, then she walked there and stylishly picked up the paper.

She opened it and read the details in it. "I didn't kรญll my husband and they know it. They're gonna kรญll me anytime soon. Please find them and avenge his death. Let justice be served. Please."

That was what the piece of paper had.

'This is complicated than I thought.'


"Yes sir. She's dead." The unknown guy said on the phone.

"Good job..." He called his name and the guy nodded.

"Now she's out of the way. My secret will never be revealed." The man he was talking with, said on the phone.

"Yes sir..."

"I just wondered why that teacher brought up that assignment but thank goodness you already cleared her. My secret is safe." 

"Sure Sir." The guy said and they talked for a while before he ended the call.


๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 37๐Ÿ’38

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ




"The assignment has been cancelled. Whoa!" Rissa exclaimed.

They were in an empty class.

"It was cancelled simply because Mrs Garcia died. You shouldn't be happy coz of that." Everly rebuked.

"I'm not happy that she died. I just hate assignments." She said.

"But we saw her just yesterday. How come she's dead?" Everly asked.

"That's what still baffles me." Rissa said.

"And that's because she was murdered." Daphne said, sitting beside them.

"What are you saying Daphne? Why would someone murder her?" Rissa questioned.

"There's more to what the eyes sees Rissa. Mrs Lina was murdered. She holds a very useful secret which I don't know about but I'm sure whoever it was kรญlled her because of it." Daphne told them.

"But why did the person kรฎll her now? I mean this case is an old case... Seven years ago... Why will the person kรฎll her now?" Everly asked.

"And that's were Miss Penelope comes into the picture." Daphne answered her.


"Well, why will Miss Penelope suddenly ask for the case to be investigated. She already knows that the case has already been settled guilty and Mrs Garcia has already been found guilty, why then did she ask us to investigate like she knew Mrs Lina wasn't guilty?" Daphne asked and they nodded.

"You're right?"

"And whoever it was had to end Lina after finding out the case might be raised again after our investigation. So this simply means Miss Penelope knows something we don't know and she can help us get to the bottom of this." She said.

"So we're gonna investigate this case? Geez Daphne. I know I wanna be a lawyer... But not now please. I still wanna enjoy myself please. This case is tactical." Rissa complained.

"Back out and we break ties with you." Daphne said and her eyes bulged.

Everly chuckled.

"What?? You won't dare do that." Rissa said.

"You should never dare me Clarissa." She smirked, calling her full name.

"Damn you." She muttered, sighing out loud.

"So we'll see-"

"Everly!!!" Someone yelled her name and the three turned to the entrance to see Twilight at the door with Winter and Butter beside her.

Her facial expression wasn't nice at all. It screamed danger, and each step she took towards the girls scared the sh*t outta Everly.

What could she have done?? She hated trouble in her life and this girls were one.

Immediately they got to them, Twilight slapped Everly.

"Bรญtch! What do the heck where you doing with the psychology lecturer?" She asked and Everly who was holding her cheeks in pains.

Tears slowly welling up in her eyes.

"What did you just do?" Daphne asked calmly, looking at her with a no expression on her face and Twilight chuckled.

"What are you gonna do? Stand up for like some sort of bodyguard or what?" She smirked and Daphne grabbed her jaw, clenching it tightly.

Immediately, Winter and Butter brought out the pepper spray they came with and began spraying it on Daphne's face. 

"F**k!" She groaned, letting go of Twilight who was already choking.


"Sh*t! My eyes!" She groaned. Butter pushed her roughly and she staggered, hitting her head on a desk. She fell to the ground, losing consciousness.

"Daphne!" Everly and Rissa yelled.

"Did you think we'll come unprepared?" Winter smirked, while Twilight was applying an absorbent on her face, for the pepper spray which got into her eyes in the process.

"You three witches. Why are you here?" Rissa asked, glaring angrily at them.

"We have nothing against you Rissa. So just leave." Butter instructed and Rissa scoffed.

"I'm going nowhere." She snapped at them.

"You brazen slut!" Twilight gritted grabbing Everly's hair.


"Let her go!"

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that the psychology lecturer was mine? Or no one ever told you never to eye what I have an eye on?" Twilight asked, increasing her grip on Everly's hair.

"Leave me... I didn't do anything." She cried.

"You didn't do anything, really?" Twilight asked and Everly slowly nodded and Twilight slapped her again.

This time harder than the last. Her lips bruised in the process.

"You bรญtch!" Rissa gritted and made to attack Twilight but Butter caught her instead.

"Let go off me, ahh!" She winced as Butter spun her, with her hand behind.

"I like our psychology lecturer and I cannot share his attention with anyone not even an ugly thing like you." Twilight spatted on her face with so much disgust.

Everly pressed her lips to prevent her from breaking down. Her eyes were already clouded with tears, blinding her vision.

"She even wears old fashioned glasses and her dressing is like that of the lowlifes in my great grandma time." Winter mocked.

"I wonder what Marcus sees in her, she's not even attractive." Butter said with disgust clearly notable in her voice.

"He sees uniqueness in her got it! Unlike you girls who go around chasing clouts and looking for unnecessary attention... Why would Wanted and Marcus pick anyone of you guys? Your character alone is a shame. Most times I wonder if you guys were born on the highway, coz that's where accidents happen. Rather than hating on her, you should work on yourself, shameless stupid- Ahh!!" Twilight shut her with a deafening slap and Rissa fell to the ground.

She marched her legs and Rissa winced.

"Fool! I see you've got some gut, talking back at us huh?" She smirked and Rissa gritted, struggling to remove her foot from hers.

It was hurting her.

"Rather than bitter, you should try to get better- Ahh!" 

The door suddenly bursted open and Sienna walked in.

"I just knew it were you guys. I mean which other unchained dogs do we have in 3D?" She asked, walking in.

"Who are you? Their savior or what?" Twilight asked, facing her.

"You will know soon." Sienna replied and with that said, she turned giving her a spin back kick.

"Ahh!" Twilight winced falling on the ground.

Winter immediately brought out her pepper spray but Sienna was fast to grab it from her and sprayed it on her face.

"Ouch my eyes! Jesus!!" She cried.

"Is Lord." Sienna completed with a smirk.

Rissa quickly stood up and rushed to Everly, but before she got there, Twilight already got to her.

She dragged her hair.

Sienna attention was drawn to them. She gritted before making to rush to them but Butter grabbed her back by her hair.

Just then Marcus got there. His eyes turned red immediately he saw Twilight abusing Everly he rushed to her.

He dragged her hair harshly turning her to him, and immediately a resounding slap followed.

Twilight gasped when she went deaf for a moment.

"I... I can't hear!" She screamed, rubbing her ears.

Sienna slid her legs around Butter's leg, sweeping her off the ground.

She fell down roughly and Sienna pounced on her.

Seeing this, Winter made to stylishly walk away but Sienna was quick to notice and she grabbed her leg making her fall.

She put her on top of Butter and started beating the two.

"My ears!" Twilight kept screaming.

"How dare you touch her bรญtch!" Marcus yelled, glaring deadly at her.

"I'm sorry." She pleaded and Marcus scoffed before dragging her by her hair and pulling her out of the classroom.

"Daphne!" Everly rushed to Daphne and tried waking her up.

"Daphne?" Rissa called, slapping her cheeks and that drew Sienna's attention to them.

She let go of the girls who scampered off immediately.

"Daphie!" She called.

"What happened to her? Shรญt!" She cussed.

"Daphne!" Everly tapped her.

"That won't work." Sienna said and she left and came back with a tiny hairy stick which she pull into her ear, twirling it inside and that woke Daphne up.


"Daphne!" The two squealed and hugged her the same time.

"Hey! You two are choking me!" She complained and they chuckled before releasing her.

"Where's that punk face? Did she hurt you?" Daphne asked worriedly.

"No she didn't. I'm fine." Everly replied.


"Yes." Everly smiled and Daphne turned to Sienna who flashed her a smile.

"I'll leave now. Bye girls." She waved.

"Bye Sienna. And thanks for your help." Everly said and she smiled.

"Always welcome." She said.

"Let's go have lunch." Rissa said standing up.

"Sure." They nodded and the three walked out of the classroom.



"So what Twilight said... Is it true? Where you with the psychology lecturer yesterday?" Daphne asked and Everly choked on her food.

"Here, have some water." Rissa offered.

"Why will you asked such? Of course not." Everly said, avoiding her gaze.

"Don't lie to us Everly? I know you know him." Daphne said seriously and Everly sighed.

"Well yes! I know him. He's my neighbor..." She said and began explaining everything to them, but omitting the part of her feelings to them.

"Really? You mean the psychology is your neighbor. His head over heels after you? Really? Does that even happen in real life again?" Rissa asked.

"I've always suspected this." Daphne said.



Everly was walking through the hallway when she bumped into Wanted. She rolled her eyes and was about passing the other way when Wanted held her hand.

"Let go." She warned, sternly.

"I don't think we've seen today, have we?" He asked with a smile.

"And why should we see?? As what? I'm not your girlfriend, neither am I your wife, or mother or sister or friend! Why should we see?  You're nothing. You're just a lecturer and that you should remain. Stop hovering around me for crying out loud. Stop putting me in trouble please!" She begged at the verge of tears.

"What happened?" Wanted asked clearly worried.

"It's none of your business. Just do me a favor and stay away from me." She yelled.

"I can't... I can't Ever." He said and she chuckled.

"Does this look like a movie to you? Gawd! Just leave me alone!" She said, wiping her tears and Wanted's eyes darted to the mark on her face which got from the slaps earlier.

"Who did this to you?" He asked, touching the mark, his eyes slowly darkening.

Everly slapped his hand off.

"None of your business!" She snapped and was about walking away when Wanted grabbed her hand.

"Then... Can we be friends?" He asked.

And Everly turned to him.

"You said who you were to me? So- can we be friends?" He asked again, looking at her.



 ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 39๐Ÿ’40

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ



"You asked who you were to me? So- can we be friends?" He asked again, looking at her.

Everly yanked her hands off his. 

"No!" She said coldly and Wanted's face fell.


"Friends with you is a very bad option." She said, clasping her palms together.

"Why... I thought-"

"I beg you with everything you hold dear to you. Please, stay away from me." She begged.

"Okay, I don't get-"

"Stay away from me!" She shouted before running off.

Wanted stood transfixed, looking perplexed.

"Poor girl." Sienna mumbled behind him.

"Sienna, do you have any idea as to her behavior? I mean, she wasn't like this yesterday. We both had lots of fun. I told you, remember?" Wanted asked, looking worried.

"She was bullied? Weak thing." She said and Wanted face darkened.

Someone dare laid a finger on her!

"Who was it?"


Everly ran into an empty classroom, she let out the tears, crying loudly. She didn't even know why she was crying, she was just crying.

"Everly?" She heard a voice behind and she quickly wiped her tears. She turned to see Marcus and she quickly looked away, cleaning every stains of tears in her eyes.

Marcus got to her and turned her to face him. 

"Don't tell me you were crying?" He said and she blinked her lashes.

"No... No, I wasn't. Something... something got into my eyes." She said and Marcus chuckled.

"You're such a terrible liar." He said and she shook her head.

"No, no. I ain't lying. Something actually..."

"Let me see it." He said and Everly's eyes widened.


"Let me see what got into your eyes." He said leaning closer and Everly gulped down, slowly nodding her head like lizard.

Marcus held her face, looking at her eyes.

"Which eye?" He asked.

"Th-the left one." Everly replied, she was f**king nervous right now.

Marcus touched her left eyelids, slowly opening it...

"I see nothing." He said.

"Oh... I guess it already fell out." She said, blinking her lashes.

She made to remove her face from his hold but he held tight.

"Ermm-" She couldn't utter a word as he was now staring at her differently, love mixed with another feeling she couldn't identify.

"You're pretty. You shouldn't always cry yunno. Don't let those people always get to you. Letting people know your weakness is as good as dead. You should try standing up for yourself, just once... Okay?" He asked and Everly slowly nodded and he smiled warmly.

The two stood like that, gazing at each other and slowly, Marcus started leaning closer.

Everly blinked, her feet became stuck to the ground that she couldn't move an inch and her hands went dumb.

It was as if she was frozen at a spot she couldn't wiggle. She just watched as he leaned closer and closer.

His hot breath brush her face and that sent a sensation down her spines. As if getting back her senses, she pushed him off and ran out of the class.

Marcus chuckled, staring at the door. A wide smile splayed on his lips.

"That was close."



"Let go of me!"

"Leave me!"


"You pig! I said let go of me!"


Twilight shouted like a mad dog as she was been dragged into clan by two hefty men.

Wanted followed behind.

They got to the large sitting room and dropped her on the floor.

Wanted sat on the couch in front of her, crossing his legs. Riley and Jimmy sat on another.

Twilight quickly got on her feet.

"Let me out of here! Wanted!-" Twilight shouted and one of the men slapped her hard that she fell on the ground.

"Good job Jax." Wanted gave the guy that slapped her a thumbs up.

"And what is this? Who is she?" Riley asked, releasing smokes from his cigarettes.

"We're are in need of girls to sell off isn't it?" Wanted asked and Twilight eyes widened.

"So I decided to bring a wasted human. What's the use of being in the safer world when she's of no human character... So this is my own contribution to the trafficking. I'll be kind enough to give her to you for free what do you think?" He smirked and Twilight shook her head.

"No Wanted please! You can't do this to me please! No please!" She shouted and Wanted sighed.

"That's the only disadvantage with her. She makes a whole lot of noise... But aside that she's a beauty. You might wanna have a taste of her. I don't mind." He shrugged and Riley smirked looking at Twilight, he licked his lips lustfully liking what he saw.

"Hmm... This is the most sensible something you've ever said since I know you." Riley said and Wanted smirked.

"Then I guess this is the first time you're being sensible... He said and Riley glared, then he face Jax.

"Take her to my room." He ordered and Jax nodded.

"No! No!! No!!! You can't do this to me! I'm a virgin!" Twilight begged.

"Awwwn, innocent virgin. Don't worry I trust Riley to go easy with you. Just make sure to have lots of fun. This might the only fun you'll get for the rest of your life yunno." Wanted said.

"Please! Wanted! I'm sorry!! Please!! Don't this! Let me go!! Noooo!!!!" She screamed in tears as she was being dragged away.



"Winter, have you seen Twilight?" Butter asked, walking into their hostel room.

Winter shook her head negatively, her eyes glued to her phone.

"TF! It's been three good days now! She hasn't returned. Where the hell could she be? And she's not picking her calls, this is unusual of her." Butter said worriedly and Winter giggled looking at her phone.

"Are you even listening to me?" She asked her but no reply came.

"Winter!" Butter shouted this and that jolted her.

"What??" Winter barked at her.

"I'm talking about Twilight missing and you're... You're giggling with your phone!" Butter shouted at her.

"F**k Twilight! If she's missing doesn't mean I should pause my life because of that. If you're so worried about her, get the f**k out of here and go look for her period!" Winter fired and Butter stared at her in disbelief.

"Did- did that just come from you Winter?" Butter asked, completely shocked.

"Mtcheeew!" Winter hissed before walking out of the room, intentionally brushing Butter's shoulder.

Butter blinked her eyes. 

Has Winter always been this selfish??



๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Look who we have here!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Marcus and Everly!

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Are they a thing now?

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ I wonder the same, they're hanging out pretty much this days.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ They look cute together tho.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Cute my foot! She stole my Marcus's attention from me!

The students talked as Marcus and Everly walked into the class hand in hand. It wasn't just any class.

It was Wanted's class. Wanted looked at her and immediately she looked away, smiling at Marcus and that alone angered Wanted.

For the past days now, she has being avoiding him like he was a plague. She didn't want to even maintain 5 inches closeness with him.

In achieving that she was always hanging out with Marcus and that was pissing him off greatly.

He had talked to his friends about it and they suggested he gave her space like she requested for but f**k it. It was a hard thing to do.

Marcus and Everly took their respective seats with their friends.

"Ermm..." Rissa cleared her throat, grinning from ear to ear.

"Tell us... What's up with you and Marcus? Are you two already dating?" She asked and Everly chuckled.

"Stop it Rissa. We're just friends. And besides, how can I date him knowingly fully well that you have a crush on him." Everly said and Rissa slapped her playfully.

"Oh c'mon Everly. That was then. I no longer feel anything for marcus. I now have a new crush." She grinned and Everly widened her eyes.

"Really?" She asked and Rissa blushed.

"Oh my, I'm happy for you, yunno." She said and Daphne scoffed.

"You should be saving up to buy her tissues coz with her, it always ends in tears." Daphne said and Everly chuckled.

"I know right? That's my plan actually, but most time you got to play along before bursting the bubbles yunno." Everly said and Daphne laughed.

"I hate you two!" 

"It's a mutual feeling baby girl." The two said, laughing and Wanted sent them a glare which they ignore.

Sienna looked around the class and noticed Reddy wasn't in. 

"Lex, where's Reddy?" She asked.

"Ion know, he just asked for a c*ndom and left. He's probably having pleasure, what else?" He shrugged and Sienna cussed.

She also noticed Winter's absence.

"Aish!" She gritted and ran out of the class.

"So as I was saying the intellect of a person depends on the psychology of their brain to stimulate the functions of the organs." Wanted said and the students creased their brows in confusion.

"Sir, I thought you said it has to do with the personality of a person?" A student asked and he face palmed himself.

"Did I say that? Sorry, take this down... The intellect of a person depends on the psychology of the brain-"


"What!!! Is it my fault that I'm in this situation. I hate apologizing but I've done that why still mad at me?"


"I didn't do anything wrong so stop treating me like I owe someone some f**king apology okay!" He shouted and the students exchanged gaze.

"What was he talking about??

He sighed frustratedly before picking up his briefcase and walking out of the class.

Everly sighed.



"Oh yeah Reddy! Give it to me!"

"Harder baby!"

"Shift my womb! Ouch!"

"Oh my gawd! Yes!"

"I'm c*mming baby! Ahh!"

Winter moaned insanely as Reddy f**ked her butty hole crร zily on top of the toilet seat. They were both completely naked.

"Not yet baby... Not yet." He said, spanking her butt as he dug deep into her hole.

His c*ck curved in spontaneously, enjoying the steaminess of her hole around it.

"Aissh! Reddy!"

"This is killing!" She moaned and he plunged deeper, hitting her G-spot and her eyes almost rolled out of it's socket.

"F**kkkkkk!!!!" She screamed madly and just then the restroom door opened.

"WTF!!" His eyes widened when he saw Sienna at the door.

Sienna stared at him with teary eyes and trembling lips.

"Sienna." He called but it came out in a whisper.

Sienna shook her head before running out.



Marcus and Everly could be seen seated together, feeding each other when Wanted walked into the cafeteria.

Just then, Marcus gave Everly the meatballs and helped her clean the stain on her side lips.

Wanted clenched and unclenched his fist before walking towards them. He got there and banged the table harshly, attracting the attention of everyone in the cafeteria.

Marcus arched his brows.

"What's wrong?" He asked and Wanted didn't even spare him a glance.

He turned to Everly.

"Let's talk." He said simply.

"I don't wanna talk to you." Everly replied frankly.

"It wasn't a question. Let's go!" He said and held her, dragging her up.

He made to drag her away but Marcus held her other hand.

"She doesn't wanna go with you, why forcing her and who the hell do you think you are to make her do what she doesn't want to??" Marcus asked and Wanted closed his eyes and opened it.

"Stay out of this." He warned.

"I won't!" Marcus said boldly, standing up as well.

Wanted breathed down and turned to Everly.

"Tell him to let go." He said and Everly looked at the two, confused on what to do.

"You should leave inst- argh!" He winced  falling down as Wanted punched him hard on the jaw.

Everly gasped.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Whoa!

Wanted scoffed before dragging Everly away.

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ What's going on?

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Isn't that a lecturer?

๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Is this a love triangle I'm seeing.

Rissa and Daphne sighed.



"Let go off me!" Everly yanked her hands off his immediately they got into the empty classroom.

"What on earth is your problem? Wanted or whatever you call yourself, why can't you understand this simple statement, 'leave me alone!' Is it just too much to understand, huh?" Everly asked tiredly.

"I would have done that long time ago, had it been easy." He said and Everly rolled her eyes.

Wanted scoffed and started walking closer.

"Do you think I like this? Of course not! I don't! Living as a playboy, f**king around has been my hobby. I hated anything that has to do with commitment with one girl but when I saw you, everything changed... I came to this f**king school just because of you, yet it seems all my efforts to get you proves abortive... I'm always following you like a fool? Why?? Coz of this f**king feelings. I'd have done away with it if I could but I just can't... I f**king can't and it's driving me crazy!" He vented out and Everly gulped as her back met the wall.

Wanted placed his hand on the wall, caging her in between.

"It's funny how I suddenly began to think of you every freaking day... My body, craves for you... My thoughts are all filled up with this certain shy timid girl... Do you know what it takes me to comport my self from doing something naughty whenever I am with you? You know not... Damn, I can't believe I'm saying all this now. This situation is one I've detested the most, but look at me here... Confessing like a fool. I just keep asking myself, why did it have to be me. I hate this feeling honestly... You..." He chuckled, looking at her face and Everly gulped down.

She was dumbfounded, shocked, nervous and strangely happy.

He slowly removed her lens and smiled. Everly bit her bottom lips to ease her nervousness.

"Stop it. I might lose it at this rate." He said and Everly looked at him innocently.


"Stop bitting your lips, it's a turn on for me." He said and Everly immediately freed her lips.

"I'm sorry I didn't know... I-"  She licked her lips not knowing what to say and Wanted groaned.

'F**k it!' He cussed before claiming her lips.

She let out a low gasp as his warm and soft lips came in contact with hers.

He bit her lower lips, nibbling and sucking on it slowly. 

Everly felt her knees grow weak as she felt the weird twirling feeling in her stomach. It was a completely new feeling and not just that, it was her first kiss.

Her loud heart thumps collided with his slow and soft breath which filled her ears as he kissed her deeply, ravishing that sweet taste of her lips he has been longing for.

Just then, the door opened and Marcus appeared. All the blood in him drained completely as his eyes met with the sight in front of him.

Holy sh*t!!!



๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ž HOLY
(Head Over Heels...)

THEME 1: Bad Guy's Obsession ๐Ÿ˜‹

CHAPTER 41๐Ÿ’42

By: Diamond Zayne ✍๐Ÿพ


               {IN BETWEEN}

Marcus gritted his teeth as he watched him kissed her. He felt pains in his heart like he was being stabbed in the chest. He clenched and unclenched his fist before walking to her them.

Immediately he got to them, he pushed Wanted off and a punch followed.

Wanted staggered, holding his jaw. He lips bursted as a result of the punch with blood dripping down.

His eyes darkened immediately he saw the blood and he raised his head to look at Marcus with fire burning in his eyes.

Marcus walked up to him and dragged him by his shoulders roughly.

"How dare you @sshole? How dare you f**king kiss her?!" He yelled and made to punch him but wanted his hand.

"Just because I let you just now doesn't mean I'll let you again. Never raise a fist on me and... Never hold my collar, got it! Now let go." Wanted said calmly and Marcus chuckled.

"Wow, I'm scared... Rascal." He gritted  tightening his hold on his collar.

Wanted chuckled.

"What's all this for?" He asked.

"Stay away from her or else-"

"Or else what? Who do you think you are to tell me off? Her boyfriend? Her dad? Her brother? Just who the hell are you?" Wanted rasped.

Everly just watched as they argued, not making a move to stop them.

"Her lover, I love her! I love her got it, you punk! Stay away from her or else-"

"Wow, wow... Just wow. Her lover, really?? Everly hear that?" Wanted asked and Everly shook her head in frustration.

Wanted chuckled.

"See that, she said no." Wanted said and Marcus gritted. He raised his hand to punch him when...

"Stop!" Everly shouted and the two paused with their fists hanging in the air.

"Geez, what're you guys doing? Fighting?? Ahh!" She ruffled her hair in frustration.

"This is crazy." She muttered before running out of the room.

Marcus let go of Wanted's jacket not after sending him a glare.

"Stay away from her, else..." He paused, glaring dangerously at him.

Wanted smirked.

"Else what? You're a kid, you should know your place when it has to do with adults. And are you that daft to realize that she doesn't see you the way you do? Stop wasting your time coz she's mine already and I don't joke with what's mine." Wanted said, his voice slowly turning cold and Marcus chuckled.

"You'll be the one regretting... STAY AWAY FROM HER... I'm deadlier than you think, so STAY AWAY WANTED SIR." He whispered, counting his words.

He sneered before walking away and Wanted chuckled. He slowly touched his lips, smiling sheepishly.



"Hi Daphne." Lex greeted, sitting beside Daphne.

"Hey. What's up?" Daphne asked with a smile and Lex blinked in surprise.

Did- did she just respond to his greeting?? Like Daphne just- OMG! Yes!

He squealed inwardly, grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm- I'm good." He stuttered.

"I'm just surprised you- yunno... You replied me. That's new." He said and Daphne chuckled.

'Oh my God! She chuckled, wow!' He gushed inwardly, staring loving.

Her laugh was so lovely and comforting to the ears... And it made him feel a twirling feeling in his stomach.

"It's nothing. I just happen to be in a good mood today." She said and Lex smiled.

"I'm happy." He said and Daphne nodded. Just then Rissa walked into the class.

"Geez, I didn't see them." She said, sitting beside her.

"I asked you not to go after them didn't I?" Daphne asked and she nodded her head slowly.

"I was just curious yunno... Hey Lex." She waved with a smile and Lex waved.

"Hi Riss." He called and Rissa blushed.

"Riss?" She asked and Lex nodded.

"Isn't it your name?" He asked and she nodded.

"Yeah it is, but I've never been called that." She said and Lex smiled.

"Then I'm the one giving you that nickname. Riss." He said and she chuckled.

Daphne shook her head, as a small smile splayed on her lips. She was sitting in between the two.



"Why did you call us here?" Daphne asked Everly who was facing the mirror.

"Girls, I... I think I'm in a love triangle." She said, turning to face them.

"With Marcus and the psychology lecturer?" Rissa asked and she nodded.

"Why then are you acting like it's a new thing?" Daphne asked with an eye roll.

"Of course it is. Two guys likes me, what do I do?" She asked, perplexed.

"Geez Everly, don't tell you're just finding out. I always knew it was a love triangle." Rissa said.


"Who amongst the two do you like?" Daphne asked and Everly furrowed her brows.


"Don't play dumb with me." Daphne said.


"Don't tell me you don't like any of them Everly?" Rissa asked with widened eyes.


"If you don't like any of them, simply shu the two away but if you like one simply pick the person and tell the other one off." Daphne said.

"It's not really as easy as you say it Daphne. You know this two, they don't seem to be someone you could really do away with that easily." Rissa added.

"Then what do she do?"



Everly arrived at the restaurant, she quickly changed into her uniforms and started work for the day but her mind wasn't stable.

To say she was confused was an understatement, Marcus loves her... Wanted... Loves her... Geez.

"Miss?!" The customer she was supposed to serve called as she has been literally standing their for minutes now with the tray containing their food still in her hands.

"I... I'm sorry, here." She served them and left.

"Babe, are you alright? You've been zoning out. Is everything the problem?" Anne asked and she sighed, resting her head on the counter.

"I've never been this confused my whole life." She said tiredly.

"What's it baby girl?" Anne asked, sitting beside her.

"The thing is-"

"Everly! Get the order of table 8!" A senior waitress shouted and Everly whined.

"Hah." She sighed as she picked up the menu and went to get the person's order.

"Good evening. What will you like to have?"  She asked and the person raised up his head. He was wearing face cap actually.

"Chi-" He paused seeing her.


"Mar- Marcus!"



Reddy walked to the living room to meet Sienna watching a soap opera with Lex.

"Since when did you guys fancy operas?" Reddy asked grabbing to remote control.

"Ask Sienna. She suddenly wanted to soap opera." Lex said as Reddy changed the channel.

"Change it!" Sienna said coldly, her eyes glued to the TV.

Reddy scoffed.

"Duhh... You won't tell me what to do. I got a match to watch." He said and Sienna faced him with a glare.

"I said change it!" She shouted and Lex jolted, he looked at her surprisedly.

"What makes you think raising your voice at me will make me change it. You're wrong baby." He smirked and Sienna gritted and jumped on him, dragging the remote control.

"Let go!"

"You punk! If you can't change your lifestyle at least change the channel!" She shouted dragging the remote control from him.

She changed the channel and walked out of the living room in anger.

"What was that?" Reddy asked.

"Did you two have a fight? Coz that's unusual of Sienna." Lex said and he shook his head.

"We didn't." He shrugged and Lex mused.

"Did she catch you f**king someone?"  Lex suddenly asked after a short silence.

"Yes." He shrugged as if it was no big thing.

"Sh*t!" Lex cussed.


"Are you that daft Reddy? Can't you see your actions are hurting her??" He asked and Reddy arched his brows.



"So you work there?" Marcus asked as they walked down the streets.

She was done with work for the day.

"Yes." She replied lowly.

"Why didn't you tell me? I mean, I didn't know you had a part time job." He said.

"I didn't really deem it necessary and you never asked so..." She pressed her lips and Reddy nodded.

"Oh." He could only mouth.

Just then a motorcycle drove their way and stopped right in front of them. Immediately the bike's light went off the motorcyclist took off his helmet.

"Well well well... I see you're now stalking her, isn't it?" Wanted asked getting off his motorcycle.

"What are you doing here?" Marcus asked and Wanted shook his head.

"It should be the other way round. I should be the one asking you that... What are you doing here?" Wanted asked and Everly shook her head.

'Don't tell me they're about fighting again... Oh God, what sort of mess is this!... If they just make to fight, she swear she was gonna run away... That's what she's best at doing anyways.' 

Marcus chuckled walking close to him, before looking at him. His face expression now dark.

"Do you have a death wish?" He asked and Wanted chuckled.

"Do you??" Wanted threw the question back, staring directly to his face.

Everly ruffled her hair watching them glare at each like they were in some sort battle field...

Since that neither of them was ready to break the glare, she went in between the two.

"Please!! Don't fight, I beg of you!" She pleaded, staring from Marcus to Wanted and from Wanted back to Marcus.

"Thanks for walking me out. I'm very grateful, but you can leave now. The school is the other way not this. Please." She pleaded with clasped hands.

Marcus sighed looking at her then at Wanted.

"She said leave. Bye!" He waved and Marcus glared at him.

"I'll leave, only because you said so Everly. Take care of yourself and goodnight." He said and Everly nodded.

He gave her one last stare and turned to leave but not after glaring at Wanted.

"Bye competitor! Take care!" Wanted shouted and Everly face palmed herself.

"Oh Ever." She muttered.

"Shall we??" Wanted asked beside her.