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Chapter 276 Impostor (3)

Trying his hardest to keep his cool, Sebastian squatted before Kana. However, he made sure to keep at least an arm's length away from her.

He had not expected this woman to turn on her allies and switch sides. All without a moment's hesitation. She was such a cruel and ungrateful person. But who was complaining? In fact, this was a favorable situation for him. Now he knew Elijah's backer was indeed a witch and it was a woman. Who was this female witch? She was so powerful to create such a topnotch spell that can imitate even the person's heartbeats?

In the past, witches could never do this. That was why the royal blood vampires could always find out whenever someone was in disguise through their heartbeats. This disguise was so perfect, he had to only rely on his own gut feeling and the reaction of his body to tell him that this woman was not his Izabelle. She was at most, a high level immigration goods. Impressive and high level, but an impostor nonetheless.

This was such a dangerous magic that needed to be destroyed at all costs! Sebastian vowed to himself to search for the source of it and remove it from the roots. This dangerous magic, if allowed to propagate, would only spell more trouble in future.

"Tell me, Kana... who's the f**cking witch who did this to you?" he tried his hardest to sound even a little soft. This was his chance to find out more. To dig for truly important details that might change everything. To turn the tables around and use her to his advantage.

Kana wiped at her eyes, as though brushing away tears from her current distressing situation. And she reached out to him, desperate for more attention. The little attention he gave her right now was nowhere near enough. And she was craving his attention as a plant craves the sunlight.

Sebastian fought the urge to swat her fast approaching hands. He needed to hold on. He must make her spill what she knew before getting away from her.

Kana hugged him and Sebastian's jaws clenched tightly in revulsion. What he wanted to do most was to slap those offending paws that were currently on his person and wash her disgusting scent off. But he tamped down the urge and did not move and just asked her again. "Kana... you need to tell me more details. This witch needs to be dealt with as soon as possible or she'd find someone, disguise her, and send her to me again. They might even make a replica of you next." Thankfully, his tight voice and words spoken through gritted teeth matched the content of the message he was trying to get across even though it actually was out of revulsion of Kana.

She reluctantly pulled away and looked at him. "Your Highness... before I answer your question... please tell me you're going to bring me back to your side again. I promise I will behave and serve you way better than before. I will give you my life, Your Highness, I a�"" Kana's words were rushed and tumbled out one after another.

"Kana." He cut her off. "About that... we'll talk about that again at another time. For now, we need to deal with this current issue. This is a serious thing to me and you know I can't focus on you until this matter about this witch that is occupying my mind is being dealt with. You know how much I despise witches." He even slightly growled as he uttered that last line. And since it was true on the whole, the sincerity in his tone and the distaste in his face convinced Kana that he was being honest with her.

Kana seemed to be convinced by that at last.

"Promise me we'll talk about that again once you're ready, Your Highness." She demanded. She still wanted a guarantee that he would not throw her away after he got what he wanted out of her.

Sebastian paused but eventually nodded at her. "I give you my word." He said and Kana smiled triumphantly.

"Actually, I didn't see the witch's face." she began a little slowly and Sebastian barely stopped himself from snapping at her.

"You didn't see her..." he narrowed his eyes, not hiding his disappointment and suspicion of her.

"Please believe me, Your Highness. The witch was wearing a long red cloak and her large hood was constantly covering her head."

"Do you know her name?"

Kana shook her head, pursing her lips with the hopes that she might come across as pitiful. "She didn't tell me..."

Sebastian clenched his fist discreetly as he tried calming his expectant reaction to Kana's ignorance. "So you do not have anything valuable to tell me to trace her, Kana?"

Kana swallowed. "I... I'm so sorry, Your Highness."

Sebastian ignored her words and just shot out the next question. "Where did you meet her then?"

"She approached me in my room in our manor." Kana had no choice but to continue answering him. No matter her feeling a little disgruntled at how he was treating her, still, having to be able to talk to him is so much better than being ignored.

"Did she tell you to meet with her again?"

"Yes. She said she'd come to our manor again when I'm ready."

"Then you need to leave now and go back."

Her eyes circled wide and she clung to him again. "Your Highness, I a�""

"I am going to go hunt that witch. She needs to be dealt with immediately." And Sebastian shrugged her hands off and stormed out of the room, leaving it open.

Kana called out but Sebastian did not bother to look back at all, leaving her gritting her teeth and clenching her fists.

The next moment, Rion entered the room and grabbed her arm. His actions were not too gentle and it hurt her.

"What are you doing, Rion?" 

"His Highness ordered for you to be detained."

"What?! That cannot be true!"

"Just obey, Lady Kana." Rion's flat and unimpressed voice sounded out beside her.

And Rion dragged Kana towards the underground dungeon. Upon the sight of the door leading underground, Kana threw a fit.

"Let me go! I'm not going to enter that dungeon prison!" she yelled.

But Rion did not budge and continued pulling her along with ease. Not caring that she was a noble's daughter.


Chapter 277 Fan (4)

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Sebastian was in his secret study with Raven as they were trying to figure out how Kana even entered his room without being noticed and traced.

Their conclusion again led them to believe that it was definitely a witch's doing. And since the security in the area was not that tight anymore since Iza was no longer in there, not to mention that Raven and the others were following him around, it should not be that hard after all for a vampire with the help of a powerful witch to sneak inside the castle and even enter into the prince's chambers that easily.

"I hope you didn't allow her to make her escape too easy and obvious, Rion." Sebastian spoke up as soon as Rion appeared at the door.

"Of course, Your Highness. And I didn't even actually have the chance to feign anything at all! Because she suddenly attacked with another powerful witch weapon. I didn't see it coming and it was indeed a deadly one. So she escaped for real and it had nothing to do with me being lenient on her. But Your Highness, why did you let her escape?"

"I didn't let her escape. I, too, am only using her. Someone needs to deliver the news she found out." Sebastian replied. He was certain that Kana would now turn back and try to regain the witch's favor after his dismal treatment of her. He was almost certain that Kana would tell the truth about what she found out or even if she lied, that witch can certainly read her mind and she would die in the witch's hands.

Sebastian needed Elijah and that witch to at least come to the conclusion that the divorce was real. It was not certain if that could really stop them from bothering Iza, but at least this would give him a little peace of mind to focus on what he needed to do. The last several days were still filled with distractions and lingering fear. And he found himself unable to give his all in his preparations. Because to him, it was Iza's safety that was still the top priority. He could not make himself completely focus on something else if there were unfinished things related to her!

But with this, it gave him at least a little relief even if it was not foolproof.


Black Forest.

Alexander had stumbled upon Caelian who was sitting on top of a round rock. The man was smiling disbelievingly at Alexander. His blond hair gleaming due to the shine of the moonlight peeking through the dense leaves of the trees in the Black Forest.

"She managed to shoot and hit you... I hope this is for real and you weren't just allowing her to hit you just because you wanted her to pass, Caelian." Alex commented, surveying him.

The blond threw his head back and ran his fingers through his hair. "Oh, come on, Alex. Stop second guessing me already. This is for real, okay? And damn... now I know what Queen Lilith meant when she said that the princess got close to her without her realising it. She really was undetectable. It was strange... the complete lack of her presence is no joke."

Alex lifted a brow.

"It's really hard to spot her now." Caelian continued. "Back then, I managed to find her at her hiding spot during that festival because of her unique scent. Now without that, she has become untraceable. She can completely erase her presence of self."

"You mean... there really is no scent of her at all?" Alexander raised a brow, surprised at what Caelian was reporting to him.

"Yes. I could still detect her scent while I was entering the forest. But then the scent somehow faded and then disappeared without a trace." Caelian scratched his head, puzzled, not knowing how Elle managed to do that.

"And how about the sounds? Her heartbeat?"

"Ah..." Caelian smiled like he was about to say something really amazing and at the same time impossible. "Nothing..." The handsome blond shook his head in amazement and disbelief as he lifted both shoulders and picked up his hands, palms facing up as he showed how helpless he was. "I made sure to rely on my enhanced senses and believe it or not, there was nothing. Well, you just go on to see and experience it for yourself, Alex. Honestly... I never thought that I'd actually feel chills in a game... really... I have no words to say about this princess. All I know now is... whoever or whatever she is, she's bad news." Caelian chuckled lightly to himself, a lopsided smile curling his lips.

"Hmm... Now that's very interesting." Alexander's eyes gleamed in the dark. If she was indeed bad news, then that was excellent news to him. He was anticipating to see how she performed in this second part of the exercise and to experience what Caelian had described to him personally.

"Then I'm going in, Caelian. Good work." Alexander voiced his approval and clapped him on the back of his shoulder.

Caelian nodded. "I'm rooting for you, Alex." A mischievous twinkle was seen in the depths of his eyes. However, Alexander caught that subtle look even though it came and went swiftly.

Alexander smirked. "Now you're suddenly a fan of the princess?"

"Well... to be honest, I find her an amazing individual. A seemingly harmless and petite little lady being able to give me the deadly chills, deserves my adoration and respect to the highest degree." Caelian praised Elle without holding back. He really felt that she was impressive. Such a low-key person yet, holding such deadly skills that even she somehow does not know she has.

"Sebastian will kill you." Alexander's curt comment jolted Caelian out of his haze of adoration of the princess.

"It's not that type of adoration, okay?"

"Doesn't matter what type it is. Sebastian will still kill you if he hears that." Though Alexander's tone was playful and joking, Caelian was sharp enough to detect the seriousness underlying his words. And he took it to heart.

And then, Alexander was gone just like that , leaving Caelian sighing. He stared at his bloodied hand and smiled again before he stood up and left.


Chapter 278 No way

Elle still could not quite believe that she actually managed to shoot Caelian. She was still shaking a little from that fact. The sight of him falling to the ground and his blood dripping from the gunshot wound had nearly caused her to hyperventilate in fear and panic. She knew that he would bleed if her shot was to land on him. Knowing was one thing but seeing it happen in front of her eyes was a totally different thing.

When she approached him to help him, instead of pain, she saw a big wide smile plastered on his face before showing her his quickly healing wound. After that, Elle eventually calmed down.

Caelian did not even give her a chance to pay attention to her emotions at that moment because he suddenly bombarded her with praises. It was something that really shocked and confused Elle.

She had actually thought Caelian was making it easy for her and that was why she had managed to take him down. But Caelian's reaction seemed to be genuine, and that was what confused Elle even more.

But before she could even say anything, Caelian had pushed her away to run again, telling her that Alexander would be the one coming for her next.

Elle could only nod and accept the arrangement that they had decided on. And now she was here again, hidden in a new spot that she had found.

Somehow, the experience with Caelian was almost no different from how she had dealt with the witches. He, too, did not seem to have noticed her presence at all. Which was still too good to be true for Elle. It was just a bit... unsettling and unbelievable for her. Why were these supernatural beings not able to detect her presence just because she hid and stopped moving? She was just a plain and unremarkable human if compared to them.

So, how could Caelian, a vampire, not even notice her? Her reasonable conclusion was that Caelian had held his capabilities back and that was the explanation she could think about, on why the hunt ended up being the opposite of what she had prepared for it to turn out. Not that she was complaining, but...

The temperature seemed to suddenly drop. Goosebumps rose over the exposed skin on her neck. What was the deal with the weather?

Elle unconsciously swallowed her saliva as she held her breath. Someone dangerous was coming. That was the only reason why she was having these chills, right?

Tightening her grip on her gun, Elle stayed very still. She was so still that one would even identify her as a carved statue. Somehow, she was starting to feel real fear and real danger as the surroundings became even cooler. She could not hear anything on it. There were no sounds of anyone approaching, but she could feel the coldness and heaviness in the air. Was this... Alexander's presence? How powerful does one have to be that even the surroundings are affected by it?

She had never imagined Alexander's presence to be this soul-

freezing. He had always exuded the feeling of warmth and relaxation around him! Was this really him? What if this was really the real enemy? Otherwise, she could not be feeling real danger to this extent...

Fighting her hardest to stay calm in order for her mind to work and reason things out, Elle moved her eyeballs. No one was around. At least, she could not see anyone or any signs of someone.

The leaves began to rustle. Then they swayed in the gentle breeze. The wind was suddenly so strong it was as though a storm was suddenly approaching out of nowhere. Oh lord... this was... this was not good! Whoever was here... Elle could not imagine Alexander being it!

Her mind was now in chaos, fighting whether to stay or to run. Her two minute time limit was almost up and she still could not find anyone to shoot at. At this rate, they were going to spot her presence, right? She needed to move to a different location now! But what if she got caught while doing that?

When the wind became even stronger, she then made a decision to just go. She kept her head bowed low as she walked while bending over behind the bushes. She hid behind the tree trunks and peeped behind her, around her, checking out the situation. And when there was still no one but the strong wind, Elle continued.

Once she was a little farther from her previous hiding spot, Elle picked up her pace and ran as fast as she could. Why did she feel like... the wind was chasing after her? No way, right?

She hid again. This time, she could only hide behind the tree trunks. There were no bushes thick enough for her to hide. 

Trying her best to control and reduce the sounds of her pants, Elle slowly peeped behind her.

The wind had stopped. She could hear her heartbeat drumming so loudly in her ear. And no matter how she tried, there was no way she could control it.

This real danger and fear she was feeling was making it hard for her to calm down. And Elle did not even notice that she had grazed herself on the face while she was running. A small line of blood appeared on her cheek and she could not even feel the sting of the cut.

A blurry shadow moved across her, causing her to gasp and scrambled to hide again.

Her eyes were stretched wide and her mouth was turning so dry. She suddenly did not know what to do. Fear and panic were starting to overwhelm her. Lord... they were going to catch her... no!

She licked and moistened her dry lips and gritted her teeth. She must not... they can not catch her if she shot at them first!

Even with trembling arms and knees, Elle peeked out from her hiding spot again, with her gun prepared to shoot and...


She pulled the trigger at the large and dark blur that appeared in front of her out of nowhere.


Chapter 279 Something

Even the falling leaves seemed to freeze in air for a few moments as Elle's world screeched to a halt.

But the moment she realized who was before her, everything resumed and she sucked in a breath. Alexander was smiling at her. It was a smile filled with pride and something a lot more.

"Simply incredible." He murmured and Elle realized that his hand was grabbing at the muzzle of her gun. Wait... did she manage to...

"Too bad you didn't land a perfect shot." He added before flashing her a mischievous grin. Looking at that familiar expression, Elle was so speechless that she sagged and bent over, facing the ground.

The adrenaline left her and now she felt like all the energy in her body was suddenly drained out of her. Weakness and lightheadedness then swarmed her, before she suddenly felt her eyelids become so damned heavy. That only made it more difficult for her to fight.

"Though I would like you to know..." Alexander trailed off when she went limp without warning and immediately squatted before her, hands outstretched to catch her in case she fell directly to the ground. "Izabelle?" free𝚠𝚎𝚋𝚗o𝚟el.𝚌𝚘m

Quickly grabbing her shoulders and checking on her, Alex sighed and picked her unresponsive figure into his arms.

When he arrived at the meeting spot where everyone was waiting, Abi ran over to him even before he had stopped. Her expression was damned worried.

Alicia immediately checked on her and when she ruled that Elle had just passed out, they sighed out in obvious relief. Without wasting any more time, everyone had a tacit agreement and brought her back to the house and tucked her into bed.

The trio then gathered just outside Elle's room to finally listen to Alex's findings and to get a good grasp and know everything that happened during his hunt.

"Elle can literally conceal herself." Alexander stated without fanfare as he knew everyone was impatient and could not wait to know more. Leaning back against the wooden wall, he let out a long drawn out exhale. "No... to be more precise, she can make herself completely invisible. This is not a sleight of hand or some magic trick. This is as real as it gets."

Abi's eyes widened hearing the conclusion from her husband. She knew Alex would not joke or play around on matters of importance such as this. That only meant that Elle has some really impressive powers hidden within her!

"And the best part is, she doesn't even know she is or can do it." Alexander continued. "I am certain she's not even aware that she's actually invisible while she's hiding. Honestly, the reason why I managed to catch her was because she got wounded. I followed the scent of her blood and guess what I saw? Just her gun, floating in the air and aimed at me." An amazed smile tugged at the corner of Alex's lips. "When I grabbed it and touched her at the same time, she immediately became visible. It's such an interesting and amazing ability, isn't it? In the many long years I've been around, this is something I haven't seen before."

"As far as I can tell, witches don't have that type of invisibility spell too." Alicia said, her expression filled with interest now. "Considering that Elle isn't even aware of it, it means that this might not even be a spell since she didn't even need to chant any words or do anything. Somehow, it's just happening out of her control...?" Her eyes narrowed as she pondered on it a little more. "It's as if her ability is coming out when she needs it..."

"That's what I thought too." Alex nodded. "There's no better explanation about it than what you have just said. At least for now."

"So... just what is our Elle?" Abi hesitantly asked. "That's definitely magic and witches are the only ones who can wield magic aside from the halflings and me... Does this mean the theory that Elle is a witch is a fact now?"

Alicia shook her head. "No. We're not that certain yet. I don't think Elle is a witch. I've told you before, Abi... she's different. My initial theory is that she's a new hybrid that never appeared before, like a half-witch, half-vampire or maybe part of a combination of the three races... but I feel less confident about that now. I still feel like there's something completely different about Elle."

"Werewolves..." Alexander said. "Long ago, they too, existed. Everyone had believed they'd been completely annihilated and none of their kind had survived to this day. But... perhaps someone did manage to survive."

"So, Elle could be partly a werewolf...?" Abi was in disbelief, her eyes blinking as she tried to take that in.

"Of course, we're not sure about that yet, my love." Alex told her. "I had been thinking about it... somehow expecting it actually. That she'd suddenly shapeshift or something. This is why I had tried to push her quite hard. I had believed that if she's a werewolf or part werewolf, then she should be able to shapeshift. Or at the very least, she might be forced to show any signs that she was one. If that really turns out to be the case, I wanted that to happen now. While we're at least still here to help her to accept her reality and help her not to panic and get overwhelmed. It could be bad if she found out about all her abilities while she was alone or while she might be in the enemy's reach. But, that did not happen..." Alex sighed. "Maybe my theory is wrong. The ability she showed isn't something a werewolf or part werewolf possesses. I've met quite a few werewolves in the past. And I'm quite sure that none of them can make themselves invisible."

"I've been thinking that..." Alicia stared into Abi and Alex's eyes. "What if... the other part of her is a completely different race we've never known? One that we're not aware of...?"


Chapter 280 One Step At A Time

"I don't know if there were other races that had gone extinct before I was born..." Alex tilted his head. "So far, I have heard nothing about any other race aside from humans, vampires, witches and werewolves that existed in this world. However, demons aren't counted since they're not from this world..."

As Alexander trailed off, Alicia nodded subtly. "It is not impossible for another race to actually exist somewhere..." she added, acknowledging that there were surely many other things in this vast universe that they still did not have any knowledge of.

After a long silence, Abi turned around and looked at the closed door of Elle's room. The worry and concern still plastered across her face like a mother worrying about her daughter's well being.

"What could be the best step we're going to do with Elle from now on then...?" Abi asked. "I still strongly feel that we should reveal something to her now. Knowing is always better than being ignorant."

"I feel the same now." Alicia nodded. "I was against it before because I was worried that she might have a dangerous ability or identity that is not easy for her to accept. And also... like Alexander, one of my biggest theories is that she's a werewolf. Elle would have freaked out if she heard or found out that she might be a werewolf. She could also be in denial and might react negatively and think that she's a monster or something if we're not careful. But the ability she has shown us tonight is not something that will freak or disgust her... so I believe this is now our opportunity to show her a part of her new reality one step at a time."

"Our only problem now is the fact that we still don't know what to tell her if she asks what could be her other half." Alex sighed and Abi smiled helplessly.

"I think Elle's going to think she's a witch once she hears about her ability. Maybe, we can just let her go with that assumption for now since even we ourselves still don't know much about it at this moment."

"Another problem though is Sebastian... I wonder how he'd react about this. But, oh well..." Alexander shrugged. "Since they're no longer husband and wife, I have an excuse on why I didn't report about this to the man first and foremost. I guess we can have Elle be the one to break the news to him. That is if she even remembers to tell him. Let's just leave that guy in the dark as his punishment for divorcing his wife." He playfully laughed.


Somewhere in Queza...

Elijah was in a certain lawn playing fetch with his dogs when the dogs that were wagging their tails happily at him suddenly started barking and growling.

As if Elijah already knew who had arrived, he gently commanded the dogs to go inside the house. Impressively, the animals all obeyed and stopped their barking before running back into the house.

"I heard that you did something tonight." Elijah spoke first. His tone was low and naturally gentle.

The woman in the red cloak appeared and made an inelegant sound. "I was merely testing him. It turns out that you were right after all. So, I guess... his love for that woman isn't as deep as we thought."

An enigmatic ghost of a smile tugged at the corner of Elijah's lips before he turned around and faced the woman with a neutral expression. "I have told you before, haven't I? When we used that method of having Izabelle look like a witch queen, there's a chance that he'd hate her after that. And don't forget that this is Sebastian we're talking about."

"Well, it doesn't matter..."

Elijah lifted a brow. "You're finally giving up on the girl? Are we finally moving back to our original and more entertaining plan?"

"No." The sharp edge in the woman's voice faded whatever slight gleam in Elijah's eyes. "I told you that plan of yours is too unnecessarily risky and time consuming. I'm telling you again if you have forgotten, that is our final choice. Only if everything else fails, will we use this plan of yours."

Elijah threw the ball in his hand and then caught it. "So which plan are we going to follow next?" he asked in an almost uncaring tone. "I hope it's not something... boring."

The woman snorted. "I don't care if you find it boring or not. What matters is we achieve our goal the quickest way possible. So, here's the plan..."


Back in Black Forest, the soft morning sunlight filtered gently through the lacy beige curtains of Elle's room, giving a muted feel to the entire room.

A soft breeze blew from the window, making the curtains dance as though to a delicate tune.

The peace and warmth of the place screams of serenity and bliss. And Elle looked so tranquil as she slept, burrowed in her blankets, looking for all the world to be a beautiful angel in slumber.

But soon, her fingers moved.

The movements were subtle at first but then she started to clench on her blanket. The serene expression on her face quickly faded and changed into its complete opposite.

Her arms and legs began to trash as though trying to throw off something that was holding onto her and gritted her teeth, as if something had possessed her. Her hands that were initially twisting her blanket in a death grip suddenly threw her covers as if they were burning coals. However, she did not stop all the trashing on the bed. And even after moments passed, she still had yet to wake up.

Until she was panting so hard. Sweat covered her skin and she began to reach for her clothes and...

The sound of clothes being ripped echoed inside the quiet room and the door was swung open.

At the sound of her name being called out, her eyes flew wide open, and their colors were no longer the same.