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Chapter 401 Little Cat’s Rescue!
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In Meadow town, Eve and Eugene continued watching the workers work. Eugene was in the backyard along with the gardening tools, removing frozen plants from the ground and snow from the ones still alive.

Eve's heart felt lighter after listening to the townsfolk talk to her. It gave her gratification hearing them apologise to her. Vincent had raised her value in the townspeople's eyes, and to them, she was their saviour.

A few minutes later, Eugene returned inside and said, "Miss Eve, I will be going to get the plants from the forest. The plants have died and I will need to replace them all. Is there anything you want me to get for you? Or if you need me to stay here?"

"I don't think I need anything. Do you want me to come with you?" Eve asked in return, and Eugene shook his head.

"I will be fine, Miss Eve. It is just pulling out some of the plants and putting them in the carriage," Eugene answered, dusting his low-quality gloves against each other. "I had planned to clean the carriage before Lady Aubrey's arrival, so it's good that I haven't done it yet. I will place all the plants below the seat."

Eve asked, "Wouldn't it be better to re-pot once Winter is coming to an end?" After all, it would take some more time before they would occupy this house again. "Unless you plan to come visit every day."

"A little visit every day to see how the work is progressing and the plants shouldn't be too bad," Eugene responded. He said, "I hope your day has been going how you wanted it to be."

Last year at this time of her birthday, Eve had gone out along with Lady Aubrey and Eugene to attend a local play in the next town. Afterwards, they ate in an inn together, which Lady Aubrey paid for as she hadn't started earning.

Eve smiled and replied, "It is much better than I expected it to be."

"That's good to hear, milady," Eugene hoped nothing but for the mermaid's happiness after what she had been through until now.

When Eugene stepped out of the house, Eve followed him and watched him climb onto the driver's seat of the carriage. He said, "I will try to get back soon, but if it gets late, don't wait."

Eve nodded, "Be careful, Eugene."

"You too, milady," Eugene pulled the reins of the horses, and soon the carriage left and was out of sight.

Away from Dawson's house, near the local carriage stop of Skellington town, Timotei moved his paws as quickly as he could. When he saw a local carriage arrive, he sped towards it and heard the coachman yell,


The black cat quickly climbed inside the carriage through the door and took a seat near the window, as if he was one of the respected passengers from Skellington with how he raised his little head. One of the passengers who got inside the carriage didn't shoo the cat, believing the cat belonged to the coachman.

Timotei tapped his little paw on the seat, hoping to get to Eve before the vile and dumb vampiress got to her. Thankfully, he wasn't in front of Marceline, or he would be the animal sacrifice.

If he wasn't wrong, Marceline would waste a couple of minutes sacrificing an animal, and hopefully, this damn carriage wouldn't break in the middle of his journey, everything would go well, and lives would be saved. He nodded to himself while thinking.

"Hmph!" Timotei huffed, which came out like a small sneeze.

As always, he was the one to save the world from wicked people. If people knew about his great actions, they would make a statue of him. A big one, which would tower over the buildings, and... maybe at the centre of the town. Yes, the black cat nodded. His statue in the town for everyone to see and worship him!

But for that... he was supposed to be turned back into his vampire self!

Once the local carriage arrived at Meadow town, the coachman stopped the vehicle and yelled, "MEADOW TOWN! Anyone who wants a ride to HUMGAUY?"

Timotei quickly jumped out of the carriage door and tried to pick up Eve and Eugene's scent in the air. But it was hard with the scent of the market wafting in the air. On the way, Timotei was distracted by the smell of the cooked duck pulling him towards it in this cold weather.

"How can I deny you, when you are so sensually inviting me," the black cat licked its lips and walked towards the shop. He noticed the duck placed on the counter and a plate. He said, "Sorry to keep you waiting, but I am here." He tore the roasted duck's leg, which was sprinkled with salt. He took a bite from it.

"AHHH!!" a woman screamed, pointing her finger at the black cat. She shouted, "This filthy cat is eating the food!"

Someone else threw something at Timotei, while the black cat tore another leg of the duck and escaped from there. He ate the meat, licking it clean, before throwing the bone behind him, which hit someone's face. And that person was none other than Patrick Humphrey. 

Patrick looked back and forth, raising his hands and ready to fight the person who had thrown the bone. But he couldn't find who it was.

Timotei didn't care to turn behind and see where the bone had flown to, as he was on important work here. He went to Dawson's house and caught Eve in the backyard cleaning the house nameplate.


Eve was startled, not expecting the cat's sudden visit, and asked, "What are you doing here, Timotei?" Was the cat bored in the mansion?

"I have come to save you! Marceline is on her way to come here for you!" Timotei spoke, the volume of his voice rose, and Eve quickly took the black cat in her arms. She walked to the far end of their backyard so that the workers and any other nosey person wouldn't catch her with a talking cat.

"Tell me from the beginning."

"Marceline needs to sacrifice three things. No actually four, and one of the four sacrifices is you," Timotei said in a hurried voice, while suddenly whispering. "She met this witch and killed her. And a bear. She's doing this to fix her leg that oh my, it will make your head spin. She got cursed or something. She will come here any moment, and you need to get yourself to safety."

Eve's eyebrows furrowed, and she said, "Let her come. We need to put all of this to an end."

Timotei blinked before shaking his head, "Nooo! Did you not hear me now?"

"What difference would it make if she tries to kill me today, or if she postpones to kill me tomorrow or some other day?" Eve asked the cat.

"Even if you want to put it to rest, her mind is filled with putting you to rest. The only rest she will listen to is if you kill her. Which actually I don't mind. I have been wanting to scratch that vampiress's face, for quite some time now," the black suddenly looked eager to do it. "Shall we?" His tail moved in excitement.

Chapter 402 That’s What My Aunt Said
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Eve stared at the black cat, which looked back at her with its bright yellow eyes. She said,

"Killing is not a solution. As much as all of us don't like her, she's still part of the Moriarty family."

"But what if she tries to kill you?" Timotei questioned Eve, and he used his front paws to catch hold of her face. "It's snowing. The perfect way would be to bury her in the snow. It will be easy for you to dig."

Eve gave a pointed look to Timotei. She sighed, "You said something about her foot being cursed?" Though she wasn't fond of Marceline, and Vincent had punished his sister, she knew there was the family bond that stopped him from killing the vampiress.

Timotei slumped his body before jumping on the ground, "That can be done too. Her leg was smelly, like really bad and I wanted to throw up at the sight of it," he muttered before asking her, "Do you have something to eat in the kitchen?"

"There should be some left over from the lunch Eugene and I had earlier," Eve said to Timotei, and they walked back inside the house.

With Marceline having trouble with her foot and no fangs in her mouth, Eve had the advantage of dealing with an almost human Marceline. They decided to wait for the vampiress to appear in front of Dawson's house. But even though an hour passed, there was no sign of the vampiress.

"Maybe she realised it isn't a good idea," Eve thought out loud.

Timotei, who sat in front of the closed window, said, "Or maybe she's waiting for you to return to the mansion and catch you there as her foot is too big to walk around."

The next second, Eve heard the sound of the carriage stop in front of the house, and when she took a peek through the window, she saw it was Eugene. She walked to the front door and asked, "Is everything alright?"

"I forgot my machete here," Eugene walked inside the house and picked it up from the cupboard.

"One of the signs of old age is forgetting things," Timotei commented before adding, "Also a sign of being in love."

Eugene frowned and asked, "When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago. I am everywhere I need to be," the black cat harrumphed. "I am here to protect Eve."

When Eugene turned to look at Eve, she said, "The usual thing with Marceline. Timotei thinks she's going to come and harm me. But I don't think she will in broad daylight," she waved her hand.

"That's right. There's no need to fear, when I am here!" Timotei raised his paw. "You are dismissed."

"Please be careful," Eugene said to Eve, who gave him a nod. One good thing was that his miss had mermaid abilities. Soon, he got back on the carriage and rode the carriage away from the place.

Back in the Moriarty mansion, Rosetta was done standing for the seamstress, who was done discussing details about her wedding gown. The seamstress informed them,

"I will return to the mansion in two days so that Lady Rosetta can try on the dress and we see what other things need to be altered."

"That would be perfect," Lady Aurora smiled in delight.

Rosetta pulled the seamstress to the side and said, "I don't want you to push my bosom too much, or deepen the neck."

On hearing her daughter's words, Lady Aurora laughed and said, "Don't worry about it, Rose. It won't be amplified the way you think it would be. You are the bride and you will need to stand out from the rest."

Rosetta nervously looked at her mother and said, "I don't think that's necessary. Eve said it is better to choose a subtle and simple gown—"

"The human doesn't know anything about weddings that take place in high society," Lady Aurora cut her daughter's words short. She said, "You are the Marquee and Marchioness's daughter, who will getting married to Vincent Moriarty. Don't you want your future husband to be at awe? When have I ever taken a wrong decision for you? Trust me everything will be perfect." She then turned to Lady Annalise, who was in the room, and asked, "What do you think, Anna?"

Lady Annalise felt like the Marchioness stepped on her toes, as she didn't like Lady Aurora addressing her informally. She offered a tight smile and replied,

"I think we should go with what Rosetta wants. Only people who don't have anything have the habit of showing things. That's what my distant aunt always said."

The Marchioness turned to face her, her eyes subtly narrowing, "I would definitely like to meet this distant aunt of yours. Is she coming to the wedding?"

"Unfortunately, she died," Lady Annalise responded with a smile, and the Marchioness smiled back.

The seamstress cleared her throat and spoke to Lady Aurora, "Pardon me, Marchioness. But I wanted to bring up the cost of the wedding gown and how much has been spent so far for the material and other things."

"Of course, how about we discuss it on our way?" Lady Aurora needed to make sure that the gown she was lavishly spending on wouldn't be too much that they wouldn't be able to afford.

"That sounds good," the seamstress replied.

Lady Aurora turned to Lady Annalise and said, "I will be back soon, Anna. We can have tea together as we discuss other things regarding the wedding."

Rosetta watched her mother leave along with the seamstress, while she stood there. Her mother was getting the gown made for a wedding, she had no intention of going through. She exhaled through her lips.

Until now, she had never gone against her mother. She was doing this, when she knew the financial problems her family was facing. God only knew what would happen on the wedding day. Lady Annalise excused herself to go and find Allie, leaving the young vampiress all by herself in the room.

"Forgive me, mother," Rosetta muttered because she didn't understand her parents and hoped what she was doing was right. That she wouldn't be punished for going against the people who were her family.

Rosetta stepped out of the room, walking through the corridors of the Moriarty mansion. As there was nothing more to do here, she decided to sneak out of there to go and visit Eve and Eugene. She reached the front side of the mansion, and once her mother and the seamstress leave, she called the Moriartys butler,

"You there. Bring a carriage to the front, I need to go somewhere."

Alfie had just finished getting a dead rabbit buried, after it was found in the corner of the back garden of the mansion. The butler offered her a polite bow and replied,

"Milady, at the moment, there is no coachman to take you. The one you see is a spare carriage, with no coachman to ride on it."

Rosetta pursed her lips. She didn't want to stay in the mansion, doing nothing, when she could spend quality time with her friend and Eugene. She asked, "Is there any servant whom I could borrow as a temporary coachman?"

"Unfortunately, no, milady," Alfie replied to her with his head bowed.

Rosetta tapped her foot before saying, "Fine. I will ride the carriage myself."

Alfie's eyes widened in surprise, "Milady?"

"You heard me. Bring the carriage here, and I will take it," Rosetta nodded as she said this.

If Eugene could ride the carriage, she would have to learn how to ride it. It was time she got used to the new life, so that the sudden changes wouldn't overwhelm her, the vampiress thought. If she succeeded in driving this carriage, she could accomplish anything in her life, she said to herself.

Alfie gave the vampiress an uncertain look before he called a nearby servant and ordered him to get the carriage in front of the mansion's entrance.

When the servant brought the carriage in front of them, an eager Rosetta climbed and took her seat where the coachman often sat. Alfie asked her,

"Milady, where do I say you are going if someone asks me?"

Rosetta was busy picking up the reins of the four horses and absent-mindedly replied, "To Heaven."

Was the vampiress attempting to kill herself? Alfie asked in his mind. He gave Rosetta a nod, "Okay." 

"By the way, how do you get the horses to move?" Rosetta asked in a nonchalant tone, while Alfie blinked at her question.

Chapter 403 Third Sacrifice
The reason for Rosetta not knowing to ride a horse wasn't that her parents didn't allow her to ride a horse. Most of the vampiress from her society knew to ride one. 

When Rosetta was young, a horse in the stable had kicked with its hind leg so hard that it had left fear in the back of her mind. Which was why, since that time, she approached horses with caution.

On the other hand, Alfie stared at Rosetta. The Marchioness would dip him in boiling water, if something bad happened to this young vampiress, once she would find out that he was the one to get the carriage around. He said,

"Milady, I don't think it is safe to ride a carriage by yourself. It would be best for you to wait--"

"Rubbish! How hard is it to hold the reins? I have waited all my life for this moment," Rosetta said to him, "I am seizing this moment. If someone asks, you can tell you don't know. Now how do I get this thing moving?" She asked him with a straight face.

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Alfie pursed his lips for a moment before he started to explain to her, and she paid full attention, nodding every few seconds. Once he was done going through it, Rosetta moved the reins and touched the back of the horse, patting it, and he said, "Please be careful, milady!"

The mansion's main gates opened, and soon Rosetta felt like it was the gates to her new life. She scolded the horses, "To the left!" Pulling the reins and manoeuvring the horses as the butler had told her.

Suddenly, Rosetta felt proud. Not because of her parent's status or wealth but because of her. She felt goosebumps on her arms.

While on one side, Rosetta Hooke was on her way to meet Eve and Eugene at Meadow, on the other side, Marceline Moriarty was on the same way, but ahead of Rosetta.

Inside the moving carriage, Marceline stared at her reflection in the closed window. In a week, her face had dulled because of the continuous stress she had been going through. Her hair wasn't as neat as it used to be, and her lips appeared colourless. There was also a subtle hint of darkness under her eyes because of the lack of sleep.

"You cried wolf, and took shelter, while I am the one who is suffering. This time I will not fail in causing the pain you have caused me, Genevieve. I will make you suffer," Marceline whispered, and her eyes moved past her reflection, looking outside the window.

Marceline had finished cutting the tree branch with the dagger and leaving the rabbit bleeding in the snow. Now there were only two more things to do. As she continued to stare outside on her way to Meadow, a carriage passed in the opposite direction, which detoured from the road and rode into the forest.

"Adam, stop the carriage!" Marceline ordered, and the coachman quickly pulled the reins of the horses.

"Milady, here?"

Marceline got down from the carriage and ordered him, "Go back. I have a ride back to the mansion." She threw a golden coin at the coachman, "If someone asks, I went to have tea with Miss Jennifer."

"Yes, milady," the coachman bowed. He took the carriage and left the place.

Marceline looked left and right before walking the path which she had seen the carriage move in. As she walked on the snow-covered ground, she took careful steps while using her nose to pick up the scent.

'Where is the human governess?' Marceline had earlier asked the maid in her room.

'Ms. Barlow? S--she, uh, she's gone to her town, milady.'

'Did she now,' Marceline was delighted on hearing this. 'Also another thing. Is her servant working now?'

The maid believed the young vampiress was only trying to make sure that the servant wasn't wasting time here and answered, 'He isn't working now. He went along with Ms. Barlow to Meadow.'

In the present, Marceline continued dragging her bad foot on the snow as she walked. With her brother still attached to Eve, she knew she couldn't snap the human's neck. But that didn't mean she couldn't hurt and get rid of the ones who were close to the lowly woman.

After five minutes, the vampiress noticed the carriage parked in the deserted forest with its door open. She finally reached where the servant, who was close to Eve, sat on his heels while he dug out a plant.

Marceline looked around before noticing mud that wasn't covered by the snow. Bending down, she took it in her hand and, in the other hand, held the dagger given by the witcher and moved carefully behind Eugene.

Eugene had finished digging out one plant, which he had placed on the side and was on digging out the second plant. When he picked both of them in his hand and turned around, suddenly he felt dust get into his eyes, which blurred his vision.

Marceline gripped the dagger, watching the servant drop plants in his hand and trying to clear his eyes. But the vampiress didn't give him a chance to do it, and she pushed the dagger into his stomach.

"UGH!" Eugene screamed in the sharp pain he felt. He placed his hands on someone's hands whom he couldn't see, trying to pull out the dagger.

Marceline stared at the dagger, where the dagger didn't glow as it had earlier. She pulled the dagger, making Eugene groan in pain with his hands covering the wound on his stomach. Blood drops from his wound fell on the white snow-covered ground. She used the dagger one more time by pushing it into his stomach in a new place.

"S--Stop it... please," Eugene pleaded, he took a step backwards, and he fell on his back on the cold forest ground.

Marceline noticed the dagger in her hand glow, and a satisfied smile appeared on the vampiress's lips. She turned around and walked away, leaving the servant to bleed to his death.

Chapter 404 Women Riding The Carriage
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Marceline walked as quickly as she could, while drops of his blood fell on the snowy ground, inking it with a trail of blood.

The vampiress headed towards where Eugene had parked the carriage. She said to herself,

"I have fulfilled the three sacrifices, cutting things to leave it to bleed. There's one more sacrifice to complete and the curse will unbind itself," she looked around the place. She said, "I will cut my ties with my family."

But the dagger didn't glow like when the three sacrifices were made, and Marceline gritted her teeth. She questioned, "Why isn't it working?"

She loved her family dearly. She loved them and hoped they would protect her. That's what her family was supposed to do. Instead, they had betrayed her by taking the side of a lowly human and anger started to fill her mind. She clutched the dagger and heard the distant clip-clopping sound of a carriage pass. 

She had to do this soon, and there was no time to waste. She asked herself aloud, "What do I hold dear?"

The vampiress cared about her reputation and image in society more than anything, but that had been tarnishing since the day her brother had defanged her.

"Think, Marcie. Think!" Marceline wanted to get rid of the curse as soon as possible. Staring at the dagger, she declared,

"I will give up on the wealth that I have right now."

"I will stop loving myself as much as I do now, and look after the people belonging to the lower class."

But nothing happened, and Marceline was frustrated. She recollected the witcher's words and muttered in frustration, "Why is it not working?!"

Marceline took out her pocket watch from her coat and looked at the time. She didn't want to get caught this time and would need to visit her friend Jeniffer at the mansion to prove that she was there.

She closed her eyes, thinking deeply about what she held closest to her heart. When a thought passed her mind, the vampiress opened her red eyes and felt her jaw tighten. She parted her lips and said,

"I...I give up--give up on my love towards Noah Sullivan."

As Marceline said those words, she felt an ache in her chest, but the dagger still didn't react. She gritted her teeth, wondering if the witcher had fooled her into thinking this was the solution. She then tried out one more time,

"I give up my... fangs," she whispered, and suddenly the dagger in her hand glowed.

Marceline felt her heart shatter into a million pieces because even the little hope she had until now of getting her fangs back, was gone.

There were angry tears in her eyes. To save her leg, she had given up on her fangs. Once she gathered herself, she pulled the cloak above her head. She then got in the front seat of the carriage that belonged to Dawson's family.

"Move!" Marceline whipped the horses, and soon the two horses started to gallop, pulling the carriage behind them.

Marceline decided to send this carriage in another direction so that no one would ever come to know that she was involved with the servant she had stabbed. When the carriage tried to move up the little slope to get back on the road, the carriage door opened, as the vampiress hadn't bothered to lock.

And as the carriage climbed up and turned, the carriage door opened wider, and two pots that Eugene had placed inside the carriage fell on the road.

Marceline didn't pay attention and continued to ride the carriage away.

Back in the forest, Eugene continued to lay flat on the cold forest ground with his injured stomach.

Eugene winced in pain, as he wasn't in the condition to get up and ask for help. Whatever was thrown into his eyes had cleared, with tears streaking down, but his vision wasn't steady because of the amount of blood he had lost.

"Somebody, help..." Eugene gasped, but his voice didn't even pass the five trees near him.

The person had wounded him in a way where he wasn't immediately killed; instead, his body now suffered in pain. Pain overtook his mind like it did with his body, where his stomach throbbed and he felt the wetness on his hand that came from his blood.

Eugene tried to stay awake, but his eyes had turned blurry, and his mind was dizzy. He wished to let Eve know, and he tried to get up, which was useless as he had lost the energy to do it. He heard the stillness of the forest, where not even a bird sang, and he slowly closed his eyes.

Away from Eugene, Marceline continued riding the carriage and hoped no one would see her. The pain in her leg had considerably reduced since she had completed all four sacrifices. Having no use of the dagger anymore, she threw it on the side of the road.

Two carriages came from the opposite direction, and Marceline turned her head to look the other side so that no one would ever come to identify her.

Marceline heard the sound of horses galloping and noticed another carriage coming from the opposite side. She quickly hid her face by turning her head to the left and letting the carriage pass on her right, while not bothering to look at the carriage or the coachman.

If Marceline had turned and taken a peek at the person riding the carriage, she would have noticed Rosetta Hooke on the coachman's seat.

Rosetta's eyes were fixed on the road ahead of her, where she had a concentrated look and held the reins of the horses tight in her hand. After passing one of the many carriages on her way, she scolded the coachman,

"What a bad coachman. Riding without looking at the road," and the comment was for none other than Marceline, but the young vampiress wasn't aware of it.

Chapter 405 Broken Pots
As Rosetta continued riding the carriage to Meadow town, she wondered if she would catch Eve and Eugene by surprise for driving. A shy and proud smile appeared on her lips. She hadn't forgotten that Eugene had indirectly given her permission to pursue him, which somewhere translated to the man walking towards her to meet her in the middle point.

"I cannot wait to build a family with you, Eugene," Rosetta's cheeks turned pink at the thought. She spoke to herself, "When we marry, we shall make sure that ou--! "

Rosetta's words were cut short as the carriage tilted to the side as if hitting a bump, while the horses neighed before being dragged by the toppled vehicle. The carriage had moved off the road, and the vampiress's body was thrown on the ground.

"Ugh--Ouch!" Rosetta winced, feeling her entire body ache. She pushed herself up and huffed, "Why did you stop like that?" She scolded the four horses and untied them so that she could put them back in the same position. "We were doing just fine, riding to Meadow."

She looked at the carriage and tried to put it back into its place. But the carriage was heavy, and in her first few attempts, she could only lift it before dropping it back on the ground. The vampiress didn't want anyone to know that she had gone and crashed the carriage in the forest.

"Arghhhh!" Rosetta used all her strength before being able to straighten the carriage. She took deep breaths, feeling tired.

While the two horses got to standing position, the other two didn't oblige, and Rosetta sighed. As she tried to get them to stand, her eyes fell on something lying on the road. It was two broken flower pots that were crushed along with the plants. This must be what had earlier bumped her carriage.

The young vampiress glared at them, "Who even drops the flower pots in the middle of the road?! I am in a hurry to see Eve and Eugene, and now--now..." her voice trailed when she stepped closer to the broken pots.

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There was something written in paint on the broken piece, and Rosetta picked it up to read 'son' on it. Her eyes then fell on another broken piece that read 'Da'.

'Dason,' Rosetta said before her eyes widened. She asked, "Dawson?"

Her head turned left and right, wondering if Eve and Eugene had accidentally dropped the pot. Since she started living in the Moriartys mansion, she had stalked Eugene enough to know his love for plants. Maybe it was someone with Dason name, but what if it was Dawson?

Rosetta looked in the direction of the forest, biting her bottom lip in wonderment if Eve and Eugene were there. As the horse wasn't willing to stand, she decided to take a look.

The vampiress walked on the snow-covered ground while her red eyes looked around the quiet place. When she reached the spot where the carriage had earlier been parked by Eugene, she noticed the trail of mud and red spots on the ground not far from where she stood.

Rosetta scooped the snow and took a quick sniff, "It is human blood." Worried, she shouted the names, "EVE! EUGENE! Are you here?" She walked further into the forest when she was suddenly hit by the scent of blood that heavily drifted in the air.

The vampiress followed the scent, and when her eyes fell on Eugene, who was lying on the ground and blood pooled around his body, she screamed in horror,

"EUGENE!" Rosetta hurried to sit next to him, who shivered because of the cold and the pain that had sunk into every cell in his body. "W--who did this to you?!"

Eugene had tried to hold on as much as he could, but he had reached his limit. Rosetta said, "Let me take you to the physician right away! They will stitch the wound and stop it."

But when Rosetta tried to carry him, Eugene grunted in pain and, with difficulty, whispered, "No, don't move me. Please." The movement in his body was killing his soul.

Rosetta didn't like seeing Eugene in such a state and noticing how his face had turned pale, his lips cracked, and his eyes droopy, her eyes started to water. She tried to hold back her tears and said,

"I c--can try turning you." But the problem was that Rosetta had never turned anyone, and not every vampire or vampiress could turn a human to their own kind. If not turned right, the human could corrupt and die. She said, "If we don't go to the physician, you will bleed more and die. I can go--"

"Don't go anywhere..." Eugene whispered, and he confessed, "I cannot see... Stay here," Eugene knew if he walked or moved, the little blood still in his body would drain, and only his corpse would remain behind.

Rosetta's eyes teared up before one of her tears fell on her cheek. She shook her head, "Please, don't die. You cannot die." She removed the coat that she wore and covered Eugene with it. She didn't know who would have done something so vile as to hurt this man! She wanted to ask him, but he appeared to be in so much pain that she didn't dare question him. 

She loved him so much. He had been one of the people who had shown his genuine feelings towards her, and they had been kind. Why was this happening to them? More tears spilled from her eyes, which he didn't notice because of the darkness in his eyes.

Rosetta asked, "Is there anything I can do for you? Anything you need?" She placed her hand on his and felt his weak fingers try to hold hers.

"No... How...did you end up here?" Eugene asked her, and his face scrunched in pain.

"I--"Rosetta's heart squeezed, seeing him in pain, "I came to visit you and Eve, but the carriage broke and I came here."

Eugene tried to control his laboured breathing and sighed, "Thank you for finding me." He was sure he would die alone. "F-forgive me," he whispered. "For not fulfilling your wish."

The vampiress shook her head as more tears filled her eyes, and she said in a shaky voice, "You have nothing to be sorry for. I am happy with the thought."

But the next second, the little press Rosetta had felt from Eugene's fingers on hers loosened its grip.