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Chapter 376 Fire Under The Feet
Music Recommendation: Professor Stoddard- Ben Frost


Marquee Hooke turned and looked at his daughter, and Rosetta used her shaky legs to step forward. He placed a hand on his daughter's back and announced to the guests,

"It has been Rosetta's wish and dream to marry the person she is in love with, and she finally found the person to be Vincent. And without a doubt, we believe he will take good care of her. We would like to hold a small engagement with the same thought to proceed things."

Rosetta whispered to her father, "I thought there were three more weeks before the wedding would take place."

"It is because the time and situation demands it, dear," Marquee Hooke replied in a low voice, and he said, "Smile now. You are supposed to be happy about this, you will not have to worry about living on the streets or wearing clothes like the poor people."

When Rosetta didn't step forward from where Vincent stood, her father grabbed her arm with a smile and pulled her forward. The vampiress was speechless, feeling the anxiety eating her with every passing second.

"The rings," Lady Aurora raised her hand.

Eve watched the two families stand next to each other, while she felt an uneasiness slither into her chest. When the rings were brought forward, the guests watched the couple, who would help each other wear their rings. She turned to Anaya and said in a shaky voice, "Excuse me."

Anaya didn't stop her, knowing it would be hard to watch, and watched Eve exit from the ballroom.

Eve knew all this was a sham, but she didn't have the courage to watch this without feeling the prick in her chest. She walked through the corridors of the mansion. With all the guests and servants concentrated in and near the ballroom, there were fewer people on the other side of the mansion.

Back in the ballroom, Marquee Hooke announced, "The couple will now exchange the rings," and both Vincent and Rosetta were given rings.

Rosetta had barely slept the last two nights as she had tossed and turned thinking about this evening. With her already feeling queasy about everything and having drunk two glasses of wine on top of it, it made her feel sicker. She turned to her mother and said,

"Mother, I am not feeling that good."

"Not right now, Rose. It isn't uncommon to be nervous, but you will be fine," Lady Aurora placed her hand on Rosetta's shoulder.

"I don't think so, mother..." Rosetta shook her head.

With everyone watching, Lady Aurora couldn't chastise her daughter and had to continue smiling. When she looked at the crowd of guests, she noticed Mr. Etsbury made his way towards them, and she quickly said, "Just push the ring on his finger and have yours done. You can take a rest after that. Do it soon," she said in a rushed voice.

Rosetta raised her ring, ready to put it on Vincent's finger.

Noticing the unsteady gaze of the vampiress and the way her hand swayed, Vincent noticed Rosetta ready to choke, and he quickly stepped aside. Not a moment later, Rosetta threw up on her father's shoes.



"Is she alright?!"

The guests reacted, and Rosetta turned red in embarrassment. She quickly ran away from the ballroom, while Lady Aurora said to the guests, "I will be right back with her. Excuse me!" The Marchioness hurriedly followed her daughter.

Viscount Eduard called a nearby servant, "Have this cleaned quickly and have someone escort the Marquee to help him clean his shoes right away." He then turned to the guests and said, "Lady Rosetta must be tired and nervous with the guests today. It would be best for her to get some rest."

The guests agreed by nodding, and Vincent said, "Supper is being held in the dining room. The butler will lead the way for you there."

"Let me go and see how things are with Rosetta," Lady Annalise stated her husband, but Vincent stopped her by saying,

"I will do that," and he walked towards the exit of the ballroom.

Before stepping out of the room, Vincent's dark red eyes searched the place and noticed Eve was missing from there. When he reached in front of the powder room where Rosetta and the Marchioness were, he heard Lady Aurora scolding Rosetta,

"You cannot do one thing right! All you had to do was exchange the rings, but you couldn't even wait to finish it and you made a fool out of yourself!"

"I told you I was feeling sick..." Rosetta replied to her mother, who glared at her.

Lady Aurora held Rosetta's shoulders with both hands and shook her. She threatened, "What did you do? How did you fall sick when you have been alright all this time? You were fine until this morning."

"I wasn't able to sleep with the place being switched back and forth. Why didn't you tell me that you are holding the wedding in a week? None of my wedding clothes have been prepared, everything is hanging in--"

"You don't have to worry about it. I have taken care of all those things. All you need to do is sit quietly and do what we say, which you obviously have trouble following. When are you going to behave like a responsible person?" Lady Aurora demanded angrily. She couldn't believe her daughter had ruined the one thing she had arranged with much difficulty, but at the same time, she remembered Mr. Etsbury and the others were here in the mansion. She brought her hand to her face and pressed her forehead.

Internally, Rosetta was happy to have fallen sick and stopped the possible engagement ceremony that was going to take place if she hadn't thrown up. At the same time, her mother glared daggers at her. Rosetta knew if they were back home, where she didn't have to show her face to the guests, she would have been slapped by her mother.

Someone knocked on the door, which had the two women turn to look at it. Lady Aurora snapped at Rosetta, "Fix yourself quickly before you humiliate us."

Rosetta wiped her mouth and finished fixing her dress. Lady Aurora put a false smile and said to the person on the other side of the door, "Come in."

When the door opened, they saw it was Vincent, who looked concerned and asked, "How is Rosetta doing now?"

Lady Aurora responded, "Much better. We will be back there with everyone in two minutes."

"You don't have to worry about that, my parents are taking care of the guests, Lady Aurora," Vincent responded and said, "There's a man outside and he said he wants to talk to you. He said his name was Mr. Etsbury and it was something urgent."

Lady Aurora's eyes widened, and she asked, "Where is he?"

"Right outside and at the end of the corridor, I told him I would let you know," before Vincent could finish his sentence, Lady Aurora quickly stepped out of the powder room and hurried to meet the person.

Vincent stared at Lady Aurora's back and then turned to Rosetta, "You okay?" Rosetta nodded, "Good, but it would be better for you to go to your room and get some sleep. If someone asks, I will inform them that you retired to bed for the night as you are unwell."

Rosetta left the mirror in front of which she had been standing and then asked him with worry, "There's only seven days left for the marriage. Do you think my parents will back down from their decision?"

"They will. Everything is already in motion, and every minute counts. Now go," Vincent instructed the vampiress, who quickly left the place. Soon Alfie arrived near him, and Vincent ordered, "Send Eugene to Rosetta's room with food."

"Yes, Master Vincent," Alfie bowed and left.

On the other side of the corridor, Lady Aurora reached where Mr. Etsbury was waiting for her, and he remarked, "Marchioness, I hope you and your family haven't decided to move to Skellington in hopes that I don't find you."

The woman softly chuckled and responded in a low voice, "Of course, not. As you heard, my daughter is going to get married to Vincent Moriarty."

"You have all the money to pay for the wedding expenses but not the money you owe me?" Mr. Etsbury questioned the vampiress, and Lady Aurora quickly looked around to ensure no one heard what he just said.


Chapter 377 Tangible Deal For A Week
Music Recommendation: Professor Stoddard- Ben Frost


Lady Aurora looked back at Mr. Etsbury and said in a low voice only for his to hear, "The Moriarty family are the ones who are taking care of all the wedding expenditure and as my husband already spoke to you--"

"I lent you the money right when you needed it. At that time you said you would return it within a week. But it has been three months and I haven't received the entire amount loaned to you and interest is far from it. You and the Marquee have been delaying it with reasons, Lady Aurora," Mr. Etsbury didn't look like a man who was interested in sweet words, and the only sweet he was interested in was the money the Hookes owed him.

Mr. Hotham and Mr. Mayen also arrived with Marquee Hooke, and they said, "We want our money back, Marquee," said Mr. Hotham, who wore glasses. "I have given you enough time, respecting you as you are the Marquee."

Marquee Hooke smiled, trying to tone down the atmosphere, and said, "We promise that all the money will be returned the next day after the wedding. I will make sure about it and you have my word."

Mr. Etsbury said, "I will need a guarantee for it. Can Mr. Moriarty or the Viscount give us the guarantee now?"

"I will give it myself, Mr. Etsbury," Marquee Hooke replied, not wanting to involve any of the Moriarty family in this right now.

Mr. Hotham fixed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "My apologies, Marquee Hooke, but this I would need a guarantee and words will not be enough. I hope you can find something tangible that I or the others will be satisfied enough to wait until next week."

Lady Aurora wished this was not happening here because if it was somewhere quiet, she wouldn't have to worry about being overheard by anyone. But they were in a mansion that was filled with guests walking back and forth.

Marquee Hooke gave some thought before he offered, "How about the mansion up in the North and the one here that is in Skellington?" 𝚒nn𝚛ea𝚍.c𝚘m

Lady Aurora's eyes widened hearing her husband's words, and she said, "Excuse us for a moment, please." She dragged her husband to the side and then said in a hushed voice, "Giving away two mansions? Walter, are you insane?!"

"It isn't like Vincent can wiggle out from this wedding and the Moriartys have enough money to give these men what they need. It is just a week's time, and only if the deal bounces that we will need to worry," Marquee Hooke replied to his wife. He said, "We have already preponed the wedding so that it gives no one room to think or do. Right now, everyone knows that Vincent is supposed to wed Rosetta. Everything will go fine."

"I hope it does, because you are giving them two mansions," Lady Aurora said with a deep frown. But even she knew that these men wouldn't stay quiet and could cause problems. She briefly glanced at the three men, before whispering to her husband, "You should have agreed with me when I hired the men to kill one of the people. We wouldn't be dealing with this if one of them was dead."

With the debt that they were being buried in, Lady Aurora had gone so far as to contact men who killed people for money.

"We don't have that kind of money to spend now. Let us wait until Rosetta is married to Vincent," Marquee Hooke convinced his wife.

The couple then returned to the three men, and Marquee Hooke stated, "I will draw up the documents tomorrow and hand them to you with regards to the mansion and the deal."

"Not tomorrow," Mr. Etsbury corrected Marquee Hooke. "Today. Let us get this done right now without any delay."

Lady Aurora smiled at the man and said, "We are in a soiree which is held on behalf of us. It would be rude to leave everyone right now. Surely it can wait, can't it?"

"I am not here to eat and drink, Lady Aurora," Mr. Etsbury was firm with his words. "You have delayed the payment for months now and I would like to get the papers and the deal drawn up as quickly as possible. If you will lead the way," he stretched his hand forward.

When Marquee Walter Hooke and Lady Aurora had borrowed the money from these men, it was in the confidence that Lady Aurora would request the Queen to help her. Unfortunately, that didn't work as she had expected, and this led to continuous delay in repaying the money they owed.

In the end, the couple decided to use their daughter by getting her married to a wealthy family who could support them. That was the only option they were left with.

Marquee Hooke said, "Let us leave this place and discuss in the other mansion in this very town." They didn't want any eavesdroppers, and Lady Aurora joined them, leaving the mansion after sparing a few words with the Viscount.

Far away from the guests and the music, Eve had taken a walk to clear her head when she saw someone standing in the corridor and in front of the window.

"You aren't attending the soiree?" Eve asked Noah with a smile, who turned to look her way.

To Noah, everything else blurred when Eve was in his line of sight, and he only saw her. And now, with the gap he had maintained along with how things were, he realised how much he had missed her.

"You aren't attending it either," Noah replied to Eve, and he turned his body to face her completely. He asked her, "Why has Vincent agreed to marry Miss Hooke?"

The smile on Eve's lips slipped, and she took a moment before replying, "It is complicated," and she sighed.

"I am sure no matter how complicated, if you explain things might seem less tangled. I will do my best to understand, if you allow me to listen to you," Noah noticed the hint of sadness in Eve's blue eyes.


Chapter 378 Gift In The Pocket

Music Recommendation: Chiyo's Prayer- John Williams


Eve looked away from Noah and stared outside the window. She then said,

"I wish I could explain, but I doubt I can. I am sorry," she apologised. After a second of silence, she asked him, "I don't think it is easy to speak and get some things solved."

Noah felt her words go deeper into his mind and said, "I think it depends. When you share it with people and confide it with the ones you believe, it makes things easier."

Eve nodded, and as she stared outside, Noah's gaze fell on her and the delicateness that she carried around her. He didn't like how she had to see the person who promised to love her be engaged to someone else. Even if it meant that Vincent would try to get out of it. He had the sudden urge to hug and comfort her, but he had drawn such thick lines that he couldn't move but only watch. He asked her,

"If you ever need my help, do not hesitate to ask for it. I will always help you, Genevieve."

"Thank you, Noah. I will always remember it," Eve offered a smile to him. She took a deep breath and murmured, "I wonder if he will be busy with the guests tonight." The last time, the ball had ended past midnight.

Noah's lips were set in a thin line, and he said, "Genevieve, if you have nothing planned for now, I would like to ask you to accompany me. Just a walk in the garden will do."

Eve asked, "You mean in the back of the mansion's garden?"

"Yes," Noah smiled, and Eve gave a thought before she said to him,

"I think Lady Anaya is waiting in the ballroom. I even left her alone," Eve regretted leaving Anaya without company.

"I will ask someone to fetch her so that she can join us," Noah assured Eve, and she nodded. They walked to the mansion's backside garden and took a stroll with the other guests who had come out to get some fresh air.

Though the place had stopped snowing, the snow still covered the ground enough to turn hard because of the weather and the number of times people had walked around to cement the snow.

Noah and Eve didn't need to speak to keep themselves busy, as they were comfortable with their shared silence. The Duke basked at the moment, knowing things would not be the same, or it already had changed, and he had internal conflicts.

"How are things with you, Noah?" Eve asked him.

"Not much has changed except for the loss of someone whom I held close to me," Noah put on a kind smile, and though he smiled, Eve looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.

"I am sorry for your loss," Eve said to him.

"Don't be. He wanted to die, as if he was tired of living and he had decided this end. You can only help people who are willing to accept your help," the tone of Noah's words were as soft as the snow that had settled on the branches and leaves of the trees, while it held an indescribable hollowness in it.

Eve wondered whom Noah lost, and she said, "He must have thought through it before deciding his end."

Noah nodded, "He probably did." Sylvester had left him without answering his questions as if it didn't concern him or he didn't want to entangle the young Duke more than he already had been entangled. "Let us not speak about sad things," he smiled.

He had invited her outside to know about her plans for the night. It was because with Vincent and the others busy with the guests, he didn't want Eve's day to start in the dullness. It was her birthday in an hour, and like every other year he had come to know her, he liked to give her a gift and wish her.

Noah slipped his hand into his coat pocket, feeling the gift box he intended to give her. It was something that he braced his heart and wanted to give her. A music box that she had when she had first come to the mansion with her mother.

"When is Lady Aubrey returning from Berkshire?" Noah asked Eve, while he stared at her.

"She is supposed to be here in a week at the most. I wrote to her a few days ago," Eve smiled, and as she continued to speak, Noah drank in every word Eve uttered and how her eyes and lips moved.

The gift that Noah would give Eve today... was nothing less than a clue. A revelation to the small Eve, who once carried the broken music box with the same music. He had heard it play in the servant's quarters.

To Eve, spending time with Noah brought a certain calmness. He had been her friend since the beginning, and she cherished the friendship that they both held for each other. Though she didn't know why she detected sadness in her friend's eyes today.

The Duke smiled in his usual calm and kind manner, where he appeared to be someone who knew how life and people were.

After a few minutes, one of the servants arrived at the back of the mansion's garden and bowed to Eve. The servant said, "Milady, your presence has been requested."

Eve wondered if it was Lady Annalise or Vincent. She turned to Noah and said, "I will be back in a few minutes."

Noah gripped the music box in his pocket and gave her a nod, "Go ahead. I will be here," he offered her a smile. The need to hug her was intense, but he bit down the feeling and watched her leave with the servant.

A minute later, Anaya arrived where he was, and she said, "One of the maids told me that you are here. What are you doing here alone?"

"Genevieve was here with me. It is her birthday tomorrow. We thought to take a walk with you, but she was summoned inside," Noah let Anaya know, and the woman gave a nod.

Anaya and Noah took a stroll, and the she-wolf said, "Sometimes I wonder, Duke Noah. If you are kind to let me know the truth without hiding things, or if you are cruel, let me know so that I am aware and distance myself from you."

Noah smiled at the woman's words and asked, "And what did you deduce?"

"I was hoping you would help me with that, but then I realise it doesn't make much difference." Anaya looked at the snow, and when she looked ahead, she smiled.

"It isn't too late to take a step back, Lady Anaya. You are a perceptive woman, and you should know how things are with me, or my family. You will lose the air that you breathe," Noah lightly warned her, but Anaya had already made her decision, and there was nothing that could change her mind.

Anaya only continued to smile, and she changed the subject by asking him, "What hour is it?"

Noah pulled out his pocket watch and read, "An hour away from midnight."

"Have you planned anything for Eve? I would be more than willing to join in. If you don't mind that is," Anaya offered, knowing no other person could replace Eve's spot in this man's heart. But it was commendable that even after so many years, he hadn't breathed a word about it to Eve, as if he wasn't allowed to.

"It is a wish and a gift. I won't be in town tomorrow as I need to go visit a town in the West on work," Noah replied, and Anaya nodded. The two sat on a bench, talking to each other as time passed, but Eve didn't turn up at the mansion's backside garden.

After some time, Alfie stepped out of the mansion's back door, and his dull red eyes looked around before they fell on Duke Noah and a woman who sat next to him, talking. He walked there and offered a deep bow before informing,

"Duke Noah, Ms. Barlow wanted me to inform you that she needs to go somewhere urgently and she won't be able to return here for the night."

Noah stared at the butler, while Anaya did it too and her eyes then shifted to the man sitting next to her. The expression on his face was unreadable, and he asked, "I hope everything is fine with her?"

"Yes, Sire," Alfie's words were calm as he offered another bow.

"I see. Thank you for passing her message," Noah responded, and the butler walked away from there. Sensing Anaya's gaze, he said, "I will wish her when we next meet."

Even though Anaya wasn't Noah to understand how he felt, she sensed the heaviness and said, "That is a good idea."


Chapter 379 Away From Eyes
Music Recommendation: Prelude- Olivia Belli


Eve walked with the servant, who followed her from behind inside the mansion. While walking in the corridor, some of the guests she met on her way turned to look at her. And as beautiful as she looked, no one dared to try to talk to her.

She gave off an aura as if she was someone who came from a wealthy family and belonged to a status that was superior to them, even though she appeared to be a human.

"This way, milady," the servant let her know when she was about to step into the main standing area where most of the other guests were.

"Who summoned me?" Eve asked the servant as they continued to walk. The place they had entered was slightly darker because of the lack of candles there, and not much light passed through the windows as the moon was hidden.

But before the servant could answer, Eve noticed Vincent standing not too far from where she was and smiled. Vincent ordered the servant, "You can leave. Don't mention a word about this."

"Yes, Master Vincent," the servant offered a deep bow to Vincent and Eve before turning around and leaving the place.

"What are we doing here?" Eve walked to where he stood and noticed him raise his hand towards her.

Eve placed her hand in his cold hand and felt him enclosing it with his fingers, "The soiree is going to end soon, and the purpose of it is complete. I don't see a reason for us to stay here when other interesting things can be done," Vincent stated.

"But Lady Aurora and Marquee Hooke are still in the mansion and there are other guests in here. Won't it be rude to leave abruptly without seeing them off?" Eve asked him with a slight frown.

Vincent pulled her close and placed his other hand on her waist to hold her firmly. He said, "The Hookes aren't in the mansion anymore as they have other important things to deal with," his eyes sparkled.

Eve's eyebrows raised in surprise. The Hookes had left the mansion so early? She asked him, "What did you do?"

"Just reminded them that they had some past accounts to settle and focus on than us here," Vincent tilted his head and stared at his beautiful mermaid. Tonight, she didn't look like a delicate snowflake but similar to a coal that burned brightly. Letting go of her hand, he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear before letting his fingertips gently brush the side of her neck. He said, "They won't be returning to the mansion anytime soon tonight. We are free to do whatever we wish," Eve caught sight of the darkness in his eyes, and her heart fluttered.

"What about the maid? She's not given up on following us," Eve reminded him. With the wedding in just a week, she knew it would get that much difficult to be near each other, and Lady Aurora would try to make sure nothing would go out of her already planned path.

But Vincent had taken control of the situation with the Hookes, where their plan would collapse.

"Alfie will keep her busy. What did I tell you before? Stop worrying about others and just focus on me. Just like I have been focussing on you," Vincent said this while looking deep into her eyes.

Footsteps were heard approaching in the direction where they stood, and Vincent quickly pulled her to the side and behind one of the large pillars attached to the wall. A shiver ran down Eve's back, and she murmured,

"It's cold."

The cold wall touched her bare back as her dress dipped right above her back. Their position now reminded her of when he had come to meet her at the Lowe's house in Berkshire after she had left Meadow. The kiss they had shared was fresh in her mind, and it was a day she would never forget, even if she turned into a ghost.

Even though the corridor was dimly lit, Eve could see Vincent's face in front and close to her. He whispered to her, "You will be warm soon... in front of the fireplace."

Eve felt her miss her heartbeat as it skipped, and her throat went slightly dry at the pause in between his words. It was because the look in his eyes suggested something as if inviting and seducing her.

The footsteps belonged to the guests, who were taking a stroll, and the guests were engrossed in their conversation that they didn't realise Vincent and Eve were standing in the corner.

"You look breathtaking tonight, Eve," Vincent praised her, and he said, "Every day that goes by, you turn stunning and stronger than the day before it. Have you noticed it?"

"If that is something that you noticed, I cannot be any happier than I am now," Eve smiled at him and leaned forward for their noses to touch.

"Also..." Vincent drawled, "You don't have to be nice to people if you don't want to. I know you don't like conflicts, and you try to do things in a way that doesn't attract attention, but certain people don't get the message."

Eve stared at him, and after a moment, she said, "You heard the exchange between Henry and me."

Vincent hummed, "I cannot resist not following your voice or your breath. Would you find it odd, if I said I feel troubled when I can't see you?"

Eve shook her head, "No. Though following my breath would be nothing less than being stalkerish."

"It does, doesn't it?" Vincent asked in a thoughtful tone, but soon a grin followed his serious expression.

Eve couldn't help but smile along with him. She then heard him ask her,

"I am sorry that you had to witness and hear things you didn't want to. If it makes you feel better, my hand is still free and only for you. You can talk to me about anything, you know that, right?"

The music from the ballroom could be heard faintly in the quiet corridor they stood in. Eve's eyesight lowered, staring at his dark purple shirt, and she said,

"I know it was just a sham, and I thought it wouldn't affect me. But... it didn't make it easy and the wedding was going to be held in a week, it just caught me off guard." She then sheepishly smiled, "I am not so strong, not yet."

Vincent leaned forward and pressed his lips on Eve's forehead. It was a tender kiss, where his lips lingered longer than it was meant to be, and she took it with her eyes closed, absorbing every second and moment of it.

"I think you are plenty strong already. I am sure many will agree that, considering you will be my wife in a week," Vincent said after pulling away and looking at her.

"You know, you are a little too confident about this," Eve whispered, a frown ready to jump on her forehead. But Vincent pecked her forehead and assured her,

"If things don't go according to our plan, we shall elope and wed each other," he joked before turning serious and he said, "The blood seal has been taken care of."

"What do you mean?" Eve asked him.


Chapter 380 A Blessing To Me
Vincent's eyes shone in mirth as if the blood seal barely bothered him, and he replied to her curious gaze, "There are reasons why some of the pureblooded vampires don't show all their cards to the public, as you never know when it will come into use. Some abilities are convenient during situations you will least expect."

"Like flying without anyone's knowledge?" Eve asked him, still trying to figure out what it had to do with the blood seal he had made in the Council's registry regarding the deal with the Hookes.

"I think it would be more interesting if I show it to you, than I explain," Vincent took a step backwards, and said, "Come with me." Holding her hand firmly in his, they started to walk.

"Where are we going?" Eve inquired because the last time when they had stepped out of the mansion, they had been lucky enough to return before Lady Aurora had barged into the piano room upon her maid's word.

The corner of Vincent's lips pulled up, and he answered, "Tonight let us stay in the mansion, than go outside. The weather is going to get harsher in a few hours."

Eve followed Vincent through the deserted corridors, where no one noticed them on their way nor caught them sneaking away from where the soiree was just about to end with the guests, who had prepared to leave or were already leaving after having a delicious supper in the Moriarty's mansion.

The candles burned brightly on the many stands, illuminating the corridors.

After walking for another minute more, they finally reached in front of a room with doors that had carved vines. It was none other than Vincent Moriarty's bedroom, and he opened the door for her.

Eve stepped inside, looking around where the room held a golden glow because more candles were burning in here, along with the fireplace, that kept the room bright. She heard the soft push of the door and the click of it being locked.

When she looked at him, Vincent's expression barely changed, as if he wasn't bothered by the fact that they were together in a closed room. In his bedroom. She watched him walk towards the desk and turn to look at her.

"What are you doing there standing by yourself?" Vincent questioned Eve, and she walked to where he stood.

Vincent pulled out a book which was made of binder parchments. He picked up a quill, and she asked him, "Do you sign someone else's name?"

"No. It was my own sign, and my own blood. You saw Clayton verify it," the smile on Vincent's lips widened, and Eve watched him bite his palm. He then let the end of the quill wet itself with his blood. She curiously watched him sign his name on the parchment.

First few seconds, nothing happened, but after a few seconds passed, where the signature was still wet with his blood, she noticed it start to move without his interference, forming into another signature. Her eyebrows rose, and she asked,

"This is like magic. How did you do this?"

Vincent replied, "My body, it is nothing less to a lizard's body. Every drop of blood and body parts of mine will listen to me even when detached and I can use it to my will."

He continued, "The Hookes thought everything is done and locked away, without realising I haven't signed at all." 

"But what about your blood?" Eve asked because no matter what sign, the blood belonged to Vincent and his eyes twinkled.

"It is another prisoner's blood that I drew before which I mixed with mine," Vincent answered and closed the parchment book, throwing it into the drawer. Eve wondered how Vincent's body operated and where he had stored the prisoner's blood. She shook her head and heard him say, "And the evidence that the Hookes gathered has been modified. Including the maid, who is still alive but has decided to change teams in her own good interest. I don't think anyone is ever keen to die," Vincent said in a nonchalant tone.

Eve let out a sigh of relief. She was glad to know the little tricks and strings that Vincent had pulled in the background without the Marquee or the Marchioness noticing it. She said, "Thank you for your abilities and your mind."

Vincent led her towards the couch and said, "Sit here. I will be back in a minute."

Eve sat on the couch, wondering what Vincent was up to. Her blue eyes followed him in the room as the pureblooded vampire padded on the carpeted floor. He returned with a little box and placed it on the table.

"What is this?" Eve asked him with a curious gaze that shifted between Vincent and the closed box.

"See it for yourself," Vincent stated.

Eager to see what was in the box, Eve quickly pulled it towards her and opened it. Her eyes widened, with surprise passing in them, and she murmured, "It is a cake..."

Vincent, who had left for a moment, returned with a candle and sat on his heels. The clock on his watch dinged, letting them know that the next day had started, and so had Eve's birthday.

"I only knew that you said that your birthday falls around Christmas. So I inquired with Eugene, and found the date. It isn't much, but I thought it would be something you might be interested in. Peaceful birthday with your loved one," Vincent remarked, and when he smiled, Eve noticed his fangs appear as the smile was wide.

"You weren't wrong," Eve agreed, and her eyes returned to look at the white cake with cream on it. There was a greeting on the cake that read--'Happy Birthday, Eve'. There were two strawberries on every corner of the square cake. She expressed her appreciation for his thoughtfulness, "Thank you, Vince. I love it."

"It is time to cut the cake," Vincent offered her a knife, and she took it. He said, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

Eve felt her cheeks turn warm because of Vincent's extra attention and she cut a slice of cake. She asked him,

"Is this how you celebrate your birthday too?"

"Not anymore. My mother was the one who liked to sing during our birthdays. It used to annoy the heck out of me," Vincent shivered at the memory. "We don't do it anymore. But I think we should celebrate yours grand and loudly, and the song is the most important part."

Eve smiled, "I don't mind you not singing the song."

"What are you saying, the song is the most important part. I have an excellent voice, which is a plus," Vincent praised himself.

When Eve pulled the piece of cake out, Vincent took half of it and fed her the cake. He wished her, "Happy birthday, my Eve." She took a bite and fed the other half piece to him.

Vincent allowed her to feed him the cake, and he licked every last bit of cream on her fingers until it was clean. The action left butterflies in her stomach. He said,

"I hope the way you have touched my life, I will be able to do the same. Where your  days will be filled with happiness because your existence is my blessing."