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Chapter 181 Something more than better

Music Recommendation: In Ordina- Tristan Eckerson

When Eve stepped out of the carriage, the coachman closed the door and offered her a bow. He then returned to sit on the driver’s seat. She turned and walked towards the gate of her house. Her neighbour Mrs. Edwards caught this whole action, who had stepped out of the house to pluck the flowers from her garden.

Mrs. Edwards murmured to herself, “Another new carriage that looks from high society. Looks like Genevieve has turned quite a favourite to use a new carriage every day,” and the woman went back inside her house.

Lady Aubrey, who heard the sound of the carriage, opened the door for Eve as Eugene was at the back of the house, hanging clothes that had been washed on the ropes now.

“I heard from Eugene that the services of the local carriages have been stopped until tomorrow,” Lady Aubrey said while stepping back to make room for Eve to get inside the house.

“They have. The orders came from the Council. Thankfully the Duke of Woodlock was there for me to get a ride in the morning,” Eve placed the umbrella in its stand and walked to the kitchen. She said, “He was also kind enough to give another person a ride along with me to Skellington.”

Lady Aubrey nodded, “That was indeed kind of him. Only if all the people from the higher society were like him, the world would be a much better place.” The woman watched Eve unwrap her lunch box and place it in the kitchen sink. “Was he there for work?” the older woman casually asked.

Lady Aubrey knew Eve and the Duke had a good relationship for quite some time. Eve exchanged words with many, but she doubted the Duke did the same with every person who lived in Meadow especially.

“Yes, he was there for work. He was talking to the local coachmen when I arrived there this morning,” Eve replied before stepping out of the kitchen. “He will be getting married to a pretty woman soon. I met her in Hollow Valley.”

“Oh?” Came the slight surprise from Lady Aubrey. Perhaps she had assumed it wrong, thought the older woman. It was because somewhere, she believed that the Duke favoured Eve a little more compared to the way he treated other women. She murmured, “Good for him that he found someone to settle down with I suppose.”

Seeing Eve, who had already climbed the stairs and walking towards her room, Lady Aubrey followed her up the stairs, with her hand gripping tight on the railing. By the time she had reached the last stairs, she released a tired sigh.

As broad-minded as Lady Aubrey was for her age as she had the gift of knowledge, it didn’t mean she lacked the knowledge of how their society worked.

After her time would pass in the future, Eugene and Eve would have each other. But they would need someone if something happened to the other one day. The future of time held uncertainty, which was why somewhere in the back of her mind, she had hoped that Eve would end up marrying the Duke, who seemed to be a considerate man.

When Lady Aubrey knocked on Eve’s door, Eve was looking at the ironed dress that Eugene had placed back on the bed.

“Don’t tell me you are wearing that dress,” Lady Aubrey stared at the dress before stepping inside the room.

“Is it bad?” Eve asked with a slight frown.

“It isn’t that it is bad, but I wouldn’t call it good. It wouldn’t suit a soiree that is held by the high-class,” Lady Aubrey replied before looking up at Eve, “Soiree’s held by the vampires or werewolves, people dress differently. It is all about status and wealth, and not just sophistication.”

Eve shifted her gaze from her aunt to look at her yellow-coloured dress. She said, “I have seen Marceline wear something similar to this and thought it would be fine.”

“Mm-mm,” Lady Aubrey shook her head.

Eve believed that this dress would go well, but now that her experienced aunt, who had previously attended many soirees, rejected the dress, she decided to look for another dress from her closet.

Lady Aubrey walked near the room’s window, noticing Eugene finishing hanging the last cloth on the rope. She loudly called him,


“Yes, Lady Aubrey?” Eugene turned his neck in question.

“There is a white box in my cupboard. Bring it up here once you are done hanging the clothes,” Lady Aubrey instructed him and Eugene nodded.

Eve offered, “Do you want me to bring it?”

Lady Aubrey dismissed the idea by waving her hand and said, “Eugene will get it. Why don’t you finish your bath with ease?”

“I am sure there’s plenty of time left for me to get ready before I get picked up,” Eve smiled at her aunt, who seemed more enthusiastic about her attending the soiree.

“Three hours is never enough time to get dressed, young lady. We have to do your hair, dress to fix and don’t know what else you may need. Go on now! Chop chop!” Lady Aubrey hurriedly pushed Eve to get inside the bathing room.

Eve, who was extra cautious, used the bath salts to scrub her skin before washing it. She washed her hair with the fragrant smell of flowers like gel. After many minutes, she finally stepped out of the bath with her body wrapped in a towel and another towel that wrapped around her hair. When she stepped back into her room, she saw Lady Aubrey sitting with a box in her hand.

“I wanted to give you something for your birthday, and it came in last week,” said Lady Aubrey, opening the box’s lid that held a dark grey and light peach-coloured gown. “If the occasion calls, I think you should wear it right away.”

Eve smiled at Lady Aubrey’s kind thoughts and said, “You didn’t have to do it.”

Lady Aubrey remarked, “Trust me, when I say I wanted to do this for quite some time now. You might not know it, Eve, but you are already a member of high society.”

When Eve picked up the dress to look at the entire length of it, she wondered if her aunt had used every saving to get this dress made.

“I love it, it’s more than stunning, Aunt Aubrey,” Eve thanked her aunt, who smiled back at her. “Where did you get it stitched?”

“I like it too. I had Eugene look for the most affordable seamstress and by luck, I was able to get an acquaintance of mine put a good word to get it done. Let us start getting you dressed while your hair dries,” Lady Aubrey suggested and Eve agreed.

And as happy as Eve was to wear a beautiful shade of dress like this one, it was only when she started getting dressed did she understand that the dress was designed to Aunt Aubrey’s style and not hers.

Seeing her bosom pushed up by the corset she wore now, Eve asked, “Why do I feel like I have been tricked?”

Lady Aubrey laughed at Eve’s words, “I don’t understand why you feel the need to hide what every woman already has.”

“Because wearing like this often leads to being stared at by men whom you believe are to be decent,” mumbled Eve, who was not used to having her bosom pushed in such a provocative way. She held one pole of the bed while the older woman stood behind her, pulling the lace of the corset.

While Eve wanted to search for her mother’s murderer, Lady Aubrey wanted Eve to lead a life by settling with someone whom the young woman could trust. Lady Aubrey knew how strong-headed and strong-willed Eve was and knew the path Eve wanted to walk would have nothing but difficulties waiting for her.

0???.?0? “Isn’t that how most of the women in our society try to have men look their way and settle down with them,” Lady Aubrey softly chuckled whilst she finished tying the corset and hiding the laces behind it. “Some use beauty, some use intelligence, some use body, and some by money or status. People use what they have, and what they are comfortable with.”

Eve pursed her lips before she said, “I am not going to find a man tonight, Aunt Aubrey.”

“I know,” replied Aunt Aubrey. Even though Eve had not mentioned it, she already knew and said, “But nothing wrong if you do end up finding a man.”

“Aunt Au–“

“Listen to me,” Lady Aubrey hushed Eve before she continued with her advice, “Some don’t get to live life like others. I understand that you have something else on your mind… but don’t miss things because of it. Things a woman of your age would be doing. I don’t want you to turn back one day and regret it.”

“It isn’t easy,” said Eve, turning to Lady Aubrey and meeting her wise eyes.

“I know it isn’t, but if you won’t allow yourself to try, you will never know,” Lady Aubrey offered a kind smile to Eve.

Chapter 182 Evening of Soiree

Music Recommendation: Gerda- Alexandre Desplat


When there were still fifteen minutes left, before the clock struck six, Eve had dressed in the grey gown-like dress.

Though the outer layer of her dress was full-sleeved and high collared, that removed the need for her to wear any jewellery. At the same time, the dress was translucent that hugged her body, letting one see the corset that she wore. Little flower-like patterns were spread on the material. A line of buttons ran at the back of her dress. The gown��s skirt flowed seamlessly and dusted against the ground without letting it drag.

Her lips were tinted pink, and her eyebrows had been slightly darkened with the help of the charcoal. Her cheeks held a faint rosy colour that didn��t overwhelm her existing appearance.

Her hair had been tied at the back with a simple yet fluffy lower bun, while pieces of her hair were pulled out from both sides, curling it a little before letting it rest against her temples. Two more pieces of her hair had been pulled out from her bun to let it hang before a red rosebud was pushed to the side.

Soon Vincent��s carriage pulled over in front of Dawson��s residence, and Eugene, who caught sight of it, informed, ��Miss Eve! The carriage is here!��

Eve picked up her coat and wore it around her body before tying the knot around her waist to keep it firm.

Their next-door neighbour, Mrs. Edwards, had invited Mrs. Humphrey to come over to her house for tea when they caught sight of the magnificent carriage.

Mrs. Humphrey inquired in curiosity, ��Whose carriage is that?��

��Probably Genevieve��s employer��s carriage. The carriage that came to drop her in the afternoon was different,�� stated Mrs. Edwards, and Mrs. Humphreys�� eyes narrowed while looking at the carriage and then at Dawson��s house. ��And here I thought the local carriages had stopped working and I wouldn��t have to hear the sound of the wheel,�� she laughed.

��Two different carriages,�� murmured Mrs. Humphrey.

When Eve stepped out of her house, the two nosey women��s mouths fell open on seeing the beautiful young woman walk from the patio of her house towards the carriage.

��Her employer must be trying to woo her because of her beauty,�� Mrs. Edwards stated while blinking away the shock from the sight in front of her. ��She looks beautiful, doesn��t she? Far beautiful that she normally does.��

Mrs. Humphrey��s eyes narrowed, and she replied, ��Vampires or werewolves of elites, don��t look for partners in a town like Meadow. To them we are poor. He isn��t wooing her,�� she softly harrumphed.

��What do you mean?�� Asked the other woman with interest.

Mrs. Humphrey watched the coachman pull the carriage door open for Eve before the young woman climbed inside the carriage and left the place in it. She turned away from the window while Mrs. Edwards followed Mrs. Humphrey, who went back and sat in the chair. She said,

��You know what I am saying. Didn��t you say that it was only recently that they called the carpenter and painter for their house? To fix a house of that size, you need a large sum of money, and if I am not wrong Genevieve is the only one working? I don��t think Aubrey��s husband left her a fortune and she was waiting until now to do it.��

��Didn��t you hear her say that her employer is a generous man who pays her decent wages?�� Mrs. Edwards knit her eyebrows in question.

��That is an obvious lie,�� Mrs. Humphrey didn��t believe it and crossed her legs before picking up the teacup in her hand. She took a sip from it and said, ��My son Patrick is in a much better position than Genevieve, who is just a governess. I know how much money my son earns, and it��s impossible she would have earned so much in such a short period of time.��

Silence filled the room before Mrs. Edwards��s eyes widened in realisation, and she said in shock, ��Don��t tell me that Genevieve is earning money in an immoral way.��

a�?Mrs. Humphrey didn��t remark on it, but her thoughts had been delivered to Mrs. Edwards.

Far away from Meadow, in the Moriarty mansion, Vincent stood in the gallery of his room, drinking the last sips of whiskey from the glass that he held. He wore a striking red shirt with black trousers and coat. One side of his silver hair was left dishevelled, while the other side of his hair was pushed backwards.

Alfie appeared at the gallery and picked up the empty glass that Vincent had placed on the edge of the gallery��s railing.

��I have finished delivering the parchments that you asked me to send, Master Vincent. Lady Marceline hasn��t returned to the mansion yet, Master.��

Vincent questioned the butler, ��Did she mention where she was going?��

Alfie shook his head, ��She didn��t. She was very upset today.��

0???.?0? ��She��ll get over it,�� replied Vincent, while his eyes watched the path outside the mansion with some townsfolk walking up and down while a few carriages moved past his view. ��Maybe next time she will stop hovering too much around the governess and will remember to keep her distance.��

Every time Marceline moved closer to someone, it was always for her selfish reasons, which Vincent was aware of. And it never went well for the other person.

��Do you think she will try to harm Ms. Barlow for using her carriage?�� Alfie asked his master because Lady Marceline liked taking her revenge and never held back from doing it.

Vincent hummed in response before he said, ��Is Marceline petty? Yes. Is she brainless? No. She won��t do something so direct, when I have warned her and let us hope the governess is smart to avoid her.��

Alfie nodded in agreement. Compared to the other governesses, the butler liked the current governess of Miss Allie as he had noticed Ms. Barlow put Miss Allie at ease around her.

��Let us hope that Ms. Barlow has dressed up suitably for the soiree and not like she��s other times,�� Vincent murmured, which the butler didn��t catch.

He caught sight of Marceline��s carriage entering through the gates. At the same time, from the left side of the road, he saw his own carriage that headed towards the mansion. Stepping away from the gallery, he made his way down.

When Marceline��s carriage stopped in front of the mansion��s entrance, one of the servants quickly opened the door for the lady.

Vincent, who walked through the long hallways, caught sight of his sister quickly walking from the entrance while refusing the servant who came to take her coat. Marceline looked slightly annoyed but offered him a small bow, ready to walk past him.

A sly smile appeared on Vincent��s lips. He remarked, ��You reek of dogs.��

Marceline paused her footsteps and glared at her brother, ��I went to see one.��

Alfie, who had followed Vincent with his long coat, noticed Vincent stretch his hand, and he helped his master wear it. Vincent��s lips twisted at his sister��s words, and he responded,

��Mm, don��t forget, sister. There��s a thin line between cute and creepy.��

The vampiress��s eyes narrowed at her brother, ��What are you trying to imply?��

Vincent knew she understood his meaning and didn��t feel like clarifying it. He said, ��Take a bath unless you want to disappoint your beloved mother by letting her know where you were. I have somewhere important to be, talk to you later?�� He offered her a bright smile before walking past her and stepping out of the mansion.

Vincent could feel Marceline drilling holes on his back, but his skin was too thick to be bothered about. He walked towards his carriage, which had stopped behind the carriage his sister had used.

Briggs bowed his head next to the carriage with the door open, waiting for Vincent to enter. On coming near and ready to climb inside the carriage, Vincent saw Eve sitting with a brown coat, and their eyes met.

Though Vincent was always well-dressed, Eve felt like the man held a different air around him this evening. His coppery-red eyes contrasted even with the inky red shirt he wore. Eve��s eyes fell on the two unbuttoned buttons on top of his shirt, which revealed his firm and smooth chest.

The vampire was dressed in a sexually appealing manner and wore a sly smile on his lips as if he caught her eyes wandering.


Chapter 183 Call me Vincent

Music Recommendation: Feel It- Michele Morrone

Eve’s eyes moved back to meet Vincent’s eyes, who stared back at her. He took his seat next to her in the carriage. She asked him,

“Where is the soiree being held?”

“In one of the councilman’s mansions. Denny Marshall. Like many others, he has been trying to get a seat in the Inner Circle of the Council. The soiree is a weak attempt by him to show his generosity as one of the positions has been opened,” Vincent crossed his legs and leaned his back against the carriage seat.

“Fowler,” replied Eve, and Vincent nodded.

“Looks like you know quite a bit about the council now,” Vincent joked with her.๐˜ง๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘’๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฃ๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐‘’๐‘™.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

Eve’s hands were on her lap, and she closely held them, “Are you sure Mr. Hart will be attending the soiree tonight?”

“The man rarely misses any soiree. I am sure he will be there. Did you make sure to remember the points we went through earlier?” He questioned her.

Eve gave him a nod. Vincent had told her not to dress or appear like her mother, as they didn’t want anyone else recognising her at the soiree, especially if her mother’s murderer turned out to be present in the same soiree.

“Make sure to ask questions only when Hart is away from others and wouldn’t have the opportunity to discuss it with anyone. Though I doubt he would mention his extra marital affair with anyone or you,” remarked Vincent. His eyes moved to look at the mermaid, who squeezed her hands. “Nervous?”

“A little,” replied Eve. Though she was wrapped in a coat, she felt cold. She didn’t know if she would get the answers she was looking for.

“What will you do if you find the man who murdered your mother?” Vincent questioned her.

“I will kill him…” whispered Eve, and if it was someone else in Vincent’s place, they would have judged her conscience. She remembered her mother’s screams in pain and tears while telling her to run.

“Personally I think we need you to have practice on how to kill someone before you kill the actual person. Unless you don’t mind dying in the man’s hand,” Vincent’s words were calm as if he wasn’t ruffled with what she said. But it was mainly because he doubted Eve was capable of killing anyone at all.

Eve smiled in nervousness and said, “Actually, I don’t know. I know it will go in different ways. But before he dies, I want to know where my mother lies. Where he might have buried her.”

Vincent watched her from the corner of his eyes and then said, “Though you will be next to me most of the time, try to stay out of trouble tonight.”

The carriage continued to ride through the dark forest, and the horses galloped, pulling the carriage towards the destination. On the way, Eve mentally tried to prepare herself for the possible consequences. Vincent didn’t disturb her and looked outside the carriage window, with trees that passed in the shadow of darkness.

When the carriage moved closer to Denny Marshall’s mansion, Eve looked from her side of the window and saw the mansion was located at the top of the hill. Soon she heard other carriages accompanying them from the front and back, which carried other guests like them.

Once the carriage stopped, Mr. Briggs jumped out of his seat and opened the carriage door for his master.

When Vincent stepped down from the carriage, the nearby guests, who had yet to walk towards the mansion’s entrance, turned around to look at the pureblooded vampire. His very presence demanded attention, and a slow smirk appeared on his lips, knowing the effect he had on people. There was barely anyone who didn’t know who Vincent Moriarty was, including people who didn’t belong to the council.

Vincent turned to the carriage door, where Eve was still inside and was about to remove her coat. He said,

“The servants will remove your coat for you when we step inside.”

“I know,” replied Eve. She then said, “The coat–“

“It’s old. I know. Jump out of the carriage unless you want me to deduct your wage for making me wait,” there was an evil glint mixed with mischief in Vincent’s eyes, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Eve.

Vincent raised his hand for Eve to take, and Eve stared at his hand. He asked her in a low voice, “Are you testing me, Eve?”

“I was just a little stunned because you don’t seem to be a person who likes to offer your hand to anyone,” Eve answered, with her body hunched as she was yet to step foot on the ground.

“Is your bottom as sour as your memory of falling down on the wet ground?” Vincent taunted Eve only to end up receiving a quiet glare from her. She placed her hand in his palm that clasped hers before she got down.

,??m “Do you always have to behave this way, Master Vincent?” Eve asked him.

“How would you like me to behave?” Vincent stared at her while hovering in front of her. There was something in the way Vincent asked her that left her throat slightly dry.

Eve replied, “Like a gentleman should.”

“I don’t think people would be able to digest it if I were to behave gentlemanly. Do you want to try it?” One corner of his lips pulled up, and Eve knew he had cards up his sleeves. “Also, try calling me Vincent.”


“It would be bad for you to call me Master Vincent in front of all the people in there,” Vincent pointed out the obvious, and Eve stared at him. So the man knew it was odd to call him that way, yet he did it anyway until now.

“I think I would prefer calling you Mr. Moriarty,” came the quick reply from Eve.

“Vincent,” he deadpanned.

Eve noticed some of the guests who had got down from their carriage turn to look at them while they were the only ones who hadn’t moved from their place. She finally said,


A charming smile spread on the vampire’s lips, and he said while letting go of her hand, “See, it wasn’t hard.” He turned to Briggs, who bowed and closed the carriage door, to take the carriage to be parked.

Vincent and Eve walked towards the entrance of the mansion. Some guests stared at Eve’s dull and worn-out coat with disgust. They would have remarked about it if it weren’t for the pureblooded vampire next to her.

One of the servants stepped in front of Eve and bowed, “Good evening and welcome to the Marshall’s mansion. Shall I take your coat, milady?”

“Yes, please,” Eve replied and undid the lace of her coat tied around her waist, while the servant removed her coat.

Silence fell in the hallways when the guests and the servant’s eyes fell on Eve and her gown. Most of them had been deceived by Eve’s earlier appearance, their mouths fell open and swallowed their previous demeaning thoughts.

When Vincent’s sight fell on Eve, he didn’t look as shocked as the others. But that didn’t stop him from looking at the woman, who looked like she had stepped out of a painting. The woman didn’t just do justice to the mermaid’s beauty and charm but exceeded it. His tongue ran across one of his sharp fangs.

Eve held a natural innocence and kindness that one could see if they looked into her blue eyes, which many women only liked to imitate.

While he drank her appearance, it left Eve very aware of the coppery-red eyes staring at her. She took two careful steps towards Vincent and saw a crooked smile on his lips. He whispered to her,

“Looks like you have indeed come to kill today.”

Chapter 184 Scavengers in the darkness

Vincent and Eve walked next to each other while people’s movements slowed and stopped seeing the couple. They watched them until the couple disappeared at the end of the hallways.

At first, it had only been Vincent Moriarty’s presence that had caught most of the women’s attention. The pureblooded vampire was a sight that no one could resist looking at, especially with his dual style—one-half of his hair, combed backwards, showed the sophisticated gentleman in him. In contrast, the other half of his dishevelled hair showed the wickedness in how he looked and smiled.

And as much as the female guests admired the pureblooded vampire, but like a few men next to them, Vincent’s presence daunted them. They had heard rumours about his cruelty, where his hands held more blood than anyone else in this place.

Eve felt eyes following them, and she heard Vincent say, “Put your arm around mine.”

She did as she was told because she could feel nervousness creeping up her legs and trying to shake her. She asked in a low voice,

“Do people often stare this blatantly?”

Vincent chuckled at her words and said, “It isn’t every day people get to see someone like you here. It is a good and a bad thing.”

Eve frowned and asked, “Why do you say that?”

She appeared confident, blending far more into the higher society than needed as if appearing to be a wealthy man’s daughter, but her nerves were erratic, and she took a deep breath.

“The women in here cannot help but clutch on their men’s arm, worried that you might steal them,” Vincent smirked at the thought of it, and Eve’s eyes shifted from the front to look at him. “It seems like you are a thief tonight, and it would be extremely hard for you to get to Hart.”

Eve wanted to disagree with Vincent because she had caught sight of a few beautiful-looking women on their way. Her eyes searched for Mr. Hart as they continued to walk, and it was then did she notice a couple walking towards them in the opposite direction.

She asked him, “Who are they?”

“Councilman and an ex-companion,” responded Vincent. Ex-companion? Eve asked in her mind.

The man who came to them wore a grey suit and had his hair combed to one side, while the woman appeared slightly taller than the man because of her pointed shoes. She sized up Eve with her green eyes before she greeted Vincent,

“A pleasure to see you here, Vincent,” her lips were tinted pink, and there was evident haughtiness the way she carried herself.

“Isabella,” Vincent acknowledged the woman.

“Good evening, Vincent. I thought you were going to miss this evening’s soiree,” said the councilman. “I hope you don’t mind me asking Lady Isabella’s company this evening.”

One corner of Vincent’s lips pulled before a grin appeared on his lips. He said, “Is that why you brought her to the soiree? Don’t mind me, Isabella and you look fantastic together, and I usually like my company the most. I already have an excellent companion with me this evening. Have you met Lady Genevieve?”

Lady Isabella was waiting to see Vincent fight with Spencer for her affections but instead was left stunned. She had been trying to gain affection from the pureblooded vampire, but apart from drinking her blood in the past, he didn’t care after it. Her eyes fell on Eve, and it narrowed, wondering who this new woman was.

Eve felt the woman’s glare while she put a polite smile on her face.

The councilman was focused on Vincent to notice Eve earlier. When he looked next to the pureblooded vampire, his eyes widened on looking at the blonde woman. He thought Isabella was the prettiest, but this woman was on a higher level.

When Eve went to offer a slight bow to them the same time, Vincent placed his hand on her lower back, making her back straight that stopped her from bowing.

“I don’t think we have,” murmured the councilman and introduced himself, “I am Spencer Hawkins. It is a pleasure to meet you, milady.”

Spencer picked up Eve’s hand and kissed the back of her hand, leaving Eve stunned. But she didn’t react, as she knew it was a common greeting in high society.

“Pleasure is all mine, Mr. Hawkins,” Eve politely replied, noticing his eyes wander near her bosom with a smile.

The councilman forgot about Isabella, as he was more interested in the woman standing before him. Eager to know more, he asked,

“Where are you from, Lady Genevieve? I don’t think I have seen you—”

“Since when did you have squinted eyes, Spencer? Or is the lady’s eyes on her bosom?” Vincent pointed out without regard to who would feel embarrassed by his words.

Spencer’s eyes quickly snapped at Vincent’s face, and he cleared his throat, “I was looking at the embroidery on the lady’s dress.”

“I didn’t know you were interested in turning into a seamster. Maybe Lady Genevieve would be kind enough to pass you the seamstress address later,” Vincent remarked with a bright smile before walking past them with Eve next to him.

When Eve and Vincent entered the place where the soiree was taking place, Eve noted the chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, and the room was lit moderately, without using too many candles.

Vincent turned to Eve and asked her, “Do you know what’s the important key characteristic to the people who belong to high society?”

“Being shameless?” Eve asked and saw Vincent grin and show his fangs to her. She muttered, “I am sorry, it wasn’t for you.”

“I know,” Vincent’s lips curled before he said, “It is arrogance. It is an accessory everyone wears.”

“It isn’t pretty, “Eve replied, and Vincent nodded.

“You don’t have to wear something just because it is pretty. Not unless you are trying to impress someone,” he stopped a maid carrying a tray of filled wine. He picked up a glass and offered it to Eve.

“I am good, thank you,” Eve refused, and her blue eyes continued to look around the place.

“Suit yourself,” replied Vincent and drank the entire glass before picking another one. When Eve gave him a look of worry, he said, “It takes more than eight glasses for an ordinary vampire to get drunk and far more for a pureblooded vampire. Don’t worry. You are too stiff, you know.”

“Would you prefer I drink two glasses like you?” Asked Eve.

“If you can, why not,” Vincent challenged her while looking straight into her eyes. He didn’t look at her face, but her very eyes that many didn’t. Eve tore away her gaze from him and looked at the guests.

Some of the guests were already looking at her discreetly, that had Eve take a deep breath. Some vampires and vampiressess looked at her as if she was a treat they wanted to sink their teeth in when they didn’t even know that she was a mermaid. It left an uneasiness in the pit of her stomach.

- Eve’s eyes then fell on Noah and Lady Anaya, who stood next to the Duke. They were in the company of another couple, discussing something, and smiling. When she looked away from them, she caught sight of the Head of the Inner Circle. Clayton Turner walked towards them, and he said to Vincent,

“Good that you are here. I need to talk to you about something, follow me.”

“Can’t do it here?” Questioned Vincent, Clayton’s eyes shifted to look at the familiar well-dressed woman next to Vincent.

“Good evening, Ms. Barlow,” Clayton greeted her, and she returned his greeting with a bow. The young boy then turned to Vincent and said, “No. It’s confidential.”

Vincent said to Clayton, “I will see you in a minute.”

Without another word, Clayton left the place. Vincent turned to look at Eve, who stared back at him with a hint of worry in her eyes. Eve knew Vincent couldn’t be next to her all the time, but she hadn’t expected for the guests to look at her with intentions that gave off ill intentions.

He said, “Let us keep the vultures away from the little one, shall we?”

Before Eve could grasp his words, Vincent stepped closer to her. His hand reached for her neck, curling from one side before bringing her closer to him. She felt his breath below her ear, and he bit into her skin.

Eve’s eyes widened, as it wasn’t just the first time he had taken a bite from her neck, but he had bitten her in front of everyone in the room. A few who caught sight of this, murmured about about Vincent’s actions.

Pulling away from Eve, Vincent licked the blood off his lips. A slow, wicked grin made its way to his lips when he heard her heart shake. He breathed next to her ear,

“Now, no one will dare to touch you in my absence.”

* *


Chapter 185 Looking for Hart

Eve stood there frozen, feeling Vincent’s breath on her skin, which brought goosebumps all over her skin. His fingers let go of her neck, and he took one step backwards to look at her.

“Not everyone, but most will get the memo. I will take the rest of it later,” saying it, Vincent walked away from there to meet Clayton.

Eve didn’t dare to look around lest meeting the people’s eyes who had seen Vincent bite her neck. But then again, a vampire biting a human wasn’t a big deal here as the High Society were used to seeing it.

On the other side of the room, Noah’s eyes had moved to catch what happened, and he couldn’t look away from Eve, not since his eyes had fallen on her. But it was the shock that Vincent had bitten her that had him clench his jaws while his face barely changed.

When the couple excused themselves, Lady Anaya said, “I heard there was a fountain…” her voice trailed when she saw the Duke staring at the human she had met in Hollow Valley. She said, “Isn’t that Ms. Barlow? We should go greet her.”

Not wanting to stand idle, Eve picked up a glass of wine from the passing servant and took a sip before frowning at the bitter taste.

“The wine wasn’t to my liking either,” came a woman’s voice from behind her. Eve turned and found it was Lady Anaya accompanied by Noah. They quickly greeted each other with a bow.

Eve couldn’t help but wonder if they had seen what had happened a while ago. That would be embarrassing, even though the vampire’s intention was to keep possible harm from falling upon her.

“There was another drink being served, which you might find to your liking. Something sweet with a hint of citrus,” Lady Anaya said with a smile. “It is good that we met here again, now we can talk more. Isn’t that right, Noah?”

Eve looked at Noah, who looked at her and how she looked this evening. She felt a slight unexplainable nervousness and he smiled. He agreed,

“Yes. But let me warn you, Genevieve, that Lady Anaya has the habit of bleeding a person’s ear,” he lightly joked.

“Surely, she must be a good company,” Eve replied in politeness. She wasn’t looking for company, but with Vincent not next to her right now and Mr. Hart still not in view, she didn’t find any harm in enjoying their company.

“I feel like I like Ms. Barlow more than the Duke,” Lady Anaya looked at Noah before smiling. She then said to Eve, “For a second I couldn’t recognise you, but seeing Noah stare so long it took only another second to realise it was you,” she laughed.

Not picking up Lady Anaya’s words, Eve laughed, “I must look unrecognisable. I usually don’t dress like this.”

“I think it suits you very well. You look pretty,” Lady Anaya assured Eve. She then said, “The man you have come up with must be delighted to have you next to him.”

Eve laughed at the thought and nodded, “I think he somewhat is.” If not delighted, he was definitely amused to have her around. Eve’s heart was put to ease, believing Lady Anaya and Noah didn’t see what took place between her and Vincent a few minutes ago. “Did you enjoy the Carnival?”

“I did, I bought some lovely looking trinkets to take back to my place,” Lady Anaya’s words were polite.

When a servant carried another tray near them, Noah stopped the maid and picked up a glass from the tray. He said to Eve, “This is the drink, you can return the wine if you aren’t going to drink it.”

“Thank you,” Eve murmured, exchanging the glass.

Lady Anaya noticed how the Duke was attentive when it came to the human, not just that, but he was at ease by calling the woman by her name, while he used the status when it came to her. And though attentive, Noah hadn’t shared a single word of compliment with Eve. Noah turned and asked her,

“Would you like to have another glass, Lady Anaya?”

“Of course, how can I refuse when you asked,” Lady Anaya smiled before taking one glass for herself.

Eve took a sip from her glass and agreed, “This does taste much better than the earlier one. Thank you.”

While they stood there talking, Lady Anaya took a step back to make her dress proper with her free hand. But at the same time, a gentleman walking in a hurry collided with her, for the drink in her hand to spill on her hand.

“My apologies, milady!” The man quickly bowed. “I should have watched myself!”

Lady Anaya wasn’t happy with the spill, but she smiled at the man and said, “That’s fine. I shouldn’t have stepped backwards.” She then turned to Noah and said, “I will go visit the powder room.”

Eve asked the young woman, “Would you like me to accompany you?”

“Oh, I will be fine. I will be back soon,” Lady Anaya smiled and walked from there. When she reached the room’s exit, she turned back and looked at the Duke and the human before leaving for the powder room.

Though Eve had met Noah earlier this morning, the Duke seemed a little different, as if something occupied his mind. She asked him, “Were you able to find the person whom the council was looking for?”

“Yes,” Noah offered her a smile and said, “We found the person four-five hours after I dropped you at Skellington. I hope you had a ride back home?”

Eve nodded, “Mr. Moriarty arranged a carriage for me to get back home. Thank you again for the ride this morning.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I was going that way, and it only seemed fair that I drop you,” Noah responded to her, and his eyes lingered on her delicate face. Her bright blue eyes looked nothing less than the ornaments the other women wore. He asked her, “How is your neck?”

“My neck?” Eve’s eyebrows furrowed before her eyes widened. “It-uh, it’s okay.” She unconsciously touched her neck before lowering her hand to her side.

“I see,” replied Noah before silence fell between them.

From Eve’s reaction, Noah deduced that it wasn’t the first time her employer had directly drunk her blood. On the other hand, Eve wondered what Noah might be thinking of her offering her blood to a vampire. Before she could say something, he asked her,

“He’s not blackmailing you, is he?” On seeing Eve shake her head, his face turned serious, “Then it is with your willingness.”

It was hard for Eve to explain the deal she had with Vincent, and she replied, “He’s not hurt me.”

For the first few seconds Noah didn’t react, but then he said, “That’s good to know. I would be sad if something happened to you,” and he smiled.

Eve was glad that Noah didn’t question her further on it.

Noah stared into Eve’s eyes that still held the same innocence since the first time he had caught sight of her. He knew Vincent Moriarty was the kind of person who didn’t bother about anyone. But he also knew the pureblooded vampire’s thirst for blood in more than one way. The vampire wasn’t one to involve himself with anyone, but he had involved himself in Eve’s case last time she was sent to the dungeon.

Looking at one side of the room, he lightly laughed, “It seems like I am turning into many people’s envy.”

Eve noticed two men looking their way and turned back to Noah with her cheeks slightly pink. She replied, “They are being envious about nothing. Once they know where I come from, they won’t spare another glance.”

“Beauty isn’t what appears, Genevieve. You hold the beauty of grace, a look of kindness that goes far beyond a person here can reach,” Noah remarked, and a smile appeared on Eve’s lips.

“You are too kind with your words, Noah,” said Eve, and then said, “They don’t even know that we are good friends.”

Noah agreed, “Indeed,” and asked, “We’ll always stay good friends, won’t we, Eve?” There was a hope in there that was camouflaged with the smile.

Eve nodded with a smile, “Yes.”

Vincent stood above the floor watching his little mermaid and the Duke talk, while Clayton spoke to him. On noticing Vincent looking at the floor below, the head of the Inner Circle asked,


“I am listening,” he turned to Clayton, who stared at him blankly.

Clayton turned and noticed the woman who had undergone a degree one trial in the Council. He questioned, “She seems important,” and a wicked smile appeared on Vincent’s lips.

、 On the ground floor, a man in his fifties walked towards Eve and Noah, who wore refined clothes like the others in the room and spoke to the Duke of Woodlock,

“Zachary was asking where you are. He said Clayton and a few members of the Inner Circle have rejected the hand picked members,” the man then paused before noting Eve’s presence. He asked, “Who is this young lady? Where is Anaya?”

Noah answered the man, “Anaya has gone to visit the powder room. This is Genevieve Barlow, a friend of mine.” He turned to Eve and said, “This is my father, Jeffrey Sullivan.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Sullivan,” Eve offered a bow, and the man gave a nod.

“The pleasure is all mine, milady,” the older man held the same demeanour as Noah, but he smiled less than his son. He turned to Noah and said, “I want you to talk to Clayton when you see him. We don’t want the Circle rejecting without any consideration.”

“I will talk to him once I meet him,” replied Noah before his father continued to speak to him while Eve’s eyes wandered around to look at the guests. Her heart suddenly sped when her eyes fell on Mr. Hart, who was talking to a woman.

“Ms. Barlow,” Senior Mr. Sullivan spoke to Eve, and she quickly looked at him, “I hope you don’t mind me borrowing my son.”

“Not at all,” Eve smiled at Jeffrey Sullivan and then turned to Noah, who smiled at her. He said,

“I will see you around. If you see Lady Anaya, do let her know that I am with my father.”

Eve gave him a nod, “I will.”

Seeing the two men leave, Eve turned around to find the woman talking to Mr. Hart, leaving his side.

Eve started walking to where the man stood to get the answers from the man, who held an illicit relationship with her mother while she was alive. When she neared him, she brought in a smile and greeted him,

“Mr. Hart.”