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Chapter 36 "Answer Me"

"Spread your legs open for me, princess." He commanded in a deep, vibrating voice. His hand had ever-so-slowly and finally crossed below her waist and was now resting on her legs. To be specific, it was placed right on her upper thigh. His palm was so hot, it was as though a flaming brand was being placed there, marking her as belonging to him.

Elle found herself obeying without any struggle, wanting him to bring his fiery hand to touch her now aching place so badly. Her face was blazing red as she opened up.

"Wider." He breathed, giving her a sharp nip on her earlobe. That almost tore another sharp sound from her mouth. "Not enough. More. Yes! Just like that. Mmm… That's my good and lovely wench..." he murmured words of encouragement and satisfaction when she did according to his wishes. Normally, she would have found this appalling and demeaning even. However, what he was doing was only causing the heat to burn even hotter down there. She could feel herself getting so wet.

Elle could only shut her eyes – whether in embarrassment or anticipation, she did not quite know – as she felt his hand trailed on the insides of her thigh. Intense anticipation gripped her as she waited for him to touch her there, where she was most sensitive. But again, he took his time, delaying and making her wait, driving her crazy. But all she could do was bite down on her lip and stay docile and patient in his arms. She did not want to beg him like some desperate and wanton woman again. But oh lord… this was much harder than she had ever anticipated. She had not expected for herself to be stuck in such a situation.

When his fingers finally brushed across her there, Elle heard his curse rumbled low in her ear. "F*ck. Look at that wet pretty c*nt…" these words left his mouth as he suddenly palmed her center. "Do you know… do you have any idea on just how wet you are right now? Huh? Princess?"

She did not know what she should say. Her mind was no longer working normally as before. Her mind was blurred, and her focus was fixed on nothing else but these delicious sensations and his… his hard, hot and throbbing manhood against her behind.

"Answer me."

"I… I d-don't know…" Was all she could stutter out with labored breaths.

"Fine… I shall show you then." He replied delightedly before starting to play with her folds, sliding his fingers up and down with sweet shallow motions. And without warning, he sunk his fingertip into her wet entrance. Elle stiffened at the invasion of his thick and blunt fingertip as she stifled a sound that he had elicited from her. "Easy there…" he whispered, "relax your body, princess."

That coaxing deep voice was like magic that had relaxed her jolted nerves. And before she knew it, she could feel nothing but pleasure as her focus was fixed to where he was touching her. Her whole universe had sharpened and was fully concentrated on that one place. Until his finger was sliding in and out inside her in a delicious rhythm.

"F*ck." She heard him curse again. His voice seemed to be getting more strained.

And then he suddenly stopped and pulled his finger out of her. A protest was about to be torn from Elle's lips when he lifted his hand right before her face. The moisture on his finger all the way to his palm had her eyes stretching wide in embarrassment and shock.

"This is how f*cking wet you are right now, my lovely wench." He drawled and then he moved his hand towards himself.

Elle turned her head over her shoulder to look what he was going to do with it only to see him putting his finger inside his mouth and wrapping those seductively sexy lips around it.

"F*ck." He cursed after licking his finger clean. "You're f*cking delicious."

Her lips parted and she felt like her mind fritzed out in another shock. His expression was as though he had just tasted something glorious. And what he had just said and did, as well as his expression and the look in his eyes drove spikes of something intense through her.

He entered her again, impaling his finger inside her as his one arm hooked around her throat again, pinning her against him. He glided his thick and long digit in and out of her as the heel of his hand ground against her nub. His actions sent pleasures shooting through her that left her gasping and moaning helplessly as she arched and jerked around in his hold. She had thought that being restrained; it would be an unpleasant experience. However, what she was feeling so far is nothing but heavenly.

Soon he added another finger to the one already effortlessly gliding in her depths. The heel of his hand moved in circles against her sensitive nub in a rhythm so perfect and mouthwatering that she could feel her head spin.

"Se... bas… tian…" she began to call out his name between her ragged breaths when he increased the pace and pressed the heel of his palm down a little harder.

"Shh… princess… can you hear that? Listen to it. That's the sound of your incredibly wet c*nt." He whispered and the scandalous and erotic squelching sounds suddenly seem to echo out louder in her ears the moment he mentioned it. Oh dear lord… 

He suddenly stopped his fingers just when she started to writhe uncontrollably in pleasure, causing her to nearly cry out in protest. He seemed to be waiting for something for a moment. Was he waiting for her to beg him to continue? Or could he be deciding if she was finally ready for him?

Whatever it was, Elle could no longer take it. Pure instincts took over her body and her hips moved on its own, her hips grinding herself onto his hand. And he cursed again. This time, it sounded like a growl rumbling in her ears, sending even more delicious shivers through her.

"Gods! You're so hot. You really never cease to surprise me. Look at you…" his other hand guided her head forward. "Look straight ahead, princess."

Elle was shocked to see herself being reflected through an antique mirror before them. She had not noticed that mirror there earlier. She could not believe the sight she was seeing and all she could do was gape at the image of herself that was almost unrecognizable.

Chapter 37 Bits And Pieces

"Can you see how beautiful and hot you are right now?" he asked but words had failed her. She was not sure if he actually posed that question for her to answer or was it just to draw her attention to her current state that was reflected in the mirror. Whatever it was, she was in no shape to answer him anyway. But her eyes were drawn to the reflections in the mirror and could not look away at all.

In it, Elle could see him behind her, his large body framing her smaller one and she could not believe the scandalous sight that was displayed so shockingly. Had he been watching them both in that mirror the entire time since they had started?

"Now, now… don't stop moving those sexy hips. Grind yourself against me. No, don't take your eyes off the mirror, princess." He murmured. There was something just so deliciously intense and sinful in his voice as his eyes gleamed while he stared so passionately at her through the mirror. And she could not quite tell if that look belonged to a predator preparing and planning to consume his prey or a lover worshipping her, or both.

However, her body listened to him, to his every command. And all she could feel was pleasure and more pleasure. So much that she suspected her IQ would continue dropping the longer the time she spent being in his arms.

"F*ck yes. You're so hot. What a beautiful wench you are… yes, keep watching. Watch just how hot and beautiful and ravishing you are. Watch how you bloom and respond so wonderfully in my hands."

These rumbling whispers in her ears had her feeling like she was going to lose herself completely. The fire he had ignited now had raged and turned into an inferno. A heavenly inferno.

When he worked her faster, Elle felt something tight coiling within her, intensifying the more he grinded his palm down on her nub. Every inch of her flesh seemed to emanate spikes of intense pleasure, causing her breath to hitch continuously, threatening to cut off her breathing at times.

It was as if Sebastian had already mastered playing and controlling her, as for every place he touched now only served to send her floating into the heavens. Everything he did was just right, just perfect. There was nothing that felt bad. Nothing was off.

He doubled his pace, gliding and diving his digits harder into her. The wet, erotic and scandalous sounds mingled with her pants and moans. Something big and amazing was coming… she could feel it. She was coming! And she could already tell this would be the kind of orgasm she has never experienced before.

At exactly the right moment, he gave her what she wanted, needed, and then her pleasure exploded like never before.

She pulled and clamped around his fingers violently as she cried out, not even able to make any sense of what he was murmuring in her ears anymore. She only knew that he was speaking to her in that wonderful deep voice that could cause tingles to spark in her lower areas.

Everything was just shocking. Simply mind-blowing. And her mind was in bits and pieces.

But he did not stop his onslaught on her as if he did not want her orgasm to end yet. He kept on going, prolonging her bliss, until every inch of her tingled and sang and danced with inexplicable pleasure that it was bordering on painful.

"Gods…" his growl finally pierced through the fog that wrapped around her as she came down from that impossible high. She felt like she was now nothing but a heap of jelly. "You're the hottest wench I've ever seen. Look at you… f*ck!" His voice was ragged in her ears. "Look at this, baby. Take a good look."

He brought his hand that was glistening with her juices closer to her until it was literally right in her face. His hand was drenched and all she could do was stare at it. She could not even find a word to say. Her mind seemed to have short-circuited.

Then she was moved. He placed her on the bed, gently. She had expected him to drop her on the bed like what she had read during her research, but he once again did the unexpected.

"You're more than ready for me now, princess. F*ck, I can't wait to be inside that beautiful wet c*nt of yours." He said as he stood there, looking down at her like he cannot wait to devour her. His eyes gleamed with such ferocious hunger that it sent an uncontrollable and pleasurable shiver through her body.

And when he freed his manhood from his boxer brief, Elle felt like she was instantly jolted back to her senses. Oh, dear lord!

She unconsciously pushed herself up on her elbows and almost scooted back against the headboard in her alarm. Her eyes stretched wide as she stared at his length. He was bigger and thicker than she had ever thought. And those veins…

"Look at what you did to me, princess." His deep voice echoed as he half bit his lip. He looked like he was in disbelief himself. "Yes, you did this. It was you who made me this hard."

Elle swallowed as she looked up at him, a little alarmed. There was only one thing in her mind now. She was sure that huge thing would be painful if it were to enter her! Because… there was just no way it wouldn't! Right…?! Her heart raced frantically the longer she stared at his length.

He climbed on the bed and when he loomed above her body, Elle could not help but stiffen up.

"You're not going to tell me you're not ready yet, are you?" he asked, staring down at her.

What he said made Elle bite down on her lower lip. She remembered that they still need to go all the way. That they must do it tonight. They must! She had also told him so bravely earlier on that she was ready. But… oh lord…

Chapter 38 Good Call

"I… I…" she swallowed to make herself stop stammering. "I didn't know you're… you're that huge. I'm afraid I might not be able to… uhm… accommodate something that... huge." The last word came out barely as a whisper.

He pulled away, sat on his heels and threw his head back. A breathy chuckle escaping his lips. The scene was so riveting and alluring that Elle's heart could not help but skip a couple of beats. How could a man so deviously sensual as Prince Sebastian portray such a pure and fresh aura? He was a man of many contradictions, to be sure…

When he returned his gaze down to her, Elle could not help but hold her breath at the sight. Only a blind woman would probably not fall into a daze seeing how he looked right now. He looked even hotter, sexier, and more handsome than before. She still could not explain how this man was even capable of looking like this. This is an unfair advantage that he had over her! There should be a law against men from being so perfectly gorgeous and alluring all at once. Elle could not help that sudden complaint that sprung up in her mind.

"I can't believe nothing could intimidate you but my hard dick." He shook his head, his eyes gleamed with amusement and a little playfulness.

Elle's face burned red and could not retort. How was she to have a come-back for that kind of statement?! She was certain that with his size, it would definitely hurt. The feeling of not wanting to taste pain right after all the incredible things he had just made her experience had her resolve a little shaken.

He licked his lips once his smile faded. And then all amusement evaporated as though it was never there in the first place. He was back to his insanely hot predatory expression. "How did you even know you can't take it in, hmm? Princess?" he asked, palming her down there again before lifting his hand back to his mouth and licked her juice so slowly as he pinned her with his gaze.

Then he reached out and undid her restraints that were holding her hands locked. She looked up at him, surprised at what he did. Did he not say she should not touch him?? Or…. Was he perhaps going to stop now? 

Suddenly, all their talks from a while ago came rushing back in her now fully awakened mind, causing hesitation to fill her. The thought that she was throwing this chance away so stupidly had her feel as though a bucket of icy water was being splashed all over her face. No!! She must not let this chance slip away just because she was afraid to experience that little bit of pain she had been anticipating anyway. And besides, if she was not going to do it now, she might not have the courage to do it anymore later in the future. 'This is your best chance because he's holding back, Elle!' her mind yelled at her. Internally, she was panicking and desperately grasping at this chance. Outwardly however, she was still a picture of calmness.

"You're… right." She forced out a decisive voice. "Didn't they say you wouldn't know unless you try? So…" she trailed off when he suddenly smirked.

"Good call, princess. Because I wasn't planning on letting you get away just like that. Not after you have made me like this." His hands moved to her knees and grabbed them as he held her eyes. "I was planning to pleasure you until you cry out that you're ready… No. You would be begging to take my dick inside you by the time I'm done with you..."

As Elle's eyes widened, he took that moment of inattention to spread her legs wide apart and then his head went down on her and gave her wetness a long sinful lick that had re-ignited the flames once again.

And with her hands now freed, Elle immediately reached out and grabbed his tussled dark hair, only to stiffen when she realized what she had just done. She only touched his hair… that was not breaking his rule, right?

His eyes lifted and met hers. But he did not take his mouth off her. Not even for a fraction of a second. And dear lord… seeing him in that position… and that gleaming metallic eyes… trained fully on her…

"I have decided to go ahead with my initial plan anyway." He said, causing Elle to burn with embarrassment when she tingled because of what he was doing, talking right before her… oh lord… she could not believe how she was feeling with this supposedly dirty scene.

Then he ate her there, sending Elle's mind into space again that she could barely think about the fact that he did not react that she was gripping his hair. Was this not a part of his rule? Was he fine with his hair being touched? Was it an exception since it was not directly touching his skin?

The wicked and skillful dance of his tongue as he played with her nub quickly erased all thoughts in her mind. Her moans slowly became a little louder as he did not bother hushing her anymore. He was so busy with her down there, driving her insane with how he pleasured her with his mouth and tongue.

Soon, she felt it again, that coiling feeling building and tightening within her. Wanting to experience that mind-blowing explosion once again, she unconsciously pulled at his hair, but then… he pulled away.

She was panting hard as she met his gaze. Licking his wet lips, he grabbed her chin and whispered. "You're too delicious that it is driving me crazy. Now on all fours, my gorgeous princess." His voice was so strained. So damned sexy.

Before she knew it, she had already obeyed and was on her hands and knees. He had done it. He had done what he had told her. Though her mouth did not cry the words out loud, her body cried them out for her.

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Chapter 39 Burning Her

Elle knew that this was it. There was no going back now.

Bracing herself, she looked down and stared at the pillows that looked so fluffy and inviting. Something then popped into her mind, causing her to immediately turn over her shoulder and looked at him. "Wait. Uhm… you have prepared a condom, right?" she blurted out. She could not believe she had nearly forgotten about this one most important thing! They should not forget about taking precautions! Things were already complicated enough between them and there was no need to further muddle things up with the possibility of a child being made.

She watched him half-bite his lower lip and for a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something but quickly changed his mind.

"If you don't, I have one… with me." She added, before she slipped her hand under the pillow and pulled out the condom she had stuffed under there when Sebastian was in the shower. She had prepared it – just in case. Little did she expect that they would actually end up using hers!

When she lifted it and showed it to him, a small and seemingly disbelieving smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

"Hopefully, you got the one with the right size, princess." He only commented as he stretched out his hand, indicating that she should hand him the condom.

When a breathy smirk escaped his lips while looking at it, Elle breathed out a sigh of relief. She had not checked what size the condom was and had just accepted what Ava handed her when she told Ava to buy her one. Judging from his reaction, it seemed she had gotten the right size.

Her thoughts were quickly pulled back to him when he brought the square package up to his mouth. His eyes never leaving hers, he bit down on the edge and jerked his head to the side, that seductive movement causing the foil to be torn, leaving the ripped edge dangling from between his teeth. Then she continued watching as though in a trance, as he spat the piece to the side while pulling out the rubber and brought it to his manhood. She could not seem to look away even when her face was already burning hot enough to resemble a poached lobster. She still could not help but swallow at the sight of it. But why did the action of him putting on the condom look so erotic in her eyes? She could not have so suddenly turned into a pervert with weird fetishes, could she?

Elle caught her lips between her teeth as she watched him effortlessly slid the condom down his length in a seemingly practiced manner. It was indeed a perfect fit for him.

"Done." His voice had her attention drawn back to his face. But his hand went to her back and guided her down, back to her previous position, on all fours.

Her heartbeat hastened as she braced herself once again. What suddenly came was a slap to the side of her ass. It was unexpected and the surface of his palm meeting the exposed and smooth curve of her behind produced a sharp whack, its sound seemingly louder as it was magnified in the silent room.

It came out of nowhere and Elle was jolted from the sudden action and shocked a yelp was torn from her mouth. And yet, the electrifying sensation it sent zinging through her had her insides throbbing.

Then he loomed over her back. "Sorry about that." His voice was ragged as he whispered in her ear. His lips directly brushing against ear. "Your ass is too beautifully tempting that I couldn't stop my hand. But thankfully, you loved that surprise. Right, princess?"

Lowering his hand from her neck, his fingers travelled until it reached her breast, caressing the heavy globes and then travelled further down until it settled on her wetness. Elle was again driven to distraction at the sensation that sparked all over her skin where his fingers trailed over that she could not focus enough to reply to his earlier question.
Another spank came while she was still in a daze, her mind still basking in the pleasure. "Answer me, princess."

"Yes." That word just seemed to be automatically pulled from her lips.

"Good girl." And then another spank landed on the same spot, sending toe-curling quivers through her core. His other hand played with her nub, causing her womanly place to weep even more, while the other hand alternately spanked and caressed her ass, delivering a sharp hit before gliding over the reddened flesh to soothe the sting. She nearly even came at the last spank, but he pulled his hand off her, leaving her in a quandary where a jumble of pain, achiness and pleasure were fighting for dominance within her.

Hooking his hand around her neck and pulling her closer to his body, he tilted her head back and made her look at him. "Are you ready for me, princess?" he asked as his thick rod rubbed deliciously against hers. Her curved back arched even more at the stimulation, jutting her deliciously rounded breasts out provocatively that he felt like chomping down on them, leaving teeth marks on those snowy white peaks of hers. Marking her. "Open your pretty mouth and tell me."

"Y-yes." She finally said it. At that moment, the only word she had in her dictionary was 'yes'. She could not believe it, but she just could no longer take it anymore. All she wanted was for this desperate ache, this yawning void within her to be filled and satisfied. She had never thought she would feel like that she might actually die if she did not get it.

A deep, rumbling sound of satisfaction came from him as he licked the side of her neck. And then his large, long and hard body covered her. His weight pressed down on her even though there was still maybe a tiny space between them. His impossible heat infiltrated her skin, burning her everywhere.

When she felt his raging hardness prodding against her entrance, her pulse race wilder than ever. He continued rubbing himself against her in the attempt of lubing himself up with her own fluids that she soon could feel how slick he was against her folds. There was clearly no need for the aid of external lubrication here. She was wet enough to flood them down there.

His breathing was getting more ragged, vibrating, and her insides pulsed in anticipation. Waiting. He nudged at her entrance a few more times and then withdrew, making her feel like he was teasing her and prolonging her torture. It was excruciating. But he then suddenly surged into her without warning, causing her breath to hitch for a long time. She thought that she would die from the lack of oxygen. The stretch and pinching pain was shocking that it caused her to lose her breath.



Chapter 40 Undone

"F*ck. You're as tight as I expected." He growled as his palm went to her mouth, covering it completely. "What I'm about to do will most probably cause you to scream out loud." He added in a strained voice. "Don't worry, the pain will only be temporary."

As soon as said the words, he pushed himself all the way in, eliciting a sharp cry from her mouth. Oh lord… she thought that he was already fully in with that first push! That move!! She had felt how he had penetrated her so deeply that with every inch he entered, her most private place was being spread out forcefully, accommodating his impressive girth and length. And every vein on his hot and hard rod brought unspeakable and exquisite feelings erupting within, that her mind felt as though it would meltdown from being overstimulated. There was that searing pain initially, but as he continued pressing himself further into her depths, it somehow changed until he finally was all in.

Elle felt like she could not breathe for a moment while he was panting, keeping himself still while making strained deep sounds that were coming from his throat. "Gods… f*ck… Izabelle." Sebastian used her name for the first time since they started this, making her entire being shiver. But what surprised her the most was the seemingly tortured sound being wrenched out of him. As though she was not the one in pain but him instead. Which was a little ridiculous because even as they both stilled in their movements, she was still unable to figure out how to breathe with him stretching her out and filling her so utterly full.

"You are… really unbelievable…" he muttered. She could not see his face, but he seemed to be talking through clenched teeth. But that was barely her concern as of now.

She attempted to move forward and remove that invading rod in her insides. To escape that battering ram that would soon be staging its attack. But he held her still, wrapping his strong arms around her as he nuzzled into the crook of her neck. "Don't princess… stay still for now. You're doing good, baby. I promise you'll feel better in a little while." He whispered lowly, his warm and moist breath fanning the side of her cheek.

"But…" Elle spoke in a daze, shaking her head. "… too much. It's too much for me –" her tone was bordering on begging.

"Oh… it's not, Izabelle." He disagreed with her and started kissing her skin. It was as if little flames were descending and burning her skin at random spots. "Can't you tell you've taken me whole down to the hilt in one go? That's how amazing you are. I'll show you, princess. I'll show you how perfect my dick is for you. You were made for me to f*ck!"

And with that, he started moving. Gliding out slowly and then pushing his rock-hard length back in. Every time he pulled out, Elle gasped as though she were losing her breath. When he pushed back in, she whimpered and mewled out in intense pleasure as he stretched her out again. He was slow and patient. She still could not get used to it but the way he seemed to be giving her time to adjust and get her normal breathing back as he murmured to her slowly had her body relaxing.

"See? You're taking me in so good. F*ck, you don't have any idea how your delicious c*nt is made just for me, Izabelle." His voice was nearly guttural. As if he was having a hard time speaking.

When she was finally starting to feel sparks arcing inside her, she felt his hand went up from her breast to tangle itself in her hair. He then fisted her hair at her nape and thrusted into her. Hard.

He growled low as he screwed her. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the air. It was suddenly so intense that Elle could hardly find the chance to pull in air to breathe. At that moment, there was nothing gentle about him. Everything was hard, powerful and penetrating.

Just as when she felt like she could no longer take it, his intensity let up and he softened quite a lot as he embraced her from behind. He held her like a lover as he rained kisses on her nape, fist loosening into a loose hold in her hair.

"F*ck. I've never tasted anyone so delectable like you, princess." He praised. "You're the most delicious wench I've ever tasted. You have no idea, Izabelle. No idea…"

Sebastian continued whispering against her ear in a deep raspy voice, calling her princess and then changing it to wench the very next moment. And every word he uttered send tingles all over her body. But what drove her crazy was when he said her name. The way her name sounded in her ears every time his thick length thrusted powerfully into her depths was just… inexplicable. It seemed to sink into her entire being, branding her as belonging to him with every stab and filling her everything with so much pleasure.

"Shh… you've got to lower your voice, my lovely wench." He whispered as he continued gliding in and out of her, sometimes slowly, sometimes at a furious pace, eliciting loud moans from her that she could not stop. "They might hear you at this rate."

Her hand flew to her mouth in an attempt to muffle the sounds and she heard him let out a throaty chuckle. Pleasurable shivers ran over her skin as the laugh caused his length to jump and jerk as he was still buried deep within her tight sheath.

"Let me do it for you, princess." He said and Elle dropped her hand. He covered her mouth and then pulled out of her before slamming back into her in one smooth plunge. And there it goes. The roughness he had told her before. Signs that all his warnings were real and not just something he invented to scare her away. His hand on her mouth was restrictive – perhaps even a little punishing. The way he took her was now one of utter domination. If this was him still holding back… if this was what he calls being gentle…

His other hand suddenly came down and landed on her ass with a loud clap. Harder than before as he drove in deeper, causing her to erupt in a violent shudder that had her teeth almost chattering. She could not believe it. She came so hard. Harder than when he first made her orgasm. And she thought that first one would be her most mind-blowing orgasm.

She never thought that his roughness would have her blowing up like this.

And like what he did before, he did not stop. Did not give her the chance to come down from the high. Instead, he came again at her like an animal in heat. His voice was rumbling and feral as his hips moved faster against her. Deeper. Harder. More intense than ever. Spearing into her over and over, forcing her insides to adapt and adjust to his thickness and length. Driving her crazy with pleasure.

Her name was then torn from his mouth, and he came undone with her. Together.