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453 The Attack on Tarmac (1)

I was left alone inside our quarters when Regaleon left. The raid of the facility was about to commence tonight.

‘I hope everything goes well.’ I sighed.

I walked towards the door and opened it intending to go to the twin’s room. When I opened the door, William was standing guard.

“William.” I called.

“Your majesty.” William bowed his head.

I thought William would be included in the raid as he is the captain of the imperial knights but then I remembered that Regaleon told me he would leave William and a handful of imperial knights behind to guard me and the twins.

“Oh yes, Regaleon said you would be left behind to guard us.” I said.

“Yes, that is correct.” William smiled his usual friendly smile. “Would you be calling Count Forger and his family?” He asked.

“Yes, that is correct.” I replied. “But before that, I will be going to the twin’s room first.”

“I see.” William replied.

“How many of the imperial knights were left here at Count Forger’s estate?” I asked.

“Enough to handle Count Forger’s men if it comes out to become a fight.” William replied.

“Let us hope that it will not come to that.” I said.

I opened the door to the twin’s room and saw Tricia and the nanny with the twins. Alphonse and Aerith are still wide awake after eating their dinner.

“Your majesty.” Tricia greeted.

“Tricia, you know what will happen tonight right?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir William had already briefed me about it.” Tricia replied.

There was an awkward air between Tricia and William. If I remember correctly, it was just months ago when William had rejected Tricia’s confession of love. Basically, William had broken Tricia’s heart. I know that it was not easy between them since it is still a fresh memory.

“I see.” I replied. “Tricia, I want you, the nanny and the twins stay in this room. Whatever happens outside, do not go out. Be sure to lock the doors and windows.”

“Yes, I understand your majesty.” Tricia replied.

“Alphonse, Aerith…” I called the twins attention. “Mommy will just do something for a while okay.”

“Mama… dada…” Aerith was asking where Regaleon was.

“Daddy is out catching bad guys now.” I replied.

“Alphonse, if anything bad happens you know what to do, correct?” I asked.

I know that I am asking a favor from my one year old son, but I have a feeling that Alphonse understands what I am talking about.

“Mama… uhmm…” Alphonse nodded his cute head as if telling me he understands.

“Good boy.” I patted his head. “Help your brother as well, Aerith.” 

“Uhmm…” Aerith replied with a little nod and a smile.

“I love you so much, my children.” I hugged the both of them. I let go of them after a while and turned around. “Let us go, Will.”

“Yes, your majesty.” William bowed.

William and I walked towards Count Forger’s office.

“Has the count been called to his office.” I asked William.

“Yes, your majesty.” William replied. “I have sent an imperial knight to send word from you the empress. He will not be able to deny the call you, your majesty.”

“That is good.” I said. “Does he still have no idea why he is being called?”

“Yes, your majesty. He still does not have any idea about what is happening in his wyvern facility.” William replied.

“Then this will be an easy arrest.” I said. “Have your men already detained the count’s men inside the estate.”

“As of now, they are still doing that your majesty.” William replied. “But it will not be long until all of Count Forger’s men are detained.”

“At least with that they cannot fight back.” I said. “I want it to be a peaceful arrest as much as possible.”

“I know what you mean, your majesty.” William replied.

We arrived in front of the door of Count Forger’s office. William opened the door for me, and I stepped inside. I saw Count Forger, his wife and two children Arnold and Angelica. 

“Good evening, Count Forger, Countess Elena.” I greeted.

“Good evening, empress.” Countess Elena greeted me back.

“May I ask as to why you have called for us, your majesty the empress?” Count Forger asked.

The count’s face was filled with confusion. He was really not aware as to why I called for him and his family.

“I would like to discuss the business you are running with your eldest son, Count Forger.” I said and took a seat at the nearest chair.

“W-What do you mean, your majesty?” Count Forger was clueless.

“His majesty the emperor had gone himself to arrest your son, Raymond Forger, in the wyvern facility that you have built at the edge of the forest.” I said with calmness. “And I was assigned by his majesty to arrest you, Count Forger.”

“W-WHAT?!” Count Forger stood up from his seat clearly agitated. “That is absurd. Why would you arrest my son? What offense had we done?” He said loudly.

William held the hilt of his sword and was ready to defend me if ever the count oversteps his bounds. I held William’s hand holding the sword, signaling him to calm down first.

“Count Forger, are you aware that what you are doing is illegal business and trading?” I asked.

“Illegal?” Count Forger asked. “But in what way is it illegal? We are just trading the wild animals that we found on the forest and selling them to a legal merchant from Xing. It is just like selling livestock.”

“But that is the case, Count Forger. Those animals that you are breeding in that facility are not livestock.” I replied. “Did you know that those creatures have already existed since ancient times. Those creatures are the ones the Almighty One himself purged in those dark days.”

“W-What?” Count Forger was in shock.” B-But that… that cannot be.”

“Now you know that those creatures are extremely dangerous, Count Forger.” I said. “Even having those creatures in your possession is deemed as illegal knowing that the Almighty One himself have rid of them in ancient times.”

“M-My lord… w-what is her majesty talking about?” Countess Elena was clearly afraid. “I thought the business you and Raymond are doing is legal.”

“Hush, Elena. This is none of your concern.” Count Forger scolded his wife.

“Papa, what is happening?” Angelica asked clearly concerned. “Does that mean you and elder brother will be put to prison?”

“O-Of course not, my angel.” Count Forger replied. “Your brother Raymond will handle this for sure.”

“Not only that count, his majesty and I saw the situation of Tarmac itself.” I said. “We saw how the other citizen of your city is being coerced to get loans and be buried with a huge amount of debt that they will pay for as long as they live. This is not the way of life his majesty would have wanted for his people.”

“H-How did you know…” Count Forger was about to ask then his gaze fell upon Arnold who was calmly standing by the side. “You! It was you who ratted us out!”


Count Forger slapped his sone Arnold on the cheek. The sound was loud, and I expected it to had hurt.

“You ungrateful b*stard! How dare you?!” Count Forger yelled. “I have taken you in generously even though you are a b*stard son of your mother from that man, and this is how you repay me?”

“Stop it!” Countess Elena rushed to Arnold and hugged him. “How many times would I tell you that he is your son! He is not that man’s son. I swear to you with my life. Unlike your b*stard daughter that was not born from me.”

“Papa, what does mama mean?” Angelica was shocked and confused at the same time. “She is not my mother? T-Then I am an illegitimate child?” Tears started to fall from her eyes.

“Shut up, you wench!” Count Forger slapped the countess as well.

“Stop it!” Arnold yelled. “Stop hurting mother any longer! This is all your fault from the start!”

“What did you say?” Count Forger was about to beat up Arnold when I gestured William to stop this family drama.

William apprehended Count Forger and tied him up.

“Count Forger, you are arrested with the ground of your illegal business and trading.” I said. “Countess Elena, you and your children will be on house arrest until the emperor himself had bestowed upon your punishment as well.”

Countess Elena cried while hugging Arnold. Angelica slumped on the floor crying.

‘Hah, what a mess of a family.’ I thought.


Explosions were heard from the direction of the forest. It was the site where the wyvern facility should be.

“What has happened?” I asked in shock.

“Your majesty.” The shadow guard appeared out of nowhere. “A report just came in. The wyverns got out from their cages and are going here.”

“What?!” I said. “Call the city soldiers to defend the people of the city. Equip them with the necessary weapons to fight off these creatures.”

“Yes, your majesty.” The shadow guard replied and disappeared in an instant.

“Sir William, lock up the count for now.” I ordered. “We need to survive the attack that is about to come.”

I remembered how the wargs rampaged the Lycan settlement. I am afraid that it would repeat again here in the city of Tarmac.

454 The Attack on Tarmac (2)

I exited the count’s office in a hurry. I should make preparations for the defense of the city.

“Your majesty!” Arnold called my attention. I looked around and saw him following me from behind. “Let me help your majesty. I can fight as well.”

“Young lord Arnold, are you sure about this?” I asked.

“I am a good fighter your majesty.” Arnold replied. “I can be of help.”

“Fighting these creatures is different from what you have learned in the academy, Arnold.” I said. “These creatures are from the ancient times and were the ones that the Almighty One had fought and purged.”

“Arnold, listen to her majesty.” Countess Elena said. “She had sad that these creatures are dangerous. You have never experienced to fight with your life on the line.” She said with a worried tone.

“But I cannot just stand by and see our people and the city in danger.” Arnold said to his mother.” I understand the danger, your majesty. And I am ready to risk my life to fight.” Arnold replied to me.

“No, Arnold…” Countess Elena said with tears running down her cheeks. “I have already lost your elder brother because of his doing of illegal business. He will be locked up for God knows how long. I cannot lose you too, I just cannot.”

“Mama…” Angelica is crying. “I am still here…”

“You… you are not my daughter.” Countess Elena said with an angry voice.

“Ma…” Arnold tried to calm his mother. “Angelica is not at fault. She should not be persecuted by the sin of father.”

“Oh Arnold…” Countess Elena continued to cry.

“Butler, please send my mother and sister to their rooms.” Arnold ordered the butler who had just arrived in the office.

“Yes, young master.” The butler replied and guided the countess while a maid guided Angelica. “Let us go, madam.”

“Ma, do not worry.” Arnold said. “I will be careful.”

“Please come back safely, Arnold.” Countess Elena said.

When the countess and Angelika left the room Arnold took a step forward.

“I will fight for Tarmac, your majesty.” Arnold said.

“I understand.” I replied. “William, get Arnold a lightning mana stone to be used.” I told William who had just came back after locking Count Forger.

“As you wish, your majesty.” William replied. “Young lord Arnold, if you please come with me.”

“Of course.” Arnold replied.

William led the way while Arnold and I followed behind him.

“Have you already distributed lightning mana stones to the soldiers?” I asked. “Are they enough?”

“We have already distributed lightning mana stones to half of the soldiers, your majesty.” William replied. “Some of our magic users are still infusing lighting magic to the mana stones that are available inside the city.”

“We need to hasten the process. William.” I said. “How long until those wyverns get to the city walls?” I asked.

The shadow guard that was hiding in the shadow showed himself to give a reply to my question.

“Judging from the distance and the speed of their movements, they will at the city walls within thirty minutes, your majesty.” The shadow guard replied.

“We only have little time.” I said.

We arrived at the entrance of the manor. Outside, my imperial knights and shadow guards are waiting. The city’s soldiers are lined up in the grounds as well.

“Here me, my brave people.” I said. “A group of dark creatures are coming here from the forest. These creatures have a taste for human meat and are a danger to the people here in Tarmac. That is why I all called you here. Sir William will brief you about these creatures.”

“As her majesty had said, these creatures called wyverns are dangerous.” William said. “We must fight off these creatures if we want to survive. Our intel had learned that these wyverns can be subdued by lightning, they are afraid to be electrified. That is why we are distributing lighting mana stones so that you can utilize them while fighting off these creatures.”

“I have heard that the wyverns will arrive in the city walls in thirty minutes.” I said. “They will be coming from the direction of the forest, and so I will be sending you to that side of the city wall.”

“This group will be divided in to two.” William said. “One group will engage with the wyverns outside the city walls and will be on attack while the second group will man the city walls using long range weapons as defense. Let us pray that we hold the night until reinforcements arrive.”

“With that, this meeting is dismissed.” I said. “I pray for everyone’s safety.”

“Thank you, your majesty.” The men bowed and dispersed.

“Arnold, I will let you lead the defensive group on the wall.” I said to him. “William, I believe you will be the one to lead the offensive team outside the wall.”

“Yes, your majesty.” William replied.

“Please be careful, you two.” I said. “I will join the group atop the wall.”

“No, your majesty!” William opposed to my decision.

“We need all the abled body we could get, William. And you know I can fight.” I replied.

“But you are the empress, and you need to be protected, your majesty.” William said. “Being in the battlefield is very dangerous.”

“Yes, I am the empress, and I will not just stand by if I can be of help, William. You cannot stop me to help.” I argued. “When can will the reinforcements arrive?” I asked the shadow guard.

“They will be here by sunrise, your majesty.” The shadow guard replied. “We have sent word to the nearest Alvannian and Grandcrest soldiers’ barracks. And the nearest is about five hours from here.”

“Then we need to hold on for five to six hours.” I said.

It is just past midnight, and the moon is already hanging up the night sky.

“We need to hold until the reinforcements come.” I said. “Let us hold the defensive line as much as possible.”