πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️ The Forgotten Princess Chapter 451 - 452 Full Chapters πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️



451 The Raid (2)

(Regaleon’s POV)

Alicia and I came back to our room to rest. I have already made the plans for the raid of the facility tonight. The troops from the nearest city in Alvannia will be arriving right about now and I plan to be there for the raid as well.

“Lili, I will be accompanying the troops for the raid tonight.” I whispered lightly to my beloved.

“Do you really need to be there as well, Leon?” Alicia asked me with worried eyes.

“I know you are worried, my love.” I replied to her. “But it would be best that I myself catch Raymond Forger in the act. He will not get away with this one.”

“I understand.” Alicia replied with a sad face. “Please be careful, okay?”

“I promise.” I kissed my wife’s forehead. “I will leave the shadow guards here to protect you and the twins. It would be best to arrest Count Forger as well when the raid begins. I will leave that to Sir William and you.”

“Hmm.” Alicia replied. “I will do as you have said, Leon. I am sure that the countess will be surprised after she hears about what her husband and son is doing.”

“Yes, I am sure she will be.” I said. “But she needs to know everything. And even though she does not have any knowledge in the business her husband and son had undertaken, she is not free of the crime because of being ignorant. The very least of the punishment I can give is to take away her noble title and become a commoner.”

“I believe that the countess can manage with her noble title being revoked.” Alicia said. “I will send a letter to Jack to find her former merchant lover. And if things go well, then maybe they can pick up from where they left off.”

“That is a good idea, Lili.” I felt proud of my lovable wife. “You really have a good heart.”

“It is the least I can do to the countess.” Alicia replied. “About Count Forger’s two children, Arnold, and Angelica. What are your thoughts?” She asked me.

“I am thinking of making Arnold the head of the house.” I replied. “And I believe that he would take care of his younger sister even though they are only half siblings. They are innocent from their father’s sins.”

“Then I will give in a good word in high society when her coming of age comes.” Alicia said. “This will be a talk of high society after, and it can affect her image as a noble lady when she comes of age. With the name of the empress sponsoring her, it can at least give her a smooth future to come.”

“Then do what you must.” I replied. “I will be preparing to depart, my love.”

“Hmm.” Alicia nodded.

I took her to my embrace and gave her a smooth kiss on her lush red lips. I was reluctant to let go of her, but I must.

I changed my clothes into black garments that I use in covert operations. It has been I while since I have worn such clothes. Since I became an emperor, I did not have any reason to wear such clothes anymore because I only work in my office all day. Outside operations are dealt with by my inner circle officers accordingly. They are my most trusted, and so I have full trust in their capabilities. But now, I need to this myself because of the urgency of the matter.

‘I am the one here now and so I should be the one to deal with this.’ I thought to myself. ‘I will not let anyone use their power to oppress people. Anything that is done illegally should be punished.’

“Here, let me help you with your clothes.” Alicia offered and helped me tie up my clothes. “It has been a while since I saw you in this clothing. Be careful… for me and the twins. Come back safe.”

“I will.” I turned around to face her and hugged her. I kissed her lips and looked at her eyes filled with worry. “I will be going.”

“Hmm.” Alicia nodded.

I walked to the balcony and looked around. The leader of the shadow guards with us came out of hiding and kneeled on one knee before me.

“Your majesty, the troops from Alvannia had arrived. They are waiting for you at the other side of the border.” He reported.

I have specifically given order to them to come from the other side of Alvannia to not alert Raymond and his men in the facility. We should catch them by surprise and in the act of departing with the wyverns.

 “I see.” I replied. “I will be leaving you and the shadow guards to watch my wife and children’s safety. Some of the imperial knights will be left here as well so as to not alert Count Forger of our surprise raid.”

“As you command, your majesty.” The leader of the shadow guards replied and disappeared from sight.

I jumped from the balcony and proceeded outside of Count Forger’s estate by foot. I was careful not to be detected by Count Forger’s guards patrolling the estate at night. I saw the wall of the estate and jumped up to climb to the other side. Once I was outside, I saw one of my imperial knights holding the reigns of my horse. 

“Your majesty.” The imperial knight bowed. “Everything is in order. We will be rendezvousing them at the side of the forest under Alvannian territory.”

“Hmm.” I nodded with his report.

I climbed my horse and started to head towards the rendezvous point with the imperial knight beside me on horseback as well.

Not long we have arrived at the rendezvous point. I saw the troops from Alvannia that was sent. The men all kneeled on one knee at my presence.

“Hail to the sun of the Astley Empire.” The captain of the troops said.

“Rise.” I replied.

I came down from my horse while the men stood up in attention.

“I believe that my imperial knights have briefed you about our operation tonight.” I said.

“Yes, your majesty.” The captain of the troops replied. “The operation tonight will be a raid of a facility that is undergoing illegal business.”

“Yes.” I nodded. “Not only is it illegal but they are breeding creatures that are a danger to the people. We will split in two groups. The first group will be led by the captain and catch the convoy that will be departing the facility and the second group that is led by me will raid the facility itself. We are to catch everyone that works inside. There are working civilians, so be careful not to hurt them. Those that becomes hostile will be apprehended with force as deemed fit.”

“As you order, your majesty!” The men replied.

“Be careful.” I said.

After briefing the troops, we prepared to depart.

‘Tempest.’ I called telepathically.

‘I am here.’ Tempest replied telepathically.

‘Where are you right now?’ I asked.

‘I am perched at a tree near the facility you have mentioned.’ Tempest replied. ‘I might say, the shrieks of the creatures inside sends chills.’

‘Can you fly above and survey the area?’ I asked.

‘Of course.’ Tempest replied.

I looked into Tempest’s eyes and saw what he was seeing. He was perched on a tree branch overlooking the entrance gate of the facility. I saw mercenaries guarding the entrance gate. Tempest flew of the branch and over the facility. I saw the convoy of closed metal carriages pulled by horses. There were many of these big metal carriages lined up outside the buildings. Not long, I saw the big gates of the buildings open, and the creatures are being led to the metal carriages one by one.

‘Those creatures must be the wyverns.’ I said.

‘Vicious looking creatures, I might say.’ Tempest replied

The workers have lightning sticks electrifying the wyverns. The wyverns seem to not like the lightning.

‘It seems like lightning can put these creatures in place.’ I said.

‘It may be their weakness.’ Tempest replied.

The gates to the facility opened and the metal carriages prepared to head out.

“It is time.” I told the troops. “Prepare to depart.”

452 The Raid (3)

(Regaleon’s POV)

The troops were divided into two groups. The group that is led by the captain were to catch the convoy that will depart the facility while the group led by me will be heading to raid the facility and catch anyone in there.

The captain’s group have left to go and hide near the path the convoy would take. They were to ambush the convoy and catch the people and confiscate the wyverns. As for the group I am leading, we will raid the facility and catch the people working in there.

I have specifically instructed the troops to catch the people alive as possible and use force if they resist arrest. They should prioritize their life if ever they were in danger.

My group now is hiding in the trees at the vicinity of the facility. Like what I had seen in Tempest’s eyes, I see that the convoy of metal carriages lined up towards the entrance gate. There were banging inside the metal carriages.

“It looks like there is unrest with these creatures.” I said. “How can they ship such feisty creatures?”

 “Your majesty.” One of my troops called my attention. “The gates have opened. It looks like they are going to depart now.”

“Seems like it.” I said. “Tempest, inform the other group that the convoy is on the move.”

“As you wish.” Tempest who was still in his falcon from was perched on my arm flew into the night. “We will wait until the convoy has gone. We will start the attack on my signal.” The troops nodded in understanding.

The convoy started to move forward. There were at least ten big carriages in the convoy. Every carriage has at least three to four wyvern younglings.

The last carriage exited the gate, and it closed after. I waited for the convoy to be out of sight when I gave the signal to the troops.

“Remember that if ever you encounter these creatures, those that can use lightning magic will engage them.” I said. “Those that do not have magic have been given lightning magic stones, use them at your own discretion.”

Silently, my men went forward with the plan. As reported, Raymond Forger was left inside the facility. We are to apprehend and arrest him for illegal trading.

My men went in and took out the two guards that were guarding the front of the gates. My men climbed the fence walls and knocked out the guards inside. They opened the gates quietly and let the other troops inside.

I gave them hand signals as to who would go inside which buildings. They nodded in understanding and went to apprehend the people inside each building. As for me, I took two men and went directly as to where I suspected Raymond would be and that was the building that looked like the administrative building.

We were silent and took the shadows while approaching the building. We saw two men that looked like mercenaries smoking cigarettes just outside the building.

“Those wyverns were such a pain in the ass.” One of the mercenaries said.

“You said it.” The other mercenary replied. “They seemed so riled up since yesterday. They were not like that before. What do you think is the problem?” He asked his comrade.

“I do not know.” The other mercenary replied. “This is the first time since the beginning of this business that they acted like that. In the past, they were just in a frenzy when they are hungry, but now they were unsatiable. They even tore apart one of the workers.”

“Yeah,” The other mercenary said. “Did you see his corpse? It was completely torn apart that it was unrecognizable. I pity the family he left because the deceased still had a huge debt to pay. I heard that the debt would fall to the family members.”

“Well, that is a pity.” The other mercenary replied. “Good thing we are being paid big in this work.” 

“Of course, we are.” The other mercenary said. “I mean, who would like to work around those dangerous creatures? Good thing the boss is being paid big for selling those wyverns to Xing.”

“Yeah. That is why he has become filthy rich recently.” The other mercenary replied. “And we are getting a huge pay because of it, hahaha.” He laughed out loud.

“I know right, hahaha.” The other mercenary laughed out loud as well.

I unsheathed my sword and sneaked behind the mercenaries. I pointed the tip of my sword at the throat of one of the mercenaries while one of my men was pointing his sword to the other one.

“I would like to know more about what the two of you are talking.” I said with a cold voice.

The terrified mercenaries were sweating when they saw the swords on their throats.


Inside an office, Raymond was by himself and was busy taking care of some documents. He seemed to be deep into reading.

“Another successful shipment will be done after a month.” Raymond said to himself. “Half of the full payment had been deposited to our bank account and the other half will be paid upon the arrival of the goods in Xing’s seaport.”

Raymond was smiling while looking at the documents on his desk.

“I need to register the business soon.” Raymond said. “It has been a year since the start of its operation. It has been a fruitful one year. I am sure that his majesty will see this business as a good emerging trade. He will praise me for sure.”

“I will not bet n that.” I said and emerged from the opened door of Raymond’s office.

“Y-Your majesty!” Raymond was surprised. “W-Why are you here?” He asked

“I caught wind of your little business.” I replied. “And I will tell you now, it will not pass for legality.”

“W-What do you mean, your majesty?” Raymond asked. “This business that I started, it can profit greatly. I am sure that the empire will benefit largely thru trade. And my name will be known as its creator.”

“It may give huge profit and the return of investment is great, but the managing of these creatures you call wyverns are extremely dangerous to its handlers and also other people in the vicinity.” I said. “This business is wrong in many ways. Did you know that these creatures are from the ancient times?”

“A-Ancient times?” Raymond was shocked. “What do you mean, your majesty?”

“These creatures, the wyverns, they were present in ancient times. These are the creatures that the Ancient One purged.” I replied. “We do not know why they are emerging today, but just by having these creatures in your possession could be considered a crime. They were a menace and was eradicated by the Ancient One himself.”

“No…no, that cannot be.” Raymond said with a raised voice. “These creatures chose me! They were given to me to do great things!”

I saw darkness emitting from his body. I felt again the feeling that I felt back at the Lycan settlement. It was a feeling of darkness and dread.

“Raymond Forger, eldest son of Count Forger, I Regaleon Yosef Astley, emperor of the Astley Empire hereby arrest you for doing illegal business and trading.” I said. “Take him into custody.” I ordered.

“Yes, your majesty.” Two of my men replied. My men tied Raymond up.

“No, this is wrong.” Raymond said as if he cannot believe what is happening. “I was going to be famous because of this. I should be praised. No, you cannot do this. Your majesty!”

“I pity you, Raymond.” I said. “You had great potential.”

When we went out of the building, one of my men rushed towards me.

“Your majesty!” He called. “The captain’s group are in danger.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“There was a problem with the wyvern younglings.” He replied. “They became bigger in a blink of an eye. Even the people who were traveling with the convoy had taken many casualties.”

“How did that happen?” I asked in shock.

“Hahahahaha…” Raymond started to laugh out hysterically. “You will die. You will all die!” His voice was different from his usual voice. It sounded sinister that the hair on my body stood.


There were explosions at every building. The wyverns started to escape from the buildings and chaos inside the facility started.

“Protect the people!” I ordered. “Kill those creatures! Do not let them escape the facility or they will go into the city!”

These creatures became bigger than their usual size in an instant without any explanation. With the change of size can also come in the change of appetite. They are surely hungry for meat and the city is full of it.

‘These creatures will start a chaos if it reaches the city.’ I thought.

“Your majesty, more are coming!” One of my men yelled.

“What?!” I was surprised. There were really other wyverns coming from deeper in the forest.

“All of you will die.” Raymond said with the sinister voice. “I will kill you and your family. The prince will never grow up and awaken. I will not let him.”

Hearing Raymond’s words let me t believe that it was not Raymond himself speaking but a different person. This person is not the same person that I heard from the Lycan’s settlement. This one is filled with darkness and malice.