✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Side Story 1 and 2 Full Chapters ✍️✍️✍️✍️

Olawale Olatoye



Side Story Part I

In the Underworld...

A demon's scream echoed out shrilly before being cut off abruptly as Zeke stepped on its neck, a brittle crunching snap accompanying his action, followed by a frightening silence. His cold and piercing dark eyes stared down at the demon beneath his feet as he killed it without batting eyelid. Very much like how one would step on a bug and accidentally kill it without thinking twice about it.

Zeke lifted his head and turned to face upwards. His eyes slowly closed. Inky-dark smoke swirled around him as the short leaf blade sword that was

held in his hand which was covered with thick black demon blood disappeared in a whirl of smoke from his hand.

His hair had grown long, and it had reached down to his waist. When he opened his eyes, the whites were now visible in them. His pupils' color had changed as well. There was now a rim of intense blue circling around his seemingly black inferno irises.

After staring up for some time, a long sigh escaped him before he moved again, passing through the pile of demons he had just slaughtered. Though the demons here do shed blood, however, the stink of their blood was different from the usual coppery iron scent that was characteristic of the inhabitants of the earth. These monsters' blood was foul and reeked with the scent of decay and death, which was expected since this is the Underworld.

He then sat on a stone that had been spared of the splatter of blood from the earlier carnage and rested his wrist on his bended knee. On his other hand, the thumb and pinkie were fiddling with the wedding ring on his ring finger.

It has been a long while since that day. But the good thing was that Zeke did not have much luxury to drown himself from missing Alicia because of all the things he had to deal with in this world.

The underworld was apparently just as he had expected. It was nothing but a world of utter chaos. However, everything was more complicated than he had thought. There was clearly a definite pecking order even amongst the demons themselves. Demons go after each other even if they are from the same species, and wars were just endless. Lesser demons were fighting against lesser demons. From time to time, higher demons would appear and just one high demon would be enough to slay a hundred lower demons with one swing of their weapon. Dead bodies of demons and ripped limbs were strewn all over the ground, lending a more eerie air to the already gloomy atmosphere in the Underworld. The worse thing to all this chaotic situation was that he could not find his mother no matter how he searched.

He had also learned about the ridiculous game of power struggles going on in this world where all princes must fight for the right of succession to the throne. And the rules of the game were that they must kill each other until only one is left standing. Everyone who had the rights to the throne and was a descendant of the Darkness – this Underworld's so-called god - was a participant in this game. And the last one who is alive will be the default new ruler of this world – the one who will be called the King of Darkness.

At this point, there were only four candidates left, including Zeke himself. The other two princess were strong and fierce and determined to end him. But too bad for them because he was more determined to stay alive. Also, he did not bother to hold his powers back like how he did back on earth anymore. Here, he unleashed the full potential of his demonic powers and allow it free reign. The two princes that had thought he was easy meat had bitten off more than they could chew. This was truly a dog-eat-dog world where the top dog reigns supreme.

Zeke had gotten information that the winner will be granted one wish and this wish could be anything the winner wanted. This had made him decide to actively participate in the game. And so far, he had managed to kill two candidates already. Well, it was not that he had a choice anyway. They were already going to kill him even if he did not intend to participate. He knew that this was a place where the rules of survival of the fittest is in play all the time. He was just more motivated to win when he had found out that the throne - which he did not want at all – was not the only price.

He was only gunning for that ultimate wish that could grant the winner literally anything they wanted. So initially when he had stepped up and joined in the game, he had gone all out and given his best in fighting and killing off all the demon armies that his opponents had thrown at him. He had slain and decimated countless demons. All in the hope that he would be able to get rid of his competitors and emerge the winner and claim that much coveted wish - only to be utterly disappointed as time passed. He had gradually come to learn of more things that had ruined his plans. As he fought against his competitors, he sometimes interrogated the higher demons who acted as the generals of his enemies. From them, he found out that the one who ultimately win is required to sit on the throne and rule the Underworld. And as the ruler of the Underworld, he would not be allowed to stay away for long periods of time in another world no matter how powerful he might be. It was apparently this world's rule of nature. It was something no one could go against - not even the king of the Underworld himself.

As such, Zeke did not want this power. He had zero interest in it. What he wanted was to return to Alicia and never leave her and their child ever again. He was not interested in ruling this world! He only wanted to live a peaceful life with his family. That's his dream right now. A dream that he would give anything up for to obtain.. And obtain it he would!


Side Story Part II

Thankfully, he had learned a very important secret from one of the dukes of hell that he had taken in as one of his followers. He initially had thought of continuing on with his usual style of going on as a lone wolf, but with that bump his original plans, he could not afford to maintain the status-quo. Thus, he had reluctantly given up his usual style and had started accepting followers. However, only those who were worth their salt would be given the opportunity to be his followers.

And that was absolutely true for the duke named Ruka who was one of the earliest followers that had come under Zeke's flag. Ruka had the power to foresee the future and he had told Zeke about the visions he had seen - one of which was the fact that Zeke was not going to be the winner of this game. There was someone else who was to be the winner that would sit on the throne. And with the advantage that Ruka's foresight had given to him, this was what had prompted Zeke to come up with another meticulous plan to achieve his goal.

"We've found him, My Liege." Ruka's voice echoed behind him. The duke then appeared before him. He had long and braided blond hair accentuating his face that was so beautiful anyone could mistake him as a woman if they did not hear his deep voice.

Zeke did not even bother to look at him and continued staring down at his ring. "Are you certain it's him, this time?" he asked calmly. Though his voice seemed calm, there was a warning tinge underlying it. "Yes, My Liege." Ruka sounded confident. "There is no doubt this time. I saw him with my own two eyes. He's dark haired and grey-eyed. Right now, he's fighting with Prince's Callum's minions."

His fingers that were fiddling with his ring halted and he finally lifted his gaze to Ruka. "Is he winning the fight?"

"No." Ruka flashed a crooked smile at his liege and shook his head. "He's actually all by himself. Seems like he doesn't have an army of his own. I believe that he's acting as a lone wolf. He reminded me a lot of you before you decided to take on followers." A wolfish grin then slanted across that feminine looking face, changing it into a ferocious yet manly and attractive countenance.

Zeke stood from the stone that served as his seat and flicked off a light sprinkling of hell ash from his lapel. "Lead the men. I'll go ahead first before we lose him." And he disappeared in the next second, leaving Ruka sighing at his liege's lone wolf style. Though he now has followers, still, his habit of getting things done on his own could not be removed. It must have been ingrained in him for a long time - even from before he came to this place. Ruka only shrugged as there was nothing that he could do about it.

He then turned and arched his brow at the big man who had just arrived, missing his liege by just a few seconds. He was a knight demon and the general of Prince Ezekiel's army, Archer. "The Lord has left if you came looking for him." Ruka told him casually as he spread his dark wings behind him. "He had ordered us to go into battle." "When?" Archer raised a brow.

"Now." Ruka flippantly answered. "What!! Now? Where?" Archer bellowed, indignant that his liege had given out such a sudden order without giving him time to prepare. Sighing, Ruka flapped his powerful wings and flew away, causing Archer's voice to thunder from behind him. "Come back here and speak properly! You little assduke! Should I shoot you down?!"

"Shut up, you muscle head. Just use your thunder voice to summon the men and follow me!" Ruka teased Archer as he circled in the air.

Archer sighed heavily as he rolled his eyes, knowing that his liege knew it was well within his power and abilities to summon and arrange the troops even on such short notice. After all, that was the reason why the prince allowed him to be his follower and had even granted him the position as the general of his armies.

When Zeke arrived at the battlefield where the person he was looking for was at, he was surprised to see him badly losing. He had expected him to be strong since he was acting out on his own. He even thought that the guy was probably stronger than him because well... he was supposed to be the one who would be sitting on the throne one day. But what was with this scenario he was looking at? Why did this person seem so weak from what he is observing?

Seeing that a higher demon was about to successfully rip his right wing, Zeke did not hesitate to jump into the battle. In one strike, the knight demon's head was severed from its body as though Zeke was cutting through tofu instead through a body. And then everyone attacked Zeke and the man in the black cloak at the sight of their general's fall.

Zeke could only protect the man who was now obviously too weak to fight his own battles. Doubt hit him as he really could not fathom how would a man as weak as this one could win this merciless game. Was Ruka mistaken? But the moment he had a glimpse of the man's striking grey eye that was exactly like his when he was still a half-vampire, Zeke could only sigh helplessly within himself and protect him.

Soon, Ruka and Archer arrived along with his army of lesser demons and took over the fight.

"Leave these minions to us, My Liege!" Archer yelled full of determination, and Zeke simply nodded and returned his attention to the man who was panting and had both his hands on his knees, bent over next to him.

"Why did you save me?" the man asked. He managed to pull himself up to a standing position, but still, he was clearly struggling just to keep himself steady. "I can tell you're a prince of hell. And hell of a powerful one at that."

"I'm Ezekiel." Zeke introduced himself. "I saved you because I was looking for you.."