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C50 [part 1] - < — Truth & False — > (5)
Chapter 50 [part 1]
< — Truth & False — > (5)

The weather grew cold so it became hard to take a walk in the garden after dinner. Lucia didn’t have to worry about what to do with her spare time though, rather, every time she was free, she fell in love with knitting.

It was a scarf wanted to send to Damian as a year-end gift as well the for New Year’s. She worked diligently so she could send it at approximately the right time.

Since she couldn’t care for the garden or take a walk, she poured all her remaining time into the completion of the scarf.

After taking a bath, Lucia waited for Hugo in the bedroom but even after more time than usual passed, he did not come. As the end of the year approached, he grew remarkably busier.

He either came into the bedroom late or sometimes sent word through the maid for her to sleep first.

Then he would try to stubbornly demand for the one-in-five rest day to be replaced with the missed day but Lucia did not listen to that demand.

This was because she knew that once she listened, there would be no end.

She asked the maid to bring her knitting basket because it seemed like he would be coming in late. She sat on the bed and began to weave the wool into the shape of a scarf.

“What’s that?”

At some point, Hugo came in and was attentively watching the knitting in her hands. She had been completely engrossed in knitting and did not notice him when he came in.

She quickly clean up and arranged the materials into the basket.

“Knitting. I’m knitting a scarf. I want to send it to Damian.”

A wool-knitted scarf. It was an item that was never necessary for Hugo. He wasn’t sensitive to cold so even in the winter, he didn’t wear special winter clothing, much less a scarf for children. Perhaps even the gift recipient Damian would have to make conscious effort to wear that around.

Her choice of white pattern on a red background showed how much she treated Damian like a little child. He felt a little sorry but he had no choice but to have Damian wear it throughout the winter.

He’ll have to check through the escort planted at the boy’s side to make sure the boy really wear it. Hugo entertained villainous thoughts in his mind.

Although Hugo didn’t want a scarf, he couldn’t move his gaze from where she moved to place the basket of knitting wool under the bed. He sent off Damian, got rid of the baby fox as a free bonus but she did not return to being entirely his like he thought.

He didn’t know why there was so many places for her to devote her attention to. When she got a letter from the boy, she was full of obvious excitement for a few days.

‘She’s my woman before she is the boy’s mother.’

He was dissatisfied with the attention she poured on Damian. He couldn’t exactly put it in words so he grumbled inwardly. Moreover, she still had not told him her childhood name.

‘But I told you my secret. Although not all of it.’

It wasn’t like there had to be a trade-off but…

‘Why does that boy, Damian know but I don’t?’

He could never understand where that kid was better than himself.

“Did you learn knitting at a young age?”

Lately, Hugo used any opportunity he had to ask about her childhood. He was stubbornly determined to hear her childhood name directly from her mouth. He didn’t want to ask upfront as he felt like if she told him personally, it was evidence that she’d opened her heart to him to some extent.

“Yes. Which is why my skill isn’t that great. I learnt from casually observing my mother at the side.”

“You said you lived alone with your mother when you were young, right?”

“Yes. Until I entered the palace.”

“Then your mother…what did she…”

Hugo hesitated slightly then threw out a thinly-veiled question.

“Usually…what were you called? By your mother…”

This wasn’t cheating. He didn’t directly ask what her childhood name was.

“As a child, rather than call my name, she called me, my baby, cutie or daughter.”

Since he didn’t grow up feeling his mother’s affections, he was probably curious of normal mother-child relationships. This was how Lucia thought of it. As she recalled memories with mother, a smile rose onto her face.

Today again, his leading questions failed. Hugo sighed inwardly, disappointed.

“Ah, there’s something I want to confirm with you. You didn’t forget your promise with me, right? The promise that you won’t interfere with the matters of the garden party.” (Lucia)

“I didn’t forget.”


“Of course.”

Hugo answered confidently. There wasn’t a single thing on his conscience. Summoning his vassals and telling them to put more effort into supervising their household was well enough within his capability as a superior giving advice.

There was no hesitation in his replies so Lucia believed him. Her husband was more trustworthy to her than the Countess of Wales.

“I heard something weird but it guess it was just a groundless rumor.”

“What rumor?”

“It says you struck a blow to the Count of Wales’ upper-end businesses because of the garden party issue. Well, something like that. But there’s no way that’s the case. You’re someone who thoroughly distinguishes between private and public matters, after all.”

“…Of course.”

He really had nothing on his conscience. Even though the upper-end was thoroughly investigated two-fold and three-fold because of the problem caused by the poisoning case, it was an official matter. The fact that the principal owner was the Count of Wales was just an added bonus. Despite that, he couldn’t answer without any hesitation. Lucia was unable to catch the sour look that flitted across his face.

Not long after this, the upper-end businesses of the Count of wales’ family were acquitted after a persistent investigation.

The originally imposed levy was as before however, simply being able to resume activities in the upper-level before the New Year came around was something to be thankful for.

The rumor that the Taran Duke stood behind the Duchess was now solidifying into an established theory in the northern social circles.
C50 [part 2] - < — Truth & Falsehood — > (5)
Lucia Chapter 50 [part 2]

< — Truth & Falsehood — > (5)

TN: I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it but things in brackets like this: [], are conversations from the past. Brackets like this: () just tells you who is speaking.

The aide assumed a solemn expression as he spoke.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince, Marquis of DeLing sent an official letter of complaint.”

Kwiz clicked his tongue and skimmed through the document handed to him. In conclusion, the long letter of complaint that went on and on for pages was requesting permission to punish the Knight Krotin who insulted the honor of the Marquis.

A while ago, Knights of Deling jumped Roy and were beaten half-dead so they couldn’t move for several months.

“Why do these filthy bastards that attack in groups have so much to say? Is it still a proper knight if it jumps a single opponent with numbers?”

The aide still couldn’t adapt to the Crowned Prince spitting out the vulgar jargon of the common people every time it happened.

The aide controlled his expression and continued speaking.

“It is not the duel itself they have an issue with, but Sir Krotin’s remarks.”

“I’m sure what they want to deal with isn’t Sir Krotin.”

Marquis of DeLing was one of the representative figures of the opposing forces against the Crown Prince. If opposing side could use this matter to remove the Knight Krotin from the Crown Prince’s side, there were many things to gain from it.

They could make a crack in the authority of the Crown Prince who was unable to protect his escort Knight, they could aim for a gap in the Crown Prince’s defenses after he lost a remarkably skilled escort and because the Crown Prince was unable to safeguard the escort handed to him by the Taran Duke, they could make a crack form in the two’s relationship.

Kwiz turned his gaze to Roy standing next to him.

Even though Roy obviously knew they were talking about him, his expression didn’t change as if he wasn’t hearing anything. Sometimes, the aide felt the desire to beat up Roy’s brazen face.

“Sir Krotin. Don’t say anything after beating those knights. Good going there. It isn’t like you killed them yet those jumping bastards have the nerve. But, why did you say that?” (Kwiz)

“Say what?” (Roy)

“It is said you called the knights, dogs of the Marquis.”

“I didn’t say that. I said dogs licking their master’s feet.”

Kwiz groaned.

“That is virtually the same thing. Isn’t that why the Knight of the DeLing Marquis jumped you? Saying you insulted the Marquis.”

“I don’t know why that is insulting. I simply spoke the truth. A Knight is their master’s dog. Like a dog, all one have to do is wag their tail to their master and listen nicely. I only said my mind since they were going around picking fights with uninvolved people.”

Not only the Crown Prince, but everyone around was taken aback.

“A knight is their master’s dog? Does Sir Krotin think so of yourself?” (Kwiz)

“Oh yes. I am my Lord’s dog. If he asks me to bark, I bark. Woof-woof.”

Kwiz burst out laughing. He grabbed his stomach and smacked the table as he laughed. However the expression of the other escorting knights besides Roy were distorted and they fixed Roy with murderous gazes.

After laughing till tears came to his eyes, Kwiz took a while to calm down then spoke to his aide.

“Did you hear that? Write it well that Sir Krotin did not insult any knight and send back the letter of complaint.”


Without doubt, the damn man was a lunatic. No, he was a mad dog? The aide made up his mind to never mess around with Knight Krotin if possible. After all, one avoids shit because it’s dirty. (1)

“I envy the Taran Duke. To have such a loyal knight.”

Kwiz glanced over his knights with a meaningful gaze. The knights who met his gaze for a moment turned their gaze to empty air.

“But the Taran Duke has confined himself to the north with no thoughts of coming up to the capital. I thought even if it was the Duchess, one would at least come once.”

It was nearly a year since the Duke got married and two months had passed since the New Year began. He was fascinated by how the princess who lived in palace was enduring so well in the north.

He thought she would be unable to tolerate the frustration and even if alone, she would drop by the capital. Through the description of the people who had seen Princess Vivian directly, he knew the princess was far from being a lady of unsurpassed beauty. Even so, he couldn’t shake off his doubt as to whether that rumor was true or not.

‘Is she so beautiful that the Duke is hiding her tightly? Or is it just preference? But looking at his past history with women, something’s totally different.’

Kwiz found very little success in digging into Princess Vivian. He learnt the Princess went out of the palace pretending to be a maid but as it cost more time and money to keep digging even further, he simply gave up.

If it was an enemy, he would look into every nook and cranny but there was no need to do so for someone on his side. In any case, they would meet when once she came up to the capital.

‘Acting as a maid to go out. You do quite the interesting things.’

Kwiz held a favorable impression towards this younger sister of his he never knew existed.


In the capital where incidents happened without pause, Fabian was working hard today as usual. Today, he was doing his favorite work: the task of gathering the rumors circulating in the capital.

“Hoh, this is new. There’s a summoning circle to raise the devil under the Taran Duke’s Castle in his fief?”

Fabian snickered and wrote down all the unfiltered rumors in his report to the Duke. Fabian also studied the report from him men. As he looked through the report, his expression stiffened. The report was from his men planted around the female novelist.

As she was the only acquaintance to the princess who became the Duchess, Fabian ordered his men to check up on Norman regularly. This was because someone who chanced upon her relationship with the Duchess might choose to approach her and cause her harm. On the other hand, he was also able to use this to confirm that the female novelist was tight-lipped about the Duchess. So, in a way, it was a form of surveillance and protection.

“Why did the Countess of Falcon go there? And not just once or twice.”

According at the report, the purpose of the visiting the female novelist was because the countess was a fan of the female writer’s novel.

‘I don’t think that’s the only reason though…’

Fabian’s sharp sense was telling him so.

‘Anyhow, she’s a really difficult one.’

Since a long time ago, the Countess always left a bad taste in his mouth. The fact that he disliked her ominous past history of marrying three times with all 3 husbands currently dead, was just secondary. Sometimes one happens to dislike a person for no reason. To Fabian, the Countess of Falcon was such a person.

There was the option of observing the situation over time but Fabian decided to file it in his report. The biggest reason for Fabian’s capability was his speedy situational judgements. He judged that he should not carelessly disregard news related to the Duchess.

At this point, he now knew that that the Duke was not playing newly-wed. For the Duke to share a bed with one woman for over 10 months? It was unprecedented. The Duke was not a womanizer. This was how Fabian saw it. The Duke simply satisfied his instinctive desires. He never had the slightest emotional exchanges with women.

Just the thought that such a Duke would possibly be settling down with a woman made Fabian feel like he’d glimpsed into the mysteries of life.

‘Truly, the more you live, the more you learn.’
Chapter 51 [part 1]
< — The Taran Duke’s Family Doctor — > (1)

TN: ‘Employees’ is changed to ‘servants’.

Several months passed since Anna and Philip’s steady exchanged continued. Anna found Philip for teaching whenever she had free time and Philip admired Anna’s great passion for learning at such an advanced age.

Once a week, Anna and Philip went to offer their medical services to the poor and needy. Just like always, they set up a simple treatment room in a remote location at the back of an alley and received a flood of patients. It was difficult but as Anna treated patients with all sorts of diverse symptoms, her skills dramatically increased.

“Look here, don’t you think the stupid thing is to say you ate mugwort to make medicine?”

The voice of a hot-tempered middle-aged wife rang out loudly. The simple treatment room had two tables set slightly apart and in between them, a thin cloth acted as a wall. So when one raised their voice a little bit, one could be heard from the other side.

On the other side of the wall, Anna payed attention to the audible voice of the patient who came to Philip.

“Did I know and eat it? I only knew the tusk had wild herbs.”

“Are your eyes crooked? How does that look like herbs!”

“Why did you leave it in the kitchen then!”

Mother and daughter went back and forth, raising their voices to each other as they quarreled.

Mugwort! Anna paused treatment on her side and fixed her gaze on the obscuring wall of cloth. Then she heard Philip’s calm voice.

“So what is the matter? Did you perhaps contact an ailment?”

“Aiyo! Doctor! This one ate that thing and her monthly period didn’t come. I don’t know what to do if this lass cannot perform her duties as a woman so I can’t sleep at night.”

“Tch, I like it this way.” (Daughter speaking)

“You crazy thing, ah! Do you want to be a lady who can’t give birth?”

Anna suddenly sprang to her feet. She didn’t notice the confused expression of her patient who was being treated. Anna lifted the wall made of cloth and went into the other partition.

Philip glanced at Anna once then spoke to the patient.

“I cannot treat you if you’re making so much fuss. Quietly. How much mugwort did patient eat?”

“About as much as a side dish? I mixed it up with vegetable and ate it.”

Her mother next to her: ‘This crazy-! How can you happily eat that foul-tasting thing and call it vegetable? Aiyo, I didn’t give birth to a human, I birthed a good-for-nothing. Ai! I can’t live in peace.’

She continued to grumble inwardly.

“When did you have your first menstruation?”

“I think the year before last?”

“You didn’t keep eating the mugwort, did you?”


“Then, this is just a temporary state, your monthly periods will start again next month. So you don’t need to be worried. You too, Mother.”

Both mother and daughter were in disbelief so they had to be persuaded and promised several times before they left.

“What’s wrong, Anna? Is there a patient with a problem?” (Philip)

“…No. I’ll tell you later.”

After they finished giving free treatment, the day was darkening into night and the two returned and drank tea at Philip’s residence.

“Earlier…I’m talking of the patient who took mugwort. That was my first time seeing such a symptom but Sir Philip seemed to know all about it. I know mugwort has a hemostatic effect but for that to stop menstruation? How could that be when menstruation and the blood from wounds are from completely different structures?” (Anna)

“It’s rare but occasionally, it occurs in patients. It can happen when the poor hunger and do not distinguish what they eat. However, there is nothing to worry about. There’s nothing wrong with the body, it’s just a temporary state.”

“Then, by any chance, do you know of menstruation stopping entirely after eating mugwort?”

Philip’s hand lifting the teacup to his mouth paused for a moment. The mysterious glint in his eyes disappeared just as fast as it came. His relaxed smile was just as before and his voice was just as relaxed as he spoke.

“Interesting. Do you have such a patient?”

“Yes, in state of complete amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods). The herb intake was for quite the long time.”

In the meantime, Anna had purchased hundreds of medicinal books in order to find a cure for the Duchess. She scrapped up all the books on the market and not only that, she asked around for the doctors living in Roam (city) and went to them diligently. However, there was not one person who recognized the symptom of menstruation stopping after eating mugwort.

Anna would have rather preferred to experiment the diet on herself but unfortunately, she was already in her menopause and because she didn’t know the side effects, she couldn’t test it on another person.

So, it was both surprising and frustrating to stumble across that patient today. If she knew beforehand, she would’ve gone digging through the slums. Anna admired Philip anew.

[How did you learn such excellent medical art? You know much of what is in the books and what is not in the books.]

The more she knew, the more amazed she was by Philip’s medical knowledge so one day, she had asked him directly.

[There are simply a lot of miscellaneous things I picked along the way when I was wandering around.]

Philip spoke modestly but Anna thought of it as his reward for wandering the hinterland to offer his medical services. He was really an excellent doctor.

“Philip, didn’t you say you treated a lot of patients while traveling? I feel very embarrassed in comparison. True medicine should be performed with the heart yet my lowly medicine is priced with greed.”

“Anna, your medical skill is superb. You are enthusiastic and true to your patient. It is a shame you don’t receive proper recognition because you are a woman.”

“You exaggerate.”

Anna smiled and brought the teacup to her mouth. If Anna had seen Philip’s eyes then, she would have felt strange. The pupils of his eyes flickered silently, revealing his impatience.

“Who is the patient?” (Philip)

Anna hesitated. Keeping a patient’s confidentiality was the duty of a doctor. However, Anna couldn’t let go of the only and definite clue that she’d barely managed to fine. The longer she couldn’t grasp a clue, the more anxious she felt. No one was urging her but she felt agitated.

‘It’s okay. He’s the Duke’s doctor and one with excellent medical skills. He’s a true doctor who finds the poor to offer his medical services.’

She didn’t know why he was under surveillance, but if he was someone who would harm the Duke, it wouldn’t just end with surveillance. She made up her mind. Still, she felt too uncomfortable to readily mention the madam.

“To be honest, I came to find you at first because I wanted some advice on this symptom.”

If the Duchess’ doctor was seeking advice from another doctor, without one even saying who the patient was, it was obvious. Anna nodded her head to Philip who was quietly looking at her.

“By any chance…was the mugwort taken from the first menstrual period?”(Philip)

“You know!”

Anna yelled out cheerfully.

“Do you know a way to treat it?”

“Fortunately, I do.”

“My goodness!”

The treatment method she’d been looking for all this while had been right next to her. If she had honestly asked for advice from the beginning, she would have gotten it without going through so much trouble.

However, she didn’t regret the time spent going through that trouble. Searching for books and digging through them were of great help to her skills.

“How did the patient happen to take mugwort?” (Philip)

“The patient wasn’t knowledgeable as a child and did not know of the changes in a woman. Summarily, in the patient’s young mind, it was a drug that stopped bleeding so one tried to fix the first menstruation.”

“How long was this intake?”

“I heard it was taken for about half a year, after which there was no more menstruation. Is it really possible to treat?”

“Listen a little more. This symptoms require special conditions to be treated. One must not be a virgin and one must not have experienced union with more than one man.”

Anna’s expression fell. The symptom itself was already strange now even the treatment condition was strange too. Because of Anna’s experience treating the Duchess, she knew of the Duchess’ purity better than anyone else.

But this matter was privately hidden and concerned the Duchess’ reputation. She hesitated for a while but in the end she chose her belief that as doctor, if one was embarrassed about their patient’s condition, one would not be able to treat their patient properly.

“That won’t be a problem. The patient was married some time ago and the first night was the patient’s first union.”

Anna stubbornly did not directly mention who the patient was but they were both understanding each other.

“Then, does this mean it can be treated?” (Anna)

Philip lowered his gaze a little and said nothing in reply. Anna waited quietly, not wanting to interfere with his thoughts. But in actuality, Philip was only trying to calm his overwhelmed and turbulent emotions. After some time, he lifted his head with a calm expression.

“It’s possible.”

“I’ll go see Milady immediately. I’m sure she will be much pleased I have found a cure.”

As if she would get up any minute now, Anna shuffled in her seat restlessly. She didn’t even realize that she had directly said who the patient was. Philip used a hand gesture to tell her to calm down.

“This treatment method is one of the secrets passed down in our family. The exact method of preparation is in the notebook handed down and I have to check it but I don’t have it right now. I put it someplace else. It looks like I’ll have to leave for a while.”

Anna felt regretful. She was filled with impatience as she didn’t want to lose the clue she’d finally gotten.

“Will it take long? Is it possible for me to go with you?”

“I apologize but I cannot take you with me. It is a secret location passed down in our family from generation to generation.”

“I was too impatient. I’m sorry for making an unreasonable request.”

“There’s no need to be in a rush. I will definitely give you the treatment method. Therefore, in the meantime, don’t tell the patient. There’s no need to make one wait in vain.”

“You’re right. When do you expect to be back?”

“At the latest, I will be back in a week.”