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Chapter 29 < — Ducal couple — > (17)

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“Her Grace came to this unfamiliar northern region alone, not knowing anybody, yet she never complained about her situation being difficult or uncomfortable. If your Grace were ignore her Grace, then shle truly would be alone.”

Hugo actually began to suspect just where Jerome came out from today to have such a completely different temperament but when he thought about it, there was no denying that Jerome was Fabian’s blood brother.

To speak without any fear was Fabian’s trademark.

Hugo’s red eyes glowed even redder.

“These days, her Grace…”

“Shut up.”

“Your Grace.”

“I dare you to say one more word…”

Feeling the murderous gaze on him, Jerome shut his mouth and lowered his gaze.

The Duke was not a master that needlessly picked on someone’s faults but he was a master that would never tolerate challenges to his authority.

The criteria depended on if someone were getting above themselves. Jerome did not have the authority to butt into the ducal couple’s private relationship.

It wasn’t because Jerome was a steward. No one in Roam had such authority. Hugo was extremely displeased with the situation.

He wondered if she had sent him as she had enough reason to do so. But this was Jerome.

The Jerome that did not unnecessarily interfere with his usual work, and could distinguish between the things Hugo alone could to do and the things Jerome could deal with himself.

Therefore, Jerome’s unusual behavior got on his nerves. Hugo already knew that Jerome took care of her more than the usual.

He did not doubt Jerome’s loyalty as a steward but he was strangely irritated.

“Impressive. Did she ask you to come annoy me?”

Even though he knew that there was no way she had, he felt extremely twisted inside.

“No, Your Grace! Her Grace would never—!”


A teacup flew past Jerome’s face and shattered to pieces on the floor as soon as Jerome opened his mouth.

“I told you to shut up.”

Hugo swiftly got up and walked out of the office while Jerome sat down with a paling face.

He made a mistake. A terrible result of his needless interference. If Fabian were here, he definitely would have told him that their relationship wasn’t one he should interfere with.

‘I’ve let down her Grace’s honor.’*

His first rebellion against his master ended with his tail completely trampled. He unnecessarily intervened and even created a misunderstanding.

Jerome sighed and began to sweep the pieces of the tea cup that was scattered everywhere.

The fact that the cup did not fly at his forehead meant that his master was already pretty tolerant.

‘I’ll ask Fabian for some advice when he comes.’

Useless mouth! And so he began to sharply berate himself.


Lucia returned home early from her outing with Kate, using the excuse that she wasn’t feeling well.

She didn’t feel like talking or going horseback riding. Right after she returned from seeing Kate, the doctor scarily came to visit.

“Your Grace.”

Anna looked at loss for what to do and she couldn’t meet Lucia’s eyes, seemingly nervous.

That day, he had left after saying that she could do as she pleased but from the next day onwards, he continuously sent Anna.

“Your Grace, the Duke calls me every evening and asks me how the treatment is going.”

Anna said with an expression that read ‘please save me’. When the Duke called Anna, he didn’t say any other thing.

He would just asked how the treatment was going but that alone gave Anna enormous pressure.

“Please, honestly tell me the symptoms that you know about.”

Because of this, in just a few days, the anger in Lucia’s heart steadily increased. She felt like she was deceived by him and couldn’t break free.

She felt like going to his office immediately and giving him a slap.

‘Alright. I’ll do what you want me to do.’

Lucia opened her mouth and began to explain her symptoms. She explained it exactly how she explained it to the doctors she searched for in her dream.

Yes, she already knew a cure for it but she had no intention of using it. However, if Anna found another cure, she didn’t plan on refusing treatment.

But the chances of that happening were close to none. She’d met countless doctors in her dream numerous times, but none of them could cure her.

It was an amazing coincidence and luck that she was able to get a treatment method from that wandering doctor.

She didn’t think such coincidence and luck would happen a second time.

And as expected, Anna looked confused after hearing her explanation. She looked bewildered by the fact that Lucia took mugwort herb and cause her menstruation to stop. She didn’t seem to know anything about it.

“I’m sorry, your Grace. To be frank, my abili so I do not know how to treat you. But I will definitely figure out a way.”

Anna resolutely assured her. Lucia sat absent-mindedly for a little while then went out into the garden.


Hugo left his office extremely displeased and thoughtlessly walked till he stepped outside.

The rain had stopped but there was no sign of the sun.

‘I guess the day is ending like this.’

When he realized it, he was already in the garden. He quickly turned around and tried to leave but before he could do that he discovered her.

She was bent over in a bow, looking at an almost blossoming flower bud. He stood still for a while, then his feet turned towards her.

Lucia straightened her waist and turned to see him approaching her, instantly, she found herself falling into a fantasy as the air around her changed.

Everything around her blurred and all she could see was him. Lucia knew she had experienced something like this before.

‘When I was in the capital…the day of the Knight’s parade…’

It was the day that she saw him for the first time in reality, not in her dreams.

She was angry with him. Her condition was terrible because she could not sleep properly as every night, she stared at the bedroom door that never opened.

And just a while ago, she wanted to slap him if she ever saw him. But once she saw him, all the anger that had piled up, instantly melted away like salt dissolved in the water.

‘I am such an idiot…’

She knew that he was unattainable and thought she had locked down her feelings but her heart seemed to slip through the crevices.

While her heart bubbled over, it also hurt.

‘I love him.’

She didn’t know what to do. Just like his countless past lovers, she couldn’t keep her heart to herself.

‘He must not find out.’

If he took one step closer to her, she would take two steps backwards. She didn’t want to be sent a rose.

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< — Ducal couple — > (17)

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Reaching the end of her breathtaking realizations, Lucia turned towards him and smiled.


Hugo felt the annoyance and irritation that had been bothering him dissipate the instant he saw her smile.

It was as refreshing as waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Hugo finally woke up from his folly.

What he was afraid of wasn’t her existence, it was his wavering. Simply imagining never seeing her smile again made him feel like he couldn’t breathe.

‘I told you so’, his heart seemed to mock him.

“Look at this, won’t the flower be blooming soon? I think it will bloom fully in a few days.”

Hugo was momentarily tongue-tied when she began to speak to him as though nothing had happened.

“…I see.”

Her refreshed expression made him feel miserable. Unlike his fretful self, she had her usual peaceful expression.

“I heard you’ve been busy. Did you come out to get some air?”

“Mmm… the busy stuff is almost done but something came up so I will have to leave for a while.”


Lucia’s face changed for an instant then she gave another sweet smile.

“How long will it take? Will you be gone for a long time?”

“I don’t know the exact details so it could be a while. Why are you alone? What of your maid?”

“I sent her on an errand. Since the rain was over, I thought of having a cup of tea here. If it’s okay, would you like to join me?”


He just had some tea a while ago but he didn’t refuse her.

After a while, a couple of maids came, bringing a folding table and a tea basket. The table was placed at a suitable place and the two of them sat facing each other.

“I was worried since it’s rarely dry nowadays, but I am glad that the rain stopped mid-day.”

“What have you been doing?”

“Just the same stuff as usual. Take care of the garden and then reading books. That’s strange. You are talking to me as though we haven’t seen each other in a long time. It was just a few days.”

Was it just a few days? He felt like it was a very long time but to her, it was just a few days.

He found her spiritedness admirable and felt remorseful. He reached out and caressed her soft cheek. Her soft skin gave him the illusion that he would leave marks if he exerted even a little more strength.

She was weak. Yet this frail existence threatened him so strongly.

“…That day, I made a mistake and I want to apologize to you. It wasn’t my intention to treat you as an unfaithful woman.”


“What I meant was…offsprings are rare in the Taran family. Getting pregnant will be difficult… and I didn’t want you to get disappointed after hoping for a child.”

His excuse did not really touch Lucia’s heart. After all, if offsprings were rare then it would be more convincing for his attitude to be supporting her pregnancy rather than rejecting it.

But when she saw how he was carefully contemplating his words, a laugh escaped from her mouth.


She tried to laugh but tears fell down from her eyes. The wounds she had received at that time no longer hurt. She had already forgiven him.

His tender words and gentle caresses made her heart ache with happiness.

Looking at the tears flowing down her cheeks, he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do and stood up.

He took a step around the tea table towards her and wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

His embrace and scent that she’d been missing made her feel like she had gone from hell to heaven in an instant.

‘We can go back… to how we were before.’

To how they were the last few months. It was fine even if their relationship was a castle of sand and no one knew when it would collapse.

When one couldn’t see the waves, they would assume it was all okay. Nothing was resolved, but it was fine to think about later things, later.

Her heart felt like it had overcome the heavens and was rather calm. Once she accepted her changing heart and wasn’t anxious about it, she felt at peace.

Her heaven and hell depended on how she made up her mind.

‘He…at the very least, he treats me with love.’

She was unsure as to how he treated his past lovers but she decided to think that she was a little more special.

It was not conceit but she had to plant that much confidence in herself so she could stand firmly and love him.

‘Also, I have an advantage.’

She was his legitimate wife. It was a justification that none of his past lovers ever had.

‘I won’t cling to you. I also won’t subdue myself to please you.’

She wouldn’t have such a miserable love.

She won’t beg for his love.

She won’t play the virtuous wife, obeying everything he says unconditionally.

She would only do as much as she could, loving him with all of her might but only just enough that she wouldn’t start hating him.

It made her wonder if he had ever received love from a woman that did not cling to him.

The thought that maybe she could make him flustered was amusing.

‘It is fine even if it takes a lifetime. If someday, you tell me that you love me, I won’t feel like my life has been in vain.’

If she lived like this for one year, five years, even ten years, perhaps she could slowly influence him. Even a little drizzle can become something scary.

Lucia lifted her head a little from within his embrace.

“You said you were wrong, right?”

“Huh? Yea.”

“I’ll forgive you but I have two conditions.”

“Conditions? What are they?”

He had an expression that said he didn’t like the word itself.

“The first is… a kiss of reconciliation.”

His eyes widened slightly then curved. As Hugo’s face drew closer, she closed her eyes.

Their lips touched lightly at first, then met again, with his lips sucking hers in this time.

He suckled and swallowed her tender lips countless times in his mouth. His tongue slipped through the cracks of her mouth, gently and carefully stroking the innards of her mouth then pushed it deeper, stimulating her.

The long and sweet kiss that was neither light nor heated but breathtaking finally came to an end.

He spoke with his lips almost touching hers.

“The second is?”

Because it seemed like he would kiss her again as he drew closer, she held him back and turned her head slightly.

“I am modifying the contract. No matter how I think about the freedom in your private life part, it makes me feel bad. That is practically telling me you’re going to be cheating. Please don’t go making lovers elsewhere.”

He was taken aback and couldn’t help but stare at her for a bit then spoke in a slightly crestfallen voice.

“…I won’t make any.”

He felt a little offended. After he married, he hadn’t even looked at other women but unfortunately, he couldn’t refute his track record of being a malicious playboy.

“Additionally, if you get disgusted or tired of me and you want to leave me for another woman, please tell me first. I do not wish to hear it from another person’s mouth.”

He stared at her for a while then muttered bitterly.

“I forgot for a moment. In your head, I am a pretty terrible guy.”

It was a mysterious feeling to be marked as a bad guy rather than a nice guy by the woman he loved but again, he couldn’t refute this.

“I can’t give any excuses.”

He mumbled then grabbed her hand, kissing it.

“As you wish.”

He straightened his upper body and spoke to the maid that had been fretfully standing at the side for a while.

“What is it?”

“Sir Elliot has asked me to pass on his words; he is ready and waiting for the order to depart.”

Hugo had finally realized his feelings towards her but nothing could change right now. He still could not promise her anything.

There were also many things that he couldn’t reveal to her. He needed more time to decide what to and what not to show to her.

The hunt this time should give him the time he needed.

“You don’t need to see me off. Return.”

“…Yes. Please return safely.”

Watching his back as he walked away, Lucia’s heart throbbed and she clutched her chest tightly.

She hoped desperately, that he would never leave her like this someday.
Chapter 30 < — Damian — > (1)

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“Young master, I am Ashin, the administrative secretary. Do you remember me?”

Damian briefly looked up and down at Ashin before giving him a stiff nod and entering the carriage. His coldness is not inferior to his father’s.

‘This is why they say you can’t feign blood…’

Perhaps the Duke was just like this when he was a child. With his black hair and red eyes, Damian was a miniature Taran Duke. There was probably no need to use the royal family’s magical treasure to determine his ancestry.

No one would be able to say that the little lord was not of the Taran Duke’s blood.

‘Whew…this is just my fate.’

He hated long-distance trips. He would be extremely satisfied if all he had to do was routinely go back and forth between Roam and the house. He couldn’t help but sigh when he thought about having to sit next to that dreary little kid for a long time.

“I see you’ve been healthy and comfortable in the meantime. You’ve grown a lot, I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Ashim spoke amiably in a bland effort to elevate the mood. It wasn’t something he usually did but he didn’t want to be taken as a thug and Ashin found the little Taran duke that looked exactly like the Taran Duke whom he knew as the scariest man in the world, to be extremely prickly.

Also, it was the truth that he almost didn’t recognize him.

‘Whew…what eight year old is like this? He looks like he could be three to four years older. My nephew is ten years old but even he is smaller than our little lord.’

Even when the little lord was six years old, he had a burly physique so there were already signs of it back then.

Just like how a fox and a tiger were of different sizes.

‘If he keeps growing like this, won’t he end up with a huge frame? Completely different from what’s on paper.’

“…what is it?”


Ashin felt pleased with himself as the mouth of the little lord had finally opened.

“You know with your rank, you didn’t have to pick me up personally.”


Right. Someone of his status usually wouldn’t have to. Although he didn’t think those words were something that would have come out of an eight year old’s mouth.

‘Let’s put aside him remembering me… he remembers my rank?’

The Taran Duke’s bloodline must have something different. When he thought of it that way, he felt it was unfair and could also understand.

Even the current Taran Duke was like that. As a knight and as one of the best, his brain was excellent.

‘The world is originally unfair.’

He realized this the day his childish innocence was broken.

“It was the order of his Grace the Duke.”

Damian’s eyes grew a little bigger.


His expression seemed to be was asking.

“I believe young master has already heard the news. The Taran Duke now has a Lady of the House.”

Damian nodded his head. He usually received news about the Duke in a relatively detailed manner.

In order for him to take over in the future, the Duke intended for him to know about everything.

No matter how long he had left the house and no matter whether he was in a boarding school that was cut off from outside news, it was all so that the Duke would never hear the words, ‘I didn’t know’.

Damian memorized the letter that had been sent, word for word.

“These are just my thoughts but since both of you now have a mother-son relationship, I think both of you should get to know each other as a family.”

‘Mother-son relationship, you say?’

Damian inwardly questioned. His father was not such a delicate person. The idea that the Duke would want them to have a strong mother and son relationship did not make any sense.

Perhaps he and the Duchess would bite and tear at each other and the Duke wouldn’t be interested until one of them died.

“He didn’t say anything else?”

“Ah…he…wanted you to…not be rude to your mother. Said you should show proper respect…”

‘Well that’s that.’

Ashin had simplified it but he had delivered the warning. He just had to stay there quietly without being nervous.

Even though he was the successor, he was still illegitimate. Which meant he shouldn’t needlessly get on the Duchess’ nerves.

Even if the Duke didn’t warn him, Damian had no intention of confronting his stepmother.

After all, the consent of the Duchess was absolutely necessary to elevate his status.

“Is she pretty?”

“Huh? Ah…I have only seen her a few times…”

‘You only needs to see someone once to know if they are pretty or not.’

Due to Ashin’s hesitant response, Damian came to a conclusion.

‘She must not be that pretty.’

Damian’s interest in his stepmother was only to that extent, after which he folded that thought.

Looking at it from his stepmother’s point of view, Damian didn’t expect to be welcomed and expected that while he was in Roam, they would only meet a few times.

He would live as quiet as he were dead. If she didn’t want to see his face, he would lock himself up in the room and she harassed him and it was tolerable, he planned on just enduring it.

Damian was not very surprised when he heard that the Duke was getting married. He expected that the Duke had only done so because it was around time for him to get married.

Damian was grasping the cold temperament of his father that was only moved by necessity.

Even if the Duchess were to give birth to a child, Damian’s status as the successor would not be shaken.

His father was never a good father but he was someone that one could have firm belief in.

Damian’s attention then switched towards the Academy. The sudden summon at the beginning of the semester had messed up his schedule.

He was initially worried about leaving and falling behind since he didn’t know when he would be returning. At worst, he would have had to give up on the entire semester.

‘At most, I’ll be there for a week.’

It would take about three weeks if the journey back and forth was included.

If he didn’t want to fall behind when he returned, he couldn’t let any of his time be spent in vain.

Damian had already filled the trunk of the carriage to the brim with books.

< — Damian — > (1)

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The news of the Taran Duke’s marriage had come from someone’s mouth and was passed from mouth to mouth before reaching the high society.

It only came up in people’s conversations. There was no one that had attended the wedding so only the rumor had blown up because people did not know any other way to satisfy their curiosity.

Kwiz was of course, also curious and had put in a lot of money and time into satisfying that curiosity.

Since the woman that became the Duchess was a princess, it was hard to find anyone eager to investigate into it.

No matter how much he dug into it, he couldn’t find anything. The only accurate information was her name and age.

There was no one that knew even a little thing about the princess.

However, if it was considered a harvest to get her description from the maids in the palace that waited on her shortly before she married, then it was a harvest.

And so he became more unyielding. He was convinced he had an information source that was capable in its own way but it took them digging around for months and coming up with nothing to wake him up.

“What is going on? It’s not like they fell from the sky.”

Kwiz lamented the absurdness of it all. It wasn’t just Kwiz that had tried to find out about the princess.

The Royal Intelligence Division had also dug into Princess Vivian by investigating her detached palace but in the process, the manipulation of the palace maiden’s roll call was revealed.

The palace was turned inside out on the large scale and the head proprietors were held responsible and severely punished.

Kwiz dispatched someone to the village that the princess had lived until she was twelve years old and entered the palace but even the person that had been close to the mother-daughter pair shook her head, saying she’d never heard of it.

After digging and digging for several months, he got his hands on the letter that the princess’ mother had sent to the palace before she died.

“No clue from this too…”

Kwiz sighed after reading the short letter on the old piece of paper.

All it said was that she’d slept with the King one day and gave birth to the princess. There was nothing revealed about their relationship and nothing that gave hints about her mother’s identity. Her mother didn’t even sign her name.

“Could it be… her mother was a commoner…?”

He was slightly suspicious but it didn’t seem like it. Even though it seemed like that old geezer played around with whatever woman available, he had a preference.

It was unlikely that he would embrace a common woman with rough skin and hands that were coarse from labor.

“Do you really not know anything, Sir Krotin?”

Kwiz asked Roy, his nearby guard that liked to disappear, the same question he’d asked countless times already.

“I don’t. Even if I knew, I don’t.”

His irritating and discourteous manner of speaking caused the adjutant standing next to him to scowl.

Compared to him, the Crown Prince’s expression did not change although one couldn’t know what he felt inside.

“Even something else is fine. Just how the hell did those two meet and marry?”

I’m curious to death!

Looking at Kwiz’s frustrated expression because of his unsatisfied curiosity, Roy secretly snickered.

‘I know.’

It was quite enjoyable to know the secret that someone else was struggling to know.

“Come to think of it, you have a duel tomorrow, right, Sir Krotin?”


Factions of Counts hostile to the Crown Prince did not dare to directly confront the Crown Prince, so they picked a fight with the rigid Roy.

When he refused in his usual manner of speaking, flinging a few words at them, they would throw down their gauntlet to the ground saying he’d insulted them. (1)

And Roy gladly accepted. He had never once avoided a fight brought to him.

“Do I take it gently? I mean for the duel tomorrow.” [Roy]

Kwiz burst into laughter.

“Is that a new joke? What kind of joke is that? You don’t have to think about me, just fight to your heart’s content.”

It wasn’t like Roy wanted to fight personally but sending a knight of his family while they were assuming he would be fighting was an unbecoming sight so he was looking for an opportunity to crush them.

He could easily handle the knight than proposed the retaliation duel, it was their fault for serving the wrong master.

But because he was worried about causing an accident, he asked the prince. If an accident happened, it wouldn’t be a matter of the prince’s face but his lord would beat him to death.

“Got it.”

‘I got permission~.’ Roy laughed contentedly.

The Crown prince would continue torecall this day in the future for a while.

It was the beginning of the ‘Mad Dog’ Krotin. (2)


When news of the Duke of Taran’s marriage arrived, quite a lot of women felt their hearts break.

Anita was surprised but unlike those women, she just felt a little bitter. She had already married three times and had never even dreamt of marrying the Duke of Taran.

She was satisfied with being the lover that he didn’t forget and came to see from time to time.

‘When he is tired of his new bride, he will contact me.’

She kept her composure and waited but instead of getting contacted, she received a yellow rose.

She gaped spiritlessly at the bundle of yellow roses in front of her for an entire day, then got herself sick from stressing over it for ten days.

When she was barely able to even move her body, a question arose in her mind.

“Just why?”

No matter how much she thought about it, she hadn’t made any mistakes.

She’d never contacted him, asked him about his whereabouts  or even mentioned their relationship.

Rather, when she heard the news that he was married, she’d stayed away even more.

She just couldn’t understand his breakup declaration.

Removing his lover because he was married? He was never such a conscientious gentleman.

She suppressed her heart that wanted to immediately run to his manor and ask him why.

Because she knew that once she did that, she couldn’t take it back.

In the past, she’d heard of a woman who had stormed into his manor after being notified of their separation but after that incident, she never saw that woman in the noble circles again.

After thinking about it over and over again, she came to the conclusion that it was the one who had become the Duchess, Princess Vivian.

The new bride must have learnt of Anita’s existence and urged him to break it off.

And since he didn’t have that of an attachment to Anita anyways, it was obvious he’d just agreed to his wife’s request.

Anita began to investigate into who Princess Vivian was. At first, everything was as it seems.

However, the facts that were revealed to her little by little was so interesting that at some point, Anita began hunting day and night for information about Princess Vivian.

Anita investigated into her and her unique senses did not let any sort of information slip.

The first thing that caught her attention was the record of Princess Vivian attending the victory ball. The princess that was practically trapped in the palace and did not know anybody attended a victory ball.

Any woman would wonder; what about her dress? Her make-up? Her hair?

It was akin to randomly casting a net into water and reeling the fish in one by one; little by little, things about Princess Vivian were revealed.

She found out that the princess used to disguise herself as a maid and frequently left the castle. For the dress, Anita concluded the princess had to have procured it personally.

Princess Vivian wasn’t a princess that knew nothing about the world. Anita placed a portrait on the table and watched it without moving for a while.

It was a portrait based on descriptions of Princess Vivian that she’d obtained after handing out some bribes.

When Anita first saw it, she was relieved.

The person in the portrait was far from his taste. After reaching the conclusion that the marriage was just a marriage of convenience, she slept well.

But after a while, Anita’s heart became restless again. Yes, she wasn’t his taste but wouldn’t it be more likely for him to fall for her because of that?

Men were usually attracted to new things. She began to get worried about this unusual point of the princess that liked to cosplay as a maid.

‘Even if he’s interested in it for a while… it shouldn’t take long to cool off. At any time and who knows, he may come find me.’

She comforted herself while her anxiety grew even more. He hadn’t ever seen a woman that he’d sent a yellow rose a second time.

After she received the yellow rose, Anita barely had any days where she’d slept properly.

‘He only married because he needed to. He’s a man that does not know how to love a woman.’

While looking at Princess Vivian’s portrait, Anita constantly repeated those words in her head.

He was someone who drifted from one woman to another without ever settling down. It was hope based on the false premise that his heart wouldn’t ever be caught by a woman. It was also her pride.

Just thinking about that actually happening filled her heart with anxiety.

‘I have to see the real Princess Vivian.’

She wanted to calm her anxiety by meeting Princess Vivian and confirming that she wasn’t in his eyes.

‘Do I go to the North and confirm it without him knowing…?’*

If she didn’t take the ‘gates’, a carriage there would take several months. She couldn’t even bear the thought of doing that.

To use the Northern ‘gate’, one had to gain the approval of the Taran Duke and no matter how formal the process was, she was afraid of the backlash if he ever found out.

It would be better to just wait for the two to return to the capital.

‘Why did she pretend to be a maid and leave the palace? What did she do outside the palace? Did she have a lover…?’

A lover. That was very possible.

Finding Princess Vivian was going to be the real starting point from now on. Her initial intention of just checking out Princess Vivian’s face was gone.

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