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Chapter 31 < — Damian — > (2)

A jet-black carriage hurried across the streets of Roam.

Taking a closer look at the little black wooden carriage, one could find the motif of a black lion drawn on it.

The black carriage was so fascinating that people stopped what they were doing to look at it when it first appeared.

The black wood used as the main material of the carriage was as strong as steel and is said to have been used by the military in the past.

And because many people withered to death from the sickness gotten from the natural habitat of the black wood, the price of black wood had now surpassed that of gold.

Hugo had made this carriage of black wood for the safety of his wife so Lucia often went out in a carriage that was fit for a King.

At this point, people already knew who was inside whenever the black carriage passed by.

Most people would never get to see the faces of the ones inside such a carriage in their lifetime because the ones inside were in such a high position.

And so, when the carriage appeared, they just watched it till it was out of their sight.

When the carriage crossed the bridge and entered the gates, the sound of a horn was heard. The black horse carriage carrying Lucia continued to run and stopped in front of the deepest inner tower in the Roam Castle.

The employees were all outside to greet the Lady. When Lucia returned from her horse riding, just as usual, she took a bath then sat in the receiving room, drinking the fragrant tea that Jerome served.

“Did you enjoy your outing, Milady?” (Jerome)

“I enjoyed it. Emily is a really kind child, she followed my clumsy instructions very well.”

Her favorite horse, Emily was a nice and well-trained mare that Hugo had given to her.

Lucia didn’t really know much about horses but when she looked at its glossy appearance she could guess it was a good horse.

Whenever Lucia heard compliments about its loveliness, she just shrugged her shoulders.

“Who said such a thing? Even if you had 10 horses, you can’t replace Emily. She is a very expensive horse.”

“Yes. It seems that way.”

As it was not polite to discuss the price of his master’s gift, Jerome did not say the details. Lucia didn’t ask either, but she was thankful that Hugo thought about her and gave her precious horse as a gift.

‘I miss him…’

“When is he coming back?”

“Yes? Ah… I don’t know exactly, but it can be long. I think it will be about a month.”

“A month…? What exactly is going on? I know it’s work in the fief…”

Before, she was not interested in what he was doing, but now she wanted to know more about it.

“Some parts are about the fief, others are not. It is something Master goes to annually.”

Jerome tried to emphasize that his master’s suddenly departure was only for work reasons and definitely not for a private reason. He did not know about the dramatic reconciliation of the couple.

“Milady already knows that the northern border is close to the barbarians. They is no central tribe so from time to time, they cross the border to plunder. Master subdues them once a year to keep them in check.”

“Then, every year, he leaves at this time of the year?.”

“This year is earlier than other years. He usually leaves early in the winter. I heard that an order to dispatch arrived. It seems that they haven’t been payed much attention to after the war so the plundering became more frequent.”

“It must be hard for the Northern people who continuously get anxious because of this.”

“If they doesn’t live close to the border, I don’t think they would be anxious. It’s a lot different when one looks at it from afar.”

Lucia nodded her head, sipping a little tea then suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh my goodness! How could I forget? Isn’t today his birthday Jerome?”

The birthday date that Jerome had reminded her of before was exactly today. She’d kept it in her mind but she had forgotten about it because they were fighting.

“I should have told him before he left. It’s his birthday but he won’t receive any congratulation, he’ll just be fighting barbarians.”

She felt so sad for him that her heart hurt.

“Mmm… Milady, Master had never taken care of his birthday separately.”

“I expected that. Who would take care of his birthday like that? Only the people around him can.”

“That…he doesn’t like being reminded of it.”


“I don’t really know much. However I often get the feeling that not only about his birthday, Master also dislikes being reminded of his childhood.”

Jerome never spoke of anything he was unsure of or carelessly speak his mind but because she looked very sad, he gave a sincere reply.

‘So he doesn’t have any memories he wants to remember from his childhood…’

That was a sad thing.

Lucia lived a difficult life and there was a moment in her life where her memory was perfect. She was happy until she was twelve years old. The times when she lived with her mother as a child were happy times.

The story of the Duke’s tragedy in the west tower once again rose to the forefront of Jerome’s mind. It was a terrible thing at the time and he shouldn’t think of it nor speak of it so he tried to forget it.

However the thought always arose whenever he laid eyes on the west tower, and as time went on, he grew more interested in the background story than the murder itself.

The dead Duke had abandoned one of his sons to stop misfortune and left him to his own fate. As he did something no parent should ever do, he brought it upon himself.

“Jerome, you said you’ve never met the dead Duke before, right?”

“Yes. I have served master ever since he became a knight.”

“I may just be my prejudice but I think he was a very heartless man.”

Jerome hesitated for a moment then spoke.

“From the little fragments of him that I have gathered, I don’t think my thoughts differ very much from Milady’s”

‘His past is very far from ordinary.’ (Lucia)

< — Damian — > (2)

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Hugo did not know his mother’s face as she’d died not too long after delivery while his father abandoned one son after weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

It was only natural he grew to have such a cold and emotionless personality. Or rather, considering his past, he had grown quite excellently.

‘Abandoning a newborn baby? I just can’t understand why he would do that.’ (Lucia)

It wasn’t like any problems had cropped up but because a trouble might happen, he abandoned his newborn son.

It was genuinely Hugo’s luck that he was chosen to be the successor to the Duke.

‘If he was the one abandoned…he might have been the dead brother and murderer…’

Numerous noble families have constantly dealt with successor problems, whether in the past, present or future but there had been no case where it was solved in this way. When it became known, it was something that many people criticized.

‘He said offsprings were rare in the Taran family, right? If offsprings were rare then the twins should have been raised more preciously.’

It just didn’t add up.

‘In the case of Damian, sure, he is the precious son of a family with precious offsprings.’

Damian is the only son. He is the successor.

Even if one can say Damian was sent to boarding school in order to bring him up strictly, there was even no contact between them.

There was way too much indifference.

‘Was it because he didn’t receive much affection from his father when he was a child that he doesn’t know how to give it?’

The more she thought about it, the more things she found strange. As she constantly asked and answered questions in her mind, she fell into deep contemplation.

‘He’s had many women. It wouldn’t be strange if he had a few illegitimate children.’

But she hadn’t heard of him having any more children in her dreams.

‘Was it so hard to get a child that he had to make Damian the successor?’

Then, there should be no reason for him to be reluctant about Lucia getting pregnant. It would make more sense if he wanted make as many offsprings as possible.

The reason many nobles preferred fertility and competition between their children for succession was for the future of their family.

Having only one successor carried innumerable risks.

When she got into an argument with him, she was carried away by her emotions and was unable to analyze his words calmly so now she unhurriedly contemplated his words.

[I don’t need a child.]

[I don’t want to leave my mark.]

He didn’t say that because he was afraid of the conflict for succession.


The nuance of the expression contained an underlying repulsion.

‘Then what of Damian? Is it that he didn’t want it but the woman didn’t even tell him she was pregnant and gave birth?’

It was quite possible.

Rather than the forceful removal of a child, the aftereffects of giving birth was much easier on a woman’s body. Many illegitimate children were born this way. Lucia was born this way too.

‘If he didn’t really want a child, then he shouldn’t have been so negligent.’

She only wished to see the good side of the man that she loved but she had to acknowledge that he had a cold and cruel side to him.

He would have forced an abortion if he really did not want the child.

‘Merely abortion? He could do even worse.’

Her reasoning whispered to her but she ignored it. Anyways, she wanted to see as much as possible, the good side of the man she loved.

‘No. If you look at his age when Damian was born…he was at a young age so there could have been a gap… He is a person too, he can make mistakes.’

Perhaps because he had revealed his inner feelings for some time when they last fought, she could somewhat tell that Damian didn’t seem to be born from love.

‘Even if you don’t want to, the born child has done nothing wrong. It seems like he’s abandoned Damian. Usually, men felt deep affection for their flesh and blood but… as if Damian isn’t his real son…’

It was a random thought that appeared in her mind but she was suddenly overcome with intense suspicion.


“Milady, do I fill it with more tea?”

Jerome’s voice shook her out of her reverie and she looked down at her hand to find her cup empty.


Lucia’s heart drummed as she watched the teacup fill up.

“Jerome…have you ever seen the little lord?”

Jerome flinched and began to study Lucia. ‘Is she starting again?’ his expression read as he grew nervous.


“Does he…resemble him a lot?”

“…Yes. They look very similar, to a very shocking extent.”

‘I guess my leap in logic was too much….well, of course, it’s a ridiculous idea.’

Allowing someone that wasn’t his blood to inherit his name? Something like that wouldn’t happen.

She tried to get the foolish idea out of her mind but she still felt like something was missing.

“Did you see Damian when he was born? And how did he enter the Ducal House?”

Jerome made a troubled face. No matter how much he wanted to tell everything to her Grace, there was a limit to things.

“I apologize, Milady. I am unable to speak indiscreetly about anything concerning the young master. I think it would be better to ask master.”

Although it was a pity, she didn’t want to put Jerome in a difficult position.

Lucia thought about it for a long time, she felt like she’d caught onto something but at the same time, it felt like she hadn’t so although there was some suspicion, she couldn’t reach a definite conclusion.

In the evening on the same day, a maid brought medicine into her bedroom as she prepared to fall asleep.

Anna hadn’t been able to find a cure yet so she put Lucia on medicine that was beneficial to a woman’s womb.

As she took a sip, the uniquely unpalatable and slightly bitter taste of the medicine entered her mouth.

‘The taste of that drug was quite unique too.’

Although it was in her dreams, Lucia still remembered the taste of the medicine she had taken to treat the mugwort poisoning in her body because it had quite the unique taste.

‘The scent of vanilla… it tasted just like that.’

The next day, Lucia was taking a walk around the garden after a meal.


A maid ran up to her full of urgency, her expression looking quite flustered.

“What is it?”

“The…the little lord…he’s here.”

As Jerome looked at the red-eyed and dark-haired boy that looked very similar to his master, he held back his confusion from showing and when the little lord wasn’t paying attention, he gave Ashin a fierce glare.

Ashin was startled and furtively avoided his gaze.

“It’s been a long time, young master. Has all been well?”

As usual, Damian had nothing to criticize in the Jerome that greeted him politely. But.

‘He’s confused.’

Damian thought to himself as he watched Jerome’s absentminded manner. More accurately speaking, Jerome’s perfect expression and attitude did not reveal anything.

However, even if Jerome didn’t do anything, the employees had all lined up nearby to receive him when he’d arrived at the castle but all of them, including the guarding knights, had the same expression that read:

‘What are you doing here?’

“It’s been a while.” (Damian)

“I take it you are tired from your long journey. Have you had your lunch?” (Jerome)

“Not yet but I’ll have it later. The carriage kept wobbling so my stomach is uncomfortable.”

“I understand, young master. Then I shall escort you to your bedroom so you may rest…”

Jerome suddenly stopped talking and the surroundings fell into a strange silence. Damian expected that someone had appeared and he could take a guess as to who it was.

Damian then turned his head in the direction of everyone else’s gaze.

The woman that entered through the half-open door of the receiving room must have been running for her shoulders were moving up and down.

The brown-haired woman looked younger and smaller than he’d expected and appeared breathless and tense.

‘Is she…’

The Lady of the House of Taran. The Duchess and Damian’s stepmother.



Once she heard the maid say that Damian had come, Lucia had run out. The moment she saw him, she had to stop to admire.

‘How could they been so similar?’

Jerome’s words were not exaggerated at all. With his red eyes and black hair, his features were as though someone took the Duke and reduced him to a smaller size. Could anyone even raise any doubt that he wasn’t the Duke’s son?

‘Then that would be ridiculous. But surely… it isn’t that he doesn’t know the fact that he’s been announced as successor…?”

Damian sighed a little as he looked at the Duchess that was watching him with wide eyes.

She’d just gotten married, but can only be at loss for words as her husband already has an illegitimate child.

Either she stiffens in shock, gives him a piercing glare, gets angry and storms away, looks at him like a disgusting worm or surprises him by slapping his cheeks.

These were the weakest plans. He wouldn’t have to worry about the Duchess that showed these type of reactions.

If she stayed composed, masked her feelings while smiling and treating him like a son, it would be the wisest plan.

But it wouldn’t be very good for him if the Duchess faced him this way.

Chapter 32 < — Damian — > (3)

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“It’s a pleasure to meet you for the first time. My greetings are late, I’m Damian.”

Damian approached the Duchess and bowed his head, keeping an appropriate distance.

“Ah…nice to meet you.”

Damian glanced sideways at her when she replied in a gentle tone.

‘Is she too shocked that she can’t understand the current situation?’

There was no hostility or disgust in the amber colored eyes of the Duchess.

Maybe she was yet to put her emotions in order or was a high-level actress. He couldn’t decide yet.

Her appearance alone was different from the image he had pictured. He had imagined a lady full of the pride and gracefulness of a princess. She was more of innocence and gentleness than pride and gracefulness.

He couldn’t understand the Ashin that had answered evasively when he’d asked him if she was pretty.

‘But she is pretty…’

“Milady, the young master just came back from a long carriage journey and mentioned he would like to rest.” (Jerome)

“Ah. He should get some rest. I know how exhausting a carriage trip can be. It’s around the time for lunch, has he eaten?”

“…He’s not in the mood for it.”

“Even so, he can’t continue to have an empty stomach till evening, he’s at the prime of his growth. Steward, have them prepare something easy on the stomach and bring it out. For dinner too, prepare something that digests easily.”

“Yes, Milady.”

The boy that had been silently staring at Lucia, bowed his head and followed a servant. When the boy had gone far enough that he wouldn’t see her, Lucia grabbed her reddening face with both hands.

‘Ah, my goodness! So cute!’

He was a mini Duke! He was the childhood of the Duke that Lucia had not seen. It wasn’t just his appearance but his stiff and cold expressions were practically a carbon copy.


Jerome was worried that her Grace would be shocked but when she turned her head, her eyes were twinkling.

“You said he was eight, right Jerome?”

“That is correct. He was born with an uncommonly huge physique.”

“I see…Indeed, I don’t think it would make any sense if his son was small.”

“Are you…okay?”


“…No, nothing.”

“He’s a much cuter child than I expected. Looks kind too.”


The word ‘cute’ was definitely not a word that matched the young master. It may have during his early childhood but definitely not now.

And kind? Where did she see that? The young master resembles the Duke in looking like he wouldn’t bleed even if you stabbed him. Her Grace’s eyes were questionable. (1)

“If I say I want to have dinner together, would it be uncomfortable?” (Lucia)

“…If Milady isn’t uncomfortable, then…”

“Uncomfortable indeed. I’m looking forward to dinner tonight.”

Jerome watched as her Grace left the receiving room cheerfully then fell into deep thought. She had the completely opposite reaction that the normal person would have.

It was the tragic situation of a new bride marrying in and within a few months of marriage, her husband’s older son shows up. Her Grace’s reaction was definitely not normal.

Maybe she didn’t know the seriousness of the situation or maybe her Grace was just someone with no discretion.

Jerome then grabbed Ashin and pulled him into the steward’s office. He glared sharply at Ashin while Ashin was trying his best to avoid the gaze on him, his eyes wandering all over the ceiling.

“What the hell is going on, Sir Ashin?”

“What do you mean?”

“What did you not tell me you would be picking up the young master?”

“That… well, I thought you already knew.”

“Even if you thought that way, you should have informed me or Milady.”

“…that…his Grace didn’t give any instruction to do so…”

Jerome grabbed him by the neck. It wasn’t like he was a rookie that had just become an administrative officer so, was that something a secretary should say?

If someone’s worked as long as Ashin has, they should have figured out the Duke’s nature by now.

It was very often that the Duke would give orders without the process to carry it out, and if one person could pass on his words to others then that was the end of it.

He had no interest in whether there was communication or not. It was all on their heads if there was a problem due to lack of communication.

And so, vassals of the Duke would often have short meetings between themselves to check if there were any holes in their knowledge.

“Do I have to point things out to you to that extent, Sir Ashin?”

Occasionally in some areas, the usually swift Ashin would strangely have his flexibility drop to a bottom when it came to work regarding the Duke.

Jerome heard a knock as he was about to continue speaking and after a while, the door opened slowly and Fabian’s head peeked in.

“What’s going on? Oh, Sir Ashin, It’s been a long time.”

“Fabian! It’s been a while. Then you brothers can sort out yourselves… I’ll just…”

They shared a brief handshake, lightly knocked their shoulders and as soon as the greeting was over, Ashin felt as though he’d found a way to survive and immediately scurried off.

“What’s the matter?” (Fabian)

Jerome sighed deeply.

“It’s not a big deal. Master isn’t here right now, what is it? Didn’t you hear he was going to deal with the barbarians?” (Jerome)

“I know. I received different order so I came here. It seems like the young master is here?”

“He arrived a little while ago.”

“Your expression doesn’t seem good. Is her Grace very unhappy?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Unhappy? She liked it so much that even her steps grew lighter. He gave up on explaining to Fabian because Fabian would just call it nonsense. He would allow Fabian to see it with his own eyes.

“I was suddenly asked to bring the family registry document so was wondering what was going on. The young master is back, huh.”

“…Registry documents?”

“Although I don’t know if her Grace has given her consent. How are those two these days? Is his Grace still in his honeymoon mood?”

“Watch your words.”

Jerome seemed very unimpressed with the topic as he frowned intensely and Fabian awkwardly shrugged his shoulders.

“What of the capital? Anything new?” (Jerome)

“There’s always something new in that place.”

Fabian recalled an incident that had caused a racket in the high society not too long ago. Roy Krotin, the current escort to the crown prince, beat a knight of a Count’s family half-dead.

It wouldn’t be a problem if it was a legitimate duel but the duel was quite undefined.

It would be correct to say he was suppressed by Roy’s skills but the method was controversial.

Roy provoked the Knight by not drawing his sword; saying that if he was made to draw his sword, he would admit defeat, causing the opposing knight to blow his top.

And Roy beat up the Knight that jumped at him with his sword like a rag doll.

When Fabian first heard the news, he was speechless but afterwards, he couldn’t stop laughing. He knew that Roy was someone that his Lord often wreaked havoc on to beat sense into him.

Sure enough, there was controversy as to whether it was a fair duel. The count ran around asking what type of duel that was meanwhile at the crown prince’s side, when he heard that Roy had crushed them with his skills, he burst into laughter.

And so, suddenly, Roy swiftly became the center of interest in the social circles. Fabian found the situation extremely hilarious but he didn’t think Jerome would find it funny too so he just kept it to himself.

“Ah right. These days, there’s a rumor floating around about the mine that his Grace gave as a dowry.” (Fabian)

“Why has that turned into a rumor?”

A dowry was a private matter that only those involved in the exchange should know about.

For the receiver, it said how much one sold their daughter for, and for the giver, it was how much money one paid for their wife and so, to keep up appearances, it was the proper courtesy not to talk about it.

“What do you think? It’s obvious who spread it. The King must have boasted about it so it spread.”


The two brothers clicked their tongue in disapproval towards the senseless king.

“Anyways, that’s why all sorts of rumors are flying around. It is said that because her Grace is such a beauty, even if a man looks from afar he would fall for her so his Grace fell for her at a glance, gave away his entire mine and dragged her to his estate so that no one could see her.”

Honestly speaking, her Grace wasn’t to that extent.

Looking at the sight of Fabian giggling away, Jerome clicked his tongue.

“Someone like Milady is beautiful.”

“…Did you eat something wrong?”

“Mmn, The problem is poking fun at other people without any basis. That’s too much…”

“What’s too much? His Grace doesn’t care about things like rumors.”

Was it really like that? Jerome had a hunch that his master wouldn’t be indifferent to rumors concerning her Grace. He was almost certain of it.

Translator’s Corner:

1. Basically it’s saying that they are tough men to the extent you have to wonder if they really have blood in their veins.

< — Damian — > (3)

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Damian thought he’d slept for a long time but when he got up, it was still bright outside.

Damian’s bedroom was located in one of the buildings connected to the central tower. It was a room originally build to be a nursery for the Duke’s children.

It was considerably wide ranging from the bedroom to the study room, enough for up to ten children to stay in.

When he looked outside the window from the second floor of the bedroom that had been his until he left for boarding school, he could see the garden that was covered with colorful flowers.

‘Is this the work of the Duchess…’

He’d thought that flowers were unsuitable for the dreary Ducal House but surprisingly, they didn’t look out of place and the scent of the flowers filled the air.

He didn’t usually feel any sort of love or hate towards flowers but he thought it would be good to see the garden that was full of flowers.

And so, Damian went down to the garden. The scent that filled his nose was much more intense.


It was first time the boy realized that his name could be said so sweetly. He stopped abruptly and turned to look at the approaching Duchess. As Damian laid his eyes on the Duchess who looked extremely happy, he tilted his head.

‘Why is she happy?’

“Did you sleep well? You woke up pretty early. Aren’t you hungry?”

It was a soft and clear voice. Her pleasant voice was filled with goodwill. Damian pulled the reins of his cautiousness tighter. What an incredible actress.

“…I’m okay for now.”

“Have I perhaps interrupted you?”


Damian had no memory of his birth mother and whether it was his professors or the students at the academy, they were all male. The women that worked in the kitchen or did the chores were all middle-aged women.

He’d never conversed with a young woman that he wasn’t in an employment relationship with, so he was extremely awkward.

“I thought the garden looked great so I came here.” (Damian)

“I just planted a bunch of flowers but I’m glad you think it’s nice.” (Lucia)

“You can speak more comfortably.” (Damian) (TN: She’d been using formal speech)

“Mm…Sure? I don’t really care much but…would that be more comfortable for you?”


“Alright. If you’re taking a walk, would you like to take a short walk with me?” (TN: She’s switched to informal)


As they silently walked through the path in the garden, Lucia continued to sneak glances at the boy.

The more she looked, the more amazed she got. It seemed like her heart that had been wanting to see him could be satisfied by looking at Damian for some time.

Even the boy’s stiff and polite tone somehow resembled him.

“I heard you were at boarding school. Is this a vacation?”

“…There are no vacations but an outing is possible. His Grace asked me to come so I came. He also asked me to give my greetings to the Duchess.”


Damian was definitely keeping a distance from her. She could feel it.

‘Although truthfully, if he’d called me mother once…….it may have been a tad creepy…’

When noble children reach the age of discretion, they would oftentimes become obsessed with a sense of entitlement and become arrogant and impudent.

There were also cases where they remain the same even after they matured, but still, when they grew older, they learnt how to keep what they really thought inside and pretend on the outside.

Damian was now eight years old but was as disciplined as a knight. But even so, she could only see him as the child he was.

‘Is this the power of boarding schools? Then it would be nice to send all noble children to boarding schools.’

The fact that she was not in a position high enough to enforce such a thought was the fortune of all noble children.

“Damian, honestly speaking, right now, it is hard for me to think of you as a son .”

So direct—! Damian paused in surprise and looked at Lucia.

“You too, right? It’s hard for you to think of me as your mother.”

I didn’t expect this kind of method! Damian chose his words carefully.

“…I apologize. Did I make a mistake…”

“No. I’m not blaming you, I’m just saying it’s natural. We’ve just met, we don’t know each other so it’s only natural to be unfamiliar.”

Red eyes much smaller than his (Hugo’s) looked at Lucia. He evoked in Lucia the image of a young animal that had just learned about the world. He lifted his eyebrows adorably, searching her like she was the first existence he’d ever seen.

To the Lucia who had gotten accustomed to the predatory gaze of the gigantic beast called Hugo, Damian’s sharp gaze was merely just that.

‘So cute. So cute!’

Her hands were fidgeting. She wanted to pinch his cheeks a little or even pat his head.

Lucia restrained herself from doing so as that would make him more vigilant.

“We only differ in age by ten years. If I had a ten year old child at my age, then your father becomes a criminal.” (Lucia) (1)

Damian quickly suppressed the huge smile that was about to break out on his face.

“So, I want us to try and get a little bit closer to each other. Instead of being so formal and calling me ‘Duchess’, call me by my name, Lucia. It’s my childhood name.”


“Let’s get along from now on, Damian.”

Lucia had been influenced in various ways from hanging out with Kate. It would be hard to change her fundamental character but she liked Kate’s straightforward way of speaking so she was trying to be more like that.

She stretched out her hand to ask for a handshake while Damian stared blankly at her hand. He couldn’t make out what the Duchess wanted.

Why would she want to do such a troublesome thing? Damian was definitely the weaker party between him and the Duchess. He was young in age and an illegitimate child.

When the Duchess gives birth to a child in the future, he would be an obstacle. There was no reason for the Duchess to try and improve their relationship.

“Is that difficult?” (Lucia)


Damian grabbed the Duchess’s hand in front of him.

‘I don’t know what her true motive is but…since I can’t read my opponent yet, I have no choice but to accept.’

Although Damian was young, he wasn’t an idiot that would reveal his aggression to an opponent whose intentions he couldn’t grasp.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. If she hid a knife behind her smile, he would do the same too. He was still young and did not have any power.

It was a time where he definitely could not upset anyone.

‘Seems like it will be hard to get close.’ (Lucia)

Damian thought he was hiding his thoughts but to the Lucia that had experienced a lot in life, the vigilance of a young child was obvious to her.

Even if she said that she wasn’t his enemy, he wouldn’t believe her.

With his position as an illegitimate child without a mother around to embrace him and a father that did not give him warm care and attention, no matter who it was, they would be disillusioned.

‘After some time, it will be okay. My sincerity will definitely be seen someday.’

Lucia knew that she would love his son just as much as she loved him.

Translator’s Corner:

1. I’m not sure if the joke came across well(sorry) but she’s saying that if she’s the biological mother of a 10 year old child at her age (she’s 18 i think), then his father becomes a criminal (cuz she would have to have given birth at 8 years old for that to happen).

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