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Chapter 861 - Dandelions- Part 3

"Seriously, Vlad. It is her choice to decide on where she wants to stay and you cannot have her choose like that," said Helena with her hands folded as they walked through the woods.

Vladimir rolled his eyes, "Constance is my daughter, of course, I would like to spend time with her."

"Which can be done in the Hawthrone castle," Helena pointed out. "You could go back and live in the Hawthrone castle, instead of moving back here. And everyone has a family now, you should find other hobbies to do."

The Devil was not pleased, but at the same time, he decided to drop on that matter before moving to the subject. "Did you see how much time she spends with Michael? I would think he has other things to do but he always shows up every weekend."

Helena rolled her eyes at this. Vladimir had been suspicious by thinking something was going on between Constance and the archangel Michael as the archangel visited her. "At least, unlike someone, he meets her once in every seven days, and not once in seven hours."

Vladimir chuckled at Helena's words, "You are my soulmate, I couldn't let you go just like that."

The head of the High House shook her head at the Devil's words. Once they reached the castle that was in Belmount, Odin was quick to greet them at the door.

"Good evening Master and Lady Helena," the demon bowed his head in greeting and took each of their coats to place and then hung on the stand. "Would you like to have some blood tea?"

"Yes," replied Helena, and Vladimir waved his hand as if he was not in the mood to have tea now. The walls inside the Devil's castle now had been decorated with large paintings of him sitting on a throne in Hell and a few more with his servant and one that was the family portrait as well as one in which he and Helena had been painted.

"I know he has something to do with Constance going to Heaven," muttered the Devil with his eyes narrowed. "Michael knows he won't be able to meet our dear daughter if she were to come and live here."

Though Helena knew Vladimir was right, she didn't speak on it and instead said, "So what if there's something going on, isn't he much better compared to Lawrence? He took care of her and brought her back to the living world."

"I will never approve of him for Constance!" fire blazed in Vladimir's eyes, but Helena was barely fazed by it.

"She's not a child, Vlad. She has a son and a grandson. And, she deserves good people around her and peace," Helena sighed before saying, "Stop being selfish."

Vlad's mouth parted, and his eyes narrowed, "You want a person who used to be called as my brother to be approved for her?"

"It isn't like you both are blood brothers," she gave him a look. "I have important documents to read and sign, don't disturb me," said Helena, taking the blood tea in her hand from Odin's hand and starting to climb up the stairs. But even though Helena had told him not to disturb her, he climbed up the stairs to follow her as the matter was not over.

Back in Hawthrone's castle, Madeline was helping her son in teaching him how to write when Constance arrived at the room.

"I hope I am not disturbing you both," said Constance and Madeline quickly stood up to greet the woman.

"Of course not, Lady Constance. Was there something you needed?" asked Madeline earnestly to her mother-in-law.

Constance said, "I was going to the old house and was wondering if you would like to accompany me," came the polite words of the woman. "But I see you are teaching Morven, we can go later."

"That's fine," Madeline shook her head. "We are almost done and I was going to send him to Cal." Though they were the King and the Queen of Devon, both Madeline and Calhoun had taken up the tasks to be close to their son by involving themselves, instead of not keeping a governess to look after their son.

The little boy had been learning something from every family member, some from his parents, some from his grandparents, and some other relatives. "Come, dear. It is time to go see your papa," said Madeline, giving her hand to Morven, who held her hand.

Only two months had passed since Constance had returned to the living world. And life in the castle had turned even more peaceful than before, where it was filled with a serenity like the clear sky without the clouds.

Walking towards the royal court room, they entered it and saw Calhoun talking to one of the ministers. "I will be going out with Lady Constance," Madeline informed him.

"Take the guards along with you," said Calhoun, not wanting any harm to occur on his family. Madeline nodded her head. He then offered his hand for his son to take, bringing him to sit on his lap. "I guess it is time for both of us to spend time and for you to learn what happens in the royal court room."

Madeline and Constance left the castle in the carriage while being accompanied by the two guards. Reaching the village, they stepped down. It seemed that the lady wanted to take a look at the house where she once lived with her son, thought Madeline to herself.

Constance stared at the house that was filled with precious memories. To others, it was a place that was looked down upon but for her, it was her home which was warm. When her memories had come rushing through, it hadn't felt as painful as people had thought it to be. And the reason might have been because before she had even died, she had made peace with Reality.

"Cal was small, probably around Morven's age when we moved to this place," said Constance to Madeline, and as she said this, there was a smile on her face. "We had moved a lot, every time moving one village farther away from the castle. Back then, he always had this frown on his face. I think he acquired it from my father."

Madeline smiled at Constance's words. She held respect for the woman, who could see the good things from the bad things.

"He must have been smart since he was little," said Madeline, and Constance nodded her head.

"He was. Smarter and sharper," responded Constance. They then started to walk away from the house, while the carriage had been parked far away, with the guards keeping some distance from the two royal women.

Madeline had learned many more things about Calhoun from Constance, learning about his childhood that made her smile and think about the hard life.

They now moved near the market, taking a stroll at the side of the road, when her eyes fell on two familiar people in their tattered clothes.

Rosamund and her daughter stood at the side, looking at people who passed in front of them while begging them for help and food.


Chapter 862 - Good Things- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Framed Memories- Dominic Lewis


The state in which Rosamund and Sophie were in right now was something unimaginable. In the past, they were the most reputable women of the royal household. Being the former princess of Devon and daughter of the last second deceased King, Rosamund had grown up with a gold spoon in her mouth.

She had never shown any consideration or sympathy for any person who was lower than her in status. And she stood in the corner of the road, now and then trying to stop the people who were walking past her. But people were fickle-minded, who changed their mind like the weather. The people, who once used to respect her, paid no heed to her or the state she was in.

"Please wait!" said Rosamund, her eyes looking frantic. She was only pushed aside by the people as if she was a speck of dust.

Madeline, who stood next to Constance, watched them from afar while Constance looked at some items in the nearby shop. She didn't know what to do right now. When Lady Constance was in the castle, Rosamund and her family had tortured her in and outside the castle. She didn't know how much trauma her mother-in-law must have gone through.

"What do you think about this?" asked Constance, picking up one of the mud made artefacts.

Madeline turned to look at the little pot and smiled, "It looks pretty."

When her mother-in-law went back to looking at the other objects, Madeline wondered if it would be better to leave. Protecting Lady Constance from any mental or physical harm was her priority.

But it was too late to dodge because, on hearing a familiar voice, Constance turned her head in its direction. Both the woman's gazes met from one side of the road to another. Rosamund appeared to be in shock on seeing Constance alive and standing next to Madeline. She was in disbelief as she had heard about Constance's death. Everyone had heard about it!

While Madeline was worried that bad memories would trigger Constance on meeting Rosamund Wilmot, who was the cause of her misery and death, Constance stood in her place, staring at the vampiress.

"Who is that, mama?" asked Sophie when she saw her mother staring at a woman. Sophie was in even worse condition, and when her eyes fell on Madeline, her eyes hardened. Here she was, her life turned from riches to rags where she was wearing torn clothes covered in dirt, and there was the Queen who had snatched her rightful place.

Rosamund wasn't able to process anything in words, and her lips only trembled. She turned scared on seeing Constance walk towards her.

Madeline diligently followed her mother-in-law's footsteps while also making sure to be on alert if Rosamund were to try any tricks. But the vampiress looked in the worst of the worst conditions.

"I-Is that you, C-Constance?" questioned Rosamund.

Her straight and proud back, now hunched with both her hands holding each other.

Constance replied, "It is me. I didn't know I would be meeting you again this way." She remembered the first time when she had met Rosamund. The attribute of arrogance and pride coursed through the vampiress's blood, talking to her only because Lawrence had brought her to the castle.

The one time when Constance had gone back to visit the castle after she had been thrown out of there, Rosamund and her mother had only continued to mistreat her.

'How many times do you think we need to remind you to stay away from my brother?' questioned Rosamund with a deep frown on her face.

'I only need to tell him something. Please, let me talk to him once. I just need to tell-'

'Looks like you haven't learned your lesson yet. You are a woman with no background, what made you even dream and think that you could stand next to him?!' demanded Queen Morganna. 'Get out now! And don't show your face again!'

'Don't you know that my brother is tired of you? Have some shame, to be standing here and thinking he will accept you,' scoffed Rosamund. 'But I think you have none, considering how many men you please,' she sneered before leaving the entrance of the castle.

Constance had wanted to speak to Lawrence, to tell him who she was and how much she loved him, that she was carrying his child. But love seemed to be a trivial subject when it came to the mortals of the living world. A promise that didn't have any value, nor did the love they showered, which could change at any time.

As the memories dissolved in Constance's mind, Rosamund quickly fell on her knees in front of her and begged, "Please forgive me for the things I have done and for what I have told you! I have made mistakes and I want to fix them! Please forgive me!"

Sophie looked utterly confused as she didn't know why her mother was begging a stranger whom she had never seen before. She glared at Madeline because it was all her fault! She had done nothing! Nor had she tried to poison anyone, nor did she commit treason! The least the King could do was to punish her mother and not her!

Four years had passed since the Wilmot's had been demoted from their position. Vlad had made their lives as difficult as one could ever think that no one in the town or village came forward to help the Wilmot's.

"Please forgive me! I should have not treated you that way!"

"Who is this mother?" asked Sophie as her mother continued to beg on the ground.

Seeing how Sophie was still trying to stand up and against Madeline, Rosamund pulled her daughter down so that she could join her by sitting on her knees. "This is the King's mother!" she whispered to her daughter.

Sophie had heard many stories about the woman. But realizing the woman who was supposed to be dead was now standing in front of them, the young vampiress's eyes turned wide in horror.

"S-she's a ghost!" Sophie stuttered, and Madeline couldn't help but internally smile.

Rosamund quietly glared at her daughter for uttering stupid things right now. She shifted her gaze back to look at Constance and said,

"Our condition is so bad that we don't get anything to eat and starve. No one treats us right. Please help us, Constance!"

"Lady Constance," corrected Madeline.

"Y-yes yes, Lady Constance," agreed Rosamund. "The King and your father have made our lives hard, and I agree we deserved it but we have learned from our mistakes. I know what I did was wrong, and I want to make it right. Just give us one opportunity," she looked at Constance with pleading eyes.

Madeline didn't know what Constance was thinking as she stood there quietly, looking at Rosamund and her daughter Sophie. The Wilmot's didn't deserve forgiveness.

"Thank you for acknowledging that what you did to me was painful. When you inflicted the pain on me, I quietly took it, Lady Rosamund," said Constance, her expression calm and barely holding any bitterness or anger. "When we first met, I thought we could be sisters. And I wished you would have told me directly that you didn't like me being next to Lawrence. I would like to forgive you for what you have done to me in the past."

Though Madeline was not happy, she didn't utter a word as it was Constance's decision to make. Rosamund looked extremely happy. A wide smile spread on her face.

"Thank you! Thank you, thank you! I knew you would forgive us, you have a heart of gold, Lady Constance!" Rosamund praised the woman whom she once looked down upon.

Rosamund couldn't believe that her misery was finally coming to an end. It felt like an eternity had passed while living on the streets.

"But," Constance said, and Rosamund's smile faltered. "I might have forgiven you for the things you have done to me, but how can I forget what my son had to go through. The things he had had to hear and bear. People beating him up and him coming home covered in blood, do you know how it feels, Lady Rosamund?"

Remembering the memory broke Constance's heart because, in the past, it was a recurring event in her and her son's life.

Rosamund's lips moved because she could tell how this conversation could go. She shook her head, "N-no, I never even knew you had a son. If I knew I would have-"

"You would have killed him," came the chill voice from Constance.

Madeline saw Rosamund was in a fix, and she shook her head, but she couldn't lie. Because the truth was that if she or Queen Morganna knew about young Calhoun's existence, they would have killed him.

Not knowing what else to do, Rosamund touched Constance's feet in defeat, "I was stupid and consumed with the thought of wanting power! I shouldn't have hurt you. I am sorry for everything and believe me when I say I am disgusted for what I have done. I will never ever do anything like that!"

Constance nodded her head. She then turned to Madeline, who had been quietly standing next to her. "Give me the bag, dear."

Madeline didn't know what Constance was going to do, but she handed the bag and saw the lady fish for something from it. Pulling a pack of a bun, she placed it in Rosamund's hand.

Constance then said, "During my time, no one offered me food and I know how it feels when one feels hungry."
Chapter 863 - Good Things- Part 2

The action had left Rosamund in shock, and Constance didn't stay there. She turned her back and placed her hand on Madeline's arm. "Let's head back."

"Yes," replied Madeline, giving one look at the Wilmot's before leaving the place.

Madeline knew how much Constance loved Calhoun and Calhoun loved his mother equally, respecting her for the person she was. As they travelled back in the carriage, she remembered when she was not yet married and how rumours about him killing his mother had reached her ears through Rosamund.

It had scared her, believing the King had killed his mother heartlessly, but now that she knew the circumstances, she understood his helplessness.

"Are you alright, Lady Constance?" asked Madeline.

The woman turned away from the carriage window to meet her gaze, and she offered her a warm smile. "Why wouldn't I be? I have you next to me now."

Madeline couldn't help but smile at Constance's words. The woman never spoke about the past or how people had treated her. Not that she didn't remember it, but she kept all those to herself.

"You know when Cal was young, I would often wonder which girl might end up with him. Somewhere also worried that he might end up alone," said Constance. "But seeing you now next to him, it makes me happy to see him complete. Thank you for that, Madeline."

"I didn't do anything," replied Madeline with a smile. If Calhoun had not pursued her from the time of the ball, she would have probably been living a different life, she thought to herself.

"Oh, you did," Constance nodded her head, "You brought light into his dark life. Sometimes even a spark is enough for a man who is drowning in darkness. You turned the place so bright that now I am here."

Returning to the castle, Lady Constance went to her room, and Madeline went straight to meet Calhoun, where he was with Morven and Lucy.

"Did you have a good time?" asked Calhoun.

"I did," replied Madeline, coming near him and her son, who sat on his lap. Her son raised both his hands as if wanting to hug her only to kiss her cheek. Their adorable son, she thought in her mind.

Calhoun let Morven down from his lap, who quickly went to his Aunt Lucy's side.

Lucy looked down at her nephew, running her hand over the top of his head. "Aunt Lu? We go get cookies now?" Hearing this, the vampiress smiled. She gave him her hand and said, "Let's go to the dining room to get those out of the jar."

"He's turning into a sweet tooth," commented Calhoun and hearing this, Madeline smiled.

"Beth is spoiling him with a lot of biscuits," she said, watching Lucy and Morven slowly walk out of the room. This left Madeline and Calhoun alone in the room by themselves.

Calhoun brought his hand forward, and Madeline placed it in his hand. Tugging her hand, he brought her to come and sit. A tranquil of comfortable silence and peace fell in the room. Madeline leaned her head against his chest, hearing his heartbeat.

She could feel him run his fingers through her blonde hair.


"Hm?" Calhoun responded to her.

Lifting her head, she looked straight into his red eyes, "Do you have more work today?"

"I always have work, but I can always slide them for a while to spend my time with my family. Why do you ask?" he questioned, a look of curiosity coming to settle in his eyes.

"I was wondering if we could go and visit that cliff, just you and me," said Madeline, while her fingers traced the side of his jaw.

"Who would have thought that you would like to cliff dive just like me," murmured Calhoun.

"I have wings too, and even if I didn't, I now know you have a pair of wings to catch me," responded Madeline, leaning forward and sharing a kiss. Things that she had been afraid of had turned into something that she didn't mind anymore.

"Alright, let's go then," said Calhoun with a grin.

Away from the village of East Carswell, Beth was busy mixing the batter to make a cake for one of the children's birthdays, which would be delivered by evening. She turned around to get some of the dried fruits that she had roasted. On turning back, a small gasp escaped her lips.

"Good afternoon, Elizabeth," greeted Vladimir.

"Good afternoon, Vlad. Raphael isn't here, he will be back home by evening. Do you care for a piece of cake?" Beth politely asked him. Having seen and interacted with Vladimir so many times, the Devil was no stranger to Beth, and her tone was more casual than the first time they had met. Though the same could not be told about her parents as they were still wary of the Devil.

"Hm," came the response, and Beth pulled out a tray of the cake she had baked a while ago, and brought the knife forward, cutting a slice and offering it to him. "I am not here for him. My business is with you."

"Me?" asked Beth, not knowing what he wanted from her.

Vladimir ate the slice of cake in one go. Running his tongue over his teeth, he said, "I was getting my portrait to be painted, when I remembered something that you told me about this magistrate who didn't believe my existence."

"Magistrate Langston?"

"So that is what the fool's name is," and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared from there.

Beth didn't get the time to say another word, and seeing the Devil in a hurry, she could only pray for the magistrate life, "Rest in peace, Mr. Langston," she murmured to herself.

"Whom are you praying for?" came a voice from the front door, and within a few seconds, Raphael entered the room where she was.

"The magistrate's life in the North land," replied Beth and then said, "You are early. Did you finish for the day?"

"I did. I missed you," he answered, walking around and coming to kiss her on her cheek. Receiving the kiss from the angel, Beth couldn't help but smile like a child and seeing that, Raphael smiled even more. Like many other times, she explained to him what she was making. Once Beth had placed the cake on slow fire to bake, she sat next to Raphael while waiting for it.

Raphael then asked her, "What are your thoughts on adding another person to our family?"

Beth's eyes turned wide, and she looked at him, "Is that allowed?"

Raphael smiled at her like a saint and pulled Beth up with him. "Wait, the cake is not done!"

With one snap of his fingers, he said, "There," and Beth blushed.

Away from Devon, Vladimir now stood in the land of Warring's and in front of the magistrate's office. With everyone busy in the family, he had decided to kill some of his time by torturing people. He made his way up the stairs and stepped inside the magistrate's office.

Vladimir saw a man sitting behind the desk, and the Devil questioned, "Are you Langston?"

The magistrate looked at the stranger up and down before answering, "That is me. Who are you?" he questioned the Devil back.

"I?" Vladimir asked in a polite tone. "How rude to not remember me. I am that person whom you were eagerly wanting to have tea with. The person from...Hell," and he offered the magistrate his fang smile.

While the magistrate started to sweat, faintly remembering what he had told a young woman about the existence of the Devil, on the other side in Devon, Calhoun and Madeline had stepped towards the cliff.

"It has been a while," said Madeline.

She looked around the trees that spread themselves below the cliff and the sky that was clear. With the evening approaching, the wind was cooler that moved around them. She couldn't believe how long it had been. With everyone around, she had lost track of time, and it was only when she was returning to the castle today, did she want to come to visit here.

Calhoun's wings were quick to sprout from behind, the black-feathered wings that looked proud, "Indeed it has been a while. Time did pass quickly, didn't it," he hummed.

Madeline then slightly pushed her back, and her white wings erupted from her back.

She was the first to fly, her wings flapping. Calhoun, who stood at the edge of the cliff, watched Madeline, and with one flap of his wings, he soared to where she was.
Chapter 864 - The Life Of The Demon: Odin

Music Recommendation: Hamnet's Grave - Patrick Doyle


Odin carried the clothes of his Master in his hands, walking around the room to keep them in the cupboard. He then stepped out of the room to clean the stairs of the castle in Belmount. His Master had refused the idea of appointing someone else for the job because he had him with him. Him meaning Odin himself.

Being the beloved servant of the Devil, Odin knew every little thing when it came to tidying the place or cooking for the Devil or taking orders that had to be delivered to the demons in Hell.

"Odin," he heard his Master calling him, and within a second, he dropped what he was doing to run to his Master, who was in the hall. "Helena and I are going out. Make sure to take care of things here in the castle."

"Yes, Master!" Odin bowed his head. Ready to protect this place with his life, but then it was not needed at all, as the mortals were scared to step anywhere close near the castle. The rumours about beasts and other creatures continued to spread that turned this place unapproachable.

"Else, go make yourself useful in the Hawthrone castle," ordered Vladimir, who was going to a meeting that Helena had set with one of the Kings of the neighbouring lands.

Seeing his Master leave, Odin turned himself to a bat, and he quickly flew to the Hawthrone castle. On the way, he was disturbed by a vulture that wanted to take a bite of him, and it took a while before he arrived in the middle of the corridor.

"Damn bird," muttered Odin under his breath.

"Odin!" Madeline greeted him, walking to where he was. She asked, "Where is Vlad?"

"Master has gone out with Lady Helena, milady," replied Odin. "Master said I should make myself more useful here."

"Is that so, you will find Morven in his room. I believe he will be happy to have you here," came the polite words from Madeline and Odin bowed his head.

Making way to the little boy's room, Odin caught sight of the boy who was scribbling something on a paper, "Good afternoon, Master Morven."

"ODII!" came the excited voice from the boy on seeing Odin in the room. With no children of the prince's age in the castle to play with him, Morven enjoyed Odin's company the most as he got to play with the demon. Recently, apart from running and hiding in the bushes, Morven had started to climb the roofs of the building, which had given Odin quite a run as he was the one who mostly babysat the young prince.

Walking inside the room, Odin sat next to Morven, glancing at the paper in front of the boy.

Morven held a crayon in his hand, and there were other colours spread around the floor. On the paper, he saw the drawings of stick figures that one couldn't identify who was who. But Odin saw it to be a drawing and he praised,

"What beautiful art you have here, Master Morven, I am sure you will turn into an excellent artist." Odin clapped his hands together. Hearing this, Morven beamed in a wide smile.

The little boy searched for a sheet from the pile of art he had made before handing it to Odin, "This is for you," came the sweet voice of Morven.

Odin brought the drawing forward and saw blue and red stick figures in there, "Is this me and you, Master Morven?" asked the demon, his eyes shining.

Morven shook his head and said, "It is you and great grandpa Vlad."

Hearing the boy's words brought tears to Odin's eyes, and he whispered, "Thank you. I shall make sure to put a frame on it and have it hang in my...room. The best art ever, Master Morven." The boy's gesture deeply touched odin.

Odin sat next to the small prince, watching over him while his thoughts wandered. The warmth he felt that came from his company reminded him of the time when he was still part of the mortal world. When his parents were still alive and when his twin brother was alive too. His family was warm and loving.

'Lian, where are you?' Odin had tried to look for his brother, who was a few minutes older than him. 'Lian?'

'Come up here, Odin,' his brother answered him from the top of the tree while hanging upside down on the branch.

His brother had often been like that, always doing strange things instead of helping his parents. 'We need to take the sheeps out. It is time for them to graze. If papa finds you here, instead of helping, he won't be happy to find you like this.'

'Do you know how different the world looks from where I am?' asked his twin brother Lian. 'The sky looks like an ocean, and the birds that fly look magical. One day I will sail, Odin. Mark my-OW!' he fell on the ground as the branch had broken down.

Both the boys left the forest and went with the sheep to graze in the grassy lands. Surrounded by the fluff looking sheep, his brother looked at him and asked, 'What about you? Have you planned to stay here forever and never leave?'

Odin gave a thought to what his brother said before shaking his head, 'I must be happy where I am. Satisfied to be next to mama and papa. You can fulfill your dream and then one day you will be sick of it and come back home.'

'Do you think I plan to come back? Maybe I will come back when I turn into a rich lord of the land,' said Lian, and Odin only exhaled at the castle that his twin had built.

A few hours had passed since then, and when the sheeps had their fill, Odin noticed one of the sheep had gone missing. Odin said, 'I will go take a look around, and you can take the rest of them back.'

'Don't keep on looking for it if you don't find it. I am sure she will come back on her own,' and saying this, his brother left with the herd of sheep.

It took Odin quite a while to find the lost sheep. Carrying the small sheep in his arms, he lightly scolded the sheep, 'This is the second time you have decided to wander away from your family. Always trying to escape, I should name you Lian after my brother.'

While making his way back home, he noticed another sheep that belonged to his family, which was left behind. Did his brother miss this one? Questioned Odin. But when he tried to take it back, he noticed some more sheep scattered around the place, and his brother was nowhere to be seen. Something seemed odd, and he called his brother,

'Lian? Where did you go, leaving the sheep here?'

Receiving no response, Odin turned worried, and he looked around before heading towards his home as fast as he could. Reaching the front place of his home, he noticed his father and mother laid on the ground with their throats slit with blood oozing out from it.

'Papa! Mama!' Odin screamed, going to their sides, but they laid on the ground motionless with their eyes wide. Getting up, he frantically searched for his brother, 'Lian? Where are you? Lian?' his voice filled with panic.

Hearing some sounds coming from the backside of the house, Odin quickly ran to the back and saw a person standing right behind his brother, holding a rope around his neck.

'Let go of him!' shouted Odin, seeing his brother being strangled.

But before he could reach where his brother stood, another person came from behind him and hit his back. Odin didn't know what was happening or who these men were. And when he fell down, he saw a third man, who came in front of his brother and stabbed him to death. His brother was quick to bleed, falling on the ground and dying in front of him.

Odin felt a sudden pain in his stomach, but as fast as the pain he had felt, it disappeared until he felt nothing. Opening his eyes, he saw nothing but clear sky above him. As the thoughts about what happened rushed back, he got up looking around the place where he was, noticing the clouds that surrounded.

It took him quite a while before he found his way back to his house. But by the time he reached where his family was, they were being buried along with his body.

Was he dead? Odin had asked himself, trying to reach out for people and trying to talk to them, but no one could hear or see him.

Years had passed and Odin had tried to hunt down the people who had killed him and his family, but he couldn't. He had ended up turning into a wanderer like some of the souls after their death, refusing to enter Heaven as he wanted to avenge his family death. One of those days, he was sitting in front of his parents grave, when someone spoke to him.

"What are you doing here, instead of entering Heaven."

Odin turned around in surprise, his eyes wide as it fell on a person who wore white robes. There was a halo above his head and wings that were white and big. His hair was dark and the expression on his face serious.

The angel said, "I see you sitting here everyday."

A frown came to form on Odin's face, and he said, "I lost my family. They were killed and I am trying to find where those murderers are."

"And what do you plan to do after that?" questioned the angel, his clear eyes directly looking at Odin. "You should already know that you aren't a mortal anymore. Even if you find them, you cannot touch them. It goes against the laws of the realms."

Odin's hands turned to fists, understanding the situation but unwilling to let go of things in the living world. "Are they in Heaven? My family?"

"They are in Heaven," said the angel, but he didn't mention what would happen to a soul after they entered the gates of Heaven.

"Do you think God will punish those men for hurting my family?" asked Odin, his eyes not leaving the angel's gaze.

"When the time is right, everything will fall in its place and the wrongs will be punished," responded the angel before continuing, "For so long, you have wandered here all alone by yourself and it is time for you to leave the mortal world."

Odin nodded his head and then got up from his place. He followed the angel to enter Heaven, not knowing one day the same angel would turn out to be his beloved Master.
Chapter 865 - What A Long Name: Helena And Vladimir

Odin stared at the clouds that continued to drift in the sky. The people in Heaven were nice to him, the souls gentle and in peace, but still, there was something that bothered him in the back of his mind. He wondered why it was so.

On seeing the familiar angel who was the first to come and greet him at Heaven's gates, Odin quickly ran to the angel.

"Lucifer!" came the excited voice of the young man.

"Odin," Lucifer looked at Odin, who always liked to be around him whenever the young soul saw him. Instead of following what others did and keeping himself occupied, the newly turned heavenly being was often found alone by himself, lost in thoughts.

"Did you finish your work?" asked Odin.


"Can I accompany you?" asked Odin in the same enthusiasm.

Lucifer stared at Odin and had the same answer, "No."

"Where are you going?" asked Odin again, and Lucifer finally turned to Odin.

"You shouldn't question where the angels or archangels are going. Go be useful and do something," replied Lucifer. The archangel didn't know how Odin had turned so attached to him.

"But there's nothing to do here," replied Odin with a confused look on his face. Lucifer's expression didn't change, but he couldn't help but wonder why this soul was disturbed. He had noticed the change compared to the others, and he wondered if it was because the young man had been near the verge of turning into an unknown demon. "I wanted to ask you something. I have these dreams of a person who looks just like me, and he is not me. Do you know who it is?"

Lucifer pursed his lips, the expression in his eyes unchanging, "Have you gone thinking about those dreams again?" he asked the young man.

"I try not to as you have suggested, but I cannot help it when I am dreaming. I sometimes see things that I don't quite understand," Odin blinked while looking at the angel for answers.

"They will go away in time. Go find some hobby," suggested Lucifer.

"Do you think it will be alright, to help you?" asked Odin with a hint of eagerness in his voice.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and then said, "We'll see. I need to go now," and Odin bowed his head.

When Lucifer left the garden area, entering the building where some angels were working, he walked through the corridor before archangel Michael greeted him.

"Looks like that young man adores your company," commented Michael. "His memory barriers of the mortal world are breaking, aren't they?"

"They will stay intact if he continues to stay here without anyone mentioning it," answered Vladimir.

"It is never a good idea to bring a soul that is on the verge of turning into a demon, unless they walk through the gates by themselves," responded Michael.

Since that day, eons had passed, thought Vladimir while he travelled in the carriage with Helena. Even during the time of the day when he had left Heaven, Odin had dutifully followed him without knowing the cause or asking why.

"I heard from King Sebastian that you scared one of his magistrate's," said Helena. Her eyes moved to the corner where he sat before she looked back outside the window, her demeanour stoic as usual.

"He said he didn't believe I existed and he said he wanted to have tea, I couldn't refuse such an offer. I didn't know he would leave his job," answered Vladimir while checking out his nails.

"I wish you would go back to Hell," muttered Helena.

"With you of course," smirked the Devil, and Helena rolled her eyes.

Vladimir had been enjoying the mortal world a little too much, but that was also hampering Helena's work in the High House. His presence scared half of the people, and the other half didn't show up in front of her on finding she was with the Devil. Over the last few months, it had created quite a lot of trouble getting the work done.

"You have already prepared a seat for me in Hell, I doubt I will be going anywhere else," commented Helena.

Vladimir picked up her hand in his, bringing it near his lips, and he kissed the back of her fingers, "My lovely Queen of Hell. All it took was a look to know with that spark in your eyes, when we met after many years. You had the same spark even when we met for the first time."

When Vladimir had come to the living world from Hell, he had come to turn some of the demons and humans to have vampire blood in them, and it was around the same time when Helena, back then known as Harriet, and he had met.

"If you were a mortal you would have died, rotting under the ground in mud," replied Helena, remembering their first meeting.

"It was a cute meet, wasn't it," smiled Vladimir, reminiscing about the past.

Helena was in the village, a human was leading the other humans and fighting against the vampires who had turned berserk in some of the villages. The vampires had attacked the village she lived in. Every human was trying to fight back, but the vampires had the advantage of strength and speed.

But even back then, Helena was strong just like now. She was protecting the villagers, who were fleeing or taking shelter, when someone came behind her. On sensing the ominous presence, she pulled her dagger while turning around and stabbing the vampire's heart.

Her eyes were fierce as she pushed the dagger again, while the man did nothing but stare at her. The first thought that came to her mind was 'Why wasn't he dying?!'

"Aren't you a beautiful person. What is your name?" asked Vladimir, fascinated by the woman who was intent on killing him. He twisted her hand and pushed her against one of the houses.

"I will send you to Hell!" she spat in anger.

"What an interesting long name you have there," replied Vladimir, but before he could continue his talk, someone tried to shoot him with silver bullets that were dipped in holy water. Helena had been quick to run from there, realizing the man she had come across was not an ordinary person.
Chapter 866 - Love To Shoot: Harriet (Helena) And The Devil

Harriet was covered in blood, trying to catch her breath after killing some of the vampires who had gone rampant and sucking the blood of the humans. At the same time, even the humans, who were capable, succeeded in ripping some of the vampire's head off from their body while lighting it up in fire.

She pushed herself from the wall before corking the gun she had in her hand. Stepping out, she looked for the vampires. On finding one of them, she pointed her gun at one of the coldblooded creatures, who was draining blood from one of the villagers' necks.

She pulled the trigger, but before the bullets could hit the vampire, he had caught sight of her. The vampire was quick to pull the human in front of him, and the human got shot. The vampire jeered at her.

"A gun is not a toy to be handled by a woman. What are you doing here, instead of learning to cook?" sneered the vampire.

Harriet knew the human was long dead, and she took her shot in shooting the vampire again, but all the bullets were collected in the human's body. "Don't even know how to aim," taunted the vampire.

"Why don't you stop hiding behind the corpse like a coward if you are that brave?" retorted Harriet while taking out the bullets from her dress pocket and trying to add them into the gun.

On hearing her words and seeing the woman shuffle with the gun, the vampire quickly threw the human to the wall and came right at her. Harriet didn't have enough time to load the gun, and she used both her hands to stop the vampire from taking a bite from her neck.

"For a woman you are strong," grumbled the vampire, and he pushed her against one of the house's walls.

Harriet used her elbow to hit the vampire, and she tried to attack the vampire, but this blood-sucking creature was stubborn. Her hands reached for the dagger that she carried with her. Grabbing it, she used it to create a deep cut on the vampire's arm.

"It might be because I like cutting people like you more than cutting the vegetables in the kitchen," Harriet gripped the knife.

Hearing her words, the vampire turned angry and came to attack her. It took less than a few seconds of duel before she staked the vampire's heart. Blood spilt on her dress, and she got up from her place.

Just as she turned, she gasped and brought her knife to point at the person whom she had met a few days ago.

"How rude to point that knife at me. I haven't done anything...at least not yet," said the vampire with red eyes and his fangs visible as he smiled at her.

Harriet didn't let her guard down, and she tried to keep a distance from him. The last time when she had stabbed him, nothing had happened, and he continued to live. Was he not like the rest of them?

"You seem to be very skilled when it comes to fighting and killing people. Where did you learn it from?" asked the stranger with red eyes.

"Get yourself and your creatures out of these lands," ordered Harriet.

"I don't think I have ever seen a woman like you fight and think she could be attractive," he continued to flatter her.

But Harriet responded with, "You people don't belong here, go back to the place where you came from and let us live in peace."

"I mean the way you used the knife, hmm. But the way you handle the gun, could use some work. Life is after all precious in the living realm," replied the vampire. Harriet could only believe that they were speaking two different languages as neither wanted to listen to the other. "What is your name?" he asked her.

Harriet didn't know what this vampire wanted, "Are you here to offer peace?" she asked him.

"Always picking such long names," the person smiled more widely. He then said, "I am Vladimir Lazarus."

Harriet quickly pulled out the other gun that she had hidden in her dress and pointed it at him, "Leave," she said.

The vampire was deaf because he took a step forward. Without wasting a second, she pulled the trigger, pressing her finger over and over again until all the bullets had been exhausted. Harriet finally realized this was no ordinary vampire because he was the Devil.

Even though the silver bullets could harm a vampire, this person felt no speck of pain. Blood did spill out from his body, but he was unaffected by it.

"You look surprised. Haven't you figured it out yet?" Vladimir questioned her.

"Devil," Harriet glared at him.

"Harriet!" someone called for help, and for a moment, her eyes snapped in the other direction before finding the Devil, who came to stand right in front of her.

"How about I solve these vampire issues, and we can create a truce between us two," smiled the Devil. Within one second, he disappeared in thin air, and Harriet's eyes snapped around to see where he went.

When she returned to where her men were, who had been fighting the vampires, one of them came to her and said, "The vampires have fled. They suddenly dropped everything and left." Harriet realized the deal had been made even though she didn't agree or disagree to it.

Helena's thoughts came back to the present time, and she stepped down from the carriage to be followed by Vladimir. She couldn't believe how things had not changed since the first time she had met the Devil. The only difference between her past and present was that now she had a family, while in the past, she had never got the opportunity to have that.

Both Helena and Vladimir entered the building, walking to the room where Duke Briggs was working.

"Lady Helena, it is so good to see you here," said the man, standing up and greeting her. When his eyes fell on the man behind Helena, he said, "Looks like you changed your personal guard," he chuckled.

As usual, Helena didn't laugh, and she stared at the man in front of her. But Vladimir found certain humour in it and chuckled. She then said, "I have received complaints from many people that you have taken their lands forcibly while claiming it to be yours by misusing the documents that were sent to you by the High House. Do you have any explanation for it, Duke Briggs?"

The man raised his eyebrows and started to laugh, "I am sorry but I don't know what you are speaking of. People are just trying to spoil my name for no reason, I am a dignified person who wouldn't do such things."

Helena's eyes narrowed, "I have already sent my men to your house to search those documents." She pulled out the official letter from the High House from her coat and placed it on the table.

"What is this?" Duke Briggs asked in suspicion.

He quickly picked up the letter to read and scoffed, "I am not going to resign from my post. My father worked hard to have this position in our family."

"And you screwed it. You are in no position to call yourself as the Duke, when you are misusing your position and stealing the assets from the hardworking families," ordered Helena.

"I want a trial for this! I need proof against me before you come to decide anything. But you will never get any of it. Just because you are close with the King of Devon now, doesn't mean every word of yours shall be followed. I am not leaving my position," said the Duke, his words firm.

Before coming here, Helena had thought to hold a meeting for the complaints she had received from the people. But after seeing the Duke's face, she had changed her plan.

Vladimir decided to take a slow walk near the window as if he wasn't in the room because Helena had told him not to poke his nose.

"Sign it, unless you want an even more severe punishment charged on you," came the serious words from the head of the High House.

The Duke glared at Helena as if she had lost her mind, "Who are you to tell me that?" he questioned her. "For so long my family has been the Duke of this place and we have been looking at the affairs of the people and in control. You know who you are? The woman who had dethroned her own uncle after her brother tried to commit treas-"

In the next second, Helena had pulled out her gun, pointing it at him, "I have been running on low patience. Don't test your luck."

"If I were you, I would listen to her. She's even shot me too," came Vladimir's advice from where he stood near the window, a smile on his lips.
Chapter 867 - Runaway Princess: Constance

Music Recommendation: Prayer for Peace - Goetz Oestlind


Sitting next to one of the large windows of Belmont's castle, young Constance stared outside, looking at the trees that surrounded the castle. But it wasn't the trees that interested her, but what was beyond those trees where there were people with things she hadn't experienced. It was only once did she get the opportunity to have a look at the village. Though the village contained small houses, unlike the big castle she lived in, she was fascinated by the people and things they did for a living.

"Lady Constance, I brought snacks for you!" came the excited voice of Odin, and he entered her room with a tray in his hand. "Today Douglas has prepared different cookies and said that you will like them. There are mint leaves with melted butter inside it."

Constance turned to look at Odin, who placed the tray on the table, and she thanked him, "Thank you for bringing them here, Odin. I should have come down."

"Do not fret, milady. I have nothing else to do. Moving up and down the castle will help me kill time, and I am happy to serve you," he bowed his head to her.

She smiled at the demon's words.

Her father had told her that the humans and the vampires in the villages were as bad as demons: people who were cunning and manipulative, people who would not gel well with her. But then, here, Odin was such a good demon, and it made her doubt that her father was completely right. It was possible that he had misunderstood them.

"And I am happy to have you here," answered Constance, picking up the cookie that had been prepared for her. "Has my father returned?"

"Not yet. Master seems like he's busy in the underworld because some of the first demons are trying to create a disruption," Odin let her know, and she nodded her head.

"If only things could settle down," she murmured to herself. Constance took a bite from the cookie.

Odin already knew that the young lady was looking at the village. She always did when she sat on this side of the window as it had a better view. "You can ask Master to take you there again. I don't think he would mind accompanying you."

Constance wondered if her protective father would take her there anytime soon. The first time they had been there, she had been excited. But it seemed like her father was unhappy with the fact that she had enjoyed her time in the village amid the foolish villagers.

"How did you turn out this good, Odin? Are there other demons who are as good as you?" asked Constance, and this made Odin's chest puff forward at the lady's compliment.

"It must be because I was an angel before. The demons from the living world, here, aren't necessarily bad. But the demons from the underworld, it would be best to not associate yourself with them," explained Odin.

"Like my father."

"No no!" Odin hurriedly spoke. If his master came to hear this, he would be drowning in the hotpot, "Master is an exception as well, milady. He wasn't originally born as a demon. He only chose to be one." The demon servant then added, "I am sure if Master has refused you from stepping out, it is for a good reason."

And then came one day, where her father couldn't step outside or in the light, also Hell. His skin had turned paler than before, with eyes turning pitch black. He had to rest so that his body could continue and sustain itself in the living world.

He had gotten inside the coffin to regain his powers and his sustenance. "How long will it be?" she asked him in worry.

"Not too long. I will wake up soon," said her father before closing his eyes.

In the initial days, Constance patiently waited for her father to wake up, but at the same time, she couldn't help but get the idea of going and visiting the nearby village. It would be a quick trip, and she would come back to the castle before her father would wake up, thought Constance to herself.

But as eager as she was to step out of the castle and explore the world that was waiting for her, she didn't know how to do it. Especially with Odin, who kept hovering around her and making sure he kept his word of taking care of Lady Constance until her father woke up.

One week passed, then another week passed such that one month passed and then it went to two. And one day, Constance decided to escape from there. She wrote a note to Odin,

'Dear Odin,

I will be back soon. I am going to explore the village for a little while and then return. Don't panic. Everything will be fine.'

But the next day, in the morning before the sun could rise and she was trying to escape, she had been caught by their coachman Douglas.

"Lady Constance, where are you going?" asked the man, alarmed. His eyes fell on the little bag that hung over her shoulder. "Are you going out?"

"It is just for a little while," her eyes pleaded. "I will be back before my father wakes up. I just want to see how things are outside this castle. Please."

The man looked troubled about letting her leave the castle on her own and insisted on going alone. At the same time, he knew she had wanted to visit the village. Even though she was the Devil's daughter, she was nothing less than a prisoner in the spacious castle with no people to talk or interact with, as the Devil didn't like it.

Douglas then fished for something in his pocket, pulling out the gold coins and placing them in her hand. "You will need them if you want to buy something that you like."

A wide smile appeared on young Constance's face in excitement. "I will write a letter if it takes long," she whispered, and the man nodded his head.

"Be careful, milady," wished the old man, and Constance offered him a smile before leaving the castle.

When the sun rose, Odin entered the lady's room to wake her up, only to find her bed empty and cold as if she hadn't slept on it. Did someone come and abduct her?! Questioned Odin in panic. His Master was going to kill him! No, not kill. He was going to tear his limbs!

While he frantically called the other servants, trying to look for the young lady, he found a note that she had left for him.

Odin couldn't leave the castle as he had sworn to stay inside the castle by making sure Lady Constance was safe, and also his Master's coffin, in which he slept. But the lady had decided to take a trip by herself, and he didn't know what to do. He walked back and forth in the room, "What are we going to do?!" he asked in a panic.

Douglas didn't mention a word about the secret he and the young lady shared. He hoped she would be fine and well.

Away from the Belmont castle, in the village near the mountains, Constance walked on one side of the road. Excitement bubbled in her as her eyes took in the people and things the market had to offer.
Chapter 868 - The Angel's Affairs: Michael

Music Recommendation: Zoey's Theme- Brian Tyler


Michael stood in front of the vessel of the water that showed the people of the living world. He watched the woman, who was having tea with her daughter-in-law, with the same pleasant smile on her lips that he had come to know before she even had entered Heaven.

"Looks like the angel's are following the same one after another," said Gabriel, who entered the room and walked towards where Michael stood.

Michael snapped his fingers for the water to create a ripple, and he turned to look at his fellow archangel brother, "I was only watching."

"Of course," Gabriel smiled at Michael's words. Paschar had fallen in love with a person from the living realm, and recently, Raphael had followed him in the same footsteps. Gabriel wondered if Michael would walk in the same path. "I am sure it was easier to keep an eye when the person was in Heaven, but now difficult, as she is in the living world. Not to mention Vladimir who keeps buzzing like a fly."

Michael's expression didn't change, and they were calm. He cared for Constance, the Devil's daughter, which was ironic considering who and what he was.

He hadn't ventured too far away on the thoughts about his true feelings for Constance because he knew deciphering it would only lead to problems. She was his favourite soul from the living world because of the purity her heart held, which hadn't been soiled with not a single drop of evilness in there.

In the past, he had watched her suffer as the curse consumed her body, shortening her life. And he had been there when she was near to her death, ready to collect her soul from the living world, taking her into the gates of Heaven so that she wouldn't wander.

"He's her father," replied Michael, "It is natural for him to worry."

"Hm," hummed Gabriel. "I heard from Helena that he has been accompanying her wherever she goes. If you want you can go and visit her in the living world, I will be here to manage things around," he offered.

Michael shook his head, "When did you start playing as a matchmaker in Heaven?" He and Gabriel slowly started to walk in the corridors where the sun's rays fell on the floor, and the light reflected on the white walls with a golden glow.

"Since love started to bloom here," smiled Gabriel.

He watched Michael not reply to his words, as if Michael was tired of others whispering about the same. He knew Michael well, and even though he had formed an unexpected attachment with Constance, he had sent her back to the living realm because he believed her happiness was there more than the peace she carried in here, in the Heavenly realm.

Now that Michael had sent Constance to the living world, he couldn't meet or see her like before and only see her through the magical vessel of water from Heaven.

"Now that she is in the living realm, do you think she will find someone to love?" Gabriel asked casually while they continued their walk.

Michael was fully aware of what Gabriel was trying to do, but at the same time, the archangel's question was something to weigh upon. "If she finds someone, then I can only be happy for her," he replied.

"Is that so? I wonder what Constance has to say about it. Let me go and find out about it," and saying this, Gabriel disappeared from there.

Michael had not expected Gabriel to do that, and he too quickly disappeared from the corridor to go to the living realm. But with Michael who disappeared, Gabriel appeared back in Heaven's garden, "Ah, that was a good practice of appearing and disappearing," he murmured with a smile before walking back into the building.

In Hawthrone's castle, Michael appeared in the corridor and realized he couldn't sense Gabriel's presence in the castle. Mixing up with the Devil and the demon's was not a good idea, he thought to himself because of the harmless trick that had been pulled at him. But before he could disappear, he was caught by Calhoun.

"Michael, I didn't know you were going to visit us," said Calhoun. Or my mother thought the King in his mind, but his smile gave away to have the archangel frown.

Michael could tell that Calhoun had inherited every characteristic from Vladimir. Now that he was here, he decided to spend some time here before leaving.

"You wouldn't mind taking a walk with me, would you?" proposed Calhoun with a charming smile on his face, and they stepped out of the corridors and moved into the open space.

"How are things in Devon?" questioned Michael.

"Good. The whole kingdom has come under control and we are working on expanding it near the sea. With Gabriel and Raphael around, not to mention Helena, things are coming along well," replied Calhoun. "Do you plan to come and stay here?"

Michael smiled at the offer. Even though in the past there had been friction between him and Calhoun regarding the dark angel and the conflicts that had arisen, things had settled now, and everything had turned more peaceful.

"I don't think it would be easy to have three archangels in one place. It might even turn chaotic because of the Devil," stated Michael with a straight face.

Calhoun didn't comment on it right away, letting a few seconds pass. He then said, "From a long time, there has been something on my mind. There was a time in the past where I was often beaten and dragged into the darker parts of the alley until I learned to fight back. But there was this one time on a rainy day…" he paused for a moment, looking at Michael. "Was it you? Who brought me back home?"

Calhoun could still remember the severe pain he had felt that day when he was a small boy, and for a moment, he had died. He knew he did because when he had seen the gates during the time to get Madeline back, he had found it to be familiar. But that wasn't all, he never knew how he had ended up back in the house, and he had his doubts on it.

Michael pursed his lips before saying, "I just happened to be passing by." Hearing this, Calhoun smiled.

"I also wonder what would have happened if you were the one who my mother met first and not Lawrence. Even if not the first, she seems happy and at peace in your company," said Calhoun looking ahead of him. "I am sure it is also something Vlad will agree upon even if he doesn't like the idea of it. I have come to believe that living alone in the living world can be truly lonely with no one to provide the love one deserves. Don't you agree with that?"

Calhoun didn't care what the Devil or others had to think about the situation. In the past, he had seen the way his mother had led her life without the company she deserved. Lawerence had broken her heart, and the other men had done nothing but use her.

The thought of having Michael with his mother had been odd at first, but then every person who had joined his family were different, and their family was strange.

When Michael didn't answer, Calhoun paused walking, and he turned to look at the angel, "If I still wasn't clear, if you both want to proceed, you two have my blessings," and he smiled.