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Chapter 851 - Completing The Promise

Her eyebrows deeply furrowed, and she slowly stepped forward before her feet moved quicker. She came around and stood amid the servants and the guards in the corridor, who didn't move an inch from their place.

Guilene's eyes widened in shock because it looked like her servants had frozen, and she didn't know what was going on.

Back in the room where King Edison laid dead on the ground, Helena glared at Vladimir. The man had little to no seriousness in him and had pushed her into the deep pit.

"You shouldn't have pulled the gun out if you weren't going to shoot. What would you have done if the woman pulled the trigger?" questioned Vladimir. "Who would uphold justice in all the kingdoms?"

He had made all the bullets in Guilene's gun disappear.

Helena looked away from the Devil. Standing up, she turned her back at him while staring at the King, who was once her cousin. But even in the past, she had never considered the man as her blood relative—none of them except her only brother.

"What is your plan?"

"Agree to my proposal," said the Devil, "In exchange, I will bring this one back and you will have less trouble."

Hearing this, Helena frowned again, "Is it allowed? To bring back the dead to the living world?" she questioned, turning her head to look at the Devil over her shoulder.

Vladimir walked around to come and stand on the other side of the body. Earlier, he had seen the Salvette Mortem arrive and also leave with the person's soul. A smile came to appear on his lips, and he said,

"You would be surprised by the things I can do…" his voice trailed, but Helena's facial expression didn't change.

"What is your proposal?" Helena was careful enough to not agree to him without knowing the terms and conditions of this deal that the Devil was offering her.

As much as she would love to see the King dead, she didn't want him dying like this in her hands. Every person was supposed to go through life in the living world before moving to the next realm, thought Helena to herself.

"You shall consider the idea of having me in your life, and you know in what way?"

"I don't," came the blunt response from Helena. The Devil was being vague, leaving loopholes for himself. She saw him smile at her.

"In the terms of a lover," Vladimir gave her a smile where his fangs appeared. "It is the easiest one. All you need to do is to consider."

Helena's lips twitched in annoyance, "I don't think it is worth it to save this one's life over a deal like that. I don't think you know me well, Mr. Lazarus. I don't have time for romance."

"How about if I take the higher position in the High House," proposed Vladimir with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Over my dead body," her eyes narrowed. If the High House was given in the hands of the Devil, the world that was finally turning to be peaceful without any constant raging wars, it would fall into chaos under his administration.

"Funny that I cannot wait for it," Vladimir's response was quick, and Helena rolled her eyes. The smile on his lips didn't fall, and he knew somewhere the woman was slowly getting used to his presence.

"Guards! Guards!" came the distant voice of Guilene, who was looking for her servants to help her. Finding no one who was moving and had turned into a statue, the woman returned to the room to find Helena and the stranger still in there. "What did you do to the people in here, you witch!" demanded Guilene.

Helena, who was unaware of what the woman meant, turned back to look at Vladimir in question. "What did you do?"

"Your eyes accuse me for my harmless action. I thought it would be good to have some peace and quiet between us," hummed the Devil, his tongue running over his sharp fang.

"What did you do?!" Guilene had an outburst of frustration.

Vladimir's eyes snapped at the woman, who interrupted his conversation with Helena. He said, "Shhh, so noisy, it makes me want to feed you to the hellhounds."

Helena looked at Guilene's livid eyes, and she then looked back at the Devil, "I accept."

Vladimir's eyes were quick to brighten at Helena's words, and he said, "Sweet." All he did was snap his fingers, and the dead King suddenly gasped before heaving for air.

"Edi! You are alive!" The King's mother quickly went to his side, hugging him, "Thank God."

"Devil," corrected Vladimir.

Until now, Helena had never known that a person who was dead could be brought back to life. All this while, she had only heard about the rumours of people making a deal with the Devil. Looking at King Edison, she noticed how he was in shock. But he didn't look the same. The King was quick to scoot away from his very own mother and moved towards the corner of the room as if he was filled with fear.

"What happened to him?" asked Helena. An hour ago, the King was not like this. Like many other kings, he was prideful, arrogant, and overbearing.

"He must have had a welcome party in Hell," smirked Vladimir.

"Stay away from me! Stay away!" shouted King Edison.

"What about the-" Helena turned to look at where the Devil had been standing, but he had disappeared from the room. Vanishing in thin air as if he was never here.

A series of footsteps headed towards the room where she was, and several guards appeared, "My King! My lady!" came the chorus voice.

Guilene was busy, trying to speak to her son, "What happened? You are back, Edi!"

"Stay away from me!" King Edison pushed his mother away from him, leaving the former Queen in confusion. His eyes were wide and he looked scared to death.
Chapter 852 - Completing The Promise

"Arrest this woman! She shot your King!" the older woman pointed her finger towards Helena. "She shot him!" Helena's stance turned on guard.

But before the guards could come and arrest the head of the High House, King Edison said, "No! Leave her!"

"What do you mean?!" Guilene's eyes were wide. "I saw her shoot you!"

"N-no, she didn't. She did nothing! Leave me alone!" the King raised his voice. The back of his head was bloody, and he stood up, quickly walking away from there.

"What did you do to him, witch!" demanded Guilene, glaring down at Helena.

Helena stared in the direction where King Edison had disappeared. She replied, "Ask the Devil."

Guilene immediately left the room, following her son, while the guards and other servants turned extremely curious as to what was happening in the castle. Helena finally put her gun back to its original place before she headed out of the room and from the castle.

But Helena didn't leave for Devon right away. She made a stop at the place where her brother had been buried.

Walking towards the grave in the forest where no one else was around. She didn't forget the day her brother had been killed. It had scared her for her entire life.

'NO!' she had screamed when the guard had beheaded her brother. The blood was quick to spill on the ground, covering part of the floor while she stood there in shock.

'Throw his body in the river!' ordered King Solomon. 'This traitor doesn't deserve to be buried in the royal cemetery. Take his body and head from here!'

The guards who had been holding her back let her go, and Helena quickly ran to stand in front of the King. 'Please don't do this to him! Marcelo never did anything to threaten your throne! Please don't take away the right of his burial rights.'

'Helen,' came the King's loud voice. 'You should be careful about siding with the traitor. You might be my niece but I won't tolerate you trying to question me.'

'You should have stopped him from committing the crime,' said the then Queen Guilene with a huff.

'On what basis? He did nothing wrong. He has been diligent with every work that you gave him, he has listened to every word without stepping out of line while compared to the other ministers who work here and receive the benefits. How is it right?' demanded Helena.

The people in the royal court room gasped, seeing Helena dare to question the King and the Queen of Cait, demanding clarification from then.

"How dare you question the King's decision when has he ever done anything without a reason!?" Guilene looked down at Helena from her seat.

Before Helena could say something, her caretaker placed his hand on Helena's shoulder and whispered, "Please calm down and don't speak."

Helena's hands had turned into fists, and if she could, she wanted to kill every person in this room, including the King and the Queen.

King Solomon raised his hand, and his wife closed her mouth while the other people in the room turned quiet. "I was being compassionate with you, and instead of being grateful, you dared to speak against me. From here on, I exile you from this castle. You shall not return to this castle, nor will you be welcomed. You can leave now."

Helena turned to look at Edison, who was at the front of the crowd, but the man looked away from her when their eyes met.

"I had never intended to stay here. The reason I had stayed here until now doesn't exist anymore," stated Helena, her voice growing distant and cold over the loss of her brother.

"You can stay here, Dimitri," said the King in a nonchalant voice.

Dimitri bowed his head, "I have been assigned to take care of Master Marcelo and Lady Helena since they were small. Please allow me to leave with her."

"Suit yourself," said King Solomon before waving his hand to dismiss them.

Both Helena and Dimitri stepped out of the castle, and both of them went to the river where her brother's body had been tossed into it. She had dived into the river, searching for her brother's body. After retrieving both parts of the body, she had buried him in the forest with the help of Dimitri.

It was the last time Helena had cried. She had spent two days in front of the grave while trying to wrap her head around what she had witnessed.

"He should have listened to me," murmured Helena. "He wouldn't have been in this state."

Dimitri, who had taken care of both the siblings, could understand her grief, and he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Marcelo had faith and believed in every person, Lady Helena. He was different from the rest of the people."

"He was too damn kind," said Helena, closing her eyes while taking a deep breath. "I am not going to leave this as it is. I will bring him the justice that he deserves."

Coming back to the present, she now stood in front of the wooden cross that Dimitri had made and had placed a stone. Helena stared at the cross with her hands held.

"I was worried back then, thinking you had ceased to exist. But knowing there are angels and the devil exist in this world, it makes me believe you are still there," said Helena. "I have completed what I promised to you, and I mean to keep it that way."

Whatever she had come here for, it seemed like somehow it had worked out because of the Devil. Not caring about the proposition, she got inside the carriage to head back to Devon. It was time to file the report on the things that had happened in Cait. Because if she were to hide it, she knew one day it would come back to get her.

Walking to the nearby stream inside the forest, she took away the monocle from one of her eyes. Splashing the water, she saw her moving reflection because of the water that continuously flowed. Her left eye could see things perfectly well, while her right eye had been bruised during a fight that took place in the past with King Edison's men. It wasn't that she had lost complete sight, but it had turned blurry. She wore the monocle back in its place to protect her eyes.

On the way, the carriage stopped for food and drank water before it reached Devon.

Returning to the headquarters that was posted in Devon and the town of Cossington, she entered the building to be greeted by the members of the High House.

"Good afternoon, Lady Helena," one of the High House members greeted her.

"Afternoon," murmured Helena, whilst she continued to walk towards her room. Once she got in, she went around the desk and sat down in her chair.

Soon her right-handed man knocked on the door and entered the room inside. He greeted her, "Welcome back, milady," Dimitri bowed his head. "Was your trip peaceful?" he inquired.

"I shot Edison, but he is alive," replied Helena in a grim tone.


Chapter 853 - Promise Rings- Part 1

Helena finished filing the report on the incident that took place in Cait. And as fast as she had filed it, the issue had resolved thanks to the Devil's involvement. It wasn't like anyone would judge her for her actions, considering she was the head of the High House. But some still tried to stop the functioning and the power she was gaining every day.

"Milady," came the voice from behind her while she stood facing the window, looking outside at the people who were walking on the road.

"What is it?" she questioned, turning around to see one of the High House members who held a scrolled parchment in his hand.

"Milady, this is the signed doc.u.ment of King Edison who has stepped down from his position. He has personally signed and sealed it," informed the man. "But the same is not being accepted by his mother. Former Queen Guilene is angry and she's trying to oppose that you did something to the King. Like black magic."

Hearing this, Helena rolled her eyes, "Let her be. I am sure after some time she will get tired and will drop the matter."

"Yes, milady," the man bowed his head. But he wasn't done speaking, "Um, the person is standing outside the building."

"Which person?"

The man seemed hesitant to speak, and Helena could only guess who it was because no one whispered the Devil or his name.

"Fine, leave and get back to your work," Helena dismissed the person. Grabbing her maroon coat hanging on the stand, she wore it around her shoulders without putting her hands inside the sleeves. When she started to head towards the entrance, she met Dimitri, who was walking by with another fellow member of the High House. "I am leaving for the day, Dimitri," she informed him.

Dimitri was slightly taken aback, but at the same time, he was pleased to see that the small girl whom he had looked after was trying to get back the lost time, even though he knew she was doing it because she was annoyed.

"I hope you have a good time," he bowed his head. "I will be here."

"Hm," the woman hummed, and she stepped out of the building.

She saw a black carriage with black horses tied at the front. In front of it stood Vladimir with his hands in his pockets. "Seems like our minds are working together as you knew I am here," Vladimir offered her a charming smile.

"It isn't hard to know when you are trying to scare my people in the High House," she spared him one glance before looking at the carriage. "What are you doing here?" she questioned even though she knew he was here to see her.

"To spend time with you of course. My grandson kicked me out of little Morven's room telling me I should do something apart from taking all the baby's time. I would have thrown him in the pot, but then he's my grandson and my beloved daughter's son," said Vladimir in a thoughtful tone, "So I thought, why not come here and visit my lady."

Helena's eyes narrowed, "I think you forgot that the deal was about 'considering'. It said nothing about being your woman."

"I remember that, but it is hard to resist the Devils' charm. You know there are quite some benefits. How about I strike a deal where you will get to see your brother?"

Hearing this, Helena's eyes softened, and she glared at him again, "Don't play with me."

"I never meant to," Vladimir's head tilted to the side, "It is an enticing offer isn't it?"

"Did you mend your relationship with the angels and your brothers? Michael," she casually dropped the name.

Vladimir ran his tongue over one of his fangs.

"I wondered when that name was going to come. No, we still have the same delicate relationship that is always on a thin thread of wanting to hurt each other," replied Vladimir, "But there are some exceptions and clauses." At least by her question, Vladimir knew she wanted to see her brother.

"Well, whatever. I need to go home and rest my eyes," she said, raising her hand and looking at the guard standing in front of the building to bring her carriage.

"I don't mind coming along to your house. We can have blood together, which is exciting," as the words flew from the Devil's lips, Helena gritted her teeth. "Or if you want, we can take a stroll. I promise you it will be a good one."

Helena knew when she had agreed to the deal with the Devil, it would come to bite her soon. Maybe she should have left Edison dead. "Fine, let's take a walk," and she started to walk without waiting for him.

Vladimir was quick to join next to Helena, his stature tall and proud. But then Helena was no less to him. She didn't cower, and with the constant furrow of her eyebrows, people on the road were intimidated to come in front of them. People were quick to scurry away, making way for the two people who stepped into the streets of the town.

"I heard about the no charges regarding the incident that took place in Cait," Vladimir was the first one to start the conversation as Helena was quiet.

"They did. Edison claimed I had nothing to do with the gunshot," replied Helena. "Are you going to be here permanently?" she asked him.

"In the living world? I am not sure. Maybe until my family is here, but that doesn't mean I can leave Hell alone all by itself. The last time I did, my poor granddaughter-in-law suffered," responded Vladimir.

"Would have never considered you to be a family man," murmured Helena. 

But at the same time, she had heard the little things regarding how much the Devil loved his daughter, and he had brought the previous King and his mother to Devon from Hell just to clear his daughter's name. "Do you miss her? Your daughter."

"Here I am picking lighter subjects, and you pick the heavier one's," hummed Vladimir, giving her a look and Helena's eyes moved from the corner to look ahead of her. "Don't any parents miss their child? She was a good daughter, but I am glad that I got to meet her."

"I see," replied Helena, having heard enough about King Calhoun's mother from the public.

They continued to walk in the town, moving from one street to another, while some bowed their heads to greet the head of the High house.

"We have lunch set up this week on Saturday in the castle. How about you join us," Vladimir politely pushed the invitation to her so that she would accept it without a quick refusal. "Calhoun said you haven't dropped by the castle since I arrived. It looks like you are scared of me."

"Do you think I am a person who would fall for words like that?" Helena gave him a dull look. "I have been busy with other things and don't think there is any reason for me to meet people unless they are causing trouble."

"You know, there was this woman I once met. A headstrong woman who didn't follow the herd. I met her when the existence of vampires came into picture and was known to everyone. It was a time of chaos and I was trying to fight for the humans. Unfortunately she died, her health was fragile," explained Vladimir.

"Who was that woman?" asked Helena.

"She was my lover, the mother of my daughter," revealed Vladimir.

"I am sorry to hear that," Helena's lips pursed. She then said, "Being the Devil you must know what is in my heart, Mr. Lazarus. I don't have time for romance, when I can put the same time for something else."

Vladimir nodded his head, "I am aware of that. Which is why we are going to do this step by step," he said optimistically. "We have a lot of time in our hands. There is no time to rush for it," he offered her a smile, and he brought his hand forward.

"We are just acquaintances now," she said to make sure.

"That's a good start," said Vladimir.

Helena sighed, wondering if she was truly stuck with the Devil. Gingerly, she placed her hand in his hand, and that had Vladimir smile.
Chapter 854 - Promise Rings- Part 2

Music Recommendation: Rhythm of the Breeze- Chapavich Temnitikul


Time slowly moved forward in every person's life, before months moving like pages of a book being flipped.

In the Hawthrone castle, the servants were quick to walk in and around the kitchen as they were busy preparing lunch for the royal family members as well as some of the guests who had come to join in the celebration of King Calhoun and Queen Madeline's son Movern's fourth birthday.

"Where is the cake?" asked Beth, who had come to check the condition it was in that she had prepared in the morning.

"It is here, milady," one of the maid's brought the trolley forward on which the cake had been placed. "We brought in fresh strawberries from the garden, would you like us to place it on top of it?"

"Here, let me do that," said Beth, taking hold of the bowl and placing the sliced berries. The castle was filled with the chatter of happiness as the servants continued to decorate and complete their tasks. Beth was satisfied with the cake. She made sure it was in perfect condition. "Once everyone gathers in the dining room, you can bring it then," she informed the maid, who bowed her head to oblige to Beth's words.

"Yes, milady!"

Offering a smile to the maid, Beth stepped out of the room. In the span of four years, many things had changed. She had started to smile more while learning to forgive herself for her mistakes that she had committed in the past. As she and Raphael had discussed four years ago in her parents' backyard, she had moved back to the East Carswell village and her former home.

Raphael had come to live with her and her parents. And while Raphael continued with his part-time job of being a fortune teller, Beth had learned to bake and create delicious cookies that were sold to the people of villages and the towns. She would have never known that she could bake if it weren't for Raphael, who pushed her forward to try something new.

"There you are!" came Raphael's voice from behind her, and Beth turned around to see him walk towards her. "I was looking for you everywhere. Did you come to take a look at the cake?"

Beth nodded her head, "I did. I was worried it might lose its texture."

"I am sure it will be fine. You have baked some of the best cakes and if I weren't an archangel, I would have turned fat by now," he complimented her.

"You always know to say the right words," replied Beth, and she then asked, "Did mother and father arrive?"

"Yes, a few moments ago. They had an issue with the carriage wheel which is why they were late," he informed her.

Beth was glad that her parents had arrived because she had left home early in the morning while Raphael visited Heaven on some work. "Is everything alright in Heaven?" she questioned him.

"Something like that," responded Raphael and Beth was quick to turn worried. Every time he left her side to visit Heaven, she was worried they would have him stop from coming to the living world. "Don't worry, it isn't anything you need to worry about," he brought his hand to place it on her shoulder in assurance.

"My worries are too obvious," she muttered, knowing there was barely anything that she could hide from him. And the moment he saw it, he resolved it as if the problem was nothing.

"It must be the little traces that come from living in this realm of the world that makes me happy to see you worry. I feel very loved," there was a gentle smile on his lips and Beth couldn't help but warmly smile at him.

In the last four years, they had spent together, they didn't get married to each other. Though somewhere Beth had always dreamt about getting married, she knew there were restrictions when it came to loving an archangel. She wanted to be content with what she had instead of worrying about what she couldn't have.

"How about we go out in the garden? It looks like there's still time before everyone gathers here," proposed Raphael, and she nodded her head.

They stepped out of the castle and into the garden, surrounded by flowers that left a sweet fragrance in the atmosphere.

"Days have so quickly passed," said Beth, bringing her hand forward to touch the flowers before she dropped her hand gently. It felt like it was only yesterday that she had seen the shabby man standing next to her sister and talking.

"Indeed," Raphael agreed, taking a seat on the bench and watching Beth look at the flowers as if she was in deep thought. Elizabeth Harris had turned kind and mellow, the traces of the old Elizabeth who her grandparents had manipulated had completely gone.

He knew there were still some people in the village, who liked to badmouth her, and on good occasions, he had given his piece of thoughts. Some mortals didn't hold a heart or enough kindness but preferred to claim to be kind. When Raphael had moved into the Harris' house, he had witnessed the harsh environment.

'A cake that is made by you? Who knows if you are going to add some poison to it,' huffed a woman when the news had spread about the new shop Beth had opened in the house.

'A traitor will always be a traitor. You might fool others, but we know how you are. I don't even know how the Queen has forgiven you,' said another person before leaving the front of the house.

At a point, the hate towards her had piled up too much that Beth didn't step out of the house. On one fine day, he had found her crying in the room in fits of tears.

Given how she behaved, she deserved those words, but people didn't speak when they had to. The time had passed, and she had changed for the better.

Beth had closed the curtains of the room, and he had found her sitting on the floor with her knees drawn close to her.

'I don't think I can ever be good enough,' she whispered, sensing his presence in the room as she lifted her head.

Raphael closed the door so that Mr. and Mrs. Harris wouldn't be worried. Coming to sit down next to her, he asked, 'Did someone tell you something again?'

Beth shook her head, 'I know the way people look at me. And the more they look at me like that, the more foregin it feels to be here, like I don't belong. I know I hurt people, but I never hurt them like this,' her words were a whisper.

'Like many other things, this will pass too, Beth. You only need to be strong. We can have Calhoun give an order-"

'No,' she quickly responded, 'I don't want it by force.'

'Do you prefer to live in another town? We can start packing your clothes, while I just need to bring my cards with me,' he tried to cheer her up.

Beth didn't reply because this place was her home, and she didn't want to be pushed away. After a while, she asked, ''Will it get better?'

'It will I promise,' he promised her, and though Beth didn't believe in the future, she did believe in his words. He placed his hand on top of her head, gently patting it. 'Everything will be fine if you believe in yourself.'

Beth had decided not to feel hurt, and she started to bake more varieties. The smell of fresh cookies and creams escaped from the house to the road that had brought one person at a time, and through word of mouth, a few more people came to try it. It didn't take long for the ones who had badmouthed Beth to return to the shop with a stiff expression, personally buying something from there or some through someone else.

Beth turned to look at Raphael, who had turned quiet, and he was watching her. "Is something on my face?" And he nodded his head.

"Oh," she brought her hand up, wondering what it was. She went to sit next to Raphael so that he could remove whatever was on her face.

But when she turned to him, Raphael stared right into her green eyes. "It is the smile on your face, I would like to keep it there," he said to her. "There is a reason why I brought you here, Beth."

Beth nodded for him to go on...
Chapter 855 - Promise Rings- Part 3

If Raphael had not said earlier that there was nothing to worry about, Beth would have been extremely anxious about what he wanted to speak about.

"Elizabeth," he used her full name, and Beth wondered if this was something serious.

"Why are you calling me Elizabeth? Beth is fine," said Beth, and she heard Raphael chuckle.

"Okay. Let's retry it. Beth," he said with a pause and a smile on his lips, "Since the last four years, I have made many wonderful memories of my life with you. And I treasure each and every one of them very dear to me. I have known your good, your bad and the ugly side."

"Thank you," murmured Beth.

She felt him turn facing her, picking her hand up, which was resting on her l.a.p. "I have seen you change, making an effort that has stolen my already captured heart," Raphael's words were the same as the breeze that surrounded them, gentle and soothing. "It isn't easy for a mortal to steal an angel or an archangel's heart. But now that you have mine and I have yours, I have been wondering how to fulfill the promise that I have wished to make to you."

Saying this, Raphael pushed something on her ring finger. When she looked down, her eyes fell on a plain-looking silver ring. She didn't know what to say for a moment because she was stunned by the unexpected action.

"T-this ring, you-" Beth tried to form a sentence, but she felt lost.

"We haven't been able to wed each other, but recently when I was walking in the market, I heard these two young children. They spoke about promise rings," said Raphael before he continued, "I promise to stay by your side, Beth. To love and cherish you until the end."

Beth's eyes were quick to water, and she felt her heart flutter at his words and gestures.

"But I don't have one for you," replied Beth. It wasn't like she hadn't thought about the rings, but they were not going to get married, and Heaven's wrath was the last thing she wanted.

"You don't have to worry about that. It seems like it has become a habit of buying everything in pairs. If I bring one for me-" he said, his hand slipping into his pocket and pulling it out, "-I bring one for you."

He handed her the ring so that she could help him wear it. Beth didn't take much time in pushing the ring on Raphael's finger. Before he could say something, she was quick to place her fingers on his lips. She was yet to speak about her promise to him. She would not get to make a vow, which was why she didn't want to lose the opportunity to make a promise.

"Archangel Raphael," addressed Beth.

"I understand now," he murmured.

Beth's green eyes stared into his golden eyes, which had brown flecks in them, "You are not just anyone that I have loved. Given I fell for many men, but how I feel with you is something I will never have with anyone else. Having you next to me is like a non-exhausting lantern next to me during my dark times in the past. The faith you have put in me, in helping me and seeing the better from the worse.

Thank you for believing in me and changing things, where I can now not have to cower. I promise to love you, Raphael. And feed you good food."

Raphael grinned at Beth's words. Leaning forward, he kissed her before pulling away and said, "I cannot wait for that."

They spent some more time in the garden by themselves while Beth couldn't help but look down at her ring. She felt a giddy smile appear on her lips. Humming softly while sitting next to Raphael and talking to him.

"Look at you two love birds sitting here on the bench by yourselves," came the voice of Gabriel, and Beth was quick to turn around to meet his eyes. Next to him stood Michael, who had a serious-looking expression on his face.

Beth stood up, bowing her head in greeting, "Welcome to Morven's fourth birthday."

"Thank you, Ms. Elizabeth. Seems like something exciting happened," commented Gabriel, noticing how radiant the young woman looked right now.

Beth waved her hand, a blush quick to appear on her face. "We were just sitting and talking."

A crackling sound was heard next to her, and Vladimir appeared to stand next to her now. "That only makes one more suspicious when you say that, wolf girl," he commented. "I don't remember inviting you to my great grandson's birthday," he narrowed his eyes, looking at Michael.

"You didn't. It was Madeline, who invited me here," Michael responded coolly without bothering the words that came from the Devil. "It wasn't like I was eager to stand in the same room as you."

"As if I am looking forward to it," Vladimir retorted.

"Isn't this wonderful to have everyone gathered here," Gabriel clapped both his hands with a smile on his face. "

Michale asked, "Where is the little boy? It has been a while since I last saw him."

Vladimir's eyes narrowed at Michael, suspicious if the archangels were here to inspect his adorable great-grandson.

"Odiii!" a boy's voice was heard from near the maze, and soon little prince Morven appeared with Odin following him.

"Master Morven, wait, don't go there-Oh, Master is here!" Odin's face brightened up by seeing Vladimir standing along with the other people.

"He's growing up fast," said Gabriel, looking at the boy who had features similar to his father. "Vampire childrens often grow faster than human ones. What a cute one."
Beth walked forward to pick her nephew in her arms so that she could hold him. Though Morven looked like Calhoun, he had acquired Madeline's character with a quiet nature, and he was still learning things around him. But then only time would say.

"We should get back inside, I am sure others are waiting for us," proposed Raphael, and everyone stepped back inside the castle.
Chapter 856 - Little One' Wish- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Let him Goverture - Michael Giacchino


When Beth and the others reached the dining room, everyone had already gathered in there, and she slowly let Morven down. The small boy was quick to run towards his mother, his hands circling Madeline.

Madeline placed her hand to pat her son's head, and she asked, "Did you have fun outside in the garden?" Morven nodded his head at the question to her.

"Odi was with me," said the boy in a small voice.

"Of course, he was," Madeline smiled warmly at her son. She gently combed his hair with her fingers to the side that had been ruffled, which was possible because of him running in and out of the bushes.

She couldn't believe that four years had passed so quickly and her baby boy had grown up, and he would continue to do so. She couldn't wait for him to cross her height. He was a sweet boy, and Vlad had personally appointed Odin to babysit Calhoun and her son.

"Look at you," said Mr. Harris to Morven. "You are already four and so big."

"Grandpa and grandma," little Morven bowed his head while not letting go of Madeline, and it had her chuckle.

"How are you doing, Lady Madeline?" came the question from someone while her parents spoke and pampered her son. Looking to her right, she saw it was the Archangels who had arrived at the door. It was Michael who had spoken to her.

She had hoped for him to come, and it was something she had been wishing for, knowing how Michael didn't spend his time with the mortals like Raphael or Gabriel. As it was Morven's birthday, she wanted everyone to be here, to celebrate together.

"I am doing well, Michael. Thank you for coming," she offered him a bow, and he returned it to her.

"Everyone was going to be here and I wanted to meet the boy," replied Michael. "It looks like he is only a vampire now."

"That is right," said Calhoun, walking to come and stand next to Madeline. "So far Morven hasn't shown any demon or angelic abilities."

Some of the eyes fell on small Morven, who Madeline's mother was closely hugging. It was obvious that everyone adored the boy, and they loved him very much.

Calhoun continued to say, "I got my demon abilities after I turned eight years old. He too might get it late."

"He is going to turn out to be a wonderful demon," chimed Monique, who held the wine glass in her hand. "It will be quite a sight to see him being surrounded by demons and angels," she pointed out.

And while everyone was talking about the boy, Morven had stepped out of the room again. The boy loved to wander around. Noticing her son's disappearance, Madeline said to Calhoun, "Let me go bring him back and also see where Lucy and Theodore are."

Stepping out of the dining room, she looked around for her son. Walking through the corridors, she finally came to see her son, who stood in the inner side of the garden. "What are you doing there, Morven?" she asked him. Holding the front of her sunny coloured gown, she stepped into the garden where Morven was.

"I finally found it, mama," said the little boy.

"What is it?" she asked, showing interest and kneeling to level herself to his height. It appeared that he had caught sight of a blue butterfly that was currently sitting on a plant. "It is a butterfly."

It was good to see that Morven was interested in the little things. When she saw him move closer, moving both his hands as if he was about to catch or squish it in his hands, she placed her hand on his.

"Let it come to you, my dear," Madeline whispered to her son.

"But what if it flies away?" Morven asked, turning his bright eyes to meet his mother's gaze.

"With so many flowers in the castle, I am sure the butterfly is here to stay. And if it isn't, you wait for the next one to come," she replied to him.

"I am not going to harm it. I only wanted to hold it," came the small boy's voice.

Madeline smiled at her son's words, "Here, let me show you a trick." She slowly moved her hand to where the butterfly was, waiting for it, and the butterfly came to sit on the palm of her hand. "Life is about being patient, my son. Sometimes you need to wait for a long time, and sometimes for a shorter time, but if you wait, you will be rewarded. Here, why don't you try holding it. Bring your hand closer."

She let the butterfly pass to her son's small hand, and seeing this, Morven turned excited. "It has so many colours, mama," he spoke in an excited tone.

Madeline looked around the garden, using her magic to bring the nearby butterflies to come and greet her son by having them fly around. Seeing Morven's face light up, it had her continuously smiling.

"Oh my! I was wondering where all the butterflies came from!" exclaimed Lucy with a chuckle in the end. The vampiress stood in the corridor, with her hands placed on her stomach that had grown big.

"How are you doing now, Lucy?" asked Madeline, letting her son play with the butterflies, while she got back inside to come and stand where Lucy was. She had heard Lucy not being well this morning and that she had been in bed.

"Still nauseous. Even though this is the second time, it doesn't make me feel better, except knowing it is going to be only a month more before the baby comes," said Lucy, looking down at her baby bump and gently running her hand over it as if to soothe the baby.

"Mama said she made some tea for you so that it can help in easing your body," responded Madeline.

"That is very kind of Mrs. Harris," replied Lucy. Even though she didn't have a mother, not that she had when her mother was alive, she was grateful to have Aunt Monique and Mrs. Harris, who told her what to drink and eat. Not to forget, she had Theodore as her constant backbone, which made it less difficult. Madeline and her brother were there to look after her as well.

With the school that she had dreamed about established in the mansion, Lucy and Theodore had moved back into the castle, while Lady Monique had taken over the school.

Not soon enough, Theodore came walking from the other side of the corridor whilst he held his and Lucy's one-year-old girl, Lillie, close to his c.h.e.s.t in his arms.

Over the last four years, it wasn't just Morven who had grown, but many things had changed. Lucy and Theodore had their child, and they were expecting the second child soon. From what Madeline had heard from Beth, Lucy was going to have one more daughter. The Hawthrone and Hosteler's family was growing together, and it was good to be part of it.

"Are we late for the celebration?" asked Theodore, and Madeline shook her head with a smile.
Chapter 857 - Little One' Wish- Part 2

"Morven seems to be having his own celebration here," smiled Madeline. Butterflies surrounded the boy, and the breeze around him had increased.

"There was something I wanted to tell you, Maddie," said Lucy and Madeline turned to look at the vampiress.

"Is everything alright?"

"In the morning, I saw Morven break a glass. By touching it," informed Lucy.

Hearing this, Madeline's eyebrows rose. The breaking glass was something she used to do before. Considering how she was an angel and Calhoun was a demon, it didn't come as much surprise. "I guess he is going to have a bit of both me and Cal in him."

In the past, when she was young, there had been misconceptions of her being the fallen angel's ticket to Heaven and using her powers. But now the time was different, thought Madeline to herself. There wasn't complete peace, but she was glad to see that the archangels had come down to celebrate her and Calhoun's son's day along with the Devil.

Madeline was sure that with everyone's help and guidance, her son wouldn't lose his path, nor would he be shut in the coffin as she had been inside it for years.

"In time, he will turn powerful," commented Theodore.

"Mama, see!" Morven looked utterly excited about the butterflies until Calhoun's favourite pet appeared there to growl at the butterflies. "Nu! Haha hahaa," Morven laughed when Madox went round and round around him while l.i.c.k.i.n.g his face.

"Seems like I need to wash his face," murmured Madeline. As if sensing the presence, she turned to look at her husband, who made his way through the corridor, and she felt her heart flip.

Calhoun leaned towards her and kissed her temple. "You said you were going to come back soon after finding him. I decided to come see what was taking time," he said to her. Madeline couldn't believe that even with the years that had come to pass, Calhoun still loved her the same way as he had before, or maybe even more.

"Morven wanted to play with the butterflies and then we ended up talking here," replied Madeline with a smile on her lips.

"Did you now," he hummed, putting his arms around her while looking at his son and his wolf chasing the butterflies with laughter and bark-growl. "Your father, Paschar I mean along with Vlad and the others are at debate again."

"What is it this time?" asked Madeline, placing her hands to hold on to his arms that wrapped around her. Calhoun didn't reply, but when his gaze did turn to look at one side of the corridor, she turned to see Helena, who looked annoyed as if she was fed up with people. "Ah, I see," she whispered.

Though Helena had finally agreed to allow Vlad into her life, her demeanour hadn't changed much when it came to the other people around her, and Vladimir was yet to have her complete heart. But so far, it looked like they had made some progress.

The next to follow her was Lady Monique, and then came Raphael and Beth, before the others joined them in the corridor and near the inner garden.

"Looks like the prince is quite enjoying himself," said Gabriel.

One of the kitchen maids arrived at the corridor, looking slightly confused, and she quickly bowed her head, "My King, shall I bring the cake to the dining room?" she asked nervously as there were quite some influential people in the castle. The Hawthrone castle had turned into quite an unexpected place because of the Devil's presence, the Archangel's, the angel, the head of the High House, the King.

"I think we are missing one person," murmured Madeline, and soon they saw Ethan Moryett making his way with his wife and his son in his arms.

"My apologies, my King and the Queen, little Victor had a small emergency before we could get into the carriage," apologised Ethan, Victor being his son who was one year old.

"That's fine, we haven't cut the cake yet," said Calhoun. His eyes then shifted to look at Morven, who hugged Maddox as if the wolf was a toy with both his arms. He said to the maid, "You can bring the cake here."

"Milord, here?" The maid tried to reconfirm because they were in the corridor and not in the dining room.

"This is a lovely place to celebrate, just family and inside. What do you say, Morven?" questioned Calhoun to his son, and on hearing his question, his son was quick to let go of the black wolf and come to him.

"Yes, papa," agreed the small boy, and Calhoun picked Morven in his arms. He pulled out his handkerchief and cleaned the small traces of mud and the licks that Maddox gave.

The cake was soon brought in the trolley, and the servants around the castle were quick to hover around the corridor to be part of the prince's birthday celebration.

The family members and the guests stood around the trolley while Calhoun let Morven down and handed him the knife.

"Make a wish, dear," said Madeline, before her son would blow out the candles that were in the cake.

Morven brought both his hands together, and instead of making a wish in his mind, he said it loudly, "I wish to spend my day here with grandma Constance." Madeline was startled with Morven's wish, and so were the others, as they didn't expect it.

But not soon, everyone's eyes shifted to look at Vladimir, who raised his eyebrows, "What? I didn't do anything," he said as if he knew nothing about it.

The Devil always played tricks, and this time had decided to make a wish through the small boy.

"Well," drawled Raphael. "Small children's wishes move faster than the others so that they can be approved quickly. What are we going to do now?"

"You," Michael glared at Vladimir as if he couldn't wait to pull out his staff and smite the Devil for pulling such a trick. "With the Devil's involvement, the wish cannot be approved."

Morven looked like a puppy whose ears had suddenly wilted.

"A heartless Archangel breaking a child's wish of him wanting to meet his grandmother. I expect nothing less from you," Vladimir fueled the situation. "You are his grand uncle, and you cannot give him one wish on his birthday? How stingy."

Gabriel placed his hand on Michael so that the two of them wouldn't start fighting, "How about we deal with it later. The cake looks delicious, Lady Elizabeth. You seem to have found something you are talented in," praised the Archangel before looking at the boy. "I am sure you are waiting to eat the cake too."

"You didn't get any other time to pull that trick?" murmured Paschar at Vladimir.

"Don't blame me that my great grandson wants to meet his grandmother. He is just missing her," came Vladimir's voice in a matter of fact tone.

"He has always been like that," commented Michael.

"All righty!" said Lady Monique, "It is time to cut the cake!"

"You know, if you-" Vlad started with a small glare. But Raphael quickly started to sing,

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday…"
Chapter 858 - Little One' Wish- Part 3

And soon every person in the castle joined one after another as the small boy cut his cake. Calhoun was the first to feed a small piece of cake to be followed by Madeline and the rest of the family members.

"God bless you, Morven. It would be interesting to see you grow up with all of us around," commented Gabriel, wishing the boy happy birthday.

Vladimir came forward, bending down to bring his hand forward with a wrapped present in front of Morven.

"A present?" asked Morven in an innocent voice, his eyes fixed on Vladimir's hand.

"Of course, you didn't think I was like these other useless great grand uncles who can't grant your birthday wish," he threw shade at the other Archangel.

Morven took the present in his hand, excited to unwrap it. When he was done unwrapping it, he found an old stuffed toy, which was a spider.

For a long time, Vladimir had safely kept the toy with him, saving it as one of his daughter's memories that was precious to him. But he knew it would mean a lot to the little one, something to keep with him in the cupboard.

Morven then moved his gaze from the toy to look into the Devil's eyes, "Thank you, great grandpa."

Every person came forward to wish the little boy, either by their prayers or by giving him something that he might like. Once the family members finished feeding the cake, the maids were called to cut it so that it could be distributed to everyone in the castle.

Two hours later, Helena was walking in the corridor, and she caught sight of the blonde archangel who was standing on one of the pillars of the castle. Making her way to where the person was, she said, "Seems like your old habits still remain the same, of standing away from people."

Michael smiled at her words without looking at her. He was looking at the small prince who was playing with the wolf right now.

"I guess it is just integrated into who I am. Some things are hard to change. Looks like you haven't changed too, you still look the same as if someone stepped on your nerve," commented Michael, and his eyes slowly moved to the side to see the blonde woman and her sharp gaze looking at the little one. "You seem to be spending quite some time with the Devil. Have you come to like him?" The tone was nonchalant, as if the question wasn't important.

Helena's lips twitched, "You both seem to get along very well," she said without answering his question right away and then said, "He's rough around the edges, but I think I am getting used to it. Is it true?"

"What is?" asked Michael, turning his head to watch her serious expression.

"That I took birth again," asked Helena, her red eyes meeting his gold ones.

As time had passed, where she had started to spend more time in Vladimir's company, there were flashes of memories that she had started to have in her dreams. It wasn't clear, but it was there, and she had tried to connect the dots of what it meant. It wasn't too hard with Vladimir, who had already mentioned about the woman named Harriet, who was very similar to her in nature, but he had never told her that she was his lover in her past life, nor had she asked him about it.

The thought did get her curious. In the beginning, Vladimir was the most annoying person, but now he had turned less annoying. There were still many times when she had to chase him away from the High House because she had more work to do than romancing with him. But in time, she had slowly started to turn tolerant with the man, and her frown from her face had disappeared a little.

It was almost more than twenty years when Michael had tried to protect her from harm and being killed. Though rumours had spread because of him spending more time with her, there was nothing between them.

"You did," replied Michael. "We are still in the process of learning how the universe works, because some souls don't stay in Heaven nor in Hell, but they repeat their lives in a cycle by taking birth. It is ironic to see that you ended up right where you started."

"I see," murmured Helena.

Until now, she had come to understand that people of the royal family would be related to her only by name through Vladimir, but it seemed like there was more depth to it.

"He thinks you like me," said Helena, a small smile came to appear on her lips, and Michael shook his head.

"It seems like people like to perceive anything," he said, a sigh escaping from his lips. "I think I should leave this one just as it is so that I can see him frustrated."

Michael had never felt anything remotely romantic towards the woman who stood next to him now. All he had done in the past was help her while being in the living world. And if there was someone, whom he was a little partial to, the person was in Heaven and someone he was not supposed to be partial with. Who would have known that the Heavenly realm would be disturbed because of the living world that was spilling out and Heaven and Hell spilling themselves into the living realm.

"Are you going to be here for long?" asked Helena.

"No," answered Michael. "I will be leaving in a few minutes. It was good talking to you, Helena," he said to her.

"It was my p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e," replied Helena, watching Michael make his way towards the boy.

Michael came near Morven, who continued to play with his wolf friend, both on the ground. While the wolf had fur where the mud didn't matter, the small boy's clothes were turning muddy.

"What are you doing here instead of being inside with everyone?" Michael questioned the little boy.

Morven's red eyes snapped to look at Michael, "What about you?" asked the little one.

It seemed like the child was much smarter than he looked, asking him the same question. "I need to leave and I thought I would meet the birthday boy before I leave."

"You won't stay?" Morven looked a little troubled that his guest was leaving.

"I have work to attend to and I will come down to visit you and your parents some other time," replied Michael. "It looks like you love this wolf." And the wolf held the same sentiments, considering how the boy gently held its tail.

"Papa gifted Maddox to me. He said I was supposed to take good care of him," said the small boy. "He's the best," added Morven.

The boy went back to pet his wolf, letting go of the tail and this time scratching the back of the wolf's ears, and the wolf lightly growled as if it was enjoying the ear rub.

Michael wondered how things had changed because of the kindness he had spread in the world. He couldn't help but weigh his thoughts on the little one's wish.
Chapter 859 - Dandelions- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Wish I could spend the day with you- Mychael Danna


Michael stared at the little boy, who continued to play with the wolf, petting and talking to it as if the wolf understood everything he said. No one would have ever seen this coming, for the archangels and the Devil to meet each other's eyes without using their staffs to smite the other.

The wish the boy had asked was a simple one, just like Madeline had prayed for Paschar to come and spend his time with her child. But with the wish being associated with the Devil, Michael wasn't sure about what to do. When it came to the Devil, the slightest actions had consequences. The ripple effect would go too far to cause possible chaos.

But then...this was a wish that related to Constance. The person had a pure soul, and even though she had gone through difficulties in the living world, her soul had continued to stay pure and forgiving.

"What would you do if I brought your grandmother here?" asked Michael to the boy.

Morven, who had both his hands on Maddox's head, turned slowly to look at the man, "I will show her the toys that I received today. She can tell me stories at night."

Michael nodded his head, "Looks like you have already decided."

"Papa told me that grandma used to tell him many good stories," said the little boy.

The archangel gave it more thought before disappearing from there, leaving the living realm and returning to the Heavenly realm. As he walked through the garden, he met other souls who offered him their greetings, and he returned it. He made his way to where Constance stood like a painting.

As if sensing his arrival, Constance turned to meet Michael's eyes with a smile. "You are back," she said. "Did you enjoy your time? Raphael said all of you were going to the living realm."

Michael didn't respond to her because he had to make the decision now. Like many other pure souls, he had tried to protect Constance, opening the path to Heaven, which was where she had ended after her death, where there was no pain. And somewhere along the line, he had come to care for her a little more compared to the other souls. He couldn't help but question how a Devil had such a pure soul as his daughter.

In the past, Lucifer used to be one of the best archangels of Heaven, but he had fallen. He wondered if the little hidden goodness the Devil was left with had been passed on to Constance.

A frown appeared on Constance's face, noticing him not responding, and she asked, "Is everything alright?"

Michael gave her a nod, "Yes. I wanted to ask you how your dreams have been."

Constance was no mere person. Being the daughter of the Devil and being able to give birth to a powerful son, Michael knew the protective shield he had placed over her mind was slowly crumbling.

"They have been the same with blur," answered Constance, and she added, "You look troubled. Would you like  to take a seat?"

"I would like that," replied Michael, walking with her towards the bench, and they sat next to each other. The breeze around the garden was gentle, and the sun's rays touched the ground of the realm of Heaven. "As I was the one to bring you here, believing you will be safe here, I want to ask you if you want to go back to the place where you originally belong to?"

"You mean the living realm?" asked Constance, and Michael nodded his head.

"Sometimes, we angels interfere in the mortal world and don't realize what it might cause. But at the same time, it is also the right decision," said Michael.

He had not opened the path for her in the past, she would have been in more pain, and Hell would have scarred her because Vladimir was sleeping at that point in time. Constance had been preserved by making way to this place, and her soul had tried to heal from the pain that had been caused when she was alive.

"One day...your memories will break free and that day you will want to go back, not that we won't let you," said Michael, turning to look at Constance, who was already looking at him intently. "Souls in Heaven forget about their past life, but it seems like you are different. We send you now, or we send you back later, it is going to be one and the same. I believe in time, Constance."

"Is it allowed?" questioned Constance. She had come to hear some of the rules from the angels and what happened if they broke them.

Michael offered her a smile. He should have known that her heart was in the living world, and though she did die, he was willing to send her back.

"I am willing to make an exception for you. You have been a kind soul, Constance and it has been a pleasure to have you here," said Michael. He brought his hand up and placed his finger on her forehead. His fingertip gently brushed against her skin. Sending her away wasn't easy, but he was someone who had always stood for the right things. "I will come and visit you in the living world. My favourite soul from Heaven."

It took a moment for Constance to realize what Michael actually meant, and she could see her surroundings starting to change.

"Won't you come with me?" she asked, placing her hand on his wrist, and her actions took him by surprise.

When Constance had died, Michael was there at her bedside to collect her soul. He had seen the pain she had gone through, but being a person from the Heavenly realm, he couldn't interfere.

Since he had taken Constance to Heaven, being there and watching over her, some form of attachment had formed. There were times when he couldn't help but wonder how she had ended up in such a bad company and had a bad life.

Even though Constance was pure, she had ended up falling for someone who was the complete opposite of her. He had seen the man and his family, completely vile and just like most of the mortals who liked to manipulate everything around them for their own gain. But he was only an archangel, and he had decided not to stick his nose where it was not needed.

He didn't know if he would have been able to change things in the past, but he offered her a smile.

"Life would have been much easier if we didn't have so many complications, isn't it? Now I understand the others a little better than before," said Michael to her. "I will see you soon, Constance. But for now, I hope you will continue to stay in peace."

Constance felt the shield and the protective barrier placed over her mind start to break while the foggy clouds around her increased. Before she knew it, Michael's hand had disappeared, and she appeared in the middle of the garden.

She was back in the Hawthrone castle.
Chapter 860 - Dandelions- Part 2

Music Recommendation: Carry you - Novo Amor


Constance stood in the garden, looking at the familiar place that she had seen in the memories, and soon she came to realize that those were not just memories. The memories in her mind that had been protected for so long slowly came to reveal in front of her eyes and the back of her mind.

She walked towards the castle, her footsteps careful while realizing what Michael had done. As the memories rushed, her footsteps turned faster, and she quickly found a boy sitting on the grassy area.

Already having heard a lot about the current Hawthrone castle, Constance walked towards the little one who sat with a black wolf. Sensing Constance's presence, the wolf lightly growled from where it was, but when it came towards her, it started to wag its tail, and it let out a growl like bark as if sensing the scent of familiarity.

"Where are you going?" asked Morven to the wolf, and he caught sight of a woman in a white robe. He stared at her. The little boy was intelligent enough to map the woman's face whose portrait was in the hall.

Both Morven, as well as Constance, walked towards each other. Regaining all her memories back, Constance could hardly believe that this boy was her grandson. He was so small, and he reminded her of her own son, the boy's father.

"I-is that you, grandma Constance?" asked Morven, his red eyes looking at her.

He was adorable, thought Constance in her mind, and she nodded her head. "It is me. You must be Morven," she spoke to the boy, her voice gentle and sweet for one who heard her voice.

This time Morven nodded his small head, "My wish came true," he said as if acknowledging the thought.

Constance bent before she sat down to meet his height, her eyes taking in the boy and a smile on her lips, "Happy birthday, little Morven. I hope you will be well protected and grow into a wise King just like your father," she wished him. Leaning forward, she kissed the boy's forehead.

She brought a flower in front of her and asked, "What is your favourite colour?"

Morven looked at the white flower, and for a second, his eyebrows furrowed in thought, he said, "Red." Soon the flower changed its colour, and Morven's eyes grew excited by this little trick.

While Constance and Morven were in the garden of the castle, Odin, who was on his way to babysit the little prince, stopped in his tracks when he noticed a woman sitting in front of Morven. He wondered if they had other guests today and what was with those white robes-

His eyes went wide, and he leaned to the side, realizing who the person was with prince Morven. Odin couldn't help but have tears in his eyes by seeing the Lady had returned. Not knowing if she was here for only a little time, he sniffed and wiped his face before running to where his Master was.

"Master! Master!" Odin's voice echoed through the corridors of the castle.

The servants were quick to move aside because Odin was running in speed, looking for Vladimir from one room to the next one. Where was his Master? Odin realized that he could apparate, and he quickly reached where Vladimir was with Madeline, Lucy and Beth.

"MASTER!" Odin shouted in excitement, and everyone turned startled. "T-there, the outside…"

Vladimir didn't know what Odin was speaking about, "What are you talking about, Odin? Where is the boy?" he asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

"S-she, she is here. The wish," came the breathless words from the Devil's faithful servant, and Vladimir disappeared in thin air.

"Let me find, Cal," whispered Madeline before running out of the room.

Beth frowned, helping Lucy to stand up and walking along with her while her sister had gone to find the King.

"Cal!" Madeline called him, and within a blink of an eye, he was near her. "The wish Morven wished for. I think Michael granted it and Vladimir went to the garden."

The people who were around were quick to follow them by stepping out of the castle.

Calhoun could feel the rise of his heart beating and his eyes frantically looking for his mother. When his eyes finally fell on her, his footsteps slowed down, taking in her appearance. Vladimir was already there, and he was speaking to her. He couldn't believe his eyes, to think that his mother was back in the living world.

When he got closer, Constance's eyes shifted to look at him, meeting gazes with each other and the smile on her face widened. Constance left Vladimir's side, walking in the direction of her son before they came to stand in front of her.

"We finally met again," said Constance, her eyes brimming with tears and Calhoun, who would never cry for anything, his eyes moistened.

"So we do. Tell me you are here for good," Calhoun was selfish when it came to things and people who belonged to him, and he wanted her to be here.

Constance brought her hand up, placing her hand on the side of his cheek, and she caressed her son's face. He had grown up so big, and had turned into a fine man and now had a family of his own. A family that had not been complete in the past.

"I am here to stay," she replied to him with a warm smile. "Someone told me that this is my rightful place, to live with everyone."

Calhoun stepped forward and put his arms around his mother, hugging her. "I am happy to hear that." It wasn't Vladimir who had made Morven wish for his mother to come, but it was him who had put the idea in his son's head. "Welcome back, mother."

Constance was happy to see that her son was doing better than before. Before she had passed away, she had seen the misery and anguish in his eyes, the inability of him to help her had driven him towards pain. And it had broken her heart seeing him like that. He had been forced to grow up faster than the others, his childhood was stolen away from him.

Pulling away from the hug, Constance said, "I am very proud of you, Cal. You turned perfectly well."

Calhoun caught his mother's hand, smiling at her and said, "I have someone I want you to meet," and he turned around.

Constance turned with her son, looking at the young woman, who stood not too far away from them.

Madeline was quick to bow her head to show her respect and greet Calhoun's mother, "It is good to have you back, Lady Constance."

The woman smiled, leaving Calhoun's side and going to hug Madeline. "Thank you for standing next to him. I know it might not have been easy, but thank you for being there," said Constance. Madeline couldn't help but smile at Constance's words.

"Let me tell the maids to get your room ready and the clothes prepared for you," replied Madeline before calling the maid and ordering the things to be done.

Soon Constance was introduced to the other people of the family. Once she had changed into a gown, everyone moved into the dining room to have tea and biscuits. Calhoun looked at the people who were at the table, where his mother sat next to Lady Monique, catching up on their lost time. Theodore and Lucy sat with their daughter Lillie and right next to Lucy sat Mr. and Mrs. Harris before being followed by the archangels and the Devil with Odin, who had stayed back to enjoy the company.

The people in the chair had changed over the years, replaced to the one's who had turned out to be part of his family.

Madeline, who was sitting next to Calhoun, felt him reach for her hand and squeeze it that made her smile. She turned to look at her handsome husband, "I was thinking about getting the painter here. We can have everyone in the portrait."

Calhoun nodded, bringing her hand to his lips and kissing the back of her hand, "Anything for you."