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Chapter 757 - Admit It

Beads of sweat rolled down the sides of her neck and slipped down only to get lost between her cleavage. She should be infuriated at those words he had just spouted. Yet she found herself picturing a scene in her head again. It was a vision where she had her arms languidly curled around his neck and tugging him closer. All the while, she was begging him to kiss her as if… his lips were the salvation that she wanted… that she needed.

Her eyes involuntarily trailed down and stared at his lips. Those stupidly, seductive lips were just so tempting that her eyes were drawn to it no matter how hard she tried to look elsewhere. Her body was starting to rebel against her will and before she knew it, her lips too had followed along to rebel. They had parted, wanting her damned enemy's lips to be pressed against hers now.

Without warning, he pulled away in a swift move, taking his sizzling heat along with him. For the first time, she was so glad that she was saddled with this weak and slow body of hers right now. Because her treacherous hand had actually tried to grab onto him to stop him from pulling away!

She bit down on her lips so hard as she lifted her gaze at him, infuriated beyond reason at what was going on with her. She was unable to keep up with the pace and accept how her body was reacting so positively to him. Should it not be the opposite?!! She raged at herself inwardly.

He was kneeling with her tucked between his legs. His hands were still holding onto her wrists. His face was inhumanly black again. No emotion betrayed his thoughts as he looked down at her with those intensely gleaming eyes.

"Demon," she hissed out between her gritted teeth. "Stop using whatever demonic magic you have on me and play fair already." She complained.

One of his brows arched slightly and the corner of his lips lifted a little. "Let's get this straight first. No one's using any demonic magic on you, Alicia."

"Liar –" She denied it. He must be using something! Or else she would not be having such reactions to him.

He slowly bent over, and his gloved hand wiped off the beads of sweat on her forehead. "You are feeling hot…" his voice was so unnaturally low again, as if he had just woken up in the morning. "You want something… Me perhaps? You're craving my lips against yours –"

"All because of your demonic powers, Ezekiel." She snapped and cut him off. Her eyes were now sharp and dangerous. "If you think you can fool me –"

"Stop blaming everything and everyone else and just admit your desires Alicia –" Ezekiel said straight to the point, not even giving her the chance to finish her sentence.

"There's no genuine desire to admit in the first place, Ezekiel." She cut him off as well with her denial. Her voice getting louder and harder. "You know very well that I hate you. No sane person would want to kiss the person she had been wanting to kill, unless they're under the influence of some external force –"

A dark and quick chuckle cut her off, causing her anger to rise as fast as it appeared. His deep chuckle just sent shivers down her spine. "I can't believe how clueless you are about your own –"

Alicia did not allow him to finish his line again and spoke as if she did not hear a thing that he had just said. "And you are clearly trying so hard to seduce me like this. Hence all these fake desires are just you, rousing it from me. What are you even aiming for in doing this, huh, Ezekiel? You can't be doing all these, just to get your way with me, can you?"

He fell absolutely silent at her accusations. For a moment, he looked like he could not believe what she had just said. Then a quick laugh echoed before he half-bite down on his lip. She had almost forgotten that this person can actually laugh too.

"Such a stubborn woman as always." He seemed to mutter that to himself and shook his head a little. Then faster than a blink of an eye, his face was suddenly looming over hers. Those metallic grey orbs were looking so dangerously dark now.

"You really think I'm doing all these just because I want to fuck you?" His voice still calm and low but a wicked amusement flashed in his eyes. If looks could kill, the blade in his eyes might have killed her on the spot at that very moment. "Be thankful that I am not taking your words very seriously right now Alicia. Knowing that not only your body has weakened, but your brain has also gotten affected by your situation as well. But I had not expected the deterioration to be this bad. You have now become gloriously dumb."

That statement made Alicia's eyes widen with fury. Her knee flew up to kick him in his royal balls, but her intentions and movements did not escape Zeke's supreme reflexes.

His gloved hand was already on her knee before she even realised and it was pressed down, rendering her move ineffective. A dangerous smile full of warning flashed across his face.

"You dare do that again, and you will see -"

She reflexively lifted her other knee, thinking that she should take advantage of the moment. But his bare hand moved so fast that her second attempt was unsuccessful as well – to her utter consternation.

His bare hand was clamped onto her other knee at an impossible speed. She had started to become invisible but immediately became visible again at the touch of his bare hand.

"Seems like you want it this way, huh? Well… fine with me, Alicia.." He said with a tiny shrug and his hands which were on her knees moved, spreading her legs apart.
Chapter 758 - Trust

Alicia's eyes widened, speechless and shocked to her core at what he just did. Her entire body burned from both shame and this infuriating…

When the tip of his lips curved up, Alicia saw that as him smiling in triumph and it only caused her to flare up even more. She lunged at him, and her balled fist swung forward and landed on his jaw. The punch was stronger than she had thought. Maybe because her wrath and pride had fuelled it, thus the extra strength behind it.

She was panting as Ezekiel stilled, face facing slightly sideways because of that one unexpectedly strong punch. Though she was glad her hit landed, she was a little apprehensive on how Ezekiel would react.

He licked the side of his lips, his lower lip had a cut and was now bleeding. Then slowly, he moved his face and looked back at her straight in the eyes.

"I… hate you." she hissed at him. Extreme anger raged like a lightning storm within her eyes.

"I know." He replied without any feelings in his voice.

His nonchalance enraged her even more. "I'm going to kill you!"

"Go ahead. Try it…" the fiery temperature had turned a little icy now, "if you can."

She opened her mouth but before the first syllable of the chant could even leave her lips, Ezekiel had pinned her back down. The speed of his actions had left her gasping for air. She knew that he was fast. But being on the receiving end of his unwanted attentions was a totally different matter. The next thing she knew was he had wedged himself between her legs, his hands were back on her wrists, wrapping around them tightly and pinning them down above her head. She struggled to pull her hands out of his grasp but as expected, it was to no avail.

His face hovered so close to hers again. "Why stop?" he asked in a controlled voice. "Go on, Alicia, say it." He taunted her, knowing that he was pushing her buttons.

"Damn you to hell," she gritted out through clenched teeth, eyes watering, hating how this weak and useless body of hers seemed to be making her look even more pitiful, vulnerable and emotional before him. "What the hell do you even want from me? Why not just let me disappear, huh, Ezekiel?! Why bother hanging onto me and keeping me around?" She spat out bitterly as her eyes looked away.

His expression became totally unreadable but his focus on her features did not dwindle one bit.

"Answer me. I know there must be a reason for you doing this. The great Ezekiel will never do anything without good reason after all, right? And I know for sure that whatever the reason it may be, it surely would be something along the lines of being beneficial to you or your people or this world." Alicia said tauntingly and then huff out in helplessness.

When Ezekiel did not even blink or showed any facial expression to her accusations, Alicia scoffed and laughed. "Of course… you would never even bother giving an answer. When have you ever bothered to give out any explanations – ever? Tell me Ezekiel… was it fun keeping everyone in the dark?" Her gleaming and watery eyes narrowed at him. "Do you find it entertaining using even your own allies like they're all your pawns at your very own disposal? Is it fun seeing us run around in circles and dancing to your tune?"

Silence reigned for a few horrible seconds. Alicia scoffed again, not bothered even if she was offending him as she was tired of it all. She finally shut her eyes to stop her damned eyes from getting all watery and itchy, but it just made a drop of tear flow down from the corner of her eyes.

"No." his deep voice suddenly echoed out in the silence, causing Alicia's eyes to fly wide open and look at him in shock. He… answered?!!

It took her a while to respond. "No… then why… why do you always do it?"

Alicia could swear she saw something pulse within those metal-grey eyes that she finds so enticing. She felt like at this moment, the inner animal or demon or monster or whatever it was that he was keeping locked within himself, was starting to get restless, feral even. She could not help but shudder at the thought that the mask of skin he was wearing right now might disappear and the beast underneath will come out and lunge at her and… tear her apart.

She was not expecting any more answers, but she was surprised again when his voice suddenly broke the heavy silence between them.

"Because it's the best strategy." His answer came after such a long pause.

Alicia's mouth hang opened in disbelief. "What? That's… that's your reason?"

"Yes." One short answer. Wow. Alicia was commenting to herself sarcastically that Ezekiel really knew how to explain.

Another scoff was about to leave Alicia's mouth when Ezekiel continued. "When you tell your plan to someone, always expect a big possibility of your plans falling to ruins."

"You just don't trust anyone don't you?" She finally commented with an creased brow.

"If there is no trust, there's no betrayal." His simple reply came with a small shrug of his shoulders.

"Wow. So, this is all because you're afraid of being betrayed all along?" Alicia shook her head and could not help but laugh to herself in disbelief. The great Prince Ezekiel, afraid of betrayal?

But her smile faded almost instantly at the look that crossed his eyes. She recognised it as something haunting and disturbing and… horrifying. And that caused her to pause in her ridicule of him.

"Have you ever been betrayed before, Alicia? And no, I am not just referring to anyone important but by the person you trusted the most. Someone whom you trust even more than yourself."

Alicia could not respond to his question.

He smiled. An emotionless and empty one.

It was as if he already had an answer. He then climbed off Alicia and sat at the edge of the bed. His back was now facing her, but his hand still did not let go of her wrist.

His gloved hand came up to loosen his tie, removing it as Alicia looked on at him silently.

"Listen to me Alicia," he spoke, without turning back. Gone was the strange tone in his voice and he was now back to his usual emotionlessness royal self. "Unless you use a spell, you are now powerless. You only have the strength of a human girl now. So if you are intending to kill me, then forget it. Just stop struggling so futilely, wanting for me to let you go. Spend that energy on planning a clever move on how to kill me instead. Keep in mind that the moment I let go of you, you won't be able to even finish your chant and you would be already gone."

"Ezekiel…" she called his name, sounding like she had not listened to all those things he had just said to her at all.. "Who was it that betrayed you?" she asked, and he stilled.
Chapter 759 - Make Haste

Alicia laid there as silence reigned in the dim room. Her eyes were staring at his back, at his shiny, raven-black hair.

Questions filled her head, but she could only shut her lips tight. He did not even reply to her earlier question yet and she had feeling that he would ignore it and not say anything.

Still, she waited for a little longer, unwilling to fill the silence between them. She wanted to see how long was it that he could keep silent.

A sudden strong urge to know everything about him bloomed within her heart right at that moment. She badly wanted to know the answer to her question. But it was not just that… she wanted to discover more about this ever so enigmatic man. Even from before, she had always been curious about him and his poker face that never seemed to be able to be broken.

She wanted to tear all his walls down and see what really lies deep within him.

But she could even go as far as to say that it most probably be close to impossible for that to happen. Perhaps, no one in this world might ever bring those impenetrable walls down.

He rose. For a while, the calmness around him seemed to have been disrupted. He pulled slightly irritably at his black tie and hurled it to the side table when something vibrated. A phone inside is pocket was the source of that disturbance.

When he answered it, Alicia pulled herself up into a sitting position.

"What is it." he asked in an emotionless tone.

Alicia could not hear what the other person on the other side of the phone was saying because Ezekiel had used a Bluetooth earpiece to speak to the caller. However, she could tell that whatever that was reported to him must have been some kind of bad news just judging by the air that had changed around him. The temperature inside the room seemed to plummet into the negatives. Even she shivered at the sudden drop.

His grip on her tightened a little. Then without a word, he pressed the red button and ended the call.

No word came out from his lips anymore even as he pulled Alicia up from the bed. Alicia could not speak now as she felt that disconcerting dark power began to seep out from his body. He bit on the tip of his gloved finger and pulled his black glove off.

The black glove fell to the floor as he stretched out his bare hand forward. She watched as a wisp of dark smoke appeared inches away from his palm, swirling and turning as it grew bigger until a vortex appeared before them.

No words were needed for Alicia to tell that something serious had just happened. The fact that this man was using his demonic magic to teleport was enough to say a lot without telling her a thing. Because she knew Ezekiel had never used this means of teleportation for hundreds of years now. He had been hiding his demonic powers and acting like a pure blooded vampire all these times. At least until now.

Thus, whatever prompted this man to use this power of his at this moment… Alicia could not help but feel a strong unease filling her.

"Cling to me." His tone sounded like an order.


"If you don't, you will feel like you are being thrown into a furnace." He warned her.

Alicia swallowed and threw him a look that was a little skeptical. Her short pause seemed to be enough to wear his patience thin and he pulled her against him immediately without waiting for her permission.

"You –" Alicia could not even finish her retort and the vortex had already swallowed them both.

It was like she was suddenly inside a bottomless pit of darkness, then she yelped due to a sudden pain. She felt like there was fire on her feet, about to burn her to death!

"Ezekiel!" she screamed in panic as she desperately clung onto something solid and cold.

She was about to spit out a spell when the darkness seemed to have suddenly dissolved. The fire was suddenly gone, and they appeared inside a room.

Alicia panted from the threat of being burned by fire, beads of sweat clinging to her forehead as she looked up at him.

"Goodness! What was that?!" she blurted out, wide-eyed. "Did we just pass over the lake of fire in hell or something?"

"No, we only teleported." He answered, his speech faster than usual. Then he moved with haste and grabbed at a cloak. "Also, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you need to get off me and wear this. There's an important matter I need to deal with this instant." It was the first time Alicia saw him behave this way. He was speaking to her without looking at her and doing other things on the side.

Belatedly, Alicia realized that she was clinging onto him like a koala. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and…

Her cheeks flared and she jumped off him in an instant.

Before she could even open her mouth to speak and blurt out an excuse, he had already draped the cloak he had grabbed earlier over her. His other bare hand then moved to the nape of her neck, jolting Alicia's nerves, before letting go of her wrist.

"Make haste, Alicia." He urged her uncharacteristically and she could only do as he says, wanting him to take his burning hand off her nape. That was an exceptionally sensitive area for her, and she kept feeling goosebumps spreading over her skin.

The moment she was done, he pulled her hood down, grabbed her wrist again and pulled her out from the room.

Alicia did not even have a moment to mull over the way he was handling her because she suddenly realized that she was now in the Reigns castle.. They had teleported all the way here! What could be the problem? Did someone attack the vampire's kingdom? But who would dare do that? Or could it be family matters? All these thoughts rushed through her mind as she was dragged by Ezekiel by her wrist.
Chapter 760 - Cage

Ezekiel had grabbed her again as he had increased his speed as soon as they were out of the room. When he put her down, she peeked through her hood and realized that they were now in the deepest dungeon. Alicia was shocked to know that there was still a secret dungeon that was so impossibly deep. In fact, she could say that this was probably the deepest dungeon she had ever known existed. The most surprising thing was that no one, not even among all the previous witch queens had known about this dungeon in the Reign's castle.

Just as Alicia began to question herself what lies within this deep dungeon, she felt a pulsating power sweep past them. It was something that she felt was close to Ezekiel's demonic power.

Layers of thick and unbreakable bars opened as they move forward. Someone was imprisoned within. Who was it? She did not know why but she suddenly thought of a monster. Only a monster would be imprisoned like this! There were more than ten bars they needed to pass through to reach the main cage! And to think that the bars were not just made of thick and unbreakable steel but were also wrapped with demonic magic, which Alicia was certain that belonged to Ezekiel.

Goosebumps crawled over her skin the closer they get to the main massive cage. She could see someone's silhouette now and she could not help but feel her heart tremble. She wondered if her physical body right now was just emotionally weak as well that she could easily be reduced to fear or if this creature in the cage was just too powerful and terrifying that it was able to induce feel this kind of fear naturally.

They stopped and all of a sudden, the silhouette that was kneeling on the floor rushed forward and banged his body against the cage.

"Brother!" a male voice echoed out.

Alicia gaped at the sight before her. It was… a boy and… he looked like a younger version of Ezekiel, only that one of his eyes was pure black as though he did not have a pupil and the other was purely red. Could this be… the missing prince?!

Thrill and excitement and utter danger stormed in his eyes as he stared at Ezekiel.

"I finally broke the chains!" he added, lifting his hands. She noticed that even his nails were pure black. "I am going to break all these bars next and get out of this cage!"

"Sebastian." Ezekiel finally spoke calmly and with authority, taking a step closer. "Didn't I tell you that you're not allowed to ever come out of here until I say so?"

Sebastian's face darkened.

"I'm sick of waiting for you to let me out." He hissed, his demonic powers swirled around him, causing Alicia to instinctively step back.

Her one movement caught Sebastian's attention.

He looked at her and for some reason, his raging power died down.

"You brought someone with you?" He said, tilting his head as he turned his pair of unique eyes and looked at her. "A girl… who's she? What's her name?"


Alicia blinked and whipped her head towards Ezekiel. Why was he saying a different name?

"Can I see her face?"


Now, Alicia felt like her head was about to explode from so many questions. Why did he tell his brother a different name? And why the hell had he said no?

Curiosity and intrigue flooded her. For some reason, she was desperately wanting to know more about this brother.

But as soon as she lifted her hand to push off the hood that was covering her face, Ezekiel's grip on her wrist tightened. The next thing she knew, Ezekiel had pulled her hood down all the way to her chin instead.

"Why bring her here if you don't want me to see her face? Or is she someone I know – no!"

Alicia heard him groan and then she heard thuds along with the swirl of magic suddenly getting stronger.

"Brother!!!" he shouted as if he was in agonizing pain. "Stop!!"

Alicia could no longer take what was going so she peeked through her hood. She saw what seemed like dark power coming from Ezekiel's palm filling the cage.

She could no longer see Sebastian! What had happened to him?

Her head whipped towards Ezekiel and for the first time, Alicia saw emotions colouring his face. Her body was rendered immobile as she watched that gleam of pain and sadness across his eyes.

But then, all too soon, he blinked and glanced at her. The emotion was now gone, completely, without any trace of it having been there in the first place.

When he dropped his hand, the demonic power seemed to have evaporate into nothingness. Sebastian was now at the middle of the massive cage, kneeling and in chains. His eyes closed as if he was knocked asleep.

Alicia returned her gaze at Ezekiel. "He's… one of the princes. Your brother. So why?" she asked in a weak voice.

"There is no choice but to keep him here." Ezekiel replied, stepping closer to the cage and stared down his brother.

"Because he's dangerous?"


"Don't tell me he's been locked in here for hundreds of years?"

When Ezekiel did not answer, Alicia almost gasped out in shock. This Sebastian was the missing prince. So he should be the second the prince. Meaning, he was already around almost as long as Ezekiel since the second prince was said to be just five years younger than Ezekiel. This means that… Sebastian had been locked up here for hundreds of years!

"Let's go." He turned after a long while of silence, pulling her along with him.

Alicia kept looking back at Sebastian until all the bars were locked behind them.

He no longer grabbed her like how he did when they had first entered the dungeon. He walked with a slow and steady pace instead, always making sure he was always a step ahead of her.

Alicia could only watch his back as she followed after him. She wondered what was going on in his head right now.

After giving him minutes of silence, Alicia could not keep her mouth shut anymore. She had to ask some questions, or she would explode from curiosity.

"Ezekiel.." She paused, causing him to halt as well. "Tell me, why didn't you want him to see my face?"