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Chapter 811 - The Wolf Territory

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A young woman carried a basket in her arms filled with some of the vegetables that she had brought from the main market of the village. It was so that it could be sold to people who lived in the outskirts of the village and near the forest.

Her face had a little dirt that toned her beautiful face, but her striking green eyes was enough to catch one's attention.

Elizabeth Harris made her way through the quiet road, a road she was trying to familiarise with. Before she could get to the place where she had taken shelter recently, she came across two men who were walking towards her from the opposite direction.

"Milady! Why don't you allow us to help you with that!" came one of the men's voices whom Beth didn't know. By looks, they were both humans. Being new to this part of the land, there were only two people whom she knew of, and she was yet to meet King Warring as he had been away from the land.

The men didn't wear the usual village clothes but wore clothes that usually belonged to a high-status family. Beth had met many men like this before to know what kind these two were—deciding to ignore them by walking past them without paying heed.

"Where do you think you are going, miss?" asked the other man, catching hold of Beth's arm to stop her from walking further. The basket from her hands fell.

"Let go of my arm!" Beth warned the man, but the person didn't listen to her and instead came to stand right in front of her.

She could feel her hands tremble, and it wasn't because of fear for herself but for the other two people near her. Since the time she had been bit by a werewolf, she had noticed the subtle changes in her moods, one of them being anger that coursed through her veins where she wanted to hurt the other person.

Staying in Devon, she had come to understand her situation wouldn't get better unless she went to look for a solution. She needed some guidance on how to control the animalistic urges that came within her.

"Did you not hear what I said?" her green eyes turned darker in threat.

The two men chuckled at her words, "You must be really new to this place because we have never seen you here. What is your name?" asked the man who had spoken to her first.

"I don't have time to sit and chat. If you could let go of my hand, I would go on my way," Beth tried to pull her hand away from his grasp but the man's hold on her only tightened.

"Why won't you tell us your name, unless you are a rogue werewolf," the other man commented, getting closer to her and sniffing the air around her. "She doesn't smell like a rogue wolf. You have so much dirt on your face, let us help you in washing it."

"I have hands to clean it," glared Beth, her fingers slowly starting to curl. "You will be very sorry if you don't step back right now."

"What are you going to do? Just because we came here to talk to you, you are throwing us that attitude," and the man pushed her head as if he was reprimanding her. He pushed her head two more times. "What are you going to do?" and he laughed.

"She doesn't look like she is from here, does she?" laughed the other man and right when his hand moved closer to Beth's chest, at the same time, her nails grew into claws, and her teeth turned feral in defence to protect herself.

Consumed by the animalistic instincts, Beth didn't realize what happened until she heard one of the men screaming in pain while on the ground. The man stumbled back with his hand on his chest, and not a second later, blood started to ooze out as Beth had used her claws against him.

"W-what did you do?!" questioned the other man in shock, who came right at her, but Beth pushed him right across the tree to have him crash and fall on the ground.

As her senses returned a little, Beth looked at them in horror. She wasn't sure what to do with one man bleeding! She had hurt someone!

"Elizabeth?" She heard someone call her, but her eyes were fixed on the man she had wounded.

"I hurt a person," she whispered under her breath. "I killed someone."

The sight of blood triggered a memory of hers, snow covering all around the ground and the person in her arms, who continued to bleed to his death where she had been unable to do anything. The more the memory continued to repeat in her mind, the worse it had gotten in time. Right now, one hand was coated in blood.

A couple of footsteps were heard along with voices.

"What are we going to do with these two?" asked someone.

"Have someone tend to them and send them back home," ordered the man in charge of the area. "And who is this? I thought this area had been cleared for rogue wolves," the voice was gruff.

"Alpha, this is Elizabeth Harris. She's from Devon," said the person who had identified Beth.

"Bring her to the dungeon right this instant!"

By the time Beth had completely gained consciousness of the situation, she had been dragged to the dungeon of the village and had been placed behind bars.

She found herself in the dark lit dungeon, and she quickly moved to the bars, "Is anyone here?!" she called, worried.

Hearing footsteps approaching the cell she was being held in, her eyes widened on seeing the person, "Mr. Heathcliff?" Seeing a familiar face, she felt relieved. It was James Heathcliff.

"Good evening, Lady Elizabeth," James bowed his head in greeting while standing on the other side.
Chapter 812 - The Wolf Territory

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Beth was happy to see James standing in front of her, but at the same time, the smile on her face fell. A bad deed was like a fool stepping on a dog's tail, which later resulted in it coming to chase you.

A few months ago, when she had found out that James had been bitten, she had not cared about it. But after being bit and while trying to make things right, she finally realized the depth of the situation. Not to forget the way she had tried to catalyze between him and her sister.

"I didn't know that you were bit by a werewolf. When did this happen?" there was an evident surprise in James' voice as he looked at her.

James Heathcliff was once one of the most sought bachelors in the village of East Carswell. He came from a decent family and owned a popular shop in its trade and looks that were fairly handsome. But now the man had changed, a beard that had grown around his jaws, and there were dark circles below his eyes.

"It was after Madeline got married," replied Beth, her words turning low at the end of the sentence as she noticed James' jaw tick at the news. "There was an attack in Cossington when we went to visit the church on some work."

James nodded his head. When he had been bit by a werewolf, it had happened out of nowhere, and he had nowhere to go.

He then said, "The magistrate is going to take a look at your things and is going to ask some of the people where you have been living to make sure you aren't a threat to them. I have already mentioned how you are related to the Queen of Devon. You don't have to worry about anything, they should free you by tomorrow morning or worse in the evening."

"Thank you," thanked Beth, not knowing what else to say as she felt guilty.

"I heard Madeline mention about you moving here. But I didn't expect to cross paths with you."

James smiled at the mention of the girl's name, whom he had continued to keep in his heart, "Yes, I did meet her before leaving Devon. I must say, it was a surprise to see you in the middle of the road. I am glad we took the road today rather than the forest. How is she? The Queen."

"She's doing good," Beth conveyed the message. Seeing how James was trying to hide his feelings for her sister, she wasn't sure if she should mention the unborn baby coming to this world. "I am happy to see that you have found a place here."

"Yes, people here are a little rough, but it is alright. The person who took me in, Jagger, he has been helpful when it comes to teaching me about the transformation. He's also the person who put you in there," James let her know.

Beth wasn't sure if it was a good way to start an introduction by nearly killing people. Remembering it, she quickly asked, "The men who were with me. Are they alright?"

James pursed his lips before shaking his head, "One of them died, while the other has camped himself in the magistrate's office wanting to hunt you for killing his brother."

A nervous sigh escaped her lips, her eyebrows knitting together on hearing the news.

Seeing the blood drain from Beth's face, James quickly said, "We know it was out of self-defense. As wolves, we have better hearing abilities. Jagger won't let any harm befall on you and he is also one of the men who is well acquainted with the King of this land. With you being King's sister-in-law, I am sure they won't bring any harm to you. I will go get you some food to eat and a blanket so that you can rest."

"Thank you for coming to talk to me here, Mr. Heathcliff," Beth deeply bowed her head, and James' eyes lingered at the young woman longer than it usually did in the past.

Since he had met Elizabeth Harris in the roadway that led away from the village today, he noticed something very different about her. It wasn't because she had shown her werewolf traits. It was her demeanour that appeared to have changed.

Back when they still lived in the same village of East Carswell, Elizabeth Harris was the attractive young woman whose head had always held high, and everyone sought to be like her. But if there was something he did take a note of, nobody was truly next to her. It was because there was a coldness, a gap in the way she was and behaved with people.

Offering her a quick nod, he went to get her the promised things while wondering what must have happened in the last few weeks since he had left Devon.

Beth was more than thankful for the food and the blanket that was provided to her later. Even though she had animalistic traits, she was still part human. Draping the blanket around her body, she went to the corner to sit down. As her eyes turned heavy, her mind took her to the past troubles she had experienced.

'What are you doing here, Elizabeth?' asked her grandmother, who had only opened the front doors of the house. But her grandmother's eyes softened, looking pleased when her eyes fell on her sister Madeline. 'Come on in.'

'Mama said I should come along with Madeline as she might get lost,' replied Beth with a smile on her face. It was the time of summer where she had only turned fourteen.

'Well that is good, it would be troublesome if she were to get lost,' replied her grandmother before turning to look at Madeline and asking, 'How about I give you something to drink, Madeline. You must be very tired because of the heat outside.'

'Look at my two angels in the house,' her grandfather greeted them with a smile on his face, and Beth forgot the little amount of insecurity that she had felt a moment ago.

'Grandpa!' Beth hugged him.

'How are you doing? I heard from your aunt Mary that you are learning to read and write,' said her grandfather before sharing a silent look with his wife that went unnoticed by the two girls.

Her little sister trailed right behind their grandmother, while Beth had stayed back to reply to her grandfather's questions. 'Aunt Mary has a lot of books in the house. I finished reading five books when we went to visit her house.'

'And how about Madeline, is she slow or is she quick when it comes to learning things?' asked her grandfather, his eyes looking at her curiously while the tone he had used was light.

It was always about her sister, while it seemed like her grandparents weren't as enthusiastic when it came to her own learnings. Unhappy with the thought, she responded, 'She's a dimwit! She keeps making mistakes, I don't even know why Aunt Mary is trying to reach her things when she's younger to me and still has time.' She said it, when in truth, it was untrue as her sister was a quick learner.
Chapter 813 - The Wolf Territory

Hearing this, her grandfather laughed as if something that had been worrying him had disappeared.

'I am happy to see that you both get along so well," her grandfather patted her back.

Beth had later quickly gone hopping into the kitchen to see what her sister and grandmother were up to. Her grandmother stood next to her sister while helping her drink something.

'What is that, grandma? I want some too,' Beth demanded as it seemed like her grandmother gave biscuits and juice to drink only to her sister while making her feel left out. She had come to learn to ask if people were not going to share things with her, a trait that had gone too far with the passing time as she grew into an a.d.u.l.t.

'It was tasty! Beth should try too!' decided Madeline, her neck craning to see her grandmother, who looked a little caught in the situation.

'Oh dear, that was the last glass. I will make it for you in the night, will you wait until then, Bethie?' questioned her grandmother, and she nodded her head.

'I can wait,' she smiled before dragging Madeline outside the house to roam around.

'What is the matter, Beth? You look sad,' stated Madeline as they walked next to each other.

Beth quickly shook her head and said, 'It is nothing. You are just imagining it! Come I want to see the things in the market!'

When night arrived, her grandmother had brought the glass of drink that she had promised her in the afternoon but noticing the milky white liquid, Beth didn't have to guess too far that this was something different from what was offered to her sister.

'Are you not going to drink it, dear?' asked her grandmother, and Beth drank it, handing the glass to her grandmother before getting inside the blanket.

In the middle of the night, she was woken up by her grandparent's voice, and she stepped out of the room while feeling something very familiar with the situation. It felt as if she was reliving the moment again.

'I don't sense anything in there,' said her grandmother, 'She isn't reacting to the ring or the chain or the liquid.'

'Maybe she isn't that hideous thing anymore, and it was only in the past,' replied her grandfather in a serious tone. 'Or worse it is yet to show up.'

'As far as I can tell, right now there's nothing. She's normal,' her grandmother responded to her grandfather. Beth didn't understand what they were both speaking about. She tried to lean in closer to hear them better. 'Did you notice? Beth is picking up on what we do, she seems suspicious. Isn't that right, Bethie?'

On hearing her name being called, Beth felt her hands go cold while her grandparents appeared to stand right in front of her.

'This seems to be a recurring thing, to be eavesdropping is a bad habit,' said her grandmother, her eyes slightly colder. 'I guess the last time's spell wasn't good enough.'

'W-what were you speaking about?' asked Beth, her back hitting the wall. 'What are you speaking about Maddie? What's wrong with her?'

Her grandfather raised his hand, placing it on her shoulder and said, 'You shouldn't worry about those things. Your concern for your sister astonishes me. You are soon going to enter an age where you should think about clothes, jewels, and handsome men who can provide you a secure life.'

Saying this, her grandfather placed his index finger on her forehead, and she felt a sudden pain in her forehead that started to spread across her entire body.

When the pain turned excruciatingly painful, she screamed, but no voice came as if it was stolen away, and no one heard her. Beth's eyes suddenly snapped open with a gasp when she heard the gate of the cell open, and she was brought back to the present.

"Bad dream?" asked the woman who had unlocked the gate of the cell. "If you are a newborn werewolf, dreams of the past are nothing less to a blast."

Beth furrowed her brows, wondering if the dream was one of the things her grandparents had erased and manipulated as until now, she didn't have a recollection of it. She wondered how many memories she had lost every time she visited her grandparents or her aunt Mary's house.

She looked around the cell to notice the ray of sunlight pass through the little space of the window in the room.

"Jagger told me to bring you to the magistrate's office. They want to speak to you as you don't smell like a werewolf. I am Violet," informed the woman.

Getting up, Beth stepped out of the room to be led out of the dungeon by the woman.

When they reached the building that appeared to be in a better shape than the other buildings of the village, Beth wondered if the man named Jagger would be willing to help guide her. She hoped he would. After all, who knew when the King of Warring's would return to the land.

If there was something Beth had noticed, this place had old buildings that had not been pulled down to rebuild it again. There was a mossy formation covering the wall, leaving a dark greenish colour on it.

Before they entered the building, the woman whom Beth was following spoke, "Be sure to answer the truth, if you cannot then don't lie and stay quiet. Magistrate Langston doesn't like to be lied and he might put you back in the dungeon," she advised Beth.

"I don't have anything to hide," stated Beth.

"Here is your way," said the woman, pushing the door open.

Noticing the darkroom that was in front of her, Beth finally stepped inside the room, and the door closed behind her. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room where a lantern was placed on the table, her eyes fell on the man who sat behind the desk. This was the magistrate's office? Asked Beth to herself. The place looked like it was where one would come to conspire against someone's death.

"Ms. Elizabeth Harris, take a seat," said the man. "I am Richard Langston, the magistrate of this area."

Even though the magistrate was seated behind the desk, Beth could tell he was a buff man.

Taking a seat in the chair in front of her, Langston said, "Have you ever met any family members of the Jordan's before?"

Beth shook her head, "I have been here only for four weeks. The only person I know is Mrs. Robbins. She's the one who gave me the place to stay until I meet King Sebastian."

"I heard that you are King Calhoun's wife's sister. Is that true? The last we had information, you were still a human," questioned the magistrate, moving forward to place his hands on the surface of the desk. Beth caught sight of his canine teeth that belonged to the werewolves.

Beth had tried her best to keep a low profile while trying not to gain any attention to herself. When a person of the royal family was alone, it was always better to camouflage in the crowd than turn into a possible target for blackmail.
Chapter 814 - Claws

But with James, who had already relayed the message about her and the unfortunate kill, Beth nodded her head. "Yes, I am. I was bit by one of the werewolves who were being manipulated by the demons," she answered him.

"Then why is it that you don't smell like a werewolf?" his eyes narrowed down at her. "Humans who are bitten by werewolves take less than three to four days to turn, and in rare cases a month. But you said you were bit by a werewolf more than two months ago."

"I took the antidote that had the cure for turning a werewolf back to a human. But I ended up taking only half of it," she explained, and the magistrate leaned back against his chair.

"There is no antidote left for curing the werewolf venom. Whatever antidote was created in the past has either been destroyed or exhausted long ago-"

"The Devil had one antidote," as Beth explained this, the words sounded absurd to her ears because a few weeks ago, no one knew about the existence of demons or angels, and the Devil existed only in the folk tales of the villagers.

"So it seems like it is true," came a voice from the wall and Beth turned startled as she hadn't seen the person in the room apart from her and the magistrate. The person stepped into the light and away from the wall, and seeing the long dark locks of hair until his shoulders, she felt her stomach fall on the ground.

Raphael? Asked Beth in her mind.

But when the man got closer, she realized it wasn't him. How silly of her, thought Beth to herself. Not all men who had the same build and hairstyle were Raphael.

The man stepped closer to the desk and said, "I thought it was all a lie that the demons exist in our world."

"Where is the Devil? If he exists, he would be here, Jagger," the magistrate huffed. "This is the High House and Devon's plan to scare us by creating absurd things."

"I believe King Sebastian believes these things," pointed Jagger.

Beth wondered if Vladimir would pop at any moment, but nothing happened, and the magistrate rolled his eyes.

"You killed a man on our grounds, Lady Elizabeth and because of this, we cannot let you go. Especially considering how you are still a werewolf and not to mention rogue werewolf," said the magistrate.

Beth was more than happy to comply as she had come here with the purpose to control her werewolf abilities so that she wouldn't harm anyone. "Jagger, she will be your responsibility and Lady Elizabeth, don't think about running away from here. You wouldn't like what we do here for punishments," he warned her. "You can leave now."

Beth was glad that she was not getting punished for killing someone, and she stepped out of the building with the man named Jagger, who had followed her outside.

"Did you change your mind midway that you drank only half of the antidote?" asked the man out of curiosity.

"I never wanted to be a werewolf," replied Beth. It was possibly the last thing she had wished for.

"Anyways, that doesn't matter. With the werewolf's venom still in your body, you will go through the same things as the rest of the werewolves. We will also test you to see if you will transform, Elizabeth," said Jagger and seeing him start to walk, Beth asked him,

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"Follow me," said the man, his voiceless gruff than the magistrate she had met back in the building.

Beth followed Jagger through the forest, and when they came near a clearing, her ears picked up the voices of people in there.

"This is where we train the werewolves. The children who are born to the werewolves parents and the people who come here to be part of the pack," explained Jagger, "Your training will start from tomorrow early in the morning. Violet will give you clothes and maybe pack another one just in case you end up transforming."

She saw men and women running in a line, and on the other side, some people had circled two people who were wrestling with each other, "Won't they get hurt by it?" questioned Beth.

Jagger was busy watching the two people fight, "They are sparing, and it is good to have little fights of matches so that people are aware of what to do when the right time comes. For example, when it comes to your case, it will teach you how to limit your strength and not end up killing someone. You are lucky that you killed someone who was notorious, if it was someone else and you were not the Devon's King's relative, I doubt you would be breathing," he gave her a side glance before looking back at the people.

Hearing his words, Beth wasn't sure if the man was threatening or warning her. Away from home and the people she knew, she was now surrounded by people who were strangers.

She bowed her head, "Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this place. I won't disappoint you."

"Hm," came the small response from the man. Though he did share the same hair and haircut as Raphael, on a closer look, he appeared older than the archangel. "You can see how things work here, Violet will take you back."

Turning to him, Beth asked, "You won't be here?"

"I have other important things to do than babysit a rogue werewolf," and saying this, Jagger left her side, walking back in the direction they had come.

Her face turned slightly red as she turned embarrassed by her own words. The only person she knew here was James, but he was nowhere to be seen. The next person she had been acquainted with was Jagger.

Intrigued by the fight, Beth decided to get closer to the circle of people who watched the two grown wolves who had shredded their clothes and were right now snapping their teeth. She stood there watching for a long time before the woman, who had freed her from the cell room, appeared next to her.

"It is good to see that you aren't under the death sentence," said Violet.

The woman had little braidings done to her blonde hair, and her clothes were like the others in this place while making Beth the odd one out. "How long does this take? This full training," asked Beth, wanting to make sure she would be able to get back to Devon in time before her sister would give birth to the baby. She had received Madeline's letter two days ago.

"This? It can take forever," chuckled Violet. "For the pups, it is easier to control the werewolf instincts, but if you are bitten by a werewolf, turned I mean, it takes longer than that."

"What about you?" questioned Beth, happy to have someone to talk to her.

"A pure werewolf. My parents are both werewolves," replied the woman, and Beth noticed Violet they were probably of the same age.
Chapter 815 - Claws II

After spending some more time in the open forest area, Beth went back to the house. She was finally at a place where there were people similar to her, but she would be lying if she thought they were like her. After Vladimir had mentioned about her having his blood running in her veins along with the werewolf's venom, it was something that had worried her.

Beth had been unable to sleep at night. In the morning before the break of dawn, she got ready wearing the clothes that Violet had given her the previous evening. The dress was grey, and it had trousers and a shirt which would make it easier for her to run and fight. Braiding her hair, she left the house.

Walking past the river clearing, she joined the women and men, children who were running around the hill. For someone who hadn't done much work in her life, three rounds around the hill was the most she could run before she started to huff and wheeze for air.

"How are you doing there, Lady Elizabeth?" James, who had come to run next to her, asked her. Compared to her, he seemed like he didn't break a sweat while she looked like she had dipped her head in the water.

Beth moved her lips, but talking seemed hard, "I think….I am seeing...white light."

The people around her chuckled, and James did too, "You are half human and half werewolf, a rare combination. This is how you learn to bring your werewolf traits out. Learn to control it."

It was easier to tell than to be done, thought Beth in her mind. It was only her first day, was running these many rounds necessary? She asked herself before the person who was in charge of the werewolves scolded her to run faster.

While most were finishing their last round of run, Beth was four rounds behind them. She wondered if this was what people meant when they said that every person got served for what they did. In the past, it was often Madeline who used to work the most tedious jobs in the house, and Beth had been happy enough to pass it to her sister.

I think I am going to die, thought Beth to herself in her mind.

When she finished running, her legs shook, and she went to the river clearing to drink water. Bending down, she scooped a handful of water before drinking it.

"What is a half-werewolf doing here? Jagger must be out of his mind to allow a rogue train with us," came a girl's voice from behind where Beth had sat in front of the streaming water.

"I heard she is that infamous girl who tried to poison the King of Devon," said another girl.

Hearing this, Beth bit her lip.

"Shouldn't they take strict actions against her? Maybe throw her back in the dungeon?" asked the first girl. Their footsteps got closer, and Beth, who was looking at the water, sensed them move to her right side to drink water. One of the girls started to clean her handkerchief in the water before lifting the mud in the path, where the muddy water passed through the stream where Beth was.

Beth was regretful of her past actions, but that didn't mean she didn't know what the girl was trying to do.

Her head snapped to look at the girl humming a song with her friend as if they had no clue what they were doing. Gritting her teeth, she put a smile on her lips before getting up from there and walking back to where everyone was.

"That little…" Beth muttered under her breath.

After a week, the werewolves were grouped in sections to train separately. And Beth ended up with the two girls whom she had met near the river clearing.

The person in charge of Beth's group was a woman in her early thirties, and her blonde hair had been tied up in a ponytail. With a scar on her neck, the woman stood in the centre of the twenty people who had fallen under the same group.

"Tomas, draw the circle and everyone step out of it," the woman instructed them, her face serious with not a single drop of humour in it.

"Ms. Reina, are we going to fight today?" asked one of the two girls whom Beth had met earlier. "We are still working on our transformation, I don't think it is a good idea-"

"I didn't know Jagger turned you to an instructor today, Laurel," came the sharp words from the woman named Reina. The girl quickly closed her mouth. "Today is going to be this group's first spar. I want you to control your wolf's side without letting it out as you try to lock the person on the ground. Make sure to avoid the vital parts as I would prefer no dead bodies today."

Two people were called to step inside the circle before the woman raised her hand for them to start fighting.

The girl named Laurel was probably a year or two younger than Beth, but she was quick to lock her opponent with no way out before Ms. Reina called for a break.

"Elizabeth and Rosella, you both are next," said Ms. Reina. Laurel whispered something to Rosella before the person entered the circle, and Beth turned slightly nervous. This place was a completely different world, and somewhere she yearned to get back home. But then that would lose this journey's purpose, thought Beth to herself.

Clenching her hands, she stared at the other girl, who looked right back at her with a small smug smile on her face.

"Go!" came the signal, and soon they two ended up in combat.

As it was a first fight between the two girls, the fight felt nothing less than a silly one without using their werewolf's abilities. Rosella stamped Beth's feet before elbowing her stomach, which she wasn't prepared for, making her stumble backward.

"Fight back, Elizabeth! Don't stand still!" Beth heard Ms. Reina's voice.

"Are you sure about it?" asked Beth, and the woman huffed.

"Yes," replied the woman, and Beth saw Rosella come straight at her with her hand lifted to catch her neck.

But before that, Beth raised her hand and struck a harsh slap across Rosella's cheek to have the girl freeze in shock at what just happened. Everyone's eyes widened as they hadn't expected this. Quickly Beth pushed her opponent to the ground, and she held the girl's hand behind her and used her legs to lock the girl from any movement.

"Let go of me, you bitch!" Rosella struggled to get out of Beth's grip.

"Ms. Reina, is this okay?" Beth politely asked the instructor, who regained from the little event, before nodding her head.

"Yes, you can let go of her now," responded Ms. Reina.

When both the girls stood up on their feet, Beth was about to walk away when she heard the sudden swish of sound right behind her. She turned around in time to catch hold of Rosella's hand and twisted it.
Chapter 816 - Claws III

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"I will kill you!" threatened Rosella, whose pride had been hurt. "AHH!!" the girl screamed.

"Elizabeth! Let go of her hand right this instant!" shouted Ms. Reina, and Beth pushed the girl away from her. "And you," she turned to Rosella, "The match is over, if I see you pull a stunt like that again I will make sure you will be sitting out this year's training. Have I made myself clear? Everyone."

"Yes, Ms. Reina," murmured everyone.

"I would like to have a word with you, Elizabeth. Follow me," said Ms.Reina, and the two girls cackled, thinking Beth was in trouble.

"My apologies, I didn't mean to do that. I just thought it would shock her and give me time to tackle her," Beth bowed her head when they had come to stand away from the others, who were training.

"You did a good job in shocking not just her but also me," said the woman, a frown on her face. "It seems like it is going to be a little problematic with the way I saw how today's training played out and I prefer the class to be clean. I will have you regroup with another instructor tomorrow. I will speak to Jagger about it."

Beth wasn't sure if she should be worried or thankful, but she bowed her head again, "Thank you."

The woman stared at Beth. Since this girl had arrived here, the other werewolves often had something to speak, and the gossip had reached her ears. "You seem to be in better control with yourself than the others. Did you know that werewolves live longer than humans?"

Beth nodded her head.

"You don't want to live long?" asked Ms. Reina.

With the amount of guilt Beth carried in her heart, she wondered if she wanted to continue feeling that way.

The instructor then continued, "When people get bit by a werewolf, they feel they are cursed. Mostly because others shun them, but Warrings is not like that. It is in your hand to turn it into a gift or a curse or maybe to keep it as it is. For now you can work on controlling it and maybe by the end of the time when it is your time to leave, we can see if you can turn back to human again."

Hearing this, Beth's eyes widened, and she asked, "You know the cure?"

The woman shook her head, "I don't, but you aren't a full formed werewolf. I only know that you are stuck in the middle. You can either choose to turn into a complete werewolf, or maybe I can try helping you in walking you back to your human form."

As decided, the next day, Beth was put in the group where James was without anyone like the two girls to meddle with her.

Days passed by, and weeks soon turned to months.

Beth put her heart and soul in controlling the werewolf trait she had received while continuing to change the way she looked at things. After many failed attempts, she finally learned not to harm anyone through her hands or words.

She now stood under the tree, holding the letter in her hand that her sister Madeline had written to her. A smile on her lips.

Folding the letter, she placed it in her trouser pocket to feel the thin metal card she always carried with her.

Pulling it out from her pocket, Beth brought the card in front of her so that she could take a look at it. The card was still plain, and she wondered if he would ever come to the living world before her time was over.

It was true that people often valued a person after the person left their side. On one side, Beth was torn knowing he was an archangel, and on the other side, the memory of her being the reason for his death still haunted her.

"What is that?" came a question from James as he walked past the trees to come and stand where Beth stood. "I always find you staring at it."

"It is a memory," answered Beth, running her thumb across the smooth surface of the card before putting the card back in her pocket. "Are you sure you don't want to come back, James?"

"My home is here now. Even if I go back to Devon, there's nothing to return to," responded James, a small smile on his lips. "But I am happy that you are going back. You have your family there, Mr. and Mrs. Harris must be waiting to see you. Even your sister."

"They are," Beth nodded her head, and silence fell between them.

Pursing her lips, she then said, "Thank you for your help, even after everything."

Somewhere, Beth had understood that James had found out about the lie she had told him regarding the letter when she was still a foolish girl. Though neither of them had addressed the matter, it was a known matter.

She deeply bowed her head and then said, "Forgive me for my past actions. I wish I could fix some of the things, but with time that has passed, I can only hope to make the present and the future right." James was a good man, and he had still helped her despite her past actions without holding any ill feelings towards her.

"Like you said, what happened is in the past. The person who changed my life isn't you, but Catherine. I now know, I should have been clearer with my words else it would not have led to this today. I have put it behind me as I have a new life now. You have come a long way from the time in Devon," he offered his sincere smile, and Beth smiled back.

In the distance, Beth could hear people who continued to train. The time of evening had started to get closer as the sky had slowly begun to change its colours. While Beth and James spoke about things in their hometown, someone was looking at them or her in particular, from a different place.

A man stood in front of a  
large vessel that had magical water in it. The vessel was placed on a marble stand, allowing one to look at people who belonged to the living world.

His eyes looked at the young woman who had been holding the card in her hand, something he had left behind for her before he had left the living world. Raphael had been watching Beth for quite a while now, watching her transition like a seed that sprouted from the ground to grow into a plant with leaves and branches.

Hearing a fluttering sound in the room, Raphael's fingers were quick to touch the surface of the vessel's water to turn it back to its regular surface, and the woman's reflection disappeared.

"Unable to leave her alone?"

Raphael smiled at the voice, and he turned around to meet Gabriel's gold eyes, where the archangel's expression was calm.

"That answer can go in many directions," replied Raphael.

"And I am curious which one you are going to pick," said Gabriel.
Chapter 817 - Time To Return

Only a few months had passed since Raphael had returned to Heaven. And in that time, he had not stepped out of this beautiful place. One of his brothers, Uriel, had been angry at him for leading Madeline out in the open where the fight was taking place while knowing exactly what he had done by breaking the rules once again. This had led to further punishment where he was forbidden from stepping into the living world.

Raphael didn't mind it because this place was his home, a place that gave him sanctuary and where he loved. But there was something else or someone whom he had left behind in the living world.

When his memory of who he was had been erased, Raphael had lived as a demon in the living world. He had spent years looking around, and when it was finally time to return, there was very little he could do. It had turned into a habit to come to the vessel of the magical water to see what everyone was up to in the living world. What she was up to.

"When did you return from the living world?" questioned Raphael, trying to shift the subject of the question that his brother Gabriel had posed to him.

"An hour ago," replied Gabriel.

"Hm, you have been busy with getting people married and listening to their confessions. Must be interesting. Especially with...Vladimir in there," stated Raphael.

Raphael's words brought a smile to Gabriel's lips, "It was an interesting wedding. Shockingly peaceful than any other wedding that I have had the pleasure to conduct. We had a family portrait done. But you must already know about it." His eyes shifted from Raphael to look at the vessel behind Raphael.

Raphael had watched the wedding of Lucy and Theodore, a person who was a friend along with Calhoun Hawthrone. How strange, he thought to himself, that being an archangel, he was friends with the Devil's grandson and a demon.

"Are you there to make sure another mistake like in the past doesn't occur?" questioned Raphael. His words were calm from where he stood.

"I am there only to look after things, what makes you think otherwise?" Gabriel questioned back, his head tilting to the side. "What happened with Madeline won't happen to her child. But we are taking precautions to see how things turn out."

Raphael nodded his head, and he started to walk to where Gabriel stood before he stopped right in front of him. "Sometimes I wonder where you stand, brother."

Gabriel smiled and asked, "Why such a wonderment?"

"Don't think I don't know that you knew Paschar allowed Madeline's memories to return to her," said Raphael, his eyes staring into the gold eyes.

"It is why I am curious to know what you have in your heart, Raphael. I know a lot of things, but that doesn't mean I have to tell everything to everyone about what I know, does it? Don't think I don't know you have been coming here, visiting the vessel of the water to look at her," said Gabriel, his voice continuing to stay peaceful.

"If you already know then I don't think I need to speak a word about it," smiled Raphael.

"Speak about what?" came the serious tone from the archangel Michael, who had stepped into the room that had no ceilings.

Gabriel had a saint-like look on his face.

"About Elizabeth Harris," came the straight answer from Raphael as his brother's presence didn't daunt him.

Hearing one of Harris' names, a frown appeared on Michael's face. "The Harris's and the Hawthrone's. With Vladimir joining them, it is hard to do anything, not forget both families are troublesome."

Gabriel's smile widened, seeing Michael vexed with the two families, "Did something happen?"

"Did you hear about the wish of Madeline Hawthrone?" questioned Michael. Both Gabriel and Raphael waited for their brother to tell them the details about it. "She wished for Paschar to be released so that he could join the family. She wants him in the living world and his punishment to be indirectly uplifted in a few days."

"How wonderful! She must have prayed religiously for the wish to come and reach Heaven," commented Gabriel. He had been spending his time in Devon, staying close to the King and his family. He had watched the young girl's baby bump slowly grow, and she seemed happy too. "Did you think Paschar would forever be kept in Heaven?" chuckled Gabriel.

"It isn't that," said Michael, "I know this has something to do with the Devil. It would have been easier to grant the wish if they weren't related to him," Michael seemed a little vexed with the thought of Vladimir.

"I wonder when it will be my turn to go to the living world," Raphael openly sighed. Was Beth not praying for him to return? he asked in his mind.

Michael's eyes narrowed down, "You should focus on your duties here rather than spend time by thinking about the living world."

"You know logically, after some time she will come to Heaven and I can spend my time here with her. Why wait, when things can be done right now?" asked Raphael with a smile. Before Michael could give him an earful, he quickly left the place.

"You are too hard on others as well as yourself, Michael," Gabriel placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Weren't you the one who said there is nothing more beautiful than love in this world. With the revelation of the existence of us and the demons in the living world, it is only a matter of time before everything starts to come together."

"Mortals have a fickle mind, Gabriel," retorted Michael, and a sigh escaped his lips. "Haven't you seen it? Only a few uphold the value of life while the rest waste it. If the girl truly holds his heart, then I shall wait and see if the letter of wish will appear here. It isn't that I want to confine people in here."

"I am aware of it, brother," Gabriel nodded his head. "If that is so, then we shall wait and see. But my senses say that it shouldn't be too long," he smiled, and they both left the place, walking away from there.
Chapter 818 - Time To Return II

Beth stared at the ceiling of the small room she was in. To think that she would be able to go home soon, it felt like a decade had passed since she had left Devon and since she had seen her sister and the rest of her family.

In the last few months, she had worked hard under the help of James, whom she had come to value as a good friend here and the person in charge Jagger and Ms. Reina. Lifting her hand up in the air as she laid on the bed, she brought her hand closer, noticing how calouse they had turned because of the work done here.

'Why is there dirt on my dress!' she heard her own voice in her head, her eyes looking lost as she continued to stare at her hands.

'Mister, do you know how expensive this is?' asked Beth to the man in the market when she had gone to get vegetables with her sister. She had only turned sixteen and she had saved enough shillings to get the money with her.

'This is the market, what do you expect? Carpet to be spread for you?' asked the man with an incredulous look on his face.

'Beth,' whispered Madeline next to her while pulling her arm. 'It is only mud, we can remove it if we pour water on it.'

In the past her sister had always been meek and quiet, and Beth had taken the role to be the stronger outspoken child. Also, she had learned from her family's actions that if she didn't speak what was on her mind and what she wanted, she would probably never get it as they had often been subtly partial towards her and her sibling.

But Beth was angry. She had worked for the little shillings, saving every penny that came to her by completing little errands before buying a beautiful dress for herself, which wasn't upto the par of the townsfolk, but better compared to the villagers.

And it wasn't by mistake, as the man had seen them coming and he had decided to step on the slosh of mud that was on the ground.

'Yes, I do expect a carpet. Who do you think I am?' questioned Beth with pride, her chin up and waiting for the man to apologize.

Of course, in the end the man didn't pay for the mud he had splattered and the girls had gone home to clean the dress.

But she had heard other girls of her age, who liked to whisper and taunt on how she had been stupid enough to wear a good dress in the market and that she deserved it. This had only spurged Beth to show off and turn herself into the most sought young lady, where people stopped what they were doing to look at her. Back then it was what she thought was an accomplishment, and right now, it made her smile.

The world wasn't small and there was so much more to it. The value was greater than what one could imagine and it was the purpose that kept them moving forward. It wasn't that the dress and jewels didn't give her joy, somewhere she was still her, but she understood it wasn't everything.

A few months ago when she was leaving Devon, it had been painful. But she was glad that she had finally stepped out of her own.

In the dim lit room with just a candle burning on the nightstand, Beth turned to lay on her side, watching the flame of the candle. When morning arrived, she packed her clothes and other belongings of hers in a trunk.
Stepping outside the house, she headed to the forest where the training for the werewolves had started.

Walking to where two werewolves were sparing against each other, Beth came to join the people who were watching. Her green eyes stared for a while before she went to stand next to Ms. Reina.

Noticing her presence, the woman asked, "Is it time already? Time does fly quickly, doesn't it. When will you be back?"

"I am not sure," replied Beth and the woman nodded her head.

"Did you decide on what we had discussed before?" the woman's eyes were fierce to look at. Her head snapped to the two people who were wrestling and she caught hold of one the werewolf's scruff to bang the person right against the ground. "What did I say about the rules? No using weapons! Go get yourself turned and meet me!" she glared before calling two more people two steps inside the circle. "Where were we?" she said getting back to Beth.

Beth doubted there was a way to return back to her human-self, but she was grateful for the hope the woman had given her.

"I will keep the gift," answered Beth with a straight face and a smug smile appeared on Ms. Reina's face.

"That's good to hear. I am sure it will come to be very handy. Your approval letter is with the magistrate that has already been signed by King Sebastian. Don't forget to collect it," said Ms. Reina.

"Thank you for everything. I won't forget it," Beth bowed her head.

"If you're going to miss this place, you can always return," the woman reminded her and she smiled. "Have a safe trip."

Nodding her head, Beth then started to walk through the forest so that she could head to the village magistrate's office. On her way, the two girls who often liked to walk around her appeared to stand in front of her. It was Laurel and Rosella.

"It is good that you are finally leaving this place," commented Rosella. "We can finally have some peace here without the conspirer in this place. Are you going to poison the King again?"

Beth didn't feel bad about it, "I did try to poison him," she accepted her mistake. In the past it had been hard to accept the truth but like many other things, it had turned easier to own up to her actions. "But I was also forgiven with the thought that I would change. I will miss both of your remarks on my life," she offered them a polite smile.

Chapter 819 - Time To Return

Both the she-wolves stared at Beth with annoyance. With Beth, who would be leaving the place today, Rosella didn't see any reason as to why she should hold back anymore, and she stepped forward, raising her hand to claw Beth.

Though Beth had joined later than the two girls, she had learned to defend herself without harming the other person. She caught hold of the girl's wrist before turning it around and pushing her against the tree.

"Why do you want to fight with me for no reason? You might not see me again, unless I come back here," said Beth.

"I will kill you!" The same threat, thought Beth to herself. If she truly wanted to harm her, the girl would have brought her claws out now.

"What is going on in here?" James appeared at the scene, a deep frown on his face.

On seeing James here, the girl who was pushed against the tree and in Beth's hold tried to get away. Her cheeks turned red for being seen like this by James.

"Stop getting in my way!" shouted Rosella in anger.

Beth's eyes slightly widened, noticing what was going on. She pushed the girl towards James, and he caught Rosella in his arms for the girl to only blush further. She quickly stepped away from him before running away from there with her friend.

"What was that about? Are they troubling you again?" questioned James, his head turned to look at the two retreating figures. "I don't know why she always tries to get into trouble with you."

Beth would not have known the look the girl had given to her and James. But it was hard to ignore as once upon a time, and in the past, she had the same look on her face.

"You are so dense, James," she shook her head. "The girl likes you."

"She does?" there was an evident surprise in his voice.

"Anyways, I am going to the magistrate's office now. Was there anything you wanted me to relay to the people in the village or town?" she asked him. Seeing him shake his head, she gave him a nod. "Thank you for your help. I hope to see you sometime around soon."

"Have a good journey, Elizabeth," James wished her, offering her a small bow.

Wishing him luck, Beth made her way to the magistrate's office and collected the parchment that had been sealed and signed by King Sebastian Warring.

"See, there was no Devil to begin with," said Langston to Beth. "You people of Devon are ready to believe anything. I don't even know why King Sebastian has accepted it, when he hasn't even seen the Devil," he rolled his eyes.

"If I meet him, I will be sure to let him know to pay you a visit," said Beth, and the man narrowed his eyes.

"We shall see that. You were lucky that your life was saved because you are related to King Calhoun," harrumphed the magistrate.

"I am very fortunate for that," replied Beth. During her stay here, she had seen the rogue werewolves who came to attack people, and these rogue werewolves were captured and killed. She had been lucky. "Thank you," she bowed her head, and the magistrate was more than happy to see her leave.

"Tell the Devil that I look forward to having tea with him," mocked the magistrate.

Placing her trunks behind the carriage, she got in the carriage before getting inside it. It was finally time to get back to Devon.

Back in Heaven, Raphael was back to his usual hobby of viewing the surface of the magical water in the vessel. He looked at the dark-haired woman who was in the carriage, who was staring outside the window while occasionally falling asleep and then waking up.

Raphael often slipped from the eyes of the people who came here to disappear, only to return. He had been watching her, keeping an eye on what she was up to. She had always been the interesting one from the lot, like a piece of the puzzle that didn't fit in with the usual pieces.

He still remembered the first time when he had caught sight of her, her green eyes staring at him with suspicion before it was diverted by something else. Though he was a demon in the living world, he had the ability to sense the light and darkness in people, and the girl was something in between that had been messed up by her grandparents.

He wondered why she hadn't sent a wish to be fulfilled unless he had been unable to move her the way he wanted to in the living world, thought Raphael to himself.

A frown came to settle on his handsome face. Since he had returned to Heaven, the long locks of hair had disappeared and the stubble around his face. The black eyes had turned back to gold eyes.

Thanks to the card that she carried, he knew she hadn't forgotten him.

"Why don't you wish to see me, Beth," he murmured under his breath.

When his fingers touched the water's surface, a small ripple formed for it to clear the surface and show the bottom of the vessel.

The other angels and archangel's who had somehow caught this little hobby of Raphael stepping in and out of the place where the magical vessel was placed had decided not to mention it, but some couldn't help but wonder what the archangel always looked at.

Archangel Uriel, who was with others in the room, asked, "Does this mean we angels are allowed to have a relationship with the mortals now? From what I heard, Michael was with this woman named Helena."

Michael was at his desk, who hadn't lifted his head until now but hearing his name, he turned annoyed, "I was not with her. We didn't do anything, nor did we share any feelings."

"I don't think that is what Gabriel told our other brother," said Uriel, while some of them were curiously listening in on them.

"Now, Uriel. I never said that," Gabriel appeared in the room. "If my memory serves it right, I was vague with my reply to Vladimir. He seemed quite interested in her."

"Seems like everyone is falling in love," muttered Ramiel, who had been reading a book. He then looked up to pass a glance at Michael, who appeared quiet in deep thought.

Michael brushed away the other archangels words, while his thoughts went to the time when he had found a boy in the alley in the living world. It was the time of the rain, and the boy had been beaten up. And out of kindness, he had taken the boy to his home.

To think he had helped the Devil's grandchild, Michael couldn't help but believe that everything came back to a circle.
Chapter 820 - Memory Of The Archangel

Music Recommendation- Sayuri's Theme- From 'Memoirs of a Geisha'


He walked from one village to another, looking for the demons who had been causing trouble to the mortal beings of the living world. His shoes, as well as the ends of his trousers, had turned wet and muddy while he carried an umbrella over his head, walking in the pouring rain.

He had heard about the disturbances and the dark energy that was hovering somewhere around. Though he had sent most of the demons back to Hell, there were still some who continued to persist and break the balance of the living world.

On the way, Michael heard a little commotion that was taking place somewhere far ahead of him. Even though the rain was pouring from the sky, blurring every sound from the surroundings, he could still pick up the faint sound of pain and anger from the alley. Heading in the direction, he didn't see anyone as the place had suddenly turned quiet. It seemed that whoever was here earlier had disappeared.

He then heard a gasp, his eyes falling on a young boy who was on the wet, cold and hard ground.

The boy had dark hair that covered the front of his forehead, which was stuck to his face, and there was also the smell of blood. Bruised and beaten, that is what the world had come to be. Michael wondered when things had begun to change so drastically. With the existence of vampires, werewolves, and demons who had started to live early in the living world, chaos seemed to be hard to deflect, especially with the humans' poor choices.

The boy seemed unmoving, the blood from his wounds oozing out and joining the water surrounding him.

He wondered what the boy had done to result in such a state. Michael's gaze lifted to look around the deserted alley.

Michael stepped forward, and he bent down to check if the boy was still alive or if his heart had stopped beating. For a moment, the boy didn't seem to be breathing. His heart had even stopped before he started to cough and lose consciousness again. A small frown came to form on Michael's forehead, his eyes subtly narrowed. Did the boy die before returning from death?

Though he was looking for demons, it would be very unlike him to leave the boy here without aiding him, thought Michael to himself.

He picked the boy up from the ground with one of his arms, while the other continued to hold the umbrella without moving its position from above his head. Finding where he lived, Michael walked with the boy before reaching the small house with its feeble walls as if it was waiting to break down with one heavy pour of water.

Lifting his hand, he knocked on the wooden door, and a young woman opened the door for him. The woman had the same dark hair as the boy, and Michael presumed that this must be the boy's mother. Her eyes widened when she caught sight of her unconscious son.

"My son and I are terribly sorry for troubling you. Thank you for bringing him home!" the woman bowed her head before raising both her arms to pick her son up.

Michael didn't say anything, but his eyes looked behind her, the small house she and her son lived in.

"Please come in! I cannot send you without offering you something to thank you," said the woman to him.

"It is fine," said Michael, his striking blue eyes looking at the woman. He was still working on finding the demons.

"I insist," pleaded the woman, stepping back from the door so that he could step inside. "The rain is going to turn heavier."

Michael stepped inside the house and getting in there. The house was over with a few steps because of the wall on the other side of the house.

He stood there, watching the woman close the door without locking it and went to place the boy in the next room. In the meantime, his eyes took in the scarce things that were in here.

"Let me prepare some tea for you," said the woman, making her way out of the room after she had changed her son's wet clothes to a dried one.

"It's fine," said Michael, noticing the kitchen that didn't have milk, and there was barely anything in there. He wondered if this was how difficult a mortal's life was to go through the tribulation of life before they would enter Heaven or Hell.

He wondered how she would make tea when the ingredients were barely there.

"Please take a seat, it is cold outside. Again I am sorry for the trouble caused by my son," she apologized before moving into the same room where the kitchen was, and she lit the wood before placing the utensil on it. The woman was lean in her physique, but she still looked pretty, almost doll-like.

Michael pursed his lips. He hadn't come here to drink tea but only to bring the boy to his home. His body was stiff with his expression cold, and the woman mistook it to be him feeling cold because of the rainy weather.

"Does he often get into fights?" Michael finally spoke, his voice gentle yet firm.

The woman smiled at the question, and she shook her head, "I believe he does, but I doubt it is because of what he does. It is my fault and not his."

Michael watched the woman who took the glass of milk that must have been the only one, and she poured it in the utensil, heating it along with the tea leaves. Once it was prepared, she handed the cup of tea to him.

Noticing the living condition of the family, he felt uncomfortable drinking it.

"He's usually a good boy. I should have asked him to stay inside when he said he was going out," the woman murmured at the end of the sentence, and she walked to where her son was, running her hand through his wet hair.

"Did you complain to the person who is in charge of the village?" asked Michael, not wanting to get personally involved in the matter.

The woman shook her head, "I doubt it would be of any help. They will only tell us to leave the village and live somewhere else. Cal, will be fine. He's a strong boy," she offered the stranger a smile.

"I am sure he is," replied Michael, his eyes moving to the boy who continued to remain unconscious. He wondered what had happened a few minutes ago in the alley.

"Are you new here?" she asked him.

"Is it too apparent because of my clothes?'' He hadn't bothered to wear a cloak to cover him, and his clothes were different compared to what any villagers or the townsfolk wore.

The woman smiled at Michael without answering his question. The reason was that if he was someone from the village, he wouldn't have touched her son nor troubled himself to bring Calhoun to her. People here didn't like associating themselves with her or her son.

After spending some more time until the rain slowly lowered down, Michael got up from the wooden chair, ready to leave.

"Thank you for the tea," he thanked the woman, and the woman offered her bow of gratitude.

But before leaving, Michael had tried to look upon the status of her afterlife, and he found it to be rather surprising that she didn't have a path paved for Heaven. He couldn't help but wonder why.

For the selflessness shown towards him by offering him something when there would be nothing left for her or her son, he had opened the path for her. Back then, Michael had no idea that she was the Devil's daughter, which was the reason why the path of Heaven had not been opened for her until he had made a way if she were to continue to walk in it.