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Chapter 801 - Loving You

Theodore hadn't done anything to her that warranted her to blush furiously, but the way he looked at her, she knew she was going to find it out soon. He finally removed the deceiving glasses he had been wearing, and in less than a second, the glasses disappeared in thin air.

Being a demon, he had a few tricks of his own.

Looking down, he caught the hem of her dress before getting inside. Lucy turned even more red by his action. She was glad that this was not done in front of everyone because she doubted she would be able to stand still without fainting out of embarrassment. Vampire's had a fancy life, but it was humans who celebrated it like no other with joy when it came to the weddings.

"Theo?" Lucy called his name while he had gone under her dress. A quick gasp escaped from her lips, and her hands clutched itself on either side of her dress when she felt Theodore's hand on her ankle.

This was too sinful good even for her to handle, thought Lucy to herself. She had never done something like this before, nor had she seen. It would have been easier to know what Theodore was doing, but her gown covered him.

"I was right in not having your garter given to someone else," she heard Theodore speak to her, and she could feel heat pooling between her legs.

Theodore was bold, way too bold and even though they had not been together, she had peeped during the times he had flirted with women. His words were enough to have a woman willingly drown for him.

When she had entered the room, she had already removed her shoes, and she now stood with her stockings that reached until her mid-thighs where the garter had tried to secure it.

Her eyes closed automatically when she felt his hand trail from her ankle up to her thighs, but he didn't pull the garter from her, which was made of fanciful ribbons. All it took was one pull to have it come undone. Instead of pulling it with his hand, Theodore moved closer, and Lucy's eyes flew open on feeling his mouth on her skin near her thigh.

A small m.o.a.n escaped from her lips, and an uncontrollable shiver ran down her body.

Lucy bit her lip so that the m.o.a.n would not escape her lips, at least not that loudly to her ears. As his lips traced her skin where the garter had been tied, her toes curled, and she tried to make sure her knees didn't give away. She flinched when he bit into her skin, that left her only more excited.

He finally pulled the ribbon with his teeth before stepping out of Lucy's gown.

On seeing the garter in his hand, Lucy cleared her throat, "The tradition is complete now," she said.

When Lucy started to walk towards the other side of the divider, Theodore caught hold of her hand, "You don't have to go there," he said, believing she was going to take a bath. His demeanour that was polite and gentle had started to wither away. The way he looked at her, it stirred something deep within her.

"I was going to change my clothes," replied Lucy. "To something much easier one to remove..." she added with her cheeks turning red.

On hearing her words, Theodore's eyes softened, but the intensity in them didn't reduce, "That won't be necessary. No point in wearing something when it is only going to be discarded in a few minutes," he said to her.

Lucy felt her hand being tugged back to join him, and she followed him like a moth that was attracted to the flame. He moved behind her, pulling the strings of her wedding gown one after another where the corset had been tied. Once the top layers of her gown had pooled at her feet, Theodore said,

"Sit down," his words were sweet to her ears, his voice and actions bewitching her while the old memories of being touched had started to wash away from her mind.

Theodore watched Lucy listen to every word that came out of his mouth as if he had put a spell on her. With only her stockings and shift covering the white underwear that she wore beneath it, he could feel his fingers wanting to clench, but he tried to keep a calm composure.

The emotion reminded him of the time in the past when the King had asked him how it felt when he looked at something cute or beautiful. Though it wasn't Lucy's first time, her delicate features continued to hold the innocence in her. He would offer her everything she would ask, in every way possible, thought Theodore to himself. He pushed her shift up to her thighs, his eyes falling on her pale legs.

Before Theodore removed it, he looked up at Lucy, who was intently looking at his hands, "May I?" he asked her.

"Yes," whispered Lucy, and Theodore effortlessly removed the stocking from one of her legs before removing the other leg's stockings along with the garter.

Lucy felt his fingers trail from the top to her ankles before the smooth material was discarded away from her ankles.

On seeing Theodore stand up, Lucy stepped in front of him. It wasn't just Theodore who had been waiting but also her. She placed her hands on his chest, feeling her heart continue to beat loudly, but she didn't care about it.

She had loved him for so long, wanting to stay near him and wanting his attention only on her and no one else, and now that she had it, Lucy was scared that it was too good to be true.

Theodore leaned forward to kiss her forehead, "Something worries you. What is it?" he asked her in a whisper, pulling back from her and placing his finger below her chin so that he could take a look at her.

Lucy put her hands around Theodore's neck while raising herself on her toes.

Theodore smiled at her action, and he wound his hands around her waist, holding her safely in his arms.

"All these days, it feels like I have been dreaming. Somewhere I am scared that it will be taken away from me. I don't want to lose you," she murmured.

"You won't lose me, Lucy. I won't let that happen to us, not again," he promised.

When they pulled away, Theodore kissed her forehead, "You are being blessed for being good and it is your goodness that has brought me luck and happiness. So believe it when I say this is not a dream and that it will forever stay like this. It is your time to be happy, Lucy."

Lucy nodded her head, and she slowly unbuttoned his vest and then his shirt, pushing the fabric away from his shoulder, and it slid down to fall on the ground.

She placed the palms of her hand on Theodore's chest, the shyness drifting away from her as she tried to explore his upper body. Her fingers traced the shape of the muscles, hearing the rise in Theodore's heartbeat, and it fluttered her heart, knowing the effect she had on him.
Chapter 802 - Loving You II

With Theodore, who was much taller than her, she stood on the tip of her toes while her hands were placed on his shoulder. Lucy's lips traced his chest, reaching the place underneath where his heart was beating now, she pressed her lips there.

"You are just like a kitten," said Theodore, his hand moving to hold the side of her face while his thumb brushed her lips.

In one swift movement, Theodore carried Lucy in his arms, and he placed her at the centre of the bed while joining her.

Soon Theodore's hands found their way to where Lucy sat, one hand getting lost in her hair while the other around her waist, wrapping up in his arms to hold her.

As they kissed, Lucy felt jolts of lightning pass through her body. The kiss was tender and sweet to her lips. She kissed him with the same fervour as she got lost in it. In between the kiss, Theodore pulled back, pecking her lips before he whispered against her lips,

"I will make you forget everything that you have known before, and all you will need to remember is the present time that we share together."

To be here, Theodore felt like thousands of years had passed before he had been given the opportunity to take Lucy back to him. He loved her with every single fibre of his, cherishing her with tender kisses while hearing the sighs that escaped from her delicate lips.

He held the hem of her shift before lifting it and throwing it on the ground. "You're beautiful, Lucy. So beautiful," he praised her as his eyes fell on her.

Lucy bit her bottom lip when her body was exposed to Theodore's eyes. Her pale skin looked flushed because of the way his merciless eyes continuously looked at her.

His heated gaze noticed every gulp of her and her movements, his ears picking up her heartbeat and the sighs and m.o.a.ns that escaped her lips. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, covering parts of her shoulders and her chest. Right now, Lucy looked utterly delectable. For so long, he had curbed his needs and desire towards her, ignoring it. But now that she was here, the emotions that had been locked flooded the gates open, that could burn her with him.

Theodore reached out for her like he would reach out and feel for no one else, placing his hand on her smooth neck before it travelled down.

His hand turned around, the back of his hand gently touching the curves and tip of her b.r.e.a.s.t. On his touch, Lucy sucked in a breath, her hands and toes curling at the feel of his touch. This feeling, she had never felt like this in her last marriage. Lucy didn't know one could feel so many emotions by just one single brush of the hand, and the heat between her legs only increased.

"Do you like this?" questioned Theodore, his voice had lowered than his usual voice. He used his fingers to touch the tips of her b.r.e.a.s.t, and her heart hitched.

"W-what kind of question is that?" Lucy asked with her heart thudding. What was there not to like? She asked, feeling the sinful touch that only aroused her body even more.

Theodore softly chuckled at her embarrassed reaction, "A question that is easy to answer with a yes or no." His eyes had not left her face. Due to his constant touch, the tips of her b.r.e.a.s.t had turned hard, which had an inviting colour to it.

"Yes," she whispered quickly when he stopped his hand.

Theodore moved closer to Lucy, kissing her lips again while he carefully had her lay on her back on the bed before he hovered above her. Pushing her hair away from her shoulders, his lips quickly latched on to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses before they found their way to her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Her hands twisted into the sheet that was beneath her, crumpling them when Theodore's hand squeezed one of her b.r.e.a.s.ts while he used his mouth on the other. His mouth captured the tip of Lucy's b.r.e.a.s.t, sucking and tugging on it to hear her m.o.a.n in pleasure. Her back arched when he lightly bit it, a loud m.o.a.n escaping her lips that was mixed with pain and pleasure.

The pleasure was like waves of water that left for a moment only to hit back again at the shore, and Lucy's thoughts were all over the place as Theodore's mouth worked on her b.r.e.a.s.t. Her own hands couldn't stay still, and she weaved her fingers through the thick locks of his hair. When he bit again, her grip on his hair tightened and to soothe it, he gently licked the skin.

Dropping a kiss, his head lowered down while the hand that had been palming her b.r.e.a.s.t left to play with the hem of her white underwear.

"I am going to remove it," Theodore let her know, and in that moment, she looked adorable. Both her hands had come to hold together in front of her chest, and there was an anxiousness in her eyes.

"I will be gentle," he promised even though she had already given her consent from her side.

Hearing his words, Lucy smiled, "I know you will be. You always have been," she replied to his words.

Theodore had always put her first even if it hurt him, "Theo," she called him when his fingers were about to tug the cloth. "Love me the way you want to love me, not the way I want you to," she said, her gaze holding him for long.

Hearing this, his eyes turned even darker than usual, and if it was night, it would have looked pitch black.

His voice had turned a little huskier as he said, "I think the way you want me to love you is exactly the way I want to love you," his lips pulled up, and he added, "I will love you more than that," and he tugged her underwear until her ankles before letting it join with the rest of their discarded clothes.
Chapter 803 - Beyond Dreams

Music Recommendation: Friedrich Dances with Jo- Alexandre Desplat


Hearing the words that came from Theodore's lips, Lucy felt her heart skip a beat. Compared to her, he was more experienced when it came to the art of seduction. Her toes curled further, her ankles twisted in a way where her heel dug themselves into the surface of the bed. With the last garment that left her body, she was completely under Theodore's mercy.

Indirectly, she had told him not to hold back and love her the way he wanted to because she would be able to handle it. Though her body wasn't as good as an average vampire, it wasn't as delicate as the human, at least; that is how she liked to believe it to be.

She had yearned for Theodore for a very long time. Now that the obstacles between them had disappeared, there was nothing there to stop them.

Theodore's demeanour had always been slightly different with her compared to the time when he spent with others. It was something that she had noticed only after she was married to Samuel, realizing something to be off, but she had been angry at him, enough to believe that this was just his frivolous attitude.

Theodore was going to touch Lucy just the way she wanted, but with her, who had voiced her opinion, he didn't see any reason to hold back his wild nature with her. He was a man who had originally come from the streets, someone who had gone through immense hardsh.i.p.s in the past and his life had been rough. To think that this lovely creature in front of him loved him, he wanted to freeze time.

His eyes slowly trailed from the top of her head to her feet, observing every little detail as if he was memorizing them where he would be able to sculpt her if he went blind.

He could hear her heartbeat that skipped after every couple of seconds. She looked ethereal in his eyes with her hair that was let down and spread around the pillow. Her breathing was shallow as she peered up at him, her b.r.e.a.s.ts perked up as if waiting for his attention, her stomach had dipped down out of anticipation. Her thighs pressed against each other, trying to hide what was between her legs, but not for long.

Lucy felt her body heat up with just Theodore's gaze on her. He touched her very soul through his eyes, and every time it moved to another part of her body, her heart hitched, and her cheeks turned redder.

Her desire of wanting to be touched only increased with every passing second, and Lucy gasped when Theodore ran his fingers from the side of her knee in an upward direction.

"You're so beautiful, Lucy," whispered Theodore, and in one quick movement, he picked up one of her legs, raising it to have Lucy blush furiously. He had raised her leg from the bed towards his shoulder.

"Theo!" Lucy responded in surprise.

His lips were quick to kiss her ankle, pressing his lips for a long time before his eyes met hers from where he sat in between her legs. "I seem to have remembered something that happened last night, not to forget how naughty you were a few years ago."

Theodore noticed how his words only fueled the passion in Lucy's eyes, but she didn't utter a word about it, quietly watching what he did to her.

He glided his lips from her ankle to the inner side of her thigh, and the closer he got to the core, he smelt her wet arousal.

When Theodore bit Lucy's inner thigh, sinking his fangs there, a small cry escaped from her lips. Her back arched at the pleasurable pain, and it allowed Theodore to run his hand on her back that had arched itself.

"Was it painful?" he asked her.

"No," came the whisper from Lucy's lips.

The next second, Theodore had picked a higher spot to sink in his fangs, tasting the blood that seeped down his fangs, and it left another cry from Lucy's lips. Her hands moved away from her chest to hold on to the bedsheet on either side of her body.

With the pillows that supported her head, Lucy could see what Theodore was doing. His tongue peeked out of his mouth, licking the traces of blood from her skin. Every time his gaze met hers, the sensual look in there and the dark streak of s.e.xiness melted her body under his touch.

The hint of pain mixed with pleasure was something Lucy felt she was getting addicted to quickly.

Lucy was sure that there were going to be bruises on her neck and her thigh tomorrow where Theodore had sunk his fangs and sucked her blood, but she didn't mind it. Call her to be strange, but she had always wanted to have her lover's markings on her skin.

In the past, she had never belonged anywhere, the place she had come to believe had been taken away by her grandmother and her mother by killing her Nana. And the relationship between her and Samuel had been an odd one.

"AH!" Lucy cried when Theodore bit harder, but this time without breaking her skin.

"Don't think about other things when you are with me. I am a very jealous person," Theodore whispered those words against her skin.

"That makes two of us," said Lucy, and she gulped when she caught the small mischievous smirk on his face.

"I am glad to hear that." Suddenly she gasped when she felt Theodore's finger swipe across her wet core between her legs. "So ready for me," he hummed in appreciation as his finger continued to move up and down.

The intimate contact had Lucy breathless, and when Theodore pushed his finger in and out, she quickly closed her eyes.

Her breathing turned laboured with every movement of his fingers, and her nails dug into the surface while her back arched. All this time, Theodore continued to watch every e.r.o.t.i.c expression that passed on her face while listening to every sound that escaped from her lips. Her lips trembled with delight, and just when her arousal was going to hit the peak, he stopped.
Chapter 804 - Beyond Dreams II

Lucy turned utterly confused, her eyes flying open because she had been close to climax, but it had been denied as Theodore had pulled his finger away from her pulsing core.

"What happened?" she asked, her eyebrows knitting together as she looked at Theodore.

Before she could get an answer, she caught sight of Theodore licking the finger that he had used to pleasure her, and her face lit up into fire, ready to combust with embarrassment.

"We have the whole day and the night for ourselves, I thought I would take my sweet time in loving you," replied Theodore, once he pulled his finger out of his mouth.

"You are teasing me," she accused him cutely, and Theodore chuckled.

"I would not dare to do such a thing. Not to you, my love," he smiled in humour and then placed both his hands on her knees. "We were only warming up. But now…let me taste you."

Lucy's heart went still when Theodore pushed her knees apart and bent forward. When his lips touched her throbbing s.e.x, her breathing returned only to increase as her heart continued to beat quickly.

Lucy closed her eyes as they rolled back, and she threw her head back. Theodore licked her aching s.e.x at first, and a shiver ran down her spine that had arched itself. She had never done this, this e.r.o.t.i.c thing...not even in the past, which was why it was new. Lucy had only heard about it from some of the women when she attended the soiree.

For a person who had never been touched like this before, Theodore was the first one to go down on her, kissing and licking her, which had fireworks bursting in the back of her head.

"AH!" Lucy cried out when he sucked on her, and she doubted she would be able to last like this. Her arousal was hitting a high she had never experienced before, and it felt like her body had turned alive for the very first time.

"Theo!" she m.o.a.ned.

Her hand moved up to the upper side of the bed, not knowing what to do as she experienced this new sensation that Theodore was helping her experience.

Lucy's m.o.a.ns only encouraged Theodore to pleasure her even more as he helped her reach her orgasm one more time, this time letting her hit the peak.

The feeling of her hitting her orgasm was earth-shattering, but Theodore didn't stop there but continued to kiss and nibble her, his tongue probing her. When she came again, Lucy's breathing turned heavy and shallow as she tried to catch her breath.

Theodore lifted his head from between her legs, sitting upright while he ran his thumb on the side of his lips before sucking it in his mouth. He caught sight of Lucy, who still had her eyes closed as her body hummed with the orgasm she had just felt her body go through. His fingers gently caressed the side of her body, feeling the curve of her bottom and the dip after her waist.

He came to lay next to her, watching her expression in fascination. Her delicate lips were parted as they breathed in and out.

"Are you alright, my love?" asked Theodore, his words gentle as he caressed her cheek.

Lucy's eyes fluttered open, her eyes heavily filled with arousal as they appeared slightly dilated, "I am wonderful," she replied to him, a smile coming to form on her lips.

The word wonderful reminded Theodore of the drunk night, and he smiled back at her.

"You were wonderful," agreed Theodore, his eyes looking at her as if he was in a trance.

"I never knew this could be so beautiful and amazing," hummed Lucy when he leaned forward to kiss her shoulder.

Hearing Lucy's words, his eyes went back to meet hers, and he asked in doubt, "Isn't it always amazing?" Her eyes lowered, a small smile on her lips that looked sad. "Don't tell me..." his eyes narrowed while realizing what she meant.

That bastard had not treated her with love. "F.u.c.k!" he cursed under his breath in disbelief as anger started to simmer in his mind. He couldn't believe that he had sent Lucy to someone who had failed in being a husband to her in every aspect.

Lucy deserved everything in this world, every bit of happiness and love. He had done exactly what her parents had done to her; he had made her suffer in pain and loneliness.

"Theo," Lucy placed her hand on the side of his face, feeling the anguish he was feeling right now. "What happened is in the past, you shouldn't let your mind dwell on it," she whispered to him.

"If I could, I wish I could change and maybe erase his existence from the very beginning. Ethan would have been a far better choice that time but I failed to see what type of person Samuel was," he said to her. "Why didn't you tell me anything."

Lucy smiled, her eyes kindly looking at him, "We weren't on talking terms to tell you that my then husband wasn't pleasuring me like every other woman was used to. Most. That he was selfish enough to only see his pleasure met," she paused for a moment and said, "Maybe it was pride. I didn't want you to know that I was...feeling that way."

All those years, she had been unhappy, and he had failed to see it. He should have known, but they had changed. They both had changed from what they knew about each other in the beginning.

Theodore's lips were set in a thin line as he continued to stare at her, "I should have tortured him more." With everything she had gone through, she had forgiven him, he thought in his mind.

Lucy circled her arms around him. Leaning forward, she bit his lips and then beamed with a smile, "If you had sent me to Ethan, we would not be here."

To Theodore, Lucy was like a rainbow, her spirit beautiful and vibrant.

"I guess you are right," leaning forward, he kissed her lips.

This was not the time to speak about it, and right now, all he wanted to do was make Lucy happy. To give her everything he could, which he couldn't in the past.
Chapter 805 - Beyond Dreams III

Theodore picked up Lucy's hand in his, kissing the back of her fingers, and he said, "I promise to love and cherish you, Lucy, until the very end of our time."

"I know you will," Lucy pushed herself up before pushing him to lay down on the bed. "I don't want to be the only one to enjoy our first..day together," she said as it was only post noon, and Theodore was intrigued by what Lucy had on her mind. If there was something he knew about his wife, she was a woman who had always been eager and excited about things.

Lucy got on top of Theodore, placing her legs on both sides while she leaned forward to kiss him, "I love you, Theo, with all my heart. I have for a very long time and am also guilty for chasing my governess away so that she wouldn't spend time with you."

Saying this, Lucy ran her hands over Theodore's shoulders, feeling the muscles that were firm and strong.

Pushing her hair to one side of her shoulder, Lucy leaned forward to kiss his lips before peppering kisses along the length of his jaw. Moving to the column of his neck, she left long and lingering kisses as she pressed her lips on his skin, taking her time to let him know how much she treasured him.

The doors of love that had been closed had opened since the day he had taken hits from Samuel, and she had gone to Theodore's room to tend to his wounds. Her fangs appeared, and she let it lightly scr.a.p.e against the surface of his skin which joined his neck and shoulder. Wanting to return the favour of love, Lucy let her fangs sink into Theodore's neck, purposely biting hard into it so that it would leave a mark there for a few days.

Theodore didn't mind the pain that Lucy gave him, and he welcomed it. His hands didn't stay still, and it went to hold Lucy, one hand caressing the back of her head, while the other had moved to feel the curve of her waist.

Once Lucy was done biting him, she let her fangs retrace back, and when her gaze met his, right at the moment, she licked the blood where she had bitten him. While her eyes turned bright in mischief, knowing what effect her little action had done to him, Theodore's eyes had turned dark in arousal.

"Don't play with fire, Lucy," warned Theodore.

Lucy moved closer to him and said, "I came to burn, I cannot help it."

She kissed his shoulders before hovering down and showing the same affection to his abs before coming to sit near his legs with her hands that touched the edge of his trouser. Small hums of approval had escaped Theodore's lips, but she wanted him to feel the same way he had made her feel.

Seeing the curious expression on his face on what she was going to do, Lucy played with the edge before she slowly pulled it down while he helped her remove the rest of his clothes that were on him. They were both n.a.k.e.d on the bed now.

Lucy's gaze moved to look at Theodore's manhood, and a soft gulp went down her throat.

"You don't have to do it if you aren't ready," said Theodore, but Lucy quickly shook her head.

"I want to," she whispered while her cheeks burned brightly.
Her marriage to Theodore wasn't out of force or out of her will, but something she had dreamt and eagerly awaited. They were both going to work together, but the truth was neither had to work because they loved each other immensely. Their love was easy, just like the air they breathed, thought Lucy to herself.

Her hands moved to hold his manhood that felt warm and throbbed in her hand. On her touch, another hum came from Theodore, and it was enough to urge her to continue.

She knew what to do next as she had done this before. Leaning forward, Lucy took his member in her mouth and started to lick and suck him. Hearing Theodore's sharp intake of breath, she continued to move her head up and down while watching him, where he had thrown his head back in pleasure.

Theodore ran his hand through his hair as Lucy's hot mouth surrounded his member, working on pleasing him, and he never knew Lucy could be this good at it as he felt his control slipping through with desire. Curses left his mouth when she didn't stop but only continued, licking the head before moving to the length of the shaft.

"F.u.c.k Lucy!" Theodore cursed, and hearing him curse had Lucy internally puff her chest.

She didn't stop until he hit his own peak, and she pulled away, seeing his chest heaving for air. His eyes that were closed snapped open and looked at her in a heated gaze.

Lifting himself, he sat up with her on his lap. He ran his thumb over the bottom of her lips, "You've turned to a vixen," he murmured, and a shy smile appeared on her lips.

"Was it good?" she asked him while playing with the ends of the back of his hair.

"The best," responded Theodore as he tucked one side of her hair behind her ear. "It is always the best when you do things together with the person you love. Always."

She noticed it, thought Lucy to herself.

Theodore pulled her closer to him while putting his arms around her waist, and he stared into her eyes.

Without letting Lucy go, Theodore placed her back on the bed, hovering her while he kissed her lips again, their tongues dancing with each other, playfully fighting for dominance before Theodore won, and Lucy smiled into the kiss.

Lucy's hands had moved to settle on his shoulders as they kissed, and she felt his manhood brush against her wet entrance.

Parting from the kiss, Lucy's lips trembled along with her body. Not breaking eye contact with Theodore, she finally felt him enter her, and she gasped, feeling him fill her whole.



Ending chapter song- Somewhere Only we knew - Keane
Chapter 806 - Grandpa Vlad

Music Recommendation: Together Again- Stephen Rennicks


Lucy didn't know how much time had passed, but both hers and Theodore's body was covered in a sheen of sweat as their bodies moved on the bed. Every thrust of Theodore had her go to the edge of the cliff as if she was standing with the tip of her toes while waiting to jump off the cliff.

The feeling she felt was incomparable and out of this world.

Gasps and m.o.a.ns escaped her lips, the room filling with their sounds as Theodore filled her.

Her lips called his name with every touch of Theodore, and all she could think right now was him, who was in her arms. Like Theodore, she looked at his expression that was filled with desire. Her hand moved from his shoulder to place it on his jaw.

In time, Theodore leaned towards her to kiss her lips. He stole everything that belonged to her, the first being her heart and the last being her breath.

She gave him everything, and he took it from her without a doubt, stealing everything so that he could keep her safe with him.

"AH!" a m.o.a.n came out of Lucy's lips when Theodore hit the spot while he thrusted his h.i.p.s back and forth. Her heart rate had spiked up, and he hit it again to elicit another m.o.a.n from her, which sounded the sweetest in his ears.

Lucy's hand went back to his shoulder, pulling him closer in a way where her fingernails dug into his back, marking him the way he had marked her. Watching Theodore's love and l.u.s.t-filled raw expression had her heart squeeze and her toes curl. In a few seconds, her body trembled before she came undone with Theodore holding her in his arms.

Her body turned slack, her b.r.e.a.s.ts moving up and down with her back arched while her head was thrown back.

Theodore himself had stepped into a different kind of high, and when his senses returned to the room, he saw Lucy, who looked dazed with her lips parted and her body humming. Bringing his hand forward, he traced his finger from the column of her neck to travel down between the valley of her b.r.e.a.s.ts and then downwards to her stomach that trembled at his touch.

Her pale skin had turned pinkish-red because of his teeth and hands. He pulled himself out before lifting her in his arms.

Lucy's body followed his direction, moving along with him as he sat upright. She wrapped herself around his body, putting her hand around him while letting her face rest on one of his shoulders. Theodore held her closely, not letting her go and holding her in his arms as he patted the back of her head.

There was a smile on his lips, to think that the princess was finally his. They had gone three rounds straight without a break, and it must have tired her, he thought in his mind.

"Do you want to sleep?" Theodore asked her, his voice soothing her spent body.

Lucy had a small smile on her lips. Her eyes were closed as she relished the moment of their love-making that was everything she had imagined it to be and maybe more.

"No," she whispered to him before pulling away from his embrace so that she could look into his eyes.

Her husband was handsome, with sharp features and demeanour that he liked to hide behind the golden frames. Somewhere, she understood why Samuel was insecure in front of Theodore's presence, and one side of her lips pulled up.

Theodore broke her thoughts by saying, "Would you like to go another round?" and when her eyes widened, a hearty chuckle escaped from his sinful lips.

Lucy knew she wouldn't be able to handle another round of love-making with him. The chances of her falling asleep because of tiredness was possible, and she didn't want their first time together to end up like that.

Both her hands had come to rest on Theodore's face, her fingers tracing his features, "Bath?"

"Bath it is," responded Theodore, picking her up in his arms, he carried her to the bath, and he joined in.

Theodore helped her take a bath, pouring water on her shoulder and his hands gently moving across her shoulders whilst he had her back leaning against him.

The water felt cold, and Lucy sighed, feeling Theodore massage her shoulders, "Your hands feel good," she hummed in appreciation.

"I am glad that you like them," replied Theodore from behind her.

Lucy felt like she had returned to being a princess again, maybe a Queen. That's right, thought Lucy to herself. With Theodore next to her, who treated her with care and respect, offering himself with love, she doubted her life could get any better. This moment that they shared felt right.

"The day seems to have come and gone too quickly," murmured Lucy, thoughtfully.

The wedding day had felt so far, and then near, and now that it was over, it felt like it had finished too soon. She was happy that Madeline had extended the wedding time at the church by getting the painter to get a portrait done of everyone in it. With everyone together, it felt good.

"Is there something you would like to do?" asked Theodore, his hand moving to the mug to fill water in it before pouring it on Lucy's body.

She shook her head, "I want to spend time with you. That is more than sufficient for me," she smiled at him.

Theodore leaned his head and kissed her bare shoulder, "I am more than happy to comply with your wishes."

Turning around, she took the mug from Theodore's hand to fill it up and pour the water on him so that she could wash him too. How strange and funny, thought Lucy to herself. An angel and a devil had come to attend their wedding.

"It seems like you have a grandfather now," said Theodore while taking a scoopful of water in his hand and pouring it on her neck and noticed the love bites he had given her.

"I am excited," beamed Lucy. "He doesn't seem as bad as people talk about him."

Chapter 807 - Grandpa Vlad II

Leave it on Lucy to think the worst person to be a decent person, thought Theodore in his mind. But then that was what made her his Lucy. The ability to not see the worst and to see the best in everything was a gift and, at the same time, a curse. And he decided to turn it into a complete gift while eliminating anything or anyone who would come to harm her.

Pecking her lips, he smiled. Happy to see the lost smile on her face return after many years, he intended to keep it this way for the rest of their lives.

"It is nice you know, our family is getting extended," said Lucy in a thoughtful tone. "First it was just me and brother Cal, but now we are all related to each other. Calhoun is married to Madeline, you, who is his best friend, married his sister, so now you two are brother-in-laws. Then we have Vladimir, who is our new grandpa."

Theodore wasn't too keen on keeping Vladimir as his grandfather-in-law because the Devil meant trouble. Calhoun was the Devil's grandson. If it weren't so, everyone would have had a piece of the Devil's wrath and being friends with him was the last thing one would do. He knew exactly why the Devil had offered him a job in the underworld; that way, it would be easier to persuade Calhoun to come and join Hell.

Lucy continued to speak excitedly, "Oh! I never knew he was interested in the head of the High House."

"If I would have known earlier that you had this much energy, we would be not here but in the bed," said Theodore, his wet hand touching her face, and Lucy blushed. "Enough about others, I want to talk about you."

"Okay," whispered Lucy, "We shall speak about me and you."

Away from the newlywed's room, Calhoun sat with Aunt Monique, talking to her on the first floor of the front patio of the castle, while Madeline was resting in their room after throwing up again.

"Is it necessary to leave this early? I am sure we all could use your company in the castle. It will turn a little lonely without you," one side of Calhoun's lips pulled up in a smile.

"I have overstayed my stay here in the castle. I thought it was going to be a short visit where I would be returning to my mansion once I finished attending your wedding, but I ended up staying longer than the expected time. My poor dog must be missing me and might think I have died," replied Lady Monique with a smile.

With the occasion of the wedding that had completed, and Calhoun and Lucy, who had married the people they loved, Lady Monique didn't see a reason to stay any longer in the castle.

"In a few months you will be having one more member added to the Hawthrone family," smiled the older vampiress, her eyes gaze on the grounds of the castle. "Time has changed and it feels good, doesn't it. The peace we all have been looking forward to. You have done well, King Calhoun. More than I expected you to do."

In the past, Monique had been worried when news had reached her about Constance's son in the castle, that like the woman, even her son would be put under a similar situation. But Calhoun had overcome the hurdles.

During the time of the evening, Lady Monique's trunks had been placed in the back of the carriage along with another carriage that was ready to go with her, filled with gifts for her by Calhoun. Everyone had stepped out of the castle, standing near the carriages, where the older vampiress was going to take her leave.

"Do you really need to go, Aunt Monique?" asked Lucy, her voice a little sad.

"I will come to visit you, or you can come to visit me. Write me letters, dear Lucy," said Monique with a smile on her lips.

"I will miss you terribly," Lucy hugged her aunt, the hug lasting for more than five seconds before they pulled away from each other. "Once the mansion has finished its renovation, we will come to visit you."

Lady Monique's eyes shifted to look at Theodore, who offered her a bow, "We look forward to visiting you, milady."

"Take care of Lucy. She is like my own daughter," said Monique.

"I will, milady," responded Theodore, putting his arm around Lucy when she returned to his side.

"The King and the Queen," Monique turned to Calhoun and Madeline. "I wish you happiness that you didn't find in the past. Please take care of yourself," she said, looking at Madeline.

"Your help won't be forgotten, Lady Monique," Calhoun was grateful that Lady Monique had stayed back in the castle while offering her support.

"With my work done here, it is time for me to leave now," Monique murmured under her breath. Wishing everyone, she finally got inside her carriage. Soon, the horses pulled the carriages away from the front of the castle before leaving the castle grounds through the gates.

Madeline felt Calhoun slip his hand in hers, and she smiled.

"Your parents are coming here tomorrow?" asked Calhoun, and Madeline hummed.

"That's what the letter said," replied Madeline, unconsciously her other hand moved to her stomach, placing it there protectively.

Calhoun tugged her hand, climbing up the stairs while Theodore and Lucy followed a couple of steps away from them.

Soon even Lucy and Theodore would leave the castle to look after the renovation of the mansion. It felt like everyone had gone through a long journey. They had started with the worse and had ended with the best days to look forward to in the future, thought Madeline in her mind.

A week passed in the castle since Lucy and Theodore had been married, and the castle turned joyous but also quiet at the same time as the couples were busy with each other.

On one fine morning, the King and the Queen finally broke the news about Madeline being pregnant, and Lucy couldn't be anymore happier.

"I cannot believe we are going to have a small one in the castle soon!" gushed Lucy. "I am so happy for both of you!"

Madeline laughed at Lucy's excitement. She had already sent a letter to her sister Beth to inform her about the news the very evening of the wedding day.

'Dear Beth, I hope you are doing well.

I heard from Calhoun about the disturbance that is going on in the Northlands, and it has had me worried, but I know you are stronger. Winter has passed, and the flowers of the spring that we used to view have bloomed. It looks beautiful, and I wished you were here with me.

Lucy is finally married to Theodore, and she's very happy. They both are. Mother and father are going to be here in the castle.

I wrote this letter because I have news to share with you. In a few months, you are going to be an aunt, Beth. I am pregnant. Calhoun has not been letting me do anything much and, as always, hovers around me as if I will trip and fall any moment… I know the reason why you left Devon, Beth. But I hope you can forgive yourself. Come home soon. I miss you.

Love Maddie.'
Chapter 808 - Grandpa Vlad III

In the underworld, the scrawny servant looked for his Master in haste.

"Master! Master!" Odin came running through the corridors and burst through the Devil's room, where the Devil was taking his bath, immersing himself in the fuming acid.

Vladimir, who had his eyes closed while relaxing himself in the bath, squinted one of his eyes open in slight annoyance, "So noisy. This better be good, Odin for disturbing me," came his low threat to his servant. If it was someone else, he would have burned them and thrown them inside the hot iron pot.

But Vladimir had come to believe that Odin had gotten so used to it that the punishments had turned pointless, not to mention his servant was amusing.

Entering the room, Odin caught sight of his master who was surrounded by two demonesses, who were helping him bathe.

"Master, I have news!" said Odin, his eyes looked wider than usual and Vladimir tapped his nail on the surface of the room while he had his back rested in the bath pool. "Master, Lady Madeline, s-she is going to have a child!"

"WHAT?!" Vladimir's eyes narrowed on hearing this and he got up from the bath, before snapping his fingers for the two demonesses to disappear from the room. "And how sure are you of the information. You aren't joking about this, are you, Odin?"

Odin vigorously shook his head and if it was a person from the living world, they would have snapped their head. "I heard Master Calhoun speaking about it with Lady Madeline, Master! I would never dare make jokes like this," not to mention, Odin often didn't understand jokes or sarcasm which was why Vladimir's sarcastic comments went right through his head.

"I have spent more time in Hell than in the living world," Vladimir huffed and he raised his hand for the clothes to automatically move from the stand to move towards his body. In less than three seconds, the devil was completely dressed and he said, "I cannot believe my grandson would not inform me something so important," his eyes lit itself with fire and he took a deep breath to calm it down.

With the next snap, Vladimir had disappeared from the room and Odin looked around to realize his master had gone to visit the Hawthrone's castle.

Vladimir suddenly appeared in the middle of the corridor, making one of the maids shriek in fear before tripping and running away from there on noticing the Devil's presence.

The Devil cared very little to the maid's reaction as he made his way through the corridors to finally notice his grandson who was talking to one of the ministers of the royal court. Unable to contain his anger, Vladimir's voice shook through the castle.


Calhoun's eyes leisurely moved to the side to catch sight of Vladimir, who was fuming in anger and he walked to where he was. The minister looked terrified and cleared his throat.

"I-Is that all for the day, my King?" asked the minister, wanting to take a leave as soon as possible.

With the existence of angels and demons known in the living world, word had spread quickly on who the Devon King's grandfather was.

Calhoun raised his hand, waving for the minister to leave and the man was more than happy to oblige. Some of the servants who were working in the open were quick to hide behind the walls and others like Madeline and Lucy who were in the patio together had stepped out of the room and into the corridor along with Theodore who came out of the royal court room.

"Vlad, what a surprise," greeted Calhoun, his voice calm. He offered the Devil a smile.

The nerve of this boy, thought Vladimir in his mind. His mother was such a sweetheart and this one here was nothing less to him.

"How dare you keep away something so important as Madeline turning pregnant away from me?" demanded Vladimir. Suddenly Odin appeared a few steps behind Vladimir.

Calhoun looked at the Devil and said, "We thought to share the news with you when you would come to visit us. You did visit a lot before Lucy got married. I didn't know you would stop visiting us, Vlad."

Noticing Madeline who was glowing, a bright smile appeared on Vladimir's lips and he asked sarcastically, "Do you mean to say I would never find out if I didn't come to visit you? Did you perhaps lose your power to enter Hell?"

"I think you are imagining things now...grandfather," smiled Calhoun and Vladimir's eyes subtly narrowed. "We were actually hoping you would drop by today. We even ordered the kitchen cook to prepare delicious dishes."

They did? Asked Madeline in her mind.

Calhoun then said, "You are going to be a great grandfather, Vlad."

"Hmph," harrumphed the Devil but Calhoun noticed the spark of excitement that the old man held in his eyes, walking past him, he went to stand in front of Madeline. "Look at you. I cannot wait to see my great grandchild, Madeline."

Madeline bowed her head in greeting and said, "We too, Vlad. Thank you for coming to see us."

"You are my granddaughter-in-law. When Odin gave me the news, I came here as quickly as I could. I know the right things you should eat and drink," Vladimir raised his hand and a scroll appeared in his hand. "This has everything that you will ever need. Come now, let me tell you what are the most important things to remember," he said, having Madeline walk next to him. Madeline looked at Calhoun and he nodded at her.

"Grandpa Vlad is like a whirlwind," murmured Lucy.

Calhoun watched Vladimir walk next to Madeline, his steps slower than usual so that Madeline didn't have to walk too fast to keep up with him.

A smile appeared on his lips and he said, "He is. Let's go and have lunch together,"turning around he looked at Odin, who hadn't moved from his place, "You too."

With Mr. and Mrs. Harris, who had arrived two hours ago, everyone gathered themselves in the castle's dining room to have lunch together as a family.
Chapter 809 - Submission Of A Wish

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Lucy sat at the table next to Theodore along with the other people who were part of her family now—listening to people talking and laughing, while Mr. and Mrs. Harris appeared shell shocked without a word coming out of their lips unless somebody asked them a question.

"I was the one who took care of Constance, I know everything that you would need to know. Isn't that right, Odin," said Vladimir, and Odin, who had taken a seat next to his master, quickly nodded his head vigorously.

"Master is excellent with children," agreed Odin.

The young-looking servant of the Devil was too excited to be seated next to his master that he had not dared to touch the silverware that were on the table. With both his hands on his lap and his back straight against the chair, he looked at the food that had been brought by the maids.

Vladimir was busy talking to Madeline on how to take care of the baby since he had had her walk next to him. "I will have three servants of mine in here to serve you. This way I will have little to worry about."

Calhoun rolled his eyes, "That is unnecessary. We have enough servants in the castle to look after Madeline, most importantly, she has me," he said, placing his hand on Madeline's hand that was resting on the top of the table. "Truthfully, I wouldn't want my wife left in the hands of the maids or even midwives in the future for a long duration. I would rather like to be as involved as I can with her and my child by taking care of her."

"My great grandchild," added Vladimir. He then looked at the food that was kept on the table that was leafy green vegetables. "Where is the raw meat? All I see is overcooked meat, and not a hint of blood on it."

Calhoun smiled at his grandfather, "We don't know if we are going to have a human or a vampire or a demon or an angel in the family. Madeline and I believe it is best to feed the baby slowly with vegetables just in case it turns out to be a human baby."

Vladimir loudly huffed, "You are the Devil's grandson, of course the baby will be a powerful demon."

Hearing this, the food that Mrs. Harris had swallowed ended up in the wrong pipe, and she coughed to be helped by her husband, who patted her back.

Paying no heed to the Harris family, Vladimir continued, "Our bloodline is strong. I am sure that the child will turn into a little devil!" he gave a curt nod as if it had been finalized.

"Grandpa Vlad," Lucy spoke to gain his attention, and the Devil turned to look at her. "Weren't you once an angel? Do you think it will influence the baby? The chances of the child turning into an angel is high."

"I prefer it doesn't happen so. Can you imagine the angels leaving the baby alone if it were to turn into an angel. They will take him to Heaven. From what I heard last time, the angels were quite persistent when it came to wanting Madeline to be in Heaven."

Calhoun couldn't help but agree with Vladimir's words. The angels were strange at times when it came to their values, not to forget the way Paschar and Raphael had been punished.

"Let us hope the child turns out to be healthy, we can worry about the remaining things when he or she comes out," said Madeline. There were still months for the baby to grow inside her belly and then for her to give birth, thought Madeline to herself. This baby that was slowly growing every second, it was going to be loved and cherished, the most loved child, she said to herself.

"Calhoun, I would like you to keep Odin here for a while. He is the best I have had until now and he will make sure to see that Madeline is safe when you aren't around," decided Vladimir.

Odin looked at his master in surprise, "Master?" there was a sadness in his voice.

Seeing this, Vladimir rolled his eyes, "I am not sending you forever. It is only until Madeline gives birth to the child. Of course I will call you back from time to time for my own little work."

But Madeline and Calhoun weren't too sure about having Odin as the caretaker. The servant did more damage to himself than taking care to make sure no damage would take place.

"We appreciate your help, grandfather, but we'll be fine. If we do need your help, we'll be sure to ask for it," said Calhoun in a serious tone, and Vladimir gave him a nod.

Madeline was eating her boiled peas when a green looking juice was pushed to her side by Vladimir, and he said, "This is made out of many healthy leaves. It doesn't taste that great but you and the growing baby will be nourished within a few hours. Go on," he waited for her to drink it.

Just by the looks of it, Madeline felt sick, and she looked at Calhoun, who whispered, "Now you will know I am less pushy than the others in the room," with a wicked smile on his lips.

"That's not helpful at all," whispered Madeline, but everyone at the table heard them, making them chuckle.

Calhoun lovingly looked at his wife, and he then reached for the glass, taking a sip from it before handing it to her, "There, you don't have to feel lonely that you are drinking it alone."

At his action, a sweet smile spread on Madeline's lips, and she raised the glass near her lips before finishing the entire juice.

Vladimir, who was watching this, couldn't help but feel the emptiness return to his heart. If the world was truly good, his daughter Constance would have been alive. He would have been able to tend to her and be there with her when carrying and giving birth to Calhoun. He had lost the opportunity, and the memory was hard to let go of. It was completely another matter that he would have beaten the man who had sullied his daughter to death in the living world unless the man had been someone who loved Constance.
Chapter 810 - Submission Of A Wish II

Constance was his child, his heart that had been torn away from him and was now in Heaven. She was at peace, and that was what mattered. But at the same time, he was the Devil, and he wanted his daughter next to him with this growing family.

"Did you hear anything from Beth, Maddie?" Mrs. Harris asked her daughter.

"I sent her a letter nearly a week ago. If it has reached her in time, it should take another week or two for the reply to reach the castle," replied Madeline.

Hearing this, Mrs. Harris sighed.

Madeline knew her parents worried about her younger sister Elizabeth as she was away from the land of Devon and was staying in one of the northern lands right now. She would have gone to visit her sister, but with the baby, she knew Calhoun wouldn't want her going anywhere outside the castle where there was harm.

"How long does it take for one to master and control the werewolves abilities?" questioned Lucy to her husband.

Theodore responded to her question, "On an average it takes months or possibly years. But with Lady Elizabeth who doesn't have the transformation problem, it should be a little less problematic."

Vladimir had started to cut his rare cooked steak, and he said, "If the Warrings still have an antidote with them, maybe she will be able to heal quicker."

"I spoke to King Sebastian about it," informed Calhoun. "The day he had arrived for the High House meeting that Helena had set up." On hearing Helena's name, Vladimir's ears turned alert, but no reaction came to pass across his face. "He said the similar antidotes that were created in the past have been exhausted decades ago and they are trying to recreate another antidote to control the rogue werewolves."

"I haven't seen a werewolf in a long time. I knew the great great grandfather of this Sebastian King," came the casual tone of Vladimir. "He was an excellent man, but died a horrific death," he clicked his tongue.

Hearing this, Madeline hoped that Beth could find her peace and return home where her family was. What happened wasn't her sister's fault, and it was just the situation that had presented itself in that manner which had been unavoidable.

"How long do you think it is going to be before the Heavens forgive and let my father and Raphael back into the living world?" Madeline asked Vladimir as he was the one who knew Heaven like no one else at the table.

"Punishments in Heavens can last upto years. Because if I am not wrong, Raphael had been the 'demons wanderer' for many decades or maybe centuries. I will let you in on a trick, and the Heavens will let him off the hook in a snap," Vladimir snapped his fingers to emphasize his point.

"Really?" Madeline's mood brightened.

"Hm," responded Vladimir.

Madeline didn't want Paschar going through punishments again, and she had forgiven him like the rest of the things. When love and honour of responsibilities fell on one's shoulders, it was hard to manage both of them if the two things walked in different paths.
"Thank you so much, Vlad," she thanked him, and the Devil offered her a smile before everyone continued with their meal.

The same day, far away from the living world and above the clouds where there was the path of peace and tranquillity, not too far away stood the hidden golden gates of Heaven that weren't visible to a mortal's eyes.

The number of guard angels had been increased since the last intrusion of the Devil and his grandson, holding staffs that were stronger and as powerful as the bolt of the thunder. Inside the premises of the gates, many buildings were built with beige coloured stones and trees that were green along with flowers that left a sweet fragrance for one to smell.

Some of the souls had come out from their rooms to feel the warmth on their skin while they either sat idly, mediating or were busy talking or doing something they liked.

A tall building stood with the door open for the angels to walk in and out as it was where the wishes and prayers of the mortals from the living world were passed and given to the next minister of angels for approval. A large wooden box was built where the wishes were collected, and the angels who worked randomly pulled out the scroll of wish.

One of the angels, who pulled out a scroll, unscrolled it and started to read the wish. His eyes suddenly widened in surprise. For a few seconds, he stared at the parchment, wondering if he should add it to the approval list or show it to one of the archangels.

"What's the matter, Amos?" asked one of the angels, noticing his fellow angel had stopped pulling out the scrolls.

"T-this, the wish…" said the angel in a daze before snapping out of it, and he said, "I will be back soon. This must be quickly shown to a higher authority!" and he ran out of the building.

When the angel came across one of the archangels who was walking past him, he quickly went to him, "Archangel Ramiel! Archangel Ramiel, there is something you need to see!"

The archangel had blonde locks of hair that went past his shoulders, his demeanour was calm, and his icy blue eyes made him look serious.

"What is it, Amos?" questioned the archangel. He noticed Amos holding the scroll of wish in his hand. "Is there a sinister wish in there? You can discard it if it is so."

"It is not that," Amos offered the scroll and the archangel took hold of the scroll, reading it.

"I will take care of it. You can go back to your work," said Archangel Ramiel.

Ramiel looked back at the parchment of wish that read-

'I wish my father Paschar to come and spend time with my child when it is born in the living world.'

A simple wish that indirectly would free Paschar to return to his full position while visiting the living world thought archangel Ramiel to himself. To love and care, isn't that what they had learned? Walking away from there, he submitted the scroll directly for approval.