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Chapter 720 - Content

Zeres continued scrolling down with the utmost interest shining from his eyes. There was just no way that this could be explained away as coincidence! It was just too spot on for the things that he was looking for.

'This book contains a spell that could bring you back.' The long-haired man in the drawing said and in the next frame, he was drawn to be squatting down before the spirit who was slumped over on the ground.

Zeres did not even notice that the drawing was becoming less detailed as he scrolled further down. His attention was focused to one thing and one thing only. The dialogues. He scrutinized and read every single word, not leaving any off in case he missed some important detail.

He scrolled down again. 'You will bring me back? At what cost?' the spirit replied and the long-haired man which was not even coloured in now replied and said, 'nothing fancy, you only need to marry me.'

The dialog made Zeres crease his brows at the realization that this story might be categorised in one of those genres that the humans called boys' love (BL). Shaking his head a little at that twist in the story, he continued scrolling down. Part of him started to question himself on what the hell was he even doing, scrolling through a comic strip in another person's house. But he could only continue on for now and hope against all odds to find something valuable from this.

'What. Don't tell me you don't want to follow my conditions? Choose now my poor little rabbit, death or me?'

Zeres had to crack his neck and release the tension building in him before he could force himself to continue reading. He felt somewhat weirded out at what he was doing himself, but a part of him just told himself to persist in it for a while longer.

'I don't even know if you're telling me the truth.' The drawing was only a rough sketch now. 'Why don't you do it first before you make me choose? Who knows if you're bluffing?'

'What a sly little rabbit.' The long-haired man who was thankfully not reduced into a doodle was illustrated to be opening the book. 'But oh well, it's not like I will ever let you go once I brought you back. Once you're back to life, you're mine!'

Then the long-haired man whom Zeres could not even quite recognize anymore as it had been turned into a mere stick figure now said in a speech bubble. 'Prepare yourself, as I'm going to start the ritual now.'

Zeres found himself getting more intrigued now, hoping that this drawing would tell him more about the details of the spell inside the book, but…

When Zeres scrolled down to the next page, there was no more content. He found himself staring at just a white blank page and no matter how hard he looked and searched around for the continuation, he just could not find it. To be more precise, there was nothing that was continued. The story seemed to have stopped there for now.

He half bite on his lower lip in frustration and his head whipped towards the sleeping girl on the bed. Tsk, it seems like he really did not have a choice now but to wait for the girl to wake up. She was a human girl, and he could not use the mind reading spell on her unless he did not care if her mind breaks under his onslaught. Doing that to a human was the same as killing them. Their bodies were just not made to withstand the forceful examination of the mind reading spell.

Sighing, Zeres started to search her table, hoping to find more clues while waiting. Or probably, the book might be even here, and she was basing her story on it.

He picked up the books there and scanned through them quickly. After looking, he could only pinch the skin between his brows because all the books on this table contained various drawings of men, all being in fully naked or semi dressed state and also being intimate with each other. This girl…

Eventually, Zeres gave up and left her desk. He looked at the ancient books everywhere and wondered what if the book he was looking for was just slotted among these books in here?

Using a magic spell, Zeres tried to look for a book that would react to magic. Usually, books that contains spells will emit some amount of magic as they were usually written with the help of magic.

But time ticked by and not even a single book reacted at all. He was not extremely disappointed though. Somehow, Zeres had expected that the book was not written with magic at all. Because it would be very easy to find it by any witch. Meaning, if that book was indeed in here and was written by hand, then he had to search through the content of this place and wade through these thousands of books to find it.

He sighed at the thought of that, but he still moved and picked one of the old books piled on the floor. He chose the one at the very bottom and when he opened it, he realized that no one might have ever opened these books for a long time. He slumped on the floor and leaned against the wall tiredly.

The last thing he wanted to do right now was go back to his apartment and get disturbed by his own miserable thoughts. And when he fell asleep, he would most probably dream of that woman he had just killed. That always happens to him. No matter how much he tells himself that he killed them because they fully deserved it, Zeres would still be haunted by their ghosts in his sleep. This was why if it was a woman, Zeres would always resort to f*cking them and giving them what they wanted rather than torturing them.

It has been a while since he had killed someone, so he knew that this would definitely haunt him if he fell asleep tonight. And that was why he was more than willing to just stay here and look through these books one after another, hoping again that he would find something before the girl wakes up.. Because as much as possible, he did not want to involve anyone else in this, most specifically if the person was just a helpless little human girl.
Chapter 721 - No.2

Meanwhile, Alicia who had been too deep into her mind for hours on end finally opened her eyes. She could not find anything else that was new about Ezekiel, but she had found some interesting and helpful things that she could convey to Lilith that might be useful one day.

Her eyes immediately fell onto the bed and the moment she saw that it was empty, her eyes widened in panic. Damn it! She quickly looked at the floor to ceiling window which was covered with thick dark curtains and saw that it was still dawn.

As though the house was on fire, Alicia hastily searched the whole house for him. How could he wake up so early?! Did he not even need sleep?

To her relief, she found him in the living room. He was already dressed in that signature outfit of his. All black and regal and menacing. However, she could not even deny that the whole look worked for him, as if the clothes were just made to be worn by him.

Lucas and another man were already standing alongside him as well.

"Is Kyle ready?" Ezekiel's voice echoed. That was the first sentence that Alicia had heard him speak in a long time that she had almost forgotten how he sounded like.

"Yes, boss. Everything's ready."

"Alright, let's go."

Alicia of course followed after them, making sure to stick a bit closer to the prince of all statues which was Ezekiel. She knew she could not afford to take her eyes off him, knowing how just how unfathomable he was. She would lose him the moment she got even the slightest bit distracted.

They all went to the building's rooftop where a helicopter was ready and waiting. Alicia nonchalantly climbed into the passenger seats with them. She was expecting and waiting for them to talk to glean more information, but all throughout the trip, no one spoke at all.

Their next destination was an airport.

There, Alicia saw Kyle again and she just smiled at the sight of him. She was pleasantly surprised because from the first time she had seen him, the young man was so different now. It was like he had grown so much in a short period of time.

But in all honestly, Alicia was a bit sad to see that the innocence in Kyle's eyes seemed to be all gone now. She understood that was something inevitable. He was a man that might rule the vampires one day and everyone knew that Ezekiel was obviously grooming him to become the future possible perfect next ruler of the vampires. It was quite clearly seen as he was bringing Kyle along with him on many of his missions now.

It still mystified Alicia though, that it seemed that Ezekiel did not have any plans to declare himself as king of the vampires at all. With his age and power, he could be crowned king already since long time ago. However, now it seems as though that he is grooming Kyle to take over the throne one day instead.

She was also curious about the other two vampire princes. So far Ezekiel's attention was only focused on the youngest prince which was Kyle. What about those other two princes? Where were they in the first place? Why had Ezekiel not bothered to groom them as the successor as their ages were more suitable compared to Kyle who was the youngest? Were they not qualified to take over?

When Alicia was in the Vampire Kingdom, and even in their palace, she had never seen nor felt the presence of the other princes as well. If she did not know better and was informed that there were the other two royal princes, it was as though they never had existed. She had seen the other princes before. But that was only through the previous queen witches' memories but there was one prince who seemed to be missing. It was strange because she had never seen even a glimpse of that one missing prince's face in any of the memories at all. It even felt as though he did not exist, or the vampires were not even bothered about this missing prince at all.

Alicia thought that way because since she was young, she had been among one of those who were assigned to spy about the vampires. When she was still spying back then, none of the citizens of the Vampire Kingdom, both vampires and humans, ever talked about this one missing Prince. Alicia also had realized that none of them might have ever seen him in person at all as well. And that was absolutely strange.

Back then, she had found out that the other prince who was the second to the youngest was in another country and schooling there. Was that missing prince been sent off for schooling somewhere else as well? For some reason, Alicia doubt that that was the case.

"Did you look over the rules I gave to you to review?" she heard Ezekiel ask Kyle as they entered into a private jet.

"Yes." Kyle replied shortly. The young man's face had even matured a lot more now as well, since the last time she had seen him. He did not look like that soft young boy he was anymore. Gone were the sparkly eyes and cute smiles. But in its place, stood a tough, and cold guy as well. To be honest, Alicia was not pleased at all with his changes. Because it was as though Kyle was being slowly infected by Ezekiel's coldness and heartlessness. She did not want him to be statue version no.2 after Ezekiel.

"Damn you Ezekiel, what did you do to my sweet little Kyle? Must you infect him with your coldness like this? Look at him, he's slowly becoming just like you!" Alicia mumbled agitatedly as she stood behind Ezekiel. "He doesn't even smile anymore! Are you really trying to turn him into another prince of statues like you?"

Since Alicia was right behind him, she did not get to see how Ezekiel's enigmatic expression changed for one brief moment as if he heard what she had said.
Chapter 722 - One Of A Kind

"By the way brother," Kyle spoke as his gaze was fixed outside the plane's window. "About Zeres… he killed a famous personality last night."

Alicia's eyes stretched wide at what she had just heard.

"It seems he's really hellbent on finding out what he is looking for," Lucas piped in when Ezekiel remained silent and did not make a single comment on his younger brother's report. "I think he's being way too reckless. He needs to mellow down a little or even ask for help from us. But he never speaks about what is he even looking for."

A short silence followed Lucas' words.

"Brother…" Kyle turned to Ezekiel now. "Do you know anything about this? About what Zeres is up to? Can't you just lend him a hand? I have asked him to let me help out, but he didn't let me. I'm certain if it's you, he'd probably accept it."

"We're already helping him, Your Highness." Lucas was the one who answered Kyle's question. "The source of the intel about that woman we gave to that assistant of his is –"

"Lucas." Ezekiel finally spoke as he cut him off halfway through his explanation. "Get me something to drink."

Lucas blinked then he quickly nodded and left.

"Did he deal with that woman's body properly?" Ezekiel then asked Kyle, his tone as flat and uninterested as always.

"Yes. I don't think the police will find out if there was anything strange about it. He had done it clean and properly. It's also a good thing that she was a witch."

"Good." Was all Ezekiel said and then the topic quickly moved on to the matter about Kyle's university.

As the two vampire brothers continued speaking about it, with Ezekiel instructing and reminding Kyle about the things that he must do and not do while living among the humans, Alicia just stood there quietly, listening in to their conversation a little absent-mindedly. In fact, the conversation between the brothers just flowed over her and she did not quite register what they were saying. Instead, her eyes were now looking outside the plane's window.

The things she had heard Kyle mentioning about Zeres earlier really bothered her. 'Zeres… what are you doing? Could it be that you're…' Alicia's fists clenched slightly at the thought that had just popped into her mind. As she continued to ponder upon it, even her brows furrowed and creased.

Back inside the two-storey bookstore, the girl who had fainted at the sight of Zeres finally opened her eyes. She sat up, stretched and yawn like she always does every time she wakes up. Then she grabbed her ponytail and pulled off the scrunchie holding it together. Her hair was mussed up from her sleep and she re-tied her dark hair behind after using her fingers to comb through and tidied up a little.

She stood and was about to make her bed when she froze in mid step. Her green eyes caught sight of a man who was sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall, sleeping.

The blanket in her hands fell from limp fingers as she rubbed at her eyes to make sure she was not just seeing things. She even pinched herself just
in case she was actually dreaming. But then, as she did that, the sharp pain and what had happened last night finally caught up to her mind.

Her hands flew to her mouth. Those green eyes were now wide like saucers. She just could not believe her eyes. And she did not know what to do now.

She knew that he was certainly a witch. Those silver locks and that impossibly beautiful face… and also the fact that he had entered her house without her even noticing anything… there was no doubt that this man was a witch. Only witches could break into a house so easily like this!

Those memories in the past, when she was still young still vividly remained in her mind. Those times when all of a sudden, people entered the bookstore without even opening the door. It had been years since those people stopped coming over and they never returned here again. But she already knew a lot about the witches by then, all thanks to her grandmother. She also knew that the witches have a queen who was the only different one from everyone when it comes to her features and powers. Though she had never seen a silver-haired witch, she was very well informed as she always loved to ask her grandmother to tell her more about the witches. She loved to know about witches that she always tells her grandmother when she was younger, she wanted to become a witch when she grows up. But her grandmother had just smiled at her every time she told her that until she grew up and the moment she had turned sixteen, her grandmother disappeared. It was as if she had been a bubble, one moment there, and the next moment gone. And no one else but her had remembered there was this person who was her grandmother.

Since her disappearance, she had waited for witches to come visit this house again so she could ask them to look for her grandmother. But for the past three years, no one had come. There was not even a shadow of them.

Yet now, someone had finally come! And it was… the one of a kind type! Not to mention that he was a male… a freaking godly male!

Her eyes travelled from his head down to his toes and she felt like fainting again. She had never seen a man this beautiful, not even in her dreams! Oh my god! This! This is the man that I am looking for!! Her mind screamed and as quiet and quick as she could, she grabbed her pencil and sketch pad.

There was only one thing in her mind right now. To immortalize this man in her drawings. This will be the perfect male lead she had been looking for in her BL series!

Excitement blazed in her eyes as she started sketching. She was afraid that he would disappear once he wakes up so she might as well grab this opportunity to draw him now.
Chapter 723 - Worst

"What do you think you are you doing?" Zeres' voice echoed out lowly as soon as he opened his eyes.

The girl before him gasped and she smiled at him awkwardly, being caught in that compromising situation that she was secretly sketching him without his permission. "G-good morning… sir." She said, hugging the sketch pad tightly in her arms, a little afraid that he would snatch it from her and tear it in anger.

Zeres sighed and rose from where he was seated. He did not expect that he would actually end up falling asleep on the floor like this and the sun was even rising now.

He looked at the girl again, seeing that she was still forcing an awkward smile as she looked up at him.

"What's your name?" he asked, and she blinked, taken aback that he would actually want to know her name.

"I… Iryz."

"Iryz…" Zeres echoed, "you know me, right?"

She blinked again, then she shook her head, causing Zeres to narrow his eyes slightly. "But you know that I'm a witch…"

When she nodded, Zeres leaned against the window behind him. "No wonder you're not freaking out upon seeing a stranger in your room," he commented, "seems that you know a lot about witches."

"Yes. I learned a lot about witches from my grandmother." He could sense her excitement as she told him that.


She tilted her head and thought for a moment. "Nope… her name's not Calliste. Her name is Diana. You are here to look for her, right?"

"You're saying that your grandmother, the witch who lives here is named Diana and not Calliste?"

Iryz nodded again. "But Diana's not here anymore. She disappeared three years ago and had never come back after that." Her voice became a little sullen as she said that. "I was waiting for a witch to come here but no one came until now."

Zeres threw his head back and sighed, a little exasperated after hearing her explanation. Now things were not going smoothly yet again. This girl did not seem to be lying at all and if that was really the case… this search was not over yet!

"What's your name? Are you… the king of the witches? Wait… but grandma said witches do not have kings." Her brows scrunched up as she muttered to herself.

A small smile curved on Zeres' lips. "You indeed really do know a lot, little girl."

"I'm not a little girl. I'm a bit shorter than my peers but I'm already nineteen." She replied. "So… what are you then? Sir?"

"You are right. Witches don't have kings so I'm no king or any of the sort." He looked at her computer then continued in a tired voice. "I'm nothing special. Just someone who is not supposed to exist anymore."

He stretched out his hand after he said those words, gesturing her to give him the sketch pad that she was hugging to herself as though it was more precious than her life itself.

She bit on her lower lip and hesitantly, she slowly handed it over to him.

Upon seeing his portrait already drawn almost perfectly in every single detail, he smiled shortly. "You're good. May I know why you drew me?"

"Err… because you're beautiful and hot."

Zeres was speechless at her direct admission.

"Can I please make you the model for my story… uhm… sir?" she rubbed her palms together as she said that, then her eyes began to gleam. "I am really struggling with conceptualising how my main male lead should look right now. But the moment I saw you, I knew that you are the answer to my prayers!"

For a moment, Zeres did not know what to say.

"Little girl –"

"I said I'm not –"

"I'm thousands of years old. So, no matter how old you are, to me you're a little girl."

"Oh my god. Are you serious? Thousands?!" her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as she looked at him in disbelief, then her eyes twinkled again. "Oh my god! Just like in my story. My male lead is also a thousand years old!!"

"You seem to be a very friendly girl. Did your grandmother not taught you to be more aware of strangers?" Zeres changed the topic as he did not quite know what to even say about the model thing she was talking about.

"Of course. I'm always wary of strangers." She answered quickly.

"Always?" his brows arched in question.

"Yes. You're an exemption because you're a witch. Witches are good creatures. Humans are the only ones I must be wary about the most."

That made Zeres smile and shook his head slightly. "Whoever had told you witches are good creatures? Your grandmother?"

"She didn't tell me that, but I just know witches are the nicest. All the witches who visited her when I was young were very beautiful people."

Zeres leaned his head back against the windowpane and his expression turned a little sullen, remembering all the the nasty witches he had met in his life. To him, witches were still the worst creatures he had ever known. His very own mother had made him believe that and the woman from last night just refreshed those memories for him, just further confirming his thoughts on the matter.

"You are wrong. Not all witches are good and nice, remember that." He told her. "Witches could be the worst of all the creatures too."

He then walked towards her and then approached her computer.

"Since the person I'm looking for is not here, I think I'll have you answer my questions instead."

"Questions… about my grandmother?"

"Yes, including something very important I know for sure you certainly have knowledge about."

She swallowed as his incredibly beautiful and unusual silver eyes became serious.

"Are you… one of those witches you said that isn't nice."

He nodded without hesitation. "Yes. I'm one of the worst witches there ever is." He said that as if he was so sure of it.

But Iryz shook her head. "I am not convinced, but fine… I will answer your questions."

"Good girl." Zeres just smiled when she straightened and looked at him bravely.

"But on one condition." She said, firmly. "Agree to be my model first."
Chapter 724 - Anything It Takes

"Agree to be my model first," Iryz determinedly said.

When she was drawing Zeres a while ago, she was truly ecstatic. Drawing him was unexpectedly easy and exciting and her motivation had skyrocketed to the point that she felt that she could continue drawing without stopping even for her meals. Right now, she actually wanted to just go sit at her computer and start drawing.

Iryz was working on a BL series. A series that she was just so damned confident which would become very successful given the chance that she could get it off and running. She had been working as a webtoonist for three years and running now. And this hobby of hers was what had actually helped see her through financially since her grandmother's sudden disappearance.

But her earnings were still not enough. She needed to earn more and make a successful series because she needed a huge amount of money to buy this house. She already had quite a big amount of savings now that she had gotten and saved up from working on a series for three whole years. And even if she added that up with the money that her grandma had left to her, it was still not enough to purchase this house.

Thankfully, the owner of this house was such a nice person that she had agreed when Iryz had asked her to give her four years to earn enough money to buy over the house. The owner apparently wanted to sell the house to her alone too, because the old woman said that she knew Iryz will not tear and demolish the antique bookstore if she were to be the one to buy it, which was the truth. The old owner was attached to the house, but her children were pestering her to sell it as they had felt that it was a waste of resource for their mother to have this old place stagnating there.

Iryz would have given up on this house since she heard that the owner was planning to sell it if she did not find a way to earn some money from her hobby three years ago.

But since she started earning from her comic series, she had made a goal to save up all of her money for this house. She really wanted to own this house. This place was important to her. This was her home that she had grown up in and she still believes that one day, Diana would return to this place here, which was her home as well. She also believes that this place was important not only to her but also to the witches and that was why she was adamant and could not just let go and give it up without fighting her hardest for it.

Now she had a year left to the time limit that was allotted to her. But her money was still not quite enough to meet the amount needed. She had initially planned to take up a loan if she could not reach her goal by this year. But then one day, she saw a contest which offered quite a big prize money for the first place. Iryz was fired up and wanted to launch a new series that she was confident would give her the money that she needed so badly.

She already had a plot cooking in her mind that she was so confident with. If this new series could be successful, then she would no doubt be able to reach her goal! Everything was going really well since she had launched the new series just the other day. However, what she had been struggling with was the conceptualisation of her male lead now. She had wanted to portray a man, the perfect man, that people will fall in love with – male and female alike.

She had already created quite a number of male characters based on her requirements, but she was still not satisfied with how they had turned out in the end. To her, the characters she created were somehow not hot enough, or not beautiful enough. In her mind, that perfect character needed to be both hot and beautiful. Iryz believed that having the perfect male lead was one of the biggest factors of a series' success. And that was why she wanted to perfect her characters, most especially this damned male lead who needed to be the hottest and most beautiful of them all.

And now she had found him! This male witch is the answer to her prayers! Her perfect model! She would do anything to make him agree to be her model! Anything it takes!

"I will answer your questions only if you agree to this one and only request of mine. After all, you need to give back to me for what you will receive from me right? Sir?" She bravely bargained with him again when he had just stared at her quietly, not a word coming forth from his lips. His silvery foxy eyes stared unwaveringly at her. "Don't worry, you will not actually do a lot of troublesome things. You only need to sit or stand there, and I'll draw you."

Her smile was as sweet as honey now as she continued persuading him.

"That is all?" he finally spoke up and she nodded her head like a rattle.

"Yes. I just really need a model… uhm… a drawing reference."

He stared intently at her again, but eventually, he sighed and the moment he said "fine", Iryz literally jumped up and down in happiness. She could not believe that this beautiful man actually agreed to her request.

"Wow! Thank you. Thank you so much, sir!" she told him as she beamed with so much excitement, as if something so incredibly amazing had just happened to her. "You're really my life saver, sir!"

"Life saver…" Zeres echoed in an inaudible voice before a small and forced smile curved on his face. He then lazily gave the sketch pad back to her and glanced back at her computer again. "Alright, let's start now, little girl. There's no time like the present."

His gaze instantly became a little steely as he met her gaze. "But before that," the force on his gaze gave her a chill that made her freeze for a moment. "Don't even think about lying to me…" his voice was not harsh. It actually sounded very gentle, but Iryz heard the clear warning in them. "Don't forget that I'm not one of those nice witches you know."

Iryz smiled instead of cowering. She even stood straighter and gave him a playful but serious salute.. "Yes, sir!" she said, causing Zeres to once again blink in speechlessness.
Chapter 725 - University

"But I think I should draw you first before you question me." She quickly added.

When his brows creased a little, she grinned and explained. "I'm afraid you might suddenly disappear once you get the answer you want. And you're the one who said I must not trust strangers like you. Especially the not so nice witches like you."

Zeres could not help but smile now, shaking his head a little. This little girl sure is sly. She definitely has the street smarts to survive this world.

"Fine, you win." He could only say as he looked out the window and stared at the clear blue sky. It was a nice day, and he didn't have anything else that was more important to do anyway. Just being her model to get an answer wasn't a big deal at all. This was a million times better than bedding or killing someone just to get the information he wanted.

"Oh my god! I really can't believe this!" she was still in utter excitement when Zeres pulled himself away from the window and took a step closer to her.

"Start now, little girl. Before I change my mind." his voice rumbled lowly.

"Oh yes! Uhm…" she looked around then she pointed at the door. "I want you to stand there and lean against the windowpane."

Zeres immediately moved and posed as she had asked him to.

"Please tuck your hands inside your pockets." She told him and he did as she said. "Perfect!" she beamed and clapped her hands before she sat down on a chair before him.

"Please bent your left leg a little… and could you make a really fierce expression? Like you're really angry about something."

He sighed but without a word of complaint, his expression changed and Iryz could barely stop herself from squealing out in a fan girlish manner. She just could not wait to turn this hot angel into a 2D hottie!

"Alright, just stay still and I'll start drawing!"

The private plane had finally landed and the vampires including Alicia was now inside a black car. The trip was quiet for a long while until Kyle spoke.

"Do you really need to send me all the way to the school though?" Kyle asked, looking outside the window. "Or are you afraid I am foolish enough to disobey you and fool around the very first day?" his face had a slightly aggrieved look. He did not think that his brother needed to check on him to this extent.

"I need to check on something first." Was all Zeke replied.

Kyle's brows creased. "Something… you're not actually thinking that there's any possible dangers in the school I'm attending are you, brother?"

"If you think that the place is safe just because it's a school for humans, then you better change that kind of mindset Kyle." Ezekiel glanced sharply at his younger brother. "You should know that sometimes, the safest places are the most dangerous ones."

What Zeke said made Kyle's eyes changed from being bored to being highly intrigued. He had never expected his brother to say that. It was as if he was not sending him into a boring place where he could just go and study like he was a normal human… at that moment, Kyle felt like Zeke was sending him into a place far from what he had been expecting.

Somehow, this alone made Kyle feel better and he grinned in expectation. If there was danger inside the school, then that was much better for him. He was actually a little afraid that he would get bored to death during his stay in this human school and ended up escaping. Disobeying Zeke was the last thing he wanted to do but… if it gets to painfully boring, which was what he had initially expected, he might not be able to hold back himself in not breaking Zeke's rules.

"Also… I'm telling you again for the last time, don't ever underestimate humans." Zeke told him in his usual flat but chilling tone as the car finally reached the huge, university gate. "They may be physically weak but that doesn't make them any less dangerous."

The gate opened for them. The car travelled on for a few minutes before it stopped in front of another old building. For some reason, this massive school which even has its own hill and forests does not look like a school for humans. The infrastructures were not modern at all, and the vibe was not the lively and bright one Kyle was expecting of a human's educational institute.

"This doesn't look like a school for humans, honestly." Kyle commented when Lucas replied.

"Well, the vampire schools in our kingdom don't look like a school for vampires either, do they?"

Kyle could not deny what Lucas had said and he could only fall silent.

After dropping Kyle in front of a certain building and watching him being approached by a man who seemed to know the vampires as he had bowed slightly towards the car, the car finally turned around to leave.

But just as they passed a few buildings from where Kyle had entered, the car stopped, and Ezekiel climbed off the car. Alicia immediately followed him as he began to walk forward leisurely.

The few numbers of students who were outside that morning gaped and stumbled on their feet at the sight of Ezekiel walking past. Some even squealed and gasped like they had just seen something so unbelievable. None of them dared to approach him, even as Alicia saw the girls pushing at each other to approach him.

Alicia could only shake her head as she looked at Ezekiel who was walking like he was some lord who would not even notice the peasants who were around him. He did not even glance at any of the beautiful young ladies who were literally dumbstruck at the mere sight of him.

She could only wonder what he was doing as he walked like that. Was he trying to sense out any danger in the vicinity?

After a couple of minutes, Ezekiel looked around and then he signalled the car that was following them. He entered and then just like that the car accelerated. It seemed like he did not sense anything bad around? Alicia could only wonder as she looked behind the car and at the school that they were leaving. Suddenly, she remembered that Lilith was also attending a certain human school right now.

Now that she thought about it, Alicia had totally forgotten to ask her the name of the school she had chosen…

Suddenly, Alicia's eyes widened at she spotted a girl walking hastily with a number of students by the road.. Oh my goodness!! Alicia could only gape as her head immediately turned to Ezekiel, trying to see if he had seen Lilith too. He could not have recognized her even if his eyes had caught a sight of her, right?!