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Interrogation- Part 3

"My apologies, I didn't know the Queen didn't know how to read. Let me read it for you," Helena proposed, ready to unscroll it, but the Queen took it away from her hand. 

Morganna quietly read the contents in it one after another, her eyes widening now and then. People in the room turned curious about what the parchment consisted of. Morganna, after finishing reading it, looked up at Helena.

Before the Queen could say anything, Helena said, "I think it would be wise for you to cooperate with the High House unless you want to face the wrath of the other Kings for not listening to such a simple thing."

Morganna gritted her teeth, and she finally nodded her head. "Jaime, take Helena to the room where my favourite plants are. We would like to discuss something in there," said the Queen without revealing anything to people who were watching and listening to them. 

After an hour, the High House and the rest of the ministers left the castle. 

After finding out what Helena and his mother had spoken with each other, the King was enraged about it. 

"You gave her the chain I gifted you?!" King Laurence looked at his mother with a look of disbelief on his face. 

Morganna had her back faced towards her son, her hands holding behind her back. She wanted some time alone, but Laurence, being curious, wanted to know why his mother had agreed to speak to the head of the High House in privacy.

The parchment had sealing of the other Kings on it, where it was written in there that the Kings had all agreed that the High House would be the one to go through the justice system. Though her son had no clue about the jewel that he had gifted her was cursed, she and her daughter were well aware of what it could do to a person who wore it. Surprisingly, even Helena knew about it. 

"Would you rather prefer that Devon is ambushed by the other kingdoms and we fall down? We overlooked these people, and they are gaining power and favour too quickly," came the frustrated voice of Morganna. 

"Do you know how hard it was for me to find the rarest jewel?" asked Laurence. 

Morganna's hand itched to slap her son to bring him back to his senses. She was speaking about the High House, and he was stuck talking about the jewel!

"Just go back to your room, Laurence. I need to be alone and think on what to do next," said Morganna before turning around to meet her son's eyes. Seeing her son not answer her, she asked, "What is it?" 

"Did you have something to do with the woman's murder?" 

Morganna appeared hurt by her son's words, "Are you believing them?"

The King sighed, "If you had something to do with it, tell me now so that I can help you before it is too late." Laurence knew his mother could go to any point, but he had come to believe she had nothing to do with the woman's murder. 

Morganna pursed her lips, "The High House must despise me. They are trying to put the blame on me because we have continued to resist them."

Laurence had differences with his mother, but he would always choose his family, his mother, over a mere stranger to protect. He let out a frustrated sigh when his mother didn't say anything more than that. 


"You know this wouldn't have happened if you would have listened to me," whispered Morganna. 

"Are you telling I didn't rule right?" asked Laurence. "You still want to put Markus on the throne, isn't it?" 

"Why aren't you listening to me, Laurence. I-" Morganna tried to speak, but Laurence raised his hand for her to stop speaking. 

"I need some time alone" and Laurence left the room. 

Laurence's steps were heavy on the floor as he made his way to another room without going to his sleeping chambers, where his wife waited for his return. He had to draw out some plan to get rid of the High House because, at this rate, every murder case that had their involvement that had been closed would come to haunt them back because of Helena. 

The room was moderately dark, with only the light coming from the fireplace burning and the candles on the chandelier. He walked towards the small table that had the bottle of liquors on in it. Taking hold of the bottle, he started to pour one of the liquid into the glass and took a couple of sips from it. 

Laurence went to sit on the couch, placing one leg of his over another as he stared at one corner of the room. 

Almost ten minutes passed when he felt an ache that started to rise in his throat. He uncrossed his legs, and he fell on the floor as his body was going through fits. Laurence turned his body with great difficulty, looking at the door and his hand reaching out for help, 

"G-guards!" he called for help. 

Three seconds later, Calhoun pushed the doors, and he quickly approached Laurence. 

"Father!" called Calhoun. "Are you alright? What happened?" 

Laurence was coughing blood, and he raised his hand towards the liquor bottles and then to look at the broken glass that had slipped from his hold to fall on the ground. 

"Someone poisoned you," whispered Calhoun, and he said, "Stay right here." 

Calhoun went to the fireplace, and he picked up the charcoals that had turned cold. He crushed the coal into powder, putting it in the glass and then adding water to it. Bringing the glass to where the King laid on the ground, Calhoun said, 

"It is an unorthodox method, but this will help," he assured the King before making the man drink it. 

It was hard to make the King drink the crushed coal powder liquid as he was coughing blood, where some of the liquid fell on the King's clothes. Once Calhoun had succeeded in making the King drink it, Laurence finally coughed out blood and the charcoal liquid that had absorbed the poison.

The guards who had entered the room were startled by the scene. King Laurence wheezed, placing his hand on his chest, and suddenly anger consumed him. 

"Search for poison in every single person's room and in the castle!" ordered Laurence, wanting to know who had dared to poison him!
Hunt for the culprit- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Die Reisenden 2- Ben Frost


In Hawthrone's castle, the castle guards had locked the gates while closing every other entry to exit to ensure the culprit who had poisoned the King would not escape from the castle. 

One of the guards arrived at the servant's quarters and announced, "Every single person has to assemble in the main hall and not be allowed to go anywhere. Leave what you have been doing and head towards the hall right now!" 

"What's going on? What happened?" asked one of the maids on hearing the guards words. 

"Is there an attack?" asked another one, a frown appearing on each person's face.

"But there was no sound of weapons and we would have known," a collective sound of murmurs went around the place as all the servants started to walk towards the main hall.

With the servant's ordered to stay on one side of the castle, the royal Hawthrone family members appeared with a perplexed expression on their face. The first one was Lady Samara, who didn't know what was going on. But when she found out from the guards, she was quick to go to find her husband. 

The next one was Morganna, who had been disturbed because of the commotion in the castle. She stepped outside her room. 

"What is going on in the castle?" questioned Morganna with a deep frown on her face. She was trying to think of a way to maneuver around the problem that had appeared, but the people in the castle weren't giving her a moment of peace even to think. "Guards!" she yelled for them. 

"My Queen! Everyone has been asked to assemble in the main hall of the castle," informed the guard who came running to her. 

"For what joy? The celebration for my health has ended long ago," said Morganna. Having one dinner in her name weighed heavily on her shoulders, and right now, she didn't want to deal with another one. 

The guard bowed his head, "Milady, the King has been poisoned!"

"What?!" Morganna was taken aback by this information. "Where is he?" 

"He's heading to the main hall from his chambers, my Queen." 

Morganna didn't wait for the guard, and she quickly headed to where her son was. When she entered the main hall, the servants had gathered to one side, and on the other, on the platform, she saw Laurence sitting on the chair, leaning his back against it. 

"Laurence!" Morganna was quick to walk to where her son was. "Who poisoned you?!" 

Every family had its own fights and differences, but that didn't mean Morganna loved her son less. He was still her blood, the one thing that her husband left for her. She went to take a closer look at Laurence. 

Lady Samara, who was already standing next to her husband, seemed distressed, and she said, "My Queen, the King was almost going to die, he would have been dead if it weren't for Calhoun's quick thinking." 

Morganna turned to look at Calhoun, her eyes suspicious. Previously, he had poisoned himself, and now he was poisoning others! Calhoun held a blank expression on his face when he met her eyes. 

"Do you think someone is trying to target us?" asked Lady Samara. "First it was Calhoun and now it is the King. I am worried for our lives."

When Calhoun turned to look at the King and his wife, a sullen look appeared on his face. "It was fine when I was poisoned, but to poison my father," he shook his head, "I don't think the castle is safe anymore."

It would be if you left the castle! Thought Morganna to herself. 

"You shouldn't be here, but be resting in your room, Laurence. You look pale and you need all the-" Morganna showed her concern to her son to only be interrupted by him. 

"I won't rest until I know the culprit is caught and is punished with the severe most punishments handed to the person," said King Laurence. "How dare this person try to poison me and my son. I will not rest until the person is executed!" 

Calhoun nodded his head in agreement, "You are right, father. Whoever did this to you, they should be punished." 

The guards had started to check into each room of the servants in the servants quarters and the other rooms. It was the time of night, but every person in the castle was wide awake, waiting for the guards to find the culprit so that they could get back to their sleep. Most were curious to see who would dare to commit such an act of treason. 

When Calhoun went to speak with one of the guards, Morganna followed him and demanded, "What do you think you are doing?" 

"Standing in the main hall?" asked Calhoun with an oblivious tone. "I can stand on the other side." 

"Don't behave innocent, when I know you are far from it!" Morganna gritted through her teeth in a low voice. 

"Don't look so ruffled, grandma, people will think you have something to do with the poisoning," whispered Calhoun to her. 

"I thought we had a deal that I would handle Laurence and turn you to Devon's King," stated Morganna, her eyes looking at Calhoun furiously. 

One side of Calhoun's lips pulled up, and he said, "What made you think I believed what you said, that you were going to follow what was mentioned in the deal? I know you love your son, very dearly. You would never harm him. Somewhere, we both are related to each other by blood and it seems like you bestowed your cunningness to me." 

"You bastard," Morganna cursed him.

After a while, the guards' head returned to report to the King, "My King! The guest rooms, the kitchen, the drawing room, the servant's quarters, they all have been thoroughly checked and there is no trace of the poison."

"What other rooms in the castle are left and have not been searched through?" questioned King Laurence. Even though he had thrown up the poison that he had consumed, he still felt weak, as if some traces of the poison was still lingering in his body. 
Hunt for the culprit- Part 2

The head guard who had reported bowed his head, and he said, "We haven't checked the rooms that belong to the royal family."

King Laurence's eyes narrowed, and his lips were set in a thin line. The main hall had turned extremely quiet, and everyone waited for the King to say something, wondering if the culprit was someone they had not expected.

"I order you to look for it in the royal members chambers. Make sure to check every nook and corner. Wait," said Laurence, getting up from his seat, and he said, "I will come with you. The servants will be staying here until the matter is resolved," he ordered. 

Lady Samara, Queen Morganna and Calhoun, and Theodore followed King Laurence and the guards followed behind them. They first headed to the empty rooms that belonged to the other relative's rooms in the family. Once they found nothing in there, they moved to the King's chambers. 

Lady Samara was more than embarrassed to see the guards go through the things in their room. She was the King's wife, but Laurence had not made an attempt to stop the guards from what they were doing, and it only said how little trust the King held in his heart right now. 

Finding nothing in there, the guards informed, "There's nothing in this room, my King."

"Go to the next room," ordered Laurence, and everyone obliged. 

The next one was Calhoun and Theodore's room. The guards went through every little thing in there, from the cot to the mattress, the windows, the walls in the room and the floor, before moving to the cupboards and drawers. 

Morganna folded her arms, watching the guards keenly doing their job. She wondered if she would be able to expose Calhoun right now. She had thrown her parchments into the fire before coming to meet her son. That meant the only copy left was with Calhoun and the sign she had made. It was different. 

"You don't mind if I have a look around your room, do you?" questioned Morganna, turning to look at Calhoun and seeing his lips twitch before he smiled. 

"Please," Calhoun complied. "I would never stop my grandmother from being involved more with me," he offered her a smile. 

Morganna moved towards the drawers and cupboards, wondering where Calhoun might have placed the parchments that consisted of the deal they had made with each other. Her red eyes carefully moved from one corner of the room to another because when the guards were going through the two young men's things, they didn't find any parchments in the room, at least not the ones she was looking for. 

Her eyes then finally fell on the fireplace, and she noticed a hollow place at one corner of it. 

Morganna walked towards the fireplace, bending down. A smile came to appear on her lips. She had finally caught him. Putting her finger in the gap, she pulled out the parchments. 

"What is that?" questioned Laurence. 

Morganna turned to look at Calhoun with a triumphant look in her eyes. "Would you like to explain to your father what this is, Calhoun?" 

Laurence frowned, and he walked towards where his mother stood. 

"Why would you keep something like this hidden away in such a place when we have offered you a room that has cupboards and drawers?" Morganna continued to pour oil into the fire that she thought was present. 

"Calhoun," King Laurence demanded his son to answer his mother's question. "Let me take a look at this."

Morganna tipped her chin up, her eyes on Calhoun before she heard Laurence sigh, and he handed it back to her. Seeing her son's quick loss of interest, her eyes fell on the wordings of the parchments, and she saw it to be a bunch of poems in praise of the King and the land. 

"What is this?" she whispered, her hand shaking in uncontrolled rage. She tried hard not to crush the parchments that were in her hand. 

Calhoun gave the woman a polite smile, "They are poetry, grandmother. I am embarrassed to share them with anyone, therefore, I hide them in here."

The guards at the same time returned from finishing their search and informed the King once again, "There's nothing in here, my King."

"Apart from the rooms, we should check each person," ordered the King. When they were done checking, they found nothing on anyone. 

Finally, they moved to Queen Morganna's room. Morganna didn't seem fazed because she had her loyal guards guarding her room, and she knew she poisoned neither Calhoun nor Laurence. 

But one's assurance was never enough. 

The castle guards started to go through her things while the royal Hawthrone family members stood at one side, watching the guards do their job. 

The guards then opened her cupboards, using the key which Morganna handed, and they pulled out her jewellery boxes where some of them were empty as she had given some of the jewels to Helena which belonged to the cursed jewels' set. 

As the guards continued their search, one of them found a small velvet pouch in one of the jewellery boxes, and he opened it, tilting it around to see what it was, only to find powder fall into the palm of his hand. 

Morganna had not expected this, and her eyes widened in shock by seeing this. Lady Samara, the King and the other guards who were in the room were stunned. 

"T-this isn't mine! I don't even know how this came inside the box!" Morganna could feel the tension in her body increase, and so did her anger. "It isn't me but Calhoun who did this!" she accused her grandson. 

Calhoun frowned at Morganna's words, "Grandmother, how could you. I trusted you, I thought our relationship was improving," there was a clear disappointment in his voice. 

"Mother, what is the meaning of this?" Laurence demanded from his mother before saying, "Bring the physician here right this instance. I need to verify what this powder is!" and the two guards who were in the room quickly hurried out of there. 

"I swear on you, Laurence, I really don't know how it got there! This is Calhoun's ploy, it is a set up!" she glared at Calhoun. 
Hunt for the culprit- Part 3

Hearing his grandmother's words, Calhoun said, "I had nothing to do with this, grandmother. It aches my heart that you are putting the blame on me, but I can understand it is because you have been caught and you didn't expect it."

"Mother," came the loud voice of Laurence, "I thought you are the only one who has the keys to the locks of your room. No one else has the keys to open your cupboard. Are you telling Calhoun stole the key from you, unlocked it and then placed it back in your hand?" 

Morganna's hands clenched, "I would never try to kill you. You are my son! My only son!" 

Laurence continued to have a look of disbelief on his face. He hadn't expected this from his mother that she would poison him. 

"Why would I even keep the poison in such a plain sight?"

"Maybe you thought we wouldn't search your room," stated the King. "Let's wait for the physician and then see what he tells. And stop blaming Calhoun for something he had nothing to do with." 

Morganna didn't know how to convince her son to understand that this was all Calhoun's ploy! Right now, she had been placed upon a hot pan, and the only thing she could do was come clean about what had happened until now. 

"I will explain everything to you, but you need to listen to me, Laurence," said Morganna. She threw a glare at Calhoun before looking back at her son. "Calhoun has been trying to set me up against you since he has arrived at the castle. He behaves like the perfect son and grandson in front of you, but with me, he has been vocal to me about how he wants to hurt you and me. Yesterday, he came to me with a deal, telling how he would not expose me if I listened to him."

"Expose you? About what?" Laurence's eyes narrowed. "Is this about the woman's death?" 

Morganna was ashamed to reveal the truth, and she didn't know how her son would react after finding the truth. 

"No, it's not about that. has something to do with the treasury-"

"Grandmother was stealing the wealth that you accumulated from the people, father," Calhoun dropped the information, and Laurence's eyes widened. 

"You did what?!" shouted Laurence, and Morganna closed her eyes. 

"I didn't mean to-"

"We have been facing low wealth and have been discussing it while you have been not only stealing but also hiding it from me!" exclaimed the King, and he looked away from her as if he couldn't stand her actions. 

Morganna quickly spoke, "No no, you don't see it do you? Calhoun has something to do with this-" 

"Are you telling me Calhoun was the one who has been stealing from the wealth that belongs to the King, when it has been only a few months since he arrived at the castle?" questioned King Laurence. "And Calhoun, why haven't you informed me of this before?" 

Calhoun lowered his eyes at this, "I didn't want grandmother's name to be sullied in front of everyone. I didn't want you to feel hurt over her actions and mistrust her," he shook his head, a sigh leaving his lips. "Yesterday I did go to meet her, I told her to stop doing it because I knew if you found out, you would be greatly hurt by her actions. But I have no idea about what parchment she is speaking about though."

Morganna continued to glare at Calhoun, "The parchment that had two copies, one which you gave me and another that you took back to keep it with you, where you mentioned wanting to be the King right away!"

"If what you are saying is true, where is the parchment? Even if I don't have mine with me, you should have yours, isn't it?" asked Calhoun. 

King Laurence and the others waited for Morganna to show them the papers' parchment, but she stood there feeling her control slipping through her fingers. Before leaving her room, she had burned it down so that she could frame Calhoun, but who would have thought that they both would burn down the parchments, turning the whole thing baseless!

Morganna walked towards where Laurence stood, coming to stand in front of him. 

"Believe me, Laurence, I didn't mean to steal the wealth. I was only keeping a portion just like your father wanted me to keep," she pleaded with her son. 

"You could have told me, mother. I would have given part of it to you myself, but you went behind my back. I cannot tell how disappointed I am with you," replied Laurence, a grim expression on his face. "And now you go as far as to accuse Calhoun. If you had issues with him, you should have come to me about it. I would have done something, but you resorted to poison him and now me!" 

"No! I didn't poison you! I would never do that to you. Calhoun placed the poison in that pouch! He has been scheming to put you against me!"

Once again, Laurence looked away from his mother, and he then ordered, "Guards! Make sure to stay with her and see to it that she doesn't go anywhere." Laurence, Lady Samara, and Calhoun stepped out of the room. 

After some waiting time, the physician arrived to check the powder with his equipment in front of the King. 

"What is this?" demanded Laurence. 

"It is the same poison that was used on Advisor Calhoun, my King," answered the physician, bowing his head, who desperately wanted to leave the castle as soon as possible because of the tense atmosphere that had formed in here. 

King Laurence took a few steps away from the people, watching the castle grounds in deep thought, while he held both his hands behind his back. 

Laurence would have never thought that his mother would go behind his back to take such an extreme step, but then this wasn't the first time for her to do something he opposed. She had been lying, trying to scheme, and he would have let her off the hook if she had confessed. But she had gone as far as to poison both him and Calhoun. 

It seemed like his mother still wanted to get rid of Calhoun and wanted to turn his nephew to be the King. 

"Calhoun," called King Laurence. 

Calhoun was quick to go near Laurence. "I am not happy that you didn't come to me, when you found out about what your grandmother did."

"My sincere apologies, my King," Calhoun bowed his head, "I thought grandmother would rectify her ways. I promised her I wouldn't mention it to anyone including you if she would not commit the mistake again, but I would have never guessed that she would try to kill you. I only wanted to strengthen my relationship with her." 

Silence again filled between them, and Laurence went back to Morganna's room. 

On seeing her son return, Morganna stood up from her chair in hope, ready to explain further to him why she wasn't the one who poisoned him. But before she could say anything, and their eyes could meet, Laurence said, 

"Take her to the dungeon."
Fallen Queen- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Die Reisenden 2- Ben Frost


The colour on Morganna's face fell quickly when she heard the order given by her son Laurence to the guards. For a moment, everyone stared at the King and the Queen, not knowing if King Laurence was joking with them, but when the man didn't utter another word, the people around the room realized how serious he was. 

Lady Samara had not expected her husband to order the guards to take her mother-in-law, the Queen of Devon, to be dragged out of the castle. But then, no one had expected Morganna to poison her son. 

Morganna was in utter shock, and she pleaded, "Laurence you are being rash with your decision, please listen to me," her eyes had narrowed in disbelief because of the absurd order that her son had passed. 

The guards stood dumbstruck in their place. Until now, the Queen was as important as the King in Devon. 

"I would never poison you, I would never hurt you. I am your mother, Laurence, and a mother never hurts her children," beseeched Morganna, "This is Calhoun's ploy."

Laurence didn't respond to his mother. Instead, he glared at the guards, "Didn't you hear what I just said?" 

The guards quickly came to stand next to Morganna's both sides, and they held her arms. "You cannot do this to me! I am the Queen of Devon! You cannot put me in the dungeon!" She struggled to get out of the guards hold. The bystanders silently watched the scene in front of them as Morganna was dragged out of the room, screaming and shouting about her innocence. 

Lady Samara couldn't help but ponder on the Queen's words. Her eyes fell on Calhoun, who stared at the door of the room through which Morganna had been dragged out. Could it be that Calhoun had framed Morganna? Maybe her husband didn't see it, but she had noticed the obvious friction between the grandmother and the grandson. 

As if sensing her eyes, Calhoun turned to look at her, his eyes meeting her eyes that looked inexpressive at the moment. 

When Laurence and Samara reached their private chambers, Laurence sat on the bed, staring at the wall in front of him. How could his mother do this to him, he asked himself. 

"Laurence," spoke Samara, who came to sit next to him on the bed. "Do you think it is the right thing? To put your mother in the dungeon?" 

Laurence shook his head, "My mother is the only one to have the keys of her room and to the cupboard that holds her personal things. Her room is heavily guarded as ours, there's no way anyone would have entered the room and broken into the cupboard."

"But what if someone framed her? Someone tricky?" asked Samara in a tone of concern. "Don't you think she has to go through a trial?" 

"As she is the Queen, she will be going through it, but at the same time, I don't think she needs one," came the bitter words from Laurence. "She thought she would get away with it, by getting rid of Calhoun and me. But we were timely rescued. Don't you see it, Samara, my mother wants to have a complete hold on the throne because she knows she's losing control on it as I am taking it from her hold."

Samara's lips were set in a thin line. A frown appeared on her face. It had been a long time since a royal family member had been sent to the dungeon or created treason of such high standing value. 
Back in the dungeon where Morganna was placed, she tried to free herself from the iron bars surrounding her. 

"Bring my son here! I command you!" Morganna shouted at the guards who stood nearby, but they ignored her by not reacting to her words. "I demand to see him right now!" 

Morganna's breath had shortened, and her eyes looked livid. "If you listen to me, I will give you a bag full of gold," she said to them, and her words finally caught one of the guard's attention. "Just get my daughter Rosamund here. Bring her here so that I can talk."

The guards looked at each other, passing looks before one of them decided to go and intimate the Queen's daughter on what just happened in the castle. 

Morganna looked around the cell room where she had been placed that was dirty and badly smelled. How did she not see this coming? She had taken all the precautions and had been careful in her steps.

When she heard a couple of footsteps approaching her through the far passages, Morganna turned hopeful, hoping her son had come to talk to her. But then she saw it was the whore's son who entered the place where she was. Her eyes narrowed on seeing Calhoun. 

Calhoun walked towards where Morganna had been held while being closely followed by Theodore. Theodore dismissed the guards who were around, taking their place so that Calhoun could talk to Morganna. 

Morganna breathed heavily, and in a low, threatening voice, she said, "Do you think your actions will be spared? Even if I don't step out of here right away, my men will track your trails and hunt you down."

Calhoun stared at the older vampiress, an expression of contentment filling up his face. 

"You look pretty good behind the iron bars like an animal being caged. Doesn't it feel wonderful?" asked Calhoun to her in a casual tone. This received him a glare. "Do you think I am scared of those people who work for you?" he tilted his head in question. 

Morganna tried not to lose her composure, and she said, "The High House that you support, they will be the one to track what you have done. By putting me under false charges."

Calhoun clicked his tongue, making noise of disapproval at what Morganna said, "You really think they will catch me for something like this? I don't know if it is your old catching up, but you should know by now that you are the one who is in trouble and not a single finger is pointing at me."
Fallen Queen- Part 2

He took a walk around the cell room's outer part to move from one side to another. He said, "You were the one who poisoned me, who tried to kill not only me, but also our beloved King. How could you try to kill your own son?" asked Calhoun in deep concern. 

Morganna gritted her teeth. "Don't play dumb with me, I know you were the one who poisoned my son! You psycho child of that whore! I knew Laurence had made a grave mistake when he brought to the castle."

Calhoun stopped walking, and he turned around to meet Morganna's eyes, "Are you sure that was his grave mistake?" 

His nails grew long, and he ran it across the iron bars as he walked back to where she stood, making a sound in the dungeon. 

"You must be wondering how I got inside your room," whispered Calhoun, and this had Morganna listen to him closely. She never parted with the keys that belonged to her room, and to see the poison placed not just anywhere in her room but inside the jewellery box, she had never expected it!

"You stole the key, what else can I expect from a person like you who grew up in the dirty alley," spat Morganna in distaste. 

Calhoun chuckled, hearing her words, "I wonder about that." He said, his hand reaching for the lock of the cell room which held Morganna. When he ran his hand across it, Morganna heard a click sound, and her eyes turned wide.

"W-what did you do?" 

"The right question would be how, isn't it, grandmother?" asked Calhoun with a smug smile on his face. 

Seeing the gate of the cell she was in the open, she quickly tried to reach for it, but before her fingertips could even come in contact, Calhoun touched the lock, and an instant click was heard. 

"Get me out of here, Calhoun. We had a deal, you promised you would not bring my deeds out if we both upheld our deal!" Morganna clutched the iron bars with both her hands in frustration. 

It wasn't like Morganna had believed the words that had come out of Calhoun's mouth because she knew he was cunning. But she would have never imagined that he would act so swiftly within a day and frame her for treason.

The smile on his lips only broadened by looking at Morganna's plight. 

"This is only the beginning, or maybe near to an end that I have been looking forward to, dear grandmother." 

Morganna gritted her teeth, "The High House won't leave you. Didn't you hear what Helena said? She wants to catch people who wrongly frame their relatives with injustice and kill them. Do you think you won't fall under her radar?"

"What makes you believe that I would be caught?" came Calhoun's dull question. "Do you think I am you? Don't be mistaken...this is just a scratch of what I have been intending to do to you and your family."

Calhoun took a step forward towards her cell to take a closer look at her. He said, "For years, I thought I was destined to go through the pain that my mother went through. The shame, the humiliation, the hate that both my mother and I received. Though it didn't matter how I felt, it did wound me to see my mother so broken." 

"She brought it upon herself. Do you think I didn't warn her to leave Laurence alone?" glared Morganna. 

"Why did you kick her out of the castle? No," he paused, "You humiliated her to the point where she couldn't lift her head and meet one's gaze outside our house."

Morganna's hands clenched into fists at the thought of Constance. "We were going to acquire the kingdom that belongs to the Lathams. The girl was willing to marry Laurence and everything was perfectly going well, but then comes this village girl who has no identity, no stature, or no value. Devon would have been in a better condition if it weren't for your mother." 

Calhoun had a calmexpression on his face, "Seems like my mother was of a high value, because it's costing you heavily now." 

Morganna could tell that Calhoun was not going to get her out of this place. No bargain or trade between them could be made as he had already voided the one made last night. 

Out of spite, Morganna said, "What do you think you are going to achieve by doing this? Your mother was a whore who slept with men to satisfy their sexual desires, opening her legs and whoring in the villages as well as in the towns. I knew she didn't deserve Laurence."

Calhoun looked down at his shoes as if they had turned interesting, and he cleaned it with the back of his trouser as if wanting to polish it. "I think you forgot that you mentioned you were the one to push her into it." 

"I never told her to resort to opening her legs and whore around, I cannot tell how upset Laurence was when he found out about it. He despises her, the very thought of her," replied Morganna with a chuckle in the end. "Once he finds out what you have done, he will make sure to punish you in a way that you wish you were never born."

"Thank you for the advice, I will keep that in my mind," a yawn escaped Calhoun's lips, and he said, "I think we have spent quite some quality time together, I should get some sleep. I hope you enjoy your night here."

"You are making a big mistake, Calhoun. You forget that I am the Queen, once I am-"

Calhoun interrupted Morganna when he started to laugh, his laugh echoing in the dungeon. "I have such a forgetful grandmother. You are no Queen. That's okay, because you have me. I will always be with you, grandmother. To remind and keep you here safely with me," he stressed on the word safely. 

He walked out of there, stepping out of the dungeon along with Theodore, who had come with Calhoun to meet the Queen who had fallen from her position. 

Fallen Queen- Part 3

While they headed back to their rooms, Theodore asked, "Do you think it is alright to let the guard go and inform Rosamund?" 

Calhoun gave him a nod, "Yes, it is perfect. Let Rosamund know whom she's up against and not to pull any strings that might damage her own family," he smiled, saying this. 

The next day arrived, and the news about Queen Morganna's treason against King Laurence spread like wildfire in Devon and in other neighbouring kingdoms. The news also reached the High House and to the ears of Helena. 

"Do you think she did it?" questioned Dimitri. 

Helena had placed both her elbows on the table, and her fingers had interlinked with each other. 

The Hawthrone family...Helena wasn't sure what to think about it. The King had gone as far as to present a cursed jewel to his own mother that could kill any creature if the person wore it. And she would have believed that the King wanted the Queen to be dead by putting her in the dungeon, but word had it that the woman had tried to kill King Laurence by poisoning him. 

She couldn't disregard the fact where Queen Morganna had collected Hanima's cursed jewels, and with the way it looked, Morganna knew what those jewels could do. 

"What other things have you heard from the castle?" questioned Helena. 

"It seems a few days ago, Calhoun was poisoned and the King was the recent person to be poisoned in the castle," replied Dimitri. "The Queen even tried to frame the guard. She seems to be the culprit in many things."

"It seems like it," responded Helena, but there was a doubt in her mind that didn't wholly point at the Queen. Something seemed amiss to her. 

One of the men who worked for the Queen and was working in the High House arrived at Helena's room door. 

"Lady Helena," the man bowed his head, and he said, "I believe the Queen is being framed for something she hasn't done. Lady Rosamund, Queen Morganna's daughter, wants you to take action to look at this injustice." 

Upon hearing this Helena frowned , and she said, "Dimitri has already sent the men to find the physician to know about the origin of the poison so that we can trace who sold the poison to whom. But one right doesn't correct the wrong that has been made. We cannot overlook the fact that the Queen murdered an innocent person through someone. I will speak to the King." 

And even though Helena planned to speak to King Laurence, she couldn't find anything more as it seemed like his mother had indeed poisoned him, and he was utterly furious by the Queen's actions and Helena's presence in the Hawthrone castle. 

Rosamund, who had arrived at the castle, tried to convince her brother and bring him back his senses so that he wouldn't take a harsh decision against their mother. 

"Laurence, please," pleaded Rosamund. "The person in the dungeon isn't a minister or a commoner, but our mother. She said she didn't have anything to do with it, why can't you believe her?" 

Laurence's back faced Rosamund, and a look of pure displeasure had marred his face, "If you have come here to speak about this, I would like to ask you to leave. Else it would only make me think that you are involved in this treason." 

Hearing this, Rosamund's jaw fell. 

Her brother then said, "Don't think I don't know how you have been eyeing the throne before I even turned King. Rosa, go back to your mansion and rest. I prefer not to speak about this treason right now."

Rosamund wanted to save their mother, and only the King's word could get her mother out of her current state, but she could tell her brother was wrapped around Calhoun's finger. When did this happen? It felt like history was repeating itself, but instead of the weak Constance she and her mother had gotten rid of, they were now up against Constance's cunning son. 

"I don't mean to irk you, brother," said Rosamund in a sad tone, trying to gain pity in her brother's eyes. "I only wanted to speak to you as you are my brother. I doubt you would ever do anything wrong, but it is possible that our mother was wrongly accused. Are you sure Calhoun-"

"Calhoun has nothing to do with it. Mother had turned delusional, poisoning us, and if she had something against you, she would do the same with you. Tell me something, Rosa," said the King, turning around to face his sister. "Did you know that mother was stealing the wealth that was accumulated for the welfare of Devon and for me?" 

Rosamund shook her head.

"Go back home, Rosa," said Laurence. 

Rosamund stepped out of the room, making her way down the stairs when she caught Calhoun and his right-hand man in the opposite direction, walking next to each other. Upon meeting each other face to face, her so-called nephew bowed his head in greeting. 

"Good afternoon, Lady Rosamund. Were you here to meet the King?" asked Calhoun. 

"Yes," she replied, both of them not showing their emotions of how they felt towards each other. "I hoped to see if Laurence could change his mind. Do you think my mother poisoned him too?" she feigned ignorance and questioned Calhoun. 

A sigh escaped Calhoun's lips, "I understand it is hard to accept the truth, but the King would never make a mistake in passing down the judgment. Would he?" he passed the question back to the vampiress. 

She was surprised by his words, coming to understand the depth of this person's craftiness.

For a moment, Rosamund didn't know what to say, and finally responded with, "I will go and see how mother is doing," and Calhoun and Theodore bowed at her, while Rosamund only spared a nod before she walked away from there. 

"Have you planned anything for her?" asked Theodore, watching the woman leave. 

"Maybe later. We still have others in line," said Calhoun.
Revenge- Part 1

Music Recommendation: White Church - Lasse Enersen


When the news about Queen Morganna's treason towards the King of Devon reached Greville's mansion, Lucy went straight to meet Samuel, who was in the study room working. 

"Is it true?" questioned Lucy after entering the room and finding Samuel sitting behind the desk. "About what grandmother did?" 

She had been in the drawing-room with her maids when the news reached her ears through one of the maids. She would have never expected her grandmother to poison her father. 

Samuel held a grim expression on his face, "It is true," he replied to her and a deep frown appeared on Lucy's forehead. 

Lucy quickly walked to stand in front of the desk, and she questioned, "What else did you hear? Did you hear why she might have done it? Shouldn't we be going to Hawthrone's castle to see if father is alright?"

Samuel saw his wife being distressed by the news, and he pushed his chair back before standing up and walked around to face Lucy. "I received the news last evening."

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked. This was about her family, and she wanted to know everything that was going on in there. 

She saw her husband offer her a kind smile, and he then placed his hand on her arm, "I didn't want you to get worried until I heard things in the castle are calm." He paused for a moment and then said, "The High House have involved themselves in this matter and in their eyes, everyone is a suspect because it wasn't just the King, but also Calhoun who was poisoned. Anyone entering the castle will fall under the radar."

"Brother Calhoun was poisoned too?" Lucy's tone turned worried. Why were bad things happening after she had left the castle?

"Unfortunately that is how it is," replied Samuel to her before going to answer the rest of her questions, "Queen Morganna tried to frame one of Calhoun' men for someone's murder and she has been caught not only for holding poison in her room that affects vampires, but she also stole wealth from the kingdom's treasury for her own use."

Lucy pursed her lips and then asked, "You wouldn't mind if I go and visit the Hawthrone castle, would you?" 

Samuel felt a tick in his jaw because he had just explained why Lucy shouldn't go there. "What do you plan to do by going there?" he asked her. 

Lucy could feel the disapproval from Samuel, but she brushed it away. It had been nearly a week since they had been married, and even though Lucy married the Duke's son, she found it hard to love him. She didn't feel the connection… 

Her husband was an understanding man, letting her do what she pleased in the mansion, dotting on her, but why was it that her heart continued to feel empty, questioned Lucy to herself. 

"I want to see if father and brother Calhoun are in good health. Maybe I will be able to find out something from mother," she looked into Samuel's eyes with pleading eyes. The reasons she listed weren't the only ones why she wanted to go to the castle, but she also wanted to check on someone else in the castle. 

Samuel sighed and then offered her a smile, "Okay."

A smile spread on Lucy's lips, and she was quick to leave the room so that she could get ready and leave the mansion to visit the Hawthrone's castle. When Lucy left, the smile on Samuel's lips instantly fell, and he called one of his servants. 

"Get the carriage ready for Lady Lucy, and another one for me," ordered Samuel. 

The servant who was right outside the study room looked taken aback by the Duke's request, and he politely asked, "Won't you be travelling with Lady Lucy to the castle, sire?" 

"No, I have some other important work to attend to. I will go to pick her up later," said Samuel before dismissing the servant from the room. 

The Grivelle's mansion and the Hawthrone's castle weren't nearby, and the journey took quite some time before Lucy finally reached the castle. Even with only a few days that had passed since she had left the castle, the atmosphere felt foreign, making her wonder why it was so. 

While she continued to walk through the corridors, Theodore, who was walking from the other direction, his eyes narrowed as if this castle was no place for her. The look didn't go unnoticed by Lucy, and she felt a prick in her heart. 

They came to stand right in front of each other, and Lucy's eyes fell on Theodore's neck that still had a round mark that was under healing. She was about to ask him how he was doing, but instead, he was the one to speak first. 

"Good evening, Lady Lucy," Theodore bowed his head, "Did you come alone? Mr. Gerville didn't come with you?" he asked, looking behind her. 

Lucy clenched her fists, "No, he didn't. I came to visit father and mother." 

"I see," he responded to her. "King Laurence is in the royal court room with your mother. Would you like me to walk you there?" 

The pain and sadness that had covered Lucy's heart had slowly started to replace her love with hate, because it was easier to cope with hate than with the heartbreak. Was she the only one to feel this way? But then Lucy had to remind herself that she was a married woman now, and she was no more that girl who she was a few days ago. 

"I haven't lost my memory on where the royal court room is, I can find it myself without your help," she retorted to Theodore's question before walking past him without waiting for him to say anything more. 

The servants who caught sight of her were quick to bow their head in greeting, and Lucy finally stepped into the royal court room where her parents sat with a few ministers. 

"Lucy?" came the surprised voice from Lady Samara, and she quickly left her husband's side to welcome her daughter. "Is everything alright? What are you doing here?" 

Lucy said, "I heard what happened here and decided to come here as soon as I could." Her mother looked behind her before looking back at her. "Father," she bowed her head in greeting. 

Laurence, who was already in a bad mood since his poisoning and his mother's treason towards the crown, wasn't pleased to see Lucy coming all alone by herself without her husband accompanying her. 

"How are you feeling father?" asked Lucy, her voice filled with concern, while noticing the paleness in her father's complexion. 

"Doing much better now. You should have informed us beforehand that you were arriving here. Where is Samuel?" questioned Laurence. 

"He had some important work to finish and said he would come here later," informed Lucy. Laurence dismissed the ministers who were in the room so that it could have only the Hawthrone family members. "I couldn't believe when I heard grandmother did something like this." 

Laurence nodded his head, "I don't think any of us saw it coming. She's not only grown old but lost her sense of what is right and wrong," he clicked his tongue in the end. 

Apprehensively, Lucy asked her mother, "W-where is she now?" 

"Locked away in the dungeon. We are waiting to see what the High House is going to do as they want to be involved in our family matters, tch, the strangers," Laurence was not happy with the fact that Helena and her people wanted to involve themselves when he could take the necessary actions himself. "Calhoun has gone to visit the High House and check what decision they have taken."

Lucy moved to the side, talking to her mother who said, "You shouldn't leave the mansion by yourself, Lucy. You aren't a little girl, but a married woman now. The next time something like this happens, don't come running here all by yourself. You belong to the Gerville's family now, not the Hawthrone's, do you understand that?" 

She had hoped her mother would tell her she missed her presence in the castle, that she would invite her for tea and talk to her. Instead, it looked like her parents were displeased by her sudden presence in the castle.

Revenge- Part 2

"I will keep that in mind, mother," Lucy offered her mother a warm smile. "Do you think I can go and meet grandmother right now?" 

"It would be better if you don't. Your father was upset because your aunt Rosamund went to visit the Queen without his permission. You wouldn't want to irk him now, would you?" whispered Lady Samara and she suggested. "Come let's step out of the room for some air."

But before they could take their leave, Calhoun walked inside the royal court room, bowing his head to the King. 

"What news have you brought from the High House, Calhoun? I hope it is something good," said King Laurence.

Calhoun said, "It is my King. The High House has declared Queen Morganna to be guilty for the treason and for murdering while framing an innocent person. Helena said she is willing to give us permission to handle the punishment."

Hearing this, Laurence fell silent, and Lady Samara turned worried on what her husband was going to decide. Though Laurence was furious after finding out his mother had tried to kill him, at the same time, this was his mother.

Now that the time of judgment was here, it was time to make a decision. 

"I thought I had a family who loved each other and wouldn't go against each other's neck to kill..." muttered King Laurence under his breath. "But time comes and we need to decide." 

Calhoun didn't want to let the opportunity slip away from him, and he said,  "It is indeed a sad thing, father. I can only imagine how much this decision weighs on your shoulders." 

Laurence nodded his head, "It is good that Lucy isn't staying here and is married. Else who knows, your grandmother would have poisoned you and Samara would be the next one," he sighed in the end. "It is better to ask one of the executioners to run the punishment." 

"Father, if you allow me," interrupted Calhoun, "I would like to take the responsibility. She tried to kill the King and instant death is too easy for her. Please allow me to handle this, while you rest at ease so that no harm befalls on you or your image in public."

While King Laurence thought about what Calhoun just said, Lucy's eyes widened by hearing that Calhoun wanted to take the initiative with the punishment. 

It was Lady Samara who watched Calhoun with an apprehensive look. It was like invisible lines connected to the events, she could only question if it was her overthinking or if things that were happening were something to do with Calhoun. 

"I don't want any relative or family member to think that they could get away easily after causing treason. Any person should think ten times before they try to harm any of us," Calhoun swayed the King. 

After a while, Laurence finally gave Calhoun a nod. "I don't want to see or know about her."

"Yes, my King," Calhoun bowed his head. 

King Laurence stepped down from his throne and walked out of the room with his wife. Lucy, who was in the room, walked to where Calhoun stood. 

"The atmosphere in the castle is not right for you to stay in, Lucy," said Calhoun, his eyes shifting to look at the newlywed vampiress. 

Lucy frowned, "It looks like everyone is trying to chase me away from the castle, not wanting my presence in here." 

Calhoun then cleared her doubts, "The castle right now is polluted with doubts and mistrust. I wouldn't like you getting involved in it and you should try to stay away from it," he advised her. "You are more than welcome when all these things are settled. It hasn't been long since the King was poisoned, we don't know who else will be poisoned next." 

"How are you doing? I heard you were poisoned too," asked Lucy in worry. 

Calhoun offered her a smile, "I am doing much better. Almost as if I am all new."

Truthfully, Lucy had mixed feelings about her grandmother, who was going to undergo punishment. 

Her grandmother had been nothing but a Queen figure and less of a grandmother to Lucy. The pain of the loss she felt when she had found Ruby hanging in the gallows, the images continued to haunt her when she went to bed. 

"Please take care of yourself, brother Calhoun. I shall be going now," informed Lucy. 

Calhoun tilted his head to the side, "Aren't you going to stay back? Supper isn't too far." 

"Maybe another time," she answered. And it seemed like everyone was busy with other things. She bowed her head, and Calhoun returned it with his own and saw her walk out of the room. 

While on her way, Lucy met Theodore in a corridor away from the royal court room. "Are you leaving, milady?" asked Theodore. 

Lucy gritted her teeth, and her eyes snapped to meet his eyes, "Don't try to talk to me unless I speak to you first." 

A faint smile appeared on Theodore's lips, "It seems like you have finally understood the difference between us. How have the people in the Grivelle's mansion been treating you?"

"They have been treating me very well, thank you. Always making sure to see all my needs are fulfilled and my husband dotes on me. Without giving me empty words that he cannot fulfil, unlike other people," replied Lucy, and Theodore looked at her eyes flared. 

"How wonderful. You are a lucky woman," praised Theodore. 

Lucy crossed her arms, "Of course I am. I got married into a good family, a husband who loves me. Samuel is a good man, he would never do anything to hurt me. Never." 

They stared at each other, an unspoken friction between them without more words being exchanged by them. Around the same time, Samuel arrived at the castle, and he caught sight of his wife, who was standing in front of a meagre bodyguard who served Calhoun. 

Samuel noticed something very odd in front of him and his lips twitched. He walked to where his wife stood. He put his arm around Lucy, that surprised her, and said, "Good evening. Are we leaving already?" he asked Lucy. 

Even though Lucy had praised her husband, there was an obvious wall that she had built with Samuel, and she smiled, "Yes." 

Samuel didn't bother to speak to Theodore and only spared a look at him before taking his wife with him. 

Theodore watched the couple who were leaving, his eyes falling on Samuel. There was something different about the man, he thought to himself. The gentle nature had started to evaporate, and the man seemed certainly jealous of him standing in front of Lucy. 

Calhoun, who made his way out of the royal court room, walking in the corridors, caught Theodore standing in the middle while staring at the other end of the hall. 

"Everything alright?" questioned Calhoun. 

"Perfectly splendid," replied Theodore before asking, "Have you decided when to carry out the punishment?" 
Calhoun hummed in response. For months, Calhoun had dreamt of feeling the satisfaction of killing the people who had hurt his mother. And even though he had done nothing, the excitement had his lips broaden to a wide smile. It was going to be beautiful. 
Revenge- Part 3

For many people in the Hawthrone's castle, the night was quick to approach as they were tired by working in the castle. Then there was Calhoun, who eagerly waited for the night and waited for everyone to fall asleep. 

And when it was time, Calhoun entered the dungeon where Morganna was held as a prisoner. He dismissed the guards, ordering them to step outside while ordering only two of them to follow him. 

On seeing Calhoun return, Morganna threw a hateful glare at him. 

"Are you here to taunt me again of how I will be left to rot in this place?" she spat the question. 

Calhoun stood looking at Morganna, his gaze unwavering while the guards opened the gates, "We decided to promote you to stay in a secluded room. After all you were a Queen and you should be well taken care of," he said to her. 

Morganna could only narrow her eyes at Calhoun's words, not knowing what hidden meaning his words carried in them. "Where is Laurence? I want to speak to him," she demanded. She tried to get away from the guards, but they caught hold of her arm on either side and shifted her to another room that had walls. 

"King Laurence doesn't wish to see your face," answered Calhoun while standing at the side of the entrance of the door, leaning against it. He watched the guards shackle her legs and hands, where the ends of the chains were attached to the walls. "You can leave us," he ordered the guard, and the men bowed their head before leaving the premise of the dungeon. 

Morganna tried to pull her hands and legs, but the shackles stopped her movements. 

It was because of this boy her son was not listening to her words. 

"What do you plan to do to me? Keep me prisoner for the remaining days of my life?" she asked him. 

"That's the plan," he responded to her. "You didn't tell me how you feel being shackled. I am sure you have had a fair share of putting innocent people in the dungeons and killing them mercilessly." 

Morganna's jaw ticked, but she tried to keep her calm, "You think things like these will irk me? That it will humiliate me?" 

"I don't know if they will, but seeing you in this state does bring the needed healing in my chest," said Calhoun, his eyes closely watching Morganna. "You could have let it go, let my mother be while you carried on with your petty lives. I will make sure that you regret throwing her out, kicking her out."

Morganna chuckled, hearing this, "You think by hurting me will make you feel better? It is only a temporary feeling, Calhoun. And the way I see it, you will turn just like me, after all like you said, we are related by blood. It would be impossible for you to not acquire some of my qualities." 

"Maybe I will, but I will be far from you...Morganna," replied Calhoun. "Your words don't provoke me because I have turned immune to such things. They hurt little to nothing, not even a prick and sometimes people like me go looking for pain because of what you made me into. To inflict them. By the way, the High House has declared you to be guilty." 

"Did you feed them with your lies too?" Morganna's eyes hardened. 

"Does it matter if I did or didn't. What you should be worried about is what I am going to do with you." 

Morganna stared at Calhoun, "Do you think I am going to beg you to spare my life? If I die, I will die honourably and one day everyone will find out what you did."

Hearing Morganna's words, the echo of Calhoun's laughter filled up the entire room and the adjacent cells of the dungeon. "Honourable? You are a delusional bitch to think people view you that way." He then looked to his right to see a long and lean iron rod that leaned against the wall right now. "I told you I was going to keep you with me forever." 

Calhoun's hand reached out for the metal rod, his fingers wrapping around the cold object that had a coarse outer coating because of the formation of rust over time. 

Morganna's eyes narrowed, fear slowly started to crawl down her spine, and she blurted, "I am the Queen and a Queen is supposed to be beheaded or shot."

"Fallen Queen, Morganna. Really, what am I going to do with you," Morganna grew extremely nervous on seeing the cold smile that was on Calhoun's face. "For the sins you have committed, beheading and getting shot is too easy. Did you think I would let you go that easily?" came his chill spinning voice. 

Calhoun didn't forget the blood that coated his hands when he pushed his hand through his mother's chest. His mother curled up in the cold bed, coughing blood. He didn't forget a thing about it. 

Morganna realized her position, and she asked, "W-what do you think you are doing? Don't do it, Calhoun!" 

She wanted to live and not die! She was the Queen of Devon! She shook her head. "We c-can still sit down and talk, let's not rush, alright?" 

Calhoun relished by looking at Morganna's misery. 

The older vampiress whose eyes were once filled with pride, arrogance and no compassion for others now looked pitiful. Her eyes pleaded for mercy. 

"Your father, Laurence won't be happy about this-"

"Don't worry about it," he said in a low voice, coming to stand in front of her. "I will make sure to send him to you as soon as I can." 

"Stop it! Calhoun!" she shouted in panic. 

Morganna took a step back, trying to get away from Calhoun, but he was quick to catch hold of her arm in a tight grip. The woman shook her head, starting to reason out with him, but Calhoun's eyes had turned hollow.

"You look so scared, you don't have to worry about it," Calhoun smiled down at her, his hand holding her arm painfully and Morganna tried to pull away. Her movements of struggle caused the shackles to make noise. 

Calhoun playfully raised the iron rod and brought it to point at her, "Where would you like to be poked, grandmother?" he asked her with a sweet smile. 

"P-please, no. I-I will listen to you. I swear!" begged Morganna. 

"That's okay," came Calhoun's dull voice. "I don't want to hear you speak anymore." 

When she started to scream for the guards to help her, in less than a second, he pushed the sharp edge of it right through Morganna's mouth so that the rod slowly passed from the front to the back before coming out to get stuck to the wall. 

Blood splattered on the ground from behind Morganna's neck and her mouth as she made incoherent noise. Her lips, hands and her legs trembled. Her eyes had turned wide in shock while the pain spread across her body.

Calhoun pulled out a cigar from his pocket and lit it up, watching more blood spilling from the woman's body, on the dirty ground.