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Deep until elbow- Part 1

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The news was quick to spread across Devon's land about the fallen Queen who had been executed on the King and the High House' members orders for committing treason. As shocking as the news was when it reached their ears, people slowly forgot it and continued their lives as if the Queen's death didn't matter to them anymore. 

In the royal cemetery, Theodore silently stood in front of one of the cemented graves. Revenge never brought back a person, but it somewhere did pacify the pain that had stayed in Theodore's mind. 

He returned to the castle and went to the royal court to see Calhoun humouring the King with something he had found out about Devon's ministers. With the Queen not in the scene anymore, Theodore didn't know what Calhoun was waiting for. 

"Isn't Calhoun wonderful?" praised King Laurence. "He's my true successor, and also my saviour. If it weren't for my son who used his quick thinking in removing the poison quickly out of my body, I would have either been dead or bed ridden."

"Aye, my King," came the voices from the ministers who were in the royal court room in agreement. 

"My mother thought she could overthrow me and my son, but here we are and she...she's dead for her misdeeds," stated King Laurence, with little to no pity towards his mother, who wasn't with them anymore. "Rosamund," he addressed his sister. 

"Yes, my King," she bowed her head in response. 

"Do keep this in mind that in the future if I die, Calhoun should be crowned as the King and no one else," King Laurence was still bitter with the thought that his mother, along with his sister, had tried to pull strings to overthrow him. 

Rosamund nodded her head in acknowledgement. 

When the discussion in the court came to an end, people started to leave the room. Alone, Theodore finally asked Calhoun, "What are you waiting for?" 

"The right time," replied Calhoun. "I heard from one of the men in the High House that Morganna's followers are still working on trying to pin the blame on me for her death. It would be best to give some time before we make another attack so that they aren't suspicious." 

"Rosamund keeps looking at you," commented Theodore, and Calhoun smiled. 

"It would be strange if she didn't. She is trying to get into the good side of the King, but we all know how her position has fallen in the King's eyes," said Calhoun. "Let's pick two weeks from now."

Theodore turned to look at Calhoun, "How would you want it to be done?" he questioned. 

"Murdered by me. No framing, no stalling. I will do the job and will need you to cover for me that day. We can invite the relatives for lunch who are close to the Hawthrone's along with Morganna's ministers who can act as a catalyst. This way the suspicion will fall on everyone. Let me go inform the people about the lunch," Calhoun had a bright smile on his lips as he left Theodore's side. 

After a couple of seconds passed, Theodore was walking in one of the corridors, going to the shed next to the castle, when Rosamund appeared in front of him. 

"Theodore Chauncey, I would like to speak to you about something," said the vampiress. 

Theodore didn't refuse, and he walked along with Rosamund, a questioning look in his eyes. "Was there something you needed, milady?" 

Rosamund nodded her head, a grim expression on her face, "As you know, the King doesn't like anyone bringing up the topic about the Queen in front of him. I wanted to know where my mother's body has been buried so that I can go and visit her. I was hoping you could tell me where she is." 

"My apologies, Lady Rosamund, but I don't know where the Queen's body is," Theodore bowed his
  head in apology. "I think it would be best if you ask Advisor Calhoun about it. He was the one who executed her." 

The vampiress gritted her teeth, her jaw ticking. At first, her plea to save her mother's life had been refused, and now no one cared to know where her body was. 

"Is it in the dungeon?" demanded Rosamund. 

"All the bodies in the castle's dungeon have been cleared a week ago. I doubt you will find it there. I have some important matters to take care of. If you will excuse me now," offering another bow, Theodore left her standing in rage. 

Rosamund left the castle and went straight to meet the bunch of ministers who were her mother's loyal servants. 

"What is taking so long to reopen the case?" Rosamund demanded the four men who stood in front of her. "It has been many days since the Queen's death and we haven't even scratched the surface of what we were supposed to do. Nor have you succeeded in erasing the woman and the High House organization, neither have you been able to put Calhoun under the High House's scrutiny." 

"Forgive us, Lady Rosamund, but the situation is completely different compared to how you are viewing it. Head Lady Helena passed the judgment on Queen Morganna's actions before she was executed. Neither the King nor Calhoun took it in their own hands until Helena signed papers to carry out with the execution."

Rosamund didn't understand how things had taken such a sharp turn. She knew that Calhoun had entered the castle to destroy her family. It was only a matter of time before he would come after her, thought Rosamund in her mind. 

"Laurence is too blind with power and I cannot let him have the crown," stated Rosamund. "He is intent on saying he will handover the power to Calhoun, but he will continue to hold on to the throne like a stubborn child. I know some things that may help in getting Laurence off the throne."

One of the ministers looked curious, and he asked, "What is it , milady?" 

"I know the people who have been missing and were killed on my brother's order. I will send the list of people to you and you can reopen the wounds of the people so that they can reach out for the High House for help," explained the vampiress. "I am sure you can take care of the rest of it." 

While Rosamund was intensively planning to remove her brother from the throne to take control for herself, Calhoun in the castle had his own plans. Two weeks passed, and some of the relatives arrived at the castle to have lunch with the royal family.

"Good afternoon, Calhoun," greeted Mr. Moryett, a distant relative of King Laurence. "How have you been doing?" 

"Very well, Sir. How have you been doing yourself, Mr. Moyett? I see Ethan isn't here," Calhoun's eyes fell behind the man before looking back at the person. 

"Ethan said he had to work. He has been terribly busy and doesn't have time to even come home, ends up sleeping at the office," laughed Mr. Moryett. 

Calhoun offered the man a smile, "He is a diligent man. I can only hope that we can continue to have a good relationship between us so that I can make use of his skills." 
Deep until elbow- Part 2

Mr. Moryett laughed heartily, "Oh, please do! You are the future King, we can only hope to be at your best service," he bowed his head. 

"You are too kind with your words, Mr. Moryett. I am more than happy to stay as an advisor in the royal court," Calhoun wore a charming smile on his lips, speaking to every one of them while making sure to let them know how important they were. People were always quick to fall for the flattering words thrown at them, and they often obliged to be nice to the other person, and those were the people who wanted to impress others by their presence. 

On the other side of the room, Lady Samara was talking to a woman who asked, 

"Isn't Lucy coming today?" 

Lady Samara replied, "We did send out the invitation. I don't know what's taking her this long."

Calhoun overheard the woman's words but didn't react to them. A few days ago, when he and Theodore were sending the invitations to the people who would be in their favour and behave as assumed, Calhoun had found the unsent letter that was addressed to the Greville's family.

It was Theodore who had refrained from inviting Lucy to the castle, and it only made Calhoun wonder to the extent Theodore cared for his half-sister. 

Calhoun didn't let his mind wander too much on unnecessary things when there was death to be executed today. When everyone started to head towards the dining room, Lucy appeared with her husband, catching both Theodore and Calhoun's attention. 

"I thought you didn't send the invitation," whispered Calhoun. 

"I didn't," replied Theodore in a deep frown. 

Calhoun's eyes narrowed, and he wondered who had invited Lucy today. "Greetings to the King," Samuel bowed his head, and so did Lucy. Laurence nodded his head and hugged his daughter. 

"We thought you weren't going to come. What made you so late?" asked King Laurence. 

"I think the delivery person lost the letter. If it weren't for Aunt Rosamund's letter, we would have never come to know," replied Lucy with a smile. 

"Well, it is good to know that you are writing letters to your aunt. And Samuel, I hope you are treating my daughter well," the King raised his eyebrows. 

Samuel offered his polite smile, "I am my King. She's the Queen of my mansion." 

While everyone continued to walk into the dining room, Theodore turned his head towards Calhoun and whispered, "Do you think I can add her in today's list?" 

Calhoun was displeased by Lucy's presence because he didn't want to deal with everything today itself, but Rosamund Wilmot had truly decided to fill in her mother's position. "Depending on the availability of time," replied Calhoun before making his way to sit at the table. 

With Queen Morganna, who was no more with them, Calhoun now sat on the King's immediate right side. The dining room was filled with chatter and merriment, unaware of what would take place in a short period. 

Lucy sat next to her husband, Samuel, who was showered with questions by other relatives. 

Though Lucy had put on a smile on her face, she didn't know why the invitation hadn't reached the mansion. Did her family not want to invite her? But then her father seemed pleased to have her here, to have lunch with him, and it was enough to soothe her anxious feelings. 

She didn't interact much with the people around her, but her eyes did slowly move to look on the opposite side where Theodore stood with his back facing against the wall. The time they had spent together on her patio during midnight seemed like a beautiful dream that was never going to repeat. There were days when she laid in the bed, staring at the walls while she had her back facing Samuel, wondering how her life had changed so quickly. 

While Lucy was lost in her thoughts, Samuel turned to ask something from Lucy, and he caught sight of her watching Theodore. The man couldn't help but question if something had happened between Lucy and the guard who worked directly under Calhoun. Even though Samuel had married Lucy for his own benefit without a drop of actual interest in her, he now felt the streak of jealousy spread in his mind. 

But before Samuel could speak to Lucy, a heated discussion arose at the table with the King and one of the ministers who closely worked with the deceased Queen. 

"My King, I would never do anything like that. My loyalty lies with you and not with Queen Morganna," said the minister whose name was Merden. "I had no idea that the Queen was stealing from the treasury." 

King Laurence looked down at the minister, "People in this room behave as if they weren't benefitting from my mother for working for her and keeping their mouth shut. Since Calhoun has decided to go through the records and find out what things each of you have decided to buy for yourselves in the past few years."

The minister looked highly offended and humiliated in front of others. "I think you are wrong to accuse me, my King. I will cooperate with advisor Calhoun along with the rest."

"Wrong?" King Laurence continued to speak, "I will make sure to find out who else is trying to dethrone me. All of them will be executed. Hope all of you tread carefully," and he raised his glass as if to toast on it. 

The two other ministers who had spoken to Rosamund two weeks ago turned uncomfortable at the thought that they were going to be exposed. Unwillingly, they raised their glasses with the others at the table before drinking to the King's health. 

"I doubt there's anyone who would dare to try such a thing, my King. Please be at peace about it," assured Calhoun. 

Minister Merden excused himself and left the dining room as he wanted to tell the mistakes the King had committed, but that would only cost him his life. 

After lunch was over, Laurence and Calhoun moved into a private room so that the King could speak about what was troubling his mind. It was apparent that the King had been shaken after the first attempt of his murder, and he didn't know who would come after him. 

"I think it would be only wise to change all the ministers with the new ones to work in the royal court so that we don't have to worry about such silly things," stated King Laurence with deep thought. 

"I would be more than willing to do that, my King. Give me your permission and I will be at your service," came the polite words from Calhoun. 

Laurence said, "Can you sense it? The atmosphere in the dining room was strange as if something is going on that I am unaware of. There's some sort of conspiracy." Calhoun stood there with a straight face as the King continued to speak, "I will get a few things in writing so that it could get the approval." 

Saying this, Laurence walked towards his table, pulling out the parchment and quill. He wrote something in there before handing it to Calhoun. 
Deep until elbow- Part 3

"You can submit it to the High House. How infuriating," scoffed Laurence, "Now the Kings have to take permission from the High House which has no actual origin." 

"Forgive me father, but if I am not wrong, there are some people in the High House who might try to oppose the idea," Calhoun reminded Laurence, and a deep frown appeared on the older vampire's face. 

King Laurence nodded his head in agreement over his son's words. There were still people in the High House who could disapprove of his request and question it. "Guards!" he called. And in came the guards who were standing outside the room. "Get Devon's finest executioners and send them to the High House where Queen's Morganna's work are.  Have then killed once they are out. Send the order without any delay," he ordered the guards. 

"There, we don't have to worry about my mother's minions," assured King Laurence, and Calhoun offered his father the kindest smile he could muster. 

"You are right, father. There is nothing to worry now and you are the King of Devon, no one will come in your way," agreed Calhoun. 

"Why don't I take the parchment back and once we finish washing our hands from the disloyal people, we can have this submitted," said Laurence and Calhoun didn't question his father's decision. Though Laurence was grateful towards Calhoun, it didn't mean the man completely trusted Calhoun.

A servant appeared in front of the closed doors and informed, "King, Laurence, Sir Merten said he would like to speak to you about what happened in the dining room." 

Laurence rolled his eyes, "Look at that. After they realize who is the real master, they all come wagging their tails back to me." Looking at the door, he said, "Tell him I will see him in the cellar room." 

"Yes, milord!" 

"I will take my leave so that you can discuss with him, father," and Calhoun was ready to leave, but King Laurence stopped him. 

"That won't be needed. You can join us and listen in on whatever this man wants to tell. Come with me, Calhoun," saying this King Laurence stepped out of the room. Calhoun took three seconds before he joined his father's side. 

On their way, Calhoun caught sight of Theodore, who was coming from the other direction. Their eyes met for the briefest moment as if sending a message before walking past each other. 

Theodore and Calhoun had already discussed where, when and what they were going to do. His responsibility was to keep the people away and stop them from witnessing the murder that was going to happen soon. Calhoun continued to walk with Laurence until he suddenly stopped. 

"What's the matter, Calhoun?" questioned the King, not liking the fact that his son was making him wait. 

Calhoun had a deep frown on his face, "I think I just saw Merten walk towards the North Wing. I think he took the passage to the undercroft." 

King Laurence was utterly annoyed, "Seriously, is he planning to make us wait for him while he roams around the castle? And what is he doing in the North Wing?! Come," and Laurence walked towards the North Wing. King Laurence's footsteps were heavy on the ground, and his eyes looked for the minister who was going to be executed today for his misbehaviour with him, the King. 

Calhoun followed his father with steady steps, and his expression once again turned vacant, his eyes filled with a look of menace. He followed the King like a ghost of death who wanted to reap the King out of this living world. 

The guards and the servants had been called to the front of the castle due to the number of guests on the other side, leaving this place unprotected. They entered the undercroft, their footsteps not echoing while Laurence tried to figure out where to catch the unfaithful minister!

When they came to an end where the inner gates were locked, Laurence frowned and turned around to question, "Where did he go? What a waste of time, we should get back now-"

"What's the urgency in it, father. Let's stay here," said Calhoun. 

Laurence noted the change of tone in Calhoun's words. "What do you plan on doing here? The undercrofts are dusty and not a place for us." Calhoun stepped forward when Laurence took a step as if to stop him from walking any further. "What do you think you are doing?" Laurence asked, his eyes narrowed. 

Suddenly Calhoun's hand moved to catch hold of Laurence's neck, and he pushed him against the giant wall. 

"W-what, are you doing, Calhoun?" asked his father in shock with his eyes turned wide, "Free me right this instant! It is my order! Stop your jokes right now!"

A chuckle escaped Calhoun's lips, watching his father struggle to get out of his hold, but he was too strong for the King. 

"Order? A King who cannot shield his own back is not worth being a King. How does it feel to be powerless?" asked Calhoun to the King. His father couldn't move an inch except to talk. "Jokes?" he asked, staring into his father's eyes, who had stopped struggling. 

Laurence didn't know what was going on. One moment, he was having a wonderful time with his son and right now, his son was holding his neck, which was completely disrespectful!

"I don't know if I did something that upset you, but surely we can speak about it," said his father in nervousness. 

Calhoun moved closer to whisper next to his father's ear, "You have the nerve to ask if you did something to upset me? You killed my mother, you and your family, isn't it only right that I repay your kind service?" 

He pulled away, and a broad smile spread across his lips. 

"I don't want to go into details," said Calhoun, placing his hand on his father's chest and running his fingers over the material. "I have spent enough time with you and I would rather not increase it."

Laurence looked left and right, hoping for guards to arrive, but Calhoun only increased the grip around the King's neck. 

"I-I loved Constance, your mother, she loved me," the King tried to playback with Calhoun. "I know you are angry with me, but I am really sorry for what I did and if you like, we can speak about her. I w-will give you every single m-memory of her, how about that?" 

Calhoun continued to stare before he closed his eyes and sighed. "You think I haven't heard about it?" he tilted his head.

"What do you want?! I will give you anything. I will make you the King right this instant!" Laurence tried to bribe his son. 

Calhoun tapped his fingers on his father's chest, "That I will become when you die. Do not worry, father. I will make sure you die heroically unlike the kind of worthless person you truly are." He pushed his fingers through his father's chest, digging it in deep to see his father splutter blood from his mouth.

"I have taken care of you! You are my son. I love you! Stop this, Calhoun!" his father pleaded, and Calhoun smiled in satisfaction.

"I don't care," came the hollow words from Calhoun's lips. 
watching his father struggle to get out of his hold, but he was too strong for the King. 

"Order? A King who cannot shield his own back is not worth being a King. How does it feel to be powerless?" asked Calhoun to the King. His father couldn't move an inch except to talk. "Jokes?" he asked, staring into his father's eyes, who had stopped struggling. 

Laurence didn't know what was going on. One moment, he was having a wonderful time with his son and right now, his son was holding his neck, which was completely disrespectful!

"I don't know if I did something that upset you, but surely we can speak about it," said his father in nervousness. 

Calhoun moved closer to whisper next to his father's ear, "You have the nerve to ask if you did something to upset me? You killed my mother, you and your family, isn't it only right that I repay your kind service?" 

He pulled away, and a broad smile spread across his lips. 

"I don't want to go into details," said Calhoun, placing his hand on his father's chest and running his fingers over the material. "I have spent enough time with you and I would rather not increase it."

Laurence looked left and right, hoping for guards to arrive, but Calhoun only increased the grip around the King's neck. 

"I-I loved Constance, your mother, she loved me," the King tried to playback with Calhoun. "I know you are angry with me, but I am really sorry for what I did and if you like, we can speak about her. I w-will give you every single m-memory of her, how about that?" 

Calhoun continued to stare before he closed his eyes and sighed. "You think I haven't heard about it?" he tilted his head.

"What do you want?! I will give you anything. I will make you the King right this instant!" Laurence tried to bribe his son. 

Calhoun tapped his fingers on his father's chest, "That I will become when you die. Do not worry, father. I will make sure you die heroically unlike the kind of worthless person you truly are." He pushed his fingers through his father's chest, digging it in deep to see his father splutter blood from his mouth.

"I have taken care of you! You are my son. I love you! Stop this, Calhoun!" his father pleaded, and Calhoun smiled in satisfaction.

"I don't care," came the hollow words from Calhoun's lips. When he heard the sound of footsteps, he whispered, "Don't feel sad. I will send your beloved wife to give you company." Laurence's eyes widened, darkening as it was turning empty. 

Calhoun's hand had dipped in blood until his elbow. It was because he had not stopped by just pulling out his father's heart, but he had pushed his hand through the back of his father before dropping the heart on the ground. 

Laurence dropped dead on the ground, blood starting to surround his body, and in a few seconds, Lady Samara appeared in the undercroft's passages. A gasp escaped her lips when she caught sight of her husband lying dead on the ground. She quickly ran to where his body was. 

"Laurence! Laurence! Guards!" she screamed for help. 

At the same time, she heard someone click their tongue in distaste. She quickly snapped around and saw Calhoun standing behind her with his hand covered in blood. 

"You murderer!" screamed Lady Samara, getting up to stand and face Calhoun. "How dare you kill hi-"

"Shhh," Calhoun hushed her. 

Lady Samara looked down and saw Calhoun had put his hand in her chest. There was a look of horror on her face as she stared at Calhoun. "W-why?" she asked him in shock and confusion. 

But Calhoun didn't reply, and he pulled his hand out for blood to flow down from her body, and she fell on her knees. He left the place as quickly as possible, which was when Merten, the minister, appeared at the undercroft area. After going to the cellar and not finding the King, who had made a fool of himself, he had stepped out that wasn't too far away from the North Wing to hear Lady Samara's scream. 

Reaching the spot where the King and the Queen fell, Merten quickly ran to their side, "My King!" he tried to wake him up, and while trying to turn his body, blood coated his hands and his knees. "King Laurence?!" 

Merten was in shock, and he called the guards, "Guards! Guards! Gu- Lady Lucy," he whispered on seeing the young vampiress who stood on the other end of the undercroft's passage. Her face turned pale seeing her parents surrounded in their pool of blood. 

Before the minister could speak something, a shrill scream escaped Lucy's lips, notifying the people in the castle.
Dusting hands- Part 1

Her senses turned numb, her footsteps stopping in shock while she stared at the two bodies on the ground and near the pillar. Lucy had been looking for her mother, who had left her side and the room the guests were in for quite some time. While walking around, she heard a man shout for help. 

Watching her mother and father motionless, it had Lucy stagger back while she tried to catch balance of herself. It felt like her world had not tumbled but crumbled to the level of dust that was whisked away into the wind that she was not allowed to keep. Her lips trembled, and her eyes watered until water spilt down from her eyes. 

When she caught sight of the minister sitting next to her parent's body with blood-covered on his hands, a gasp escaped her lips. 

The minister watched the princess look at him wide-eyed, "You should call for help, Lady Lucy. We need to get-"

"You killed them," whispered Lucy in horror. "You killed them," she repeated. It took her a while to get her senses back, and as if one scream was not enough, she screamed for the guards again. 

This time it was the minister to turn even more shocked, and he quickly shook his head, "No no, I wasn't the one to hurt them, Lady Lucy. By the time I was here, Lady Samara was on the brink of her death."

It took the guests in the castle quite some time to hurriedly run towards the undercrofts to witness the same sight as Lucy had. Calhoun entered the undercroft a couple of minutes late with a guest who was with him. He quick to move to the front, and he asked in a shocked voice, 

"What happened here?!"

Minister Merten saw the guests stare at him, suspicion in their eyes. "When I was walking by, I heard Lady Samara scream for help and by the time I came here, she and the King were already dead. It wasn't me! I didn't do it!" 

Calhoun walked forward to where Minister Merten had stood up near the bodies, and he caught hold of the man's collar before pushing him against the pillar. "How dare you kill our King and Queen!" Calhoun glared down at the man. 

"I-I swear I didn't touch them, I would never think about killing them-" Minister Merten was interrupted by Calhoun choking him. 

"Calhoun!" Mr. Moryett was the first to recover from the shock, and he came to pull Calhoun's hand that was squeezing the minister's neck. "Don't try to do something you might regret. Let the man go and let's talk." 

Calhoun shook his head, "How can I when he had killed my father! Look at his hands!" 

Everyone looked down at Merten's hands to catch sight of the blood that coated his hands. "I was only trying to wake them up, I wasn't sure what happened here! Please believe me, this is a set up!" 

Rosamund, on the other hand, saw her brother's body continue not to move, and a deep hole that had formed in his chest with no heart in it. Her eyes instantly moved to see Calhoun, who showed as if he was angry right now, but she couldn't believe he had nothing to do with it. Even though he didn't have a single drop of blood on him, she knew it was her nephew who had killed her brother and her sister-in-law. 

But who knew, this might be an opportune moment, thought Rosamund to herself. 

"Guards!" Calhoun called the people who were as stunned as the others as the King had fallen from his position. "Get this man tied and bring him to the court room right now! And shift the King and Lady Samara's body there too," he ordered. 

Lucy stepped closer to where her parents were, and when she finally saw the wounds and the blood, the numbness started to evaporate, and she broke down next to their body. 

"Mama!" Lucy shook her mother's body with her hands, hoping her mother would wake up. But she didn't move an inch, and it broke the young vampiress' heart. "Please wake up," she begged with her eyes turning blur. 

Calhoun placed a hand on Lucy's shoulders, "Let's give them some space, Lucy." 

Lucy sobbed, looking at Calhoun more tears fell, "How could he do this?"

"It's okay," Calhoun consoled her, rubbing her back before Samuel came to stand next to Lucy and take her away from the scene to go to the royal court room. "Everyone to the royal court room."

Rosamund then asked, "Shouldn't we share this news to the High House so that they know what happened?" her eyes looked straight into Calhoun's eyes, and he nodded his head. 

"You are right. We should ask someone to inform the High House about this and also punish the minister," commented Calhoun. "Theodore, if you will." 

Rosamund's eyes narrowed as if her suspicion was correct, and she said, "How about I send my men, I am sure you will need you guard around as it isn't safe for any of us in the castle." 

"Pardon me, Lady Rosamund, but I would prefer to send my own man there than trust with another person's servant," deadpanned Calhoun. "Forgive me beforehand, but after what happened with the King and his wife, I have little to no trust in the people as we aren't still sure who would have killed them. Theodore," he nodded his head for Theodore to walk away from there. 

While everyone started to leave the undercroft area, whispers ran around as to what just happened and if it was Minister Merten who had killed the King in rage after the argument they had. The servants in the castle were in shock as no one had expected something like this to happen. 

A King had been murdered with his wife, God only knew what would have next, thought many of them who stood outside the royal court room while the guests had assembled outside. 

When Theodore returned, he came with Lady Helena, Dimitri, and some other people from the High House. Helena was the first one to step in, and she went straight to look at the bodies. 

"What happened here?" questioned Helena. 
Dusting hands- Part 2

Before Calhoun could explain, Rosamund was quick to jump, and she explained, "Milady, we were all on the other side of the castle when we heard Lucy, my niece scream. When we followed her voice and entered the undercroft, we caught sight of King Laurence and Lady Samara's dead bodies on the ground."

Helena had a grim expression on her face. She had been working on the files in her room when Calhoun's men came in and informed her that Devon's King had fallen along with the Queen. The wounds looked quite deep as if they were done in spite. 

The head of the High House turned to look at Lucy, who had been recently married. The young vampiress looked pale, her eyes staring as if she wasn't present in the room. 

Walking to where Lucy was, Helena questioned, "Could you tell us what you saw, Lady Lucy?" 

Lucy hugged herself closer, and she slowly nodded her head. "I...I was looking for mother when I heard  a scream. When I came to the place, I saw the minister sitting next to my parents body."

Helena then turned to look at the man whose hands were bound by ropes, "I had nothing to do with it! I heard the scream too and I went running to find the bodies. Before I even reached the place, they were already dead. Why would I kill them?!" 

Rosamund then cut in to say, "Minister Merten must have not done it, Lady Helena. He has been serving the Hawthrone family for many years now. He would never try something like this." 

"I want to know where everyone have been and who saw each other and in whose company you were in. If you know anything more, I would like you to come forward and be frank so that we know who it is," came the calm voice of Helena. "Get everyone's replies," she ordered the High House members who had come with her to the castle. 

The High House members got on to work in questioning the people and trying to find out who was suspicious. After speaking to the people, Dimitri returned to Helena, and he said, "The Minister named Merten had a disagreement with the King during lunch and it seems the minister left the room.  One of the castle servants mentioned that Merten wanted to speak to the King, but the King asked him to go to the cellar."

"I believe the cellar isn't right next to the undercroft?" Helena raised her eyebrows. 

"No, but it isn't too far away. But Merten states that the King didn't arrive there and he decided to look for him," replied Dimitri. "If you ask me, I think we are looking at more than once suspects in the room." 

Helena turned her head to look at the minister first, then at the King's sister who had pointed her finger at Calhoun, telling how he was the one to kill them, though she didn't do it openly. And her eyes then fell on Calhoun, who was speaking to one of the guests in the room. Was it possible that Calhoun had killed the King and the Queen? 

Calhoun was called to Helena's side, and she asked, "I heard the King was last seen with you. Is it true?" 

"It is true that we spent our time in the room because father was upset about a few things that happened in the dining room. I can explain it to you if you want," he offered, and Helena nodded her head. 

"Lead the way," she replied. 

Calhoun went to the room where he and the King were in earlier, and he pulled out the scroll put in the desk drawer. He then handed it to the woman, "You will see here that he has mentioned wanting to change his ministers because he believes there is a conspiracy going on to dethrone him. He is wary of his sister Rosamund, my aunt who had worked along with the deceased Queen to take the throne away." 

"Can you tell me what you did after you spent your time with the King?" questioned Helena. "It is because someone strongly believes that you had something to do with it."

Calhoun shook his head as if in disappointment, "While we were still in the middle of the discussion, one of the servants arrived to mention how Merten wanted to talk to him."

"But the King didn't go to the cellar, but to the undercroft," stated Helena, "Might you know why he changed his mind from going to the cellar?" 

"Hm? Cellar?" questioned Calhoun, his eyes confused, "I doubt he said to meet in the cellar."

Rosamund, who stood not too far away from them, said, "Get the servant who was following the King's orders!" 

When the servant was brought in, Helena said, "You don't have to be afraid about anyone. I only need you to tell the truth of what happened." 

"Milady, the King asked Minister Merten to meet at the North Wing-"

"The servant lies!" Merten tried to get to where the servant was, but the guards pulled him back. 

"Are you sure about it?" Helena pressed for an answer, and the servant nodded. 

"Yes. I conveyed the same message to the minister before going back to my work-"

"He is involved with the killer! He must have killed the King before putting the blame on me!" shouted Merten in rage as he was being framed for something he hadn't done. "This must be Calhoun's work! He first killed the Queen and now he killed the King! He wants the throne!" 

While the minister was shouting, Helena turned to Calhoun to see him not utter a word but stare at the man. 

"That's rubbish," came one of the guests. "Calhoun could have never done it. He was outside with me near the kennel's to show me the wolves. It is also why we didn't know what happened until the guards came to call us." 
Dusting hands- Part 3

Mr. Moryett also supported Calhoun by saying, "Lady Helena, King Laurence had already given his approval for Calhoun to be the King. And this was mentioned today during the time of lunch. It might be possible that someone wanted to silence the King from his words coming to be true." 

"Minister Merten must have spoken to the King before killing him and Lady Samara!" 

The truth was that Calhoun had sent a message through Theodore that he would be meeting one of the guests outside the castle to show him the wolves in the kennel. One would have to leave the guests' company and then step out of the castle that gave Calhoun quite sometime before he reached the kennel as if he was already there, waiting for the gentleman. 

They stayed there to admire the wolves before getting back to hear what had taken place. It was also why Calhoun was one of the last few people to reenter the place again. 

Some of the guests came in rescue of Calhoun while most of the fingers were pointed at the minister. Even the servant had explained that the minister had lied about the place, and Helena tried to weigh what was true and the lies that were spoken in the castle. 

Calhoun Hawthrone, Helena wondered if he killed the King, especially considering Calhoun's history with the King. 

Frankly, Helena was not looking forward to dealing with this because this was Laurence, the nut head King whom she wasn't particularly fond of. The King seemed like he deserved what he had received, and though all evidence proved that it was Minister Merten who had killed the two people who were of the highest standing figure in Devon, her suspicion fell on Calhoun. 

Both Dimitri and Helena walked away from the people so that they could discuss. 

"Do we execute the minister right now or shall we wait for a few days and try to find out what is going on?" asked Dimitri. 

Helena's lips twisted out of unpleasantness, "People's memories are like dreams, Dimitri. The longer we wait, the faster the details in their minds evaporate. Lady Lucy believes it is the minister who killed her parents, while she believes Calhoun had nothing to do with it. At the same time, Rosamund, the King's sister wants Calhoun in the dungeon, though she isn't affected by the death that took place." 

"It seems like everyone is a culprit," stated Dimitri, and a small chuckle escaped Helena's lips that didn't quite reach her eyes. 

"That is because they are. We live in a world where everyone does bad things and lies. The decision is where we spare the ones who do the least wrong," Helena exhaled the air through her lips, and she said, "Did Daphne mention that this man works for the Queen and Rosamund?" 

Dimitri nodded his head, "She did."

"Hmm," responded Helena. "The girl believes that Calhoun would do no wrong." 

"Do you believe it?" 

There was a deep frown on Helena's forehead as Dimitri questioned her. 

Back inside the castle, the room where everyone was had turned quiet except for some occasional murmuring. After a while, when the High House members stepped back inside the room, the people's eyes turned to them anxiously. 

"We will be taking Minister Merten with us for further interrogation, also Calhoun and Lady Rosamund, you will be asked to come visit the High House. I hope to see you cooperate with us," said Helena before her men took the minister out of there. "As most of the fingers are pointed at Merten, we would like to keep him with us before executing him."

Everyone agreed on it, and both the dead bodies were taken to another room for their wounds to be cleaned so that they could bury the bodies in the royal cemetery. 

Before leaving, Lady Helena took a stop in front of Rosamund and said, "There was something I needed to ask you."

"Anything that I can help you with," came the quick response from Rosamund, guessing it was about Calhoun. 

"Your mother was collecting jewels. A whole set, and I was wondering if you knew about it as one of the necklace seemed to be missing from it. They had red rubies in them," said Helena and Rosamund stared at the woman. 

"I am sorry, but I am not sure which one you are referring about," Rosamund offered the head of the High House a polite smile. 

"That's alright. I was only curious," said Helena before leaving the room with the rest of the High House members. 

The next day, Laurence and Samara were placed in the cemetery, where only a few relatives came to pay respect to the deceased. Lucy stood there with Samuel, her aunt Rosamund and her family, brother Calhoun, Theodore and some other relatives in front of the grave. She brought the handkerchief to her face to wipe the tears. It was like a nightmare to have her family taken away from her, and she was glad that she still had Calhoun and her husband, who had been supportive of her, by being there for her. 

Calhoun watched people come and pay their condolences to Lucy, Rosamund and him now and then. He stood in front of the graves with little to no emotion in his eyes for the death he had caused. He felt no guilt or remorse over what he did. Even though Lucy was sad now, one day in the future, he hoped she would understand why he did what. 

'Are you at peace, mother?' asked Calhoun to Constance, whose body lay in a nearby grave. 

He did what he had come here for, but there were still snakes around that he wanted to torture. He despised Laurence, and he had killed him without waiting to draw out the time. But the person he despised more was the Queen. 

After two days, the High House sent a note that they found Minister Merten guilty of killing King Laurence and Lady Samara. The man had been tortured to reveal things about the Queen he worked for that didn't put him in a good light in the past. To make things worse, Rosamund, who had planned to expose her brother's actions, had come to Helena's notice that made Calhoun less suspicious and putting Merten and Rosamund in the eyes of the High House. 

"Minister Merten has been framed, Lady Helena, you cannot be seriously thinking of executing him!" one of the members in the High House objected to her judgment. 

Another person who worked for Rosamund said, "The man has no prior intention of doing something like that-"

Dimitri cut in to say, "Lady Helena took the decision after speaking to everyone. And we already know he has been working for the Queen while trying to dethrone the King so that Rosamund Wilmot's son could take the throne." 

"That doesn't mean murder!" 

"This is Calhoun's work for taking the King's throne. He has never liked the King, nor the Queen-"

"That's enough!" came Helena's loud voice to silence the commotion in the room. "Are you part of the High House or the market?" Helena glared at the men, a look of annoyance in her eyes. 

Make way for the King- Part 1

Helena stared at the people who were part of the High House, glaring at them with her intense red eyes. Since the organization had formed, this was their first high profile case, and she wasn't going to let a bunch of men who worked for other people and not for the High House directly overrule the decision she had taken. 

"Minister Merten Lowth was working for Queen Morganna and he was following her words. Let us not ignore that the Queen was executed on the High House and the King's orders," stated Helena, watching every person who was in the room, where the walls were black, including the marble floor that reflected their reflection. "According to Lucy Hawthrone's words, she saw the minister sitting next to the dead bodies with his hand on them and covered in blood. Not to exclude the fact that a heated discussion had taken place in the dining room between the King and minister Merten." 

"Lady Helena," spoke a man who was in a high position in the High House, "Isn't it possible that maybe the man is being framed? Maybe the King and the Queen were dead before the minister arrived at the scene." 

Helena's gaze shifted to the person who had spoken just now, "And who do you think is the culprit if it isn't the minister, Luther." 

Luther smiled at her, "Maybe the one whom the minister mentioned. Didn't you say Rosamund Wilmot believes her nephew was the one to kill her brother and her sister-in-law?" 

"You speak of the woman who didn't utter a word of pain or sympathy over the death that took place in the castle. If you aren't aware, Rosamund has been trying to get the throne for her son. I am sure the ministers who work for her family will be kind enough to explain it to all of us on the matter," and she then passed a look at the four ministers who blinked back at her. 

One of the minister opened his mouth to say, "That isn't true, milady-"

"I did not ask your opinion," Helena was quick to shut him up.

  Luther then said, "Lady Helena, don't you think it is strange that Calhoun met the man outside while the murder took place inside the castle. But then who knows it might have been done by someone else, who entered, committed the murder before disappearing from the castle?" 

Helena stared at the man, "I have already discussed this with you and the others and I find it rather fascinating that you had no issue about it earlier and you are eager to bring it now. Is there something I need to know about, Luther?" 

Everyone's eyes fell on the man who only offered her a smile, "I was only curious and thinking about the possibility that it could be someone else," answered Luther, "I did not mean any disrespect towards the Head of the High House."

Helena could sense the menace from this one, and she wondered how she had failed to notice it before recruiting the man. "After all the discussion we had, I reached the conclusion that Minister Merten will be executed within the next one hour and we'll be closing the case now."

She got up from her seat placed on the higher platform compared to the rest of the others and walked out of the room. Helena had keenly looked through the case, and she had tried to question all the people who were in the castle,  finding out about their locations that particular hour when the murder took place. But she hit a dead-end that pointed to the minister to be the murderer. The servants, the guards, the guests who had come to attend lunch were all in favour of saying the same thing.

Helena had seen many injustices and very little justice take place , and now that she was in a position where she could protect and save the innocent people who deserved to be saved, she felt the weight of the responsibility on her shoulders. 

Hearing footsteps approaching from behind her, she turned around to see it was Dimitri. 

"The order has been sent, milady. The man is going to be executed in a couple of minutes," informed her fellow High House member. 

"I will need you to keep an eye on Calhoun Hawthrone, Dimitri," ordered Helena with a frown on her face. "It is strange that first falls the Queen, and then falls the King. Very odd." 

"Do you think he had something to do in this? Why not question him to get the right answer?" asked Dimitri looking at Helena. 

"Have you not met the young man?" Helena placed both her hands on the edge of the rails, letting her wrists relax. "There is something very peculiar and familiar about him. He isn't going to give any more information than what we already are aware about. By the way, have you heard from Michael?"

Dimitri shook his head, "Nothing so far. Has he not written back to you?"

"He has the habit of appearing and disappearing whenever he wants. I wonder if it is better to replace him with another person. Also keep an eye on Luther and his sister," said Helena. "You never know if the people who we are working with in the High House, turns out we are working with lions or vultures." 

Dimitri nodded his head. "What is going to happen next? Devon is left without a King." 

A small chuckle escaped the vampiresses lips, "Laurence had openly claimed with his relatives and his ministers that Calhoun is his heir and the only heir. And as per the tradition that goes in every royal family, the crown belongs to the next in the bloodline of the family."

"I don't think the ministers and some of the relatives like Rosamund will take it too kindly," commented Dimitri. Every time a King fell, people were always eager to get hold of the crown for themselves. "There was already an appeal made and submitted where she wants to place her son on the throne. It was also mentioned in it that, no one ever bothered to find out if Calhoun was really the King's son or someone else's as the woman slept with many men."

Helena's lips twitched hearing this. 

"You know Dimitri, my uncle, King Solomon, he was crazy to hold on to the power too. He had three sisters and four brothers. When his father died, he ordered the execution of every male heir in the family so that they wouldn't come to stand in his way by forming a threat to him. In one night nine people were killed, including children. Thankfully my brother had not been born at that time, not that it changed his fate later." 

"I have heard the stories regarding King Solomon. It seems like he was rewarded with a much more gruesome death than what he had inflicted on his brothers and nephews," said Dimitri. "I will send the rejection letter to Rosamund Wilmot."

"That would be wonderful. Everyone is obsessed with the crown, but the truth is once you put that crown on your head, the head is often not safe," murmured Helena. 
Make way for the King- Part 2

Music Recommendation: String Theories - Jordan Gagne


As decided, a letter was sent to Wilmot's mansion with the news of the High House's final verdict. When Rosamund read it, she crushed the letter in her hand in anger. 

Back in Hawthrone's castle, Theodore looked for where Calhoun was in the castle. 

"Have you seen Advisor Calhoun?" Theodore asked a maid who was walking in the corridor. 

"He must be in the King's study room," replied the maid, bowing her head before she went on her way to continue with her work in the castle. 

Theodore knocked on the door before entering the room and saw Calhoun sitting behind the desk where King Laurence used to sit. 

"I received the letter from the High House," informed Theodore, and he stretched his hand to pass the letter to Calhoun. 

Calhoun took it before opening the seal that had been unbroken, and he read through the contents in it. His eyes took a sweep across the writings before a slow smile started to rise on the corner of his lips. 

"Is it done?" asked Theodore, and Calhoun looked up with a bright smile on his face. 

"Perfectly done," replied Calhoun. "Seems like they took the bait that was offered to them." 

As much as Rosamund opposed Calhoun taking her brother's place, she was no idiot to send a letter to the High House by writing ill about Calhoun and asking them to check for his background. 

"One of the advantages of being able to copy a person's handwriting is the other would never come to find out about it," stated Calhoun, pulling an old letter that Rosamund had written to his now-dead father. The High House believed Rosamund was the one who had written the letter and sent it to them. But in truth, it was Calhoun who had written words against himself, making it look like Rosamund was desperate. 

"It reminds me to never write anything in front of you," Theodore raised his eyebrow before a smile appeared on his lips. He then bowed his head at Calhoun, "Congratulations to the new King of Devon." 

Calhoun got up from his chair, walking around the table to stand in front of Theodore. 

"I wouldn't have been able to complete this without your help. Thank you," Calhoun appreciated Theodore's help and support over the entire process. 

Theodore knew that even without him, Calhoun would have found a way to bring things the way they were right now, and he offered Calhoun a smile. "The pleasure was mine. Do you plan to keep the crown?" 

Calhoun nodded his head, "Before that, there is some cleaning I need to do with some people. Right now,  I cannot touch Rosamund because of their eyes on me, but that doesn't mean I cannot finish the job with the other small fish." 

After speaking in the study room, Theodore asked, "Going to meet her?" when he saw Calhoun walk towards the door. 

"Yes," a peaceful smile on Calhoun's lips, and he stepped out of the room. 

The sound of his shoes were sharp on the floor, and he walked in the corridors before stepping out of the castle. He then made his way towards the dungeon. As he walked inside, his footsteps echoed in the cells and rooms of the dungeon. 

He then pulled out a key that he carried with him. Pushing the key inside the slot, he turned it before hearing the click sound, and he stepped inside the room before closing it behind him. 

"How are you doing, grandmother? I thought you might be feeling a little lonely in here," said Calhoun, looking at Morganna, who had the rod still stuck in her mouth.

Morganna didn't look healthy as before. Her skin had started to wilt, and her complexion had turned dull like the walls she was surrounded in. The woman couldn't move an inch from her place since Calhoun had pushed the rod into her mouth. Her body looked frozen except for her eyes. Calhoun had not offered her a drop of blood and had her starved. 

A gurgle of incoherent voice was heard in the room that was feeble to the ears, and Calhoun leaned his back against the wall while watching the woman. 

"The weather today is exceptionally good, isn't it? Can you feel the heat?" he asked her before pushing himself up and walking towards the small window at the top of the wall. He opened it, and Morganna made sounds as if the rays of the sun were hurting her. 

"I wonder if you already heard it, but Laurence and Samara are dead," informed Calhoun, and he saw Morganna's eyes widen. "You told me that he would find out about how I framed you? I thought it was better to get rid of them before trouble follows me. Don't you agree I did the right thing?" he questioned her before he laughed, and he exhaled the air out of his lips. "People think you are dead and resting in the coffin, but here you are, very much alive."

Morganna glared at Calhoun with hate-filled in her eyes.

"Unlike you, I decided to kill them off. There was no point in keeping them alive," said Calhoun, coming back to his place so that he could look at the shrivelled up woman. "You see, I love you much more than I loved and cared about Laurence and his petty wife. You are the apple of my eyes, grandma," and the smile on his lips only broadened.

"You didn't think I would let you go that easily now, did you?" he whispered to her. 

Morganna had no energy left in her body, and it was only a matter of time before her body would crumble into dust because of the lack of blood in her body. She couldn't call anyone for help because, in the beginning, no one was around to hear her, and now, she had no strength. 

Her lips trembled, and she tried to speak. With great difficulty, a word came out of her lips, "W....w....w-why?"
Make way for the King- Part 3

Calhoun didn't answer her right away. He enjoyed watching Morganna in pain. To Laurence and everyone else in Devon and people in the other kingdoms, they had come to believe that Queen Morganna had been killed, executed by giving her quick death. But he had decided to torture her. It gave him immense joy by seeing this woman suffer, and right now, he could do nothing but smile at her plight. 

"I am sorry I didn't quite catch that," said Calhoun with an oblivious look on his face. "Could you repeat it?" 

If the time was different, Morganna would have killed Calhoun with her bare hands, but she was not in a position to do that right now. This bastard had kept her in isolation without offering her even water. 

"W-why are yo...do t-this?" it took everything in Morganna to speak those words, especially with the rod stuck in her mouth. It was hard to move her lips to speak. 

"Because I am savouring your pain. I thought it was evident?" asked Calhoun, and he grinned. "I cannot tell you how happy I am today. Considering how important you are to me, I decided to come and share the news with you."

He gave a pause so that his words could sink into her rusted mind. 

Calhoun then said, "Your son and his wife are dead, therefore the High House has decided that I will be the next King of Devon," hearing this, Morganna's eyes widened. "I would have got your daughter added to the kill list but unfortunately that will need to wait. Maybe she has something better awaiting for her in the future." 

Bringing his hand forward, he touched the iron rod that stuck out of Morganna's mouth. He rotated it for her to cry out in pain. 

"Tsk," Calhoun clicked his tongue, "Only if you had let the things go the way they were. To let my mother stay in the castle and accept her as your daughter-in-law, but you were too prideful. Look at what your pride has done to you today, stuck yourself with a rusted rod. You know...when I was small, I used to wonder why my father didn't want me and my mother. I was angry at you, but I never thought of harming you because at that time, I had no idea what you had put her through. But then we all grow up and finally come to know the truth. Maybe if mother was alive, you wouldn't be here. Does it make you repent that you didn't keep her alive?" 

Calhoun's eyes narrowed at the memory of how he had visited every physician who lived around where they were, but none of them ever willingly offered to come and take a good look at his mother. 

"I might be my mother's son, but that doesn't mean I have the heart to let things go in peace, Morganna," confessed Calhoun. He threw his head back and said, "I can finally sleep in peace tonight. I can promise you that I will have good dreams tonight."

Seeing the shock, terror in the woman's eyes where her pride had broken and knowing she was ready to fall on her knees. Calhoun had finally achieved what he had come here to do in the castle. 


"Please?" asked Calhoun. "Don't worry, I won't keep you here around for anymore. I only came here to share the news," and he smiled. 

When Calhoun made his way towards the door, the woman made gurgling noises, and when his hand reached for the door of the closed-cell room, he said, 

"The sunrays will turn your body crispy by tomorrow morning or noon. I look forward to seeing your skeleton," said Calhoun turning to her, watching her for one last time in shrivelled flesh before she would turn to nothing but dust. "Some scars cannot be forgotten
and I cannot let you rest in the coffin. Don't worry, grandmother, this room will be just for you," and he finally left the room after locking it.

And as Calhoun had mentioned, he did have a good sleep after killing the people who had hurt his mother the most. It was like most of the burden he carried on his shoulders had been released while his heart continued to stay cold and empty. Though he was satisfied with the people's death, revenge didn't heal every wound.

By the following day, in the cell room where Morganna had been secretly held, her body's flesh had disappeared, and only her skeleton remained in the room with dust that covered the ground. 

The coronation of the new King was set after fifteen days of the deceased King's death, and the old ministers had been replaced accordingly by making use of the letter that Laurence had written before his death. This way, Calhoun made sure to keep the ones he believed were loyal while discarding those who continued to work in favour of Queen Morganna and her daughter Rosamund. 

Ministers, relatives, the High House members and some of the other prominent figures from the other Kingdoms had been invited to witness the coronation. 

"Everyone stand!" announced a minister on hearing the footsteps coming from the corridor, and people stood up. 

The boy who once was humiliated and beaten by people, the boy who wore torn clothes, now walked in clothes made of fur and silk. Polished black shoes had replaced the dirty shoes. With every step Calhoun took towards the room, the place turned quieter.

When Calhoun entered the room where everyone was gathered, he walked to the platform before the coronation took place, and the crown was finally placed on his head. 

"I present to you, the new King of Devon. King Calhoun Hawthrone!" announced the head of the ministers and everyone bowed their heads. 

Calhoun watched the way power had shifted and one side of his lips pulled up while he barely raised his hand and said,

"Rise," Calhoun's voice was loud that demanded respect and on his command, everyone lifted their heads. 
Waiting- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Timeless- Jorge Mendez


Lucy sat on the patio in a chair, watching the grounds that belonged to the Greville's family. The hair on the side of her face moved when a gentle breeze moved against where she sat. She caught sight of a carriage on the road, and her heart leapt, but the carriage didn't stop or enter the mansion. Instead, it continued to move past from there. 

Lucy sighed in disappointment. It had been more than two months since her husband Samuel Greville had left home because of his work, and he hadn't returned from it yet. She wondered if she should write a letter to her brother or go to the castle to visit him? It had been quite a while since she had visited the Hawthrone's castle. 

"Milady, you should get back inside as the weather is cold. You might catch a fever," the maid showed her concern towards her. 

Lucy smiled at the woman's words, and she said, "I will be fine, Jamie. Little cold like this won't hurt a vampire's health," but then she realized how her body was weaker compared to the other vampires or vampiress's body. 

For some odd reason, her health had always been on the worse side since she was a child, and she didn't know why it was so. 

The maid, who was a human, worked before Lucy had arrived at the mansion that was almost two decades ago, knew about her delicate condition, and she asked, "Would you like me to bring you a blanket, milady?" 

"Um," Lucy nodded her head, and the maid was quick to bring a blanket to keep the lady of the mansion warm. "Stay here, Jamie. I could use your company." The maid obliged Lucy's wishes. 

"Do you think Mr. Gerville will be arriving home today?" asked the maid in curiosity. 

"I was hoping he would come any moment. It's been a while since he wrote a letter. It has been nineteen days since we last received a letter from Mr. Gerville. Hopefully he will be able to write back sooner. Do you think the letter went missing?" she asked the maid with her hopes up. 

"There might be a chance for it, milady. Maybe you could send the letter to Mr. Baldwin who is the magistrate of the town. Though the letter will take a while for it to reach," said the maid in a thoughtful voice. The maid had taken a seat on the ground, and Lucy continued to sit on the chair. "You must be missing him, terribly, isn't it, Lady Lucy," the maid smiled. 

Lucy returned the smile with her soft smile, "I very much do. This must be the longest time Samuel has been away from home. It makes me worry that something bad might have happened to him."

The maid's eyes softened, "I am sure he will return safely, milady." 

Since Lucy had seen her parent's dead body, it had broken her heart and soul. It was something she had not expected to witness, and during that time, it was Samuel who had looked after her. Taking care of her in every aspect, and they had grown closer, at least that is what she believed. 

Lucy loved her parents dearly. Some things had not been perfect between them, but they were still her parent's. The former princess, a duchess, her world was a small one, and she didn't know what love and care actually was. The love that she had followed and tried to seek years ago had left her heart bitter. 

And even though Samuel was a good man who loved and took care of her, some boundaries had been built over the years. A wall that Lucy wasn't sure if it was her or him who was responsible for it. 

When another carriage arrived at the gate, Lucy stood up from her chair, seeing the carriage making its way through the opened gates. This didn't seem like it was Samuel's carriage and when the carriage stopped, out stepped her paternal aunt, Aunt Rosamund. 

"It's Lady Rosamund Wilmot," the maid whispered, and Lucy said,

"Can you please bring tea to the drawing room, Jamie." 

"Of course, milady. Right away," and the maid quickly left the patio to prepare and bring the tea to the asked room. 

Lucy watched her aunt, who stood straight, and when she looked up at the patio, the woman had a smile on her face. Lucy waved at her aunt, not knowing why exactly her aunt had appeared here today. 

She quickly left the patio and went down to greet her aunt, who looked as if she had aged only four years since the last twenty years. Her aunt was quick to give her coat to the mansion's butler, and she opened her arms for Lucy. 

"Good evening, my dear niece," greeted Lady Rosamund, and she air-kissed Lucy's cheek, which the other did the same before pulling away from each other. "I came here to meet the magistrate and thought I would drop by your house as it would be rude to come this close and not come meet you." 

Lucy was polite with her words, "You did the right thing, Aunt rosamund. It is not every day that I have visitors who come to meet me. And I have missed seeing you." 

"Oh my! Why do you say that?" inquired her aunt, "You can go and attend the soirees if you feel bored. It is the reason why soiress are even held in the first place. Unlike men, women don't have many things to do to spend their time." 

"I should," replied Lucy, the smile on her lips not reaching her eyes. 

She didn't know why, but Samuel had never brought any relative to their mansion, nor did he bother to mingle with them. Due to this, there was a huge gap between him and his relatives that eventually resulted in Lucy's isolation.

Lucy had to follow her husband where he went, leaving places earlier than she intended to.