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Chapter 416 Kidnapping in the Time of the Festival (2)

"There they are." Aerith whispered and pointed towards Leonhart and Thalia. The two children had there hand and feet tied.

Alphonse nodded with Aerith's words and gestured her to keep silent.

"One, two, three, four, five. Five men." Snow counted and whispered to Alphonse and Aerith. "I will help you get the two children to safety. Can you help me get those bad guys distracted?" She asked.

"Distraction?" Aerith asked. "Well, that is our specialty. Right, Al."

"Yes." Alphonse replied. The twins smiled wickedly and looked at the kidnappers.

"Look at these children. They are wearing expensive looking clothes." One of the kidnappers said. "They look like rich kids. We can either put a ransom on them if we know who their parents are or sell them at a high price."

"Hey you." Another kidnapper called Leonhart's attention. "Who are your parents?" He asked. The little Leonhart stayed silent. He looked at the kidnappers with hatefull eyes.

"Hey! What are you looking at, huh?" The other kidnapper grabbed Leonhart's face aburptly. "You got a problem kid?"

The kidnapper grabbed Leonhart by the collar and carried him up. The little Leonhart was holding it in, but he had tears brimming at the rim of his eyes.

"Hey, stop that." The kidnapper who looked like the leader said. "We still need them to lure in the big fish. That is what those Xing b*stard told us. After they get what they need, then we can do whatever we want to those kids." He grinned.

"Hey boss, I have a question." One of the kidnappers raised his hand. "Why did you accept the job those Xing people was offering?" He asked with curiosity etched on his face.

"With these much jewels, would you not want to do anyones bidding?" The boss asked with a huge grin.

The kidnappers boss tossed a pocket back filled with jewels of different colors. The other kidnappers had there eyes glued at the beauty of the colorful gems.


"My gosh, boss!" A kidnapper said after whistling. "That is really something. How much does it worth?"

"That my dear friends, are worth a fortune." The boss replied. "These jewels can only be found and mined at the country of Xing. These are one of the commodities that they trade with our continent. Just one gem is worth many gold coins. Just imagine after they give the full payment."

"There is more?" The other kidnapper asked in disbelief.

"That is what those Xing people said." The boss replied. "We just need to lure in the kid that they want and hand him over to them alive and well, and they will give the other half of the payment."

"Wow, they really want to get that kid they are mentioning to pay such a fortune." Another kidnapper said. "So, we are just going to sit here and wait? What if we just go and get that kid they are mentioning? I think we can accomplish such a thing."

"They advised not to do that." The boss replied. "They just to hand tight here and wait for the big fish to arrive and take the bait. I am not sure why, but if we want to get the other half of our payment, then it is much more convient to sit still and do what they say."

The kidnappers nodded on agreement with their boss and continued to sit and wait.

"You will regret this." Leonhart said with gritted teeth. His eyes were full of hatred towards the kidnappers.

"Oh, what do we have here? A boy trying to be brave?" The other kidnapper laughed.

"My father will never let you live when he finds out what happened." Leonhart said with his eyes filled with braveness.

"Oh, who is your father then?" A kidnapper asked with a mocking voice.

"Ooohh, I am scared." Another kidnapper said with a joking laugh.

The kidnappers laughed out loud in unison. But then they heard some noise at the back of the wooden boxes.

"What was that?" A kidnapper asked.

"Maybe some rats." Another kidnapper replied.

Then there was another noise heard.

"You two, go and take a look." The boss ordered two of the other kidnappers.

"L-Leon..." Thalia was looking really frigthened. "I am getting scared." She said.

"Do not worry Thalia. I am sure my father will find out we are here in no time. And also my brother and sister will surely help us." Leonhart was trying to calm the little Thalia with his words. "If I have just awakened my magic powers. I could have at least done something to have escaped." He looked quite disturbed.

"Your little highnesses." Snow in her white cat form was able to sneak at the back of the children.

"Snow!" Leonhart was surprised but Snow gestured him to stay silent and so he did. "You are here. Who came with you?" He asked.

"Your brother and sister Prince Alphonse and Princess Aerith are with me. They will help me distract those bad guys." Snow said. "Tempest went and called your imperial parents at the palace. They will be here soon to face you all."

Leonhart's face brigthened at hearing Snow's words.

"Told you Thalia, my siblings and parents will be sure to help us." Leonhart said with a smile.

"Yes." Thalia smiled shyly.

"Now, I will cut your ropes." Snow said. "When the bad men are distracted, you two ran as fast as you can that way. I will surely protect you." Both of the children nodded their head in understanding.

The two kidnappers proceeded to where the noise came from. They looked around the back of the stacked wooden boxes.

"There is nothing here." One kidnapper said."Let us just go back then..." The other kidnapper said, but before he could finish his sentence a flash of light momentarily blinded them.

"Aaaahhhh!" Both of the kidnappers screamed loud.

"W-What happened?" The boss shouted after hearing the commotion.

The other kidnappers ran towards where the other two have gone and saw their comrades frozen in ice from head to toe.

"B-Boss!" The kidnappers yelled. "T-The other two... they are frozen stiff."

"What do you mean?" The boss stood up from his chair and walked towards them. "W-What the..." He was shocked to see his two minions frozen like statues.

"Go and get the children..." The boss ordered the other two. "NOW!"

The other two kidnappers where startled but then ran back towards where the two children are. Then they saw the two kids now had their ropes cut and was about to run away.

"Hey, stop right there!" One of the kidnappers was about to run towards them. But was stopped in his tracked when he saw a white cat thet blocked his way shifted into a white tiger.


The loud roar vibrated inside the building. The kidnappers went stiff after seeing the big white tiger standing in front of them.

"B-Boss!" The kidnappers whimpered. "T-There is a big white tiger blocking the way."

"WHAT?!" The boss looked and saw the magestic features of Snow in her tiger form. He was at an awe and also was scared stiff.

"You picked the wrong children." Alphonse came out of the shadows with a wooden stick and handled it like a sword.

"You little..." The boss opted to attack Alphonse, thinking that handling a little kid is more easy than a big tiger. "You will pay for what you did with my men!"

The kidnappers boss rushed towards Alphonse and tried to attack him, but the little prince was able to dodge the rushing adult. He handled the wooden stick like a sword and swung it at ease, giving blow by blow toward the boss of the kidnappers.

"Heh, slow." Alphonse taunted.

"You little..." The boss was fuming red with anger. "Wait until I get my hand on you!"

The kidnappers' boss rushed towards Alphonse and attacked but the little prince was able to dodge every attack with ease. It was like he was dancing gracefully with every move and was able to hit the boss with his wooden stick like sword.

The boss kneeled down the floor having so many bruises around his body with the many hits of Alphonse's wooden stick.

"Boss!" The other kidnapper was about to help his boss.

"You will pay for that little kid." The other kidnapper said and was about to attack Alphonse.

"Oh no you won't." Aerith's voice was heard.

The temperature inside the building dropped. Their breaths were visible whenever they breathe out.

"What the..." The kidnapper saw that his feet started to be frozen and stuck on the floor.

"H-Help!" The other kidnapper was also getting frozen in his place.

"I will not let you harm my twin brother." Aerith said and emerged from behind the wooden boxes.

Alphonse walked towards the boss knowing that all the kidnappers were now defeated.

"Tell me, who told you to kidnap my little brother and friend." Alphonse looked at the kidnappers' boss with chilling eyes. "I heard that you were hired by someone. Tell me who are they and what do they want, and I will spare your life." He said with a chilling face.

"Heh... why will I tell you?" The boss taunted. He was crouching on the floor still clearly in pain from the beatin he got from Alphonse. "What can a kid do to me?"

Alphonse's face twisted in anger. He crouched down and looked at the kidnapper's boss with a stone chilling face that a kid should not have.

"I told you, if you do not tell me then I will end your life here and now." Alphonse said with a chilling straight face. He held the boss's hand and it started to become stone. "I warned you."

"Ahh... ahhhh!!!" The boss screamed in fright seeing his hand become stone and it started to creep towards his arm. "Let go... let go of me!" He freaked.

But Alphonse did not budge. The boss tried to punch the prince but Alphonse was able to catch his fists. The kidnappers boss was surprised with the boy's strength. He was not able to pull his fits from the little boy's grip.

"Let me go... let me go you monster!" The boss yelled in fright.

"Tell me and I will let you go." Alphonse asked again. "Who hired you?"

"I-It was people from Xing..." The boss replied in fright. His whole arm was now turned into stone. "I do not know who they are but all I know they are people from Xing with their apperance."

Alphonse let go of the boss' hand and the stone from his arm stopped from spreading unto his body.

"I-I told you what I know. P-Please turn my arm back." The boss said with fear in his eyes.

"Why would I?" Alphonse said. "You put my little brother and friend on danger. In fact, you will not live past this after my father gets here. Did you know that you kidnapped the son of the emperor himself?"

"E-Emperor...?" The boss was stiff. "You mean... his majesty the emperor of Astley Empire?"

"None other than put imperial father, Emperor Regaleon Yosef Astley." Alphonse said.

The boss now knew his faith after hearing Alphonse's words. He was not able to move from his spot with the surprise and fright.

"I will take care of this little prince." Snow said and pressed the boss for him to face down on the ground.

"Well that went well." Aerith trotted towards her brother. "The only problem is, mother and father would know that we sneaked out. Are you okay, Al?" She saw how angry her twin brother was just a while ago. This was the first time she saw her brother to have such a chilling expression.

"I am fine." Alphonse replied. "It's just that... knowing that someone hired these thugs on purporse bugs me." He was deep in thought when he heard a scream.

"Ahhhh!" Thalia's scream echoed inside the building.

Snow, Aerith and Alphonse looked at the direction of the voice and saw three black robe hooded people holding Leonhart and Thalia hostage.

"B-Brother... run!" Leonhart yelled.

"No!" Alphonse screamed in anger. "Let them go!"

"Little prince..." One of the robed people said. "If you want them to live, then come here." He said.

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Chapter 417 The Chosen One’s Partial Awakening (1)

"Little prince…." One of the robed people said. "If you want them to live, then come here."
Alphonse gripped his fists hard trying to control his anger. His feet started to move forward towards the hooded robbed men.

"No Al, do not go." Aerith held her brother's hand. She held on to it as if her life depended on it and stopped her brother from taking another step.

"It is okay Rith. I will be careful, I promise." Alphonse replied and gently pulled his sister grip of from his hand. "I promise to get Hart and Thalia back, safe and sound."

Alphonse resumed walking towards the hooded robed men. His steps vibrated inside the building.

"Snow, do something." Aerith begged her. "What if those robed men kidnap Al as well?"

"I want to little princess, but I cannot." Snow said with a troubled expression. "I feel that there is some kind of barrier around them. Something that even I cannot break. My body feels heavy and it is as if I am bound to the place where I am standing now."

"W-What?" Aerith was stunned. "Come to think of it, I can feel a faint presence of magic. Are they Atlantians? How dare they do this to us!" she looked at the robed men with fury.

"No, it is different form Atlantian magic little princess." Snow replied. "I think they are of different properties. But the result is like the magic that we have."

Alphonse was a little closer to the hooded robed men that was holding Leonhart and Thalia as hostages. The two little children were trying to break free from their grip but to no avail.

Alphonse passed by what seemed to be a magic circle. He felt something weigh down his entire body.

'What is this?' Alphonse thought. 'My body is feeling quite heavy all of a sudden.'

Alphonse's pace become slow and dragging. It is visible to others that he is getting weaker by every step he takes.

The magic circle around the hooded robed men started to emit a faint violet glow. In every step Alphonse take, the light becomes brighter and stronger. At last, Alphonse cannot make another step and he fell on his knees down on the floor.

"Al!" Aerith ran towards her brother but was stopped by an invisible wall at the outer rings of the magic circle. "No! Al, get up." She banged on the invisible wall numerous timed to no avail.

"Little prince!" Snow tried to move from where she was standing but she was not able to budge an inch. It was like some force is preventing her from getting out of the spot she was standing.

"No, brother." Leonhart resisted his captors. "Do not let them get you!"

Alphonse was feeling the pressure build up on his body. Even speaking had become very difficult for him. Now he knows why the kidnappers had tried to lure them there rather than kidnap him themselves. The hooded robed men knew what Alphonse was capable of and set a magic trap to trap him in.

Aerith was crying seeing her twin brother getting weaker every second that was going by. She looked at the magic circle and tried to decipher the symbols.

'I do not recognize the symbols and letters. They are very different from ours.' Aerith thought. 'But the pattern is the same from the magic traps Uncle Jack had thought me. Maybe I can do something.'

Aerith kneeled down the edge of the magic circle and put her hands on the ground where it was carved in. She used her magic and tried to decipher the magic circles components and planned to dismantle it.

"Just wait for me Al." Aerith said with determination. "I will save you and our little brother and Thalia." She concentrated on the task she had at hand.

"Hah… hah…" Alphonse was panting hard. "Y-You got what you want. L-Let them go." He tried his best to utter the words out of his mouth.

"Not quite yet." A hooded robed man came walking towards Alphonse.

The hooded robed man stopped in front of the kneeling Alphonse. The little prince looked as if he was suffering. He was breathing pretty hard and was sweating profusely.

"I am not yet sure if this alchemic circle can hold you down. But I am quite happy that it was a success." The hooded robed man said. He squatted down to be on Alphonse's level of sight. "I was the one that made this alchemic circle myself. After days and nights of research on how to contain The Almighty One's powers, this is what came out. Can you feel it? Your magic being drained from that body of yours." He gestured on the circle with symbols that is growing brightly as ever.

"W-What is it that you want?" Alphonse tried to talk even with his whole body feeling the pressure.

"What do I want? You are the one that stole from us. Well, your past incarnation to be precise." The hooded robed man took of his robe and his face was revealed. The man inside the hood was still young. He had black hair and slanted eyes, the features of the people of Xing country. "We are just here to get it back. The thing that you stole from me, as the rightful heir to that power. The four sacred beasts that is the gods of our country."

"W-What?" Alphonse was at a loss. "What are you talking about? The sacred beast are not mine. Why are you telling me that I stole them? They are not mine to begin with."

Alphonse knew bout the sacred beasts. He knew that his family was chosen as their masters. They belong to his parents and uncles. But the man before him was asking 'him' for the sacred beasts.

"You do not need to understand." The robed man from Xing said. "You just have to stay there while I drain you of all your magic powers."

The robed man from Xing stood up. There was a strange symbol from where Alphonse was kneeling down and where the Xing man was standing. The symbols started to resonate with each other. Alphonse felt pressure on his entire body like never before. It felt like electricity was flowing out of his body.

"Ahhhh…" Alphonse screamed in pain.

"No, Al!" Aerith shouted when she heard her twin brothersscream of pain.

"Brother!" Leonhart was trashing around, trying to break free from his captors.

Thalia was starting to cry out loud after seeing Alphonse in so much pain.

"Yes… yes, this is it." The robed man from Xing was laughing out loud. "I can feel it, the surge of so much energy. This is the magic power that was stolen from us many years ago."

The light from Alphonse was starting to weaken while the light on the robed man from Xing was getting brighter and brighter.

"Ahh, I can feel it." One of the hooded robed men said.

"Yes, I can feel power coming inside of me." Another replied.

The alchemic circle was designed to sip out power from a power source an be given to the people that were standing at a specific symbol. Because of this, Alphonse's power was being drained out of him and being transferred to the hooded robed men.

Alphonse looked up to the Xing man filled with fury. He looked quite helpless in his situation, but his eyes were still burning.

"Why are you looking at me like that little kid?" The Xing man asked with a grin. "You are the one that stole this power from us in the first place. I am just here to take it back. In the past, our country was blessed by the four sacred beasts. Magic was a power only given to us of the royal blood line. But as the story goes, a heretic was born into the royal family. He was a curse even to our country, and one day he stole everything from us. The scared beasts, the magic power, all of the blessings bestowed in our country were all gone. My ancestors had a difficult time after, but with the absence of magic alchemy was born. It was the substitute for the magic you have stolen, but my ancestors promised that we will get it all back. And here I am now, to do the promise made by my ancestors. I am here to take it all back. Every drop of it."

Alphonse's energy was being drained from his body. He was feeling very weak, as if all his strength was being sucked away from his body. He saw Aerith trying to decipher the alchemic circle in haste. He also saw Leonhart and Thalia trying their hardest to get away from their captors.

"Let me go!" Leonhart tried his hardest. "Let me go, you buffoon!" He bit the hand of the hooded robed man holding him.

"Ahhh…" The hooded robed man let go of Leonhart while holding his hand in pain. "Why you little…" He slapped Leonhart hard that the little prince went flying at the invisible wall of the magic circle. He hit it hard and fell on the ground not moving.

"Leonhart!" Thalia was stunned and also bit her captors' arm.

"You brat!" The hooded robed man tried to catch Thalia but did not want to get away from the symbol he was standing on.

Thalia ran towards the now unconscious Leonhart.

"Leonhart… Leonhart…" Thalia was crying while calling to the little prince. "Please wake up."

"No!!! HART!" Aerith was stunned seeing her little brother lying on the floor unconscious. "You… you will pay for this!" Anger was etched on her beautiful face. She gripped her fists and continued deciphering the alchemic circle.

The alchemic circle's light started to wane. Aerith was successful to weaken the hold of the alchemic circle.

"You…" Alphonse who had his head bowed down said. "You are going to pay for what you did." He said with a low but chilling voice.

"What did you say?" The Xing man who was standing before him asked in a confused manner.

"I said…" Alphonse looked up the Xing man. His eyes started to glow white. "You are going to pay with what you did to my little brother!" He shouted in fury.

Chapter 418 The Chosen One’s Partial Awakening (2)(unedited)


"I said…" Alphonse looked up the Xing man. His eyes started to glow white. "You are going to pay with what you did to my little brother!" He shouted in fury.

Alphonse's short black hair started to glow and grow long. The color of his hair from the tips started to change to silver until his whole hair was changed to silver.

"W-What is this?" The Xing man was shocked to see Alphonse's hair length and hair color change. "What is happening?"

The grounded under their feet started to shake violently, as if there was an earthquake. The alchemic circle's light started to blink as if it was losing power.

"I can see it now!" Aerith shouted with an excited smile. "I can undo this circle momentarily. Snow, be prepared to get the little ones to safety when I undo this."

"Yes.!" Snow replied in a hear beat.

But before Aerith was able to undo the alchemic circle that was weighing Alphonse down, the prince was able to stand up at ease. It was as if the strength ang magic power that was drained from his were being filled up again.

"Y-You, how can you still stand up?" The Xing man was dumbfounded with the what was now happening.

"Did you not want my powers?" Alphonse said with a chilling voice. "Then take it. Take as much as you want."

The alchemic circle was still transmitting magic power towards the hooded robed men. Those men now started to kneel on the ground, they were visibly in pain.

"What… what is happening." The Xing man asked. "Tell me what is happening?" He shouted in frustration.

"It is you who wanted to take my magic powers." Alphonse replied. "But unfortunately, my magic power is unlimited. Your bodies are just like a glass container. You may be similar to Atlantians that have bigger containers and is able to store so much magic power, but what do you think will happen when the container is full. Do you not thing that the magic power you are sucking from me will overflow from your bodies. What do you think will happen next if the container cannot contain the magic you are sucking from me anymore?" He was speaking as if he was not a ten year old boy. He was speaking like an adult should.

"No, this cannot be." The Xing man cannot believe Alphonse's words. He was still in denial. "I am of royal linage from the Xing country. I can take more magic power because of my linage."

"That may be true." Alphonse replied. "But what about your men?"

The Xing man looked behind him and saw his men was writhing in pain on the floor.

"Y-Your highness…" One hooded robed man said.

"H-Help us…" Another said.

"P-Please, I do not want to die yet." Another one of the men said.

"No, what is happening. This cannot be." The Xing man replied. "I made this alchemic circle with preciseness. There should be no problems."

"You are correct, this alchemic circle you made was perfect." Alphonse replied. "You just did not anticipate that my magic would have been unlimited after I have awakened."

"A-Awakened?" The Xing man looked at the young Alphonse in disbelief. "That is impossible. You should not have awakened until certain things have been met."

"That should be the natural thing. It should be not time yet. This little one's body is still not that powerful." Alphonse looked at his hands while opening and closing his grip. "But because of your doing, I was awakened briefly. No worries, after dealing with you I will surely go back to sleep."

"Y-You… who are you?" The Xing man asked with a frightened expression.

"Me? I am your ancestor." Alphonse smiled chillingly. "I cannot believe that the descendants of my kin in Xing still holds I grudge on me. No worries, I will surely go back there and send my regards. But before that, this little one should be awakened at the right time. By then, he and I will become one and the same."

"N-No. I need to get out." The Xing man tried to move. "I need to get out of here!" He tried to move from his place, but he was stuck as if his feet were glued in place.

The other hooded robed men that were writhing on the floor in pain because of the overflowing magic they are taking were crying and screaming in pain. Not long, their bodies cannot take it and gave in.




Blood oozed from the opening of their body such as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It looked gruesome that it was fortunate that fog started to cover their bodies and the children were not able to see such a horrifying sight that can haunt them.

"N-No…" The Xing man was still standing in place. "Ugh…" He started to feel pain on his body.

The Xing man kneeled down the floor and started to vomit blood.

"It looks like your body is starting to give in as well." Alphonse said. "You may have a bigger container, but still it can be filled to the rim. Not long, you will follow your men."

"N-No… this cannot be." The Xing man said. "I will not let you. I will be the next ruler of Xing. I will be the one to unite all the countries and rule over this world."

"You have such big dreams, but do you think I will let you?" Alphonse replied. At that time, the alchemic circle lost its light and power. The absorption of magic from Alphonse's body to the Xing man lost its connection. "Oh, you are lucky that my twin sister was able to break your alchemic circle. Your body was just in the brink of breaking. But no matter, I will end you here and now."

When Alphonse was about to grip the Xing man's neck, he felt something coming from a direction. He took a step back before a number of stone spears came raining down just in between him and the Xing man.

"That was close." Alphonse looked at a distance at the opening on the ceiling of the building.

The building they were in was partially ruined with the earthquake that occurred with his partial awakening. The roof caved in but fortunately no one was harmed. From the partial opening of the building, the stone spears came in and not long, men wearing black hooded robes appeared.

"Protect his highness, crown prince." A tall hooded robed man said.

The hooded robed men came down easily and defended the Xing man that was kneeling down in pain.

"Your highness." The tall hooded man held the Xing prince on his arms. "The prince has lost consciousness. You, take the crown prince to safety." He ordered.

"Yes." One of the hooded robed man replied and took the prince of Xing and departed from the place.

"We are ordered to take this child in custody." The tall hooded robed man said. "Do what ever it takes to take him."

Alphonse looked at the men in front of him. The hooded robed men were ready to engage in battle with him. They were equipped with alchemic objects that gives them the power similar to magic.

"You do not need to cover your faces with hoods. I know you all are men from Xing." Alphonse replied.

The men started to take off their hoods. Some of them have alchemic circles tattooed on their faces. Some are visible on their skins.

"It is surprising, Xing people really have no mana left on their bodies." Alphonse said. "Well, the royals of Xing have been very greedy with sharing them in the first place. Maybe it is karma."

"How dare you talk to our royals that way!" The tall man shouted. "Attack!"

"Many versus one? This is not a fair fight." Alphonse replied and grinned. "Oh well, when did the Xing been fair."

The Xing men started to attack Alphonse. Using alchemic symbols and tools, they were able to conjure elements and use them to attack the little prince. But Alphonse was able to dodge every attack with his own magic.

"Look out!" Aerith joined the fight.

"Aerith!" Alphonse was stunned but then smiled to Aerith. "You are very powerful for your age."

"Of course, I am." Aerith replied. "I am your twin sister after all. We are more like identical twins now, seeing your long silver hair. Great change."

"Oh yes, hahaha." Alphonse laughed out loud. "Then why don't we take this people out."

The ten year old twins were fighting off a group of grown men and was able to stand their ground.

"Where is Snow?" Alphonse asked.

"I asked her to take Leonhart and Thalia to a safe place." Aerith replied while blocking off an attack. "She will be here soon."

"That is good to hear." Alphonse sighed. "I think I am getting sleepy again."

"What?! How can you be sleepy at a time like this?" Aerith asked with a shocked expression.

"Haha, well I should not have been awakened yet." Alphonse replied.

"What are you talking about?" Aerith asked with a confused expression. "I do not understand you."

"You might not understand now, but I am happy to see you. I am happy to have siblings in this life that can help me like this." Alphonse replied.

"Hah, I do not understand what you are saying but of course I am always here to help you." Aerith replied. "We have been always together since we were inside mother's womb after all."

"I see." Alphonse replied. "Help has come. They are here." He looked up int the sky.

The sky rumbled and the earth shook. The robed men that increased in numbers was surprised with the sudden happening.

In the sky, Tempest and Virgil in their best form were flying down. Fire and water dispersed in their paths.

"Ahhh…" The robed men were flown away from the beast's path.


Carrick came with his huge body and broke the already ruined building walls. Snow jumped in near the twins, protecting them behind her.

"They are here!" Aerith responded excitedly. "Our family are surely here as well!"