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Chapter 698 News

Abi was astounded as she watched his face. This was the first time she realized the pleasures of pleasing him and seeing him groan and writhe in carnal ecstasy. She definitely would be doing this again, she thought to herself.

"My god," he said raggedly as soon as he opened his eyes and grabbed Abi's face. His thumbs caressing her wet lips as his uneven breathing fanned across her face. His eyes still astonished and then, he smiled and bit down on his lips, looking at her in disbelief. "You really surprised me, my love… that was… so good." He added then he grabbed her, and he began to kiss her neck all the while undressing her quickly.

"I was planning to surprise you… but you ended up surprising me instead…" he uttered while kissing her. Then he suddenly stopped, while his hands were roaming on her now naked body. "Where did you learn how to do that… hmm? Could it be that you did some extensive research while I wasn't home?"

Abi blushed. "I read up a little on it." She replied and Alex chuckled.

"Because you wanted to please me…?"

She nodded and Alex's eyes gleamed, utterly please.

"Did I do good?" she asked shyly, and Alex gathered her in his arms and gently laid her back on the bed.

"For a first timer, it was more than good, love," he whispered as he loomed over her. Alex was still brimming with ecstasy at what his wife had done for him. He had not truly expected it and he was thrilled knowing that there were still many things for her to explore and learn especially the moment he recalled how innocent she was back then. His little lamb had grown so much, and he was loving every minute of it.

A wicked smile flashed on his handsome face as he looked down at her. "Now it's my turn, my wife." He said and that night, the couple spent a passionate and slow love making that the both of them enjoyed to their heart's content.

The next morning, Andrew and Abi's grandparents were surprised seeing that their son-in-law was already back. Abi immediately told them she had opened the door for him at midnight when he arrived.

After eating breakfast with the family, Alex and Abi bid their farewell once again to returned to their house.

To Abi's surprise, Alex brought her to the airport instead.

Blinking in surprise, Abi looked at him and raised her brow. "Where are we going? Dear husband?"

Alex glanced at her as he continued driving. He started to feel a little worried now. He had been thinking since last night how to break the news to her and he was still very anxious and unable to decide how to do it. His worry was truly getting to him and if possible, he did not want to make her worry at all. However, there was no way around it.

Clearing his throat, Alex tilted his head slightly. "We're going to the kingdom."

Last night, Alex had not told her anything as they both had cuddled together and slept after their passion filled lovemaking. But truth was that Abi had decided not to ask because she had felt that Alex was worrying about something. She somehow knew he was weighing whether he should speak or not. That was why she tried to wait patiently for him to speak.

"Why? D-did something happen?"

Alex nodded. "I'll tell you everything when we are in the plane, okay?"

"Okay." Abi answered patiently.

The couple then boarded a private plane after that. Alex was holding Abi's hand and looking up at her with a serious and worried expression.

He started to tell her everything. Knowing that Abi deserved to know everything and that he could not…no, he should not hide anything from his wife. He was worried, but he knew that there was no way out but tell her the whole truth.

Abi tried her best to not be overly emotional as she listened to the things Zeres had done. She truly felt bad for Zeres. She always wished that the man could finally find his happiness and yet, he went through all those cruel things again. She did not know how long he must further endure such hardships.

Alex hugged her, his warm hand caressing her back as if to soothe her.

"And then what happened? How's Alicia?" Abi asked and when Alex was silent for a long time, her heart began to ache as she looked at him with wide eyes.

"She's," Alex paused. "She's dead, Abi…"

Abi froze at what she heard. She had tried hard to stay composed while listening to Alex tell her the things that happened to Zeres because she knew her husband was very worried about her. But this news was just too much to take in and she could hardly believe what she was hearing.

During the entire trip, Abi had a hard time believing it at first. But eventually, she could no longer hold back her emotions no matter how she tried, and she ended up crying miserably in Alex's arms. This was a very close and beloved friend of hers!

Once they arrived and their plane landed in Country V, Lucas immediately fetched the couple from the airport and brought them to the Reigns Castle.

After resting for a while, Alex and Abi left their room and met their companions in the courtyard. 

Everyone was already prepared and were waiting for them. Zeke, the young vampire, Kyle, and some other men were all there.

"Are you guys going to travel by car too?" Alex asked Zeke and the man nodded.


"I see…" Alex glanced at his wife and once they were inside the car, Alex made her lean on him. "You must take your rest now, Abi. Since the ceremony is only at midnight. It is still quite a long while to go." Alex whispered and Abi obediently closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, the car had finally halted, and the surroundings were already dark.

"We're here now, Abi." Alex informed a slightly sleepy Abi. When she lifted her face, the entrance of the Black Forest welcomed her eyes as the last vestiges of sleepiness left her.

Chapter 699 Deep sorrow

Abi, Alex, and the vampires all filed out of their respective cars solemnly. It was truly an interesting sight to behold, having these supernatural beings who are able to move so quickly on their own – even faster than automobiles at times – travelling in those vehicles that run slower than they do. However, it was out of respect to Alicia and consideration for Abi that they did so. The deliberateness in travelling there by car and gradually approaching the Black Forest to come for the final send-off of the previous witch queen showed their esteem of Alicia.

By coming in an unhurried and slow manner, it showed that they were not in a rush to send Alicia off. It was not as if they were just there to 'get it over with' and ending the ceremony as fast as they could. Thus, the reason why they had opted to travel there by car. And for Abi, consideration was given to her as she was already overwrought and shocked by the news of her dear and close friend's passing, on top of being pregnant too. If she were to be further aggravated or agitated, there would be no telling if the child in her womb might be affected.

And knowing how Alex totally spoils and dotes on Abi, there would be hell to pay if anything unfortunate happens to her or their unborn child. Thus, travelling to the Black Forest by car was just killing two birds with one stone. It served both the purposes just as well.

The gathered group fully dressed in black entered the forest in silence.

As soon as they reached the Crystal Cave, witches clad in pure white garments were already lined up just outside the closed Cavern. So many of them lining up all dressed in white while having the breeze gently blowing through the thick trees made it seem as though there was a sea of white billowing in the dark greenery of the forest.

The group that had just arrived were greeted with that sombre silence and beautiful scene, making them feel the atmosphere of mourning even more deeply – all except for Ezekiel of course. Though he was appropriately sombre and seemed somewhat reverent of the occasion, one could tell after studying his face closely that he was still as calm, composed, and unaffected by his surroundings. That was Zeke, and everyone who knew him understood that this was just the way he is. Never had they seen this person lose his cool in whatever the circumstance, either good or bad.

However, in opposition to the unwavering mood that Zeke was presenting, the witches were in deep sorrow and that was very first time Abi had seen such a number of witches gathered together in one place.

Abi thought that this had to be the entire population of witches that existed. Abi could not have imagined that there were so many of them. Giving a quick scan of the area, Abi estimated that there were probably a few thousands of witches who were present in the forest based on the white clothing they were wearing. Even then, she had a sneaking suspicion that that would not be the total numbers as there were many who were behind trees and were standing further back in the shadowy sections of the forest further in.

But Abi could hardly care less. She was devastated and still reeling from hearing the news that Alicia was already dead. She even still held on a hope that maybe it was just a mistake or that there was still a way to bring Alicia back to life again. But again, as she looked around and seeing the mourning witches around them as they entered, Abi could only bite her lower lip at the sharp pain she felt in her chest, realising that Alicia was really and truly dead.

As the realisation set in, that sharp pain radiated from her chest to the rest of her, making her gasp and clutch at her abdomen.

It did not help that she had cried a lot the whole duration of the plane ride because she felt like crying again. She knew she should try and refrain from it as her already slightly swollen eyes would swell even further and worry her husband who was already hovering over her.

Alex's grip on her hand tightened at her gasp and then his thumb pressed soothingly on her skin as they walked forward. Alex was actually very worried for Abi as she was still early in her pregnancy. And if there were anything that triggered an even bigger emotional outburst from his wife, it might affect their child and even Abi herself. If it were up to him, he would not allow Abi to make this long journey here, much less go into the forest and even enter into the cave.

However, he knew how stubborn his little wife can get and how much she loved and cared for this friend of hers. Alicia was one of the rare friend that Abi had who understood her, as their experience had brought them closer and they had interacted with each other as though they were sisters at times.

When they walked right up to the front of the crystal cave and stopped, Lilith immediately came up to them.

Abi was surprised at the sight of a silver-haired witch that was not Alicia. She had heard about this girl – who was supposed to be Alicia's replacement – from Alex earlier so Abi already knew this young lady was now the new witch queen. As Abi looked at her, she mused within herself that the new queen was still very young.

Lilith came forward to greet Abi and welcomed her and the vampires. Then she looked straight at Abi and spoke. "You are the only one allowed to enter the Crystal Cave to see Queen Alicia and offer your greetings and blessings for the last time," she informed Abi and the whole group. Abi then looked over at Alex.

Alex only gave a small comforting smile before nodding at her. The other vampires did not react as they already knew that vampires were never allowed to venture inside the witches' Crystal Cavern.

They all just stood there, unmoving as their deep eyes watched Abi and Lilith both enter the secret door until both ladies could not be seen anymore. The secret door had closed behind the two ladies and was covered with streams of snow-white flowers which were in full bloom.

Once Abi followed Lilith into the cave she stood motionless for a few moments. Then she took a quick look to scan around the inside of the ccave. Abi's quick glance showed her that Zeres was standing unmoving in one corner of the cave, leaning his shoulder against the cool and smooth cave wall as his gaze was fixed on Alicia's body. He did not seem to have heard the arrival of either one of them. And even if he did notice, he pretended as though he did not and locked his gaze onto the body of the woman that he still loved so much, even in death. Abi's eyes trailed from Zeres' form to the spot that he had his eyes glued on.