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Chapter 696 Dose of you

It was nearly midnight when Alex arrived in front of Abi's parents' house. He picked up his fists and was about to knock on the door, but he halted and pulled his phone out instead.

He tapped some numbers on the phone's keypad but before he could tap on the call button to call Abi, his finger halted again and hovered over the phone keypad. Alex tilted his head and as though an interesting idea popped into his head, he smiled happily before slipping his phone back into his pants pocket.

Stepping back, Alex silently walked towards the side of the house and looked up at Abi's window. Her light was off. It seems his wife was still fast asleep. A mischievous grin spread across his handsome face again. Looking up at the dark windows, his eyes twinkled, and his heart thumped with excitement before making a strong leap that propelled him up from the ground.

Silently, he landed on the veranda, before moving close to Abi's closed window. As he crept close to the darkened window, he plastered his face to it and peeked through in search for his sleeping beauty. When he saw her sleeping on the bed, his smile widened.

Alex's first instinct was that he wanted to break in immediately so he could finally snuggle in bed with her and hold her close to him. He had missed her so badly after leaving her to deal with the issue with Zeres. This was the first time in a very long time since they were separated for such a duration since they had reunited after their separation. Thankfully, Alex had not had the moment to miss Abi much too badly in the past days due to the intense happenings with Zeres. It would have been a torture otherwise! He would not be able to have withstood the challenge too.

While Alex was still figuring out what he should do next, whether to silently break in or wake her up and surprise her, he was suddenly reminded that he once did this very same thing before.

The memories of that night when he realized on how much he loves her came flashing back… his confession and Abi's tears… he realized what a night it was. He also remembered everything that had happened before that and he could not help but smile, realizing that the both of them had been through so much. Then his smile slowly faded as he looked up at the sky the moment that he remembered the day he met Abi in that garage.

He could not help but bite down on his lip hard, remembering how he had actually sent Abi away and rejected her not once but a few times even. He still felt bad about it when thinking on it even now. And yet, Abi persistently came at him even when he had thought she was just a naïve little lamb back then. And such a cute little lamb she had been. The vision that flashed through his memories still could put a grin on his face until now. Recalling all that, his smile slowly faded. What would have happened if Abi was not her persistent self and had not pursued him after he rejected her that night?

Alex scoffed at himself and shook his head as he told himself there was no use in thinking about those what ifs now. The most important thing was that she is back in his arms again and would forever be with him now. Forever… that word brought such comfort to his once frozen as ice heart.

"Alex?" the sweetest voice in the universe echoed and drifted into his ears. Alex smiled widely again as he turned his gaze inside the window.

There she was standing beside the bed, his beloved wife. His angel… his life. He had made sure that he did not make a single sound to disturb her sleep! Did she somehow sense out his presence?

Upon opening the window, Alex swiftly and hastily entered before closing the windows shut. He did not want the chilly night air to cause her to catch a cold. Once that was done, he immediately rushed over, and hugged Abi close to him.

"You're back!" she whispered as she hugged him back tightly. When he looked down at her, Abi raised her head and he saw her eyes sparkling brightly at him.

"Mm. I'm back wife. I miss you!" he kissed her hungrily and Abi kissed him back with the same amount of fervour that he had.

"I've missed you too, Alex…" she replied as she caught his face in her hands after their kiss. "Are you alright? Tell me… is everything alright?" Her eyes were scanning his face, trying to find if there was anything wrong with him.

Alex wrapped his arms around her hips and lifted her into the air easily.

"Can we talk about that later, my dear wife?" he whispered as he buried his face into her abdomen and his eyes glimmered as he looked up and stared at her, "I'm starving…"

Abi blinked. "Alright… I'll go prepare something for you to eat -" she said as she wriggled, trying to get down from his arms.

"Abi…" he cut her off and he licked his lower lip slowly. "It's not my stomach that's hungry." Abi jerked as she looked into his eyes, before realising what he actually meant when he said he was starving.

Speechless, Abi pinched both his cheeks. Alex grabbed at her wrists and stuffed her pointer finger inside his mouth. He suckled on them in such an erotic way as his eyes smouldered through the dark strands of his fringe that hung down his forehead and slightly covered his eyes.

"I need my dose of you now, Abigail… I'm dying with hunger here, love..." He whispered and Abi could only give in, knowing that it was impossible for her to resist this man. She would not… no, she could not even think of resisting as she had missed him too. Too much in fact, that she was actually dreaming of him just before waking up just earlier.
Chapter 697 Wholeheartedly

Feeling his length of hardness already rubbing against her, Abi grabbed his head and kissed him hard. Then she pulled away and asked him to put her down.

Alex did as she had asked, and Abi reached out for his collar and began undoing the buttons. "Did you come straight here upon leaving country V?" she asked as she tried to quickly undress him, her slender fingers struggling with his buttons.

"Nope. I made a very quick pitstop by our house to get a quick bath and get changed out of my filthy clothes. As I am quite certain I wouldn't be able to stop myself from attacking upon seeing you. That's why I decided to deal with myself before coming here." Alex stated as his eyes roved hungrily over Abi's lithe form.

She smiled. "I see…" she knelt on the floor as she pulled down his pants and underwear in one smooth movement.

His rock-hard length sprung right before her face. When she looked up from her kneeling position before him, Alex swallowed hard, seeing her face right before his beyond excited manhood.

"Abigail…" he whispered reverently and even though he did not say anything more, Abi could read the intense arousal that was displayed on his face. The tip of his thick and heavy shaft was already moistened and the look in his eyes was incredibly sexy and filled with desire. She could tell what her husband wanted at that moment, and she would gladly do it. She wanted to please him too as he was most often the one pleasing her every single time. He had given her so much, and it would be her pleasure to be giving back this time. Also, she had missed him terribly the time that he had been away.

Lately, since the news of her pregnancy, Abi had noticed Alex being extra careful when they were having sex compared to the times before. She knew it was because he was worried about accidentally injuring their baby and she was happy about him being considerate as he always was, always thinking about her welfare over his need. But at the same time, she did not want him to feel short-changed during their intimate moments as well.

Thus, due to this, they had even spoken and discussed about this and that was why they have decided to do it in certain positions that were safer compared to others. Still, Abi still noticed that Alex was holding back too much. Abi knew Alex was always like that when it comes to her, always overprotective and all… but she could not help but feel worried and wondered if he was even enjoying himself at all during their lovemaking sessions lately.

Whenever she asks him, he always replies that he was having the time of his life and Abi believes him. But this also made her want to do something more for him. To please him as how he had and still is pleasing her to the utmost. 

So, without Alex even saying the word out, Abi grabbed at his shaft enthusiastically and began to lick at it as though she were starving. Alex groaned low under his breath, looking quite surprised and aroused to his core. It stunned him how eager Abi was going down on him. He then had that fleeting thought that humans tend to say… absence makes the heart grow fonder? Right at this moment, he could not agree more to that saying.

"You… you want me to do this, Alexander?" she asked boldly, and Alex threw his head back as he groaned out in satisfaction.

"Oh yes… yes Abi. Suck me, please!" Alex's voice turned guttural as he was extremely turned-on.

He sat at the edge of the bed as Abi knelt on the floor between his spread-out legs. She alternated her licking and sucking on him, and then ran her tongue all over him, treating him as though he was the best tasting lollipop in the world. She then popped him in her mouth and worked up a rhythm until Alex was groaning and drowning in pleasure. He could only hear a loud humming in his ears and his body was buzzing in intense bliss.

"Do you like what I'm doing to you, Alex?" she asked again in a whisper, wondering if she was doing it right. Though she is hearing pleasurable moans and groans coming from her husband, she still wanted to make a hundred percent sure that he was fully loving what she was doing to him. He only deserved the best! And she was going to give it to him as best as she could.

"F*ck yes Abi. I love everything that you do to me. Everything… damn! Your mouth is so hot, love! I love it! I love it… Keep going love…" he closed his eyes after saying those words in sensual erotic whispers.

Abi also ended up getting aroused as she saw how her husband was almost delirious in enjoyment of her service on him. She felt so good seeing Alex looking like this. She had always wanted to please him too as he was always, always the one doing everything to please her and make her feel good all this time. But she was not certain if she would do good. So, she had tried to read up and research on things about this and now she was applying it. Wholeheartedly and full of passion!

The results so far are making her happy. Pleasing him like this was incredibly fulfilling! Even more than she had dared imagine. She was happy she could do this for him.

"God… love… Abi… I'm going to…" his low and soft whispers echoed as Abi picked up her pace. She felt his legs flexing and then felt his hand land on her head and slightly gripped her hair.

"Abi… stop, I'm…" suddenly, he pulled her up towards him just as he cried out and then experienced a heart jerking release.