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Carry you forever- Part 2

Calhoun looked at Madeline who had glowed for a moment when her wings had spread out. It wasn't an apparent glow, but he had picked up the subtle change. For someone like him who adored Madeline and had always kept her close, watching over her, a change like this wasn't hard to notice. 

"Does it mean I cannot live here anymore?" asked Madeline.

"Why not?" Calhoun questioned back, "You are a dark angel, one where blood is written. I don't think Heaven ever told a dark angel to join them as the angels. At the same time, you aren't a fallen angel. If you ask me, I would say you get to choose what you do. A free soul that doesn't have to follow the rules."

"Like you…" whispered Madeline, and Calhoun offered her a smile.

"I guess you could tell that." 

Madeline didn't forget how Calhoun's wings were different from the demoness Lilith, who had bat-like wings, but there was some similarity when it came to Paschar as his wings were made of feathers too, only that Calhoun's wings were black while Paschar's was white.

"What if you are an angel, too?" asked Madeline. 

"Then I might be the angel of death, better than the Salavete Mortem," he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, "I will be anything you want me to be, Madeline. I hope that you will stay here, forever with me, and nowhere else." 

"I wish to be nowhere else, but here," she whispered, and Calhoun leaned closer to her.

"I am so glad that you want to be here," Calhoun's hand moved to hold the side of her neck, bringing her near to him before he captured her lips with his own lips. Her lips were soft and sweet, supple enough to make him want to gnaw on it.

Her body didn't feel like it was in a defensive mode anymore, and she opened her hands to place her palms on his shoulders, before wounding her hands around his neck. Her fingers played with the ends of his hair that were on the nape of his neck. Her lips were fervent on his, seeking for comfort as she had grown comfortable with it. 

Opening her mouth, she welcomed his caress and feelings, something she had been allowing, and now that the pain had left her body and her back had somehow healed itself as she couldn't feel it burning anymore, she moved closer to him for reassurance. And Calhoun gave her that. She stirred his emotions as no one had ever done to him. He pulled away, whispering to her, 

"Let's clean you up," and Madeline looked nothing less to a small kitten that had been put outside the house on a rainy night. 

Calhoun tried hard to resist himself from torturing her in here, but he had come to learn to cherish her and he now controlled himself. He pulled out the coat that he was wearing to drape it around Madeline's shoulders. Madeline could feel her lips thrum as Calhoun had only gnawed on it a few seconds ago. 

The thought of his lips on hers had made her toes curl in pleasure even though it was just a kiss and nothing more than that. But Madeline had experienced how it felt to have Calhoun treat her at the mercy of his eyes, mouth, and hands. A breathy sigh escaped her lips, and her heart shuddered. As her dress was torn, and her back had bled earlier, she looked down at the ground to see the drops of blood on the clean white marble floor. 

"Does the scent of my blood bother you?" Madeline asked Calhoun, her brown eyes peering into his red eyes that had turned dark with desire. 

"I don't think, bother is the right word to be used here." As they both had stood up, Calhoun bent down to pick Madeline up in his arms. 

"I can walk!" she spoke alarmed. It was one thing to be in the bedroom and to be carried, and another when they were outside, walking down the corridors where people would come to witness them. 

"I know, but I want to carry you," came Calhoun's straightforward answer, and unabashed, he walked towards the doors that opened automatically without being touched, and he stepped out of the room. 

Her cheeks turned red, and she tried not to look at anyone who they came across. The servants were polite enough to not look at them, not because they weren't interested in seeing the King carrying his Queen from one corridor to another, but because they were ordered to not look in the eye of the King or the Queen. 

"The right word to your question is, your blood allures me. When I first took in your scent closely when we shared our dance, I won't lie, it made my hand clench. Not out of anger," stated Calhoun and Madeline who had circled her hands around his neck for support, looked at him. "Like how you want to possess something so innocent and cute," his eyes met hers.

It had been a while since Calhoun had drank her blood. She had been sure that he would take her blood on their wedding night, but he didn't. She wondered how he was holding up, "Are you killing innocent bunnies?"

"The bunnies were born to feed my thirst," his answer wasn't direct, but Madeline received her answer. Though Calhoun had not spat out the blood that had risen in his throat, not letting her know how much she was affecting him internally. She knew he needed blood to compensate for the loss of blood, and he was relying on the rabbits. "I enjoy your worried face the most, but only when it is for me," he said, a little smugness could be heard in his words and could be seen on his face. 

"I sometimes worry that you don't take things seriously when it comes to you, and are too lenient about my presence. Don't die on me, Calhoun," said Madeline, her eyes continuing to look at him. 

Calhoun knew this was her way of telling not to leave her alone.

"I promise not to," he said, continuing to walk through the corridors that belonged to the King's quarters. When they reached the room, he finally placed her down near the dressing table before going back to the door and closing the door shut. 

Madeline removed Calhoun's coat from her shoulders, turning her back at the mirror to see the amount of blood she had lost as her dress was stained red. She still couldn't believe that she had got to witness her wings before they had disappeared. She wondered what that actually meant, to have wings like the angels. 

She then stood straight, facing the mirror and saw Calhoun return to come and stand behind her. Instead of using his ability to turn her dress to black feathers and make them go poof in the air, he stepped closer to her. He placed one hand of his at the top of her back neckline, and the other held on to the metal piece before he pull it downwards.

In Madeline's head, this was more sensual than the disappearing of her dress. Through the reflection of the mirror, she saw Calhoun's eyes meet hers. 

Carry you forever- Part 3

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His eyes were on hers, looking at her through the mirror as he brought his hands to push her dress to the side from behind before moving up to her shoulders to push the dress down. The candles burned brightly, and the sky outside had turned dark as the time of evening was passing by to bring in the night. 

Calhoun didn't stop his hands there. Her dress that was around her slender waist, he used both his hands to push it further down for her dress to pool at her feet. 

She questioned herself, wheather Calhoun was going to enter the bath with his clothes on. It was because she had seen it in the past, and as the thought crossed her mind, she saw him unbutton his shirt, one by one where she could only see his hand movements until he discarded the shirt on the ground. 

Deciding to make her way towards the bath, Madeline turned in its direction, ready to take a step forward, when she felt Calhoun's hand come to settle below her breasts and it slid down towards her stomach. The little action left butterflies in her stomach, and she turned her eyes to meet his. 

"Where are you going?" came his question, and Madeline parted her lips to answer and felt ticklish by his hand. 

"To bath?" Calhoun had told her about cleaning her, so wasn't that the most obvious thing to do? 

A slow, yet devious smile spread on his lips, and he said, "Come, I have other plans." His hand reached out for hers, and he tugged her towards the bed. "Lay down on your stomach." The wound had healed. Therefore, Madeline didn't know what Calhoun had on his mind. "Wait," he said. His hand reached out for her hair, pulling the pins one after another and he let it down, allowing it to settle over her shoulders.

While Madeline shyly got on the bed, lying down, she saw Calhoun made his way towards the patio of his room, and he returned in seconds.

With her head facing towards the dressing table, she wondered why he had stepped out. She gasped when she felt something cold placed on her back, where she had felt pain earlier. 

Calhoun, who had placed ice on her back, saw goosebumps appear on Madeline's skin. In order to not let her skin turn numb, he moved the piece of ice on her skin that he had made on his way back to the bed. As the ice started to melt, he got on the bed.

"Cold," she whispered.

"How about now?" asked Calhoun, and right at the end of his words, Madeline felt his lips trace the water that had formed because of the melting of the ice on her skin. 

His lips were warm, heating her skin, and the ice quickly started to melt, leaving more drops of water slide down her body that was mingled with blood that had come out from her wounds. 

Calhoun caught every drop with his tongue without letting Madeline's blood go to waste. It was a mixture of hot and cold, and she caught hold of the pillow that she was resting on. A sigh of bliss escaped her lips, when he pressed his lips on her skin to suck the water into his mouth. He licked the wound clean until her pale skin was left unblemished like before. 

Madeline felt his lips move up to the bones of her back until he pressed his lips on the top of her shoulder. He noticed her eyes closed. His hands came to settle on both sides of her waist, circling her soft skin with his thumbs. 

She turned her head, opening her eyes to meet his. She leaned forward to meet Calhoun for a kiss that started tender and sweet before the pressure of his lips turned more, and she felt her toes curl further as he took her lips, tasting them while his fang bit into her bottom lip to draw out blood. 

A moan bubbled up from her throat, when one hand of Calhoun, that was on her waist moved in inward direction and beneath her, moving it further down between her legs and she gasped. From her back arching with her front, pressing the surface of the bed, her body now arched the other way when his fingers brushed her wet folds.

She sucked in a breath, wetting her lips and gulping down the feeling of his hand that had intimately slid down without her expectation as she had believed he would start to tease her from the top before going to the bottom. 

His index and middle finger pushed in and out, slow and steady while his thumb circled her nub. As seconds passed, Calhoun could hear Madeline pant in need and her body started to tremble in the wake of passion in her. 

A loud moan escaped Madeline's lips, and her face turned red that led her to bite the pillow near her. Noticing this, Calhoun said, "Don't hide it." And when she didn't listen, he moved his fingers in a 'come-hither' motion that elicited a moan louder than the previous one. 

"T-that's enough," she whispered, not realizing her bottom half had come to elevate itself that gave easier access to Calhoun. 

"Hmm," came the questionable response from Calhoun, "Did you mean to slow down?" he asked, and Madeline's eyes that were closed flew open.

"I didn't say that," she hurried the words out of her mouth. The previous words that had come to pass out of her lips, they meant nothing, and she knew Calhoun knew it. Yet, he was went as far as to torture her now by slowly pulling his fingers out before pushing it in. 

"What did you want to say then?" she heard him chuckle at the end of his words, behind her, like he had switched back to his sadistic self, wanting to play with her. "Was it fast?" he questioned her, before he started to move his fingers quickly in and out that almost drove her wild with need. Madeline came close, so close to falling off the edge and flying in ecstasy, but Calhoun had stopped moving his fingers before she could find her release. 

When Madeline felt him stop, Calhoun started to pleasure again to finally pull them away. He put his arm around her waist to bring her to him in such a way that her back pressed on the front of his body while she stood on her knees. He kissed between her neck and her shoulders. His nose trailed from behind her ear to the length of her neck, and Madeline sighed. 

"You're teasing me again," Madeline breathed the words while Calhoun bit her ear to see her wince, not the kind of pain which she had experienced in her back earlier, but the kind that made her want to press her legs further together.

"My apologies," his lips pressed on her skin, kissing her, "I wasn't aware of it."

Lies! Calhoun knew what exactly he was doing to her. He then said, "Let me help," licking the side of her neck, he left it cold for a moment before he sank his fangs into her neck. 
Foes- Part 1

Calhoun retraced his fangs away from her neck, licking the skin to remove the traces of blood from there. He didn't take more than two sips from her because Madeline had already lost enough blood when her wings were trying to surface out from her back earlier. Her skin was warm against his touch. He circled his arms around her, holding her close to his heart. 

Having been bit a couple of times in the past, Madeline had got used to his fangs. The slight prick she felt was replaced by his tongue and lips that soothed her skin. Calhoun let her lean against him for support as he continued to hold her. When both his hands unwrapped her, he traced the curves of her body by his hands, running them against her tantalizing skin and leaving no place untouched. 

Even though it had just turned dark, and they were yet to have dinner with the guests, Madeline didn't feel like leaving the room right now. The ache in her heart increased and in her body, waiting for him and unconsciously, her lower body pressed itself against him to release the tension that she felt right now. It was like a spark of fire that had been blown, and the fire now had been set ablaze that only Calhoun could calm it. 

Madeline turned her body, wanting to face him and her eyes looked into his red eyes that looked almost black and thick with desire. 

"You're beautiful," said Calhoun, leaning towards her he captured her lips again and again until she felt her lips turn numb. The way he looked at her, Madeline doubted there was anyone who could look at her that way. His emotions were always transparent, and she had started to see the gentleness and love that overflowed in his eyes. 

Pulling back from her lips, he kissed both sides of her cheeks before pressing his lips against her forehead. There was so much tenderness in his touch that the little specks of her past feelings towards him melted down like the snow under the hot sun. It was true when people said love and hate had a very thin line between them. A person could come to love the person who they had disliked, and the other way around was possible too. 

Calhoun's handsome face was in front of her, and Madeline couldn't resist but raise her hand to touch him from the top of his head to the side of his face. Her hands continued to trace down from his jaw to the length of his broad shoulders. His features were nothing less to a devil, especially his eyes and the way he looked at her, which held something so sinful and dark. It daunted her, but at the same time, it intrigued her. 

Now that they were in the bedroom, the gentleness his appearance had carried earlier when her back was bleeding, was gone. The look in his eyes was enough to let her know that he could barely wait to devour her in every possible sense. 

His hair was dishevelled, and when Madeline's hand moved to weave her fingers through his hair, she felt the softness of his locks. His hair was pitch black in colour, and the light emanating from the candles and the fireplace left a certain shadow on his face, making him look even more dangerous than he often looked. 

With her hands that were busy fluffing and playing with his thick locks, Calhoun's own hands that were settled on the sides of her waist, moved up before moving back down, feeling the curve of her bottom. Madeline's heart hitched when he pressed her against him, squeezing her bottoms and her hold on his hair loosened. Her eyes widened and she turned flustered. 

She looked up, meeting his eyes and Calhoun stared at her expressions on her face. He palmed one side of her bottom, feeling it fill in his hand and when he squeezed it again a gasp escaped from her lips. 

One of his hands then moved up, running the tips of his fingers against the middle of her back to feel the length of her body. The hand trailed up further until it got tangled in her hair and he tugged her head back, leaving her neck bare for him. It was hard to stop with just two sips from someone so delicious, and Calhoun could feel his fangs ache in need to sink in again. 

But instead of doing it, he ran his nose against the column of her neck, taking in the rosy scent that came from her. It wasn't an overbearing smell, but something sweet and tasteful. So rich, that Calhoun pressed his nose and later his lips on her exposed neck. He nipped her skin, only to be rewarded with a soft cry that escaped from her lips. 

"So sweet," his voice reverberated against her skin, and he lowered his head, kissing her shoulder blades and then her chest. Arching her body backwards, while supporting her with his hands so that she wouldn't lose balance and fall down on the bed. 

His lips found the swell of her breasts, kissing them while leaving bite marks on her skin. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure that quickly had her humming when his coarse tongue lapped against her sensitive skin. His mouth soon covered her nipples that had been aroused by his touch. She felt her body quake, trembling in his arms and it took her all to keep her body still so that she wouldn't end up falling on the bed out of balance, which she doubted would happen because of Calhoun's strong arms around her. 

Madeline's lips parted, and she threw her head back, her eyes rolling as she swam in the sea of pleasure. She could feel her growing wetness, and she knew Calhoun was aware of it too. It was because every time he tugged and sucked on her hard pebbles, moans escaped her lips.
Foes- Part 2

Calhoun tasted her, his lips leaving a trail along with the kisses on Madeline. He cherished her in a way which he had not done with anyone before. He heard every moan that escaped from her and he saw her body tighten, readying herself for her release before she shuddered and heaved for air. 

Madeline was coming down from the feelings that she felt when she heard Calhoun's trouser rustle, and she heard the sound of the zipper go down. She was slowly laid on the bed again, this time to have her face him so that he could look at her. 

He leaned forward, kissing her again, and at the same time, he pushed himself inside her before moving his hips back and forth. Every push had Madeline gasp, her voice turning louder as she called out his name. Unable to hold back, her body shuddered with every orgasm that broke through her body, but Calhoun was not done with her.

Calhoun moved along with her, the bed creaked because of their movements, and he then pulled her up with him, to have her sit on his lap, while they were still connected. Madeline felt her body stretch, while she was filled by him. 

Madeline placed her hand on Calhoun's shoulders, staring into his eyes that was nothing less to hell, but she knew it didn't matter. She had learned to care for him, worry about him and more importantly, love him with her heart and not out of force. Her's was a love story that wasn't often heard, where things were different in the beginning, but things had slowly fallen in its own place. 

The most fascinating thing she had witnessed was the time when she had first met Calhoun in the past and in the alley. Leaning towards him, Madeline angeled her face to the side before kissing Calhoun, something she had started to do voluntarily. 

Noticing Madeline, who was too shy to move, Calhoun was the one to start thrusting his hips up before she started to move along with him to meet his movements. She got to see the pleasure fill Calhoun's expression. He had a smouldering look in his eyes as he stared at her with his own lips parted. 

Calhoun supported Madeline's movements by holding her hips, helping her to regulate her movements and making sure she didn't turn exhausted because of her hip movements. When she was close to her climax, Madeline held on to Calhoun where her hands had circled his neck, and he had buried his head in her bosom. 

A loud whimper escaped her lips when Calhoun's manhood hit her pleasure spot before she cried having her orgasm and Calhoun soon followed her by releasing himself in her. With her body spent, Madeline's body turned slack, and she dropped forward. 

She panted for air, her chest moving back and forth while her limbs were wrapped around Calhoun and his hands holding her. Her heart felt like it was going to explode in her chest, and Madeline felt Calhoun nuzzle his nose between the crook of her neck. 

She could hear Calhoun's ragged breath, something she didn't often get to hear. Without pulling himself out of her, Madeline felt him pick her up in his arms before he stepped down from the bed to carry her into the bathroom. He took her to the side, walking towards the bathtub which was smaller than the grand pool of water that was next to it. 

Before their wedding, Madeline had made sure to take her bath before Calhoun woke up or after he left the room. 

Calhoun placed her in the tub, turning the faucet for the water to start running. 

"Are you not getting in?" asked Madeline, and Calhoun's lips twisted into his usual smile. 

"I am. I wouldn't want you feeling lonely without me," he said to her before getting behind her and taking a seat. As the water continued to fill the tub, Madeline saw Calhoun dip his hand to catch some water in his hand before pouring it down on her shoulder. 

Madeline then turned her face, looking behind to see him tilt his head. "Is something the matter, my love?" he questioned, a small frown appearing on his forehead. 

Had sitting on his lap earlier been too much for her to take? Calhoun asked himself in slight worry. The last thing he needed was for her to feel uncomfortable with him. They had long passed the time where she closed her mind and heart to him. He didn't want to go back to the way things were before as he doubted he would be able to handle it. 

In the past, it didn't matter to Calhoun, how he acquired her heart. For someone, who had seen nothing but the unfairness of the world, his heart had turned colder than the ice, believing this was how the world worked and it was to be seized by force. But now as he had a taste of how it felt to have someone's heart open up to him, something he had unknowingly wanted from Madeline, he didn't want to let it go. He couldn't let it go. 

He stared into her brown eyes that were still swirling in pleasure which they had shared a moment ago. 

"I didn't get to do anything with you...to please you," her cheeks turned brighter at the words of her even though they had done more than that. The fierce-looking eyes softened, and Calhoun pecked her lips. 

He smiled, "Not everything has to be a give and take my sweet rose," said Calhoun, scooping water from the tub to pour it again on her shoulders over and over again until her shoulders were completely wet. He turned the faucet that was running to stop the water. "Yours and my time shouldn't work like that, like you are bound to do it as that would only turn things to be mechanical. There's a whole lot of time waiting ahead of us. You can take your time, and there is no rush. I enjoy pleasing you as much as I enjoy being pleased by you."
Foes- Part 3

Once they were done washing each other and taking bath in the grand bath, Calhoun wrapped Madeline in a thick towel before helping her out of the water. Wearing fresh clothes, Madeline sat on the dressing table, brushing her hair as they had to go down and meet the rest of the people to have supper. 

She saw Calhoun wearing his shirt, and she stepped forward, in front of him and placed her hand on his.

"Let me do it," she said in a soft voice and his hand fell to his sides. "In the past, before things changed, I always wanted to do things for my husband."

"And what is that?" he questioned. With her eyes on the button, Madeline's hands started to button his shirt from the middle.

"I knew I would not end up marrying a Duke or a man who belonged to the high status. My dreams were simple, Cal," said Madeline.

"Why did you think that? You are more beautiful than your sister Elizabeth," stated Calhoun, "To tell you the truth, I was quite glad when I heard that you were unmarried." It would have been a difficult situation if Madeline was actually betrothed to another man. 

Madeline smiled at Calhoun's words, "I did tell that I was content with a simple life. From where I come, we have, maybe one maid which is also rare. There are no people to help us wear clothes or have a cushion placed on the place where we walk." At the same time, she realized how Calhoun initially didn't belong to this world. His life was dire while hers had been peaceful. "I wanted to cook for my husband, wait for him when he goes out… things like those," she left the top two buttons untouched and she dropped her hand to her side.

"If that is what your heart craves for, you can still do it," Calhoun kissed her forehead, "You don't have to think what others will perceive you as. People have the tendency to follow things that are done by the people of higher status, and that in itself turns out to be true. I doubt people would even dare to breathe a word about you." 

Madeline knew that. The last time the maids had spoken ill about her, Calhoun had beheaded them. It felt like weeks had passed since that happened. 

"I will do it then…" Madeline whispered and Calhoun offered her a smile. Now that both of them were in a presentable state, they left the room to go down to the dining room to join others. 

After supper, Madeline went to visit Beth who continued to stay in her unconscious state. While she stood against the wall, staring at her sister, the door was knocked and in came Raphael, who bowed his head at her in greeting. 

"You should go and have some rest, milady. I will be here to watch over her," offered Raphael, and Madeline felt grateful towards him. 

"Thank you for looking after her, Mr. Sparrow," she thanked him in a low voice so that it wouldn't disturb Beth. 

Madeline wondered what Raphael saw in Beth. Was it like other men who fell for her beauty or was it more than that?

"It is the least I can do," answered Raphael, "Calhoun said he might be late. He left to go to Cossington." 

"Is everything alright?" asked Madeline and the man nodded his head.

"They are just following some of the protocols. There's nothing to worry about," assured Raphael, and Madeline gave him a nod. 

Away from the castle, Calhoun's wings flapped on his back as he flew in the sky. The snow had stopped and it made it easier for him to fly, camouflaging himself in the background of the dark clouds. His wings continued to flap, and he looked down at the land below him and his eyes caught sight of a carriage that had tumbled down. Flying close to the ground, Calhoun landed with a loud thump, his black wings raising the snow around him before it fell back on the ground. 

As he thought, people in the High House weren't fast enough when it came to finding things or people. With the incident that took place post morning, he doubted they would be able to find the carriage this soon. Making his way towards the carriage, the wings behind his back disappeared and he looked at the coachman who had a broken neck with his eyes open. The man was dead. 

Calhoun then pulled open the door of the carriage to find Weasley lying there unconscious, who was dead. 

"How unfortunate," murmured Calhoun.

He pulled out a cigar from his pocket, placing it on his lips before lighting it with a matchstick. After using the lit matchstick, he threw it on the top of the carriage which was made of wood. He took a puff from the cigar, his cheeks turning slightly hollow and he blew the smoke through his lips. He looked around the forest that was on either side of the tumbled carriage, which was now catching fire. 

When he heard the carriage creak, Calhoun didn't bother to turn around. 

"You know," came the voice behind Calhoun, and the King took a long puff before breathing the air out. 

"It wasn't too hard," said Calhoun, and his head turned to look at Weasley who stared at Calhoun. "Being a demon, we all know it takes time to kill one another. When you didn't come to report, it wasn't too hard to guess that you are involved in it." 

Weasley walked around the carriage that had lit up, coming around to stand in front of Calhoun, "You were going to burn me." 

Calhoun pulled the cigar from his lips, and said, "I didn't see the point to keep a man who is disloyal. I would have not suspected you if it weren't for the bitch who left you in the carriage. Though, I have to ask, didn't you feel lonely in here, all by yourself?" 

Weasley, who stood quietly raised his hand to attack Calhoun by using his demon ability, but Calhoun raised his hand to deflect the attack.

"I had company," replied Weasley, and the demons who had been hiding behind the trees like shadows until then, stepped out.

Calhoun dropped the cigar on the ground before trampling it with his shoe which was quick to exhaust because of the ice on the ground. He said, "So I can see." 
Red snow- Part 1

The people who had been hiding behind the trees were none other than demons, who slowly made their way out of the trees as if they were waiting for someone.

"I must say, I am quite impressed, that you had people gathered in here because you lack the competence to fight all alone by yourself. But I doubt you have been waiting for me," said Calhoun, his red eyes taking in a quick sweep at the demons, who had pitch-black eyes, "As far as I know, you have been working for the crown."

Unlike Calhoun, Weasley didn't bother to smile, and he stared at the King who had used his hand to deflect his attack with ease. "I didn't know you had abilities yourself." 

"One should always have tricks up their sleeves. You never know when it might be needed," the slow smile started to spread across his lips, before a dry laugh escaped his lips.

"I work for myself. You must know that by now," answered Weasley.

Calhoun hummed at the demon's words, "I thought it was little Lilith who had stolen the Hanima's chain, but it was you."

Weasley pulled out knives from his back, "Funny, isn't it? That the High House has so many people who don't work for the High House, but themselves."

"I would have to agree to that," came the calm words from Calhoun. "You will be quite surprised when you find the people in there, who are working and who aren't. Though I am curious to know who we're waiting for." 

When Calhoun went to put his hand in his pocket, the people around him turned alert, waiting to strike at him. But he pulled out the handkerchief from his pocket. "No need to turn skittish, dear," he said to the demoness who crouched her back. 

"He's more than what he has been showing you, Weasley!" spat one of the demons, who stood not too far away from the right side where Calhoun stood, "He has wings."

Weasley's eyes narrowed down at this information. Since the time he had been working for the High House, he had always found it to be strange that Calhoun arrived and left in a blink of an eye. Vampires had speed, but demons who were vampires had limitations, and they lacked the speed compared to normal vampires, while their abilities made up for the lack of quick mobility. 

"Those are not just normal wings. They are different," said another demon. 

"What are you, my King?" Weasley asked in a polite tone, waiting in anticipation, but instead of answering, Calhoun raised his hand to his face to yawn as if he was tired. "I know you, Calhoun Hawthrone. I have stayed by your side for so many years-"

Calhoun clicked his tongue as if he didn't like what he heard, "Stayed by my side? What are you? My wife?" He then ran his tongue over his teeth, "Let's just keep it at, that you were trying to get on the nicer side of me, while trying to frame Reginald to be involved in something more fisher, when in truth hiding what you were up to. Hm, let me guess. If not me...the next person you have been eyeing to get rid of is Dimitri. Unfortunately, it is. One would think that working in the High House for so many years, you would know how they work at a snail's pace." 

"No hassle, my King. No hassle at all," replied Weasley, "There is still time for the next person to arrive, and we have plenty of time when it comes to dealing with you. It's not like some of us don't have wings." The demons who were standing around them sprouted bat-like wings on their back. 

"Before we start," said Calhoun, walking in a circle to catch a note of every single demon who stood there, "I do have a question. Do you know where Samuel Grevile and a woman named Jennine are?" 

Weasley wondered why Calhoun was asking about these two people, out of which, he didn't know who this woman was. "I think Lady Lucy will be a better person to ask that question. After all, he is her husband." 

Calhoun stared at the High House member who was soon going to turn as a former member of the High House once he would have his head torn from his body. 

"Thankfully she doesn't, but I will check with her just in case she knows about where he is," one side of his lips pulled up into a smirk, and the demons didn't bother to wait for more chitchat. They pulled out their knives and guns. 

Not a second more was wasted as the demons went straight at Calhoun without a moment of pause. Calhoun used his hand to stop the attack, while he used his leg to turn and kick one of the demons' stomach, who fell flat on the ground, while the others continued to go at him.

Weasley in the meantime tried to exhaust the fire that Calhoun had started by lighting up the carriage in flames. A passing passenger or someone from a distance would notice and alert the magistrate, which he didn't want. The truth was that there had been someone in the High House who had been keeping a watch, on not just him but every single person thanks to the cunt Lilith and her brother, who had been more than suspicious. He didn't know what Lilith and Luther were up to.

Calhoun, on the other hand, was attacked by more than three demons at a time, and it reminded him of the time when his dear grandmother had sent men to hunt him down for his head and blood.  

One of the demons, who stood behind watching the King and the other fellow demons fight, he pulled out the pistol that he was carrying in his back. His gloved hand fished for silver bullets, that was made under the pressure of holy water. Aiming it at Calhoun, he tried to get it right, but the King kept moving back and forth without standing in one place.

After carefully watching the fight, he finally pulled the trigger of the pistol that only ended up hitting one of the demons who choked on his own blood, before blood blubbered out of the demon's mouth before the person fell with his body catching up in fire. 

"Fuck!" cursed the demon who pulled the trigger. 

Calhoun raised his leg, kicking one of the demoness' stomach, who went flying away from the group of people to fall on the ground coughing. 

"He's just one single person," said another demon, looking at Calhoun to the others, "It shouldn't be that hard to take him out." 

"Don't underestimate him, Diego," warned Weasley. The other demons didn't know Calhoun closely, but that didn't mean Weasley wasn't aware of how powerful the King was. Calhoun's strength was on a higher level, something he often held back from using while playing with his prey. 

"He's just one person, and we are so many of us," said the demon named Diego, "What do you think is going to happen when the crown falls?" he asked, tipping his chin. 

Weasely stared at Calhoun. He didn't expect to have him here, but now that he was here, Weasley didn't see the point of not killing the King. Once he would be dead, a new person would take charge unless the Queen was bearing a child. 

"We were waiting to sacrifice people tonight. Do you think he is enough?" asked a demoness, "Put him in the fire and have him burn." 

Unlike the other demons who were underestimating Calhoun's abilities, Weasley didn't. He stood there on the sidelines, watching them fight. "What do we do with him??" came the question from the demons. 

"Burn him like the others," ordered Weasley, and the other demon pulled out the trigger, this time right at Calhoun's shoulder. 

"A silver bullet always affects a demon or a vampire, especially the ones that have been made under the pressure of holy water. When it hits a person, it starts to diffuse in your body before your insides start to melt," said Diego, educating Calhoun as if he didn't know about it. 

Another impatient demon jumped behind Calhoun, swinging his hand to catch hold of the King's neck. But before the demon could get too close to him, Calhoun stepped aside. Using his hand, he caught hold of the demon's neck before squashing it flat on the ground where there was lesser snow. A loud crack was heard because of the demon's head hitting against the ground. 

Red snow- Part 2

The other remaining demons looked wide-eyed because no one had ever seen a demon's head being broken and smashed on the ground like an egg that was dropped to break and splatter. For a couple of seconds, everyone stood still, while Calhoun had bent down to make sure the demon would not wake up in this lifetime unless hell gave him another ticket to live in the realm of the living. 

"What impatient demons you have in here, Weasley. Not the kind who you would like to work with," stated Calhoun, while pulling out the handkerchief from his pocket, and cleaning the blood that was on his hand, one finger after another before dropping the handkerchief on the ground as it was of no use to him. "I thought you were better than this. Let me guess. Helena?" Calhoun's eyes looked at Weasley calmly. 

"What are you going to do by knowing about it?" Weasley questioned back, "Well if you are going to die, I think it should be alright. I want to be the head of the High House. I have worked harder, and its existence is because of my resultant work. Not hers, not Dimitri's but mine." 

"Must feel quite terrible that you didn't get the position in the High House. Do you think you would be able to do it this way?" Upon Calhoun's question, Weasley smiled. 

"No, but if all the members are dissolved, there won't be a High House to begin with. Lilith must be already dead," Weasley had a calmer aura around him, compared to the other people in the High House excluding Reginald. 

"And you believe killing them is easy?" Calhoun tilted his head. 

"Isn't that why I have people with me. Something came to fall on my ears. About a dark angel who has come into existence," said Weasley in a slow voice, "I heard sacrificing the person will bring many advantages which no one has been able to find until now. Have you heard about it? The soothsayer said the person is somewhere nearby and in this land, but he couldn't point out exactly where. Which is why a little sacrifice would help us to get answers." 

"How interesting," murmured Calhoun, "I have a proposal. Why don't I join you, and we both can look for it?" 

Weasley shook his head, "My King if you are going to join, you would be the last person standing, while the rest would end up dead. Diego! Fire!"

And not a second later, the other demons who carried the pistols, loaded their guns with the silver bullets before they started to fire right at Calhoun. The night that had tried to stay quiet wasn't quiet anymore, and it was filled with gunshots being fired over and over again until none of the bullets were left in the cartridge of their pistols. 

Smoke filled the place where Calhoun had been standing, with the dust of snow coming to rise in the air when the bullets hit the ground near him. The demons who stood smiled, when they found him not to be standing as he was before. 

"Got him good, isn't it?" the demon named Diego chuckled, "I told you the high pressured bullets made with holy water is an asset." The bullets were recently new that were made by an old priest's help by melting ancient crosses into liquid before they were mixed with various elements that would come to be used against the strongest vampires. 

The smoke had not settled, and the demons saw Calhoun lay on the ground with blood splattered on the snow, turning the white snow to patches of red. The King didn't move, nor were they able to hear his breath nor his heartbeat. 

Weasley stared at the unmoving person and ordered, "Someone go and check him." 

Diego volunteered to check the dead man who had holes on his clothes, leaving a stream of blood on the ground as even his body had holes because of the bullets. Bending down, the blonde demon took a look at Calhoun whose eyes were open, and his lips parted, "He looks like a dead vegetable. I feel nothing," shouted Diego so that Weasley could get the information. 

"What are we going to do with him? We cannot leave him here. Burn or put him in the coffin?" spat the demoness who had earlier been kicked by Calhoun.

"Drag him to the woods," ordered Weasely, "And clean up this place." 

Diego, who stood next to Calhoun's body, said, "He looks nothing less than beaten dough in here? All liquid. Let me s-" 

Before the demon could complete his words, a leg came to hit the side of Diego's face, who staggered back in shock. Diego brought his hand forward, coughing blood and three of his teeth fall on his hand. He looked at the person, whom he thought to be dead. 

Calhoun stood four steps away from Diego, and the demon looked like he saw a ghost. He had clearly heard the heart, not beating anymore, and the King looked dead. But right now, Calhoun's heart was beating again, and the wounds in his body that had holes earlier started to close themselves.

A sarcastic laugh escaped from Calhoun's lips, the smile broadening out of delight and excitement. His red eyes stared at Diego, and he lifted his hand to wipe the blood near his mouth with the back of his hand. 

"What the fuck?!" whispered one of the demons, who was clutching the swords in his hands that almost slipped out of his hold in shock. 

"Why isn't he dead?!" asked another demon. The bullets were made of pure silver with holy water. There was no way this man could be standing here looking unscathed in front of them. Only a devil could return from the dead!

"Who was talking about burning me?" questioned Calhoun, his eyes appeared to be bloodthirsty as he smiled at the demoness. Without prior notice, his leg soon came to attach to Diego's jaw with such force that the demon's neck broke instantly and the tip of Calhoun's shoe was filled with blood, "We should see how you feel when you burn in hell."

"Kill him!" announced another demon, and all of them except Weasley went to launch on Calhoun, but every one of them got beaten by Calhoun. 

As the guns were of no use, they pulled out knives and swords that they had hidden behind them. One of the demon's used a crossbow to fire arrows at Calhoun.

Calhoun would have thought that they would have received the memo about things like these not affecting him, but the demons were witless and they continued to attack, only to fall on the ground with their head torn apart from their bodies. 

Soon the demoness came to attack Calhoun, and she tried to hurt him with the two knives of hers only to be trapped by him. He twisted her arm behind her back, pushing her to the ground before using the same knife that she was holding, to slit her throat. 

Before getting up to stand again, he let the demoness' body drop on the ground with her eyes holding a look of emptiness in there as she was dead. 
Red snow- Part 3

Calhoun dusted his hands, and when he raised his gaze at the other demons, in less than fifteen seconds, the rest of the demons fell flat on the ground with their heads ripped open and blood splattered on the snow. And the only standing people now were him and Weasley, whom he had kept alive for the end. 

"You aren't a normal person," noted Weasley. He had never seen any vampire or demon ever return like that from the dead. He was positive that Calhoun had died because of the holes in his body and bloodshed on the ground. A person would have easily considered him to be a pile of torn flesh, not knowing what happened. 

"I keep hearing that. I wonder why," said Calhoun before jerking his head towards the sword that was on the ground, "Pick it up. I wouldn't like to kill you without a fight." Calhoun used his leg to flip the sword near his leg up in the air for him to catch in his hand. 

Weasley looked at Calhoun with an apprehensive look on his face. "You didn't answer my question," he said. He bent down to grab the sword while keeping an eye on Calhoun. The King liked to play, and Calhoun could strike at any time. 

"Are you in the position to ask a question, Wes?" Calhoun returned the High House member's question with his own question, "I trusted you, and look at you." 

"It is unfortunate that you came to look for me, at the same time you were ready to burn me," Weasley's calm expression started to break, and the mask that he had been wearing all these years, slowly cracked. Calhoun's smirk increased at the sight of it. "It didn't have to go that way, but you have caused me more loss." Weasley's eyes took in the sight of the bodies that littered around them. 

Weasley was no ordinary man, and he knew the odds of winning against the King. The demon had seen Calhoun slaughter every one of them today here, enough to have his eyes brighten with the excitement of killing people and having blood on his hands. 

"It is a pity that I couldn't come to see what the chain could do, but with the Queen not wearing it, we should call it as a no game, my King," said Weasley, while trying to see his options in getting out of here. He needed a distraction for Calhoun, but they were in a place which was away from the village. 

Calhoun smiled, "You know that is not going to happen," and soon enough both of their swords that were being held by the two men clashed against each other and sparks of orange and white flew every time they pulled and struck the swords at each other.

"How is your wings different from the others?" questioned Weasley as he was inside the carriage acting unconscious, while it was the other demons who had seen Calhoun with his large wings. "How did you come alive? Is it some sort of trick?" but Weasley shook his head, thinking it was not possible. "Perhaps, have you been taking your strength and ability through this dark angel? But I would have known," his eyebrows furrowed. 

"Who knows, I must be very loved to have many lives like a cat that has nine lives," responded Calhoun, and as much as Weasley tried to attack with the sword, he couldn't get close to Calhoun. 

Using his elbow, Calhoun hit straight at Weasley's stomach before throwing him on the ground and the sword that Weasley was holding dropped down, to have another sword being placed against his neck by the vampire. 

"What will you get by killing me?" asked Weasley.

"Satisfaction of your death. It's been so long since I felt this good," hummed Calhoun, bringing up his hand to lick his bloody fingers. "Not fresh, but decent enough and the smell," his eyes darkened looking around, his words cold like the air around them. 

"Helena won't be happy with you. You will need me alive if you truly want to get your name cleared-"

"Two decades and you learned nothing," said Calhoun, "Reputation means little to nothing to me," said Calhoun, staring down at Weasley before dropping his sword from the demon's neck. "Alright, I will let you go."

Giving a look, Calhoun turned his back and started to walk. 

Noticing Calhoun continuing to walk, Weasley stared at King's back that was left wide open, and his hand reached out for the sword that had dropped down on the ground. Holding it tight in his hand, he got up before going straight at the vampire. But as the tip of the sword touched Calhoun's back, Weasley crashed into his back, the blade turned to a bunch of rose petals in Weasley's hands while some dropped on the ground. 

Weasley turned utterly confused as to what happened and where the sword he had been holding disappeared. Before he had the time to process, Calhoun turned around to grab his shoulder and his head. 

"You were a good man, Weasley, but not good enough to continue living. I would like to have fewer problems than have them piled up for the sake of my woman." Calhoun's words didn't make any sense to Weasley. His time had come, and in a second, Calhoun tore the demon's neck before dropping the head and the body away from each other. 

Calhoun's clothes and face were covered in patches of blood, and he wiped his face with his sleeve again, a sigh escaping his lips as he took a glance at the dead people and then at Weasley. He didn't have anything against Weasley, and he was only protecting what was his. People were ambitious with their dreams, and he had nothing against it. It was only when others interests collided with his, did the outcome turn to something like this. 

He felt an ache in his chest, and he coughed, spitting blood on the ground. It was time to get back home, thought Calhoun to himself. 
Three Counts- Part 1

Music Recommendation: The soul of the Piano by Dmitry Myachin


Madeline sat on the bed, her legs softly swinging as she waited for Calhoun to return. It had been more than three hours since they had finished their supper and an hour since she had returned to the room after leaving Beth in Raphael's care who had offered to stay back and looked after Beth. Somewhere, it worried her that the creature, Salavete Mortem, would return for Beth. 

She was careful when it came to making use of her abilities. With Calhoun not here in the castle now, Madeline believed it was better to refrain her dark angel abilities unless a dire situation arrived where she would need to make use of it. Stopping her legs from swinging, she brought her hand up to take a look at it. Standing up, she walked to the cupboard and pulled the black book which she had hidden beneath the clothes, so that even by mistake, someone would not come to find it.

Madeline heard a loud sound from the patio that was attached to the room. Her head snapped around to see a figure appear in the dark, on the patio, which she saw through the drawn curtain.

Did Calhoun return? Asked Madeline to herself. Closing the cupboard, she walked to the doors of the patio and pulled it open to be greeted by nothing but cold air, where snow continued to fall from the sky. 

Her eyes carefully observed her surroundings, but the figure that she saw, it was not there anymore. She bit the inside of her cheek. At the same time, she heard something creak from inside the room. Madeline, who was standing next to the window, saw a figure appear inside the room, and she gulped. The figure looked like it started to morph into a person, creating a silhouette, and Madeline felt her heart start to race. She took one step backwards and then another to stand in front of the open door, and she saw the creature that had been on her mind. The Salavete Mortem was here, but this time it held an axe in its hand, dragging it behind it and the creature stepped out of the room through the front door. 

Before she could react to it, another thud appeared on the patio, and this time she saw it was Calhoun. 

Madeline's eyes went wide on seeing Calhoun's face and clothes smeared with blood. 

"W-what happened?!" she asked alarmed. She came to Calhoun's side, putting his hand around her shoulder so that she could support him. Though he wasn't as tired as he looked, he savoured the care that Madeline offered him and seeing her worry for him, something that was new to him, he internally took delight from her actions. "Raphael said you went to Cossington. Was it the High House?" Madeline had never seen him in such a state before. 

There were holes in his clothes, and it appeared like Calhoun had dipped in a pool of blood before coming here. 

She helped him to walk near the table, pulling the chair for him to sit and Calhoun sat down with his back leaning against the chair.

"What happened, Calhoun?" asked Madeline with her eyebrows knitted together. 

"I went to check where Lilith left Weasley." Calhoun raised his hands to remove the coat that he had been wearing, and Madeline was quick to come to his side, helping him out of it. 

"Is he dead?" Madeline had been shocked when Lilith had appeared at the church, all by herself, leaving Weasley behind. 

Calhoun nodded his head before twisting his lips in displeasure. He felt the slight ache in his muscles as they were still under healing. 

"Who did this to you?" she asked him. Madeline was curious to know what had transpired outside the castle that had left him in such a bloody state. 

"Demons," responded Calhoun, his eyes meeting hers. Madeline started unbuttoning his shirt. "There are some demons out there who are waiting to see the High House fall. They weren't waiting for me, but I just happened to be their first visitor."

"I don't understand. You went to look for Weasley but ended up meeting other demons on your way?" Madeline caught sight of the round dents on Calhoun's body once she was done unbuttoning his shirt. She saw the wounds on his chest covered with dark and dried blood on his skin. "You're hurt," she whispered, her eyes slowly went up to meet his eyes. 

"I'm doing better. The demons were trying to see if they could create holes in me," saying that Calhoun pulled his shirt to the side to expose a deep gash on his right abdomen. "It's healing."

A shuddered breath escaped Madeline's lips, "Should I go get the-"

"I am fine, sweetheart," Calhoun assured Madeline with a bright smile on his lips. "It's just a few wounds that are taking time to heal." He raised his eyebrows, waiting for her to reply as she continued to stare at the wound. "I went to look for Weasley, but the man was faking his death and waiting for Helena or Dimitri. Something to do with wanting to be the head of the High House, while at the same time wanting to dissolve the entire High House that would probably lead up to the demons' crimes to be unknown and hidden."

"He was alive?" on Madeline's question, Calhoun gave her a nod. 

"Yes, he was alive until the time I killed him. He also had an eye on the supposed existence of the dark angel," and Madeline's hands froze midway in the air. "Your existence seems to be more valuable than any other person, where people are trying to seek you out for sacrifice."

"I never thought one day I would turn out to be popular," responded Madeline to hear Calhoun chuckle.

"If they want you, they will have to go through me first, and if they do go through me, I know you will turn them to nothingness," Calhoun's words were confident. 
Three Counts- Part 2

Calhoun saw how worry started to plague Madeline's mind. To ease her mind, he said,

"Instead of thinking what you are is going to hurt you, claim it to be something that belongs to you. Be proud of it, Maddie, because this thing that is inside you, it utterly and solely belongs to you in every sense. If people are going to hunt you for certain reasons, use those same reasons to hunt them back."

"I don't think I have it in me to kill people," replied Madeline, and Calhoun took hold of her hands. 

"I know that you don't. Maybe you don't have to kill the people who are after you but only put them in their rightful coffins. Your grandparents did it, it is just to protect yourself and nothing more or less than that," Calhoun squeezed her hand. "Haven't you heard about the knife having the ability not only to kill to take a life, but also has the ability to cut an apple to feed a person." 

"Where did you learn to speak this well?" Madeline had always been curious about how Calhoun was able to twist and turn his words for his advantage. She had never met a person with such skills before. 

One side of Calhoun's lips pulled up, and he said, "Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy your compliments that has been very rare in the past?" 

Madeline offered him her sweet smile, "You didn't answer my question." 

"Hm," responded Calhoun, "When you almost grow up on the streets while listening to people who belittle you and your mother, you end up learning to reply and also turn smart. My mother used to say that even a man, who is under the threat of the axe hanging above his neck can turn his fate with a little bit of luck and using right words to get him out of the situation." 

She stared at him for a second, getting lost in those dark red eyes that looked back at her, "Did you ever go through it? An axe close to your neck?" 

When Calhoun gave her a nod, a surprised gasp escaped her lips, "When? Why?" she asked.

"It was a long time ago. Those were some good times," as he smiled his eyes crinkled, and Madeline believed only Calhoun could smile at things like this. She wanted to ask more about it, but seeing him covered in blood with a slight amount of rusty smell filled the air around him, she followed him to the bath. 

Instead of getting into the grand bath, Calhoun stepped into the bathtub, and Madeline helped him in cleaning his body so that she could remove the tough blood that had dried on his skin. 

"Tell me what happened to you," said Madeline while pouring water on his back, using her hand to clean it.

While she continued to remove the blood carefully, she made sure not to press the skin too hard because she didn't know how much it would hurt. It was only a few hours ago when she had touched and traced Calhoun's chest and body with her fingertips that were now covered with marks. She wondered if it would leave scars on his body. 

"The demons are making use of the silver bullets that has been forged with some of the elements and holy water. Whatever elements that have been used, the bullets are harmful to vampires and demons. As you can see," he paused to look at his hand that had a curve as one of the bullets had gone straight through the palm of his hand. "Silver and holy water has never been a friend of the creatures like the vampires, werewolves, or demons. We have coated another metal called Maristine on top of the silver utensils, allowing us, vampires, to touch those things. To keep ourselves from harm and quick reaction, some of us wear gloves to protect us."

"You could have died today," whispered Madeline. And with the way his body looked right now, it appeared like the bullets had passed through his body several times.

"When all the bullets had been fired at me, I think for a moment my heart freeze did freeze. But I feel as good as before," said Calhoun, scooping the water in his hand that only splashed out when his hand formed into a fist. 

Opening his palm, he noticed how the wound got better and so did the other parts on his body that went back to normal. If it was another demon or a vampire in his place, the person would have died because of the number of bullets that was shot at him, while leaving only a mass of flesh on the ground. 

Sometimes it made him think that he was a descendant of an angel as demons didn't have feathers in their wings. He knew the abilities he held were received from his mother and not from his worthless father. He remembered how he had smelt his mother's scent in the village, but when he had gone back to follow the scent, it was long gone. 

Madeline finished cleaning Calhoun's back, and she moved to the front, to sit next to him to see him. The wounds on his body were completely healed, and his skin had turned back to the way it was this evening, "I am happy that you are alright."

"And I am happy that you are happy," responded Calhoun. 

After finishing his bath, Calhoun changed himself to his nightclothes.

Madeline sat on the bed with her legs crossed and looking at him. He was going through the parchments relating to the court discussions that had took place today that needed his attention. Theodore's attention and focus had been diverted to his half-sister Lucy, since their cousin Ethan had arrived to attend his marriage with Madeline, who was still staying in the castle. 

Calhoun internally rolled his eyes for what was going on, but he didn't bother to get into matters that didn't concern him.