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Time to fly- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Beth's Story by Carlos Rafael Rivera


Madeline felt Calhoun holding her close to him in his arms, "Are you alright?" he asked, pulling away to take a better look at her and she nodded. Calhoun's hand went to wipe the blood drops that had sprinkled on her face and dress, which had turned slightly dry on her skin.

"How did you know?" she asked Calhoun, surprised and happy by his presence.

"I sensed something going on with you," answered, Calhoun, "I think it's because of the invisible bond that we share now."

"Invisible bond?" she furrowed her brows, not knowing what it was.

"Yes," he replied, his eyes looking into the depth of her eyes to check that she was fine. He had felt her fear even though they weren't near each other, "An invisible bond is formed usually by the vampire-demons because the demons have some sort of magic running in them that allows them to create and share a bond with their partners. The bond is often created without knowledge. I don't know exactly when it happened, but for a while I have been able to know what you feel, and the emotion that runs in you."

Madeline wondered when it happened, and as she wasn't a demon nor a vampire, the invisible bond didn't work the other way around. In the beginning, she had always been in the notion that Calhoun was able to read her mind. But she had come to learn it was something to do with his quick wit. And now the possible bond, that had formed unconsciously the very first time they had met. 

As Calhoun looked at Madeline with worried eyes, she placed her hand on his that had come to settle on the side of her face, "I am doing fine."

He then looked around to see two people who were lying on the ground, "I sense something else in here."

"Paschar," whispered Madeline, turning her gaze in the direction he had left. The angel hadn't stayed longer to chat and had disappeared before she could have uttered another word, "It was Reginald. He's Paschar." 

"What?" he asked, a frown appearing on his face, "He has been in the High House working under demons." 

"He said he joined the High House so that he could get information about me, when I would come to exist and when I would be hunted because I am a ticket to heaven," sighed Madeline. She wondered if it made a difference if she was or if she wasn't one because it looked like she would be hunted anyways because of the word spread about how she could be used as a sacrifice. "Heaven must be angry that Paschar broke the rules, which is why the fallen angels offered a-"

"A bounty on your head," Calhoun completed her words. She pursed her lips because that is precisely what it was. "And people said angels were kind. No wonder they end up falling down to mortals. I don't think people met up with the actual version of who these angels are or the word 'kind' has a different meaning in their books. Why did he leave?" 

Madeline shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. "I am not sure," she whispered in thought. All this time, she believed that when she would meet Paschar, she would find answers and solutions to the problems that existed before she even took birth in this world. But it didn't. "He said he would try to clear the rumour, as well, as me being a sacrificial person for the fallen angels and the demons, so that I won't be a target."

"That won't drop the idea of you still being the potential sacrifice right now ,that would lead the people having immense power," Calhoun clicked his tongue. He wondered who else was hiding behind their outer appearance, which he was yet to discover. Until now, no one had a single hint on Reginald that he was Paschar.

They heard a light sound of laughter in the room, and Madeline and Calhoun looked around to see where it was coming from. She looked startled when Lilith started to move from where she had been lying on the ground until now. 

Calhoun's eyes narrowed as he had seen Lilith lying flat unmoving and a man who looked like he had blown up his face. He didn't have to ask, to know that it was Madeline who was responsible for it. With more power came more responsibility and threat, and right now, Madeline was in a place where people would start swarming around her only to slice her neck. 

"I thought you died by the hands of my wife," commented Calhoun, noticing Lilith trying to sit up before standing on her feet with great difficulty as if she was exhausted. 

Lilith turned to meet Calhoun's eyes, "You wish. It was the bloody angel. I was worried I died, but it seems like people of the heaven don't trust him. Therefore, he has less than half the energy in him to take me down," she spat the blood on the dusty ground. "I heard what you both were talking about, and you are damn right. What I didn't know was that you were a different kind too." 

Internally, she was appalled at the sight of the black wings before it disappeared from his back. She had never seen anything like this before. She had seen bat-like wings but she had never seen feathered wings that were black. W-who was Calhoun Hawthrone?

"What can I say, it's rare to find a person like me," Calhoun remarked while his eyes calmly took in her features again, "Why are you dirtying your hand in a work like this, Lilith dear?" 

"Why not?" questioned Lilith, taking two steps away from the couple so that she kept a safe distance between each other. "Look at that," she nudged her head towards Declan, a fellow demon who had his head blown up. "Don't tell me you don't crave for it too. I know you, Calhoun, that the bloodthirsty vampire in you enjoys the power, isn't that why you turned as the King?"

"Priorities change in time," stated Calhoun, who continued to hold a cool expression on his face. 

Lilith glared at Calhoun, "It always has, hasn't it? Just like you discarded me," came the bitterness from her voice. "I would have never pegged you to be someone to go and like this girl. But who knows, one day you might find her useful enough to make use of her, more than in the bed."

When Lilith had first met Calhoun, he was a man who had a look of hollowness in his eyes, empty eyes that barely contained any emotions apart from blood-lust. He had always outshined people by his words and presence. Lilith had looked forward to building a relationship with him, even though he was only a vampire. But the King had done nothing but humiliate her over and over again. 

"You are right. There's more than sex which is called emotional support which you clearly lack," said Calhoun, and Madeline noticed how Lilith's face slightly fell before she covered it up in a glare.
Time to fly- Part 2

Madeline didn't understand what Paschar had done, that had the demoness turn unconscious until now. Or had she been faking it as if what the angel did had worked so that she could attack her later? Madeline asked in her mind. But before Lilith could harm her, Calhoun had appeared within a few seconds after Paschar left. 

"You are a demon who enjoys killing people. Why do you want to turn to an angel?" questioned Madeline to hear Lilith laugh again. It didn't make sense why the person would want to be an angel when they had nothing but ill intentions, that would only lead them to turn as fallen angels again before they would step back to being a demon. 

"Oh dear, you don't know the whole truth, do you? I guess not everyone knows but this is more than just redemption," Lilith took a step towards the wall. "Look at you. You are filled with abilities. Even Heaven is worried whether you will cause destruction with what you are. By sacrificing you, it isn't just to be angelic, but the powers that will unleash after your death, which is when we can feed and turn to something better than what we are."

"Right now, you are trash. I wonder what's the next level after it," commented Calhoun and Lilith's hands clutched. According to the plan, she would make use of Declan's help and take the dark angel from here, but Declan was dead. And she had discovered that Calhoun was not an average vampire. 

"You were never better. Always behaving so high and mighty when you are someone who came out between the legs of a woman who whored around with every single man in the village," scoffed Lilith to spite Calhoun.

In an instant, Calhoun stood right in front of Lilith, grabbing hold of her neck tightly. He stared at the demoness. 

"Well, at least my mother spread her legs because she had to feed me and her, unlike you who whored around just for pleasure." Calhoun's words were cold and empty as he didn't like the way Lilith spoke about his mother. He had silenced almost every single person who had bad-mouthed his mother. 

"For a lowly demon, you sure have a lot to speak, don't you," said Calhoun, pressing her neck further squeezing it and the demoness found it hard to breathe.

"Kill me," whispered Lilith through gritted teeth. Calhoun looked into the black eyes of the woman before pushing her away from him. "You can't, can you?" she laughed. Madeline who stood there watching them could feel her hands start to shake. She saw how the demoness looked at Calhoun. She was surprised that Calhoun had not done anything, and had let Lilith go unharmed.

"All in good time," said Calhoun and Lilith staggered back. "How did you end up here? I thought Helena sent you with Weasley to look for Walter."

"You would be surprised how weak Weasley is. It took only a couple of punches to have him unconscious in the carriage. What a weakling. I have worked so hard, trying to carve my way up in the hierarchy, you don't think I would sit back and look at others go for it."

Right now, Madeline had turned nothing less than a Hanima's treasure. The only thing which people who were after her didn't know or failed to notice was that, she wasn't the small helpless girl anymore who once was taken to a demon's house by her grandparents. 

"I can turn to a higher level demon. Almost God-like," whispered Lilith as she eyed Madeline. She then moved away from Calhoun slowly and steadily, towards the broken walls that allowed the wind to pass through in abundant quantity. 

"That's quite a dream you have in there. Do you think you will be able to do it," asked Calhoun, putting his hands in his pockets. 

A smirk appeared on Lilith's face, "Now as you know I am not a vampire, you should know it well that I am a demon with wings. Maybe not right now," she said, inching closer towards the opening of the walls. "But I will come with the rest of them. To take her away," she gave them a crooked smile at them. 

"And how do you plan to leave this place?" questioned Calhoun, tilting his head to the side as he watched Lilith readying herself for a flight. 

"Poor, Cal. By my wings of course," Lilith responded, and she tried to get her wings out of her back, but it never came to appear even after many attempts. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she wondered why she wasn't able to get her wings out. Cracking the bones on her back, she tried again before wondering what the fuck was going?!

Calhoun pulled out his hands from his pocket before walking towards Lilith, and her eyes widened. "What did you fucking do?! I had them just a moment ago!" there was evident panic in her voice. 

"I?" asked Calhoun, "Nothing at all. I barely even squished your throat."

Madeline observed Lilith, noticing the demoness wasn't able to bring out her wings which she had seen a couple of minutes ago.

"Stop fucking kidding around, Calhoun!" came the rage-filled voice of Lilith. 

"Ah, now I remember!" drawled Calhoun, he gave a pause to only have Lilith's eyes turn big. "I don't think it was me, but the angel who touched you. He must have turned you to a mere mortal by not just taking your wings but other things too. What an unfortunate thing for a demon who wanted to move up in the hierarchy of demons," he tsked. 

Lilith's eyes turned livid in shock. She ran her tongue across her teeth and realized her fangs were gone, and so were her wings. She tried to use her ability, but nothing happened. 

"N-no! T-this cannot be happening!! NO!" screamed Lilith. She shook her head with a look of disbelief on her face.
Time to fly- Part 3

Madeline stared at Lilith who looked like she was losing her mind. Calhoun, who stood in front of the former demoness, he had a broad, malicious smile on his lips. "Demoting directly to a mere human must suck, isn't it, dear Lilith? But don't worry, for old time's sake, I will make sure you fly."

Lilith tried to escape away from Calhoun, but he blocked her way, "Y-you cannot do this to me," she whispered, "I have always helped you."

"Everything is in the past, and you have been foolish enough to go against me. Did you forget who Madeline belongs to? You have some nerve, trying to harm my wife," Calhoun caught hold of Lilith's collar of her dress.

The former demoness tried to negotiate her life, pleading, "I will tell you everything that you need to know about the people who want the girl. You need me right now to keep her alive!"

Not paying any attention to what she said, Calhoun said, "I wonder if a mere human can survive such a height, but then you can fly. Don't worry, if you can't fly well, I will bring you back up here again, and we can try it all day long."

Lilith shook her head, fright filling in her eyes, "Pl-please...NO! NO-AHH!" she screamed when Calhoun pushed her from above to have her be greeted by gravity until her head touched a statue that was below, breaking her head and neck before she fell flat on the ground, unmoving with her eyes opened. Blood started to spread on the snow around her. 

Calhoun heard the smack sound of Lilith, and he turned to look at Madeline, taking a step forward, and she shook her head, "Don't," she whispered. Not liking the sudden rejection, his eyes narrowed. "Don't touch me, Cal."

"What's going on?" 

"My hands," she whispered, and she raised her hand towards the wall that stood strong, and on her hand's movement, the wall cracked under pressure. "I will hurt you." She didn't want to blow Calhoun the way the other demon's face had disappeared with nothing but blood. 

Calhoun's eyes softened at her words, "You need to learn to control it. Shake your hands like you are getting rid of something," he suggested, taking a step towards her while Madeline looked at him skeptically. When she took his advice and waved her hands, the wall broke down cracking further and bricks flew in all directions. Before the bricks and stones could come to hit her, Calhoun appeared in front of her with his wings spread out to protect her. 

Madeline's eyebrows had drawn closer in worry, and she stared into his eyes. "Bring your hand forward," he said. She apprehensively raised both her hands in front of him while also taking a step back. "It's going to be okay," he assured her, bringing his hand to hover above her hand.

"What are you doing?" she asked tensely. 

Calhoun looked down at their hands, "Feeling how strong you are. I can feel the resistance when I try to get my hands closer to yours. Take a deep breath, my rose. You are too tense, breath and let go. I am here now," he guided her in a calm voice. 

Madeline's lips trembled when his hands moved a little more closer to her open palms. Though Calhoun was stronger than the demon who was lying on the ground, she didn't want to see him spew blood out of his mouth. 

"You are not concentrating, Madeline," he said, lifting his gaze to see her. 

Calming her nerves, she took a deep breath and at the same moment, he caught her hand, their palms touching each other. Madeline's eyes that had widened looked at him, and she saw him smile, "See. All gone." He was right. Her hands didn't feel the way they were feeling a few seconds ago. 

Remembering Beth and Raphael, who were waiting outside the church, she quickly inquired, "What's happening outside?" 

Calhoun had a grim expression, and he said, "Werewolves and demons have attacked the village." 

Both Calhoun and Madeline went down the building, and they were greeted with the sight of men and women, including children who were injured and being tended by others.

Four werewolves were caught and put inside the cage, while the other beasts had escaped from the village of Cossington before they could be captured. 

By seeing the number of injured people and houses destroyed, Madeline's eyes frantically searched for Beth before she caught sight of her sister who was sitting on the ground with Raphael standing next to her. She saw one of the village women tending Beth, who just finished wrapping a cloth around Beth's leg. 

She ran to where Beth was and noticed her sister's dress had turned partly red on the skirt. "What happened? Did you get hurt?" she asked, worried before sitting down to console her sister who had tears streaming down from her eyes. 

Raphael was the one to answer, "A werewolf has bitten Lady Elizabeth."

"What?" whispered Madeline in disbelief. Beth hiccuped looking at her. 

"Maddie, I don't want to be a furry animal! I d-don't want to turn into a werewolf!" sobbed Beth, and more tears slipped past her eyes.

"Oh, trust me, milady. The last thing we need is another furry animal apart from my wolves." Calhoun's words had made Madeline send out a small glare at him for being insensitive about Beth's situation. His lips twisted almost to a smile before he said, "We'll try to prevent it from happening. Depending on how fast you heal, we will find out how fast you might turn into a werewolf. It will give us enough time to think about what to do."

When the wind blew in Calhoun's direction, he looked in the direction where the wind had blown from, his eyes narrowed and his lips set itself in a thin line. 

The scent in the air was something he hadn't smelt in a long time. As if the air carried the remembrance of his late mother and he couldn't help but question why the scent was here. 
Horns- Part 1

Music Recommendation: We got your wife by Carlos Rafael Rivera


Madeline stepped out of the room once she made sure that Beth was well taken care of, lying in her bed. Beth had been in too much pain, and she had fallen unconscious before they reached the castle. With a soft click, she closed the door behind her and saw two maids who stood outside to attend to Beth. Madeline caught sight of Lucy and Raphael who stood not too far away from the room. 

"How is she?" asked Lucy, who had heard from a maid about what happened, and immediately she had made her way to the guest room where Beth was. 

"She is resting now. It's good that she's unconscious," replied Madeline, pressing her lips together.

"My deepest apologies, my queen for not keeping an eye on her," Raphael bowed his head. He hoped that Beth would be safe inside the carriage. But he would have never guessed that Beth would come to attract one of the werewolves, that would come to bite her. He felt guilty for not looking after the girl, not because she was the Queen's sister, but because she was Elizabeth Harris. 

"It wasn't your fault, Mr. Sparrow. What happened today was a series of misfortunes which none of us expected it to happen," Madeline didn't blame Raphael because when they had stepped into the village of Cossington, she had only thought about Jennine. Who knew the demons and werewolves would come out of the blue to attack the villagers, "If we can find the antidote, there will be nothing to worry about."

Lucy's eyebrows furrowed in deep worry, and she said, "Forgive me, my Queen, but as far as I know, no cure for a werewolves bite has been found until now. It is inevitable." 

"My grandmother said the antidote for it exists, but she didn't tell where to find the antidote," answered Madeline. 

Out of all the lies that her grandmother had told them over the years along with her grandfather, Madeline hoped this little information was true. With James, who had decided on how he was going to live, she had dropped the idea about finding the antidote. But with Beth being bitten, she didn't have a choice but was forced to find a cure so that Beth would never turn to a beast-like creature. 

"But where will you be able to find it?" questioned Lucy. As easy as it was to tell that there was a cure, every human who had been bit by a werewolf and also vampires who had got bitten, they had been unsuccessful when it came to getting their hands on the antidote. "I remember a distant uncle of mine who was a human, who got married into my aunt's family. A person of high status and pompous, who had once gone hunting in the borders of the land of Devon only to be bit by a werewolf. Orders were sent out to bring the antidote because there was a rumour that was spread about it being present in one of the caves that comes near the Bellmount mountain."

Lucy continued about what she knew, "I was probably around twelve. Back then, I didn't know that the werewolf's bite had different time durations when it came to affecting each person. One werewolf's bite varies when it comes to two people and it is never the same. Either its reaction is fast, or it's slow. Sometimes they cannot handle the pain, and the person dies." 

Hearing this new piece of information, Madeline's throat went dry, "Dies?"

"Lady Lucy is right, my Queen," affirmed Raphael with a heavy heart. "When a werewolf bites a person, it leaves venom behind. Some cope up with it by transforming into werewolves while some don't survive."

Lucy continued with the story, "While the relative of mine who was trying to hold up, men went in search of the so-called antidote, but they returned with nothing but dead bodies of the men, and some skeletons. In the end, the person succumbed to his death, and he passed away. Don't worry, Lady Madeline, let's hope that nothing happens to Lady Elizabeth."

"Yes," whispered Madeline. 

Leaving the front of Beth's room, Madeline started to walk in the corridors while she thought what to do. When James had turned, she had believed there was nothing worse than it, but now knowing about the transition of the werewolves, Beth could die. Worry continued to plague her mind. Her sister was finally coming around to the way she was when they were little. Madeline didn't want to lose her sister. 

She wondered how things were going in Cossington. After seeing her back to the castle, Calhoun had left to visit Cossington as he wanted to follow the scent that he had noticed earlier, while also wanting to find where Paschar was. 

She continued to walk idly and alone by herself in the quiet parts of the castle, giving room to her thoughts so that she could think of something. She wondered if Paschar could help in fixing Beth's condition, after all, angels were the helpers of God. Standing in the middle of the corridor, she closed her eyes and held both her hands together, whispering her prayers, hoping Beth would be saved from her current situation. 

Madeline had gone to the village for her work. 

She shouldn't have taken Beth along with her, thought Madeline to herself, feeling the sliver of guilt that weighed on her mind, she couldn't help but blame herself for being irresponsible. At the same time, no one knew this was how the day was going to transpire. She didn't know how things would turn once the High House members would find Beth's condition. Beth would be taken away from here and treated like a wild beast. 

Unable to stand around doing nothing, Madeline wanted to check how Beth was doing even though it had been only thirty minutes since she left her sister's room.

Reaching the front of the room, she saw the maids continued to stand on the opposite side of the door. Madeline was about to turn the knob when she heard something from the inside of the room. It wasn't voices but crackling sounds that had her frown. Did Beth wake up? 

Turning the knobs quickly, she stepped forward to feel and felt her heart slip from her ribcage on what she saw. If her hand wasn't holding the doorknob, it would have been trembling now. 

Beth was on the bed just like how Madeline had left her with the blanket spread loosely so that it wouldn't press on Beth's leg that was wounded. But Beth was not alone, and she had company. 

Something stood next to Beth's bed, something Madeline had never seen or dreamt of before. It wasn't a person, but a creature that had a stag-like face with antlers. But the problem wasn't that it was an animal with the stag-like face which had no muscles or skin on it as it was nothing but bones located between the shoulders that belonged to a person's body. 

Her first guess would have been that a person was wearing a mask and trying to make mischief, but she could see the wall that was behind the creature through the gaps of the boney face.
Horns- Part 2

Madeline took a courageous step inside the room, and when the creature turned its head to look at her, she felt as if the air had slipped out of her lungs and she tried to catch her breath again. The creature opened its mouth as if wanting to tell her about something while pointing its hand towards Beth, who continued to lay unconscious in the bed. 

As the creature continued to move its boney mouth, Madeline heard the creaking sound that came from it because of its jaw moving. 

She didn't know what this creature was, but she had seen a depiction like this in some of the books that her Aunt Mary had stacked in her study room. Her eyes widened when the creature's hand reached towards Beth's neck.

"Please stop!" exclaimed Madeline, "W-what, do you think you are doing?" she questioned it, while not knowing if the creature could understand even a word which she was saying to it. 

On hearing her sudden loud voice, the two maids who had been standing outside the room quickly hurried inside. The maids looked startled, and they looked back and forth between the Queen and the unconscious girl on the bed with a perplexed expression on their faces. 

"Is everything alright, my Queen?" questioned one of the maid wondering if the Queen was speaking to her sister who was resting because there was no one else around. 

Madeline quickly looked at the maid, "Do you see it there?" she asked before holding her breath. The maids followed the line of sight of Madeline only to see the wall and the vase that was placed on the table. 

"Does the flowers in the vase need water, milady? I will go and get the water right away!" and the maid was about to leave when Madeline shook her head. 

"You don't see it?" questioned Madeline as her body tensed further when the creature took a step closer to her sister. The maids, on the other hand, looked confused, not knowing what the Queen was speaking about. Did she need something to be cleaned? 

Realizing the maids were not fooling around and were not able to see what she saw, she raised her hand and waved them to leave. 

Was she dreaming? Madeline questioned herself, but it felt too real. When the maids closed the door, the creature's hand went near Beth's neck, and Madeline quickly took a step forward to hear the creature snarl, not liking her proximity near it or her very own sister. 

"Why are you here?" asked Madeline to the creature. Its hand moved closer to Beth, moving its boney fingers around Beth's neck and then brought the hand back to the front of its chest as if to emphasize it was taking Beth with it. Madeline quickly shook her head, "No," she whispered, "You can't do it."

She didn't know why, but she felt like she understood what it was saying even though it hadn't uttered proper words. Was this because of the werewolf bite? She asked herself. The creature didn't look like it was anywhere a wolf's sibling, to tell that it had come here for Beth. 

"Step away from her!" she stepped forward, her voice raising loud enough for the things in the room to shake and the comb that was on the edge of the table fell on the ground. 

Hearing her loud voice, the creature took a step away from Beth, hissing at her in displeasure. And when Madeline took another step, the creature disappeared from the room. She looked around the room, making sure the creature was nowhere. She didn't know what it was and what its abilities were. 

Once she was sure that the creature had disappeared, Madeline couldn't help but doubt that she had been imagining the creature that didn't exist. Because if it did, how did it disappear?

Quickly moving towards Beth, Madeline checked Beth's neck to make sure there were no scratches. She felt relieved, and she wondered if Beth was comfortable right now even though she was fast asleep. When Beth would wake up, she would be greeted by the pain of the werewolf's bite. Beth was unlucky when it came to wolves. First, it had been Calhoun's wolf, Madox who had bit into her hand, and now a werewolf had bit into her leg that would decide Beth's fate. 

Moving towards the foot of the bed where she had earlier placed a pillow under Beth's injured leg, she went to make the blanket right when she saw the blood on the surface of the pillow, and she slowly pulled it away to see the pillow had turned wet because of the wound that had again started to bleed. 

"Maids!" Madeline called the maids who were waiting outside, "Get a new cloth to bandage, and also alcohol along with the needle and thread," she ordered without losing a single second. 

The maid's eyes widened at the sight of blood. "Now!" demanded Madeline before turning to her sister's leg and she started to unbandage the cloth that had been wrapped earlier that had soaked in blood. 

When the bandage was removed, a small gasp escaped from Madeline's lips at the sight of the wound that looked deep and bloody. The wound was still not healed, and her eyebrows furrowed. With the venom of the werewolf now running in Beth's body, she had hoped that the injury would heal itself. Dropping the idea to wait, she decided to take matters into her own hands. 

The maids arrived with a first aid box and handed it to the lady. 

"Would you want us to bring a doctor, my Queen?" asked one of the two maids. 

"No, that won't be necessary," said Madeline. She opened the box and pulled the things that she would need. 

There had been a time when she had treated a deer which had been hurt. It was the time when their parents had gone to visit their relatives, leaving her and Beth behind in the house. The deer had been hunted by someone with an arrow that had pierced into one of its hind legs, barely able to walk and had ended up at the back of their house in the middle of the night, which the girls had thought it to be a thief. 

Beth and she had somehow pulled out the arrow before stitching the wound.

Madeline didn't want to waste time by waiting for a physician, she took the alcohol and washed the needles and the wound. Bringing a candle that was burning brightly, she held the needle over it so that it could heat up. It had been difficult with the deer, and knowing this was her sister, it was even more challenging. 

She looked at the maids and said, "You can leave the room." Once the maids stepped out, she bent down in front of the wound and blew air, but nothing happened. The wound didn't get better, but it only turned worse. She could see the discolouration of the skin around the wound, and the venom was spreading like an infection. 

Taking a deep breath, she steadied her hand before bringing the needle towards the wound. She pushed the hot needle along with the thread from the bottom of the wound...
Horns- Part 3

After she was done with closing up Beth's wounds, Madeline wiped the light sheen of sweat that had formed on her forehead with the back of her hand. Her hands had turned red, and more blood had been spilt down on the pillow. She knew the pain was going to be agonizing when Beth would wake up, but Madeline hoped her sister would survive. 

"You should clean your hands," Madeline heard Calhoun's voice, and her head snapped around to see him standing at the door. When he entered the room, she stood up. His eyes fell on Beth's new bandage, and he stated, "You did a good job with it," he praised her. 

"Will she die?" Madeline asked in a low voice. She knew Calhoun was far more knowledgeable than anyone she had come across in her life. 

"We don't know, Maddie," came the frank answer from Calhoun that had her close her eyes, "If she doesn't heal before the sun sets, then it is possible that the venom is not turning her, but killing her."

"We need to find the cure," she whispered to herself. There was no other way to save Beth. Something hit her mind remembering the conversation she had with Lady Lucy, "Lady Lucy said there are mountains beyond the forest and that is where the cure is expected to be." 

"I believe she also mentioned how most people didn't come out alive, when they had tried to cross the forest. And there has been no proof that the cure for a werewolf's bite is somewhere in there," responded Calhoun.

Madeline's eyes lowered. She didn't want people to die while she was trying to save her sister's life. She glanced at Beth, who moved in her bed, groaning softly before turning quiet again. Madeline and Calhoun stepped out of the room so that Beth could continue to sleep, "How did things go in Cossington?" 

"Helena and the others arrived at the spot. Luther, Weasley, Reginald no news and Lilith, well, her body was found," said Calhoun, and his thoughts drifted to what had happened in the village before coming here. 

'What in the Hell's name is going on here?' demanded Helena by looking at the broken state of the village and the injured people. 

Dimitri had a deep frown on his forehead as well as on his lips. "How did the werewolves even enter this place? I thought we had checked for any werewolves in the land before the King's wedding." 

Helena's eyes were fierce while they skimmed through her surroundings, and she said, "Get the traces of the werewolves. The scent is still fresh, and if we are quick enough, we will be able to trail the werewolves and their hideout. We don't want more villages tumbling down. What is the count of casualties, who are dead?" 

Before the magistrate of the village could answer, Calhoun, interrupted by saying, "Seven." 

The magistrate was too scared to speak in the presence of the King, but he cleared his throat to gain the attention of the two people from the High House as the lady glared down at him for interrupting them, while the King looked at him as if he was an insect that was going to be trampled soon. 

"M-my apologies, but there are only six dead people. Four in here and one near the tower bell and the other one outside the church," relayed the magistrate. 

"You will find the seventh person in the well," stated Calhoun before looking back at Helena, who tore her gaze away from the magistrate to say, 

"Where are the rest of the members? Reginald was supposed to be out here helping people, but he has been missing since I arrived. And did someone contact Luther?" Calhoun shrugged his shoulders. 

One of the underling men who worked for the High House came running towards Helena to say, "Milady! There's Lady Lilith!" his eyes were wide, and he looked like he was in a shock. 

Helena's eyes narrowed, "Lilith is supposed to be on her way to Carnivals village with Weasley."

The man shook his head, "She's dead on the ground." 

"What?" asked Helena before everyone made their way around the church. They found Lilith's head smashed to the ground with blood around her, "What in the fucking hell is going on in here? Check her!" ordered Helena that had the underling man flinch before he pulled the body towards them. 

"Poor thing, what happened to her?" questioned Calhoun as if he felt sorry for Lilith, whose head had been partly opened because of the impact of the statue against her head. He caught sight of Helena who bent down to have a look at Lilith. 

"She doesn't appear to be the person she was this morning," said Helena, confused as to what happened as she knew that Lilith was a demoness and a vampire. But right now, Lilith looked nothing less to a human. "Take her body to the High House and see what has happened to her. And if she is here, where is Weasley?" 

"I will try to find him." Dimitri bowed, leaving their side while the other man carried Lilith's body to the High House. Seeing the dead body being taken away, Calhoun couldn't help but think, how dissecting Lilith's body would be of no use now, except for compost for plants. He then looked back at Helena. 

Taking the opportunity, Calhoun said, "Don't tell me I didn't inform you that something is up in your High House."

"How did you end up here, my King?" asked Helena, her eyes keenly looked at Calhoun as he had reached the village sooner than she had. 

Calhoun didn't break his gaze away from her, and he smiled, "By wings, of course."

Helena gritted her teeth, "This is no time to be joking. I heard that the Queen was here too. With Reginald. Is she alright?" she asked with a hint of suspicion.

"Yes, she's fantastic. She said she was in the church with him, but when the werewolves and the chaos arose, he disappeared," replied Calhoun. "Her sister had minor scratches, but she should be better in no time."

Salvete Mortem- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Everyone's Gone by Rupert Gregson


"Do you think Paschar will continue to work in the High House?" questioned Madeline after hearing what Calhoun had told her about what happened in Cossington. 

"I doubt so. With the speed he disappeared without staying a second more around you, I doubt he is willing to continue working for the High House," replied Calhoun, and he took her to the basin before pouring water on her hands. The blood that was on her hands washed out to leave as it fell into the basin, "Did he tell you anything more before he left?" 

"He gave me a book. I haven't found the time to go through it," answered Madeline.

She stepped away from the basin and turned to look at Beth. Wiping her hands against her skirt, she pulled out the small book that she had placed in her dress pocket and passed it to him. 

Calhoun took hold of the small black book, opening it to see words written in there. "This is his handwriting. It has spells that can probably be used to control your ability." He had worked with the man for the last two decades, enough to know that this handwriting belonged to Reginald who was Paschar, "Is everything alright?" he asked, noticing Madeline who had turned quiet with her eyebrows that had pulled close to each other. 

"Earlier I saw something in here. A creature and I am not sure if I was dreaming about it," confessed Madeline as her brown eyes started to take a look around the room before it settled on Calhoun.

"How did it look?" inquired Calhoun.

"It had a body of a person, wearing long black coat that reached until its ankles I think. Stag-like face with antlers, but it was all bones," explained Madeline to him with a hint of worry in her voice, remembering how it had stood next to Beth's bed. 

Calhoun frowned hearing this, and said, "I think I know what you are speaking about. Let me show you." He took her out of the room, leaving Beth in the care of the maids. They walked through the corridors and reached the gallery room of the castle, before Calhoun started to search the books that had been bound and placed in the cupboards. "If my memory serves right, it should be somewhere here. Found it." 

Calhoun pulled out a book from the lot, flipping the pages before he found the page for Madeline to see. "This is the one," whispered Madeline looking at the creatures drawing, "How did your mother draw all of these? Have you met it before?" 

"Once," replied Calhoun and Madeline's eyes widened. "It was when my mother's time was near. The creature had arrived during the time when she was in the death bed. I believe my mother has met it too, which is why she drew it down in here. She enjoyed drawing, and she drew everything that probably belonged to the place she had come from." 

Madeline traced the old drawing as the dust of the charcoal was spread on the sheets, but she couldn't help but trace them. "Did she ever tell what these creatures were?" she asked, her head lifting to meet his gaze. 

"She called it Salvete Mortem," said Calhoun, remembering the last few days of his mother who was bedridden and didn't step out of her bed. Not to eat, drink, not to go anywhere but lay there almost lifeless as the life in her reduced. He had been shocked when he had seen the creature, something he didn't know existed. "Bringer of death who comes to the realm of the living to take the person away."

Madeline felt that today, the bad news kept increasing one after another, "What else did she say?" 

"The Salvete Mortem, is nothing less to Whisperers, preparing the person to be ready so that the soul can either go to heaven or hell. She said it was her time to leave and she would need to rest soon," Calhoun's gaze had turned cold once again. 

"Her body was rapidly deteriorating, and there was nothing that could be done to help her. Now I think about it...it must be the cursed chain that had affected her, causing her to fall sick. I realized there was no way her health could be fixed, and her body along with her soul turned frail…" 

Madeline knew the next part where he had killed his mother, and then preserved his mother in the cemetery. But if the Salvete Mortem was here, did it mean Beth was going to die, and it had started to prepare to take her away?

"Is there no way to prevent it from happening?" asked Madeline. 

"Stopping death is not easy. It is like asking time to stop, but you know that even if you have stopped it, the time still continues." With the physician of the village who had been unsympathetic to help his mother, Calhoun had gone to other towns and villages, bringing other physicians to take a look at his mother, but no one could tell what was going on with his mother. Seeing how worried Madeline turned, he placed his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. 

"I don't want her to die, Calhoun," she whispered. 

"I know," he replied, but if death was hanging near Beth, there was little to nothing anyone could do from preventing her death. 

Madeline looked back at the creature drawn by his mother, remembering the gesture of death of how it said it was going to take Beth away. Beth was breathing, but the infection she recieved from the bite of the venom, it was spreading. 

She then asked, "Do you remember which mountain your mother said where your grandfather lives?" 

"Bellmount," and on Calhoun's answer, Madeline couldn't help but look at him with hope. 

"Lady Lucy said that she heard about the cure being there around the same mountains. Do you think your grandfather will know about it." Calhoun's lips were set in a thin line, and he saw the desperation in Madeline's eyes. 

Madeline knew that if Calhoun had not made any attempt to contact his grandfather, it meant he wasn't interested in the reunion and didn't care about his grandfather, and the same went the other way round. "If he isn't hibernating anymore, we can find answers." At his words, hope-filled her eyes and Madeline felt grateful. 

"Thank you, Calhoun," and she felt his hand caress her cheeks. 

"Anything for you, my dear wife," he had hoped for a much more peaceful time with her, but her sister had gone ahead and had got herself bitten by the werewolf. Calhoun couldn't help but think that Beth had the worst luck. Because with all the people in the village, she was one of the two people who had got bit by the werewolf and was alive.

"There's also something that I wanted to ask you," said Madeline to have Calhoun nod at her for her to go on. "When the creature appeared in the room, the maids couldn't see it. Do you know why it might be so?" 

Calhoun's eyes carefully looked at Madeline's brown eyes. "My mother said it was often seen by people who were about to die." And her heart slipped at this information. "But after all these years, I am still alive. Don't take it into consideration." 
Salvete Mortem- Part 2

While she was speaking to Calhoun they were interrupted by Theodore, who had come to the gallery room to talk about some matters, and Madeline returned to Beth's room, watching over her so that when Beth would be awake, she would be here with her sister. 

She pulled the chair near to Beth's bed, sitting down and she started to read the book given by Paschar. Calling him father was strange, thought Madeline to herself. She remembered the white wings that spread behind his back. They weren't huge like Calhoun's, and it appeared to be of average size. 

Madeline wondered if Paschar's abilities had been taken away or if he was careful when it came to using them. Because she knew he could kill Lilith, but he didn't. Instead, he had punished her by turning her to a human, while Calhoun had given the final touch to her life by pushing her down from the tower. 

"Try pulling the energy from your stomach, moving it towards the arms and then bringing it to your fingers," murmured Madeline, reading the words written in there. "To receive and channel other energy, pull it from the surrounding. The air is one of the medium through which the energy will be transmitted. Take it inside your body as if you are breathing, and let the energy circulate through your body."

Madeline decided to get up and stay away from Beth because she didn't want to take away her sister's life by mistake. Pushing the patio's door, she stepped outside. She looked around to see that the balcony was a closed one that showed other patios of the guest rooms—snowflakes had started to fall one after another, and when she saw one twirl down, she stretched her hands to catch it. 

Because of the temperature of the body, the snowflake had started to melt, and she did what was written in the book—breathing life back to the melting snowflake to turn it crisp into it's original state before it had fallen in her hand. She blew air to see the snowflake continue its journey. 

As she tried to control her emotions in her mind, she moved her hand in a circle above her head, the snow near her moved quicker in motion, almost like a hurricane and she controlled it with her hand. 

When Madeline's concentration averted to what happened back in Cossington, she lost her control on the snowflakes. Suddenly out of nowhere, the snow she had been controlling turned nothing less to sharp blades of a knife. One of them almost pierced her open hand if she hadn't pulled her hand away in time. She felt her hitch because the sharp blades fell straight down on the floor of the patio, where the tips broke. 

How in God's name did the snow turn into weapons? She heard the door knock, and Madeline quickly pushed the broken ice to the side. 

Madeline saw that it was Lady Monique who had entered Beth's room. "I hope I am not disturbing," said the lady. 

"No," Madeline answered, and her eyes glanced at Beth before looking back at Monique, "Beth has been unconscious since the time we left Cossington." 

The woman walked forward, moving to the foot of the bed and taking a look at her sister.

"She looks paler than the time I saw her in the morning today," commented Monique, her red eyes fell on the wet cloth that Madeline had placed on Beth's forehead. The lady said, "And the room reeks of blood. It would be better to shift her to another room and clean this place. The last thing you will need is one of the vampires coming to sniff her and look at her as a piece of meal."

Madeline had taken a mental note of it earlier, and she said, "I didn't want to wake her up."

"That's understandable," said Monique in the same soft tone without raising it, "A werewolf's bite is always unbearable because of its thick teeth and venom. How are you holding yourself, milady? How about we two step into the patio, so that we can speak more freely."

Madeline, who was staring at Monique, nodded her head, and they stepped outside where she had been earlier. Unlike Lady Rosamund, who often liked to sit down and have tea while belittling and mocking people subtly, Madeline noticed how Lady Monique was different compared to the Wilmot's. The vampiress had a serious-looking face, and one side of her face was covered with her hair with her nose and eyes sharp.

And the way she had noticed, Calhoun had a better relationship with this relative of his than anyone of his other relatives. 

"I am okay," Madeline responded to the question that was asked and Monique offered her a smile. 

"You should be careful about what you do, where you do, milady. It is not just ears that you need to be careful about but also the eyes." On Monique's words, Madeline turned slightly weary on what the woman was speaking about. She stared at the woman, waiting for her to speak more, "I heard you were playing with the snowflakes."

Madeline's body turned rigid, and she bit the inside of her cheek. Heard? Did someone tell the lady about it? It had been only a few minutes since she had tried to control it. And she had thought it was a closed space where no one would come to witness what she was doing.

"Do not worry, Lady Madeline. I wish no harm to befall on you or on the King. Therefore, I will keep it as a secret. I believe you have already come across people who don't know when to keep their mouth close. It is why sometimes we have to silence them," said Monique, looking across some of the patios of the rooms that was built facing the inside of the castle with a gap in the middle that had a garden built at below. 

Madeline didn't need to ask what the silence here meant. Was Monique not surprised by what she heard by the servant and she believed it?

"I knew you were different from the moment Calhoun sent the wedding invitation to me. I doubt he would find anyone lower than his calibre to be suitable for him," said Monique and Madeline tried to dissect and understand the meaning of the words uttered by the woman. 

"You know about him," said Madeline and the woman turned to look into her brown eyes. 

"I have for a long while now," there was a faint smile on Monique's lips. "I was surprised at first, and even though I never asked to clear my questions, nor go to find about it, I was astonished to see him with black wings. As you know, it is not usual for us to see people with wings except for birds. And one like that, it is obvious to tell where he comes from or what he is."

"Does Calhoun know that you know?" questioned Madeline, and the woman smiled. 

"I wonder about that," said the woman, catching one of the snowflakes and looking at it.

"Did you know his mother?" Madeline saw Monique nod her head, the smile dying down from her face while a sigh escaped her lips. 

"Not too closely like the others, but in the past, I have met her a couple of times. I remember the time when my half-brother brought her to the castle. He looked like a love-struck fool who could barely get his eyes off of her," said Monique and for a moment she paused before continuing, "I thought it was wonderful that he had fallen in love. That he would be different compared to my father, but I was wrong."

"Apologies beforehand, but may I ask how you were allowed to live under your father's protection?" questioned Madeline. It was because Calhoun's mother was kicked out of the castle, while Lady Monique's mother had got a mansion to live in, which wasn't too far away from the castle.
Salvete Mortem- Part 3

The vampiress slightly turned her head up to look at the roof of the castle. "My mother was one of the Duke's daughter, who was from Dunkril Grounds. He didn't take her to be his wife as he was already married, but it didn't stop him from keeping my mother as his mistress. Because of this, I got a position in the court."

That meant that it was because Lady Constance had no actual background, which was why the King or his family had not bothered to give the woman a house or support, and had instead thrown her out of the castle after using her. 

"I wasn't there when it happened. When the King's mother was discarded out of the castle, to never live in the castle again, nor allowed to see the King as he was going to get married to his new wife. I didn't like her, not one bit. I sometimes hope that my brother had changed his mind back then." Lady Monique paused again as if she was recollecting old memories. "But back then things were different. It would be good to say that my father's wife controlled the castle and the land."

"I could tell," commented Madeline.

Monique nodded her head, "Even though most of us know the truth about what happens in the castle, we have closed our lips from speaking about it. A lot of things often look like some of us don't know, but we do. I don't know what happened to Constance, but I am aware they weren't any good things. Calhoun has never uttered a single word about it, and I don't expect him to speak either. Rumours often come to fall on the ears."

"Do you know how Lady Constance' relationship was with everyone when she was living in the castle?" asked Madeline. 

"I believe it was good until my half-brother was happy with her. Maybe not entirely because you know how people are. Some were sure that she would turn to the Queen, but my father's wife and half-sister had different plans. Constance had no background. The first time I met her, I thought it was rather strange that she had no family nor did we know where she came from. They had sent people to find more about her, but there was nothing. It was completely clean." 

Monique continued to say, "Constance was a beautiful person. A little too naive to the people in the castle, as she believed them. You would have loved her. She was very kind and happy when I first saw her." There was a faint smile that appeared on the vampiress' face which disappeared. "We all wish for things to be different, but then things wouldn't be the way it is now if it didn't happen."

Madeline couldn't agree more to the vampiress' words. As unfortunate as things had turned out to be, the present was the outcome of the past. Probably there wouldn't be Lucy, and she and Calhoun would have never met. Maybe she would have started a life with James, but she wondered how that would go. 

"I am glad that you have been quietly supporting Calhoun through his time in the castle when he had entered this place," said Madeline, offering Monique a gentle smile. 

"And I am glad that you are married to him," acknowledged the vampiress, "I have ordered my men to go and find the cure if one exists." 

Madeline had a question on her mind, and considering how Monique knew Constance, she decided to ask, "Was the previous's Queen mother generous? Your father's wife when it came to giving gifts?"

Monique raised her eyebrows, "I wouldn't call her to be generous. The woman did things for her selfish reasons. But why do you ask?" 

"I was curious," said Madeline, "Calhoun had mentioned about a chain that was given to his mother which she preserved until her very end."

The vampiress gave a deep thought and then as if in realization, said, "It was given by Rose."

"Rose?" asked Madeline. 

"Rosamund. I remember her mentioning how generous she was when it came to giving Constance the gift. Calhoun's mother was wearing it when I met her," explained Monique. 

Was Rosamund Wilmot the one to give the cursed chain? Asked Madeline, "Was it a family heirloom?" 

The older woman shook her head, "It wasn't. Rosamund said she had bought it, especially for Constance. But what I don't understand is, how Rosamund never came to contact or look out for Constance after the human was thrown out. One word from the King, and everything changed."

Before Madeline could say anything to the vampiress, she felt a familiar pain erupt in her body. She caught hold of the railings of the patio, but that only ended up combusting under her hand's pressure and leave dust behind. Monique's eyes widened. 

"Are you alright?" asked Monique worried. 

Madeline closed her eyes in pain, and her hands turned to fists, refusing to touch anything or to be touched, "Please excuse me!" she spoke in a hurried tone to Monique, leaving Beth's room to make her way to her room. Doubting she would be able to make it to her room, she entered the closest empty room and closed the door shut. Simultaneously, the pain on her back turned intense, and she had tears in her eyes. 

Her knees gave out, and she fell on the ground. Her palms pressed against the floor, her nails tried to dig into the marble floor.

"AH!" she cried, biting her lips. 

"Maddie!" Calhoun had arrived, and he saw Madeline sitting on the floor. He rushed to her side to see her back staining with blood again. His jaw ticked, and his hands quickly tore the back of her dress to see the wound appear again on her back. 

"Come here, sweet," he spoke to her in the gentlest voice possible, pulling her aching body in his arms to feel her hands dig into his back. It was the most comfort he could offer her as this was something she would have to live through right now. 

Blood dripped down from her back and he then caught sight of something surfacing from her back. Using his hand, he touched the lone feather that was covered in blood. 


Carry you forever- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Sweet Brutal Suite by Jeff Russo


Calhoun stared at the lone feather that was drenched in blood. He tried to tug it out from Madeline's back, but it appeared as if the feather was stuck in her back, creating a slight resistance. Because of the bond that they shared, he could tell that she was still in pain by the way her hands continued to grip his back with her nails digging into his skin. 

"I told you not to test your powers when I am not around you," whispered Calhoun. One hand of his had touched the lone feather, and the other was placed on Madeline's lower back to keep her in his arms. "You would have been in so much pain, and I would have felt guilty for not being beside you. To help you." 

"It hurts," replied Madeline, her hands trembled. She felt as if the bones on her back were shifting and changing in their structure.

Calhoun gathered her more closer to him. "I know it's painful. It will feel worse than anything you have ever experienced before. I felt it too when my wings were coming out. Only that, first came the markings on my body and then came the wings. Your wings are coming out, Maddie. Try healing yourself, darling," he said next to her ear. 

Amid the pain that she felt, Madeline pulled away from him with difficulty, and she looked into Calhoun's eyes, "Wings?" 

As he smiled, he controlled a cough that erupted from his throat that had her on alert. Her already furrowed eyebrows deepened, and she dropped her hand down from his shoulders, while her hands turned to fists. 

"You're hurting, the same way as I am," she said, ready to pull herself away from his arms, but Calhoun didn't let her go. Her heart broke seeing how he held her despite him being in pain because of her, "Let go," she whispered, her eyes filling up with tears. 

"Never," answered Calhoun, "I promised to take care of you."

"Not at the expense of you getting hurt," said Madeline, noticing how he clenched his jaws. She was scared to touch him with her hands. Even though Paschar had given her the book that could help her with certain things, she realized to control her ability, it was something she would have to do it herself. "What happened to sharing things?" Her body started to relax, but her lips were set in a thin line. Calhoun noticed how her nose had turned slightly red.

One side of his lips pulled up and he said, "Isn't that what we are doing?" 

Madeline shook her head, "My presence is hurting you-"

"But not anymore," Calhoun interrupted her, "I am fine." But Madeline knew that he was good when it came to hiding certain things.

"I will try not to worry too much about it, so tell me when I am hurting you," she flinched at the end of her words, feeling something coming out of her back. It felt nothing less to needles that were trying to push open themselves through her skin, and she felt her blood trickle down her back. 

"Of course, my dear," said Calhoun, trying to distract her. When her hands pressed against his shoulders, he felt pain strike in his chest. But he didn't let it show on his face and his composure stayed the same, "By keeping you near, I might help in taking away the pain that you feel."

Madeline couldn't concentrate on what he was saying because she felt every prick and push on her skin as if it was trying to stretch the wound, "Is this how painful it's going to be when we will have babies?"

Calhoun didn't care about the pain he felt, not when he could hear what Madeline just said now. In her presence, everything else disappeared around him, and it was only Madeline that mattered. 

"I think that's how you might feel," he brought his own hand away from her back to brush the back of his fingers against her cheek, "Giving life is not as easy as it is when you take it away. I cannot wait to have our children, Madeline. To have our own family," he whispered to her, his forehead touching hers. 

Madeline tried to breathe, huffing for air as she forgot to breathe because of the pain. When Calhoun pulled his head away from her, she went to place her forehead on his shoulder, letting it rest while leaning on him for support. 

"What else did you think about?" questioned Madeline, trying to divert her mind, while waiting for the pain to pass away like the previous times. 

"To love you from night to dawn, and from dawn to dusk. To go to nearby villages, and spend time together. There has been a mention about a gathering that was proposed before the night of the Hallow," said Calhoun, tracing circles with his hand in the hopes to soothe her. "It was Javier's idea. Saying people want to build something called a theatre that can be used for people's entertainment. Music, dance, play. Also, we could have more time for ourselves with our children, teaching them things about the world."

While Madeline was gasping for air, Calhoun caught sight of two more feathers that started to sprout from her back. Feathers started to emerge from both sides of her back, surfacing out which were drenched in blood, turning the white feathers red. 

Madeline was born from the family of fallen angels, but in truth, her soul, her very essence came from the angel named Paschar who was still an angel and part of Heaven. She was called as the Dark Angel who was not supposed to exist, because of the powers which she held within her that was still growing. Calhoun could tell that there were people out there who were not only thirsty to have her soul, but at the same time they were equally scared of what she could do. 

Her body flinched and clenched while he saw the feathers grow out of her back, and they continued until her wings were completely out. There were some feathers that were white, turning a combination of red and white. They were a beautiful pair of wings which were of decent size.

"You did well, Maddie," Calhoun kissed her head. 

Madeline pulled herself to turn and have a glimpse of the wings that had appeared. The pain in her body had disappeared. But before she could continue to look at it in awe, her wings caught fire and in less than two seconds, they burned in thin air as if they didn't exist anymore. She felt the wounds on her back had started to heal itself and the pain had disappeared. 

"Your wings must be remembering what happened when they were last burnt down," explained Calhoun, "Some things have their own memories, and they relive by themselves. Give it a day so that they rest."

Did that mean she had wings now like Calhoun?

"I thought only angels have wings," whispered Madeline, her words holding a tone of confusion and excitement in it. 

"Paschar's lover, your mother, she concieved you when the angel was still a heavenly being and he hadn't turned to a mortal. His powers passed to you, Maddie. Which means," said Calhoun, "You are part of the Heaven too."