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Chapter 281 Not a big deal

Abi could only zip her mouth. This man had always been a man of few words since the first time she met him and tonight was actually the first time she heard him speak so much. Did he get tired talking suddenly or did he just feel that she was being annoying?

They headed to the northern wing of the palace. This part seemed a little different from the rest of the palace. The floor was made of black marble, with bits of white lines dotted every now and then, in the shape of lightning strikes. Many statues of black dragons of different shapes and sizes were lined on each side of the hallway, like pillars. The high dome ceiling was magnificent. The background was dark gray but throughout the length of the hallway, there were bold colours of red, yellow and black, bringing the intricate carvings to life. The carvings seemed to be portraying one man's journey to victory over dragons. It made Abi wonder if that was the illustration of Alex's story.

Another thing that differentiated this hallway was the fact that it was probably the most guarded part of the palace, seeing that there were guards stationed throughout the corridor every few meters or so.

Was this where the king and queen resided? She so badly wanted to ask but she held back. There was no point making this guy more annoyed than he already was.

The hallway ended at a set of large double doors. Zeke forced them open and walked in. Abi followed him and as soon as she looked up, her lips parted as she saw the structure that met her.

A huge golden throne, sitting in the middle of the circular room, greeted her as she walked. It sat up high, on top of a round, black stage. It looked to have been made from large golden scales. Two large wing-like structures extended from the sides of the throne, making it seem like the throne was sitting on a dragon's back.

Abi could not take her eyes off of it. She had never seen anything like it!

She then looked around some more and she saw that there were many luxurious couches situated around the room, all facing the throne. The heavy velvet curtains added to the royal feel of the room and Abi was convinced that this must be the Vampire King and Queen's wing.

"Is this the King and Queen's…?" She could no longer stop herself from asking. Was she going to be their personal maid? Why?

"No. This is Alex's."

Abi was surprised but at the same time, the feeling of unease in her stomach disappeared. She was glad to know that she wouldn't be serving some other royals. Whew, it looked like her fate might be far better than the characters she had read in books. Well, she didn't mind working, doing chores as a maid, if she could stay by Alex's side and save him. She would do anything.

Zeke led her around the room to the huge golden double doors. As they got closer, Abi's heartbeat accelerated.

Zeke knocked on the door but there was no answer from inside and the door remained closed. He looked at her. "Someone is in there with him," Zeke told her, making Abi forget to breathe for a while. "Don't worry. This kind of thing is not a big deal. He doesn't have any affections towards those women. It's all simply for pleasure," he added after seeing the shock on Abi's face.

She clenched her fists tightly. How could this not be a big deal? Alex was a married man! He was her…

Abi was losing it. She knew that Alex didn't remember her anymore, that to him, she had never been part of his life. He doesn't have any memories or emotions towards her anymore but still… she couldn't accept this. She could never accept something like this!

"Abigail." Zeke called out, forcefully pulling her back to reality. "Control your emotions and try to understand the situation as best as you can. Don't let your emotions take over. Think with your head. Just think that Alex, right now, is not your husband. You can't break down just because of this. You know that Alex would never touch anyone other than you if he was not in this state." Zeke stressed.

He could see how devastated she felt about this revelation. He wouldn't say that he understood what she was feeling because he really didn't. All he knew was that humans were fragile. He knew that something like this was enough to destroy them.

"Let's go back for now. We will come back here tomorrow." He could only abort the mission. He couldn't let this woman break before her job could even start.

However, Abi suddenly moved and hit the door with both fists and she kicked it with all the power her little legs had.

"Open this, Zeke!" she suddenly ordered, causing Zeke's eyes to widen for a moment. He was not certain if he should let her do this. Wasn't it better for her to leave now so she wouldn't see anything? Why did she still want to go inside?

She hit the door again. "I said OPEN this DOOR!" she yelled at him. Pain clouded her eyes but her voice was as determined as ever. It seemed this stubborn creature was really hellbent on making a fuss. And did she just yell at him?

He looked around and was glad that no one saw or heard, or else, she would immediately be dropped in the dungeon.

"Fine. Don't you dare go there just to cry and break or else I will throw you out of this country," Zeke warned her. Coaxing someone had never been his strong point but he knew that somehow, this woman was strong in her own way. Maybe, these cruel realities she was facing would make her even stronger.

"I won't!" she pressed, glaring at him so fiercely, like a little beast.

NOT A BIG DEAL?! This was a HELLA huge deal to her!

Zeke almost smiled. For a moment, he thought that Alex was in trouble.

He then opened the huge door and without wasting another second, Abi stepped inside.
Chapter 282 but I like it

Inside the room, unaware of the commotion going on just outside his doors, Alex was standing like a statue by the bed. Two women were with him, one behind him and one in front of him. The woman behind him was removing his shirt as she K**sed his back while the other one was kneeling on the floor, k**sing the m*n's perfect abs as she slowly removed his belt.

The scene was scandalous but that man was unresponsive. His blank eyes were focused on the floor and his hands didn't bother to move to touch any of them. He was utterly distracted since the moment that woman in black appeared before him. Her scent, the warmth of her skin and her voice… They were still lingering in him like a spell.

His thoughts were also focused on the strange thing he did to Zeke a while ago and how his body had refused to let go of her. Something was off and he couldn't figure what it was. He picked these two women to accompany him to stop himself from going back and snatching her away. He had never reacted like this before. Was he like this because she was the first thing Zeke didn't allow him to have?

The woman behind him wrapped her hands around his w**st, tiptoed and craned her head to k**s him when suddenly, the door opened with a bang.

The women looked at the door with wide eyes. Who dared to do this? Even the king would never dare to burst through Alexander's doors without him giving them permission!

The moment they saw a human in a maid's uniform standing there, they were dumbstruck. This was unbelievable. It was totally unheard of for a lowly human to act this way! How dare this measly human! Was this suicidal little mouse lost? Even so, she was not going to get away with interrupting their time with the great Alexander!

Their fangs lengthened, ready to jump on her and kill her for ruining the moment but they didn't move. They wanted to see Alexander kill her with his own two hands instead. They both snickered at the unfortunate soul who was about to become mincemeat. What a foolish creature.

They waited for Alexander to strike her mercilessly, with a disdainful smirk on their lips. But the man remained standing there like a frozen statue, as his eyes zeroed in on her.

It was dim inside the room and the bright light from behind the door hid her face, but Alex immediately recognized that scent. Her scent.

As if he didn't even care that a woman was right before him, Alex moved. He turned around and had the woman not fallen to the side, Alex would have trampled all over her.

Alex ignored the two women as he walked slowly towards Abigail, stopping one step away, in front of her. He bent down slightly so that his face was on the same level as hers.

He stared at her face as he inhaled her scent. So this was the face behind that mask, he thought and his fingers moved to hold her chin and tip her head up so that he could take a closer look.

"Why are you here?" he asked as his eyes roamed beyond the door. "Did you change your mind? Zeke too rough for you, is he?" he added, not minding how sharp her gaze was on him.

She didn't answer. She just clenched her fists tightly at her sides as her eyes continued to blaze with anger.

Alex licked his lips sed**tively. The source of his distraction was here and he couldn't believe how his body was reacting just by her presence alone.

"Alexander, let's cont –" One of the women just slipped her arms around his waist but Alex caught them and pushed her away.

"Leave!" He ordered, his voice firm and indisputable.

"But we're not…" The other woman started to complain but when Alex's eyes turned golden as he looked at them, the women gulped. They immediately moved, eyes red, and they bared their fangs and hissed at Abi as they passed by her before finally stepping out the door. There was a promise of retribution in their eyes for interrupting their night and Abi couldn't help but shiver even through her anger.

When the women were finally out of sight, Alex's gaze flew back to her.

"Now answer me. You came here because…" His finger traced her face, from her temple down her cheeks to her neck, when Abi suddenly slapped his hand away. She was not going to let this guy have his way with her! No matter how much she longed for his touch she would make sure not to give in. She was angry, so angry she could die. For the first time, Abi wanted to beat him up and scream at him at the top of her lungs!

Alex seemed shocked at what she did. As far as he could remember, no woman ever pushed him away like that. They always, always came at him like leeches.

"You didn't just barge into my room, now you're even pushing me away… what a bold woman." A smirk accompanied his words as he leaned in on her again. "Playing hard to get because you know I wanted you? That's not a very good idea for a fragile little lamb like you but… I like it," he whispered sex*ly, taunting her.

Abi's heart skipped a beat when she heard him call her 'little lamb' again. She closed her eyes as her ears savored those words. Even though she was still furious at him, she couldn't help but tear up as she heard her nickname being spoken by him. Abi nearly gave in but luckily, the lights were suddenly turned on, flooding the room with its brightness.

Zeke then entered the room nonchalantly.

Alex looked at him, not moving an inch away from Abi.

"I didn't bring her here to be those women's replacement," Zeke said. "She's here to be your personal maid, not some kind of pleasure toy for you." He pressed with a serious gaze.

Chapter 283 Heartbeats

Alex slightly tilted his head. "Maid," He echoed and his eyes finally realized that she was indeed wearing a maid's uniform. "So you… the future king of the vampires actually danced with a human maid and even brought her into your room, eh, Zeke? It seems you finally learned to break the stupid protocols of your family."

"Don't change the topic, Alex. Listen, from today onwards, this woman will be with you at all times," Zeke said before his gaze fell on Abi. "Follow him wherever he goes, if you fail to do that, you will be punished, understand?"

Abi gulped. Seeing the serious warning in Zeke's eyes immediately made her understand that he was not bluffing. This guy would probably really punish her.

"What's the reason for all of this, Zeke? Why do this now? Are you that afraid that I will escape?" Alex asked, finally moving away from Abi and walked towards Zeke. "And what's with the punishment thing? You really think a human maid can manage to follow me everywhere? She must be a glutton for punishment if she accepted those terms."

"Well, she could if you let her. But if you want her to be punished, then that's a different story."

Zeke's response silenced Alex. Even Abi looked at him in surprise.

"Listen. I've been observing you lately. The thing that happened to you a while ago, I know you're thinking about it. I believe someone is trying to manipulate you."

"Witches, again?"

"Most likely. You should know how powerful these witches are and how good they are in disguising themselves to be one of us. They are willing to do everything in their power to manipulate you, to turn you against your own kind. You know that I will never let that happen."

"So, you're giving me this maid to watch me?" He pointed to Abi. "Why? She's just a human! Wouldn't it be better if someone more powerful did the job?"

"This human has the ability to easily identify a witch. Humans have the innate ability to sense danger around them and she will be useful in that respect. She knows the feeling of fear she gets from us vampires so she should be able to tell when someone is pretending to be one of us. I definitely can't watch over you all the time and you always seem to make the human butlers, maids and soldiers that I order to follow you, disappear. That's why I chose this girl instead, since it seems you definitely wouldn't make her disappear."

"And how are you certain that I won't make her disappear like the others?"

"Because you didn't let me harm her. That's enough for me."

"Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. Especially since this little lamb looks really stubborn." He smirked, glancing over Abi.

But Abi didn't flinch at that malicious smile he showed her. Her mind was busy trying to steel herself for her role. Now that she knew what her job was, she was not going to let any other woman touch him again. She swore to herself that she would do everything to keep those sleazy women and evil witches away from him.

"You go and fix yourself, Alex. I will have some words for your maid first," Zeke told him before Abi followed him outside the room.

Zeke shut the doors and looked at her.

"He won't hear what we're going to talk about?" she asked, curious why Zeke had to speak with her outside. Well, she thought that vampires could hear someone's voice even when they were far.

"Alex doesn't have the hearing ability. That's one of the abilities he doesn't have because he's not pure blooded. The fangs and the eyes are pretty much all he has in common with pure blooded vampires," he explained briefly before his eyes focused on her. "Now, I hope you understand your job."

"Yes, but, what you said about humans sensing witches. Is that true?"

"No. That was a lie I spun to convince Alex to let you follow him. However, you are special. Your hearing ability is far more advanced than a normal human, possibly even more than most vampires as well. Each creature has a slightly different heartbeat, vampires, humans, animals, witches. To someone without your skills, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The difference is that small."

"Different heartbeats?"

"Yes. But therein lies the problem. If you hadn't noticed the difference, that means you hadn't been using your abilities enough. The problem we have is that you haven't honed your skills over time. You will have to train yourself while watching over Alex."

"I… okay. But how will I know what a witch's heartbeat sounds like?"

"You don't. That's why you will need to learn the heartbeats of everyone and everything that is familiar so that you know when it is unfamiliar."

Abi nodded because his words made sense. It was like playing the game of 'which of these things is not like the other' but still, trying to listen and learn and memorise the different heartbeats, sounded like a mission and a half. However, at least she now had an idea of where to start.

"Also, I think it is a good idea to do anything you can to rile him up to gauge his reactions. Maybe if we brought out that side of him often, it might help him regain his memories."

"Okay. I understand."


Zeke opened the door again and Alex was on the bed, already dressed up.

"So, this maid will also stay in my bed, right?" he said as he pulled Abi into his embrace.

"I repeat, she's not here to pleasure you. She's here as your maid," Zeke just said and as if he knew for certain that Alex would follow his word to the letter, Zeke turned around and left.

"Tch! What a boring man." He smirked and suddenly, he pinned Abi against the closed door.

"Did he touch you?" he asked all of the sudden.

Abi blinked up at him. His eyes were still blank but there was something different about him. She knew this feeling too well. Alex's possessiveness.

He bent down and his lips brushed against her ear. "Tell me, did Zeke touch you while you were in his room? Where did he touch you? Huh?"
Chapter 284 I hate you

Pinned against the door, Abi gazed up at Alex with wide eyes. She was surprised. These words he was saying right now almost made Abi tear up. But she bit her lower lip and held her ground. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to show him any weakness.

The image of standing with those women flashed in her mind again and her anger clouded her eyes once more. She thought that the talk she had with Zeke had somewhat calmed her raging emotions but it seemed she was wrong. It seemed it was only biding its time until it was prompted to be released again. With a blazing fire in her eyes, she looked straight back into his eyes and responded.

"So? So what if Prince Zeke touched me? He is the crown prince. Who would dare say no to him? What if I said he touched me all over my body? It still wouldn't matter because it has nothing to do with you!" she said fiercely. Her voice was cold and sharp. This was the first time she ever spoke to Alex this way but she couldn't help it. Her anger was getting the better of her. He had no idea what it felt like to see him with those women - the pain and the feeling of betrayal hurt her like nothing had ever done before. Standing up to him was the least she could do!

As Abi was mentally preparing herself for the oncoming fight, telling herself that she did well and that she needed to give him a piece of her mind, but that didn't last long. She was once again shocked with what Alex did to her next.

She did not anticipate what he was going to do next and the next thing she knew, she was being thrown onto the bed.

A little yelp escaped her lips as she landed and bounced softly on the big bed. When she stopped bouncing, she looked up and her heart suddenly accelerated. She pulled herself up and looked at him. His eyes… he looked angry. His ominous dark aura was filling the room.

But Abi had long gotten used to this. She had felt this aura many times when she was living with him. What he did wouldn't even make the hair on her skin stand anymore. She had gained some kind of immunity towards it.

Alex jumped, from where he was standing by the door, to the foot of the bed. He then climbed up on the bed and crawled over her, still with that look in his eyes.

He pinned her down, securing both her hands above her head.

"Little lamb, why are you lying?" he asked.

There it was again, the pet name he gave her. Why did he have to keep saying it? Abi's anger and determination slightly wavered but this time, she determinedly shook her head to clear those hypnotic words away. Besides, that wasn't the main point of focus right now. The bigger question was how did he know that she was lying?!

He bent over until her l*p* touched her ear. "I didn't smell your scent on Zeke," he whispered the answer to her question, as if he had read her mind. Seeing the shock on her face, his lips curved up into a mischievous smile. "Are you just trying to rile me up, huh? Little lamb?"

His finger began to trace h*r l*ps. "Answer me or else…"

"Or else what? You're going to punish me?" she retorted. Abi just couldn't forget that scene she walked into earlier. No matter how much she justified it, her anger, her jealousy and the pain just refused to subside. "Are you going to hit me? Go ahead then! Do it, you damn cheating womanizer?!!" she suddenly burst, yelling at him.

Alex paused, blinking in confusion. It seemed it was his turn to be surprised. He stopped moving as he observed her face. Her eyes were glistening. Was she going to cry? Why was she so angry with him? Why did she think he would hit her? And what did she just call him? A cheating womanizer?

Alex understood none of it. He didn't understand why she was so angry, why he was letting this human push him away and treat him like this.

"Get off me, I hate you!" She started to throw a tantrum. "I hate you, I hate you!!" she screamed and Alex just froze there, completely paralyzed.

Her words 'I hate you' kept echoing inside his head like a spell causing chaos inside his body. He was so shocked that his grip on her wrists loosened up and Abi was able to free her hands from him.

What the hell was going on with him? He had felt all the people's hatred of him for countless years. He was despised and feared. The fear and hate in every single person's eyes when they looked at him had become completely normal to him, so much so that he had come to enjoy their misery. So how and why did he find this woman's words so unacceptable to the extent that he just froze there and let a measly human maid scream at someone like him? What did this woman do to him?

Unable to understand anything, Alex snapped and bent down again. His face hovered above hers. He had to know. He had to find out why!

"Stop yelling and tell me why you hate me!" his voice thundered, causing Abi to look up at him. Screaming those words out somehow made the pilling frustration and anger inside her feel a little better.

She looked at him intently as she steadied her heavy breathing. He looked frustrated. His blank eyes finally held some kind of emotion, though subtle, in them. The look of confusion.

Abi gulped. It seemed her unplanned outburst had an effect. Or maybe her screaming at him that she hated him riled up something within him?

"Tell me, is it because you're scared of me? Because you know I'm a monster? Because you think I would make you disappear like everyone who served me?" he asked, with a menacing voice.
Chapter 285 Her turn

Abi just stared up at him. Her body slowly relaxed, maybe because she finally let out her anger. Or maybe, she softened up again, hearing these words he was saying, calling himself a monster like it was a fact.

She almost reached out to hug him and tell him he wasn't a monster, that she had never seen him as a monster, but she refrained herself.

"No. I'm not scared of you," she told him almost insolently, causing him to narrow his eyes. "I just… hate… cheating, womanizing bastards…" she continued as her eyes wandered around.

"Cheating…" he echoed. "Why would you say I'm cheating?"

Abi blinked and said nothing, her brain somewhat shutting down from her slip up.

"Speak," Alex commanded.

Abi found herself in a dilemma. Oh no! How was she going to get out of this? Of course Alex wouldn't think he was cheating if he had no partner, no wife to cheat on!

She had slipped up by calling him names and now she had to think of an excuse, something that would make sense! She couldn't very well tell him that it was because he was a married man. Her eyes wandered around again and her eyes caught some objects sitting on top of the bedside table.

There was a necklace with a couple of rings on it, sitting there. Those were their wedding rings and her engagement ring. Upon seeing them, Abi's heart squeezed so tight that she could hardly breath. She almost cried.

"Aren't you… married?" her voice became weak as she spoke, not tearing her eyes off the rings.

Alex creased his brows and followed her line of sight.

"Those were wedding rings, right?"

She looked at him and their eyes met.

"You thought I was married because of those?"

"Well… yes."

He bit his lips and looked at her in disbelief.

"Those aren't mine. And I am certainly not married," he said, sounding so sure of himself.

"Then whose are they?"

He looked at the rings again with a frown on his face.

"I don't know."

For a moment, Abi saw something flicker in his eyes as he looked at the rings. She didn't know if it was something good but she felt something tug at her chest.

She thought that maybe she wasn't the only one suffering. That Alex, despite completely forgetting about her, was fighting his own battles as well. She was the reason why Alex lost his soul and forgot about her. All this happened to him because he wanted to save her. Maybe her Alex knew this would happen. Maybe right now, he was somewhere in there, fighting as hard as she was to free himself from this nightmare. Abi could only believe in that thought, that they were both still fighting for love.

"So…" Alex spoke, breaking her internal thoughts and making her focus on him again. "You actually screamed at me and told me you hated me because you thought I was married?" Alex said, now looking at her like he was about to punish her.

She swallowed. "Well, I hate womanizing men, too…" she reasoned out, looking away. She was trying her best not to pull him in and k**s him, given their intimate position right now. "So… I still hate you."

He smirked. "What a brazen, little lamb."

"Stop calling me a little lamb! I have a name," she said, trying very hard to distract him from his current train of thought.

"Hmph. I will call you whatever I want to call you!" he answered, not taking the bait. "Haven't you realised yet that I can do whatever I please to you, whether you hate me or not?"

At his words, Abi returned her gaze on him. She threw him a fierce, challenging look before she replied.

"What. Are you going to force yourself on me?"

"You do see me as a monster, don't you? Don't worry little lamb, this monster is all about pleasure. There would be no pleasure in forcing you…" he bent again and whispered. "I will make you come to me and submit yourself to me instead." A small smile played on his lips, as if he was so confident that Abi would relent to him. After all, he was used to women falling head over heels over themselves just to get close to him. If he actually tried to attract a woman, he was sure he would succeed in winning them over in a blink of an eye.

So with that, he lowered his head to k**s her, but to his surprise, Abi quickly turned her head away, not giving him an easy way to get through her defences. She wasn't going to give in to him!

This time, it was her turn to make him come to her and chase after her and submit to her, wholly.

Alex chuckled at the very first rejection he received. Somehow, he finally found something interesting in this damn boring world. He was going to s*d*ce this little lamb and he couldn't wait to see the day she would willingly come to him and beg him to t**ch h*r. He had no doubt that she would.

"Please get off me," she then told him, steeling herself for the backlash that she would no doubt receive from him, but to her surprise, the man obediently got off her and plopped himself beside her.

He faced her, nonchalantly leaning his head on his palm as he looked at her.

Abi rose and her feet just reached the floor when he spoke again. "Your job is to watch me twenty-four seven. Meaning, you should sleep with me in my room, be with me when I bathe and things like that, no?"

There was a taunting vibe in his voice as he said that, as if he was more than certain that Abi wouldn't last.

"Now I'm going to take a bath. You should come with me, little lamb, or else you will be punished," he told her, flashing her a triumphant smirk.

Chapter 286 My sweet maid

Alex climbed off the bed and he started to unbutton his shirt right before her. He was deliberately doing it almost in slow motion while he gazed down at her. He held her gaze, eyes smoldering with sexiness.

She couldn't believe it. This man was already trying to s*d*ce her! He was watching her every expression but Abi had already developed an immunity to his sexiness, or so she thought. Unfortunately for her, she still couldn't help but stare at him even though she had feasted on his body many times before. She wanted to touch him, so damn bad. She had been longing for him for the past three torturous months of his absence.

"Little lamb…" his voice pulled her back to the present. She was lost in her thoughts for a moment that she didn't notice that Alex had paused from unbuttoning his shirt for a while now.

Alex was mystified. The woman was staring at him and his perfect chest but he couldn't see the lust and admiration in her eyes as he had expected. In short, she was not affected. This realization made Alex smirk. He didn't undress himself like this anymore in front of any woman because he had seen how the women drooled and wanted to jump on him whenever he did that. That was why all those women did this job for him now. And yet, this little lamb was acting like it didn't affect her!

"You are my maid. Isn't this one of your jobs?" he added, spreading his arms out wide as she gestured for her to come and undress him.

Abi glared at him as she stood up. While she was deep in thought, she hadn't actually been watching him because if she had, he definitely would have seen a reaction from her. She closed her eyes and that damn scene was brought to the surface again. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as her anger resurfaced with the images. She was still angry at him after all, and she was going to punish him, damn hard.

Halting a step away from him, Abi silently reached out and began to unbutton his shirt. If she was doing this as the old version of herself, before she met him, she would surely be as red as a cooked lobster by now and almost hyperventilating. But she was no longer that na?ve Abigail. She had grown, blossomed even, and he was the one responsible for her s*x*al growth. Even though this man's effect on her didn't subside even for a little despite them being apart for a long time, Abi had learned some self control, to not show what she really felt. This, too, was something she had learned because of him. When she returned home after her operation, she had had to learn to hide her emotions because she knew it would just needlessly worry her family. So yes, in the most painful way, he taught her this as well, when he disappeared and left her all alone.

"Done," she said as she let go of his shirt. She took a step back as she looked into his eyes. She looked very determined and very serious. She thought that if she looked at her job as being a nanny, rather than a maid, then that would make things easier for her.

"What do you mean by done? How about this?" he pointed to his p**ts with a mischievous smirk on his face. "My sweet maid, don't make me wait and do your job properly and… obediently," he added, his voice became even huskier.

Abi could only do as he said. She knew that Alex was doing this on purpose. He was purposely trying to s*d*ce h*r. But she was hard as steel right now, certainly because of the anger that was still lurking in her chest.

She reached out for his belt and unbuckled it when suddenly, Alex's hand landed on hers, halting her. She looked up and their faces almost collided. Abi almost gasped. This man was really… really doing his best to break her right now.

She was glad he didn't have the ability of sharp hearing or he would have heard just how hard her heart was beating right then.

Abi immediately pulled away. She was determined not to fall for any of his honey traps. Nuh-uh. She wouldn't give him what he wanted. She would make him suffer until she was satisfied!

"Please don't interrupt me while I am doing my job." she told him like a stern little boss, causing Alex to let out a throaty chuckle.

What was wrong with this woman? How was she so brave? More importantly, why was she not lusting on him?

Alex was faced with a dilemma he had never encountered before. He could only watch as she unbuckled his belt so seriously like she was undressing a mannequin.

Her hand finally touched the button of his p**ts and as her fingers grazed against his abdomen, he subconsciously swallowed.

She then held the small zipper and as she pulled it down, they both froze for a moment. Abi's eyes widened in surprise, seeing that he was already… h*rd.

Looking up at him with wide eyes, Abi couldn't find a word to say because Alex seemed to be even more surprised than her.

The look on his face almost made Abi smile triumphantly but Alex suddenly held her hand again. "Now look what you did, little lamb. Because of your intrusion, my l*ttle monster is now all pent up and raging," he said and Abi glared at him again for casually reminding her about that earlier scene.
Chapter 287 Revenge

"That is not my problem. I am here because Prince Zeke told me so. I am just doing my job. If you have any problems, take it up with him." Abi pulled her hand off him and she picked up his shirt and p**ts. He watched her fold them like a real maid. He bit his lips and let them go slowly. The more he stared at her, the more he wanted her. He had never lusted after a woman this much before. Not to mention that this girl was wearing conservative enough and wasn't even trying to s*d*ce him.

Running his fingers through his hair, Alex moved towards her. Abi was putting the clothes on top of the bed when she felt his presence behind her.

"Now, come… it's time to shower."

He held her wrist and dragged her inside his bathroom. He casually kicked off his underwear as he strode to the shower.

She stood there watching him by the door as Alex turned the shower on. The sprinkles of water fell on his body and then he closed his eyes and let the water fall on his face. He was damn so inviting, so mesmerising, so damn perfect, that she felt like she was watching a god taking a shower.

This man was really not going to make it easy for her. She scolded herself not to gulp at the sight of him.

When his body was wet enough, Alex turned the shower off and faced her. Seeing him being surrounded by the hot steam, the droplets of water trailing down his skin and his wet, dripping hair… took all of Abi's self-control to not give in, to not give him the satisfaction of drooling over him like all those other wom- Ugh! There it was again and the spell was instantly broken.

"My sweet maid, it's time for the next part," he told her, giving her the soap.

Abi obediently stepped towards him, being careful with her footing so that she didn't slip and get wet. She didn't have any other clothes with her right now but this maid outfit she was wearing.

She looked into his eyes, giving him her most innocent but sed**tive look as she took the soap from his hand and she gently caressed his palm. This was the perfect setting for her revenge.

"Close your eyes," she said, trying on her sed**tive voice, hoping he would obey. He looked down at her face and contemplated her words for a second before he obeyed with a sexy, triumphant smirk. He saw what she wanted him to see at that moment and when he did as she asked, it was Abi's turn to smile, but hers looked a little like a vengeful smile.

Abi reached out her hands and started up by his neck, lathering the soap over his skin. She trailed down his wide, muscly shoulders - oh how she had missed him! - and down his arms. She put the soap down and started to rub her hands on his shoulders, like she was ma**aging him, and then found their way to his chest. Her touch was light sometimes and then harder at others.

She felt him tense at her touch and she couldn't help the spark that came to her eyes. It seemed she still had the power to make him react to her slightest touch. 'But this was only the start, Alex,' she thought. 'I'm going to make you squirm with unfulfilled desire.'

She picked up the soap again and made her way down from his chest to his abdomen. She stopped just above his upright little monster, teasing, calculating. Then she moved behind him to wash his back and she saw the dragon tattoo. She now looked at it in a new light. She traced its outline with her finger, all the way from his shoulders to just above his backside and up again. Her touch was light and for a second, she had forgotten her intentions.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts and moved to the front again. This time, she knelt down so that she could wash his legs. Her hands started from his calves and slowly worked their way up his leg, one had on each side. As she got near his groin, she purposely lightly brushed the back of her hand against the twins before trailing back down again. She heard him gasp and saw his fists clench at his sides.

This little lamb knew exactly how to touch him to make him feel good, oh so good. It seemed like his plan backfired on him. He clenched his fists to stop himself from grabbing her. The way her hands touched him was like she knew his body in a way that even he didn't. Her touch was like fire to him. Everywhere she touched, his skin felt like it was on fire.

She tested his self control like no one else had done. He had never felt this close to bursting from pleasure and she hadn't even touched him there! How could she have so much power over his body? Why was his body responding like this to her and only her?

It looked like he had underestimated this little lamb. How was she so good at this? How did she know exactly what he wanted her to do? Or could it be that this woman was just used to touching men like this? How many men had this woman touched like this until now?

The thought of her doing this to others made Alex's face darken. But he gritted his teeth to drive those thoughts away. So what if she had done this to many others before? Why was he even acting like this? He never cared about a woman's past transgressions before. All he cared about was his pleasure. So why did these thoughts affect him?

With a deep frown on his face, Alex suddenly turned the shower on, drenching Abi and breaking her concentration and her focus.
Chapter 288 I lose

She yelped. She could only look at him in disbelief but at the back of her mind, she was thankful to him for doing that because she felt like she had started to lose herself in the moment. She felt like she might have succumbed to him if he hadn't. She had felt that familiar sensation of desire in the pit of her stomach and she didn't know if she could have held back if she kept going. It seemed her method of revenge was a double sided sword.

"Oops, my bad. That was not intentional," he said as he smirked but he regretted what he did the next moment because now, he could see the shape of her chest.

She glared at him, fully knowing that he was lying and her anger surfaced once again. Anger was a much safer emotion to have right now, much safer than desire and contrarily, her mind became clear from the haze. She felt that she was back in control again, that she had a tighter rein on herself and her emotions so she continued what she was doing but not to the extent as she had purposely done just minutes before.

She washed his lower half, still kneeling on the floor, naturally showing him her cleavage as he looked down from above.

Alex's Adam's apple bobbed up and down.

He had been having a hard time with women lately. Ever since he came back after burning that palace, he never really felt the pleasure he wanted. No one could please him enough because there was something that his body seemed to be looking for. And that something, he realized now, was this woman's body.

He couldn't believe that just her touch was much more pleasurable than anything else he experienced before. The small reprieve had done nothing to quench his desire. He was starting to lose it, especially when he saw how close her face was to his l*ttle monster.

How much pleasure would he feel if…

He took in a sharp breath. He couldn't help but picture her taking him inside h*r m**th, s**ki*g and l**ki*g h*m. A gr**n was almost torn from his l*p* at the th**ghts.

Was he, of all creatures, actually destined to lose against this woman?

"Done," she said, removing her hands off his skin and standing up again. He was impossibly hot with desire and was floating in pleasure… how dare this woman stop at the height of it?

Abi turned to leave but he caught her wrist again. "Because you did such an incredible job, I have decided to reward my obedient maid," he whispered in her ear. "I shall return the favour and wash your body now."

His voice was so damn hypnotic, bringing back old memories of when he had whispered naughty things to her, but no! She would not give in! "I'm fine. I don't need to take a shower. And I certainly don't want you to wash me. I'm not a child. I can shower on my own."

Her answer was another lightning bolt to Alex. There it was, his second rejection, and from the same woman, nonetheless. This woman actually rejected his offer. He, of all creatures in this world, was being rejected right before his face. Other women would die from happiness if he ever offered to do this to them. Did this particular human maid really not want any piece of him? Unbelievable!

Alex let go of her as his lips twitched.

Abi let out a quiet breath of relief when he didn't insist on it. It had taken most of Abi's self control to say those things to him. She had been so close to succumbing to him earlier so rejecting him like this took a little less effort than if he had asked her earlier, but still took a lot of effort. Her self control had never been tested like this and she was glad that she had managed to pull through.

However, as she was complimenting herself for a job well done, Alex pointed the shower on her, drenching her all over.

She turned, speechless. She saw that he was smirking at her.

"That's your… sweet punishment for rejecting your master," he pinched her chin.

"You're not my master. My master is Prince Zeke. I am only following his order to be your maid and that's why I'm here," she stressed, utterly displeasing Alex.

His face darkened and the next moment, she was pinned against the marble wall.

"You… do you like Zeke?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

Abi swallowed and stared intently at him. She remembered Zeke's words telling her that they needed to rile him up as much as possible, that maybe that would help bring the old Alex back. She could see that she was getting a reaction from him so she pressed on. "Yes. I like him. He's the one I want to serve –"

"You still want him even if I told you that you will die –"

"Yes, you already told me! But if I was to die in his embrace, I wouldn't mind –"

Alex's eyes blazed golden. The next second his lips slammed on hers. He was like a wild beast prying her lips open.

Abi tried her very best to resist even if she didn't want to. 'Hold your ground Abi… please… don't let him win over you just like that!' she screamed to herself, thinking about that scene again to steel her resolve. And she managed to do so.

The displeasure in Alex's eyes intensified as he pulled his lips away from hers.

"You said you wouldn't force yourself to me!" Abi told him, angry.

But Alex didn't even look apologetic, nor guilty. "Fine. I lose." He smiled, causing Abi's lips to fall in disbelief. Did he just raise his white flag? Just like that?!

She was in disbelief.

He licked his lips, his eyes filled with nothing but lust and desire. "I will give you everything you ever wanted, little lamb. Forget about Zeke, you will only fall to your demise if you choose him. I can bring you more pleasure than he ever could," he whispered with his deep husky voice as his hands on her waist started to caress her.

"No, I…"

"Shh… choose me little lamb. Forget about him."

Abi felt like her defences were crumbling. She was starting to fall again, she was starting to break from his sweet, sweet caress so she did the only thing she could think of at that moment.

Without thinking about the consequences, she suddenly kneed him in the groin!
Chapter 289 Seductions and threats

Abi's eyes widened in shock when her knee connected against his groin. Her action made him take a step back, but more from shock than pain. A small, measly human actually kneed the great him of all the creatures in this world?!

And while Alex was at a complete loss for words, the little brazen lamb dashed towards the door and left, leaving Alex almost gaping in disbelief.

He took a sharp breath. His hands were on his hips as he looked up the ceiling and the next moment, the sound of laughter echoed inside the bathroom.

Still leaning against the bathroom door, Abi flinched as she heard his intimidating laugh. Oh god, had she gone too far? He was not a normal human. That mustn't have hurt him that much right?! So why did he step back like that? Now he was even laughing like a demon?

Abi was nervous. She knew that he wouldn't hurt her - she was confident judging from his reaction towards Zeke earlier - but he might use emotional torture instead to punish her. And if he did that, she knew that she might not be able to hold back her thirst for him!

Taking a deep breath, Abi told herself to relax and hold her ground but as she breathed out, the door suddenly opened and she fell backwards into the bathroom. Luckily, her reflexes saved her as she quickly held onto the door frame to keep herself from falling.

She turned to see Alex standing tall, still wet and n*k*d. His expression was unreadable.

Suddenly, he lifted her up, over his shoulder like a sack of rice and headed towards the bed. She had no idea what he was planning to do but she felt that whatever if was, it would not bode well for her.

He put her on the bed and then tore her wet clothes away, shocking Abi. Oh no, did she awaken the dark dragon?!

He then pinned her down on the bed, with her body between his knees.

"Little lamb, do you realize that your life is in my hands right now? If anyone found out that a measly woman just dared to knee me, especially in that, hmmm, special place, your head would fly away from your body so quick you wouldn't even know it happened. Even Zeke can't save you now, you know that?" he told her, still exuding his s*xy vibes, sed*c**g her despite him spouting threats at her. His hand went to her neck and cupped it delicately. "Also, I can kill you right here, right now if I want to and just tell Zeke you attacked me first. I wouldn't even have to lie because that is what happened, after all."

But Abi didn't even flinch. He said those threats without any emotion in his eyes so she knew that the situation she was in was quite dangerous. She knew that he could easily do as he threatened and that would be the end of her but, even so, she was unshakable.

"Fine. Kill me then," she challenged, tilting her chin up as a show of defiance. She was not going to show him even a little tinge of fear. She lifted her hand, grabbed his wrist and pulled it towards her so that it was pushing against her neck. "Now do it! Do it!" she yelled, causing Alex to freeze once again.

His lips twitched. He couldn't believe that nothing was actually working on her. Sed*ct**ns and threats were utterly useless. What was she? Who was this woman?

Before he knew it, his other hand moved towards her face and he caressed her cheek. "Tell me, what do I need to do for you to want me?" he asked.

Abi was dumbstruck. She didn't expect that at all. She was trying to rile him up, to make him more angry, but somehow, it backfired on her. But at least he wasn't threatening her anymore! But, why was he suddenly saying something like this?

Her eyes surveyed him, full of questions. His tone at that moment was gentle - it was almost the same as Alex's gentle voice when he made love to her - and his aura was somewhat warm. She was about to reach out a hand to touch his face but in the next moment, after looking confused about what he just said, his voice became cold as ice again.

"Don't worry, little lamb, I won't kill you, nor will I let anyone kill you. Death is too easy an escape. What I am going to do is punish you for doing that so you won't ever do it again." He smirked and then his lips found their way to her m**th.

Her lips were slightly parted from the shock so he easily gained access inside h*r m**th. That moment when she thought that her Alex had shown up had broken her defences and she didn't get enough time to build them back up before he started his punishment.

Oh no, his tongue… his mouth… this warmth… Abi had missed and longed for this so much - to k**s him once again.

His k**ses were deep and hot, hotter than she could remember. Ah, damn it! She wanted this… so bad! She had been dreaming of this moment for many nights. Their time apart felt like a century to her. In just one month, she had gotten used to him being around. She had gotten used to waking up everyday, expecting to see his face, expecting him to be waiting for her to train her, to feed her, to fulfill all her wishes. But most of all, she had gotten used to his k**s*s, his t**ch, his body and the way it felt when they were making l*v*. Alex had told her that he was an add**t, but Abi realised that she was also add**ted. She was addicted to him and each day that passed without him by her side felt like the longest day of her life. She craved for him so much, wanted to find him so much that she nearly broke.

Chapter 290 Say Hi

Here he was, her drug, her antidote, k**sing her like all he wanted in the world was her. Her resolve was melting, like ice cream being thrown on the fire. She was crumbling fast under his passionate k**ses.

He pulled away but he didn't let their l*ps part. "C'mon, little lamb. Give in to me. Respond to me," he whispered against h*r l*ps before he k**sed h*r again.

Abi gripped the sheets so hard that her knuckles turned white, to stop herself from reaching out to him and pulling him to her. 'I must not succumb! No! I won't give in! Abi, please. Don't let him win!' she screamed within her, trying to wake herself up from his spell.

He pulled away the second time around and Alex stared down at her face. There was a glitter of an unacceptable defeat in his eyes. Why was she not responding? How the hell was she able to resist him? What kind of creature was she?

"How stubborn." Alex groaned. But he didn't look like he was going to give up. His desire for her even intensified. "I will make you beg for me." he added and his l*p* l**ded on her n**k. He k**sed and s**k*d h*r there, at that sensitive spot just under her ear, as his hand travelled down.

Abi closed her eyes, trying to tell herself not to react. She withdrew into her mind to stop his k**ses from affecting her. She thought that her revenge on him in the bathroom was nothing compared to this punishment. She hadn't even used her l*p* on him! This wasn't fair! He wasn't playing fair!

As Abi was cursing him inwardly for his unfair advantage, his hand had reached her abdomen. Abi tried so hard to stop herself from feeling that hand trailing down her body towards her...

And then he touched h*r fl*w*r, ever so softly. He caressed h*r until her body betrayed her. His fingers were slick with her juices less than a minute of his fingers playing with her.

"F**k, your b*d* wants me damn bad, little lamb. Listen to your b*dy and tell me you want me."

Abi kept silent. She bit her lips from stopping herself from spouting out words like 'Yes, I want you,' or 'I have missed you,' or 'make l*v* to me'. She could not say anything as he took her to the heights of pleasure with just his fingers.

"I will make you spit it out," he said, even more determined knowing that her body was at least responding to him.

The fire in his eyes intensified and in the next second, he slid downwards and replaced his hand with his l*p* and his t**g*e. He k**sed h*r there s*ftly, his tongue teasing her like never before. This onslaught took Abi's pleasure to new heights. She was breathing hard as she tried to resist but h*r b*d* wouldn't l*s*en to h*r.

Abi covered her mouth with her hand and she bit on it to stop her m**ns from escaping from her mouth. H*r b*dy had already submi**ed to h*m, her mind was the last man standing.

There was no way her b*d* wouldn't react when he was doing this to her. H*r b*d* knew his touch. His hands were the only ones to have ever t**ch*d h*r like this. His hands were the hands that brought her to this new world of s*x**l pleasure. His hands were the only ones that could play a symphony with h*r b*d*. It was simply too much for her b*d* to r*s*st.

Alex looked up through his eyelashes and when he saw her covering her mouth, he took her hands and intertwined her fingers with his before he continued the onslaught.

Abi b*t h*r l*p*, h**d. Her b*dy was tingling, arching into h*m as h*r pleasure increased. Oh no! It was coming! That bubbling feeling in the pit of the stomach. No!

Just as Abi was climbing up to the climax, Alex paused, though he had no intention of ending it there. He hovered above her for a second, almost bursting from his desire. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted her. He had just tasted her and now he wanted to b**y h**self ins*de h*r. "Now, tell me, sweet girl… tell me you want me and I'll make you c*m. Don't hold back, say it."

He sounded desperate. He was on the very edge, holding tightly to his self control and her words of surrender would be all he needed to finally break free.

But the damn stubborn woman shook her head and still refused to give in! Alex froze on top of her. He couldn't believe it. He had never been this desperate to get a woman and the first woman he ever wanted to this extent, was rejecting him, again! F**k, this was driving him mad. She was driving him mad!

Suddenly, he rolled off her and jumped off the bed.

Abi was still breathing h**d and it took her a little while to calm down. Once she felt her heart settle down somewhat, she sat up and looked for him.

Her eyes widened upon seeing him already dressed and standing by the door.

"W-where are you going?" she asked, a little apprehensive of what his answer would be.

He glanced at her and smiled. "To spend the night with my harem. See you tomorrow, little lamb," he said and before Abi could react, he disappeared from her eyes.

Abi dashed towards the door, still n*k*d. She opened it and peeked outside but he was no longer there. What had she done? Did she push him away too hard?

Abi frantically called Zeke and told him that Alex had ditched her. She was in a panic! A myriad of emotions fought inside her. She was scared, worried, angry, distraught, all the while wondering if she had pushed him too far.

"Zeke!! He… He's gone! I think I might have pushed him into…" someone else's arms. Abi couldn't say the words out loud. She was devastated.