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Chapter 296 Something Unexpected 2

It was dusk and the group had started to make campfire. We have opted to stay for another night to rest and retrieve our strength. I was sitting at the side resting.

Regaleon was out hunting for our dinner early in the afternoon. He and the men that accompanied him would be back any minute now.

Tricia was arranging the cooking utensils for dinner tonight and William was left to accompany me. The siren child was also here with me keeping me company as well, while I write a letter to my family back the Alvannian palace.

The siren child that came to us stayed within the camp. Her siren sisters were still afraid and stayed under the lake. She said her name was Anatalia and I was happy seeing her very curious with our things.

"So, this is what you call a ’pen’." Anatalia looked at the pen that I was using. "You use this to ’write’ words on this ’paper’." She looked at it curiously.

"Yes." I said with a smile. "I am writing to my family back at home in Alvannia."

"You can send words with this?" Anatalia said with twinkling eyes. "Amazing." I giggled looking at her bewilderment.

"You look pale, are you feeling well?" William that was standing beside me asked.

"I am just feeling a little dizzy, maybe an after effect of the poison?" I said not letting him worry even more.

"That cannot be. The antidote should have done the job to complete detoxify the poison in your system." Anatalia said. "Here, let me take a look."

Anatalia took my hand and felt my pulse.

"You know how to take pulses?" I asked in amazement.

"I may look like a child, but I am already twenty-five years of age." Anatalia said. "We age rather slowly than humans do. And also, I have studied medicine and is a certified siren doctor."

Anatalia was seriously listening to my pulse. I was rather fond with Anatalia by my side, I made a connection with her rather quickly to my surprise.

"Tell me, when was the last time you bled?" Anatalia asked.

"You also know the time of the month of human women?" I asked in bewilderment. "Well I am not sure really, I lost track of time."

"We sirens also have such times like human females does. We have the same reproductive organs as well, that is how we mate human males and reproduce." Anatalia explained. "Well, judging from your pulse, you might be expecting."

"E-Expecting?" I was shocked by what Anatalia said. "You mean expecting meaning... pregnant?" I asked rather surprised.

"That is what I think it is." Anatalia said pinching her chin in thought.

"But I do not feel anything out of the ordinary other than the dizziness." I said. "Should not I at least feel fatigue, dizzy, and the constant vomiting. As I know, that should be the case in the early stages of pregnancy."

"Judging by your pulse, it is still in the most early stages. Maybe two to three weeks at most." Anatalia said. "The morning sickness, that is what you call the symptoms of pregnancy, usually kicks in in the sixth week or so. Sometimes, a woman would not have such symptoms at all. It varies from person to person. But I am sure that you are expecting, even though it is rather faint. Take my word for it, I am quite am expert on this. I have diagnosed many sirens and it turned out positive at most."

I blinked at the thought of my pregnancy. Yes, Regaleon and I have been doing it every night without any protection, but the journey we are in was rather rough. Everyday my body was shaken riding a horse, not to mention the rough roads we have passed by. I never even though I would conceive in this journey.

"That is great news." William said. His face showed sincere delight to the news. "We must tell his majesty at once."

William was about to run out to find my husband, but I quickly held his hand in haste.

’No, Regaleon should not know of this for the time being.’ I thought to myself. ’If he knows of this, he will use this reason to send me back to the capital of Alvannia. I would have to abandon this journey in finding the key fragments.’

The news of mt pregnancy should be kept a secret for now. Just until we find both of the key fragments, we were in this journey to look for. The key fragment here in Alvannia was just days journey away. The other one in Grandcrest was also near.

’It will only take a few months to retrieve the two and after that I will tell Regaleon about the pregnancy.’ I thought to myself. ’Yes, I know I can hold this information until we get both the key fragments.’

"Will, please don’t." I looked at him with pleading eyes. "Not yet."

"But Alicia... why?" William trailed off. "His majesty should know of this. He has the right to know."

I looked directly at his eyes pleadingly. "You know how protective Leon is of me." I said. "If he knew, then I will be sent to the capital in post haste."

William looked at me, rather surprised with my words. "But that should be the best for you. You are carrying another life Alicia. You will be safer in the capital than to be here in this journey. You are carrying the heir of the future empire." He looked at me as if not understanding why I have told him this.

"I know Will, this life inside me... is the most precious gift I have ever received in my entire life." I said, holding my lower abdomen as if protecting it. "But... at least give me the chance to finish this mission we were tasked to make. I do not know why, but my gut feeling tells me that I must be there to get the two key fragments. After that, I will gladly return to the capital to take care of me and my baby."

William looked at me with bewilderment and sighed. I knew that at least I have convinced William, that is for a short while.

"I understand Alicia." William held the hand that I used to hold him down gently. "But promise me that you will not be reckless like what you did last night. If you do that again, I will personally tell his majesty of your pregnancy without second thought." He looked at me with a fierce glare.

"I promise." I said with a heartbeat.

It was not just me using this body now, I have someone inside of me that I must protect. I will not jump into danger like last night, now that I know that I have my little bundle of joy inside my tummy. That was when I remembered the kick the siren queen did to me last night. That kick was directly in my abdomen, and I remember wiggling in pain after.

"Anatalia, you said that along for at least three or four weeks now, correct?" I asked in worriment.

"Yes, that is correct." Anatalia replied.

"I-Is my baby doing fine?" I asked, worried that maybe something would be wrong with my baby inside my abdomen. "I mean, I got a heavy beating last night in the fight."

Anatalia knew why I was worried and had a look at me once again. After the checkup, she smiled at me without worry.

"Do not worry Alicia. The pulse of pregnancy might be a little weak, but it is there." Anatalia said with a huge smile, comforting me. "If something bad had happened last night, then you should be bleeding right now. Did you see any spotting lately?" She asked.

"No." I shook my head with her question.

"Then I conclude that the baby has latched on safely." Anatalia pated my shoulder to appease my worries. "Your child with that man is strong. He or she take from both his parents greatly." She giggled.

"I suggest you do not do that to her majesty." William held Anatalia’s hand that was patting my shoulder. "That is rather disrespectful to a queen and the future empress." He has a rather serious look while warning her.

"Why is that?" Anatalia asked in confusion. "I was also like this with our queen."

"That is different." William exclaimed. "In our kingdom, treating a queen is..." He trailed off.

"It is okay will." I interjected. "I am quite fond of Anatalia." I smiled. William sighed in defeat.

"What is that smell?" Anatalia was sniffing around. "I can smell something tasty.

"Oh, it must be the mushroom soup Tricia is cooking." I replied. "If you want, you can go and take the first taste. Tell Tricia that I sent you to taste test it."

"Yey..." Anatalia skipped towards Tricia’s direction.

"If it is only me, then that is fine if that kid treats you equally." William said. "But if she were in the presence of others, then disrespecting you would have been a serious offense."

William’s word held truth. But as Anatalia is a siren, being ignorant of our culture is not a crime.

"It is okay, I have decided to take Anatalia under my wing." I said with a smile. "I plan to give her education that someone of noble status should have. She would be an ambassador for the sirens."

William smiled kindly hearing my plans. "You have fallen fondly to that siren child."

"I also do not know why." I said truthfully. "I just felt very at ease the first time my eyes fell on her."

I did not know why, but I had this feeling that Anatalia will be someone dear to me. This was the first time I felt his way after seeing someone for the first time.

"His highness has come back!" Someone from the camp yelled. I put on a happy smile hearing that my husband has arrived after hunting for food inside the woods.

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Chapter 297 Continuing on our Journey 1
"His highness has come back!" Someone from the camp yelled. I put on a happy smile hearing that my husband has arrived after hunting for food inside the woods.

I quickly stood up to meet my husband, eager to see his face. It was a little curious because I have been feeling at ease just by looking at him.

’Is it because of the pregnancy?’ I thought to myself.

I have never been that clingy with Regaleon before, but now I always like to be by his side and looking at his handsome face.

"Be careful your majesty." William said while helping me up from my seat. "Please remember that you are in a delicate period now."

"Thank you Will." I smiled brightly at him. I felt at ease that William was by my side to help me remember to be careful.

’Should I need to tell Tricia as well?’ I thought.

Tricia was like an older sister to me. I am sure that she would understand my decision to keep my pregnancy from Regaleon for a while. But the problem is, she is someone overprotective of me. I knew by experience how she takes care of me like her own family.

’The problem is if Tricia knew, then she cannot help but be more overprotective of me.’ I thought. ’And Regaleon might take a hint from her action that I am pregnant.’

I sighed, deciding it would be best if the news of my pregnancy would be between William, Anatalia, and me.

I walked slowly towards where Regaleon and the other men dismounted from their horses with William escorting me, to greet their return.

"Welcome back." I greeted them with a smile.

"Your majesty." The men bowed to greet me.

"My wife." Regaleon quickly strode towards me. "You did not need to greet us while you are still recuperating." He brushed his fingers on my cheek.

"It is okay." I replied with a smile. "I am feeling fine right now."

"Really?" Regaleon looked at me with worried eyes. "You still look a little pale." He added.

"I-I am just a little dizzy, that’s all." I lied. In fact, looking at their spoils from the hunt.

I saw dead hares tied at the rear of their horses. I was able to see at least to dead deer as well. They were fresh and still dripping blood. I am not that easily grossed at the sight of blood, but for some reason just a whiff from the smell made me dizzy.

"I think it is better if you lie done inside the tent for a while." Regaleon said with a worried tone. "Chris, you take charge from here."

"Of course, your majesty." Chris bowed to receive Regaleon’s orders.

I was surprised when I felt my feet leave the ground abruptly.

"Eeekk." I yelped in surprise. "L-Leon..." I was about to tell him that I can walk by myself.

"It will be best if I carry you." Regaleon said.

My husband carried me on his arms effortlessly across the campsite. I felt embarrassed that I tucked my face and hid on his broad shoulder.

"Tricia." Regaleon called. "One dinner is ready, please deliver ours in our tent."

"As you wish, your majesty." Tricia replied.

Not long, I felt that Regaleon opened our tent and next laid me down gently on to our beddings.

"Are you really doing fine?" Regaleon once again asked me. I sighed having need to answer him once more.

"I told you I am fine my love." I said clasping his cheeks and squeezing them. "How many times should I tell you until you believe me." I giggled.

"I’m sorry." Regaleon smiled in relief. "It is just that you are a little pale." His fingers brushed my cheeks lovingly.

’There is a reason why I am looking pale and that was because of the dizziness I am experiencing.’ Looking at his worried gaze, I felt guilty not letting him know what my real situation is right now.

’What if I just tell him the truth?’ I thought, but I remembered just this morning that he wants me to go back to the capital because of his worries. ’No, I cannot yet. If he knew, I will be going back to the capital early the next morning.’

"Do not worry. Maybe its just because I am a little hungry." I reasoned out. "I was not able to eat any heavy meals since lunch because of the poison in me." It was true that I am feeling quite hungry right about now.

"Let is just wait for dinner. I am sure you are famished." Regaleon said. "But you cannot eat something heavy as the medic suggested. Pity, you won’t have a chance to taste the deer I hunted."

"You were able to get a deer in your hunt?" I asked him with excited and proud eyes. "Quick, tell me how your hunt was."

"Well, the woods had rich abundance of game for hunting. But we opted to go with hunting deer and hares." Regaleon said. "It has been a while since I have gone out to hunt game, but I was confident that my archery skills were still sharp."

Regaleon recounted how his hunt has gone. Hunting was one of the great hobbies of nobilities in all kingdoms. When hunting season started, the royal family will always hold a tournament were men from aristocracy compete on getting the most hunt. I believe that this tradition is present in all three countries.

I listened to Regaleon’s story diligently. I was happy to see him talking and making expressions that was fit for his age. It was a pity that he needed to be mature in his early twenties just because of the struggle for the throne with his half-brothers, and now because of this war. Seeing him happily recounting his hunt made me see that he is still a young man who should be enjoying his youth.

’Both of us needed to mature because of circumstances.’ I thought to myself.

Not long, I heard footstep outside of our tent.

"Excuse me your majesties." It was Tricia’s voice. "I am here to serve your dinner."

"Yes, please." Regaleon said.

Tricia slowly opened the tent opening and came carefully laid the tray with food on the ground. The food was steaming hot. Unconsciously, my stomach grumbled. A clear indication of my hunger. I slowly bowed my head in embarrassment.

’Well it is not my fault.’ I thought to myself. ’I am now eating for two.’

Regaleon chuckled. "Thank you, Tricia, you may go. I will take it from here."

"Of course, your majesty." Tricia bowed and left.

Regaleon took the tray from the ground and carefully laid it in between us. I smelled the mushroom soup that Tricia had cooked and saw some grilled meat that looks mouthwatering.

"Here, let me feed you." Regaleon said while getting the bowl of mushroom soup. I was about to protest but he looked at me as if scolding me with his eyes. And so, I sighed in defeat and let him spoon feed me.

Regaleon took a spoon full of hot mushroom soup and blew gently. I saw the steam slowly being distorted while going upwards.

"Here." Regaleon carefully fed the spoon and I opened my mouth to take it.

"Hmm, delicious." I said with a genuine smile on my face.

"That is good that you like it." Regaleon said with a warm smile. "Eat slowly, there is more where that came from."

Regaleon patiently spoon fed while he also ate. Having this warm and peaceful time with him made me feel warm inside.

"What time would we depart tomorrow?" I asked while we are eating.

"It will be good to depart at dawn, before the sun rises." Regaleon replied. "We have spent one day idly. We need to make up for it."

The location of one of the key fragments was just days away from where we are and the other one would take weeks. If we go in haste, then we will be on schedule.

’I am sure you will be okay, little one.’ I told to my little bun. ’Poison did not harm you, so for sure this journey won’t be hard on you as well.’

The child inside me was my and Regaleon’s child. I am confident that he or she is strong. Of course, I promise to be extra careful along the way.

"Is it okay to take Anatalia with us?" I asked.

"The siren child?" Regaleon looked at me questioningly.

"Well she had told me that she knows the ways here in the southern woods. So, I think that she will be of huge help along the way." I explained.

My other reason for wanting Anatalia to come with us on this journey was because she is also studies medicine. It is good to have someone that knows how to take care of pregnant women such as myself.

Regaleon was deep in thought and then opened his mouth. "I guess that will be a good idea. I think she is someone that is trustworthy."

My mood brightened, hearing that Anatalia can come with us. I had grown really fond of that siren child within just a day meeting her.

Regaleon and I continued to eat in peace and talk of our journey ahead.

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Chapter 298 Continuing on our Journey 2

The sirens that were first hostile and wary towards us started to try and approach us that night before. With the help of Anatalia, the sirens were able to at least join our small dinner. They were still cautious towards the group, particularly because majority are men, but at least they tried to approach them and started small conversations.

The next day, we departed the clearing by dawn. The sirens bid us farewell and Regaleon had stated that he will do his promise after this war ended. Anatalia on the other hand accompanied us in our journey.

It was really a good decision to let Anatalia join us because she knew of better and much faster roads that will take us to the location of the key fragments in just two days’ time.

"It is lucky that you asked me about the directions towards your destination." Anatalia said with a proud tone. "I know the best roads around these woods, and we can avoid danger."

Anatalia rode my horse Wind. Fortunately, Anatalia knew how to ride horses that was a rare knowledge for the sirens. I on the other hand, rode with Regaleon. He was insistent that I would ride with him the rest of the journey. He was worried after what had happened the other night with the siren’s attack.

’Well I will not complain to riding with him all day long.’ I thought and smiled. ’I would love to be close to you every minute of the day. I feel at ease smelling his fragrance and feeling the heat of his body on mine.’

"Is something the matter?" Regaleon asked when he felt me squirming.

"I am just trying to balance my body." I said.

"You do not need to do that." Regaleon said and pulled me closer into his body. I was so close that I can hear his heartbeat. "You can just lean on me. Let yourself just be comfortable."

I smiled once again, feeling the love that my husband was doing with his little gestures. I am really a very lucky woman to have him as a husband.

Our pace was not that fast and so the journey was not strenuous to my body. I get a glance on William very now and then. Our eyes have met for several times since we started travelling. His gaze held words I knew already. He was worried for my safety and the baby I was carrying. He gladly closed his mouth about my pregnancy and agreed to my words.

’I promise to tell Regaleon after we get the key fragments.’ I thought. This was my promise to William.

"This road is rather peaceful." I started a conversation. "It looks like we will not need to worry about unforeseen dangers lurking around."

"I have chosen the most safe and fastest road I knew." Anatalia said. "Before night falls, we can take shelter on a village that we will pass by."

"That sounds great." Tricia said with delight. "At least her majesty can take a warm bath and relax."

"Thank you for worrying Tricia." I said with a smile. "But I am fine."

Yesterday, I heard that the men were able to take a dip in the lake. Unfortunately, Tricia and I were not able to because we the only female members of the group. The sirens that time were nowhere to be found as well.

"It is a pity I could not take a dip on the lake yesterday." I said with a sigh.

"That is really unfortunate." Anatalia said. "Do you know that the water in that lake has minerals that makes one’s skin young and glow."

"Really? So, that is why."

"I was thinking why my skin felt soft and smooth."

"Come to think of it, some of my wrinkles faded a bit."

"We found an age reducing lake."

I heard the men talking and laughing about the lake. Just the other night, we had a battle with the sirens at the vicinity of the lake. Thankfully, the men accepted the sirens surrender and they were able to talk to them amicably.

"After the war ends, I will take you back there." Regaleon whispered to my ear. "I am sure you would like to take a dip with me there."

The breath from Regaleon’s mouth tickled my ear. His words to me also held a naughty meaning. The first night of our wedding was also held in a large body of water, a hot spring. I felt a blush creeping on my cheeks.

"I really won’t tire seeing your cute expressions." Regaleon smirked at me.

"J-Just watch the road, okay." I said feeling embarrassed of the naughty things that came into my mind.


Just before the sun has set, we were able to arrive at the village that Anatalia mentioned. It was a small village with rundown houses. The people outside were wary of us, looking at us strangely.

"This is not a very friendly village." Chris said with a low voice.

After riding towards the inner most part of the village, our group saw an inn that we can spend the night. Chris took two of his men and have gone in the inn first to inquire of our lodging. The rest of us had gone down our horses and waited for Chris to return. That was when someone called my name out of nowhere.

"Princess Alicia?" I heard a voice of a young man. I turned around to see a young man with brown hair and eyes. He looked quite familiar. "Oh, my it really is the princess."

The young man was about to go near me when William blocked his way and brandished his sword.

"You will go no further." William said with a harsh tone.

"Hey, chill down sir knight." The young man said. "I am not someone who is dangerous. And I am a friend of the princess."

The young man gave me a smiled, and I was trying to remember where I have seen this young man.

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"You cannot remember?" The young man asked with dumbfounded eyes. "Well it has been a while, and the last time you saw me, I was just but am adolescent lad compared to my present appearance. I am Brad, Jack’s right hand man and second in command of the Crimson Mercenaries. Well, you would remember it at Crimson Bandits I guess."

After hearing that, I then remembered the first time Regaleon and I met the Crimson Bandits. That was when after I was called back to the capital of Alvannia. We met Jack who tried to rob us, and he was with his other comrades. I remembered the youngest among them, with brown hair and eyes like this young man before me.

"Brad, is that really you?" I said with surprise. "You grew into a fine young man."

Brad was now towering in height, he might be taller than Jack. The lad that I remember was skinny and small, but now he had firm muscles and some scars that made his appearance more menacing.

"I know right, hehe." Brad scratched his head shyly.

"It is okay Will, he is an ally." I said.

William put aside his sword and let Brad thru his iron hard defense. Brad looked quite pleased seeing me.

"That is far enough." Regaleon said while pulling me closer to him.

Brad looked at Regaleon with astonished eyes. He was speechless, feeling Regaleon’s intimidating aura.

"Brad, this is my husband, King Regaleon of Grandcrest." I introduced them.

I am not sure of my marriage had been announced to the whole continent by now. My mother and father had taken the task to spread the word of my marriage with Regaleon.

"T-This is... the Black Devil?!" Brad showed a shocked expression. Regaleon’s face twisted after hearing his nickname. "Ahh... m-my apologies your highness!!!" Brad kneeled in an instant.

It has been a while since last I heard of Regaleon’s nickname in the battlefield.

"It is an honor to meet the sun and moon of the Grandcrest Kingdom." Brad hailed.

"Rise." Regaleon accepted his greeting.

Brad stood up and looked embarrassed. I guess he never thought he would meet the king and queen of Grandcrest in this worn down village.

"What brings you here Brad?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Well your highness, as you know our group are mercenaries now. So, we are hired arms." Brad explained. "The village leader has hired us for a low price to their problem."

"A problem?" I asked.

"Yes." Brad replied. "Lately, there is a bandit group on the rise. They were notorious is robbing and stealing, not only those wealthy travelers but also these isolated villages."

"That is horrible." I said with astonished voice.

"Not only that, it is said that they kidnap small children from the said villages and also rapes their women." Brad said with an angry expression. "These low lives should not be allowed to live."

I agreed with Brad’s words. I am happy that Jack’s Crimson Mercenaries are helping these people in need only asking for a low price in return. At least this village can be kept safe while they are around.

’These bandits need to be caught.’ I thought.

These parts of the woods are still under Alvannian territory. I am thinking of sending Reichard a letter to address this issue. I am sure that he can do something to make sure that our citizens can be safe and have these bad people caught.

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Chapter 299 Some Peaceful Time 1

"Lately, there is a bandit group on the rise. They were notorious is robbing and stealing, not only those wealthy travelers but also these isolated villages." Brad said.

"That is horrible." I said with astonished voice.

"Not only that, it is said that they kidnap small children from the said villages and also rapes their women." Brad said with an angry expression. "These low lives should not be allowed to live."

I agreed with Brad’s words. I am happy that Jack’s Crimson Mercenaries are helping these people in need only asking for a low price in return. At least this village can be kept safe while they are around.

’These bandits need to be caught.’ I thought.

These parts of the woods are still under Alvannian territory. I am thinking of sending Richard a letter to address this issue. I am sure that he can do something to make sure that our citizens can be safe and have these bad people caught.

"I am sure that the Crimson Mercenaries could this place safe." Regaleon said in passing. "All we can do is tell your grandfather and father back in the capital about the issue here. We cannot go out of our way to help this people now." He said while looking at me intently.

I am sure that Regaleon was saying these words because he knew how kind I was and thought I would like to help this people. He was not wrong there, because seeing that this village looks so poor at least I would like to help their livelihoods a bit.

’But in my current condition, I cannot do anything beyond writing a letter of recommendation to Grandpa Robert and Richard.’ I thought to myself. ’I am not alone in this body anymore and I need to be mindful of every action I take.’

"You are right Leon." I agreed. "I am thinking of sending a letter to grandpa and Richard to inform them of the happenings here in southern woods."

"That is good to hear." Regaleon smiled and patted my head. I felt happy like a child being praised. It is a little embarrassing, but I really liked it.

"Hearing that your majesty will send a personal letter to the crown prince and the esteemed general is a good thing." Brad said with a genuine smile. "It is the best if the kingdom would do something about these notorious bandits out here."

Chris came out of the inn to inform us that our rooms for the night are ready. The group was happy to hear that we can have a good rest in soft beds and a roof over our heads for tonight.

"Then I will not waste your time even longer, your majesties." Brand bowed. "Please have a good night’s rest. If ever you need something, I am stationed at the front entrance of the village tonight."

"Thank you. Brad." I said with sincerity.

"You are a close friend of our leader." Brad said. "We are always open if you have any request that our mercenary group can provide."

"I will keep that in mind." I replied.

"Come my wife." Regaleon pulled me by my waist gently. "I am sure you are tired. Let us rest."

"Okay." I replied to him. "See you around Brad." He waved goodbye.

Regaleon ushered me towards our designated room. As Chris has said, this was the most spacious and good room the inn could offer. The room was simple looking and quite neat. At least we can rest with a peace of mind.

"How about you lie down for a while." Regaleon said while pulling me towards the bed. "You look quite tired. Did you not sleep well last night?" He asked.

"Yes, I think so." I replied.

The truth is I started to realize that I have been very sleepy since I knew I was pregnant. Fatigue overtook me by the day even though I slept peacefully the night before.

"Then why don’t you take a nap for a while." Regaleon said. "It is still early for dinner. I will wake you up when it is time to eat."

Regaleon kneeled on the floor and pulled my shoes off gently. My feet were quite sore with all day riding, and Regaleon saw my feet that did not looked to good. He gently massaged them, making them feel much better.

"Thank you, Leon." I said shyly. His little gestures such as this makes my heart flutter.

"It is the least I can do." Regaleon said while massaging my feet. "You should be back in the capital where it is more comfortable."

I cupped my husbands face and looked at him in the eye. He was really a sight to behold. His dark blue eyes shimmered like sapphire. His nose bridge was just the right angle with his face. His lips were just the right thickness. Overall, he is such a handsome young man. Who would have thought that this fine young man is the one they called the ’Black Devil’ of the battlefield and the amorous king of Grandcrest?

’This handsome young man before me is my husband.’ I thought while looking at his handsome features. ’If our child is a boy, I would like him to take after his father’s features.’ A tiny smile crept on my lips.

"How about this?" I said to Regaleon. "After we get these two key fragments, I will go back to the capital willingly."

My initial plan was to see everything until the end. To the end, meaning until we get back the forbidden magic from the depths of the eastern sea. The plan was to get the key fragments and the forbidden magic so that we can safely guard them from the clutches of my aunt and cousin.

But now that I know I am pregnant, I can only just finish this mission and getting back to safety. I am sure that if I tell Regaleon for him to stay with me because of my pregnancy, he will surely comply. He has Dimitri and his elite group to retrieve the forbidden magic that as lying dormant underneath the depths of the eastern sea. As a king, he also cannot let his seat vacant for quite a long time. I can ask him to go back to the capital of Grandcrest rather than Alvannia.

"Really?" Regaleon said with astonishment but happy face. "You will go back to the capital willingly?"

"But with one condition." I said. "I would like to come back with you if that is okay? We can go back to the capital of Grandcrest. I am sure that you have left your seat vacant for quite some time now." I lowered my head feeling a little guilt. I know that I am being selfish, but I want him to be by my side all the time while I am pregnant.

"You want me go back to Grandcrest with you?" Regaleon asked.

"Well, I was thinking that you can let Dimitri handle the mission on retrieving the forbidden magic underneath the eastern sea." I suggested. "I am sure he is quite capable of the task."

My heart was beating fast, nervous on what will be Regaleon’s actions to my suggestion. I know that I was the one the insisted that I come in this mission with them.

’What if he scolds me?’ I wondered. ’What if he thinks that I quickly change my mind on a whim?’

I am note sure I can take it if Regaleon gets angry. And the fact that I am still hiding my pregnancy. I am having second thoughts of telling him right now that I am pregnant.

I waited patiently for Regaleon’s reply. I looked at him eagerly, anticipating and getting nervous at the same time.

"I would love to go back to the capital of Grandcrest with you." Regaleon said with a happy expression. I never thought he would be happy with my decision. I was ready to be scolded for changing my decisions so easily.

"You are not angry?" I asked with curiosity.

"Why would I be?" Regaleon said. "If you have not decided that you would go on this mission, I was planning on us to go back to the capital of Grandcrest and officially proclaim our marriage and you being my queen. If we go back, then I will be more at ease of your safety. How will I not be happy about this?"

"I thought you would scold me for changing my mind and not sticking with my prior decision." I confessed. "And I thought you have planned to go on this mission to personally see thru its success."

"Of course, I will not scold you. It is okay to change your mind if you think it is for the best." Regaleon patted my hand comfortingly. "And I only decided to go on this mission because you insisted to come. Well, I also thought that splitting in two groups would make it much faster. But I can leave it all to Dimitri. I am confident of his abilities and in leading his elite men." I was happy hearing Regaleon’s words.

When we finished talking, Regaleon cupped my chin and pulled me into a kiss. His kiss was soft and light, not too strong to invoke our bodies desires.

"You look tired so I will leave it at that." Regaleon smiled teasingly.

To think I was hoping that his kiss would go even deeper made me blush in embarrassment. Regaleon have seen thru my thoughts and chuckled.

"Lie down and sleep well my love." Regaleon kiss me in my forehead and helped me get tucked in. "I will wake you up once the food has arrived.

My body felt the comfort of the matters and the blanket. And in not time, sleep have enveloped me.

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Chapter 300 Some Peaceful Time 2

(Regaleon’s POV)

Alicia was asleep instantly by the time she laid down in bed. I can hear her peaceful breathing while her chest made up and down motions. I looked at my sleeping wife who was now deep in sleep.

’She looked so tired today.’ I recalled the events today.

Alicia was not riding with me, safely in my arms. I was secretly relieved now that she was riding with me. I can keep calm and do not have unnecessary worries about her wellbeing.

’I am happy that she thought of going back to Grandcrest after this.’ I thought.

Back at the border village, I was initially planning on going back with her to Grandcrest and let Dimitri accompany George in search of the key fragments and the retrieving of the forbidden magic in the depths of the eastern sea. But when I heard that she would like to partake on this mission, I had no choice but to comply to her wishes.

’I am really weak if it comes to you.’ I sighed and smiled, looking at the beautiful sleeping features of my wife.

I tucked away a hair strand that has fallen on her face. Her smooth milky white skin was something to behold. I brushed her cheeks lightly with my finger.

"My beautiful wife." I whispered to her.

Her long platinum blonde hair, nearly silver in color, was silky soft. Her long eye lashes accented her eyes beautifully. Her plump pinkish lips were something I would like to trace with my own lips, feeling its softness. My heart was thumping hard just by watching my wife sleep peacefully before me.

"I love you so much." I whispered to my lovely wife.

Alicia was sleeping peacefully and looking at her made something down there quite hard. I sighed in regret, knowing how much my body yearned for her but she needs to rest after the whole day of travelling.

"Let’s take a walk outside to cool off." I told myself.

I planted a light kiss on my wife’s forehead and tucked her gently under the blanket. I quietly went out of the room, careful not to wake Alicia.

Once outside, some of my men where walking along the corridors.

"Young master." My men quietly greeted me once they saw me. I nodded as a reply.

We were still traveling incognito in a disguise of a young noble couple traveling across the country.

"Where is Chris at?" I asked them.

"The vice captain is in the stables to check on the horsed, young master." One of my men replied.

"I see." I replied. "Thank you."

I decided to head where Chris was. I need to do something because if not, I am afraid I will pounce on my wife while she was sleeping.

I headed to where the stables were, right beside the inn. I saw our horses safely stations there with ample food and water. I saw Chris giving them hey to eat.

"Why are you the one doing these things?" I asked. "Is there no stable boy here to attend to the horses?"

"Your ma... I mean young master." Chris was caught of guard that he nearly called me ’his majesty’. "I just want to make sure that the horses are carefully taken care off. It will be best to be cautious than to be careless."566

Chris was Dimitri’s vice captain and right hand man in handling his elite troops. He was also an orphaned Atlantian that was able to escape the destruction of Atlantia. I remember the first time I met Chris, it was Dimitri who introduced him to me when I was still a prince fighting to survive in the royal family of Grandcrest.

As I remember, it was Dimitri who found mostly all of the Atlantians under me. He had scouted them out and earned their loyalty and trust, and I am thankful for the fact that Dimitri has always been by my side supporting me. If not for him, I might not be here in my position, the king of Grandcrest.

"You have caught Dimitri’s overly cautious behavior, I see." I said as a compliment. Chris was surprised by my words and looked happy to be said something like that.

"Captain Dimitri is someone I look up to." Chris said with a smile. "I am happy that I followed him, that I followed your leadership. I am greatly honored to serve you as your right hand in this mission, in Dimitri’s place."

"I am also lucky to have you as one of my subordinates." I said and patted his shoulder. "Once we go back to Grandcrest, I am sure to give you a promotion that you deserve. How about a noble status, maybe a baron would suffice?"

The Atlantians under my leadership where given knightage. But only a handful of those worthy were given noble titles and lands in Grandcrest. I have given Dimitri a viscount tile after I ascended the throne and a land that he could call his own and look after.

"Y-Young master..." Chris was surprised. "That is too much."

"It is not too much." I said with a smile. "You have served me well, and of course I expect you will also do so in the future."

Chris’ face looked bright and proud. "Of course, young master. My loyalty will be with you forever." He clasped his hand into a fist and put it on his heart, a gesture of an oath.

"I am happy to hear that." I replied curtly.

When I was tending to Midnight inside the stables, I heard a familiar sound from the sky, it was Tempest. I walked out and looked up the sky that is not getting dark.

’Leon.’ Tempest called me telepathically.

’What is it, Tempest?’ I replied also via telepath.

’I saw some shady men beyond the north east of the village’s vicinity.’ Tempest replied.

’Shady men?’ I asked and was in thought. I remembered Brad’s story about the notorious bandits preying around the southern woods. ’Is it those shady men?’

The north eastern part of the village was the main entrance where Brad is stationed to stand and keep watch for the night.

’These bandits are full of themselves to march in directly at the entrance.’ I said.

’Well this village is not really something that the bandits would worry about.’ Tempest replied. ’They would not know that the villagers have hired mercenaries to guard them from these bad men.’

’They also picked the wrong village to raid tonight.’ I said with clenched fists. ’Our group is here to rest, and they just find the right time to attack.’

I felt anger that my wife might be in danger once more. I promised myself that I will not let what happened in the lake happened again. I will not let Alicia be in danger once more.

’How far are these shady men? Show me.’ I ordered Tempest.

My eyes were linked with Tempest in no time. I saw men shuffling under the trees, lurking in the dark. They were still quiet, not yet making any actions.

’It looks like they are wary of Brad and his men.’ I said.

Brad and some of his men are seen stationed in the entrance of the village. By the looks of it, they are fully armed and guarding the entrance.

’They will not attack just yet. We still have time.’ I concluded. ’Tempest, stay there and report to me every move they make.’

’Okay.’ Tempest replied.

After our connection was severed, I quickly walked towards Chris.

"Chris, we have a problem." I said to him with a serious face. He was taken aback with my change of attitude.

"What is it, young master?" Chris replied.

"It looks like there is trouble lurking at the north eastern part of the village." I said. "The bandits that the mercenaries were talking about just a while ago are planning to raid this village."

Chris’ face changed from a peaceful one into a surprised one in an instant. But then, he regained his composure and stood up in attention.

"What are your orders, young master?" Chris asked in an attentive voice.

"Gather the men, we will hold a briefing." I ordered. "Do it in haste. I am afraid they are planning to attack when the night has come."

"Yes, young master." Chris bowed and called for the men to assemble in haste.

We have to be prepared before these notorious bandits started their attack. I am planning to end them while my wife is still taking her nap.

"How dare they attack so boldly." I seethed my anger. "They picked the wrong village to raid tonight."

I can feel anger rising inside of me. Just thinking that my wife is again in the vicinity of danger because of these notorious bandits.

"I am surely going to wipe these bandits off the face of this continent." I clenched my fists hard. "They will know how the ’Black Devil’ inflicts fear on the people that goes against him."

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