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Unlike Alexander Qinn

The man who approached Abi looked confident and authoritative. His suit, the expensive looking watch and shiny, well polished shoes all screamed that he was probably quite a rich man compared to the men Abi saw inside this bar so far. Most of the men on the second level were also wearing suits but there was something about this man that stood out from the crowd. Maybe it was the perfect cut of his jacket or the expensive diamond cufflinks by his wrists or his perfect hairstyle which looked like a whole tub of gel had been used to hold it in place. Or maybe it was the confident, arrogant air about him which seemed to be something that rich, entitled men naturally gave out.

Her observation was proven true when the man gave her a business card and she saw the words CEO written on it. Taking her acceptance of his business card as a positive sign, he sat down on the seat next to her and started a generic but polite conversation with her. She studied him carefully. His eyes weren't cold as ice, unlike Alexander Qinn's. When he smiled, it looked like it reached his eyes; he didn't smile wickedly at her, unlike Alexander Qinn. His words were polite and well mannered; he didn't threaten her, unlike Alexander Qinn.

Why was she even thinking of that guy right now?! Why was she comparing this man to him? That was unfair to this man in front of her.

She then smiled back at this smiling CEO before her and made polite conversation. This was what she came here for after all, right? To be less ignorant about things and to get more experience? He looked harmless enough, even nice, so why did she feel completely different from how she felt when she was with Alexander Qinn?

He spoke politely but for some reason, Abi felt a little uncomfortable. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as if it sensed danger. She shivered, but not from the cold, and when he tried to touch her hand, she couldn't help but want to pull her hand away from him. There was something in the way he looked at her, like he had some hidden agenda that she felt wasn't quite right, even though he tried to act pleasant and interested in her… unlike Alexander Qinn.

Abigail quietly sighed as that man's name popped in her head again, she took another sip of her bitter drink and winced from the terrible taste. She thought she was probably overthinking things because of how things ended up last night.

So she persevered and pushed all thought of Alexander Qinn to the back of her mind along with the strange feeling she had. She looked up at the man again, as she pretended to have heard the words he just said.

It seemed that the man noticed that she seemed to wince everytime she took a sip of her drink so he suggested that she try a different one. A waiter instantly hovered near them the moment the man clicked his fingers, showing her the difference in how people treated the extremely rich compared to the normal people in this place. He was also probably a regular customer and the owner looked like he made sure this man was kept happy by giving his own personal waiter when he entered the premises.

He said something to the waiter and the waiter immediately left to do his bidding. A few minutes later, she saw the waiter walk back towards their table with 4 different drinks in fancy shaped glasses and he carefully set these down on the table. The man beside her then gave the waiter a generous tip to make him promptly go away.

"Here, try these. They taste much better than that drink you've got there," he said, persuasively. "This is a mojito, a cosmopolitan, an apple martini and a long island iced tea." He first pointed to the drink that had lime and mint in it, then to the pinky red one, then the green one and then the one that looked like its name, the tea.

Abi was hesitant at first, but she decided to try it out, because this was exactly what she came here for, to gather experience, and this fitted with her goal. She took a sip of the pinky red one because it looked pretty and, surprisingly, the man was right. Compared to the drink that she thought Kelly had bought for her, this drink was much better! Curious to find out what the others tasted like, she also took a sip of each of them and found that they all tasted as good as each other, but she liked the pinky red one the best. So she took that drink and started sipping through it as the conversation went on. She had now gained some knowledge of some girly drinks that were on offer at bars and not all of them were disgusting like the first drink she had.

She seemed to relax slightly after finishing the first cocktail and then she moved to the next. The man smirked as he saw her reaction to the first drink she just finished. Her face was flushed and her eyes were starting to glaze over. She also seemed to be having some trouble forming her thoughts and her words were becoming a little slurred. 'She's quite a lightweight! This is going just as planned,' was the thought that came with that smirk.

As she sipped her second cocktail, the apple martini, a thought popped into the slightly drunk Abi's head. 'I have to tell Kelly about these drinks! These are so good! She needs to try them, too!'

As her friend's name rang through her head, Abi looked up, her eyes zooming at where Kelly had stood a while ago but to her surprise, she couldn't see her friend anymore. She frowned as she looked around.

Where on Earth had Kelly gone off to?

The show

Meanwhile, at the other end of the bar, Kelly had been ambushed by a gentleman, also wearing expensive suit. She didn't know that they were actually that CEO's men and they approached her to distract her and keep her away from Abi.

She had been standing in the line to the bar, waiting for her turn and checking on Abi every now and again, when she saw this man cut the line in front of her.

"Hey! We've all been waiting our turn here, so get to the back of the line!" She was fired up. How dare this man just cut the line and then act as if he didn't do anything wrong!

Her fists were opening and closing, as if itching to hit something. "Hey, buddy, you should move now before your nose gets broken." She threatened when the man just ignored her, as if he didn't hear anything at all.

Kelly's anger was starting to kick in.

She really wanted to teach this man a lesson!

"Oho, what a brave little miss we have here," the man said and Kelly rolled her eyes. She didn't want to be angry in this place, she didn't want to rage at this moment, solely because her Abi was here and she couldn't possibly create trouble here when her little angel was watching. If she was by herself, she would easily be able to sneak away even if the bar turned into a battlefield but her Abi was here! There was no way she would let her see this reality on her very first outing!

Kelly hated announcing to the world who she was. She was the daughter of one of the country's most prominent families but when she went out, she didn't like being treated as someone who was privileged. She liked going out normally and being treated normally so she was used to having to wait her turn in a line and other things that normal people would have to do. She knew that one day, she wouldn't be able to do these things anymore once her family forced her to work at the company, so she took her time and spent it the way she wanted to; that was the deal she and her parents agreed on after all.

Kelly breathed deeply, trying her best to calm herself. It was really hard for her to do it but the thought of Abi miraculously helped her lower her skyrocketing blood pressure.

She was about to glance at her Abi again to check on her when suddenly, another bastard appeared before her. This bastard purposely spilled his drink on her! She knew he did because he had an annoying smirk on his face instead of an apologetic one. Kelly finally snapped! Why was there no end to the amount of bastards lurking around this place tonight?

The anger she was trying so hard to keep at bay burst out like an erupting volcano and she immediately grabbed the bastard's collar with such force that the man's eyes widened in surprise. She looked at him with furious eyes and if looks could kill, he would have already dropped dead on the ground.

Another man came and surrounded her as she pulled the man's necktie, trying to choke him. It seemed these guys were the bastard's friends.

"What a brave and strong, little girl. Can you choke me too, baby girl?" another one asked and all other thought, except to beat these guys until they begged her for mercy, was pushed aside as Kelly lost it. 'Bastards! I'll choke you all to death!!'

"Sure… how about we go outside?" Kelly smiled like a little demoness as she dragged the one she was choking, out behind her. She was consumed with her anger. She knew that she was past the point of being able to calm herself down anymore, unless she beat these damned bastards to pulp.

The men were laughing as they followed behind her, looking at each other like this was going to be a piece of cake. There were three of them, including the one she dragged by the neck tie.

Once they were outside, Kelly pushed the necktie man away from her and looked at each of the men who now had her surrounded. There was necktie man, long hair man and denim jacket man. From the bunch of them, long hair man and necktie man seemed to be the fittest looking ones, so she faced towards these two, her back on denim jacket man, and waited for someone to make the first move.

As expected, denim jacket man was the first to pounce, thinking that he had the advantage as she had her back to him, but he was sorely mistaken. A quick but strong back kick to his stomach sent him flying backwards and spurred the other two into action.

Necktie man from her left was the first to get to her, throwing a punch towards her head. She caught his wrist with her left hand as she dodged to the right and she then threw a small uppercut which landed on his stomach. Her right hand grabbed his punching arm and she used his momentum to flip him onto his back. The man landed with a heavy thud on the ground and she threw a few quick punches to his face for good measure.

She turned to her right and put both arms up in front of her to protect her head as a punch landed on her arm. She didn't feel anything. Her anger combined with adrenalin did a great job in numbing the pain.

Unfortunately for long hair man, he left himself open after hitting her and she took advantage of it. She leapt up from her half squatting position and threw a series of punches to his stomach and face, making him stagger backwards from her onslaught. He tried to defend himself but she didn't let him. In the end, she knocked him out with a right hook.

She turned around and saw demin jacket man coming at her and she ducked, avoiding the sloppy punch that he threw her way. Kelly quickly straightened up and threw a hard kick into the man's groin area and when it connected, he toppled over in pain. She then went and gave him the same 'loving' treatment as his buddies until her arms started to get heavy.

Kelly stopped, looked around and was satisfied.


A man in a black leather jacket stood in the shadows of the dark alley and silently watched the show. He was amused and impressed as he watched her. He had seen her leave the bar with those three trained bodyguards and he thought that he could at least act like a hero saving the damsel in distress. But the result only made him laugh.

This girl was fierce and he absolutely liked that.
Damn ignorant

Back in the corner booth, the man was speaking to Abi.

"Are you looking for someone?" he asked.

Abi nodded. "Mm. I can't see my friend anywhere. She was just there, in the line, waiting to buy a drink, but she's not there anymore." Abi pointed to where she last saw Kelly as she kept looking around. Worry was also starting to carve on her face.

"Do you want me to accompany you and look for her?" The man politely asked and Abi blinked because her fuzzy mind seemed to remember Kelly's instructions; that she was to stay here and wait.

"Maybe she went to the restroom. It's quite dangerous for girls to go to the restroom alone," the man continued.


"Some drunk men have been known to assault girls there if one is not careful."

Abi's eyes circled in shock and her heart began to beat wildly. She started to worry about her friend. She tried to call Kelly but to her dismay, Kelly's cell phone vibrated in the bag next to her. It seemed she didn't take her phone with her. Abi looked around the bar again and still found no trace of her friend.

Taking advantage of her worry, the CEO guy stood up and offered his hand to her. "Come. I'll help you look for her," the man said and Abi looked at him with some hesitation but in the end, her worry about Kelly won the battle.

"Okay," she said and stood up without accepting his hand.

"Follow me." He smiled and Abi nodded. Her eyes were scanning the faces in the crowd so she didn't see the glint in his eyes as he led her to the women's restroom.

Abi's worry over her friend sobered her up a little and when she saw the restroom, she didn't hesitate to go in and see if Kelly was in there.

The women's restroom was dimly lit but, Abi didn't worry about all that and immediately called out. "Kelly? Are you in here?"

There was no answer. Some of the cubicle doors seemed to be shut but she pushed each cubicle door open to make sure. Unfortunately, no one was in the bathroom but her.

She started to feel very anxious but was unaware of the danger that was looming before her.

"Miss Lee, did you find her?" the man outside yelled through the door.

"No… There's no one in here," she answered back as she opened the restroom door to leave.

Suddenly, the man stepped forward, blocking her way out as he entered the restroom. Then he pushed her inside one of the cubicles and locked it behind him.

"Mister, what are you doing –" Abi tried to ask, still unsure of what just happened.

"Miss Lee, you're so damn beautiful…" he said. His voice was husky and his eyes glimmered with nothing but lust.

Abi froze in fear as she suddenly realised the situation she was in. Her body started to shake and her palms started to sweat as her body reacted to her fear.

She couldn't deny that she was a little scared when Alexander Qinn dragged her inside his bedroom but back then, she had been a willing participant. What she was feeling right now was a different kind of fear, the fear of being overpowered by someone stronger than her, the fear where her control and choices were taken away, the fear of being at the mercy of some unknown stranger. She was scared to death.

"P-please let me go. I don't want this," she pleaded.

He pushed her to the wall, roughly, and a small cry was torn from her lips.

"Do you think I'll let you go?" he smirked. The calm and polite man had turned into a predator.

She flinched when she saw him lick his lips, as if he was about to devour something delicious. He hadn't even touched her yet but she already felt so disgusted. She felt the hair on her body stand up as she tried to push him away from her. She balled her hands into fists and beat them on his chest but it looked like it didn't affect him at all. He just held her by the shoulders with no intention of letting her go.

She should've listened to Kelly! She was warned that this was not a nice place for someone like her. Earlier, she saw a few people kissing passionately in their little corners, even as far as groping each other in such a public place but she never once thought about something like this to happen.

She thought she could come here and easily get some of this so-called experience but it turns out it wasn't that easy at all. She thought she was brave and daring, but look at her now. Where was all that bravery and determination now?

What on earth was she thinking? That she could just walk into a place like this and find the much needed experience she was seeking because that's what she wanted? Her head was stuffed full of rainbows and unicorns from all the romance movies and books she read that she did not even think that this type of thing could happen.

She really was so damn ignorant.

Abi had never known such helplessness until now. She was so terrified that her entire body started to tremble.

"It's okay, baby… don't be afraid. I promise to make you feel good," the man whispered as his grip on her shoulders tightened.

The moment he moved his face closer to her, Abi screamed.
A little taste of hell

"Argh!!! Let me go!!! Alex! Help me!"

Abigail didn't know why that man's name was the one that came out of her mouth when it should have been Kelly's! Why would she call out for him when she knew he wouldn't hear her?!

"Kelly!!!! Help me!!!"

The man reacted and was just about to cover her mouth when he heard a loud bang behind him! The man turned around and was about to yell at whoever was making all the ruckus to get lost because he was busy, but the words were stuck in his throat. His eyes nearly bulged out of their socket because the locked cubicle door behind him was no longer there! It looked as if the door was ripped from its hinges and thrown away to the other end of the bathroom.

"W-wha-" Before he could finish his words, he was suddenly yanked backwards and he felt himself being slammed on the cold, hard wall. The man was dazed and his eyes lost focus as his head hit the wall with a hard thud. He felt something warm and sticky start rolling down the back of his head and his hazy mind correctly deduced that that was his blood dripping down to the floor.

"Bastard! Don't you know who I a–."

He looked up as he said those words but a large fist smashed into his face, preventing him from finishing his words. He heard bones crack - the sound of his nose being broken - and he made a small, pitiful, whimpering noise, like the downtrodden mongrel, as his hands flew to his face to try and stop the blood that gushed out from it. His eyes were blurry and he could only see a silhouette of a man bearing down on him.

Then he felt a large, strong hand grab his neck as he was lifted up on the wall. He scratched at the man's arm that held him but it was futile. The man's arms were as solid as steel, effortlessly immobilizing him, as if he was just some ant in his grasp.

"Did you touch her?" the man asked, his voice filled with restrained, murderous rage. The voice sounded like a call of death that his survival instincts immediately kicked in. He felt the bloodlust coming from this person and he knew that whoever this was would definitely not hesitate to kill him right then and there, without batting an eye. He knew that this was someone he shouldn't mess with.

"N-no…" he choked out. "Y-you came befor-"

The man's grip tightened, stopping his words but he persevered. He didn't want to die! "J-j-ust her shoulders. I-I-I didn't… j-j-ust her shoulders…"

Alex loosened his grip and the man dropped into a slump on the ground, heaving for air. Without a word, he turned to look at the girl behind him standing there, frozen, as her eyes looked back at him.

He could see a mixture of emotions in them - fear, shock, confusion - and he tore his gaze away from them as he quickly searched her body for any bruises or scratches which would indicate that she had been physically hurt. His eyes were cold, almost menacing as he looked at her. His bloodlust didn't diminish despite seeing that she wasn't hurt. Instead, it intensified.

He looked at the man who was slumped on the floor, covered in blood, and Alexander's red hot fury turned into cold, black rage. He had turned into a dark, dangerous and calculating being.

Alexander grabbed the man by the collar and made him kneel on the floor in front of him. The man had his hands on the floor before him, trying not to fall over. Without skipping a beat, Alex put his foot on both his hands - the hands that touched her - and he stood down on them, as if he was trying to break them so that he wouldn't be able to use them ever again.

The man's loud, harrowing scream echoed in the restroom. It was so deafening that Abi closed her eyes and covered her ears. She opened them again only to see Alex land another punch on the man's face, rendering him unconscious, lying in a growing pool of his own blood.

A deep silence, akin to that moment when a raging super typhoon finally passed by, reigned in the room.

Alexander then looked over to her once again and slowly walked towards her. His face was still a mask of rage and bloodlust and she couldn't help but look away from him, her heart beating wildly. Her emotions were a mess.

When he was close enough to her, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, his voice cold and emotionless.

"Abigail… this is just a little taste of hell. I told you… You can't handle it."


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Abi shivered as her shoulders started to shake. His ice cold voice woke her up from her frozen shock and her body started to react.

Everything happened so fast that she couldn't process what was happening. One second, she was inside a locked cubicle with that man and he was about to… to…

She started to breathe quickly as her heart pounded loudly in her ears, but her brain pushed through in processing the situation.

He was about to… but then the door disappeared and the man disappeared. She had closed her eyes as the man closed in on her and in the next second, she just felt air swoosh through her face and the man was gone. She was shocked but then relief flooded her entire body. The man was gone! She was safe now. He was gone…

She didn't even think about what had happened to that man or where he had disappeared to, only that he was finally gone.

But in the next second, she heard a loud thud on the other end of the restroom, which brought her out of her dazed state. With unsteady legs, she forced herself to move, to leave this cursed cubicle and flee. She was free now and she needed to run away from this place as fast as she could. That was what her brain was telling her to do. RUN! Get away from here, NOW!

With one shaky leg after another, holding on to the wash basin, she managed to take a few steps towards the door. She took a few more steps and stopped the moment she saw that man, being held up by his neck, with his blood staining the wall behind his head.

At that moment, she didn't feel anything. She didn't feel angry at him, or sorry for him, or any other emotion towards him. She was completely numb. She stared at the man with blank eyes and an expressionless face.

After a while, she turned away, intending to leave, but she was stopped in her tracks again, this time from a different type of shock. She hadn't paid attention to the man who was choking her attacker. She didn't really care who it was, but when he turned around to look at her with those cold, cold eyes, she froze. 'A-A-lex? W-what was he…'

She felt shocked and confused and a whole lot of other emotions as she stared at him. Her brain stopped functioning again as one thought ran through her mind like a broken record - 'Alex is here and he saved me from that man.'

She felt like she turned into a zombie with only one focus - to eat brains - but in her case it was that Alex was the one who saved her.

The next thing she saw was Alex standing on the man's hands and the man screamed in pain. She couldn't take it! She closed her eyes and covered her ears, to block it all out. No, she didn't want to listen to his screams!

When she had opened her eyes again, she saw that Alex had punched the screaming man in the face and then, the screaming stopped.

She just stared at the bloody mess on the floor, her mind blank and empty of any thought, until he whispered those words in that icy cold voice of his.

She snapped out of her zombied state and she felt her body start to tremble.

The fear and terror she just experienced finally bubbled up to the surface. She couldn't hold it in anymore. The adrenalin had stopped pumping and her brain started working again and combined with the violent scene she had just seen, Abi's heart trembled down to its deepest core.

Abi had never experienced anything like this in her whole existence. Ever since she was a little girl, her family never watched violent movies. She was raised ever so properly that she even looked at the tags of books or movies before reading or watching it. Her family only ever watched general patronage movies and shows and so that was what she did as well. She only read classic books, sweet romance books and sometimes, heartbreaking books. She was that girl who hid her face if she saw any violence or R18 acts on TV by accident.

She was horrified at what could have happened to her that night. She finally realised the gravity of the situation she got herself into and she covered her mouth with her hands, as if to stifle the screams that were about to come out. Her face was filled with terror and her tears started to fall uncontrollably as her shoulders shook.

Alexander saw the horror written all over her face and he turned away as he thought that the girl was now definitely too scared to even look at him. 'Good! She should be scared!' he thought heartlessly.

He moved to leave her be, but before he could even take a step, he felt her frail arms wrap around his waist as she hugged him from behind. He felt her head settle on his back and his shirt dampen from her hot tears. He could also feel her whole body trembling from the shock of this experience.

Alexander's eyes turned wide at the unexpected turn of events. He had deliberately shown her the kind of violence he was capable of, the kind of hell he lived in, so why? Why was this little lamb still… she should be terrified of him! She should be running as far away from him as she could! That was what any normal, sane person would do.

Alex ran his fingers through his hair, and in the next moment, his deadly aura dissipated. He felt himself slowly relax as the rage and murderous intent from his body was expelled from it. He closed his eyes to gather his thoughts before he took a deep, quiet breath.

He turned around to face her just in time to catch her before she fell to the floor.

It seemed that she had fainted.