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Fire Fly Lake

Regaleon and I was walking side by side. We are a little far away from the inner palace but we are still inside the palace grounds.

The sun has set just a while ago. The moon is not yet fully out and the sky is full of twinkling stars.

"Here, take my hand." Regaleon offered me his hand. "You might trip on the way."

It was getting a bit dark because it was just past twilight. I take his hand that I can only see because it was extended right in front of me.

This wasn't the first time I have held his hand, but still it makes me shy. I hear him chuckle lightly.

"What are you laughing at?" I said shyly. I am just happy that it was dark because Regaleon would have seen my face that is so red in shyness.

"I have held your had quite a number of times before." Regaleon said teasingly. "And yet you are still shy towards me."

"Well this is the first time I have held hands with the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest." I said sarcastically. "Forgive me for being a little shy. It's just because you are a great person."

Regaleon stopped abruptly and that startled me.

'Did I say something wrong?' I thought to myself.

He looked around and faced me. His face was nearing mine. My heart was beginning to thump loudly. His face was just inches away from me. Up close I can see his dark blue eyes behind his mask. It was twinkling like sapphire under this starry night.

"Alicia," Regaleon pressed his palm on my cheek. "Tell me, are you intimidated with my title? Now that you know that I am a 'crown prince' and not just a simple 'knight'. Do you think differently of me?"

His gaze were drilling inside me, into my very soul. It was probing me, searching for the answer to his question.

After a while being mesmerized with his dark sapphire eyes, I shook my head.

"Your title as 'crown prince' is not important." I said truthfully. "If you are still the man that you have introduced yourself two years ago. If you hold your promise now and forever. Then you are still and will always be the 'Leon' that I have in my heart."

I can see a hint of a smile in Regaleon's lips. His thumb brushed my lips lightly. And not long he leaned down to plant a kiss.

It was like there was electricity that was shot inside my body. His lips were moist and sweet. I close my eyes to savor his taste.

Then not long, something glowing came out from the ground. I open my eyes and our lips parted by the time the glowing orbs started flying around us. I was surprised and mesmerized by the view. It was like we were in the middle of a starry sky.

I instinctively extended my hands to touch one glowing orb. "These are..."

"Yes, these are fire flies." Regaleon said with a smile.

With the illumination that the fire flies give, I see a little lake not far from where we were standing.

"How did you know such a place exist inside the palace grounds?" I asked mesmerized with the view.

"There are times when you are asleep and I was still up. If I know that you are safe and sound, I take a stroll around the palace." Regaleon said with a clear smile.

I looked at him with a curious stare. I am sure that there is more to his explanation.

"I have a feeling that there is more to it than taking a stroll." I said.

Regaleon looked at me seriously and sighed lightly.

"As expected, my Alicia is really observant." Regaleon said while patting my head. His smile shifted into a generic one. "I can't tell you the details yet as it is top secret. But by the time you become crown princess, I can share these secrets to you."

I held his hand gently and shook my head.

"Please don't misunderstand me. I didn't mean to suspect you about hiding things from me. I know your position as crown prince. And if this issue is top secret, then I will not question you any further." I said whole heartedly.

"Thank you, Alicia." Regaleon said with a warm smile that is so familiar to me.

As the fire flies surround us, the atmosphere between Regaleon and I change. Our bodies were so close together the we can feel the warmth of each other. His breath was brushing my face. His arm encircle my waist and his other hand brushes my cheeks lightly.

'Thump thump thump' I can feel our heart beating in unison. It was getting faster and faster.

We can't stop the attraction that is bringing us together. And then our lips touch once again. But now it was more deep, intense, hot and wanting.


Officialy Engaged

The next day, Regaleon and I were called to the king's office.

It was still early in the morning. I was walking in the halls leading to my father's office. I was being led by one of my father's trusted attendant and Tricia was accompanying me from behind.

Not long I can see a door at the end of the hall. There standing was a young man whose back is facing us. He was wearing a black regal attire that gives out a regal aura.

The young man turned around when we were getting closer. I see his face where the upper half was covered with a silver mask. He smiled to me gently. My heart clenched by the time our eyes met.

"Prince Regaleon, you are here rather early." The attendant said with respect. "Why haven't you entered yet your highness?"

"Our prince is waiting for princess Alicia." A tall man beside Regaleon said.

If I am not mistaken, this man was also with Regaleon two year ago on my birthday ball.

"O-Oh is that so?" The attendant was a bit flustered that he talked out of turn.

It is true that as the crown prince of a powerful country, Regaleon is entitled to not talk to just anyone.

"Good morning Alicia." Regaleon's eyes never wavered away from me. His smile was so bright as the morning sun. I unknowingly blushed.

"G-Good morning prince Regaleon." I gave curtsy. I hear him chuckle lightly.

"This is Dimitri, my right hand man and personal assistant." Regaleon said. I also curtsy towards Dimitri and he bowed to me.

Regaleon offered me his arm and I placed my hand in slowly.

"I will never tire looking at your blushing face, Alicia." Regaleon whispered near my ear that was ticklish.

With his gesture just now made my blood rush. I think my face is all red now.

"Please come in." The attendant said and opened the door.

Inside was a normal sized room with many book shelfs by the side. At the center end of the room was a big desk full of stacked papers. At the seat behind the desk was my king father busy looking at documents.

"Your majesty. His highness prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and third princess Alicia is here." The attendant said.

My father put the document he was holding down and looked at us.

"Thank you. You may leave." Father said to the attendant. The attendant bowed and exited the room and closed the door.

"Please take a sit prince Regaleon and my daughter Alicia." My father gestured to the chairs.

Father was looking intently at me and Regalon. Maybe he saw us coming inside arm in arm a little unpleasant.

Regaleon and I took our sits respectively.

"I have called the both of you regarding the engagement prince Regaleon offered." Father said.

My whole body tenser up when I heard about the our engagement. Until now I am still worrying about what the officials and minsters final decision is.

I love Regalon so much that I can't see myself not being beside him. I fear that the final decision is not in our favor.

Regaleon reached my hand and held it gently. His eyes met mine and he gave me a gentle smile as if saying 'everything will be alright'.

This made my anxiety lessen a little. But still I am a bit scared.

"Ahem." Father made a coughing sound to get me and Regaleon's attention. "As I was saying. We have come to a final decision about the engagement request."

I squeezed Regaleon's hand that was holding my hand in anticipation. He caressed my hand gently.

"We have came to a final decision to approve of your engagement with my daughter Alicia." Father said.

After hearing my father words, I let out a sigh of relief. I can see Regaleon smiling as if he knew the end result.

"As of today crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and third princess Alicia of Alvannia are officially engaged." Father said.

"Thank you very much your majesty." Regaleon said.

"A week from now there will be a grand parade in the crown city to publicized the between the two of you." Father informed us.

"I understand." Regaleon replied. "And after that I will be bringing Alicia with me to Granadcrest to get her bride training lessons."

"What?!" Father was surprised.

"You know that as my crown princess, she needs to take the special lessons." Regaleon said with a sarcastic tone.

"Yes, I know that." Father said with a surprised tone. "But she can take that lessons here in Alvannia."

"I am afraid I can't approve of that king Edward." Regaleon said. "I can't be apart from her any longer."

Regaleon faced me and gave me a loving look and smiled. He took my hand he was holding near his lips and kissed it.

"But she is still sixteen years old." My father said with a bit of anger in his voice. "She is still young to be away from her homeland."

"Sixteen is of marrying age king Richard." Regaleon said with authority. "Now she is my official fiancee. And as her fiancee I want her to be by my side."

I can see father clenching his fists.

"Father, if I may speak." I said softly. Father turned his attention to me. "I know that I am still lacking in some areas. I would like to learn those things before I become crown princess. And I am sure that I can get that education faster in Grandcrest."

Father looked at me knowingly and sighed. "I understand."

I smiled with my father's words.

"But with some conditions." Father said. "First, your former knight has resigned from his post so I will assign a personal knight I trust to go with you."

I nodded in agreement.

'That explains things. Now that Regaleon has regained his original identity. His former identity as Leon the knight would be erased.' I thought.

"Second, you will work hard in your studies as to not taint the Alvannian name." Father said.

I nodded again. I really intended to learn everything that is needed.

"And third, this is for you prince Regaleon." Father looked at him. "Please have a healthy relationship with my daughter until the wedding night."

A healthy relationship, meaning that Regaleon and I have to keep a proper distance from each other. We can't engaged in intimates acts.

Regaleon was smiling. "I will try, but I cannot promise."

My eyes went wide with Regaleon's answer. My mouth was in an 'O' shape. Even Dimitri has a face saying 'Can't you at least be less honest and lie about this things?'

"Well at least that is my request." Father said. "If there is nothing else you want to ask you are dismissed."

"Thank you father." I curtsy to him.

"Thank you, your majesty." Regaleon bowed his head.

Unhappy ones

Veronica's room was in such a mess. Many things are broken and lying on the floor.

"NO!" Veronica was shouting hysterically.

"Sister, please calm down." Elizabeth said.

"How do you think will I calm down?" Veronica said. "Knowing that Alicia snatched what was meant to be mine!"

"Veronica!" Their mother came in Veronica's room with anger. "Is that how a princess should be acting?"

Veronica's cries turned into sobs. "B-but, mother."

"Come here." The queen opened her arms for an embrace. Veronica willingly came into her arms.

"Mother, I should have been prince Regaleon's wife. I should have been the crown princess." Veronica said between sobs.

"Hush now Veronica." The queen said. "Do you think I would let that bastard to get what is rightfully yours."

"What do you mean mother?" Elizabeth asked.

"I have a plan that will make prince Regaleon won't want to marry her." The queen said wickedly.

"What is it mother?" Veronica has stopped crying.

"What if the prince learns that Alicia is not a virgin anymore?" The queen said with a wicked smile.

"You mean...." Veronica's eyes opened wide and listened intently to her mother.

The queen reached from her pocket and took a vial.

"What is that mother?" Elizabeth asked.

"This is very potent aphrodisiac." The queen said. "Just a few drops from this vial and they will be craving the touch of the opposite sex intensely."

Veronica's face brightened in excitement.

"Three days from now there will be a royal ball that will announce the official engagement of prince Regaleon and Alicia in the noble society." The queen said. "There we will set the stage of her downfall."

"Yes mother. That will be her payment for trying to steal what is rightfully mine." Veronica said. "She will become the laughing stock of the noble society and to the public as well."

"I will leave it to you to find the person that will give her downfall." The queen said.

"Don't worry mother. I will make sure to find a lowly commoner that would further disgrace her." Veronica was grinning wickedly.

"Do not worry my daughters. I will make sure to give you the best there is. I won't let that bastard get what is rightfully yours." The queen said.

"Thank you mother." Veronica was now beaming with happiness.


The news about Regaleon and Alicia's engagement has arrived the dukedom of the Cunningham's. William was in the study room holding and looking at a book but seems to be not focusing on reading it.

"Son." Duke Cunningham called William with a sad face.

Since the news arrived, William has been stuck inside the mansion, not wanting to go out.

"Yes, father?" William looked up to his father with blank eyes. As if his very life was sucked out of him.

"My boy. I know how hard you have fallen for princess Alicia." Duke Cunnigham said. "Before she was sent to the countryside, you have visited her nearly everyday in her courtyard. I know how infatuated you are to her."

"Father I am not infatuated. I was in love with her, until now." William sighed sadly.

"I understand, Will. We tried our best. We asked for an engagement before she came back. And we also gave them a great fortune for the dowry." Duke Cunningham said. "How could we know that your rival is the crown prince of Grandcrest, Regaleon?"

William looked outside the window with such sadness. The duke cannot bear to see his sone so heart broken.

"Son, it is not the end of the world." The duke said. "A broken heart can be healed by a new love. Why not go outside and meet some noble maidens. I am sure you may have fancy from one of those beautiful young noble ladies."

"I am sorry father. I just don't feel going out of meeting anyone as of now." William said.

Duke Cunningham sighed. "I understand."

'Knock knock'

The door to the study room opened and the Cunningham's butler came in.

"Master, young master." The butler bowed.

"What is it?" Duke Cunningham asked.

"A letter came from the palace addressed to young master William." The butler answered.

"A letter from the palace?" Duke Cunningham was curious. "Quick give Will the letter."

"Yes." The butler gave the letter to William and left the room.

William looked at the envelope and for sure the royal seal was placed on it. He opened it right away and read the contents.

After reading, William wore a genuine smile.

"What is it? What did the letter say? Who is it from?" The duke was so curious.

"Father I will be leaving immediately." William said enthusiastically.

"Huh, what do you mean? Where are you going?" The duke looked at his son puzzled.

"To the royal capital. I am called to go to the palace." William said with a hopeful smile.
Busy with Preparations

The next few days were hectic. The engagement party was scheduled at the end of this week.

The engagement party is held for the reason to announce my engagement to Regaleon in the noble society. Two days after the engagement party, there will be the parade in the roads of the royal city. The parade is also to inform the commoner public about my engagement to Regaleon.

These past few days I was so busy preparing these two important events. As the fiancee of the crown prince and the future crown princess, I have to do the preparations with perfection. I have met different kinds of persons in charge with various things such as food, decorations, flowers and more.

"Thank you very much for coming in such short notice." I said to the person that is in charge of flower arrangements. We just finished our meeting in the recieving room and he was about to leave. "I am very grateful for your cooperation."

"It is an honor to serve you, princess." He said with a smile. "I am sure to prepare everything before the end of the week."

"Thank you very much." I said with gratitude. "Please be careful on your way out."

"Your welcome your highness." He bowed. The butler Theon, someone that Regaleon has assigned to serve me, led the man out of my courtyard.

I sat down on the couch and sighed with exhausition. It was already afternoon. Since this morning, I have been so busy meeting many people in charge of these two events.

"Princess, I have made you some camomile tea to help you relax." Tricia came holding a tea set with some snacks.

"Thank you so much Tricia." I smiled gently. Fatigue is starting to get to me.

I smell the aroma of the camomile tea and I am starting to relax. I take a sip and sigh in relief.

"This helps me calm down, thank so much Tricia." I smiled thankfully.

"It's my pleasure to serve you princess." Tricia replied with a smile. "You have been so busy these past few days that your face is looking haggard."

"What?! Really?" I shrieked. I can't be looking haggard by the time of the engagement party. What will people say? They will think I am not a match to the good looking prince Regaleon.

"Hand me the mirror please." I asked Tricia.

Tricia get a hand mirror from her pocket and handed it over to me. I looked at my reflection and Tricia was right. Dark circles are starting to form under my eyes. My skin is a little dry as well.

If it was before, I won't regard such things as a problem. But now, being Regaleon's fiancee and the future crown princess, I have to keep my appearance as presentable as possible.

"What nonsense are you telling the princess, Tricia?" A very familiar deep voice said.

I turned around to see Regaleon entering the room. He was wearing a dark gray suit and pants. Dimitri was behind him as always.

"Alicia still looks very beautiful, she always is." Regaleon gave me a sweet smile. "Hello my beautiful fiancee." Regelon bend down and gave me a peck on my cheek. I can feel the heat build up on my face.

Regaleon looked at me very pleased. I must be blushing again. I still can't believe that I am engaged to this beautiful man that looks like a male god sent from the heavens.

"Greetings your highness." I was about to stand up and give my curtsy but Regaleon stopped me.

"No need for formalities Alicia." Regaleon said. "Your are now my fiancee." He sat down beside me on the couch.

"You're teasing me again." I pouted.

Regaleon chuckled. "And why do you say that I'm teasing you." He looked playfully at me. He tucked a stray strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Can't you see the dark circles under my eyes?" I said. "And look at my skin, it's starting to get dry. And you say I am always beautiful."

I can hear Regaleon chuckle again.

"Don't laugh. This is a serious matter." I said pouting at him. "What will the nobles say if I look so haggard by your side in the engagement party? What if they say I am not a good match for you." I frown deeply. I can feel a pinch in my heart.

Regaleon's hand reached out to me and cupped my chin. He gently pushed my chin up to look at him and our eyes met.

His was looking at me full of affection. He gently caressed my face.

"Don't think of whatever other people say." Regaleon said with a voice full of affection. "You are the one I chose and that is enough to say that you are my true match, no other."

His words touched my heart. It felt so warm that my love for him is starting to overflow.

"Thank you." I smiled happily.

"But if you are still stressing about your appearance then I have a solution for that." Regaleon smiled. "Dimitri."

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri bowed and approached us. He gave Regaleon a small box. I looked at it with curiosity.

Aside from the small box Dimitri gave, there are boxes that are behind Dimitri.

"I came here to give you the gifts that I brought with me from Grandcrest." Regaleon said. "These here are some of it. The others will be coming tomorrow." He smiled sweetly.

"This here," Regaleon lifted the small box. "Is called Blue Rose Oil."

Regaleon opened the box and took a small bottle. The bottle had an intricate design with a blue rose design cap.

"This oil is extracted from the blue rose of the royal family of Grandcrest." Regaleon explained. "It helps the skin revitalize and make it more blooming."

Regaleon opened the bottle and placed some oil in the tip of his fingers. He carefully rubbed it on my cheeks.

It smell is heavenly, not too strong. The feel the oil on my cheeks is cool and gentle.

"How is it?" Regaleon looked at me with a smile. "Do you like it?"

"Yes." I replied. "It's cool and calming. The smell is fragrant and not too strong."

"That's nice to hear." Regaleon smiled happily.

His hands caressed my cheeks gently. His face is inching slowly towards me. I can sense what he was doing.

"P-prince Regaleon." I said startled. "T-there are people around."

"What people are you talking about?" Regaleon smiled teasingly.

I looked around and there was no one around. It was just the two of us inside the closed receiving room.

"Wha... but when...?" I can't finish my question.

"Shhh..." Regaleon put his finger between my lips. "I missed you these past few days. The both of us had been so busy that we weren't able to see each other. I want to monopolize you, Alicia."

"Prince Regaleon." My heart was beating fast.

"Call me like what you used to call me." Regaleon's face resumed getting near me.

"L-Leon." My voice had a strange sound to it. Almost like a seductive one.

"Alicia." Regaleon face was inches from me. "I missed you so much. I want to touch you."

My heart skipped a beat. This male god is yerning for me.

His lips gently pressed to mine. We share a sweet kiss.

A Little Taste of Passion

WARNING: This chapter has R-18 scenes. So if you are not yet 18 and above, I advice you to skip this chapter.

Regaleon and I are currently alone in the closed reception room. He and I are seating on the couch, intimately close to one another.

The kiss a while ago was something sweet. It was a kiss that we always share starting when we became lovers.

But today the atmosphere seems a bit different. We are inside a closed room and alone. In the past Leon and I are always accompanied by others. That is why Leon can only steal a kiss or two when no one is looking.

"My Lili, you are so beautiful." Regaleon said to me.

Lili was a nickname he gave me when we were at the countryside.

"T-Thank you." I replied shyly.

Regaleon's grin has a hint of playfulness.

"My sweet Lili, that kiss wasn't enough for me." Regaleon whispered into my ear. "I want to touch you."

The whisper tickled my ears and made me conscious.

"T-touch me?" I said surprised. "B-but Leon..."

I remember one of the conditions that king father have given us is to have a healthy relationship. Meaning the both of us can't engaged in such intimate action that couples do.

As if Regaleon read my mind he said. "I also told your father I will try, but I cannot promise."

Regaleon's eyes were like a wolf ready to pounce on it's prey.

"And with you this cute, it is so hard to resist." Regaleon said with a hoarse voice.

"L-Leon...ahh..umm." My sentence was unfinished because Regaleon claimed my lips with his.

His kiss with me now is different from before. It was hot and yearning.

"Hmmm..." Regaleon sweetly moaned between our lips. Then his tongue entered my mouth, devouring anything inside.

"Aahh...hmmm." I was trying to breath between our intense kiss. His toungue found mine and played with it.

This intense kiss was something new to me. I can't seem to comprehend my surroundings anymore. All I can focus on was our kiss.

And my body is behaving differently. I can feel it starting to get warmer.

'It was autumn already so why am I feeling hot all of a sudden?' I thought.

Our lips parted and both of us are catching our breaths.

Regaleon's face seemed flushed, his eyes were looking into me, burning with desire.

"Oh Lili." Regaleon said. "How can I resist if you look like that?"

"W-Wha...looking like what?" I was confused.

'What do I look like now?' I wonder.

But not long Regaleon claimed my lips once again with such hunger.

"Hmmm...ummm." I can hear my self moan sweetly. I never knew I can make such lustful voice that it makes me embarrassed.

"Aahhh...L-Leon!" I was startled.

Regaleon's lips slid from my lips down to my neck.

"Ahhh..." I moaned again. I quickly closed my mouth with my left hand as to not make such lewd noise.

But then Regaleon's hand creeped from my waist and then to my chest.

"Kyaahh..." I was startled with the sudden touch. I was never touch in that place by anyone. Even I don't touch my breasts if not necessary.

"You sound so sweet Lili." I can feel Regaleon smile in my neck.

"L-Leon...t-touching that.." I was trying to say that it makes me uncomfortable.

"What, touching this?" Regaleon fondled my breasts even more.

"Ahhh..." I screamed lightly, trying to suppress my voice. "L-Leon, it feels weird. I feel weird."

"Does it hurt? Don't you like it?" Regaleon asked seriously and looked right thru my eyes.

'Do I dislike being touched?' I thought. If it was Regaleon then I don't dislike it. So I shook my head.

Regaleon made a sweet smile that seems to say he is glad that I don't dislike it.

"I-It just feels weird." I said shyly. I can feel my cheeks burning.

"Don't worry and trust me." Regaleon said. "I won't do anything that will hurt you. Just think of this as one of your bride training." He smiled mischievously.

"Ahhh..." I moaned once again when Regaleon resumed his action.

His lips are kissing me from my neck to my collar bone. I don't dislike it but this feeling is so foreign to me.

I can hear his wet lips licking down my chest. And in just one stroke, one of my breasts has been exposed out to the open.

"N-Noo...ahhh. L-Leon." I was surprised with his action.

Regaleon's hands were fondling my exposed breast, tickling the small bud in the center.

"Hyaahh.." An electric shock was shot thru my body, down to my secret area. The feeling was foreign and intense.

"Do you like that?" Regaleon asked looking pleased with his handy work. "Your breasts are still small, but no matter. I will take good care of them. After a while they will be plump and healthy."

"W-What do you mean? Hyahh.." I was to ask the meaning of Regaleon's words when I felt his lips lick my bud.

"L-Leon..no... ahhh." I can feel such pleasure in his action.

Regaleon started to suck my little bud that it became hard and standing. The sound of his sucking was lewd but somewhat sexy.

"Lili, you tastes so sweet." Regaleon said. I can feel his hot breath on my breast.

Then without further ado, Regaleon attached himself to my other breast.

"Ahhh...hmmm.." I was moaning with pleasure. Just to stop it from being loud, I bit my left hand.

Regaleon was sucking one of my breast while pinching the bud of the other.

Such stimulations was getting fiercer. My mind was starting to get blank, only feeling such intensity on my body.

Then I can feel Regaleon's hand creeping down to my waist, down to my secret place in between my legs.

"No...ahhh...it's embarrassing." I said while panting. But I can't feel Regaleon stopping in his tracks.

Regaleon's hands were under my skirt, pulling it up. His gentle stroke tickles but sends electricity all over my body. This foreign feeling is giving me pleasure.

"Ahhhh..." I moan but bit my hand again to stop my voice from getting loud.

Regaleon's hands were now at my thighs trying to pry it apart. I was trying to squeeze them tight because of embarrassment.

But my efforts gone to waste. Regaleon's hands stroked the buds of my secret place over my panties.

"Noo...ahhh...hmmm" I swallowed my moan just now.

'Knock knock knock'

Three knocks were heard on the double doors of the reception room.

"L-Leon..." I was calling him to say someone is outside. But it was as if he never heard anything and was still went to stimulate my body. "Ahhh..."

Then the next knock was more loud.

"Prince Regaleon! Alicia!" It was the voice of my father.

I was shocked stiff. Regaleon stopped what he was doing and looked rather irritated.