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Heaven left her father a bit confused. Was he impressed or not? He gave her mixed feelings, but she sensed he wasn't too happy. Was it because of the way she spoke? Was she disrespectful? Was it because she said he and The Royal army were wrong?
She sighed. She was too tired to think of it now, and too hungry. Her stomach growled on her way back to the guest room. Her father had told her to rest. He would take over from here. She trusted that he would find the right way to punish the King and the Prince so she wasn't worried.
"Your Highness."
Heaven turned back to find General Kian walking up to her. He bowed before looking at her worriedly.
"Your Highness. I have been worried about your wellbeing." He said.
"Thank you. I am alright." She assured him, "Are you alright?"
He nodded.
There was something very likeable about General Kian and Heaven couldn't put her finger on what it was.
"You have impressed many of us. We were reminded of your father, when he used to easily take over other kingdoms."
Heaven smiled shyly, feeling like she didn't deserve all the praise. She was nowhere near her father. He had taken over kingdoms with his army alone. She had only taken over a castle with the help of her men and two demons. There was really nothing impressive about it. If her father wanted, he could have taken over the castle all alone.
"You, the army and father did most of the work. I didn't do much." She said.
He smiled at her. "You did well. Please rest, Your Highness. We will take over from here. And I would love to work on war strategies with you in the future."
Heaven couldn't believe her ears. Did General Kian just tell her he wanted to work with her? She felt like jumping around with joy but contained herself.
"I would love to help." She told him.
"Have a good rest." He said and excused himself.
Heaven went back to the guest room with a smile. She might not have failed completely if General Kian considered working with her. Suddenly she felt energetic again.
Before going to bed, she needed to bathe, but she had sent Kate away for her safety. And she didn't feel comfortable to ask one of the maids in the castle to help her, so she decided to do it alone.
As she unbuckled her belt, she felt someone materialize in her room. Before she could turn she already knew who it was and it made the blood in her veins boil. She had forgotten about him and almost wished it remained that way.
She didn't want to believe that her friend would stoop so low to do something like that. How could he do that to her?
He looked wary as he should. He carefully stepped forward. "I can explain." He began.
"What could possibly explain your actions?" She asked. "Go home! I don't want to see you again." She turned away from him.
She didn't know whether she was more hurt or angry, but she knew this feeling, the feeling of her demon being provoked. She was more angry than ever now because this time she felt betrayed.
"Heaven. Please listen to me once." He said, and then she felt his hand on her shoulder.
Turning around, she punched him in the face. He was taken by surprise and stumbled backward as blood seeped from his nose.
"Don't ever touch me again." She said.
He looked at her shocked as he wiped the blood away. 

"Did it hurt?" She asked him. "That is how I felt, but much worse. Just because the pain you inflict can't be seen doesn't make it hurt any less."
"Heaven, I never meant to hurt you." He said.
"It doesn't matter anymore. I just want you to leave."
"I know I did wrong. I shouldn't have kissed you, I admit that, but I am just trying to protect you from that man. He doesn't love you. He isn't who he says he is."
"Stop!" Heaven yelled. "I want to hear no more. Leave!"
"He has truly blinded you." He said with a frown.
She looked at him. Why was he so against Zamiel? This was more than him being angry because Zamiel harmed him and his sister. This was something else. Was it hatred?
It didn't matter anymore. This was her life and she could be with whom she wanted. As a friend he could advise her, but he had no right to act this way.
"I am not blinded. I can see you, Zarin." She said. "But now, I don't want to see you anymore."
"Zamiel doesn't love you. He is using you." He continued as if he couldn't hear what she was saying.
She wanted to punch him again. "I told you to leave. Don't force me to create a scene because you are here. It won't look good on you."
"Do as you please. I am not going before I convince you. I am going to show you the kind of man you are with. You think he loves you, but it is all a lie."
He suddenly crossed the distance between them and grabbed her wrist.
"What are you doing?" She said trying to yank her hand away, but he gripped her tightly and before she could punch him again, he teleported them.
Heaven kneed him in the stomach and stepped away as soon as they arrived. Now she was boiling over.
"Are you in your right mind? What are you doing?!" She yelled furiously.
Zarin groaned in pain, holding his stomach. "Just… listen to me this time. I will leave you alone after this."
Heaven looked around. Where did he bring them? She felt the smell of liquor and heard music and laughter come from the house in front of her. A man came out stumbling on his way, and the stench of alcohol made her wrinkle her nose. What was this place?
"There is someone I need you to meet." He said holding his hands out as if telling her to calm down and wait.
Heaven was so close to pull her daggers but took a deep breath. She would just go back, but then he would follow her. She needed to make it clear to him, but how? He was too stubborn.
"Just meet this person. After that, I'll leave you alone. I promise." He said.
"Lord Zarin." Suddenly a woman stood outside the house.
The woman looked between her and Zarin before she smiled at him.
"Lady Hilda. Could you call Rose?" He asked.
Who was Rose?
The woman winked at him before throwing her hair back and turning around, walking inside while swaying her h.i.p.s.
"Who is Rose?" Heaven asked impatiently.
He had been talking about Zamiel, and now suddenly he wanted her to meet Rose.
"You will know soon. Please, just wait a moment."
Before he could finish his sentence, a woman walked out of the house. She had a shawl wrapped around her upper body even though it wasn't cold outside. She seemed to want to cover herself, but she was a real beauty. Even her walk seduced as she approached them.
What was happening, and why did she need to meet this woman?
"Lord Zarin." She curtsied.
Zarin turned to Heaven. "Heaven, you believe Zamiel loves you. You even believe he is your mate. But to him, you are just another woman. Just like Rose. You think I am lying? Then listen to her." He said.
His words felt like a stab in the heart. Heaven couldn't believe what she heard. He couldn't mean what she thought he meant.
He turned to Rose. "Rose, tell her what happened when you went to his home."
His home? Heaven's eyes widened. This woman went to Zamiel's home?
Rose turned to Heaven. "My Lady." She began, but Heaven cut her off by holding her hand up.
She needed a moment to think. Were both of them trying to tell her that Zamiel had been with this woman? That he had touched and loved another woman?
No! Zamiel would never do that. He would never do anything to hurt her.
Heaven straightened herself and walked closer to Rose, standing face to face with her. She looked her in the eyes, "if you dare lie to me, you won't see a tomorrow." She threatened.
She had been so confident that Rose was going to lie to her, but the woman didn't flinch and her heart beat stayed steady.
Heaven took a step back and studied her carefully. What was she going to hear today?
"I have no intentions of lying, My Lady. I did go to Lord Zamiel's house. I offered myself."
Heaven's heart was beating the whole time. Her stomach turned when Rose spoke. She wasn't sure if she wanted to hear the rest.
"But Lord Zamiel refused my services. He didn't lay a finger on me."
100% Written by Jasmine Josef



She knew it. Zamiel would never hurt her. He would never even look at another woman. If Rose had dared to lie to her, Heaven would have choked the truth out of her.

As relieved as she was, she was also confused. What did Rose mean by services? As if it was her job. Heaven had heard once that some women sold themselves, or were sold by other people. Was Rose that kind of woman?
Were someone forcing her to do this? And why did she go to Zamiel if he didn't buy her services?
She turned to Zarin, who looked shocked. His gaze hardened as he looked at Rose. "Why are you lying?" He asked her. "Then why did he pay you?"
Heaven turned to Rose, who remained calm.
"No man has ever denied me, so I tried to pursue him because I didn't want to go back and tell everyone that a man denied me. My reputation depended on it. Lord Zamiel payed me handsomely just to be rid of me. He said he didn't want his Lady to misunderstand him." She explained then she turned to Heaven. "You must be her. You are a lucky woman."

Suddenly Zarin grabbed her arm harshly, causing her to grimace. "He made you say this, didn't he? How much did he pay you? What did he offer you to lie?" He shook her violently.

"Zarin, what are you doing?" Heaven pushed him away, appalled by his actions.

Zarin was fuming with anger. "Heaven. She told me something else in the beginning. He probably compelled her to lie. Don't you see what he is doing?" His voice was getting louder.
Heaven turned to Rose. "Are you alright?"
She nodded, looking down.
"I did lie in the beginning, My Lady. I was just protecting my reputation. I didn't know I was part of a game."
"What game?" Heaven asked.
Rose slowly lifted her gaze and looked at Zarin.
Slowly, the pieced started to fall into place. "Did he send you to him?" Heaven asked, despite already knowing the anser.
Rose gave her a weak smile and a slight nod.

"Yes. I did send her, but she is lying. I knew he would…" Zarin began to talk behind her, but Heaven wasn't listening anymore.
She couldn't believe it. It felt like the world around her stopped for a moment and when it began to move again; she was burning. It felt like she was set on fire.
"Go back in!" Heaven told Rose.
"Where are you sending her? She needs to tell the truth. She…"
Heaven turned to him and glared at him furiously. He stopped and looked at her warily.
"Heaven. I only did that for your sake. Listen to…"
"Stop!" She yelled, surprising him.
He looked at her wide eyed.
"Who are you?" She then asked.
He furrowed his brows at her question.

"You are not my friend. You can't be. My friend would never do this to me. My friend cares about me. He wouldn't betray me, or hurt me, or disrespect me. You are not my friend. I don't know who you are."
The confusion in his eyes turned to pain. She knew her words hurt him, but it couldn't be greater than the pain in her heart. The one inflicted by him. Her childhood friend. The one she used to rely on, look up to and respect. He was not there anymore. Those eyes didn't belong to him. He suddenly looked like a stranger in her eyes.
"Don't say that, Heaven. I am your friend. I have always been your friend."

"Not anymore." She shook her head. "When you offered your help, I truly thought that you had reflected on your actions and came here to show that you could do better. For the sake of our many years of friendship, I wanted to give you a second chance. I thought if I didn't that I might regret it. And this is what you do with your second chance? This is how you throw away many years of friendship?"
Zarin shook his head. His sad eyes looking down hesitantly and then looking up at her. "I wish you could see what I am seeing." He said. "This is not me throwing away anything. This is me taking my chance to save you."

"From who?!" She yelled again. She was tired of his explanations. "You are the one hurting me the most. At first I didn't blame you. I just thought to myself that you don't know what friendship or love is, what caring for someone or supporting them means. But I was wrong. You know all those things. You grew up watching our family love and support each other, respect and care for each other. You grew up seeing the friendship they had. You know all those things. But you chose something else. You chose hatred over love. You chose animosity over friendship."

"One day… one day you will know I chose you above all." He said.
Heaven looked at him for a long moment. Those eyes held no regret. "Just leave." She told him. "I don't want to see you again."
He opened his mouth to say something, but she drew her dagger. "Don't force me, Zarin. It is enough!"
"As you wish." He said and then vanished.

Heaven put her dagger back and let out a deep breath. Her head began to spin. The anger got replaced by a sadness that overwhelmed her.
The first time she fought with him, she had hope that one day they would be friends again. But now, this time, her friend was truly gone and only the memories of him remained.

Zarin might not have been a very good friend, but he was still her friend. When she was alone he made her smile, kept her company and protected her. He might have been negligent, but he was never a bad person. He never hurt her intentionally. But now, every step he took broke her heart, and he showed no regret. He was not the person used to be. He wasn't the friend she knew anymore.
She took a deep breath again to calm down, but she felt weak in the knees. Her hand searched for something to grab on to support herself but found none. She stumbled backward but a strong arm came around her waist preventing and saved her from falling. 

"My Lady. You don't look alright?"
Heaven looked up at Ilyas. He looked down at her worriedly.
Taking her hand, he placed her arm around his neck and then put his arm under her knees before lifting her up.
The next moment they were back to the guest room. Ilyas placed her carefully on the bed, then looked at her. "Is there anything I can do for you?" He asked.

Why? Why was this stranger looking at her worriedly while her friend could easily inflict pain on her and even try to explain why he was doing it.
"Why?" She asked him.

He looked at her questioningly.
"Why are you loyal to me? I know you didn't have a choice to serve me, but I feel you serve me with sincerity."
He smiled. "If I had any thought of betraying you, Lord Zamiel would know before I could finish thinking." He said.

"Is that why you are loyal?"
"I have no reason to betray you. You have only treated me with kindness." He said.

"But?" She felt like he had something to add.
"I don't want to be bound to someone."

Heaven could understand him. He wanted to be free. Why would he live serving someone? She wouldn't be those kinds of Lords who abused their power. If he wanted to be free, she would set him free.

"I free you." She said. "You don't have to worry about Zamiel. I will talk to him."

She couldn't deny that she felt sad. Having him by her side had made her feel secure.
His pale blue eyes studied her for a moment. "Can I leave now?" He asked.
Heaven nodded, feeling a sting in her heart.

Ilyas smiled. "It is enough for me knowing I can leave." He said.
Heaven blinked a few times confused. What did that mean?
"I will stay." He told her.



Ilyas took a chair and sat next to the bed when Heaven told him to stay. If Zarin came back, she didn't have the energy to deal with him, so having Ilyas there made her feel relaxed.
For a moment she had thought it was Zamiel who came to her. She had panicked. She didn't want him to see the situation she was in with the person she called a friend. For the first time she was ashamed to call Zarin her friend, so she was glad that it was Ilyas who came to her.
They communicated through the necklace and the bracelet which let him know where she was when they needed to meet, so he must have used it.
"Thank you for staying." She told him.
He gave her a meek smile and a slight nod. Just like her father, after all the fights, not one hair on his head was out of place. His light golden hair that almost looked white fell to his shoulders smoothly. It complimented his pale skin and his pale blue eyes. He had hollow cheeks just like Zamiel and it gave them both a wolfish predatory look. She wondered if it was a smoke demon thing.
"Do you also consider yourself a djinn?" She asked.
"Yes." He said simply.
"But you don't hate me? I am part witch and the devil's granddaughter."
"You clearly chose a different path than your grandfather, and you didn't choose to be born as a witch." He explained.
Heaven nodded. She was glad that there were demons who thought differently.
"I know I said I would introduce you to father. I haven't forgotten. I am trying to find a more appropriate time." She told him.
"I am in no rush." He spoke calmly.
After a while, Ilyas left so Heaven could take a bath. She couldn't fall asleep being dirty. It bothered her.
While bathing, she thought about Zarin and Zamiel. She wondered if Zamiel knew that it was Zarin who send Rose. He probably did, and yet again she felt ashamed. Then she remembered when Zamiel told her to trust him. Was he speaking of Rose? And what was it that he wanted to tell her?
Unable to contain her curiosity, she teleported to his home after bathing and getting dressed.
When she came to his room, she was surprised to find him sleeping. Why was he sleeping during this time of the day? She walked closer and looked down on him. He seemed to be sick again. His face was pale. She wondered what was happening to him. Last time he had broken all the furniture in his room.
She touched his forehead. He wasn't burning like before, but he was still warm and again he slept wearing nothing on his upper body. It must be the heat.
Zamiel woke up from a familiar scent invading his senses. It smelled like spring, like a warm breeze carrying the scent of blooming flowers. It was a smell that reminded him of greenery and sunrays.
He opened his eyes, squinting his gaze followed where the scent came from. Next to him, in his bed, he found Heaven sleeping. His eyes widened in surprise. He had to touch her just to make sure he wasn't dreaming and Heaven would wake up just to kill his family again. But he was very much awake as he felt the warmth of her skin and the softness of her hair against his fingers.
Heaven stirred in her sleep, then slowly opened her eyes. For a moment she just stared into his and even smiled.
He smiled back at her, but that caused her eyes to widen. With a gasp, she sat up and looked around before looking at him.
Zamiel sat up as well.
"I…" She blushed. "I didn't mean sleep in your bed." She stuttered.
Of course not. It was unlike her. She was someone who would blush by a simple touch. Or not so simple. Her touch left him inflamed, so he hoped he had the same affect on her.
"I don't mind." He told her.
Her cheeks flushed even more. She did something to him whenever her face became red. He liked to reach for her cheeks and let his cold fingers cool her skin. Before he knew he was already touching her face and just like every time, she closed her eyes as his fingers slid over her cheek. He could tell she liked it when he did that.
She took his other hand and put it on her other cheek, holding both his hands pressed to each side of her face. "I missed you." She said, her eyes still closed.
Without thinking, Zamiel pulled her face close to his and kissed her. He had missed her too much to wait or to be gentle. He kissed her without hesitance, with such intensity that made her cling to him and that made the world around him fade away. The only thing he could feel, taste and smell was her.... until she bit him.
He almost smiled against her lips as he felt the taste of his own blood, but Heaven was still oblivious to it all. He felt her claws dig into his shoulders and then the burning of when the tips scratched his skin. But none of that bothered him and he wouldn't want her to stop if it didn't end with him only tasting his own blood.
Heaven stopped and pulled back. She looked at him, shocked again. Zamiel licked his own lips. If he could only heal in this moment, they could continue.
"Don't apologize." He told her before she could speak.
"I'll leave for a moment." She told him and before he could say something she was gone.
After a short while, when the bleeding stopped, she came back. She hurried and came to sit next to him. "Are you alright now?" Looking at his lips.
"Yes. Now and before." He told her.
Her lips curved slightly, but she forced the smile back. "I really need to learn to control it." She said sadly.
She wouldn't have to if his healing abilities had worked as usual.
"I will teach you." He told her.
He didn't know exactly how, but he would try different ways.
She looked at his bare chest and shoulders where her claws left marks. She frowned but then looked at him "Are you sick again?" She asked.
"No. I just can't sleep at night." He said.
"Is it the nightmares again?"
He nodded. He wanted to talk to her about it and about Rose, but she looked so tired and he could still see the dark circles under her eyes. He would let her rest before making her worried again.
"Is that why you broke your furniture last time?" She asked.
"Yes." He replied.
The furniture, he didn't even remember much of it. After he woke up, he just found that he had destroyed his room. Therefore, he was afraid to be with Heaven. Him waking up next to her could be dangerous.
His vision was red with anger whenever he woke up from the nightmare. He couldn't see what was in front of him. But Heaven had managed to get through his rage last time. Could he trust that she would be able to do it every time? Could he trust himself with her?
She put her hand on his bare shoulder and looked at him. "What can I do to help?"
"Sleep with me." He said.
Heaven blinked a few times. He had expected that reaction from her, but he only meant to hold her in his arms and let her sleep. She could get the sleep she needed and he could hold her.
Her heart raced, and he could guess what she was thinking. He fought back the smile that made its way to his lips. He shouldn't make her fl.u.s.tered, but he loved it.
And then she surprised him when she crawled up in bed, adjusted the pillow and lay down facing him.
"You have to marry me after this." She told him.
He chuckled, lying down as well. "You should at least sleep closer if that is the price."
He opened his arms and waited to see if she would hesitate. But she boldly moved closer and rested her head on his arm. Zamiel drew her closer, holding her against his body.
If this is what if felt like to hold her in his arms, he would be willing to pay any price.