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"The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving."
Zamiel watched Heaven sleeping in his arms. He couldn't let himself fall asleep because he didn't want to have a nightmare in her presence, but also because he wanted to enjoy the feel of having her in his arms.
He found her remark that he had to marry her after this amusing. As if he had any other plan. But he understood what she meant. It was scandalous for a maiden to be in a man's house, let alone his bed. It was even worse for a princess. This could ruin her reputation. That she stayed with him in his bed showed how much she trusted him.
Zamiel removed the hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Her beautiful features were relaxed, but she looked tired. This mission had exhausted her, and he hated to see her like this, but this was what she chose to do and he wanted to respect that. Letting her walk this path alone would make her stronger, but whenever she got tired, he would be there to finish what she started..

After watching her for a while, he decided to get out of bed. He wrapped the sheets around his waist and walked out of the room. He came face to face with his maid, Helen. Her gaze fell on his bare chest and her hands in which she held a tray with cups and plates began to shake. Still, she couldn't tear her gaze away from him.
She was an old woman, but when it came to his looks, age or even gender didn't matter. He could make both men and women lose track of their thoughts.
"Helen, could you make me two cups of tea?" He asked.
She blinked a few times, forcing herself to stop shaking. "O… of cou..rse, My Lord."
Zamiel went back into the room. It would be better to put a shirt on before he gave her a heart-attack. Even in his home, he couldn't dress any way he liked.
Once he got dressed, he went to the parlor and Helen served him his tea. Zamiel picked up his cup and took a sip while summoning Ilyas by getting into his mind.
Ilyas appeared shortly after. "My Lord." He greeted.
"Please sit." Zamiel told him and Ilyas got seated in front of him on a couch. "Have some tea." He then told him.
"Thank you." Ilyas picked the other cup of tea and took a sip.
Ilyas already knew why Zamiel summoned him, so he started to speak without being asked. He told him about the mission and how it went. He also told him about what happened with Zarin and Rose. Zamiel could see the images through Ilyas' memory as he spoke.
His plan went accordingly, but just like he expected, it left Heaven hurt.
Zamiel had not wanted to do it this way, but he had lost the person he loved once. If anyone tried to ruin his relationship with Heaven, he would have no mercy. Still, he had been very patient with Zarin because Heaven called him a friend. He even apologized, despite knowing very well that Zarin had no intention of forgiving him, ever.
The day he invited him to his home, he found his thoughts to be very disturbing. Zarin had already decided that Zamiel was the villain, and he wanted to get rid of him at any cost. He did not act or think like a friend looking out for his friend, and his actions didn't come from a place of care and concern.
If Zamiel hadn't lived so long, he would have been confused to why Zarin hated him so much, but having many years of experience he knew very well that look in his eyes.
It was pride and envy.
Heaven choosing him hurt Zarin's pride, and now he was jealousy. It was the same emotions he saw in Razia. The way she had watched him with satisfaction as he suffered after she poisoned him was still a painful memory. She had been very proud of her plan, knowing very well that if a half-breed never came to existents, he would be doomed to live an eternity locked inside a coffin. She didn't even leave him the choice to die. All that mattered was to prove that she was right and if she wasn't, then he would be the one to pay the price.
Until today, he suffered from that memory. He had once considered her a dear friend, and he never thought that she of all people could inflict so much pain on him. He didn't want Heaven to go through that same pain.
Zarin's wasn't as extreme as Razia, but the small resemblance made him worry for Heaven. And when Zarin sent Rose, Zamiel realized that he wouldn't give up easily and was slowly heading toward the same dark path as Razia. It would be better to put an end to it before it got very ugly. That would cause Heaven a lot of pain.
So Zamiel spoke to Rose after finding out that it was Zarin who sent her. He told her that she was being used and then read her mind to see what she wanted to do about it. Rose was a clever woman and didn't want to be part of this game, so she decided to tell the truth and be left alone. But humans were complicated and could easily change their minds, so Zamiel made sure she told the truth by manipulating her thoughts. He didn't want to take any risks with Heaven.
"It is not my place to say this, but I would kill anyone who touched my woman." Ilyas said surprising Zamiel.
Zamiel chuckled. "No, you wouldn't. Not if you cared for her feelings more than your own."
Ilyas narrowed his gaze. "I am not as good as you." He said.
Zamiel leaned back and sighed. "You can't change your past, but tomorrow is a new day."
Louis had raised Ilyas after his parents decided to leave him. His mother had moved on to the next life and his father was unable to handle the pain, so he followed her shortly after, leaving Ilyas all alone. Louis had trained Ilyas to be a fierce fighter, but he also made him do all his dirty deeds. It involved a lot of killing. Ilyas had a lot of blood on his hands. Killing became his second nature.
"Heaven freed you. I know you don't feel completely free yet because of me, but you serve Heaven and if she freed you, then you are free."
"I don't want to be free from you." Ilyas said.
Zamiel nodded, understanding very well. Being under a demon lord meant protection, and having an ancient demon as your lord meant even a higher protection. Only those who had someone in their family line who was ancient didn't bother to have a demon Lord. They already had protection from their families.
"May I ask how your mother moved on?"
Ilyas' mother was ancient smoke demon and Zamiel wondered how she ended her life. Ancients didn't have a definitive way of dying, and very few knew how ancients took their lives and move on. Zamiel was curious, especially since he suspected it involved Heaven.
"She found something that slowed down her healing ability." He said.
Zamiel frowned. So Heaven was truly what could kill him.
Why her?

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"The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest"
"What slowed down her healing?" Zamiel asked.
"I am not sure. I just overheard her speak to father. She said she found the thing that slowed down her healing ability. She would kill herself with it. Give herself a severe injury that would take longer to heal. If she died before she could heal, then she would achieve her goal." Ilyas explained.
His explanation made both of them frown. Demons could only die by a stab in the spine, but they could heal from any other injury. 

Ancients couldn't die by a stab in the spine, but any severe injury could kill them if their healing slowed down. And only one thing could make their healing slow down. Or one person.
No wonder ancients were considered immortal. To find that one thing among everything else in the world seemed impossible. That is why ancients went into deep slumber instead of chasing that one thing that could end their life. 

"How old were you then?" Zamiel asked.
"Sixteen." Ilyas said then frowned. "Are you planning on moving on?" He looked almost concerned.
Zamiel chuckled. "No. I plan to stay for a very long time." He said.
"Is Heaven in some danger?" He asked.
He understood why Ilyas was concerned. Zamiel had told him to guard Heaven closely. Keep an eye on her all the time and pay closer attention to find anything odd. With the nightmares going on, Lucifer might already decide to take his next step, and Zamiel wanted to be prepared so he could protect Heaven.
It seemed like danger followed the people he loved everywhere. Maybe he was bad luck.
"She might be. I'll take over now. You may go rest." He told him.
Ilyas nodded. "I'll take my leave then." He said standing up and just like him he vanished into smoke.
Zamiel leaned back on the couch. That Heaven could hurt him made him worry for Heaven and not for himself. He had gone through worse than death.
He was not afraid of death. Death should be afraid of him.
What he feared was losing Heaven. To fail to protect the woman he loved, again.
"Zamiel!" Suddenly Heaven shrieked his name, startling him.
Within a second, he was by her side.
She sat on his bed, eyes wide with fear and her face pale and covered with sweat. When she saw him, she jumped out of bed and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly.
"You are alright." She breathed, her voice shaky.
She pulled back, panicking. She touched his body everywhere, as if making sure he was whole. "You are alright." She kept repeating.
Zamiel grabbed her wrists to stop her. "Heaven. I am alright." He assured her.
She looked up at him with those fearful eyes. "But… I just killed you." She said.
He smiled at her. "It is alright. You do it all the time. Every time you kiss me, hold me or just smile at me, I die. And then you bring me back to life doing the same."
Her eyes softened, and she sobbed. "It is not the time to be romantic." She said.
He drew her into his arms and held her close. "Any time with you is the time to be romantic."
He stroke her hair and she wrapped her arms around his waist. "I don't want to lose you." She said, her face buried in his chest.
"You won't."
Zamiel already knew what her nightmares were about, and it was something they needed to talk about.
Heaven was silent for a moment, her heartbeat slowly calming down, but then in the silence her stomach growled loudly. Zamiel could feel her shrink in his arms. She was embarrassed.
"Let's eat." He said before picking her up with ease.
Heaven was surprised. "What are you doing?" She asked as he carried her to the dining room. "I can walk."
"And I can carry you." He said simply.
When they arrived at the dining room, he sat her down on a chair. She still looked tired. Even the little moment she was asleep, the nightmares interrupted her.
Zamiel sat next to her and ordered Helen to serve them food.
"Thank you. I am starving." She admitted.
"How was your mission?" He asked while they waited.
She smiled. "I thought I failed, but maybe I didn't." She shrugged. "I regret nothing. I learned a lot, but I don't think father is proud."
"I am sure he is. But he is a father. Being worried comes before being proud."
Having been a father himself, Zamiel could understand Lucian. Ruling was never easy, and knowing the devil's plan made him probably worry even more. A fight between a family would leave everyone hurt.
Heaven sighed. "I hope so." She said then she looked at him as if remembering something.
"You wanted to tell me something." She reminded.
Zamiel looked at her closely. She was still hurt, so he didn't know if it would be good to bring up Rose now, but maybe this would allow her to talk about it instead of keeping it all to herself.
Then he had to tell her about the nightmares. He never spoke to her much about her grandfather, but the only time they spoke about him it seemed like she hoped he would be better. If she still had hope, then what he was about to tell her would disappoint her.
"Yes. There was a woman who came here. Her name was Rose. She was sent as a gift. I sent her back." He said.
He didn't want to go into details that would make her uncomfortable. He just wanted her to know that he wasn't keeping it a secret.
"You know who sent her." She said looking down at her hands. "You don't have to be kind and hide it."
He was not kind. He made Rose tell the truth, which caused a fight between them. Even if he did it to prevent a bigger fight, that might unable their friendship to ever be restored, she was hurt at the moment.
"Yes I know, but I was not kind. I don't like your friend. I don't like him near you, I don't like him touching you and treating you the way he did. I don't like him disrespecting you. He might be your friend, but you are my woman. I hate to see you mistreated."
He was not an angel. It would be a lie to say Zarin's actions didn't upset him. The only reason he endured and stayed respectful was because Heaven called him a friend. Had he been someone else, he would have made him crawl.
Heaven looked at him, surprised. Maybe because of the way he spoke. He was not the type to let his emotions control his speech, but this time he let it out.
"I still think you are kind." She finally said.
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"Seek to be whole, not perfect."
Zamiel watched Heaven stuff the food in the in her mouth. She ate without breathing in between and even used water to help swallow the food without chewing it completely. Watching her eat like that was both worrisome and satisfying at the same time. He just hoped she wouldn't choke on it.
"Take your time." He told.
She looked up at him and swallowed what was in her mouth. "I don't have time. I want to see mother before I go back to Valish. I am sure she has been worried."
Heaven always had her mother in mind. She was very protective of her. Zamiel didn't know anything about having parents, but he knew mother's held a dear place in many people's hearts. He wondered what it would feel like to have one.
She stuffed the last bit of meat into her mouth and then looked at him. "Why are you not eating?"
He was an ancient demon. He could last many years without food, so he only ate for pleasure most of the time.
"I am not hungry."
"But this tastes so good." She said with dreamy eyes, picking up the potatoes.
He chuckled. "I eat it often." He told her.
"Yes, but you can't get enough of things that taste good."
"True. I can't have enough of your lips."
Heaven stopped chewing and gazed at him while her cheeks turned red. Then she swallowed hard. It looked almost painful because of the large pieces that she stuffed into her mouth.
He wanted to laugh at her reaction, but handed her a glass of water instead. Heaven took it and gulped the water down quickly. He knew he should slow down with how he spoke to her. She never had a male speak to her like that before.
Putting the empty glass down carefully, she looked up at him with a hint of shyness in her eyes. "I can't get enough of you too." She admitted.
Zamiel was taken aback. He didn't expect that answer from her. She just shot an arrow into his heart and he knew it would stay there forever. That mix of shyness and boldness was alluring. She made him feel restless.
And then she did that thing, where she leaned down a little so her hair would cover her face when she felt shy. Then when she calmed down, she would tuck the hair behind her ear. But this time she didn't stop there. Her hand went down to her neck, and she rubbed it. She had been doing that during the whole mealtime.
"Did you hurt your neck?" He asked.
She shook her head. "No, it just itches." Removing the hair from her neck, "is it red?" She asked him.
Zamiel's gaze fell on her neck and his eyes widened in surprise.
Right in the crook of her neck, there was a mating mark. It was exactly where he had marked her the first time. How was it possible? He thought it faded away.
"What is wrong?" She asked when she saw the look on his face.
Zamiel stood up from his seat and went to take a closer look. No, his eyes were not playing tricks on him. It was a mating mark, and it didn't look like a new one. It looked like it had been there for some time.
"You have a mating mark here." He said touching her neck. 

"That is not possible." Heaven said confused. "The mark faded a long time ago."
"It is there, Heaven." Zamiel repeated.
Heaven stood up from her seat and stalked to his room. Zamiel followed her. She went to the mirror and leaned closer, baring her neck. When she saw the mark, her eyes widened and then she frowned.
"How?" She began.
Yes, how? He was also curious.
Thinking carefully about it now, his urge to renew the mark was gone. He had been so occupied with the nightmares and how to get rid of them; he didn't pay attention to his urges. The annoying, painful feeling that forced itself on him was gone.
What was happening?
Zamiel went over and took her hand. "Come, we need to see your grandmother." He said.
Heaven stared at him, surprised. "You want to see my grandmother?" She asked.
"Yes. I already visited her once and …"
"You did what?!" She cut him. "You visited my grandmother." She repeated in disbelief.
Why was she surprised?
"Yes." He replied simply.
"I needed advice from her."
Heaven blinked a few times in disbelief, then her eyes softened. "Oh Zamiel," She wrapped her arms around him. "I am so proud of you."
Oh, it was the witch thing.
He was still not comfortable with her grandmother, but he tried to stay open-minded.
Heaven pulled away. "Advice for what?" She asked curiously.
"That is something we need to talk about. But let's find your grandmother first. She will explain everything."
Zamiel teleported them outside her grandmother's house. He listened after life. She wasn't in her home.
"She is not here." He said.
"I think she is with mother." Heaven spoke. "We should go there and I get to see mother as well."
Zamiel nodded, and they went to the castle. They teleported to her mother's garden, since Heaven wasn't supposed to be seen by anyone else. She was still supposed to be in Valish.
When they arrived, they found Heaven's grandmother sitting alone at a table in the garden. She sensed their presence and looked their way.
"Heaven." She stood up from her seat.
Heaven went to her grandmother and gave her a hug.
"Your father told me what happened. I am so proud of you." Her grandmother said, hugging her back.
Then she turned to him. "Zamiel, welcome." She said motioning for him to come and sit.
Zamiel went to the table and greeted her.
"Where is mother?" Heaven asked.
"She will be here soon. Please sit." She told them.
Her grandmother looked curiously between him and Heaven. "Did something happen?" She asked.
"Something strange." Heaven began. "Look at this."
She bared her neck again to show her grandmother.
Irene leaned closer to take a look. "That looks like a mating mark." She said simply.
"Yes. But… the previous one was gone and Zamiel didn't renew it."