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Heaven looked around as she stood in the middle of the fighting pit. She had won, and now the crowd stood up and chanted her name. She had a strange feeling of accomplishment despite already knowing that she would win.
When she turned to King Rufus, he forced a smile on his face. Heaven knew he was not happy. Defeating his most skilled swordsman meant shaming him as well. He was displeased.
Heaven wondered if he would take that anger out on her or be careful to not start a war with her father. Only time would tell.
Giving back the weapons, her guards came to escort her out of the pit. "I am so proud of you, Your Highness." Oliver said on their way out.
Callum nodded in agreement.
"Yes. You did well." Zarin added.
"Thank you." Heaven replied
It felt odd to see him dressed as a guard. She was used to seeing him dressed nicely.
Suddenly he frowned as he looked behind her. Heaven turned around and found heavily armed guards approaching them. She immediately knew what was going on.
"Don't protest" She whispered to her guards. "Just follow them."
Zarin looked at her confused as the guards neared. "Princess Heaven. Cheating by poising you opponent is a crime and you shall be punished accordingly."
"Who said she cheated? When did she cheat?" Zarin asked, protesting as the guards grabbed their arms.
"Zarin, do as I said." Heaven ordered.
His eyes blazed with anger, but he let them drag him away together with Oliver and Callum. The guards didn't touch her, only motioned for her to follow them. Heaven followed obediently, and they threw them inside a cell.
Two of the guards pulled their dagger and stabbed Oliver, Callum and Zarin in one thigh. Heaven was shocked, but Zarin was quick to react. He got angry and was about to attack the guards, when she stopped him.
"What are you doing?!" She asked furiously, turning to the guards.
"Just following orders, so you can't escape." He explained. Then he walked out of the cell and locked them in.
Zarin looked at her, baffled. "Why are we letting them lock us in? I could just kill him." He said.
"Be calm and sit down." Heaven told.
She turned to Oliver and Callum. "I am sorry." She said.
"Don't be. We have been through worse." Oliver smiled as he held his bleeding thigh.
Heaven took off her armor and ripped a piece of cloth from her shirt. Then she went to Oliver and wrapped it around his wound.
Callum had already taken care of himself, and Zarin would heal. Sitting down on the dirty ground like everyone else, she leaned against the wall. Zarin who was sitting across from her stared at her with a frown.
She was about to explain herself when Callum spoke. "Your Highness, it seems like you expected this to happen."
"I did." She knew that King Rufus would either be clever and not cause a problem or be rash and anger her father. She expected the latter.
Speaking to Ilyas, Heaven realized that many rulers misused their power and abused the weak. Her father probably already knew and wouldn't declare war against every King because of such matters. As a good ruler he had to think of the wellbeing of his kingdom and his people first and foremost, and going to war all the time would make many people suffer. He couldn't let people suffer to release others from their suffering.
Presenting that as a reason for the Royal army to go to war would make her father look bad. It is not their responsibility to save people in other Kingdoms. The Royal army fought for either benefits or loss. So Heaven used herself as a bait.
Accusing her and holding her hostage meant disrespecting the kingdom and their king, and if they didn't take action it would mean showing a sign of weakness and that would be a loss.
Heaven didn't want to use this method. She didn't want to cause a war either, but she overweighted the benefits and the disadvantages. The Kingdom of Valish was known for its natural resources. That is why her father wanted to trade with King Rufus. If he didn't keep his part of the deal, it would be a loss, adding his habits of harming those children, which he wouldn't stop doing unless she got rid of him. If they invaded Valish, they would get hold on all its resourced and free those children from their suffering. They wouldn't have to worry about finding other Kingdoms to trade with as well. Their people would have enough food to last the winter.
King Rufus wanted to borrow their royal army to defeat another kingdom. It meant he was looking for ways to gain more power. He would eventually find a kingdom that would be willing to lend their army in exchange for natural resources, and king Rufus would gain more power. It would be better to fight him before he gained more power and caused more children to suffer.
After a lot of thinking, she came to the conclusion that the benefits overweighted the loss, but to make the royal army take immediate action she used herself as a bait. Her father would soon find out what happened to her
Heaven told Zarin, Callum and Oliver everything. She wanted to know Callum and Oliver's thoughts. They knew more about politics than her.
"You seem to have thought through everything. But what about you becoming a General? This means you failed your mission." Callum said.
"I know. I haven't found a solution to that yet." She admitted.
Maybe they could help her find a solution. She didn't want to give the royal council the satisfaction of seeing her lose.
She turned to Zarin who was watching her intently the whole time. Was he thinking of something? He used to impress with his learning skills when they were younger, maybe he still had it in him.
"Are we just supposed to wait until your father invades Valish?"
"That is the plan, until we have a better plan? Do you have a better plan?" She asked.
Several minds were better than one. Maybe together they could find a better solution.
Zarin leaned his head back and closed his eyes. She knew this was difficult for him, but he was the one who wanted to follow her.
They all sat quietly and waited. Heaven wanted to make the wait less boring, so she decided to have small conversations with them.
"How long have you known my father?" She asked them.
"Since we were twelve." Callum replied.
Oliver nodded in agreement.
"That young?" Heaven asked, surprised.
"Yes. Once we were sixteen, we were supposed to be fully trained and become royal guards."
"And at seventeen you went to war?"
They nodded.
Heaven had heard the stories of her father winning all those battles at the age of seventeen. The former King used him to gain more power. She hated him.
"Why did you choose to be mother's guards?" After all the years with her father she was curious to know how they became her mother's guards.
"It is not because I didn't like to serve His Majesty. I wanted to protect the person he cared for the most." Callum explained.
"That is serving him indirectly." Oliver added.
"Indeed." Callum agreed.
"I am sorry I took you away from mother." Heaven said feeling guilty.
"You didn't. We are still serving our Queen by being here with you, Your Highness." Oliver assured.
Heaven gave him a smile.
When the sun set, Heaven and Zarin teleport to get some food. They snuck into the kitchen and brought with them as much food as they could. When they were back, they shared the food with Callum and Oliver.
Oliver seemed to be in pain because of his injury. Heaven felt bad but didn't know what to do.
Wait! Magic!
She needed her spell book.
She stood up, "Wait here!" She said.
"Where are you going?" Zarin asked.
"I will be right back." Heaven said and teleported to her room. She got hold on her spell book and quickly went back before anyone found her.
When she was back inside the cell, they stared at her, confused. Ignoring their questioning looks and she went straight to Oliver.
"I'll try to help you." She told him.
"I am alright, Your Highness." He protested.
"No, you are not. Let me try." She said.
She went through her spell book. There had to be something that could help him. To her surprise, she found a spell that could take away pain. But where would the pain go?
Heaven decided to try it and followed the instructions. She places her hand on the wound and performed the spell. Pain shot through her arm. Shocked, she pulled her hand away. What was that?

Story 100% Written by Jasmine Josef



Heaven couldn't sleep because of the pain in her arm. Now she understood where the pain went. It went into her and after taking both Oliver and Callum's pain; she lay on the ground facing the other way. Pretending to be asleep so they wouldn't know that she was hurting. It took a long while for the pain to go away.
When the pain was completely gone, she took a deep breath, finally relaxing. Now she tried to sleep, but the ground was cold and she felt like she was breathing in dust. Turning around, she found Oliver and Callum sleeping without a problem, but Zarin had a hard time just like her. Maybe even more than her.
When he turned around, they lay facing each other. He looked at her for a while. "Are you alright?" He asked.
Heaven nodded. "You?"
"I am fine." He replied. "Are you sure your father knows what happened?"
"Yes." She had told Ilyas to report to her if her father didn't find out. Since she didn't hear from him, she was sure her father knew.
"How did you know the King would react this way?" He asked.
"The lessons I have been taking have helped a lot. I learned to always think about the consequences of my actions before acting." She told him.
He nodded. "Good night." He said.
"Good night."
He then closed his eyes and after a while she knew he fell asleep. But Heaven could still not sleep. Her heart fell heavy, and she wondered what Zamiel was doing. She knew he was trying to keep a distance to let her accomplish things on her own, but something bothered her. She had to go see him.
Heaven teleported herself to his house. The halls and rooms were dark. Not a single fire was lit. She already got a bad feeling.
Going upstairs, she went to his room. The room was dimly lit with a few candles burning and the moonlight that shone from the window. Broken furniture, glass, vases and cups lay across the floor. It looked like someone had a fight or an outburst.
Heaven walked further in, stepping over the broken pieces. She found Zamiel sleeping on his bed. He lay on his back with a bare chest. The white sheets only covered him from the h.i.p.s and below. She had never seen this much of a male body before. The moonlight that came from the window fell on his chest and stomach, making it more visible. Heaven walked closer, her heart pounding. She forgot about her worry after seeing the broken furniture. All she could do was stare at the half covered man lying in bed. She felt her cheeks burn, but still couldn't turn away. This was new to her eyes, and she was curious.
Her gaze fell on his sculptured stomach, then went up to his chiseled chest. He lay with his head turned to one side, showing the veins and the strained muscles on his neck. Then she followed his broad shoulders that led to his powerful arms, streaked with veins.
Heaven's mouth fell open, and she sucked in a deep breath. Zamiel stirred in his sleep and turned his head to the other side. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest thinking he woke up and caught her in the act. As if she was doing something bad. She wasn't sure what she was doing.
A frown settled between his eyebrows. He seemed disturbed. Heaven walked closer and loomed over him. His hair, his forehead and his chest glistened. He was sweating. Was he having a nightmare again?
She carefully placed her hand on his forehead. He was burning, and he was usually very cold. Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked at her. He seemed to recognize her this time.
"Heaven." His voice was rough from sleep.
She sat beside him. "I am here." She said taking his hand.
He forced himself to sit up, as if he didn't want her to see him like this. "I didn't expect you to be here."
"You are always there when I need you. Something told me you needed me." She said.
He leaned his head back against the headboard. He looked exhausted. It was probably the fever.
"Wait!" She told him.
Standing up, she hurried to the kitchen. She needed a bowl, water, and a piece of cloth. It was not easy finding everything, but after going around for a while; she got hold on everything she needed. Then she went back to his room.
Zamiel seems confused for a moment, then smiled when he realized what she was doing. "I am fine, Heaven." He told.
But Heaven didn't listen. She put the bowl down, dipped the cloth in the cold water, then squeezed the water out. Sitting beside him, she places the cloth on his forehead. "How does it feel?" She asked.
"It feels good." He sighed.
Heaven smiled. She repeated the same thing again, then started to wipe the cloth over his shoulders and neck. Again she found herself staring and hoped he wouldn't notice. Zamiel watched her intently as she wiped the wet cloth over his body. She felt a little embarrassed under his scrutiny. She had never been this close to a bare body before.
Heaven tried to avoid going down to his stomach, but once she did, she felt her cheeks burn and her throat became dry. She looked up at him just to be met by his burning gaze. Her heart stopped. Why was he looking at her like that?
She cleared her throat. "Has the burning eased?" She asked him.
His eyes bored into hers. The intensity of them made her heart cease to beat. "You have set me on fire, Heaven." He said. "And water will not quench these flames."
"Then what does?" She whispered, as if afraid to hear the answer.
"Come closer." He told her.
Heaven's heart went from staying silent to beating fast as she sat closer to him. Zamiel reached for her hair and removed it from her neck. Was he going to bite her? Now?
He leaned in and she felt his hot breath tickle her neck. Heaven closed her eyes as all thoughts fled her head. She didn't care whether or not he marked her.
When she felt his hot lips on her skin, she curled her toes. Zamiel kissed her neck before his lips went to her ear.
"Next time, I want to bury my fangs right where I kissed you." He whispered.




Heaven couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have his fangs buried in her neck. It made her excited when it shouldn't. It was painful the first time.
His lips slowly moved from her ear to her lips. A light brush and she shivered. Then he rested his forehead against hers, their face close to each other, their hot breaths mingling.
"Tell me, Heaven." He continued to speak in a low voice. "Tell me you love me."
"I love you." She breathed.
"Do you need me?"
"I need you."
"Do you want me?"
"All of you."
Heaven thought he was asking for assurance. It was definitely a bad dream that made him feel this way. She wanted him to know how she truly felt about him. That he need not worry ever that she would leave him.
Gently, she grabbed his face and kissed him. It was not a hungry kiss. It was a comforting one. One that expressed her strong love for him, her trust in him, and will to be by his side. When she pulled away, she was surprised that her demon stayed calm.
"You taste like earth." She told him, her hands resting on his strong shoulders.
"You taste like heaven."
Heaven smiled. "And what do I smell like?" She asked.
He grabbed a few strands of her hair and inhaled her scent. "You smell like a garden on a spring day."
A garden? She never expected that answer. She loved the scent of her garden. The mix of grass, flowers and fresh air.
Zamiel kept inhaling her scent. Heaven wondered if it wasn't torturing him.
"Am I giving you a hard time?" She asked.
He pulled back and looked at her with a frown. "Why would you?"
"Because of delaying our marriage."
He smiled. "No. I know you have things to take care of and… I have things I need to take care of as well."
"What do you need to take care of?" She asked.
He looked at her for a while. "Heaven, there are things I need to tell you, but not now. After you complete your mission."
Things? Not one thing.
She nodded. "And what happened to your room?"
He looked around at the mess. "I'll tell you about it as well, after your mission is complete."
Heaven frowned. What was it he wanted to tell her? She hoped it was nothing serious.
"It is nothing you need to worry about." He told her. "How is your mission going?" He asked.
"Just as planned." She told him remembering that she had to go back. "I need to go back."
Zamiel nodded.
Heaven touched his forehead. He seemed better now. "Don't forget to eat and drink or I'll worry."
He smiled. "I will."
She stood up, and he stood up with her, holding the sheets around his waist Heaven almost panicked for a moment thinking they were slipping out of his hands. She had no doubt she would hurry and hold them for him.
"A hug would help me sleep." He smiled.
It was that smile where only one corner of his lips curved.
Her gaze fell on his chest again, and her cheeks burned. Getting that close to his bare body….
Before she could finish thinking, he drew her into his arms. Heaven stiffened at first, but then his warmth slowly enveloped her and his scent intoxicated her. Hesitantly, she wrapped her arms around him. He was making it harder for her to leave.
"Zamiel, I might abandon my mission if you don't let me go." She whispered.
He chuckled, releasing her. "I don't think you would after all the trouble you went through." He said looking at her.
If only he knew. She went through as much trouble to just get away from him. To stop thinking about him, even if it was only for a moment.
She tiptoed and places a kiss on his cheek. "Good night." She said and quickly left before she could change her mind.
When she arrived at the cell, they were all still sleeping. Heaven felt bad for putting them in this situation. Earlier, she had to wait until everyone fell asleep to bring them something to eat, and she would probably have to do the same tomorrow.
Heaven pulled her spell book out of her pocked and tried to learn a few spells before going to sleep.
When she woke up, everyone was awake. "Good morning." They greeted her.
"Good morning." Heaven smiled, sitting up and adjusting her hair. "Was I sleeping too long?"
"No. We just woke up." Oliver replied.
Heaven's body felt sore after sleeping on the ground for so long. She stretched her muscles before leaning her back against the wall.
"Are you sure your father knows what happened?" Zarin asked.
She could hear the irritation in his voice and for the first time a single sentence that came out of his mouth genuinely annoyed her.
If he was going to be grumpy, he shouldn't have followed her. But Heaven tried to remain calm and explain.
"Yes, I am sure. Father always thinks ahead and of all the possible outcomes. Sending me on a mission for the first time, he must have known that there is a chance I could get into trouble. He wouldn't send me away without keeping watch."
And now that Ilyas still didn't report to her, she must have been right. She would talk to Ilyas tonight, just to be sure.
"When our army wins and they are on their way here, we will get out of the cell and invade the castle before they arrive." Heaven spoke. "That way we will make things easier for them but also be participants in the war."
"How will we know when they are on their way here?" Oliver asked.
"I have someone who will inform me." Heaven replied.
"The castle guards are many? How will we fight them all?" Zarin spoke.
"We won't. We will set traps. We will get rid of the archers and the gatekeepers first because their absence won't be as easily noticed. At night, I will put them to sleep and we will bring them here to the dungeon and lock them in."
Heaven had been practicing some magic, and she could put people into a deep slumber.
"Then we will take care of the footsoldiers. We won't fight them all at once. We will attack parts of the castle and hide their bodies. We have to be quick and get rid of as many as possible before we get noticed. When few are left, we will use the king as a bait and lure the rest of the soldiers to where we want them to be. Then we will fight them."
She turned to Oliver and Callum. "Don't worry. Zarin and I can take down many on our own, and we will have the help of someone very skilled. I'll introduce him later." She said, speaking of Ilyas.
"Is it Zamiel?" Zarin asked.
"No." Zamiel wouldn't come unless he sensed that she needed him.
It was strange, but every time she needed him he was always there.
Heaven felt calm to see Oliver and Callum trust her plan, but she knew it wouldn't necessarily turn out like that.
"This is if things go as planned. But king Rufus will probably try something before the army reaches here."
"Yes, he will. What do you want us to do then?" Callum asked.
"Then we have to figure things out as we go. We should be prepared for the worst." She replied.
The day went by slowly, only sitting and waiting for something to happen. Heaven practiced magic now and then and even helped heal Oliver and Callum. Their wounds were completely gone. It did hurt, but not as much as when she was taking away their pain.
Callum had denied her help at first. He was very observant and had noticed that she was in pain last night. Heaven didn't know how. She hadn't made a sound and tried not to move much.
Callum didn't want her to bear his pain, but Heaven insisted stubbornly and told him he had to have his strength to fight for her.
When the night came, Ilyas arrived outside their cell. "My Lady."
"Ilyas." Heaven stood up and walked closer to the cell door.
"Your father has attacked the royal army of Valish tonight." He informed.
Just as expected. The royal army stayed at the borders of the kingdom. The journey here took four days, but the royal army rode much faster and could reach the borders in two days. Her father attacked at night when they expected it the least. The win would be easier and tomorrow morning he would be on his way here if not sooner. They had to start taking action tonight.
"I took care of the gate guards." He told her.
"Good. Now we will take care of the archers." She said.



Heaven introduced Ilyas to the others. With Ilyas by her side, it would be much easier to fight. Even if someone noticed them, he could compel them.
"Callum and Oliver, you can stay here. Zarin, you can follow me."
Since they could easily hide and teleport, it would be better to leave Callum and Oliver out of this part.
It was an easy part. Heaven put them to sleep, and Ilyas and Zarin teleported them to the dungeon and locked them in different cells.
Now they had to get rid of the footsoldiers.
"Lady Heaven. If you want, you can start with the King. I will release your men and we can take care of the others." Ilyas told her.
"Alright. I'll leave it to you." Heaven said, then turned to Zarin. "Follow Ilyas' lead." She told him
"I'll follow you. I am here to protect you." He said.
"You are here as my guard. I give orders, you follow." She told him.
She saw confusion in his eyes, but she didn't have time to think about him, so she proceeded to find the king. She had never seen his room before, so she couldn't teleport there. That was the difference between teleporting as a witch and a demon. Demons could teleport without knowing what the place they wanted to be looked like. But witches had to envision the place.
This meant she had to find it on her own. She walked in the shadows of the halls in the king's quarters, putting the guards she came across to sleep until she found his room. Two guards stood at each side of the door.
Heaven thought of putting them to sleep, but she would fight them later, anyway. So she stepped out of the shadows and revealed herself. The guards seemed confused for a moment, but then quickly reached for their swords. Heaven attacked and killed them swiftly with only two strikes of her dagger. She went for the throat.
Then she kicked the door to the king's room open. The guards in his quarters were sleeping, so it didn't matter, and she wanted to scare him.
Rufus moved in his bed and tried to sit up. "What is…" He began but stopped when he saw her in the dim light.
Heaven stood still, letting him realize what was happening. She wanted him to become afraid.
The king's eyes widened with fear and realization. He held the sheets close to his body and flinched back. "Guards! Guards!" He yelled.
"They are all dead!" Heaven told him, speaking in a calm tone.
"How did you get out?" He asked, stuttering.
"I will tell you all about it." She said stalking toward his bed.
"Don't come close!" He yelled.
Heaven grasped the collar of his shirt and then placed her dagger on his throat. "If you yell again, I will cut your tongue." She threatened, looking into his eyes. Then, before he could think, she teleported them both to the throne hall.
Rufus was so shocked, his legs started shaking. "What...what"
"Demon." She said flashing an evil smile. "I thought you knew that my father is the devil's son."
Rufus shook his head in denial. "This is a nightmare. It has to be." He started talking to himself.
Heaven gave him a push, and he stumbled forward. She gave him another push to keep going toward the throne. Right when he was a few steps away, she kicked the back of his knees so he fell on them.
He kept shaking. "This is a nightmare." He closed his eyes as if he would wake up to another reality when he opened them.
Heaven went to sit on his throne. When he opened his eyes and saw where she sat, "you can take it!" He hurried to say. "You can take all of it. Just let me go." He rubbed his hands against each other, pleading for his life.
"I am not doing this for the throne." Heaven said.
"This is about the fight, right? I will clear your name. Please." He continued to rub his hands.
"It is not about that either."
He looked up at her confused, his eyes darting around trying to think of what else he could have done. Heaven could see that he couldn't find another reason.
While her guards took care of other parts of the castle, Heaven thought that she could have a talk with King Rufus and make him see his bad deeds.
"Do you use young boys and girls for you own pleasure?" She asked.
He seemed surprised by her question, but clearly he found nothing wrong with it from the way he confidently responded, "yes."
"And you don't think that is wrong?"
He looked at her, appalled. "Every King does it. I am sure your father does it."
Heaven frowned when he named her father. "You don't know my father."
"I know wealthy and powerful men. That is how we live. Those boys and girls can feed their families thanks to us."
She couldn't believe her ears. He actually thought he was doing them a favor. "Maybe their families are starving because of you to begin with."
He chuckled. "You are still young and naive. I can't feed an entire kingdom."
"As a king, you can create opportunities for people to make a living."
"What do I gain out of it?" He asked.
Heaven had enough now. "Well, what did you gain out of being the way you are now?" She asked, reminding him of the position he was in.
The fear returned to his eyes, and he swallowed hard.
"There must be a way we can negotiate?" He suggested.
"The only way for you is a painful death." She told him, then she put him to sleep.
He wouldn't wake up for a long while unless she wanted him to, so she decided to look for her men and see if everything was going as planned. To her surprise, before she could look for them, they found her.
Heaven was surprised. They couldn't have taken care of everything so fast. Or did something go wrong?
Zarin walked up to her, a worried expression on his face.
"What happened?" Heaven asked as soon as he neared before he could speak.
"Ilyas. He killed them all in the blink of an eye. Who is he?"





Heaven blinked a few times. What was he talking about? She looked at Ilyas standing with her men in the hall. He could probably hear them but didn't bother to look their way.

"I am saying he moved like a storm and killed with ease. He is more powerful than he claims to be. He can't just be hundred years old." Zarin explained, not caring that Ilyas could hear them.

He moved like a storm? She clearly had more to learn about Ilyas, but she didn't want to judge him before knowing the whole truth.

"Did he do it in front of everyone?" She just asked in case.

She didn't believe that Ilyas would be so stupid to expose that he was a demon. All demons knew that their existence had to be unknown to humans.

"No." Zarin replied.

"Then there shouldn't be a problem. He made the task easier, didn't he?"

"He did. But he is not being truthful." Zarin said.

"I believe in him." Heaven spoke with finality. "Now we have other things to think about."

She stood up from her seat and went to speak to her soldiers. They still had things left to do. They had taken care of the castle's defence and the king's quarter's. Those were the biggest threats. But the queen's and the prince's quarters were left.

The prince followed in his father's footsteps. He exploited and oppressed the weak. Despite all the natural resources their kingdom had, their people starved while they swam in riches. The more she found out about humans, the more they surprised her.

Heaven gave her men instructions with Callum's help and they divided the task between them to take care of the prince and the queen.

"Zarin, you can follow them and help. Ilyas, you can stay here with me." Heaven said.

Zarin looked between her and Ilyas before following the others quietly. Heaven was relieved that she didn't have to scold him again. Once everyone left the hall, Ilyas turned to her.

"My Lady, it seems like my actions displeased you." He said.

"No, they didn't." She looked into his eyes. The pale blue in them had a hint of silver.

She had thought about it once before but never asked. "Was any of your parents ancient?"

"Yes, my mother. She was a smoke demon. "

She had guessed right. No wonder Zarin was surprised by his strength. Zamiel must have chosen him for a reason, but strength alone was not the reason. Why was Ilyas loyal to her? It felt like he served her wholeheartedly, despite that he wasn't given much of a choice.

Ilyas had provided her with all the information she needed the night she was making her plan. He had been a great support.

"What do you think we should do with the King?" She asked, curious to know his opinion.

"My lady, you came up with this plan. I am sure you will find a fitting punishment for him."

Heaven sighed. She knew she didn't want to do anything with him before her father came. "Let's lock him in for now." She said. "I scared him so he should be tortured for a while after he wakes up in a cell."

Ilyas nodded and followed her orders. When he came back, he had the seal with him.

"How did you find it?" She asked.

"I woke him up and compelled him." He said simply, handing her the seal.

Heaven took it and looked at it thoughtfully. If she had only thought about herself, she would have been on her way home with a deal and get her title as a General. Now she ruined her chances, but she didn't regret it at all.

Zarin, Callum and Oliver were the first to come back. They had the prince with them. Ilyas took care of him by locking him in a cell. Heaven didn't bother to talk to him or scare him. He would justify his actions just like his father.

The Queen's guards were taken care of and she was left to sleep. Heaven ordered Ilyas to compel her into slumber, and then she was locked in her room. The servants that were awake realized what was happening but didn't cause a problem. They were not armed and wouldn't be reckless to fight against them. They didn't have a reason to.

When all the soldiers completed their tasks, Heaven ordered the servants to provide them with food and take care of the injured ones. Because of Ilyas and Zarin, things went smoother than she expected. But taking over a kingdom was more than just invading it. Once her father came, he would have a lot to do. There would be political decisions and announcements to be made, rules to be set, punishments to be given, order to be brought back and much more.

"Your Highness. Why are you not eating?" Callum disrupted her thoughts. He handed her a bread where she sat alone on the floor, thinking, while everyone else ate their food.

Callum sat in front of her, keeping her company. "Are you worried?" He asked.

She was of course disturbed by all this. It wasn't what she wanted to do, nor what she came to do.

"Callum. Do you think we should always avoid war?" She asked.

"No. I wouldn't be wearing a military attire otherwise." He looked at her thoughtfully for a while. "You are worried about your father. He is not very fond of war."

Heaven nodded. "I am worried, but not because I doubt myself. What do you think? Did I make the wrong decision?"

"I think you were wise to not make a decision for anyone. Just for yourself."

Heaven was glad that Callum could see her point. He understood her strategy.

"If I may step out of line, I think it was time someone made a decision." He said. "If you need help, you have my support."

Heaven was confused. What did he mean?





Heaven was shocked. She sat frozen, unable to react to the situation she found herself in. She just stared into Zamiel's stormy eyes and just when she parted her lips to say something, he vanished.
Pushing herself out of bed, she tried to go after him when Zarin grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving.
Without looking back at him, she yanked her arm away from his hold and teleported to Zamiel's room. It was dark inside, and Zamiel stood by the window blocking some of the light that came in from outside.
Heaven could feel the tense and cold atmosphere even though she couldn't see his face. He was looking outside the window and didn't bother to turn to her despite knowing that she was there.
"Zamiel." She called carefully.
He ignored her, but she could feel his anger. It felt as if the temperature in the room dropped. It got cold.
"It is not what you think." She tried to be careful so he wouldn't get angry at Zarin and do something he would regret.
"It doesn't matter what I think." He said.
She could tell he was speaking with clenched teeth and his anger only got worse. The room went from cold to freezing cold. Heaven wrapped her arms around herself, but her body began to shake.
"Don't you trust me?" She asked, her teeth shattering.
But the cold was only increasing, and Heaven couldn't stand it. "Please, Zamiel stop!" She called, rubbing her arms with her hands.
He could kill by making someone freeze to death.
Suddenly he turned around and the next moment he wrapped his arms around her. "I am sorry." He said.
Heaven sighed, feeling his warmth wrap itself around her.
"It is not you I don't trust. It is him." He continued. "I was so close to killing him."
He held her so tight she thought he would crush her. "Zamiel, I can't breathe."
He loosened his arms around her, and she pulled away.
She looked at him, "trust me. I will take care of this." She told him. "And you are the only man I love."
Heaven was very upset and hurt. She never thought Zarin would act this way, and now she had enough.
Zamiel gazed at her with a serious expression. "Heaven. There is something I need to tell you." He said. "I…"
Before he could start talking, Heaven felt the necklace around her neck burn her skin. It was the necklace she put a spell on to communicate with Ilyas. He was calling her. Her father and the army must have arrived.
"Is something wrong?" Zamiel asked.
"My father has arrived. I need to go back before anyone notices my absence." She said.
Suddenly she felt nervous. Now was the time to face her father.
Zamiel nodded. "Remember that I wanted to tell you something and I trust in me the way I trust you."
Heaven felt like he wanted to tell her something important, but she had to hurry back to Valish. "I trust completely." She told. "I have to go now."
He gave her a nod, and Heaven teleported back to the castle. Zarin wasn't in the guestroom when she arrived, and she was grateful for that. She didn't want to deal with him now.
But Ilyas and Callum were waiting for her. "My lady. Your father is here." Callum told her. "He is waiting in the parlor."
Heaven nodded. "Thank you. I will go over there." She told him. Then she turned to Ilyas. "I'll introduce you to father after I have spoken with him."
Ilyas gave her a nod.
Lucian was surprised by what he found when he arrived at the King's castle. Heaven had freed her men, they had taken over the castle and found the seal. He had expected a few things, but not all of this.
The Royal army were also surprised. How could they have taken over the whole castle by themselves?
Callum complimented Heaven, saying she made a plan so they could take over easily, but he was smart to not reveal the plan. He told the soldiers that they could ask Heaven themselves if they were curious and that she could be a great help in the future if they had to go to war.
"She is very good with strategies." He told them.
The rest of the soldiers told the same story. Heaven gave them different tasks, they removed the castle's defence and then attacked. It was almost as if they were told to say the same thing. But interestingly they were not compelled, which made him think that it was Callum or Oliver's doing. Soldiers always listened to their commander.
On their way to war and to the castle, some soldiers speculated that it had to be Heaven who caused King Rufus to act the way he did. Others were baffled by Rufus' actions. They thought it was completely inappropriate no matter what she did.
Now suddenly no one was talking about her behavior or King Rufus. Everyone wanted to know her plan on how she took over the castle with only a few soldiers.
"Your Majesty. Her highness reminds me of you. You took easily over many kingdoms for your father, the former king." General James spoke. He had been part of The Royal army since the late King.
That was true. Lucian had fought many battles with only a few men and always went home with victory. The former King benefited from him. Decresh had grown in power because of all the wars he fought and won.
Lucian went to the parlor and paced back and forth while he waited for Heaven. He had asked Callum to send her. He already knew part of what happened. The demons working for him had reported everything to him. But he couldn't say that to The Royal army, so they believed that a bird delivered the message.
Lucian stopped pacing and turned to Heaven. His heart dropped when he saw her. She looked like she struggled a lot and . She was pale, had dark circles under her eyes, and she was covered in dirt.
"Oh, Heaven." He opened his arms for her and she ran to him, enveloping him in a tight hug.
"Are you alright?" He asked.
She nodded. "I am fine." She said pulling back.
He forgot to act like a King in this situation. His daughter would always first be his daughter. But now they had to talk using their formal titles.
"Please sit." He told her, motioning toward the armchair.
Heaven nodded and went to sit down. He could hear her heart racing as he sat down in front of her, but there was no hint of nervousness on her face. She was masking it perfectly.
"What happened?" He asked.
"King Rufus accused me of cheating for defeating his best swordsman." She said simply.
"Of course. I think you knew the kind of person he is."
"I did. Just like Your Majesty knew the kind of person he is. You knew the only thing he wanted was the royal army, and he wouldn't make a deal for anything less. You knew I would fail to make a deal when you sent me here."
Yes, he knew. But he didn't know she would be so calm when she found out. Not only did she sound calm, but also confident.
"You couldn't make a deal, so you started a war?" He asked. "That is not why I sent you here. You were supposed to prove me wrong since you sounded so confident."
"Father." She changed her tone, which made it seem like she was going to be personal. "I know why you avoid war, but when it comes to matters involving the kingdom, we shouldn't let our personal reasons get in the way. I had my own personal reasons. I wanted to save those children, and the only way to do it for good was to eliminate the King. But you taught me that we should always think of our people and our kingdom first, so I abandon any thoughts of war, despite always coming to the same conclusion. Then King Rufus suggested the challenge. It made come up with a plan where I would get answers to my questions and not have to make decisions. I questioned whether war wasn't the solution. I listed all the benefits and disadvantages a war would bring and came to the conclusion that war could be the solution. But I am not as clever or as experienced as you or the royal army, so my conclusion could be wrong. Nor do I have your status to make decisions concerning the kingdom. Therefore, all I did was provide you with a reason to go to war. The decision was yours."
Lucian listened carefully, and for the first time he was speechless. It felt as if he was speaking to someone else and not his daughter. The way she calmly explained to him, and her plan where she let the decision fall on him and the blame fall on King Rufus impressed him.
"Being a good General is about knowing when to go to war and when not to. It is not about avoiding war at all costs. The Royal armies duty is to protect and provide for their kingdom, and they would rather die in battle than from starving with their families. The Royal army is supposed to fight for their people more than their honor because the honor lies in accomplishing their duties. I am sure you didn't even have to convince them when you told them about this incident. That Your Majesty and The Royal army is here only proves that my conclusion wasn't wrong. If you are willing to fight for honor, you should be more willing to fight for the people. And if war wasn't the solution, I am sure Your Majesty would find another way to save me."
Lucian continued to be surprised. Now she questioned The Royal armies' reasons for going to war. She seemed to have educated herself in the subject and spoke without a doubt. It usually took a long time for men to become a knowledgeable General but Heaven showed her potential after such a short amount of time.
This made him worry.
When she was a child, his father had told him that Heaven had the traits of a ruler. That she was naturally gifted. Now he could see what his father meant. For someone who had only studied politics for a few weeks and didn't have much knowledge about the outside world, she came up with a perfect plan.
She was naturally gifted.
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Heaven left her father a bit confused. Was he impressed or not? He gave her mixed feelings, but she sensed he wasn't too happy. Was it because of the way she spoke? Was she disrespectful? Was it because she said he and The Royal army were wrong?
She sighed. She was too tired to think of it now, and too hungry. Her stomach growled on her way back to the guest room. Her father had told her to rest. He would take over from here. She trusted that he would find the right way to punish the King and the Prince so she wasn't worried.
"Your Highness."
Heaven turned back to find General Kian walking up to her. He bowed before looking at her worriedly.
"Your Highness. I have been worried about your wellbeing." He said.
"Thank you. I am alright." She assured him, "Are you alright?"
He nodded.
There was something very likeable about General Kian and Heaven couldn't put her finger on what it was.
"You have impressed many of us. We were reminded of your father, when he used to easily take over other kingdoms."
Heaven smiled shyly, feeling like she didn't deserve all the praise. She was nowhere near her father. He had taken over kingdoms with his army alone. She had only taken over a castle with the help of her men and two demons. There was really nothing impressive about it. If her father wanted, he could have taken over the castle all alone.
"You, the army and father did most of the work. I didn't do much." She said.
He smiled at her. "You did well. Please rest, Your Highness. We will take over from here. And I would love to work on war strategies with you in the future."
Heaven couldn't believe her ears. Did General Kian just tell her he wanted to work with her? She felt like jumping around with joy but contained herself.
"I would love to help." She told him.
"Have a good rest." He said and excused himself.
Heaven went back to the guest room with a smile. She might not have failed completely if General Kian considered working with her. Suddenly she felt energetic again.
Before going to bed, she needed to bathe, but she had sent Kate away for her safety. And she didn't feel comfortable to ask one of the maids in the castle to help her, so she decided to do it alone.
As she unbuckled her belt, she felt someone materialize in her room. Before she could turn she already knew who it was and it made the blood in her veins boil. She had forgotten about him and almost wished it remained that way.
She didn't want to believe that her friend would stoop so low to do something like that. How could he do that to her?
He looked wary as he should. He carefully stepped forward. "I can explain." He began.
"What could possibly explain your actions?" She asked. "Go home! I don't want to see you again." She turned away from him.
She didn't know whether she was more hurt or angry, but she knew this feeling, the feeling of her demon being provoked. She was more angry than ever now because this time she felt betrayed.
"Heaven. Please listen to me once." He said, and then she felt his hand on her shoulder.
Turning around, she punched him in the face. He was taken by surprise and stumbled backward as blood seeped from his nose.
"Don't ever touch me again." She said.
He looked at her shocked as he wiped the blood away. 
"Did it hurt?" She asked him. "That is how I felt, but much worse. Just because the pain you inflict can't be seen doesn't make it hurt any less."
"Heaven, I never meant to hurt you." He said.
"It doesn't matter anymore. I just want you to leave."
"I know I did wrong. I shouldn't have kissed you, I admit that, but I am just trying to protect you from that man. He doesn't love you. He isn't who he says he is."
"Stop!" Heaven yelled. "I want to hear no more. Leave!"
"He has truly blinded you." He said with a frown.
She looked at him. Why was he so against Zamiel? This was more than him being angry because Zamiel harmed him and his sister. This was something else. Was it hatred?
It didn't matter anymore. This was her life and she could be with whom she wanted. As a friend he could advise her, but he had no right to act this way.
"I am not blinded. I can see you, Zarin." She said. "But now, I don't want to see you anymore."
"Zamiel doesn't love you. He is using you." He continued as if he couldn't hear what she was saying.
She wanted to punch him again. "I told you to leave. Don't force me to create a scene because you are here. It won't look good on you."
"Do as you please. I am not going before I convince you. I am going to show you the kind of man you are with. You think he loves you, but it is all a lie."
He suddenly crossed the distance between them and grabbed her wrist.
"What are you doing?" She said trying to yank her hand away, but he gripped her tightly and before she could punch him again, he teleported them.
Heaven kneed him in the stomach and stepped away as soon as they arrived. Now she was boiling over.
"Are you in your right mind? What are you doing?!" She yelled furiously.
Zarin groaned in pain, holding his stomach. "Just… listen to me this time. I will leave you alone after this."
Heaven looked around. Where did he bring them? She felt the smell of liquor and heard music and laughter come from the house in front of her. A man came out stumbling on his way, and the stench of alcohol made her wrinkle her nose. What was this place?
"There is someone I need you to meet." He said holding his hands out as if telling her to calm down and wait.
Heaven was so close to pull her daggers but took a deep breath. She would just go back, but then he would follow her. She needed to make it clear to him, but how? He was too stubborn.
"Just meet this person. After that, I'll leave you alone. I promise." He said.
"Lord Zarin." Suddenly a woman stood outside the house.
The woman looked between her and Zarin before she smiled at him.
"Lady Hilda. Could you call Rose?" He asked.
Who was Rose?
The woman winked at him before throwing her hair back and turning around, walking inside while swaying her h.i.p.s.
"Who is Rose?" Heaven asked impatiently.
He had been talking about Zamiel, and now suddenly he wanted her to meet Rose.
"You will know soon. Please, just wait a moment."
Before he could finish his sentence, a woman walked out of the house. She had a shawl wrapped around her upper body even though it wasn't cold outside. She seemed to want to cover herself, but she was a real beauty. Even her walk seduced as she approached them.
What was happening, and why did she need to meet this woman?
"Lord Zarin." She curtsied.
Zarin turned to Heaven. "Heaven, you believe Zamiel loves you. You even believe he is your mate. But to him, you are just another woman. Just like Rose. You think I am lying? Then listen to her." He said.
His words felt like a stab in the heart. Heaven couldn't believe what she heard. He couldn't mean what she thought he meant.
He turned to Rose. "Rose, tell her what happened when you went to his home."
His home? Heaven's eyes widened. This woman went to Zamiel's home?
Rose turned to Heaven. "My Lady." She began, but Heaven cut her off by holding her hand up.
She needed a moment to think. Were both of them trying to tell her that Zamiel had been with this woman? That he had touched and loved another woman?
No! Zamiel would never do that. He would never do anything to hurt her.
Heaven straightened herself and walked closer to Rose, standing face to face with her. She looked her in the eyes, "if you dare lie to me, you won't see a tomorrow." She threatened.
She had been so confident that Rose was going to lie to her, but the woman didn't flinch and her heart beat stayed steady.
Heaven took a step back and studied her carefully. What was she going to hear today?
"I have no intentions of lying, My Lady. I did go to Lord Zamiel's house. I offered myself."
Heaven's heart was beating the whole time. Her stomach turned when Rose spoke. She wasn't sure if she wanted to hear the rest.
"But Lord Zamiel refused my services. He didn't lay a finger on me."