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Heart pounding, hands sweating, Heaven closed her eyes and finally stabbed him after a long moment of hesitance. She expected to feel her blade cut into something, a resistance, but it felt like she stabbed through thin air. 

Slowly, she opened her eyes. Zamiel was gone. She looked at her blade, no trace of blood. 

Heaven dropped the blade and fell to her knees. She buried her face in her hands and burst into tears. She cried loudly, not caring if anyone heard her. The relief that washed over her was overwhelming. She could not bear it. 


He chose her. 

He chose to not let her suffer. 

He chose her happiness over his own. 

She knew there was hope. She knew that there was a part of him that was still alive, a part of him that could still love and care. He just needed time and support. She would be there for him when he needed her. 

Heaven could barely open her eyes in the morning because they were so swollen from all the crying. Her handmaiden Kate was shocked to see her like that. 

"You Highness, what happened?" 

"Nothing, I am fine." Heaven said, and it wasn't a lie. 

She was fine. Zamiel was alive, and she had killed no one. It was a strange feeling. She was both relieved and worried. 

Heaven continued with her daily routines as usual. Learning, observing, and sometimes her father would let her participate in decision making. He would tell her afterwards what she did right and what she did wrong and give her suggestions on what she needed to improve on. 

General Kian would be kind to teach her about other kingdoms, how their royal army worked, what their strength and weaknesses were, and their own strength and weakness. 

Her tutor would bore her with his lessons, but Heaven would try to be patient despite how difficult it was to understand what he tried to teach. It was not her favorite subject. 

Roshan's fighting lessons on the other hand were fun. It was her favorite part of the day because he would make her laugh so much. Zarin would follow her around in the beginning to show his support, but eventually he calmed down and went back to his usual self, and Heaven was thankful for that. 

Whenever she found time, Heaven would study the spell book that her grandmother gave her. Her grandmother would be gone for a few days to visit an old friend and wanted her to practice on her own while she was gone. 

Before she knew the night would already come and Heaven would try her best to sleep, to not think of Zamiel or seek him out. She told herself to wait ten days. If he did not come to her during those ten days, only then she would go looking for him. 

But tomorrow was already the tenth day, and he had still not come to see her. Was he alright? She worried for his safety and wellbeing the most.

She hoped that he was not doing anything to hurt himself, and if he did not come to meet her tomorrow, she would have to visit him after the party. 

Her father was throwing a party to welcome the king of Varish to celebrate their alliance. 

The preparations already began early in the morning. Because Heaven woke up late, she was eating breakfast alone in the dining room when her grandmother suddenly joined her. 

"Good morning." 

"Grandma." Heaven was happy to see that she came back. "Good morning. How was your visit?"

Her grandmother sat at the table and grabbed an apple. "It was fun. How are you?" 

"I am fine." Heaven smiled, but her grandmother gave her a certain look. Heaven didn't know what it meant.

"I heard there is a party tonight?"

"Yes. The king of Varish is coming." 

"Make sure to dance and enjoy yourself." Her grandmother said, knowing that Heaven didn't like those parties. She got easily bored. 

"I will try. But I think men are scared to ask me for a dance when father is present."

Her grandmother nodded knowingly with a smile. "Take the lead, then. Is Zarin coming?"

Heaven nodded. He would probably. He liked parties and he would bring one of his many ladies. 

"Are you coming? You need to enjoy yourself as well." Heaven said. 

"Then maybe I should." Her grandmother smiled. 

When the sun hid behind the darkness of the night and the moon shone against the black canvas, it was time to prepare for the party. 

Heaven wore a green dress that matched the color of her eyes. It had a court neckline and flowed nicely below her waist. The long sleeves were loosely fit and slightly shorter than her arms. Elegant golden bands outlined the bottom of her dress and sleeves, and a golden belt divided the upper and lower part of the dress. 

She let her hair down, except for the sides that were held back with pins so the hair wouldn't fall over her face. Heaven liked it simple. She didn't like wearing heavy jewelry, so she wore a necklace around her neck and then she was ready. 

Tonight she wanted to enjoy herself. At least a little. She didn't want to just sit down and watch while other people chatted and danced happily. That might cause her to seek Zamiel. Her patience was running out and her worry was increasing for everyday that went by. 

Once the king of Varish arrived, and her father welcomed him the party started. Heaven had wanted to dance, but she didn't expect the King of Varish, King Rufus, to ask her for a dance. He was an old man, bald and short. He reached her b.r.e.a.s.ts and Heaven tried to endure dancing with him without grimacing. 

Far in the corner she could see Zarin sitting next to a beautiful lady with a smirk on his face. He was enjoying her torture. 

"How old are you?" King Rufus asked.

"Nineteen, Your Majesty." Heaven replied

"Why is a young, beautiful lady like you still unmarried in this age?" He asked. 

Oh, no. Heaven didn't want to talk about it. 

"My father is looking for a husband for me." Heaven replied politely. 

"What would you say about marrying a King?" He asked. 

Heaven couldn't believe what he was suggesting. She shouldn't be surprised, but she was. 

"Your Majesty, that is for my father to decide." Heaven forced a smile on her face. 

She prayed for the music to end soon, and thankfully it did. King Rufus led her back to her seat. No more wishing to dance, she thought. 

Heaven looked around. Her grandmother and Gina were dancing with handsome gentlemen. Zarin was dancing with another lady then the one who sat beside him earlier. He held her close and whispered things into her ear that made her giggle. His parents sat at a table, looking elegant as usual. They were so possessive of each other. Heaven could see how Klara would threaten any woman who gazed at Roshan with just a look and Roshan likewise. 

Someday Heaven hoped to have what they had. 


After a while King Rufus left the party to rest in a guest room after his long journey, but the party continued. Heaven sat next to her father on the throne where she could see everyone and everything clearly. 

Mostly she watched her grandmother, who was surrounded by men waiting for a chance to dance with her or pursue her. She could not blame them. Her grandmother was a beauty, and no woman in the party was nearly as beautiful as her. Heaven was happy to watch men dying for a chance to just hold her hand. 

Suddenly the room went quiet. Those chatting stopped talking, the ones dancing slowed down and the ones eating chewed slower or swallowed whatever that was in their mouth. Eyes widened and heads turned. 

Heaven wondered what caught the crowd's attention. She gazed at the entrance where everyone was looking. She couldn't see clearly because people were standing in the way, but she could hear the clicking sound of footsteps before a man slowly came into sight. 

Heaven's heart stopped when she realized who it was. 

It was Zamiel. 

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All air left her lungs as she caught sight of a man she knew very well, yet seemed unfamiliar to her eyes. This man looked far from dead or sick. He exuded power and strength as he walked through the crowd. His tall figure was clad in a black long-sleeved jacket with a white shirt underneath. The jacket was adorned with silver buttons and embroideries. His pants were simple and narrow and went into a pair of black boots that made a clicking sound as he walked. 

The way he dressed was simple, but people ogled at his face. His raven black hair shone under the thousand lights that were lit in the room. It was combed back nicely and flowed elegantly down to his broad shoulders. The darkness of his hair was such a contrast to his pale, smooth skin. The sharp lines of his face and his slightly hollow cheeks gave him a predatory look, but his defined lips and long thick lashes brought a gentle expression to his face. 

Heaven had to remind herself to breathe. She was gawking like everyone else. It took her a moment to realize what was happening, still her mind had a hard time processing how she felt. Her emotions were a mix of excitement and panic before fear slowly crept into her heart. 

What was he doing here? 

He walked down the red carpet that led to her father's throne without hesitance. Heaven could feel the tension in the air. Callum and Lincoln sensed that Zamiel was not human and put their hands on their weapons as he neared. They were about to step forward when her father motioned for them to stay still. 

Heaven's heart drummed in her chest. She did not know what to do or what would happen. Her body froze, her mind got flooded with thoughts she could not keep up with. 

The guards around them shifted as he came closer, but Zamiel didn't even bother to look their way. When he stood right beneath the first step that led up to the throne he came to a halt. 

Heaven looked at her father from where she sat beside him. He remained calm, not revealing how he felt. She prayed that nothing serious would happen. Then she looked at Zamiel, but he wasn't looking at her. He gazed at her father instead. 

"Your Majesty." He bowed slightly. "I apologize for coming uninvited, but I believe meeting in this situation is safest for everyone." 

Meeting at a party where many humans were present was indeed a good place to meet if he wanted to avoid a fight. 

Her father nodded. "What are your intentions for coming here, Zamiel?" 

Heaven's eyes widened in surprise. Her father knew his name. 

"I have no ill intentions." His gaze shifted to Heaven and her heart skipped a beat as their eyes locked, but he quickly looked back at her father again. "With your permission, I would like to ask your daughter for a dance." 

Oh no. Now it felt like her heart would jump out of her chest. She didn't know who to worry for. Her father or Zamiel?

The world went still until her father gave Zamiel his approval. 

Slowly, Zamiel's silver eyes turned to her. Her heart skipped. She was still in shock by everything that just happened. 

"Your Highness." He spoke to her in soft tones that chased the fear out of her body. She stared into his silver eyes and he gave her a slight reassuring smile. "Would you honor me with a dance?"

Heaven froze, then she turned to her father, unsure of what to do. Her father gave her a nod. Hesitantly, she stood up from her seat and went to the stairs. 

Zamiel reached his hand out for her to take. Heaven lifted her dress with one hand, took a step down before placing the other hand in Zamiel's. His hand was cold, but his hold gave her a warm, secure feeling. 

He helped her down gently and led her to the dance floor. Everyone was looking at them and Heaven caught sight of Zarin who stared grimly at her. Before she could think of what his expression meant, Zamiel drew her into his arms. 

Heaven's heart skipped a beat. The world around her faded away as she looked into his silver eyes. Excitement bubbled in her stomach at his closeness. There were so many things she wondered, so many things she wanted to ask, but her mind refused to function. All she could focus on was the man holding her in his arms. The beauty of him was breathtaking, and she was used to seeing beautiful people. 

She was not the only one staring. Even as they danced people kept looking his way. Whispers took off and women already began to wait for their turn to dance with him. 

They would stand close by, seeking his attention. Heaven had never been so annoyed in her life. She turned to Zamiel, hoping he didn't notice them, but his gaze never left her face. The intensity in them caused her to blush. 

She could still not believe she was dancing with him. She had worried for him so much, fought the urge to seek him every night and had to keep herself occupied all day, just so she wouldn't think of him. 

Now he was here. Dancing with her, only looking at her, and he seemed to be alright. 

More than alright. 

He looked perfect. 

"You… you are alright." She said. 

He smiled at her. "Yes."

So he wasn't suffering anymore? What about the urge? Did the urge to bite her disappear? 

She couldn't ask him those things because her parents could probably hear them. 

"I want to apologize for what I asked of you last time. It was selfish act on my behalf." 

"As long as you don't ask me again." She said.

"I will not." He promised. 

She looked into his eyes. Was he truly alright? Did he truly give up those plans?

"Will you live?" She asked him. Just because he wouldn't ask her didn't mean he would not try to do it himself. 

"Yes." He replied without hesitance. 

"You are not suffering anymore?" She blurted. 

"No. I gave up on my suffering." He told her. 

Why? What made him change so suddenly? 

"You were willing to give up your peace of mind to end my suffering, so I gave up my suffering for your peace of mind." He explained. 

Heaven looked at him for a long moment. She could not believe her ears. What she did wasn't in vain. The fear and worry she went through wasn't in vain. Her eyes teared up. 

"Heaven, I told you. Only you can save me and you did."
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She saved him, and now that he chose to live and to abandon his suffering for her, she wanted to protect him. 

She wanted to never let him suffer again, or let him feel lonely again. She wanted to fill his days with happiness and show him that life was worth living. 

She would allow no one to hurt him again. 

Zamiel smiled at her, and Heaven panicked. Her cheeks flushed. Did he hear her thoughts? After marking her once, he shouldn't be able to no matter what, but he had been able to compel her so anything was possible. 

"Can you hear my thoughts?" She asked, hoping the answer would be no. 

His smile widened. "No. But I am curious of what you were thinking now."

Her cheeks burned even more.

"Nothing special." She lied. 

"I doubt that."

"It was dangerous coming here." She told him, trying to change the subject.

"Heaven, I promised I wouldn't hurt you family." He reminded. 

"I know. But my family are not fond of you." She looked around. 

Her mother looked displeased and worried. Her father on the other hand seemed relax. Her grandmother smiled at her which calmed her down and Gina showed she was excited for her. 

Klara wasn't happy, but Roshan didn't seem to care. And then there was Zarin. He did not look as angry as she thought, but he seemed to disapprove of Zamiel. 

She couldn't blame him. He had hurt him and his sister. 

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." He assured her. 

Heaven remembered the images she saw of his dead family. She had seen nothing more gruesome, and she never experienced such pain. Was he truly as alright as he seemed?

The music ended, and Heaven never felt so disappointed by its ending. If she could, she would dance with him the whole night. 

Zamiel slowly released her from his hold, but as soon as he sensed her panic he tightened his hold on her hand. "Heaven, you never need to be afraid of me leaving you again. I am only leaving for now."

She was not afraid of him leaving this time. She was just afraid of how things would turn out from now on. What kind of trouble would all of them be in after the party? 

Who would be disappointed? Who would be angry?

Holding her hand, Zamiel led her back to her seat. Heaven could see that her mother was trying to mask her anger where she sat next to her father. When they came to the stairs that led to the throne Zamiel released her hand. She was to continue on her own to her seat. 

"Thank you for the dance." He said. 

Heaven gave him a smile before walking up the stairs and sitting next to her father. 

Zamiel turned to her father. "Your Majesty. Thank you for your permission. I'll take my leave now."

"Why don't you stay for dinner." Her father suggested. 

Heaven's heart went wild inside her chest. She knew this was not her father accepting Zamiel. This was her father being clever, keeping his enemies even closer than his friends. There were many things Heaven had learned from and about her father the last few weeks. He was very tactical. 

She looked at Zamiel. He didn't seem fazed by her father's invitation. "It would be an honor." He said. 

Heaven could feel the thick tension in the dining room as everyone sat around the table. Klara, her mother and Zarin were displeased. Gina and her grandmother seemed curious, and Roshan and her father remained calm. 

Her father sat on the short side of the table with her mother to his left and Zamiel to his right. Heaven sat next to Zamiel and across from her grandmother, who gave her a reassuring smile to calm down. 

"So how do you know my daughter?" Her father as dinner was being served. 

"She saved me." Zamiel replied shortly. 

"And you abducted her for saving you?" 

This wasn't going well. Heaven became nervous. 

"I regret my actions and I have apologized to Heaven. " 

So far, he was handling it well. Heaven was proud of him, but her father wasn't satisfied. He looked at Zamiel skeptically, but Zamiel was looking at something else. 

His gaze was fixated on the bread that was being served. Heaven remembered his reaction when she gave him the bread. She knew bread evoked bad memoried in him. She noticed how his hands trembled before he hid them under the table. 

Heaven turned to the servant. "No bread. You can take it away." She ordered.

Everyone looked at her, surprised. Her mother gave her a questioning look. "Heaven?"

"Mother, the smell makes me nauseous." She lied. 

Her mother seemed confused, but her father gave the servant a sign to take it away. Heaven could feel Zamiel relax next to her. 

Her father didn't ask any further questions, but she knew he would later want to talk to Zamiel in private. 

Shortly after the bread was taken away, hot soup was served. Everyone picked up their spoon except for Zamiel. He just looked at the soup. Heaven knew immediately what he was thinking. That it might be poisoned. Her family didn't like him, but she knew they would never poison him. 


Would he ever trust again? 

Would he ever stop believing that everyone was out to hurt him? 

Heaven was glad to see him slowly grabbing his spoon. His hand trembled slightly, but he still picked up the soup and had a taste. 

Her father noticed his hesitance. "Don't worry. I wouldn't poison you for hurting my daughter. There are more painful ways." 

They exchanged a knowing look, which Heaven didn't understand. "Your Majesty. The worst thing you can do to me is poison me. Still, I'll eat your food." 

There was something about how Zamiel spoke, the confidence in his tone, yet being respectful while letting no one threaten him made Heaven feel secure. She didn't feel like she needed to interfere to prevent a fight. He was behaving exceptionally. 

Heaven was glad they survived dinner, but her father wanted to speak to Zamiel in private, just like she predicted. 

Everyone left the dining room, leaving Zamiel and her father behind. She was nervous but decided to trust them both. Once they stood outside in the hall Klara was quick to show how displeased she was. 

"Gina! Zarin! Let's go home." She said turning and walking away without saying goodbye. 

Zarin gave her a long look before following his mother. Gina looked at her apologetically and Heaven gave her a reassuring smile. Roshan nodded goodbye before following them. Now she was left with her mother and grandmother. 

"What is happening Heaven?" Her mother asked, crossing her arms over her chest. "What is he doing here? Didn't this man cause you enough pain?"

Heaven didn't know how to explain it to her mother. She didn't know where to start or what to say. 

"Mother, he is not here to hurt anyone. There was a misunderstanding before."

Her mother wanted to say something when her grandmother stopped her. "Let's discuss this once he goes back home." She said. 

"Yes. We will discuss this matter." He mother said, looking her in the eyes. Heaven had never seen her mother so upset.

She shook her head, disappointed. Her grandmother put one arm around her. "We should let the men do their work." she said, then gently led her mother away. 

Heaven was glad to have her grandmother on her side. Now she was left alone in the hall, waiting. It felt like forever, so she went to sit in the garden nearby. Still, she was nervous, waiting and counting her heartbeat.

Why was it taking so long? Did Zamiel just leave, teleporting himself back to his home and her father back to his room. Did her father say something that made him leave without saying goodbye?

She wanted to confirm her suspicion, so she hurried back to the dining room. She opened the door and walked inside without warning. 

She was right. No one was there. Now she was really disappointed. 

Suddenly an idea came to her. What if he was waiting in her room?

Lifting her dress, she rushed to her room. When she entered, she found no one. He wasn't there, but his smell, the scent of rain and earth lingered in the air. He had been here, or he was still here, just not in her room. She followed his scent to her garden. 

There he stood amongst the bushes and flowers with his back to her. 

Heaven stepped outside, and when he sensed her presence, he turned to her. She was glad to see that he was alright. 

"What did father say to you?" She asked as she approached him.

"He asked me if I can protect you."

Heaven stopped, feeling knots in her stomach. She knew already what he was thinking. She had felt his guilt when he kissed her. Seen it in those horrible images from his memory. He thought he failed to protect his family. 

"I don't need protection. I can protect myself." She said. 

He smiled. "I know. You proved that with the kick last time. You aimed just right." 

"That always works." She said playfully. 

Zamiel just looked at her. Those smoldering silver eyes showed her appreciation, but they also gleamed with something unknown to her. Something that brought a fluttering feeling to her stomach. 

"You look breathtaking in this dress." He told her.

Heaven felt her heart stop for a moment before it began to beat rapidly again. 

"Thank you." She blushed. 

He took her hand gently and pulled her closer. "Do you mind staying awake tonight?"
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Heaven asked her handmaiden Kate to bring her maid's clothes. While Zamiel waited outside in her garden, she quickly changed. She could not go out with her fancy dress. 

Once she was ready, she went back to the garden. Zamiel was sitting on a bench, waiting. "Do I still look breathtaking?" She asked playfully once Zamiel looked at her. 

"No dress can make you look any less." He told her looking into her eyes.

Heaven had never felt so excited by compliments before, and people complimented her often. 

"Where are we going?" She asked. 

"Heaven. You father told me you have many enemies, and I failed to protect my family. Do you still want to go out with me?"

His eyes reflected so much guilt. Heaven could see he had a hard time letting go of the fear of failure to protect her. 

She went to to sit next to him. "Ask me what I truly want, Zamiel?" She said. 

"What do you truly want?" He asked, turning to her. 

"I want to live. And I want you to live." 

He looked at her, confused. 

"There is a difference between living and existing. I don't want to only exist. I want to live." She explained. "Staying protected keeps me alive, but it doesn't make me live."

Zamiel seemed impressed by her words. "How can someone as dead as me make you live?"

"You already did. Perhaps not purposely, but your belief that a woman could rule made me believe in myself." 

"Do you really want to become a ruler?" He asked. 

Heaven had to think. It was a question she was still struggling with. "No one wants to be responsible for so many people. People who want to ruler either have no choice or want wealth and power. My father didn't become a ruler for the people of this kingdom, but caring for them made him a great ruler."

She didn't know exactly what she wanted to bring about with her words, but Zamiel seemed to understand. 

"You seem to like white flowers." He said looking around her garden. 

"Yes. They look like the moon and stars at night."

Zamiel smiled. "Why don't you just look at the sky." 

"They seem far away then." She said. 

"There is a way to bring them closer." He told her. 

Heaven was surprised to hear that. She knew ancient demons had special powers, but how could he bring the moon closer? 

"How?" She asked. 

He stood up and offered her his hand. She took it and he drew her into his arms. Before she could blink he had already taken her somewhere else. 

Heave felt she was standing on a soft surface. When she looked around, she realized she was on a beach and there was the ocean stretching beyond reach. 

Zamiel released her, and Heaven turned to the still and quiet ocean. She had seen a sea before, but never at night. The water was dark, reflecting the glowing moon and shining stars. 

Now she understood what Zamiel meant, and it brought a smile to her face. She turned to him and found him staring at her. For a moment she forgot what she wanted to say and stared back. He looked as beautiful as the night. His hair was like the dark sky and his eyes glowed like the silver of the moon. 

He smiled at her. "Now you can swim among the stars." He told her. 

Heaven looked back at the ocean. She wondered what it would feel like if she walked into the water. She wanted to try it. 

"Do you want to try?" He asked. 

Heaven nodded eagerly. 

Zamiel began to take off his boots and then his jacket. Heaven panicked. She didn't want to take off anything except her shoes. 

Hesitantly she took off her shoes, but then she just stood there, her heart pounding in her ears as Zamiel began to take off his shirt. When their eyes locked, he stopped halfway and kept it around his shoulder. 

"You… don't have to take off anything." He told her. 

But Heaven knew she couldn't get into the water with all her clothes on. She had to at least take off her outer dress. Under it, she was wearing a sleeveless short white dress. 

Feeling shy, she turned away from him and began to open the straps on the front of her dress. She felt her cheeks burn as she let it slide off her shoulders and fall on the sand before stepping out of it. She tried to cover her bare arms with her long hair. When she turned to Zamiel, he wasn't looking at her which she felt thankful for. She hurried to step inside the water so at least her legs were covered. 

The water was cold, causing her to shiver as she walked further in. When her legs were covered she turned back. Zamiel was walking into the water with his clothes on. The cold water didn't seem to bother him. 

Heaven was already adapting to the temperature. It wasn't as cold as when she first walked in. 

Zamiel came to stand in front of her. "Are you alright?" He asked. 

She nodded. 

"Do you want to walk further in?" 


Heaven instinctively reached her hand out as she pushed through the heavy water. Zamiel caught her hand and led her deeper, further into the ocean. When the water reached her waist, he came to a halt. 

"Have you swum before?" He asked. 

Heaven shook her head. "No."

"Do you trust me?" 

"Yes." She said before she could even think. There was this voice inside of her that spoke for her. This voice, that knew exactly how she felt and what she wanted. 

"I want you to lie on the water."

Heaven looked at him, appalled. "How can I lay on water?" She asked. 

"I'll show you." He said. 

He grabbed her shoulders gently and turned her to the side. Then he put a hand on her back. 

"Lean back." He told her. 

Heaven was afraid, but trusted him. He supported her with his hands as she leaned back, then he put his other hand under her legs, lifting her slowly. When her head touched the water she became afraid. She grabbed onto his arms. 

"Don't be afraid. I won't let you got until you are ready." He assured her. "Just relax."

The water seemed to lift her up because it couldn't be Zamiel holding her up. His touch on her back and legs were too light. 

"Are you ready?" He asked her. "I'll release you slowly, but I promise you want drown."

She nodded, releasing his arm. Zamiel slowly released her and then stepped away from her. 

Heaven couldn't believe it. She was lying on water. Floating. And looking up at sky. 

"How does it feel?" He asked. 

"It feels like… I am flying."

Zamiel easily lay down beside her, and they watched the night sky together. 



"Is the urge to bite me gone?" She asked. 

"No. It��s still there."

"It doesn't seem to pain you, or does it?"

"It's painful." He admitted. "But it's bearable now. I won't bite you unless you want me to."

She didn't want him to be in pain. 

"I want you to." She said. 

He rose to his feet and then helped her up. Heaven's heart skipped a beat. Would he do it now? 

She was already his, but this time, if he bit her, he would make her his willingly. His eyes were already red and his fangs had elongated. 

Heaven embraced herself for what was to come.
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Zamiel drew her into his arms. He grabbed her face gently, his icy fingers causing her to shiver for other reasons then the cold. 

"Heaven. I don't want to bite you if the reason you are allowing it is to end my pain. I want you to want it for yourself. Not for me."

Heaven opened her mouth to protest, but he put a finger on her lips. "Think about it first. If I bit you now, what would it mean to you? Or to your plan to become a ruler? I want you to make the choice thinking of how it will benefit you."

Benefit her? She didn't want him to bite her to benefit from it. She wanted him to bite her because… because…

Why did she want to be bitten?

There was no particular reason. It was just an urge she couldn't explain. A part of her that knew she belonged to this silver-eyed demon, and that he belonged to her. 

Maybe she shouldn't rush it, if she was so sure. He was willing to wait, and she had her family and friends to think about. She didn't want to hurt anyone, and at the moment both her mother and Zarin were not happy with her choice. 

"Will you be alright without biting me?" She asked. 

"Yes, I am." He said, caressing her cheek with the back of his hand. 

Heaven closed her eyes. His nearness and his touch calmed her and inflamed her at the same time. 

"Heaven." He whispered her name. 

His voice called to her, awoke something deep in her and she opened her eyes slowly. His eyes were back to silver, but they gleamed in the dark as he gazed down at her. 

"I think I owe you a proper kiss." His voice was low and his face close to hers. 

Heaven had never felt her heart beat so fast and her stomach fluttered. Slowly his hand slid to the back of her head and he brough her face even closer. She could feel his hot breath against her skin. She shut her eyes tightly and stopped breathing as she waited. 

Her body went rigid with surprise when he pressed his lips against hers. Her mind shut down, her heart raced even faster and the butterflies in her stomach went wind. Heat spread through her being, deep into her soul, and provoked something inside of her that had been sleeping. 

The feeling was overwhelming. It made her giddy and weak in the knees. As if he knew, he pulled back, and she went limp is his arms. 

Zamiel carried her up with ease and started walking back to the beach. What was happening to her? It looked like the stars in the sky were dancing and the moon seemed to smile at her. 

She could still feel the butterflies in her stomach and her heart was still drumming in her ears. 

"What happened?" She breathed, leaning against his shoulder as he carried her back. 

He lay her down on the sand and watched her carefully. Heaven could still see the stars dancing above. 

"Forgive me. I think I woke your demon. It can be intense and uncontrollable the first time." 

Her demon? 

Suddenly her mouth felt strange. She ran her tongue over her teeth and felt the sharp point of fangs. 


That had never happened before. And why would her canines elongate? It only happened when demons felt anger or desire. 


Her eyes widened. 

Oh no. Her hand flew to cover her mouth while her cheeks burned with embarrassment. 

Zamiel chuckled at her reaction. 

Heaven quickly got up on her feet, but she realized how n.a.k.e.d she was with her tiny underdress. 

She didn't know if she should cover her body or her mouth. 

Zamiel smiled, amused at her. 

"Turn away." She told him fl.u.s.tered.

He tried to fight back the smiled that curved his lips as he obeyed her order. 

Heaven hurried to pick up her dry dress. She was about to wear it over the wet underdress but decided it would be best if she took the wet one off first. She peeked at Zamiel to make sure he wasn't looking. He still had his back to her. 

Heaven quickly took off the wet underdress and slid into the dry one. She flicked her tongue over her teeth. She could still feel the sharp points of her fangs. 

"Can I turn around now?" He asked. 

Heaven hesitated but then said, "yes."

He turned around, still a smile on his face. Shyly, she went to sit next to him and then they stared into the ocean. In the silence that followed, Heaven thought of their kiss and her heart went wild again. 

Oh no. He could probably hear it. She tried to think of something else quickly but couldn't. 

"What are you thinking about?" He asked, and she could hear the amus.e.m.e.nt in his voice. 

Heaven wanted to bury herself in the sand. "Nothing." She lied, fl.u.s.tered again. 

He just smiled, but she could see that he was fighting the urge to tease her. 

Suddenly she saw this side of him. Behind his serious expressions, there was a frisky person, and she wanted to see more of him. She wanted to know the person he was before he went through this tragedy.

"How old are ancient demons in human age?" She asked. 

Looking at him, he didn't seem to be older than her father, but if she looked deeper into his eyes, she could see many years of experience. 

"Ancient djinns don't have a human age, unlike born djinns. We were like this from the beginning. We could only guess or human age looking at how humans looked during the different stages of their lives. So I am guessing it's between twenty and thirty years."

Heaven caught one thing from what he said. He was like that from the beginning, meaning he wasn't born and didn't have parents. She couldn't imagine what that must feel like. 

He truly had no family at all. 

"How old do I look?" He asked. 

She looked at him closely. 

"Something between twenty and thirty." 

He smiled. "Then my guess is right. Someday I'll be younger than you and most of your family." 

Heaven panicked. 


He was ancient and didn't age at all. She would be older than him one day. She didn't want that. 

He chuckled, looking at her face. 

"Don't worry. It will take a very long time before that happens." He assured her. 

Heaven showed him a sad face before lying down on the sand. Zamiel lay next to her and they stared at the sky this time. 

"What does is meant that my demon is awake?" She asked, still feeling the fangs in her mouth. 

"It means your senses will heighten. Listen." He said. 

Heaven strained her ears. The things she heard before became even more clear. The soft breeze and the leaves swaying to it, birds chirping, and the howling of wolves far away. She could even hear the quietness of the ocean. 

The ocean had a delightful and a distinctive smell. Heaven breathed in slowly. Now Zamiel's scent filled her senses. The scent of earth after rain. She didn't know what made her like his scent so much. She could breathe him in the whole night. 

The stars sparkled against the sky that seemed to darken. 

"You will see things clearer and feel things more intensely." He added. 

Heaven felt the back of his hand against hers. The simple touch made her shiver. She couldn't lie still, so she put her hand in his. Zamiel took her hand and their fingers entwined. 

Never did she think that holding hands would make her feel this way. 

She looked up at the stars. They seemed to dance again, and the moon smiled brighter. 

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Zamiel took her up on a tree to watch the ocean from above and far away. It shimmered, reflecting the starry night. It was a beautiful sight. 

"Did my father allow you to take me out?" She asked, as they sat on a thick branch. 

"I never asked for his permission." He said. 

Heaven was surprised. Considering his personality, she thought he would ask. 

"Heaven, I need this night with you. I have left my suffering, but it has not left me. I want to spend time with you so you can know the person I am, the person I have become, and decide if you still want to be with me. You still have the choice to walk away." 

Heaven didn't want to push him, so she took the easy rode. 

"Just don't try to make me dislike you. If I still choose to be with you, will you choose me back then?" 

"I have already chosen you." He said. 

Heaven smiled. As long as he had chosen her she could show him she had no intentions of walking away. 


"What else did my father tell you?"

"He asked me what I could offer you. If I could make you happy?" 

"What did you say?" She asked. 

"I told him I would do my best, that I would let you decide if you want me in your life or not." 

"Do you think my father approves of you?"

He smiled. "I don't think he dislikes me even though he pretends to."

Heaven was glad to hear that. Now she would only have to convince the rest. 

"Can you jump to that tree?" She asked, pointing at the one in front of them.

"Ladies first." He said. 

Heaven couldn't believe him. For someone who has been worried about protecting her, she expected him to ask her to not do anything dangerous. 

Turning to the tree, she tried to measure the distance with her eyes, then decided she could do it. Standing up on the branch, she looked ahead and prepared herself. 

"Alright, I am jumping." She warned. 

He just nodded. 

Heaven jumped and caught the branch before climbing up. A smile lit her face as she felt proud of herself for being able to do it. 

"Your turn." She called. 

He easily jumped and climbed next to her. 

"I want to try it again." She said. 

There was an excitement in the danger. 

"Go on." He smiled. 

Heaven jumped from one branch to another now only catching the branch with help of her claws and jumping to the next one without climbing up on it. It felt like she was flying. She became too excited and missed catching the next branch. Suddenly she was falling, so she closed her eyes and embraced herself for the pain to come. 

This would hurt, she thought, since the trees were very tall, but before she could hit the ground Zamiel caught her in his arms. 

A gasp escaped her lips. 

"Easy. You are getting to excited." He smirked. 

"I thought I would break some bones tonight." She breathed. 

"That can be exciting too. But let's not try that while you are with me or your family might think I did it."

Heaven threw her head back and laughed. The thought of Zamiel taking her back home with broken bones was ludicrous. 

He put her down gently. "I should take you back home." He said. 

"No! The night has not ended. We can watch the sunrise together." She felt like a child. "I have never seen the sunrise."

"You should at least get some sleep before the morning comes." He told her. 

Heaven shook her head. "I am fine. I can stay awake." 

Zamiel shook his head at her stubbornness. "Alright." He said taking her hand and drawing her into his arms. 

Suddenly they were somewhere else. Looking around, she found they were in a stable. 

"What are we doing?" She asked. 

"Going for a ride." 

"But these horses don't belong to us." She whispered, noticing an old man sleeping on a bench nearby. 

Suddenly the loud bark of a dog startled her, waking the old man up. He looked around and took notice of them. 

Oh no, Heaven thought. 

The old man sat up and rubbed his eyes before staring at them grimly. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked, approaching them. 

Zamiel reached inside his pocked and took out what looked like a gold coin. "I need two horses." He said. 

The old man snatched the coin out of his hand. He looked at it closely. 

"Are you trying to fool me, young man?" He said looking at Heaven's clothes. She was dressed like a maid. 

Zamiel reached inside his pocked again. This time he held up a gold necklace. "Is this enough?" He asked. 

The old man's eyes gleamed, and this time he took the necklace gently from his hand. He stared at it, touching it as if he couldn't believe his eyes. 

Heaven wondered where Zamiel got all this from. Did he steal? 

"Take the ones you like." Said the old man without tearing his gaze from the necklace. 

Zamiel took her hand and led her to the stable where the horses were locked. "Pick the one you like." He said.

"Zamiel. Where did you get the gold from?" 

He could see through her. "You think I stole it." He said sounding hurt. "Don't worry. It's mine." 

Heaven wanted to ask him how. He had been locked for so long. What had he been doing during the ten days he was gone?

"Heaven," He grabbed her shoulders and turned her toward him. "I did not steal anything. As someone who is used to go into a deep slumber, sometimes for many hundred or thousand years I have somewhere safe to store my wealth so when I wake up I can continue living like I did before." He explained. 

Where could be safe enough to store wealth for so many years? She wondered, but she trusted his words. 

"I believe you." She said. 

They went on to look at the horses. "Take this one." He told her clapping a white horse. "She is healthy and strong. " 

Heaven looked at her. She was beautiful. "Alright." She said. 

Zamiel chose a black horse. 

"How fast can you ride?" She asked him as she climbed her horse. 

She wanted to challenge him. 

"I don't think you can keep up with me." He smirked, easily hopping on the horse. 

"I'll take it as a challenge then." 

Without giving him a chance to respond, she kicked the horse and rode away. She jumped over the fence and continued riding into the woods as fast as she could. 

Zamiel was fast and already behind her. Heaven kicked again, and the horse picked up the speed. She could feel the air whipping her hair back as trees flew by. 

But she wasn't fast enough, and Zamiel had already caught up to her, riding beside her. He seemed to enjoy the ride. 

Challenging him was absurd, but she still liked it. 

Abruptly her horse halted and reared. Startled, Heaven held onto the ropes and tried to calm her horse, but it reared wildly, causing her to lose balance and fall off. 

Something had scared the horse. Looking around, Heaven found a snake in the dark very close to where she fell. 

"Heaven." Suddenly Zamiel's arm came into sight, preventing the snake from biting her. 

Instead, the snake bit his arm before he could break its head off. Heaven gasped in horror. 

"Zamiel." She hurried to him, grabbing his arm. The snake bit his wrist. 

She turned to him. He seemed horrified, his eyes fearful as he looked at his wrist. She could see how his face turned pale. 

It was the poison. He did not like poison. Heaven could feel his panic. His body trembled. 

"Zamiel. Look at me." She demanded. 

But he refused. His gaze stayed fixated on his wrist. 

"Zamiel!" She grabbed his face between her hands. "Look at me!" She commanded. 

This time it worked. He lifted his gaze to hers and she stared him in the eyes, firmly. 

"You are an ancient demon. The strongest being on this earth. You went through horrible things, yet you are here today. Stronger than yesterday. Humans, demons, witches, they all fear you. A little poison can not harm you."

He looked at her, the fear in his eyes slowly fading away. His body stopped shaking and he let out a deep breath. 

Still holding his face, "you will be fine." She assured him.
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After watching the sunrise together, Zamiel took her back home. They arrived at her garden. Suddenly a sadness settled in his heart. He did not want to let go of the woman in his arms. The one who made him smile and comforted him today. The one who made him want to live. 

She was too good for him. He didn't deserve her. Yet he had awakened her demon. He was both happy and guilty about it. Happy because he was the one to awaken it, that her demon responded to his kiss with such intensity made his heart burst with joy. Guilty because now she would be restless and dealing with intense urges and emotions. And when he couldn't satisfy her urges, he shouldn't have awakened her demon. 

She looked up at him. Those emerald eyes, staring at him pleadingly. He already knew what she was going to say. She would tell him to stay. Now, with her demon awake, she would be even more stubborn.

He gazed down at her, waiting. Would she ask him to stay or would she refrain from it?

"Thank you for tonight." She smiled. 

He wanted to lean down and kiss her, but he didn't want to stir her demon. His was already restless enough. It did not help that she took good care of him or that she smelled so good. 

A frown settled on her face. "Will you go back to that dark house?" 

She didn't like the idea. It brought a smile to his face. "I am not staying there anymore." 

She pulled back from his hold but still held his hand. "Where are you staying?" 

"I'll show you next time." He promised. 

She tightened her hold on his hand. "I don't want to let you go." She admitted. 

Zamiel inhaled deeply to calm his demon down. Being ancient, he should be able to do it easily, but it was difficult to resist her, especially now when the urge to renew the mark was still there. 

"I don't want that either." 

Her face lit up. "Will I see you tomorrow then?" She shook her head and chuckled. "I mean today?" 

The longing in her eyes only added fire to his own. How was he to step away from her if she didn't choose him?

"Yes." He replied. 

Suddenly he sensed someone inside her room. It was her annoying friend. What was he doing in her room so early? 

Zamiel couldn't deny that he was curious about this friend of hers. He had come to her rescue twice, and Heaven seemed to care for him a lot. 

He wondered if he could be the one. 

When he sensed that he was about to leave the room and come to the garden, Zamiel drew Heaven into his arms. He leaned closer as if to kiss her. Would her friend stop them? 


Heaven gasped, startled. She turned around. "Zarin. What…"

Her friend Zarin tried to keep a calm face, but Zamiel could see anger flashing through his eyes. 

He knew it. 

"I should leave." Zamiel spoke. 

Heaven turned back to him. He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. "Get some sleep." He told her. 

She nodded. Then he turned to Zarin and flashed a smile to annoy him before disappearing.

When he arrived at his new home, he just took a moment to think about and enjoy the beautiful memories he created today. He couldn't remember how long it had been since he felt this happy. Even if this was to be temporary, he would enjoy it. 

He lay down on his bed, the joyful memories slowly getting swallowed by the painful ones. He remembered the day he asked Heaven to take his life. Despite knowing how selfish it was to ask such a thing, he couldn't help it. The pain and suffering was too much to bear, and he wanted to move on. 

He never thought he would still be alive. He had been so determined to end his life that day until he saw the pain in her eyes. Why would she care for someone like him? 

And when he kissed her goodbye. He could feel the suffering he was causing her. All hope vanished, thinking she wouldn't accept to kill him if it caused her so much pain. But to his surprise, she was willing to end his misery, even if it meant that she would suffer instead. 

Zamiel knew that day. She was indeed the one to save him. Not by killing him but by making him live. 

He went back home that day, still alive and utterly confused. Deep down, even though he had been denying it, he knew she was the one. The one his demon chose, his soul needed, and his heart desired. 

What was he supposed to do now? 

He felt unworthy of her and ashamed to go back to her after everything he did. 

What could a broken person like him offer her? 

As days went by he tried to convince himself not to see her, but soon he realized he wouldn't succeed. Instead, he decided to make an effort to be worthy of her. To let her choose if she wanted to be with him and for him to take the second chance he got. He wanted to give her even a fraction of the things she gave him. And if she didn't choose him at the end, he would be happy knowing that he got the chance to repay her for her kindness. 

Tonight she proved to him he could still be happy, but he also became afraid of losing that happiness. Still, he wanted her to make the choice that was best for her. To choose a man who could give her the world, not someone like him, afraid of something so simple as poison. 

Was that friend of hers, worthy of her? He seemed too protective for a friend, and Heaven seemed to care for him a lot. She had stabbed him for that friend's sake and he remembered the joy and worry in her eyes when she found out he came to rescue her. 

What was their relationship exactly? 

Zamiel didn't want to feel jealous. He wanted Heaven to choose the right person for herself. He wanted her to find someone better than him. Even if her demon had chosen him, her human side could still fall in love with someone else. Unless her human side also fell in love with him. 

If she had been fully demon, he wouldn't bother to let her find someone else. But human relationsh.i.p.s were different and complicated. 


  "Zarin. What are you doing here so early?" Heaven asked. 

He didn't look happy, and she didn't expect him to be either, but she hoped he would understand. 

He took a deep breath as if trying to calm himself down. Then his shoulders dropped. It was as if he didn't know what to say or where to start. 

"Come." Heaven said, leading him inside. "What is wrong?" She asked. 

He sat down on the couch, looking defeated. He leaned his head back. "I don't know, Heaven. I just… hate to see you with him." 

Heaven sighed. After such a beautiful night, she didn't want it to end badly, so she kept quiet. She didn't want to argue. 

Suddenly he stood up. "I am sorry. I don't want to ruin your night. I just…" He looked deeply into her eyer. "I just want you to know I am here for you, still. I… I miss you, Heaven." 

He ran his fingers through his hair. He usually did that when he was disturbed or when he didn't know what to say. Heaven could see that he wanted to say something, but he was hesitating. 

"Heaven, I can be the man for you." He suddenly blurted.
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"Heaven, I can be the man for you." Zarin blurted. 

Heaven blinked a few times, her brain unable to process what he said. What did he mean? He couldn't mean what she thought he meant. 


He would never. 

"Zarin," She went and grabbed his arm and led him toward the door. "You are a friend to me. You need not be anything else."

She grabbed the door handle and opened the door. "I am exhausted and need to get some sleep before training." 

"Heaven." He grabbed her wrist and stopped her from throwing him out of her room. "We have spent little time lately. Spend some time with me tonight."

Tonight? She was supposed to be with Zamiel tonight.

"Alright." She agreed. 

Zamiel would understand, and she needed to make her friendship with Zarin work like it did before all this. 

Once Zarin left, Heaven went straight to bed. At first she kept thinking of what Zarin told her. She could still not figure out what he meant. Then she decided to stop pondering about it, and her thoughts gradually drifted to her night with Zamiel. Just thinking of his name made her stomach flutter. 

She had never experienced so much joy and nervousness in one night. She recalled their kiss, and it caused her to blush and roll back and forth in her bed and when she remembered her fangs she buried her face in the pillow embarrassed. How was she supposed to sleep now? All she could do was to dream of their night together while awake and yearn to be with him. 

She felt giddy just thinking of seeing him again. 

Was this how it felt to fall in love? 

At last she could sleep but only for a short while before Kate woke her up. "Your Highness, you shouldn't miss your meeting." 

Heaven had told Kate she wanted to become a ruler. Kate was very supportive of her decision and very excited. She would help her remember her meetings and lessons when things became hectic. 

While Kate took care of her, Anna her second handmaiden took care of her clothes, shoes and jewelery. She was a very organized young lady, and that is why Heaven had chosen her. 

After getting ready, Heaven hurried to the meeting. On her way, she thought of her mother. She would pay her a visit afterward. 

The meeting didn't start well. The council already began to complain about why Heaven couldn't just get married. Citizens were getting upset. 

Her father didn't give much importance to their complaint and moved on handily to the next subject. 

Heaven listened mostly like she usually did and only gave her opinion when she was sure about something. It was getting easier to keep up with their conversations. Soon she would be able to understand everything. She felt proud of herself. 

When the meeting ended Heaven went to look for her mother. She was sitting on her favorite place. The white swing. Her mother had told her about how she and her father fell in love and what the swing meant for her. Heaven thought it was very romantic. Her father was romantic and her mother was difficult to not fall in love with. 

She just had that vibrant aura that made everyone feel special and good. Heaven was very protective of her and liked to see her happy. It hurt her the most when her mother was hurt. 

"Heaven." A smile lit up her mother's face. "I was thinking of visiting you, but here you are. Come." She tapped on the seat next to her. 

Heaven went and sat beside her mother. 

"Mother, are you upset with me?" Heaven asked. 

"Yes." Her mother replied. "Not because of that man, but because you didn't tell me anything. Your grandmother explained everything to me." 

Her grandmother? What did she explain? How much did she know, and how?

"You don't tell me anything anymore. Don't I listen to you, Heaven? Have I not been a good mother? You can tell me."

"Mother," Heaven was surprised to hear that. She never regarded her mother as a negligent mother. Never. "I am the luckiest daughter in the world to have you as my mother."

The reason Heaven kept things from her mother was because she didn't want her to worry. She was a mother, after all, and they worried the most. Especially her mother because of her caring nature. Heaven didn't want to disrupt her happiness and peace of mind. But she didn't know she was hurting her. 

"Then talk to me. I am your mother. I want to know what is going on with you. I want to be there for you. Nothing makes me happier." Her mother explained as if she could read her thoughts. 

"I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you." Heaven apologized.

Then they sat for a long time and chatted. 

Heaven told her mother about Zamiel and what he went through. Her mother already seemed to know that, which meant her grandmother knew more than she told her. 

"I still don't like him Heaven." Her mother admitted. "I understand why he did what he did, but I still don't like him. I saw how you looked all those sleepless nights. I never want to see you like that again. But I'll trust your choice and I'll try to see the good you see in him." 

"Mother." Heaven hugged her mother out of joy. "Thank you." 

Her mother stroke her back. "All I want is for you to be happy." She said. 

Heaven pulled back and smiled at her. 

"Ask him to come over sometime." Her mother said. 

"I will." 

As Heaven walked back to her room, her face hurt because of all the smiling. She was so happy, and now she could ask Zamiel to come over and meet her mother. Heaven was sure her mother would love him. 

Heaven waited eagerly for the night to come. Even if she couldn't be with Zamiel, she was excited to tell him that her mother wanted to meet him. She wanted him to feel welcomed by her family. Especially since he didn't have his own. 

When the night came after what felt like forever Zarin was the first to visit her. Heaven wondered how he planned for them to spend the night. 

She realized he felt different when he arrived. He seemed more serious. 

"What are we doing tonight?" Heaven asked. 

"Anything you want, as long as we spend time together." He replied. 

Heaven tried to think of something. "Shall we leave this place?"

"Where do you want to go?" He asked. 

She had to think more. He never asked where she wanted to go before. She had always been satisfied as long as he took her outside. 

Heaven tried to think of where he liked to go. "Let's go to a party." She said knowing he liked those. Heaven only liked the parties because she got to meet other people who didn't know who she was. So they treated her like anyone else. She liked that feeling of being like everyone else. 

"Alright." He said, reaching his hand out for her. 

Heaven grasped it, and he drew her closer before teleporting them to the party. It was a fancy one with rich demons; it seemed. Heaven looked down at her dress. It was fine. 

"You look beautiful." Zarin assured her. 

"Thank you." Heaven smiled at him, taking notice of a female approaching them. 

Heaven recognized her when she neared. It was one of Zarin's many female friends. The ones who liked to share time together, n.a.k.e.d.  

"I am glad you came." She smiled seductively, ignoring Heaven as if she was invincible. "Come, let's dance." She said taking his hand. 

To her surprise, Zarin drew his hand away from her grip. "I am sorry. I promised Heaven a dance." He said turning to Heaven. 

Heaven was confounded by the sudden change of attitude. He was acting strangely. 

He offered her his hand. "May I?" He asked. 

Heaven put her hand in his and he led her to the dance floor. 

"What happened? Did you two fight?" Heaven asked as they began to dance. She could see his female friends throwing daggers at her with her eyes. 

"No. I just want to dance with you. I told you I wanted to spend this time with you." He explained.

Something caught Heaven's attentions as he spoke.

His female friend was talking to a man in a corner behind, while looking at her. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but the man's gaze suddenly turned to her and he stared directly into her eyes. It wasn't a good stare. 

"Zarin, let's go back home." Heaven whispered but as soon as she finished her sentence the man already stood next to them. 

He tapped Zarin on the shoulder. "Sorry to interrupt." He spoke when Zarin turned to him. "But may I have a dance with the lady?" He now turned to Heaven. 

Zarin still held her tight. It was as if he didn't want her to dance with this man. The man raised his eyebrows questioningly. 

Heaven gave Zarin a nod that it was alright and he slowly released her. Then the stranger offered her his hand, and they began to dance. She understood that all this was caused by Zarin's female friend just to get her away from him. 

"What is your name?" The stranger asked, eyeing her. 

"Heaven." She blurted and then realized she told her real name. 

The man's lips curved into an amused smile and Heaven panicked. "So you are the halfbreed." He said. "I knew it. Those eyes could only belong to a witch."

Oh no. Heaven cursed inwardly. This wasn't good.
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Heaven tried to remain calm and not show that she was afraid now that this demon dancing with her knew who she was. 

"I am Louis." He introduced himself. Then his gaze fell on her neck. 

A shiver went through her, as if she knew what he was thinking. 

"I don't see a mark on you." He said. "I don't have a mate and I know you are looking for a husband." 

This was getting worse than she thought. Why did this man know so much about her? He was probably an older demon, which did not benefit her in this situation. 

"I don't know if you have heard about me, but I am one of the oldest demon lords. Won't it be beneficial to have a powerful male by your side?"

"My father had already chosen someone for me." She lied. 

Suddenly he drew her closer to his body, causing her to gasp. "Don't lie to me, young lady. I hate lies." 

Heaven tried to push him away, but he refused and held her tightly. He leaned closer. 

"I can see why your grandfather fell for a witch." He smirked. 

"My grandfather won't like the way you treat me." Heaven threatened. 

She wanted to leave this place without a fight. 

She didn't want to worry her parents, and especially not Zamiel. Her plan was to return home before midnight and spend the rest of the night with him. If she didn't return, he would suspect that something was wrong. He was already worried about not being able to protect her. She didn't want to make it worse. 

"I don't think your grandfather cares about you." 

"How would you know?" She asked. 

"Your father is still ruling over humans instead of ruling one of the five kingdoms." 

Heaven frowned. "What five kingdoms?" 

Louis chuckled darkly. "You know nothing. This only shows that your grandfather doesn't need you or care about you."

"You don't know my grandfather." Heaven said. "Now release me." 

"Or what?" He challenged, tightening his grip even more. 

"Let her go!" Suddenly Zarin gripped his arm. 

Louis turned his gaze to Zarin. He didn't seem the least afraid. Instead, he looked around the room as if showing them how many demons would attack him if he made the wrong move. 

His threats didn't work on Zarin, who didn't release his arm. "I don't want any problem either, but if you don't release her, I am afraid there will be a problem."

Louis seemed amused. "What will you do, young demon?" 

"Zarin, I am fine. We were only dancing." Heaven lied. She didn't want to make things worse.

Zarin knew she was lying, so he didn't listen. Suddenly two demons came to stand behind him. One of them held a dagger in his hand. 

Before she could think, a fight break out. Zarin drew his dagger fast when he realized the threat and began to fight the two demons on his own. Heaven knew he would lose. They were older than him. 

Quickly she tried to think of a solution when Louis grabbed her chin and turned her face to his. 

"Don't worry. They won't kill him. They will just keep him busy until we finish our conversation. So what do you say about having a powerful demon lord by your side instead of weak human?"

While he spoke Heaven remembered the spell she had learned from her grandmother's spell book. How to draw power from nature. Now that Louis was holding her tightly, she decided to try it. 

She didn't have high hopes for it to work, but was surprised when she felt a strange energy seep into her body. It had to be it. 


She pushed him, and he flew across the room before hitting the wall, causing it to break. Heaven was stunned that it worked, but before she could rejoice about her success, other demons came to fight her. 

Her first instinct was to teleport back home, but she couldn't leave Zarin behind. Now only the choice of fighting was left. 

Heart pounding, she dodged each blow that came her way from the two male demons that were attacking her. Her training became handy and she could detect their movement and easily avoid their attacks. But they were fast and didn't give her a chance to hit back. 

Heaven wasn't very good at fighting without weapons, and her dress was restricting her. While distracted with how to fight with the dress one of the demons managed to kick her in the stomach causing her to fall back on a table. She groaned in pain when broken glasses cut her skin. 

Before she could recover, the other one grabbed her by the hair, but before he could do anything else Heaven grabbed a plate and broke it on his head. Then she stabbed him with a piece of glass in the neck. The other one hurried to help his friend, but Heaven quickly jumped on the table, turning around she kicked him in the face. 

From a distance she could see that Louis was amused by all of it. He was sitting and watching while his men attacked her. From the corner of her eye, she could see Zarin fighting a few other demons. They surrounded him, tackled him and brought him down on the floor while holding him in place. 

Heaven knew she had no chance of winning but suddenly she got angry and strange sensation that made her want to fight to death went through her. With an urge to kill her claws and fangs came out. 

She jumped from one table to another, trying to get to Zarin while the demon guests at the party watched the fight completely unbothered. 

The ones fighting her caught up to her and knocked her down from the table before she could reach Zarin. Heaven was quick to get back up on her feet. Without hesitation, she sprinted towards her attacker. She knew his movements now and easily dodged the punch that came her way, getting under his arm and ending up behind his back she stabbed him in the spine with her claws. 

Louis stood up from his seat. He didn't seem angry, only surprised as attcker fell on the ground, dead. 

Heaven grabbed a vase and smashed it against the table. She kept the pointed piece to fight the other demon. She didn't know where she got the sudden strenght and speed from. She was getting badly beaten by this demon, but she was also able to hit him back. Again she analyzed his movement and when she recognized his weak points, she killed him as well. 

Heaven knew she would never have been able to kill him if Louis had given orders to kill her. She was only alive because Louis wanted her alive. These demons were still much stronger than her. Now that she killed two of his men, he had enough and sent more of his men to bring her to him. 

She could not fight all of them. They grabbed each of her arm and dragged her to where Louis sat. One of them kicked the back of her knees to bring her down on floor and the other one pulled her hair causing her to look up at Louis.

His lips curved into a wicked smile as he watched her from where she was kneeling in front of him. 

"I like you even more now." He drawled. 

"Let my friend go. You might like me even more then." She said. 

Zarin was being held down by four demons. 

"I would. But I don't think he is willing to go without you." 

"What do you want?" She asked. 

He stood up from his seat and came to her. He crouched to her level. "Before this fight, I only wanted to offer myself. Unfortunately for you, I don't let people deny me twice. So what am I to do with you?"

Heaven could see in his eyes that he already knew what to do with her. He only wanted to play around for a while. 

"What about a bite? Just to provoke your witch father. I think that would anger him the most, and you of course."

A bite? No! He couldn't bite her. She would never allow it. 

The one pulling her hair, pulled even harder, exposing her neck. 

"You can't!" Heaven said. "I am already taken." 

"I don't see a mark and I don't care about humans." 

"He is not human. He is demon, and he is ancient." Heaven really didn't want to get Zamiel involved, but she didn't want to be marked.

She hoped this would scare him enough, but she knew it wouldn't.

Louis laughed. "You say you belong to an ancient demon and he hasn't marked you yet? Why would I believe that?" 

"It's better you believe my words alone. Because if you were to believe in any other way, it would be too late. You will be dead." 

"Well, if what you say is true, I am sure he will come before I bite you." He smirked. 

Heaven's heart accelerated as his gaze fell on her exposed neck. She struggled to free herself, but that made him chuckle. 

"No need to fight back." He said tracing her neck with his fingers. Heaven recoiled inside. "I am sure your ancient demon will come to save you." 

"Don't touch her!" Zarin yelled. 

Heaven couldn't see him, but she knew he was still being held down. 

Louis leaned closer, his fangs slowly elongating. Heaven panicked. 


No! This couldn't happen. She tried to free herself again, but the demon pulled her hair harder.

Heaven closed her eyes, her heart pounding in her ears. She could hear Zarin in the distance calling threats, but it only amused Louis. 

When she felt his hot breath on her neck her stomach turned. It was coming. She didn't want this. 


Just when she thought he would bite her, a cold shiver went through her body causing her to open her eyes. From the corner of her eye, she saw something move fast across the room. It looked like smoke flying through the crowd, and suddenly a hand came around Louis' neck. 

His eyes widened in fear and his face twisted in pain. 

Heaven's gaze traveled up. She didn't have to see to know who came to her rescue. 

"Let her go." It was a command. 

His cold tone made everyone in the room shudder in fear. 

But it wasn't his tone that frightened Heaven. It was the lethal look in his silver eyes. 

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Heaven could feel the hands that held her firmly before, now shaking as they released her. The guests at the party vanished out of fear and no one was left except for Louis and his men.

The ones holding Zarin released him as well. They all fell to their knees with a simple gesture from Zamiel, who still held Louis' neck. 

Blood seeped from the wounds caused by his claws and his pale face soon turned ashy. 

"What do you want me to do with him?" Zamiel asked Heaven. 

Heaven got up on her feet. She looked at Louis' terrified and pained expression. 

"Don't kill him." She said. 

She did not want him to stain his hands with blood because of her, but would he listen? The rage in his eyes was something she had never seen before. It looked like he could cause storms and make lightening strike.

"Alright then." He said simply and then tore his head from his body. 

Heaven was horrified as Louis' headless body fell to the ground. Zamiel threw his head aside as if it was nothing.

Heaven had never seen something so gruesome. She felt sick by all the blood and flesh. Her stomach turned. 

"He is not dead, but he will need his head to heal." He explained calmly. 

He suddenly became another person. Someone she hadn't seen before. His actions frightened her. 

Like a predator searching for his prey, his gaze swiftly shifted to the other demons. Some of them flinched as if his gaze alone could cause them any harm. Heaven tried not to look at Louis' headless body. Instead her eyes searched for Zarin. 

He was gone. Where did he go?

She would think about it later. Now she wanted to make sure Zamiel didn't let his anger control him. 

She went and grabbed his wrist to stop him. "No more killing." She whispered. 

He turned to her. "I won't kill them." He assured. 

"No head separating either."

"Then let me break their bones."

"We were only following our Lord's order." One of them spoke. 

Oh no. Now he had Zamiel's attention. Heaven knew she couldn't stop him now. She would just let him deal with them. They deserved some kind of punishment. 

Zamiel went to the demon that spoke. Grabbing his jaw, he lifted his face. 

"What is your name?" He asked. 

"Ilyas." The demon replied. 

"You must be young. How old are you?" 

"Hundred years, my Lord."

"Your parents?" 

"Dead, my Lord." 

Zamiel crouched to his level. Heaven wondered what was going on. He was fuming with anger, and now suddenly he seemed curious. "Ilyas. I'll provide you with a new demon Lord. Or shall I say demon Lady?" He turned to Heaven. 

Heaven's eyes widened with surprise. Her? And demon Lord? Lady?

No. She shook her head. 

"I swear my Loyalty to Lady…"


"To Lady Heaven." Ilyas completed his oath. 

Heaven stood frozen, shocked by the whole situation. Did she just become a demon Lord? She was only nineteen. 

Zamiel stood up satisfied and went on to the other demons. "These are useless. May I kill them?" He asked, turning to her. 

Shaken by fear, they started to beg before Heaven could reply. "Have mercy on us, my Lord. I will swear my loyalty to Lady Heaven." 

The fury returned to Zamiel's eyes. He grabbed one of them by the collar. "You dare lie to me?" 

Without waiting for an answer, Zamiel pushed him and turned to Ilyas. "Are any of these worth saving?" He asked. 

"No, my Lord." Ilyas replied.

"Kill them then." He ordered him. 

Heaven opened her mouth to say something, but Zamiel grabbed her wrist and suddenly they were inside a room she didn't recognize. It wasn't gloomy like the previous one. It was luxurious. This made her think back of the golden coin and necklace. Was this his new home? Where did he get this much wealth from?

She turned to him. The silver in his eyes looked like grey storms. He was still angry. 

"Why did you go there?" He asked. 

"You promised not to kill them." 

He drew in a sharp breath as if trying to calm himself down. "And I didn't. Ilyas did. No one would have to die if you didn't go there."

Was he blaming her now? She was about to get angry but realized it was indeed her fault. 

"I-I just wanted to go out. I have done it many times before. I didn't think it would turn out like this." She looked down at her hands. 

"Are you alright?" He asked, adapting a softer tone. 

She looked up at his gentle gaze. "I just killed two demons." She said.

He caressed her chin with the back of his hand. "I wish you didn't have to do that. But you want to become a ruler."

"I know." This was what her parents were protecting her from. Killing even in self defense felt horrible. 

"Come." He led her to the sofa in the room. "Sit."

She was bleeding everywhere and his sofa was clean. 

"I'll stain it." She said, but he gave her a light push to sit down. 

He looked at her torn and stained dress and then at her wounds. "You won't take your dress off if I tell you." 

"No. I am fine." She said while her gaze fell on his bed. 

She quickly averted her gaze. 

Zamiel chuckled. "You have a wild imagination." 

"I am not the one expecting someone to get n.a.k.e.d." She defended herself. 

"I don't want you n.a.k.e.d." He said but paused. "I mean... forget it." He suddenly seemed disturbed and annoyed. 

"I am sorry." She didn't know exactly the reason he got angry again, but she made plenty of mistakes tonight. 

"Do you…" He just looked at her as if he didn't know what to do. "Do you need anything?" 

Heaven wondered how she looked. Was it that bad? She wasn't in so much pain, though. 

"No. How did you find me?" 

He sat next to her, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. "Remember, I still have the urge to bite you. When you are hungry, you can smell food from a long distance."

The idea of being compared to food was somehow disturbing. Or was it the fact that she didn't mind being compared to food that disturbed her? She loved food. Why would she mind the comparison? 

She turned and leaned into him. "Then take a bite or I'll torture you until you bite me." 

A smile curved his lips, and he opened his eyes. "Only your torture can bring me pleasure at the same time." 

"Zamiel. You don't plan to leave me? I hope that is not why you don't want to bite me yet." She had to admit she was worried. 

He looked at her for a moment before he spoke. "Heaven, I am old-fashioned. I want to marry you first." 

Marry her?! This came as a surprise. 

He cupped her face. "The day you are ready to get married, I'll make you mine in every way."