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Heaven's eyes widened in surprise. She was quiet for a long moment, then her eyes darted nervously around. Zamiel knew she had a lot to consider before getting married, and that is why he proposed. It was the perfect way to solve the problem. 

He didn't want to mark her only. What would that mean without getting married? What role would he have in her life? She lived in the human world, and the mark would only tell demons she was his. 

If she was going to be his, he wanted the whole world to know. Demons, humans and witches. He didn't want confusion from his or her side. He wanted her to be his in everyway. Every part of her, human, demon or witch, he wanted to have it all. If a part of her wasn't ready or didn't want him, then it would be better to not mark her again. 

Heaven seemed confused. He knew she would be. She had her dreams to become a ruler, and she was still young with a long life ahead of her. He didn't expect an immediate answer. 

"Heaven, I am not asking you to marry me now." 

"Zamiel I-I…" He could see the guilt in her eyes. 

"You don't have to answer now." He cut her off. 

She looked at him firmly this time. "My marriage affects not only me, so I have to think about it." 

Now she was speaking like the confident woman he saw the first time he met her. He knew she had it in her. 

"But I want you to know that I can't see a future without you." She took his hand and intertwined her fingers with his. "Marked, married or not. I consider myself yours already." 

Zamiel looked at their intertwined fingers and then into her green eyes. What was he supposed to do with this woman who surrendered to him completely without knowing what it meant? 

The beast in him was drawn to this beauty and wanted to take advantage of her willingness, but he would not let that happen. She was the only light in his life; he had to only make her shine brighter. 

She lifted her hand and touched his face. Her touch was comforting and warm. How long had it been since he felt warmth in his life? He had almost forgotten the feeling. 

"Heaven. Hold me." 

Both were surprised by what he said, but she quickly wrapped her arms around him. Her warmth and her scent enveloped him, made him find the peace he had been searching for. If he died in her arms at this moment, he wouldn't regret it. 

"Zamiel, are you alright?" 

If he said no, would she hold him tighter? Would she never let go?

She pulled back to look at him. "I am sorry." The guild in her eyes returned. 

Zamiel was confused. "For what?" He asked. 

"I hurt you when I promised to prote…" She halted. 

Zamiel leaned in curiously. "You promised what?" 

"Nothing." She said, a blush creeping to her face. 

The fact that she wanted to protect him, an ancient demon, was both amusing and exhilarating. 

He grabbed her chin and lifted her face. Could he really stop himself from kissing her this time? 

"You did not hurt me." He assured her. 

She looked up to meet his gaze. They looked at each other for a moment before she leaned in. She was going to kiss him. 

He didn't move, allowing her to take her time. Her hands grabbed his face and then every so gently she pressed her lips to his. It was a light touch, yet he lost his breath. But before he could lose his mind too, she pushed herself away from him with a gasp. Eyes wide, she put her hand on her chest while breathing heavily. 

It was her demon. Human bodies were not made to control demon characteristics. 

Half-demons could have difficulty controlling their demon side. The emotions could be too intense and Heaven wasn't even half-demon. 

She turned to him. "I am sorry." 

He smiled at her. Even in this state, she worried about him first. 

"I just… something is wrong with me." 

Zamiel stood up and pulled her out of her seat and into his arms. "Nothing is wrong with you. You only need to get used to it. Slowly."

Once she was his, he was going to show her, teach her and allow her to do things at her own pace. 

She became thoughtful. "While fighting, I got a strange urge to kill. Is that also my demon?" She asked. 

He nodded. "Your demon felt threatened. It's normal for the demon to react that way. But you need to learn those reactions and not let them control you." 

"How can I learn?" 

"Only time can teach you."

"I don't have time." She told him concerned. 

So young, yet she believed she had no time. It saddened him that she had to live that life. "As long as I am by your side, you need not rush anything. I'll make sure you have all the time you need." He promised. 

"Then you need to stay by my side for a very long time because I need you." She smiled at him. 

I need you more; he thought. 

Gradually her smile faded away, and a frown settled on her face.

"Is something wrong?" He asked. 

"Zarin." The way her eyes showed concern for him made his heart tighten. "I need to make sure he is alright." She pulled away from his hold. 

"I am sure he is." As a man, Zamiel knew what Zarin was feeling right now. He had also failed to protect his family once. "I think he wants some time alone."

"How do you know?" She asked. 

"He would never leave you with me otherwise." 

Zamiel showed her around his new home. It wasn't as large as the mansion he owned before, but it was good enough. Heaven took her time to look around. He could see that she had many questions, but she wasn't asking them. 

He would have to show her to explain himself. "Have you ever seen a water demon?" 


Zamiel took Heaven back to the ocean where they shared their first kiss. She was going to see a water demon for the first time. 

Standing close to the water, Zamiel closed his eyes, and Heaven knew it wasn't because he enjoyed the weather. He was doing something. 

Slowly the wind picked up, causing wild waves on the water, and then it stopped. Zamiel opened his eyes. 

"She is coming." He said. 


Zamiel nodded toward the water, and Heaven turned her head. From a distance a head appeared, getting closer while the body slowly emerged from the water. A body like she had never seen before. 

Perfectly rounded b.r.e.a.s.ts and curved h.i.p.s that swayed seductively as she walked closer. A skin that glistened in the dark shades of green, blue and purple. It had a shimmer that shifted and changed color depending on where the moonlight hit her body. Long purple wet hair reached her waist, but the closer she got, Heaven could see there were shades of silver in the purple. She had never seen such hair or skin before.

Was she n.a.k.e.d? 

Her skin seemed thicker and something unknown covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts and the lower part of her body. Something with the same color as her skin. 

Once she stepped on the sand, a smile curved her lips. "Zamiel." 

Heaven was stunned. Her mouth dropped open. She had seen nothing so mesmerizing before, yet strange. 

Zamiel smiled at her. "Axia." She might have gotten jealous if she wasn't so occupied by staring at the woman. 

Axia crossed the distance between them, took Zamiel's hand, and to Heaven surprise kissed his knuckles before placing her forehead on the back of his hand. Heaven had never seen the act before, but it seemed like it was a way to show respect. 

When Axia looked up again Heaven noticed her strange eyes. At first it looked like blue, then quickly shifted to green, and then it turned to purple and then silver. 

��I am glad to have you back." She said.

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"I am glad to have you back." Axia smiled, relieved. 

Heaven was still staring at this fascinating woman. 

"You had me worried. They were saying you moved on to the next life after we found out about what happened to your family. But I knew you didn't."

"You always know." Zamiel smiled at her. 

"You should have told me. Just given me a word. I would drown every witch in this ocean. I would…"

"Axia." Zamiel cut her off then turned to Heaven. "Meet Heaven. The woman I love and care for the most." 


He said he loved her!

He loved her!

She looked at him, but he didn't seem to realize what he said. Or perhaps he was very well aware. 

"And Heaven, this is Axia. She is a dear friend of mine. We rarely meet, but our friendship remains the same." 

Axia turned to Heaven, her mesmerizing eyes gleaming with distrust. "You are a witch." She said with realization. 

Then quickly she turned to Zamiel. "Zamiel, don't tell me…" 

Zamiel put his arm around Heaven's shoulders. "I trust Heaven." He cut her off. "She saved my life."

Axia turned to Heaven and then came to stand in front of her. Her aura was intimidating and her gaze threatening. "If you ever hurt him, I'll feed you to the sharks." She threatened. 

"I have no doubt." Heaven replied. 

Axia's lips curved into an amused smile. "I like her so far." She told Zamiel. 

He smiled proudly. "What is there not to like?"

"I am glad to see you happy. But never disappear like that again!" She warned. 

Heaven had expected a formal relationship between them from the way she had kissed his hand, but they spoke comfortably to each other. She had never seen Zamiel smile this much before, and he even touched her bare shoulder while assuring her he was alright. 

That she was almost n.a.k.e.d and had the most enticing body did not make it easier. 

"I think you Lady is jealous." Axia told Zamiel before turning to Heaven. "Don't worry. I have a mate who looks better than this." She said pointing at her body. 

This woman knew she was magnetic. 

Zamiel looked at Heaven, amused. Was her jealousy visible? She did not want to show it. 

"I am guessing you came here to spoil your woman. I have kept your property safe with me."

Zamiel chuckled. "Thank you. But Heaven doesn't need that kind of spoiling. She is a princess." He said. 

"Oh." Axia nodded. 

"I came here to show Heaven who I trust my wealth with and she gets to see a water demon."

So that is where he got his wealth. He had a water demon keep it for him in the ocean.

Axia had that distrustful look again. "Let me know when you need it." She said. "I need to get back to my duties. Come by some other time." 

Zamiel nodded. "I will."

She turned to Heaven. "It was nice meeting you, Heaven." She said curtly. Then she turned and went back into the ocean. 

Zamiel and Heaven stood there and watched her until she disappeared completely. 

Heaven had so many things going through her mind. So many questions. How come he was friends with a water demon? He seemed to have known her for a very long time. 

"Do you keep all of your wealth under the water?" Heaven asked, breaking the silence that followed Axia's departure. 

"Most of it. As an ancient demon or an older demon, it is important to have a trustworthy water-demon friend. Because we sleep for long periods, we need to store our wealth somewhere safe from humans and other demons. No place is safer than under the water." 

"I thought water demons, and other demons were not on good terms." Heaven said. 

"You mean the water demons banning the other demons from the waters? That is their home. When the land demons caused corruption and bloodshed on land, they tried to hide in the waters. The water demons were only protecting their homes." Zamiel explained. 

Corruption and bloodshed? Now Heaven was curious. 

"Is she your only water demon friend?" 

"I have a few in different places. I divide my wealth and they keep it safe for me. If something happened to one of them, I still have some of my wealth stored in other places."

So he had more water demon friends whom he trusted. 

"Why did the land demons cause corruption and bloodshed?" 

Zamiel slowly sat down on the sand and Heaven sat next to him. "Did no one tell you the history of demons?" He asked.

Heaven shook her head. "Tell me!" She urged. 

And so Zamiel began to tell her everything. From the beginning. 

"Long before humans existed, djinn lived on this earth. Just like humans, most of us had homes and families. But the peace did not last long. In all of us there is good and evil, but djinn are more drawn to evil because of the demon inside of us. Most of us let our demon control us. We got prideful and greedy. We became ungrateful to all the good we had received. A war broke out. Demons wanting more power, more wealth. Some of them acted like Gods. Others prayed on the weak. This went on for a long time, and the earth that was once beautiful became a dark place ruled by the powerful and ruthless. Eventually the weak had enough, so they built and army against the ruthless rulers and another war broke out. This one lasted for many years, and demons become almost extincted. But the war still continued until an army of angels came down and wiped out the corrupted demons." He stopped, but Heaven wanted to know more. 

"What happened after that?" She asked. 

"By the time that happened, only few demons were left. Many children and women lost their lives. This is how the demon species became mostly male." He turned to her. "That is how cruel we had turned." 

It sounded frightening. 

"That is also how the marking began." He continued. "Before we almost became extincted, just like humans, we fell in love and got married. But after the war there were far more males than females. The females became almost hunted by the males. So when a man found a woman, he would mark her so other males would that she was taken. The mark would also connect them and when she is in danger or other males are harassing her, her mate knows and comes to her rescue." 

Heaven was surprised by how the marking began. She never thought it was to protect the female. 

"But what happened to those without a woman?"

"They waited for a female to be born."

"That sounds lonely." Heaven said. 

"It was for many. But things changed when humans came to existence. For many years of their existence, we never mixed with them. We did not even think it was possible. But one demon was brave enough to explore. To see if humans and demons could interbreed, and that is how demons began to mate with humans as well."

So it was never a sure thing that humans and demons could interbreed. Heaven wondered who this demon was that dared to explore without knowing the outcome. 

"You know that demon." He said. "It is your grandfather."
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Her grandfather?

Heaven's mind went blank, then got flooded with many questions. What did this mean? Did her father have siblings? And did she have uncles or aunts she didn't know about? Did her grandmother know anything about this or her father?

No! Heaven refused to believe this. Her grandmother would be hurt if she didn't already know this. 

"I am sorry." Zamiel apologized when he noticed her confusion. 

"No, don't be. I am glad you told me." 

But she wasn't alright. She asked Zamiel to take her back home. When they arrived at her room Zamiel looked at her with concern. 

"Will you be alright?" He asked. 

Heaven forced a smile and nodded. "Yes. I am fine." 

He told her not to think much and get some sleep. Then they said goodbye, and he left. Heaven went to clean up and change into her nightgown and then came back into her chamber. She was surprised to see Zamiel standing next to her bed. Why did he come back?

She walked further in with a questioning look. 

"I... It didn't feel alright to leave you like this." He said. "I'll only stay until you fall sleep. I can sit there." He pointed at the couch. 

It was the first time she saw him a little nervous. It made him look more human. 

Heaven wanted to assure him she was fine, but she wanted him to stay, so she went to bed quietly. She lay down facing where he sat on the couch and just stared at his face in the dim light. He smiled at her. 

It reminded her of what he said earlier. That he was willing to marry her. What would that mean for her, or her family, or the kingdom? She had never thought of it before, but getting married would mean giving up to rule. 

"Zamiel. Do you think I will succeed in becoming a ruler?"

He thought for a while. 

"I don't doubt it. But it will take time and you have to think of it as climbing up stairs. You have to take the first step up to the throne, yield some kind of power before having it all." 

Heaven nodded, but her brain was too tired to think of what it meant. So many disturbing thoughts occupied her mind. She pushed them to the back of her head and continued to watch Zamiel in the dim light. Looking at him helped her forget everything. All of her problems. 

"You are… beautiful." She told him. It just came out of her, but it was true. She had seen many beautiful men in her life, but no one like him. Any man standing next to him would pale in comparison. 

Zamiel was taken aback for a brief moment before his gaze darkened. "You shouldn't say that in the darkness." He said.

Was he displeased by her compliment? He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, but she could see his hands clenching into fists. 

Not understanding how she disturbed him, she decided to stay quiet and eventually she fell asleep. 

When she woke in the morning Zamiel was gone. How could she already miss him? 

She prepared for the day and went to her fighting lesson with Roshan. Roshan was waiting for her, as usual. She looked around for Zarin, but he was nowhere to be seen. 

"Good morning." Heaven greeted. 

"Good morning, Heaven." 

Heaven was glad that Roshan acted as usual. He didn't seem angry with her like Klara, but she still wanted to make sure he wasn't. 

"Uncle Roshan?"


"I hope you are not angry with me." 

"I am not and don't worry about Klara. She will come around." He assured her. 

After her fighting lesson, she went to the morning meeting with generals and the council. 

This time she didn't sit in a corner to observe. She took a seat at the table and they all looked at her surprised except her father. He went on with the meeting as usual. 

Heaven looked around. They were all men sitting at the table. Not a single woman was present. Why?

She looked at the highest ranking generals. Highly respected men who took part of decision making. Some of them even made decision without involving her father. 

Suddenly it hit her. What Zamiel had told her last night about taking one step at a time and yielding some power before taking the throne. She needed to become a general first. A respected one. She had to rule beside her father and gain the trust and respect of the council and other generals before ruling on her own. 

But how? 

While thinking how, they were still discussing of convincing other kingdoms to trade with them. Some general suggest threatening the other kingdoms and if needed, declare war against them and take over. But her father didn't want war. He wanted to solve things without a fight. 

"I can personally go visit the King of Valish and convince him to work with us." Heaven said. 

"That is not safe, Your Highness and I don't think their King would want a princess to visit him. He would find it insulting." General Harvey spoke. 

"Now you are insulting me. Besides, I am sure their King would appreciate talking to a nice female than men in armor." Heaven replied. 

Without giving him much importance, she then turned to her father. "Your Majesty with your permission, of course. And General Harvey is right. Going there as a princess isn't fitting. If I complete this mission successfully, I would want another title that allows me to perform these kinds of royal duties." 

Her father seemed surprised, and so did everyone else in the meeting room. 

Lincoln who sat quiet finally spoke. "Your Majesty. If Princess Heaven comes back successfully, I think she deserving of a suitable title." 

General Roger agreed. He was an old man who had worked with her father for many years. 

Her father finally agreed to give her a suitable title if she succeeded, and so the meeting ended. Heaven was proud of herself, but now she needed to come up with a plan. What if she failed badly? She would embarrass herself. 

No! She could not fail this simple mission if she wanted to rule a whole kingdom. Now she had to set a plan. But first she would visit her friend and make sure he was alright. She also had to figure out what she learned about her grandfather, but that would have to wait at the moment. 

Heaven teleported herself to Zarin's home and then knocked on the door to his room. After a short while he opened the door. 

She was relieved to see him. She scanned him from top to toe. He seemed alright. 

"Are… are you alright? You just left last night." 

"I am fine." He replied curtly. 

"I am glad." She said. 

An awkward silence followed. "Can I come inside?" She asked. 

He moved away and motioned for her to come in before closing the door behind her. 

Heaven turned to him, feeling nervous. It felt like she was losing her friend. 

"Zarin. Let's be honest with each other. I don't want you to keep things from me and I won't keep things from you. Let's fight it out instead of acting like strangers. I want you back." 

"You don't need me anymore." He said. 

"That is not true. I just need you in a different way now." 

He shook his head. "I can't do it." He almost whispered. Heaven wished she didn't hear those words. "I can't be your friend anymore."

Heaven felt her heart drop. No! He couldn't have said that. 

"Why?" She asked him, walking closer. "What did I do wrong? I will apolo...." 

"Don't!" He cut her off. "You did nothing wrong. It's just me."

Now it was her turn to shake her head. "No. It can't just be you. There must be a reason. I need to know."

"I told you. There is no reason. I just don't want to be your friend anymore." 

She grabbed his arms and looked at him. "I don't believe you. There has to be a reason. I am not leaving before you tell. Now tell me. Why can't you be my friend anymore? Tell me." She demanded. 

"Because I love you." He yelled.
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Heaven was in shock. She didn't know what to say. Her body and mind froze. This couldn't be happening. 

Zarin took a deep breath as if calming himself down. He turned away and then back to her. "You said we should be honest with each other. This is me being honest. I know you have already chosen him. I just want to why him? Why him and not me? Be honest. Have I not always been there for you? Did I not do enough for you?"

Heaven stared at him for a long moment. She contemplated on whether to be honest because being honest would hurt his feelings. 

This time things went too far, and she thought she might as well let it all it. Not keep any resentment or misunderstanding inside.

She took a few steps away from him and looked him in the eyes. 

"That is the problem." She began. "You always remind me you have been there for me, like I should repay you in some way. I have always felt grateful to have you as my friend, and as a friend I thought it was only natural for you to be there for me. I- I never minded waiting for you while you were out partying with your other friends, and I never envied you for that. I was happy that you were living a different life than mine. I waited patiently because once you came it felt like I never waited. Never did I mind apologizing first either every time we fought, because your friendship meant more to me than my pride. I was always the one that needed you more, and you knew it. You knew I would always come to you."

A frown settled on her face now that she said it all out loud. It was not only his fault; it was hers too. If she hadn't chased him as much maybe he would have valued their friendship more. Maybe he would have needed her as much as she needed him. 

"You ask why him? Because he needs me as much as I need him. Because while you still see the girl I was, he sees the woman I can be. While you try to protect me by putting me in a cage, he sets me free to fly, but is there to catch me when I fall. You may put a smile on my face, but he makes sure it stays there, and while a part of him is still lost in the darkness, he guides me to the light." 

She looked at his pained eyes. He didn't want to hear more of it, so she stopped. 

"Me making those mistakes, we were young back then. I never intended to make you feel that way. I can see he loves you, but I don't love you any less. He is able to do those things for you because you gave him a chance. I might not do as well as him, but I would try my best."

Heaven shook her head. She had a hard time processing his words. She knew he had always been stubborn, but never this much. 

"Did you love me when I was meeting all those suitors? When I was anxious and worried to get married that I went as far as asking you to marry me. Did you love me then? Did you love me when you disappeared for several days and didn't speak to me because of a disagreement? Or did you love me while having fun with your female friends? When should I have given you that chance? While you were doing all of that?"

His eyes widened as if she had said something shocking, but at this point she didn't care. She was angry. If he had tried to kill her right now but apologized soon after she would have forgiven him, but until now he didn't even apologize after what she told him about how he made her feel. 

"If you couldn't try your best before a chance was given I doubt you will after."

He looked hurt and angry by her words. Now both of them stood there trying to contain their feelings. They didn't even look at each other, avoiding to see the pain and anger in the other person's eyes. 

"I understand." He said at last. "I am too late." 

Heaven fought back the tears. She just lost her friend. 

"Yes, you are. I am happy with Zamiel now." She said, the tears burning in her eyes. "I am not the old Heaven anymore. I have moved forward and so should you." 

She could see him nod from the corner of her eyes. She felt a lump in her throat. He wasn't saying anything, so she had to speak. 

"I hope you find what you need and I wish you the best. Good bye, Zarin." She said and then made her way out of the room. 

A few tears fell down her cheeks, but she wiped them away quickly. If she cried now, she might not be able to stop, and she had things to do. She would not cry. At least not yet. 

She didn't have time. She had to plan her trip to Varish and think of how to successfully convince the bald King. 

Taking a deep breath, she made sure that she was calm before she teleported to Zamiel's home. Even though he had showed her around, she still felt lost. 

"Heaven." His voice startled her. 

"Oh, you scared me." She said as she looked to her left where he stood. 

Swiftly he moved across the distance and wrapped his arms around her. Heaven was surprised. He did nothing like that before, but she didn't mind. She found comfort in his arms. Again the tears burned her eyes, but she fought them back.

"Did something happen?" She asked. 

"No. I just missed you." 

Heaven felt like something happened, but he wasn't telling her. She pulled away and looked at his face. He looked a little pale. 

"Something happened. You can tell me." She told him. 

He smiled at her. "I just had a bad dream. Nothing to worry about." He assured. "What brings you here?"

She pulled away from his hold and took a few steps away. She was going to talk duties and had to think clearly then. His closeness made her loose track of her thoughts. 

"You made me a Lord last night. I don't know how to call Ilyas." 

Heaven knew little about demon Lords. She knew they existed to rule over other demons and make sure that no demon breaks the demon law. Demons could choose which Lord they wanted to serve. Most of them wanted to serve a powerful demon Lord because it also meant getting protection from other powerful demons. But it didn't work that way anymore. The Lords abused their power, and many demons were afraid to leave their Lord to serve another, unless that other demon Lord is more powerful. 

"You can't call him. You have to make an agreement to meet at a place and at a time." He explained. 

How was she supposed to do that now if she couldn't call him? 

"Shall I call him for you?" He asked. 

"You can do that?" 

He chuckled. "I can do many things." 

Of course. She was half human and only nineteen. He was ancient, even though he looked nothing like it.

Ilyas materialized into the room. When he saw them he bowed. "My Lord, my Lady."

Zamiel motioned for her to go on with her business. Heaven walked up to Ilyas. 

"Ilyas. I need favor." 

She knew she could just give orders directly, but she wanted to win the love and respect of those who served her. Just like her father did. 

Ilyas looked confused for a brief moment. "I am always at your service, my Lady." He said. 

"Do you know the Kingdom Varish and King Rufus?" She asked. 

"Yes, my Lady."

"I want you to find a secret or a weakness that I can use against King Rufus." 

"It will be done, my Lady. Anything else?"

She turned to Zamiel. "Can I meet him here again?" She asked. It was not safe for Ilyas to come to her, yet. 


She looked at Ilyas. "I need to know his weakness soon. We can meet here again until I find a solution." 

When Ilyas left Zamiel asked her what was going on. 

"I am thinking of becoming a General first." She told him about her plan and what she had to do. 

"Is there any way I can help you?" He asked. 

"You already did."
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Heaven went back to the castle, but something didn't feel right. It didn't feel right to leave Zamiel alone. Something told her he was sad. The way he held onto her hand when she was leaving told her he wanted her to stay. His nightmare seemed to disturb him more than he admitted. 

Was it a nightmare about his family? Or the coffin? 

No. She had to go back and make sure he was alright. She had promised to protect him and never let him get hurt again. 

When she arrived at his home, she was surprised to see him standing exactly where she left him. Now she got really worried. 

"Zamiel." She called carefully. He seemed lost in thoughts. He didn't even notice her arrival. 

He looked at her surprised. "Heaven, what brings you back?"

"I was worried." She said. 

He shook his head as if waking himself up. Then he smiled. "There is nothing to worry about." 

"Zamiel. I just lost a friend because I thought I was protecting him by not telling him the truth. I don't want to lose you, so lets be open with each other."

He sat down on the sofa with a sigh. Heaven went to sit next to him. 

"I-I can't sleep well. When I close my eyes, I see things from the past. My wife, my daughter…" He paused, looking almost guilty that he said it out loud. 

Heaven took his hand in hers. "I don't expect you to forget about them or never about talk about them. I know they will always be a part of you and I fact, curious to know what your wife and daughter were like. If you want to talk about them, I'll listen." 

She didn't know how to act in this kind of situation. She thought that maybe if he had someone to talk to about his family, it would be easier than keeping it to himself. Or maybe it was still painful to talk about them. She didn't know. 

"My wife Gamila, and my daughter Micah they... they were my world." He began but stopped. It seemed like he didn't know what to say or where to start.

"How did you meet your wife?" Heaven asked. 

Was it right for her to ask? She didn't know. She trusted that he would tell her if he wasn't willing to talk about it. 

"I was at the marked one day when I heard this female voice arguing with someone. Of all the voices, hers caught my attention. I instinctively searched for her in the crowd and when I saw her, when I looked into her eyes I just knew. It was her. The one I was fated to love." 

Heaven knew he was lost in his memories from the distant look in his eyes. But he had a smile on his face when he spoke about her. 

"Was she the first woman you loved?" She asked, thinking of the long period he lived. 

"Yes. She was. Not all of us are lucky to find the one, and I thought I was one of the unlucky until I found her." He turned to Heaven. "And now I found you. Can I be lucky twice? It feels like I am dreaming and I am afraid to wake up." 

"If this is a dream, I promise to never let you wake up." She told him. "Do you trust me?" 

He seemed surprised by her question. "Yes." 

"Then trust me when I say I will never leave you." 

He nodded. 

"You said you lost your friend?" He asked. 

"Oh…" Heaven didn't feel like talking about it now. "About that... I'll tell you some other time. Now I need to leave. I have to make preparations." 

"Alright." He agreed. 

Heaven went back to the castle, determined to only think about her mission now and not let anything else distract her. She went straight to her mother's room. 

"Mother, I need to borrow you guards. I need people by my side who know what I am. You can take my guards." She said. 

It seemed like her mother already knew what was going on, so she let her take Callum and Oliver without asking why. 

"I want you to find good trustworthy men and prepare for us to go to Varish." She told them. 

They nodded and left. 

Heaven went back to her room. She wondered how long it would take for Ilyas to find the information she needed. Grabbing her jewelry box from the dresser, she chose a bracelet and a necklace. Then she looked for her spell book. 

She had to find a way to meet Ilyas when she needed him, so she thought of using magic. Calling each other by using objects. She had read it somewhere in the spell book her grandmother gave her, so she knew it was possible. 

Once she found the spell she needed, it was time to try if she could succeed in performing the spell. 

Heaven tried once, twice, thrice, but she didn't think it was working. What was she doing wrong? She needed her grandmother. 

"Do you need help?" 

And she always appeared when needed. 

"Yes, please. This is giving me headache." 

Her grandmother chuckled and came to sit next to her. "Performing magic is all drawing power from nature. You are part of nature, but it is difficult in the beginning to use your own strength. So try using something else. Something more physical. Here." She handed her a flower. 

Heaven took it, holding it in one hand as she held the necklace in the other.

"Now imagine taking force from the plant and adding it to the necklace." She continued. 

Following her grandmother's instruction, Heaven did as she was told. She knew it worked this time because she felt it. She felt the force go through her and she was happy until she saw the dead flower in her hand. 

"This is why we use infinite sources to draw power from. Like the sun or the moon." Her grandmother explained. 

Heaven felt bad for killing the plant. 

"I heard you want to become a General." 

"Yes." Heaven nodded. "Grandma, what happens with my plans to become a ruler if I marry?" It was something she had wanted to ask.

"Well… I think your husband would become the ruler then." 

Heaven already expected that answer. Why would they accept a Queen as a ruler when they could have a King?

"Do you want to get married?" Her grandmother asked curiously. 

"I-I don't want to make Zamiel wait." She admitted since her grandmother already knew about them now. 

"So will you give up to rule?" She asked.

"I don't know. Maybe I can't keep both. Maybe I have to choose one." 

"Heaven, I don't want you to give up your dreams or goals because of a man. No matter how much you love him or he loves you. Usually women give up everything when they find love and when they lose that love it leaves them with nothing. Love shouldn't make you give up your dreams, goals, or the things you love. And if a man truly loves you, he would never ask of you to do that. He would always find another way." 

"I understand. But it is not that easy." Heaven said.

"Love is not easy. You have to water it just like you water a plant or it will die." 

"But what if I am the water and he is the plant? He needs me." 

"I think if Zamiel loves you, he not only needs you but wants you as well." 

Heaven wasn't as wise as her grandmother, but she understood the meaning of her words. Still, she was confused about what to do. 

"Why don't you let him figure out a way to be with you? I am sure he would find a way." Her grandmother suggested. "It would be interesting to see what he comes up with. I am sure he has what it takes to overcome obstacles." 

He did. He had helped her overcome her own so far. She didn't doubt he would find a way.
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While being busy with preparations all day, the night already came. Heaven stared at herself in the mirror while Kate brushed her hair. She was exhausted, yet her mind was flooded with many thoughts and questions. Her heart felt heavy after what happened with Zarin. Did she do the right thing by telling him the truth? Was he alright now? 

He was impulsive, so she worried that he would get himself into trouble. But she could not go back to him now after saying goodbye. Both of them needed distance from each other. It was necessary. 

Still, rationalizing things did not take away the heavy feeling in her heart. Tonight she needed her mother. Only a mother's love could heal all wounds. 

She dressed for sleep, covered herself with a cloak and made her way to her parents' quarters. In the hall she came across her father. 

"Heaven, what brings you here?" He asked. 

"I thought of stealing mother from you tonight." Heaven smiled. 

"Did something happen?"

"No. Everything is alright." She assured him. 

Her father raised a brow. He knew she was lying. "Well, I wanted to talk to you." Heaven said. 

"Come." He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and led her to his study. "Sit." He urged. 

Heaven sat at the table and her father sat across from her. "What is bothering you?" He asked. 

The bald King and her father had established an alliance, but King Rufus wanted her father's army to conquer another kingdom. When her father refused, he broke their alliance. This told her he wasn't a clever king. He should have made the terms clear before agreeing to become an ally. 

"Father, do you use your demon abilities to rule?" She asked him. 

"Yes, sometimes. I used to do it more in the beginning, but then you just learn to rule normally." 

Heaven nodded. 

"But that wasn't what you wanted to talk about." He added. 

No, it wasn't. In fact, she didn't know exactly what she wanted to talk about. She just wanted to talk. 

"Father, what do you think about Zamiel? Do you like him?" 

Her father was thoughtful for a while. "Would I be a bad father if I said I like him?" 

"No, no. Not at all." Heaven assured. "What makes you like him?" 

"He reminds me of myself." Her father smiled. 

"How so?" Now Heaven was curious. 

"The pain and guilt in his eyes. The confusion and self-blame." Her father replied, staring emptily in front of him as if he was reminded of something. Heaven wondered why her father blamed himself and felt guilty. 

"I can't imagine losing you and your mother. I would never be able to forgive and forget, but he was even able to love again." 

"You don't know what you are capable of until you are put in that situation." Heaven said. 

Her father smiled. It was a sad smile. "You have truly grown. I thought I was protecting you by providing you with everything. Keeping you safe and away from struggles. I didn't realize that would make you struggle later. But you have grown well despite my lack of well upbringing. I see that Zamiel has a good influence on you. You have become more confident and strong." 

Yes, Zamiel had a positive influence on her. "Father, I really hope you get along with Zamiel. He doesn't have a family, so I want him to feel welcomed when he comes here. I know you have to act like a father, but please be kind to him."

"I will." Her father promised. 

"Then I'll go and steal your place in bed next to mother." Heaven teased. 

He sighed. "I am sure she missed you more than me." 

After saying goodnight to her father, she went to her mother, who was already preparing to go to bed. 

"Heaven?" Her mother seemed surprised. 

"Mother, is it alright if I sleep with you tonight?" Heaven asked. 

"Of course." Her mother replied. 

Her mother only left a few candles lit and then got into bed with her. They lay turned, facing each other. 

"Are you having a tough time?" Her mother asked. "You seemed stressed this morning."

Yes, when she barged into her mother's room and stole her guards, just to give them orders. She felt bad for everyone she met this morning. It felt like she was taking out the anger she felt toward herself and Zarin on them. 

Heaven didn't like to worry her mother. She was the last person she would tell about her own struggles because she felt very protective of her. But tonight she wanted to talk to her. To let her know what bothered her and let her mother comfort her. 

"I just have a lot on my mind." She said. 

Her mother reached for her and caressed her hair. At that moment Heaven wanted to burst into tears, but she would end up shocking and worrying her. 

���Let me take some of what is on your mind." Her mother said. 

"I had a fight with Zarin." Heaven began. 

"I am sure it will be alright. You guys always get back together."

Heaven shook her head. "No. This time it is different. He… he said that he loves me." 

A frown settles on her mother's face, and she was quiet for a while. "Love as in…" 

"Yes." Heaven quickly replied. 

"I am sure he doesn't mean it that way. There might have been a misunderstanding." Her mother said. 

"No mother. There is no misunderstanding. At least not this time." 

Her mother became quiet again. "What did you say?" She finally asked. 

Heaven told her mother everything that happened and what they said to each other. She wanted to know her mother's thoughts about the situation. 

"You did well." Her mother said. 

Heaven was surprised. 

"If that is truly what you felt then being honest with him was necessary." Her mother explained. "But…"

Her heart raced as she waited for her mother to continue. 

"Did you ask him to marry you?" 

Oh no! 

"I know you trust him, but you should have spoken to us first." 

"I… I was just afraid. I really didn't want to be with a stranger so I thought a friend would be better."

Her mother sighed. "I guess he said no since nothing happened."

"Yes. He didn't want the responsibilities of being a king."

"Was he in love with you at that time?" 

Heaven never thought about it much until now. 

"I don't know." She admitted. 

Could it have started then? Did she give him the wrong impression? No, it couldn't be. He tried to help her find a husband after that, and he even watched her meet several suitors. Would he let that happen if he loved her then?

"Do you think he will be alright?" Heaven asked. 

"I am sure he will be fine." Her mother assured. 

Heaven felt good talking to her mother, and she slept peacefully afterward. 

When she woke up in the morning, the second thing she did after getting dressed was to visit Zamiel. It was still early, so she wasn't surprised to find him sleeping in bed when she arrived. She felt like she was invading his privacy, but she couldn't help but go near him and watch his relaxed face as he slept. 

He had a strange way of sleeping. He slept on his back with hands resting on his stomach, as if he was dead and laying in a coffin. 

Suddenly he shot his eyes open, startling her, but he kept staring at the ceiling without blinking. It was like he didn't know she was there and he was scaring her. 

"Zamiel." She called carefully. 

His head slowly turned, and his eyes glared at her with hatred. Heaven's heart skipped in fear. The look in his eyes terrified her as he slowly sat up. 

"I saw you in my dream." He began. Unlike his stormy eyes, his tone was calm. "You killed them and… you just left."

Heaven was confused. Did he see her kill his family? 

He stood up, still glaring at her. Slowly, he stepped forward. Heaven did her best to not step back, but as he kept coming toward her, she eventually took a step back, then two. But Zamiel didn't stop, and she ended up stepping back until her back hit the wall. 

Zamiel stopped when he was close enough. 

"It was just a bad dream." She assured him. 

"It felt so real." He said, his voice void of any emotion.

"So you think it is real? You think I did it? You want to kill me now?" She looked him straight in the eyes, but she didn't like what she saw. 

His eyes seemed dead. Like he didn't care whether she died or not.
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"Zamiel." Heaven tried to call the Zamiel she knew because this wasn't him. 

He kept looking at her, now the storms in his eyes returning. He was angry again. 

"You stabbed them. You… you stabbed a child several times." 

"I am sorry." Heaven said. Even if it was a dream, it felt real to him and it must have been horrible to see her, the woman he loved, stabbing his family to death. 

He shut his eyes tightly and his hands clenched into fists. 

"Don't apologize." He said. "It's not your fault. It is mine." 

Opening his eyes, he turned away from her and went back to bed. He sat down and buried his face in his hands. 

Heaven just stood there for a while, looking at this troubled man. She didn't know what to do. She was still confused. 

Carefully she approached him, and as if he was afraid by her closeness he looked up quickly. Heaven halted.

"You probably have a lot to do. I don't want to distract you." He said, his voice returning to one she recognized, but his sudden change confused her. 

"Zamiel, are you alright?" She hurried to him. 

She crouched in front of him, resting her arms on his thighs while looking up at his face. 

He looked at her. "Look at me." He began. "Look. I told you, I have nothing good to offer you. I thought for a while I could do better, that I could be better for you but…" He shook his head as if disappointed with himself. "You should leave me while you can."

"Would you? Would you leave me if I was hurting?"

A frown settled on his face. "Never." 

"Then how do you expect me to leave you? Is it love if I only stay with you through good times? And…" She didn't even know where to begin to remove the bad thoughts from his mind. "Who said you have nothing to offer? You already offered a lot. Before you came, I was just a girl doing nothing with her life, with no courage or confidence to make a change. I was even thinking of marrying a stranger. You made me believe in myself, believe that I could make a change even if it was a small one. When I was close to giving up, you were there again to remind me I could do it. I am the person I am now because of you. You make me feel strong, wanted and needed. So I am going nowhere. Just like the way you encourage me when I am giving up, I'll be there to pull you back from the edge when you are about to fall. It's give and take." She smiled. 

He took her hands and made them stand up. Then he drew her into his arms and kissed her. It was a quick kiss, but he never kissed her like that before. He sucked the breath out of her lungs, leaving her weak and needy just to stop. Both took shallow, shaky breaths, but Heaven didn't want it to end yet. She wanted more.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him back with the same intensity. She felt her body tremble but ignored it. Lost in the heat, she could only focus on her body's urges. It scared her, but again she pushed it to the back of her mind. Her fingers entangled in his hair and she drew him closer. It was like she couldn't get enough. His warmth, his scent and his taste was addicting. 

Zamiel grabbed her arms and pulled away, "Heaven." But she didn't let him. She wasn't done yet, so she kissed him again. How could she get enough of this taste? The taste of… what was this taste? 


"Heaven." He pulled her away and this time she let him. 

His lips were bleeding, and he had scratches on his neck. Heaven was shocked. Did she do this?

She felt something strange in her mouth. Her fangs. She had cut him with her fangs! 

When he saw the shocked look on her face, "it's alright." He told her. 

"No." She shook her head. "I did this." 

He was also bleeding from the scratched on his neck. It was her claws. 

"I am so sorry." She didn't know what to do. 

"It's nothing. Don't worry. It will he…" He stopped. 

Oh, no! Since she caused the injuries, he wouldn't heal fast. 

"I'll go wash up." He said. "Don't go. I'll be back." 

Even his teeth got stained by how much he was bleeding. 

Heaven wiped the blood from her own lips, then stood there frozen. What was she supposed to do? She had no control over herself. What was this feeling? 

Her legs could barely hold her up, so she sat down on his bed carefully. Her claws and fangs were still out. She wanted to scold them. Would she always be like this with Zamiel? Would she always hurt him? How could she control it?

She waited for Zamiel both worried and anxious. What was taking him so long? Was he alright? 


Heaven jumped out of bed with a shriek. Turning around, Zamiel was lying on the bed behind her. 

He smiled at her mischievously. "Now you don't have to feel guilty. I scared you. It's give and take." 

She couldn't help but smile at his ridiculous behavior, even though her heart was still racing. Looking at his lips, he wasn't bleeding anymore, but there were several visible cuts. He must have endured her brutal kissing for a while. And the scratched on his neck made her squeal inside. 

"Come!" He said, patting beside him on the bed. 

Heaven crawled up on and he lent her his arm to lie on. She felt her heart race lying next to him on his bed. 

"I am sorry." She said again. She couldn't help it. "But why is it you don't heal when I hurt you? Isn't it strange?" 

"I have been thinking about it." He said. "Created demons don't have a definitive way to die. Every created demon dies in a different way, and they have to find what it is that kills them. Therefore, created demons find it easier to go into slumber instead of dying because they would have to test different methods until they find the one that can kill them." He explained. 

"So are you saying I am the thing that can kill you?" She asked. 

"I believe so." He replied. 

"I shouldn't know this then." She said. 

"I trust you. If you one day decide to kill me I am sure I'll be deserving of it." 

Heaven shook her head. "Don't say that." She remembered the day he asked her to kill him. She never wanted to relive that moment. "That day will never come." 

Suddenly she thought of something and pushed herself up on an elbow. "Zamiel?" 


"Could you show me? The things you have been through." She wanted to understand him better so she could help him. 

He shook his head, "No!" He said firmly. "I don't want you to ever see it or feel it." 


"No but…" He cut her off. "I won't." 

She sighed and laid her head on his arm again. She remembered the pieces she saw when he kissed her. That alone her made her stomach turn. She couldn't imagine what it would feel like to see it in her nightmares again and again, therefore she had to see it for herself, to at least understand a little. She would ask her grandmother for help. 

"Heaven, I just… I think it's enough me bearing those memories. There is no need to trouble yourself with them." 

"I understand." She said. 

"Do you want to talk about your friend now?" He asked.

"There is nothing much to say. He confessed his love, and I told him I had no feelings for him, so we stopped being friends."

He was quiet for a while, just like her mother. "Are you alright?" He finally asked. 

She shrugged. "I am fine." 

"It's alright not to be." He told her. 

Heaven looked up at him and frowned. "Shouldn't you be jealous?" She asked. 

She remembered when she met his friend Axia. Just knowing he had a female friend made her uneasy. 

He chuckled. "Do you want me to be jealous?" 


"Alright. I am jealous, but he means a lot to you. Doesn't he?"

Heaven nodded. "Yes. He was the only person in my age I could be with. My childhood was less lonely because of him. The day we became friends, I was so happy. It was slow at first, he was the smarter and calmer of us. He was better than me in fighting and learning. Then we grew and changed. He inherited his parents' good looks and got many friends outside. He started becoming less interested in lessons to eventually just stop coming. As we continued to grow he became this free person who just enjoyed life. And I became the opposite. Since 3 years back, all I could hear was marriage and taking responsibilities. Maybe that is when we started to grow apart. More than a friend who took me outside, at that moment I needed someone who listened and maybe he needed someone to enjoy life with him." 

Heaven smiled sadly while reflecting on their friendship. No matter what went wrong between them, she hoped the best for him. Maybe one day, after healing, they could be friends again. That is at least what she hoped. 

Now thinking about marriage, she found the reason to why she felt like she had to succeed to become a ruler. Her mother got married to her father whom she didn't even know when she was only seventeen and her whole life revolved around being prepared for that day. She knew many princesses and women went through the same thing. As a woman if she could take the first step to make a change, especially since she had the advantage of being a demon and a witch and because she had people supporting her, she could open possibilities for other women to find the courage and do the same.

Women shouldn't only be used as tools to trade for power. 

"What about you?" She asked. "Did you ever stop being friends with someone?" 

His expression changed as soon as she asked. He stared up at the ceiling and she felt his body tense. "Yes. She also confessed her love to me, and I denied her. So she locked me in a coffin." Despite his effort to sound calm, Heaven could hear the fury in his voice. 

"But you said a witch locked you inside?"

"Yes. My friend was a witch." He said. 

So after the death of his family, his friend betrayed him and locked him inside. It was like someone killing her family and then Zarin betraying her. No! That was too much. 

"Zamiel." Heaven sat up and turned to him. Now she wanted to have a serious talk. "You spoke about marriage once. Marrying me means having witches as family members."

"It means having a witch as my wife." He said. 

If they were to be honest, she was already his wife in the demon world. The mark faded, but the urge never disappeared, so their bond didn't break completely yet. 

The way her grandmother explained to her, breaking the bond was not as easy as only getting rid of the mark, since usually the mark faded after some time and had to be renewed from time to time. This didn't mean that the bond broke every time the mark faded, as long as the urge to renew it was still there. 

Since it is almost impossible to fight the urge to renew the mark, in most cases, the marking happened soon after the mark faded. But hers and Zamiel's case was different. She didn't understand how he was still able to fight the urge. Was it because he was ancient? 

"Yes. And it's good if you get to know my family. My mother wants to meet you." 

Before getting married, it would be good if her family and him got familiar with each other. 

He sat up, looking nervous. Heaven couldn't help to smile at his reaction.

"Don't worry. Just be yourself." She told him. 

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Heaven went back home smiling at Zamiel's reaction. No matter how old someone was, there was no such thing as too experienced, she realized. It was normal to be nervous, even she was nervous for him despite knowing that he would do well. 

Before leaving him, he had kissed her lightly, but she was still giddy. And her fangs and claws were still out. What was this man doing to her?

She let herself fall back on her bed and kept giggling to herself. Abruptly she stopped. What was she doing? She had important things to take care of. She would see Zamiel later anyway, when he comes to have dinner with her mother. 

Now she had to prepare for her fighting lesson with Roshan. It would be awkward if he knew what happened between her and his son. Not that Zarin was the type to tell his parents anything or listen to them. Every time they told him to do something or not to do something he would say, "alright, I will" or, "alright I won't" and then forget about it the next moment. 

One day his mother had enough and dragged him to his lesson. "If you don't attend your lessons, don't come back home." She told him. 

Zarin was closer to his mother and Gina to her father. Every time there was a fight between the parents, Roshan would say, "you spoiled your son. Look how well I raised my daughter." 

Just like the way her mother spoke to her father, "you spoiled your daughter." 

Your? It was never our when they did something wrong. 

It was the same when one parent did something wrong, "your father knows nothing." 

Heaven thought it was hilarious. Sometimes she wanted to correct them and say, "my father and your husband." Sometimes she even wanted to tease her mother and say, "it's his Majesty, the King. You could get executed." 

Maybe she would someday in the future. 

Only a year ago Heaven remembered a conversation Roshan had with her father. He was complaining about raising children. 

"I never thought it would be this difficult." He said. "The more they grow, the harder it gets."

Her father nodded in agreement. "As a parent, it feels like whatever you do, it is not enough." 

"The girl is fine, but raising a boy…" Roshan shook his head. 

Her father chuckled. "Boys are rebellious. He will calm down eventually." 

Chapter 53

Heaven went back home smiling at Zamiel's reaction. No matter how old someone was, there was no such thing as too experienced, she realized. It was normal to be nervous, even she was nervous for him despite knowing that he would do well. 

Before leaving him, he had kissed her lightly, but she was still giddy. And her fangs and claws were still out. What was this man doing to her?

She let herself fall back on her bed and kept giggling to herself. Abruptly she stopped. What was she doing? She had important things to take care of. She would see Zamiel later anyway, when he comes to have dinner with her mother. 

Now she had to prepare for her fighting lesson with Roshan. It would be awkward if he knew what happened between her and his son. Not that Zarin was the type to tell his parents anything or listen to them. Every time they told him to do something or not to do something he would say, "alright, I will" or, "alright I won't" and then forget about it the next moment. 

One day his mother had enough and dragged him to his lesson. "If you don't attend your lessons, don't come back home." She told him. 

Zarin was closer to his mother and Gina to her father. Every time there was a fight between the parents, Roshan would say, "you spoiled your son. Look how well I raised my daughter." 

Just like the way her mother spoke to her father, "you spoiled your daughter." 

Your? It was never our when they did something wrong. 

It was the same when one parent did something wrong, "your father knows nothing." 

Heaven thought it was hilarious. Sometimes she wanted to correct them and say, "my father and your husband." Sometimes she even wanted to tease her mother and say, "it's his Majesty, the King. You could get executed." 

Maybe she would someday in the future. 

Only a year ago Heaven remembered a conversation Roshan had with her father. He was complaining about raising children. 

"I never thought it would be this difficult." He said. "The more they grow, the harder it gets."

Her father nodded in agreement. "As a parent, it feels like whatever you do, it is not enough." 

"The girl is fine, but raising a boy…" Roshan shook his head. 

Her father chuckled. "Boys are rebellious. He will calm down eventually." 

"When?" Roshan asked. "When I was his age, I was taking care of my father's business and bringing in more wealth than him. When you were his age, you had already joined the royal council, were a commander of the royal army and won several battles. When his uncle was his age, he was establishing a kingdom. Men his age are providing for their families." 

That was the day Heaven realized she had duties and responsibilities. She couldn't just deny to get married. It was her duty as a princess. 

No matter how playful Roshan was, when it came to business he was serious. "Time and money are things you need to use wisely." He would tell them. "Use your brain and your strength generously. The more you use them, the stronger they grow." 

He would always give them advice from time to time, Gina would take them and Zarin would leave them. 

Because of Roshan, Heaven had learned to not blame her parents and appreciate them. 

"Trying to be a good parent is like trying to solve a riddle with no answer." He once told her. Heaven was young then, but she understood that being a parent was not easy. If someone like Roshan was complaining, then she could only imagine. 

Heaven loved Roshan. She didn't want him to dislike her because of Zarin, so she was nervous to meet him. 

She went to the backyard and found him training with Gina. She watched them for a while from a distance until they noticed her. 

"Heaven!" Gina waved for her to come. 

She went to them, and Gina gave her a smile as usual. Heaven wasn't worried about Gina. She had always told her to keep the relationship between them and the one with her brother separate. 

"Good morning." Heaven greeted both. 

"Good morning." Roshan replied, and Heaven tried to analyze his facial expression. He seemed as usual. 

Gina moved out of the way so her father could train Heaven. This time Roshan threw daggers at her and Heaven caught them in the air. She looked at him questioningly. 

"I think you fight very well with a sword now. It will be much more beneficial to fight with daggers when fighting demons. They are also easier to carry everywhere." He explained. 

Roshan was the master of using daggers, but Heaven did at least not make a fool of herself while learning this time. After fighting with the demons on the party, her will to learn had increased. She wanted to master the daggers as well. 

"You have improved a lot." Roshan said, looking impressed when the lesson ended. 

"Thank you." Heaven said panting. "Thank you for taking your time every day to teach me." 

She gave him back the daggers. "Keep them." He said. "You have to get used to holding them." 

The daggers were very sharp and easy to hold and carry. "Thank you." She said again, and then they parted ways. 

Going back to her room, Heaven expected to find Gina but found her grandmother instead. She could feel the scent of her grandmother's delicious tea. 

"Did you make me tea?" She asked. 

Her grandmother nodded. "Come, lets drink in the garden." 

Once they sat outside, Heaven thought of asking her grandmother for help. Perhaps her grandmother could show her with magic what it feels like to be locked inside or have your family killed. She had to admit she was scared to see all of that, but she really wanted to know how much it disturbed Zamiel. 

"No!" Her grandmother said, just like Zamiel. 

"But grandma…" 

"No but! You don't know what you are asking. You never want to go through anything like that. Even in your dreams." 

Heaven frowned. It looked like her grandmother was speaking from experience. 

"Heaven, Zamiel needs time to heal. The only thing and the best thing you can do for him is just to be there. "

"It doesn't feel enough." Heaven said. Something was wrong with Zamiel. He was getting worse just when she thought he was getting better. 

"It is enough. Don't push him or try to make him heal faster. Just…" Her grandmother was suddenly upset. 

"Grandma? What is wrong?" Heaven asked, concerned. 

"Nothing. It's just difficult without your child." 

Oh. Heaven had forgotten that her grandmother almost went through the same thing. She could see the pain in her eyes as she continued to speak. 

"There is no pain like the pain when your child is taken from you. Knowing that you couldn't protect them…" Her voice broke, and she shook her head as if fighting back tears. 

Heaven felt like crying. She had never seen her grandmother like this. 

"To know that you will never hold them again, or never be able to see them grow, cry or smile. It is agonizing. To lose your child and the person you love at the same time, must be even more agonizing. I have also been locked in a coffin. Not nearly as long as he has, but the short time I was locked took many years to heal from. I still don't like dark, confined spaces. Even in your dreams, I won't let your experience such a thing." 

Heaven never thought about it from her grandmother's perspective. She usually tried to imagine losing her parents to understand Zamiel. But losing a parent was not the same as losing a child. Both were painful, but losing a child seemed to be followed by guilt. That as a parent you failed to protect your child. Zamiel was dealing with a lot of emotions and no matter how hard she tried to understand, she could never truly understand. Like her grandmother said, she just had to be there for him. 

"Is there a problem between you two?" Her grandmother asked. 

Heaven shook her head. "I just hate to see him suffer, but he is… everything I had been looking for. I told you once that I want to find a man like father. I found him." She smiled, feeling shy. "He is coming here today. I hope mother gives him a chance." 

Her grandmother sighed. "He is not one to wait for a chance. He takes it." 

Heaven tilted her head curiously. Her grandmother seemed oddly fond of Zamiel. 

"Grandma? It seems like you like him." 

"I do. I was getting tired of you meeting all those men looking for power. I have always wanted someone strong for you, someone who puts you first, someone who makes you bloom. While you were meeting suitors, I have actually been looking for him, but I don't have too anymore. He came on his own."

Now Heaven was confused. "What do you mean him? Did you know him?" 

Her grandmother put her teacup down. A smile curved her lips. It looked like she had been waiting to tell her whatever she was going to say. 

"My mother had the ability to see glimpses of the future. She had predicted that your father would be a great ruler. I discovered that I have the same ability. I have been having dreams about you and possibly the man in your life." 

Heaven listened curiously. "What did you see?"
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Two days passed and Heaven didn't come to see him despite the hurtful things she had said to him. Why did he expect her to come? Maybe she was right. She was always the one to come and apologize whenever they fought, and he was expecting the same thing even now. But Heaven had changed. She was not the childhood friend that he knew. He wouldn't mind the change if it didn't happen so suddenly. He just didn't trust Zamiel. 

He had planned to leave her, to distance himself, so why was he still here hoping and expecting that she would come to check on him? To see if he was alright and apologize for what she said. But she didn't come. His old friend was truly gone. She had every right to be angry if he truly made her feel the way she felt. Still, the friend he knew would never leave him, even then. This made him suspicious of Zamiel. He had to make sure that the ancient demon wasn't tricking her. That his intentions were pure. Only then he would leave Heaven to him. 

A knock on the door disrupted his thoughts. His father opened the door and peeked inside. "Is everything alright?" He asked. 

Zarin nodded. "Yes." 

His father opened the door completely and stepped inside. "You have never been in your room for so long." 

"I just want to be alone." He said. 

"I know you had a fight with Heaven. Do you want to talk about it?" Roshan asked. 

Zarin stood up from his seat. "We fight all the time. There is nothing to talk about. I need to go now, father." He said grabbing his jacket. He needed to know more about Zamiel. 

"Your mother made lunch. She won't be happy if you just leave." Roshan explained. 

Zarin put his jacket on. "Tell her, I am sorry." He said then left his room. 

When he arrived at the old house where Zamiel stayed, he was surprised to find it under construction work. What was happening?

He went to one of the construction workers to find out some information. 

"This mansion is being rebuilt for Lord Zamiel." The old man said. 

Zarin nodded. "Where is he now?" He asked. 

"Who are you?" The construction worker asked. 

"I am his friend. I have been looking for him and I was directed here." He lied. 

"I understand, but he lives somewhere else for now."

The construction worker gave him directions, and Zarin followed them. He ended up finding his house at the end. Just when he arrived, Zamiel was walking out of his house. Zarin watched from afar so the ancient demon wouldn't be able to sense him. Zamiel was dressed like a wealthy man and a carriage came to pick him up. 

The change surprised him but also made him more suspicious, so he continued to follow him. 

It seemed like Zamiel was meeting other wealthy men and they were doing business together. The other men addressed him with respect, which meant he was wealthier than them. Where did he get his wealth from? The items of negotiation were gold, silver, and high-quality fabrics. It wasn't easy things to be obtained in a matter of days. 

Things only got more mysterious as he continued to spy on him. It wasn't only gold and silver that was being traded, even lands were included. When did he have time to buy and own lands? What was this mans goal?

Once Zamiel left, Zarin approached one of the wealthy men trading with Zamiel. He pretended to be interested in buying a land just to find out more information about Zamiel. 

"He is a wealthy man from the Stasian Empire. He wants to settle down here and has already started trading gold and lands." The man explained. 

It seemed like Zamiel was trying to make a name for himself. He must be planning to marry Heaven. He was already becoming famous among rich people, and many were interested in working with him. 

The ancient demon was clever. No wonder Heaven was smitten by him. 

Zarin had lost Zamiel while speaking to the other man. Maybe he went back home, but when he turned back, he was surprised to find Zamiel standing behind him. 

He had been caught. 

"Did you find out anything interesting?" Zamiel asked, amused. 

Zarin glared at him. "Nothing that makes me less suspicious of you." He replied. 

"Maybe I can get rid of your suspicion. Why don't you have some tea with me?" He offered. 

Zarin was confused, but he didn't want to seem afraid of this man, so he followed him to his home. Zamiel invited him inside and they went to sit in his living room. An old maid served them tea. 

Zamiel picked up his cup and took a sip, but Zarin had no intention of drinking his tea. 

"I told Heaven that I love her." Zarin said, expecting a reaction from him. 

Zamiel didn't seem the least surprised. "How disappointing." He said which both angered and confused Zarin. 

"Why would you be disappointed?" He asked. 

"Because I considered you a competition, but you were not even near that. I was thinking of stepping away if you truly became a man worthy of her love, and she loved you back. But now, even if she did, I wouldn't give up on her because I think she deserves better than a man confessing his love without committing to it."

Zarin was fuming with anger. "You know nothing about me." 

"I would say likewise, but since you seem to judge me a lot, I took the freedom to do the same."

Zarin was baffled. This man had a smart mouth. He didn't like him at all. 

"While you are here, I would like to apologize for hurting you the first day we met. I am sorry." Zamiel apologized. 

Surprised, all Zarin could do was stare at him for a moment. This man seemed sincere. 

Zarin didn't want to believe him. He didn't want to believe all the nice things Heaven said about him. All the things he did for Heaven and how he made her feel. What would that make him compared to this man? A useless person. He didn't want to be like that. 

Standing up. "I am leaving." He said. 

"Your tea?"

"Only old people drink tea." Zarin said, trying to mock him. 

Zamiel smirked. "Well, I guess it is not something for a child." 

Child? Zarin scoffed. He had enough of this man so teleported back to his home. 

He followed the scent of food to the dining room where dinner was being served. 

"You are back." His mother said walking into the room. "You must be hungry."

"I am not." He said. He had lost his appetite. "I'll go to sleep." Before his mother could protest, he teleported to his room. 

He lied down on his bed and covered himself. What was wrong with him? He had promised himself that he would stop caring and distance himself from Heaven and her life. But the things she said to him kept ringing in his ears. All the questions she asked that he didn't have an answer for. He just knew he loved her and he thought that he did enough, but she didn't think the same. 

What did Zamiel do for her? Was it because he was powerful? Or because he was wealthy? He knew the females liked the much older demons. They were just more attractive and powerful. Was this what it was about? 

Maybe this is why his father pestered him to do something with his life. Speaking of his father, he arrived at his room. 

"Zarin, lets talk." His father said. 

"I don't feel like talking." 

He could hear his father sigh. "I know what happened between you and Heaven." 

He suddenly wanted to shout. Why was this happening to him? "Father, I don't want to talk about it." He repeated. 

"I know you don't like me because I keep telling you to do something with your life, but it is only because I want what is best for you. If you dislike it so much, I'll stop. But talk to me."

"It is not something you will understand." Zarin said. 

"I'll try."

Zarin sat up. He really didn't feel like talking about love with his father. Nor his mother. 

His father came to sit next to him and waited patiently for him to say something. 

"I know what you will say. You will tell me to not waste my time because she belongs to someone else." Zarin said. 

"Loving someone is not a waste of time." His father assured. "Tell me, what do you love about her?" 

Zarin shrugged. "I just love being with her. I love that she is a happy person, she is kind, caring and a very good friend." 

She really was. Now he understood that she was the one that was always there for him. Whenever he went to her, she was there, waiting for him. Even if he came late, she would wait and sometimes even sleep on the sofa while waiting. She never gave up on him or their friendship until now. 

"Let me ask you one thing." His father said. "If she asked you to marry her now, would you?" 

Zarin was taken aback by the question. So many ideas went through his head, but he couldn't find an answer. 

"If your mother asked me to marry her, I wouldn't blink before replying. Maybe you should think about what you want to do with that love. Just keeping it in your heart will lead nowhere."
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"Grandma, what did you see in your dream?"

"I saw a stallion, walking down a red carpet that led to the throne. He held a crown between his teeth as he stalked down the path to the throne where you sat. When he arrived, he placed the crown on your head." 

A stallion? Heaven was confused. 

"Horses are majestic animals. They are beings of power and represent nobleness and heroism. They stand for courage, confidence, endurance and competition." Her grandmother explained. 

"Do you think the horse in this dream is Zamiel?" Heaven asked. 

"I had this dream before you released Zamiel, so I didn't know who he was. I just knew it was someone I hadn't met yet. But I have had several dreams. In one of them a man was tending to an injured bird. A dove. Once it healed, he set the bird free to fly. In another dream, you were sitting under a large tree seeking protection from the sunlight. It provided you with shade and you lay down and slept peacefully."

Heaven tilted her head to one side and tried to understand the meaning of those dreams. "What does all of that mean?" She asked, unable to figure that out on her own. 

"The dream where the man tended to the dove means he tented to his love and then set it free. Trees represent old age and wisdom. It means the man in your life will be old and wise. Just like a tree, he will stand tall and steady and provide you with protection. When you first released Zamiel, I never imagined him to be the one. But slowly things started happening. The bite disturbed me because that would mean you couldn't be with the man I saw in my dreams. So I went on a journey to find out more about the mark, and I came to the conclusion that you two are true mates. But then who was the man in my dream?"

Her grandmother took a sip from her tea and nodded before continuing. "Then one day you said you wanted to become a ruler. It reminded me of the horse placing the crown on your head. Ancients are powerful and horses represent power. I slowly started to put the pieces together. He was old, wise and powerful, and he encouraged you to rule. It fits into the description of Zamiel. The last dream I had, you tied a ribbon around a branch on the tree." She stopped. 


"What does that mean?" Heaven asked. 

"It can mean a lot of things. Being betrothed, married, bonded, mated. I'll let you interpret it the way you like." 

Heaven nodded. She was happy that her grandmother had those dreams. She wanted Zamiel to be her man, to be bonded to him in everyway. 

"He might not be as steady as a tree right now, but I still like him. Maybe I am prejudiced because I had a similar experience even though he seems to be more in control of his feelings unlike me. I almost killed Klara one day." She said.

Heaven's eyes widened in surprise. She never imagined her grandmother hurting anyone. She wasn't that kind of person. 

"What happened?" 

Her grandmother shook her head. "I don't remember the details. I was just horrified when I found my hands covered in blood and Klara covered in bruises and cuts. She might not have survived if she wasn't a fighter herself. I feel sorry until today." 

Suddenly her sad eyes showed concern. "I hope Zamiel isn't violent?"

Heaven shook her head. "Not at all." Zamiel would never hurt her. In fact, she might have been the violent one. 

She would have asked her grandmother for advice, but her grandmother was a turned demon and it was not the same. 

"Here you are." Suddenly Gina appeared in the garden. 

Her grandmother stood up. "Come sit. I have to go, anyway." She said. 

She excused herself and left them alone. 

"It seems like you were talking about something serious." Gina said as she sat down. 

"No. We were only chatting. Zamiel is coming to meet my mother this evening." 

Gina smiled. "That is wonderful. But you know I need details. Tell me everything from when he came to the party." 

Heaven chuckled. She was glad someone was as excited as her, so she told her everything from the beginning and Gina listened intently. Now and then she would sigh with dreamy eyes, smile or clap. When she told her about the kiss and her demon awakening, both of them squealed happily and shyly at the same time. When she was done telling her everything, Gina sighed again. 

"What a man. I am so happy for you." She smiled. "Now I need to find myself an ancient demon." 

Heaven chuckled. "Does he have to be ancient?"

"Well, the older the better. We are not much human after all. Humans want to be younger because it means beauty, strength and health, but demons want to be older, almost for the same reason. The older ones are more attractive and powerful. Age means a different thing for us, and you have got yourself the best of them all." She winked. 

Heaven shook her head. "I hope you find someone who truly loves you rather than just a strong demon."

"Of course." Gina said. "Lets just hope he is not too young. He has to be at least 300 years old."

Heaven smiled, not surprised by Gina's remark. Human females married males ten or fifteen years older than them, while demon females mated with males five hundred or a thousand years older than them. But demons were fascinating. The roles could be reversed. Males mating with a demon female who was a thousand years older than them. Demons were less judgmental of age and gender, which she liked. Being a human female meant nothing. They were only a property to be traded and owned. 

"How is Zarin?" Heaven asked, knowing that Gina must already know by now. 

"He isn't talking to anyone, but he will come around." She smiled. 

Heaven nodded thoughtfully. She wasn't sure if he would come around this time, and even if he did, would it be the same? She didn't think so. 

"Will you come later? I would like you to meet Zamiel." Heaven said. 

It was hard to ask, since he hurt her, but if she was going to be with him for the rest of her life, they would meet sooner or later. 

"Of course." Gina smiled.

Heaven spent the rest of her day feeling a bit nervous. Her stomach tingled strangely. She really wanted her mother to like Zamiel. Not just approve of him. She wanted Zamiel to feel as if he was a part of her family once they got married. 

Meanwhile, she also waited for Ilyas, hoping he would come back with beneficial information, but the evening was close and he hadn't returned yet. Maybe he found nothing, and she had to come up with another plan. 

Zamiel would probably arrive soon, so Heaven went to her room to prepare herself. She wanted to look good. She put effort into choosing a dress and borrowed Ylva to make her hair. 

"You look nervous, My Lady.��� She pointed. 

"I am." She stood up. "Do I look good?" 

"You look beautiful as always." Ylva smiled. 

"Thank you." She gave her a hug.

Ylva thought it was inappropriate, like always. "You never listen, just like your mother." She complained. 

Heaven just gave her a smile and left the room. When she came to the hall, she found maids and servants gathered.

"What is happening?" Ylva asked who followed her, but then someone caught her attention. 

Heaven turned her head and found Zamiel walking from afar. 

Everyone gathered around him, eyes wide and mouth open in awe. Even she found herself staring. 

This time, unlike the previous one, he had dressed to impress, wearing what looked like expensive clothing adorned with a silver that matched his eyes. The sight of him made everyone around him lose track of their thoughts. Despite the sharp lines and edges of his beautiful face, he had a natural expression, sometimes followed by a weak smile when people blushed at the sight of him. He was very well aware of all the surrounding attention, but he was modest about it. Even the male servants stared, and one look made them all flush red. 

A maid holding a tray came across him and stumbled on her feet when she caught sight of him. She fell, dropping everything in her hands. Zamiel was startled for a moment before he offered his help. 

"Are you alright?" He asked and offering her his hand. 

Heaven felt a sting in her heart when the maid placed her hand in his and he helped her up. The maid couldn't tear her gaze away from his face, and her face flushed all shades of red. Heaven shouldn't blame her. Ancients had extremely good looks and a magnetic aura. 

Zamiel almost had to pull his hand away from hers because she wasn't letting go. He gave her a weak smile and proceeded. The maid watched him as he walked away, and others kept sighing as if the sight of him alone was satisfying. 

"Is that him?" Ylva whispered. 

Heaven nodded.

When he came close enough, he smiled at her. "Your highness." He said taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. Heaven felt suddenly giddy. 

What was this? It is not like he kissed her for the first time. 

When he dropped her hand, she could still feel his hot lips on her skin. 

"I am glad you came." She smiled, trying not to expose the way he affected her. "Come" She showed him the way to the dining room where he would meet her mother. 

Her mother was already waiting and stood up when they walked in. She approached him with a smile. 

"Your Majes…" Before he could finish the word, her mother slapped him across the face.