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Heaven's heart accelerated in fear upon hearing Zarin's voice.

No! Why was he here? She could already see the anger in Zamiel's eyes. 

"Heaven!" He was suddenly inside the room with a sword in his hand. 

Heaven's heart jumped to her throat. He was going to get hurt today. 

Zarin's eyes darted between her and Zamiel before he lifted his sword and pointed the tip at the stranger. 

"Heaven come here!" He ordered his eyes boring into Zamiel's, warning him to not move. 

Zamiel crossed his arms behind his back, not feeling the least threatened. "Don't move Heaven!"

Heaven didn't move. She wasn't stupid. 

Instead, she turned to Zarin. "Zarin leave. I am alright." She gave him a warning glare. 

Zarin held onto his sword, still pointing at the stranger. "You don't need to be afraid. Come here now!"

"I told you to leave Zarin!" Heaven warned. 

"I said come here!" He shouted, startling her. It was the first time he raised his voice. 

Zamiel didn't seem to like his behavior, so he stalked toward him. "Who are you?" He asked Zarin. 

"Please don't hurt him. He is a friend, and he is just worried." Heaven pleaded, but Zamiel still had his eyes fixated on Zarin. 

"Who are you?" Zarin asked, turning the question back to him. 

"Someone you shouldn't provoke. I would listen to your friend if I were you."

"I am not going anywhere without her." Zarin didn't show any sign of fear. 

"Very well then." Zamiel replied. 

Zarin lifted his sword to strike. 

"Zarin no!"

But it was too late, and Zarin ended up cutting through thin air. 

Oh no! Now the ancient stranger was probably enraged. 

Suddenly Zamiel stood behind Zarin and with a light push of his hand caused him to crash through the wall and end up landing on the terrace outside. Zarin quickly got onto his feet, ready to strike again while Zamiel was relaxed with his arms still crossed behind his back as he stepped outside. 

Zarin began to attack again, but Zamiel dodged every strike and seemed to almost enjoy Zarin's effort. 

Heaven watched in horror, but then decided to stop it before it was too late. She stepped through the broken wall, "Zarin stop!" But he wasn't listening. 

Zamiel knocked the sword out of Zarin's hand and then grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up from the ground with one hand. His nails elongated, piercing through Zarin's throat, causing blood to spurt out of the wound. 

Zarin struggled to get out of his grip. His legs dangled in the air, kicking Zamiel who didn't get the least effected. He stood still like a wall. 

"Stop! Please!" Heaven called and when he didn't listen, she hurried to pick up Zarin's sword. 

Grabbing it steadily, she stabbed Zamiel from behind. The blade went through his back and came out of his stomach. 

Zamiel dropped Zarin before turning to her. If she thought he was angry before, now he was furious. He reached for the sword behind his back and pulled it out without flinching. Heaven stood there horrified as blood seeped from his stomach. She didn't know whether to keep her eyes on him or on Zarin, who lay motionless on the ground behind him. Was he alright? 

The stranger slowly stalked toward her, and she stepped back. "I didn't mean to... I was just trying to stop you." She explained. 

"Step away from her!" 

Another familiar voice. 

Heaven turned back. Her father found her. She felt a mix of emotions, relieved yet concerned. 

Roshan and her grandmother stood by his side.

If Heaven didn't know her father well, she would think he was calm and collected, but she could see the fury behind his calm expression. Unaware, Heaven placed herself between her father and the stranger as he approached them. 

"Heaven." Her father searched her body for any wounds before drawing her in for a hug. 

"I am alright father." She didn't want any fight to happen. 

Her father drew back and stared at the stranger. Zamiel's wound was still bleeding, and Heaven wondered why he wasn't healing. 

"I am taking my daughter back with me." Her father said with resolution while holding her arm. 

In the back, Roshan and her grandmother were tending to Zarin. 

Zamiel put his hand on his stomach and seemed confused to why he was still bleeding. Did she stab him somewhere shouldn't have? 

"You can take her." He said surprising her. Why would he suddenly let go of her so easily?

"If you defeat me in a fight first." 

No! Heaven shook her head and gripped her father's arm to stop him, but she knew he wouldn't listen. 

Her father removed her hand. "Heaven step back." 

Before she could protest, he pulled his daggers out and they already began to fight. 

Heaven hurried to her grandmother. "Grandma, do something. Stop them. He is very dangerous." 

"You are his daughter. You can't expect him not to fight for you."

"He is ancient. Killing him won't be easy." 

Her father was very skilled, but he was no match for Zamiel. He was already getting badly hurt. Roshan left Zarin to her grandmother and went to help her father. Still, both of them were unable to defeat him. 

The stranger moved as fast as a wild storm. So fast that no one could detect his movement or keep up with him. Demons were usually fast, but his speed was on another level and he ended up knocking Roshan and her father to the ground. Both of them were covered in blood. 

Unlike both of them, Zamiel had no weapons, but his claws looked sharper than a blade. Blood dripped from the pointy tips and onto the ground as he waited for them to get up. 

All while her grandmother was doing her best to stop Zarin's bleeding. He was half human, so he didn't heal as fast. Heaven didn't know who to worry about. Zarin or her father?

Deciding to leave Zarin to her grandmother, Heaven went to save her father instead, who was getting up on his feet. Zamiel picked Roshan's sword from the ground and was about to strike her father when Heaven placed herself between them. 

"Stop!" She covered her face with her arm, waiting for the sword to cut through her skin, but nothing happened. 

Slowly she looked from behind her arms at the stranger. He stopped mid action, still holding the sword up. 

"I'll stay with you. Please let them go."

"No!" Her father tried to move her out of his way, but Heaven refused. 

She turned to him and gave him a pleading look. "Father I am fine. He hasn't hurt me. I'll come home soon, you just go home, please." She begged. 

"Heaven stay out of this!" Her father spoke in harsh tones. 

Then he pushed her away before glaring at the stranger. "What is it you want?" He asked. 

Something was happening to the stranger. He was not listening to her father anymore and looked down at stomach again. He was still bleeding. What was happening to him?

Suddenly Roshan came from behind him and slit his throat. 

Heaven squealed in terror as more blood drained down his body. Her father took the opportunity and stabbed him with his dagger. 

Zamiel fell on his knees and Roshan wrapped his arm around his neck. He gave her father a look. 

Oh no! They were going to kill him! Stabb him in the spine!

Heaven looked into the stranger's silver eyes. She could see he was in pain. Why wasn't he healing?! What went wrong?

A pool of blood gathered underneath him. Heaven had never seen so much blood before. 

Her father handed Roshan his dagger.

"No!" Heaven yelled, surprising herself, and Roshan, and her father. 

But the stranger seemed to be the most surprised. He lifted his gaze and looked into her eyes. 

"I am sorry, Heaven." Roshan said before stabbing him.

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Heaven lay curled in her bed, still shocked and shaking from everything she had witnessed. Her grandmother sat next to her and stroke her hair. 

"Are you alright, dear?" She asked. 

Heaven nodded. 

"Do you want to talk about it?" 

Heaven shook her head. She didn't know what to say. She didn't even know why his death affected her so much. If they hadn't killed him, he would have killed them. They did the right thing and she shouldn't feel sad about it. She should be happy now that everyone was safe, including her. 

As her grandmother stroke her hair, she noticed the mark on her neck. "What is this?" She asked. 

Heaven hurried to sit up and covered her neck with her hair. "It's nothing." She said. 

"No! Let me see." Her grandmother reached for her hair and removed it from her neck. "Oh, dear." She said looking shocked. "He bit you. Why didn't you tell me?"

Heaven looked down at her hands. "It means nothing." 

"It does. That's why you are sad. He…" She stopped when she noticed the tears in Heaven's eyes. "Oh, come here. Don't cry." She said enveloped her in hug. 

Heaven began to sob in her grandmother's arms. She was still confused as to why she was sad. Did the mark effect her this much?

"It will get better with time. The mark will fade away and now that he is gone it will fade away quicker." She explained, clapping her on the back gently. 

How quick, because she was in pain? Was this how her grandmother felt when grandfather left her?

"I am sorry." Heaven apologized. 

"For what?" 

"That grandfather made you go through this." Now she hated her grandfather. How could he inflict so much pain on someone? 

"It's alright." Her grandmother smiled. 

Heaven drew back and wiped her tears, before looking at her grandmother. 

"How is it alright? Don't you hate him?"

"I don't blame him. That's how he is. I should have known better but now... I am just paying for my sins."

"What sins?"

Her grandmother sighed and looked down at her hands. 

"You don't have to tell me." Heaven hurried to say. 

"No. I think you should know everything." She began. "I was married when I met your grandfather. Yes, my husband was not the most affectionate, but still I committed a crime against him. I was unfaithful. Your grandfather knows when our hearts and souls feel empty, and that's when he comes. When you are at the lowest point of your life, he shows you the life you wished to live and the things you wished to have, and he presents them to you. He tempts you and I fell for it. I was lonely, and he made me feel loved and cherished. But meeting him was not a coincidence. Nothing is coincidence with the devil. He plans his every step, and I was part of his plan. He was looking for a powerful successor, therefore he needed to find a powerful mate. Demons don't have many females, especially powerful ones, therefore I was the perfect choice for him. But my mother spoiled his plans when she put on a curse, and he realized that mixing demons and witches was much more complicated than he had planned. Both sides showed resistance, so he did nothing to break the curse. It served his purpose. His successor would stay protected until he grew up and learned his powers, and only then your grandfather would try to break the curse. All this time I thought he wasn't breaking the curse because he cared for me, but I was wrong." 

Heaven could hear the pain of betrayal, the self-blame and the anger in her grandmother's voice. 

"Anyhow. I got my punishment by not being able to be with my son. Now I want to make things right and be happy, and nothing makes me happier than to be with you. As for your grandfather, he will also pay for his sins some day." 

Heaven gave her grandmother a tight hug before looking at her. "I think you should start anew. Find someone who truly cares." 

Her grandmother waved her hand dismissively. "No... I am fine. Right now I am enjoying the small things in life and I am content this way."

"Very well, then. As long as you are happy." Heaven smiled, but then she remembered something. 

Zamiel had told her that her grandfather would come back and lure her when she was at the lowest point of her life. Just like her grandmother explained. He was looking for a successor. Did that mean he would come back for her like Zamiel had said?

"There is more I need to tell you. I have been trying to find the right moment and I am not sure if this is it, but you need to know soon. When you dissapeared, I thought it was you grandfather who took you. Even if it wasn't him, it could have been him therefore I need to tell you now." 

Heaven was suddenly worried. Why did she think her grandfather had something to do with her dissaperaring? What was it that she needed to know?

"Your grandfather will come back. For you." She said. 

Oh. Zamiel was right. But how did he know?

"He wants me to lead his army." Heaven breathed. 

Her grandmother nodded. "Yes. He will try to convince you or rather manipulate you." 

"That won't work. I don't want to lead his corrupted army." 

"Don't underestimate him. He knows what we desire and he will find your weak point and use it against you and you won't even realize. Promise me that if he comes to meet you, you will tell me." She said. 

Her brave grandmother seemed truly worried, which made Heaven worry. "I will." 


Heaven dismissed the disturbing thought. She had other things to think of now. 

"Grandma, can you take me to Zarin? I need to see if he is alright."

Heaven felt suddenly guilty that she was sad for the man who had hurt her friend. 

Her grandmother teleported them to uncle Roshan's house and Heaven hurried to Zarin's room. Gina and Princess Klara were tending to him. Heaven felt ashamed walking inside. They probably hated her since she was the reason he got hurt. 

"Heaven!" Gina called and hurried to hug her. "Thank God you are alright." 

"Are you alright?" Heaven asked. 

Gina backed away and twirled. "See, I am perfectly fine." Then she leaned in and whispered into her ear. "Don't blame yourself." 

How did she know?

Princess Klara stood up from her seat and came up to Heaven. "Are you alright?" She asked. 

Heaven nodded. She felt like bursting into tears. Why was everyone nice to her when she put them in danger for selfish reasons?

"Yes. I am fine. Thank you. Is Zarin alright?" 

"Yes. He is just resting. You can stay here if you want." Said his mother. 

"Thank you." 

Klara left, leaving her with Gina and Zarin. Heaven slowly went to Zarin's bed where he lay with eyes closed. Her gaze traveled to his neck. He had healed, but scars were still visible. Suddenly she felt hatred toward the man who hurt her friend. She would not mourn his death. 

Slowly she sat on the bed next to him. "I am sorry, Zarin." She whispered. 

He stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes. "Heaven!" He tried to get up as if she was still in danger when she gently put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. 

"Don't! You need to rest. I am alright." 

He leaned back into his pillow again. 

"How are you feeling?" Heaven asked. 

He touched his neck. "Good. Who was that man?"

"No one that matters. He is gone now, so there is nothing to worry about." Saying those words pained her, but she dismissed her feelings quickly. 

"What do you mean by gone?" He asked. 


Zarin frowned, confused. ��He can't be dead." He said. 

Something seemed to disturb him. 

"Why not?" Heaven asked. 

"You didn't see his power. I could feel it. He could have crushed me easily without a fight."

Heaven was confused. "I don't understand." 

"I don't think he intended to kill me. He was… holding back. He was…"

"Stop! Please. I don't want to know." She didn't want to talk about him anymore. 

He was gone, so there was no use in adding to her guilt. 

Zarin gazed at her with concern. "Is everything alright?"

Heaven nodded. "Yes. I just don't want to talk about him." 

"Did he hurt you?"

Well, he almost drained her of blood and bit her against her will. Then he had other plans for her. Kill her, it seemed, yet not. He was confusing. 

She shook her head. "No." There was no reason to make him worry. 

Zarin suddenly turned his head as if listening to something. Heaven could hear distant voices in the room nearby. It was her father and Roshan. It seemed like they were talking about the stranger. 

Heaven stood up from her seat and went to the wall. Gina followed, and both of them put their ear against the wall to listen. Eavesdropping was wrong, but Heaven couldn't help it.

"We should be careful." Roshan said. 

"You don't think he is dead?" Her father asked. 

Wait! He could be alive? Heaven's heart skipped a beat. 

"It was too easy. He is a smoke demon, an ancient one. Killing him should almost be impossible. Something is wrong."

"Why would he pretend to be dead?" 

"I don't know." Roshan sighed. "But we should be careful until we are sure." 

Heaven started shaking. If he was alive, they were all doomed. He would not go easy on them this time. He would come back and hurt everyone she loves and cherishes.
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The sleepless nights began again. Caused by the same person, but for a different reason. Heaven couldn't close her eyes without seeing a pair of angry silver eyes. 

She could not relax to sleep. What if he came and killed everyone while she was sleeping? It would be all her fault. 

"You are still awake again," her mother spoke, who lay next to her on the bed. Her mother had been sleeping with her the last few days. Heaven found comfort in her presence, and her father was probably feeling lonely at this moment. 

"I can't sleep." Heaven admitted.

"You don't have to worry about anything as long as I am here." Her mother said .

"I know. I am not worried." Heaven lied. "I am just not sleepy."

"But you haven't been sleeping for many nights now." Her mother sounded concerned.

Heaven didn't reply. Instead, she closed her eyes and tried her best to sleep. She didn't want to worry her mother. 

The truth was, Heaven was counting the days till the stranger comes to have his revenge. She wondered what was taking him so long. Or could he actually be dead? She also wished for her mating mark to fade away quickly so she could truly hate him for what he did. 

When the morning came Heaven woke up still feeling tired. After her handmaidens helped her get ready, she studied herself in the mirror, especially the mark on her neck. How long would it take to see a difference? A week had already passed.

"It won't fade away so quickly." Her grandmother suddenly spoke from behind her.

Heaven turned around. "How long will it then?" 

"Don't be discouraged, but it might take a few months since he is an ancient demon! 

Well, she was already discouraged. What would she do till then to get rid of this feeling? This curiosity to know his story and what happened to him, this guilt and this other feeling that she couldn't quite understand. Was it caring, maybe?

She shook her head. Why would she care for such a person? 

The day went by as usual, with her either worrying, yawning or eating. Nothing felt enjoyable anymore. She was always tense or sad and guilty.

Meanwhile, her father was dealing with troubles because she didn't get married yet. He didn't tell her himself, but she could hear whispers in the castle. People blamed her for being selfish and putting her father in a difficult situation.

Yes. She was selfish. Not only for putting him in a difficult situation but also in danger. What else was she supposed to do now? How could she get married when she already belonged to…

No! She shook the thought away. She didn't belong to anyone. If she didn't get married, then her father would have to deal with angry citizens. She had to do something. 

Heaven made her way to the throne hall where she expected to find her father. He sat on his throne and spoke to Lincoln when she walked inside.

Her father paused his speech when he took notice of her. He gave her a nod to come forward, then dismissed Lincoln.

"Your Majesty," Heaven curtsied. "I have come here to tell you I am ready to meet more suitors and find a groom."

Her father studied her for a moment, "You don't have to do that."

"Yes, I do. It's my duty." She said

"And mine is to make you happy." 

"But as a king your duty is to care for the welfare of this kingdom and it's people."

"I am not speaking as a King now. I am speaking as your father."

"You are a king before a father, Your Majesty." She reminded him. 

Her father sighed as he stood up from his seat. He walked down the stairs to where she stood and then put his hands on her arms.

"I know why you are doing this. But you don't have to worry. I'll handle it." He explained calmly. "Just take care of yourself."

Yes. That is exactly what she intended to do. Take care of herself and her problems. 

"I will. So when do I get to meet the next suitor?"

Her father shook his head at her stubbornness. 

"I will send Lincoln with information." He said. 

"Thank you." Heaven curtsied again before excusing herself to leave. 

Why was she acting like this, she didn't know.

"Why are you doing this?" Gina scolded when she told her about her decision. "I am sure your father will find a way."

That was the problem. She was tired of people cleaning up her mess. She had to grow up someday and deal with her own problems.

"What am I doing? I am just trying to find someone to marry."

"Suddenly you changed your mind?"


"You are blaming yourself, that is why you are doing this."

"I told you why I am doing this."

"I don't believe you." She said. 

"You don't have to and I don't want to talk about this anymore2

Gina was silent for a while before she clapped her hands together. "Alright then, I am leaving since you don't want to talk. Have a good night."


Before she could say anything she disappeared.

Great! As if being a terrible daughter wasn't enough., Now she was also an awful friend.

Heaven threw herself on her bed, her thought drifting away while she stared at the ceiling. Why wasn't the stranger coming to have his revenge if he was alive? Now she started to believe that he was actually dead. There was something that went wrong that day. He wasn't healing. It was very strange for an ancient demon to not heal. Could he have been weak after being locked inside for so long?

Why was he locked?

Closing her eyes, Heaven took a deep breath. She should not think of him now. She had other things to worry about, like getting married. But that was the problem. Every time she thought of getting married it felt like she was being unfaithful, since she didn't know for sure if he was dead.

"Heaven?" Her mother hovered over her. Had she been so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear when her mother came in? Her mother was wearing her nightgown and came to sleep next to her again.

Heaven sat up. "Mother. You don't have to stay here with me anymore. I am fine now and I would like to sleep alone."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Heaven didn't want to be a burden. It would be best for her and for everyone if she behaved like an a.d.u.l.t.

Her mother was hesitant, but without arguing she left her alone in her room. Heaven blew out a few candles, then went back to her bed to sleep. She was very tired, but whatever she did, she couldn't sleep. Frustrated, she turned back and forth, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. But everything felt uncomfortable. 

Suddenly she felt a chilling cold in the air that made her shiver. She knew this feeling, the feelings of someone watching her, lurking behind the shadow. Heaven stiffened in fear, knowing very well that he was here.

The silver-eyed stranger had finally come for his revenge. 

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Heaven slowly sat up on her bed and looked around. This time he didn't bother to hide. He stood a feet away from her bed and stared at her with his smoking silver eyes. If he was angry he didn't show it, He looked rather relaxed and in good condition. 

The sound of her heart beating loudly filled the room, and she swallowed the lump in her throat. A thousand images appeared inside her head. Her family slaughtered their bodies on the floor in a pool of blood. Her friends dead, the maids and guards dead, everyone dead.

The Stranger took a step forward. Heaven didn't flinch back. If everyone were dead, then she might as well die. What was she supposed to do without her loved ones? Oh, how she wished this was just a nightmare, but she knew it wasn't.

" parents…" she stuttered.

"I didn't kill them if that is what you are asking."

Relief washed over her. She still had a chance to convince him.

Heaven bolted out of bed and went down on her knees before him, something she had never done in her life before. She bowed her head.

"Please. My family were only trying to protect me. Please don't hurt them. Please." She shut her eyes and rubbed her hands together nervously. 

The room went quiet. The stranger didn't utter a word. 

Heaven peaked through one eye to see if he was still there, and he was. Standing exactly where he had been standing.

"Please. They are all I have." Heaven said realizing that she could lose everything because of a stupid decision she made. Her eyes welled with tears.

The stranger's hand went under her chin, lifting her face gently so that she was looking up at him. 

"Stand up." He ordered and Heaven did as he said. 

A tear fell down her cheek. 

"You stabbed me." He said as a matter of tact.

"I am sorry. I was afraid you would kill my friend."

"You hurt me."

Heaven looked up and into his eyes. Was she imagining things, or could she see pain swirling in those silver eyes? 

"How could I hurt you?" She asked.

Letting go of her chin, he reached behind his back and took out a dagger. First she thought that he was going to hurt her, but to her surprise he held the dagger out for her to take.

"Here." He said. 

Heaven stared confused at the weapon in his hands. Why was he giving it to her?

Carefully she took it from him and gave him a questioning look. 

"Stab me." He said.

"Why?!" Heaven was utterly confused.

"Just do it. You wanted to kill me, anyway."

Heaven looked at the dagger in her hand. He came back alive so a little knife would probably not hurt him. Yet, just in case, she only stabbed him on the arm. Blood seeped from the wound. Heaven stared, waiting for it to heal, but it didn't. His silver eyes met hers in realization. She could inflict pain on him, and he didn't like that. Yet another reason for him wanting to kill her.

"I don't want to kill." She hurried to say. "I just want my family to be safe."

"Just because you can hurt me doesn't mean you can kill me."

"Exactly. I mean I stabbed you with a sword yet you are here." 

Oh no. She was making the situation worse.

"Are you disappointed?"

"No… I mean…" No. She wasn't disappointed. Strange because she should be.

"No, I am just scared." She admitted. "Please don't hurt my family. My father is just very protective of me."

He stared at her for a long moment. "As he should be. I would have done the same for my daughter."

"You have a daughter?" She almost burst. 

Did he have a wife? How could he?

"Had." he corrected. "Your people killed her." 

Killed her? The witches killed his daughter? And then locked him inside.

"She was only a child. Her soul still pure. What crime did she commit?" 

They killed a child. Who were they exactly? How could they do such a horrible thing?

"They took my wife away from me and my child and then a thousand years of my life. Tell me why I shouldn't do the same thing? Tell me!" His voice was venomous. 

Heaven flinched back. Afraid by the rage in his stormy eyes.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you. But all witches are not the same. I would never do that to anyone."

While talking Heaven noticed that his wound still didn't heal. He was loosing blood.

"Wait." She said, turning back to her bed. She tore a piece of clothes from her bedsheet using her claws, then she walked back to him. 

"You are still bleeding." She said approaching him carefully. Slowly she reached for his arm and wrapped the piece of clothes around the wound. The whole time she could feel his intense gaze on her. She wondered what he was thinking. 

She knew he was so focused on his pain that he was blaming everyone, but she hoped he would calm down, eventually. What happened to him was awful, and she couldn't imagine the pain he went through.

Once she was done she took a step back and looked at him. "All wounds heal eventually. Some just take longer to heal."

He gazed at her appalled, as if she was speaking a foreign language. He probably thought she was insane for believing what she said.

"You think So?" He asked. 

"I hope so."

"Hope?" He repeated the word as if it was useless. "And you hope that I won't hurt your family?"

"I beg you." She said unashamed. 

He looked at her for what seemed like forever. Heaven waited for an evil laugh or a raging anger, but nothing of that sort happened. Instead, his gaze fell on her neck where he had bitten her. 

"It will fade away with time. I won't bother you again." He said. 

Heaven's eyes widened with surprise. "You won't kill my family?" 


 Where her ears deceiving her? She searched his face, trying to see if he was telling the truth. 

"You released me. See this as me repaying you. Now I owe you nothing." He explained when he saw the questioning look in her eyes. 

"Thank you." She breathed, relieved and still in shock. 

He just nodded and turned away to leave. 

"Wait!" She said, grabbing his shirt's sleeve. 

He turned to her, surprised.

"I...I" She began to stutter, but he waited patiently for her to speak. "I am getting married." She said. 

He raised a brow. "And?" 

She stared into his eyes while containing her anger. How could he be so indifferent? 

"And I can't. Because you bit me and the bite hasn't faded away."

"Then don't get married." He said simply. 

"It's not that simple. The kingdom needs a future King." Heaven explained. 

"Why a King? Can't they have a Queen?" 

"I can't become a Queen without a husband and Queens don't rule."

"Then be the first Queen to rule." He said.

Heaven sighed. Why couldn't he understand? He made everything sound so simple. 

"It's not that simple." 

"You either take a step to make a change or you follow the rules. It's up to you."

Heaven looked into his eyes. There was this honesty she felt when she first met him. He spoke his mind in a genuine way and he believed what he said even though it sounded impossible. So she didn't want to argue about the impossible yet maybe possible. 

Instead she asked, "where will you go now?" 

"Wherever my feet takes me." 

That sounded lonely. She wanted to ask him to stay. He couldn't just bite her and then leave her. 

"What about the bite?" 

"What about it?" He asked. 

"When it starts to fade, you will get the urge to bite me again." 

"I'll be long gone by then."

Heaven felt as though his words stabbed her in the heart. Slowly she let go of his sleeve. She looked at his face and his beautiful eyes one last time before he vanished into thin air.
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Zamiel walked through the dark streets as rain poured over him. He didn't care about getting soaked or the icy wind that whipped his hair into his face. He could just teleport himself back to his house, but he enjoyed the walk. It helped him clear his mind now that his thoughts and even his feelings were complete chaos. 


Heaven saved him from hell. 

He laughed cynically to himself. If there was a good reason to kill her father, it would be because he named her Heaven. It felt like he was being mocked. Saved by Heaven to live in another hell. And she, Heaven, was his main torturer. 

Why did she affect him so? The way she begged for her family reminded him of his own. But when he had begged, nothing had changed. Nothing could bring his family back. 

He reached for his arm and removed the piece of clothes from the wound. It had healed. He seemed to be hurting only in her presence. What did she do to him?

The way she had hurried to tend to his wound, left something in his heart. Something he wanted to get rid of. He wanted no feeling for that little girl. And the way her eyes became sad when he told her he was going to leave, it made him hesitate even if it was for a brief moment. How could a person be so na茂ve? He expected hate after what he did to her, but it had to be the mark affecting both him and her. They would hate each other once it faded away. 

Before knowing he had already reached the abandoned house where he stayed at the moment. It was an old broken house, looking like it was invaded by ghosts. 

With a thought, he took himself inside the house. It was pitch dark, but he didn't bother to light the candles. He could see clearly in the darkness. Walking to his room, he threw himself in his bed without changing clothes. Lying in it felt just like lying inside that coffin. What was the difference? He was alone there, and he was alone here too. 

Closing his eyes, he saw her face. 

Heaven. That little naive girl was nothing like his wife. Yet there was something about her that intrigued him, and he hated to admit it because he wanted to give her no place in his heart. 

The only woman who would ever have his heart was his wife. He still remembered clearly the first time he saw her. She was buying fabric in the market, negotiating with the seller about the price. They seemed to have a disagreement, and the seller was being rude. Unable to just stand by, Zamiel interrupted their argument. 

"Is there a problem?" He asked, turning to her. 

She was wearing a green veil that covered most of her black hair, and her amber eyes were adorned with kohl. 

She avoided to meet his gaze. "My lord, this man wants to sell this fabric for one Daric." 

"My lord, this is the latest fabric, worn by royalty. I am trying to explain it to her, but she doesn't believe me." The seller defended himself. 

Zamiel touched the fabric. It was indeed an expensive one. Pure high quality silk. 

"He is telling the truth. This kind of fabric is expensive." He explained. 

"Oh," the woman looked down, embarrassed. 

"What did you need it for?" He asked. 

"My sister is getting married. I wanted to gift it to her." She explained. 

Zamiel reached inside his sleeve and took out a leather pouch filled with gold coins. When she realized what he was about to do, she held her hands out. 

"No, my lord. You don't have to do that." 

"It's your sister's wedding. I am sure she is looking forward to receive a gift." He said taking out two gold coins and handing them to the seller. "I'll take two." He told the seller.

The woman looked at him, surprised. 

"You need to dress well for your sister's wedding as well." He explained. 

The seller packed two fabrics before handing them over. "Thank you, my Lord. My sister is going to be very pleased. How can I repay you?" She asked. 

"There is no need." He said. 

She looked up at him for the first time and their eyes locked. There was a spark in there and he was sure she felt it too because she looked away quickly as a blush crept to her cheeks. 

"Can I have your name?" He asked. 

"Gamila." She replied. 

Her name suited her perfectly. She was indeed a gorgeous woman. 

"I would still like to repay you." She insisted. 

"Do you sew clothes?" He asked since he already knew the answer.


"I am looking for a tailor. I live right behind the market in the big white mansion." 

There was only one of that sort, so she wouldn't have a hard time finding it. 

Her eyes widened. "You live there?" She asked.

He nodded. "You are free to come by." He said. 

He tried not to seem desperate. 

"I will." She said surprising him. 

The next day she came by with her sister. He didn't expect any less of her. He knew she wouldn't come alone to a stranger's house. Zamiel asked a servant to show her around and give her the fabrics she needed to sew the clothes. 

Every day, he watched her from a distance, knowing very well she wasn't the type of woman to speak casually with men. She was a woman with a good reputation, and he didn't want to taint that reputation of hers. Yet sometimes he couldn't help but have small conversations with her. 

She didn't speak much, but her words had a great impact. There was maturity and a confidence in her voice that intrigued him. For every time he spoke to her, he found out something new about her that made him fall for her even more. 

If she felt the same way about him he didn't know, but he knew he had an affect on her from the way her voice quivered sometimes when they locked eyes and her cheeks flushed when he caught her looking at him. But she always kept a safe distance from him. She never tried to get close to him or flirt with him like other women usually did. 

One day she knocked on his room. "My Lord, I need to have your exact measurements." She said. 

He was surprised. He never thought she would be willing to come near him this much. But while measuring him, she tried her best to not touch him, and he did his best to stand still and endure the torture of her closeness. 

"I have got what I need. Thank you." She said and hurried away. 

The next time she knocked on his door was to tell him she quit her job. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"People are talking. They say I come here every day and… " 

Zamiel cursed. He did ruin her reputation. 

"Now, no one wants to marry me." She said as tears fell down her cheek. She wiped it away quickly with her veil. 

He walked up to her. "Then marry me." 

She blinked a few times in surprise. "My family is middle class. We don't have much to offer you." 

"You are enough for me." 

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The day after the entire city knew about their wedding shutting down all the gossip that circulated. Zamiel sent carriages and servants with gold and expensive fabrics to her home. Now people started to gossip about how lucky she was instead. 

"You didn't have to send all this." She told him. 

"I wanted to." He said. 

She smiled at him, this time looking into his eyes. There was no avoiding to look at each other now that they were getting married. She looked happy and so was he, except for the one thing that bothered him. He was a djinn, and she didn't know. She deserved to know, but he was afraid of losing her. 

"Gamila, would you love me no matter what?" He asked. 

"As long as you don't hurt me, I will love you for eternity." She said. 

"I need to tell you something." He began. "Whatever I tell you, I want you to know that it doesn't change who I am or how I feel about you." 

She nodded. "You can tell me anything." 

"I am a djinn." He said. 

She looked at him for a long moment. It felt like forever before she laughed. "You are funny." She said hitting him jokingly. 

"I am serious." He told her. 

"Alright." She said, but he could tell she didn't believe him. 

He would have to show her, so he vanished and then materialized back again. 

That night she ran away from him, locking herself inside her room. Even though it hurt him he knew these kinds of things could be difficult for humans to accept. She would need a few days to let sink in. 

But Gamila was quick, and the day after she came knocking on his door. "Zamiel, would you ever hurt me?" She asked. 

"May I never see the daylight again if I ever hurt you." 

"Don't say such a thing." She scolded. "May you have a long life." 

He smiled at her. "You are not afraid of me anymore?" 

"No. I can't be afraid of my future husband." She smiled back. 

And so they got married, and he gave her the love bite, strengthening their bond. But someone was not so happy about their marriage and it was none other than his witch friend, Razia. Despite the animosity between their races, they stayed friends for many years. 

Now she was angry with him. "How could you not tell me you got married?" 

"It happened suddenly." He explained. 

"Still." She crossed her arms over her chest. 

"Alright, I am sorry." 

"Who is here?" His wife came into the parlor. 

"Gamila, come here. This is my friend Razia." He introduced. "And this is my wife, Gamila." 

They greeted each other and before he knew they sat down and chatted happily until the sun went down. Razia come often to their home to spend time with Gamila and Zamiel was happy they became friends. His two-year-old daughter was also very fond of Razia. 

One night while lying in bed next to his wife, she asked him a surprising question. 

"Do you like Razia?" 

He took a moment to think. He didn't want to say anything to hurt his wife. "I like her as a friend." He said. 

"But a man and a woman can never be just friends." She said. 

"To me, she is just a friend." He assured her. 

"But to her, you are not just a friend."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, she likes you. As a man." 

"There must be a misunderstanding. I have known her for a very long time." He said. 

"Yes. But only a woman can know another woman very well." She explained. 

"You are worried? That I might like her back?" 

"I can't blame you if you did. She is very beautiful."

"Nothing compares to your beauty." He told her. 

She smiled widely at his compliment, but that night was the last time he saw her beautiful smile. The day after when he came home, he found his wife and daughter slaughtered, their lifeless bodies lying in a pool of blood. His wife was badly beaten, he could tell she fought for her life and for their daughter's life. 

Zamiel fell on his knees, his vision darkening, his head spinning. He had the urge to vomit from the way his insides twisted in pain. Crawling to their bodies, he gathered them in his arms and held them close while he cried, a silent stifled sound. 

When he could finally breath, he screamed, cursed, begged, but nothing changed the fact that they were gone. His wife had always prayed for him to live a long life. Why did he never do the same? Why?! 

Who had done this?! They would pay for it dearly. 

It had to be someone who didn't know about him, otherwise they would never dare. Maybe some humans who didn't know what they were dealing with, but he was wrong. These beings knew exactly what they were doing. 

When Razia come home to him she was horrified at what she found. 

"Zamiel." She hurried to his side but then stopped. Again he could see the horror on her face as she looked at the dead body of his daughter. She put a hand on her mouth. 

"Look!" He said, holding his daughter up. "She refuses to wake up. She refuses to talk to me."

"Zamiel, please. Come." She grabbed his arms and tried to get him away from the dead bodies. 

"No!" He pushed her away. "I am staying here."

"You can't stay there forever. We need to bury them." 

He shook his head violently. "I am not burying them before I bury those who killed them. Find them for me, Razia. Find them!"

It didn't take long for Razia to find out who they were, but he could see she was ashamed and terrified when she told him. It was her own people. What better way to hurt an ancient demon? They couldn't kill him, so they killed his family. 

He knew why. It was all his fault. His type were not supposed to procreate. Demons had broken that rule many times before. It was one created by the witches, anyway, but his case was different. They probably felt threatened that an ancient demon was procreating. It would disrupt the balance of nature according to them. But how could they kill a child?

His vision become red with anger. Razia had every reason to be afraid. At that moment, he forgot their long years of friendship. All he could think of was that she was a witch, one of those who brutally murdered his family. He was close to killing her right there and then.

"Leave before I kill you." He told her. 

Tears fell down her cheeks. "You need someone by your side now. Please let me be there for you. " 

He needed to just give her a look to let her know that if she spoke one more word; he was not going to show mercy. 

Quietly, she turned and left. 

Zamiel buried his family. He had sworn to avenge them first, but now his plans would take much longer and he wanted them to find peace soon. His vengeance would be nothing short. He would teach everyone what it meant to anger an ancient djinn. 

The horror of his actions spread fast, and witches started to hide. He burned down and buried every witch village he knew until they themselves brought to him the one responsible for the death of his family. Only to end the terror. 

Zamiel thought of all the possible ways to torture them, but nothing seemed satisfying enough. So he handed them over to the demons. Those who hated witches the most. They could come up with gruesome ways to kill and torture. He never enjoyed watching suffering as much as he did that day. But then only emptiness followed. 

Once he executed his revenge, there was nothing else to do. Together with his family, he had buried a part of himself that day. Now only the pain remained. 

"Zamiel." His friend Razia returned to him. He thought she would never want to see him again after what he did. 

"What are you doing here?" 

"If you are done hating, I want to be with you." 

Be with him? His wife had told him that Razia liked him. It turned out to be true. 

"But I don't want to be with you. Every time I see you, I am reminded of them." 

He could tell his words cut deep. "It's not my fault I am a witch."

"I did a mistake by befriending you. Our people can never mix. Demons and witches, it will never happen." 

"You say you can never love me?" She asked, tears welling in her eyes. 

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"Your Highness. It's time to wake up." 

Heaven could hear her handmaiden pleading with her to wake up, but she didn't feel like getting out of bed today. Waking up would mean dealing with her thoughts and emotions, and she didn't have the energy to do that. 

"Your Highness. If you tell me to leave, I will." Kate spoke. 

She was such a gentle soul, and Heaven didn't want to be rude to her. 

"Why don't you come back later." She told her. 

"How much later, Your Highness?" 

"Later." Heaven groaned, still half asleep. 

Heaven could hear Kate's footsteps and then the opening and closing of the door. Finally, she was alone. 

She closed her eyes, but the silver-eyed stranger was still haunting her even while awake. Those sad eyes. There was so much pain and hatred in them. 

Why did the witches kill his family? Was it because of the animosity between the races or was there something else?

How was it to be locked inside for so long? 

She was curious about so many things, and all she had been thinking of the entire night was him. If she wanted to stop this madness, she would have to distract herself. Lying in bed wasn't doing much good. 

After getting ready for the day, Lincoln informed her that a suitor was coming to meet her. She had almost forgotten that she told herself to take responsibility. Thanking Lincoln, she went to meet the suitor. On her way, she prayed that this man would catch her attention. She didn't feel like meeting a dozen more men. 

When she arrived at the parlor, the man was sitting on the sofa holding a cup of tea in his hand. When he took notice of her, he put the cup on the table and stood up quickly. 

"Your Highness." He bowed deeply. 

Heaven knew him. He was a very respected General. A young one and her father was very fond of him. She was curious because of what she had heard about him. Despite his young age, he was spectacular at leading the royal army, protecting the kingdom and planning for war. 

"General Kian, please be seated."

He sat down, and she sat opposite him. He seemed nervous, unlike most Generals who radiated arrogance. Especially when they saw her. She knew exactly what most of them were thinking. Probably that they were more influential than a Princess and therefore superior. 

Maybe they were, and it gave her a sudden urge to prove them wrong. 

Speaking to General Kian wasn't bad. He didn't annoy her at least, and he had good manners. He also seemed too wise for his age, being only a few years older than her. He made her realize how childish she was, and she still had a lot to learn and a long way to grow. 

But she couldn't see him as a man. Or more correctly, her man. She was already taken. It would be very confusing to marry someone before the mark faded. Would that even be right to do? It felt like she was betraying him. 

No! She couldn't do this anymore. She refused. Now, she had only one option left. To try the impossible. 

"General Kian. Have a woman joined the royal army before?" 

He was surprised by her question. 


"Why is that?" She asked. 

"I am not sure, but no woman has ever expressed that she wants to join."

"I am sure you know the warrior Princess Klara. She is also a General of the royal army in Gatrish." 

"Yes. Everyone knows her. I am sorry to ask Princess, but are you considering joining the royal army?"


He nodded thoughtfully, but she could see that he was trying to hide his emotions on the matter. 

"I am sure you can discuss it with His Majesty." He finally said. 

Heaven could tell he was being careful with his words. 

"I will, but can I count on you if I join the army?" She asked, knowing she would meet a lot of resistance. Having a General on her side would help a lot. 

"I am at your service, Your Highness." 

She observed him for a short moment, then decided to trust his words. He seemed genuine. 

At least the meeting wasn't a total waste. Heaven had taken a step toward her goal, but she still had a long way to go. 

After the meeting, she went to meet her father. When she came to the garden, her parents were sitting in her mother's favorite swing. Her father had one arm wrapped around her mother's shoulder, holding her close while they spoke of something that made them both happy.

Heave stood and watched them from a distance. Even after so many years, she could see the love and affection they had for each other. It made her smile without realizing. 

Unexpectedly, they looked her way as if sensing her presence. Her mother motioned for her to come. 

Heaven walked up to them.

"I am sure our daughter is here to speak to you." Her mother said, looking at her father. 

"She is jealous." Her father joked. 

"I love you, mother." Heaven said, knowing very well her mother always felt that Heaven was closer to her father. 

Maybe she was. But she didn't love her mother any less. If her father was her sky, then her mother was the earth beneath her feet. Without her, she wouldn't be standing. 

"But yes. I do need to speak to father." She continued. 

Her father listened carefully, nodding for her to proceed. 

"Father, I have changed my mind. I don't want to get married. I want to rule."

Eyes wide with surprise, her parents looked at each other before her father laughed, amused. 

"That was unexpected." He said. 

But her mother didn't think it was funny or entertaining. "Heaven," She stood up from her seat and came up to her, putting her hands gently on her arms. "Is everything alright?" 

"Yes, mother. Everything is perfect." 

"If you don't want to get married, you don't have to. We will find a way." Her mother assured. 

"I know. But I still want to do this."

Her mother frowned. "Is there something you are not telling me? To be a ruler is not easy, especially to be the first female ruler you are going to go through a lot of hardsh.i.p.s."

Heaven knew her mother wanted to protect her, but someday Heaven wanted to be able to do the same for her parents. Protect them. 

"Mother, I know the road is difficult, but I have made a decision. I would be very glad if you could support me. I am going to need all the support I can get. You can also teach me and lend me your wisdom."

Her mother looked back at her father as if asking for help. 

"Heaven," Her father stood up from his seat as well. "You can't know what you want before you have tried it. I'll let you rule under my watch. If you still want to rule after that I'll support you. Just know that being a ruler will change you and not always for the better." 

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Irene was keeping an eye on Heaven. So many things were going on, starting with the stranger who marked her and her grandfather who had plans to make her his successor. Danger surrounded her and Irene would do everything in her power to protect her granddaughter, hopefully without suffocating her. Therefore, she kept an eye on her from a distance. 

After making sure that Heaven was asleep, Irene went to take a break and relax in her room when she suddenly got a visit from someone she expected to show up sooner or later. 


"Why are you here?" She asked, turning to him. 

"I missed you." He said, walking closer. 

"You wouldn't have left me then." 

"I didn't leave you. I never wanted to. I wanted you to follow me, to be by my side, to be my Queen, but you refused." If she didn't know better now, she would have believed that he was sad. 

"Of course. Did you expect me to leave my son to come with you?"

"You didn't have to leave him if you stood by my side. We would have convinced him together." He explained. 

Irene shook her head. "Or you could have stayed with us." 

Lothaire sighed, then he crossed the distance between them and took her hands in his. "Irene, my love. Have I not stayed with you all this time? Can't you now stay with me? Can't you be by my side? Imagine our lives together, all the happiness we shared. We can do that again. Yes, I might have lied about many things, but my feelings for you were never a lie."

"I know. Your feelings for me were not a lie, but that is your feelings and that is all you care about. You never cared for my feelings. You sacrificed my happiness. If you truly cared about how I feel you would have tried your best to bring me our son knowing how empty I felt all those years without him. How could you do that to me? How could you do that to someone you claim you love? You even sacrificed your son's happiness for you evil plans."

"You don't understand." He said with clenched teeth. 

"I do. You don't know what real love means. You version of love is twisted because you are selfish, and real love is not selfish." 

He nodded, dropping her hands. "Very well, then. If you think I am selfish, alright. But what I did was best for everyone. Yes, it was difficult for you and Lucian, but look at him now. He was protected all those years, and he grew up to be a fine man, and now you can be with him. The result benefited everyone." He explained. 

Irene stared at him, appalled. Why did she except that he would understand? 

"Where you sure this would be the result? What if things turned out differently? Like the time our son almost committed suicide, or the time when he actually died. What if he hadn't come back?"

"He did come back. Bad things could have happened even if he stayed with us. There is no avoiding that."

"What about all the scars and loneliness you made him go through then? You took his childhood away." Her eyes teared up, recalling all the hurt her son must have gone through. 

"That made him stronger. Difficulties make people stronger."

"Yes. And strong benefits you because then he will fit perfectly into you plan."

"Don't twist my words." He warned. 

"I don't need to. You are more twisted than your words. And your actions are even worse. Don't come back here. We have nothing left between us and don't you dare come for Heaven. I know what you are planning." She spat. 

"Heaven is my granddaughter, too. You can't stop me from meeting her. I will come for her whenever I want. She is old enough now to decide for herself whether she wants to meet me or not." He sounded angry this time. 

"So it's not enough you ruined two lives. Now you want to ruin another?"

"No. I wouldn't call it ruin. I call it freedom. With me, she can do whatever she wants." 

Irene clenched her hands into fists, trying to contain her anger. "Leave!" She said in a calm yet threatening tone. There was no use in talking to him anymore. 

His lips curved into a smile. "I will. For now. But I will come back for you. We will be a family again." He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand before he vanished.

Irene stood there for a while. Anger and hatred boiling within her. Why could he just not leave her to finally stay happy with her family? 

She would not let him lay a finger on Heaven. She would not let him hurt her children again. 

When the morning came the first thing Irene did was to visit her granddaughter. To her surprise, she was awake early this morning and already dressed. 

"Good morning, grandma." She smiled brightly upon her arrival. 

"Good morning. You seem to be in a good mood."

"I am trying." Heaven smiled. "I need your help." 

"Alright. What is it?" 

Heaven frowned. "You don't know? Father haven't told you?"

"Told me what?" Irene asked. 

"That… I want to become a ruler."

Irene paused for a moment, surprised, before asking, "why would you want that?" She couldn't understand. She didn't want Heaven to bear that burden. It was enough that her son already went through all those horrible things. 

"Grandma. I feel like… I was born for this. I can either complain about my life or embrace it." She smiled as if discovering something. 

Irene became concerned. Who had changed her granddaughter into this woman? Did Lothaire already meet with her? 

"Did you grandpa come here?"

Heaven frowned. "No, why?"

"Nothing." Irene shook her head, but Heaven's sudden change in attitude still disturbed her. Something must have affected her. 

"So will you help me?" She asked innocently. 

"Of course." Irene smiled. She didn't want to discourage her now that she finally seemed happy. "What do you want me to do?"

"Well, you could first take me to uncle Roshan. I need to speak to him." She said.

Without asking why, Irene teleported them to Roshans house. 

Klara and Roshan were fighting in the garden and it didn't look like they were fighting for training purpose even though they used swords. 

"Alright, we have guests, maybe we can continue later." Roshan said while blocking a strike with his sword. 

Irene wasn't surprised. She was used to their physical fights whenever they were angry with each other, but shortly after they would make up and it would be like nothing ever happened. But Irene knew Roshan too well. He rather enjoyed the fight then looking at it as a punishment. Klara on the other hand made sure he enjoyed it as little as possible. 

When Klara didn't drop her sword Roshan gave her a pleading look. "You can kill me later." He promised her. 

Klara threw her sword aside before turning to them. "Irene, Heaven. It's still early. I was on my way." She told Heaven, probably referring to the fighting lessons they had in the early mornings. 

"I know. I came here for Uncle Roshan." Heaven explained. 

"Oh…" She said turning to her husband. 

"Princess." Roshan came forward. "How can I help you?"

"I want you to teach me how to fight. I mean... Princess Klara is very skilled but I want to learn to use my demon powers while fighting." 

"Or maybe you just want to learn from the best." He said sending his wife a teasing smile. She gave him a hard glare, which caused him to chuckle.

"Your father told me you wanted to become a ruler." He said. 


"Well, you have all my support. I'll enjoy watching all those men being ruled by a woman." 

"Thank you." Heaven smiled, then turned to Klara. "I would also love to have your support, Princess Klara. There is a lot I can learn from you."

"You have my support." She said shortly. 

Irene could see that Heaven was determined to make it as a ruler, and everyone was supportive. But she was sceptical. She really didn't like this idea.
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Roshan was teaching Heaven how to fight like a demon, but it wasn't going very well. She was too human compared to him. He was too fast and too strong, and soon she became discouraged. But Roshan was a skilled teacher and every time she gave up he motivated her to do better, and try harder.

"Heaven, I can't tell you what to do. You and I are different. What works for me won't work for you. You need to find your own strength. Look deep into yourself." He told her.

Heaven knew what he meant, but it wasn't that easy. On the other hand, her lesson's with Klara were going well. Heaven never thought war and politics would interest her, but studying it she understood why her parent's and her grandmother didn't like her decision. In politics you often have to choose between two evils, but 

the hardest and most scary part was that her decision would affect so many lives. She would be responsible for the people of this whole kingdom when she could barely take responsibility for herself.

Besides politics and demon powers, she was also learning her witch powers. Her grandmother tried to teach her a few spells.

"I think it's important that you can take yourself from on place to another in case you are in danger. So that is the first thing I'll teach you." 

Heaven was happy to know that she would finally be able to teleport herself, but mastering the technique was not easy and it took her few days to only learn one spell. She jumped around with joy when she finally managed to transport herself from one place to another by creating a portal and that she could walk through to the other side, which was where she wanted to go. But shortly after her success, she felt useless that it took her so long to learn just one thing. How long would it take before she learned how to be a real witch?

Zarin and Gina were surprised when they found out about Heaven's decision to become a ruler, but while Gina was happy and supportive, Zarin opposed to her idea. 

"Why would you want that? I don't understand. All that responsibility you are taking on and all the danger you are putting yourself in is not worth it." He argued.

Heaven knew he was only worried for her. He had always wished for her to live freely and happily, and he was the one to sneak her out sometimes. 

"Zarin, I am tired of hiding and feeling pity for myself. It's not people I want to rule. I want to rule over my life that I felt I had no control over before. Now I really feel like I can control my life to some extent and plan for my future."

Zann shook his head, clearly not satisfied by her reply. "You are making a mistake, Heaven. You don't know what it is like to rule."

"You are right, I don't but there is only or way to figure out."

He stood up from his seat. "I am not supporting you in making a mistake." He said

"How do you know it's a mistake?"

"I just know. People are only going along with your idea because you have been feeling sad."

"So you mean everyone is just pretending to support me to make me happy, and not because they believe in me?" Heaven was baffled. 

He sighed. "That is not what I meant."

"Nevermind. You won't understand because you never wanted to be a ruler." She couldn't help but feel disappointed and sad. Zarin had always been the one to support her. 

"You are right. I won't understand." He shrugged. "I don't understand why you changed your mind so suddenly. You never mentioned before that you wanted become a rule."

"Zarin, people grow and change." 

"I can see that." He said nodding. 

Heaven shook her head at his resistance. He would come around eventually, she thought. 

But as days went by things didn't get better with Zarin and he always played deaf whenever she spoke about her plans. Soon she couldn't stand it. 

"What is wrong with you these days?" She asked. 

"Nothing." He shrugged. 

"No! There is something." 

"I just… I don't understand this new you."

"There is nothing to understand. I just found a purpose in life. Maybe you should try it than just spending time with women."

As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted them immediately. She could see clearly that he got offended. 

"I am sorry." She hurried to say. 

"No, you are right. I should go find a purpose." He said and then vanished before she could apologize again. 

Yes, she didn't like his promiscuous behavior, but she shouldn't have spoken like that. 

Heaven groaned, frustrated. Why was it when things got better in life they also got worse at the same time? 

With sunken shoulders, she went to sit in front of the mirror and began to remove the silver pins from her hair. She was exhausted, which was good because then she would sleep immediately without thinking about other things. Preparing herself to become a ruler had helped her keep her mind clear from unwanted thoughts. She was too occupied to think of anything else, yet still sometimes she would see those silver eyes in front of her. 

Three weeks had passed, but she could still remember him as if she had seen him yesterday. Sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night believing or wishing he had come back for her, but she never felt his presence again. Just as he promised he didn't come to bother her, but still, she was bothered. 

Heaven shook her thought aways quickly. No more thinking of him. She just had to put up with this a few months and then it would be over. Looking in the mirror, she gathered her hair up and tied it in a bun. Her gaze fell on her now bare neck and she noticed something unusual. 

Unable to believe her eyes, she leaned closer to the mirror. Where was the mating mark? 

It was gone. 


It had only been three weeks. It would never fade away this fast unless….


Her heart dropped to her stomach. Did something happen to Zamiel? She remembered the despairing look in his eyes and his words. 

"Wherever my feet takes me?" 

She hoped it wasn't where she thought it was. 

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Heaven went to sleep ignoring the fact that the mark had faded away and that it probably meant something was wrong with Zamiel. But she would not care. He was a grown man, powerful and ancient. He didn't need her help; she tried to convince herself, and it didn't work. 

She lay in bed turning back and forth, her mind filled with questions and her heart hammering loudly at the thought of what might have happened to Zamiel. Ancient demons might not be killed easily, but they could probably kill themselves. 

Zamiel wouldn't do that. Would he? 

What if she didn't do something soon and ended up regretting it for the rest of her life? This was a matter of someone's life. She shouldn't even be thinking and hurry to save him before it's too late.

Getting out of bed, she dressed quickly and then used the magic her grandmother taught her to transport herself. It was still not easy to perform it, and she had to try several times before it worked. She was so happy at first, but looking around she realized she ended up somewhere else. She found herself inside the dark cave where she first found him instead. 

Her grandmother had told her to vividly imagine where she wanted to go. Heaven remembered the spooky house where Zamiel had kept her. Closing her eyes, she tried to envision it clearly, and this time it worked. She stood outside the old 

house that looked abandoned and her heart began to beat erratically. She had to admit that she feared what she might find. 

Either she would find something she hoped to never see or nothing. She hoped for the latter, but she would be more relieved if she found him safe and sound. Although that would put her in danger. He would not appreciate her visit. 

Slowly she made her was inside. To her surprise, a few candles were lit, and the moonlight penetrated through the large windows without curtains. Walking further in, she smelled a familiar scent. The scent of rain and wet earth. She could tell he was here by the musky scent and she followed it to find her way around. 

The scent led her to a room. Heaven's eyes fell on the bed where someone was lying. Her heart skipped a beat, realizing she was in a dangerous creature's home without permission. But she couldn't help to take a closer look, just to ensure herself that he was alright.

He lay without a blanket and with his hair covering his face. She couldn't tell if he was just sleeping since he wasn't moving. She looked at his hands, the only part of his body that was visible. His fingers were bony and his skin pale, almost bluish. It was as if he was dead. 

Without a second thought, she ran to his bed and began to shake him. 

"Zamiel! Zamiel! Wake up!"

Oh Lord, she was too late. 

When he didn't respond she shook him harder, almost violently when he suddenly shot his eyes wide open. 

He was startled, but Heaven let out a breath of relief.

"You are alive." She said. 

He was alive.

He blinked several times. It looked as if he had slept for days, but not healthily. His face looked thinner, his skin paler, and his lips were blue. He looked sick and starved. 

"Are you alight?" She loomed over him where he lay. 

He looked at her surprised, as if he couldn't believe that she was there with him. 

"Heaven?" His voice was strained, like someone who hasn't spoken for days. 

"Yes. It's me."

 Stupid her.

He was just fine. What did she think would happen to him? 

But what about the mark? Why did it fade away?

He sat up hastily, recoiling from her touch. 

"I am sorry. I just thought something bad happened to you." She explained.

He looked at her with eyes so cold she shivered. 

"And why would you care?"

Good question. Why did she care?

"I don't know. I just… the mark has faded away."

His gaze traveled to her neck before looking at her again. 

"Good. Isn't that what you wanted?"

Heaven wasn't even sure what she wanted anymore.

"Now you can get married." His eyes became dark.

He didn't like the idea. 

But then, as if unable to stand her nearness, he took himself out of bed and for away from her. He even refused to look at her while he stood in the corner. He looked afraid. 

"I am not getting married anymore."

Slowly, he lifted his gaze to hers. 

"Why? I thought you had to?"

"Not anymore. I took a step to make a change. I decided to become the first Queen to rule." She said proudly. 

Zamiel just stared at her for a moment. She couldn't tell if he was impressed or not. "Good for you. Now you should leave and never come back."

His hands fisted at the sides of his body and his eyes turned red before he shut them tightly. When he opened them again, they returned to normal. But Heaven's gaze was fixated on his month. His fangs had elongated, and she suddenly realized what was happening.

"You want to bite me again?"

She could tell he did not want to admit it. It seemed to her that wanting to bite her sickened him. 

"Why did the mark fade away so quickly?" She asked.

"Because your people love to torture. They want me to keep biting you. Now go away, because I would rather kill than bite you again."

To keep biting her was a torture? 

Heaven didn't know what to feel. She knew a mate's urge to renew the mark could be very strong, sometimes to the point where it became painful. But that he would rather endure the pain than bite her told her clearly that he wanted nothing to do with her. His hate for witches was so strong, and it scared it. But it also made her curious to know what exactly happened to his family and how he was locked inside a coffin.

But right now it would be best for her to leave. 

Getting up, she performed the same spell that took her here, while envisioning her room, but it didn't work. Embarrassed, she glanced at Zamiel but he ignored her and she went back to try again. Still, it didn't work. 

She knew she would have to try several times like just like before, when suddenly Zamiel chuckled darkly.

"You can't even perform a spell? What kind of witch are you?" 

Anger boiled inside of her. "One that is also part demon and part human."

"Or maybe just a useless one."

Heaven knew he was trying to hurt her on purpose. So she tried to not get angry and try again. 

"What is wrong?"

"I don't know. It's not working." She hated to admit it. It made her feel weak. 

"Why did you even come here?" He growled. 

"I don't want to be here either." 

"Then you wouldn't have come here." 

"I was just...the mark faded away, and I wondered why. Don't you?" 

"No. I already know and it's because I hate being your mate." He emphasized the word hate. 

He didn't need to tell her. The resentment was evident in his gaze.

He shut his eyes again before opening them. She knew he was fighting the urge. She should leave as fast as she could but since the spell wasn't working, she decided to leave the normal way and when she was a bit far away from him try again. 

"I won't come back to bother you." She said and then headed for the door. 

"Where are you going?" He asked, almost annoyed. 

"You told me to leave." 

"Yes. The way you came. You are not thinking of walking back."

"Why do you care?"

"I don't. Maybe it's better you walk back and get killed by some blood hungry demon. There are a lot of them out there and they can even sniff witch blood."

Heaven wasn't sure if he was warning her or just scaring her. 

"I can protect myself." She said.

"Says the person who can��t perform a simple spell." He scoffed. 

"It's not that simple." 

Suddenly he was right in front of her, his face close to hers. His eyes gazing into her own, intensely. He would not compel her, would he?

"If you are thinking of compelling me to let you bite me, then don't. I rather you do that without compulsion." 

"You won't resist?"

Heaven just stared into his eyes, not knowing what to reply.