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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's 馃槇 Son Volume 2 Chapter 41...50 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

RETURN OF THE DEVIL’S SON CHAPTER 41 "Irene? Are you awake?" Irene opened her eyes but everything was a blur and it took her awhile before she could see Hazel looming over her with a concerned expression. "Haz...el." Her voice cracked as if she hadn't spoken for days. "How long was I gone?" "Two days." Hazel spoke. "You got me worried. What happened?" Irene recalled sneaking into her sons room at night to take his pain away. She had practiced the spell for days and even though he had told her he didn't want to she couldn't let him stay in pain. But as she took some of his pain away she realized she couldn't even handle half of it. It was too much and knowing that her son was in so much pain, pained her even more. She wanted to take all of it away so she pushed herself over the limit and ended up in this condition. One thing she would never forget was seeing Lucian in that dark well, getting burned over and over again. She would make sure Pierre went through the same and even worse. "I haven't slept for days, that's probably why." She lied. "Where is Lucian?" "Do you want me to bring him?" Hazel asked. "No, its alright. I am sure he is busy." Irene was nervous to meet her son. She didn't know what to say to him to make everything alright. She felt like the worst mother on earth. "You haven't eaten for days. Let me help you up and then we will have some lunch." Hazel suggested. Irene nodded. After taking a bath and getting some new clothes to wear she sat at the garden with Hazel while some maids served lunch. "Did...Lothaire come to bring me?" Hazel who was chewing her food paused and looked at her. She nodded and swallowed the food in her mouth. "Yes but...Lucian didn't let him take you away. He believes Lothaire is the one who kept you away from visiting him." She explained. Irene knew her son was in too much pain so he was trying to find different reasons as to why his mother didn't visit him. It was understandable. Hazel put her fork down slowly on the table as if she wanted to say something important. "Irene, I want to help but I need you to show me the rest of your story. I want to know everything." Irene nodded. "Alright." Once they were done eating they went back to the chamber and Irene decided to show the rest of her tragic story to Hazel and this time she would not leave any details out. "Close your eyes." Irene ordered while holding Hazel's hand. Hazel closed her eyes and Irene took her back in time, to when she was married to the King. Weeks had passed since she arrived to her knew home and so far she didn't like it here. Her husband treated her well and she was his favorite but his wives and mistresses were a pain to deal with. They envied her and felt threatened by her beauty and wits. Nyx wouldn't mind if she had other friends she could spend time with, but she was utterly alone. The other wives and mistresses would invite each other from time to time without including her and make sure to spread bad rumors about her every time they got the chance. If the King didn't believe in her she would have been in trouble, but she had him by her side. She was thankful for that yet he didn't take away the emptiness she felt. He was only there at night, to satisfy his needs without thinking of satisfying hers and then in the morning she was back to laying alone in her bed again. She didn't want this life and she decided to speak to her husband about it. Maybe he could let her stay with her family from time to time. He often granted her wishes. When the sun went down Nyx dressed beautifully and waited for her husbands arrival. He caught her attention as soon as he walked into the room. He was handsome, she couldn't deny it but tonight he was something more. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but he made her heart race. "My lord." She stood up from her seat and walked over to him. She took his hand to kiss his knuckles but he turned his hand and kissed hers instead. His lips felt cold yet his kiss warmed her. Strange, she thought. He never made her feel that way. Nyx helped him take off his crown and his royal robe before he sat down at the table. A maid served him his night tea and Nyx went to sit in front of him. She studied him carefully while he took a sip of his tea and wondered why he seemed so different. If her mother had returned her magic she would have been able to read his thoughts. "My lord, I have a request." She began He put down his cup and looked at her carefully. "And what is your request?" He asked. Nyx got a strange feeling as he spoke but she shook it away. "I was wondering if I could stay with my family from time to time. I know that the rules don't allow such thing but can't you bend the rules for my sake once. I feel…" "Suffocated." He finished. Nyx looked up at him surprised. How did he know? He stood up and reached his hand out for her to grab. She took his hand and he drew her into his embrace. His closeness made her heart skip a beat. "If you feel that way, why have you never called for me yet?" Called for him? She looked into his eyes and realized that this gaze did not belong to her husband. "Lucifer!" Startled she pushed him away. Lucifer let his disguise fall and showed his true self. "What do you want?" Nyx asked. She knew the Devil never wasted his time on meaningless encounters. Lucifer narrowed his cold gaze. "I have been unable to stop thinking about you since I met you. I believe you are the one." The one? Did he mean his mate? She shook her head. Nyx knew demons could know if someone was their mate with only a few encounters but she had only met him once. "I believe not. I am married." "That doesn't change anything." He said coldly. She knew nothing could change the fact that he thought she was the one. Demons claimed their mates despite everything. "I am a witch." She said hoping the hatred between their species would make him change his mind. "I know. It still doesn't change anything." "I don't want to be your mate." She said taking a few steps back. Spending her life with the Devil? What kind of nightmare was this? "I thought you wanted to leave this place." He pointed. "Yes, but that doesn't mean that I want to leave with you." He strode toward he with determined steps until he trapped her between him and the wall. "I won't force you to come with me but I can tell you this. I would never let you spend your days alone, or leave you frustrated at night, or leave you alone in bed in the morning, or stop you from living your life the way you want. I would never suffocate you. I would treat you like an equal, give you the life you deserve." Nyx looked into his cold eyes that didn't match his warm words. The life he described was tempting but he was the Devil and tempting people was his specialty. He took a few steps back, "Think about it. I'll come back tomorrow." He said before vanishing and just as he promised he was there the night after. Her husband had just taken her to bed and once he was done with her he fell asleep, leaving her unsatisfied once again. Disappointed Nyx slid into her nightgown and wrapped a shawl around her shoulders before going out to the garden. She looked up at the sky. If she only had her magic, she would fly among the stars for a while or maybe she would fly away from this place forever. Maybe that's why her mother took away her magic. If she knew she would have protected it. Suddenly the air became cold and a chill went down her spine. Someone was behind her. Turning around slowly she found him standing there, blending with the darkness as if they were one. His silver hair glowed like the moonlight and his cold blue eyes stared at her with a blatant appreciation. It reminded her that she was only wearing a nightgown which made her wrap the shawl around her shoulders even tighter. "I am not coming with you." She said. "People complain too much about their lives, yet when they have the chance to do something about it they don't." He said thoughtful. "Don't you wish to live the way you want?" "I just wish for you to leave me alone." He strode toward her slowly. "You are already alone. I wish to take your loneliness away. Together with mine." Yes, she was alone. Alone, frustrated and unappreciated. She felt useless. No! She felt used and then forgotten. How long would she be able to put up with this? "How will you take my loneliness away?" She asked. "Like this." He said lowering his head and then captured her lips with his. Nyx never knew a kiss could make her so deeply aflamed. She was breathless, her stomach bubbling with excitement as he grabbed the back of her head and deepened the kiss. All rational thoughts fled her head and her body came alive. The intense feeling shocked her and soon she pushed him away appalled and disgusted with herself. "I can't." She shook her head in denial. "I am married and are the devil." Yes, he was the devil and he just made her sin. She ran back to her room without looking at him, because if she did she might have changed her mind. But the devil was persistent and he came every night, at first only stealing kisses but he was also slowly stealing her heart. She found herself opening up to him and trusting him because he always kept his word. Sometimes he would take her away from her boring life and show her the world and sometimes he would just hold her and chase her loneliness away. All that without asking anything in return. Or so she thought. "Come with me." He said one night. "I can't." He grabbed her face between his hands. "Even if I say that I love you? I love you Nyx." The words echoed in her mind. Words her husband never said to her. Her eyes teared up. Why did the man she loved had to be the devil? "I can't Lucifer." "You can, but I can't. I can't stand the thought of you laying in the same bed as that man. I can't stand the thought of him touching you and...I just can't. I feel...suffocated." It was the first time she saw him vulnerable and at that moment she knew his feelings were true. "Come with me. I want you...I need you next to me." She wanted to leave with him so badly but the consequences would be grave. The witches and even the demons would do anything to destroy their relationship. She knew they could never be and that suffocated her. She grabbed his face and kissed him softly while tears ran down her cheeks. This would be the last time, she would let him go. That night she let go as well and they made love under the starry night sky. But who knew the best night in her life would lead to 25 years of misery. RETURN OF THE DEVIL’S SON CHAPTER 42 "My Lady, You are pregnant." The midwife told her, excitement clear in her voice. Nyx should have been dancing with joy but she wasn't. She loved children and she wanted so badly to have her own, so why wasn't she happy? At least her husband would be happy she thought but she was dead wrong. The king barged into the room, his face red with anger. "Leave!" He told everyone and once everyone left he grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the bed. His grip was tight, cutting all air away. "What ...are doing?" She managed to ask while in pain. "What have you done?" He growled bringing his face close to hers. "Whose child is this?" Nyx grabbed his wrist and tried to remove his grip but he held her in place. Her eyes teared up. "It's...yours." "Don't lie to me!" He yelled letting go of her neck. She took in a sharp breath and then began to cough while holding her neck. "Tell me whos child it is while I am asking?" With a sore throat, "Why would you think it's someone else's?" She asked. He grabbed her arm and yanked her out of bed. "I have birds who whisper into my ears and I have been hearing a lot about you but I have been ignoring them. Now you have crossed the line." Birds? Her mother had once told her that many powerful kings either had help from demons or witches. Why hadn't she listened and which one did whisper things into her husbands ears? "Tell me you are not bearing a demon's child?" He said utterly disgusted. Nyx froze in place. This couldn't be possible. She could not be pregnant with the devil's child. She hadn't met Lucifer for a month, she could not be pregnant with his child. "No! This is not his child." She shook her head. "No!" "Who is he?" Her husband asked. Nyx kept shaking her head in denial. "No! It's not." She kept repeating. What would she do now? What would happen to her child? "I don't need you, or this demon child. Guards!" Nyx panicked as some guards entered the room. "Lock her up!" He ordered. "Tomorrow you'll be beheaded infront of everyone." Beheaded? What was he talking about? What about her child? The guards grabbed her arms and began to drag her out of the room. "Wait! What are you doing? Let go! This is absurd." "Let her go!" It had been so long since she had heard this voice. Mother. The guards dropped their hands and left the room as if nothing happened. Nyx turned around still in shock and shaking in fear. "Mother." She squeaked relieved someone came to her rescue. Her mother looked very angry as she stared at her husband. "I gave my daughter to you, not so that you could abuse her." She told him. "You gave her to me yet there is a demon in her w.o.m.b." He said with revolt. "I'll take care of it, but you won't lay a hand on her." "You don't give me orders." He spat. With a twist of her hand, the king fell on his knees, his face twisting with pain. "Don't forget who gave you the power to order people around." Her mother reminded. Everything fell into place. The witches supported her husband. That's why he was one of the most powerful kings. "Nyx! Leave us alone." Her mother ordered giving her a stern look. Nyx hesitated for a while but then left the room with shaky breath. What was going to happen now? Whatever happened she would never let anyone hurt her child. After what seemed like forever her mother called her inside again. Her husband walked passed her without giving her a look. "Come here, dear." Her mother said opening her arms. Nyx was surprised. She had thought that her mother would be furious but she wasn't. Relieved she ran into her mothers embrace and began to cry hysterically. "I am sorry mother. I was just so alone. I'll never meet him again. I promise." "It's alright. It's not your fault. He is the devil, tricking people and ruining families is what he had done since the beginning of time." "Please don't let them hurt my child. I'll do whatever you want." Nyx begged. Her mother grabbed her face. "No one is going to hurt you. I'll look after you." Her mother promised and just as she had promised she looked after her during her pregnancy. She had stayed with her all the time, saying that she wouldn't let the devil manipulate her again. At this moment Nyx didn't care about anything than her childs safety but sometimes she wondered what her mother told her husband to make him keep quiet. "He hates me mother. How do you expect me to live with him? Take me home with you." "This is your home from now on." Her mother said with finality. "You better get used to it. I never said it would be easy." Nyx didn't know what plans her mother had for her but as her stomach grew and she was near to giving birth she got a bad feeling. She even had nightmares where her mother took her child away from her. Somehow she knew they weren't just nightmares, they were signs. And then the day came. After much pain and agony, she heard the cry of her baby. The most beautiful sound in the world. "It's a boy." The midwife smiled holding the baby. Nyx her held arms out. She wanted to hold her baby. The midwife placed him in her arms and at that moment all the pain and suffering she went through were gone. She looked at her son. He was the most beautiful sight she had seen. His face so angelic that her heart melted and tears filled her eyes. She held him close for a while but then she noticed something. His eyes. They were just like the ones in her nightmares, sometimes burning like wild flames and sometimes glowing like molten gold. They were beautiful but her mother would not think the same. She was going to take her child away from her. Nyx stood up despite all the pain. She was going to run away with her child before her mother came, but just then the door opened and her mother stepped inside. Nyx tightened her hold around her son while taking a few steps back. "Nyx my dear…" Her mother began walking toward her slowly. "No! I won't let you take him." Her mother sighed. "You are only bringing more evil into the world. You don't need him. You are still young and you can give birth to many more." "He is a child. How can a child be evil?" Nyx said in his defense. "He won't be a child forever. Now give him to me." She said reaching her arms out. "I won't let him suffer. It will be quick." Nyx couldn't hold her tears. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her mother had let her go through childbirth just so that she could kill her child. What could be more evil than that? "You…" Her throat tightened. "You are evil." Her mothers face hardened and then she nodded toward the maids. "No, no, no!" They held her in place while taking her child forcefully away from her arms before giving him to her mother. Nyx fought, cried and yelled hysterically. "Please mother! Don't hurt him. He is just a child. I'll never forgive you if you do." But her mother was not listening and that's when Nyx did something she never thought she would. She called Lucifer. "Lucifer! Lucifer, please help!" Her mothers eyes widened. "You dare!" She said fuming with anger but there was also fear in her eyes. "Lucifer!" And just like that, he appeared to her surprise. Everyone fell to the ground except for Nyx and her mother. Whatever Lucifer did Nyx didn't care. She just wanted him to save their child. "Shyla." He looked at her mother. They knew each other? "Lucifer." Her mother looked surprised but collected herself quickly. "My stupid daughter here thinks that you will save this child. Have you told her that your kind are not supposed to reproduce?" "No. Have you told her that your kind should not get involved with mine?" Shyla's face turned into one of distaste and anger. "You both have done something forbidden and you shall be punished for it." "Mother please." Nyx felt suddenly giddy and her legs couldn't hold her up anymore so she sat down carefully. "Lucifer plea…" As she sat down she realized there was a pool of blood underneath her feet. She was bleeding. "Mother." Shyla turned and looked at her daughter and then slowly a frown settled on her forehead. But before she would hurry to her daughter Lucifer was already by her side. "What's wrong? Why are you bleeding so much?" He asked. With a snap of his fingers he woke the midwife. Nyx couldn't hold her eyes open anymore and her heart slowed down to a painful rate. What was happening to her? "She is bleeding." "Then stop the bleeding." Lucifer ordered. "I'll try but she has already lost a lot of blood." "What does that mean?" Lucifer asked anger evident in his voice. It became dead silent. By the way Lucifer tightened his hold around her and by her mother's silence, Nyx could tell it was bad news. She could feel how the life drained out of her still she shot her eyes open. She had to save her child. As she opened her eyes she found Lucifer holding her with a frown on his face. Was he sad? She couldn't tell but her mother was crying silently next to her while holding her baby. "Mother…" Nyx forced herself to sit up and Lucifer helped her. She reached her arms out, wanting to hold her child. Shyla placed him in her arms and Nyx held him tightly. Nyx looked at her son's face and a tear ran down her cheeks. Would this really be the last time she would hold him? She didn't want to die. She turned to her mother. "Mother, please promise me you'll protect him. Please." Her mother cried shaking her head. "If I do others will hurt him in a worse way." "That's why I am telling you to protect him." Nyx almost yelled. "If that's what you truly want." Her mother wiped her tears away and then determination showed in her green eyes. Reaching out she took her grandchild away from her daughter. "Wait. What are you doing?" Nyx asked confused. Shyla looked at Lucifer and then back at Nyx. "You told me to protect him. That's what I'll do. From now on no witched or demons will ever be able to come near your son." "What do you mean?" Nyx asked confused. "It means I won't be able to raise your son nor his father. He will grow up among humans." "No! You can't do that. Lucifer say something." Nyx was terrified. Who would raise her son if not his family? He could not grow up among humans. He needed someone who could understand his abilities and help him hide them. The humans would kill him if they found out what he was. "Don't worry. Your husband knows of witches. He will take care of him." Shyla assured. Nyx wanted to laugh. Her husband would not raise his wife's child from another man. "He will," Lucifer said. "I'll make sure of it so don't worry about it." Nyx couldn't believe her ears. Even lucifer agreed with her mother. "Do you know what this means?" Nyx asked. "This means you will never be able to see your son." "I know. But that's for his safety." Nyx shook her head. "No!" She pushed Lucifer away and tried to get up but as soon as she stood up her head began to spin and her legs wobbled. Still, she tried to get to her son but she could barely see where she was going and stumbled on her own feet. Lucifer caught her before she fell and wrapped his arms around her tightly while she saw a foggy image of her mother walking away with her child. "Mother! Come back now!" She yelled struggling to free herself from Lucifers hold. "Let go of me. Give my son back!" She cried. "Nyx, please. He is safer with humans. The demons and witches will never spare his life." After fighting a bit more Nyx gave up and leaned into Lucifers arms. Lucifer sat her back down onto the ground and then loosened his hold. He slowly stroke her back in a comforting way but it didn't comfort her at all. She knew that he was right. Her son was not safe among their kind and the thought of her bringing such child into this world weighed her with guilt. On top of that she was leaving him, alone in this world. "I don't want to die." She whispered and then felt a teardrop land on her cheek. She looked up and saw another tear fall down Lucifers cheek. Nyx was surprised. She thought the devil had no feelings, how come he was crying? "I think this is my punishment." He whispered. "I am sorry I got you involved." He even apologized. Why? Did this mean he cared? Did this mean that his feelings had truly been sincere? That he didn't manipulate her as her mother made her believe. "Lucifer?" "Yes." "Am I really the one?" "Yes. The one and only." "Then why didn't you show up all this time?" Nyx was confused. "I am the devil. Living with me will not take you good places and you are a good person. You deserve good things." But in the end, she was dying and leaving her child alone. What was so good about that? Or maybe this was her punishment for betraying her husband and sinning with the devil. She wondered where she would end up after her death? Would she end up in hell? "Lucifer. I don't want to die." She knew she was dying. Her heart had slowed down even more and her chest felt heavy making it difficult to breathe. Her skin turned cold and her throat and lips felt dry. Lucifer hugged her closely but that didn't make her less scared or sad. A cold shiver went through her body and then she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. "Nyx!" She heard her mothers footsteps before she felt her hand grab hers. "Lucian." Nyx whispered. "I want to name my son Lucian." "He shall be called Lucian." Her mother sobbed kissing her hand. "Tell him I…" Her voice cracked and a cold shiver went through her. Her body felt numb and there was no pain anymore. except the one in her chest. "Tell.. him.. I am sorry." And then everything became dark. _______ RETURN OF THE DEVIL’S SON CHAPTER 43 Nyx shot her eyes open with a gasp as if someone punched her soul back into her body. Then she took a few deep breaths but there was no air and she found herself trapped in what seemed like a box. It was pitch black, she could see nothing nor could she move or breath. Panic kicked in when she realized that she was suffocating. She tried to kick and push the walls that surrounded her but to no avail. She was locked inside and soon she was out of breath. Air. She needed air now! What had happened to her and who had trapped her in this dark place? Her heart quickened because of the panic and her lungs burned. Her body jerked uncontrollably while every cell in her body screamed for oxygen until her eyes watered and she finally found peace in the darkness. Then she was awake again, but she was still trapped without oxygen. She panicked again not wanting to go through the same pain. But she did. This time she managed to scream for help but no one came to her rescue and she fell into the darkness again. The same thing happened a few more times before Nyx could understand that she was in a coffin. Buried, under the ground. And there was no way she could come out. Another thing she realized was that every time she ran out of breath she died, but then she came back alive. How and why she didn't know. She didn't know how to escape either. The little time she was alive she did everything she could. At first, she tried to open the coffin herself but didn't succeed and it didn't seem like the wisest choice. Even if she opened it the soil would suffocate her before she could crawl out. So she tried to use her magic but it didn't work. She called her mother and Lucifer but none came to her rescue. Nyx slowly began to give up hope because there was not much she could do the short amount of time that she was alive without oxygen. But after a few days of torture, she felt that she heard something or someone. "Nyx! Nyx!" It was Lucifer! Nyx's eyes teared up of happiness. "Lucifer!" She called beating the coffin so that he could hear her. "Lucifer!" She prayed that he would hear her because she was running out of breath again. Her eyes teared up and her body jerked, her lungs screaming in pain. She was fading away again. No! Lucifer! Did he hear her? That, she wouldn't know until next time. The next time she came back to life she couldn't open her eyes at once. It was too bright. She had to peak a few times to adjust her eyes to the brightness before she could open them completely. Nyx looked around both surprised and relieved that she didn't wake up in that dark coffin. But where was she? Scanning her surroundings, she found herself in a large room with two big windows on each side of the large bed she sat on. Heavy velvet curtains hung on sides of the window leaving the faint sunlight to peek through. Antique furniture stood one the thick black rug that covered the ground and the walls were decorated with strange-looking paintings. Everything in the room was either black or red, even the bed she sat on. It was black with red silken sheets that felt so smooth against her skin. How did she end up here? Slowly she recalled hearing Lucifer's voice. He must have saved her. Yes, he did. Suddenly she wanted to scream in joy. She didn't have to die anymore. She fell back on the bed, enjoying a simple thing like breathing the air inside the room. How long has it been since she was able to breathe? It felt like she was in that coffin forever. Abruptly Nyx felt a heavy feeling inside her chest. She began to sweat and it became difficult to breathe. Her son! Where was he? What did they do to him?! She climbed down the bed and rushed toward the door. Just as she opened the door and was about to exit she ran into Lucifer's chest. Stumbling a few steps back she looked up at him. "Where are you going?" He asked with his usually serious face. How he could maintain the same expression all the time she wondered. "Lucifer. My son. Where is my son?" "Our son is safe." "I want to see him." She said and tried to get past him but he grabbed her arms. "You can't." "He is my son! Why can't I see him?!" She yelled. "He is my son too!" He yelled back while shaking her slightly as if to wake her up. Nyx froze in place. He had never raised his voice before, but then she became angry and pushed him away. "It's all your fault. It's your fault I can't see my son!" She hit his chest but he just stood there and let her take out her anger on him. Once she was done he wrapped his arms around her and let her cry. She cried because she felt helpless. "What will happen if I meet him?" She asked with red swollen eyes once she calmed down. "He will die. If you meet him other witches will find him and not only kill him, therefore, your mother made it so that if you met him, he better die without pain." Nyx could understand her mother's intentions yet she couldn't help but hate her. She knew very well that if witches caught demons they didn't just kill them, they tortured them until they admitted that they were sinful creatures. Then they burned them. Demons cannot die by getting burned therefore they would burn until the witches decided to kill them. Nyx had several times heard the cries of demons getting burned over and over again and now she felt bad for not ever doing anything about it. "Can't you meet him then? You are the king of demons. Can't you protect him from them?" "I probably can but who will protect you?" "What do you mean?" Nyx asked confused. "If I meet him you'll die. I just got you back. I can't lose you again." Nyx pushed him away. "Don't worry about me. I want you to be there for him." She said. "Didn't you hear me. I said you will die!" "I don't care!" She yelled. "Please. I want you to raise our son. There is no meaning in living when my son is out there alone." She pleaded. Lucifer sighed. "I'll think of something. Get some rest first." He tried to walk her back to the bed but she shoved him away. "Mother. I want to speak to my mother." Lucifer grabbed her face and made her look at him. "You are dead to your mother. I am the only one you have now so abandon everything and start anew." Nyx slapped his hand away. "Tell my mother that I am alive!" Nyx ordered with a harsh tone. "She already knows but you are still dead to her. The daughter she gave birth to, her witch daughter whom she named Nyx, is dead. You are not one of them anymore. You are a demon now." Nyx stiffened. She had become a demon! Because... she gave birth to one. Oh lord. Her mother hated her now and she would never help her get her son back. More tears fell down her cheeks. She should have just died. What would her life be like now? She could neither get her son back nor go back to her family. Slowly she turned around and went back to bed. She lay down curled and cried silently. How did her life turn like this? As days went by Lucifer tried to cheer her up in different ways but her heart felt numb from all the pain. All she could think about was her son. She kept trying to convince Lucifer to go meet their son, but he refused every time, and one day he had enough. "Enough!" He rose from his seat. "He is not only your son. He is mine too. You didn't want him to die but you don't want him to suffer either. This is his fate, being the son of a witch and the devil, he either lives and suffers or he dies. You should have let him die." Nyx rose hastily from her seat and slapped Lucifer across the face. "Then why did you seduce me? Why did you make me pregnant? Why?!" Lucifer's eyes turned red and his jaw shook. It was a frightening sight she had never seen before. "I am sorry I forced you." He said trembling as if to control anger. "And I am sorry I loved you." Nyx realized he wasn't angry. He was hurt. He hadn't forced her to do anything. Everything had been her own choice and there was no time in her life that she had been so happy as when she was with Lucifer. He had been there for her in her loneliest times when even her family had abandoned her. Lucifer turned and left, leaving her standing there alone. Nyx wanted to apologize but she still thought that he had been harsh with his words. Maybe he just didn't know how to comfort someone by not telling the truth. Why did she hate the truth so much? Did she really make her son suffer by keeping him alive? But he was alive and safe now. Wasn't he? Even if it was without her she should be happy that he could be kept safe. She shouldn't be greedy. Slowly Nyx came in terms with everything and one day when she discovered that she regained her magic she gained hope. "How is this possible? I still have my magic." She told Lucifer. "Demons have magic as well." He said simply. "Well, yours are not called magic really. It's more like powers. I mean that I can still cast a spell." Lucifer seemed surprised. "What does that mean? Then...are you both a demon and a witch?" They were both thoughtful for a while but then Nyx went on to practice her magic. She wanted to be stronger than her mother so that one day she could cast a spell that would protect her son but still make it possible for her to be with him. "Irene." "Who is that?" Nyx asked. "It's you. Your new name. You got a chance at a new life. You should have a new name." Lucifer explained. "Do you like it?" Nyx nodded. "Yes." Demons often kept two names, their original demon names and more normal names so that they could blend in with the humans. Even though she wasn't just a demon it was refreshing to have a new name. She liked it. "What is your other name?" She asked curiously. "Lothaire." Lothaire. She liked it. It sounded very unique and...cold. Just like him, she thought with a smile. Irene thought of her son. One day she would be able to call him by the name she gave him. Lucian. Her angel, her light, her everything. She would meet him someday. "Why are you crying?" Irene asked. It was so sad and I couldn't help myself. All the pain she went through, just so that she could be with her son. It was painful to see all of that. "I'll tell Lucian everything. He will understand. " I said crying. "No don't. He has already gone through enough pain. I don't want him to see mine." I didn't want him to see either but I wanted him to finally be with his mother. I wanted them to hug and talk. To laugh together, eat together and walk together. I wanted them to stop hurting and start anew. "Oh, Irene." I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly. "Oh, darling. Don't be so sad. I am alright now." She said hugging me back but then her stomach growled loudly and we both laughed. I stood up and wiped my tears. "Let's eat," I said. We sat in the garden where the food was served. While Irene ate with a great appetite I just mostly stared at the food. These days I had no appetite at all and everything seemed tasteless. Even things I used to love eating before. Now even certain smells made me feel sick. I tried to breathe through my mouth instead of my nose. The smell made me nauseous. "Are you alright?" Irene looked at my face worriedly. "No, I feel…" My stomach lurched violently at the sight of the food on the table. "I don't have an appetite. Excuse me." I said standing up. I wanted to quickly get away from this smell but the ground under my feet swayed and I grabbed the table as to not fall. "Oh dear…" Irene hurried to my side and grabbed my arm. "You don't seem alright. Come." She said and helped me back to the room. She sat me down on the bed carefully and then touched my forehead with the back of her hand. "I am alright. I just feel a bit nauseous. That's all." I assured her. "How long have you been feeling that way?" She asked. "I am not really sure but the last two days I have been feeling really nauseous at the smell of food." Without saying a word Irene took my arm and placed two fingers on my wrist. She was quiet for a while but then she gazed up at me with a smile. "Hazel. You are pregnant." ______ RETURN OF THE DEVIL’S SON CHAPTER 44 Roshan did his best to give Klara some space and make her realize that she indeed liked him as much as he did. But as he watched her get closer to Noah, he could not control his demon who briskly turned green from jealousy. He never had problems keeping his demon at bay before but now the dark existence withing him howled like a starving wolf. Today, as he watched her walk around the garden with Noah, he felt queer possessiveness take over him. How dare that man look at his woman? How dare he speak to her? How dare he touch her? Miffed at his own reaction he turned away for a moment to calm himself down. Calm himself down?! He was flabbergasted by the fact that he needed to collect himself. He, who had always been calm and composed, how did he turn into this fretful and covetous beast. Was this all because of a woman? No! Deep down Roshan knew she wasn't just a woman. She was the woman. The one. His mate. He should claim her and not waste time. But he couldn't just throw her over his shoulder and abduct her. Well, he could but that was not his style. When he turned back around he found Noah making and attempt to kiss Klara. Panic hit him so hard that for a short moment he imagined throwing himself at Noah and separating his head from his body but something stopped him from turning his imagination into reality. It was Klara's thoughts. She was going to let Noah kiss her because she wanted to know if it would feel like the kiss they had on the rooftop. The hell with that. He was not going to let that happen. Just when he was about to interrupt their kiss his limbs froze in place, and just then their lips locked. His demon shrieked in pain at the sight. He was for sure going to spill some blood today and it was going to be either Noah's or Enoch's. "Don't you want her to figure out her real feelings?" Enoch asked appearing next to him. Roshan wanted to curse but he couldn't since he was frozen. This was one of Enoch's unique powers and Roshan still didn't know how to undo it. "If you don't let him kiss her, she will never know the difference. She will always think that kissing anyone will feel the same since she has no experience." Enoch's words made sense and Roshan would think the same if he hadn't been so possessive of her but he knew that his friend was doing this mainly to annoy him. Klara put her hands on Noah's chest and pushed him away lightly. "I don't think she liked it," Enoch said shaking his head. "At least now you know and she knows." Roshan had a strong urge to cut his friend's tongue and feed it to him just to silence him. Later, he thought. He would to it later, but then he wouldn't just cut his tongue. "You can thank me later." Enoch winked before releasing him and disappearing. Roshan let out a breath of frustration once he could move again. He was enraged but he would deal with Enoch later. Now, where was Klara? *** Klara hurried to her room bothered and fl.u.s.tered by her own actions. How could she let Noah kiss her just to compare it to Roshan's kiss? Just how?! Roshan was making her do all kinds of unusual things. She should stop now before making anymore mistakes. Noah didn't deserve this. When they meet again she was going to end things before getting too involved. But if not Noah then who? Her brother was waiting eagerly for her to choose a suiter. Astrid had already found someone and she was now engaged. Klara was happy for her sister but this put a lot of pressure on her. She sat down on her bed with a sigh of frustration. What was she supposed to do now? "Klara!" Suddenly Roshan was in her room. There was a look of dissatisfaction on his face and his voice sounded rather harsh whilst calling her name. Klara stood up slowly unsure of her feelings at the moment. She was happy yet anxious that he came to find her. Happy because she had missed him and anxious because she shouldn't have missed him. Why him?! Noah was also good looking, smart and unlike Roshan, he had good manners. Yet she felt nothing when he kissed her. Why-why-why?! She had wanted to feel something so badly. She wanted to get over Roshan so badly. The last thing she needed was to like someone whom she couldn't be with and get heartbroken again. "What are you doing here?" She asked. He clenched his jaw and his eyes pierced into hers. "Remember I told you I might not be able to stop myself every time?" Klara nodded holding her breath. "I might take you with me today." He said clenching his hands into fists. She shook her head in denial. Again she wasn't speaking as if she had lost her voice. Why did this happen to her everytime Roshan was present? Roshan slowly took a step forward eyeing her like a predator would eye its prey. Klara felt the dark aura around him and it made her want to run yet she couldn't move her limbs. At that moment she knew he was inside her head making her unable to move. "Roshan…" She began carefully thinking of how to make him stop. "You said you wouldn't let anyone hurt me. You said you don't want to do this." "Sometimes we do things we don't want to. Just like the things you have been doing lately." He knew what she has been doing?! How could he invade her privacy like that? What did she even like about this rude man? A muscle ticked in Roshan's jaw as if he knew what she was thinking. Wait! He knew! "You!" She raised her voice feeling betrayed. "First leave my head and then I will teach you a lesson." She threatened. Roshan who had been so tense and serious suddenly chuckled darkly. "I would love for you to teach me anything." He smirked. Then he grabbed her wrist and drew her into his arms and just like that they arrived somewhere in the woods. Klara pushed him away as soon as they arrived. "Take me back n…" Before she could finish her sentence Roshan threw something at her and she catched it in the air instinctively. It was a sword. "You wanted to teach me a lesson." He shrugged casually. Klara knew she could never win yet she drew her sword. This man had invaded her privacy in a way she could never imagine. He deserved a beating. "Where is your weapon? I don't fight unarmed men." Roshan pulled two daggers from each side of his h.i.p.s and flipped them swiftly between his fingers. "Don't go easy on me princess." "I don't plan to." She said and then without warning or hesitation she swung her sword at him but unfortunately, she missed. She swung again, and again, and again but missed every time until she was tired and out of breath. Roshan, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the whole situation and not even one hair on his head was out of place. "I hate you!" She yelled swinging her sword one last time but this time she felt it cut through something. Confused, she looked at the sword. There was blood on it. Looking up she found blood seeping down Roshan's arm. Shocked she dropped the weapon and rushed to his side. "Oh lord. You're bleeding." She placed her hand on the wound not knowing what else to do. "I am alright." He said placing his hand on top of hers. "Why did you let me strike you?" "You said you hated me. I would let you strike me a million times if it would make you hate me less." Klara looked up at him, taken aback by his words. How could he make her heart melt so easily? Confused, she looked away from his dreamy eyes. "You are crazy." She said. "I guess I am. Crazy about you." Klara could feel more blood seep from his wound and through her fingers, yet all she could do was stare into his hazel eyes. She was caught. Caught under his spell and she could not escape. That's if she even wanted to. "Klara," He stepped closer to her and she held her breath overwhelmed by his closeness. "I don't think I can stay away from you anymore." Then don't, she wanted to say but she didn't have to since he could hear her. Her cheeks flushed and she looked down quickly. All this time he had been able to hear what she had been thinking. She felt betrayed again. God! She was so confused. What was she supposed to do with this man? "Do whatever you want. If you want to punish me then do it, and if you want to have me then I am all yours." He said. She wanted to do both. Roshan's lips curved into smile and Klara shrieked knowing he could hear her. Now her cheeks burned painfully. Roshan placed his hand on her cheek, his cold skin cooling her burning face. "Feeling better?" Embarrassed Klara slapped his hand away with her bloody one which reminded her that he had been bleeding. "Your wound." "It has already healed." He assured her rolling up his sleeve and showing her clear skin without even a tiny scar. Klara stared astonished at his arm where there had just been a deep wound but she didn't bother to ask how. If there were demons and one was standing right in front of her, anything was possible. "You made me worry for nothing." She snorted. Roshan chuckled amused. The sound of his laugh always made her feel a certain way. "Take me back home now." She ordered crossing her arms over her chest. "As you wish, My Lady. But then you will have to hug me." He opened his arms finding pleasure in the situation he put her in. Rolling her eyes Klara made her way into his arms. "Stop enjoying this and make it quick." "How can I not enjoy it?" He said wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer. As soon as they arrived she would kick him where the sun never shines. "I can hear you." He reminded before teleporting them back into her room. As usual, Klara pushed him away as soon as they arrived but this time he didn't let himself get pushed away. Instead, he held her tightly. "What are you doing?" She used her authoritative voice but that didn't scare him. "Klara." She cursed inwardly hating how her body responded to the sound of her name on his tongue. "You still haven't told me. Do you want to punish me or have me?" "How about both?" She blurted. God! Did that slip out of her mouth? "Sounds good to me." He said simply. "I...I…" Why was she stuttering? She was Klara, a confident princess, a strong woman, a smart general, and a respected warrior. Why was she acting like a little girl around this man? "I'll be waiting for you then." __________ RETURN OF THE DEVIL’S SON CHAPTER 45 Klara watched the sunset at the horizon, bringing a splash of rich colors spreading all over the sky. Oranges, blues, crimsons, and purples blended like the finest art creating a breathtaking canvas. Once she had been like those colors. Warm, vivid, alive and full of passion. She had been someone who lived her life on her own terms. She was strong, confident and adventures. But nowadays she had been nothing but confused and scared. Even her sister Astrid had noticed. "You don't want to marry him. Why are you doing this?" Astrid had asked. "Rasmus is waiting for me to choose someone." Klara reminded. "And when did you ever let brother decide things for you or anyone else for that matter?" Klara sighed. "I am getting old." She chuckled. "And when did you care about society's rules? Come on! Where is my rebellious sister who did whatever she wanted?" "I thought you hated her." Klara wondered. "I did, but now I miss her." Astrid smiled. "I don't want you to ever stop doing what your heart tells you, just like you did before. I want you to be happy." And here she was after having done what her heart told her. Admitting that she wanted Roshan. What would this lead to? If Klara had met Roshan before getting her heart broken she probably wouldn't have cared if he was a demon or if her brother opposed to their relationship. She would have followed her heart and told him straight that she liked. Just like she did with Lucian. But now, after knowing the pain of not being able to be with the person you love, she became less fearless. Now she feared for her heart, which was beating erratically inside her chest while she waited for Roshan. Klara looked outside the window. The sun had set completely and the sky turned black. Klara had lied to her handmaidens that he was going to sleep and didn't want to be disturbed. Once she was alone she had dressed nicely, combed her hair and painted her lips all while her stomach fluttered with nervousness. Lastly, she put scented oils and perfume onto her skin before blowing a few candles off and waiting anxiously in her dimly lighted room. While waiting Klara questioned her insanity a million times. Even if she went back to being fearless, she shouldn't be so fearless to invite a demon into her chamber at night. What had she planned to do with him? Just what had she done?! But as soon as she remembered his touch, his kiss and especially his words her fear turned into yearning. She already longed to be in his arms. Even if it was forbidden for a maiden like her. After a whiles wait, she grabbed a book to kill some time. Laying down on her bed she began to read, but soon she was getting tired and Roshan hadn't shown up yet. Did he forget about her? Or was he making her wait on purpose? If he didn't come tonight she would never meet him again. She didn't want someone who gambled with her feelings. Annoyed and frustrated Klara went back to reading her book. For awhile she did her best to not fall asleep but gave up eventually and decided to take a nap. Adjusting her pillow she rested her head on it before closing her eyes. Right before she fell into a deep slumber she felt cold fingers caress her cheek. Roshan. The sleepiness she felt vanished in the blink of an eye and all she wanted was to open her eyes, jump up and hug him. But she quickly reminded herself that he had made her wait. "I am sorry I made you wait." He whispered. Klara ignored him and kept her eyes shut. "You can add it to my punishment." He whispered again. Klara kept ignoring him. If he wanted to be punished then this would be his punishment. After a short silence, Klara felt the edge of her mattress sink. Her heart skipped a beat. He was climbing into her bed and crawling under her sheets. She wanted to turn around and scold him but he snuggled against her back and wrapped his arm around her waist, locking her in place. Klara stiffened. She never let a man into her bedroom let alone her bed and now this man was holding her comfortable as if she belonged to him. "Don't you want to belong to me?" He asked his hot breath tickling her neck. Klara could feel his hard chest pressed against her back. His fresh scent and the warmth of his embrace made her lose track of her thoughts. "Klara." She bit her lips. She could not resist every time he called her name. "I want to make you mine." He buried his face in her blonde locks and inhaled her scent. "You don't know how long I have suppressed the need to touch you, to kiss you and hold you. I want you, Klara." His lips moved across her ear. Klara's breath hitch, her brain stopped functioning and her body reacted in ways that frightened yet excited her. Roshan's fingers brushed the hair away from her neck and then ever so lightly he pressed his lips onto her skin. The heat from his lips made her skin tingle with carnal awareness as he slowly kissed his way up to her jaw. Klara should have pushed him away or at least left the bed, but instead, she turned to him, her body drawn to his involuntarily. She took a moment to look at him and again she was fascinated by his beauty. The dim light in the room made his skin look golden and his l.u.s.trous black hair shine. Her eyes traveled to his, those hazel eyes and feminine lashes always had her trapped. Roshan propped up on an elbow and studied her in turn. "You still haven't said a word." He noted. "I don't think I have to. You already know what I am thinking," She stated simply. "Still. We don't always choose to say what we think. I want to know what you choose to say." "I choose to say that I hate that you know what I am thinking." He chuckled. "Well, I can do nothing about it, princess." "Don't call me that." She muttered. "Ah, you like when I say your name." He smiled knowingly. Klara's cheeks flushed in embarrassment. She tried to get up but he grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down again. "Do you really want to get punished?" She threatened. "Why do I get aroused by your threats?" Aroused? How could he use such a word? Roshan chuckled. "Than what should I say?" "You are shameless."She said trying to get away from his hold but he still held her down. Roshan leaned over her with a serious expression. "Would you rather I say I feel nothing while having your body next to mine? You don't know how much self-control it's taking me to just lay next to you and do nothing." Klara inhaled sharply through her mouth. This man did things to her body just by speaking. "Should I keep quiet then?" "No! I mean…yes." She frowned at her own confusion. Roshan grinned revealing his perfect white teeth. Klara took notice of his unusual long canines. They seemed longer than before, looking almost like fangs. She had never seen someone with such teeth before. Was it because he was a demon? "Yes." He replied to her unspoken question. "But they weren't this long the last time." "Usually they are just slightly long but they elongate when we are angry, sad, frustrated or aroused." He grinned at the last word. "Why?" She breathed. "You might get scared if I tell you." He warned. "Tell me." She urged her heart beating fast. He studied her for a short while. "To bite." Bite? "Like a vampire?" She whispered. He chuckled. "Vampires don't exist and we don't bite for blood." "Then what?" She was suddenly very curious. If she was going to be with him she needed to know everything about demons. Wait! Did she just consider the option of being with him? "We bite to mark our mate. The mark creates a special bond between the partners and makes you connect on a deeper level. It allows you to somehow feel each other's emotions if they are strong enough." Mark? Mate? "What do you mean?" Klara asked dumbfounded. Mate? like in soulmate? If he found his soulmate was he going to bite her? Does it hurt? "Well, you can call it soulmate. And yes, I would bite her but only if she wants to and they all want to eventually." Now Klara had to push his arm away and sit up. She needed to think for a moment. A demon biting her. Why was she not scared? She tried to come up with different reasons to be frightened and despite coming up with a hundred reasons she was still not scared. Roshan sat up as well and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "I wish you would belong to me forever but I won't bite you unless you want me to." "Would you have me forever?" That had been her biggest concern. That Roshan wasn't serious about her. That even if she came over her fear of being with him, maybe he wouldn't want her the same. "If you let me, I would have you even after." "How can I trust your words?" She asked. "If you let me I would be willing to bite you. The mark will bond us forever." Forever. Did that mean that he wanted to marry her? But wait! Could humans and demons even get married? Was it possible to be with each other physically? Or did demons function differently? And could… "Relax." Roshan chuckled. "It's very much possible for humans and demons to be together in every way. Just the way your friend Hazel is able to be with Lucian." Lucian? Klara's mind went blank for a while and then it hit her. The rumors surrounding Lucian, the way she had felt when she had met him for the first time, his dark frightening aura, his fighting skills, and his strange eyes. It all made sense now. He was a demon. And he was married to Hazel. A human. So... it was possible. But Did Hazel know? Of course, she had to know. But what about children? Klara wanted to have children. Could demons and humans reproduce? Roshan suddenly pushed her back down on the bed holding her in place with his upper body. "Klara. Are you really thinking that far ahead now?" Klara cursed inwardly with embarrassment. "It pleases me." He added. She glanced up at him surprised. "Roshan?" "Yes." "Why do you want me?" She had never been kind to him or done anything for him. Why was he willing to be with her? It could not be because of her beauty. A man like him could get any woman he wanted so why her? On the other hand, he had taken care of her. He had helped her escape and let her stay in his home without asking for anything in return. He had helped her visit her sister and once she wanted to go back home he had taken her back. What she liked the most about him was that even though he called her princess he never treated her like one. That could be why she felt more free with him than other men who expected her to act according to her title. Roshan made her feel alive again, he challenged her, he angered her, irritated her yet made her heart flutter. Did she make his heart flutter? Without a word, Roshan took her hand and placed it on his chest. Klara could feel his heart hammering against his ribcage but then he leaned down and claimed her mouth with his. The kiss came as a surprise and Klara felt his heart race under her palm in rhythm with her own. Roshan kissed her tenderly, his lips moving over hers slowly as if he didn't want to frighten her. Then he pulled away and studied her carefully. Klara's cheeks flushed under his scrutiny and her breath came out in shallow pants. How could a kiss leave her breathless? "That's how much you affect me." He said. Now she understood why he placed her hand on his chest and kissed her. His heart was beating as fast as hers. "I have been unable to sleep since I kissed you." He began. Me too, she thought. "You are curious as to why I want you? Why wouldn't I? You are beautiful, kind, smart, strong and stubborn of course." Klara smiled at him. She was indeed stubborn but how could he say that she was kind? She had been everything but kind to him. "Kindness is not just about being friendly, or helpful or charitable. Anyone can be those things. Kindness is mostly about being courageous because it takes courage to be kind when it's the hardest thing to be." Roshan knew that Klara had saved Hazel. The woman who happened to be the wife of her first love. She even befriended her which really fascinated him. That someone of her status was willing to become a second wife also said a lot about her personality. She didn't care about those things. She was someone who followed her heart. Fortunately for him, Lucian was a demon and he had already found his mate, otherwise a man in his position would be willing to marry as many women as possible. Especially beauties with high status. "You think I am courageous?" She asked her bright blue eyes looking at with curiosity. He never thought he would find a blonde, blue-eyed, pale-skinned woman beautiful but he did. Her blue eyes made him think of clear summer skies and her golden locks of warm sun rays. Her pale skin made obvious whenever she blushed and those rosy cheeks made him weak. He imagined himself kissing every inch of her pale skin until her whole body flushed. Roshan clenched his jaw and discarded the thought quickly. "Yes, you are." He smiled at her. She gave him a satisfied look and then snuggled against him with a smile. "Will you stay here till I fall asleep?" She whispered. "Of course." But soon he was regretting his words. Having her warm, luscious body against his the whole night without doing nothing was pure torture. He would make sure to make her pay for this. "You are going to have many sleepless nights with me, princess." He whispered. ___________ RETURN OF THE DEVIL’S SON CHAPTER 46 I am pregnant. I am pregnant, I am pregnant. I kept chanting those words to myself the whole day. I could still not believe it, nor could Irene. She kept repeating that she was going to be a grandmother. Her whole face had lit up and I had never seen her so happy before. "I need to tell Lothaire." She said excitedly. "I'll be back very soon." And then she was gone leaving me alone to figure out a way to tell Lucian. Would he be happy to have a child in this mess? He had never said anything about wanting to have a child ever which made me a bit concerned. Somehow I felt that he wouldn't be thrilled. I tried to imagine his reaction in my head several times but I couldn't figure what his expression would be like. "Ylva. I am pregnant." I told her as she prepared me for the night. Ylva stared at me through the mirror. Her eyes twinkled with both surprise and happiness. "My Lady…" She exclaimed after she opened her mouth several times but not been able to say anything. "Can...I hug you....once?" I blinked a few times in surprise. Ylva had never asked for a hug before. The only time she had hugged me was when she found out that I was alive. This would be the second time. I stood up and embraced her, unable to help the smile that settled on my face. Ylva hugged me tightly and soon she began to sob. "Are you crying?" I asked surprised. She pulled back and wiped her tears away. "I have witnessed you grow. I have been with you since you were a baby. To see you have one of you own now makes me" She began to cry again. "I am just so happy to have the chance to take care of your baby as well." I wrapped my arms around her getting emotional myself. Ylva and Lydia had raised me like their own daughter. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to stay sane in my own home. "I am glad to have you. I will need your help a lot since I know nothing about raising a child." "Don't worry I am here for you, My Lady." She sobbed. "Oh God, I need to tell Lydia. She is going to be so happy. Have you told His Highness?" "Not yet." "He is going to be so thrilled, My Lady." I wasn't sure about that. She adjusted my hair one last time. "I'll leave you alone then, before His Highness comes. Have a good night, My lady." "Goodnight," I said and she left singing in joy. I sat down in front of the mirror again and stared at my reflection. I was probably worrying for nothing and Lucian was going to be as happy as I was to hear the news. But would he come tonight or was he too busy? He had told me to call him anytime but I didn't want to disturb him? I let out a sigh and stood up. Just as I was about to turn I saw Lucian's reflection in the mirror. I turned to him with a smile. "I was waiting for you." He crossed the distance between us and took my hand before kissing my knuckles. "My Queen, I am sorry I made you wait." He said charmingly. I pulled my hand away. " need to apologize with actions, not words." I played along pretending to be displeased. Then I turned away from him and crossed my arms over my chest while a smile crept to my face at my own childishness. Lucian wrapped his arms around me from behind. "What can I do to please My Queen? Shall I feed her with my hands? Or let her rest in my arms? Or shall I keep her up all night?" "How about feeding me with your hands and then after keeping me up all night let me rest in your arms?" Lucian chuckled. "You delight me, wife." Despite having eaten, I let Lucian feed me fruits while sitting in our bed. He reached his hand out and I took a bite of the strawberry in his hand before he popped the rest into his mouth. Then he peeled a clementine and fed me a piece of it. I had never eaten in a bed before and I could say that I found pleasure in it. Lucian seemed to enjoy himself too. I fed him some and we just looked at each other while we chewed the food. I felt more at ease now once I saw his face. It felt as though I could tell him anything and not be afraid. "Is everything going alright now?" I asked. Lucian nodded. "There are a lot of things to do but everything is going accordingly. You don't need to worry." "What happened to Pierre?" I had been avoiding that question but now that he seemed relaxed I thought I should ask. A muscle ticked in his jaw. "He is getting what he deserves." From the look in his eyes, I didn't want to know what was happening to Pierre. I just hoped that Lucian wasn't hurting himself by hurting his brother. Even if Pierre wasn't his real brother Lucian had grown up believing so. Lucian took a bite from his apple and chewed it grimly. Now he was in a bad mood. "Shall we move on to the next task?" I asked to avert his attention from bad thoughts. Lucian stopped chewing and swallowed slowly before turning his gaze to me. For a short moment, he seemed surprised but then a smug look crept on his face. "What was the next task? Could you remind me, wife?" I knew he was playing with me so I decided to give it back to him. I grabbed the fruit basket, climbed out of bed and put it on the table. Then I went back to bed removed my robe before laying down. Lucian watched me curiously and a bit confused the whole time. "The next task is to sleep, of course. I am tired." I said trying my best to maintain a serious expression. The next thing that happened, I never expected. Lucian laughed out loud. It was a sound that I hadn't heard in a long time and it made my stomach flutter. "You have really learned how to deal with me." He smiled then leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. "I am proud of you." At that moment I felt more special than ever. I never had someone tell me they were proud of me so I got a bit emotional. "I love you, Lucian." I blurted in my emotional state. Pure joy washed over his face. "I love you too." He said and drew me into his arms. The only place I wanted to be forever and in that comfortable state I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning Lucian was already gone. I scolded myself for not telling him that I was pregnant. I knew I was worrying for nothing and that the news would probably make him very happy. After getting dressed I decided to look for him immediately. Callum and Oliver were waiting outside the room as usual and started following me wherever I went. As I walked through the halls I cam across Lincoln. "Lincoln." "Good morning, Your Majesty." He greeted. "Where is Lucian?" "His Majesty is sitting in a meeting." He informed. "Show me the way," I ordered. With a nod, Lincoln led the way. We arrived at a place in the castle that I hadn't seen before. Suddenly a large door in the hall opened and a crowd of men began to exit the room. Imperial officers, generals, and soldiers chattered as they left. "I believe the meeting has ended, Your Majesty," Lincoln spoke. "I'll inform His Majesty that you are here." He made his way into the room and after a short while, he came back and gave me an indication that I could come in. I walked into what seemed a large hall. A huge table took most of the grand space in the room and Lucian sat at the end of it, almost fifteen feet away. He seemed engrossed in the papers in his hands. I cleared my throat to capture his attention. Lucian put the papers down on the table and stood up before looking at me. "Did you already miss me, wife?" he smiled. "Am I disturbing you?" I asked walking over to him. "No. But you are distracting me much." He said letting his gaze rake my body. I did nothing extra to prepare myself so that he found me distracting despite everything, made me confident. Lucian tilted his head to one side and studied me even more closely. "Did you gain some weight?" He asked and my confidence went out the window. "I am not sure," I mumbled. How could I gain some weight when I have been eating nothing? "You look…" His eyes darkened. I knew that gaze and it brought a fluttering feeling to my stomach. "You look enticing." A blush crept to my face. He seemed to find me more attractive with some weight on. Lucian put his hands on my h.i.p.s and drew me closer. "Why do you distract me so much?" He spoke in husky tones. Leaning down he brushed the hair away from my neck and kissed me softly. "Lucian, someone might come in," I said nervously knowing that the door was open and Oliver and Callum were waiting outside. He drew away from me. "Lincoln!" He called and the next moment Lincoln came inside. "Your Majesty." "Close the door and don't let anyone in." Lincoln nodded and shut the door behind him as he left. As soon as the door closed Lucian grabbed my waist and lifted me up before sitting me down on the table. His hand slid under my dress touching me eagerly while his mouth nibbled at my neck. I let out a gasp, surprised by his action but also by how quick my body responded to his touch. I wrapped my arms instinctively and tilted my head back. Lucian began to untie my dress as his lips searched mine. I m.o.a.ned into his mouth by the sudden heat of his kiss. "Lucian, wait!" I was already breathless. Lucian pulled back and watched me with a l.u.s.tful gaze. "I can't wait for too long so tell me." My gaze fell on his mouth. His canines had elongated but this time they seemed longer and sharper than before "Your teeth." I pointed. "Yes. Many things changed since I came back to life." He explained. It was strange that I found him sinfully beautiful with those teeth instead of being worried that they would cut his lips or mine. "Does it hurt?" I wondered. "No, it doesn't. But it itches badly and makes me want to bite something." Did he want to bite me again? Was it normal? Looking at his teeth, it felt like it would hurt more than last time. While thinking Lucian's gaze fell on my neck. The color of his eyes slowly changed to red and he looked away quickly. "You wanted to say something?" He said looking everywhere but my neck. It looked like he was fighting himself. "You want to bite me?" I breathed. A muscle ticked in his jaw and his gaze darkened. "God Hazel!" He hissed. "I don't know what you are doing to me. I don't know why I find you more beautiful for every day that passes by. I don't know why with every kiss you taste sweeter and with every touch, you feel better. You make me feel starved." His words made my blood run hot. "So yes, I do want to bite you." He added. _______ MARRIED TO THE DEVIL'S SON CHAPTER 47 "Good morning!" Klara was stretching in her bed and yawning loudly when she heard Roshan's voice coming from nearby. Panicking she sat up hastily on her bed. Roshan was sitting at her table while holding a newspaper in his hands. Klara could smell freshly made tea and bread before she looked at the table and found that breakfast was already served. "You are still here?" She whispered surprised. He looked up from his newspaper. "Yes. Why would I leave when I could have a royal breakfast." Klara got out of bed quickly, slipped into her slippers and walked up to him. "Who served you breakfast?" She asked anxious. "Your servants." He replied relaxed. Klara hit herself on the forehead which made Roshan chuckle. "Are you insane?! How could you show yourself?" She scolded. "Ah...about that. Don't worry, I manipulated everyone." He winked. Someone knocked on the door and soon a maid came in. "My lord, here is your coffee. I made it strong just the way you like it." She smiled putting the tray on the table. "Thank you." He smiled at her charmingly making a blush creep to her cheeks. "Would you like coffee or tea?" He then asked turning to Klara. Klara kept staring at the maid dumbfounded. Why was the maid not asking questions about who this man was? Was Roshan that great at manipulating people? When she said nothing Roshan waved his hand in dismissal and the maid left. Klara turned to Roshan. "Can you do that? I mean who does she think you are?" "No one in particular. I just made her believe that I am someone she had always been serving." He said wrapping the newspaper and tossing it aside on the table before standing up. "Are you leaving?" Klara hurried to ask. Roshan was glad to see that she didn't want him to leave. He walked up to her and put his hand lightly on her cheek. She had been torturing him the whole night so he needed some time alone, besides he had things to take care of. "Yes I have some things do to, but I'll be back." He assured her. "By the way, you look cute when you snore." He had been watching her the whole night while she turned back and forth while heavy grunting sounds came from her mouth. He never thought that he would find such sounds endearing. "I don't snore!" She said as her cheeks flushed. He grabbed her face between his hands. "You do princess, but don't worry I won't tell anyone about it." He teased her. She gave him a hard glare. "You annoy me, Roshan." "And you delight me." He placed a kiss on her cheek and looked at her face one last time before he left. Roshan arrived at Decresh, more specifically in the throne hall where Lucian just recently got crowned. "What are you doing here?" Lucian's voice came from behind. Roshan wondered the same thing. He couldn't understand why he agreed to help Lucian. He hated the man for breaking Klara��s heart yet he was thankful. Lucifer had asked Roshan to help Lucian understand his powers and become stronger. Roshan could have denied his request since he had already paid his debt but knowing what Lucifer and Irene endured all these years he wanted to help. Not for Lucian's sake but for his parent's sake. "Just as I came here easily other demons can too," Roshan spoke without turning to him. "I was waiting for you." Now Roshan had to turn around and look at him. "I thought you didn't want my help?" He asked. "I don't want to but I need your help. My wife is pregnant and I want to protect my family." Lucian explained. Of course. Nothing was stronger than the need of a demon to protect his mate. "Then maybe you should introduce me to everyone since I'll be spending a lot of time here," Roshan suggested. Lucian introduced Roshan to his men as someone who would guide and train them. Roshan took his time to study each one of them. He wanted to get rid of anyone who thought of betraying Lucian but he also wanted to find a few very trustful ones. The one who followed Lucian everywhere seemed like someone who could be trusted with a secret. "That man can be trusted." Roshan nodded toward Lincoln. "I know," Lucian said. "I mean, he can really be trusted." Lucian narrowed his gaze. "You want me to tell him that I am a demon?" "And a witch. Just in case." Roshan added. "Do I have to tell him?" "As a king, you need to have people who are going to be by your side no matter what. If he can't handle it then he is just not the right person. But believe me, he can. I am good at reading people." Roshan explained. Lucian was thoughtful for a while but then he made his decision. He called Lincoln into a separate room and they sat in silence for a while. Roshan was begging to get impatient so he took charge. "So...Lucian called you here to tell you that he, in fact, is the devil's son," Roshan said it as a simple fact. Lincoln didn't blink but his expression turned into one of confusion. "What?" "And he is also half-witch. And since demons and witches are enemies and Lucian is both, he is everyone's enemy." Roshan continued. Lincoln turned to Lucian. "Your Majesty, what is this man talking about?" "Also, I am not a man. I am a demon." Roshan corrected. A Way Of Money Right From Your Ph Lincoln kept looking at Lucian for confirmation. Lucian nodded. "It's true." Instead of looking surprised Lincoln seemed concerned by the fact. "When did you find out?" He asked. "After I died. I came back to life." Lucian explained. Lincoln nodded as a deep frown settled on his face while finally putting the pieces together. Roshan knew that Lincoln had already suspected that something was different about Lucian otherwise he wouldn't have been able to stay so calm. "Are you under some kind of threat now?" Lincoln asked. Roshan liked this man. He was quick. "The witches and demons will try to harm him. I have the demons under control for know but anything can happen. It's good to be prepared." Lincoln nodded, still concerned. He had a lot of speculations going on in his mind and it would take him some time to get used to the new information. "Lincoln. I'll tell you everything eventually." Lucian assured him. Roshan could see that Lucian cared for Lincoln. It was good to see that he at least had someone by his side all those years. The rest of the day he spent observing for the most part. He wanted to see how Lucians men worked, which of them he could trust and which of them to depose. Roshan noted that Lucians men were trustworthy but not all of them could handle his secret. He had to find some tough ones. There were two men, in particular, that caught his attention and he took them separately to the side. "Your names?" He asked. "I am Martin, My Lord." "And I am Declan." Roshan nodded. They were tough but not as much as Lincoln. He would have to tell them gradually or drop hints. Roshan continued with his search, walking around the castle and observing the soldiers as they did their daily tasks. While on his search he came across Hazel in the hall. She had two guards trailing behind her. "Roshan?" She seemed surprised. "How come you are here?" "My Lady," He took her hands and kissed her knuckles. "I heard the news. Congratulation." "Thank you. When did you come here?" "I have been here for a while." "Oh. Did you have something to eat or drink?" She asked. "No. Your husband lacks hospitality." He smiled. "I am sorry about that. Why don't you have some tea or coffee with me?" She asked. "Coffee sounds good." Roshan and Hazel sat in the garden where they had some hot coffee served. "Lucian told me that you are his cousin," Hazel spoke starting the conversation. "Yes." "You don't look like him?" Roshan took a sip from his coffee. "The strongest demons agreed to settle in different empires where they could rule. After living there for centuries they developed the same appearance as the resident people to blend in. My father settled in the Persian empire where I was born and that's why I look like this. Of course, as a demon, I could change my appearance but that would only be considered a disguise." He explained. Hazel nodded thoughtfully. "I am glad he has you." She then smiled. At this Roshan paused. He had never thought of Lucian as a cousin or as a friend. He was just here to help and then leave. "How is Klara doing?" Why would she think that he knew how Klara was doing? "She is fine." He replied shortly. Hazel nodded but it seemed that she wanted to know more. "Do you consider her a friend?" Roshan asked. He hoped she would because he knew Klara did. Hazel nodded. "But I don't think she likes me much?" "If that is the impression you get then she likes you. She is usually bitter toward people she likes." He told her. Hazel chuckled in agreement. Roshan stood up from his seat. "My Lady, I should keep going. Thank you for the coffee and the company." "You are welcome to visit anytime." She smiled at him. Roshan bowed and left. On his way out he took a closer look at Hazel's guards who were waiting outside. One of them, the taller one with short brown hair, dark eyes, and an angular face radiated power and confidence. Roshan walked up to him to take a closer look. The man looked back at him suspiciosly as if he knew what he was. Curious, Roshan went into the guard's head to see what he was thinking and found out that the man suspected him to be what Lucian was. But what was Lucian? That, the man wasn't sure of. Demons had a different aura but only a few people were smart enough to actually pay attention to it. Most people ignored it while getting too caught up in their appearance. "What's your name?" Roshan asked. "My name is Callum, My Lord." Roshan nodded with satisfaction. This man would be able to handle their secret. Now he had enough men. He didn't want all too many to know. Just a few who could guide and influence the rest and four would be enough. Lincoln, Martin, Declan, and Callum. This would do for now. At the moment he wanted to leave quickly so that he could go back to Klara. "I'll be leaving now." He informed Lucian who seemed busy going through some papers. "Why don't you have dinner before you leave?" Lucian asked without looking up. "You feed me now when you starved me the whole day?" "I was busy, besides you have already made yourself at home. I don't see you as someone who seeks permission to do things." "You are right." Roshan nodded. "I made myself at home and had a delicious cup of coffee with your wife." Now Lucian looked up and shot him a hard glare. Roshan knew how to catch a demon's attention. Just name his mate and he will burn with jealousy. "What? I can't have a cup of coffee with your wife?" Roshan asked raising a brow. Lucian stood up from his seat and strode toward him. When they stood face to face he looked him in the eyes. "Next time you want to have a delicious cup of coffee with my wife, make sure to at least drink three cups because they will be your last ones." The man knew how to make threats. At least he wouldn't have to teach him that part. Roshan placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. "Don't make threats you can't keep, brother." ------ RETURN OF THE DEVIL'S SON CHAPTER 48 Brother?! It was a word Lucian hated to hear. Every time someone called him brother, they said it with distaste. It reminded him of his hateful brothers. But today when Roshan called him brother, he detected no distaste in his tone. It was rather playful and for a short moment, Roshan felt like a brother. Lucian shook his head in denial of his feelings. Why would Roshan feel like a brother? That man was annoying. Still, Lucian had to admit there was a sincerity in Roshan's eyes that made him feel cared for. Like an older brother caring for his younger one. He shook his head again. Maybe he was being like this because he had always wished to be treated like a younger brother by his older ones. Brothers who showed him nothing but contempt. He sighed frustrated. "Is everything alright?" Hazel spoke next to him in a sleepy tone. She had her eyes closed in the darkness and was almost falling asleep. "Yes. Everything is alright." He whispered. She mumbled something and then fell asleep. Lucian studied her face in the darkness. He could still not believe that he was going to be a father. Of course, he was happy but he was also fearful. Now with witches and demons chasing him, he was afraid they would hurt Hazel and his child. That's why he finally decided to speak to his parents. No, he wouldn't forgive them, but he was going to use them to protect his family. He was also going to work on learning his powers and becoming stronger. Hazel turned back and forth next to him. She seemed to be having a bad dream. Lucian pulled her into his arms and eventually she calmed down and he fell asleep as well. As usual, Lucian woke up early in the morning. Hazel was still asleep. Putting on some clothes he walked out to the garden. He loved early mornings when the sun hadn't risen completely yet, and the sky was painted with different shades of pink and orange. He liked the cold morning breeze and the sounds of birds singing. It was strange, he was drawn to the darkness yet enjoyed the colors of an early morning. But who had come to disturb this peaceful moment? "Your mother likes early mornings. She says it's the birth of a new day. After a long time of darkness, you can finally see the light. That's what she felt when she gave birth to you. That she finally saw the light and therefore she named you Lucian, meaning light." Light? It was his mother who named him? Lucian turned to his father. "I don't appreciate you coming here." He said. "I thought you wanted to use me?" Lucian clenched his jaw. "You owe me that at least. Don't you think?" "I owe you more than that and I am here to give." Then why didn't you appear earlier? Why didn't you give earlier? When I needed to. Lucian wanted to ask all those questions but his father already knew what he was thinking. So if he wanted to give answers to his question he could, but he didn't. "You can hate me all you want. I am not here to seek forgiveness." His father spoke. "I am here to be useful. I want to help you." The thing was that Lucian wanted his father to seek forgiveness or at least explain himself. He didn't want to hate. He was tired of hating. "Lucian." His father's tone softened which surprised him. "No explanation is good enough and I am not deserving of your forgiveness. I told you I wanted you dead. You are alive because of your mother." Something felt strange. It was the feeling in which his father spoke. Lucian knew this feeling. He knew the familiar look in his father's eyes. He had seen that look a million times before, when he looked himself in the mirror. His father was punishing himself by making Lucian hate him on purpose. "You don't have to make me hate you. I already do." Lucian told him. His father nodded. "But I need you." He continued. "I want you to keep the demons away." "You worry about learning your powers. I'll deal with the demons. No demons are going to hurt you or your family as long as I am here." His father assured. "Good." Lucian turned his back to his father and went back inside. If his father was not going to explain himself or seek forgiveness, so be it. Lucian dressed and prepared to leave for his meeting. He had a meeting with the tax minister and the finance minister. "Your Majesty. If the poor pay less tax than the rich, the rich are going to stop supporting you." The tax minister advised. "Tell me? The majority of people in this kingdom, are they poor or rich?" "Poor, You Majesty." "Good. What I need is the majority's support." Lucian said. "But Your Majesty. The rich have power." The tax minister argued. "Power in the form of capital is not what I need. I already have it. I need power in the form of community." The tax minister and the finance minister looked at each other not understanding Lucian's logic, but they nodded in obedience. "Just do your part. I'll deal with the rest." Lucian assured. Once they left he proceeded with his other meeting. Before lunch, he had an appointment with Julian. "Your Majesty. I see things are going well for you." Julian pointed. "How are things going for you?" Lucian asked. "Not very good. I have met a few covens and told them about you. They have a hard time believing that you are not siding with the demons, just because you are half-witch." Julian explained. "Bring the leaders to me. I want to meet them." Julian's eyes widened. "It's not safe to bring them here, Your Majesty." "They won't dare to hurt me in my own home. Bring them to me." Lucian ordered. Julian seemed concerned but nodded at last. Speaking of witches Lucian thought of his mother. He had promised Hazel to tell her to stay so he went to the guest room where she has been staying. With the help of a spell, he learned from Julian he tried to summon her. While waiting for her to come his hands began to sweat and his heart hammered against his ribs. He was nervous. Why? "Lucian." She was here, calling his name in a way that made him feel weak. Now he knew why he was nervous. He couldn't resist her. He wanted to be mean to her, he wanted to hate her but as he looked at her face, his mother's face all he wanted was for her to hug him. And why did her sad expression pain him? "You came." He managed to say. "Now that I can, I'll come anytime you call me." Lucian's eyes darted around the room unable to look at his mother. "My wife would like for you to stay with her. That's if you want to." He said avoiding to meet her gaze. "Of course. I would love to stay." She said with a smile. Lucian couldn't deny the joy he felt that she was staying. He shouldn't be happy about it but he was. Bothered by his own feelings he decided to leave. "Lucian." Her voice made him stop in his tracks. He turned to her, "Yes." Her eyes teared up. "Thank you." She croaked. "And I am sorry for being a horrible mother, and…" "Why would a horrible mother name me Lucian?" Lucian was surprised by his own question. It sounded as if he was defending her. Nyx seemed surprised as well. " means light." She began. "I was right to give you that name. It suits you very well." She smiled sadly. "Your kind heart is the light." "I am only being kind because my wife likes you." He said. Was he convincing her or himself? She nodded. "You love her a lot." "Yes." "Then I will take very good care of her." Lucian nodded. "Make yourself at home." He said and left the room quickly. Once he went back to his chamber he took a deep breath to calm himself down. He felt like his heart would burst. Why was he being kind to her? And those sad eyes of hers, they bothered him. Why was she hurting when he should be the one hurting? The fresh scent of Hazel interrupted his thoughts. She came into the room, wet and wrapped in a towel with Ylva trailing behind. Once she took notice of him a frown settled on her face. "You may leave." She told Ylva and then came to bed and sat next to him. "What's wrong?" She asked. Lucian shook his head. "Nothing." "You look pale and…" She touched his forehead. "you are sweating. Are you ill?" He shook his head again but he did feel ill. His mother made him feel defeated. He didn't know what to do. All the anger and pain he had kept inside, he thought he would take it out on her but instead, it was all still kept inside and it was suffocating him. "Can you hold me for a while?" he asked. Hazel leaned into him and wrapped her arms around him. Lucian buried his face in the crook of her neck, finding comfort in her sweet scent and the warmth of her closeness. This woman, his wife, his life and his love. She was the cure to all his pain. _________ RETURN OF THE DEVIL'S SON CHAPTER 49 Klara lay on the grass under the starry night sky. Something she thought she would never do. The stars and the moon brought back memories of her mother. Klara could still clearly remember how her mother used to sing to her lullabies while they watched the stars. But it was also under those stars that her mother got killed. Just as clearly as she remembered the sound of her mother's singing she remembered her screams as well. Her mother, a brave woman with a big heart had hidden Klara, Astrid, and Rasmus under the ground when they got attacked. "Stay here and don't come out no matter what happens." Her mother had warned them. "Rasmus, take care of your sisters." Then with muffled cried Klara and her sibling watched their mother fight big scary-looking men through a narrow slit between the wooden planks of the floor. If it wasn't for Rasmus who covered their eyes with his hands Klara and Astrid would have witnessed when their mother got stabbed to death. Seeing her lifeless body laying in a pool of blood was already a memory painful enough. Klara remembered dragging her mother's lifeless body and burying it together with her siblings while tears fell down her cheeks. She was a child and couldn't understand why they had to put her mother under the ground but her brother told her that she would find peace that way, and be able to move on to the next life. "Will she not stay with us anymore?" Klara had asked. "Maybe if she comes back as a bird she will sing for us and if she becomes a star she will watch over us. Maybe she is already one of the stars up there." Rasmus pointed at the sky. This was the reason Klara could never hate her brother despite his outrageous behavior. She could understand why he behaved the way he did. He had witnessed not only one but both their parent's death and despite all the pain he managed to take care of them well. In their darkest times, he was the one who comforted her and Astrid. Klara could never pay him back for all he did. She looked at the stars again. If her mother was one of them then she wished the sun would never rise again. "Klara." Startled she turned her head and looked at Roshan who lay next to her. She had almost forgotten about him. Oh lord, he probably heard her thoughts. Klara hated to speak of those things so she hoped he wouldn't ask. "Maybe we should go back." She suggested sitting up. Roshan had been kind and taken her out. They rode through beautiful landscaped, visited the city and now they lay on the grass next to a river. The sound of the water combined with the soft night breeze was calming. She wanted to stay a bit longer so why did she suggest to leave? Roshan rested his head on his hands and watched the sky. "Or maybe we could stay a little while longer." He spoke. Klara lay back again in silence. At least he wasn't asking. "I spoke to Hazel yesterday. She asked how you were doing. I told her you were fine." "You were in Decresh? Why?" "I am helping Lucian with a few things." He explained. Klara nodded. "How is he doing?" Becoming a King after all the war could not be easy. "He is doing well so far." "How is Hazel?" For some reason, that woman made her worry. "She is pregnant." Preg...nant? Pregnant! "What?! Really? When?" Klara sat up again and looked back at Roshan. Roshan chuckled. "You seem more excited than her." She was. Wait! Why would she be?! "No, I was just surprised." She said trying to calm herself down and lay back again. Hazel was pregnant! Just a few months ago she would have died of jealousy but now for some odd reason, she felt excited like Roshan said. Klara loved children. She already longed to become a mother, but that would probably not happen anytime soon. Her brother would never allow her to be with Roshan so why was she staying with a man she could not be with? Did she want to get heartbroken once again? Klara stood up quickly "I should go back home." She said. Roshan took her back home without any questions. Once they arrived she was still in his arms and he didn't let go of her. "I won't let you get heartbroken." He promised. "I'll speak to your brother." Klara shook her head. "No! Don't! You don't know my brother." Her brother would only marry her off to either a man with a powerful position or a very wealthy man. Rasmus believed that money and power meant protection and he wanted to protect her more than anything. Roshan grabbed her face between his hand. "Klara. Do you want to be with me? Forever." She nodded. "Then trust me and don't worry about anything anymore. Now that you are mine, I'll take care of the rest. I'll take care of you." Klara nodded again lost in his eyes and her heart melting at his words. Normally she would've hated if someone calling her "mine" but this man, she wanted to belong to him. She felt strangely safe in his arms. "Goodnight then. " He said grabbing her chin and kissing her forehead. "Won't you stay here?" She asked. "I am a demon Klara. We are not very good at controlling ourselves. You will be safer without me tonight." Klara shook her head. "I feel safer with you." If she only knew. Roshan's blood was on fire. He had been controlling himself for too long specially after a night of torture in her bed. All he wanted to do now was push her on the bed behind and fulfill all of his fantasies. "Klara…" He wanted to protest but she put a finger on his lips. "You said you would take care of me." She whispered. He knew she didn't mean what he was thinking because the way he was thinking of taking care of her was sinister. "I don't want to be alone tonight." She admitted looking down. She was recalling the memories of her mother from earlier. Roshan never thought that a starry night sky could make someone so sad. But everyone had scars, no matter how perfect their life seemed. "Why don't you go and change. I'll wait for you in bed." He suggested. Klara nodded and hurried away relieved. Roshan lay comfortably in Klara's bed and waited while she changed. Again, he could feel how his demon was crawling to the surface and urging him to let go of his control and satisfy his needs. Roshan shut his eyes tightly fighting back his urges but it wasn't helping that he was in her room, laying in her bed where her sweet scent lingered. It wasn't helping that the lights were dimmed either and that she just walked into the room wearing a light pink nightgown that complimented her fair skin. This woman was driving him mad. With a smile Klara went to the dresser picked up a hairband and tied her hair revealing her long slender neck.
Roshan's felt his gums itch badly and tried to focus on something else to calm himself down. "Did you wait too long? I did my best to change quickly." She smiled while climbing up on the bed. Roshan stretched out his arm for her to lay one. She rested her head on his arm and he pulled her closer. "No. You changed quickly." "Good." She mumbled snuggling against him. Roshan could feel her hot breath on his neck and then slowly she inhaled his scent. She thought he smelled good and she liked his body next to hers. Her train of thoughts tempted him even more than his own. "Do I really snore?" She suddenly asked. "Yes." "Is it loud?" "No. It's endearing." He said She went quiet for a moment. "Roshan?" "Yes." "I am...scared. I don't want to lose anyone anymore." Her voice trembled. Roshan was surprised by her confession. He knew she was someone who never admitted or showed anyone her doubts and fears. He was glad she was opening up to him. "I won't let you lose anyone. I'll convince your brother. You won't have to lose any of us." He promised. Normally he would have just manipulated her brother but Roshan knew how much Klara cared for him so he would try his best to convince him without any tricks. Klara pushed herself up on an elbow, leaned over him and pressed her lips to his. Roshan stiffened not expecting what happened. The self-control he had been holding onto so tightly snapped at that moment. Klara pulled away quickly, her eyes darted around. She, herself seemed surprised by her own behavior. She had begged him to stay, snuggled against him and now she kissed him. What if he thought that she was trying to seduce him? "I…" She didn't know what to say. Roshan grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down placing her under his body. "You shouldn't have done that." He said. _________ RETURN OF THE DEVIL'S SON CHAPTER 50 "No!" Klara shot her eyes wide open and her heart jumped inside her chest. Quickly, her hand flew to her neck and she let out a sigh of relief when she realized that it was only a dream. In the dream, Roshan had bitten her against her will. Was it maybe because of what happened last night? Klara had seen Roshan's eyes turn a dark red and his fangs elongate. "You shouldn't have done that." He told her and then leaned into her neck. Klara had stiffened in fear. It wasn't that she was scared of him, she was just scared of the bite. She couldn't yet comprehend how someone who looked just like a human could bite another one. Roshan had sensed her fear pulling back from her and out of the bed. "I don't think I can stay here tonight. I told you. You are safer without me." Klara couldn't understand what made Roshan suddenly react that way. It couldn't be her kiss, could it? Still confused she got out of bed. While getting ready for the day Astrid came by. "Did you know that the king of Trevish declared war against us?" Astrid asked as she made herself comfortable in Klara's bed. Klara turned in her chair. "No. Why?!" "Clearly Rasmus threatened to take over their Kingdom so their king got mad and wanted to show his power," Astrid explained. "Trevish is a powerful kingdom. Why would brother do that?" Klara was confused. She knew her brother could sometimes get power-hungry but he was always strategic. This seemed like a stupid move. "I am sure Rasmus has some plan. Like a powerful ally or something." Klara said with hope. "Trevish has many allies as well and since they declared war first I am sure their King has a secret weapon". Astrid was right. Klara needed to speak to her brother. Once the maids finished preparing her she made her way to the throne hall where Rasmus was speaking to some generals. "Excuse us for a while. I need to speak to His Majesty alone." Klara spoke. Rasmus motioned for the generals to leave and once they were alone Klara gave her brother a hard glare. "What have you done now?" She asked accusingly. "I have done nothing sweet sister. I really don't know why Trevish declared war against us, besides that man always wanted to have my kingdom." "So he is the one who wants your kingdom and not the other way round?" Klara crossed her arms over her chest. "Of course it's the other way round as well. Our lands are too close. Sooner or later on of us will rule over the other. So, I have been thinking of taking the first step but I guess I am too late." Rasmus explained. Klara sighed. She didn't like war. Her people would suffer but she didn't want someone else to rule over them either because then they would suffer even more. "What do we do now?" "I need a very powerful ally. This time it's not only about winning the war, but it's also about taking over a kingdom." Her brother said thoughtfully. "And where do we get such an ally?" "That, I am not sure." Klara spent the rest of the day planning for war and trying to find an ally willing to help. She couldn't say she missed it but she missed her men. What she couldn't understand is why they always seemed excited to go on war. Did they not care about their lives or what would happen to their families if they died? Tired after a whole day of planning she went back to her room. Her maids helped her change to her nightgown and prepare for sleep. As she lay comfortable on her bed she thought of Roshan. Would he come tonight? Were things alright between them or did something she was unaware of happen last night? "Roshan." She whispered his name in the darkness as if he would hear her. Strange she thought. But even stranger was that he actually came just after she called his name. "Klara." His voice came from behind. Klara sat up on the bed and turned so that she could face him. Roshan stood in the dim light, only half of his face visible and the other half was hidden behind the shadows. Klara didn't know why having him in her room, in the dark made her heart race. All of a sudden she felt as though she could not speak. Roshan walked slowly toward her bed until she could see his whole face. He gazed at her just the way he did in her dream, eyes filled with l.u.s.t. "I am not sure if I should be here at night?" He spoke. "Why?" She whispered. "At night, my demon awakens." Klara wasn't sure what he meant by that but it didn't sound good. "I almost bit you last night. I told you I wouldn't but I wanted to so badly. If I stay I might break my promise." He continued. "But you stayed with me many times before without biting me." Klara didn't want him to leave. "The more I stay with you, the more I want you." She could relate to that. She wanted him more as well. His eyes darkened. "Then do you want me to stay?" He asked. "Will you bite me?" "I might." He warned. "You should tell me to leave if you aren't ready." Klara studied him for a while wheighing her options. For some reason, she trusted that he wouldn't bite her if she didn't want to. "Stay." She whispered. Roshan watched her for a moment before taking off his coat and crawling into her bed. Klara grabbed the sheets around her tightly, suddenly feeling like prey from the way he looked at her. Roshan's hands slid under the sheets, grabbing her ankles he pulled her across the bed against him. Klara gasped as she fell back on the bed and her dress slid above her knees. "Roshan!" She tried to pull her dress down but Roshan grabbed her wrists and pinned her hands above her head. "Do you trust so easily even after I told you what I wanted to do to you?" He asked his face close to hers. "You told me to trust you." She breathed. "I didn't know you were so obedient." He leaned down burying his face in the crook of her neck. Klara stiffened feeling every muscle in her body tense. "Relax. If you are going to trust me then trust me all the way." He spoke next to her ear. Klara tried to relax but her body refused to listen. Roshan pulled back and gazed into her eyes. There was no fear in them, which meant that she was only nervous. Letting go of her wrists he let his fingers trail down her arms and to her face. Klara closed her eyes as Roshan's fingers softly moved across her face, tracing her lips they continued further down her neck. Her body grew hot under his touch and her muscles slowly relaxed. She opened her eyes and found him staring at her with admiration. She knew very well that she was beautiful but she never felt more desirable than at this moment. The way he undressed her with his eyes made her body flush. Roshan's hands slide to her shoulders, pulling her nightgown off each shoulder and down her arms slowly. Klara shut her eyes tightly this time as she felt her gown sliding down her b.r.e.a.s.ts. She had never been n.a.k.e.d in front of a man before. Roshan stopped when he felt her tense again. Instead, he leaned down and pressed soft kisses across her collarbone and up her neck and jaw until he could feel her relax again. Then he captured her mouth with his in a gentle kiss. Klara sighed into his mouth, her hands instinctively moving to the back of his head as he deepened the kiss. She pulled him closer, feeling his hard body against hers. Roshan trailed kisses down her jaw and nipped at her throat. His hands slid under her gown caressing her thighs while pulling her dress up. He kissed a path down her chest and stomach and even though it was through the thin fabric of her gown, Klara could feel the heat of his lips, making her body ache for his. Roshan moved further down, prying her legs apart he kissed the tender skin of her inner thighs. Klara���s muscles tensed again but not in an uncomfortable way. Her back arched as his lips sensually played over the sensitive skin. She held onto his hair as he slowly moved up and kissed her hip and then further up to her stomach. Klara felt shy being half-n.a.k.e.d but she was so inflamed by his touches and kisses that she ignored every other feeling. Roshan paused and drew back. He knew she wasn't very comfortable being n.a.k.e.d so he thought of undressing first. Unbuttoning his shirt swiftly, he tossed it aside. Klara's mouth fell open as her gaze fell on his torso. This man was perfection and she wanted to feel his body with her hands. She knew she was staring but she couldn't stop until he began to unbutton his pants. Klara averted her gaze quickly, looking up at the ceiling instead while her cheeks burned. She heard Roshan chuckle softly before he grabbed her hands and placed them on his chest. "I thought you wanted to touch me." He spoke. Klara felt the heat of his body under her palm and the way his muscles flexed as he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She felt his bare skin against her thighs and his hardness pressed against her stomach. Panic and excitement bubbled inside her while her hands still rested hesitantly on his chest. "Don't hold back, because I won't." He captured her lower lip and sucked on it. Klara m.o.a.ned into his mouth, her hands sliding to the back of his head to pull him down. Just like he said he didn't hold back. He kissed her until her lips felt sore, and her skin burned and her body ached in places she could never imagine. She found herself curling her toes and wanting to clasp her thighs together to stop the throbbing between her legs. This time she let him take her gown off and her undergarment. She wanted to feel his skin against hers. She wanted to be touched everywhere, kissed everywhere. "Oh, I am planning on doing that and more." He promised with a grin. Roshan moved his gaze swiftly of her bare body. She was more beautiful then he imagined and he already ached to be inside of her. But it was her first time, so he wanted to be gentle. He had to control himself even though his demon was howling like a beast. You will have her forever. She is yours now so calm down. He told his demon. It was true. He didn't need to rush things. He wanted to make her first time to feel safe and comfortable. But after that, he would show her his sinister ways. "Roshan?" He looked into her concerned eyes and saw a reflection of himself. His eyes had turned red and his fangs had elongated even more. His body was telling him to claim her. "Don't be afraid." He told her as if being sure he could control himself. What if he didn't? She would begin to fear him or maybe she would never trust him again. "I am not. I am just...nervous." Did that mean she was embracing herself to get bitten? "Do you want me to bite you?" He asked. "If you can't control it then it's alright." Roshan caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. Klara didn't know why this gesture and his gaze made her suddenly feel loved instead of desired. Slowly his eyes returned to their normal color but his fangs remained the same. Klara got curious as to why? "Can I touch them?" She asked. Roshan was taken aback by her question. Women had touched him on many places but never his fangs. "Yes." Slowly she lifted her hand and traced a finger over his fangs. A strange sensation went through Roshan's body, intensifying the hunger he already felt for her. Klara continued to play with her finger around his mouth. He had very kissable lips, a beautiful yet masculine face, and his neck. Her hands trailed down his neck. She never thought she would find a man's neck inviting. Her hands continued further to his strong shoulders, grabbing them she pulled him down on her. His bare chest pressing against her bare b.r.e.a.s.ts, creating a friction that made a m.o.a.n escape her lips. Rosha devoured her mouth, while his hand slowly and teasingly slid between her legs, touching her where she ached the most. Klara m.o.a.ned against his lips and her back arched. She was embarrassed, yet she didn't want him to stop. She had never experienced such sweet torture before. Her entire body burned, flushed, tingled and ached until she couldn't control the sounds that came out of her mouth. Roshan grabbed her legs and pulled her closer adjusting himself between them. Klara's heart skipped a beat, embracing herself for the pain to come. Roshan leaned down and kissed her belly. "Relax." He spoke against her skin. "I'll take it slow." He kept kissing and caressing every inch of her until her body begged for his. As if he knew he leaned into her and then gently pushed himself inside. Klara gasped at the intrusion but it didn't hurt as she had expected. It was only uncomfortable. But Roshan was slow and gentle and her body adjusted quickly to his.