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{Loving him with all his flaws.}
Leaving Marion’s room, I wanted to go see my parents in their room but thought against it. I should give it some time. I don’t want to be too involved in such matters, adult matters. I got to my room and there was Betsy laying on my bed fast asleep and snoring.
I picked my laptop and sat behind my desk. I need to do some studying and I have to see dad tomorrow. I really need some help with all these.
I opened one of the emails I already received after requesting for it. It’s just a new company and not large like the others so I should be able to grasp the trend quickly. Once my eyes hit the screen and my pen the book in front of me, I only looked up when my alarm blew at 12 am.
I closed my laptop, got some water, and went to sleep beside Betsy. My eyes moved to her and I brushed the tendrils that escaped from her bun away. She’s beautiful and has been one hell of an amazing person I ever had. Betsy never left me, she’s always with me in the bad and good times. But not this time. I want her to focus on her future and become the chartered accountant she’s always dreamed of.
She’s silly. Has she forgotten that Morgan is already a year ahead of us? If she stays another year back then it will bring slight separation until she also completes. Morgan is the fan type always traveling around. I doubt if he’d wait around by putting a hold on his tours for her.
I will make her see reasons when I return from work tomorrow.
I forgot to pack the cookies made yesterday but got them today even though I was running an hour late.
I got my coffee and rushed out into the car and the driver drove away.
Mike was already in when I got there and after exchanging pleasantries, I rushed to my office after putting in the code.
My mouth fell open once I entered. Okay, it will take some time for me to get used to this office of mine. It’s so fancy with all the glitz.
Having a secretary is so cool. I only thought the girls were good at wooing their managers and the men, lazy but Mike proved otherwise and I’m glad he doesn’t bring our childhood days into our business conversations. It’s just been a day but he’s good. I didn’t have to do much when it comes to clerical work. Getting data to study was easy. However, I don’t like that he is my secretary. I want a better position for him. He’s my best friend’s sister and he deserves better. I will talk to dad about it. Half the day, I was done going through the business trend of one company. I got all the information I need that I know what decision will be good for the progress of that branch.
I stretched and got my phone out. I haven’t heard from Donovan and he didn’t call me either. I hope he’s not still mad at me.
Relaxing in my chair, I went through our pictures in France, zooming and zooming.
The telephone on my table began to ring and I picked it up.
“Miss Dominguez on the line. How may I help?”
“This is Mike, there is someone here to see you. Mr… Edward. Are you free? Can he come?”
“Let him.” I placed the phone back and ran my hands through my hair gently.
Minutes later, the door slided and he entered, blue eyes on me and taking in everything all at once and an unfaltering smile. He was dressed in a blue shirt dress with top two buttons undone and a dress pants which hung on him perfectly. His dark hair was gelled and pushed back neatly but a lone strand still fell over his face, adding to his charm.
“Hi, have a seat.”
He rolled his sleeves up revealing his fair skin then he crossed them over his chest and looked at me quizzically.
“Not a hug? Haven’t seen you in a while.”
I hesitated a bit before getting up and walking to him. He walked to meet me and engulfed me in a hug. I like his scent mixed with his expensive cologne but Novan’s still remains my favorite.
I pulled back when it was taking forever and his warmth was diffusing into me.
“Wow. This is so fancy.” His hands are on his waist as he moved about then came back to me.
I shook my head sideways to protest. “No, thanks.”
“What? Have you eaten already?”
“No but..”
“Why won’t you come with me then?”
“Nothing, I just don’t feel like eating yet.”
“No problem. You can still come. You’ll get a takeaway and you can eat later. Is there any other thing?”
“No.” I picked my handbag and we walked out. I remembered Novan’s warnings and rules. I also remembered that I have to stay away from him but it’s just too hard to put them into use. I ended up throwing them at the back of my mind, locking it, and throwing the key somewhere.
I ended up eating at the restaurant with him, contrary to what I said earlier.
“Thanks for lunch.” I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked down at my shoes.
“It’s nothing.” His hand trailed on my hairline and stopped under my chin where he tilted it up and looked directly into my eyes. I pursed my lips and looked away. He was close and I could feel his breath fanning my face. Is he going to kiss me?
I looked up to meet his eyes and our noses touched, my face in between his hands. His lips came closer and closer to mine and my heart wouldn’t stop beating.
God. This is bad.
Stop him.
His lips brushed my cheek softly.
I brought his hand down from my face. “we can’t do this.”
I stepped back and licked my dry lips. “This” I pointed between us. “is wrong.”
I went back to my seat, feeling utterly disappointed in myself.
“Yeah. I will get going.” He turned to leave but suddenly stopped.
“I’m sorry. I just wanted to peck you but you thought far. I have a girlfriend, you also have a boyfriend. I didn’t forget that.”
The hell.
“But…” I couldn’t say anything. I’m too ashamed.
“It’s okay.” He finally left. I stared blankly at the door and the next thing that came into my mind was throwing something against it.
Damn it!
I misunderstood him.
What was I thinking? What is wrong with me? What the hell?
But he wanted to kiss me right? Was that not what he wanted to do?
My phone began to ring and it was Novan. I couldn’t pick it till it ended. He called again for the second time and I had to pick.
I walked to the window and stared outside.
“You didn’t call me today. Are you alright? How’s work?”
I exhaled and cleared my throat. “I’m fine. Tell me, how are you too?”
“Good. Can I pick you?”
“I just came back from lunch. Be here in two hours’ time. I will get ready.”

“Okay but..are you all… it’s okay, I will be there.”
I called Jude after my call with Novan to get my mind off what happened a while ago between Ed and me.
I informed him about Novan’s acceptance to talk to him on Wednesday and his excitement over the phone made me smile.
“Are you alright?” Novan asked for the umpteenth time since he came to pick me.
“I’m fine. Just tired.” My mind won’t stop replaying what happened. What will Edward think of me now? And Novan? I’ve not been fair to him. My eyes darted to him and quickly looked away. I need to tell him everything before he finds out.
” What are you feeling guilty about?” His eyes settled on me.
“Me? No.”
He nodded and looked away, tapping his long fingers on the wheel. Soon after, he stopped in front of my house. He looked at me then away.
“I will see you.” I held the door handle and opened it.
“I don’t like this. Did..did you get a boyfriend? You can tell me.”
“Why would you say that?”
“Then what did you do? I dreaded this.”
“” I wavered.
“I can feel it. Oh, Mariana” He groaned and hit his head against the wheel.
“Novan I didn’t…”
“What?” His misty eyes struck pain in my chest.
“Nothing. I’m just gonna go. I don’t know what you’re thinking but it’s nothing. I didn’t do anything. I’m just tired. I love you.”
“Are you..sure?”
“Come closer.” He beckons.
I shifted close to the center console. “Look me in the eye and kiss me.” He begged.
The truth of the matter is that I’m too guilty to look at him.
“If you couldn’t do it then you’ve done something.”
I looked at him and kissed him quickly. “I didn’t do anything.”
“Yeah.” He said into the kiss and kissed me back.
“I will text you the address at where I will meet him. You’ll have to be there but far enough that you can see us.”
“Okay, thanks.” I smiled and got out.
The rest of the day was spent in my dad’s office where he gave me lectures, teaching everything I need to know about the business.
The next day after work, I parked by the bar where Novan will be meeting his dad. He said he chose a bar because it’s an open area with people, it will make him think twice before doing anything since he hates to create scenes.
I got a seat at the end of the bar and pulled a cap over my head. Jude was already waiting and checking his wrist watch from time to time, clearly, Novan was taking forever. I hope he hasn’t changed his mind.
I ordered a coke and called him. “Novan where are you? Your father has been waiting.”
” Yes..fuck…he should wait a little…I’m coming. Okay, I’m here.”
My head snapped to the entrance and saw his tall muscular form walk inside, wearing his usual black shirt, jeans, and boots. My dark angel.
His eyes scanned the bar and landed on me. I smiled and he gave a nod before walking over to his father.
His whole form was stiff and his sharp jaws were clenched tightly, his hands balled beside him.
Novan needs to loosen up a bit.
I sipped my coke, my eyes never leaving father and son.
I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. That I’m coming to talk to my fuckin dad. It’s strange how love can make you do things you never dream of ever doing. Tell me years ago that I will be sitting across from Jude barely two meters apart and I would’ve broken the person’s bones. But here is this brunette who stole my heart before I could realize and made me fall helplessly in love with her and now she’s making me meet this bastard.
My hands were kept on my lap to avoid using them on the man in front of me. We barely said anything and I’m bored already.
Mariana is crazy. What does she want us to discuss? I don’t even know this man.
I feel his eyes on me and when I raised my head he quickly looked away. The fuck. We’re not playing ‘look me I look away right?’
I looked around the filled up bar then back to look at Mariana who was sipping her Coke with eyes on us as if she’s been given a front row to watch us.
I averted my gaze and caught the old man looking at me again. The fuck.
“What? Need color to your eyes? Stare at me again and I will give you a black eye.”
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
He averted his gaze and asked. ” Want something?” His voice was unusually hoarse.
“No!”I snapped. He knows better than to ask that.
He called a waiter and ordered water.
“See, you wanted to see me and I’m here. Say something else I’ll be out of here as soon as possible. I can’t stand you and you know it!”
“I’m sorry.” He cleared his throat and coughed lightly into his hands.
“You should be.”
“How’s school?”
“How’s that your damn business?”
“How are you then and Nervisa of course.”
“Since when did you care? You didn’t ask of us for almost a decade. You shouldn’t ask now.”
“How will we talk if you’re being this grouchy?”
“Grouchy,” I repeated and looked away. Somebody should come pull me out of here before I beat the living life out of him.
“Have you heard from your mom lately?”
“Did you put her in my care? How am I supposed to know Jude Anderson? Listen, if you have nothing better to say then sitting here is pointless and I’m going..”
“No, don’t. I’m sorry.” He sighed and drank some water.
Good for him.
“For everything I did, I want to say I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’m no longer how I used to be and I want you two back..”
“Not happening.” I cut him off. “We’re fine without you.”
He coughed and drank some water again. I allowed myself a peek at his face for the first time. The only changes on him so far are his sunken cheeks, dull eyes, and his skin color looked a bit different. Is he sick? Fuck no, he only wants to buy my sympathy so who knows what he did to look this way? This man is one hell of bloody amazing pretender and deceit. He can’t fool me.
“I was young. I didn’t understand life that what is yours always comes to you naturally without having to force it. I forced things that are not meant to be and I ended up losing everything. I didn’t know that concept about life. I wish I knew. I was an angry man because I wanted to have what I wanted at all cost. It affected everything around me. I lost the things that were actually mine before I realized. I’m sorry, I don’t wanna be alone anymore. I want to experience fatherhood and all the things I missed. Please, I changed, give me a chance.”
“You’re sorry and changed but it won’t change what happened. I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate you. You pushed my mother away from us not like you’re gonna take her place. You also left afterward. You stayed away for ten good years. You left us to suffer. Ten whole years and you couldn’t make up. Why are you here now?”
“I know and I’m sorry. We can try something. I don’t want you to keep fighting me always. I didn’t stay away ten years Everett. It’s seven and the three years were spent trying to make up but you won’t listen to me…”
“Shut up! You treated us badly because of a fuckin bitch. You abandoned us because of your so-called lover. Tell me, who’s she? Where is she now? Did you finally unite with her?” I swear, I’m gonna strangle that bitch of a woman if my eyes set on her.
Nervisa and I suffered because of her. My dad caused my mum immense pain and she left. My dad couldn’t stay with us either. We were abandoned and it’s all because of that woman.
“The woman didn’t do anything. She didn’t love me, I was the one forcing it. I couldn’t accept that she doesn’t love me. I became obsessed and did bad things just to have her but in the end, I didn’t. She got married and now has two children. I lost. I can’t lose more, Everett. I’m so sorry.”
“You deserve everything. You’re not worthy to be loved by anyone. You’ll never be happy Jude. Your life will keep being miserable until you breathe your last. I’m done from here!” I got up.
“Please. You’re not being different from me if you leave. I was like this. Let things go else you’ll lose more than I did..”
Before I knew it, my hands slapped against the collar of his expensive suit and I raised him up from the sitting position before throwing a punch at him. Attention is raised and I could see my girl from the corner of my eyes racing towards us.
“I’m never gonna suffer the same fate as you. I’m not like you got it? I will be happy!”
“Novan please!”
How dare he compare us? I won’t end up like him.
“Let go of him. What are you doing!” She wailed but my anger was still boiling.
“You’re making a scene. Everyone is looking!” She yelled.
My balled fist is caught in the air and I paused to look around. Shit. I forgot. I dropped my hands and he shook himself from me.
I sat down and tapped my feet on the floor. Mariana is going to give me scolding after this for hitting my dad again and give me long speeches on why it’s bad.
She helped Jude to sit and gave him his water. The man won’t stop coughing now. I know he’s doing it deliberately because Mariana is here. He wants everyone to see what I did to him.
My sweet girl apologized to everyone and took a seat beside me. I wonder why I’m still sitting here. Well, I’m ashamed to walk away alone since everyone is going to look at me. This is one reason why I hate scenes. I should’ve let us talk in a room. No. I would’ve killed him.
My hands moved under the table to hold her hand but she swatted it away and glared at me.
I bit my lips and looked away. I’m a mess.
“Are you okay?” She asked when he finally stopped coughing.
“Better.” He smiled at her.
” She’s my girl.” I snarled at him furiously. He can’t smile at her like that.
“Will you stop this? He’s your dad.” She whisper-yelled.
Yeah, he’s my dad. He better be. I can’t stand anyone smiling at my girl.
A moment of silence passed between us before Mariana spoke.
“I’m sorry, I thought this would work. Your son is stubborn and I don’t know what else to do. I’m sorry, I did my best.”
Thank God she’s giving up. Finally.
“It’s okay. I’m grateful.”
“I will keep trying but we’d leave for now.”
“I won’t meet him again,” I told her flatly.
“Keep quiet.” She smiled at my dad and pulled me out of the bar.
“Seriously Novan!” She yelled once we stepped out.
“Don’t yell at me.”
“Why would you hit him?”
“He provoked me.”
“So? Can you not control yourself? You don’t know how terrible it is to raise your hand to the man who brought you into this world. It doesn’t sound well. Are you not disgusted doing that?”
“Don’t preach me and stop trying to work things out between us. It’s not working.”
“Well, I’m even done. Done trying. Go in there, apologize to him and talk to him like a human if you ever loved me! If you like, do it or don’t. In the end, I will be aware of the truth” She quickened her steps to her car, got in, and drove away.
The hell.
She keeps using this against me. Of course, I love her but that won’t make me do things I don’t want to do.
She knows I love her and she’s using it against me. I agreed to meet him because I needed her badly to live with me and now she wants me to prove my love.
I’m between crossroads.
I love her but I would rather die than apologies to that man. What is my crime?
After pacing back and forth in the lot for god knows how long, I sauntered inside.
He was still sitting where I left him but staring into space. His lip is busted and a pink shade around his left eye. I added color.
He flinched when I leaned on the table close to him.
Fuckin scaredy-cat.
“Look, I don’t know what you did to my girl. She’s giving me a hard time because of you and it’s annoying. I can’t lose her and I don’t want to keep fighting her either.” I sighed and got up.
Mariana is no longer close to me. What if I cause her pain and she goes to cry on Edwards shoulders and rant to him what I did? I don’t want her to go crying to anyone. I will lose her. That’s why I’m trying. Trying to be good. Her attitude yesterday scared me to the core. I’m still scared because I don’t know what is going on with her or what she’s been up to.
“You can come and see Nervisa twice in a week and I won’t fight you again but mind you. A single scratch on her and you’re dead. You’ll keep your distance from me as I haven’t forgiven you. I never will. You won’t buy anything for her, I’m capable. Any expense you make while you’re together, I will pay. Go against any of this and we’ll go back to how we were.”
“I’m your father. Stop telling me what to do. Nervisa is my daughter and you’re my son. I have the right to spend on both of you.”
“I don’t care and you’re not my father. Go against any of what I said and you’ll see.”
“Stop being this way. No matter what the case is, I have a right over you by law.”
This bastard.
“I’ve said what I wanted to. Try me and see.” I began to walk away but returned again.
I leaned close to him and whispered. “I hope you have nothing up those sleeves of yours. Any conspiracies? Try any shit and you’d see the worse side of me.” I dust my palms and walk away.
I don’t trust him one bit. He’s capable of anything.
I regret coming to meet him but I’m happy that something came out of it and that’s the main reason why I ventured. Mariana will move in. I will get to watch her sleep and wake up with her beside me. Perfect.
Novan left me with no other choice that I have to do that but I’m still uncertain. What if he doesn’t go back to talk to him?
Novan has every right to be angry at Jude but I don’t want him to hit him. It’s abominable and unacceptable.
Sometimes, I doubt if he has any shame at all. He hit a man older than him in front of everyone in a bar and he doesn’t seem to regret it.
I don’t know what would’ve happened if I wasn’t there. He will beat him to death. I know Jude can equally throw a bunch but choose not to and Novan is taking advantage of that. Maybe I should tell him to start fighting back. Novan is strong and intimidating but I know he won’t escape a punch if they fight. It’s about time he knows certain things are not good to be done and put a stop to it.
I parked my car and got out. I went straight to the bar after work and now that I’m home, I just want to get my clothes off and have a good bath.
Betsy and I talked yesterday but she’s still adamant. I don’t know what to do to change her mind.
When I got inside, Novan began to call. I ignored it and walked to the bathroom and took my things off.
I finished bathing and came out with a towel around my body.
I haven’t called Edward and he hasn’t either. I thought bad of him and I need to apologize.
Unfortunately too, I skipped my cycle. It should’ve come on yesterday but it didn’t and today has almost ended and nothing happened. After tomorrow, I will go to the hospital for a check. I hope it’s not what I think it is. I’m too young for that.
I picked something to wear and finally picked my phone to call Novan while I dressed but just then, my door opened and there he was.
As if there’s a fire in his gaze, I burned as they swept me from top to down. I put my towel around me and picked my clothes with me to the washroom.
I entered and before I could close it, he got in.
“Can you not change in front of me?”
“Have you gone back to speak to your father?”
“Really?” I looked up at him and he nodded.
“Wow, so tell me, what did you arrive at?”
“He’ll see Nervisa twice and I won’t hit him again.”
Oh my God.
I hugged him. That’s a lot. Not much but it’s a step and better.
“I love you, that’s why.” He said and hugged me back.
His hands are on my waist and he pulled back. They went to my face and he kissed me. My towel loosed bit by bit as his hand strolled my back.
It finally came off completely and I’m bare in front of him. He stopped kissing me and looked at my naked body. Feeling shy at how he was looking at me, I moved into him and hid my face in his chest.
“You’re so” he breathed against my neck and began to suck it. His fingers trailed on my spine slowly then he groped my bottom. I shivered and my hands went under his shirt. He flinched when my fingers touched his skin and sucked me harder.
He lifted me off the ground to my bed and began to kiss me, his hands touching every part of me.
“Novan…the door.”
“Don’t worry, I closed it.” He pulled his shirt off and resumed his slow assault on me. His hand cupped my breast and his lips worshipped my body. They kissed my pelvis, my belly button then in between my thighs. He parts them and placed a kiss on my entrance. I shook in ecstasy as the sensation of his tongue entering me slowly hit me.
“Novan..” my legs shake and I bit my lips to keep quiet.
He stopped and looked at me.
“We’re in your father’s house, try not to moan too loud.” He smirked and undid his belt.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“We’re in your father’s house, try not to moan too loud,” I smirked as I undo my belt.
She turned bright red and whisked her head from me to the side with a dirty smile which I’m not certain she’s aware of. She’s sexy without even having to try. Her innocence and lack of experience is also a huge turn-on for me.
My eyes dragged on her curvaceous beautiful and sexy slowly. No matter how many times I see this, touch, hold and feel her, I will not be fed up. Each time feels like the first time. It leaves me spellbound that I can’t take my eyes off. I can never have enough of her and I want her only. I’m proud and happy that I ended up her first in everything.
I stepped out of my jeans and moved on top of her, taking her soft lips that instant. Her hands wrapped around my neck and his legs on my waist. I was in between her and we both moaned once when my hard on brushed against her. The position is so intimate. I could enter her now with how she’s grinding on me.
I pulled back before I made the mistake of entering her raw again. I got my jeans and got the condom out.
She watched me as I rolled it on, swallowing all the way. She could cum just by watching me roll this rubber on and I can also cum if I watch her touch herself. I will love to see that but not now, I will teach her later.
“Hurry Novan.” She groaned and moaned.
“Eager much?” I asked and got back to the bed.
She nodded and looked away. So shy.
“Me too.” I smiled and kissed her forehead.
My silly mind takes me to her parents installing a camera in here. I chuckled when I imagined Paula madam’s face when she see me burying myself into her daughter. I hope there are no cameras though. I girl will die of embarrassment.
I remember destroying the one at her door on campus and she didn’t ask me. I guess she’s not aware. Fucking protective parents.
I kissed her lips and my fingers went pleasuring her. She loves that. I pulled her to a sitting position and made her turn to me with her back on fours.
I would like to see how it will feel to take her from behind. Kneeling behind her and using a below to support her, I prepared to plunge into her. I can’t wait.
She’s new to this style so I’m gonna take it slowly.
I kissed the back of her neck and trailed my hands on her beautiful smooth tan. I placed a kiss on her back then held her waist and entered her completely. She’s still tight as fuck and this position got me in deep.
She gasped loudly and my eyes rolled back. so..oh.. god. I moved against her, my nails still digging into her back as I rode back and forth.
“Novan..” she moaned. It’s the sweetest sound ever. I don’t know how long I will keep if I keep this pace. I rolled my hips to find her spot. The one that will have her screaming my name more than anything. I kissed and licked her back as my hand went down to rub on her sensitive spot.
“Oh..God..” She moaned and moved back to meet my thrust. She’s getting better at this. I maintained her pace as we moved together. She picked up pace and I focused back on finding her spot. I got a perfect angle and slammed into her.
She gasped then jerked and I knew I found it. I smiled at my victory and moved faster.
“Oh baby..” she let out. Things she does to me if she says that.
“Fuck, say that again.” I sucked harshly on her skin.
“You like me to fuck you don’t you?”
I saw her nod but I want her to admit it.
“Tell me. You love it huh?”
“Yes…I do.” Her legs began to weaken and I felt her near.
“Talk.. to.. me Riana.” I keep moving in and out, hitting her spot each time.
“ you.. baby.” Her walls clenched tightly around me, sending me off to my own orgasm. Moments later, we both came hard and fast.
She collapsed on the bed, breathing loudly.
I slapped her ass cheeks gently but hard enough to leave a red mark before getting up to dispose of the used condom.
“Ouch, pervert.”
“Tell me you didn’t like it.”
She kept quiet and I smiled. I put my boxer on and the jeans then covered her with the comforter.
“Are you leaving?” She turned to me, still breathing heavily.
“You want me to fuck you again?”
“Mind your language young man.”
“You weren’t complaining moments ago.”
“Yeah but don’t leave yet.”
“I’m just going to flush the condom. Not leaving.” I said and walked into the bathroom. She’s even coming with me, that’s why I came.
I picked the clothes she chose to wear before I came from the floor and walked out after flushing the condom.
“How did you get in?”
“By the door.”
“I know but was there not anyone? Did someone see you?”
“Only your servants and one old woman. I didn’t see your parents.” That was my prayer until I got here.
“Oh okay.”
I gave her the clothes and she began to wear them.
“You’re coming with me tonight.”
“What?” She’s surprised.
“Yes, I will help with the parking.”
“No Novan..”
“No excuses. It’s time for you to keep your side of the deal.”
“Yes but it’s too sudden. I haven’t told my parents anything.”
“Call them now and tell them.”
“That’s not how it’s done.”
“And you’re not being fair. You made me speak to my dad but when it’s your turn you don’t want to. Do I look like some piece of shit you can use and toss around?!”
“Keep it down Novan!” She got up from the bed, fully dressed.
“No, I won’t.” I’m being extra good lately and I don’t know what she’s even doing for me.
“This is my house Novan, there are a lot of people here. Don’t let them see this side of us. Think of my parent’s reaction.”
She has done it again. She has ways of taming me that it shocks me. I’m so lost and helpless when it comes to her.
“Fine but you should be with me before the end of this week.” I’m so desperate.
I picked my shirt and put it over my head.
“I should leave before I get stuck in here when your parents arrive.” I sat and wore my boots.
Her phone began to ring on the nightstand and I picked it up for her but not after looking at the screen. It was Dylan. I pressed the end button and placed it down.
“Who was it?”
“One of the people you shouldn’t be talking to,” I said and got up.
“Dylan. Tell him not to call you again. Why’s he even calling?”
“To know if I won’t come to school at all. You know, I didn’t speak back to him after my appointment.”
I pulled her to my chest and pecked her lips before kissing them. These lips, I can kiss them forever. Sometimes I don’t believe that this girl is actually mine. She’s mine exclusively, all rights reserved.
I pulled back and she held my hand as we walked out and made it down the designed stairs. This house looks like paradise. Rich people.
Another prayer answered for me when no one was in the living room.
Just when I thought I’m saved, Paula madam and her husband walked inside hand in hand, laughing. Their laughter ceased when their eyes landed on us and our joined hands. It’s like them and their younger version.
I remember that silly joke I made on the phone and couldn’t look at her. This is so awkward for me.
“Hi, mum. Hi Dad.”
“Hey princess.” She left my hand to hug her dad.
Now it’s left with Paula madam and me. She was looking at me keenly as if I’m some lab rat assigned to her to study.
I hope it’s not showing on my forehead that I just fucked her daughter.
“Hi.” I waved at her and brought my hands down awkwardly.
She rolled her eyes and looked away.
See? When I say she’s in love with me and she’d be screaming.
I walked closer to her and her eyes widened.
“I’m just passing.” I walked past her about to make it out of the house. I wonder how long it will take Mariana to be in her father’s arms.
“Hi, Donovan.”
‘Oh hey man the Pablo.’
“Yeah. I’m just leaving.”
“Wait and have dinner with us.”
“No thanks.”
“Well, I don’t think..” I paused and looked at Paula. It won’t be bad to play with her a little.
” I don’t think your wife will like that. She loves you.”
Paula’s eyes widened. Of course, she’s the only one who understands.
Her dad looked at me, a bit puzzled. “I know she loves me.”
“Yeah, she’s scared to fall in love again. Ask her.”
Paula looks like she’d explode and if eyes could kill, I will be dead by now.
“Who are you falling in love with again Anna?”
“No Pablo… he’s..”
“Don’t worry, she’s not gonna say it. I will tell you who.” I looked at her for her reaction and it was just what I imagined.
“She’s in love with…”
“Stop this!” She shouted.
Whoa! Someone doesn’t want to get caught.
“Pablo let’s go. You know how he is.” She held Pablo’s arm and began to walk him away.
“No, wait. What’s up between you two? Pablo looked at me then to his wife. I shrugged and got out with Mariana following.
“What was that for?” Mariana asked.
“Don’t ask me anything.”
“Why were you messing with my mum?”
“Nothing. As usual, you know me.” I leaned on my car and winked at her.
“You’ll always be Donovan.” She smiled and walked to me. The sun has begun to hide under the clouds leaving an orange color glow in the cloud but that didn’t stop the wind from blowing. The yellowish glow fell on her as the wind made her almost dry hair dance around and whisked into her face.
God, she’s beautiful.
My hand reached out and tucked her hair away and I placed a kiss on the bridge of her nose.
“I will be at the jewelry company tomorrow and Friday.”
“Will you work full-time?”
“Yeah. You know that’s my company.”
I nodded. I fear she won’t have enough time to spend with me if she makes it out of college. She’ll be a workaholic.
I wish she was a poor girl. I will be providing almost everything for her and she’d get a decent work after college where she won’t have to work much but her salary will be good. We will live at a moderate house maybe close to a countryside and we’d leave a simple and blissful life.
Was it necessary for her mum to build that jewelry company for when she already has her father’s business to deal with?
“Take care, I’ll get going.”
“Don’t forget on Saturday.”
“The kids?” I chuckled and wrapped my arm around her. My fear to not lose this girl is making me do the unthinkable. It’s making me dance hopelessly to her tunes. She has me cornered and wrapped around her fingers. What can I do? I can’t lose her.
“I’m going out of my way for you for the first time these days Mariana. I’m setting all my pride and egos aside to be more understanding and cooperative in case you didn’t notice. Please don’t ever do anything to hurt me, don’t betray me and never leave me. I know I’m trying to be good, don’t let it go to waste. You’re my life, if I lose you, I lose myself. Just please.” I kissed her hair and held her tightly.
“I love you Novan.” She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes.
“I love you more.” I kissed her one last time before getting in my car and driving away.
My phone began to ring again when I got home.
Well well well. Look who’s calling again.
“Hey, Paula dear! Now I know you love me. See, you called me again”
“You this punk, shut up already! What was that for?”
“You called me. I told you we can’t do this. It’s called cheating. Cheating Paula dearest…”
“Keep shut! Know your stand okay? Do I look like someone you can play those stupid games on? ”
“I didn’t ask you to call me, you did…”
“Who are you on the phone with Paula? Is it your secret lover? Give me the phone, let me see.”
“… it’s no one… I..”
The line went dead and I laughed. Paula should be shitting in her pants now for being caught.
I told her not to call me again but she did and now her husband will be suspicious of her.
When I got back inside, my mum appeared out of nowhere and pulled me away from any listening ear.
“So tell me, what did you do with that boy…I mean your boyfriend in there?”
“Yes, Mariana. He was in your room wasn’t he?”
“Ye…yes. why are you asking?”
“And did you do something? Tell me, what did you two do while inside all alone?”
I looked away and chewed on my lips. Why’s mum asking this? I can’t tell her we had sex?
“You did something?”
I looked at her and nodded slowly.
“I’m not asking for anything. I had a camera installed in your room..”
“What!” I screamed loudly that every worker around turned to look at us.
“Calm down!”
“Why would you put a camera in my room?” I’m terrified. Novan and I just had sex in there. Does it mean it has been taped and someone has already seen it? Did she watch it? Did she?
Oh god!
“Listen to me…
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“Listen to me…I just want to know if you did something or not so I know what to do. I put that camera there when I kept you indoors. After you returned I wanted to disable it but didn’t get the chance.”
“ didn’t see anything then?” My voice was shaky and my heart was beating wildly.
“No, I didn’t. That’s why I wanted to know so I won’t mistakenly watch it.”
I released the heavy breath I never thought I was holding.
Thank Goodness.
“I want the camera off from my room and the video, please give it to me. I will destroy it myself.”
“Yeah, I will. The camera is connected to our TV so whatever happened should be stored in there. Go there quickly before your dad on the TV…”
She didn’t finish when I began to race up the stairs in a haste. I got there in time just when dad picked the remote.
“Dad!” I walked in and took the remote.
“What? I want to watch the news.”
“Do that downstairs. Mum is calling you and I also want to do something in here.”
“What do you want to do?”
“Please, dad.”
“I just wanted to help you..”
“No no no! I’m okay. I can handle it.” I held his hand and began to push him out gently.
“Yes, dad.”
“Call me if you need anything.”
“I will.” I closed the door with the key when he was out.
What was the need for mum to plant a camera in my room?
I switched the TV and selected the video input of the RCA that she used and all the videos taken from my room displayed. I selected today’s own which began when I entered from work to the bathroom then Novan entrance, back from the bathroom the bed and oh.. displaying live on the screen is my sex video.
Holy moly!
I pressed on the pause and deleted everything.
What if it was mum that saw this? Or dad. I wouldn’t survive the embarrassment enough to stay in the house. I would’ve moved to Novan’s house this evening and never come back.
I disconnected the cable taking the video from my room to the TV and trashed it. I checked again to see if everything had been deleted before I got out.
I will warn mum not to ever try this again. I want my privacy. She can’t just invade it like that?
God. She almost saw my most intimate moments with my boyfriend.
I went to my room and searched for the camera for almost an hour but to no avail.
I picked my phone and call mum. “Where’s the camera mum? I can’t find it.”
“It’s in your bedside lamp. Just destroy it, I will get you another one.”
“You won’t do this again mum ”
“I know. I didn’t do it in order to watch what you do with him. When you were locked up, I just wanted to check your safety that nothing happened to you. That’s all. I’m sorry.”
“Okay.” It sounds better that way.
I took the lamp and stared into it. Truly truly, there was a camera in it. I carried it to the back of our mansion, set it on fire, and watched until it burned out completely.
I walked back inside, still shaken up from imagining what would’ve happened if any of my family members had seen it. God forbid.
During dinner, mum kept smirking at me for some reason best known to her that I wanted to throw my meat at her.
I got up without finishing my food and to my horror, mum followed me.
“What now?”
She giggled. “Tell me, what did he do to you? What did you do inside.”
“Seriously mum?”
“I hope you haven’t crossed the line already?”
I looked everywhere else but her. Of course, we did it.
“I want to sleep. We have work tomorrow.” I gave a lip tight smile and ran up the stairs from her.
“You did it?”
‘Yes, we did it ‘ my eyes rolled in their sockets.
“No mum. I know my limits, he does too. We never crossed.” I lied beautifully.
“I trust you.” I heard her say.
Oh mother dearest.
I don’t blame her. She thinks I’m on my period. She doesn’t know it skipped.
I woke up the next day with that unusual feeling and I felt wetness down there. I feel sick too but no pain at all.
I managed to get up and walked into the bathroom.
“Oh,” I muttered when I saw the red stain in my panties after taking my clothes off.
It’s clear, I didn’t get fertilized.
Luck was on my side. However, I hope this isn’t implantation blood. No. Positive Mariana. Let’s be positive.
I wasted more time in the bathroom before coming out, taking out my tampon, and fixing it.
I decided to wear a suit then straighten my hair. I applied a lot of make-up to mask my sickly look. I got on my heels, took my bag, and got out.
It’s almost 9 am. I’m not late. The jewelry company doesn’t start early like my dad’s company. However, workers need to be there by 7: 30.
Mum came out after I’ve eaten my breakfast and I had to wait for her.
We got to MD ( Mariana Dominguez) Jewelry and the company was huge, not like my dad’s but relatively.
I spent half of the day going through my mum’s designs and taking a stroll in the jewelry store. So many diamonds and golds and they’re so expensive.
I saw a gold infinity set and decided to get it for Nervisa. They were nice. I ended up ordering a personalized neck chain to be made for her as her Christmas gift. I couldn’t get her anything.
The other half of the day was spent trying to give my mum new ideas on what designs to make. She’s the one good at drawing not me.
But she doesn’t do it alone, she has an artist in the design department who bring ideas. And sometimes, bring her ideas down on to paper while she describes it.
This work has been fun so far and I prefer it to my dad’s. The day ended and I found myself anticipating tomorrow and wishing for it to come soon.
The next day came quickly which was Friday. Nervisa’s personalized neck chain was ready and packaged for me along with the infinity jewelry set. I’m happy the week has already ended and I can’t wait to play parents with Novan tomorrow.
Betsy was in my room when I returned in the evening. I need to find a way and get this stubborn stupid friend of mine to go back to school.
“Hi, Betsy.”
“Quinn.” She hugged and kissed me. I love her so much.
“How was work? And what’s this?” She got the parcel out.
“Work was good and that’s for Nervisa. I got it for her. You needed something?”
“No. I just thought I could go to work with you.” She was sad.
I’m sure she’s bored being at home every day and Morgan is also at school.
I got my shoes off and walked to her. “Look, Betsy, we can go to work together after school. Please go back to school for me.”
“That’s not even the case. We planned everything, Mariana. We were supposed to graduate together, walk out of college together just like we came in. I wanted us to make all those memories.”
“It’s granted. I will come on your graduation day, wear the clothes and we’d take the pictures together. We will do everything, Betsy.”
“Still. It won’t mean that we completed together.”
“Okay, I’m giving you my penthouse and the Rolls-Royce. I will come visit at least once a week. I’m busy but I will try.”
That must’ve done the magic because her eyes widened.
“Really?” She beamed.
“Yeah. I won’t lie to you.”
“Wow! I will live in the penthouse?”
“Yes, and the car is yours. Do you accept to-go to school now?”
She pouted and squinted her eyes for a minute. “I’m still gonna think about it. You can’t buy me that easily.”
“I know but please. I have a teddy in there and my clothes. Don’t touch any of it. I’m begging.” I went for the keys and gave it to her.
She grinned.
“The code is either your name, mine, or Donovan. Any of them should be able to open it.” I said and began to take my clothes off.
I hope I’m able to make her go back to school.
“I can promise not to touch the teddy but not the clothes, am sorry.”
“Yeah, I pray the few days you spent at home made you add up weight enough not to fit into them.” I smiled. Betsy eats a lot but doesn’t grow fat.
“We all know I’m never getting fat.”
“I’m giving everything but please my clothes and teddy are out,” I begged. Mum got me nice collections I’m yet to wear and I love them.
“I can’t even take one?”
“You can. What I mean is, go for your own shopping. Don’t make my wardrobe yours.” I said.
“Okay.” She rolled her eyes and got out.
I’m still not convinced. I know this friend of mine so well. She likes to wear my things. Not like I have a problem but those designers are my favorites.
I called Novan before going to bed and he won’t stop asking me if I’ve packed my things or not. I in turn told him to prepare a nursery and that we’re bringing the babies on Saturday.
After breakfast the next day with the family which was Saturday, I drove to my foundation and called Novan over.
I got there and within an hour, he arrived and we walked to the nursery.
“Seriously?” He asked when we followed their nanny who will be of the same age as my mum inside.
Novan stood in the middle of the room while I walked to one of the cradles and there was the adorable little sunshine with baby blue eyes and curly brown hair like Novan’s. Though his hair isn’t really curly, it’s brown, chocolate.
When she saw me her lips parted and her eyes opened better. They curved into a smile before she yawned..oh that was cute.
I went to Novan and dragged him to the cradle.
“See that?” I asked with a wide smile.
“Yes it’s a baby and I can foresee just how stubborn she will be, a bundle of rebel.” I elbowed him playfully.
“I mean she’s cute.”
“Yeah?” He scratched his neck. “You have no idea how tedious this can be. Let’s get out of here.”
I eyed him before going to the other cradle with him where there’s another little cute thing. Curly brunette and brown eyes just like me. Yet again, my hair isn’t curly though.
“Did you give birth to this?” He chuckled.
I smiled at my near carbon copy. We only share hair color and eyes but it’s good.
“Careful with her.” Novan cautioned while I was picking her up from the cradle.
“Yeah, hubby.”
He laughed. “Have we started already?”
“I guess so.”
“Any names in mind?” He stood by me.
I looked at their nanny. “Have you given them any names yet Nancy?”
“No madam.”
I looked at Novan and shook my head with a smile. “Can you pick Everly up?”
“Pick Everly up.”
“That was so fast. You got a name but why? It sounds like that name. Everett.”
“It’s the only name that came into mind and she has brown hair just like you. There couldn’t have been any other name.”
He didn’t say anything else and picked Everly up carefully.
“This is crazy.” He cracked.
“I think it’s fun. What name do we give to this brunette?”
He walked to me and stared into my face for a moment. “I don’t know. Only you know.”
“Yeah, their father is good for nothing. I will tell them that when they grow up.”
“Really? I won’t mind telling them that their mother is a Mrs know-it-all and a renowned poke noser.”
I laughed. “Since they’re twins. We’re maintaining the ‘E’ so I will call this angel here, Emma.”
Everly and Emma. Great.
He raised his brows. “You’re crazy. You’re making these kids all about us. Emma?”
“No, I’m not.”
“Yes, you are. Just because my father gave me that stupid name Everett.”
“Don’t make an issue out of this. I got them a wonderful name and on Thursday, I will get them a personalized pendant with their names on it.”
“I see.”
“Yeah.” I turned to their nanny. “As I said, I will be bringing them back on Sunday evening. I will call if I will need anything or your help.”
“Okay, madam.”
“Have you prepared the nursery?” I asked Novan as we made it out.
“Yeah but listen to me first. “These are human beings, not an experiment tool and you know nothing. What if something goes wrong and you harm them?”
“I’m not experienced but you are. I’m counting on you for their safety.” Once I said that he kept quiet until we got home and Nervisa who’s currently our first child came to meet us. It’s like I just gave birth and I came back from the hospital with my husband and babies.
“Wow, babydoll. You two brought real babies home. Now I have something to spend time with ” Nervisa beamed.
Novan and I walked in with the babies in our arms. He took the lead upstairs and close to her room where we entered.
I was awed with the baby nursery when we got in. He got it painted yellow and white with a little blue that stripped through the yellow and white in thin lines. It was beautiful.
“I didn’t know which color. I hope this is good. We can change it later. And if you’re not okay with the arrangements and decorations, we can re-do it and..”
“It’s okay Novan. I love everything here. You’re wonderful.”
“Really.” He grinned.
“Yes.” I placed Emma in the white and blue cradle bed and Novan also does the same.
“So what next?” I brushed my hands together.
“Let’s have a bath or a proper hand wash. They’re young and fragile. A little mistake and they’ll get an infection.”
“Oh okay.”
“I will call Sharon and Nervisa to stay with them while..”
“Mummy and daddy take a bath.” I finished his sentence with a sheepish smile.
“Whatever.” He walked out. Minutes later, Nervisa and Sharon came and I left.
While bathing, Novan wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. He kept holding and touching me, telling me how much he misses me. I tried to resist him because I was on my period.
“Stop it Novan.” He was behind me and fondling my breast while I lather.
“Why?” He whispered in my ear.
“We need to get out of here fast. The babies, have you forgotten?”
“I thought you’d say something else. The babies will be fine.”
He turned me to him and kissed me. His hard-on is pressed to my abdomen, my chest flushed against his and his hands begin to travel in between my thighs.
“Novan.” I jerked and hit my hands against his chest.
“What?” He asked innocently.
“We can’t do it.”
“Why? It will only take a few minutes. If you had allowed once we got inside, we would’ve been done by now.” He whispered yet again and licked his lips.
“Are you some addict or what? We can do it later.”
“No.” He came closer.
“Novan please,” I begged. We’ve been in here for long and I need to hurry up.
“You don’t want it?” He looked into my eyes. I sucked on my lips and shook my head.
“Then what?”
How do I tell you?
“ it?” He asked, looking me up and down.
He smirked. “It’s okay. I don’t mind a little blood. I will manage.”
“Keep quiet.” He covered my mouth and turned me around. He got a condom from somewhere in the bathroom, tore it, and wore it on his long erection.
“Novan,” I whined in protest even though I’m so turned. I don’t know how this is gonna be for him.
“I told you, I don’t mind.” He silenced me with a kiss before making me turn.
He brushed his length on me then hit my opening gently with his cock, sending a vibration through me. He turned the shower on and entered me. Weird and gross is what I will call it but it was better, good despite the circumstance. He began to pound into me and I shrieked.
“Are..are.. you okay?” His voice did not only break in pleasure but got muffled by the shower hitting the floor and our skins.
“Ye..yes.” I managed to say as our skins slapped together. He kept going and going and I couldn’t keep myself from being quiet. Minutes later, my legs began to shake as my toes curled. One last thrust and I’ve turned to mush as I come undone. He followed suit and soon our pants is all that could be heard apart from the shower.
None of us uttered a word until we were done and came out of the washroom. I picked a tampon from my bag and hid it safely away into my panties then began to pad back into the bathroom.
While I was passing by, my obnoxious boyfriend deliberately bumped into me, causing the tampon and pants to fall.
He chuckled and picked it up. ” You know, I can fix it for you.”
I snatched it away from him, my face bright red and ran into the bathroom. I heard him laugh and I smiled. Novan is crazy. I always say that. I have a feeling he’s been wanting to have sex with me under the shower deliberately that’s why he proposed the bath.
I came out and he has selected a black dress with a red lacy bra for me to wear.
“You know you can’t wear any other color. Black is a perfect color when you’re on your period, am I right?”
“Shut up Novan.”
“I won’t have to fuck you anytime we meet if only you had moved in already because I would be fucking you every day.”
I hurried up and put the bra and clothes on. Not that I don’t want to hear his dirty talks but because of the things it triggers in me. If I stay in here any longer I will be leading him to bed this time.

{Loving him with all his flaws.}
My hair was still wet when I got out. Novan ran after me to the baby’s nursery and when we got in, Nervisa was busy playing with them while they baby talked and toddle around the room. I didn’t know they’ve reached that stage yet.
Sharon came in shortly with two bottles.
“Are you two sure you can do this?” Sharon asked with a smirk.
“Of course we can. What happened?”
“They were hungry and you stayed in there for almost two hours now.”
It’s all Novan’s fault. I looked at him and he pulled his tongue out playfully at me.
I took one bottle and picked Emma up from the floor. “Novan, you’re gonna feed, Everly.”
I wanted to ask why when he spoke. “I will feed Emma instead.”
I gave her to him and picked Everly who I think looks like Novan if my silly mind is not busy deceiving me.
Sitting on the couch and feeding the babies with Novan got to be the amazing thing ever. He smiled when Emma burped and it was contagious.
“Are two perhaps planning on adopting them?” Sharon asked.
I looked at Novan. “Maybe.”
“I will be glad if you adopt them. I can be an aunty at this stage and I will get to be friends with them.” Nervisa voiced.
Novan just kept quiet and I didn’t want to say anything because he said he wasn’t ready for any adoption.
The day went by and soon we laid them in their cradle for their afternoon nap. Novan stayed with me and we watched them fall asleep one after the other.
We got out and closed the door gently. Next, we had lunch prepared by Sharon together. After two hours, we went on duty calls as Emma was busy screaming her lungs out.
We rushed inside since it was only us and Nervisa was fast asleep in her room.
“What’s wrong with her?” I asked Novan.
“How would I know?”
“But..” I kept quiet.
Novan shook his head and picked her up. “Her diaper is full. Get me another?”
“Sure.” I rushed to the baby closet and picked the push-ups diapers out.
“And a wipe?” He looked at me and sat.
I rushed to take it and came to sit beside him.
“Mariana don’t tell me I have to tell you this again.” He groaned.
“The diapers have to be two.”
“It’s simple logic. Everly’s diaper is equally full but since she’s a slob and feeling lazy to wake up, she decides to put up with it. So it means we have to change it for her too or she’ll get baby rashes.”
‘Oh,’ I muttered dumbly and walked back to the closets to bring it.
” And oh, pick that lazy girl along. Tell her I won’t tolerate nonsense from her.” Novan said.
I looked at him and laughed. I picked sleeping Everly up, sat, and checked her diapers and it was actually full. Novan was right. Everly is indeed showing signs of laziness and slob behavior but then, who did she take after? Novan of course.
Watch me while I change her diaper and apply it okay?”
I watched in amazement the way he went about it expertly.
“Are you learning? I don’t teach twice.” He looked at me for a second before going back to what he was doing.
After he was done, I tried to do it but got it wrong.
“This is actually easy. You weren’t paying attention.” He said and went to put Emma who was slowly falling back to sleep after her diaper was changed down.
He took Everly and changed it for him while teaching me.
“They’ll eat in the next hour. We need to get the bottles ready.” He said and we walked out into the kitchen.
And that was our routine the whole day. Feeding, changing them, and playing with them when they woke up. Novan didn’t do that so only I and Nervisa played with them.
It was fun when Novan and I bathed them and got them dressed up for bed in their night wear.
At ten, our girls were still awake and baby talking noisily. We both were exhausted and Novan was irritated in addition.
We’ve done the needful to make them sleep but it was fruitless.
“Make them sleep, Mariana.” He groaned and paced back and forth.
“Why should I?”
“Are you not their mother?” He fired.
“And you who are you?”
“Me, I’m just Donovan.” He bit down on his lips not to smile but failed. He smiled and walked to Emma’s cradle.
“I think you should sing for them,” I suggested.
“You do that. You’re the lady with a nice voice. I never sang for Nervisa.”
“But you sing.”
“You don’t want us to go to bed.”
“Of course.” He yawned and caressed Emma’s face then began to sing meticulously.
Sleep sleep sleep
My baby sleep
If you sleep,
You are beautiful.
If you sleep,
You are beautiful.
He kept singing and I couldn’t hold in my laughter. Everly laughed along with me to my awe but that didn’t stop Novan.
“Continue to laugh. Before you realize, he’d be asleep and I will be fast asleep in bed while you doze away here trying to make that lazy bone sleep.” He went back to singing and I continued to laugh silently.
I’m muted when Emma’s eyes began to shut slowly. Novan is right. I looked at Everly and she was smiling at me, sleep wasn’t knocking.
Soon she began to snore and Novan got up and stretched.
“Work accomplished. Can’t wait for you to dump them back where we picked them tomorrow. I swear, I won’t fucking do this again.”
“Don’t swear around my children, Novan.” I scolded him sleepily.
It’s 12 am and Everly was still staring at me.
“Seriously?” He burst into laughter.
“Don’t go,” I said when he was leaving.
“No. I’m feeling sleepy. In case Emma wakes up, warm her bottle, and feed her. Do the same to Everly in case she didn’t sleep and began to cry. It might be hunger. ” With that, he left.
I went to call him back and convinced him but he didn’t budge.
At 1 am, Emma began to cry and I rushed to get her bottle ready. I wasn’t done before Everly also began to cry.
Now I have to feed two kids at a time. I suffered. Most of the milk wet their clothes instead of getting into their mouth because I could barely keep my eyes open.
Emma was crying so hard now because one, she wasn’t satisfied and secondly, her dress was wet.
Everly was also crying but am sure it’s just because she couldn’t get enough of the food.
I couldn’t take it. I covered my ear and went to call Novan but no matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t wake up. I walked back inside and selected a similar nightdress from the bag Nancy packed. I picked Everly up and after so long, I’m finally able to remove and put the clothes on. She stopped crying but Everly wouldn’t even after I changed her.
I went to the kitchen for their reserved bottle and warmed it. I splashed water on my face to get rid of the sleep before going.
Once I fed them and they were full, they began to fall asleep. I closed the door and left for Novan’s room once they slept completely and it was almost three in the morning.
I replaced my tampon with a new one and fell beside him on the bed. Minutes later, I feel him move into me, his face pressed against my back and his hand around my waist.
“Asshole” I muttered and kicked him away.
“Please.” He said quietly and came back to hold me.
I felt a pull on my leg and begrudgingly opened my eyes.
“What is it Nervisa.” My hands went to rub my eyes.
“Evermar is yelling so much Nova. I could barely sleep and it’s just 6 am. Please go check on them.”
I looked over my side and didn’t see Mariana. Not until I looked up, I didn’t realize I was in between her legs and my head was on her stomach. I like to sleep with her in that position but I don’t know when I did it.
“Did you say Evermar?”
“Yeah. I can say Emma and Everly and since they’re both crying I shipped them.”
Sleeping on Mariana this way is so comfortable. It pains me that I have to get up. I can’t wait for these children to leave. I’m done with this festival of madness.
I got up reluctantly and took one look at the sleeping beauty on my bed before walking out to those naughty girls who have decided to make my life miserable.
The fuck!
I went to the kitchen and made baby cereal for both of them before walking inside where they still were screaming their lungs out.
A bunch of foodies. I sat them down since they were toddlers and began to feed them at a go. One spoon for Everly, the next for Emma.
After they ate, I got their clothes off and couldn’t help laughing when I saw that their clothes were worn inside out.
I realized it wasn’t the same clothes they wore before I went to bed. I walked to the hamper and saw that they were in there and soaked with milk.
What did my girl do? She must’ve suffered a lot when I went to bed.
I bathed them and wore fresh clothes on them. I didn’t find it hard since I did something like this before.
I put them back in their cradle and thought of waking Mariana up when I got back to my room but thought against it. She should sleep some more. Who knows, maybe she didn’t get enough sleep.
I brushed my teeth and went to have breakfast with my sister.
“How was your time with dad? Hope he didn’t make you uncomfortable.”
She shook her head as she had pancakes in her mouth. “I had a nice time. He took me to the park and promised me Disneyland.”
Not under my watch will he take her out of the country.
“Did he buy you something?”
“ bought me ice cream and a few coins to play a game at the park.”
“You won’t accept anything big from him.”
She looked at me and didn’t say anything.
“Did you hear me?”
“Don’t boss me around Nova. Why are you pushing my parents from me? Why are you doing this?” She dropped her pancake.
“I didn’t do anything. They left us, I didn’t push them. Have you forgotten how I tried to get them back for you?”
“You didn’t try enough and you’re still doing nothing. My dad wants to be back with us but you keep fighting him.”
“I won’t take this ungratefulness from you Nervisa. You’re still young and you know nothing.” I got up.
“You think I’m ungrateful?”
“You forgot what I had to do for you and us to survive. You forgot what we went through and now you’re taking his side. What did he tell you?”
For her happiness, I decided to let him see her. I didn’t want it to seem as if I’m keeping her away from our parents.
She got up as well.
“Sit back and eat. You can go and live with him if you want to. I will take you.” I walked outside and sat on the swing chair.
If Nervisa leaves then I will be left with nothing apart from Mariana of course. And if she also leaves, I will be all alone. I will live my entire life alone. I’m never gonna be happy. Life won’t be worth living anymore and I will never be the same again. Nothing is gonna make sense. This is how sad my life is and I can’t help myself. I’m nothing and my own demons are pulling me back. I don’t know how to control it and be a normal person for once. I’m a mess, still working to be better but it doesn’t seem to be working. Mariana is my hope. She could make and unmake me. I shouldn’t lose her else I will be done for. She’s just good and perfect for me. She can’t be replaced and I can’t love anyone as much as I love her and only she can love me, love, who I am. Nobody else will.
“It’s Novan.” I looked up at her and smiled. “Or Donovan.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry.” She looked down, fiddling with her fingers.
“It’s nothing. Come here.” I opened my arms and she ran into them.
“You were sad, I’m sorry.” She said.
“No. Are you okay?”
“I have you, why can’t I be okay?” She smiled at me.
“Then I’m also okay,” I told her.
“We’re all okay because we have each other.”
“Absolutely.” I kissed her.
My skin tingled all over as I felt something moving on me. I brushed it away and buried my face in the pillow.
I panicked and my head shot up when I felt two different weights on me.
My hands moved to my back and held a head.
I looked around and saw Novan and her sister.
“It’s time for you to wake up. A mother doesn’t sleep this much.”
Where was he when I was suffering yesterday?
“Let me sleep, Novan. And get these two off of me. I didn’t have any sleep last night.” I closed my eyes to fall back to sleep.
“They’re hungry.”
“Please do it. It’s too early.”
“12 pm isn’t too early Mariana. Don’t forget you’re a mother now.”
God. I groaned. I feel like crying. Mother’s are suffering. Do they ever have time for themselves? I can’t even sleep in peace.
“Please Novan,” I whined. “I need to sleep some more.”
“Dear, it’s twelve.”
I looked at him and got the kids from my back and turned.
I picked Everly up and placed her on my chest. I kissed her then picked Emma too.
“How’re my two little girls?”
They smiled and clapped their hands. I looked at Novan whose eyes were on me and back to the clock and it was twelve. I’ve really slept.
Before the sunset, Novan and I were on our way to drop the twins. I felt sad and nostalgic. I miss them already.
“Are you crying?”
“No, but I will miss them.”
“No one is stopping you from seeing them every day or taking them to your home.”
“Yes, but I won’t experience taking care of them with you. It felt like we were family and I felt like a real mother.”
“For you to feel all these, then it was worth it.”
” I think.” I placed my head on his shoulders as he drove and our girls are at the back seat. I wish we could just adopt them.
Monday is here and I was already dressed up for work and I’ve already packed half my wardrobe to his house and yet to still talk to my parents. I still have Nervisa’s present. I forgot to give it to her. I planned to give it to her after work today when she’s back from school and Novan will be learning from home henceforth because of me.
I got to the office and as usual, Mike was already present. I greeted him and walked into my office. A lot of documents meant to be signed by me were piled up in a heap on my desk. I ordered coffee and set to work. Reading thoroughly and signing.
Before lunch, I called Novan and he said he was on campus and will call later.
I decided to call Ed and apologize for what happened. I think he’s mad at me because of that and that’s why he refused to call me.
“Can we talk?” I asked when he picked.
“Yes. On phone?”
” If you don’t mind.”
“I will be at your office.”
“O..okay.” I dropped my phone and got up, moving up and down in my office. For some unknown reason, I’m tensed up.
After thirty minutes, he walked in looking handsome as always.
I walked to him and went straight to the point. “Thanks for coming. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about the last time. You’re my friend and I shouldn’t have thought that of you even though you said you like me once. That is passed and you have a girlfriend. I’m really sorry Edward”
“It’s okay.”
“Really? Are you sure?”
“I felt bad but I wasn’t mad at you.”
“So we’re good? Like friends?”
He nodded with a smile. I rushed to hug him. I did but realized and began to pull away…just then, someone rushed in.
I looked up and stilled.
Mike with a busted lip stood behind him, shaking his head to tell me that he tried to stop him, maybe.
I couldn’t comprehend what happened next…it was fast…out of control.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
Getting back from college, I just decided to pass by. To give Mariana a surprise visit then take her out for lunch.
The company was gigantic and even though everyone seems to be minding their business, I felt awkward and out of place.
I will never be able to work in a damn office.
I walked to the reception when I entered. “Hi.” I tried to be polite to the pretty red-haired receptionist who looks almost my age.
“Hi” she smiled too wide and flirtatiously at me and I looked away. Foolish bitches.
“I would like to know which floor I can locate the MD.”
“Top floor…”
“Okay.” I began to walk away but she called me back.
“Did you make a mistake?”
“Not really..” she stretched a card to me after looking around and making sure her colleagues weren’t looking. “You might need it in case you miss your way. Just hit me up.” She smirked and winked.
I looked away irritatingly at the attempt of this cheap innocent slut who’s so desperate to get my attention.
A guy like me doesn’t love just anyone. Mariana is it for me, she’ll always be.
“No thanks, the MD is my girlfriend. I can’t fuck you but can easily get you fired!”
She gasped. ” I’m sorry.”
I rolled my eyes and walked away to the elevator. If it were to be some months back, I would have her bending over a toilet seat in one of the washrooms within seconds without thinking about it but It’s different now. None of them appeal to me.
Minutes later, I was out of the elevator. I asked one of the male workers I saw and I was shown a passage to take. Almost at the end of the long passage, I saw the secretary’s door. I walked past it when I saw a glass door with a tag that had Mariana’s name on it ahead but somehow, someone noticed and called me.
I turned and I’m shocked to see Mike, Betsy’s brother.
The fuck is he doing here.
He was neatly dressed in a white dress shirt and a pair of blue dress pants. Clean cut and nice shining shoes. Wow. Mariana kinda guy. They’ll look good together but I refuse that from happening.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“I should be asking you that.”
“What do you mean?”
“I work here.”
“As what?”
I scoffed. “For Pablo”
“No, Mariana.”
I almost choked on my spit. The hell. How can they make him out of all people her secretary? Couldn’t they find a lady?
I hope Paula madam is not behind this as well. If it is then one day one day that woman will hear it from me. What nonsense!
“Why would you accept to work for her? Are you not deviating? Why a secretary? You could be more.”
“I like it. It’s a nice job and I enjoy doing it.”
“Of course.” I put my hands on my waist and nodded multiple times. If you get a beautiful girl like Mariana to work around with, how can’t you enjoy your job even if it’s trash?
“Listen, I know she’s beautiful and that’s what is encouraging you to do this job but I advise you to quit. That woman in there is mine. One wrong move and you’ll be dead I promise you.” I began to walk but he pulled me back.
“You can’t go in, there’s someone with her.”
“I can’t tell you.”
“Well, I don’t care.” I began to go but he tried dragging me back. I lost my cool that I didn’t know when I punched him and scurried off.
What’s his problem? Fuming and fuming, I reached the electronic door and it opens to reveal the unexpected. I went numb for a moment that I couldn’t move any of my limbs. My mind went blank completely and my eyes kept blinking and blinking but the image before me wouldn’t go away. It’s real, it’s happening. My girl. Fucking Edward. Fucking Mike. They’re all around. Doing what? Oh god. My eyes sluggishly moved to her little hands holding the bastard’s waist and it was clear. Not only was she close to him, but they also hugged and god knows what else they did. Oh my my.. her shocked face gave it away. I couldn’t control it. I launched forward, tackled him to the floor, and gave it to him free and fair. He can die. I could care less. Mariana’s screaming didn’t get to me. I just wanted to kill him. I warned him. I warned them. I fucking did. I was specific. I gave my girl rules and she defied them. I’m beyond angry. Adrenaline was rushing and shooting through my veins. I saw red. Jealousy. Heartache. Betrayed. I feel cheated on. I’ve been nothing but faithful to Mariana. Lately, I went out of my way. She knows I can’t lose her. Why? What is left of me to do again? Before I realized, security was in the office trying to separate us. I might as well be jailed today looking at how I just ruined this pretty boy’s face.
“Novan..” Mariana cried but she didn’t come to me. She went Edward to Edward who was being helped out. I can’t believe this. She was supposed to come to me.
“Follow him and we’re done!”
“What? Tears spilled from her eyes as she stood rooted in the same spot.
The security stepped closer to me probably to arrest me and I backed away.
“Hey young man, you’re coming with us.” They grabbed my hand and I yanked it off.
“No one will touch me. Tell them that Mariana!” I raised my hand into my hair and flinched. My knuckles were bruised.
I walked further into her fancy office and stood by the window.
Moments later, the security men walked out after I heard her talking to them. I couldn’t care to listen.
“Novan.” She was still crying and now coming closer to me.
“Don’t come near me!”
“Novan, please. I want to explain.”
“What more is there to be explained? I saw it all. You and that loser.”
“You got it wrong..”
“The only thing I got wrong is your fidelity. I thought you wanted me alone but no, you want to have fun around. You wanted to fuck Edw…”
“Donovan!” She screamed loudly.
I looked outside. I didn’t mean to say that but right now she deserves it.
“If you’re not gonna listen to what I have to say then out of here!”
He said I wanted to fuck around. He was my first in everything. How can he say that?
“You won’t deny that you’ve been whoring around?” He flanged his inked arm in the air.
I shook my head sadly, my tears knew no limits. Novan hit Edward badly. I pray he doesn’t sustain any major injury. He was violent and full of anger. I haven’t seen him like that before and right now he’s looking at me with disgust and contempt. He’s still angry.
“Don’t say those things about me Novan. I didn’t do anything…”
“When did it start?!” He cuts me off.
“What I just saw here.” He waved his fingers at me.
“ nothing..” I couldn’t find my words.
” You won’t lie to me!”
She stumbled back and held the desk for support. She was crying but wasn’t looking at me anymore.
“When did all this start Mariana. What has been going on between you and that asshole that you kept from me?”.
“Nothing.” She lied, angering me the more.
“Tell me, what have you been doing with him and how long has it been going on?” My chest tightened. What if he fucked her? Then I will finish him off. I swear.
“Please.” She pleaded.
“Fuck you! That’s not what I want to hear.” I walked towards her.
She shook her head sideways and bit down on her lips.
“Tell me else when I leave from here I’m going to find Aria and…”
“Okay okay. Edward and I went to have lunch on Wednesday then..then…when we returned… I..well…he wanted to peck me and I thought he was about to kiss me. I reacted badly and he felt bad. I thought I should talk to him and apologize and that was what happened. I called him over.”
I see. He planned this. He’s using her sweetness and niceness to his advantage.
“He has a girlfriend. Please don’t think much into this.”
“I won’t buy that!” After hearing all this, I just want to go after him and give him more beatings.
“So this is what you’ve been up to. I fucking told you not to entertain him. Stay far away from him but it fell on deaf ears. You went the fuck behind me secretly, having lunch together, and sharing damn hugs and kisses. What the fuck does that make you? A fucking cheat. You like him, don’t you? Is that not why you keep going to him even though I forbade you to? You kept everything from me. I asked you if there’s anything but you wouldn’t tell me shit. You’re not honest and neither are you faithful but you expect that from me? Fuck, You keep making me do what you want lately and I never refused. I fucking obeyed you like a damn stupid puppy but you won’t do the same for me. Who are you? You have that childhood sweetheart of yours who’s crazy about you as a secretary then pretty face Edward who takes you to lunch and gives you kisses in your office. If I’m not wrong, you have Dylan hiding in your cabinet. God.” I looked at the door then looked back at her. I can’t stay here. I sauntered to the door and she followed me.
He begins to walk away after saying all those things.
“Wait Novan. I’m sorry. Please.” I ran after him.
He didn’t stop.
“Novan I won’t do it again I swear. I won’t see Edward again. I’m not even gonna call him. Please hear me out. Don’t go.” I held onto his shirt before he made it out of my office. I can’t follow him afterward.
“You told me this before didn’t you? You promised not to come close to him but you went beyond that. I can’t believe anything you say.”
“Please. I’m sorry.” I cried more, looking at him. This should calm him and make him stay but he looked away then pushed me away from him.
“Don’t come near me and don’t fuckin follow me when I’m out of here. I don’t want to see you Mariana. I don’t want to so you’ll stay the fuck away. Got it?” He stormed out.
I can’t let him go. I went for my bag and began to pack my things into it. I picked my phone last and ran out. Reaching the door, I remembered my keys which I left on the desk before finally leaving.
Most of the workers were unusually in the passage in groups, whispering among themselves. That is so unusual but I was too occupied to worry about it now. I hope everything is okay though or maybe it’s just about me and the big scene Novan made today. I didn’t see Mike and I’m grateful. Novan had already taken the elevator when I got there so I took the next one.
I’m met with my parents at the VIP entrance into the company with upset looks. Maybe they know.
“Mum? Dad?”
“Where are you going, Mariana?” Dad inquired in a serious tone. My neck craned and I saw Novan’s car driving out.
“I need to go.” I tapped my feet impatiently.
“After him?” Mum looked behind.
“A more serious matter is on ground and you’re busy running after him. I’ve had enough of you Mariana. I can’t believe you could be this..this.. careless. Is this your new way of rebelling against us?” My dad muttered. I don’t understand why he would say that to me. Maybe it’s because of the fight that happened in my office.
“Look, both of you caused this. I didn’t accept to work.”
Dad didn’t wait. He turned and left for his car.
“I Never thought you’d do this to us, to yourself. You helped our enemy against us. You helped him accomplish his revenge. Our own daughter.” She also said and walked away.
My mind is clouded. I don’t understand what any of them meant. I watched their car drive away before getting into mine and driving out.
I tried to think of what mum said but nothing came out of it. Who did I help to accomplish a revenge? She must be crazy or am dreaming if not, why will I do that?
“Could you call Daniel for me?” I asked my wife. “Tell him to meet me at home.”
I sped past cars and switched lanes illegally without even knowing.
“It has already happened Pablo. We can’t kill ourselves over it. We need to stay alive so drive properly.”
“Yes, but why would she do that? Don’t tell me because of love. You love me but you didn’t do anything as stupid as she did and still doing.”
“Can we blame her?”
“No, but I blame you too. This was your idea. Now, look what happened? We lost.”
“Not entirely. There is still hope.”
My eyes moved to her. That’s my Paula, always positive about anything. She’s even calmer than I am. How’s that possible?
“Are you sure you’re not in some cahoots with that boy’s father?” I raised my brows and focused on the road.
“What are you saying?” She laughed. “You know me.”
Her laughter soothed and relaxed my nerves and I smiled.”Of course. Of course.”
I was not wrong about my daughter, her association is the cause of what happened but she played a major part.
We reached home and I parked the car in our garage before rushing to our room with Paula following behind at her own pace. I don’t blame her, nothing of hers is at stake. Or maybe I don’t blame her because I’m suspecting she must be pregnant.
I opened my drawers and brought everything out before looking for the files I thought I put it there but I didn’t find it. I opened Paula’s even though it wouldn’t be there but what if she kept it there?
I brought the clipped hefty files out and began to read the headings one after the other.
“What are you looking for Pablo?”
“The documents. I can’t find them.”
“It’s because you didn’t put it here. It should be in your study. Now close my drawers for me.”
“Sure. Let me just..” I saw her health record and decided to do a quick reading before she gets to me and stops me.
Seeing Pablo going through my drawers and finally, my documents made my heart race.
My brain is wagering between taking them from him or to allow him . Each of the options has its own demerits. If I go there now to take it, he’d start questioning me out of suspicion. And if I don’t take it, he will find out and be heartbroken. We still haven’t gone over what Mariana did. This truth is going to break him.
“Pablo, I’m sure you kept it in your study. Please go check over there.” His back was facing me and when I put my hand on his shoulders, they tensed.
He turned to me coldly and my eyes went to what he was holding. Those are my hospital records.
“What. Is. This. Ana Paula?”
I blinked my watery eyes. “I’m sorry.”
“How? Don’t tell me that. I want to know why It’s in here that we can’t have a baby. We can’t have a baby?”
“I’m sorry Pablo.”
“I say don’t tell me that! How could you do this to me? We’re married, not courting so what prevented you from telling me something as vital as this? I thought we’ve passed this stage? You could’ve told me but you chose to make a fool out of me. What is wrong with you?!” He yelled and stormed out of the room.
God. I dreaded his reaction. Why must it be today of all days that my daughter fucked up?
I hopped out of my car when I got to Novan’s house and entered.
I ran up the stairs only to be stopped by him before I could reach.
“Get the hell out of my house Mariana!”
“Please Novan.”
“You always do this shit with me just that each time is worse. Out! I meant it when I said stay the fuck away from me.”
“You said you can’t leave without me and now you’re throwing me out of your house? You begged me to move in remember?”
“That was before I found out about your double ways. I told you that I don’t like to see him around you. It drives me mad but do you listen?”
“I’m sorry. Please. I love you.”
“You didn’t think about my feelings before doing what I don’t like. This isn’t the first time. You’re the same girl who brought a man over to your apartment for a sleepover. Go away from here.” He took my wrist and began to lead me down the stairs.
“Why are you doing this Everett?” Our movements ceased and we looked at the intruder.
“You stay out of this and get out of here!”
“Oh come on. Don’t do this to her after everything?”
“Everything? What do you know?”
“We have everything now. So stop pretending.” He laughed.
I’m confused. I looked at Novan who looked speechless then back to his dad.
“Are you crazy? What are you talking about?”
“It’s done and we won. Not only did you have their daughter but we got everything else as well. So son, enough of the pretense…go on and tell her that everything was a charade…”
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“It’s done and we won. Not only did you have their daughter but we got everything else as well. So son, enough of the pretense…go on and tell her that everything was a charade…”
“Novan.” I tugged at his shirt, looking up at his face which held turmoil.
“What is your dad talking about?”
“I have no idea.” He whispered. “Ask him, is he not your friend?”
“Tell her Everett. Tell her everything.” Jude said and my eyes returned back to Novan.
“Will you stop all this and get out of here?”
“Tell her that you only helped me to take my revenge on her family. Tell her that nothing was real. You were just lucky enough to have her even after gaining all her family properties under my name.”
My mouth falls open. Nothing is making sense.
“Wha…what are you saying?” Novan faltered.
“The truth. We have everything now so quit pretending already. I’m bored.” He sat on the couch and put his leg over the other, a big folder on his lap.
“Novan.. what is he saying?” My heart was beating.
He didn’t talk. He just shoots daggers at his dad.
“He won’t tell you. Well, I will. You signed over anything that was transferred into your name to us. Everything your father owns is now ours and your shares in your mother’s properties are now mine also.”
“What! I never signed anything.”
“Oh yes, you did. These are the transfer papers. You can have a look if you don’t believe it.”
I snatched it from him and began to go through it. My hands shook and my lips trembled as I saw my signatures, confirming the transfer.
When? When did I sign these?
“Do you believe me now?”
“How? I don’t remember… signing anything to you.”
Novan took the documents and began to flip through. “What have you done Mariana? You signed everything off to this scumbag. What is wrong with you?”
” I didn’t do anything!” I protest, my hands rushing through my hair. So this is what my parents were referring to. God, let it not be true. It can’t be true.
“I don’t believe this.”
“You don’t?” Jude chuckled and switched the TV on. “Watch and read the headlines.”
My eyes moved to the screen and I saw journalists in front of our house.
” Daughter of the multi-billionaire Pablo Dominguez who was recently appointed the MD has transferred all her shares and everything her dad owns to Donovan Anderson, our new young international chef’s Father. The reason behind this decision is still yet unknown but we’re hoping to get an answer from Mr. Dominguez and of course, her darling daughter. Right now we’re here in front of the Dominguez mansion…”
Oh, No. This is real. How did it happen?
“I wonder how a smart lady like you got fooled by my son that you transferred everything without even knowing..”
“Don’t listen to him, Mariana. I didn’t do anything, you know me.”
“How?… I didn’t sign anything.” I stared at my shaking hands.
“Don’t you remember signing anything for Everett? Didn’t he present anything for you to sign?”
I began to think. Well..what?…I get it. I signed the ownership share of the cabin. That was the only thing.
“Yes, that was the cabin.”
“That’s right. You were fooled. The truth is that you didn’t sign for any cabin but signed your properties out.”
“It’s a lie. Don’t listen to him, Mariana.”
“Why wouldn’t she?”
“Because you’re lying. I gave her ownership papers and not what you’re talking about.”
“Well, there is only one way to find out. Go bring the so-called ownership properties she signed out…”
He didn’t finish before Novan ran upstairs. He came minutes later looking shocked.
I took the papers from him and they didn’t have my signatures but his only.
How’s this possible? I remember signing what he brought to me. The only problem was that I didn’t bother to read. I just signed it off.
“Novan,” I called slowly. I don’t want to believe any of this. Novan can’t do this to me and his father? I was helping that man. How could he?
“Mariana, you have to believe me on this. I will never do this to you. You know me.”
“Yes but how come I don’t have my signatures on the cabin papers. I signed them remember? You gave them to me at the cabin and I signed it. Did you not see it?”
“Ye… yeah. You did but I also don’t know why…I told you this man can’t be trusted. He must’ve…”
“Oh hello?” Jude butt in. “Mariana, did I give you anything to sign for me? Have I ever made you sign anything for me?”
“Correct. So how’s this my plan? He’s my son. I know him very well. He wanted to avenge her sister. He promised to ruin you when Nervisa got sick because of you. He then came to me even though we never talked until then. I decided to help him since you know…he came back after the surgery, wooed you and you fell. hard. You got blinded by him that you didn’t know that everything was a lie. He got into your pants then turned around and took your properties. He doesn’t need them. You and I can testify to that. So he transferred them to my name instead. He just wanted to ruin you and turn you against your family. Tell me if I’m lying. Now he’s throwing you out because he has succeeded in ruining youu and taking everything from you. I gladly accepted everything since I never liked your parents. So Mariana, now you know. It was a lie. Everything.”
“You’re lying!” My voice is shrills and my tears threaten to pour. One look at Novan who has stilled and I was running out of their house.
“Mariana!” He called and I heard him run after me.
I got into my car and drove away. I still can’t believe any of this. I don’t want to. Novan is never materialistic. He loved me since we were kids and his mother also said that to me.
But then, everything Jude said made perfect sense. Novan and I had a big fight when Nervisa got sick. He was belligerent, acted so differently to me and then he came to my apartment after months saying he was sorry and wanted us to be friends. I didn’t suspect anything. I didn’t and I never thought into his actions and not after he said he knew Aria was behind and even got her arrested. Then before we started dating, he was Shane just to get closer to me than Novan was. I found out and we fought before later coming back because I found out I actually love him. It doesn’t look like it was planned. Novan and I struggled to be together, to be dating and even now we have problems yet to be solved.
I know Novan, not much but I believe I know him better than anyone else will and I also know how independent he likes to be. He’s not greedy but only selfish when it comes to me. The Novan I know will prefer to sweat for his own money than taking it from someone. He has a lot of self-respect. But then, people can do anything for their loved ones. Nervisa. Novan didn’t take my properties because we all know he doesn’t need them so he transferred them to his father. Was it all a lie? Pretense? Revenge? Some sort of a game? He took my virginity, he owned me and only to take my properties. What is all this? God.
And Jude?
I don’t know that man apart from what my parents told me. To be frank, I know nothing good about him except the evils. As far as I’m concerned, that man can go any length to achieve anything. I really thought he changed but he fooled me. I wanted to unite him with his family and if possible talk to my parents to let everything go. I wanted him to be happy with his family but…how could he? He said he was in this together with Novan. Did they gang up on me?
I don’t want to believe anything but everything he said makes sense.
Jude didn’t give me anything to sign but Novan did. When he brought the documents I thought I signed, there were no signatures of mine on it but they were on the transfer papers instead. It only means that Novan fooled me into signing those as ownership papers. It looks like his plan.
I love Donovan with everything in me though I may have come short in some areas I am into him. I don’t regret whatever we did even if it was some revenge he wanted to take on me. If he wanted something, he could’ve just asked me and I will give it whatever his demand was. I love him that much and I’m still sorry for entertaining Ed. Going against him.
Both Novan and his dad have reasons to avenge and that is what is making it hard to draw a conclusion.
I don’t know what to think now but the bottom line is that I lost everything to the Anderson’s and it’s because of Novan. He duped me into signing different papers for him because he wanted to take revenge for something I caused him several months ago and also to help his father ruin us. So much for dating the son of your family’s sworn enemy. My parents warned me but I didn’t listen.
My father has lost faith and utterly disappointed in me and I just confirmed my mum’s fears.
Novan why?
Did you really do this to me? Did you? I really don’t want to believe any of this Novan. Let it not be true. I really love you and I’m sorry for everything but please…
I parked the car, wiped my tears, and got down. Journalists rushed to me that instant before I could get in.
“Miss Dominguez, is it true you transferred everything to your boyfriend’s father’s name? If you did then what was the reason? Were you forced and threatened? Is he with you because of your wealth? Is the young chef really in love with you?
“Why would you give your father’s hard-earned properties to your boyfriend’s father? Please tell us. There should be a reason.”
I whisked my head around but all I saw was a crowd of journalists surrounding me.
I tried to leave but I saw Novan’s car pull in. He rushed out and I maneuvered my way to him.
I took his hand and smiled into the cameras.
“He’s my boyfriend and I love him. I don’t think I should give any reasons for getting my properties into his family name. Thank you for coming.”
They made way and I walked with Novan into the house.
Yes. I’m a fool. I’m a fool to want to defend and protect him after all this. My mind is jumbled but there’s no way I will let people say bad things about Novan. I will like the media to believe that we’re together and happy. If they should find out that I’m mad at him, conclusions are going to be drawn about Novan. I don’t want that.
I let go of him the moment we got in and I saw my entire family.
I’m sure they saw what I just said on the TV.
“So this is it! I still can’t believe I gave birth to a foolish daughter. You gave everything I owned to a boy because of love? You will gladly ruin us? You supported his evil dad. Mariana, how could you? And here I was thinking you’re the best. This isn’t love? It’s total madness. You’re behaving as if you’re under some spell.”
I looked down and chewed my lips. My dad has never spoken this way to me before. Never.
“And you!” He roared. “Out of my house. I should’ve believed my wife. You’re just as you look, horrible. You should really be grateful that my daughter got a likeness towards you but you’re ‘his’ son. Get the hell out. Have you no shame? How can you come here?”
I looked at my dad. He’s behaving differently. There is more. My eyes searched for my mum and found her sitting on the couch looking lost with hands under her chin.
The rest of the members looked sad and Nicholas was looking at me sympathetically.
My dad is furious than I’ve ever seen and it’s justified but right now, I just want to jump in Novan’s defense. He can’t lash at him like that in my presence.
“I will leave but I didn’t do anything. I have no idea…” Novan tried to say.
“Oh shut up!”
“Dad!!!” I screamed.
“You stay out of this and tell him to leave right now else you’ll see the other side of me.”
“He’s my boyfriend, dad..”
“And so what? I don’t accept your relationship. I don’t. Tell him to go or I will make him.”
“No, woman.” He raised his hand up to silence my mum and she sat back down. But what was mum trying to do anyway?
I turned to Novan. He looked sad and angry but what if he did this to me? He nodded and got closer to me. Right in front of my family, he kissed me shortly on my lips before leaving. I tried not to blush but failed. Not able to stand my dad’s disgusted looks, I ran upstairs to my room where I sat on my bed and hugged my knees to myself.
My dad is so angry. I can’t stand it. I know I’m to be blamed for everything. My dad trusted me on everything he has, I should’ve been extra cautious especially when I’m signing for something. I should’ve read what Novan gave to me before signing but I didn’t. Maybe it’s because I trusted him. I trust him and..God.
I’m trying to tell myself that Novan is innocent and not trying to look at all the evidence that points to him alone.
I looked up to see Betsy and Marion at the door.
“I don’t want to talk to anyone now. Please.”
“Not even me?”
“Yes.” I nod.
“Alright but whatever decision you take should be the right one”
I nodded again.
“He didn’t do it right?” Marion asked.
That is what I also don’t know.
” I don’t know.” I shook my head as tears welled in my eyes. I’m afraid, sad, confused, hurt and I’m helpless that I can’t tell if Novan is innocent or not. And if he’s not innocent, that is what is causing the panic and the hurt. How can I live with the reality that Novan never really loved me and that what we had meant nothing to him? He only used me to get to my parents. ‘Novan’ I called silently as my tears flowed.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“Pablo calm down. There was no need to shout at our daughter like that. And why will you insult her?” Paula reprimanded but it only angered me the more. We’re outside in the gardens after Mariana ran upstairs.
Yes. I regret yelling at Mariana and what I said to her. My daughter isn’t foolish, I know that but she acted foolishly. I trusted her with ‘my’ everything and see what she had gone and done? And that boy, nothing good can generate out of him. God knows what he said to her that made her transfer everything to Jude. Not everything per se but all her shares and she has the greatest.
As if all these were not enough, Paula has kept something important from me and that is the more reason why I’m vexed. Who cares about those properties, they were all hers and she chose to give it out and that is her problem and if Jude thinks he did something great then he’s sadly mistaken. I don’t give a damn. However, it was her duty to take care of that, not to turn to Santa Claus. What of Marion? It’s also his. I just wanted a smooth future for my children. I never wanted them to lack and it was what powered me to acquire all the riches. I didn’t have a smooth childhood when my dad left. Mum and I suffered for sometime before I got up on my feet. I started building this empire when I was just twenty. I worked my ass off and now all for what? I lost almost everything and I can’t even have another child with my wife. If only we didn’t have any accidents. She should’ve told me that after Marion we can’t give birth. There was no need to lie.
“You keep quiet Paula.” I snapped at her but that didn’t stop her.
“You can’t deny that you didn’t speak right to our daughter.”
“You lied to me. How could you keep that from me?” I can’t believe these two women. Marion is my best friend now. That boy can be a handful but I will prefer him. Young girls rebel once they’re in love and that’s exactly what my daughter is doing. Marion won’t do that.
“I’m sorry.”
” You can make Jude transfer everything back. Daniel will be there to help. We’ve dealt with him before. I believe we can again.”
“If only your daughter hasn’t declared that she gave it out willingly. We could’ve used the law and the media would’ve helped but then…” I sighed and sat.
Paula walked behind me and rubbed my shoulders, massaging it gently through my shirt. My head falls back as her soft hands relax me that I forgot I was once angry at her. But that’s it, I can’t hold my anger for long. I have to be understanding. It must’ve not been easy for her after realizing that she can’t give birth again. She endured.
“I’m sorry.” She muttered.
“I know.”
Fuck! Is this some kind of damn dream? Just a while ago and I was mad at Mariana and now this. I don’t even understand anything that just occurred. I mean how possible? And dad? What reason does he have to accuse me of all that? I don’t have any reason to. I love Mariana not because she’s wealthy. I just love her.
I hope she didn’t believe whatever he said though. She has to. She knows me better.
I’m still in my car outside his. I haven’t moved an inch. I got my phone out and dial her number.
She didn’t pick.
I kept on dialing her number.
For the tenth time, she still hasn’t picked. I grew frustrated and impatient. My fingers hit my keyboard and sent her a message.
I need to know if she believes me or not. If Mariana’s trust for me still holds strongly, then I won’t need to worry at all. She will stand by me and I can get everything that bastard took, I won’t have to prove my innocence. Jude should pray my girlfriend’s faith in me doesn’t die out else he’s doomed. How could he do this to me and why? It doesn’t make any sense.
I was trying to think. To come up with something but Novan wouldn’t stop calling even though I wasn’t picking. I picked my phone again to turn it off when I received a message.
“Pick my call..fuck. Don’t pick. Bring your ass outside or I storm inside. You know me.”
This boy. So much authority even when he’s the one all tangled up in this.
I got out and came down the stairs with my head held low in shame. I can’t face anyone.
I got outside and walked to his car. He opened it and hopped out of it once he saw me.
“What was that for?!” He growled.
“You don’t get to shout at me Novan.”
“Yes yes. But why weren’t you picking?”
“I’m trying to think..”
“About? Don’t you trust me?”
“I trust you but..”
“But what? No Mariana. You can’t be doing this now.”he groaned.
“What do you want me to do? You made me sign everything..”
“What? I made you? How can you say that?”
“Your father didn’t give me anything to sign. You did!” I poked his chest with my forefinger.
“Yes? I gave you but it wasn’t your property papers.”
“Then how did I end up signing everything?”
“How am I supposed to know?”
“You have to. Tell me you’ve always wanted to take revenge on me for the mistake I committed some months ago. Tell me that whatever your dad said is true. There’s no need to lie or pretend anymore.”
“What? You got to be fucking kidding me. You didn’t believe that nonsense my father spewed did you? You know me.”
“Yes I might know you in a way but people change. You could’ve changed. I fought to know you Novan, that is if I did. You’re this secretive broody boy who gets angry anytime I ask something. You call me nosy isn’t it?”
“What? I can not believe this! I thought you knew me…I thought..” he stammered and leaned on his car.
“I lost. If you don’t believe me, then who else will? Who will? You’re not being fair to me Mariana. I had confidence, I had hope that even if the world turns against me, that no one believes me, no matter what, you will. You’ll stand by me but I got it all wrong. You never believed me. How?”
He looked shattered and my heart went out to him. I began to get close to him but then, his sad countenance suddenly changed.
“How can you blame me for your mistake? I warned you against that man but did you listen? Now that he has dealt with you in his own special way you’re here blaming me. No one is going to accuse me of anything and it’s sad that even you don’t trust me. ”
“I was just trying to help him, to help you two but you made me a victim instead and rubbed me off everything. While the father was after my family’s life and seeking their destruction, the son was busy lusting after their daughter. They succeeded in crushing her after everything. After everything your dad made me go through. He was a threat to my family and I have been foolish to assume that he has changed and that he won’t harm us anymore. My parents warned me about him and what he’s capable of but I was persistent. People change but some don’t. He found a loophole and entered. But you know what, I’m done playing the good and nice girl to all of you…”
“Wait. What do you mean? What did my father do? Do you know him? Have you met before? What are you saying?”
Oh No!
What did I just say?
It slipped from my mouth. I didn’t mean to disclose his father’s past evil deeds.
“Tell me the meaning of what you just said, Mariana,” I demanded. She said a lot of things and I don’t understand any.
“You’ll tell me!” I grit.
“No. I won’t!” She shouted and turn away. I turned her back to me.
“Yes, you will!” I wonder what this girl is hiding from me. Why is my father after her family?
“I will tell you!” She smiled sadly. “I tried to help your father get back his family even after he tried to rape my mum some years back..”
“What?” I barked.
“Shut up! I’m talking.”
“I know but why will you…”
“Allow me to talk, Novan. Permit me to tell you the real fact about that excuse of your dad before I went back to help him. You know Amy? Morgan’s mum. Your father dated her just to get closer to my mum, to get her attention but when it wasn’t working, he tried to force himself on my mum. He almost raped her and that led to your dad and Amy’s breakup. Your dad didn’t give up from there. He was obsessed and wanted my mum at all costs even when she was happy with my dad. He made her life a living hell to a point where she almost died. It was a miracle that she survived. That wasn’t enough, that man paid men to tamper with our plane and we ended up in an accident. I was away from my parents for ten years and I suffered amnesia. I went through a lot but I still wanted good for him. I wanted us to forget the past and move on but he went and did this…” She was out of breath by the time she finished and I just looked at her in sheer surprise and shock.
“My dad wanted your mum?” I asked, praying that her mum is not the same woman that led to my dad’s mistreat towards my mum and us.
“That was what I said. My mum didn’t love him and he doesn’t want to accept it.” She was crying now.
“The woman didn’t do anything. She didn’t love me, I was the one forcing it. I couldn’t accept that she doesn’t love me. I became obsessed and did bad things just to have her but in the end, I didn’t. She got married and now has two children. I lost. I can’t lose more Everett. I’m so sorry.”
My dad’s words replayed in my head. Fuck. I can’t believe this. Was Paula madam actually the woman my dad was crazy about?
Paula Paula Paula. So it was her? All along?
My dad’s obsession is none other than the mother of my girlfriend. The same woman who’s rejection made my dad do despicable things to my mum and abandoned us. The same woman who doesn’t want me with her daughter and will do anything to separate us. I see. Everything makes perfect sense. I see why Paula doesn’t want me with Mariana. Maybe she actually had something to do with dad before she left him heartbroken.
I refused to believe that Paula was innocent because she isn’t to me. She’s that same woman who was part of my suffering and I will never forgive her. If I didn’t have any reason to avenge for anything, then this is it. I could break up with Mariana and make her daughter feel the pain she made my dad go through but Jude is not worth it and I’m actually madly in love with Mariana. However, I still know what to do.
“My mum isn’t responsible for anything, Novan. Please don’t do anything” She said as if she heard my thoughts. I thought I was the only one who could read her mind.
“Why would you help my dad after what he did? What is your motive?” He asked.
“What?” I gasped.
“Answer me. Was it to unite them?”
“My father and your bitch of a mum. You wanted to rekindle their past affair huh? Was that not the aim? Are you not shameless…”
He didn’t finish before I backhanded him. “How dare you speak that about my mum? How dare you Novan? I can tolerate anything but not you dragging my mum’s dignity and virtue in the mud. How dare you question her character in that manner? You’re despicable! What exactly do you think you are?” I balled my hands to my side and stared angrily at him.
He looked away and bit the inside of the cheek I slapped.
“I’m sorry.” He said to me finally.
“Sorry for yourself!” I turned around and left.
Nothing is getting better. I wonder when this will end.
I looked back but he wasn’t following and neither was he looking at me. I thought he’d come after me but he’s arrogant and probably doesn’t regret his words.
I got to my room and there was another message I received from Novan.
“I will make everything right. I promise. Please pick my call when I call you. I’m sorry and…I love you.”
“You better,” I muttered and dropped the phone.
Once my stupid mind filled my lips with those words, I knew I was gonna get slapped and I didn’t stop it. The pain from the slap doesn’t match up to the one I got realizing Mariana believed my dad. That she doesn’t trust me. It means she doesn’t know me as I thought. He was supposed to. I was open to her and I told her every shit about my damn life. Things I never told anyone, she knew. I’m never greedy? Or materialistic? Fuck, I even hate rich people. I could make money out of my parents but I didn’t. I’m a contented person and I love my simple life. I don’t need all the glitz and glamour. I don’t behave fancy. What did I do that made her not trust me especially on something like this? This is not fair Mariana. You’re not being fair to me.
I wanted to run after her but I better not. Her father has already thrown me out once, I won’t let it happen again. Tolerating that man’s yelling at me was one of the most difficult things I ever went through. I just wanted to use my hands on him but then, they’re the victim and he’s my girlfriend’s dad. I couldn’t do that. Mariana will say superstitiously that it is a Taboo. Taboo my foot. Jude doesn’t know what he’s up against. I’m his only son and I have a right to everything he owns. If I have to kill him to get everything I will. I fucking will. How dare he do this to me? That stupid man framed me and he thought he’d go Scot free. Unless I don’t meet him. Whatever that he wanted from me, he’ll get it.
I got into my car but before I drove off, I sent her another message.
I put the phone down after it went and drove away to meet that man called my father.
He better comply else…I must as well get his damn casket pre-ordered.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
After reading Novan’s text, I put my phone on charge and walked to lock my door.
I wonder what Novan is up to now. I hope he’s not going to beat his dad up. Well, he can do whatever he wants with him now. I care no more. Novan said I gang up with his dad against him but it’s the reverse. It looks like he orchestrated everything with his dad.
I’m still not completely sure if he actually did this to me but I’m also not certain if he’s innocent either.
My mind kept moving back and forth on the whole issue but I couldn’t arrive at anything.
I didn’t know when I slept until I heard a knock on my door. I got up and run my hands through my hair.
“Who’s there?”
“I’m worried about you Mariana. You didn’t come down for dinner and it’s almost 11 pm and you’re still not out. Are you alright?”
“I’m fine mum.”
“Then open the door for me please.”
I walked to the door and opened it. She didn’t come alone but the rest of my family was with her. I looked among them but didn’t see my dad.
“What..are you all doing here? It’s late.” I scratched the back of my neck and stared at the clock.
“Can we come in?”
I nodded and stepped aside. I began to prepare a mental apology before they sat.
“I know you’re all disappointed in me, I’m sorry…” I paused and raised my head to the ceiling. I don’t know why I’m tearing up again. I blinked my eyes and when I brought my head down, the tears streamed down my cheeks.
“I’m sorry.” I wiped my tears and looked everywhere else but them. Seeing all of them now caused the reality to dawn on me. I let everyone down. I was supposed to make them proud.
“I… didn’t know that those were the papers I was signing. I blame it on myself for my carelessness. I didn’t help Jude. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.”
“That’s not why we came here. We know you can never do this on purpose. You don’t have to apologize and neither do you have to prove yourself. You don’t have to explain. We love you and we just came to check up on you to make sure you’re alright.” Nicholas said.
I looked at them for the first time, a bit relieved that they didn’t come in to rain blames on me.
“Thank you, I’m alright.”
“That’s what matters. Don’t ever feel that we’re angry at you and even if we are, we’ll forever love and stand by you. Don’t feel unwanted, you’re still a part of the family and we don’t blame you at all.”
The kind words made me tear up the more. I hugged Nicholas and the rest came around me. I have a wonderful family and they love me a lot even after committing this big of a mistake.
After the comforting hug, I still looked around for my dad. My favorite man is mad at me. Dad never gets angry at me as mum does but now he does and it’s heartbreaking. I have the rest of the family but the absence of my dad is taking a toll on me. I feel incomplete. I prefer everyone to be mad at me and have my dad at my side than having everyone but not my dad. I love that man so much.
“Your dad will come around,” Mum whispered to me and I nodded with a soft smile.
I walked out with them and branched to the kitchen where I ate something before getting back to my room.
I got my laptop and sat behind it studying till I slept later in the morning around 4 am.
I woke up in the afternoon and it was all because of my ringing phone. I picked the phone and put it over my ear.
“Mariana. How are you?”
I stayed quiet for a minute before replying in my sleepy voice. “I’m fine. ”
“What are you doing Mariana?”
“I just woke up. Didn’t sleep early. Any problem?”
“Can you come over? To my place?”
“Listen Novan, I’m in no mood to play lovey-dovey with you. This is not the time. I don’t even want to talk to you now.”
“It’s fine if you don’t trust me. It’s sad Mariana. I thought…well. please come. I tried my best to find a solution. Can you come, please? I’m begging you and..I miss you.”
“You’re saying you miss me. How can I come?”
“I swear I won’t touch you. Just make it here, please. Should I come and pick you?”
“No. Expect me in two hours’ time.”
“It’s too long…well.. sorry. Okay. I will be waiting.”
He’s behaving strangely. Nice even.
I prepared myself and put on just a white dress shirt that hit my knee. I wore blue sneakers and picked my bag. I ate something before leaving.
I hope whatever Novan has to say is good.
After some minutes, I arrived at his house and got down. I saw him moving about the living room when I got in and I had to clear my throat before he noticed and walked to me.
He raked his eyes over me for a moment. “You look beautiful.”
I looked away with a frown. I didn’t come for this and if he continues this, the bedroom is where we’ll find ourselves. His presence is making my stomach tighten and his complement alone heated me up. It won’t be good if I entertain it.
“Go straight to the point Novan.”
“Won’t you sit?”
“No. Where’s Nervisa?”
“Off to school.”
I nodded.
Silence passed between us and I still haven’t looked at his face.
“Let’s get married Mariana.”
I snapped my head to him. “What did you say?”
“Marry me.” He repeated and I won’t deny how fuzzy those words make me feel and how perfect they sound coming from his lips but…
I gaped at him. Is this boy alright? How can he tell me to marry him at this time? I’m trying not to believe that he did this but he won’t stop providing me with reasons to doubt him.
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, I am.”
“No, you’re mad. How can I marry you?”
“I don’t know but let’s get it done.” He took my hand and began to lead me out.
This boy is not normal. I snatched my hand from his and stepped back.
“What are you doing? Let’s go.” He took my hand again and I yanked it off. He attempted it again and I couldn’t take it. Before I realized, my hand flew into his face, hitting him hard.
He closed his eyes and bit his lips. “You slapped me… again?”
“How can you tell me to marry you after everything? I’ve always known you’re mad but not to this extent. You’re crazy Novan.” My hand still sting from the slap I gave him for the second time ever since this whole thing began.
The pain in his eyes made me regret my violent action.
“Don’t you ever want us to get married?” He asked slowly.
“Not now and not like this. Not after you’ve shown your true colors and betrayed me. You’re despicable! How can I marry you?”
“There was a time you wanted us to get married Mariana. We can do it now and I never betrayed you. I wish..”
“No. I don’t wish to be married to you. Not someone as shrewd as you. You’re just like your father. Evil runs in your blood.”
He closed his eyes again and I knew he’s trying to hold himself and it pained him.
I wish I had listened to my mum’s warnings. Oh, I regret it so much.
“No. I told you to not ever compare me to that man. He’s the one who did this to us. I didn’t want anything. You know me so why are you doing this?” His voice was begging.
“I’m not doing anything. Stay away from me henceforth you hear me?” I looked around and clutched my bag tightly. I’m glad Nervisa isn’t around to see this.
“No. I’m not listening to that. Go do your worst. You’re not trying to be reasonable and it’s not fair. Think about me for once.”
.”Think about you? Did you ever do that before ruining me?”
“I didn’t ruin you. You know it’s only marriage that can solve this. Let’s get married, Mariana.”
What is he talking about?
“Enough! I won’t get married to someone like you. You’ve really let me down Novan…. I didn’t expect this… I fought for you. I fought everyone including my parents. I disobey and disrespected them just for your sake. I gave you complete importance than I ever gave anyone in my life. You held the center of my life and I went out of my way to make sure we worked. What have you done so far for me and our relationship other than ruin it? I gave you my all Novan. I don’t know what is even left of me. I belonged to you literally, heart, body, and soul. And you went and did this to us. I can’t even look at you anymore..”
“Listen. I really didn’t do anything, believe me. How can you not even believe me? I’m more disappointed in you. You know me better than anyone else Mariana. Believe me when I say I had no hand in this conspiracy. Look, we can make it work. Let’s get married and rectify everything. After a year we can divorce..”
“Divorce? Are you really listening to yourself?
“If you don’t want us to get divorced then fine..”…
“I don’t even want to get married to you so forget it. How can I after everything?” I wanted to hear something reasonable from him but he’s just bent on keeping me to himself so he came up with marriage. What shows that this boy didn’t take my properties just to keep me to himself? I’m now convinced that he planned everything. He told me he was going to sabotage my work and he succeeded.
“Marriage isn’t really that big of a deal Mariana. Stop viewing it as such. It’s just some label and a stupid formality…’
My heart broke completely and my tears spilled.
“Is this how you view marriage? How could you?”
“What? A while ago you wanted nothing to do with marriage.”
“Yes but marriage is a big deal. Why do you have to say that it’s just some stupid formality? How could you?”
I don’t seem to know what I want now but what I’m expecting to hear from Novan is not what he’s saying. He’s just wounding me more.
“I’m just speaking the truth. I see no reason why girls are so engrossed in marriage. We are happy. We can live like that forever. What was the need to walk on a fucking aisle or a man to go on his damn knees? It doesn’t make any sense..”
I put my bag over my shoulder and ran off before he could finish his horrendous speech.
What? Is this how he saw marriage?
“Come back Riana!” He yells.
No!” I yelled back.
“You know what will happen if you fuckin go. Don’t leave me.”
I ignored him.
“Okay fine. I’m going to smoke”
My steps halted. How can he threaten me with that just to make me stay?
“It’s your own life Novan. Do whatever you please with it and I’m not your mother.”
“What!” He’s shocked.
I closed my eyes for a moment.
“You don’t care? How can you not care about me? I’m your boyfriend for goodness sake.”
I turned to him with wild eyes. “We ended the day you betrayed me. We’re no more Novan. There’s no us. We ended and for good. You can’t keep tormenting me all the time. I don’t deserve it.”
“No.” He gasped.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“No.” He gasped, the heaving of his chest that came with his breath was loud and clear if my ears were not mistaken.
My mind revisits what I said to him and my heart skipped an unsteady and irregular beat. It hurts.
The vulnerability in his eyes also makes me wanna take my words back and hug him. But no. I turned on my heels and it hurt that he didn’t come after me. I’m a fool to think again that he’ll come after me. Our roles didn’t switch. I’m still the one who goes after him.
I got into my car hastily and drove away, crying my eyes out as the realization of what was happening and what I just did came on me heavily.
I broke up with Novan. Why? I hope he doesn’t take it seriously because I don’t mean it. I don’t. I’m beyond angry at him but I promised not to leave him and I’m not gonna do that now.
The weather suddenly began to change and it came with a strong wind. I slowed down and rolled the window glasses up. Droplets of water began to hit my windshield and within a minute, the rain came heavily. I shuddered when there was thunder and lightning. God, I need to park this damn car and get out before I lose balance.
It’s February second and we’re still in summer so why this rain. I saw a coffee shop and parked my car. I didn’t have an umbrella in my car so I quickly got out and ran with my bag inside the coffee shop.
Everywhere was occupied except for the table for two at a corner of the shop.
I walked over and took my seat. I fetched a hankie and wiped my face.
I got my phone out and stared at Novan’s picture which I used for my lock screen. It was the one I took of him when he once visited my apartment. It was before we started dating and he wasn’t even looking into the camera but it’s cute.
I felt someone take a seat in front of me but didn’t bother to look.
I was with high hopes when I came to see Novan but I left with no hope. I thought he was going to tell me something but all he did was to propose marriage. Does he not care about me? Everything I ever had under my name is at stake and all he’s concerned about is possessing me. Who does that?
My phone began to ring and when I saw Donovan’s mum’s name, I silenced it and put my head on the table. I don’t want to talk to her now. I wonder why she’s calling. Is she already in Australia? Today is Wednesday. Could it be that?…No? I will call her later to find out if she’s already in the country.
It was still pouring heavily and I moved my eyes to the glass windows where the rainwater trickled down slowly in lines.
“Don’t you want some coffee?” A lady’s voice asked. It sounded a bit familiar but I don’t know where so I didn’t stress my mind to know.
I thought of shaking my head but another thought that she might not see it made me talk instead. “No.”
“Okay, then what are you doing here then?”
“Escaping the rain,” I answered, still not looking at the person.
“You could’ve stayed in your car?”
“Got phobias for lightenings and all that. I can’t drive or stay in a car while it’s raining this much.” This is so unlike me, why do I have to tell her all that? I don’t even know her.
“Oh sorry about that but you don’t look okay. I know I’m intruding but I can’t help it. I’m sorry. Is there anything a bother?”
Maybe telling a stranger your problems is going to help me somehow. It’s not the best but feels like the best thing I could do now.
” I don’t know how to begin this but my relationship with my boyfriend is not quite stable right now. It’s not like we were ever stabler.” I chuckled. “It’s always the same and almost anytime, we work things out and come back together but this…this time is so different and it’s scary. It scares me because I don’t know what to think. Every little piece of evidence is screaming that he’s the culprit but somehow my heart refuses to listen and it’s saying otherwise. Maybe it’s because I love him so much that I can’t see from right to wrong. That boy gave me a document to sign months ago and just recently, I found out that it was everything that I owned that I signed out. His father brought proof and said bad things about his son. He said it was all a charade. My relationship and everything we shared was all something planned to take revenge on my family. You know, his father and my parents are not in talking terms because of the extent his dad hurt my family. That’s his reason and the son who’s my boyfriend, I remember doing something long ago that almost cost his sister’s life. We never spoke for months and he suddenly appeared and we reconciled. His father said he’s taking it on me for that..”
“Sorry. Did you believe?”
“He said he didn’t do anything.”
“Then don’t you believe him?”
“I want to but everything is so clear. I can’t think and just when I thought he came up with something, he proposed marriage instead in this crisis. I’m so confused. It looks like he planned it because he always has this fear of losing me. He doesn’t want to leave me and he’d do anything to have me to himself…what if…” I breathed heavily and wiped my tears under the table. It’s good I’m not looking at whoever I’m talking to.
“I don’t know him well but I don’t think he’s greedy. If he’s willing to do all that to keep you then he truly loves you. I’m not saying what he did is the right thing. The guy I thought him to be is definitely not what I’m hearing from you and what I’m seeing this past few weeks. I thought he had no future, that he won’t be able to give you any future and that he just wants… excuse me to say. He just wanted to use you and then dump you. I’ve dated guys like him before and I thought he was that type. You were sweet and innocent and I was scared and acted out of character. I just wanted to look out for you but I did it the wrong way. I’m sorry and I’m happy that he proved to be nothing of what I assumed. He wanted to marry you. Just look at that. He doesn’t look one bit of a guy who will love to take a woman down the aisle and look. He’s willing. And it’s been four months already that…”
I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and my head low anymore. Who’s she and why does she seem to know so much and the way she’s speaking…
I raised my head and my jaw hanged in the air.
It’s Amandla. How did I forget her voice? I wiped the remainder of my tears from my face and stared at her weirdly. It’s been a while since I saw her. Our encounter wasn’t completely pleasant and here I am foolishly complaining about something she warned me against months ago. What a shame. She must be busy jubilating and laughing at me in her head.
“I’m sorry.” I picked my bag and got up to leave.
She dropped her cup of coffee and got up as well. “Don’t leave yet. It’s still raining.”
“I can manage.”
“I know but can’t we put the past behind us? I’m not mocking you.”
“I didn’t hold anything against you. Really.”
“Then why are you leaving all of a sudden?”
“You were not supposed to hear all that. You didn’t like him just like everyone. You all said he was gonna ruin me.”
“Did he?”
“He did…in a way.” I stared at the dark-haired girl with cute dimples and flashed her a half-smile. “Catch you later.”
She nodded and I left. Who would’ve thought I will be meeting her and telling her all these about Novan and me.
I got into my car and waited in it till the rain almost stopped. Luckily enough, there were no more thunderstorms. It was almost dark when I got home and I walked to my room.
I met Betsy in my room watching one of her stupid Indian soaps with my favorite bar of chocolates by her side.
“I’m broke. No, how you eat in this house henceforth.”
“Your riches didn’t go anywhere. Whatever belongs to your boyfriend is yours too.”
“Why are you not in school by the way?”
“I couldn’t stay when all this is going on. Who do you think I am?”
“Someone who’s fond of doing unnecessary things.”
“You’re down. Even your joke came out sad and serious. Tell me, what happened?”
“You didn’t do anything stupid right?”
“Breaking up with him.”
She always gives the perfect guesses.
“Get out of my room.” I turned the laptop off and gave it to her.
“I will be back in the morning.” She took it and packed the chocolates. “I hope you didn’t do it. He loves you with everything in him. Please don’t break him. And I’m sorry for being crazy but I feel for you. I love you.” She hugged me.
“I love you too.” I hugged her back and she left.
My phone rings again and tapped on the green button when I saw that it was Morgan.
“Babe, are you not too good?” He drawled…
“What are you saying?”
“I wish we had dated. I would’ve been so rich right now. I can’t believe that tattooed boy’s fortune. You gave everything out freely to him. Wow. Love is good.” He teased. I’m glad he’s talking based on what he heard from the media of what I said. It’s better for everyone to think this way than to have them know the real issue.
“I just sent your girl out of my room. I can cut the call on you too. You two are not making any sense.”
“Oh. Please tell that girl to come to school. I miss her and she won’t tell me why she’s at home. The strange thing too is that my parents are not telling me anything happening at home. I feel they’re hiding something. Is everything okay? Hope you’re fine and everyone?”
“I’m fine. I will make Betsy come to school.”
“Okay. Please do so. A lot of guys will forget their boundaries now and start to make an attempt to woo you because they want to end like Novan. Please don’t give in and in case you want to reconsider, I’m here…”
” Jerk!”
He laughed and I hung up.
I ate my dinner inside, had my bath, and walked out onto the balcony where I sat and looked up into the starless sky.
The weather is still very much cold because of the rain and I put my arms around myself.
I still haven’t seen my dad. Is he never going to talk to me? I wonder what they’re doing about this whole thing that I brought upon them.
And Novan? What is he up to now? Is he okay? He didn’t call me or try to get me to talk to him, reminding me once again that I’m the only one who does the runs in this relationship. I beg and ran after him but he doesn’t seem to do the same. What I’m I even saying? I broke up with him so case close. End of everything…for him.
“Are you crying?”
I looked away and wiped under my eyes quickly. “No mum. You’re not sleeping?”
“No. I came looking for you. It’s so cold out here, let’s get in.”
“I want to be here for a while. You can go. I will join you in a few minutes.”
“Then I’m staying.” She smiled and sat beside me.
Okay.” I whispered. For the five minutes that passed, no one said anything until I broke the silence.
“Did dad find out or he’s yet to?”
“That..that you can’t have a baby?”
“How did you know.”
“Marion also knows so obviously, only dad was in the dark. Don’t ask me how. You have a habit of crying out your problems to your children when they’re sleeping. It’s not bad but it’s not everyone that sleeps with ears also. You do that a lot when I was a little and dad was not around. I got to know through that that you and dad were divorced contrary to what you told me. I try not to mention my dad or show that I miss him when I was little just not to upset you.” I hope Marion forgives me. I can’t keep this and pretend I don’t know. “I know how you’re feeling mum and I added more. I’m sorry.” I added.
“No, it’s okay. I didn’t know you’ve been listening.”
“It’s nothing.” I shift closer to her.
“I feel okay when I do that.” She said quietly.
“I figured.” Everyone has a way of managing their sorrows.
“So dad knows?”
She nodded.
“I’m sorry.” I half hugged her.
“We’re not crazy like some people dear daughter. Your father isn’t really a difficult man. He understands and we’re moving past that.”
“Lucky you then.” I smiled and brushed my nose against her neck.
“That’s why you don’t have to worry about us.”
“Yes so tell me how it happened? You gave birth to Marion so why couldn’t you give more?”
She kissed my forehead and averted her eyes to the sky. “It was because of the accident…my womb got affected. The doctors found out about my pregnancy when I was taking treatments. They wanted to terminate it because my survival was slim if I should maintain the pregnancy. They also said there’s a chance I can’t give birth again. You were missing and we all were losing hope of ever finding you. I didn’t want to remain childless so I risked it. I chose to risk my life and give birth to Marion and I did all this behind your father. He wouldn’t have allowed me to risk my life if I had told him. After giving birth to him which I almost died because I remained in a coma for some weeks before finally seeing my son. It was better than terminating and being alive without a child or dying without a child. I’m glad I made that decision and I wouldn’t change anything about it.”
All this because of Jude. My mum has suffered and now I understand her more for how she reacted towards Novan.
“I’m sorry mum…for everything.” I hugged her tightly. I now know how it must’ve been for her to see my association with something belonging to Jude.
“It’s okay.”
“What can I do? It’s hard but…I can cut my ties with Donovan if that will make you happy. I don’t wish to go against you for him any more mum, I’m so sorry for not understanding you.” Tears trickled down my cheeks. Look what Novan’s dad caused us. Whatever mum did to make me stay away from Novan, she’s right absolutely. I was the one in the wrong all along. I can’t believe how much pain I made her go through by insisting to be with Novan.
“Say this some months back and I will be flying over the moon in joy but not now?”
“Why? I don’t mind anymore. If seeing me with him hurt you then I swear, I won’t ever see…him again.” The words tasted like bile on my tongue.
“Don’t be silly. Things changed and you’re so into him. Look at how you defended him in front of everyone? You’re crazy about him Mariana. Letting him go will do more harm than good to you and I do not want that. I want you to be happy and if it with him you can get that, who am I to stand in the way?”
“My mother.”
She looked down at me and kissed me on the cheek. My arms were still wrapped around her torso and I had my head on her chest and her arm around my shoulders.
“Do you like Jude then?” I asked.
“No, I despise him a lot. Nothing is changing that.”
“And his son?”
“Well… he’s different but I still don’t like him either. My dislike towards him is quite different from his dad’s though.”
“You don’t like him then.”
“I don’t.” She stated flatly.
That’s it.
“Don’t take it personally. I’m trying to tolerate him for now. My opinion about him shouldn’t inform any decision you make sweetheart. I told you, I can’t reckon against the force that your love comes with.”
“I didn’t know angels walk on Earth.”
“What?” She laughed.
Mum is finally willing to bear the pain and the constant fear she gets because I’m with Novan. She wants to overlook it all for me. She’s too good but how can I keep doing something that is causing her pain. A pain that she’ll never show me but keep enduring? I can’t do that to her. She suffered enough. I won’t be fair to her knowing that what I’m doing hurts her.
“I love you, mum.” Talking to her eased me a little and cleared my head. Now I know what to do. A little sacrifice won’t be bad. I could do that for her. Jude’s evil deeds have overflowed and that kind of empathy and my compassion I once had for him is gone. Dead. Nothing of him interests me again.
“So tell me what you’ve come up with so far. What is Novan saying?”
“He asked me to marry him can you believe that?” I released the bombshell and expected mum to explode along with it but nothing happened.
“He said that?”
“He did.”
“What did you say about it?”
“I refused.”
I looked up at her to be sure if it’s my mum I’m really talking to. “What? You don’t mind?”
“Tell me why you refused first.”
“I thought he’d come up with something better but he’s selfish and only wants me to himself. He made provision for just that.”
“Did you ask him why that decision?”
I kept quiet. I didn’t ask Novan why he wanted us to get married.
“You didn’t. Okay fine. Won’t you do anything to get what belongs to you back? Your father trusted you Mariana. Won’t you do anything to get it back?”
“I will but.. marriage?”
“Think about it.” She yawned. “We have work tomorrow. I’m going to bed now.” She got up and hugged me one last time before leaving.
Mum just surprised me. Is she for real?
I’m stupefied at the same spot and for the last few seconds, I’m surprised at my immobility. Mariana didn’t say those things to me, did she? As in we’re done?