✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Kiss 馃拫馃拫馃拫馃拫 18+ Episode 91 to 100 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

{That changed everything ✓
“When am I going to see Nervisa?” I asked as I tried to fasten my belt.
“I might drop you off at your house when we return so we’d pass by at my aunt’s.”
“Okay.” I fastened my belt and turned to him with a large grin.
“What?” He raised his brows and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.
“I’m just happy”
“We’re traveling and that I’m going to watch you do something you love.”
He kissed the side of my head and chuckled.
“You’re excited about my upcoming defeat huh?”
“Positive. And why would I do that?” I looked up at him and he licked his lips and shrugged
I gulped, unfasten my belt and nuzzled into him with my head on his chest and my arms wrapped around him.
I held him tighter as the plane took off and memories of our crash years ago replayed before my eyes.
I never thought I’d feel this way. I thought I was over it and now it seems I am now aerophobic..
“Are you okay?”
“Not really. Just hold me. Please.” I beg as tears pulled in my eyes.
He cursed, held me tighter, and muttered sorry.
It didn’t help, I was shaking.
He cursed again and carried me on his lap.
“This should do. A distraction.” He whispered and I wanted to look at him but I can’t. I’m scared to open my eyes.
He raised my chin and the next, I felt his lips take mine in a slow passionate seductive kiss but it was comforting.
I roped my hands around his neck and settled in for the kiss. I’m aware that we weren’t on the plane alone but I can’t help it. I need this, this distraction.
He rubbed my back in slow circles and it calmed my nerves, reducing my anxiety.
After what seems like forever we pulled back to catch some air before he returned to kissing me.
I feel my anxiety melt and replace with desire as a fire begin to lit among us. I resisted the urge to rock on him as his lips traveled down my neck, sucking and nibbling gently. His lip ring pressed tightly on me, sending waves inside me and I moaned absently.
My eyes flutter open and I snap back to reality.
“You two should have some decency and use the restroom.” A man hissed.
“Fuck off!” Novan snapped.
I buried my face in his arms to hide my face. I breathed in his sweet scent and closed my eyes.
“Don’t cuss at me you punk.” The man fired.
I knew he’d retort so I squeezed his sides to stop him but he didn’t listen.
“Only If you had mind your fucking business. How’s kissing my girlfriend turned your damn problem, dildo?.”
“How did you manage to get a girlfriend with this? I mean look at you. Who wants you?”
Okay, this is getting out of hand and we’re in a damn plane. They’re both causing a scene and somehow the man just involved me.
I looked up to meet the person and his eyes widened while mine twitched in anger.
“Mr. Daxton, he’s my boyfriend and of course I want him. Don’t you think you should mind your business or I should call someone to replace you?”
“No ma’am. I’m sorry” He looked away.
I smiled apologetically at those looking at us before burying my face back in his chest. He caressed my hair silently.
If he had protested then I wouldn’t have wasted time in firing him and I’m not going to ask permission from my dad. How dare him talk to my man like that? I’d fight anybody who dares that regardless of age and I’d put them in their place.
“I got a sassy girlfriend. Do you love me that much?”
“A lot.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. I’m better.”
“I think we should make use of Daxton’s advice. The restroom.” I feel him smirk and I bite him through his shirt.
He winced and tickled my sides. I jolt and giggled.
“Thanks.” He whispered and embraced me. “Sleep, Dolly.”
He patted my back and I snuggled into his warmth.
“What are you thanking me for?”
“For everything.”
“Well, for accepting me together with my bullshit, being there for me and even fighting people for me. It’s too much and I really appreciate it. I know I am a lot.”
“What else can I do? If anyone talks bullshit to you, it hurts me also. I can’t stand anyone disrespecting you. Be it my parents but I won’t tolerate it. ”
“What did I do to deserve this? ” He traced his hand down my spine.
“You loved me and still do right?”
“Very much but that’s not enough.”
“I was happy before I met you Novan but now I am alive, it’s not the same. I love you and I’d do absolutely anything for you if it is in my power.”
“I’m lucky to have you, you make me happy also. I loved you for ages and now we’re together. It’s a dream come true and I will continue to love and cherish you forever. Don’t mind me if I get angry, possessive, and all jealous… it’s just that, I’ve dreamt of this day so much and it’s happening..I can’t let it slip away. I can’t see you with anyone else except me. I’m crazy about you Miss Dominguez.” He kissed my hair and pulled me closer to his build.
His words melt my heart and I feel as if I love him more now.
“I love you, Mr. Anderson.”
“Thank you miss Dominguez.”
I closed my eyes with a smile.
I feel her smile and shut her eyes. I leaned and kissed the top of her eyes and her smile widened. I adore her. She’s everything for me and she loves me just as much.
Right now, I think I’m the luckiest guy alive to have her. She’s all mine and I’d try hard not to fuck it up. I’m scared I’d ruin this thing between us…God let it not happen.
No matter what, I don’t want to ever part ways with her. She’s my everything, when I lose her I’d lose myself. She’s my only shot at happiness since my fucked up parents split and left Nervisa and me to our fate and only threw bucks at us. Fuck, who I said I need their money?
They’re rich but richness doesn’t move me and it doesn’t matter. I hate them and including rich people. They fucking think money is everything and keep throwing it.
My eyes darted to the one girl who had stolen my heart and refused to give it back. I don’t even want it, it’s all hers. She can do whatever she wants with it but she shouldn’t ever return it. I don’t want it.
She takes all this madness inside me and still loves me for it. Who would do that?
She looked like a goddess as she sleeps quietly in my arms. Her lashes were so long and full. Her full lips part slightly as she breathed quietly. She’s a beauty even in sleep and she’s all mine. I can’t even believe that she’s my girl..for real.
I watched her sleep quietly the entire flight until the plane landed. She was still sleeping so I carried her and got down.
It was so cold outside and I clenched my jaw.
I called the valet and he came for our luggage.
I walked to the Lexus I hired and got in gently with her so as not to wake her.
She’s crazy. I didn’t want to go through this competition. I’m happy with my work and I get good pay. I need the medal though but I guess I just don’t want to be defeated. I hate defeat and if that happens..hmm. I will put in my best. She has too much faith in me and I’d let her down if I don’t do my best.
We arrived at the hotel and I took the car keys including the room I told the valet to book and thanked him. Our room has already been booked so I just took the elevator and to our floor.
I inserted the key and turned it. I got in and the room was exactly what I wanted, her taste. Our luggage was brought in and the man left.
I closed the door with my foot and turned the keys again and locked it. I gasped when she almost slipped from my arms. God. She’s the apple of her parent’s eyes. They’d kill me if anything should happen to their darling daughter. Not like her mother likes me. She’s definitely gonna make a huge case for me.
I strolled into the bedroom and laid her on the bed.
I turned to pick our luggage and her hand dragged me back.
I looked at her and she was smiling with eyes still closed. Was she not sleeping?
“Are you awake?”
“Woke up some time ago but I was enjoying being in your arms. I felt like a baby.”
I shook my head and sat beside her.
“You’re my baby.”
“You didn’t show me how much you missed me Novie. Why not do it now.?”
I let out a sharp breath and stared at her gorgeous form.
“Look at me.” I rubbed her cheeks and slowly her beautiful brown eyes opened and stared into mine.
“What do you want us to do? What can I do?” I whispered.
“Touch me.”
My eyes closed and I sucked in a breath. She didn’t say that.
“At your service.” I leaned and claimed her lips, devouring it. I can’t deny her even if I wanted to.
I hovered above her like a predator and she fumbled to take my shirt off.
{That changed everything ✓
You know that feeling you get when you have something to do? That tension and anxiety that build in your stomach that you can’t even eat or sleep, that’s what I am feeling right now. I picked my phone and stared at the screen. It’s 5 am and I need to move to the venue soon. I turned to my side and saw Mariana sleeping peacefully. I chuckled when I remembered last night.
She tried to give me a handjob but she wouldn’t stop flushing and blushing and later burst into laughter out of nervousness. She was extremely shy and nervous and could not even touch me like how she was supposed to. When she first saw me, her eyes almost fell out of their sockets. I bet she hasn’t seen a dick before.
I swear, she’s the most innocent and purest girl I ever met. Sometimes her lack of experience and innocence throws me off a bit but I like it. I like that I am the only one who ever made her cum and touched her.
I ended up teaching her how to and being the quick learner, she mastered it and even made me cum.
With time she’d grow used to everything involving sex and I can’t wait for that day.
I got up quietly and went to the washroom. I leaned my arms on the cold wall and let the warm water run on my form.
I can’t believe am doing this. That I’m partaking. I pray am not chosen as a commis assistant. I will fuckin quit if that should happen.
I felt a soft body pressed to my back then hands hugged me from the back. I could feel her tight tits. God, looks she’s naked.
Her tongue moved skillfully on my back and I shudder slightly. Where did she get this bravery from?
I held her hands and turned to her. My eyes raked her form slowly. She was wearing my shirt and it clung on her like a second skin. Her dark hair was wet. Steam formed on her perfectly toned tan skin. Damn, she’s beautiful.
“You should go back to sleep..”
“No. Let’s take a shower together.”
“You’re aware we are not on our honeymoon right?” I joked.
“Yeah, but we can act like one.”
“That means you want me to fuck you?”
Her eyes widen and she flushed. She turned to leave and I dragged her back. My hands went to the shirt and I pulled it up her head.
The water was still raining on us endlessly and I took the soap and lathered her, making sure to touch every curve and memorize it. Her ass is firm and round, same as her full boobs which were also firm and perky with pink nipples. Her waist is tiny and her hips wide, making a model-like figure. She’s endowed perfectly. Charming facial, great body, and a big heart. She has it all.
I bend below her and took in the sight of her sex. I exhaled sharply. It won’t be bad to taste her right now. Will it? I looked up at her and her eyes were closed. I turned the faucet and watched the water rinse her perfect body. I part her legs and before I realized, I slide a finger into her and she gasped. God, she’s wet. I pumped in and out of her and she moaned crazily. I love that sound.
“Oh Novan..” her hands dig into my scalp and she tugged on my hair. I love that too.
I raised one of her legs to my shoulder and dipped my head beneath her. She held on tightly to my hair as I began to work my magic on her.
She moaned as I eat her thoroughly. I added a finger and her moans get louder. I feel my member sprang and begin to go rock hard.
I ended up making her cum twice before we left the washroom.
“So are you the only one who’s going to prepare today’s task?” She asked as she rummaged through her bag for something to wear.
I should’ve unpacked it last night but instead, I was busy teaching her handjobs.
“Yeah, for today. If I am able to pass this task, I will either be selected as the main chef or an assistant commis for the finals at national and the real Bocuse D’or.”
“You’d be a senior chef.” She encouraged and took her undies with her into the bathroom to change.
I watch her scurry into the washroom with the towel tied loosely around her.
She’s shy even after everything. What is there to hide anyway, I’ve seen it all.
I stared at my image in the mirror and brushed my hair back. My lips curled up at my image. I look horrible and ugly. What does she see in me? And what do I have that she doesn’t have as in wealth? She’s got it all and she can basically afford anything. I can only love her.
I wish to spoil her but I end up holding back, girl is wealthy. What do I do? I haven’t even gifted her anything yet. Should I get her a Ferrari? Damn, she can buy ten of that.
A house? No. Her father has a lot of mansions around.
Okay. I can get her beautiful bracelet, anklet, or a necklace with a quote or her name engraved in it.
Damm! Her mum is a fuckin jeweler and her grandfather owns a gold mine.
She already has a lot of diamonds and golds. Mine won’t make a difference.
Maybe I should buy her a luxury yacht or a jet. I laughed. That shit is going to drain my pocket.
She has almost all that I mentioned and she can get it now if she wants to. I want to get her something she doesn’t have and can never afford except me. That thing should be special and one of a kind.
“What are you thinking of?” She walked in fully dressed and I drooled shamelessly.
“No… nothing” I stuttered.
“Nothing? Come on, tell me.” She sat and began to curl her hair.
“I was thinking about you.”
“Really? Why? Did I do something?”
“No.” I chuckled. “I was thinking of what to get you. A gift but it seems you have everything.”
“Just don’t stop loving me and never betray me. That’s the best gift I can ever get. Don’t hurt me in any way too.”
“Is that all you want?”
“You already have it. I won’t stop loving you anytime soon Riana. Say something you don’t have and can’t afford.”
She went quiet for a moment before shaking her head. “I can’t think of anything Novan.”
That’s it. My girl seems to have everything but I’m sure there’s something.
I stared at her through the mirror and she was blushing profusely.
“What is going on in that mind of your girlfriend?”
“You… I mean..well.” she blushed harder and covered her face.
“What is it?” I asked.
“I was thinking that..well..you haven’t..erm..like disvirgin me yet.” She said in a rush and got up.
Oh, God!
“You want me to pop your cherry?” I bit the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from laughing at her. How ridiculous. Of course, I want to fuck her but that’s not something I should give her. It’s stupid. I even feel like I don’t deserve that yet.
“Don’t laugh at me Novan.”
“I’m not. I’m not.” I cleared my throat.
“I told you that once it’s done, it’s done. It can’t be undone so you have to think carefully before.”
“What is there to think about? Don’t you love me?” She asked.
“Of course I do.” Sex is a huge step and I don’t want her to ever regret it after we’ve done it.
“So then?”
“Have you thought of it?”
“Yeah, I think have.” She replied.
“Say it next time again and you’d get laid.”
She stared at me seductively with dilated pupils then took a step towards me.
“Let’s do it.” She whispered into my ear and ran his hand on my bare chest boldly.
“What are you? A temptress or seductress? You’re not planning to make me miss the competition are you?” I grabbed her waist and pulled her to my build.
I raised her chin and kissed her as if my entire existence depended on it.
“You will be the death of me Mariana,” I whispered and grabbed her ass under the dress she was wearing. My hand slipped into her panties and I rubbed my finger on her slit. I pushed my hand inside and damn, she was wet.
“Are you sure about this?” I whispered against her lips.
She nodded shyly with a pout.
Must she pout?
It took every self-control in me not to throw her onto the bed and undress her then fuck her good.
“I’m getting late.” I smoothed her dress and stepped back. ” It doesn’t mean I won’t forfeit everything next time if you go all seductive on me. It’s just for today.”
She smiled and got my black dress shirt for me then helped me put it on.
“Are you going to wear a suit?” She asked when she finished the last button.
“The fuck! Have you seen me in those heavy ridiculous clothes before? I wish I can wear my shirts but it would have been appropriate.”
I looked down at the shirt and she left two buttons unbuttoned.
I wanted to button it but stopped. Maybe that’s what she likes. I personally don’t like people staring at me for long and that’s why I detest being around people.
She touched up on her simple makeup and took her bag.
I got the car key and strolled out of the bedroom.
“Novan you haven’t put on a belt and what’s this? Won’t you tuck in?”
I looked down at my dressing and cringed. I wore tailored trousers and a dress shirt.
What is even wrong with me? I should wear my usuals.
I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go. You know how I hate to put those things on. Don’t I look presentable like this?” I whined and stormed back into the bedroom. She chuckled and followed behind.
“I think you should also wear something casual,” I said and got a fresh t-shirt out and my jeans.
I stripped and got into my usual wears. It’s only fools who enslave themselves in this suit and ties.
“You’re unbelievable Novan.” She said and undressed as well.
She wore an oversized red hoodie-like knitted sweater and a white trouser then red sneakers. Her hair flowed behind her in waves as we walk out of the hotel.
“We’d get some breakfast first before going to the venue. ” I told her when we got outside.
“You own this car?”
“No. I hired it.” I open the door and she got inside.
“Why don’t we buy it?”
“You like it?” I asked and pulled out of the lot.
“Yeah, it’s sleek and the interior is just perfect and classic.”
“Rich people.” I snorted and hit the road.
“You don’t seem to be lacking.” She counters.
I work my ass off.. but she doesn’t know.
“It’s because I am lucky.” I grinned
“So this competition. What do the judges look at?”
“They evaluate the overall harmony of flavors in the dish, the presentation of the platter, the techniques employed, and the efficiency in which the teams work.”
“Wow. So what are you going to prepare?”
“Now or the finals?”
“Right now I don’t know what am going to prepare. It’s going to be a pick and act sorta thing. The dishes will be written on paper and it will be folded. What you pick is what you’d prepare.”
“Interesting. I pray you pick the easiest. What of the finals,? Is it going to be the same?”
“No. We’d be given five hours to prepare a meat platter and a plated theme.”
“Is it hosted every year?”
“Thought you researched?” I hate to be interrogated.
“Sorry.” She muttered.
I moved my eyes to her and she was looking out of the window. I bit my tongue for snapping at her.
“It’s every two years. I’m sorry” I placed a hand on her thighs.
She smiled and nodded.
I parked the car in front of the cafe and we got out. She took my hand and we began to walk inside.
“I’m sorry for not being a gentle boyfriend and wear suit and ties,” I whispered to her and she laughed.
“I like you the way you are. Don’t ever try to be another.”
“Aww,” I said monotonously.
Once we entered, every single eye turned in our direction, and soon there were murmurings.
This is what I hate. We should’ve eaten at the hotel.
I guess my girlfriend is more than a celebrity so it’s expected.
I remember when her guards followed us to the cabin and later took my number and that was how her dad called me.
I hope they didn’t follow us here too.
I ordered for our take before walking to a table near the window.
We barely sat before she got up and walked towards a table of one of American’s famous business tycoons.
He was in a lot of deep shit recently. I hope it’s settled. It has to because the cause of his defaming was sitting across him.
Mariana hugged him and they began to talk about god knows what. I was bored so I walked to her.
“Hi, am her boyfriend.” I introduced myself to the handsome man and held Mariana’s hand.
Amusement danced in his eyes and I looked over at his pretty girlfriend. “Hi”
“Hi” she smiled, revealing her dimpled cheeks. She’s so pretty and looked young. We could be the same age.
“And she’s my fiancee.” Mr. Anosova said and the two ladies giggled.
I guess he just caught me checking his girlfriend out.
Mariana excused herself and we went back to our table and watch the couples disappear out if the cafe.
“What was that? Did you have to hug him?”
“Is that your problem? I thought you’d say I was wasting time.” She blew air on her coffee when it came.
“Yeah. I want to tell you one more thing. If we get to the place, please do not interfere when someone is throwing shit at me because of my appearance. They do that a lot and the fuck I care about their opinions.”
“Oh.” She whispered.
“You didn’t answer me.”
“Okay, I won’t.”
“Good. They’re going to be lenient and favor me in case they know that I am involved with you in this way. I told you I want a fair game.”
“I’m not going to interfere.”
We ate breakfast in silence after his stern warning.
I’m really glad to have seen Mr. Anosova here today and I also saw his fiance茅 and oh, she’s beautiful with cute dimples.
After breakfast, we walked out and those same eyes were on us. I don’t like the looks people are giving us.
Our car stopped in front of a huge building and we got out.
He took my hand and we got inside. The place looked like a movie theatre and the stage is huge, very large.
“Sit at the back so that I wouldn’t have to look at you each time I have to pick pepper”
“No. I want to see you clearly.” I protested and went to the front.
“Okay. I will be leaving.”
I turned to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “All the best.”
He nodded and turned around. I watched him disappear before walking to take my seat. A lot of people were sitting already and some who noticed me smiling at me. I sat in haste to avoid the big men who looked like the panel of judges walk in. I know all of them and in case they see me it will be news and will be announced that am in their midst. I would’ve to stand on my feet and wave. God. That should not happen.
I took my phone and saw the messages and missed calls from my parents, Marion, Betsy then Dylan, and Lenna.
“I knew you’d come here.”
I raced my head and met Ed’s face. What is he doing here? I saw him at the party on Friday too.
“Don’t be surprised. I’m your boyfriend’s secret fan. He doesn’t know but I adore how he handled everything like a pro.”
I smiled at him and he sat beside me.
“I bet your parents are not aware you’re here ”
“I told them.”
“Oh okay. So they like Novan as well?”
“Yeah…they do.” I lied
He nodded and looked at the front.
My eyes met a lot of people dressed in all white. They were only eight though. Each person representing the capital cities in Australia.
They came forward and picked a paper then went back to their position. My eyes searched through the multiple and landed on the one I was looking for.
He has a deep frown on his face and was trying to adjust his outfit. He was the only young person I see. The rest all looked to be in their mid-thirties and forties.
When he was called he glared at the man before walking forward to pick the paper.
He didn’t bother to look at it until his name was called and he was asked what he got.
He opened the folded paper and read it.
“Poulet de Bresse aux 脡crevisses,”
Okay. Did my boyfriend just speak french? It sounded like he’s a French man.
“Don’t be surprised. Almost anyone who wants to partake in this must know how to speak some amount of French. The competition itself is held in Lyon, France.” Ed explained.
“So what does it mean?”
“chicken with crayfish.” He grinned.
“Whoa. It’s so simple.”
“It’s simple huh?” He chuckled.
“Yeah? Why are you laughing?”
“Maybe I should tell you what that entails. The American version of the meal involved the chicken with morel mushroom sausage, braised wings, a wine glaze, and sauce Am茅ricaine, a kind of lobster sauce. Alongside was a chicken liver quenelle with foie gras, corn custard, black-eyed peas, and toasted pistachios, as well as a lobster tail with Meyer lemon mousse. The garnishes included preparations using carrots, Vidalia onions, black truffles, carrots, peas, and potatoes….”
“Wait wait wait. You don’t mean it.”
“I mean it.” He laughed into his hands. “, And that’s the American version and he’s expected to cook the French version.”
I’m suddenly nervous. All those people he’s competing against looked older with a lot of experience. What if he doesn’t stand a chance?
I really shouldn’t have forced him into this. God, it’s serious than I imagined.
“How many hours would he take to do all that?”
“5 hours and he must do it to perfection. You don’t have to worry. He’d be just fine ”
I wonder why he’s being so nice. Well, it’s not like he ever acted bad apart from his crude comment at McDonald’s. Right now am glad he’s here.
The first badge came and everything was set on the stage for the individual chefs.
“I must say, his task is the most difficult among all ”
“It was the task given to finalists at the finals and none of the chefs got what the judges wanted. I wonder why they’d give him that when this is not even Nationals. This is regionals for fuck sake.”
“You’ve forgotten something here. He picked it. Nobody did for him.” I reminded him.
“Yeah. I forgot that.”
After sleeping through the first five hours, Ed woke me up when it was the turn of Novan’s section.
My heart skipped when I raised my eyes and met his that moment. It was obvious he was looking for me among the crowds.
His stare turned to glare when he saw Ed sitting beside me.
I shook my head and smiled.
He did the strangest thing I didn’t expect him to suppose that he was on stage.
He threw his arm in the air at me rudely before walking to his stage kitchen.
Novan is crazy. His action made everyone turn and look behind at me.
I duck my head while Ed cackled. He threw his head back in laughter, inviting people’s attention to us.
I swear I’d chop off his balls if any of those judges recognize me.
After what seemed like forever, the timer was set and Novan’s team began at 2 pm.
He looked serious than I’ve ever seen him be as he began to move about and picking ingredients on his counter.
Everyone was rushing and I expected him to do the same but he just relaxed and picked everything carefully with a thoughtful look.
After an hour, he still hasn’t put anything on fire yet and his competitors have already cooked at least meat. He looked unperturbed and too relaxed that I had a feeling if he doesn’t hurry up, time will catch up with him. He’s just calm and collected like there’s no competition at all.
A half an hour before he started doing something and he was really exciting to watch. I kept grinning and I feel like screaming when nothing hasn’t even begun yet. He was swift just like when he’s cooking at home but this was more.
I realized that those who began in a haste have slowed down in thought and were disposing of their dishes to start afresh.
Ed got up along the line and when he returned he brought snacks for me. I took it gratefully and bit into the hotdog hungrily. I’ve been so engrossed that I didn’t realize how hungry I am.
“An hour more to go. The nationals will take weeks. Will you come?”
“Yeah,” Novan said I’d only come if my first appearance doesn’t make him jittery.
“I’ll be expecting you then.”
I nodded.
After 4hrs and thirty minutes, almost everyone was done cooking and was arranging the dishes. Another twenty minutes and everyone was behind their dish but Novan was still moving about.
“Looks like he’s not done,” I muttered under my breath.
It’s good to go over your work no matter how perfect you think you are. It is what perfectionists do.” Ed winked.
“You seem to know so much. Why not compete too?”
“I don’t like to compete. I like to watch it. It’s my favorite game.”
“I see. So you’d be traveling to France as well?”
“Why not! That’s the real deal and I won’t miss it for anything in this world. ” He replied enthusiastically.
The timer went off and Novan placed his hand at his back, his lip ring was between his teeth and he was staring at what he prepared.
I can’t believe he has been standing for five hours. Wow.
One after the other, their dishes were served to the twelve jurists and that also took about a one and a half hours.
“Ladies and gentlemen after this exciting competition, hopefully, we’ve got someone to represent Australia in the nationals out of the eight great cities of Australia. Ladies and gentlemen, once again we’ve witnessed something spectacular, something unique, something rare and something far from the ordinary after decades and we are of high hopes that Australia will win this cooking Olympics this year. Without wasting time, on behalf of the rest of the judges, I will announce to you the best chef we’ve selected from the eight cities and it goes to…
{That changed everything ✓
“Ladies and gentlemen after this exciting competition, hopefully, we’ve got someone to represent Australia in the nationals out of the eight great cities of Australia. Ladies and gentlemen, once again we’ve witnessed something spectacular, something unique, something rare and something far from the ordinary after decades and we are of high hopes that Australia will win this cooking Olympics this year. Without wasting time, on behalf of the rest of the judges, I will announce to you the best chef we’ve selected from the eight cities and it goes to…
The judge paused and looked among the contestants.
My heart was beating rapidly. I know if Novan doesn’t win, there’s no way he’d try again and there’ll be nothing I can do to change his mind.
My eyes searched the stage for him but I didn’t see him. Oh God, where has he gone?
“Let’s go.” I heard his voice whisper behind me and I freaked out.
“Novan..” I tried to talk but he covered my lips.
” Just get up and let’s leave.”
“Man, what are you doing here?” Ed asked.
“The fuck! Mind your damn business.” He snapped at Ed and tugged at my top.
I got up and we walked out. He has a face cap so it was impossible to recognize him and he has also changed into his previous clothes.
“What the hell are you doing, Novan? What is wrong with you?”
“Nothing is wrong with me. I just ran out of patience. How can he be doing that? He could’ve just gone ahead and mentioned the winner. What the fuck was the suspense for?!”
“Was that your reason why you bolted?” He can’t be serious.
He huffed and ran his hand through his hair. From the little time we spent together, i know that he always does that when he’s nervous or angry. It’s both but what could be the reason for his nervousness?
“Novan, is something wrong? Please talk to me ” I said calmly.
“Do I look like someone something can be wrong with?!” He yelled.
“You don’t get it. You can be disqualified and all your efforts will be in vain.”
“Who cares.” He opened the car and waited for me to get inside. I crossed my hands and glared at him with my nostrils flaring. It was already dark outside and the night wind made my hair fly about.
“That won’t help. Get in the car or you’d walk home.”
“You won’t dare leave me here.” I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear
“What makes you think so? Don’t try me okay?”
This boy is not normal. I wonder which part of the world he came from. I mean who does what he’s doing now?
“You’re a pathetic coward.” I snarled and began to run towards the building. How can he make a mountain out of a tiny molehill?
“And where are you going?”
I heard him run after me.
“To fix your mess.” I fired.
“Don’t try it!”
“I will!” I said sternly and stubbornly.
He forbade me not to interfere but right now I have no choice.
I can’t believe Novan. I mean..the hell!
Before I could get in he dragged me back, attracting the attention of those outside. Thank God it’s dark.
“Let go of me. You’re mad to be doing this? Do you smoke?”
“Are you just asking?”
I looked up at his angry face unbelievably.
“No wonder,” I muttered and yanked my wrist from his hold.
He tried to grab me again but someone stopped him.
“What is wrong with you man? Everybody is waiting for you in there and you’re here doing what?” Ed asked.
“Stay out of my issues!” He warned.
“I’m your manager.”
“So what?” He raised his hands rudely.
“Let us go, Mariana.” He breathed heavily.
Novan is a crackhead. What has gotten into him?
“I’m going nowhere with you.” I took Ed’s hand and we began to walk inside.
“Fine. Date him and let him marry you. Just make sure you steer clear of my issues. You’re dead if you go there and interfere.” He got into the car, slammed the door, and drove recklessly out of the lot.
I turned to watch him drive off and tears gathered in my eyes.
My eyes burned and my throat tightened. He left me and not only that. He gave everything up. What could be wrong with him? I don’t understand.
“Don’t let his attitude get to you. He’s used to getting whatever he wants and now that he’s being challenged, he’s scared that he’d lose and he doesn’t want to face it while it happens. And you know, he’s already battling with rejection because of his parents. He sees defeat as rejection…”
“How did you know all this? Do you know him?”
“He works at McDonald’s so I know these details as a manager there. He didn’t tell me, it’s written all over him so I just put the dots together.”
“So what now? Has the winner been announced already?”
“Yeah it has but they asked of his whereabouts.”
“Oh. So.. he didn’t win?” My tears flowed.
“Hey, what is this?” He raised his hand to wipe my tears but I turned away.
“Don’t cry.” He cooed, then gave me a hankie.
I took it and after wiping my face, I blew my nose into it. That was gross. I expected him to make a cringing face but he didn’t.
“His assistant commis is looking for him including the judges. They didn’t understand where he could’ve gone.” He revealed.
“What? Does that mean he won? He’s the head chef?”
“Yes and if he doesn’t show up or give any reasons for his disappearance he won’t be taken. I hope you are aware that this is not an ordinary competition. He’s going to represent Australia in a world tournament and he’d be supported by the country so he must be serious…”
I hugged him out of the blue. Oh my God. He won! My boyfriend won. Novan won!
His arms came around me hesitantly before I pulled back.
“So what’s the way forward?” A wide smile stole its way into my face.
“I’d just go and lie that he got some terrible flu and had to leave immediately. In the meantime, convince him to come.”
“Thank you so much, Ed. You don’t know what you are about to do for me. ”
“It’s okay.”
“So I will go now.” I took a step backward. I can’t wait to see Novan and give him the news.
“Can I have your phone number?”
“Sure,” I mentioned it to him before turning away. I hailed a taxi to where we lodged
It wasn’t far from where the competition was held so within some minutes I got there. I took the elevator to our floor and exhaled deeply when the elevator dinged and I stepped out.
I got to our door and realized that it was locked. Does that mean he hasn’t gotten home yet?
Where did he go?
I got my phone out and dialed his number. It went through but he didn’t pick. I kept calling him for what seemed like forever but he wouldn’t pick.
I squatted in front of our door and buried my face in my hands.
Where’s he and what could he be doing now? It’s almost 10 pm.
“Can we be of help, madam.”
I raised my head and saw a lady neatly dressed in a white shirt and black pencil skirts.
“Yeah. Please can I get a spare key for this room? My boyfriend and I checked in last night.”
“I’m sorry, the keys have been given out .”
What? Does that mean he has left?
“You mean the person has checked out?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Are you sure? My boyfriend is tall, relatively built, and got lots of tattoos. Is that the person who came to check out?”
“Yes ma’am. He’s the same one.”
“Tha..thank you.” My voice break. I feel like throwing myself on the floor and wail.
How can Novan leave me here alone? I searched through my purse for my card and that was when it dawned on me that I didn’t pick it.
Great! I’m stranded and it’s late. What I have in here won’t even get me a room.
I just have to call my dad or Edward even.
How can Novan do this to me? What did I do?
{That changed everything ✓
I leaned on the door and thought of what to do. My dad is going to freak out when I tell him that I am stranded here though he could easily help me. He’s also going to be crossed with Novan if I should tell him everything.
That won’t be a good idea. I love Novan and I want my parents to like him to. Telling them this will only ruin that and form a bad impression about him to my parents.
Mum doesn’t seem to like him and if she hears of this, it’s only going to add up to her one thousand reasons why I shouldn’t be with him. Dad hasn’t seen Novan before and is sure he hasn’t formed any bad opinions about him yet. It should remain that way.
And Edward? I gave him my number but he hasn’t called for me to save his number as well.
So I can’t call him.
I don’t have enough cash on me and the worst part is that my card is also not with me and my passport. Forget about those, can I even travel back without Novan? My anxiety might build up in the plane and I wouldn’t be able to survive it. God!
Maybe I should just take a car to the nearest bank and cash out some money that will be the best idea. It has been a long day and all I want is to bath and sleep.
Why did I even journey to this country with Novan? He has really disappointed me and I won’t forgive him in a hurry.
Who does he think he is to treat me this way? Because I love him? Fuck him. He’s such a jerk and an asshole.
But I love that jerk and asshole so much. I’m trying to hold my anger against him but I feel it slipping away slowly as the time passes. So much for being in love.
How can he leave because of something so trivial? Is there more to it than I am allowing myself to see?
If there isn’t more then there’s something definitely wrong with Novan.
Gosh! It’s not even all about winning. You don’t always have to win in life. Sometimes you have to get knocked down to make you strong next time. That is Life. You can’t change it. You just accept and go with it. You don’t expect things to happen according to your predictions.
I know this is not the only way to make his skills known to the world but this could also go a long way to mold him into whatever he wants to become.
I went out of my way to travel all the way from my comfort zone just so I would be here for him because I thought he needed someone, someone close to support and encourage him. To give him the moral and boost his confidence but see what he has gone and done. He fuckin left me to my fate. He left me. Why? I could be with my family because I miss them but I came with him. Novan shouldn’t have done this to me ever. What happened to I will never hurt you?
Is this the kind of trouble people in relationships go through? Are their partners always this stubborn and annoying? Are they hot-tempered and don’t think when they’re angry? How are they?
Here I am in a foreign land alone and with just a few cash and I can’t even call my parents for help. I can’t believe that I’m still protecting him from my parents after this.
I got away from the door slowly and walked into the elevator. The one minute journey took longer than before and when I was finally out, my feet were reluctant. I suddenly feel weak and sick.
I wrapped my arms around my self once I was out. It was so cold outside.
A dark figure leaned on a car. I released a breath I never thought I was holding when I recognized the person to be Novan. I’m relieved that he never left but am mad at him.
“Riana.” He called and began to walk to me.
I dropped my hands from my body and walked past him.
He held me back and I yanked my hand from him.
“Don’t you dare lay your hands on me again,” I said through my teeth and made sure to add more venom.
He gaped at me and stepped back.
I walked out of the hotel premises and stopped on the road for a car.
I will withdraw some money then call my dad tomorrow to come pick me with his jet since I don’t have my passport on me.
When I turned I saw him on my side.
“I’m not going to apologize.” He whispered.
“I didn’t expect you to.”
“Good.” He remarked
I looked up at him and my anger boils over. How can he be so infuriating?
“Stay away from me Novan. Wherever you went, go back there.”
“And how’d you leave the country without me?”
“I can do fine without you. What made you think that I can’t leave here? My father owns a damn jet. Not one and not two but multiples.” I never felt the need to brag until now.
“Yeah, I know. Called him yet?” He smirked and deep his hands into his pocket.
Jerk. He knew I haven’t called my dad.
“Out of my sight Novan! Now!” I screamed.
“Stop yelling. Okay, let’s go back.” He tried to take my wrist again.
“I told you. I’m going nowhere with you.”
“And why’s that? Who would you go with if not me? Who else do you have here?”
“Edward is here.”
“Oh great. How did I forget that asshole.”
“You’d know how to talk about him. He’s even older than you.”
“The fuck! What is this? Are you taking his side? What did he tell you?”
“He even tried to help you and all you did was act rudely. What are you?”
“Help me my foot. Do I look poor and weak that I’d need him as a walking stick? Oh come on, stop being hilarious.”
“You’re sick in the head. Really.”
“Would you stop harassing me with your sharp tongue?”
“Just leave me alone.” I hailed a taxi.
“You won’t go anywhere, Mariana. I’m here.”
“You won’t have it your way anymore Novan. You must learn to behave sometimes. You don’t just do anything anytime you feel like.”
“Won’t you ask me why I flared? You think it is normal?”
“Why should I ask? You weren’t ready to tell me.”
“Sorry, sir. She’s not going.” He told the driver and pulled me along with him.
I can’t believe I’ve agreed to listen to him and I’m following him.
“What do you want to tell me? Don’t tell me you’re about to use your parent’s rejection as care off to justify your cowardice.”
He let go of my hands instantly.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing.” I bit my tongue for spilling something like that.
“Tell me who told you about that now Mariana.”
“Nobody said anything to me”
“So who did? How did you find out?”
“I don’t know.”
“Stop this nonsense and answer me. How dare you snitch on me!”
“I didn’t. Edward told me that you might be suffering from rejection because your parents left.”
“Great! The dick thought it was nice to rattle me out to you and all for what? Because he’s in love with you and just won’t skip any opportunity to paint me black, make me look miserable so you could ditch me for him…”
“That is not it.”
“Then what is it? I can’t believe you.” He rushed into the hotel and I followed him.
We were happy this morning and I had high hopes but he just ruined it and now we’re back to fighting. Why can’t we be happy always without having to fight about petty things?
He got into the elevator and closed it before I could get there. I took the second one and prayed that he doesn’t get inside the room and lock me out.
The elevator dinged and I got out in a rush and began to run when I caught his back disappearing into the room.
I realized that it wasn’t the same room I came to knock. It means he never really checked out.
I got inside and closed the door behind me. “You won Novan.”
He didn’t say anything.
“Did you hear me?”
“What?” He took his shirt off.
“Won’t you say anything? It’s such great news.”
“I won so I should go and get a bottle of champagne and pop or buy coke, sit back and celebrate then clap for myself huh?”
“There’s something wrong with you definitely.”
“Don’t irritate me okay? I didn’t stop you just so you can attack my nerves.”
“I don’t know what has gotten into you and I’m seriously tired and I’ve had enough. I feel like I made a mistake.” I sat down and massage my forehead. I feel drained and I’m even hungry.
“For? What kind of mistake.?”
“Everything. ” I whispered.
Maybe a relationship is not good for me or my mum is right. Novan may not be it for me.
He’s just stressing and draining the little life out of me with his unending stupid tantrums.
“What is everything?” His voice calmed.
“Congratulations.” I smiled faintly and got up. We’re fighting but I am proud of him and will always want the best for him.
“I was calling you to also tell you that you need to go back to the venue. The judges wanted to see you.” I added.
“It’s not necessary.” He answered.
“Okay.” I’m tired of trying to convince him not to give up on this competition but it hurt that I am giving up and he’s not making any efforts either. I really want him to go through this life-changing experience.
“So what mistake did you think you’ve made?”
“Nothing.” I got up and walked into the washroom. I took my clothes off and stood under the shower.
Memories of what happened here this morning filled my mind and did I well to tuck it back and locked my mind.
I closed my eyes when I heard him come in and then I got that familiar feeling I get when he’s looking at me.
I don’t want to think that he’s here to romance me after everything.
“Where are your manners Novan?” I asked without turning.
“They’ve gone on holidays.” He replied.
“Then get out. Can’t you see I am trying to take a bath?”
“Whoa. I’m your boyfriend.”
“You didn’t think of that before abandoning me.”
“I didn’t abandon you. I was just mad.”
“Then go out and continue your madness. Don’t be here.”
I felt him retreat and when I turned he was gone. I hurried up with my bath and got out with a towel around me.
His eyes raked my form once I got out but he didn’t say anything. I picked me out my pajamas and pant before disappearing back into the bathroom.
” We’re leaving tomorrow,” I told him when I got out fully dressed.
“What? Don’t you wanna tour the country? We can go to places.”
The idea of touring Washington with Novan is exciting but I fear we’d fight and he’d leave me behind again.
“So that you’d abandon me in the middle of nowhere when your madness finally crept into you? No thanks.”
“What are you saying? You know why I did that. I’m so..” He sighed and got into the bathroom.
A simple sorry will be fine but he’s not willing to. He thinks it’s okay to do what he did and therefore does not own me any apologies.
I made the bed then bought the online tickets for us. We’d be leaving here as early as 11 am tomorrow and we’d arrive at 6 or 7 am.
I got into bed and pulled the comforter around me. I’d remember to eat something very early tomorrow.
“What would you take? Should I order something?”
“No. Tomorrow.”
“Why? You’re hungry.”
I didn’t tell him that, did I?
“Who said I am hungry?”
“Stop it. I know you are.”
“I’m okay. I can’t take anything at this time of the night. Thank you. ” If he hadn’t gone and ruined everything, by now we would’ve been in a fancy restaurant taking dinner and also celebrating his victory. It would’ve been fun.
“I don’t like this.” He muttered and I felt the bed dip beside me.
Why didn’t Ed call so I can save his number? I should check. I straightened my hands to pick my phone from the nightstand and saw it in Novan’s hands.
“What is this?” He questioned.
“I booked a flight for us online.”
“Not that. Your phone has been ringing silently. Who’s calling?”
I remember putting my phone on silent mode when we got to the place.
Could it be Ed calling?
“Give it.” I opened my palms and he placed it in it.
I picked the call and raised it to my ears. “Hello?”
“Hey. It’s Edward.”
“Hey. I’m sorry for not picking it on time.”
“Were you sleeping?”
“Yeah. I was.”
“I’m sorry then. Goodnight. We’d talk tomorrow.”
“Yeah. Goodnight.” I dropped the call and saved his number.
“Who was it?”
“What? Why would he call you? Did you give him your number yourself?”
“I did,” I said and he laid on his back and stared at the ceiling.
I turned away and closed my eyes.
He sighed and got up. After some time he returned again and shifted closer to me then placed his hand on my waist. His warm breath fanned my back and he began to spread wet kisses.
What is he doing?
“Please don’t ever leave me.” He begged quietly.
“Stop giving me a reason to all the time,” I whispered back and he stopped kissing me.
“I won’t.”
“Mmm,” I murmured.
He spooned me and pressed his face to my back tightly.
It took everything in me not to turn and kiss him.
We ended up waking up late the next day and Novan ordered breakfast.
I jumped at it and ate to my full. I brushed my teeth and bathed afterward. I dressed and pack my bag. He also did the same and soon we were ready to leave. We haven’t exchanged enough words since we woke up so the atmosphere is quite thick around us.
If I had known this journey won’t yield any results, I wouldn’t have bothered myself to come. I hate to waste my time this way.
We got to the airport early and after going through the checkpoints, we were ready to get on board.
I climbed the airstair ahead of him and made to sit beside someone but he pulled me along with him and made me sit beside me.
“What was that? Are we fighting?”
I ignored him and looked through the window solemnly. I put on my belt as the plane was about to take off. The anxiety began in the pit of my stomach as my mind started visiting all that happened a decade ago.
“Come here”
I shook my head. I don’t want him to think that I can’t get on a plane without him.
I began to shiver unusually as my head spinned. My vision blurred and my heart thumped.
“Quit it, Riana.” He put his hand on my shoulders but I pushed it away. I have to do this.
I started sweating profusely. I’m losing it. I can’t even breathe properly.
“Novan.” I cried.
His comforting arms came around me securely then he unlocked the belt and carried me on his lap just like we did when we were coming.
I sighed when his lips found mine and he began to kiss me. I opened up to return the kiss but I mistakenly bit him and he winced silently but didn’t stop kissing me.
Jerk. Take that for frustrating me.
I ended up sleeping in his arms most of the entire twenty hours until the plane landed. I slept through it and only got up when I had to visit the restroom. The meal served on the plane was nice and we ate it together. I did all that still on him. He didn’t seem to mind.
I haven’t forgiven him though. We are still fighting.
We got down in the morning and I breathed in my usual Australian air. I feel at home here than I do in America although I was born there.
His car was still waiting at the lot and as we were walking towards it, a Maserati stopped in front of us and the glass rolled down, revealing my handsome dad.
“Hop in princess. Dad is taking you home.”
How did he know I was coming today and at this time?
{That changed everything ✓
“Hop in princess. Dad is taking you home.”
How did he know I was coming today and at this time?
I smiled. I miss my dad so much.
I looked behind to see Novan shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He couldn’t stand still and his lower lip was stuck in his mouth. He didn’t look happy and dad is not acknowledging him either. Maybe he doesn’t know Novan.
“Dad.” I Walked to the luxurious car, leaned, and kissed him.
“Dad, that’s my boyfriend.” I looked behind me but Novan was not looking at us.
“Okay. Let’s go now.” Dad said.
Didn’t he hear what I said? I just showed him my boyfriend and he seemed the least interested as if it’s not any big deal.
“Novan. Say hi to my dad.” He turned and smiled softly.
“Hi, sir.” He said and my dad nodded.
I know am mad at Novan but how can I go with my dad and leave him? I think he’s going to feel bad if I should do that.
“See dad..”
” No excuses. I’ve already got what you’d need packed and it’s already at home. You should get in and let’s go.”
“Look, Dad, I really wanna come home but I need to take care of something and I can’t leave him yet. Please understand.”
“Haven’t you spend enough time with him already? Don’t waste my time and get in.” He said harshly.
What is wrong with everyone? Even dad? I can’t believe this.
“I’m not coming with you. It’s as simple as that. Get going or you’d miss an important deal.” I straightened up and walked to Novan.
“Let’s go,” I whispered.
He took the lead and I glanced at my pissed dad and muttered goodbye before following Novan.
I noticed him smiling secretly when I got into the car.
“Don’t let it get into your head. I didn’t do that for you.”
“Did I say something?” He bit his lips to suppress his smile.
“Why are you smiling?”
“Can’t I smile anymore?” He asked back and drove out of the lot.
“Thanks.” He said.
“I really didn’t want you to go with your dad.”
“I only came with you so that you could take me to Nervisa.” I half lied. I really wanted to say a proper goodbye to him before leaving.
“All the same I’m happy that you’re here. With me.”
“I’m still pissed at you,” I said and dropped my gaze to my lap.
“Will you be going to your apartment or straight to my house?”
“Your house. I want to see Nervisa.”
We drove in silence except that I was making few calls here and there. Lenna called and we chatted for some minutes then Marion and finally Betsy. She told me that she’s already home and waiting for me.
Novan didn’t stop at his apartment either. After two hours, we arrived in front of his house. It’s been like forever since I’ve been here.
“I thought you said Nervisa is at your aunt’s?” I asked and got down.
“Yeah. Nervisa prefers to stay here so my aunt is also here.”
“Did you tell her that I’d be coming?”
“It wouldn’t have been a surprise.”
“Can I hold your hand?”
I looked up at him. This got to be the first time he’d be asking permission to touch me.
“No. I’m still upset remember?”
“Really? What did I do?”
I stayed quiet. He can’t possibly be telling me now he doesn’t realize that he did something wrong.
He pushed the glass door open and we walked inside.
“Is anybody home?!” He yelled with a heart-stopping smile.
A tiny voice squeaked and I heard light footsteps coming from the dining area.
Nervisa ran into the living room and Novan scooped her into his arms and twirl her, making her giggle loudly.
“How has my darling sis been?” He asked and pecked her.
“Until you tell me what you brought for me. I saw you on the TV but you suddenly disappeared. What happened?”
“Save your question. Look who’s here.”
I stepped into the room fully, revealing myself.
“Dollface!” She yelled and got down. How did she know that ridiculous name?
I bend to her level and hugged her. God, I missed her so much.
She’s all grown and looking beautiful than the last time I saw her.
“How’s the little fairy?”
“No. I’m no longer a fairy. I was though but now I am a superwoman.”
“Woah. How’s my superwoman?”
“Stronger than Superman.” She gave me a toothy grin. She has lost her front teeth and she looks funny though pretty. “So are you guys like a thing now? I know how much my brother idolizes you that he always whisper your name when he’s sleeping.”
If only you know how annoying your brother can be.
We shared a quick glance before I looked down at Nervy.
“That is not important. Why not tell me what you’ve been up to?”
“Can I come and spend Christmas with you? It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and we can go right now.”
“Novan you’re here.”
A male voice said and I looked up.
He was tall and had a stature just like Novan. They’ve got the same eyes also but the man’s own have a deeper shade than his. Novan is his younger version. Could he be his dad?
“Aunt? What is he doing here?” Novan shouted.
“Novan am sorry. He wanted to see Nervisa.”
“Why are you apologizing to him? Is he some God!” The man yelled.
Oh God. Rudeness runs in their family.
“How dare you come here and speak to me in that manner? I should be here before you arrive and you wouldn’t have even stepped a foot inside here.”
“When will you stop your fights with me? Am your father for goodness sake!”
“My father?” He chuckled and stepped intimidatingly towards him. He was almost as tall as the man.
“Do you even know what that even means? Stop ridiculing yourself and get out of here.”
“I’m not leaving. What can you do about that!”
.”Oh really? Don’t test me, Jude. Else I promise to beat you here black and blue. Trust me.” Novan threatened.
“This house is mine Novan. I bought it. Remember that next time you want to throw me out and you won’t dare lay a hand on me”
“Who said I needed it anyway? I barely sleep in it but so far as is in my name then it is mine.”
“Enough of your tantrums young man. Don’t you have any shame left? Your girlfriend is even here. Think of that and quit being a rebel”
“Since when did you get the decency? The last time I checked you fought mum in front of your fucking bitch after she caught you. You better quit this act of yours, get your shits together and leave from here if you don’t want my trouble.”
“I came to see my children Donovan. And for the past I am sorry. I’ve changed okay?”
“I don’t understand that language. Just leave. I’m sure your bitches are waiting. You don’t wanna keep them waiting…”
“Novan stop it okay. He’s your father so how can you talk to him like that?” I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. Novan is going too far.
“You stay out of this. What do you know?”
“He’s changed.” I defended the man I don’t even know.
“Shut up Mariana. Just shut up!”
“Stop yelling at the innocent lady. What kind of a man are you?”
He balled his hands and glared at his father.
How can one dream of hitting their father? Novan is fucked up.
He looked over at me and dragged me upstairs with him.
“Who do you think you are? How dare you interfere when I’m talking to my father? You don’t know who he is.” He said angrily when we got to his room.
“Who is he?” I asked.
He paced back and forth the room, digging his nails into his palms and gritting his teeth. He was beyond angry looks like someone who would turn this room upside down any minute.
He turned to me sharply, raised his hand to the door and I flinched.
“That man you saw downstairs is a heartless, cunning, and a despicable cheat ever. He kept cheating on my mum and brings different ladies home almost every day and bed them in front of my mum and on their sacred bed. He disrespected her in front of those disgusting bitches and made fun out of it all because he didn’t get to marry the woman he claimed he loved. He used my mum and refused to even allow her to have her life.” He sighed.
” And mum? She finally got a rich politician boyfriend and fled with him to Europe leaving only a two-year-old Nervisa behind. I begged her and cried for her to come back to us but she never replied to any of my emails or calls. She avoided us like a plaque. What kind of a mother does that? When I heard she got married, I cut all my ties with her and by then dad has also left the country and never showed up. And now he’s here doing what? Claiming father. Does he know what goes into that? I hate both of them with passion and I’d personally strangle them if I have the chance. I will gladly kill them for everything they made me and Nervisa go through. It was only the two of us against the world ” He breathed heavily and kicked at the closet then knocked the nightstand over.
I was speechless. I just stared at him. Not for once had I imagined Novan has gone through something as devastating as this.
“Why am I even telling you this? You won’t understand anything because you are that lucky girl who grew up in a loving home with lots of love. Your parents were there for you, supported you, protected you, catered for you then held your hand and showed you the way. You never lacked anything at all but me? I was only left with lots of money and nothing else. I ended up reducing all of it to ashes because it was never what I needed. I made it a point to work and get my own money. I did and after that, what was I left off of my parents? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And now he’s out there saying what? I will fucking kill him if I have to. The sight of him alone makes me sick!” He wiped under his eyes and stayed silent for a moment but I could hear his breathing and loud pants.
I walked to him and tried to touch him but it was that moment he stepped back and went to face the window.
“I’m sorry if I talked to the princess rudely and got her upset. I’m sorry for causing you pain Mariana. I’m sorry okay but I love you. God knows I do. I love you a lot but this is me. I was never taught or shown any love. I was brought up in a home with no love. All they do is argue all the time and this is the language they speak. I know it’s not an excuse but this is it. I know I love you but I fail to show it or prove it. I don’t know how to. I’m sorry. You think I don’t know that I’m rude and annoying? Well, I know.
But this is me. I’m sorry for trying not to be any better for you and for us. You can also leave if you want to. The fact that I love you doesn’t mean we have to stay together. Go get someone who will love you and treat you right. I’m not capable. I tried. I never wanted to even date you but this feeling was so overwhelming. I couldn’t help it so I decided to try. I tried to be nice but I’m just failing. I guess am just destined to be alone. Go, Mariana. You deserve better. Your mum is right. Just look at me? I’m not a fool Mariana. I see the way people look at us when we’re together in public. I have all this on my face and on my body but I don’t regret it. I won’t change anything.”
He turned to me and smiled. “, You know, I got my lip pierced the first time dad beat mum. With this ring, I locked that. When he started cheating, I pierced my brows. When he defiled their bed I got a tongue ring. When he finally left, I got my nose pierced and when mum left, showing how irresponsible all of them are, I pierced my ears and filled them with metals. I love those metals on my face because they remind me of things that my family did and also remind me not to do any of all they did. I’m horrible but I’d never do any of those things. At least they taught me something. I don’t know when I’d plug them out but for my tattoos, I really love them and I’m planning to get more. I don’t feel bad about them. So, Mariana, this is me. You won’t want someone like me but I am glad you gave me a chance. Thanks for the love you showed me by being here for me in a way nobody else was. I will remember that. Always”
“Novan.” I cried. My face was stained with tears and I covered my mouth so as not to cry aloud. I didn’t know.
“Don’t start waterworks, Mariana. Come, I’d tell you everything there is to know. You want to know why I left the stage? Come.” He took my wrist and made me sit on the bed and sat in front of me.
“You see that woman, I mean the one who calls herself my mum. Before she’d leave I begged her Mariana. I cried. I told her I can’t leave without her. I told her how much I love her and expected her to stay. Even if not for me, it should be for the sake of Nervisa who was barely walking. I was stubborn but I started being a good son. I was ten years then but I’ve been seeing what they portray since I was a baby. She wanted me to become a chef just like her and she wanted me to win world tournaments since she couldn’t but I was ten. I told her I can never be a chef and that I want to be a doctor. She said I took after her and that I could make it. When she decided to leave us, I changed. I made a decision that I won’t be a doctor anymore and that I’d be the chef she wanted. I took her recipe books and read them. I started cooking, I did chores just to please her and show her that I can be a good son so that she’d stay. I did all that Mariana but that wicked woman didn’t listen to me. She left. She left Nervisa and me and traveled with a billionaire politician in Europe. I didn’t give up. I still contacted her, wrote countless letters but never for once did she returned it or call me back. After a year, she got married and came for Nervisa but do you know what happened?”
He buried his head in his hands and his body shook. When he raised his head, his face was wet.
He wiped it away and continued.
“She returned Nervisa that same day and said her husband said he can’t bear to see another man’s baby in his house. My mum chose her husband over her three years and ten years old son. She preferred to be with him than with us. When I discovered Nervisa’s sickness at four, I didn’t know what to do. The cardiologist said she might not survive the operation. I was scared. I decided to take care of her the best way I can so that she wouldn’t have to go through the operation. I started cooking healthy meals for her I took care of her. I looked out for her and let me tell you something, that woman is really not my aunt. She’s just some woman who likes Nervisa a lot. She was her teacher and Nervisa liked her a lot. That was how she became my aunt. Thank you, Mariana. You came along and gave me the courage to go ahead with the operation and now my sister is fine. It’s all because of you. ” He grabbed my hands and kissed it.
“I left the stage because that woman dared came there. She thought it was right to come and watch me. I didn’t want to participate or become a chef because doing that didn’t help me in forgetting her. Everything reminded me of her. I didn’t want to go through the competition because it was her dream and now that I am taking part, I feel defeated. I feel as if I’m dancing to her tune even after everything. To top it all she fucking came. She came there and I couldn’t take it so I had to leave.” He sniffed and got up.
What! Novan’s mum was there? Oh, God. I misunderstood him. I thought he was mad for leaving the stage. My eyes zoomed on him. He’s always trying to be strong, harsh, rude but deep down he’s broken. All the hardness I see him portray are just walls he created around himself.
He looked venerable. Something I’ve never seen before..
{That changed everything ✓
Novan is broken. If there’s something that he needs then it’s love. He needs to be filled in all the love he’s been deprived of since he was a kid. I didn’t know this was what he went through.
There’s nothing wrong with him actually. He’s just being the way he is because that’s how he has been thought to, that’s what the circumstances have made him.
He’s the way he is because that’s the only way he knows how to and I won’t judge him for that. Now I understand him perfectly and I feel like I know him more.
I understand his insecurities also. Anybody will feel insecure after they go through Novan’s past. The question is if your parents couldn’t be with you, who else will?
He has this fear and he’s trying to protect himself from going through that pain he went through when his parents rejected them.
Novan is so insecure that he’s afraid of things he shouldn’t even let get to him.
I won’t be able to make him forget the past and I won’t even try. I will make him face it and live with it. That’s the only way he can be free from the trauma. It’s gon’ be hard but I am here to help him every step of the way. He needs someone to love him genuinely and support him.. I will be that someone for him..I will be there for him always.
He went back to the window when he got up.
“Don’t pity me okay? It’s all in the past and I don’t think about it anymore. It’s just that, I’ve grown used to their absence and I tried to live with it. Seeing them around just opens up wounds and brings bad memories. I’ve really forgotten about everything, I’ve forgotten that I ever had parents. It’s just me and Nervisa. We don’t have parents and luckily we don’t need them. I’m sorry for boring you with all that but hey, my parents do well to send big monies and I’m good at setting them on fire.” He chuckled and continue.
“They misunderstood me and thought money was the center of everything and failed to see that I didn’t need their money. I just wanted them to be there. Mum manages hotels and restaurants across the country and dad is just a businessman like your dad but he’s more into the automobile. Yeah, he owns a car industry. Mum also got a filthy rich politician husband so yeah, she’s loaded. The checks keep flowing and I kept it burning, when it is dropped in my account, I do well to transfer it back or send it to some orphanage or something. It’s not always about the money. Rich people think it’s everything and often use it to override people who are below them. They look down on people just because they’re fuckin loaded and I hate them. I really hate them so much but I love you. You’re different.”
I got up from the bed and wiped under my eyes. His back was facing me and he had his hands on his waist.
“God. I really shouldn’t have said anything to you. You’re going to feel sorry for me and I don’t like that. One thing you need to know is that I didn’t tell you this to buy your sympathy in order to make you stay. No. That’s too low even for me. I will never do that. What I told you also can not justify my actions. I’m just the way that I am. This is me, I won’t apologize for being me but I apologize for hurting you. You can leave if you want to and you can stay. Whichever you choose is your choice and I’d respect it. Just don’t feel compelled and obligated just because I told you this sad story. You’re gonna hurt me if you should do that.” He turned and was surprised to see me close to him.
I looked up at him but he avoided my eyes. I wrapped my hands on his torso in a hug.
He sighed and wrapped his arms around me as well.
“You should go. Don’t keep your family waiting. They’re gonna get worried.” He pushed me gently by the shoulder from him and stepped back.
“What if I don’t wanna go?” I stared at him.
“You’d have to. Not only here. I don’t think I can give you what you deserve. I’m fucked up and I don’t know anything at all. I’m setting you free okay, you deserve better..”
“What don’t you get Novan?” I walked to him, got on my toes, and held his face in my palm.
“I’m here Novan. I’m not going anywhere. You just have to stay for me. And no. I don’t feel any pity for you. It’s sad yeah and I can feel what you went through. Believe me, I do. ” I said calmly.
“How’d you know my pain? You never went through any of this.”
“I don’t have to go through it. I believe that whatever our souls were made of, yours and mine are the same. Without having to go through it, I can feel your pain because our hearts and souls are one. I love you Novan. Don’t ever forget that.”
“You’re going all literature on me.”
“No.” I smiled.
“You just stole that quote from…I can’t remember the title of the book but I think the author’s name is Emily Bronte.”
I smiled knowing that I’ve been caught. I really like that book because it tells the truth about blind love. To love someone is not really as easy as it seems it takes time and sacrifice above all commitment.
“You’re correct but how did you know? You don’t do literature.”
I’m trying to picture him reading a novel but I can’t see anything.
“Nervisa is. Surprisingly, she’s so enamored with those classic novels and forces me to read it for her. God. They’re so difficult and I don’t understand a thing, I just read.”
“How come you remembered that line?”
“It’s lovely though I think the author is being a little dramatic. I love the quote but I don’t ever want to end up like the characters.”
Fact. I to I don’t want to ever end up like them.
“I’m never leaving you Novan. Please don’t ever think that way. When I decide to date you, it wasn’t a decision to love you for a while. I’m here to stay Novan. It doesn’t matter how many times we argue and fight. I knew those moments will come and am well prepared. I just have to dish whatever you threw at me back and it will even..”
“Really?” He smiled and his hands locked on my waist.
“Yeah.” I got lost in his hazel eyes and his charming smile.
“Do you still love me?” He muttered.
“What kind of question is that? Why would you ask that when I never stopped loving you?”
“It’s just that after hearing and knowing how fucked up my life was, I wasn’t sure if your feelings for me would remain the same.”
“I love you without a cause and nothing will be able to cover that. It’s just as it is. Even if the worst comes, the way I feel about you will never change.”
“What if someone comes and shows you more?”
“No one will come because you’re there for me already.”
“Hmm. You still have to leave anyway.” He stepped back again.
“I still need to deal with that asshole anyway and I know you won’t like it so leave.”
“I’m not leaving.”
“Don’t act stubborn now. I need some space don’t you get it?” He snapped.
He’d never get rid of his anger issues.
“You really want me to go?”
“That’s what I said.” His hands are back in his hair.
“So when will I see you?”
“I don’t know.” He said quickly.
“What? You don’t know? How can you not know?”
“Just go.”
“Are.. you.. breaking up with me?” My eyes swelled with tears. If he doesn’t want me here then who else can be here?
“I don’t know.,” he whispered.
It hurts that he’s rejecting me this way and in a time when I have to be with him.
I can’t believe I completed the first semester and I’m going home to stay with my bitchy mum.
I got inside our house and looked around for her. When I didn’t see her I went to the bedroom to check.
“What are you doing in your bedroom alone? Didn’t you get any clients?” I teased.
“No,” she said.
How funny.
“Don’t you think you should rather worry about how your fees are going to be paid?” She blew air on her freshly painted nails.
“Why should I worry? Are you not dating Nicholas?”
“I don’t want him anymore.”
What a fool.
“Why? He loves you and he’s super-rich. Our lives will change entirely if you marry him.”
“I got someone else.” She clamped her hands together and pursed her lips in a smile.
“And who’s that? Do I know him?”
“Jude. That’s his name.”
“No way! How can you ditch Nicholas for Jude?”
“Why? Is it because you’re not done fucking his son? You better forget about that punk because your mum is dating his dad. We both can’t be taking the same blood.”
“You’re making a mistake here mum. You know how rich and generous Nicholas is. He was the one who got us out of jail and even established a boutique for you. Just think of it, if you marry him then I’d be his daughter, and Mariana’s mum and I will be stepsisters hence making me Mariana’s aunt. We’d be respected and I’d finally get a penthouse for myself. Please don’t be foolish for once .”
“Jude is also rich and I like him so get ready to be Donovan’s step-sister. Remember not to fuck him again and besides, he’s got a girlfriend. We already lost our respect in the Dominguez family, marrying Nicholas won’t change a thing”
” Forget about respect. Why not date both of them mum.”
I sat beside her. ” Listen, Nicholas adore you despite what we did to his family. After you shed those tears to his face confessing that you’ve changed and regret what you did, he forgave you and now he thinks you’ve turned on a new leaf. Play your cards well mum. You could make him get married to you secretly in some court and after a month you divorce him. That will earn you half of his property. You can now come and marry that horrible Jude Anderson and that is if he wants something to do with marriage. I bet he only wants to fuck you. Better still, Dominguez and Anderson’s don’t see eye to eye. There has been this family feud among them for a long time. They practically hate each other. You can connive with Jude and strike them. Mariana already made it easy by tripping head over heels for the enemy’s son. You can work with Jude and bring them down since you already have Nicholas Dante wrapped around your fingers. That dude will practically do anything for you and Jude will gladly help you. He’s that devilish.”
“What have you been eating these days dear daughter? For once you said something sensible and am proud of you. I’ve been thinking of a way to suck both of them dry but see…I got a brilliant daughter after all.”
Fool. I only said that because I want Mariana to leave Novan. I liked that guy the first time I met him in high school and I wanted a relationship with him. He was that bad boy and I like guys like him but unfortunately, I realized his childhood sweetheart is Mariana and he’s been loving her for like forever.
He told me he doesn’t want a relationship but we mess around a lot. I was aware sometimes he uses me to make Mariana jealous but I didn’t give a fuck because it only made me spend more time with him much to my advantage.
He’s always had eyes for Mariana and now that they’re dating, he doesn’t even want me at his side but that’s okay. I already know what to do and I’ve already started. Mum and his foolish lovers will be my pawn.
However, I really want to belong to the Dominguez family. Only if mum will marry Nicholas then I’d be Mariana’s aunt. I can’t wait to see her face.
Novan will only make my life miserable if I should be his stepsister. He’s going to kill me even.
As a loving boyfriend, once I go to him and tell him what my mum is planning towards his girlfriend’s family, he’d do anything to stop it and that’s how I’d capture him. I will be an innocent person and he’d think my mum is evil. We’d come together like a team to help then BAM! he’d be trapped.
Oh, God. I can’t wait for that to happen.
“I’m wise mum but you also have to wise up and stop fucking kids. That’s low.”
“What you saw the last time was a mistake. Stop using it against me all the time and don’t give me lectures”
“You fucked someone my age and that was not the first. You were not like this. I wonder what got into you. Since you said you’ve stop then fine but think of what I told you.”
“I’ve already thought of it.”
“Great. So we have a deal?”
“That’s more like it.”
I got up and went to my room. I’ve always controlled this fucked up mother of mine.
{That changed everything ✓
I was relieved when I got home and didn’t see my parents except for my grandparents.
Grandpa Nicholas looked up from his laptop and smiled at me.
“Welcome home Ari.”
I hugged him..” Thanks, Grandpa.”
I greeted them and rushed upstairs with Marion following me.
“So tell me how your love life has been dear sis.”
I looked at him and huffed.
“I couldn’t take the camera off,” I said and got onto my bed. I lay flat on it and closed my eyes.
I wonder what Novan must be doing now. How’s he feeling? Is he beating his dad or crashing things in his room?
I shouldn’t have left him but he said he needed space. I didn’t want to be stubborn and act cling, it will only throw him over the edge.
“That camera has been disabled. Were you not the one?”
“No. Maybe the battery died.”
“I’m not sure. Someone must’ve done it. Maybe your boyfriend.”
I groaned.
“Are you having problems already?” Marion asked and sat beside me.
“No. Why don’t you go get ready? I want us to get some gifts for Christmas.”
“Alright. I missed you anyway. Mum said you two will be going on a vacation to Santorini. That’s far. Dad also said he’d be taking me to Miami. I wanna learn how to surf on the sea.”
I even forgot about my trip with mum. Why don’t we all go to the same place?
” I missed you too Marion but I want to rest now. We’d go shopping once I wake up so get ready. In case you see anyone coming to my room tell them that I’m resting.”
“Okay. I’m just going to continue my game.” He ran out.
I looked around my room and saw my car keys on the dresser including my laptop. I also saw the things I shopped for but never brought it out from my car in front of my wardrobe. Dad was right when he said he packed my things.
I got my shoes off and hugged my pillow to myself. I still haven’t gotten over Novan’s breakdown.
I’m still dealing with the emotional aftermath of Novan breaking down before me. Considering how he is, I never thought that I’d ever witness anything like that from him. I saw a completely broken man and he has been keeping it inside while it’s eating him up. He doesn’t waste time to unleash it on me sometimes when I’m being stubborn and not being understanding.
When he walked out of the stage to take me away with him if I had agreed and I asked him his reasons quietly and not flare he would have gone back to the venue to finish whatever he needed to.
I learned.
I learned not to be quick to judge his actions. I will try to understand him henceforth.
After today, I’ve realized how much effort he’s putting into this relationship, he’s trying not to make his past life reflect. He’s trying not to be mean and I know he really tried seeing how I am with him.
The door burst open and Betsy appeared. Soon after, Marion appeared behind him.
“I told her that you were resting but she wouldn’t return.” He explained.
“It’s okay.” I smiled softly. He nodded and left.
“So now tell me what you’re sulking for? You went to Washington with your boyfriend and I’m sure you visited Beverly hills so why are you looking like a brokenhearted person.” She walked in and jumped on my bed. I inspected her foot to check if I was clean or not.
I saw a stain on the white sheets and glared at her. She knows how particular I am about my bed.
She smiled apologetically.
“Why don’t you tell me about your pending trip to Paris.”
“Morgan’s parents said he’d only leave after Christmas and the poor guy couldn’t do anything because he’s yet to attain eighteen. Pathetic.” She sighed dramatically.
I wonder how Betsy is coping with loving a boy she’s two years older than. I’m not judging her but… it’s somehow. Well, age was never a barrier to love.
“So how have you been?” I haven’t been paying attention to my best friend since I got a boyfriend.
“I’m good. I missed your cookings.”
“Mum said I’m gonna move out next term and we’re gonna get servants. Why not come stay with me this time?”
“Good but Morgan said it first so I am going to live with him.”
I nodded and pursed my lips. Maybe I should also go and leave with Novan.
“So what’s up with you two? You’ve been spending more time with him lately.”
“Nothing much. He’s taking part in a cooking competition.”
“Oh wow. The way he is no one will think he can cook.”
“Yeah.” And now I don’t know if he can get to the nationals. Novan didn’t go back to the venue.
“Do you think Morgan’s parents. I mean Amy and Daniel. Will they accept me for their son?”
“Why are you asking? Did they say something to you?”
“No. Morgan said he wants to introduce me to them officially and I can’t help but be nervous.”
“Why do you think they won’t like you? You’re beautiful and smart.”
“The age difference.”
“Come on, age is just a number. You guys love each other and that’s what matters.”
“Yeah. I hope they’d also think that way. What are your parents saying about Novan?”
I huffed and held my pillow tighter.
Even though dad hasn’t said anything, I don’t like his behavior this morning. He didn’t even smile at my boyfriend. He just nodded. My dad is not like that. I’m sure mum has finally succeeded in turning him against my boyfriend. I swear, without thinking twice am gonna elope if they dare gang up on me to separate me from my love.
“After what I told you about my mum’s indifference towards Novan, she hasn’t said anything to me yet. Maybe she has accepted him wholeheartedly this time.”
“I hope so. My mum said your parents are hosting a family dinner on Christmas so we’d be coming. You should invite Novan and Nervisa.”
“That’s new. I’d think about it.” I looked at my phone to check if Novan called or dropped any messages for me but I didn’t see anything.
I hope he’s not thinking of breaking up with me. I wonder what makes him think that I don’t deserve him. Novan is just it for me. I don’t want anybody else except for him.
As for his parents, I don’t have anything to say. I’m really ashamed of their irresponsible behavior. I’m angry at his mum most.
When my dad and my mum separated, mum didn’t leave me. She was there for me as both a mother and a father so why can’t his mum also do the same? She doesn’t deserve to be a mother and she’s not one either.
I’m not sure Novan will agree to come to my house for dinner but I’d try. I can make use of that opportunity to show him to everyone in my family. I’m sure Florencia will also come.
“I think we should go get some gift for everyone,” I said and got up. My family is large so the earlier I start with shopping the gifts the faster I will be done.
“Yeah. I thought so too.” She said and got up.
I changed and grabbed my keys then my card and got out.
I pray not to see my parents until nightfall.
No one was downstairs when we got down except Marion who jumped up and dropped his gamepad.
“Why don’t you invite your boyfriend and his sister to the upcoming dinner Mariana,” Marion said.
“Why?” I asked and looked at him.
“He’s your boyfriend. It’s a family and friends dinner. He’s now part of our family.” He explained and nervousness was thick in his voice.
“What has my little bro been up to? Why are you so interested in my boyfriend coming here?”
“Nothing. What made you think there’s a reason?”
“Nothing,” I said and gave my key to the driver. Marion took the front seat while Betsy and I took the backseat.
Novan said I should give him space, is it not enough? I miss him already and should I get him a gift? Maybe I should. But what can I give him? I can’t buy him a watch because he probably hated it and that’s why I’ve never seen him wear any.
I smiled when I remembered how frustrated he was when he wore a dress shirt and pants. He’s simple but complicated and twisted in every single way.
The last time he said he was thinking of gifting me something peculiar but he couldn’t think of anything. I wonder why he’d think so. I’d take anything he gives me and cherish it. I hate that I am rich and it looks like I have everything.
I went back to thinking of what to get him. I don’t really know what he likes. God. I may think I know Novan but I don’t at all. I don’t even know his favorite color. Maybe it’s black because that’s what he always wears, mostly.
We got to the mall but it was crowded as fuck.
Who waits until few days to Christmas before going to shop? Me of course.
We’d see how I’d get past this enormous crowd to get something.
By the time we left the mall, it was late and I was starving. I’m just glad I managed to get a gift for everyone. I remembered to get paper wraps and I pleaded with Betsy to stay over so we can wrap them together.
Mum and dad were around when we got back but were both engrossed In their laptops.
“Honey,” Mum called when she saw us climbing the stairs with the servants holding our multiple bags.
“I’m coming mum,” I shouted in response.
“I’m just going to bath and eat.” Marion dismissed himself.
“Hope I still have some clothes in here. I’m so fucking tired.” Betsy groaned exhaustion.
“Of course,” I answered before getting into the bathroom.
Hmm. Novan still hasn’t called. I will call him after taking something.
Betsy also took turns in bathing after I was done and we both went downstairs afterward.
I ate my dinner hastily then went to my parents who were in each other’s arms in the balcony. They love each other so much. I hardly see them fight. This is the kind of relationship I want with Novan but unfortunately, Novan can’t say the same as his parents never showed this type of affection.
“Princess.” He called when he saw me. They were lying on a bed and staring into the sky together. This love.
“You’re cheating.” I frowned playfully. He pushed my mum gently from him and wrapped me in his arms instead.
“Sorry. She seduced me.” He kissed my jaw and I settled into his arms. It’s as if nothing happened this morning.
“Really Pablo?”
“What? I miss my first love so much. Please excuse us.” He told my mum.
“She’s not innocent. She got a boyfriend and didn’t tell you. Whereas, I’ve always been here for you. How can you leave me for her?” Mum snitched playfully, jealousy intact.
“What? You got a boyfriend? Oh no. You cheated on me?” Dad made a dramatic sad face and got up in a sitting position. I missed his warmth.
Cunning parents. They’re only putting on this show because they wanna talk to me about my boyfriend.
“But I love you the most,” I told him. I’d think about who I love most next time. I really love Novan.
“No. This is unacceptable. How can you take a boyfriend? I can leave Paula if you want me to but please do not take a boyfriend..”
“Pablo!” Mum chided.
“Sweetheart.” He smiled at her.
“We can’t be doing this Pab baby. I think we should quit. You just called her sweetheart and I don’t like the way you smiled at her. I can’t take this anymore. It’s over Pab baby.” I played along and bit my lips to stop myself from laughing at the pet name. Seriously? Pab baby?
I looked at their faces and they were also suppressing laughter.
“Thanks for giving up. I don’t want you with him anyway.” Mum said and roped her arms around my dad.
“This is completely unacceptable. You know I can’t leave without either of you. Babe, please do not leave me. I won’t call her sweetheart anymore.” Dad made a sorrowful face.
“You have to choose who you want, Pab baby. Paula or Mariana.”
He looked between us. “I’m sorry. I love you both. I can’t choose.” He said and wrapped his arms around both of us.
I laughed at the silly drama we just pulled and they both joined.
“So why not tell me about my rival,” Dad asked when the laughter died.
“What can I say…” I fiddled with my fingers.
“Everything.” They both were looking at me now.
I got up.
“I love him,” I said simply.
“That’s why you ditched me for him. I really felt bad this morning princess. Walking away from me felt like you were leaving me.” Dad said in a serious sad tone.
“I’m sorry Dad. He needs me.” I whispered.
“Do you know his parents?” Mum asked.
“He’s told me about them and I only saw his dad today. That’s all.”
“You saw his dad? What did he say? Did he say something or do something to you?” Dad shifted uncomfortably on the thick blanket.
Why’s he nervous?
“No. Actually, I didn’t get to talk to him.” I’m not ready to re-narrate what Novan told me to my parents. I can’t do that to him.
They stayed silent. My mum rested his head on my dad’s shoulders.
I imagined Novan and I in that position. I really miss him already. Why is it like this? I’m missing him too much and his thoughts never seem to be leaving my mind. My mind kept drifting back to him all the time. I feel miserable without him. How’s it possible that I can’t even go a day without him? I was mad at him but after hearing him this morning, I hold nothing against him.
“Princess?” Dad called.
I turned to them. Have they been saying something?
“I’d talk to you guys later. Goodnight.” Before they could stop me, I ran away and took the stairs to my room.
Betsy was watching a popular movie I never thought I’d ever watch on my laptop when I got in. I took my phone from the nightstand and dialed Novan’s number. I can’t take it anymore.
I’ve given him enough time already.
It took me everything not to grab my car key and drive to his house when he didn’t pick after dialing his number five times.
Why’s he doing this? I promise I’d never leave him. I won’t do it anytime soon.
I dropped myself on the bed and dig my nails into my scalp.
“What’s the matter, girl? You look like someone who’s sexually frustrated. We can watch porn. It will help you.”
How’d that help?
“I’m not sexually frustrated…and keep your advice for yourself.” I haven’t even watched that sinful videos before. How can I start now?
“I’m watching money heist. Come watch with me.”
“I hate crime movies.”
“This is fun. You’re missing out.”
I ignored her attempt to lure me into watching the movie with her and laid on my comfortable bed and hugged my favorite pillow. I missed my bed.
I woke up the next day to a snoring Betsy beside me. I closed her mouth but it opened again. After several failed attempts to shut her up, I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and changed into a black fitting short dress. I held my hair high then braided the end
I grabbed my phone to check but Novan didn’t call me. It’s 9 am. Tears filled my eyes.
He hates rejection and yet he’s doing it to me.
I called but it went straight to voicemail. Hmm.
I went downstairs and ate breakfast. The entire house was decorated and a huge Christmas tree was placed in the living room. I got the Christmas feel. That feeling you always have when hs Christmas. The decorations did well to awoken it. Marion completed it by singing a Christmas song around.
He came to sit in front of me and watched me eat.
“Are you having a hard time?”
I raised my eyebrows at him. “What do you mean?”
“I don’t know but you don’t look happy. I expected to see you glancing at your phone now and then and giggling probably to a text the bad boy sent. It’s always like that when you’re freshly in love and it’s all Rosy until you start treading on rocks. What happened? Did you fight with the bad boy?” He asked and I shake my head with my mouth wide open.
Marion is just ten. How can he say those things?
” Don’t lie to me. You really don’t look happy for someone who just entered into a relationship. It’s always exciting in the beginning.”
“We’re not fighting. I just miss him.”
“Why not go to him? Mum won’t say anything.”
“He doesn’t wanna see me. He said he needed space. I don’t know when he’s gonna call to see me. I really miss him.” I told him and he gave me a sad face.
“Why does he want space? Is he going through a hard phase or traumatized?”
I laughed gently.
“I’m not going to tell you anything.”
“Why?” He pouted.
“You’re young.”
“Really? Alright. Just tell him to bring his sister along when coming for dinner tomorrow.” He got up and left.
I hope my little brother is not planning to hit on my boyfriend’s sister.
I called one of my favorite servants to come help me wrap the gifts. I forgot that I have to servants to do that if not I wouldn’t have made Betsy stay.
I sat on the couch in my room and watch Sandra wrapped the gifts while I write the names on it while Betsy snored away.
I picked my phone quickly and pressed it to my ears when it rang. I was thinking it was Novan.
“Belle Fleur,” Edward said.
That’s french.
“What’s that?” I chuckled though am disappointed.
“Beautiful flower”
“Is that the meaning?”
“Yeah. Don’t you know? I thought you’re doing french?”
“Yes but.. wait. How did you know I’m doing french?”
“Your mum told me ”
Hmm. That woman. I wonder what else he told Ed about me.
“Okay so tell me something, did Novan come to clear himself and meet his assistant?”
“No, he didn’t.”
I went silent for a moment. It really hurt that Novan is not giving this competition a chance but what can I do? Bad memories are attached to that tournament and he can’t seem to deal with them.
“So someone else has been chosen in place of him?” I asked.
“I guess so. I tried..”
“I know you did. Thanks very much.”
“It’s nothing. I see you care about him a lot. I jealous him.”
I chuckled.
“Seriously. I wish I had approached you the first day I saw you at my family’s ball. I would’ve been the lucky guy. I really like you, Belle.”
Okay. I’m uncomfortable with what he’s saying and I don’t know how to respond to him.
So Novan is right. I hate to admit that to myself. This dick is actually secretly in love with me.
“Thanks, Ed but I love him a lot.”
“Yeah. It’s sad.”
“Mum is calling. I’d talk to you later.” I lied.
“Alright, I will be seeing you tomorrow for the dinner party. Have a nice day.”
I rolled my eyes and dropped the call. Betsy was still snoring like no man’s business. How does Morgan cope? Well, love is tolerable.
I wrote the last name on the wrapped gift and thanked Sarah before he left.
The rest of the day past in a blur and I retired to my room after we all had dinner together. My parents didn’t talk to me about Novan though I know they will soon.
Betsy left after the dinner and after playing a few games with Marion which I lost miserably, I’m back to my room, missing Novan foremost and wishing Betsy was here. I don’t care about her snores anymore.
I still haven’t heard anything from Novan. I don’t know what he’s doing anymore.
I wore my silky thin nightgown and sat on my bed. I stared at the only pic I have of Novan on my phone and a tear dropped from my eyes. This is too much. I stared at the multiple keys on the nightstand then slowly picked it.
My phone began to ring that moment and my heart skipped when I saw who was calling.
I picked it with shaking hands and with a shaking voice I said. “He..hey.”
“Babe, am outside. Can you come? I miss you.” I came alive when I heard his voice and heat rushed through my body.
I nodded over and over again though he wouldn’t see it and ran out of my room.
I rushed down the stairs with my heart beating loudly and I almost fell.
“Careful princess. Where are going at this time and in so much haste?” Dad asked when I finally made it to the last stairs.
“I..am..well.. he’s here.” I couldn’t breathe properly…I was panting.
“Who’s here?”
I pointed to the door.” Outside… Donovan.”
“Your boyfriend?” He asked and I nodded.
“You’re behaving as if he’s woken from death miraculously. You were with him until yesterday so what’s the deal? Anyway, I understand. I’m trying to.”
I nodded. I can now breathe better. Dad is wasting my time by keeping me here.
“Dad.” I looked at the door.
“Why not let him come in? He shouldn’t stay outside and it’s late..”
“Okay.” I head towards the door before he could finish.
“You should invite him over for dinner tomorrow.” He hollered behind me.
Hearing that from him fuelled me and I began to run. Our house is like an estate and it takes a five minutes drive before getting to our door. If Novan is outside then it’s outside the gate. I won’t get to him quickly if I don’t run.
When I eventually made it outside, I saw him leaning on his car with his back to me. He sensed my presence and turned.
I lost my breath just by looking at him. It feels like forever.
God. I’m so deep into him.
We stared at each other for what seems like forever before his eyes raked down my form, making me bare before him.
“Shit! What are you wearing?” He took his bottom lip into his mouth and opened his arms.
“Come here. I missed you so much.”
I ran into his open arms and inhaled his intoxicating sweet scent.
Episode 98 Was Missing from Our Gallery 馃槥馃槥
{That changed everything ✓
NB: It’s not the same as what you read yesterday night. I added more.
After taking the whole time to think about what to wear, I decided on a long-sleeved black body top and a black trouser. I can’t wear anything apart from that, I’ve tried.
I wore my white converse instead of my usual boots.
I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t remember that those pervert idiots will be around my girl and try to talk to her, hold her and smile at her. God. I will break bones for her.
I can’t imagine the number of pretty boys who will be there. Edward inclusive, that Betsy’s brother and even fucking Dylan. They all like my girl. I wonder why they can’t stay off her. I didn’t plan on going to that dinner and especially in her house.
I brushed my hair back and tried to gel it but ended up looking like a clown so I did my usual style.
I couldn’t care less about my appearance, I just want to be there so that no one will try something with her.
“I’m out Sharon,” I said and got out, entered my car, and drove to her mansion.
I sighed when I saw a lot of cars parked in the lot and parked mine.
I hope I am not too late. Fuck me. I’m actually late.
For the first time, I got a little nervous. I stood in the entrance for some minutes and looked down at myself. I wished to go check myself in the mirror for the last time but it was late and that would’ve been too bitchy of me. When did I even start caring about how I look? Until her.
I let out a breath into my palms, rubbed my palms together before walking in with my head held high.
I didn’t bother to look around the room but I know it’s exquisite. These people are filthy rich.
My eyes met the long dining tables creating a rectangular shape in the heart of the room. My eyes searched for just one person. My girl.
Multiple eyes raised and fixed on me all of a sudden and I felt like turning around to leave but she turned and stole my breath away. My heart flutters when she smiled sweetly at me and motioned for me to come closer.
Eyes were still on me and even Mariana’s sassy mum looked at me.
Fuck them. They should be grateful I didn’t come here in pants and sweats. I did a whole effort just to look this way.
I mentally screamed in excitement when the seat beside her was unoccupied.
I didn’t know what to say to everyone when I sat so I just nodded and glared at them to mind their business and focus on their meal. They got the signal and looked down while I caught her dad smirking.
What is his problem? At the airport, he acted snootily and now?
These metals in my face were also a way to scare people away, to block them away and it worked. A lot of people get intimidated just by looking at me and it stops them from trying to make a conversation with me. I like it that way. Now I’d have to be among people just for her. This is suffocating. I would’ve died if it was a suit I wore. Thank God I didn’t make that mistake.
She made it a point to pack my plate with food and I stared at it. God knows I was not here to dine with these people.
One smile from her was all it takes for me to forget about everyone and how uncomfortable I am right now. It was just us beside this table and I couldn’t help but smile back when she urged me to eat.
I rested my elbow on the glass table with my hand supporting my chin, I took a moment and checked her out dreamily. God. She’s beautiful. How did I get this lucky? Such a rich and beautiful girl in love with me just like that. She loved this mess that I am wholeheartedly, she didn’t leave any part behind. Gosh. I feel like tearing up.
I watched her beautiful fingers curl around the knife and I wished they curled on my cock instead. God, stop it, Donovan.
I feel hot all of a sudden and uncomfortable down there.
She raised the fork to her lips and they wrapped around the fork for a moment before she pulled it out and chewed on it gently. She could have me in like that. Fuck.
I’m losing it. I need fresh air.
I felt a kick beneath the table, breaking the spell her beauty has hopelessly cast on me.
“Stop staring at me.” She whispered.
Who should I look at if not her?
I placed my free hand on her lap and she glared playfully at me.
I winked and she chuckled and quickly covered her lips. The gossips turned in our direction and I picked my fork with less interest in the delicious food. I want her. Now. Not some food?
My hand drew slow circles on her thigh then slipped under her dress. She gasped and pressed her legs tight, trapping my hand between her thighs.
She looked at me with a gasp and shook her head for me to stop. I could see how her breathing changed and she was suddenly sweating. She sucked her teeth into her lips and tapped her fingers on the table.
I like to see her this way. To see the effect I have on her.
My forefinger went deeper and met her soaked lacy panty then brushed it carefully.
She jolted and released a breath.
“Honey, you’re sweating. Are you okay?” Her mum looked at her then at me. I focused on the food I wasn’t eating and slowly retrieved my hand.
She sighed.
“I’m fine mum.” She drank some water and forced a smile.
I feel Ed’s eyes on us and a childish idea popped in my mind. I leaned into her and whispered nothing at all into her ears and placed my hand on hers. When I leaned back, I made it a point to put my arms around her chair. The poor man sadly tore his eyes from us. Fuck him.
After so long eating was over and I didn’t even take anything. Everyone was taking dessert and her dad was saying something but my mind was too occupied with the sexy piece she was wearing as a dress to grasp anything.
She got up and tugged at my top.
“Who’s the young man Ari. Why not introduce him to us?” An elderly man stopped her as she was about to leave.
She looked at me for permission and I nodded.
“Everyone meets Donovan..my boyfriend.” She smiled awkwardly yet proudly at me.
I guess this is official now. All her close relatives are aware of us. One strand of her hair should fall out and battalions will line up in my house to arrest me.
“Novan, meet my family and friends.”
I nodded and contemplated if I should say something or not. I don’t wanna make a fool outta myself.
“Nice meeting you all. It’s my pleasure.” I said finally and tried to smile.
Amy Rockxon and her husband smiled genuinely at me and many others present except for her mum and secret admirers who looked displeased and couldn’t help but to throw daggers at me.
I spot my sister smiling at Mariana’s brother and they seem to be in their own world as well. I will kill that boy if he dares…
Whoa, Novan! Way to go. Their just kids for fuck sake.
Betsy was busy wiping her celebrity boyfriend’s lips and smiling. Good for them.
Everyone went back to chatting after that and I used that opportunity to sneak out and followed Mariana as we took the stairs.
Soon after she got into her room I got in. She closed the door then,pulling me by my collar, she crushed her lips on mine.
I pinned her against the door and devoured her lips.
“How dare you do that to me Novan.” She breathed on my lips and her hands went under my shirt then began to work on my zipper.
“Can we do it now? Please?”
“Don’t say no. I’m sure.”
“What are you saying? A whole nation is downstairs and I don’t even have a condom.”
“Forget about those people.”
“Alright.” I raised her dress up. Even I want to fuck her.
“But what about condoms? Where will we get it?” I asked.
She thought for a moment and blushed.
“I will get some in my father’s room. I am sure.”
I stepped back and threw my head back in laughter.
She didn’t just suggest that.
“Stop laughing,Novan. You caused this.” She moved from the door and raised the dress above her head, leaving her in only her pants and bra.
Fuck. My eyes roamed on her. I can’t take this. Not anymore. I tried.
She can’t just seduce me and expect me to do nothing.
“What did I do?” I asked and walked closer to her.
“You were touching me and you look so enticing in this shirt. It’s so tight on you.” She bit her lips.
“You wanted me to come.”
“Yeah and I’m glad you did okay? Can we stop this conversation now and start doing something?”
She keeps tempting me. Leaving me with no choice.
I swallowed and unclasped her bra when I got to her. Her soft hands moved on my torso as she looked up at me lustfully.
She’s not thinking straight. She’s probably drunk or something.
I can’t have her here.
I kissed her delicate lips slowly and passionately.
I sat on her bed and pulled her onto my lap so that she was straddling me as I kissed every part of her upper body.
She moaned and began to rock on me back and forth, up and down, round and round.
I swallowed her moans when my lips returned back on her.
As she was trying to get my shirt off, I stopped. Someone needs to stop this.
“Don’t you think we should keep the Christmas holy?”
She stared at me and bat her long lashes. “Since when did you start caring about holiness?”
She got up and am afraid I angered her.
She picked her bra back then put it on then walked to her drawer and opened it.
She came back with a box and sat back on me. I thought she was angry.
“I got this for you.” She said and gave me the box.
I took it and stared at her as I unwrapped it. I hope it’s not some fucking chain.
I moved my eyes to the box after opening it.
A lip and tongue ring stared back at me. It had my initials on each and it looked like a precious stone worth more than mine was used. I’m not really engrossed in golds and diamonds so I can’t tell.
“You got me this? Why?” I looked up at her.
“I love your tongue and lip ring so I thought of getting you one. Is that a problem?”
“No. Not at all but it’s personalized. Why would you go through that?”
“Nothing. I got you something else.” She said and brought her hand from behind then raised a beautiful neck chain. It dangled before me and I just gawked.
“Wow,” I muttered and traced my finger on my name which has been designed on it. When did she get it done? And this looks like a diamond. It’s gonna cost a lot but who am I kidding, her mum deals in it.
“You like it?” She beamed.
“Yeah but I can’t wear it, you know I don’t wear these things,” I said and her face dropped.
“But I’d keep it.” I took it from her, about to put it away in my wallet when she stopped me.
“Can I wear it for you? You can take it out afterward. Just wanna see how it would look.”
“Okay.” Seriously this is too much. I only like them because it’s from her.
She took it and locked it around my neck.
She stared at my neck and bit her lips. She gulped, leaned into me, and gave me a lingering wet kiss on my neck.
God. I closed my eyes and traced my hand on her spine.
She pulled back and looked at me seductively. Her fingers traced on my lip.
“Can you take this out and fix the new one?”
I nodded and plugged them out. She gave me the lip ring and I fixed it then the tongue. I put the older ones into my pocket.
“Can I see it?” She asked and I opened my mouth slightly and pushed the new tongue ring into view. She smiled and lowered her lips on mine.
My hands roamed on her then she arched her back for me to take the bra off. I did and her breast came free. I cupped them and fondle it. She tugged on my hair, bit my lips gently then released and suck on it. She’s doing so good at this.
My hands traveled under her and met her pant. I brushed it aside and rubbed her entrance slowly. She stopped kissing me and moaned. She likes it when I kiss her neck, breastbone, and collarbone so I began to do just that. Her moans get louder as I moved in slowly into her and began to pump into her slowly then faster. Her fingers dig into my shoulders as my fingers pleasured her, driving her to the edge. I kept nibbling, sucking and biting her neck softly then I took her nipples into my mouth and increased my pace then doubled my finger. That will hurt her.
“Novan..” she whimpered and squirmed.
I stopped going inside her for a moment before getting back to doing it. She moaned, got my head up, and kissed me roughly. She tightened around me and I moved faster. Her body shook slightly then she poured on my fingers.
Exhausted, she rested her head on my shoulder and tried to catch her breath.
I fall back on the bed, she came on me then I flipped her so I was on top, about to take this to another level when a knock sounded on the door.
Her pretty eyes opened and stared at me.
“There’s a knock,” I muttered.
“So? Let them knock.” She mumbled and wrapped her arms on my neck, pulling me down on her.
The knock came again, this time louder and she groaned.
She kissed me for a moment and pulled back.
“Don’t go anywhere. I will go into the bathroom then you can open the door and check who it is.”
I nodded and got off her. She picked her dress from the floor and disappeared into the bathroom.
I opened the door and her mum pushed me aside and entered.
“What are you doing in my daughter’s room?” She asked in a sharp tone.
“I’m in my girlfriend’s room,” I stated.
“Girlfriend.” She snorted.
“What is your problem?” I asked and sat down. She eyed me and the bed for some time.
“You’re the problem. Now get out!”
“You didn’t say that.” I chuckled.
“I did. Now out of her room! How can you sneak in with her when there’s a function going on?”
“I’m not moving an inch. I’m your daughter’s boyfriend. Remember that anytime you feel the need to act bitchy to me.”
“Did you call me a bitch?” She turned to me angrily, eyes blazing in fury.
“No. Why would I? You’re just acting as such. I don’t know why you don’t wanna accept the fact that your daughter loves me and let us be.”
“Look who’s talking. You don’t even respect and I wish my daughter never met you.”
“Well, she did. Suck it up.” I grinned and she fumed.
“Get out of here and my house now! I was thinking I could like you since my daughter is into you but I can’t and I won’t force it either. Now out!”
“I already told you. I’m not moving an inch and must I remind you that I don’t care if you or any of your family members like me or not? I just care about her love for me. All of you are non-existent.”
“I wonder what she saw on someone like you. Are you not ashamed of yourself? Look at you!” She pointed her fingers at me in contempt and disgust.
“You’re lucky to have someone like her look at you or even smile at you and that should humble you but no…”
“Listen.” I cut her off harshly. She’s getting on my nerves and I won’t have it.
” Tell me what exactly I should be ashamed of or how exactly I should humble myself. Do you want me to come kiss your feet or ass? Tell me, her Excellency Anna Paula.” I bowed dramatically even in my pissed state.
“I just want you out of here. Go before I call the guards on you. What were you even doing in here with her?”
“You don’t wanna know,” I smirked and her eyes widened. I bit my lips to stop myself from bursting into laughter.
You should see her face.
“What is going on here?” Mariana came out, dressed up.
“Why do you want my boyfriend out mum? Why?” She asked.
“Honey, he needs to go.”
“Give me a reason, mum. How can you tell my boyfriend to leave? I don’t get it.”
“Why don’t you ask him how disrespectful he has been to me ”
She looked at me and whined. “Novan.” She stressed my name.
God. Did she believe her mum?
“I’m sorry about that mum but he’s going nowhere. At least not now.”
“Whatever you say but you should come down and stop staying behind closed doors with him. It’s dangerous.” She muttered and got out.
“Don’t tell me you believed what your mum said.”
“If I had not then she’d be here and we would have still been dragging the same issue. ”
“So you know I didn’t disrespect her right?”
“Yeah even though I know how rude you are.” She smiled and bit her lips.
“Really?” I pulled her by the waist and made her stand between my patted legs.
“We need to go downstairs.” She prompted.
I frowned. “Can’t we stay in for a while?
“No. Our absence has already been noticed that why mum came. We need to get going.” She brushed my hair back from my face.
“If you say so,” I said and hugged her legs, my head on her lower belly.
“Mmm.” I murmured. I don’t wanna go out there.
“What changed your mind? You didn’t want to come.”
“I have to. ”
“Is it because Edward is here?”
“No. It’s because there are a lot of them here.”
“I see. Thanks for coming anyway. It meant a lot to me.”
“Yeah, I know.” I licked my lips, dragged my eyes on her, and smirked.
She got what I meant and blushed then stepped away.
I got up and followed her out.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“So what were you and my mum talking about?” I asked as we descend the stairs.
Soft music was being played and some couples are swaying to it. The table has been cleared and packed, creating enough room.
I saw Marion standing close to the Christmas tree with Mike bending to his level. They seem to be talking.
Nervisa and Betsy were sitting and they seem to be talking as well.
“She just barged in and started being bitchy.”
I stopped taking the stairs and turned to him.
“What did you say?”
“Did you just say my mum was acting bitchy? How can you say that? It’s unacceptable.”
“You know she doesn’t like me. She asked me to go out point-blank once she entered.”
“That is not an excuse to use the ‘B’ word for her and..”
“Wait. Are you attacking me for her?”
“She’s my mum.”
“I didn’t forget that.”
“I think you did. Tell me what else you told her, Novan.”
He rolled his eyes and descend the stairs, leaving me behind.
I felt like throwing something against his head at the moment.
My eyes suddenly met my parents who were standing at the far end and by the look of their expressions, they don’t seem happy. My dad looked upset while my mom was looking like her puppy died. Sad.
My mum suddenly bolted and my dad ran after her.
I got worried and curious at the same time. What could be the problem?
I ignored my stubborn, rude, and annoying boyfriend and ran in the direction my parents went.
I stopped at the entrance of the back door when I heard soft sobs that I recognize to be my mum’s.
“Paula, will you tell me what happened? What did he say or do?” My dad asked in concern.
My mum sniffed and dad cursed silently. “Please do not cry, that’s enough. Come here.”
“Pablo, you know I love my daughter right?”
“Yeah. Why would you ask that?”
“You also know I just want the best for her right?”
“Yes. Tell me what happened.”
“I’ve always wanted her to have a boyfriend when she clocked eighteen and she expressed her disinterest in boys. I only wanted the best but now I feel like I am the one who pressured her into making a bad choice. I wish I had not pushed her or talked about any boyfriend issues with her. Pablo, I really regret this and I feel like the worst mother that ever walked on this Earth.”
“Don’t say that Paula.”
“What can I say? The boy she chose is worse than any sin. You should see how rude he was. He didn’t take long before talking back at me in the most disrespectful possible way. This isn’t the first Pablo. I was just looking out for my daughter but that boy spoke to me as if we were age mates. I don’t even care about his attitude towards me. I’m concerned about my only daughter Pablo. Violence is written all over that boy and he topped it off with rudeness. What if he breaks her heart and even begins to abuse her? She’s still naive and he’s taking advantage of that, of her innocence. I’m scared Pablo, please do something. She has to know everything.”
“The nerve of that boy! I care about our daughter a whole lot and I will take anything just because Mariana likes him but I won’t stand him disrespecting my wife. I hate nonsense and I won’t tolerate it…
I didn’t hear more. I turned around and walked slowly from the door.
The only reason why I kept convincing Novan to come is that I wanted him to meet my parents, talk to them and if possible win their hearts somehow. I wanted them to like him and accept him for who he is.
If I had known that the opposite will happen and Novan’s actions will only intensify their dislike for him, I wouldn’t have made him come or informed him that my dad invited him. He just worsened the issue by coming here.
I don’t know how to feel about this. I don’t like that my mum tell on him to my dad. She should’ve told me and I’d talked to Novan somehow. Telling my dad only made him dislike Novan. I know this is selfishness and it might sound like I don’t care about my mum but I still wish she had not informed my dad. My dad’s perception of Novan has drastically changed and has escalated. It’s going to take a lot to change that.
And Novan, I don’t know what in the world he told my mother that drove her to tears and made her doubt my choice and bringing fear into her. One thing is clear, my parents don’t trust my safety with him. They don’t trust him to care for me and protect me and that is my mother’s utmost worry. I understand her and I’m really sorry for taking part in the tears streaming down her face. My mum has suffered enough. She doesn’t deserve all this.
I spotted Novan standing at the bar holding what seems like alcohol and sipping it gently.
I hope it’s not alcohol.
Edward was with him and by the smug smile on his face, I could tell he’s making a crude comment or mocking Edward.
I walked to them, smiled at Edward then grabbed his wrist, and began to lead him on the stairs hurriedly.
“What is your problem woman.” He slurred.
God. I hope he’s not drunk. I’ve really not seen him taking alcohol before.
“Are you drunk?” I asked when we got back into my room.
“I’m not a fool. What makes you think so? And what was the need to bring me here so promptly.” He smirked and sucked on his bottom lip.
I sighed and looked away. I’m amazed at how that simple act triggered things inside me.
How’s this possible that despite his horrible behavior and ways, am this deep into him. I overlooked everything and loving him with my all and with all his flaws.
I don’t understand.
“I asked you what you said to my mum.”
While I was in the bathroom, I could hear their voices but it was muffled and I couldn’t make out what exactly they were talking about.
“Don’t tell me you brought me here just for that.”
“It’s a simple question.”…
“Yeah. fuck. Fine. She said a lot of things and said I should respect and be humble because you love me and I asked if I should kiss her feet or ass to prove that. She flared, said shit, and then asked what I was doing inside your room with you..”
“What did you say to her.” My heart skipped and my cheeks flamed.
“I told her.” He scoffed.
“What? Why are you being this way?” His hands brushed his locks back.
” Okay. I told her I finger-fucked you and you enjoyed it, happy?”
Oh, God!
I slumped onto the bed and facepalms.
I removed my hands and gaped at him. He doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just okay, nonplussed.
How can he just open his mouth and tell my mum what we did without any shame?
“Who exactly are you? How can you just say anything without even thinking?”
“Listen, I didn’t..well, forget it. You don’t even trust me.”
“What do you mean by I don’t trust you?”
“Nothing. I’m just gonna leave. I don’t wanna be here anymore.” He reached for the door handle.
“Wait Novan.”
He turned slowly to me. He doesn’t look happy.
I got up from the bed and stepped closer to him. I was on heels so he wasn’t towering over me like when I am in sneakers or toms.
” I love you Novan. I really do and with every fiber that made me up. I can’t live without you and the mere thought alone scares me to the core. This is how deep I am into you. I will risk anything to be with you or fight anyone for you and anytime you need me, I will be here for you and always but the right thing must be done.
Let’s get things straight, because I love you, I will tolerate all your flaws and accommodate all your demons, I swear I will calm them but there’s one thing I can’t take and can never tolerate and that is you disrespecting my parents especially my mother. That is too low and unacceptable. I can’t take it. I admit I was harsh and hard on her but that is only because she didn’t want to accept you and was being difficult. She even called you names so I lost it. I shouldn’t have because no matter what, she’s my mum and can never wish bad for me. I defended you in front of her because I didn’t see any reason why she has to be harsh and unfriendly. I don’t know if that was what you saw that made you take her for granted but please, not ever again in your life should you say anything bad or be rude to her. She’s my mum for goodness sake. I can’t see anyone disrespecting her, not even you and you must accept that there are limits to certain things. I understand where you’re coming from and am quite unbothered but keep my mum out of this, please. I know she’s difficult and seems not to like you but you have to know how to talk to her. Just be polite, is that too hard?”
He pursed his lips then rolled his tongue in his mouth for a moment.
“Are you done?” He asked and looked everywhere but me.
Was I too harsh?
Did I say more than I am supposed to?
“Novan I ..”
“It’s okay. I get it. Thanks for the lectures anyway. I will take my leave.” He didn’t wait anymore as he opened the door and stepped out.
I instantly regretted saying all that to him.
I got out but he was already out of sight. I took the stairs down and catch him storming out, practically dragging his poor sister with him.
He shared a look with my mum for a moment when he was about to go out before leaving finally.
I wanted to go after him but stopped. I always see myself running after him. Why?
He can’t talk to my mom anyhow it pleases him and that’s the truth.
I know it’s not his fault because that’s how he has been brought up but then it’s too much. Someone has to stop him.
I wanted to go down and talk to Mike, Betsy or even Edward but I turned around and went back into my room, closing the door behind me, I stripped and got myself to bed after wiping my make-up off my face.
I hope we ain’t fighting again. He’d call me tomorrow right? Or he’s going to ignore me just like always.
Maybe I shouldn’t have spoken to him in that manner. But what other way could I have said it?
I feel really bad hearing my mum cry and knowing that I am a part of the cause made me guilty.
How can Novan say that to her? How can he throw our most intimate moment at her just like that? I mean this is my mum we’re talking about here. How will she feel?
I know what he did isn’t right but I still regret being harsh on him.
I guess I have a lot of major work to do. Novan is so faulty and it seemed he wasn’t taught anything at all.
I don’t want to change anything about him but I’d see to it that he learns to talk in a way that won’t be offensive to others. A little politeness is all that he needs.
I got the teddy he got me and cuddled into it. “Novie please don’t be mad at me. I can’t take it. Please talk to me tomorrow.” I whispered
The next morning when I got out everywhere was cleared and the house looked just as it was before.
I went back inside and called for my breakfast to be brought inside.
After eating I bathed, dressed, and got down to talk to my mum.
“Princess,” Dad called when I was taking the stairs to their room.
“Good morning dad.” I smiled. He was dressed casually and looking hot.
“How was your night? You didn’t come down for breakfast are you okay.”
“I am absolutely fine. Where’s mum?”
“She’s downstairs. Didn’t you see her?”
“No. I didn’t.”
“Alright. We were looking for you anyway. Are you free?”
My heart dropped.
“Yeah. Am free. Hope it’s nothing.”
“Not at all. We just thought of taking you somewhere.”
“Really? When?”
“Well let’s go then.”
An hour LATER…
“Where are you both taking me?” I asked my parents after we’ve driven for an hour.
“You’d know soon ”
“Are you taking me back to campus?”
“No. Have patience,” Mum said, smiling.
After another hour, dad stopped the car in front of a beautiful penthouse. The exterior was jaw-dropping and there was a white rolls Royce parked in the garage. The place was also close to campus.
“Where are we? Are we gonna live here now?” I asked when we got out.
“Someone is going to live here and it’s you.” Dad put his arms around me.
“Why would I live here and all alone? Are you guys casting me out of the family? Look, mum, am sorry about Novan’s behavior towards you and am also…”
“Come on Honey, this has nothing to do with that. Remember I told you that I’d get you into another house to live in while you study? Well, this is it ”
“You guys got to be kidding me. Oh, my world!” I laughed, covering my mouth with both hands, and jumped up.
“Dad, say something. This isn’t my new house is it?”.
“It is, princess. ” He dangled the keys in front of me. “You can put a passcode on the doors later.”
“No way!” I grabbed the bunch of keys.
“Yes way honey, this is where you’d be living once you resume school and there will be enough servants at your beck and call. You would finally live as the princess you are.”
I looked around the breathtaking penthouse in awe. All these luxuries for me? This is too much. My parents love me so much.
“Mum..” I cried and hugged her.
“And that is your new car.” Dad nailed it.
“Gosh. This is too much. I love you two so much.” I move to hug dad.
“What happens to my previous cars?”
“We can ship them here if you want.”
I prefer to drive this alone. I have five cars back at my apartment but I only drive one of them so only this will do and this car is classy and expensive.
“So who’s idea was this?” I asked even though I knew it will be mum.
“I brought the idea but your dad made the choices. I opted for a mansion like ours but he said a penthouse will do so yeah.” She grinned.
“This is really too much.” I rest my hands on my waist.
“You’re worth it. We’re only making up for all the time we spent apart. This is really nothing princess.” My dad said.
“Thanks for this. You guys left me speechless.”
“Let’s go check it out and if you don’t like it we can get another..”
“No no. I love it already. This house is like the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I mean just look at the exterior.” I said and we took the elevator.
I was taken on a tour around the fully furnished penthouse as I kept whispering ‘wow.’
There was even a swimming pool in my room and a large one outside. All the luxuries I could ask for was packed in this penthouse.
“Was this the reason why you didn’t give me a gift on Christmas? Is this my gift?” I asked when we got out. I stopped at the garage and ran my hands on my new car.
“No. We’re still thinking of what to gift you.”
“Thinking?” I chuckled. My parents were upset yesterday and today they are lavishing me with expensive things.
Does that mean they’ve forgotten about everything and letting bygones be bygones? If that is the case then I am grateful. But mum was saying they have to talk to me. What do they want to talk to me about?
I ended driving back in my new car and the ride was so smooth. I felt special and like a real princess.
After another two hours, we arrived home together. I planned not to try calling Novan first just to see if he will. I just pray not to miss him too much.
My parents left to watch their movie before nightfall and i spent the entire day in bed watching a series.
I kept checking my phone from time to time if my arrogant proud boyfriend will call but he didn’t. He’s that egoistic.
I bet he want me to call first because he thinks i wronged him for scolding and reprimanding him. I think I shouldn’t have spoke to him in that manner but he should be grateful i didn’t tell him to apologise to my mum.
Poor him, i still feel sorry for what he went through. I wish the Lord blessed him with amazing parents like mine. But this is life, sometimes it throws at you what you never asked or wished for but you can take it and make it better to suit you.
Novan’s parent irresponsibility should be a big lesson for him to take and make sure he doesn’t end up like them. No matter how worse the situation is, there is always something good to take home with, i pray he take something as well.
I really don’t blame Novan for the way he is but i pray some day, he’d become a better person than who he is now. And i know one-day my parents will accept him for who he is because they’re good humans with big hearts. Novan just need a little adjustment and he is good to go.
When i woke up the next day, my parents were not in the house and marion has also gone to watch his live race. He asked me to take him but i refused so he went with Grandpa Nicholas and Mike.
Novan has still not phoned and am trying hard not to miss him.
After sitting around the house and with nothing major to do, i got an idea and thought of executing it. It’s silly, risky and and so not me but thrilling at the same time.
My mum will freak out and end up in the hospital if she ever find out.
I got my key and drove out of the house. Betsy has been unusually busy this days so we don’t vibe much.
I got to my destination and breathed in and out before going in. I even did the cross sign. God. This is crazy.
They were right when they said the devil finds job for the idle. This is exactly what is happening to me but I can’t help it.
After several hours, I was done and currently sitting at a random restaurant, sipping a fruit juice.
My heart was beating all through and I was sweating.
I looked up and threw my juice back into the glass. What the fuck?
What is he doing here?
“May I join you, please?” He asked and I stared at him for a moment before nodding.
Why would Mr Anderson want to sit with me? Is it a coincidence that he met me here? I looked back and forced a smile at him. This is my boyfriend’s dad so I have to act nice regardless. I’m not Novan.
“Can I get you something? Maybe a juice?” I offered.
“No thanks. I’m grateful. I just want to have a word with you. I promise I won’t take much of your time.”
“No problem.” I smiled though I was feeling uncomfortable with this man whom I’ve heard to have done horrible things sitting beside me.
I wonder what Mariana is up to.
Any guesses?
And Jude? What do you think he wants to discuss with our Mariana?
Lastly, do you think Mariana did the right thing by putting Novan in his place? Let Find Out HERE