✍️✍️✍️✍️ New Story The Kiss Epilogue - By Kelsay ✍️✍️✍️✍️

{That changed everything ✓}
*A sequel to MARIANA*
MARIANA DOMINGUEZ the eldest and the only daughter of the multi billionaire family suddenly had to deal with her parents constant pestering for her to get a boyfriend.
And just when she thought she has had enough, she had to deal with her school’s most baddest boy’s cockiness.
What happens when she finally fell in love but her family suddenly became against it?
What could be the problem?
And what happens when the good girl Mariana suddenly turn bad?
What could make her do that?
Was it THE KISS that changed everything?
Let find all the answers in this new thrill!
Stay glued to Author Kel’s page and you won’t regret it!
Extract from the book….

“I don’t want you with him Mariana!” Paula warned fiercely.
“But why mum?”
“Because he’s the son of our enemy from the past.”
“What! Are you for real mum? How can you involve me in your past life? I wasn’t even born when it all began! No mom, leave us out of it if only you want what happened to you and Dad to occur again!” She said angrily and walked out.
“Come back here Mariana. How dare you walk out on me?” She shouted but she was already gone.
Paula paced about the room in worry. She thought of telling Pablo before things get out of hand.
“Hi mum.” Marion greeted and removed his backpack.
“You know what mum?”
“What is it?”
“A girl told me that I was cute today at school.” He said happily.
Paula’s eyes narrowed on him.
“And what’s so special about that? I’ve said that so many times to you?”

“Yes you’ve told me countless times before but yours doesn’t give me the sparks and get butterflies to erupt in my stomach so that makes it more special!” He grinned at his mum.
Paula’s jaw was almost dropping to the floor.
“What?” She blink so many times unable to believe her ears.
“What’s happening to my children? On the other hand is Mariana and now this little boy too?”