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{That changed everything ✓}
*A sequel to MARIANA*
The moment we were sent to the cell when we got to the police station, I gave Aria a resounding slap.
“What was that for mum?”
“How could you Aria? If I had knew that you were responsible for Toby’s attempted death, I wouldn’t have gone ahead and helped you.
How desperate were you? I can’t believe my own daughter did this.”
I closed my eyes as tears spill from my eyes and uttered those words I never thought I could ever say to my child.
“You’re a disgrace Aria, and I feel so much ashamed to call you my daughter.” I faced away from her.
Since when did she get out of hand and I didn’t notice?
That beautiful celebrity was right after all. I’ve failed as a mother.
“How’s that my fault mum? If you had not helped me out all this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t shift blames.” She grumbled.
She’s right!
In my guest to acquire riches, I lost everything including my respect.
I wonder how long we’re going to spend in jail.
“You know what mum, I think I should be the one to regret ever having a mum like you. You lead me into all this this, only if you had played the role of a mother properly, I wouldn’t have gone wayward.”
I choked on my spit as I heard those words.
“Water.” I whispered.
A bottle of water was thrown at me and I quickly opened it up and gulped it at ago.
“You’ve just been here for some minutes and you’re already screaming for water. You should be glad that those who send you here are quite generous and the duration given was just some few days.”
This were the words of the police officer and he was right.
After two weeks, we were freed.
Not only that. A car was waiting at the entrance when we were out.
The car took us to a mansion which was said to be ours. I didn’t believe it but then, it was true. That wasn’t all, a whole boutique was opened for me. With all this, I didn’t have to go back to Palau.
I got to know who was behind it and it was the Dominguez’s.
I tried countlessly going over to apologise and thank them but I wasn’t allowed to.
It has been a year now and I still haven’t seen or spoken to any of them but I do see them on the TV.
Fortunately for Aria, she got enrolled in the same school with Mariana and being the seniors about to graduate, today was their prom night.
I can’t wait for her to tell me that she was crowned the prom queen. It has always been her dream.
I kept checking the time since it was already 10pm.
I heard a loud thud from the door and quickly ran to check only to see Aria looking wasted with a beer bottle in hand.
“What’s wrong Aria? Why are you so drunk?” I held her up in to the room after taking the bottle from her.
“She always get what she wanted Mum. It has always been her. Why can’t I be a prom queen too?” She grumbled drunkenly.
What is she talking about? She’s so foolish some times.
It was our prom and i was dressed beautifully in my prom dress as i walked quickly to the school’s auditorium where it was being held.
Someone grabbed me from behind on my way, covered my mouth and pulled me into one of the classrooms and locked the door.
The person’s hands came free from my face.
The moment my eyes set on the person, I squealed in excitement and hugged him.
What is he doing here? He was supposed to be in college.
“Hey Betty.”
“Hey, it’s Betsy not Betty.”
“But i love Betty rather.” He pouted and pulled me by the waist to him.
I looked around shyly.
Megan and I have been dating not too long ago and even though I love him to the moon and back, I can’t help getting nervous around him.
And to think I was even a year older than him but in our relationship, age is not a factor at all.
I wasn’t perfect or exceptionally beautiful but I was enough for him. He love me unconditionally and I love him like crazy.
I stared in to his charming magnificent eyes and face and couldn’t help but ask myself how I got lucky to have such a dashing boyfriend.
Megan was all I could ever asked for.
“Hey who are you busy thinking about while am here with you?” He asked and chewed the gum in his mouth sensually.
“What are you doing here Megan? You’re suppose to be in college.” I asked rather.
“Hey, can’t I see my girl whenever and wherever I want?”
“That’s not what i meant…”
“Then what? Don’t you want to see me? Tell me did you get a date?”
He moved away from me and chewed on his lips.
He’s angry.
This is what has been our problem all this time.
He gets jealous and angry too quickly and I know why. It’s because of our age difference.
He thinks am going to leave him for someone more older and matured than him but he got it all wrong.
I walked to him and hugged him from behind.
He calmed down after a while before i moved to his front.
I took his hand and placed it on my heart.
“Can you feel my heart beat? Can you feel it beating? Always know that, this heart only beats for you Megan and no one else. I belong to you and you alone nobody else can take your place. You and I belong to each other Megan.”
“You’re trying to sweet talk me again right?” He asked.
“Then look into my eyes Megan, you’ll see it all. You’ll see how much am mad and head over heels for you.”
“I don’t need to.” He whispered and hugged me.
“Am sorry my Betty. I love you.”
“I love you too Meg. I love you too much.”
“Can we go out now?” I asked after the hug.
“Because I just want to be with you Betty. You know how this girls are when they see me, don’t you?”
“Yes. Buy what are we going to do? I don’t want to miss the prom and i also don’t want to go away from you.”
“I’ve got a solution for that.”
“What? How?”
He brought out his iPhone and switched on a video. It was a live video of what was happening at the auditorium.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
We found a seat at the back of the classroom and began to watch but he wasn’t watching though. He was only pretending to since he’s eyes was constantly hovering around my face.
“What is it Megan? Do you want something?”
“No, it’s just that you’re looking so beautiful tonight and I can’t get my eyes off no matter how hard I tried. And I still can’t believe you’re mine. All mine.”
I blushed profusely.
“Oh my gosh! Stop flattering, me will you?”
“Until you give me a kiss.”
I leaned in and kissed his forehead and looked back to the video.
“Not romantic enough.” He frowned slightly.
I was about to kiss him again when I saw the prom king being announced.
It was no one else other than Donovan Walker popularly called Novan he’s the school’s best football and basketball player he’s also the school’s most handsome and baddest boy and a sworn enemy of Mariana.
They both never get along properly and always fight among themselves anytime they got the opportunity.
Novan was rich but not as rich as Mariana. They both were popular for their cuteness, constant fight and riches on campus.
But Mariana was known to be the richest teenager and almost the whole world know that.
She’s infact competing with the handsome dude sitting beside me in terms of riches.
I stared at the screen eagerly for the name of the prom queen to be mentioned.
“Ladies and gentlemen, our prom queen for this night is….”
{That changed everything ✓}
*A sequel to MARIANA*
Chapter 2
The moment that proud peacock was announced as prom king, I felt the need to vamoose.
I mean what the fuck did they see in him?
He walked up to the stage proudly in his three piece dark suit.
Those stupid girls couldn’t stop chanting his stupid name.
I looked around for my best friend, Betsy so that we could go home together.
It was late and I was exhausted to drive so I texted my driver to come pick us up.
Where could Besty had gone? I can’t find her anywhere in the crowd.
I thought of going out to look for her but was stopped suddenly by what the the school’s head management said in the microphone.
“So ladies and gentlemen, our Prom queen for tonight is our most gorgeous and eloquent student miss Mariana Dominguez.”
Oh gosh! What is all this?
Why the fuck did this students vote for me?
First they forced me into contesting and I warned them that they shouldn’t vote for me but they fucking did.
“Arhgggg” I got up from my seat, rearranged my prom dress and catwalked to the podium.
I’d have walked out on all of them and there wouldn’t be a problem but I don’t want folks thinking that am acting shitty to them because of my parents wealth. So I got to go.
I faked a smile and walked to the stage.
My eyes mistakenly met his and I quickly diverted my gaze and stood at a safe distance.
I could feel his cocky smirk accompanied with chuckles.
A gigantic royal and luxurious two chairs were brought to the stage.
“Okay Mr Anosovan, she’s your queen so you’ll have to crown her and vice versa. After that, you’re to help her sit on her throne.” The head boy said.
The head girl came forward and tied the sash on me.
The rest of the prom committee came on stage as well.
The head boy held out a crown on a tray towards him.
He walked closer to me, towering over me. I’m not the short type but relatively tall but as he stood in front of me now, I feel like the shortest person in the world. Damn, he’s so tall.
slowly, he moved the crown up but instead of pacing it on my head, he leaned in and whispered in my ears.
“Don’t be too happy doll face because you can never be my queen. You don’t even match up to my status. You’re so…”
“Shut up fool, or I’ll make you.” I hissed with gritted teeth. Why must he call me doll face in the first place?
He straightened out and placed the crown on my head.
I scrunched up my nose when his perfume filled my nostrils and his fresh breath Unexpectedly, he placed a quick kiss unto my forehead. He moved away with a crook smile.
How dare him do that? He’s surely gonna pay. I’ll make him pay dearly.
The head girl brought the tray containing his crown. I took it quickly and walked to him. Without wasting much time, I tiptoed with hands stretched in the air to put his crown on but because he was a jerk, he kept raising his foot up, making it impossible for me.
It seems the crowd was enjoying what he was doing so they kept giving him morale.
My hands began to ache so I placed it down with a tired face.
“You’re so lazy and weak doll face. You give up too quickly.” He whispered between his teeth.

I glared at him and got on my tippy toes again. This time, I didn’t stress myself when he was fooling. I just placed it on his head anyhow and stepped back with a smirk.
It was his turn to glare as he fixed his crown.
Now it was time for her to help me get on the throne.
I took a few steps to it and before I could do anything, I was swept off my feet and the crowd went wild again.
I held his neck for support and he smiled down at me. I thought he was being a gentleman but his next action got me thinking otherwise. He placed me roughly on the chair causing me to wince.
He walked to his and sat. Meanwhile, camera’s were being flashed here and there. It was almost blinding me.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you our prom King and queen for this year and now, is time for them to show us what they got by gracing the dancefloor. ”
I tried to get down but he quickly came and offered me a hand. I wanted to hit his hand away but when I looked up and saw how everyone was busy taking pictures and videos, I changed my mind.
He helped me down and walked me to the dancefloor.
I stood rigid when we got there with a frown greasing my forehead.
He took my right hand and placed it on his left shoulder while his right hand went to my waist.
He intertwined our left hands upwards and we began moving to the rhythm of the cool music.
“You’re so ugly, doll face.” He said and twirled me around such that my back was against him. He’s two hands round my waist. We were so close, too close.
I could feel his breath fanning my ear and neck.
“Come on, smile, people are watching. You look quite ugly when you don’t smile.” He twirled me around again harshly and I almost fell but held on to his neck tightly.
His hands were still on my waist so he began to tickle me. I tried hard not to give in but I eventually smiled and began laughing.
When he stopped, I looked around and realized that, we were not the only ones on stage.
“Have you realized that all the past prom Queens and Kings do kiss?” He asked.
“So don’t you think I have to get mine as well? Without it, this tittles are meaningless.”
I thought he wasn’t serious until he shouted over the music and had it turn off.
“I’m sorry for the disturbance but I think the prom organizing committee forgot something.”
Everywhere became silence while I tried to break free from his grasp.
A microphone was brought to him while the head of the organizing team was summoned.
“We’re sorry but what do you think is missing?” The head boy asked.
“A kiss.”
{That changed everything ✓}
(Are you guys a thing?)
“We’re sorry but what do you think is missing?” The head boy asked.
“A kiss.”
“Well, the kiss can only happen if both the prom queen and king agrees.”
“Well I agree.” He responded too quickly.
“Well I don’t.” I objected.
He turned to the crowd and shouted.” What do you think guys? Should I kiss her?”
“Yes. Kiss her, kiss her!” The crowd chanted.
“I don’t think your opinion matters anymore my doll face. Even everyone want that.”
“Oh really? Then fine.” I looked him in the eyes with a smirk and stamped on his foot.
He let go of me and I heard a loud “Ohhh!” From the students.
I ran from the dancefloor and out of the auditorium. I was walking past a certain classroom when it suddenly burst open.
I looked up to see Megan with tints of red on his cheeks. He looks as if someone who has been caught stealing red handed.
“What are doing here Megan? I thought you were in school.”
“I came back to pick something home but then I realized it was your your prom night so I decided to check up.”
“Well, I can see the one you came to check up on.” I replied when I saw Betsy’s red gown behind the door.
I wonder what this two are up to. Something is surely fishy if not, why will she hide behind the door?
” Come out and let’s go Betsy.” I said and walked away.
My driver was already waiting so I just climbed in to the car and waited for Betsy.
From where I sat, I could see Megan’s black Jeep so there’s no need for him to join us.
After some minutes, she got in to the car beside me and the driver took off.
“What’s going on Betsy? You two have been acting weirdly and why do I always see you two together? Are you guys a thing?”
“Can’t I see anyone freely without creating any doubts?”
Has it gotten to that? I thought.
“Am sorry but is just that..”
“What?” She cut me off.
I opened my mouth to say something else but shut it back. Maybe am over thinking.
“Anyway, why didn’t you kiss him? That was the norm right?” She asked.
“I don’t think there was a need for that. He’s just trying get me angry. Besides, why would I kiss that jerk? Yuck! Who knows if he brushes his teeth. He’s just too ugly or don’t you think?”
“We’ll, i think he’s cute.”
“Yeah yeah I know. You never take my side do you?”
“Why would i when you two are always constantly fighting among yourselves. Am glad you two were chosen as our prom King and Queen because somehow I believe it might bring you both together.”
“That should be in your dreams.” I replied and looked through the window.
“But that kiss..”
“Are you still going to talk about that?” I cut her off.
The car parked in my driveway and we got out.
“I don’t think I’ll sleep over at your place tonight Mariana. See you tomorrow.”
“Alright, I’ll pick you up at ten.”
“For what?”
“My kids. I need to visit them. I miss them a lot.”
“Oh okay, the children’s home?”
“Yeah bye.” I waved her and left. Her house was just a stone throw from ours as well as Megan’s house.
We both live in the same estate.
With the help of dad, a mansion was built for the kids I brought from Palau. I just love those cuties so much and I’m glad I got more of them when the mansion was completed.
I opened the main door and got in. I was sure that mum and dad will be sleeping so I decided to walk straight to my room but then, I heard a slight noise in the sitting room.
I looked back and there was mum and dad in a heated make out session.
“You guys will never listen will you? Why would you have to get mushy here? What if I came home with my friends for an after party?” I rolled my eyes and walked to them on the couch.
“How would you bring them when you fled from the party.” Mum asked.
“How did you know I fled?”
“It was all over the internet. Thank you for disgracing us and letting the whole know that you’re a holy virgin Mary in…”
“Mum!” I shouted and dad covered her mouth.
“Don’t mind her princess. Now come to daddy.” He got up and opened his arms.
I walked in to his arms and rested my head on his broad chest.
“Congratulations princess.”
“For what?”
“For winning the contest. I guess you were quite popular in college right?”
“No. I don’t think so. My daughter has always been a queen. So am not surprised that she was crowned as one.” Mum said proudly.
“So who’s he?”
“Who?” I pulled back.
“That guy, I mean your king.” He said.
“Oh that jerk? He’s a total scumbag, an idiot with an overdose of narcissism. That’s all you need to know about him.”
“Is he the same guy that has been troubling you at school?
“Yes mum..”
“Tell me do you like him? I can talk to him for you.” Dad offered
“No thank you.” I replied.
“Where was your ears when I was telling you that he was the one creature I hated most?” I asked.
“Don’t mind your dad but how will you get married when you hate all men except your dad?”
“Well, then I’ll marry my dad. What do you think dad?”
“You know I’ve always loved you and that is why I can’t wait to marry you.” Dad replied.
“You won’t dare!” Mum warned and glared at dad before bursting into laughter.
“You’re so clingy mum.” I said and laughed along.
“Goodnight mum, goodnight Dad.” I kissed them on the cheeks.
“Goodnight baby.” Mum replied.
“We’ll be going to work tomorrow so prepare okay?”
“Tomorrow is Sunday.” I replied.
I really don’t want to go to work. I’m still a student but dad make sure he takes me to work on weekends so that I could be used to it before he finally hands over. I only go to mum’s company on holidays.
“So?” He asked.
“So no work. I have something else to take care of.”
“What’s that?”
“I need to go see the kids.” I replied and started walking.
“You can have then driven here instead of going.” He suggested.
Bad move dad. If I let them come here, dad will still take me to work and hire some people to entertain them but that’s not what I wanted. I want to have fun with them.
“Don’t try to be cunning dad.” I replied and began climbing the stairs.
“And don’t try to be a smart ass.” He hollered and chuckled.
I’ve always been!

{That changed everything ✓}

(Then Kiss me to prove it!)
The kids shouted when they saw me and Betsy at the their garden.
And just like they always does, they run towards me to hug me but instead knock me down along with them.
They were about 35. Ranging from 3 to 10 years.
Their weight was on me as we rolled and laughed on the ground together. Betsy stood aside and laughed at what they were doing.
I won’t miss this happiness for anything in this world. These kids are my pride and joy.
They were just few when I was in Palau. I was just some poor girl who lived from mouth to mouth then.
Despite the immense poverty, I still try to make them happy but now that I got to know who I really was, I won’t hesitate to spoil them rotten.
“Okay guys, is okay. Is okay.” I said between breaths.
They got up one after the other till they were all up.
I dusted my jean and got up as well.
“How are you all my little Chipmunks?”
“We’re fine our sweet Mariana.”
“Aww you guys are the sweetest!”
I picked the smallest among them which was 3 years.
“Okay my little cuties, guess what! We’re going for shopping!”
Their faces beamed with smiles.
“Then after that, we’ll go to the park!”
They were all jumping up in happiness including the little one in my arms. I kissed her chubby cheeks and she giggled.
She’s so adorable.
“Shall we?” I asked.
They’ve already bathed and had their breakfast so there was no need telling them to change again.
I began to walk to the driveway together with Betsy where I had a bus parked for the drive.
The supervisors I employed helped them to sit comfortably in the bus. I was the last to sit before the car took off.
I’ll be taking them to the kid section so they could select any toy they like.
Once we arrived at the mall, the security guided them all to where the toys were located.
They began to chant “wow” “wow” at every toy they see and that really made me happy.
Some fought over the same toy and I had to order for the same toy. I went with Betsy to the clothes section where I selected swimming costumes.
“What’s that for?” Betsy asked
“Swimming of course. I’ll be organizing a pool party for them right after our graduation which is next month.” I explained.
“Why don’t you wait till then before shopping for the costumes?”
“I want to make some of the preparations now. Who knows how busy I’d be once we graduate?”
She shrugged and we continued.
After hours of being in the mall, we drove to an ice cream shop and believe me when I say the happy look on their faces were completely priceless.
We drove back to their mansion and changed into new outfits before joining the bus again to the kids park.
I was dressed in a Queens gown and Betsy was dressed as a King.
The children dressed as prince and princesses.
We looked colourful as we walked through the park’s gate.
We looked like one big family of royals. Those who were already present couldn’t help taking pictures of us.
I bought tickets for the rollercoaster rides for all of us. Not the dangerous ones though. I took the younger kids and registered them in other games since not all liked to go on the ride.
Those who opted to go had their seat belts fastened. I was about to climb when I was pulled back by Betsy.
She began to walk with me towards another rollercoaster.
“Hey Betsy, that ride is dangerous. Let’s join the children” I said but she ignored me.
I wonder how tall and strong she has suddenly become.
“Shush.” She placed her gloved hands on her lips to silent me.
She began to pull me along till we got on the rollercoaster. I looked at the hand that was holding me and realized that it was not Betsy’s hand.
I looked back and that was when I saw Betsy on board with the kids.
“Who are you?” I asked but the person just chuckles.
I decided to leave but that was when the rollercoaster took off. I screamed and sat back forcefully on my seat.
The person sat beside me and took off the mask.
“Yes is me! Who else?”
“You’re such a stalker…”. I didn’t finish before the rollercoaster took another turn upwards and descended speedily downwards then up again which was taller than the first.
I shouted in fright as tears stung my eyes. I closed my eyes tightly when I saw how tall we were in the sky. My heart raced as we went upside-down .
The dickhead was only laughing.
By the time the ride was complete, my cheeks were stained with tears as and my eyes became puffy.
I got up and hurriedly got down but he held me back before I could escape.
“How was the ride? Fun right?” He asked mockingly.
I scowled at him.
“Hey don’t give me those looks got it? You look to funny with that face.” He said cheekily.
I snatched my hands from him wordlessly.
“How dare you force me on this ride?”
“If only you hadn’t gone and embarrassed me in front of the whole school by running off after stamping on my foot. I had no choice but to make you pay for that.” He pocketed.
So he took me on this ride just to make me pay?
“You’re so childish.” I said into his face.
“I accept but so are you.”
“If you had any maturity in you, then you wouldn’t have ran off from a simple kiss. You acted just like a baby and you’re a baby too. Is only babies who ran from things and cry on a rollercoaster ride.”
“Am not a baby.” I defended.
“Then kiss me to prove it.”
“I’d rather die.”
“Fine, but you still own me a kiss. I won’t rest until I have it. Get that!” He saluted with a smirk and walked off.
He’s such a fool. What makes him think that I’ll ever kiss him?
I walked to the kids who were currently jumping on the trampolines. Betsy was inclusive.
I joined them and began jumping on it along with them.
After having so much fun and photoshoots. We set to go back home since it was late and some of them were tired and already dozing.
When I got home, I went straight to bed without having dinner because I was so tired.


{That changed everything ✓}
I yawned and got out of bed. I went to the washroom about to wash my face when I sighted my reflection in the mirror.
I was still in my prom dress with my auburn hair scattered on my head. My makeup was messed up as my lipstick extended on my cheeks. My mouth was bitter and when I burped, the scent of the alcohol I took last night hit me. It was horrible.
I removed my clothes, brushed my teeth and left it in a pile before going into the bath.
I washed myself clean as I tried to forget about last night.
I also contested for the prom shit and I had high hopes of winning since I was quite famous on campus.
But everything went wrong. The award was given to Mariana though she wasn’t a queen on campus.
I was the queen all along but because she was rich, they decided to crown her. I hate them all.
I got out of the bath tub after washing my hair and dried myself with the towel.
I dressed up and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. I realized mum hasn’t cooked anything.
My eyes met with the clock and it was 12:30 pm. Can’t believe I slept that long.
I walked to the sitting room but she wasn’t there so I went to her room. I opened it and entered after no response when I knocked.
She wasn’t in. Where could she have gone?
And why didn’t she wake me when she knew that I’ll be going to school today?
My stomach churned loudly so I rushed to the kitchen for something. I’m so hungry.
I poured myself a fruit juice and some biscuits.
I got back into my room after eating and changed in to something else. I took the car key on my table and darted through my door to outside.
Upon getting to the little compound where our car is normally parked, it was empty which means mum has taken the car out. We only had one car.
I turned to go in when a certain car suddenly drove in, followed by my mum’s car.
I waited at the door and watched mum alight from the strange car and closed it hastily.
Immediately, the strange car began to drive out. While our car was parked and the person driving it got out. He was wearing a uniform which suggests that he’s a chauffeur.
I ran after it to see who it was that was in the car but I only saw the person’s head which I recognized to be a man before the car disappeard.
“Who was that mum?” I asked when I returned.
She walked passed me in to the room.
“Who was he mum?” I repeated.
“A friend?” I asked and stared at her.
She was looking different judging by her appearance.
Her dress was way short and her makeup was much. She was dressed like a highschool girl which got me cringing.
“Did you meet a friend with this dressing? Gosh mum, you look no perfect than a whore.”
It was so fast. I didn’t know when she slapped me and walked to her room. I stood there with wide mouth.
‘Mum just slapped’ me was the only thing that ringed in my head.
Maybe I shouldn’t have called her that but she seriously look like a whore and i just couldn’t keep it in. Why would she go about dressing like that?
And that man? Who could that be? Does mum have a boyfriend now? And why didn’t she tell me? I thought we were bestest of friends?
No wonder she had been acting so strange and doesn’t allow me to touch her phone lately and whenever am with her, she either excuse herself to pick a call or either ignore it. And she always speak in hush tones whenever she’s making call but I ignored it all since I always assume that she’s talking bussiness on the phone.
But with this man driving her over and that dressing? Am starting to be suspicious of her. Mum is being too secretive and who’s this person that she’s trying to hide from me?
I shook my head and went out with my car key.
I got to the car which was just brought and slid behind the steering wheel.
Since I wasn’t going to school today, I thought of going to the bar. Is quite weird to be at the bar in the afternoon but I just have nothing to do.
I got to one of the biggest bars and my favorite as well. I stopped the car and got in.
I was amazed at the amount of people I saw there. I didn’t expect to see so much people on a Monday afternoon.
I walked in fully and realized that it wasn’t just people. There was most of my mates in here including the Almighty Donovan. The prom king.
He was standing in front of a pool table with the stick in one hand and a beer to in the other.
I walked to him and hugged him from behind. He tensed up suddenly before relaxing.
He turned to me and held my hand almost too tightly before suddenly releasing it.
Before I knew it, his lips was on my neck as he held me more closer. The beer bottle was placed down along with the pool stick.
Wow! This seem like a dream come true.
Novan is actually holding me so close. What I’ve always wanted since I met him in school.
I slipped my hands under his arm and held his waist. I didn’t mind anyone ogling at us. Being in Novan’s arm was worth it. It will only get me popular among my peers.
I pulled my head back and gave him more access to my neck. My neck went back such that, i could see some of the people at our back. My eyes suddenly landed on someone. Not anyone else but Mariana.
What is she doing here?
She diverted her gaze the moment her eyes met mine. She was wearing a beanie over her head and dressed in sports wear. She must’ve gone to play tennis. She does that often and she’s quite good at it.
She walked to the bar and ordered some cold drink.
I looked back at Novan and caught him staring at her with a naughty grin. Oh I see, so he’s just doing this to get back at her? He just used me.
I’m well aware that they don’t get along but was it necessary for Novan to do this?
He jerked away from me suddenly and walked to where she was. I suddenly felt bereft.
I got myself a seat around a chess board. I think I’ll try playing one.
I actually love a game of chess.
After some hours of being in the campus, I got bored since nothing much was going on. There wasn’t much to do since we will be graduating very soon.
I sneaked out and went to our school field and indulged in playing of tennis. Most of my mates were there so I just selected a partner and we began to play.
I didn’t go home after the game instead i got into my car and branched off to one of the popular bars around our school to get some cool drink. Betsy is busy with something if not, we would’ve gone together.
I got in and was surprised because I didn’t plan to see so many people.
I looked around and saw the infamous Novan who was busy smooching Aria.
My eyes remained glued on them for a while before I looked away but I wasn’t fast enough as Aria caught me staring.
I decided to mind my business so I went to the bar for a drink.
“A beer please.”
I raised my gaze up and saw Novan. He had a bandana wrapped around his hair. He was dressed all black and I think it fitted him.
I ignored him and concentrated on my drink but it seems he was bent on disturbing me.
I got up with my drink and walked to an empty pool table.
“Lemme have my kiss babydoll. You should learn how to pay your debts okay?” He whispered in my ear.
When did he get to me.
“I’ve already told you that am not going to kiss you so get that and don’t make me repeat this over and over again.” I replied and sipped my drink.
“Fine. I’ll let you be..” He said.
“Better.” That was easy.
“But on one condition only!” He uttered.
“Which is?” I asked.
“You have to beat me in the game of pool. If you can do that, then I will never bother you about this kiss anymore.” He said loudly, almost getting the attention of everyone.
This is risky but am ready to try if only I’ll be free from this monster then am ready for anything. Am not actually that bad in playing pool anyway.
“I agree!” I replied.
“Guys, did you just hear her?”
Those who were watching us replied with affirmation.
“Okay but if she fail to beat me, then my kiss will double. Two kisses in all.” He winked dramatically.
“What? Why didn’t you say that earlier? Look, am not doing it again.” I screamed.
“Am sorry babydoll but you can’t back out now. You’ve already agreed. Right everyone?” He asked the people again and they replied with yeses.
“So you see? Once again the crowd agreed. Leaving here will just show how weak you actually are which I know you won’t like to showcase…”
“Fine, I will. Sounds like a deal” I smirked.
This is so risky and dangerous but I still have to do it.
But seriously, he has no clue of what he just proposed.
“There’s one thing you’re missing Donovan Anderson and that is that, I can’t lose. I’ve never loosed on this game. I mean it.” I said proudly.
A smile spread on to his face as he shook his head in amusement.
“I’m serious about it.” I said when that stupid smile wasn’t disappearing from his crooked lips.
He wasn’t believing what I was saying and it quite clear on his face.
“Don’t be so full of yourself Babydoll am very good at it too.”
I’ve never said this before but Toby is actually good in playing these games especially poker and he’s very good at it. I just happened to know them too because he taught me. Playing pool is just like a maths on the table. The perfect tap changes the game.
“Alright, let the best player win then.” I replied.
“Sure!” He mused.
{That changed everything ✓}
(I won!)
“Alright, let the best player win then.” I replied.
“Sure!” He mused.
“Ladies first.” He demonstrated with his hand towards the pool table after he had arranged the balls.
I moved around the table and grab my cue stick as he watch me move to my shot. I could feel peoples eyes on me too.
I positioned my self properly and aimed for my shot. I shot number two which is a solid ball. The cue ball slightly kisses the solid two and it rolls into the pocket.
Automatically, he goes for the stripes.
All I need to do now is to pocket all the ‘solids’ then aim for the eighth ball then I’ll be declared a winner.
Quite simple right?
After a few walks around the table and several tricky, but well calculated shots, I end up with a ton of stripes in my way for the eight ball shot.
There was only two solids left for me to strike before I make it to the eighth ball but they were tangled among the stripes.
If am not able to hit it right, then he’ll have a chance to begin his shots which I don’t want to happen.
What if he doesn’t miss any of his balls and aim for the eighth ball? Then am going to lose then I have to give him a kiss. Pheeew! That can’t happen. Not now, not tomorrow and not in a thousand years.
I moved around the table for a suitable spot.
I found one and aimed for the 4-ball, corner pocket.
I called my shot.
“This has to be the best fun I’ve ever had watching pool, doll face. I must confess.” He purred.
I’ve seen admiration in the eyes of people many people when grandpa Toby takes the table. Most especially, if we play together.
Just like magic, I hit the last solid ball slightly with the cue stick and it moved smoothly in to the pockets.
“Wow!” The spectators mumured.
“Quite a shot doll face. I’m impressed.” He commented and moved closer to where I stood for my final shot.
“Eight ball, corner pocket,” I murmured, tapping the pocket of my choice with the end of my cue stick for a perfect measure.
“That’s going to be a tricky shot, only experts can pull through” he said as he eyed the difficulty and mess of stripes that were scattered and lingering the route I’ll be taking.
“And am quite an expert, this doesn’t move me at all.” I replied without looking back but i felt his curly smirk.
I took a breath as I examined the bank in which my shot will have to bounce off.
A gentle graze of the cue ball against the eight ball will be all it needs to slip into the pocket, but I’ll have to do it without scratching.
That’s not going to be easy.
With a final stroke, I propel the cue ball to the exact place I mean to the bank of the table. My hands suddenly shook a little as if someone touched it. I was almost shooting so I didn’t turn to look back but continued.
The cue ball bounces back and rolls straight between the small divide in stripes without changing direction and it taps the eight ball perfectly to force it to roll in but it slowed down when it was getting to the mouth of the pocket.
I prayed as I watch it. Please get inside. Please.
The eighth ball slowly drifts to a stop centimeters before the pocket and fucken stopped right there without moving.
‘Damnit’ I cursed quietly.
How did I manage to lose? It has never occurred before.
“Whoa! That was quite a game. You tried but try harder next time and please don’t expect me to lose because am never a loser.” He said proudly and laughed.
His laughter rumbles free as he shakes his head and took his cue stick.
I sigh smugly while laying down the cue stick and pretending to dust my hands. “I know you cheated Novan, you caused my hand to shake”
“Oh really? But why didn’t you say it earlier? Or you just need someone to blame for your loss?” He chuckled.
Gosh! How I wish he misses one of his shots so I can continue and win.
And just like the expert he seems to be, he shot his balls with ease and soon, he was left with only the eighth ball.
He looked up at me for the first time and winked at me.
I looked away and concentrated on the cue ball he was about to shoot.
He targeted the perfect spot and I was quite amazed.
With a gentle tap on the cue ball, it hit the eighth ball and moved smoothly till it slid in.
He won! Those who were watching clapped for him.
“I won.” He said and shrugged.
“Dude, you won.” His best friend Jade, whom I was just seeing now since came here said.
I watched as Aria came and kissed his cheek sensually.
“I knew she wasn’t a match to you at all.” She looked in my direction teasingly.
I thought she was playing chess.
I pulled my red beanie more closer to my head. It feels so bad to loose. I lost to Novan of all people.
His friends were all over him as if he won a tournament.
I decided to sneak away when he wasn’t looking but I barely took a step when he spoke.
“Not too fast doll face.” He took reserved steps to the center of the bar.
“I told you to learn to always pay your debt earlier didn’t I ?” He asked and shrugged.
“Come closer baby, don’t let me talk too much. You already know the deal.” He said in a shrill voice.
I’m really in for this. Am I really going to kiss him? Is this how I was going to lose my first kiss.
I’ve always hated kiss since I was a kid because I find it gross. I even vowed not to kiss until forty but what now?
I looked around and everyone was staring at me, waiting for me to make a move.
It will be considered inappropriate if I ran from a deal I agreed on willingly.
I took a step towards him and when he saw that, he pouted with eyes closed.
I almost chuckled at how funny his face looked.
I mastered courage and walked to him. He smiled and licked his lips when he realized that i was in front of him.
I went on my tippy toes and pouted. This is ridiculous. Me initiating a kiss is quite a news.
Mum will be flabbergasted if she was to hear about this.
My intention was to give him a quick one and pull back but I don’t know why I fucken have to close my eyes.
I didn’t touch him as my hands were rested awkwardly on my sides.
My pouted lips kept moving further and further into the air but it wasn’t touching anything.
Everyone was silent.
After some minutes of my lips not being able to meet his, I opened my eyes and what the fuck! There was no one in front of me. I looked around and couldn’t stop my cheeks from turning crimson.
There was amusement clearly written on everyone’s faces which looked more like they were trying to keep their laughter at bay.
What just happened?
“Hi doll face.”
I looked to my right to see Novan sitting on a chair with legs crossed as he waved me with a wide smile on his face.
Holy shit! I just made a fool out of myself!
“Too bad guys, the drama ended too quickly.” He bellowed and everyone cracked up.
Everyone was practically laughing so hard that I couldn’t take it.
Some even mimicked what I was doing and there was more laughter.
“That is what you get for embarrassing me at the prom night. Tits for tat, the scores has been settled doll face.” He came to whisper in my ears.
“What did she think anyway, that I’ll kiss someone like her? No way! Guys did you see how she was throwing herself so cheaply at me? Gosh, I didn’t know the sassy and trashy billionaire can stood this low.” He snarled.
Tears stung my eyes as I looked around and saw people with their phones on us.
You shouldn’t have done this Donovan Anderson. I swear, you’re going to regret ever doing this.
I gave him a sad dead glare before storming out of the bar.
Soon the videos will go viral if I don’t do something to stop it.
I drove recklessly back home with speed.
I opened the door and saw mum. My emotions swelled up that instant as I ran to her and hugged her.
“Anything the matter?” She asked a patted my back.
“I’m feeling so terrible mum.”
Her phone suddenly buzzed. I pulled back with my head still on her chest as she took her phone out and stared at the screen.
She suddenly bursted into a fit laughter. Her hands went to her stomach as she laughed loudly with her eyes glued on the phone.
What’s so funny and why is she laughing so much. Is this even the time for her to laugh?
“What have you gone and done Mariana Della Dominguez.” She said through laughter.
“Seriously Paula, what kind of a mother laugh at her daughter that much?” Dad walked in.
He was still in his suit which means that he has closed from work but why this soon?
And why did he say mum is laughing at me?
“Have you seen it too?” Mum asked.
“No but I heard.” Dad replied.
What are these two talking about? I looked from mum to dad.
“Well have a look. I’m sure you won’t blame me for laughing after watching it yourself.” She handed the phone to dad when he got to where we stood.
He started watching and instantly, his lips curved into a smile then it stretched further. He tried to stifle the laughter but it wasn’t too long before he gave in.
Mum joined in the laughter and they laughed together like two crazy maniacs.
Their laughter wasn’t helping my situation one bit so I ran off to my room.
“Hold on princess.” I heard dad say and began following me.
I guess mum followed too because I could hear her giggles while dad tried to shush her but just ended up laughing along with her again.
I got to my door, went in and locked it.
“Open the door princess.”
“No I won’t.” I replied.
“Okay, i promise not to laugh again.” He said but there was still a laughter lacing his words.
I got up to open the door since they won’t leave.
A teasing gleam spreads through his eyes as his lips curl up in a taunting grin when I opened the door.
I went back to sit on my gigantic bed and they sat at both sides of me.
They looked at each other in the eyes and was about to crack up again.
“Seriously dad. You promised…”
“Yeah, yeah am sorry but take a look at this.” He gave me mum’s phone.
I stared at the screen and saw what just happened. Wow, they’ve already got the video? Then am doomed…
The next thing I saw was me closing pouting then I closed my eyes in front of Novan.
When my lip was moving forward to touch his, he kept moving forward which made it seem as if I was kissing the air as well as chasing him with the kiss.
I looked like a blind mouse sniffing things in the kitchen.
My pouted face in the video looked so funny that, an involuntary smile spread on to my lips and went further. Before I knew it, I was laughing as mum and dad joined.
This is actually serious but it’s funny as well. Why the fuck did I do that? That bastard only wanted to make a fool outta me and I fell for his challenge.
The three of us were thrown into laughter and we looked no less than laughing jackals.
This is what happens when you have crazy parents.
{That changed everything ✓}
“Seriously, this isn’t funny at all dad.” I said once the laughter died down.
“Yeah you’re right. He shouldn’t have done that.” Dad agreed.
“Do you guys actually hate each other that much?” Mum asked.
“I didn’t hate him this much until what he did today. He crossed the line this time and am going to…”
“You won’t do anything Princess. Let it slide. Is not good to be retaliating people with evil.” Dad interjected.
“But dad..”
“Don’t say anything Mari. Your dad is right. There won’t be a difference between the two of you if you fight back. Your dad and I will make sure the video is out of the internet.”
Oh God! What do i do with an overly kind and compassionate parents?
“But how can he go scot free after what he did? He has to pay mum.” I whined.
“If you retaliate, he’ll also retaliate and who knows, it might be worse than this and that’s how it will keep happening until one of you show a sign of maturity and let go. Other than that, more heartbreaking things will happen.”
“Your mum is right Princess. I know he’ll taunt you and tease you for not retaliating but that will be for some days then he’ll stop. Is not going to be easy because he’ll try to do things to annoy you so that you can fight back but just ignore him. He’ll get bored and stop.”
“Aww, you guys are so sweet. Thanks. I’ll try to stay away from him.” I said even though a part of my heart was saying something else and seriously craving for revenge.
“I hope you won’t do anything funny.”
“I won’t. I promise.”
“Alright but for the meantime, your mum and I will keep this video for entertainment.”
He took mum’s hand and they left my room chuckling on the way.
After they left I began to ponder on what mum and dad said and what Novan did.
Should I forgive him and let it be or follow my heart and let him pay dearly?
What do i do?
I can’t think of anything that could hurt him dearly.
Maybe I should just listen to my parents and let sleeping dogs lie.
I picked my phone to call Betsy when Megan’s call came through. It was a video call.
I picked it up.
“Hi love.”
“Hey cupcake! What’s rolling? I saw your trending video. Trust me, it wasn’t funny at all.” He said ironically and laughed.
“Did you call just to mock me?”
“Oh why would I? I called to find out if you’re okay and that guy, Who’s he?”
“He’s Novan.”
“Is that all you know about him?”
“Yes. Why do you ask?”
“Start to know him because you guys actually look perfect together.”
“What? Are you fucking kidding me? I thought you liked me and I also fell for you but now you’re giving me out to that brat?” I joked
“Well you didn’t think about that when you decided to kiss him so openly. I’m just sad that your love was not returned. Ouch, does it hurt?” He played along.
“With him, I think it doesn’t hurt at ALL.”
“Then don’t go ahead with any revenge. I have a bad feeling towards it.” He said rather seriously.
“How did you know I wanted to?”
“Well, anyone in your position would’ve done that, even me, so I understand.”
“Since you say so, then I won’t go ahead with it again.” I replied truthfully this time.
“Yeah, that will be best.”
“Okay, let’s talk about you. How’s college? Got any girl?” I asked and he blushed a little and giggled away cutely.
“College is cool and about a girl? I’ll tell you when the time is right.”
“Whoa! That’s quite a news. ‘Megan has got a girlfriend’ since you won’t tell me about her, then she’ll be the reason why I’d choose your college to attend.”
“You’ll like to come to my school?” His eyes brightened.
“Yeah. I’ll choose your school.” I affirmed.
“Great! Can you convince Betsy to choose my college too? Please.”
I stared at his pleading face in the video.
“Why do you want her to come to your college as well?”
“Because she’s my…” He paused.
I hope what I was thinking the other time is not really happening.
“She’s your what?” I pressed.
“Because she’s my sister’s best friend and I don’t want you feeling lonely when you come to my college and she also goes to another. I know how close both of you are and I wouldn’t like to separate you guys.”
He’s right, I can’t stay away from Betsy.
“You have a point there so I’ll tell her…” I stopped when I realized that she was calling me.
“She’s calling me Megan. Wait , I’ll merge our calls. Hope you won’t mind?”
“Not at all.” He replied quickly.
“Hi bestie.”
“Hey my clown .”
“I’ll kill you if you call me that again.” I eyed her playfully.
She just laughed.
“Say hi to Megan.” I said and Megan’s face appeared.
“Hi Meg.” She said.
Megan presented a goofy grin and bit into his lips with a shy look accompanied with dreamy eyes.
“I’ll leave you guys for the meantime. Catch you later cupcake. Bye.” He said and hanged up.
That was weird.
“Will you come over or lemme come?” I asked Betsy.
“I was even about to come so expect me.”
“Alright”. I said and hanged up.
{That changed everything ✓}
I got back home feeling shitty as usual. Things always go wrong anytime Mariana crosses my path.
I was happy when she made a fool outta herself and the videos went viral but being the filthy rich, the video was banned on social media and anyone that dares upload it gets their accounts disabled.
And no one will like to have his or her account disabled so no one posted the video.
As if that wasn’t enough, I’ll have to deal with mum too.
I got inside and saw her sitting in the palour with a nail file in hand.
“Hi mum.”
No response.
No response.
I rolled my eyes and walked to my room.
She was the one that slapped me not the other way round.
“Marion! ” I screamed as I walked down the stairs.
I wanted to take a walk with Betsy when she comes but I’ve gone through all my clothes searching for the shirt I wanted to wear but I didn’t find it.
I settled for some dark jeans with green Versace shirt and sneakers.
I knew Marion took it because she was with me when I bought it online. The shirt is actually just his size and it looked more of boys shirt. But i bought it because I had a trouser which was going to match with it. Besides, it looked like a crop top to me.
“Marion!” I screamed once more.
“Have you seen him?” I asked great grandma.
She was sitting in the living room with her glasses and a magazine.
She’s mum’s grandma which means mum’s dad mother. My mum only have a father because her mum died a long time ago.
My dad also have just a mum whose name is Florencia but she no longer stays in the house with us. She travelled last year and only came on the new years Eve. But now she’s gone.
Dad, mum, grandpa and aunt Amy(Megan’s mum) had gone for a conference after they left my room. So it was left with Great grandma Victoria and Toby. Marion who just came back from school.
And about nanny Lina, she got married just recently so she no longer stays with us but pays a visit sometimes.
I should’ve gone with mum and dad to the conference but I had to stay back because of what happened earlier at the bar.
“Well he came to pass but he said I shouldn’t tell you.” Granny said without looking at me.
“I see.” I stood akimbo.
She looked up sharply and removed her glasses.
“Wait, did I tell you? Oops! I shouldn’t have. It was a secret but I just spilled it. ” Her eyes widened dramatically.
“Did he tell you another secret apart from that?”
She placed her magazine down and tried to recall.
“if I tell you are you also going tell someone?” She asked.
“No great grandma, I won’t.”
“But you’re looking for Marion right?”
” But why?” She asked.
I smiled.
Oh my word! Does it mean you’ve found out that he took your shirt? Oh this is bad! You shouldn’t have found out. But how did you get to know?”
“Just now.” I chuckled and ran to his room.

Great grandma has been suffering from dementia when she clocked 75 and it makes her forget things too quickly.
If Marion had knew, he wouldn’t have said that to her. He thought she was going to keep it as a secret but the poor old lady spilled the beans before I even asked her.
“Did great grandma say anything to you?” Marion ask when I got into his room.
“Yeah he told me about how you sneaked into your room when i was calling you.”
“Oh okay! Is that all?.”
“Yes, now can I have my shirt?”
“Did grandma tell you that I had it?”
“I just know it. Now can I have it?”
“I don’t have it.”
“Come Marion, I will like to tell you a story.” I said calmly and sat on his bed.
“A story? Why do you want to tell me a story? If it’s because of the shirt I took then keep your story to yourself and don’t stress your lips.”
“You know you’re smart right?” I pulled him to myself and kissed him.
I wanted to tell him a short story about someone who lied and had to pay a heavy price for that.
“Are you gonna punish me for taking it without your permission?”
“No but you’ll have to carry me on your back down the stairs. Don’t worry, I’m not too heavy.”
“Are you sure you ain’t heavy?”
“No little bro.”
“Alright.” He bend down and I got on his back.
I giggled when he managed to get up. This is so funny and ridiculous.
We made it out of his room successfully then he started descending the stairs little by little. I began to fear when he was finding it difficult to balance his feet properly.
What if we fall down this stairs? Mum and dad won’t be around to save us except for Toby and Great grandma and those two are weak.
“I’ll get down Marion. It’s okay.”
“Why? I can take you.” He insisted.
“No thank you.” I muttered and tried to get down but it all went the wrong way.
What I’ve been trying to d
avoid happened. Marion and I came reeling down the stairs.
When we finally landed at the foot of the stairs, I rested there and prayed that I don’t sustain severe injuries.
“Come on wake up, nothing happened.”
Marion tapped me and laughed.
I opened my eyes and realized that I was on a mattress.
How did I land on a mattress?
“Are you alright Marion?” I asked.
“Am alright.”
I got up and looked at the stairs and realized that there was a thick bedsheets laid on it.
“Who did that?”
“Me of course.”
I turned to see Toby.
“Thanks Toby.” I said and run outside only to bump into Betsy.
“Hey! You look like a thief who’s running from punishment.” She said.
“You’re mad.” I muttered and walked to my bicycle.
“Did you bring yours?”
“Yeah but don’t you think is late to ride a bicycle?”
“It’s only 5pm Betsy. We’ll come back by six because we’ll have school to go tomorrow.”
I got on the bike and she got on hers then we set off.
Our house was like an estate so all the compound surrounding it was ours.
“Would you like to attend Megan’s college?” I asked when we got out of our gate.
“He’s school is so expensive. I can’t afford it” she replied and rode in line with me.
“But would you like to go if you had the chance?”
“Yes, I would love to. Who wouldn’t?”
“Great! Why would you like to go there?”
“Because Megan is… I mean Megan is popular there.”
“Is that the reason?”
“You’ll go because of his mere popularity?” I questioned.
“Not really. He’s school is cool that’s all. Why are you asking all this questions anyway?”
“Because he asked me to come to his school and I thought I should ask you if you’d like to come.”
He stopped her bike and squealed. “Of course I’d love to.”
“Then it’s settled.”
“Today we’re going to revise on the conjugation of verbs.” The French teacher said and ordered our work books to be brought out.
Isn’t this absolute nonsense? Why should we come to class after celebration of prom?
We haven’t even finished writing our final exams.
I brought my work book out grudgingly.
He began to scribble some verbs on the board.
I recopied them in my book and laid my head on it.
I wish I did Spanish like I’d been in the same class with Betsy but here I am stuck with Mr Cocky and his bitch, Aria.
I don’t really hate Aria and I don’t think I ever will. she might have lost me as a friend but that doesn’t mean she gained me as an enemy.
I’m bigger than that. I wanna see her win but she took me as an enemy after what happened to them.
If she’s really dating Novan then she really has to be careful of that bastard. He’s up to no good. They’re sitting at my back and what both of them is doing is actually disgusting.
She got up finally and went to her seat.
I raised my head from the desk and opened my work book to do the assignment. Just then someone threw a folded paper at me.
I looked around but everyone was busy with their work.
I placed the paper in my desk and focused back on my work.
The paper was thrown at me again. I took it and without reading what the person has written, I threw it in the direction it came.
“Stop throwing papers around Miss Dominguez.” The French teacher said.
Didn’t he see when the person also threw it at me? Or he was blind then?
I heard Novan chuckle.
I knew he was responsible for it.
He threw it again and this time, I caught him throwing it.
I took it and opened it.
I saw a scranwy handwriting.
“Betsy is in trouble. She has been locked in the bathroom by some thugs. Go save her now or she’ll be raped to death”
I looked at him with horrid eyes but he was no longer in his seat. I rushed out of the room without asking permission and ran towards the washroom room area.
While I was running towards it, I could hear someone yelling for help.
I got to the ladies and opened the door but surprisingly, there was no one in it and it was completely dark.
“Betsy?” I called.
I tried the switch but it wasn’t working.
The door suddenly opened and someone walked in and shut the door before I could make it out.
“Who’s there?” I asked but i didn’t hear anything.
Before I realized, I was battling with the person to keep my clothes on.
Fuck! I was practically being stripped and the person seems to be so strong.
I shouted for help but no one came and it was as if the washroom was suddenly bullet proofed.
He held unto my school blouse and tried to remove it but I held it tightly preventing him from removing it.
“Let go of me!”
When I couldn’t get his hands off my blouse, I bit his hand.
He winced but successfully removed it. I heard the door slum shut quietly.
I used my hands to cover my upper body
“Are you alright?”
I heard a familiar voice but my mind was so distorted that I couldn’t comprehend who it was and without looking, I hugged the person. It was a boy.
I was hugged back and I just cried on his shoulders.
“Who did this to you?” He seethed with concern and anger.
Before I could answer the lights came on and the door opened violently which was followed by an ear piercing sound.
I peeped from the person’s shoulder and saw almost the entire school with teachers as well.
{That changed everything ✓}
I moved from the person but he pulled me closer again.
I looked up and that was when I saw that it was Novan.
I pushed him off but he held me back again.
What’s wrong with him? Can’t he see so many people here?
He removed his jacket and made me to wear it. “You need to cover yourself.”
I looked up at him. Since when did he turn so good?
He stared back at me and for the first time, I saw the colour of his eyes. It was crystal blue and so alluring.
“What is going on here?”
We separated as if a fire cracker has been set between us.
“Both of you are needed in my office now!” The principal said and left. Some of the teachers also left.
I passed through the the crowd and tried to avoid the glares.
“What happened here?” Betsy ran towards me.
She stopped and scrutinized me before asking if I was alright.
“What happened?” She asked again.
“She was caught getting cozy with Novan.” Someone said from the crowd.
“She has been forming hard to get but it was a facade. She’s so cheap.”
“Yes, she was the one who invited Novan to the washroom. We thought she was a virgin.”
“She’s such a disgrace! Is this the future CEO of the entire Dominguez empire…”
“Enough all of you! How dare you say such words to her!” Donovan barked and they all coiled.
I walked out without saying a word.
How did all this happen? Why are things going bad for me when I would be getting out of school soon?
I just got defamed in front of the entire school and this folks won’t hesitate before jumping to conclusions.
Where were they when I was shouting for help?
And who was that guy and what was his intentions?
I was told through the piece of paper that was thrown by Novan that Betsy needed help so was he lying to me?
It looked like I was set up!
Did Novan do this?
Was he the one who was harrassing me?
But why will he help me in the end?
Am so confused?
Who wished evil for me when I never dreamt of hurting anyone?
I was the the richest in this school and still is but I never bullied anyone.
I was not a queen bitch and I treated everyone equally so who did this to me?
I knocked and got inside. Novan arrived later.
“Sit! Both of you!”
“Can anyone of you explain what I just saw in there?” We barely sat before he questioned.
We both kept silent.
“Am talking to you!” He shouted.
” Believe whatever you think you saw! ” Novan said and got out.
“Miss Dominguez, will you tell me or you’re also going to walk out arrogantly?”
” I was framed sir. You know better than this don’t you?”
“Yes , that’s why I want to hear what you have to say.”
“If you knew, then just know that am innocent and am just as clueless as you are on this issue.”
He nodded. “The school’s disciplinary committee will like to see both of you. Both of you have breached the laws of this school by doing immoral and amorous things in the school.”
I opened the office door only to see a lot of the students on the ground.
Seriously, so they were eavesdropping?
Betsy walked to me and gave me another shirt.
“Wear this, is better than the jacket you’re putting on”
“Thanks” I took it and walked to the washroom.
I changed and got out but I was still holding the jacket tight.
“Are you alright?” I asked Betsy.
“Seriously? Are you asking me that?”
“I got a note that you were in trouble that’s why I came to to the washroom only for that to happen.”
Her face dropped.
“Hey, don’t feel guilty. Am alright. It’s just that I didn’t expect this to happen that’s all.”
{That changed everything ✓}
“Hey, don’t feel guilty. Am alright. It’s just that I didn’t expect this to happen that’s all.”
“But I was still the cause and that won’t change. Do you have the piece of paper that was thrown at you? It could help in convincing the committee.”
“I left it in the class.”
“Alright, get going already.” I’ll search for it and bring it. ”
I watched her ran off to my class while I took a turn to where the disciplinary committee were meeting us.
Once I got into the spacious office, all eyes settled on me. They were about fifteen. With the look they were giving me, it’s obvious that they’ve been waiting for me.
“Welcome your highness” the head of the committee which was my maths teacher hailed.
I stood at the right hand side of Novan since there was no seat for the two of us.
“We would’ve punished you two upfront but since you come from a very respectable families, we’ll like to hear your side of the story.” The head teacher said.
I looked at Novan but he only scoffed and looked somewhere.
Is he not going to say something?
I cleared my throat.
“I was in class when someone threw a paper at me not once. I gave up when the person didn’t stop and retaliated. I threw it back at the person and the next paper that was thrown again, I saw that Novan was the one who threw it. I decided to read it and it was written that my friend was in danger. I rushed to the washroom only for someone to appear and tried to strip me naked. After the person left, Novan came and that was what you came to see. The rest is history.”
“Did you see the person’s face?”
“Because the lights were off. I tried switching it on but it didn’t.”
“So how did the lights come on when we arrived?”
I shrugged.
“Was not a teacher in your class when all that was going on?”
“Then why didn’t you report everything.”
‘I don’t know’. I said in my mind.
“Mariana, according to your teacher, you were the one throwing the papers at him and not the other way round.”
“It was his papers I threw back.”
“So you didn’t write anything in the paper?””
“No sir.
“What do you have to say Novan? Are all this true?”
“Yes, I did threw a paper but there was nothing written on it. However, the last one she threw had something written on it which says ‘ I have a surprise for you in the washroom.’ when I looked up at her after reading, she was already gone. I didn’t plan on going to the washroom but I heard a cry for help and that was when I went and saw her in the washroom.”
“So can we say that miss Mariana lured you…”
“That’s enough!” I said and everyone turned to look at me in surprise.
“Not another word from any of you!”
I couldn’t recognize my own voice anymore. I knew i was being rude but I couldn’t help it.
“Can’t you see how shaken up I am? Someone harrassed me in that goddamn washroom and all you could do is questioned my moral values? Yuck, am outta here.”
“Hold on. Don’t go yet until you hear what we have to say. According to what your mates said, you were seen trying to kiss Novan at a bar.” The head of the committee continued.
I cringed at that and almost gagged as my faced turned red in embarrassment.
Betsy is also not here. Maybe she didn’t see it.
“Then today you got out of class without permission only to see Novan with the evidence of what happened in your hands.”
All eyes directed to my hand and that was when I realized that I was still clutching on to his jacket tightly.
” Miss Dominguez, when we gave both of you the tittle of prom king and Queen, we didn’t give you the opportunity to misbehave openly and on school compound. Therefore, you’ll be given two weeks suspension. You’ll only come back to school when the exam begins.”
“What the hell? Why would you punish her when she was the victim here?” Novan’s eyes switched on them.
“According to what happened and what your colleagues said, she didn’t look like the victim.”
“Who were the students who said that?” He demanded..
“I did. I was in the class when everything occured wasn’t I?
Aria appeared from the door.
Aria did this? But why would she do that?
I stormed out angrily. I quickened my pace when I heard Novan calling and running after me.
I picked my bag from my class and ran to the parking lot.
Novan pulled me strongly before I could open my car and get in.
“What the fuck are you doing? Don’t make this complicated for me please.” I pleaded and got away from him.
I realized that my hands was still occupying his jacket.
“Thank you.” I whispered and handed it to him but he didn’t take it.
“Listen, I didn’t follow you because of the jacket. I came to check if you’re okay or if you’ll need me to drive you home.”
I readjusted my eyes on him. I’m I hearing clearly or am imagining.?
Novan is offering to help me? Since when did he start to be nice to me?
I ran to where the sun was shining from.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“Am checking if the sun has suddenly start to rise from the West.”
He brought his hand to his mouth and chuckled.
Then I saw it.
He walked to me and attempted to hold my hand.
My eyes widened as I took a step from him and shook my head.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“You did it?”
“You attacked me?”
“Hey! Stop saying nonsense. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“You’re so despicable Novan and I hate you even more!” I dropped his jacket and got into my car and drove off.
I thought he was being genuine for once but he was simply acting to care.