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{That changed everything ✓}
“Hello… mum?”
“Sweetheart, how have you been? Are you okay? And where are you? ”
” I’m okay mum… I’m on my way to my next class. ” I hope that was not a lie.
I stole a glance at Novan and he was secretly smiling.
” Alright. So how was your previous class? ”
” O..okay. ” I said uncomfortably.
” Nice, we’ll be visiting this week or you’ll come instead? ”
” I think you should come. That will be nice.” I smiled knowing that mum has changed the topic.
” Alright so tell me, did you make any new friends? ”
” Yeah, kind of.”
” Tell me, boy or girl? ” She asked in anticipation.
My eyes fell on Novan as I answered.
” It’s a boy mum, I think you should meet him when you come.”
“Oh wow! I can’t believe this. You got a male friend? I can’t wait to meet him in person. He’s cute huh? ”
I looked at Novan again as if his face held the answer and oh yes, I got an answer.
” He’s cute mum”
Novan’s eyes twitched and zeroed on me.
“But don’t you think you’re expecting a little too much?” I questioned knowing fully well where mum was driving to.
” Not at all honey. ”
” Alright, I’m hanging up so talk to you when I’m back. Love you. ”
” Okay but I think you should forward his picture to me… honestly I can’t wait till Saturday.”
” Mummy! ”
” What?! ” She laughed and hanged up.
I brought the phone down from my ear, smiling and shaking my head as my cheeks went hot.
“What happened? Why do you seem amused and who do you think is cute?” Novan asked.
” I told mum I got a new friend and she asked if he was cute and I said yes.”
“So who’s that new friend?”
” Dy..” I paused . I didn’t realize that I was thinking of Novan when mum asked of my new friend instead of Dylan.
“Dylan huh? I told you to quit being friends with him.”
“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.” I replied honestly. I just met Dylan and I’m interested in knowing him more.
My phone began to ring so I picked it up.
“Hello Madam, so where did he take you?” Betsy asked.
” Somewhere.”
” I see, gist me.”
“Not now, talk to you in the evening okay?”
“Okay I’ve heard. Take care.”
” Sure.”
Another call came which I picked without checking who was calling.
“Hi..” the person’s voice was hesitant.
“Dylan speaking, sorry if I’m interrupting something. I just wanted to know if you’ll come to class or not.”
” Not all. I’ll see you when I come okay? Thanks for calling.” I hanged up and signed.
” So you said you won’t stop being friends with him?” Novan asked again.
” Yes. Not until you give me a valid reason which I know you don’t have so forget it. Look, you should meet Dylan for yourself and am sure you’ll like him. He’s a nice person.”
” So are you really going to introduce him to your parents?”
‘No, I actually agreed because it was you I wanted to show them. We’ve been frenemy for long and my entire family except for Marion knows you.’ I thought.
“I guess I will.”
He nodded and pulled in front of a restaurant.
” Is the food good?” I asked and fixed my cap properly over my head as we stepped into the restaurant.
“I guarantee that.” He replied.
After the meal, Novan insisted to pay and after so much arguing, he won and payed.
When we got to the campus, I gave him a kiss on each cheeks and stepped down.
He parked the car and walk me down the hall towards my class.
On reaching the entrance of my hall, Dylan was waiting at the door.
“Hi.” He said.
“Hi Dylan, meet Novan.” I looked up at Novan.
“Hi Novan.” Dylan stretched his hand for a handshake.
Novan stared at his hand with a deep scowl on his face then turn on his heels and left.
That was rude.
I stared at his retreating back and wondered if he was alright.
“Sorry about that Dylan. I think he’s in a bad mood. Trust me, he’s not always like that.” I defended him, something I shouldn’t have done.
“It’s okay.” He brought his hand down awkwardly.
The rest of the day went on smoothly and soon, I was walking towards my car with Dylan and Lenna.
I looked around and when I didn’t see Novan in sight, I bid them goodbye and got into my car.
I can’t wait to scold him for being disrespectful towards Dylan. How would he know how nice Dylan is if he’s not making an effort to at least be friendly with him?
I rushed to the kitchen to prepare something because I was seriously starving and tired as well when I finally got home.
I returned from the kitchen with a cocktail juice. I’m not sure if I can cook.
I thought Novan and I made a deal but it’s been barely two days and he is already fed up.
I know I can’t depend on him.
Betsy called telling me that she’ll be busy so she can’t make it to my place and that, she has already taken the left over meal and microwaved it.
I signed in relief because i thought she was gonna sleep on an empty stomach because of my laziness.
I went to my bedroom and curl up to have a nap after drinking my cocktail with cookies.
I made sure I set an alarm then slept, I don’t wanna over sleep.
I woke up not sure if it was because of hunger or because some brown hazel eyes were staring at my face. Whichever way, I woke up.
Truly, my eyes met a pair of hazel ones when I opened my eyes.
“What are you doing here?” I asked and got up.
“Dinner is ready?”
“Thanks but you’re late.” I got into the washroom and splashed water on my face before having a real bath.
I came out in my usual nighties and still met Novan on my bed.
“Why were you so rude to Dylan?” I asked.
“I don’t like him.”
” I know but why would you act rude.”
” I don’t know either so please stop bugging me with Dylan’s issue.” He said in an edgy tone.
” Okay.” I walked into the kitchen and instantly, my nostrils was embraced with a nice aroma.
I wonder what he prepared.
“I prepared mac and cheese. I don’t know if you’d like it.” He said from behind me.
” I like it, don’t worry.” I picked a plate and filled it with food. I’m not the picky type and neither am I ready to make someone’s efforts useless by denying to eat it. Besides I know it’s going to be delicious.
I jumped on the counter and with the plate i spooned the macaroni into my mouth and savoured the taste.
“Mmmm” i mummered and took another spoon.
“Where did you learn how to cook Novan?”
“Tell me first if you liked it or not.”
“I don’t like it Novan.” I finished eating and dumbed the plate in the dishwasher. I’m not really a fun of washing plates. I really hate it.
” I love it and I think I’m a big fun of your cookings Novan. In fact I feel like I’ve been eating trash eversince I tasted your food.” I kissed him on both cheeks and about to walk out but he held me back.
” Aren’t you going to wash the plates? Tell me, who are you leaving it for? Me? I’m sorry but I also don’t do dishes.”
I grinned. ” I never asked you to. I’ll just dispose the plate and please don’t make me your accomplice.”
” I’m not blind, I noticed that yesterday. So tell me, who does the washing? ”
” Betsy. She does it but I don’t, so now let go of me. I need to go and learn.”
” Do you have to learn all the time?”
” Nope, I only learn ahead of what the teacher will teach. I don’t like to be lacking behind.” I answered.
We stood in an awkward silence staring at each other’s face until he cleared his throat and spoke again.
” Alright so tell me, how was your day?” He let go of my hand.
” It has to be good because my morning was great.” I replied, remembering the fun we had.
” Okay.”
” So where did you learn how to cook amazing foods?” I repeated my question as I stared into his face.
“My mum was an amazing cook so let’s say I got that from her. I’ve always loved the kitchen since I was a kid and when I grew, I took short courses and learned online.”
” That’s interesting. Didn’t your parents think you visit the kitchen because you’re a foodie?” I teased .
” Really?”he quirked his brows and with a sly smile, he walked towards me.
I stepped back and run out of the kitchen.
It was Wednesday, two days more then I can see my family.
I woke up early today and unfortunately for me, Novan didn’t prepare any surprise breakfast. He didn’t even call me or text me.
I made a hot cup of coffee for myself and made a cheese cake for Betsy.
I walked out of my room with my bag slung on my shoulder carelessly and my face buried in my phone.
After locking my door, I turned only to see Mergan’s car parking in my lot then another familiar car who was driving in.
When it finally came to a stop, Shane stepped down.
What a pleasant surprise!
My heart leapt and I walked to him then my arms went around him in a bone crashing hug.
“Hi Shane. You didn’t tell me you were coming.”
“It wouldn’t have been a surprise if I did.” He pulled back.
” You just made my day Shane. But why did you have to come this early?” I asked and took in his appearance.
As usual he was looking extremely breathtaking just like a Novan with no tattoos and spiky dark brown hair.
He’s just like another version of Novan with no tattoos and piercings.
” Well, I wanted to drop you off that’s why I came.”
” That’s very thoughtful…” I began to say.
” She’s coming with me.”
I turned to Mergan and his hands came around my waist with his eyes glued on Shane.
“Hey! you.” I pinched his stomach through his shirt.
“Meet my friend, Shane. Shane meet Mergan, my…my… cousin.” I finally said.
Mergan gave him a nod and began to pull me towards his car.
“What are you doing? He’s my friend. I can’t leave him like that. He came to see me”
” So? He came at the wrong time. He should’ve thought of that before coming. ”
” You’re no different. You didn’t tell me before you came. ”
” We’re family Mariana, don’t fight me because of an outsider. ”
” He’s not an outsider so please stop talking that way. At least let me say something to him please.”
” What do you want to say?”
” Not your business, just let me go.”
” 1minute.” He let go.
I rolled my eyes and turned to walk to Shane but he was already entering his car.
“Shane!” I called
“See you when you’re back okay?” He said and drove out of my compound.
I nodded sadly and walked back to Mergan. I shoved him aside and got Inside his car.
“What happened?” He chuckled, fastening his belt.
“You should not have done that Mergan.” I reprimanded.
” He look like the troublesome bad boy.” He said instead and started the car.
“Yeah but they’re different.”
“You seemed so sure.”
“I guess.”
“You like him?”
“I mean you you like him?” He questioned.
” What…what are you saying? Of course I like him.”
“Not that way..I mean do you like him like a man..”
” Shut up!” My face heated.
He laughed. “Or you prefer the bad boy instead?”
“I told you to shut up and I don’t like anybody.”
” Wow, you were happy to see him. Why’s that so?”
” Because it’s been a while since I last saw him.”
” But still you get happy whenever you see the bad guy everyday right?”
” Wait…what are insinuating?”
” I’m just helping you to realize what you actually feel for the two because if you ask me, I think one of them like you and that’s the bad guy.”
” What? Novan doesn’t like me.”
” Says who?” He chuckled.
” And how did you know?” I retorted.
” I’m a guy so I know. Try to make him jealous and you’ll see it.”
I stared at him unbelievably. ” What the hell are you trying to tell me Mergan? Are you out of your mind?”
” I’m perfectly fine. Just try and get him jealous. He has been around you since high school so I’m sure he’s habouring some feelings for you.”
I blinked multiple times at him. He’s speaking absolute nonsense. And I don’t get what he’s saying at all.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.
He smiled and replied. ” Yeah, I have a girlfriend.”
“Do you love her?”
” With my all.” He answered still wearing that adorable smile with a spark in his eyes.
“No wonder. I heard love have a habit of driving people out of their tiny little minds and make them talk rubbish just like you’re doing now.”
” I accept, wholeheartedly.” He placed his palm on his chest.
” You’re mad!”
“Of course I am and soon you’ll be too.”
I shoot him a glare but he only laughed.
“Then I’ll say *welcome to the lunatics world sissy.*” He laughed and the car came to a halt.
I looked around and realized that he didn’t bring me to school like he said.
He stopped in front of a cafe. “I want to grab something.”
“Alright.” I nodded.
“Won’t you come with me?”
“okay.” I got out and followed him.
I didn’t bring anything to hide my face so those who were around saw us. I walked beside Mergan and dropped my gaze to the floor.
“I can see you still haven’t gotten used to being a celebrity.” Mergan commented.
When we entered the cafe, my eyes roamed slowly then fell on someone I never thought I would see and with the person’s surprised expression, I could say none of us was expecting it. But that was not all, my eyes was locked on the person’s partner in aghast.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought everything was over between them.
Fuck! I didn’t know they were In the same university together either.
When his eyes finally met mine, he got up suddenly in surprise.
I moved closer to Mergan and laced our hands.
“What are you…” He stopped when he’s eyes followed my gaze and stopped on the duo.
He smirked and moved his hands from mine then snake it around my waist. He then leaned in and whispered.
“Silly girl, you can’t use me to make him jealous. Use his lookalike; that’s what I’ve been trying to say earlier.”
‘Fool, that’s not what I was doing.’ I thought and shoot him another angry glare.
I don’t even know if it was Mergan I was angry with or the guy who skipped my breakfast in order to spend time with his girlfriend.
” Why?” I whispered back sillily because I was curious to know what he’s trying to say.
He sighed and roll his eyes as if to say ‘ is it not obvious?’
He walked me out of the cafe even though I didn’t want to.
” Because they’re both cute but one has an advantage over the other.” He said when we got into his car.
“Which is?” I’m only getting more confused.
{That changed everything ✓}
“Which is?” I’m only getting more confused.
” The one who came to pick you.”
“What’s his name?”
” Shane”
” Yes. Shane. He’s clean and descent..”
“Wait wait wait! What do you mean by clean and descent?”
” He doesn’t have tattoos or piercings which make him a better candidate. When you’re with him, no one is going to throw contempt glares or disapprovals. ”
” You’re trying to say that he’s not good for me right?”
” Not really but your personality clashes. There’s nothing common between you two and am sure he knows it.”
My face fell and I felt a pang hit my chest. It was true that Novan has so many inks on his body but that does not mean he’s indecent. The fact that he has tattoos doesn’t mean he should go for his likes. He also deserves a normal girl, girl with no tattoos. Probably like me.
“You get what I’m saying now?”. He asked.
“I’m sorry to say but there’s no logic in your argument.” I answered.
“What don’t you understand?”
” I don’t want to judge Novan based on his outerlooks and that goes for everyone and besides I don’t plan on dating him.”
” I’m not judging anyone Mariana but this is the fact and you know it. Your parents will be disappointed if you were to go out with Novan. And I didn’t say you should date him. I only suggested you could make him jealous by being closer to Shane than him just to prove the point I’m trying to tell you.”
” The point that Novan likes me?”
” Yeah baby!”
” Well no thanks. I’m not interested.”
“Alright fine!” He raised his arms. “I rest my case.”
“But one thing is for sure. You like him. I saw the face you made when you saw him with that greedy Aria girl.”
“I’m not gonna argue about that. It’s pointless talking to you.”
” You felt bad when you saw him with some other girl right?”
I ignored him but it was the truth. I didn’t like it when I saw him with Aria and I never did when we were in highschool. I still don’t know why I felt an unfamiliar pain pricking my heart anytime I see them together.
“If you felt some kind of pain, then he also will if he sees you with someone better than him and Shane is better than him. Just do it Mariana! Let him feel how it pains to see someone you love flirting with another.”
Love? Oh my gosh! Mergan is crazier than I thought.
But is Aria better than me? I don’t think so. We can be equals but she can’t be better than me and neither am I better than her.
I plunged my fingers into my ear in attempt to block out whatever Mergan was going to say until we get to school.
He laughed. ” It’s the truth so just accept it.”
” Shut up, you shouldn’t talk about your seniors like that!” I chided and removed my hands from ears.
“Seriously?” He laughed loudly.
The rest of the day went on smoothly and despite my efforts to remain focused in class, i couldn’t stop thinking of what Mergan said.
Novan always flirt with Aria since highschool and I know they must be dating now so on what bases should I move with Shane just to get on his nerves?
For all I know, Novan doesn’t give a shit about what I do and don’t.
He’ll just make fun of me and rub salt in my wounds.
If he’s still sticking around Aria, then that must be because he loves her a lot. And that’s why he forsaken my breakfast and went to have breakfast with her instead. Priorities. That’s what I call priorities.
He prioritized Aria over me and that hurts abnormally.
“Are you alright?”
I felt a comforting hand on my shoulder.
I looked up at Dylan sadly and he reciprocated my sad look.
“You look like your favorite cat died yesterday night.”
I sighed and bit my lips. I looked around and realized that my last class was over and I was still in my seat. I haven’t been able to grasp anything that was thought. Thank God I always learn ahead.
” Actually my cat died.” I replied and we both burst into laughter.
I never knew I could still smile despite my inner battles.
Dylan is nice, I still don’t know why Novan dislikes him… wait.
Could it be that Mergan is actually right about what he said that Novan might get jealous when I’m with Shane Instead of him?
Is that the reason why he doesn’t like Dylan and wants me to quit being friends with him? Does that mean he knows of that and that’s why he’s preventing me?
I smiled to myself silently.
Now that I know of Novan’s weakness somehow, I can’t wait to exploit it.
And that means doing what Mergan is suggesting.
But why doesn’t Novan tell me to quit being friends with Shane just like he’s doing to Dylan? He didn’t even say anything when I used the picture Shane and I took as my wallpaper but he can’t stand it if I pick a mere call from Novan.
What the hell is going on? Why can’t I understand anything?
{That changed everything ✓}
“Aria. is. not. my girlfriend.” He growled.
“How’s that my problem?” I scowled and struggled to free my hand from his grasp.
“Then why are you making it your problem?”
“I’m not. I don’t even care about you two!” I yelled
” You don’t?” His voice was low.
I looked up at him and nod.
Slowly he let go of my hand.
“I’m sorry, i thought you were.” He muttered then started walking away.
Now he’s making me feel bad.
I don’t know if I should stop him or let him go. Earlier I promised myself not to entertain him again but now that he’s leaving because of the little argument we had which was solely caused by me, I feel like calling him back.
He should go.
I don’t need him.
I never did.
I kept my eyes on him from my bedroom door until he got to the living room.
But how can I get on his nerves with Shane if we’re fighting? Knowing Novan, he’d probably not come around me if I’m the one making him.
“And why are you leaving?” I asked before I could stop myself.
” Seems like the best thing now.” He answered which I never thought he would.
One minute and I was walking to him.
“I’m not arguing about that.” I whispered and pulled him by his black shirt to me, surprising him and myself.
“Why would you leave without me kissing you? Have you forgotten huh?” I whispered again in what seemed like an attempt to sound coquettish.
The corners of his lip curled into a smile then he pulled me closer.
“But you didn’t eat, Riana.” He licked his lips as a smut look take over his face.
My eyes lingered on the slivery object on his tongue and I flushed.
“I could get you a diamond.” I said out of nowhere.
” I mean your.. your..” I moved a hand from his chest and point to his lips.
” I mean your tongue ring.”
“Really?” He asked and cocked his head at me and making the tip of my finger to brush against his wet cold lips.
I shuddered as a sudden shiver run down my spine.
I moved my hand and looked down at where my other hand was placed on his chest. I could feel his heart beating faster against my palm and the warmth radiating from the skin under his shirt run through my hand and spread warmth throughout my body.
I felt warm and fuzzy which is very unusual. My palms are wet and I’m sure I’m sweating.
I looked up at him again with my obvious rosy cheeks and met his dilated eyes right on me.
I locked eyes with him in silence; comfortable silence to be precise.
Okay, so this is strange. My body is reacting in ways I’ve never experienced before.
I felt like doing more than just standing and looking at him. My hands itched just like the other time to trace his jawline and touch his lips. I want to feel that metal in his mouth with my hands or probably with my lips.
Oh God! What I’m I thinking?
I’m crazy. And I forgot to get medicated.
He leaned into me and buried his head in the crook of my neck and inhaling me softly while his hands settle on my hips gently.
I felt warm breath on my neck then accompanied by his husky and all of a sudden deep voice.
“You smell divine.”
My heart pounded loudly in my chest as goosebumps covered me. How’s it possible that that simple statement could have so much effect on me?
I moved the hand I’ve placed on his chest to his back as the other got entangled in his hair.
I had no control over what i was doing. It was as if my brain has stopped working and employed my body to take over.
Then all of a sudden, I felt something cold pressed into my neck then rolled on it.
I jerked then pushed him away from me as the impact of his actions reverberated through my body like electricity.
What I felt was foreign and totally mind blowing. I didn’t mean to push him away like I did but what I felt came as a surprise yet nice. Good even.
By now my chest was moving up and down as I stared at him.
He looked stunned, surprised and nervous and.. and.. turned on somehow. I don’t know.
I didn’t know how that metal will feel when i requested it but now I know but I have to think if I want to feel it again.
I turned on my heels and rushed to my bedroom, closing the door then backing it. I placed my palms on my chest as I tried to catch my breath.
What was that?
I lowered myself onto the floor still backing my door.
“Mariana, I’m sorry. Please.”
I heard his voice behind the door then he knocked softly.
” Go home Novan. I’m alright.” I said and my cheeks flamed in embarrassment when I racked my brain through my dictionary and my eyes fell on word flirt.
I started this whole thing and he’s apologizing for something I caused. I shouldn’t have called him back for anything. He was leaving.
“I’m sorry.” I said.
“I want to see you before I go…” He paused and I hear him sign.
“Just to check if you’re indeed alright.” He added.
I got up and raked my fingers through my hair and opened the door.
{That changed everything ✓}
I got up and raked my fingers through my hair and opened the door.
An involuntary smile spread across my face and I pinched myself mentally to stop acting silly.
“See, I’m fine.” I said and dropped my gaze to my toes.
“Yes.” He rubbed the back of his neck . “I’ll go now.”
I nodded but he didn’t go.
When I looked up, I met his eyes and we both looked away instantly and I almost laughed at how strange we were behaving.
I heard a sound from him and looked back at him only to see him fighting a smile back.
My lips formed into ‘O’ shape when I got the hint that i was not the only finding this amusing.
“I’m sorry.” He said and chuckled.
I laughed, breaking his resolve. He joined in.
This is so strange. One minute we we’re fighting and shouting at each other and the next we’re getting closer physically then the next, we’re laughing as if nothing happened.
“I’m going.” He said when the laughter died down and turned on his heels.
When he got to my entrance, he turned and asked.
“I’ll see you tomorrow right?”
Why’s he asking that? Of course he’ll see me but with Shane i guess.
“Yeah.” I nodded.
“You’ll pick my calls and reply my texts?”
I walked to him, ” yes I will.”
” Ok goodnight.” He got out and I nodded.
” I won’t miss my kiss tommorow.” He added. ” Maybe you can give me the one i missed today tomorrow.”
” Jerk!” I snickered with a smile.
Once I closed my door and heard Novan drive out of my compound, I felt lonely as a nostalgic feeling take over.
I never felt this lonely like I do now. I wish i could call him back to stay a little longer.
I went to bed and after so much tossing and turning on the bed, sleep finally took over. My dreams were filled with just one person. Novan. Ans when I woke up, my nostrils got filled with mouthwatering aromas which I believe is emanating from the kitchen.
I got up stretching my body leisurely and went to the bathroom.
After washing myself and putting on something nice, I did my make up then curl the end of my long black hair. I picked a coral shade lipstick and draw it on my lip.
I’ve never made any effort to look much better than I did but today is different.
I have a mission up my sleeve and I can’t go through it looking shabby. I called my dad as I dressed up. I could see Novan’s call coming through every minute. I ignored it even when I was done with my call. Soon I was done with dressing.
After checking myself over and over again, I got out of my bedroom and walked to the kitchen.
I helped myself to the breakfast that was obviously prepared by Novan. After eating, I called Betsy telling her to come have breakfast and that I’m leaving.
Once I hanged up, I heard a horn outside and my heart began to pound.
I blew raspberry and stepped out with the best smile i could manage.
My smile widened when I saw him leaning on his car with his hands deep in his pocket.
He was wearing his signature long sleeved jacket above a white t-shirt and jeans. Nothing extraordinary yet he looks so cute.
My breath hitched in my throat when he flashed me a smile then walked towards me.
“Hello beautiful.” He whispered and took my hand, walking me to the car.
“Hi handsome.” I replied and laughed. I should be feeling nervous and uneasy with my motive but I felt perfectly fine.
I didn’t feel like I was with anyone except Novan.
“So where are you staying?” I asked when he came to sit beside me in the car.
” I live around. Want to pay me a visit?” He smiled.
” I’d love to.”
“so when?”
“Okay.” He started the car and drove onto the streets.
The drive was silence and I kept stealing glances at him.
How could two people look so much alike?
I wished he doesn’t wear long sleeves then I would see if he also has a tattoo or not.
“Do you wear longhand jackets all the time?” I asked.
“Most times. I’m more comfortable in them.” He answered.
I focused on the road but it wasn’t long before I was looking at him again.
There’s something about him that I’m finding hard to figure out.
His face was exactly as Novan’s except that his lips are slightly red and his hair was almost dark just like mine. He was wearing no earrings and neither does he have a tongue ring. I’m yet to confirm if he has tattoos or not.
What he was wearing was covering him unlike Novan who would love to show his muscles by wearing just a shirt or sleeveless jacket.
I’m sure they’re of both the same height.
So far, there’s something common I’ve noticed. Shane took me to some dessert where there was a spring pool and Novan also took me to a place where there’s a maze and lots of trees.
This proves that both of them have some kind of love for nature or natural things.
They both can sing the same song and yeah that’s all. And they sound almost the same too.
“Do you have any tattoos?” I asked.
“What? No. Why do you ask?”
“Nothing. I was just thinking.” I replied.
He nodded.
My phone began ring so I fetched it from my purse.
I stared at Novan’s name on the screen as it rings. My hands went to the end button then I put my phone on silent.
If I was thinking that Shane was Novan, then this would’ve proved me wrong.
“You said you haven’t met my friend Novan before?” I interrogated.
” You’ve asked that so many times before.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s just that you guys look too much alike and yet you said you don’t know each other.”
” It happens.”
” So haven’t you guys even crossed paths before?”
“No, we haven’t.”
” Then you won’t mind if I introduce Novan to you right?”
He looked at me then back to the road.
” Riding you to school is not fun. ” He pouted.
I laughed,” why?”
” You ask a lot of questions and stare at me too much. I feel like I’m riding a detective who have been assigned to interrogate me.”
” I’m sorry. I think it’s just a habit” i replied.
” I figured.”
He looked at me again and asked. ” Why did you call me to ride you?”
“Just to make up for yesterday.”
” Alright.”
I felt like he wanted to ask more and I wanted to prop him but decided against it.
When we got to the campus, I realized that ever since i got to know Novan also attends this school and before I got to know, I’ve never seen him on campus before or even run into him.
I totally forgot about that and he never told me what he was studying.
“We are here.” He announced, close to my ear.
He stepped back and made way for me to get down.
“Do you mind walking me to class?” I asked awkwardly.
This is really not fun like I assumed.
I suck! Terribly.
I’d have to take some lectures from the mastermind behind this whole idea.
I pulled my face cap on as he walked me from the parking lot.
“You won’t mind if we hung out more often right? ” I asked when we got to my lecture hall.
” Not at all.”
” Okay.” Without thinking, I hugged him and left.
When I entered, I kept looking around but couldn’t see Dylan anywhere in the class.
His not the type to be late so what happened?
I made it to my seat but still looking around until Lenna spoke.
“He won’t be coming today.”
I turned to her as she sit beside me.
“Oh, what happened? Is he unwell?”
“He’s fine, I don’t know why he decided not to come but I’ll go see him right after school.”
” Okay, do you mind if I come with?”
Her eyes widened. ” Why not? Sure you can!.”
I smiled and the teacher walked in.
After I’ve closed for the day, I called Betsy asking her if she knew Novan’s whereabouts but she said no and that she’ll ask his friends for me.
“I really can’t believe I’m riding with you.” Lenna gushed as we drive to Dylan’s house with Shane behind the wheel.
I smiled at her. She’s nice just like Dylan. She’s cheery and playful and free spirited. She told me that she share a dorm with two ladies and that she has a boyfriend called Charles. She talked a lot about him with so much excitement that I wished to see Charles in person.
“Do you mind being friends with me?” She asked.
” You should call me. You haven’t called since you took my number.” I answered instead.
” Does that mean..?”
I nodded.
“OMG! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to tell all my friends and even Charles.” She said happily.
She’s so happy as if she won a lottery.
She shifted closer to me then whispered. “Is he your boyfriend? He’s hot.”
My eyes widened a bit before I knocked her head playfully. “No. He’s not.”
She frowned and mouthed ” why?”
I shrugged.
The car stopped in front of a mansion and I looked at Lenna to confirm if we were at the right place and she nodded, getting out of the car.
Looking at the building, i can say Dylan’s parents are quite rich but he never showed it.
I watched Lenna jog to the door and entered.
She came back minutes later with Dylan who was just in casuals. His hair was more curled and he looked cute.
“Do you have to get down?” Shane asked when I opened the door to meet Dylan.
” Yes. Do you have a problem with that?”
” No..I don’t. Just be quick.”
I rolled my eyes playfully and got down.
“Hey, I’m surprised and honoured.To what do I owe this visit?” He asked.
” You were not in school for one and second, I thought it was a nice opportunity to know where you lived.”
” Oh, that’s great. Do you mind coming in?”
” Yes we mind.” Shane said, standing beside me.
When did he come out?
I glared at him and he just winked.
“Actually, we’re running late so she’ll come see you some other time. Right Mariana?”
He smiled at me. I’m surprised at his behavior.
I nodded. ” Yes, he’s right. I’ll come see you some other time.”
I moved to hug him and he whispered.
” Your boyfriend is so jealous.”
Before I could reply, Shane grabbed my wrist, separating me from Dylan.
“Okay see you Never Diana.” Shane faked a smile.
He didn’t even mentioned his name right or he knew but chose to tease him.
I stumped on his feet and he groaned. ” Don’t mind him Dylan. He has a terrible sense of humor.”
I feel terrible for covering up for him like I did for Novan the other time.
I smiled at Lenna, saying a silent goodbye then waving Dylan.
“His name is not Diana Shane.” I said when we got back into the car.
“Who cares. You should work on how you hug people. Must you hug him?”
” And must you be an asshole in front of them? They even thought you’re my boyfriend.”
” Good.” He grinned and stepped onto the streets.
Geez. This is not my reserved Shane. He’s acting like Novan and I just spoke to him like I do with Novan.
I called him an asshole; something I’ve never done before.
Another discovery; it’s clear Novan and Shane doesn’t like Dylan.
“Is he the new friend you told me about?”
“It was nice meeting him.” The sarcasm was noticeable.
” It was.”
Silence dwell among us as he drove to my apartment.
I picked my phone to call Novan but dropped it back. I promised myself not to call him again. So I won’t.
I wasn’t missing him anyway except for his cockiness and how we bicker.
Shane and I could do same but I respect him too much for that. Not that I don’t respect Novan but I’m just used to him and our constant fights that i won’t mind saying anything that comes into my mind.
I could call him anything and he’d just laugh it off or say something worse than that to me but it’s not same when it comes to Shane. I’m yet to get used to his personality.
This would’ve been fun if Novan saw us together.
“Can you drive me to the eatery on campus?” I asked. It’s the last place i could think of seeing Novan.
He stared at me oddly but didn’t say anything.
“Do I need to come with you?” He asked when we got to the eatery.
” Of course.”
This is bad, I think I should tell him that I’m using him to get to someone.
“Why? I’m not hungry.” He protested.
“But you can escort me right?”
” Alright.”
There wasn’t much students like the first time I came.
I looked around and saw the group sitting at where I saw them the last time but there was no Betsy and Novan.
With disappointed face, I turned around to leave but only to be stopped by Nina. Well she didn’t stop me, she was actually calling Shane.
“Come sit your ass here dude.” She put her arms around him, totally ignoring me.
I eyed the hand. I was supposed to make someone jealous not someone making me jealous. She should know that this is not Novan but Shane.
” And what’s this?” She pointed to his clothings. ” Don’t tell me you’ve been whipped.” She laughed and look at me.
I looked up at Shane and back to Nina. Shane looked surprised if I’m not mistaking.
” Where have you been all day buddy?” Ronnie asked from where he sat.
It’s clear their mistaking him for Novan.
“Come let’s sit.” Nina pulled him along.
I held onto Shane’s arm, stopping him from moving.
“I’m sorry but he’s not Novan.” I smiled sweetly at her.
Nina stared at me as if I was mad or I was from another planet.
“Is that what you think or what he made you believe?” She snorted. ” Snap out of it girly.”
{That changed everything ✓}
“Is that what you think or what he made you believe?” She snorted. ” Snap out of it girlie.”
I stared at her in mock horror.
” I think you should be the one to snap out of your daydream. I’ve known him since high school. He’s Shane.” I defended.
She rolled her cat eyes and looked back at Ronnie then Shane.
” Say something.” I nudge him.
“Mariana is right, I’m Shane not Novan.”
“Whatever.” Nina sneered and walked back to her seat.
She doesn’t look convinced.
” Why did we come here in the first place? Who were you looking for?” Shane asked when we got into the car.
” I wanted to show you to Novan.” I answered.
“It’s seems we really lookalike, I’ll have to meet him one of these days.”
” You will?”
” Yes.”
” Okay, just come pick me up everyday like this and you’ll see him.”
” Why don’t you call him so we meet up? That would’ve been a lot easier.”
” Yes but I don’t want to.”
” Why?”
I looked at him contemplating if it will be right to tell him why I’m not picking his calls or texting back.
“He’s back with his girlfriend and I don’t want to get in between. You know, the girl is the jealous type.” I answered.
” Did he introduce the girl to you as his girlfriend?”
” No, he didn’t but they’ve been together since high school. They seem to be in love with each other.”
” Okay but that doesn’t justify your point. Anyone who sees me with you can also think we’re dating too.”
” I don’t want to think you’re taking his side.”
” I’m not, what I’m saying is factual.”
” Okay but you should see them. They’re always all over each other and I’m sure they do bad things when they’re together. ” I scrunched my nose.
He laughed. ” Are you jealous?”
” No I’m not! .” I shrieked.
” Then do you like him?”
Why does everyone keep asking me that?
“I don’t know.” I blurted.
That was a lie. I like Novan and I only got to know how much he meant to me when he left. I felt dead but now that he’s back, I feel alive and like my normal self. He makes me feel alive in a way.
I like him regardless of his overdose narcissism and cockiness.
“Then… do.. you perhaps like me then?”
” A lot.” I answered without thinking twice.
Yea, I really like Shane too, he’s nice and cute. He doesn’t get on my nerves like Novan do and that makes him more adorable.
They’re both different in a way and I like them for their distinctive personalities.
“Good to hear, I like you too.” He said and we smiled at each other. I like the warmth in his grey eyes.
” Your eyes are so grey.” I commented. I’ve never payed much attention to his eyes like I’m doing now.
“Thanks.” He said and stopped in front of my house.
He tried to get down probably to get my door but I stopped him.
“Thanks for being with me today. I can’t wait for tomorrow.” I said and hugged him as a familiar warmth spread inside me.
I got down and waved him goodbye.
Unlike the other days, nobody was in my room.
I had my bath and studied for an hour then microwaved the dinner Novan prepared yesterday.
After eating, I switched on to Netflix and selected my favorite teen movie. Everything, everything.
I went to my fridge and packed a lot of snacks.
I sat on my double seater with legs stretched out as I watched the movie I’ve watched for about 5 times.
I like Madeline, she’s very pretty. And Olly? I think he’s cute but Novan is cuter.
What I’m I even saying?
I chuckled and concentrated on the movie.
I’ll tell Dad that I also want to live in a glass house like Madeline. That will be fun.
I threw a starburst into my mouth with my eyes glued on the screen.
I blushed profusely when Madeline said “hello little prince” to Olly.
I shifted uncomfortably when they kissed. That’s quite erotic.
“You’re blushing like you’re the one being kissed.”
I heard the voice close to my ears and jumped in fright.
“What are you doing here?”
“You weren’t picking my calls.”
” I was busy.”
” With what?”
” Shane. Just like you were busy with Aria. Didn’t you see us?” I focused on his face.
” I’m sure you’re feeling sad now.” I teased.
” For what?”
“Because I didn’t pick your calls so you felt bad and sad when you saw me with Shane.”
He laughed . ” So you wanted to make me jealous?”
“No, I really like Shane.”
“It looks like you wanted to make me jealous somehow but I wasn’t. How can I when I didn’t see you with anyone but..”
He said the latter part quietly that I barely heard.
“But what?” I asked curiously.
“Nothing, let’s watch the movie.” He smiled, focusing on the screen.
” I’m watching no movie with you.” I sneered.
” Then let me have my kisses.” He demanded.
” That silly deal of ours is over.”
“Are you mad at me?” He shifted closer to me.
” Stay away from me.” I warned and shifted backwards.
” You don’t like me do you?” He got up.
“Yes I don’t. ”
I don’t know exactly what I was being angry about but I just feel like screaming at him or maybe I really didn’t like what i saw at the Cafe.
“Go away!” I barked when he was still standing in front of me.
“Yes I’m going!” He equally yelled.
“I don’t know why I just can’t stop trying with you. You’re infuriating and you don’t understand anything at all. You don’t understand that.. that…” He let out an exasperated sign.
” That what?” I turned to him.
” That I’m doing all this because… because..” he run his hands over his hair.
” That I care for you and…I …I… I’m going.” He started walking away.
My head spined as I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. I got up and stared at his retreating back.
Just when the door slammed shut my phone beeped.
I took it and stared at the message I just received then back to the door where Novan just stepped out from.
Shane says he won’t be able to pick me tomorrow.
I didn’t know how to feel about what just happened? Why did Novan act that way and why does he look sad?
I sat down on to the couch and switched the TV off. I’ve suddenly lost interest.
He’s right. Maybe I never really understood him and today’s no different. I don’t understand what he just told me. I don’t understand the emotions behind those words.
I don’t understand anything and I yearned to hear the words he was keeping inside.